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.? , j
I " !fnn
I tn ro
, ,| ta ita capoclty.
Qtortt r Wood,an u
::ll M . remM ":
.,.. .. n elerfc i
Hou._ thanked the hn*. I i ?i
?,?k .nd ordered them to report og??n
..ii Januai j 7.
Wickersham Ordered Inquiry.
,- Adkln tttorne)
:.ii the followlni it?temw?1
- '?""'
?r t?? Of thl .
. .- ,, ij upon the
- ^e is but on, Of the
v the AttornoJ
. rman antl-troat low.
?JlM lalllalmasl (ontains but una
tt which Chhrges oonspiracy. ond
. aevenovert aeta of tha defandantl
ln earrylng or. the consplracy io re
... trad ? Afl i ?
. l? detall the toro rnUroad aystema
and the compeUtlve poaaibllltlea of
thrir buslneas, the Indlctmenl aeta
forth thi plana of 1 Orand Trunk to
exton.i its ltaes to connect wltb Boston
-,?,,, New Bnitand, as well bs
tb, operation of ateamdWpa betwoen
Pro*i Idonca ond Som Tork.
Chargos a Conspiracy.
naverathol "Charioa R MeW-n,
. 0| tne New Havon Railroad
npany; Edaon J. Chamherlln, presi
of tht arand Trunk Rallkrayi
,:,?>.. ehalrman of the board of d
,, n "i" the Central Vennoni Railway
Company and of tho Boutbern New
i ngiand Railws. Companj and ol thi
Southern New Bnglund Ballroad Cor
* - ,,i,.n. and Alfrod W. Smithero.
[.halrman of tho board of diroctora of
Ibe Grand Trunk Rnllwuy, on Augusl ...
,,,,._. ;iI . New Tork, engaged
and havt ? - -' : ","1 ;'rr D0W|
, _^d in an unlawful combinatlon
? ni oonaptrac) to provont the oon
atructlon ond eompletlon of any of aold
, Ktenstona ln Now ..nRiand. to prevent
operation ol aAM ateamshlpa be
-wi.:: thecltlea of Provldoncaand How
York. ami to ptayant tha IranaporU
tlon of persoiii an.i property in Inter
?tfte und ferektW -*?_?-*?? over said
llnes oi railroad and ateamehlps, ond
that aold .i.fendatits dM thoroby en
goga lU an unlawful rombination and
consplra' y lo roatmln eammarc* among
....... ond with a foreign natlon."
Seven Illegal Ac.s.
s,.V(.,, are then set forth
Ltn the Indtctment, oa foiiowa:
1 Tl at " defendonta met ln Nrw
York citj on Augual ". Itlf, aaa i
cueeed a memorandum theretoforo ex
, hat ged betv eei Vlellen and I hamber
)ln whlch tnoniorandum is-. setfortti in
full in tlie Indictment and Whlch pro?
vide*. amonp other thlngs. thal the
Qrand Trunk ahould aell to the New Ha?
ven ayatem all ltn intereat n Ihe <
V, .,,. ? and lt_ auboldlarleo. whlch
i im i-i.i.? all ol ihe propooed ? ?
alona ol New England
j ti at on Augurt ?
Iin wrote t one Dalrj mi lt ? re-ldent
of the Qrand Trunk Railway Com]
I Mi Bmithern had
had a lona a d eatlefactory Intei
with Mt Mellen. and that l] waj agreen
that Mi Dali ymple and Mr Campbeil
ahould meet quletly at Mr. Mellena of
irpoae of diecuaelni ? ?
dlvlalonn .m New Sngland boslneoa
8 ThP? the defendanta held a furth'i
Ui ? ?, New Vork City on Beptonaoer
"4 That anothor me-wtinc between the I
rl*ten<lar,ts waa held ln New York CTO
on October 1,1911'. . I
' . hal at tha last mentioned meetlnK
the 'i.fendant Mellen inltialied and gave
to his ro-defendantf a memorandum or
Hur.-aiin'iit. whleh is net forth ln full. an.
whioh provided. amona other thlnjjs, that
tho Grand Trunk ls ,Tto retain tbe Cen?
tral Vermont and exiatltuc controlled
llnes -nd contlnue it? existinB buatnooa
af= at preaent '
6 That on November ., 1912. th" <1'
fer.dan! Mellen caused to he wltbdrawn
>. petition ti.-retofore flled l.y his dlrec
? with the I'ublip Ketvlee Commission
of Mew llampahlre .isk::.? authorlty to
,x?t, thi New llav.-n lines par
and to < oinp.'te with B rortlon
the Central Vi-rnmnt Railway.
:. Thst on November 9, I91z, the de
? ridaoi Cbamherlin rauned the work of
?ri.. llnjr the line from Palmei 10
. i- ui'undon'-d.
Shows Control of Linas.
The Indictment first daOCTibaa the
? tha Heai Haven iUtilroHd and
?ho'.vs that Its tnx^ks sprcad over the
WholS Oi HOW Kr.tUnd nnd Into M IW
> .ik ond Oanada, It apaolfle-Uly men
tloni lha oonunsres betwetn ihe Eaat
e>n cittea of T'rovkknce, PaortUCkot
-. .i Waonaarkat. ta r.hode iMinnd. and
Pooton. Wwoootsr, l.owoii. Btockotono.
