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p. S. Board and Traction Com?
panies End Dispute Over
$300,000,000 System.
Intcrborough Will Furnish
$56,000,000 for New Con
struction and B. R. T
?,i.n,y weekfl ot dlaputa over a
: of knottT pointa, most of them
Om ri-],i<-.-< ntativ-s of the city
? nlght cama to a taa*bal agroement
tho two tra. tlon companies over
. terma ot the eontraoti for th** dnal
I Tmnsit sy?tem. The enire rust r.f
?.. w ayfltem aill be aboul $300,000,*
Tho verbal Qderatnndlng arlll be re
d to wrttlng nnri then aubmltted to
; ated pasil(,g for *l,*-'ir ?*?***? ?*?*?
Thaa tha eontractf aa ap
? i will ba printed. lt ls belleved,
an r, that lf there ls not another
?xpected hltch the Public Bervice
I'oinmiBslon will be able to adveitise a
lM hearing cfh the contrncts by the
t ..' tha week, *>r ol loaal by Monday.
r tbe law aach a hearing must
. adrertlaod at leaol two weeka in
dvanOO, go that tho hearing; BhOOld
, _< hold i ot lator than Janoary
13, Jt '.s *aot ne,aaeary to hold more
:. ona heaiiac After tbal tha con
tracta moat t;-> to the Conwratlon
? .,i,.i to the Board ol Batimate
f..r approv iL Then they go bai k to the
. ommlaelon.
New Law Expedites Contracts.
An amendment to the law paaaed last
v, the commlaaaon power to
. ..... ^ f,,r equipment and
ratlon wlthout tha ftarnoallty of pub
? ,,?:. Bo, If averythlng goeo
be poaslble to have
eontracta algned v.ith Ihe Inter
i k i;.i,i Tranalt Cfempany and
? Brooklyn Rapld Tranalt Comp in
! | urj i, ;,t arhieh time the term
man Wlllt og of the Publlt 3<
' .mmissi.-n ex|>it.-?.
Some ).? rsnn* bave felt tbat there
M-),s great daager t<> tbe duai .?- Bten* it
ontra, ta abo ild nd be ezecuted
. ?-? I'hairmnti WincoXJtrent o-:t of
and hav.- bellevi ,1 that Govornoi ?
... - xk.i noi delay iti namlng
.. isor. Howei er, there are
arho belleve thal afr. Bulier will
? ciiairtiinu Willcoj* to hold -?? - l
? h time as the > ontracta bava
i ,;-.- rx-i uted.
?enl Shonta of Ihe Interborough
talk wlth Chairman Wlllcoa lai
. ttei a ,,,].'??? yeaterday. The i,. :
, irectpra of the corporation bad pro*
granted Mr. Bnonta autborlt
.nl he aaw 1.1. i*nr
ie pasl there bave been only
olnta al laaue Betwoen the In
ough and tne city, and they were
. ii i borl time,
S0 o'elock Chairman Wlllco_
? tr, tlie home of Prealdent Me
. nnilned io Ihe
.'.I. Controller Prender
,,,i Prealdent Wllliama of ihe
- klyn Rapld Tranalt Company were
. mea talk.-il for t*-'-o
ho.ir-. At the end of that Ume, 11 lfl
- ndcratood, l-Yeeldenl Wllliama <.Iiied
. ., t wh.it th" city waa wllll i l
otti r. , , . -,,--u
\fter the conference < halrman wiu
-0? nj mi he wao not ln b poaltlon to
? , tion waa taken. 11 v aa
.. r. tl >: -i v< rba]
? had been reached.
-- -,. ....... ,.--. atlon lhal waa al
. the dty and the Broo
- v m thal ol Interesi - n
140,000.000 boi rov '?-) by tbe - om
? . Ipmenl mni conmru. tlon,
anderei.i thal a Bettlemenl
.... g the llnea enumerati <i
To Set Aside $16,000,000 a Year.
Ai tha beglnn ng of oacb year after
. ontra< I la entored imo h ec
? wUl' he aegregated to < ov< r the
? i.mated Coal Of ot.sirii' Uon diu'uiK
, :. The b tararat oa thla onone)
ba charged directly to conal
.,. it la eatlmated thal $1*000,000
i.? M ,.,1 asi.i,- tha flrat year.
? ? Intoraol on the bnlani-e <>f the
MO.000,000 will be paid by tlie com
? and go into a s^paiate OCCOUnt,
.k.h th? uiidcrstundiiia that 8UCB
rt.ys Will be made up out of nei
Kvcrything ready I
Gifts for all tlie men aml
Ik?\ ?>.
Ilnn.sc coats. t'ur OOats,
knitted w_istcoats, dressing
? nilWIIS.
Silk scarfs. silk hoae, silk
shirts, silk pajamas.
Folding collar boxes. travel
ing sUppers, fitted traveling
cases, rI'heniios bottles. seari
Rogem Peet Company.
Three Broadway Stores
at *t at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
<tt.rrm.gs after tl.e s. sum bOCOOBOfl ?<lf*
BUPPOt ting.
The interest OH ihe 140,000.000 trom
Octobor 1, when ii w:.s borrowed by
the Urooklyn Rgpld Transit ('..nu ?
up to Um time wben the contra< t ?
actuolly entered into will oloo go
tho sp?" iai ur. ..uiii iti the i-.imo
Tho Intoroot wlll be ?"? per ? ? nl on i
moneya not a' tually In ?? The
Brooklyn Jtapld Tranalt Corapon btw
rowed the. $40,000^000 ln ' N I.r, on
ahort term notea, on a hlch 0 pei ei
araa pald. But the mone> la nerar In
the hands of bonkora who are pa
:: pei - ont tnr its noe. lt la eotlmati d
thttt the tnteroot chargea In ihe ape< lal
ar-tount to be amortlaed frotn net earn
inga wlll be $1,320,000
Another vlctory won by Choirman
"w iiicux an.i Preetden. Mi Aneny ovei |
ihe Brooklyn Rapid Traneii i "<.mi?3ii>
WM in tht matter of puttlni Into effeel
the five rent f.ir.- to Coney laland.
