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Former Head of Concern Flcd
with Half Million, ls Charge.
Kevelation.- ror.ea-rr.ir.-r the allegod ge?e
ttces of ( harles F. Humphrey wore made
iboHbUbt by eouiMWl ha the trlal of A.
(_. WlonOT & CO b"for*> Judge. Ma.'k ln
rtie Unlted r'tat.- DtatrM Coort, lor
Taudulently nwtng the malla In the sa'??
big Btoch
Humphrey waa the hnii-l of the Wlenei
wnrern an'l WOflrt to Buropa Urhoa I ?
jompnnv ?ne unnblo to pay the coupon'
,n Iho 00000. lt wns ehaxgrd hy the
T?ins.-i for tho dtftaoo that Humphtay
led 10 Kurope W.th more than half a
-nllllon Oottare of the oompany's m"nr>
Thl* waia why A L. Wlener & Co. w<-re
inaHf to pay their dObtfl a?>-erted the
MUOO*-. Humphrey refoooi to come
_erk Oo Ihi UMtod Btatea, and irnmtmlty
was granted him hy the fjeivornment lf
he would turn stat"tt evidence. The
tovernrnrnt ha* gfOOBlOOd to pro I'.ict hliu
oo a witness.
Mr. ajdhleBOiBgar fcr the defence. cauaed
a erni-atK.n whon. ln crooa eraomirrtag
Oeorg..' II. Auatln, foreman of th*- Murchlo
?OtaaaOoa Mln*. he made tli*- wltner-s ad
mlt that Charles V. Humphrey met him
ln the NOteral bulldini, during th" trlsl
and aaked him to pcrjur*- hlmaelf and
glve fstlrnony egalBat Meytt aml Wl
"iie *ai(J it loohed fltt If half of ???'.
Carala na- bere apra-.-^ uim an-i aaked
me who i oroa "ith." lha ? llaaao said.
"i t'.id him thal r dM noi kaoar which
#1d? l WOB on. and he MtM to me. 'I
-o;, l togo to thr courtroom and
p----. ..- yooroelf.' l refuoed to do lt"
Mr S'i.Iesslnger thr:. 80 '? "Wa are
OOlng to ehow that this man Humphrey
la th? man who looted A. C Wloner <v I -o.
hy fleclng to Europe with over half a mlll
ton doll are belonging to the atockholders,
ar.d Iled to the District Attorney and put
the blame on Meyera and Wleoer "
The trlal wlll be resumcd to-day.
Lav/yer's Club Honors Yachts
man with Bon Voyage Feast.
A bon voyage luneheon was glv. n at
tha Lawyer*' Club yesterday to Bir
Thomaa L-lpton who sails on the l....-i
tanla this ofterooon. There were aeveral
hoata. includlr.g Jnd-." Morgan J. OT:
.lohn D. Ctimo-na, .Toim ir. Flooler,
<;oo:_rr t. Wflaoo, Oeorge C BoMt, R, ..
.- .. i Tiin.itl.y L.. WOodl i.ft a:.'! :
. .ii<-t J Oreenhul
:i e/ere
leorgi '' BoMt Jr., A. <: blili - John N.
,,, | ipl? Horn
? r n. Lofrento, Benator Jarai
O'Gornian. Pordvol 8 HIM, Joseph H.
? 'iioat' Captaln \.r I ,]o>-I
w. a. Maaa, John un l ?
Ifandettel ' Cowl, Frmab ?'
l-ogan. Hertnan Ridder, frank Presbre>.
John B Woo.littirT. E M ,;- Wl
Wliey. Charlea H. Be ntoi Bh ? ??
?boehelton, Oeorgi T. Mortlm.
ira>. wniiam < Peanoreat WiBiam Har
?is. p: i. Anthony, WUUan Allen Butler,
Morton Bn .ii .'?; Bl ?? I
t'oloool Dnncan Neill, ex-(3ov< rnoi J
? Noble Laam
Clilleeple, Qoorgi Gray Ward B. F Da
rell, Hunter Wykeo, Ooe -- W. BurleLgh,
.i. ,io>. o 1 ? ' ? '? Colo
- ? Hedgea
k ?n M. Sheirlll aml Chauo ey If.
i ? preoMed; Joaeph h ?
[. Depew. I
Jo ? ? Hedgea
C. A. Peabody Says Bank Sta
tistics Were Inaccurate.
Chorioa A. Peohody, preaiden! ol lh?
Mutual L4fe Inauronce Coropan] e
\ or, i lotter lo x B
r exoaniner of the state baroranee
Department thal the teat-mony glvoi
Ua oceoontonl of the Pujo ooaamlttee,
Inrfjotigotipg ihe ao?oalled "inoaoy ti
groaaly inaccurate an<l mialeadtog
Mr. Peabody rofora ln parti ular to th"
. reo quoted hf tlie oommittee'a ac
: -.attt n iu. b lodtcoted thdt tne :?
' oonpoilloa ir.varlably had g \
? ?4 ,ash balanee on ha:. I
OOptafl large Hmonnts OUi of liiculation
liia U.tter. dated December -1. follows:
Reforrli-| io our oonveraotion of yea
, rdii] ? ?? nf *a hlch you i
maoototh. inith of thi testimony glyti
bv th- ,i OUI int i'i' the is..-.-.,!!. d?
- i . tnt-i oompan> i avera??
'ank balancea for the y.-ar 1011:
I hef t.. bo; that the teotimoi r ai pv
- ed In the dail papere ol '1 irada:
: Inaccurati ai .i mlaleadlng. I'.-l
lowlng >our euggestion, l havi had a
x'rtternei.t made up ehowtng the 0C1 ia
^v.-rnge bank balancea ln the Clty of Se~
Torl. f. r the y?arr 1?*'?, 1910 an.i
beinat ti.e yeara as to whlch th"
teatlmony was ghen Th?y are as fol
ItX* Ihio 101L
; Bank of
erce 0T-S.B31 $M* *.:4 081c
Nai ria:.r. 130,848 813 132
? ? E>\. hanr."
ltl 100 l'?* 001 iin.,>"'
Be,.V . 83.8a7 i I
a ! Tnjst
;a:.) ...2SR,8!0 ^8^?.a2 100.083
.-* Mortgage A
rr at r0 . 870.M7 453.041 Ug,008
I ii ?.?t' 1/ ??? A
Tr.r <'r. - 1,301 *?<* '_ 4?0.'_'i4
it 1? oaplalr.ed that tha hg-rp* pre
aented 00 the P.Jp OOOomlttoa were se
red by taking oniy the maxlmum bal
.nc-"- and Uatlng them aa the mf-nn bfl
ITICOO. Ir. aon.e lnntancee tli" maxlnunn
" alaiitt* waa more than two-t'r.rds groater
?-. the m?a*i balance.
iCOOiaaag to a repre?enlati\e of the
Mutual Life Cotoponr, **>* lmpllcation
?.as 'that the ourplua helance whleh th"
rimmitte^-'8 flgures ahowod WOUM b"
i.a?d for apoeolotlTe purpoflna
Bronx Furniture Store Visited
by "Rubber Gloved" Burglars.
\ ba'.tj of aafe rr;tiki.!j who havi
?tir.g eoeceeefull) In The Brong ?)? r
ii % the laat few we. kn Odded J..'?0 more
to their proflto ye.-4ter.lay In oll, I ?
'.ollre reluetantly adtnlfte.l that tli** r..h
-rt have got awof With ai le,,st ?..'
The laat Vtothu waa the furniture lirm
.if T"1telbaum & Co, at No 41* Woot
? beotOT nvenne. Uke the otber robborli B,
tho robbere appar.-ntly ui^ed rubber
irlovra. Uavir.g no c|.-w for the polic lo
v. <;rk on. The th'-tt <>? oflirred between
Snti,r4la4 nighl and .a- y yiiotordoj
,: .