ITjlwUgq OJid other liiles nnd towns of
MaaaachatattOi on tlie line of the ex
-10ns Of tho (i-nnd Trunk Raiiway
'n !*fa*a England, nnd Chloaflo, Bt Paul
Minnoapolls, Mllwaukea md Doi olt, ln
Ths deafrlpllaa of tho Qrand Ti
Ralhaaj s>>tem arara lhal it controla
a ;iin> of ateomahlpa operatlng betwoen
New Torb CHy and Now lx>ndoti. Conn.,
and tonttols the Central Yerinotit Ratl*
KMMl O'iiipan'. . Oporattng from New
I.ondon and runnins: thTOOgh ConnOOtJa
VyHERE you are likely to
^* find the particular Book
you may be looking for.
j-veryman's Library
Six hundred titles to choosc from.
Bound in rir h red leather
wtth gi!t letterini
flt ' Of| ;/' I if i i nhiiii'.
31 Weat 23rd Street
Memoranda by Mellen and Chamberlin Show
Original Plan Was to Buy Cen?
tral Vermont Railway.
Thret me,.anda were us, b; Mr. Mellen nnd Mr. Chamberlin ln threa
ot ..f the negollaUona for a traffic ngreet betwoen the Qrand
Trunk and tl i New Haven Mlll
Th< oarllosi memorandum, the terma of whlch wan dlscussed betwoen
? ra Mellen, Bmithera and Chamberlin on AUgual E and approved m their
ontenvploted a aale of thi Central ITormonl Railaray and
baidiorlea lo the Nea Haven.
PubU, aentlmonl throughoui Nea England appeared too atrong _?alnat
,, ocauloltlon of these llnea b, the Nea Haven, and on C*tober I a
aecond memorandum waa prepared, abandonlng tho idea of ? aale ol lha
Central Vermont. It ret ' ratkh\ provlalona of tha flrst ona,
almodal keepingt eO extendlnf Ita own llnea ln tho terrlton
of tha New Haven.
The thlrd memorandunv, tha own publicJy and flnallj -
. Coroml1 . of Reprsaen ntlvea nt Washington,
made th. real al f the agreement dlaappear ln a careful wordlng that
made Ita provlaloni etai I rn beneflctal to the publlc.
The 'ollawtng is tbe nwmoranduni l ?' |
mont Rtvllway aad ai
ten ln its man. prevtateai bj
Mi ;;? ti. Bmithen .<'..: Cbambai ln ai "?? ?'' I
mi' tiag i n Augual
? liurd Trunk to: ... _? I
Ball uii it i Inn real ln Centre \ t mont,
Kallroad anrt it* subetdtl
2. Giaiit to Kutlatid and Central %":'
mont railroadfl nglit lo Jolnl
lrao.ka between Rouai u I'oint nnd aonf
real and bi twei.. St. John'a and Mont
Grant rlghi to Ne i Engl.I L
i ilnt i - < t i-..-- iig< ? t ? nu ' ??
real tni Jolnt use ol frelghl '? ni
:. ui m . t la ' ' '' ?'.';'
pront ttv " aa ll i w,u?
iperatlng cost* aasi ss< ?
unon i roporllonati u ? n on baai* ol ton
p< i- toi ol fn Ight hani ? d oi
- por cai ,.__,_
"ii an r.|ul. i -
. ? oinpi nsation prefcrablj
i uah paymei t oi - ci ah ri i tal
- ,,, ,.. . ni, baala of dlvialon oi
rates, 11 belng thi Int iition of tt ? -
Engl ind Lim a t.. put Montreal an a io. ui
IU i.\.-t m i.i llnei and Mi
....... ,-iit..,
,., -,., | than to ? ompennate tt
dlvislon "f revenui obulned
\. ?-. Kiim at d Mi ? - to
j fcgree upon n aatlafactory basla roi
? . tea, Buch
l nn Montreal aa tba poli l o
tnge i ? tw<?n ti,- two Byatema ol
tgree upon I ' ituuoll
aill glvt Urand Ti unh roi
?t-" i bfbi i._?? r and ireight bufllneaa i
N, u Bnrtand nn opportunity t.. comi ?
-,. - ..i all Btations n ted bv
ai ,i with :." handl
- ? imlnatli n to 04.ni ln c m*
. n with aui h i ompetltlon, .t l
to i a< - the Grand Truna ln
Uon wlth ll ? bietifl with tl ??
Sea England l/in<-<. Upon tli" mont fa*
vored ? itlo ? fllB.
" Agree and aaaure aat'sfactorily to
Tn ? k. it sinll nol loae am ton?
nage n doen lo and from polnta ???> ed
by th. Nea England Llnes, and li
Irai d Trunk B minlni un
parl* tom ag< whlch shall I ? the i q ulva
lenl ;n amount to thsl handli rt by t
oi ?? ol thi :..-? " ?