I'ntler ihe Informa] agreement ei red
Into more than h year ago, the Broob
;? n Raptri Tranall Companj waa lo
grant ? Bve cenl fare lo Conej laland
ov.r Ita new linea, by wnj of the
Fourth avenue oubwaj ond Ihi exten*
olono from :i8th sir. et. ': l?i i'?? rth
;. i enue aubwaj will ?.mpleti a to
38tb sin-.-i i. July, and Ihe ? xtei aiona
t.. Conej laland ahould be doni In an?
other - Ighti 'M montha
Five-Cent Fare to Coney Island.
When it rame lo deflnlte di b ???
lb.nti aeta Ihe H.klj n Rapid
Traneii Companj wanted to poetpone
ju tlon "ii ihe nvi -< enl fan untll ' "'
the in \\ bj -!? i" wa* ? ompli t< d, a l?l< h
v iii ).. . . of five yeara, The
. |tj neli ti 'i thal tne five-< enl fnro
ihould go Into ? P/ecl aa aoon ns the
Cone lali nd lii ?? o - ? ? ? I
the Brooklyn Rapid Tranail Company
alao haa granted thal point.
Many of the i ta foi "..n?
itructlon of Ihe new llnea I ?
i?',.n j. t bj lln P bll St rvl. e Commlo*
gion. Othora aill foilow rapldlj after
Ihe . ontracta for "i ilpmenl and oper
mwoa ore - gni d aealed and dell red,
Tl -? Interborough aill prd Ide -v-"',; -
000,000 r..r i onfctruction and $21,000,000
for oqulpment Thla applleo only tn
now ouhwayo and oubway extenaloni.
Th" company aill alao pay fot the ok??
votlon ai ? bi ? akw of Iti other llnes.
The r.i'.. klyn Rapid Tranait wlll con
:,!,.. .1 $60^000,000 toward the
dual ayatem, about 113,000.000 of
which wlll bo apptled on aooount of
cooalrucl on of clty uwned lin.s, ahout
v_?i idHnaai j,, tho oztentdon and thlrd
i8 of Ita ezlotlng elevatod llnoo
md a " ?' $-!0,000,000 foi nea >?<. Ip*
Framer of Folks Ordinance
I Fears Censorship Amendment
Would Kill the Act.
Ilichael Foret ehalrmaB of tbo coma
eppoiatod bj tho ifayor to bi i I
... proUem ef propor control >..f moving
thi repoi ? ' I ?'? ? h woa luter
drawn up Into ordlnance form, known os
the Folke ordlnance, haa wiltten to .\i.i."r
Oaynor urging him 10 ?eto the Dowllng
emi ndmenl to the ordlnance, oa ;
bul to opprove ihe remalnder of tn*
The e ? ? 'i.i'.itt :t i Ithe il tl ??
omendmonl ?i Icli requl ??- * Boa <\ oi
Bducation 1'. oatnime the ccnoorahip ol
I ni i !?? iilms wea , -1 ei ' *el
upon the repori of the Furot coromltteo
Th. if.ttei of tbi ehalrman of tbat com
to the M i] "i U alao olgned bj
Dr. .1. P. Wl ! Wi-i t'rrini
nnd John Collier, the ether membera of
ti,. ? ommlltee.
rb* i ommii ? - ? ' - bellaf that
the -\i ijoi ha lh< , ow< i io eeto xi-? -
arnendmi ni and apnrovi th. n mainrii r
of the ordinanee undei Beei on 0 of Ihe
llwwi mt, ihe k tler h
.. .:? i .: |. ?...!
I) |. i um'. d i.i lake tht-' ? om ae ol oc?
l|on, ae would r>, omm< nd ' ..i
..-? -iuii?. ordinan ? . ti - ndlng ihi
.'i ii <? il. [hi ihi
fratt re aill be eluulnat l t > ju*
dli lal procedure.
T .'? committee | tiie n ? !>_? for
lt,- objeotion \<> munlcipal oenooranlp of
,,',,,.. ii., it A..i,..i Introd-ice o
prlncipli of offit Ihi eeneorohl i wl.lcl i
loreign t>> oui An.- I 111 i ? ?-. Ihat
to tt-naor fllma while there waa o cen
pli turea or books would ? un
it,,;r dlac Iminatlon; lhal auch a .?i.soi
ulilp aa i ": i ??? eaaat ?. bt auae obiec
! (tunnble feal n i h .'i been lai geljr ollml
II ated; tl ;it tl ? Peil '1 I '?? ? waa hroad
.-,. io prevent the -liowing of ob
' ,, tion ible ii' a; thal ba 11 would _???>
..ii.l... t-d io unneceuaarj expeaae and ''
n0| '.,, n ihowi ' al the Board o
. n,-n had an. powi i to add lo the
Board ol Kdu itlon ot n.m
rd would ailllngly ac * -1 ? t sucb an
,,i i ii.j.ii.
Bishop Carpenter Describes
Need for Missions in East.