John i.ockman. manager or the eoncern,
duco-ered the bargtor] orhoa he oii. ii. i
th? pU.e at I ii'dink. Ho rOPOtted the
uffair to the pfille?> of the MOTTUanlO Mia
tlon and detectlrea w.-k- s.-nt to ln*/i
Kate The onh clew, if any, lefl i>y the
bi.if-'lars w. r< \.\\n peJri of l ubh. r ^,1 ?
ago, Dao. 0. - Inquli y into alfc
I-oiitlcal fa<:ti\!*y of D. il i
Mtei of i "hl. .tk". come t" an ? ifl lo
day befoi ? the federal trlal board
l:ivi otlgation falle I to dlaol tn;
<i?r..'?- coanecting thi noetmaater directlj n
witn the offtnce eha--ze<i j |
Only Bona Fide Farmers Wiii
Be Oonsidered Eligible.
Among thnsH who aill s-'iil foi ' -
on the L I i to-dajr ta J. 8. 1
., nt to 1 t of 1 i aHaa
R i aii'i b**ad i'i Ihe di part*
meat of natural ri ao n Mr . lennla
made aa Intereattai Btatemenl r>y,.
the t i ? m Pai Ml
in tho developmenl nf Its . bold
He said thal "'la'
Paclfle *\:ii t-. ii li.mi only te bona lldi
aettlera *)>o arlll d rote 11,?l? llmi lo li
ti lllgent fan ? Tha plai
few yoarH iiko by tiu- Canadlan Padflc
i..r Brltish egrrleultarlst* .Mr. Deaala re?
ported, ha.' i ? ? t, au eesaful. One man,
Mi'tor two rear* oi his farm, thla t"'1
aeven carloads of ".at* and ts**i
- of arhi al lo '? rai pooL Thli > ? r"
tha land departmenl of the road Intro
dnced a l.ian feature whlch enablefl farm?
ers, after purcbaslng thair land, to erect
farm buHdlnaa and make ather Improre*
ments nnd havo tarenty yeara to pay
the i.-iin. The amount of money each
farmer eaa aseure rana " !0 ROOO,
with InterMl at l per cent. *
tlonal featura baa been ? ?? I "hl h
Mr. Pennls tald haa greatl] I Bi
fannera ard el ? t ' ' rtentlflc mi th
oda, whlcb havi n Ited ln ln ?
aere yield, ai ? ? ; ?
for th- fan
Company Being Formoo 0 ln
sure Automobiles.
G riwin? out of receni automoblle
a nrn- Insurance company, it la
? i,. ina foraied, ln wl b aomfl of
the Btronteat banklni Intereata ln Wall
Btreei are reprafl nted ns namfl will
? tha Unlted Btatea Uoyda, and lt arlll
Bt thefl of automoM'.es a:,d
daniacro t,> machlnea by flre or accld^nt.
Wbea a. maohlae belonglng ta one of tts
? -k;- d, ea I' ni'-m
ber la to jay l-lOOtb I art of the coat,
ntid When thf-ro Is a pro'lt a dlvl.-lon aill
be ma le ln the acme proportlou.
Amonc tboae reported to be latereated
Iti the now eeaipany are J. P. Morcnn,
j. P. Morgan, Jr., Btepbeu Baker, Joha
B. Ryan, preatdent ol tho Amalgnmated
Coppi - '' ompi i ?'; Frank A, Vaj
il or tha >- tioi .; Cltj i ??
Jamea BtJ man, Reni y P. Davlaon and
K. T. Bedford. prealdent ol I ?
i Todneta I ompany.
Thia announcemenl bai addee* imeieat
ln vi.-av ,,i the company formed Bom<
.. rra to m
lleg fur tbelr owi
Jury Fnlflli Owens's Doleful
Prophecy in Extortion Case.
? ,i forebodlng ezpreaaed by
i Owena, a mla ,
? . in the bome of m a
flll -
When Owena and Alderman
Pi -.- i. Da Ib 1 id recelved a cbeck for
? ?? rom Mrs, Carroll an-i whlle Owena
aaa volclng fervent thanka thal the
I,, compli -i.- d, deta tli ea
? .-.\ led fn bed and placrd
Owena and D it waa
then Owena ri I I
kc thls wai
; pan."
li ted of at
tempted extortion befora Juatlce Ooir in
the Ot a i of the f
Thi I oi Aldi rn an D rls waa
commenced immedlately.
btalnlnj tn ?m .. from
- to i,a\e occurred
to Owi C urroU, when
Vlola D ? maid empli yoA b* Mra
guilty to forgery laat
dgc Mulqueen ln Gen*
? iwi na, a bo did misalon*
arj nroi h around ihe ? ? ad In the
Tomba Carroll
to il" n hat b.
aentence for tba glrl *.i aoon aa Judge
Mulqueen had suapended aentence upon
her Owei i took Vlola to a lawyer'a otn. e.
? eontalnlng
chargea agalnal Un ? rroll and mem*
? of her famll
Then, li ls aileged Owena Da *
hed Mra Carroll with newa of
? lavlt i' Ulng her thal for $8,000
r. , get a "releai t " frara
Mrs , 'arroll wenl to the i >la1 I
Attoi*ney'fl offlce and dete< tl* ea concealed
themaelvea ln her home, at No. 2 P
hurat avr. arreated Owena and
Davla aftei Mn Carroll bad handed
.k foi 16,000 and three mai 11
|5 bllla
It i Carroll i
II ? Davls'a
gn foi
Quict and Irregular, Closing
Slightly Higher.
t of thfl il Bmounl ol trading In
- ln th. way j
of evei the hoMdaya wide j
. . : fall Street 1 *ara i
l moderate 1 ... <.!i- i
lag waa il an advance ef ? to U poli ta, I ul !
raallslng checked - nea beyond
tho opening prlcea, ? ?? eaaed
off to a nei loaa of 4 or l polnta, hut rai
Hed on buiiish apoi newa aad rome eaa*
althla a polnt or
? ahowlng an advan ??? - I J
to S polntfl r;n nmst of the acttVfl i ( ?
Tt waa reported tbat a Brrxreti
low grade cotton In ti,p Boutb a
Ing Bo -i -??>? to , ?. itlate for |'
taklng i ton Bre m January, ?? d
cl.erc wafl another rumor thal apot i>rople | '
wbo had raeently aold cotton o.n of Ihei'
local ?i"ck arere ofti-ring to rabay it. j!
Bouthern apoi marketfl wera genera
utichnng^d. and tlie loral market WS81
rjtiiet at IS.10C for mtddiing upland. Local j
contract ? ?
? - ?
On, 111| t t? (a*
. - i:. :; i is.ta
NO 12 tfO 12 T.-i l"J ,7 12 Hfl
i-'-i-. i2.6.'tfU2.ee 12 ..ii
M 12.448 12.71 12.58 12 6iUi 2.71 12.61
I2.*? u'.ei
Ua . 12.00 12.71 12 50 12.6uai2.71 12.62
- 12 Bl ? 10 tU
:. ' - 12 10 12.61U12 62 12 -4
IkUg_ 12.40 12.40 12.08 12.47812.49 . 11
? . . H-- 11.8k 11.08 11.80011.80 11.83
>.t .... 11.84 H-4 1! 00 11 ;?'.. 11.81 11.71
i aslaoflfl
|i 000 ba ?- - ? itlon and . ??
-, i 000; M.i'ri. so . 000 l porta .-.;..?*..
iplan , '. oa ,.
Kuturea opened qulet. at - polnl
to f. pouits lowar. I ??
; -i i4fl. I ii retnber >Jai ? lanuai ,
? ;: M ? ? a ,.-,: .i;
Mari \\ rl ?? 70Hd; v; nl Ma n.74 I;
tfay-Jane, O.TOd; Juna-Joljr, ?Tii
raa '? ??- ? Augui
ianchei ma snd i lotl t
ind flrm.