- whlch amount *hali be Inserted in
ln the agreerat '
? ?> that tl.r- exiating diffi-rential
, ,{,. b iliing on buaineaa by the
nk it.to and OUI Ol New I ng
?ho j ,,,,, .,, | . , - -1 with.- ll '
conai nt of ti ? Grand Ti
; Agree tint thr- New Ensland Mnefl
. . - otni t lln< ? ahall be auch ? I >
. ?-.,. (h* Grand Tiuuk'h oxipting altu
ati 'ti ifl New Ktici.it fl an I thal tl ratea
hy t! - Grand Trunk ahall alwaj
that al all timei it may ns satls! i i
?? for bualnesa throughout I
by the New Englai d Llnei afl at
? . nt Hmo.
t, Agree t!mt if for any reason, nfter a
proper trlal, thr- New England Llnea ihall
full to <? irry out ln good faith ill thal it
ia Int-jnded by the Bjrreement t.< accom
pllah, lhat Grand Trunk. aftei having
;.|v.-i, ri ? ? ' ? " lo tl v- ?? Eni -
land Linea, shall theret pon have the right
to operate with Ita own train*. and do Ka
,,? - - ? , < namlng it? own tai Ifffl upon
the llnea controlled by Ihe New England
.., ;1H to glve the Grand Tr.ink a
lta oa ? twei n Montreal and
Boeton, Provtdenci Woreeflter. Holyoke
.. d fl rii gfleld and all Inti t medl ite polnu
upon ?', i itnee eeleete I by 1 Grand
'i>"nk over whlch t< operate Ita own
upon the payment ot a proper
? ?
the Grai l Trunk Bhnll have Joini and
? , v . . the Ni w Rnglfii rt I
sui h llre^ ? n a* be Beli i ted, n
, luding - i '? rlghi to do lo - ln- '
tending to pui tl <? Grand Ti ii k ln ati ,
? on m thal vhlch tt ? o ild
n lf lt had bullt othef llnei ef IU own
p, the name polnts. upon parfl ?
f,f way, wlth ti ? I rl ? afl antnge |
of a '..int anrt rn -.1 use of nll t>.<- t'-r
rninalfl ?f th< N<-v- England Mnea nt an
' '' !s . ... ._. .i -.
7 Tha Now Knelnnd Llno? will \mn tne
Grand Trvnlt in thi eatabllahmenl of aat
r? tranaatlnntlc Bteamahlp aerrlcja
bptweeh Beaton and English and Contl
nental ports in Ehvopa.
Tho peeond mrmorar.d.irr, Whlch abatt*
doned tha tl-Tn to k-11 the Central V<-r
? r appeara ta have beea Bcjeaptad by
-,d jury nn aboarlng tha t'-rme or"
reeeaepl aa it waa flnaMy reacbed
and broagfai about " eeaaagoa of the eon*
i m irrorh ? a th? sontli'-rn New Eng?
land rallway. II waa a.-< followa:
(Jrtirirl Trunk:
To r*-taln c.-ntra! Vermonl and pxlatlng
controlled llnes, and contlnue Its exlstlng
biialnesa as al areaent,
To leaae to HoHtnn A- Maln* a Jomt and
equal use of its line between w Indaor and
\Vhlt4 Rlver Junetloi
To itKr? e upon divlKionp U| on joint onei
nesa i ised on Interchange i-ointe at
cut, MBdaawfjuaatta Varmont, Now
Hampahlra and renchlng tha Canadlan
barder, irbara it oonnecta with tba
Orahd Trunk llnea and thal by uif-ans
of tta own nnd Bubaldbury lines the
Grand Trunk BJ stem raachea th? Weat*
ern eJUaB already BBantlaned aa belng'
reafhed by adfluwrctlona of the H< *
Unven systeni.
TbO indictnu-nt thpn ?"??* the for
matloa ot the Bouthern Mew England
Rafraray ?"ompany (n Rhode [aland and I
of th*- HotMhem New England Rallroad
Corporation in MaasachusettB, 'md the
>_-i.i!'It:k of authority bj those states
to eonatniol a lino of rallroad from
Palmer, Maaa on the Hno pf th.' r.-n
tiiii Vermont, through tJabrldgi and
Blackstot**?, ln Maaaacbuaetta, and
WnoiiMi, krt and Paartockel to Provl*j
di-i,..- In Rhode i.-iai.d. and other llnea
in Maaaacbuaetta, from Cxbrtdge to
tVorci eter and fr.im lihu kstone to Boa*
t"ti. and from Baaton northweatei
through braaaacbuaettfl and Naw
Hampshlre to cannacl aith the Central
Varmonl Rallway a! Whlte Rlver June*
Tbe indietmanl rai u?-s that tt.<- Qrand
Trunk and Conti al Wrnvuit 'llnafl pffO-l
poaed to oparata th.- astenalona m>-n-1
tloned and to OfBhTStg B Hno of stoam- !
ghtpa from f'rovidoiHo to New Yt>rk;
that a contracl araa entered iiito for
tho i onstrtu tion of two ateamahlpa for.
this purpoae, nnd that on May 22, l'.ti-.
work wi* l.egiii: on th. COnatrUCtMW of '
thr callway line from Palniar to Provj* j
dence, and waa continued untll No-1
rember ??. 1912, during whi-1 um.-l
wi.'t River Junetlon, Montpeliei ai.d
i .ii.i. Ne*/ fort the latter to be
ihe i -i" ti. n for Interchange bualnesa
with tbe Rutlai i Railroad when the N49W
ii,.\ n aecun 1 control of tbi
Campbell and Dolrymple to ba
? iiarged w:tri tha duty of orranglng dlvl
eferred 10, and '?:?. ? n ??'? of dls
agreement to arbttrate.