Tho Rlghl Ree, W. Boyd Carpenter,
Biebop "f Bipoo and canon <>f Woatroln*
<\r-r. i.ondon, t?id a hundred clergymen
r.f fourteen dlffereni denomlnatlona
t-r.iHv that thr greeteel polltlcal nnd re*
Mgloua Boovemoni wtn. ii L*hrietlana i ...ihi
' i ippori in thla yi-itt '. ? on ? n i hrtotion
' miaoiona In Chlna and Japaa lf tln
: s;.irlt of Chrlollan brotherhood oould bo
ppread throughoui tho Eaol tx toro I ia
: natlona there owokoned lo ti""
? nti. wltb tbo ai ii. a bl< b the W eel
had pul inu> their banda all would ba
1 well. If r.ot, he xi.id. Ood help tho Weet
Bul the Blohop woa optimlatlc wtth re*
gard to tho f-t- of t hrlatendoni Bmsalt*
Ing of tho i>i'-*?iit movemeal In tbe m
i.-.tiun of church ualty, h. pxpreaoed hla
ef thrtt lt wouM !"? M-.iii-?'d ihi'i'i.i.
foreign mloolonary ielA if Chria
- oould not co-operata ln thal gri i
., 1,, aald, then tt" ??? ai iot be oon ??
: WTOng with the mod-rn ?on. -pt of
? -tianity.
wiiHt im moal ne4*ded," he declared
- ., ip-rit of kt-rittnu, echolarobtp In the
I Church. lt i" very Ihtoreollng?1 v',v
i tO .4HN HiiniMiiK ?tO r.-ad I ? k OVef
?.?i\ and gee the polnt" rri Whleh ?"'
era differed ono hundred or tive hun
ira ano. i dont dlaparagi l ?
wi... belleved la certaln prtndplea
|and were wIlliliK tO Ihv dOWO their liveM
ti em I it i *-*?-> thal if tha bedgea
.. Boparatod our lathora havo darta*
B0 th.it we ran fi.-p OVOl thOOB, tl" n
i in Ood i name let ns *tep over."
i The Blehop'a uik w.i> ;.t a lunohoon
en !n liw iimior Ht tha H.'t4>l lavo] h>
. cieri. .1 Conforenoa ?'f 'he New foril
i . .i. i.,i i.i, ..i Churohan Ho ?b? lntru
.ii bj tbe it'-v Dr s luik.-* Codmaa.
,,{ Brooklyn, aad .. rote >>f thanka f"i hla
,.i., ? .-? w.,. rxtended lo blm on ihe mo*
Hoi ol Blahop Proderick l oui tnej
? ... iin? who Hatonod i" inni won
Ihe Ri i bai k |y?wii Blatti 11 Ihi Ri
itt...... i \
IM \. ni'.i and tht '?? Hoi . \ lt rnson
Pile-Driving Sloop Sinks. De*
spite Shenff and His
Trusty Aid. Bier.
Question Confronting: Julius Is
Whether He or Uncle Sam
Ought to "Cough Up
125 "Bones."
si,.-i n llarburger sni'l ;' **afl i i";- *
drivlng al. Deputy Bheriff 'Jeke*'
i:,. erho, deeplte blfl oome, lfl ?* Irean
arater marltltne ? apert, deelared it a*a?
rnercly a aloop. whlle tbe legal papera
Mld tbe crafi ln gueatlou waa Juat ? pll?
drlver. And the past t.-n*..> is moal prop
,,|. aeed here, berauae tba - rafl lhal
? ,,t any more, and n< vei arlll be
iaaln unl4*Ba *"ii.r?< aaauroea tbe lla
biiit, ol brlngina it or liei M the aurf.
of thfl Harlem Rlver, the aald llabtitty
ii. ing 11*5.
The Bheriff In hia year of eervli i haa
had dlvera eiperlencea bul he raalntalna
that hli hirtodletlon does not ******* to
,t. bottom of the rlver. Mr. Harbnrger
haa ii...i aoaae eaperlenca atantlar to that
of j managei ol a i ln aa inenar^rta, Ha
ua- read tt,.- laa of ll ? atate to al k ial
,.,,, oommandei oi .1 fori Ign ararahlp; he
haa eowed thfl arlM and lawleafl anarchlat;
!,,. is the rhan that put Ihi rporl (twl? e a
da) 1 :-i n i 01 ter; bul Ihla thlm of a< t.:.a
. 0| ., ptle drh Ing flloop *?*?.*? r?
n, ik . g|. rlem e, 1 ?en foi ll.raatlla
ghi II
How It All Happened.
It hapi - t.p-l thla way: < me ?,"1-11 Andei -
eon obtained an exetrutlon aa."? Frank
L Broeka and Horry H. Tllley, **-h,. Lfl ;?
bullder ol pii ra. 1 he ea* utloo waa for
? ?.. 1 the platntlff, Aialeteon, learated
thal the plle drlvi r, the II. H. Tllley. "a*1
moored to h imidtng In lha Harlem lUfoe
-it UOth Btreei hh.1 'i'hitJ avenue An
ieraon d.'< Ided to atta< h the plle drlver.
IVbeo the papei of attacbmenl waa
handed to ibe Bheriff )ie rabeoraed hi*
nautlcal lerau and, taklng a htt< h In bla
tftroeero, h<* ? illed foe bla iruaty Bler.