!.. 01 - i oti n opeaed B lo I
...iit? ui- ..n good i.il.is ar ?mount
? ? .-, ?-? dull
il Inta , ? tha
..-. of Bal .!?
i i..?ing ,
Hl i ?k< II !....?.
. nuar-.- . - IX.W
. ... l: -i 12 -'? i'2 -; 12.78 i- n "
I2.?* I2.U3 \2;: i^ti::, >'
... .12 I i-' 04 13 '?' 12 -I 18 'H, . .
. ll -s I |
cr .l^VJ ? 12 W 12.74 K'Ul't
i There waa llttle roreiKi. tradmg m the
j... hi Mnrk in.ni. t yeaterdoy, London '?
! ing a aoTIir to tha ? ati nt "f aboul t,*ot
' Pirideoda have boen docaared ?' fol
Uke Bhora * Hl Mgaa Ooaatl ? ra Mttwoy.
. aeml annual al ? i*r eeat, payabla j.n.
<? .. ' < r>. ??!? tt'' _'.
rerthaga Watertown A Bac*etto Harter
i ,?- .:? j-.-.ti. Docember .-ii la boliora or
ioer 2* .. .# _ ?.,
I ??? -t r, Mitt- .-'gular s?n,l annual ot 4 r?r
Ibla .lanmry 1 to ?to-k of r-.ord
'"i.-?',. ?t iieanfoctartng Oampaaf, r-guiar
Ml . annuaJ of |80 a -t.ar- payabl- Janvuarv l
Booki ? oeed Deeevabar B "i'i *?" rf,:)f""
"iSui nn* IdOfl OUWBBUT, ui?ial ***t- ;
...iv ..( 14 h ai?r?. payabla Pi-hn-ary '?
? k of reeerd janaair *? _ * -
Kn erlean Seedtng Kaehlne ^in.ran>. r'gular .
nuart. r'.y ..f 1 per Coal OH the commotl sn. 1 j
mi M ,hr. rrrfarr?.1 ftooH. payabla Jan-i- |
?ii 18 to Mo.-k o' r?<-oM DOOOmbOr *1 I
Uinkenhelmer Company, an extra flt-Wne
Ar ;, .,.-- cent on the romr.on ?tork. payanM
- aj Thla n av.* th- gtetrlbatloa fee tne
i ,a, to II per coat _.__., ___,..
I'nltod SUtei Induetrlal Aleohol r.>.-npan>.
terljl Of I'i l"'r 'fr>' on pr*frrrod. payaOM
16 to _i ;. of reeerd Janoarr I
. jveia .i I'nlon Stock Tarda Company. ret
...I ter v ot - per cenl an 1 an eatra divi
? :i par .entt both payabla tanuary I,
ilermai American Savinga Baak of .'Iavo-?
0 o, aeml annual of t'- per eent, p.yabie
1 . 1. pL.^Ing the etork on a 1- vr cent
-?ir.uni buala
N'et earnlngs of the Amerlean Caii Oota
any for the eleven monthe. ended No- |
ber II ir" snld tn have amounted to ,
thrtn |7.7N,000, which, before dopro- |
.'atlon chargee, 1* eOjUOl to more than IS
.-ont ,.n the compuny'H oatotaodlng
?ed rto. k.
A i-harter has heen 100001 to the North
reat rn N'atioi.j.1 Hank. of Portland. Ore..
arlth a capital of ${/?>.'??. Thla lnatltutlot.
Ifl a partial euecesaoT to tho old Portland
Truat Company, and has Bdgor H. Scn
s- nich as pr.'sldent.
Tha Baltlmore &. Ohlo Railroad C00?
pooy showed gro?.a earnlngs for Novem?
ber amountlng to $P.O,0,36L. an Increaae of
Jl.4,',7.61. over the aame month a jear _-go.
Operatlng expanses were kept fairly well
ln hand, so that the company'g net op?
eratlng revei.ue waa $_,72..4'.3? a gain of
MD4.0S4. Up to tho end of November the
Batlmoro & Ohlo had earncd from op
erationa, excluafve of outside operations,
g net of I&M.7W, whlch |g WMSI la ea*
? ? ie ..f th< amount eorned ln Ifli
Tbi annual moeting ef BtoekhoMera of
the Standard Oll rompat.v of ffebroaku
wlll be heid on Jouuory I at Omoha
Stockhotdor* "f roeord Decembei 30 aill
? ? ? tltl. 'i i" rote.
Tho n, - y.-irk Stock Exchange ha.
.!i..i tii.ii Great rforthern prefei
Miall -ttl r\ rlghtfl tO*dO*<
The annual oMotlng ol i ?
goi Comp?ui3 ? hi. h took
ovei i majorit] of l of tln
Amerlean st"gi.- Company, ? forrnei
Bidiai > "f 1!" Ani.l tt att Tobflu.ttl
;? n 4...,. 1 .- h,l(l ln Plttob irgtl "ii .1 h r.
I ai thla meeting ti.. propooed noa
. \. - appi ort d !>\ tl.. ? arill bo
d to OtOI oii '?';??? - for t:nal Ol ttOD
A motlon win ai.-o ba made foi tho ad*
loununoal of the meeting until r.'t'i'i.u
10 to alloa preparatioa ol Ihe annual re
., ? : ? nd no 1' em
lmr...tt 0. Ri I oll t
\, tt.k. ra Ti. ; ? lldti I
? ?. efter o two weeka* Ta il
the SoutnweHt.
Oormanj obta .t th* f!00.0iO
Bouth Arn.,111 gold ovoiloble la ti..- Lon*
morkel ? I Iho 1 moindi.
.... 1 .?? intil oftei tl
Chrlatmafl liolida;
Tlie 1. ..111 ive.i on -
,.,. ... noobooi goid ' oi.-i-. '
Heidelbach Ickelheh ler d '?
Bhareboldera of th*- Peerleoe Motoi ? ?
Compan; bave aathorlaed the propooed
.!. capitaliaotlon nom H.000.0C0
to 110,000.000 Preeeni hoMora arill recelvi
.1 i" pei . enl ;t"' h ?' t Idond, ..1 d ma) ? 4
ehonge half of theii enlnrgod boldl --
for an equa . t of preferred al
To pi ovide additlonal room on 1 counl
? increoaad buaineaa th.- Unlted ?( I -
Mortgage ond Tt aoi ? 'ompai
So, 47 1 ?? iin itt,el
? | ? |r., untll i?'? ently pieai
di nl ol thi .nn Ai Rail "au Company,
hoi returned l. Tolcdo arhere hla head
.. lo| .
nttphnrfih advlcea .-tat* thal Ihi Re
public Iron aml Bteel ''ompany haa pur
. ?? d a i. w iruii ore mlne near Iron
R '.. ? Mii, . whlch win h? dovoloped at
unce A drlllor controci haa booo aarard*
ed, and drlll \m\. - .,-< down In thi prop
. i'>-. Hom* t', thl ???' pth "f 1 WO fi ? '
VVIIlUun \ Read i* Co. aro ..rf^r.nsr. to
net ahniit :,'t per eeat, Wheeling Bleetrle
? ompani ftroi mortgofffl ?"? pat ooni g.'id
ixnida, due 11*41. Tlie hor.da an lecored
by h fltbt moit^aKe on aii tha proporty
,,t Ihi eompoay. The company !? ilolng
tha enflre comtnorela] elertrle rtlfhl and
powi - ? aloi aa in IVbeeltac >v Va
Phflip D, Dodge, preoMonl "f lha Mora
gentholer Linotyp Company, ha- re
eetved an offer of th? ptooldetiey of tho
Intamotlonal Papor '"ompany. n h on
leratood thal the matter wil! come up f?r
coi Ideration ol thi OMCtlni ol Ihi board
of dlroctora thia ori ak.