To uae ITnion Btatlon, Portland, Me., lf
..:. arrangomenl for Biich use caa be i oe
"iiai.i" and economlcally made
To hrasa jolnt a- .1 equal uae of lin-s
etween Swanton and Alburgb. VI
New Haven:
r.i open al) its tenitory to Orand Trunlc
and 1 entral Vermont, via North Btrat
i"id. H'hlfi Rlvcr .ittt:<-t,oi'. Montpeliei
and Rouae'a Polnt, and Poi tland, Mi
To make (eaat of Jolnt and en M uae to
t'ci tiai Vermont, of th<- Boaton a Malne's
lui. between Wlndaor and Brattleboro, Vt
To nn. ,1 throiiRh paaaenger iraln s. r
vi???-? between Montrcal ind New York,
v.i' \\i.it-- River Junetlon and Bprlnafleld,
To protect Orand Trunk ln every sray ln
II 1 ? ? ? la pn aent dlffert 111 lal ratea
from New l-.nuland points, and auch n< W
terrltory lis k x propomd t? op<>i. up to
it bt reby,
; ? following - Iht m.-morand.m that
wai aubmltted to the Rulea Conunittea al
l ie Hoitt-i 1.1 Repreai ntatlvi
Memorandum ol agreoment, ma
.. "i . .\ i 1. " ! 1 1 and
? twi ir. ? . Ti imk H. Ilwaj Com?
pany, -i Canada, rrpieaenting linen oper
.iui i ontroili a <??? ll (then ftei
rear 4-'i io _? 1 ie "(Irand Trunk' 1, and
1. N a Y,.rk. .\eW Haven h Hartford
Raliioad 1 ompanj r- ? nl ng
? .j.. ihi. .1 and ? ui trolli -. I ;' 1 ? ? 1 l
relerred to the "Nea li_.\- n")
llnea abovi referred to aa con
) r.. i ;?.,;,(! Tt ittk are th. 1
.: V. . ? ? rtaij.u . ? '
? ries, and ihe linen controlled 1." the New
Haven are ti..- U. ,-ion .4. M..li.. Railroad,
and th. ii
rlea ?
.. ?? the nai 1 ? "i" r
te and control
rtatlon a hli h ute i_ g. 1.. ral ? up
I-.. menia omj lementai 4 ?-.. h I 1
1 hi i.tl ei 01 rn. logethi:, thrnuKh
Whereaa, Ti;er--' are r<rt..ln relatlvely
'ort Unea 01 track botonslng to each
etweei llnea ol I ?< ?
c ihe othi r ?] atem, 10 that
? - l? ro. ' > enjoylna ?"' ?
in optrate u eontinuoua line o: railroad
without any detrlment to the owner ??:
nuch ' lervening lii-.- and to Ihclr mii
ti al iolv antagi ae well
?... publ ervt
<\r refor.. ' he 1 Irand 'i 1 unk aml
the New Haven ht-reb) ni tually Sgree
for !)."? benetlt of themselvea and tbe llnea
ioj re?< i.i' 1 bv Ihi u t" I
New Haven agreea lo open jolnt
ratea nn ! ti.rouch i.lllln* in connt
.] Ti unk'a llnea, ai all H ?
Man..: a, thi dM ilon "i ? n lolnl ratea
Ited to Mr R Can
- ? ? ? Haven, and x-'' J ? -
Halrympli, r< 1 ? : Ihe Orand Trunk
and .1 thej d all fall to egrei
. |i '.-.i by the 1 hairman
oi the inti .? tate 1 "ommerce 1 lon
. ? Un I'nlted Sta I 11 '
and the ?!? cl don ?f i majorll I ! a
? 1 .. ?.. my detall
... H ?. .,;?: ? ? upon both
. artli
Theae divlaiona ihall be attached
an made r pai t of I
n?e roi ihe lolnl
eontemplated by the
hen i" la de Ignated 1 1 b< White Rlvi r
Junetlon VI
.. rm nl 1 on emplatei tl ?
. . . , throuxh
tirl eta, Ihe ehi
,...?? bill >?
? ? . thi
ihe line* ol road of thi p 11
.. fai aa l . ? onci 1 ih d
? f .. road; al 0
Tne nn" tln - petlth.nd tl
1 rom time .0 t me In rati
Hervi ?-, and the maintenai '?
legally maj l e, "f tl . pn aei I dlffen -.
Ual biasla ol ratea noa accorded to the
.- ? tbat 1 othi* a ? ??
h- ennntnieii lo preven! v :eh i o.lli.. .
. ion ol laM dllfi rentlal .at.- aa may
from time lo time be agreed to by tbe
Sra nd Tr inl
fhe Orand Trunlt ruiall enuae to he
granted to the New Haven line* the
? .1 equal une of the following nnea
of road: . ,,
1 The 1olnt ar.d equal use of the line
,,f road between White River junetlon ?
md Windaor Vt., In eonnectlon with im
th II ereof, ao thal the
H.<?.toi A.- Malne Railroad may I ave uae
. unbrokei line ol rallr id
? The lolnl ai ?! equal uae or 1 ha lln ?
hetween Rwanton and Ub ? gh, vt . i"
thal the si i- ht abui j ai il L ike 1
plain Railroad > tomi my maj *
?]",. ,-mii ? ? ? oi unbi ok<r- lim ln
arlth the Ruiland Railroad
I The tolnt and equal e of ti.e line
, rtween i:-. I '-' v ? "*>d Mont
;, al ?.' 11 bec, co that tho R itland Rail?
road utt.v bave ? ? ind 1 Bjoy an uii
broken line to Montreal
there had bOOn Bgpondod OB ohU Mno
and on thi- atoamahipa tfrOOftOOft and
thora had baan Incarrad furthar abll
gatKma amountlng lo .,^-,(l(?".<8><?.