TOgetber they went to tbe opper riig- ,,r
Manhattan, on the Baat BMe, .,n<i tl??*-?
tbey lound tbelr rraft, tl? "'? BBB d
11. 11. Tilley. The Bheriff nt once ap*
polnted hlmeeaf captain aad gave th?
ooinmiaaton of Brat Baota to i?"p:t\- Blei
Hardly had tba Bheriff d? lared hlmaelf
in (.iinin.inii of th*? plle drlver when ?
awell ftom h paeelna ahlp cauaed tt lo
>,,. k with aach vlolenro a*- t?> teoeen lha
haween thal bound 11 to the landlnc, and
away arei I the raft "Whoo! Wboa!'
ahouted ??BBrtpper*' llarburger. But the
attendanta on board knew Mat *h?t t>
<\o, and ln a few mlnutee tbe r>l" drlver
v.uh nL'.iin aecurely moorod. However,
there wa? nior? trouble te come.
Thfl Bktpper Bheriff bad hardly atepped
aahore when there **-ae a ahout: "Bha ii
rdnklng!" And, aora enough, tlie THIej
?a? aettllna Into tba waten of l ? Hai
leaa. "Jake" Bter, new ;< n ate ati t ? 1
imI.Iv tn th* landlng, and wlth tl
..,.. n--A ai,.i bravfl Bplril Bhown bj Bl
Anthonr, when ne reported ihe
ot' the Maln* lo Captel ? Bl| 1 lee, Hl* r
<.iiJ t?, his , .,t-t.*t,. 'i 1 n il re\ 011 thal
? . | ,1,. or aloop 01 whatevi 1 the
it la, li alnklna '
Sheriff Shouta aa OaU 8,nki.
The Bheriff Bbouted Bome erdera h>
t,.tp 1 a had .-iiiia-.at?ii bla n Brin? vo al
Iary the plle drlver had .< aie * entire!
? 11 .1 ,[)? _re,i from *? lew,
Then eame t;.*- legal compll atloni One
Qeorge E. Vtdeto ii aeema, bad a me I
aaaa nn the Tllley, anil arhen be baa d
of Um aebrora of tt.- plle drtver h* Bled
?a third party blalm arith the Bheriff A
ghei ff'i 11 upbeld tt,*- 1 lalm yet U rda*
Bul arho la golna lo ralae t1"* mroki n
. M't f',.m the rtvei ' '1 he pi l< ?? loi I l*
?ork haa i.e. n T?'a"-'i at MO, and gh I
ii 11 irger, who la n<>t Bure that he hai
lurladli tion o ? 1 anyl Ing a' tha bottom
of tbe river, i* flrel 1 0I1 g to gel 1 n 1
optntoa befora h? eo?itra4*ta t.? brina tbe
Tllley to tbe aurfaca Alao he 1* af
ti,e opinlon that enly the Meral gomri'
roei l bai roriadl< tlon over Ibe vesael now,
Ai a Btll] anotl ??' ? latm, waa pul in.
c.-fiii;^ Beanmon! BOttfled tha Bheriff that
,.,. hi -I on tl a Tllley :?t. axe, ,
jnnip*-r iitui pah of overaboea, ar,,i 1 e
;i-ik.-fi that theae t,< nol aoM Tlie ? woa'l
be, ^.,,| |f |f| ||. ,,.. 111.1t, 1 wiirit. Iili thliif.-'
h>- , ,11 'H ? a fer " em whenever he ph aai ?
Coroner's Jury Holds Road Re
sponsible for Auto Collision.
Pertb Amboy, M. .1.. Dac. ? Tba Cor
..ti.-! 1 j:iy whlch baa ha'-n loveetlaatina
the colllrten hetweee an ano 'tKie and
me Atlantlc Cllj fl>*-r at tbe Woai ave
niie cro 1 Ing In Bewaren on Daoember 14.
in wtdeh two pi'rHim*- ii.st theli Uve* and
a a< ut. ^,-t*- Injured, dadded thia mt.-t
dooh itit the aecMeal waa ?t,t,reh- iue
fault of ibe Central Rallroad ol Mew Jer
, held 'hai lomp.itik reapoaatble
Coronei Jameo J, Flynn, wbo eoodu t-.'
the Inqueat, had the ebauffean 01 tiir'i.i;-.
gjlmer Olover, ^n'l tbe erow <.'f thr flyer
i,, testlfy, \ numbar of peri," 1 wbn
were ln ihe 'bua ai Ibe llme alao told
tbelr 1-1 i,i j.-v.
Jamea Brl kaon, lha engineer, aald he
had bci-n ruanlng the traln for more than
ten yeara, and (hoi <>n lha day of tha ?>
ndent it 4v:,k g?liiK at aixty-liv.- mlU-s un
in> .r ahen it t<trii. k the 'i us. He iald ? ?
regarded tbe rrnealng a.s a dangeroua one
.nd h. told how on iwo oili*-: 8C4*Oflionfl
Ihe had narrowly tntaaed hlttlng oth<.i
-. ... ihe tranaportatlan compan)
? ii.n.i. i:,, chauffeur, teatlded lhal
Iwben he raachad Ibe croaafng be atopped
i and li.-it,-n,-<l uinl iheie was no bell .tn
I ma. and h* oauld BOt h<-at tbe traln ap*
1 ptoorhlng. re ha siaite.i t?> eroaa He iti ,1
I poi nariK ov> r when ihe traln atm w l ie
: 'bua
Bridgeton, N. J.. Candidate Declarcs
for Referendum.
Bridgeton, N I . n**1 B.?Fbrmei Poat*
I laatef B, A. Lanlng, of thla dty, who lo
?>;hiii a eandtdate for thr- olBee haa <i.
elared for a "preferenthil priOMUy" !0
? ii.it].- tbe peopla t,> .-xi.r.-.''*. th^t^ pref
arence m** chlef opponent lfl Waller B,
II >i-er. tnx aae.-saoi
Mr. l_niiiK Hrt>s the primaik V4-,nilrl bO
perfectly tosloal and naorall) Wndtng 111
Repreaentatlve- eleel .1. TlMMnpaon Baker,
beeauai Mr Baker sani lotarday nlght
,1 ,, dlnner here thal he deatred all bla
K.-onini- tdatioria fer appolntmenl ibouM
..... :.t ti,. lai geal pooalbli n iml ei >,f
? ??? Lil ien<
Ellis Island Officials Order Eng?
lish Correspondent of "Le
Liberateur" Deported.