Court Takes Recess Without |i
Settling Stock Decree.
'.".'avhinKtor,. I'- 3S. ?Th" I :pr n.e
'..-.rt, after r.I,,...',... .ng hevc.i! ;nin..r
ledolona, took ? receaa to-day untll Jaou*
gry t>. wlthoui gtvtac a dodaion a- to
the righta of L'nloo Podfie BtoekhoMera
n# the diFtrlbutlon of the Southern POCtfle
=tock held bv the Tnlon Paclltt Uallroad
'ompany or tn.klng * dodflgOO m Ihe
Minnepota iHte c&*e
The ion?t!u,ttonahty of the tadlono
i-ituto t,.xm>. ;.n oT-irr of BtOCb In for
Mgn corporatioflu araa opb Id (? the ?m
.H'm- ' ourt Thi queotkm aroee in tho
itt' nittt of th. atati I-. . ofiei 1 V- mi lo
laxea frooa 1 M. Darneil, lat- of Ind*
enapolia, on thi aharea of a Tennaoaeo
1 itics iniifit noi r.i\ ;ei?gr.iph OOOBpanieO
'or Fen.llug in- -.-a^-.s lf the companh s
bave accoptod th. tenaa ef tha a.t ..r
'01.^1 ees if IM muklng ther. g..v> rnment
.>.-. nt^ under ? .-rt,.iii drcumotanci
i.rdln-: tn .1 derliiioi to-day bj thi Bu*
.rome Court. ln tht caai ..f I> '4 Wll!
iin^, agent ior . telegroph company ..t
ralladega. *?1a
M'ilmington, .\ 1 .. i<.. _. The Clyde
.ine ateamer Carlb, fiom Georgetown for1
Mew rork, arhleli weni aohore Baturday|l
ttniiiltttt' ii.si.l,- i'ap. l-'i-ar. ls on hor way
.. thi? port under hor own .^tt-ani Sh:
.1- Boated aucceaefulty at high tt.i. ye*.
?nla\' by the n venue outter S.-mlnole,
'ttptain Qorden Th. rarlb apporently ts
mtt- Bllghtly damanrd
Miiw.-iuk.-.-. Dec. .'. -The Htlwottkeo
'hanit.or of Commerce to-day voted t..
iii'iiii its rulea ao ns to provide that
rarehouoe recelpta in ..tli4-r markets ara
leltverable here, provided that at the time
.1' the aale the name of tbe erarohouee
ntn which the ^'rain is to be Bbipped be
Inn. I&al Estate
Watts Court, a Seven Story Structure at 140th Street and
Seventh Avenue, Held at $260,000, Sold.
TTatts Court wa.*- rold yesterday by
Frank B. Smith for tbe Metropolltan T.lf-*
Insuranre rompany. The property ls *
p<*ven story etrur-ture ,-ontalnlni* gaart*
nients for sixty-ntne fainllies and COVega
a plot UtadM feet on the north sldr- of
lOBth street. between I>-nox and Peventh
avenuea The parebaaar'a name was not
made ptibllr. The Insurance company ac
riiiire.l the property in _ fuvatlnsure pro*
ceedlng !n N'ovcmbT, 1911, and It waa
held at $260/100. It adjolns the BynafOgM
ot \h? riHlgiegBllon Airudath Achtm.
Mark Haf.i1**ky & Co. have leaaai the
entlte tlrst, BBCOnd and thlrd Bootb ln tba
twenty Ptoty buildins now belng erertcd
at Fifth avciiie, Broadway and .Sth
Mreot to P r*tein 4- I 'o . wootlona, for a
t. r:n of twenty-ono yoars at an ussrefjate
reatal <'f P>*'*.|U'>0. Thia atte was tormerly
ocoupled by DHlmonlco, ;uid UUr an Mar
tln> r"?t'iurftnt. It I* conMder^d one of the
mott iTomlnent and falaaMa flMaa th'is
f.tr glven over to wholesale, buahaaeg pur?
pose?. The Johnaon-Kahn ("nmpany le.
ereotlng thls new twenty story atore ar.d
loft building, and, slthouqh they are Mill
work'ng on the foundatlon of part of the,
slte, leasea have been made aggregatlnsf
about tl.uOO.'W. Ftfln & Co. wll! move into
the premlser, on May 1. Mark Hafalflky A
Co have be.en appolnted as renttng and
rnanagement agents for the propert.r.
The Hrrmcn Arns Company haa eold for
thv Ml troiullt.in Bav_)ga Hank to tha
P.tidolph Wallace f'ompany the soith
weat cornT of Brootae and Cannon
street?. The prop?-rtv MlWteta of ,v. ?
four Btory tenemeata, arlll - ? atore? and
ih . ?:-. |*j .-, plot M (SH t< t
Willlam on .?; Bryaa i.ave reaold foi
Fardinaad Hecht the piot ol eight
on the weal slde of Bouthern [teulerard, i
twent; ?flve feel north of Jennlneja >irr>,t
Tbe i areba e of tbe prop ? ly by Mt
ii?, hl waa eai lual rel} rei oi ti d n . I ??
I ?? I'tiri.. v
Gage I Ti i '>',.i aaa aald .,t Oarden City
i,-, h, -. enpteted by Vaa Name
I , o from ptana bv Alfred Bn aaOa, at
? ?;<? northarest earnar af Btewart and
v. | [ton av< i"?. on lat IfraJ 1 fiet
; baaer Ifl Wllham 11. Jobaaon,
wi-,., \iiii occup) tbe house The eampaay
?Old tln ' olonlal ho-,i?e st the north
n ?i nf Kflwlngtow aad Kewmar*
.if'f. pl.i'.s by <'i-w.ild C. Hor
Ing, to Keaaeth W Pef?f, far o.-ou
,:,d tbe ? ?? - on thr- i
-,f T'in" atreet between Waahtnaton.
aad Pre peol avenw a, to C E M if
W ?> * III O. '"II f'V tt
.\r. Investor has purchased King Po ' '
or Ffewlett Polnt, :it tbfl nottherly "nd of
? t v k peala ala, Umg lalaad
; i rti ?? ? wi ntyaaven
, ? rl *- i i bi -it" rl#hl . and han nn
nt*, ilvi Bound frontage it wns eecn*
r-i^ii for rnora tban Bftj yeara by the late
maa Jol n .\ King ar.d '.i-7
r. and wa the Into Ml
King te ti??? Domofltk aad Porelga Mta*
>,.. tet\- of tba Proti itant I
? ??-:?:. *?.: i- h i ? ? i ? dl :.-1 of ir
- i ? . I Pell A Ci
aith Horaar tt Co
Douglafl I- Etltman A Ce., tne., havi
leaaed for H. Brlgbam Mall and WUllam
D Bloodgood, tor ? btrm of yeara, Um
aton and baaemenl in thn new butuiinu
nearing completlon at No. IJ Baat I7ti>
. . | Kthma-i bava lr^rrd :.n tbi
Wall OH i i.iiub-r.v N".,!> IT" iitid 113 \W-t
;.'d ireet, th. gradi atore, ta th.- x. B.
Campbell Campany, a*ha have fitted up
and op aed a store for automobtU ae*
< eaaorlea.
Laoil I Altmayer has !? ai-f-A for T/)ula
,.., ? -,,1 Thr-r'sa Mai ger ' - recond
floor in Nn Hl ' entral Parh West. to
M i Bella Waraatadl far a term af yeara
TrTilllam Crulkabank'fl Boba le*;- i Ibe
. n_| . Ne M Weal rtreol to the <i"''i
<"Br tfeatlng ?'"i Llllhtlng i ompany, and
? | ii ng -v*> M Weel *.tr el to BL ? f.