Would Hnve Been Competition.
Tha Indictment furthar says ihat
llifi'e Ih now and has Ioiik bi i n g l..rK'
\olume of Intsratate and fonign rom
BMTOa ln the tTOnspoi tation of pcr.-nri.
and property moving botweon Ihocitisa
uf J'rovldeiji e, PawtUCkot, U'ooiih.h kel,
Bootoit, Worcoatar and athor citlea and
towna on th" proposod Hnaa of tmi
rood aad tha clUes of Montreal, Chl
, ago, 1 letroit, Mllorai kee, st. Paul and
aflnneapolia and other Wostern elties,
und that the groatqr port ion of thia
commerce waa and la orried by tha
aald Nen Raven ayatem, bul that upon
the oompletion and cajwratlou <?f ihe
Qrand Trunh extenslona that b atom
proposod an.i Intended to and imt for
imlsoion of the crime aot forth
would have activolj competed arlth the
New Havan ayatem for the carrlage "f
aucb Intaratate and forotgn rommerce
Beoldoa thi- two metnoronda already
mintloned the Indli tnn nt gfvaa a l oj.y
of tho letter wrttten by Mr. Chamber?
lin to Mr. Dalrymple oa Augual ?;. re
K.irdltiK th? t.rtns of an agre.-ni< 111 an
propoasd i.y nu- Rrat nmnonuiliiiiL
The lattar waa m | art aa follows:
Mi Bmlthara and myaolf had qulte a
long Intervlea with Mr Mellen In New
Vork reaterdsy, and, taken altogether, the
interview waa very Batlafoctory, and wi
..it I. ? <i ti.it ?"'? ahould meel Mr. Camp?
bell quletl) at Mr Mellen'a olBca on
Thursday moi ning next for tb^ pun oa- ot
dlacusaing divlaiona <>n N.w Ensland
buaineaa and det.-rnilninK uh.-ther we
rould comt to an agreement wlih that
bj Mr M.ll'n
otnethlngoa the ttnea i ?Baatad
.?\iellen , ?,i ,.,,,.
That parl of th naBaaaaaaalum Bubmlt
t..l i y Mr Mellen loi whi. h v '.'r,, ,ik
.ri referrlng to arbal the Grand rruna
are to do, maj be lefl ln abejance. wnai
thi N< ? England lines are to do la whal
you requin to dlacuas ln detail ,,,
and Mi Campbell <v" ?!2? SJ"
.. aatisfactory baslfl for dlvislon of rata?.
i antlcipat. no dlfflculty ln ???*?""
wlth Mr. Mellen tb? balanoi ol tne pre
The real af the lettai i ontainad ml
t; ite Inatruittlona to Mr. I >?Irj mpla
? oncjerntaig the varioua articlea af
agreemenl dealing with rate arranga
.Mr. Mellen and Mr. Chamberlln havo
tbe dtaUnctfon of belng the flral rall?
road praaldanta to be Indicted under
tbe Bht niiaii law. Tln- go~4*o*nment ha^
brought clvll actlona agalnal comblna
tiona -1 ralbroada, like la tba Oreal
Northern Becurltlca caae and the m< r*
ger of the Unlon with tho Bouthern
Padflc, bul no erlminal proaecutlon bae
been Inatituted before.
Bbortly after Ibe laveatlgation was
begun Mr. Mellen arrote to Henry \.
Wlge, United states Attorney, demand*
mg thnt be recelve aa apportunlty to
appear befora tbe grand Jury He of?
fered to walve immunity and to appear
voluntarlly without Bubporna, b il ihe
governmenl decltned to acl upon Ihe
Two of the Dcfendants Aro
Noted as Railroad Men.
Of the thr".- defendanta Indicted ln the
Gra nd 1 runb coi , lra< i ed W
Bmlthere, is ? Brltish aubject The othi ?
ua Amerlcans, and have been recoaniaed
?s strong men bi tbe railroad
Cbarlaa Bangor Mellen waa born on
August 18, .'"-I. al Lowell, Ma ? . ?< A ? i
tered the rallr.i aervtc. Beplembei
? ? ? lerh lt. tho i aatrlet 'a ofll' e
..; the Noi thei n Ni m Hami - lilre R I
road 'i I rougti ? ? loua k i
alth \ England rallroada Mr Mellen
wa r roti ited to tl ? BUditorahlp "i the
Boal Lowi ?-. ? 'oncord H
Int. ndenl In 1W d -
year laler general Buperlntendenl
:,, i | i? ? ? ? b, ame ? ?? nei ?' ? i !