Mylius Gives Hia Version of
Aflfair for Which He Served
Year, and Says Offence
Was Political.
K.ii.uani r. Mjiins. the Engttati earre
rpondent for "I_g Liboratour," or Parla,
who iiheiied Kmr Oeorgo of England In
January, MU, a>"i aubeeojuentij served
year fi.rthe oOTonca in Wormwood Icrubba
lYiJion. Ih detnined on Kllis laland ; nd
baa been ordered depoi li ?!
He "uine hen i.i, gundoj In the teer
oge >.f the, I'i. n. i Im. i l-i i'i..v i i e,
from Hiivre, hla eorrecl oaaae epp-aring
oa tne ahlp'a manlfeet. Myltua could liova
si.il. .1 under an aaaumed name ond otber*
wise dlaguiaed ins Identlty, but he ?
ns he declared yeeterdey, lo entei the
. ..until ^ttii.int .I'-. .'I'tii.ii and truat to
the juatlce ..I Arm i h an laa* 1 a i ??
TtM detalned man i? thli .??foui ara
old, a Belgiaa bj blrtb, bul .. eltla n of
Bngiand. Tho Ua i.i al a bi< h auoed him
to he prooecuted !??: crlmlnal li'i'i waa
tha publlcatlon >>f ;< .-t.it?-.nt thal Klng
Oeorgo bad cOntracted before bla i
iinfi" t" tha preaenl Queen h morganatlc
marriage -< t Malta wltb Man Bttaabeth,
daughti i ..f Admiral Bir .\ii.h;..! Culme*
fleymour, noa tbe aifi "'. i aptaia D ita
| PI'T
M\ liua anawered all ihe queotlona i
jollena arrlving *' tbii port, ??.?..! ai.en
aaked if he ha.i ever been convicted of *
I crime he aold be hu.j not Ho esplalned
that he had b>-en OOBl t.i i-rlson after < ? n
vii tion for a politl ;ii <<!:? ?, e gnd roaBlnd*
|od ti.Bctala lhal andei aoch eoodltloaa
he ' ould noi b- legaUy d. ported.
The Belgtan woa Intornwd thal o board
of -i.- ..i Ine, di ? ??? hli " I "' llati ned to
iu-- atoi / h.'.i ordered hl luded ul
lhal i - had I - rlghl tu appi .?! io tne
Bei ii i.u , ..f i ..ii.ii.' n e and Lab H<
made ti.> reqieat for eouneel, d<
thal he -.ouid prepen the ippeal 1
Myliue, win. n m medium laed man of
lijcht .-..iiipltxl.ii, tlie. . j. a bia pllghl .<?:<
terday on the lxlai.d
"While they called it crlmlnal Ubel." ho
?aid. ? n.v ottoneo ?hn oetually a polltlcal
.... Tho Unlted statf ??? doea n..t osdude
political refugeea 1 ?Jid t.ot time an ap
. ii i.fi. i aaa convicted, a? oll looU?
mony In mj t*^m had be.n esdoded All
tbat would reflect upon ti.e Klng waa
kepl oui The Kirii,-'o booot *??' more
imi ""a i lhaa j a tl ?? The pro-.- cuUon
main ..n..d mat the Kmc bad aeen Mloa
Meymour only once. lt *?** proved, how*
, v,.. i . . ? ? h?r at i' aat ala tlmi i
a o bad aenl bei preoi r.t*.
.. me i> hli. ol ."tt ol tba atori
Klng >',. ...K. i.aa leel pn tl io with Un
... .i| ie i:vri > >>ai bc la I.ning kaa
popular. ii> Um; puhttcaUon of au
ti, ieo i tti?.aght t1" ;? "in.ii'i R'-t "
broadei vlew of thlnga a:.d oventualt]
eboui a repoMh ea form ol goi
ii,. exlati' ?'? ef .. monari bl
keep* ii.. people autaervlenl Kngiand la
. |ed by i -pltai "
\ ' . I lf he v..,- tt BOI laliOl il ? *
n. red ree, ye i miirlit n..' i 8 ?? ?
bo .ni.?i r ? hi'iii t-ay ro booauoe tha
term lo much mloiiii'i"'"*" Tho Bei*
ghta wrltoi aald ho wlohed to llve la ihH
ountry, aa i." b id !.??' ? ^"> " l ln Eng?
-,. ihere are aofiallati n tong the
Knglieh people, bul over thera a man i
ea i igltohmaa r.'--t *n<t a aoclaliot _?_?
ond Rven Mro. Naater an-t ber bueband
in- dead Bodally no? in England Whon
i *.,. releaeed fi?:.i prlooa fourteen
?>,., i returned to PertO. 1 eouM
h . rtaved ihora dotbg nawapaper work,
Oui i j.iet.ii.'.i to i i.mo to thla countn
l have aome buatneoa t.> tranaact hero '.t
the) "ill l.-l tne land. ai.d OfteT thnt 1
totend to mak.i my bome In Hen Praa*
, lll'O "
Miins *** nol ?'' oll alarmed ovei hla
detentlon. He *.i"i be ?^ in douM wba
ii(. lefl Peria ooncornlng tho pooaibltit:
of bla b.mtf admltted to thla countrj
mnce be w?- Informed of nu. rlghl t.. up
j,,j| Mythta han hope" tliat th" S-.returv
i.f Commerce .-<n<i i-abor t.iu overrule tho
I dectaloa of tba boma of tpodal Innulry.