IThlman f'-r h tenn of yeari; tha nini"
loft nt Nag. B and ? Fast 21st street. to
H A i llriniey, and through H. T^. MOK*
ley .?; Co., ti^ fifth loft :it Kea, *? ?nd
?nd Koa H at,.l M Bfcel -'t -.trr-et, to
Bernard W. Cowen; tba bnlMlaB ?* rfa
r.v, Waebtnctea atreet, through R P
Calllard to the Mani'iid W'ire Fahrlo
Company, and tba Ihtrd loft al Ko. Ml
Broadway *r' I*. Barnateln ta Co,
Poley k llughefl riTit?d f..r th ratat- of
p. c Kaper tr? F T.. Baatb the dwalltaB
So 17 U'-Kt Bd itrrrt fnr a term of
??eatf: the dw-lling heuoe Ko, ?AO West
_ii gtrael fer the -state af Mabam Qraan
nrid. and the dwattlng bouaee Nea. 37 and
M Beventh aveooe foe Joaaadn Clfaeataa
io A A B S1mT'?on
' ? I_8wraoca Matoe and W, irvinir.
-,.,?? bava laaaai the bulldlBff Ka !
Ilodaon atiaat, to n W. ICaufniaii a- chv
The Ch-Ofaa W. Kayea Company ha*
rented f.?r strong & Cadwalader the ea*
Ura building No. S Frrry Btreei to l.ouls
MU riian and for the I'ow Raafetj* f'om
|.,-ir' tha building No 21 PlWDt stivet to
ii,- Main Paper Btoeh CJompaay.
Mara RafhJakj -t Ca. leaaed the tir*-t.
..?-.ml and tl li t il tloors in tho tvw-nt'.
lOiy bUlldblS now hring rroo{.,\ at l-'lfth
ivenne. Bro.'idwav and 4*itli ntrr.-t to tS.
-tr-iti _ Co., tor a term of twent] em
reara, al an aKKrpK.itr- reatal of MM.000
rhe Jolm*.on Kahn I ompany ls aoacllag
bla new twmt>-on<- star* aOaoa and ooft
iiiilditr--. and althouuh ?tlll worklng on
the fomniation. leasea bava ber-n mada
iKgvec.-t.tip about 11.<v,,.r.o strln .\
irfii move inn. the prtmleaa on May i
,.\t wbea the building wlO he com
tieted Mark Rafabnry A Oo have beea
ippalnted aj reatbws aad managaaieiil
lf II* *4.
X' a-o \ Klllnian l.iifk-.l apurttnents in j
he Waltdoa Cbambera Koa IN aad iT2|
^'est 72d street. to I'erry W. Uoherts and
toaepfa B. Meyer; la No. i"i Weat Mth
tr. r-t, to Clarenri- \N'liltehall. In No. 4*!."i
Urei ddfl I>rlve, the furnish.Ml apurtmf-nt
,f Andrew M. T>ickridK. lo Ocorge J.
fagae, *r., for the wlnter. X'*-x.ho & i;iii
nan have ali-o renti-,1 f.,r Mra Sarah T.
ruhtie the iiou.se No. im \\>?t :oth atreet
o Heary Bafaal f'?r a t^rni of y.-ars; Ma,
29 *.Vcst 09th atreet. furnlbhcd, to Mra.
1001*0 A Hmrth, No. ?*? West End OVOOO
to N. J. Rosenbufg.
One of the iargest bakery buiidlngs In
IbO Boot haa been planned for the 1.0000
WUea Company, of Kanaaa CHjr and BOO*
ton, by William Hlgglnaon. TlM plens for
j the structure are now ln the hands of con
tractors for eattimates to deternilne Its |
cost and who ahall be the bullder. It wl'l j
i v>o a nine story utructure, coveriner a phM j
1: 4'MttO-:'._ feet. frontlnr on Thonipson |
OVenue, Quronn Place and Orton strf.-tt
Long Island Oltv. Incidentally. orhllo ii
tt t.. 'r,o ?ne ot the largest atructurofl of
, .1 borooooatob it arill also he tho
retnforced eoncreto building. it
arill provide a. floor space of approxlmate- j
ly Wmjett -quare feet, and, aooordlng to the
Orchlteet'a eptimate. will coat ln th*
neichhorhond of H.00M0O. The elte waa
recently lease.l by the Iiooae-Wiles Com?
pany for a long period of yeara from the
Dognon I.ealty and Tormlnal Improve?
ment <~ontpruiy.
Joseph P. Day haa lasued a naw book
let on Wykagyl Reservatlon. New Ro
chelle, orlalnally reheduled for the early
eprlng. The new book, of sixteen pagea,
Is of lntorest t_s one of the flrat lsiued
slnce the actual operation of the New
Vork. BootOO A- fVOotehootor Railroad. Bo
pi |ol mhjoot, II deals with tho
op. nlOg "f tho new sectlons of "U'est
. leater Cooot) onA. eontolna new mopa
". de'ail the line of Ibe new rail
road, arlth trolley ai.d ot ,.r connectlona
\ Beffa & Co. have boM for the e?.
tel of OT, C. Horn tho ? ?'. N fMO f" f
OOrthwOOt corner of Wytht ?? ? ''???
? i Bouth lot atreet, Brooklyn. The
iluv er ll fl 'a i ? niaiit'.factill ii g fl "?
, f .... . evi il porta of the
country, ami intowla adthln tha next year
to erect oa the Wllllamaburg plot a Bts
. tory foetory.
Loula Bchleeinger coid tha Amanda I.
nrhitney property on Eshorl Hiii. n*-?_r
,.en m -V"!. letou n, Tt. J i on*
-i-tiiiK of aboul toi acrea of land. ?with
large dweUtng hoooe, garage and out
l.iildings. t" F W BatOO, of South
Oraagi Thi conaldarallon araa 0 ?"
i ewti i, Roeenthal ha* been oppointod
p I for ? taro lildlnga, Noa a
?? ? , - ttl Btreet hTo. Tl Last Wtth
? iod IhO new lofl building now 0801*
m- ...mpletl.'n. No. IM ffoat ITtb Bl.'
Bydney P. Cora i^ now ..-so. inted ?ith
PYederleh Fet & ro nt their domttoira
..fT. ?
: | tranoactiona -ere re<*or.i
. .i ol th< Real Eatate Kxchonge aaJoo*
room, Sca. M .n-1 !?> Veaoy attooi feator
? Joe Da
5 V 10.0 ft o oi
_ | ... Aii- ? -i<i to Devtt
,r: _l| ..- fi $14,7410
? ?>'.rn hTT, Weat, : >-. '-?*? I ' ''? '??
0.0x100.4, .". ?? lonmt; wlthdrawn
ln.ru HT, K.'i Eaat, n a, 110 f' ? of Cirk
,, . :.i, .... ii . ity tel ' ? ,-. tO tho plan -
tifr ror $2o '?>'
ii ii > r '< i. .-? n a 018 ? ? el b- ?? i
. , .- -,. ? |, - .. atore bl u
le m.i la N Mlll ror $8 I 0
rb n I A OberTMR.
10] IT - - . 47 '.' fl
ave, ltt* H i - i - il- alnttff |
? .'tt'nM.t: k j
7l?rr pr, ti l1'? I a al ? ol - iw ?? V o; for
e ft ?u ? ll.llxOT.2 Ilett -000? Re_,',tv
t'o _"'n Pr?-ad* iy, o*n -. - ?
84* .-,-' ?. ht biteeta: 1880.000
ia i .ii.i ?tt'irosa a. leeai i
' ROADWAT. ? K or 00th al .p-r'
il |. . it. in and ?iio '... rteaal Drue Co; ."?