.,t tha n-*-1- r*ork, Nea Haven d Hartford,
wltb headquarterfl In Boston, and before
he bad held thr- offli ? i year bi *--:ij
made flecond elee-prepMi-rit <-f t
whlch offlce be held untll <??'.. te i to tl c
' ? Vorthern Pa< Iftc ln is?;.
in hln ?? -' tenure of th
he rompletely reorganlsed th<
tlng lt' 0 ? K hnpl- Ir, ? ?? l
jear. In IM3 i >? l nl of the
Nea Tork, Seo Haven .\. Hartford, hav*
? . :< Igned thi 11. ? kt, m y ot the Nortl -
? ? Pa i Mr Mi ll<
?-? t.-ll ii - ? ? r \-*-d ln t-l -??
: i !?? the n putatton of belng om
,,: t sbledt ralln i tl
i: .t. i ttambei lln's rallroad care
in 1171 w.th ? ? '? ' Vt monl Froti
; ti.. ke. per In the ir i I
clerh In th< ? i mastei "
f transporta
? f..r thfl get ? - il superlnti ri !? nl
ano1 in IfTi Bttvat.'tary f-.r tbe *? -
eral manager le Mt Mr. ? bamberlln
whp mn.de aupertntendent of ti f n?;.ier-.?
hnrir A x~.Vp Champlaln and tl e Cenl I
a of i teaa on thi lakee
'i?n wi' later he a ia placed In ? l irga
of thr- conatructle ? t'anada-At?
lantlc ? igei li *
paclty Mr * Tt iml erlln bulll ihi i ad al
i coat less than ? itlmated and
bullt up a Btroag operating atatf, contln i*
l ? general manager untll iaa. a v.ir
aftei the r.ad hH.i bc-n bOUghl bj thfl
>iiand Ti mh H? waa n id? ai ??
.!<-rit md n- neral managei of the Grand
Triitik Pa Ific Rallway Company, wlth
headquartera In W ha lefl ng from
li. 't |.' lt "!l Iti!" '
? ' . ? i the Tt*
t uili -
Alfre.l \\ .- ! I I
ln IBM and ls thi n of the
? || m Hi ni ?? B thers, of the
Bank of Enaland; he l- married to Emma
, i-'h-.-r ol lt. M Tl ?
Mr Bmithera i- ehalrmaa of the board of
of the Oi ind Ti unb R illt.I
? Bngll A - i.i'l->ii "f Amei I
? gi i ? nd Bon Iholdi ri He I
, ? ? t'ie London, Boutheast4?rii .t
Rallroad He belongi to ihe
n and R ?j .1 Automoblli cl bfl
nl Kl rl.illd.
Navy Hopcg to Send Messnge
for New Ycar's.
?-. Tha Ti i? ?? t
VTaahlngtaa, Dec, 28.?A wlreleoa
meaeage of |ood cheer lo 11
around tbe arorld la belng planned by
tba Navy Departmanl far Now Tear*a
The ldea or|irln;ited w'.'h the | tinir
Becretary of the Navy, Raar Admlral
Philip Andreara, who i* engagad In as*
certalnlng it lucb a thing la poealble.
The usual plai ol bi adlng the gri el
Ing to thi ?..?? al ofl* si - and aallora In
foreign watera and al home has baan
ebandanad, bbcauaa lha cabla eomps
rii.--~ ohji-.-t I., u*anamlttlng tha m
WlthOUl pa) nnd tho Navy I >. |.;n ? rii.-nt
i? unable t.. foot tbe cable bllla.
Rear -Viinntai Andtwa - haa leai i ? d
lhal tt !s poaaiblfl la Band ? iwh^.iko aa
i.n- a Toklo and I bopeful thal tbe
jjii.i,. may be elrcled by n wlraleaa
it wiii be net - aaai ? to con
n.. r a Ith -i large number <.f battleahlp ?
carrylng irlraleaa apparatui ta eetab*
n-.h the ctrcult bul if it la nacaaaary
..ni there la time tba roar ad-abral arlll
attempt tho feat o| nendlni? ? nMBaage
the 25,000 mlles or pa?a%,
Prealdenl Tafl aill ba aabad M aend
the greetinga if Rear Admlral An
dn wa* pl tn I i arrlad out
Union Paciftc Asks Permission
to Install Stations.
Omaha, Dac. 23.?Tbe Unlon Paclflc
Rallway made appUoatton ta**day to tiu>
Departmanl of Commerce and Labor al
Waahlngtoa f"r ,i licanao to operate
and maintain a wlraleaa telegrapb btb*
i> ih along Ht llnea. Tln- company aska
permlaalon to btatall a tachnloal ex*
periment station, wbicb, it is stnteii.
wiii ba tba aaoand <?f tba kin.i in the
Bavera! arlreleaa atatlona, it i-, an?
nounoad, arlH he oonstructeri arban thr
licenae is laguad,
Waahlngton, Dac 2-',. -Aaamg tba Mg
it.ms ot si.ip repalr worh to ba done al
thfl navy rardfl neal *->_r an- eateaalve
alteratlona In thi battleahlpa North Da
kot i and Mlnneseta each of whlch i*- t>>
be overhauled at a coet of |3k>,OQ0. The
colllera Leonldaa aml Hannlbal an to be
turned ini.. aurvej ahlpa at an expenae
"t tl 0,881 and 178,881 reapoctlvolj
Wickersham Says Grand Jury
Acted on Oral Testimony in
Grand Trunk Case.
Rules Committee Fears That
Separate Investigation Would
Hamper Work of De?
partment of Justice.