Glenn F. Farmer, Whose Father
Faces Fraud Charge, Arrested.
tllenn i-. Paroeer, agalnat whoae fath.-r
* Mra. nii'J. fioin 8i.it \jmh* City, LTtah,
recentl) obtotaed ludginonl f<>r HaMV
,.;.,.i bj ii.-r for "odlttoua de i.xe." w
? ? 'nui.iii .1 te the Tombe reeterday bj
Muglt tiate Borton it. Iho Idmbg court, aa
a f'l?;itive fr.nn JUOtlce II" I" CBargOd
wlih defraadlng womeo la it".4i"n l.^
iii^.-.ii' of tho "de Inao" oa indla
Ifra K't" Bager.ef Booton.allogeathat
Karmer obtained h. r "lKittit'T'- hv falae
pratencea and thal nht> p.u.i htm t.,'**
tt.i book whioh arere mloreprotented to
hor. Mi.. Mary L* Bofen., another un
lon womaa, Baya thal f*anner obtained
.v,,.i",.". ii mii hor ln Kiiiular fuilnon. Itti.mii
wai arreeted oa ba lafl th" federal build?
ing, ahere ba bad Jual furnlahed H-SM
bail i.i oa iii.it. tinent found agalnai blm
by a federal graad j-t> f"i ?> >iiiiii;ir .?f
r.-n, ^
i ,1 iiii i - counael, m..x. i^- ?? Kohler,
obtained ;? arrll af babeao corpua fr.>m
Judge ir'.ii yeotorday. Mr K..iii"r con
tendt .1 lhal whlla bla i lb nl woa under
boll in ;i eaae in Ihe federal ?>.ntt he
rould not ? ren?oved t.> anotlier dl tnci
until ti.m . harge had bi en dlepoeed ?i'.
ri,. e nt la rett i naMe u.-ia-.
lemea .i Parm Glenn Former'a
fathrr, l? aew under M.SOO bail en n
. ha ?-? of 'ir.in?5 tbi malla to defraud.
Almost Perish from Cold and
Hunger in Freight Car.
? ii- r< lagrapb te Tba Tribaa i
AllentOWn, i'enn , Per. 23 -Auhrev An
s.ii.ini .imi Jerry Montgomory, negreea,
ond John Ralaataal, Jeraoy CHy 1 _? 41 ?*.
whlla ;ihi\iti-: tn nn ampty car in the
Lehlgb VaBey yaid<? in thnt cltj ?,ia
aecidentalty loehed ln hy one. of a rr<-?
lniikiiitj up a traln, ond araadd prohahly
bavi dled of atarvathm and oapoaure had
b braheman her.- noi board tha trto*a
walla "f dlatroaa ?j tho trHin paoned.
a n,aaeaga waa ^?t to sintmgtou to
top the train, anl the bo\s were al;u..s.
? ?0-.11 aai aoarlj atanred whon mkr-n
out Thej ?ir neid lo tha ptdlee, awalt
Ing word ii"in 'ii' lerooj Ctts authodtloa,
lUCe l)hl ' HWJ "
Wc wish our reader a Merry
Christmas and would suggest that
hc look for the men's suit adver
tisement of Smith Gray & Co. on
Thursday. The reader can secure
a de luxe suit a large part of the
cost of whieh will bc paid for
bv the Advertising Department.
1 ?_ om v I'iikm: t i'ittim;
CUl.l-Al. OP THIS MV1.1. M..\1jU
.. tor thO.
American Art Galleries,
8 Ka?l J.;d >U *ila<li?on *..|imr*i south.
DAILY 9 A. M. TO a P. M.
christmas, Last Da\.
Art Exhibition
lluiiurar.v r.ilroii
II,.,, Mnjrslir., KiriK Cbrieai-B V
of Deeawarfc, ikim ,.u-t_k \. af 8we*
drn. aniJ Kine ll.takoo \ II. of Sorwa).
Aduii.^ioo io,. gaodajre lla.
I.IHUFr.V .71 Bl Mi'l 441 -?! " '?' -' '?' M.
Holds Up Two Men in Buffalo
and Empties Cash Till.
jLone Bandit Walks Into Place
in Crowded Main Street and
Overawes Two Cierks.
p iffalo, i, i>n o itbreak ot law
leaaiM * thal began :i month <?? i
mlnated to-nlghl In one of Ihe boldent
hold*uno on receed In thla city. A Blgb.
wayman held up two elerka in tl ? Its
ti.-k.-t iittn e ot tha Qrand Trunk Rallway
in Elllcott Bquara and after aoooplag up
ihe contfiitH of tbe caab drawer made *
, leaa geteway, Herotofore tba aperatlona
(,r the bold*up men have I.n i "t. d ta
belated pedeetrlai * In tt b outaklrta of tbe
dtjr, bul tbey have been frequent enough
t.i bring oenaurfl on Mlchael Regan. um
. ni.. r of potl_*. |
Tha ii'k,-t ..tn a ia <>" lha j,i>>m,,i floor.