Ma 1 l'.'.'V $4.>"'Ctt aliii.-M, "ii
promli -
BROOK AVB, Uf *n. fj.*..*> ''*o buililngar:
Skmual Breuer to Joaaph 'o'.ir.a; 8 ) ra from
lOO 1. 1013; $2.-00; a.ldr*an, 14 Knaf 114th at.
COURT1 ani.'.' \\K. ? .. ?-or 100th -t lator*.
*r, . Itubener Ka hor Co ?<> Rtmoi ^ronata
ra and 8 mea from S'r-t I, inr.': inoti. .:
. I ? 'ourtlandl av?
. '.t'KTI.ANDT AVT-), M (aill: Katle Oeti
iu?r.ii unl nr.u to Oanna Poloriabo: I yra. ffOM
r.^n i. ioi.i. $1,3.0. addraeo, 004 Oeartlandl
? \ ??
JEROME \\k. i.'.to ie.lt>: r>.ird Bebnapp to
Edwai . " Tetochman; :i -.-a froan Dee I, IBlOi
)1 '.?'?>. - fr. 147 M' r; i, P ..
RIVINO". 'N HT. 124; - ll li >r I
io itbraham Itaeaabaimi ?'? ? r.* from De I,
1012: $v4". addreaa, 200 Ba i lleaoaton a'
JEROME AVE. Sfi-.T Idouble -tor. end r*'t
bH??menltt ItOOda Oporatlng l . to William
'? . oa '?' > r? nn1 I nos fn.in P*.' 1. 191'.'.
$1100; i. Idreoa, 'Jrt.'tT .).-rotii? ave.
fa (upger i art of hiiii'iing). E i
word ii'i'o.i .4: s..n i.. ? .... Ftabow: 5 r
fr m |- :, 1. 1018; li BOO a<Idreoa, TB :M a\*
4iif wi:. :i7n (all); Eil abeth j fuekley to
Jocoto M"'? 1. '.'l ra rrom '*? 1. I9i?,. 04.800;
? '? Mounl \'?rn.>n. N Y
>-rii \\y? rwi (elD: James Aapeii. 1 natee,
*.. .1 :... Hetitber and ano; .1 yra rror.: M;i 1.
ir<1.V t2.^<n. mdn-,>sT. 8H4 Mh ave.
10TK AVF, n w ror JOTth nt iitorei; Albert
V I.onriiari to Vlto M-nl .'. yra fnra Oal 14.
1021. $l,.iV?, milraii. 0800 loth av*.
I.TTir ST. 1..." nnA 100 Weat iair>: fthaprard
Knnpp * Co 10 'li* Dale Co; 18 yra from
Aprll 1. 1018; $?. .".no- ,-iddreai. 9tli ave BM
I8th at
If.lST ST. n a. lot _*;i an.i raxt ot 284, m-p
of Wllton, ' ;.o.\. irr-r lelDi Klaa. T>..err *
k'arroli Ro k i'o *o Oantura iron Work.a. 4 yra
rroei M.f 1. 1914; 11.800; alflraaa. 4i? Weat
IflOth al
fOtltfe Baaaa -."j ail.lraa* n? purohrf#?r and at?
torney 1
BOWSRT, 71. _ixll4, NOaei R Wataon 10
Sarah I. Ptrnlgait, Llvlnaatmi, N J; Ufe, astat*;
?I . I" -"tt Rlft; attornoj. Aaa A Sp< ar, T0
W1.11 al
l'.'lt.-VTIl ST. 178 and l**", 50\100. Jacob
l*iv io Porayth str?et Realty Co. J2" Preooaa
.?t. 1 . un i coneetloa .i*-.i: Doc 20: lt; attor
oatf, l_awyera Tlilo Inaurnn' a and Truat ro,
i.a. Rroariwa)
LENOX AVK, ?3iV n.'lvs.", imtg $Hi,.MVltt
Laaiea e~e, US, 10.0.0.'k HiOOOli Ida
flehnla lo Jullua W<?lfoi.i. ."-. Hut 180th -1:
Dec -'.1, |l: etterOay, Phlllp Maotflr, Mf Witt
a\ a
MANHATTAN AVK, ;i?.">. n W eor 116th at,
lOllx.'O; ttamtioii Lachrruan and ano to Keut.?n
l" Ki. lithorn. UO 1^81 130th Bt; Deo 23, $H>0;
Htti.rnov, a H Uauman. 110 Broadwaj
R1VER8IDK I>KIVE. n e cor IBlat at, I0g.0|
173 1x00.11x14..; thriitf* !tu\e under aaeCOtlOII,
Ai rii '.'".. 1011. Jnltoa Hurbura-r. Shertff. to
I...UI4. liflll^r. OiaJ Trinltv H4. . .Ttt rlght, tltl*
aad Intereat: July 27: IXOOR; attoni'v*. sim
mooi 0 HiiTla, 00 nn^adnas
\v \r.i. st, n e ?, 80-8 (t ? a ofl William at,
runa 11 1 IB sxiit.hx a .- im 2x a m 190 1 t.. ?tre. t
4 n v, 40.10 t-. beginaiacj Nr? Tor* Ltte In
iiirun.-o and Truat .".. t.. Mecbaaiee and M.'tKla
Ntt.ili.iinl Hank, II Wall Mt: 1>*. 23. $l?0, al
tamafr, Tltle Oaaraaitoa and Truat ?''o, 176
IOT AVI',. 1213 snd 121\ 8*6x100; 68th at,
!"? Ku-t. a a. 2Z-xX.i, ttPth at, 4u? Eaat, a a,
I Mxiee.fl; ' ISfSBCi l<'ii*lmann to Reverewnary
1 Eatxtcs Co, i B utli Bi?dasy. Nya.k, -\ *;
one . ighte. ntl, i>ait (mtg $?.V',, all ii-'na. Dec
-.::. $10<? attorney, i N WlllUfm. :il Uhertj- rt.
;;n AVB '? - 1"-'- ft n of v-rt sf' 00x108.8;
Clretrhen rilman ta Morrta \..r,lhelnier. ltm
<;.,t-.-, sve, Hiooklin; De< 21; 01- . _
iiith avk, 008, runs ? 100s a 6.2x a Mx ?
**}*, ,i mi tO aveaofl ? B 99.9 to beginning:
John B I'hllllps et al to Ttv-reaa Ah*. ion. 141
Waat 1?>tli lt; ull ll-ns; Dee 17. $100; attor
nej Title. inaiiran. > Co, 100 Broadway.
SAMi; PROPBRTT; T_ereoa Aba.-lon to
Kenton Reelt* Co 'a corporation), 130 Broad- I
ea) (mtg 018,800); b and a. Dec Mi H08j Bl
M above. _.
HTll HT. 712 and 714 BeSt, 39 dx97 Iftsrs- ?
. '?-,:-.. Dec 10); John .1 l.nwe, Jr, ref. to 8am
ii.i... ntl'l-1. 4V, i-ntral I'ark W* I ll B
$4".<XM0. U*. 03 $12 .">???; uttor-.ieya, Kanii'"
mt/ _ Eabsrg. ?'-" Bn ;> Iwa
8AMB PROPERTY; Bsnison Rosanflsld t?
M*i*r Rspeport, 010 Weat l'Jttth at (n.tg $."".
18)01; t, and ?; all Uena; Dec tt; $100, attorn.?>
d"*>"'U? ST. 70,'i and 707 Eaat, n a. 44.11x90 10
rfor*rIo*ure. Dee 19); aanie to !*aae Plrk. IM
lu-t 121st st mug $44.<>"Oi; Dec 28; fU,008;
attorney ae above.