The Tribune llur .. i
Wsshlngton, Dec. a -Attorney Oeneral
Wickersham aold to-day thal the rndl t
menta agalnat th- offlctala of th-- Orand
Trunk .md the \. ar Hoven repreeented
the unn trlcted fudgment nt w,? grand
Jury. Tbey were due largelv to oral tes
tlmony glven before that body, he ould,
aa the I.ka of the componles, llberally
tbrown open to Inapectlon b) tht govern?
ment, dld i >t sl-- anj ? rtdenee'oa lo vbH
l.itlon oi the Sherman law
What furtbei Btepi tha Department "f
? v.., ,,d t iko m the matter ati
\\ ii i.., ia ??, .-...u!.; nol aay untll tie had
had an opporturdt) to confer arlth Mr.
A.ikms, orno conducted the Inquiry, ..nd
I.. atudy the ? rldei ro -tit oui before
? -
" hen ti.- government began its Inves
tisatlon earl ln i" ? mber Mr. mh. ????
declared nothing illegal bad I.n done
by his ro.i :. .,r;.i .'?!'? i. .i to BUbmlt to the
ri.im run..nt .iii booka and doeumerata <>f
i.i company. The <.:Hn.i Trunk made a
ln il ,? offi r, ? hli h waa alao oi ct pti d.
Will Halt Houta Inquir/.
Tbe Indli tment arill probably I tl! I
I ulon planned by the Ho iae of th-.
? .,. nt between tht ? llnes,
\[. mi era of the Rul< - Commlttot, ln
of -he O'Bhsum aay resolution d< -
mondina a drsstlt inveatlgatlon by Ct
get mld to-nlght that thi brtagtog ??'
Indlctmenti against aome of the oAciala
Involvi d p it a -i.f: rt nl pl-osi on tba
rntlre matter. If aa laq dry by the Ho tat
? ,,:,i. red Ita 11 opi arill be materlally
narrowt i ind t ? pn -r" et ar.- that the
New England transportatlon controversy
aill i,e left to the Department -?( .i tatlce,
I., intt i -..?? i ' nu ion e Conunlsaloa and
? ? aurts.
ri ir to thi : turn <>f indlctmenta i i
New tt.ii, to-day th. Rulea Committee
had pr i. ti- ally n a. bed .. de
<i-i"tt ).. reeommeod a aweeplng inv.-Hti
gatlon, eactedlng ln rope that piovided
lor iti the reai lutlon Int rod i i by Ri n -
aentatlve O'Shauneaey of Rhode laland
reported t tht i ? tt.:-- <>f that
favored aa inquiry
i,, ti?. . ? ,- ... tlvttlea of th-' New
but ItO tn- all'-' d ?
tlon 0f | ? ? . id over polltli al affalr.
ln Nea Bni I ind rtati ? Bo n i I
wna the or"'."- planned that tiu> Demo?
cratlc leadera ad d elded to eall a part.
to d< tl riiuia- tht exa.'t nat'in- af
the InfC-tlgOtlOU anl tlie perBOOOOl Of
the apectal Investlgatlna coinnUtleq
IVhei word reached Washington to-doy
lhal the n<-w Tork grand larj had acted
? mmlttee wbo are
in the ? ..i .t-.' began '?' Jebote the ad
Itj of instituttng a Caogrosa lt -
.i-n' ? mbarrosa the !)??
l a: tan Ol of JuatlCO.
.\:ti ough t ? Rules i bmmltl
l .(.., rw ..:'? lal ai tlon untll after tb.- boll
. member ,<t th.it I -
,:;,-. "ti.- r .ii- n-a ? ? . , :.? a ingte
tt. a Haven eontrovi raj A i .'.-i
. . ommlttet would aeeessarily be
handlcapped ln an lnvestigatlon i ?
li L- the ?>? tlona or i .- n i ndt i Indictment,
_nd there iv much testimony wblcb could
nol i.talned foi fear of gtvlug ltn
munlty t" thoot lovolved. In sddlttoa
atlonB i'v .nn*. r.-nt brancbsa
of the government probably woold ertee
'.. ? -a- h other, and 11 I.- pi-babte that
? tt. Houae a ill not be Im lined to Inter
fare with Ihe work whli'. I
. ,., ,i i.. idwaj indt ? ' l ? "? pai tmi al .".:
! .. ntstivi I t'Bhaui ? a ho ln
troduced the resolution of Inquiry, la nol
.;, tvaahlngton. i. .t aeveral weeka ago h.
made th- atatemenl thal hla resolution'
araa nol to Intei fera oith ti.e Deportnaei l
... j ? .; it waa proved that that
brail'-l. "' 1 " |.:'::'. tt' OUld ? 'i
wltb the It itt-.tt.
Arlington Station Will Flash
Mcssages to Cruiser.
WoahinfftM, Doe. 2& -Tho flnal teof
nf Ibe nOW vvirelf.is .statlon of the Navv
Doportmonl at Arlingtoa., orhtefc i* etin
in tbe banda i.f tlio ...ntni-'('ira. will ba
made next month. \n effort will be
mgde to exchange mesaagea betwoen
the itation -md the *? out crutoer Bolom
..t ,, dlstonca ?.f ?':.<"?*> mileo.