The iront. entlref) of plota gla tkeeai
Maln atreet, aad tbe r< ,r <.i<,"r, alao of
glaas, leada Into t\ ?? arand oourl >>f BIU*
, ,,tt gquare Hundreda of peraona were
paaalng ln Maln Btreei and tbfl courl of
Ibe buJIdtaa waa well Blled wlth elerka
and otbera leaviag tn.-ir oflli aa for bome
Ij ?,h ,,t lha- ruvli li,,iir. s.,,,11 ;ifi>r I
0*( l>? k. When fl man \k.ilh.-.l imn the
,,tii,.. Joeeph B. Edwarda, t blef i lerk,
w.i*, behlnd the d< ?k and Harold i>
Mowry, a atenoarapber, waa arrltJng let*
tera near hy. The fltranger iBked .i quea*
i ion i ? ix.iini* routea to lh? Worthweel
Edwarda leoned over the glam eovered
nniri on tne oounter tn potnl oul ? route,
and when be looked up ;i aecond later it
araa to (hui ,-\ n rolver polnted al him
i juat aaw your boaa ?.. out," Bald t',;.
man, calmly. "if * oa mak ft I'll
plua k., i. I'mii ? ita d, i mi i I ualneat
Moa i -. got up from his |.t.t< .? at the
typewrlter, bu,l aat down ojulcklj when
the rrunmon Bwung tha muaale of tba re?
volver tOWOTd blm.
? rnioik thal oaah <Jr.,\*.? i. ' ordered m,.
aunman, polntlng i>> tba tni where the
day'a recelptfl were w.-pt. Then he <-*.i hed
around behlnd ti.unter and, pla< Ini
the revolvei asalnal Bdwarda'a baeh or*
,i, i. ,i him lo mov,- qulckl]
|.*dw_rda unlocked thfl drawer Tha
bul did nol nop lo >,<'i lha amall chant
v, ith .. flnal order to the clerhi to "atand
?tlll," the hlghwaymon walkM oui oi th<
Maln atreet antranee ami .. aeeoni latei
waa awallowed up ln the crowd.
in the bundle of bllla h? walked away
vkith tbere waa IST. H< i. ft hi hlnd about
Edwarda notifled the pollce bj telephone.
He and Mowry aent t?> pollce headquar
tera whare thej were queatlon, d I.vei
twp houra Madther devtatrt fi<>m th*"
?torj of Ihe hold*up nf Hrel lold.
, -t,i.i Kegan called ln .iii avallable men
?nd i- going over tha diy wlth opi of
bla dragneta The rmtr..] wagona went
kepl bu?y *<>r houra hrinjrlttK ln habltuen
nt questfi nabla reinrn. hnt no deflnlte
, |, kk I.. tn. high wa rmaa haa i'p< u ae*
48TH *?T.. JI **T EAOT or BROADWAV. Tal Bnaat li.
BVBNIKOg ? 10 rHRlSTMAI * bTflTW fldJfg SM.lNEli
??W-i?-fl. "PEG 0' MY HEARr,^?.;RT,.^MAssr.F,
.ivji.iu KLACBER TiMKs raeeinatina pia^ii.t; by Laarette Taylor
eJLAM \>A!.i: 4.MERICAN1 "Lauretta Taylor, a vety charuti.:*; a.-.J * \?r>
rowaV_?V__l WORLD! "Cleirerly plared by Laaterte Ta**.ar.H
IWRENCK R*_AMER BUNl "Lauretta Taylor, tho nios- M II r.j, attliti.
n.raonallty ilnce Ma^fla Adame/'
CIIARLEI DARNTON. EVB. WORLD: "Leurette Tavior wlne a.I h*irte U
Pea O* My Haai?.' " . .
l.OL'lfl 6HERW1N, flLOBE: "! au - * l * */l< r lfl now the baat coraedtenne M
the Araerlcaa mmt"" . ..,,.. .
Bl RNfl MAXTLE, MAIL' "Leurette Taylor, l"* -> Mt Hafl , r,.
Con' Theatre ? e laali . ; ?'*
RIB "K i-ii'in tte fayloi made 1 areat hli
HKRALD "Actreee?. tirat malit irlump ,.,,.? -
BEATf IOI H WKKK**- IV \l>\ \\? 1_
e- "V^AvC.*4'3rd? -
4"4'-ifTJ7WicE tuutv.
Mat5 at 2-EN'CO.at 8
Eeat *^at? ai Malineea, ?l 00,
vnr, of New gpeetaeUj
I.. rtni.le 1l..ffiiiiinn. Brwidwaj to I'arN.
4 \?.|\<>. lt uu. A liilh. P
,? . Harrylauder <,%,-.;,?
I.VKli . i-'i VV. of li Mat; lo-ni' a - ,
niti?\i?\\\\ ll... B*- raiUt. E ae.8 i
;.:' * THE RED PETTICOAT ', .Jii.""
?4,i ?'?'?r ' "ROLYPOLY
? 18 Nf 'a T'-in. v TtlUI ,B*1 "**_ 1 ? wa.
MuAlne r.llloll a II... " ' ]**?,**,,^ZZ
ISth-l. II...K ?f Iiv ISv.8 13 itti rem*w.Ti
WILLIAM COLUER M-vkr sav ....
ttthHt. rb..80.ar H'v Bvlo M. Mia;
ANNIE RUSSELLS ??:^.k r.vm>
puvnnk ^WSS^
? iraM .t.
M\MIAI I \N tt HO <! 18 AV* 1.. a "
IVEM1 KND. I v ' 'r- '
CHILORENS Ruiu'tne. 87d and -tn A??
TO-DAY ^iTSurtayTaTMi
\t . K'mi . 4,i!ndftonBurnett'jii htjdVePla*.
2 PLAYS rutherfORO i SOH
I ITTI C artaie. i_i seaSi
Ll I I IX r .1'., '? ?> foi ''''??_?..