SAME r'KOPKRTY: Isaae Plclc to r"annl<
Plok, 108 Weat Itt* *t: all llens; Dee 23; $10",
sttornay a? sbovi. _
MTH ST, s a. UXHa.*-*); Loula C Ehle to
Swlft A Co, 32 10th ave, b and n; Pec 19; $1
.".IST ST. e a, 463.? ft w of 8th ave, BMl
100.8 Joln, J llarlow tn Enetgn Realtv Co, ... .
Llbertj tt ,mtg $2".no0i; i>*. 14. escbtuige;
att.-rney. rMe t;uaraiite? and Truet i'o. IT81
Broadway .____. '
H>TH BT, i?l Baat, S aty brk. I?x10<>...
Little P" P?rnard lo stephen C Clark. <'oop*-rs
town. N T 'mtg 018.4*4)0): Dee gl; $100; attor
". Lawysrs Tltle Ineuranre i"o. 180 BBflM
84TH BT, 121 1'iifct. 20 oxl02.3. 3 mtg brk. !
D H-rzog to Joaephlne Herzw. 121 Bsrt x?';
St; b an-l .-: Dee 00; $1. attorney, Harry U\
UertOg T0 Leonsr I k'
>nTf( BT, 72 V.est. 0 sty brk. 0841x100.0;
<">irMe?, P lUr.m U> <"]ar?-nee *.\,.;!ner, 2108
Broidwav (mtg *47.onO>. DSC Iti $'<"J. 80tar
n.y, a 0 Ernat, 170 Bmearsray.
BOTH B1", B a, 412 ft w of Weat Kni IW,
runs n 76 8x e 112x n 08.8a w - to Rlreralde
Drlvo x a - to B8th nt x * 174 10 to beg;
Wlth all right. tltle and Int-reat to eaae-n.-rit
fo.- right ot roadway on north; BdW S I arlt
?i ,.i to tvin it Barnard. ;<? K.-_,t eAth r.t; i,
at a; all Iteoa; Nov -J7; 0100; attorney. I_w
yert Tltli Inaursnee Co, 100 Broadwsr.
I018T BT, IO0 i tal lt r>rk. lHxl00.11
(foreeloa Dec 28); John '/. i/i*'. I_ rai, to
Pranl <", Bosssy. 1003 Halsei et. BrooWyn;
Dec tt 00.800; attorneya, Wataon A K, 108
Willlam al .. ,-. ,,
|4**BTH BT, 241 Kiat i - brk, ?**?***????: I
Henr; Wi* to Baftholomen i?b_n?ero, i-i-t
Be, ent av?, -*.t New Brlghton, B l; sij
n?na; r 10; $i. sttorasya freafcaa waa, 4..
\V llllam at. {
I02D BT, n e. 40 ft w of lyxtngton ave. .
07.Oxl0O.il (ton l. Dec 10); Waltsr * Hirsch.
tef, to Bpbraba S^ainoela. 24*. N Tulton ave, 1
Mt Vernon N T: Dec 20; $20,000; attorney.
31 B Dav-, 52 Broad-av. W1 ,.
111TH BT OOB-tlO Waat, a aty brk. r*>c
71.10, Emllle Keller to Max ? h'.lvek. Ut W
117th at (n.tg BKOOO); s;i llensj Pec IS; IH
aridreaa, 00 Willlam at.
1UTH ST. 77-70 Eaat. S aty brk 49 Or
100 11 fforeeloa Nov 14,: S S?anword Menken.
ref. to Mlehael Plel. Jackman. Me; Dec !>.
$4*,,000; attomey. Lawyera TttM Insurance Co.
100 Broadway. . ,
SAME PROPKRTTj Mt-tiael Plel te ^ra^>n'?,
fl -Lewangond, 22n W f>ath at; Dee. l?i; $100:
attorney. Lawyt-ra Tit'.a Insurance Co, H.1
Brooilway. .. - ?>,, .
131ST ST 11*1 Wea?, B atv brk lt.9gOO.Yl.
Rooeriek MeC Hall to Tfla Bcbala, 122 wflflfl
m;th at (mtg 00.000); Dao 9: 01: attomey,
PMlIp Munter. .',07 Bth ave
SAMF: PROPERTY; Ida Bebols te* J'iM'i'*
Wolford. .V) W.-st 129t!> st (mtg 18,000); i""'
SO Si. Btteraay, ^?> ^
I418T >T n a. _V) fl Sf of Broadway. run*.
-.- SBB ft to c ? Rl~ rslda Drl* s x a a yd to
I ? 1421 H g ? 243 x a 108.10 to !*?*: Carne-rt<
ronstru'tl'in Co to Newmark A- Davla. ln--.
4.';,'. Weat 1 lvat' it fmlg tr,]2^'0) and rul
; ... . De 90; $100; attornev. II R DBTSJ, ??
Broadway _ .. ,.
I42D BT. a. 42: ft e of BroMwai. .*>*i
ran. 42 King
si nntg aio.ooo); De- 10: fll"1 attorney, iitia
Tl ist ? ?? IT0 B ??'??? '
The Bronx.
? - ORD AVE. 221*=. - MsTJ I
I , ??:?.'?'''? I _
lord N i rmt| OlO.OOt ' ?; atto;
,ii, e ., . i Truat Co.
COI?.EGB WE 1043 a :.\f*2?; Ida
. ,, . . T ? U ???- Dawaon a
luly ?1 0100; sl ? - -.-??-? *? Btelamtilisr,
l*?tl 0d '?' - ? . r,
^ i m >-; PROPERTY; L?uls Ouarr la Paul -B
... ri .- 00 00 << Dee
10; lioo ittorn ii 0 :-l ? I Baflk*
msa _. ,,
DVWS^iX - , ??? 10.7x100 VSoif
I Roaenta 070 Dasrjoa at;
lie, .ii. $li?. attorne.., u I DiV.a. 3210 M
av. _
HOE w \'.. a ?. 876 ft i : Jennlngi ? '-?
100' M kel Ronu ' >lt
R88 Bo ila ? -,rd, txmg lalsnd ' r.y .mt** $1.<"0"'.
$1n0 attorney, v H Mlttlcmann, 44 < .- iar ??
>\MF1 PROPERTY; I'riril: T0?ISlne to
%rreameo renatm tlon Co, 752 Eaat -"-? I
fmta U.000);; De. 10; $MO; attor:.ey. axme
i;,,i: \\r:. c a. 2J.*. fl of Fre, ai it, 25s
100; Blbar t^ta.i^ ta Jaiuoa R Vxlentlne, l-i<5
H.,e a-e; july 9; $100; nttorr.e.. K J DewUag,
118 Broadway
-iWII-* PROPBRTV: .i^ine- P. Valentlre IO I
Margaret Daano, 104 We? OOtb a\ (mtg
014,000); July ih. oni"*. attorney, aami
tiAME PROPERTT: B?S 8 v.ilmtino to |
mi ? Dac ii Oi atten ??
i> it lf.a n-.np Huntei aatate; H l' Ro?e to
Willlam \ Hawklna 117 '-<-? 04tb Bt; i'
T *'
LOI 00, map land Foate t Bchn Itt; Benry
rerstoi te C Araon Berfct . I '?'? -' OOtl -'
De it $1<M attorney, Lawjrers Tltla lasoi
a snd Ti ? ..,.-.....