Ordera bava bot n is> Md by the Navy
Depart-nont fur tb" Balam to i.o raady
lor Iho t.-st .ui January l.'i. Bhe will
pul aeroaa tha kth ntlc, and In moklng
iin- tost* arill deai riba ? elreto, tha
rodlua of arhlch will ba 3,000 mlloo, the
i dlatance called for in tt,.- govarnmant
I contract Tb.. Balam, with as powor
i fni wireleaa opparotua ns nny in tha
, arill be abio to rcopond '" any
maaaagn Boshad from tha ginnl towera
| ocrooa tha Pototnuc
Tbe t.-stH at tho new Arllngtun .?ta
ii.iii bava b.-.-n vggy oatlgtactMy, Whlla
j faw "t tbaaa b?va boon at full eapoi -
Ity, ths itation al tha oXmto islond
i Navy Yard. V.illrjn, t'al., lUU I.D
I reacbod nnd froquenl cctnniunicatlon
baa been bad with Colon, a dhrtonca of
2,000 mileo. Tha etotion aill i>.- ahul
down in ? weak t?? allou thi Inatollo
tton of i now Bow i< gap
Held Prisoner a Week in Stam
ford, Victim Asserts.
| juii.i Btuart, Sfteen yeara old, who ms
I appeared from ber bome ln White 1'iains
? v\<? ? ? u ago last Baturday, was found
wandering aboul the atreeta of thal pia< ??
I yesterday Bhe toM b atory that aaasad
I.i.luteoant Bhaty and Mra. ESdorard Btuart,
h.-r mothsr, ta lake her ta Btomford,
v "im , whon aha sa;,i aha bad aaaa kepl
i .. ptlooaer for OVOr a week.
iii Btomford ahe pointed out lha bouoe
where r-h.- had bOOfl kl pt, but ibe Ital
luii who aha aold bad foroad bar t<? ro
n,..ui there WM tiot t.. 08 found ln lh
J houae
The Btomford pohce arera htformad bjki
I b oeoreh for lha man was began.
ihe glrl roturuod to White Ptelno <>n
I Sunday niRht, but aha waf afraid to ko
howas, an.i arandered about the vlllaga .??ii
evenlng and aorly reotsrdoy mornlng
w.. pii k. d up bj tin polloa i
l oniinu*-,! from flrni imgr
withdrawldg his support and vtolattng
his bardnMSttona on ffce oatanalble
ground that Mr. Clark was -mpported
by Huoh roai tionary int.-n sts as Tain
many Hall.
Membera of iho Presidoufs Cabinet
and tiio Bpeakar of the Houae ara fra*
quantly thrown togatber at party con
1.-n-n. os and .state functions. lt is re
garded aa Inconcarvable thnt Mr. Clark
and Mr. Bryan could maat In amlcable
converaatlon, notwlthatnndlng the sup
pooed peace overturea ol th*- Nebraaka
BJeaker Clark wiii not thruBl bla
vieara mi tbe PTealdent-elecl to-mor?
row, bul tboae ln his rohfldence any
Oovernor Wlleon will be warned of di>
cord If Mr- V?7llBon aaoba the advlce of
the tltular laader of the Houae. Wltb
Bryan ln the Cablnel a i loud will ap?
pear rn**! March on the Detnocratlc
horlson, as tho Bpeaker and hia ftienda
uro confldent the Nebraakan wUl tr-. to
dictate legialatlon it" be beoomea a
member of the Cabinet?and tba Clark**
ITnderwood factlon la the Houae arlll
not stand for it.
| Naturally, the Spoakor is not talk.
j ing of his comlng oonforonco with thi
. i'r.suii iit-.i". t. but lt ls learned or
good autborlty that Mr. Clark Ih readv
with vlgoroua unti?Bryon advtea; ii
, .Mr. Wilson wants to hear it.
Mr. I'ndi rwood is also e\pe< ted tc
' soe Oovernor Wilson this w.-ek, bul
hla \ isit tnay liave to be postponed
i bdcauoe of hls hoalth. He lias l*en
st-riously ill with a s.-v.-re <-..|d, which
: at one time thr. atened to dovolop Int.
pneumOBtai although he is I'-overlng
; rapidl.v.
"Seasons Justice with Mercy"
in Freeing Conviets.
. leoton, W. \'a.. Doi ? i ?ec arhaj
I ia .]. are to "ooaooo fuotlee arlth mercy,"
Oovernor William B. Olaaacock isMied
pardona to-day to s.-v.>n peroont "erving
aenteneea ln ih<- penltentiar) ln < onnec.
tlon with vtolaUona of the recent martial
law proclamatlon in the Kanawha <<u\
atrlk. diatrlct.
Thre. were pardoned pn ??? . ? \ and
thlrteen are Btlll in pi -??
[Bj i el. rrapb te l T\
Snii!;.*i. Id, in . Dec ?.?Oovei .? Da
ir ? n has reo i'. ed .' Bood 01 api
, t. prlaonera i" tb-- atate p. It ntlartaa
I for iib. ity as a Chrlatmaa lt
Ti,. Governor :
:..,,!, of th.- Pardon Board to coi ridei thi
,,.,, ,;.. i:. a Bnlvety, mlnorlt) member
ot the i >?" '? ? otlapoi d to-da) i1; thi ad|at
; of ' k>vi rnor Denssn Ha wat ?>> ,,i ;,
I pia boma In an ombuionee, Hi >s.n aoiah
improved b
On This Christmas
Eve Morn
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