PCUTIIDV i *>. l " ?a -.??. o*l".'> -VO.0 :?'
btrilUlil Ml., xtnao, BaL, New ymi ,
La?1 llenutiful Ixitl ilatitl'rSpe. ta. '* ? M
tfLTINGE KwMhJr?a.."i!H
within the law
metropolitan;;:;; v
roniorn.il. EaMM Mai.. Bl Old* FjlOOt
? . J.. II... ....-I li.nl f.rrtel.
ll.ill.-t I .'iipel,,, ,yt ll VI- OBNI-r..
VTed. itt. u -4 luiut. itt ii... I-ori.U,
Sl. ? fiiiiv, Boi hl. ?? ' ond. Btun.nl.
| l?,i, .? : i WalKurre. Oadakl Prem
,.,.,,., Uatsen.r; Burrian, B/all, Bayoda
. . ... 11 ? .
? ri. ut I HiiRiienol.. Doatlnn H*
rdebut), ?.li.ii. 1'i.riiao Oeatti, Dldur, Rotbler,
!:... , .'..iiiiii.'l.ii, Pol*. .....
Sul. Mat. a! . Orfeo ed Kiirldi.e. II ?
i? . Rappoldi Oparkaa, Caao rend..Toi i
s.,1 Itte. .1 1 rn -8poe*l rVrfco Ma?i<
lliiie. .i,..iNkl. Patki.. Alton; Rlaaek. Lankoa
;.. . ttrlawold, it.-i_- Conductor, llen.
Ne\l Mun. Bl I Otello. VII.. M*
, A...,ii... Begurn ,. i 'ond. To* ?
\n. *,e)irtt t?e ftpertal Doubla Hi
Huiteriu. Parrar, Pornle Martin Brotti
, m ui , i ,.ii,i . Tooeanl >l. Ballot roppeiia.
vi.-ttm- lienee. M \oiiiiui" * ''"i i a .ir Iti I
? ? . h ti rn. to 18 i". 8 ..' Baii To daj
i Orrbeatra -eai- m all lloiri Tlehei Maa
: , i,.? .,! r. . Hoi Ottl.e I'rl.ea.
TO-Ml.HI , at 8. V U?i a-. Rnaii
niiiu ...i.i Paallari'l. i' - nn, Bori Cara ?
Marttn, Imato flll - i ond . i" n "J
h vf.t'M vs im *..??> i *yv
uniun Qtf. . Bla ritj t Planaaan
i: . \ lii. -i I. i:.l.4Hrrt?. Hml Othort
1*41.1 Alllai ' 'd l.amhert * E
uULUrllAL iltmi unu "Moro Blnnod
n ? ..?? 0 'tt'.i Bt I ?ealnet Than i raal." mii
ALHArnUliA i> aii. stak bCTd
. Xyt j ,,? f). . iht -,t\ i ?:. ond I 4.'.
1 \e*t Tlnir. Kve ot lllf, >e?t I ri. All. al i:t8.
i 11, ki ia al B?>? ' "'' ? Pelltt !?' l^tfi I' "ll?':
ne 1_r\ffl B*a'ap and 80th 81 Kvea 8:30.
D 1 at 9J OJ mat. BVER*, l>\V \ r . tt'1
5.. ? |{ ?,.;,. |..,. .1 I!- ? "Il.r
iH AV0o >n. Hl Ort'ima of Oude." . .. n . a
D'Ij Mai '-'.'"'? Plelda Q I othar Blp Art?
H\MMKR>rKI>'S l.llllaa torraliie. I lilna
I .1;... |1 D'l) l.lne too * I o.. Melle
\l ,iin . . . A " UlaU4'he, IS oihei*.
CUPIRC * to s- r . i i;
_mnn_ m, . xo-m*? a : t:,
l liira Mutin*,- rhara., Jao *.
i .--t | H>efca Laal iim* laa l.
? BILLIEBURKE fift v,X\\?Sn
Extra M.,tir*.?? >?? It.ir's l?j'. lan. I.
?? rt _ H . '? O'H cc'"'
.,, ,? | .... pf p8i j -,
rVLlun icatlneee
1 - i| L\R :'>t>- ' ' ? M 1XEBP
ra .-? M '-,, D, fi ki .-..o
The Yello w Jacket
:. IIIK III,.11 h"\|,
I Hllll .10 i "HIM I'RIX K**"
. OliPANT AV n OR< ' - 81
? , . '*?
\|. ipel I -i Ot* ra Ho .4
? * repeated . **
? ii-.* Otltea m* ? "?'
Ke X n ? Dei Hat a. Mat. li ataai
M \l mov. M..IH. ' ata >?? --. n.|
Ki k\\ a ERLAXOBR ?arlll araetaA
piia V,. idaatatien by Olei
PtfA - 4 r V. ,?r <t Bodai.aky*
blrl | . , ,,,4 - Fra\ ' lAkaj
I IDCOTY ****** ? " ' *'XV'?J
LIBCnlT Mai V-*a na. 4% I I 1J
k\k KiKiiti) RMi. By,ta* i.?vu
,,,, |?.t H.-rd in M.ial.al I omed,,
IVCKtM IIIKtlKl. Keal Imlay a? '
. Mata rhla Urrk?lliur.. I" -
Years of Discretiofl
KEPlBLIC "4.W. iXwWff
op COHANS^^Wl?
GEO. M. COMAN *3MAjDWAjir*___Sr
aCTAD H *?> ****** dt- K'*'* 5 \{ NB_tBfl
ASTOR Mt. *A><1 ri, ir X Pai J 18 *'?
1,014.1.AH HAWTHUN*";
(iAKDEN %rT.at? mmnett*
* , 50, ;., {I. |150. 1'honaSlOO Mak*J4>?

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