: ,i\' oT.; rasp ."sn i estate; Adsm
rv..r?r, rgf, t.- \rt,ia Resltj ?- 33 WUHm
?? Dac 'Jn. 01.100, sttomej Lawyera fltlo
[nauranca aad :'-ia: Co, 180 Broad*sj
LOT 370 ip; aams I 52 Will
\-,,, 12; $;.<?>. attorney,
I. , i . irai : ,'r.i.: Co ieo Bnmdws)
LOT iv map Nen York Catboll Protectorj
Willl?rn Bnbl to Alwln il a Borgtnann, i7is
Vnti Ituren .- (mtg 15.0001 I-??? 2; |100; SttOf
:-*? . t..i- md Trust OS,
i*i Broadway
I,.,, . t-i bi . 108, ' ?? \ ? Sem Park:
? || ... .,:. to Mary B haefer, l"2f>
PHImori t; D 21 d itg 15 l<*V 0100; attoi
>? ? ! , -:.,,,n, 381 Eaal 140th *t
i.,, pa '.'? ??? 208, i I ' '?" 0 Betamitt; 1
to ? ' - 1108 61
Dec 20; 1100 ? ,rnoy, Law
rera Tltla Inaoraaea A- TnaN Co 180 Bi ad*
? ,, g jgj ?_ 2g2 m p; name te ^,. m
507 Wesl i^*-*'1 **. Dec rt; ItoataaaM
?" ? "'
[,.,,> ;4o ii :,' ? ? Blema eststs; llu
?<rre Pcrlllo to Marie ?". Perlllo, flia !>iat 115-h
lt; I"- 21; $1
MKRRIAM tVI lota 21 Snd 22, - U
trap Wm B Ofl ' '
\ Psn 2t Wesl r-2't *t Dea 13; 01; attoraey,
I' ,* r ? ? ;;-? Broa '
Ml i;i ?<.- k AVE JOO fl i of Randsll
ive 50x100 (xind - ' n?a',i to r.ua tf .
w i hom, 903 ? r*ov !"? $1- I
PART t.'<~ 137. on i?'??? E mai Wn \ I k ,
... ......
... it |io l: attonu i "orbln A 0*R ? j
ifl a.. ?
gUmUT AVK. ?v.. m a, :il *.vfl?2. Gto Hau
ateln to Ella Hol?i?in, ttprlna Yal!*y jt y
Dee 00 (m-fl $17,200); $1; attorn*' R w Ha!
?t.-lii Oa:. Mimtn.t ave
BOrTHERN li<>( I.EVAHD. ? a. 2705 ft,
or .vMu* at. 4.4Xir,n. Amerlean Real Eatate <a
... Oval Cunatructlon I'.., 1042 Ooathere Bo_i_.
\upi; D^o 23; $10U. -.ttornay, F A Know ia
\'... ' m
I NION AVK. e a. 134.0 ft a nt V4>h ?i
18.0x08.7: Rhaon T MeNally to Anna m .ttt'
V.tt'v. 7." fr.lon av,- Dee 23, $1 artorn*.-*
I 1' .V- g J Murrav, 17>>? I^xlnet..ri a\". *
I34TN ST, 7_'? an.i T00 K_i?'. UUxlW*.
Patrlck .1 oK.'.'i .,, Anr*n? .'Irlnckmiim'
730 Eaat 134th nt; r>b 28 imta $7.0001 tl
147T1I ST. a v -OO It v i.f Hro-.k a?e _ft
101.2: Paal B. Pueh t.. i...,|. iiu?rr, 7?_ Da?
on at; Doc ?'? imta |18,000>; OlOti .iit.,rrirv i.
\ Btolnmuller, 1811 8d BT0 " v
i.'.l il >'l. ? ?'" ?' ??? a Itti | _v?, jit
:-* ln. KVrguaon rtro(l f. Korahay to i. .,,..
Renltj '?'? i : i: ? ? i ?" -? i>. n imt? jr.
000); |100; attorn. - - Elfora 8 Atterljr, tn
Brottdn .:
i7>.'iii RT, ? a, 100.1 ft a .?' OTehotar ar*
iv.'ith imii- .i.-i eOdraaa of graii'. ?|,,j attar
? .
int?r*a' .". per ? 4 tir imleea otberwla -tated.
PKCEMl BR '- '
ARDBN >T .4 -. i'i n i. ef N.e- eva 2;-.
UO; lleni con tmctlen i ?? ? v- . T ORt
?ea Iruatol Kewerk, N i i... _?(. a . ,r
02V.OOO: attomey, _aw>en ntli laaurance aai
I <>ltt-VTH ST. 17- .... ;.. ;-,,. g
_ i|. ... Y;. itt ? ? 'i) ... ' 'I... . 4' ,., .? ?
p.'k w. -t ifttor rnta $0R.0U>i; I" ?.". ?.
p, i . rni. $.*,.<. o ittoi i ? ?. '.. i
auran. ? and r. i ? i I' ?
I.EXIVU PON .WH, e a. 30.5 I r 41 ?
lOsfO lohn M Kyl* to n-? Vork .,
Bank. si Mh ..." De 23 du. ... per boeO
$:t/Oii ettornej . Webbaa & \\>bh*r. 7 n-r
ninti -'
MANHATTAN AVE, n * roi IHth ?t 1911.
r,o. Reuben E l-i.-h ihorn to Kmitt L W Jo!in4.
I_awrenc? Park, RronxvOle, N V. r.?^ a- 4
rra; OM.000; attonwr. Tltla ?";:,?int**, arA
Truat >'r> i7'i Bi ood way
PARK AVE. 11 . ? BOth at. 10r.?.v?28; Ao
An examination
of Real Estate Tltle ls not
a guarantee but should be
confirmed by our poilcy of
Tltle Insurance.
CAPITAL- ? $4,000,000
SURPLU8- - 6,600-000
100 Broa-O-my, S?w Tea*a_
J88 Moatacva Otromi, Breaktja,
Sa7 i oito? Street. Jaaaialaaa.
ttrfore tuylr.a oleearhere, Two to bo 00M.
I.oomted nt Eaat 13th et. and Av*. J. 8*/ran
larco. rooma. bath; aii lmprovam*r.'?. itaam
?-. aleetrle Uicht. rarquat floorn.*. Prlc*.
V.tt.'.O. $l.0"0 i^f-h. jj minut** from Pe/X
i Brlabtoe K'a h "i.'tto.vv'. j. tmp
trr- _oo ft. from ?tatlon. Owner 00 premla**
$3350. Gem of Queens
|100 I'otmi. 127.00 por doo'-I*
, 'v ttotta.*. 0 roei ?? . #r?atn
he*t; perquot flo<-.rs la'.r.fir^- lo eollor. C. K.
.' .'.!.! .M8, Lib^rtv .u.i Rlflelow iv.'?, Woad
Losu i?i.i.vn.
lv. water Mghra. "iRRO"
B tt.' oklyti Opei B P M
ior REJ4T- Fern " ?'?
batha, hutl. ?' alaoorlfl
I E i' P-i
: \ye, Maaa _^^
farrna and bullOInc aii-_ il in B hand
JOK1S A BIMMO. Lake. N. T._ _
rjrM nn 1. KBH UO-R IPAAUUUfft
Boat in Baa RI?oo; overlea*i*a fop WM
.? . bet Otb ft 81 iveo.; 4. i. 0 reae ?. t*h\
modora bnproveinenw, ai an heat ataflOla
\\mhi recflni-B eanlnc; a--raxa r*nt\ ?jr?
?r, ttt; 80 - ' ? Pb k ro--". oaaa n
mrfnr> lm*a._JJf^tt: ? profOIT**!
northeaat oraoi Ux Btteri are. aiM Mtotn
thra* roonis ar.d batai $4
\SHi'""K'."H \- '" . 11 taoj ?::l_Ft-__
-, ,n open New T?rt-*e WaaO ta**Ao**m\{
... .. ?-., ,.,.; ... -i ulara on loauoai.
BDMi sr> H -H-a.Tii.Lor*.
216-222 West 18th St.
bl (Jreenwich Avenue.
300 Ibs. sq. ft.
Se-,d for Aaoaofj BfOJ b*-"*-kW.
Large and
To Let
Single or en Sufte
154 Nasaau Street
Oppodte City Hall Park
The Centre of Tranadt for tho
Metropolltan District
"L" Stations
Entrance to Brooklyn Bridge
All within a Step.
Abeolutely Safe Fait
(Plunger Type)
Electric Light and Janltor
ROOAf 610

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