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Presides at Court of Parclcns,
Which Grants Libertv to 56
Prisoners as Xmas Gift.
Ooverncr Deals Blow to "Jim"
Nugent bv Refusing to Name
gia C;ndidate to Board
?f Elections.
? i Tril une 1
' fi
Oov. rnor Wilson
Mx-hour i
whlch tift> -
tty lor
r recel
v : . k< th i
- '
erar.t 8
a oourt af 1 ' towevei
0f the 0 ' ' Ihe < "hont ellor
' '?
to-nlght thal
ed It au?
to pardon
lodged m th?- Oovera r atooe
,-r^r. . - -aid. "a op"n-rr.inded
tn. eag-er to do ihe l*W th -
gafari " u'ileon espJalw \ in wetall th"
\f-rJer- - ? ' tho moat atrittnffoot
?:re ef whl il I tha f^ I that the lay
;jdfea make prr.-onal lnvestigatlon of
ritfh Bppll atlon, eo that when a case
raajaa up ther ca- Ptt aad all the data
.onc.med wltb it
Savet Tv\o from Electnc Chair.
To-dav - erf.-ion of the court took an
fiijed loterost baea aa 'u- o< \t president
vresldexi. :.nd lt oeemad McniriCHi.t that of
tne thre - i taat that
, ? . applicanta weri aavod trom the
..4- chalr. Ihom wara Frodorick
Harry Duffleld. ot Camden.
*hc or- evemriK. wblh- tattN-tCOtod, boM
up and BhOt a C-tlOCU. who Ol
tmt P-fheid ib twenty )'--ar- Old and t
? aoresi twenty-one. I i
kb ?. .-? auH of 1 '?'? thoy a
eaotoocod to dle la the electric ebalr ne l
*eek The court to-day commuti
.... a tO tliirty yoara and Daf
r.eictt toooo tO Bfl tmt
Mota Prieon.
Tne apphcation of Cba I l rord. wno
k.lled his common law wlfe
led ano he wlll fo to tbe
rhair In th? w.ek ot Jl ?'- .
Wv?dlodtooti '
... that
, came
ezpreoa drtver ln
aerv.r.g a 1
"? *- V ' ' h arrl of V'K
nor Wllaoi
hi aoi ?? a P?'
Warren J ?
and Interesl
. the rei ' ' ? ? ' ?
ll tat hia ? ' dinner at
' "
- al
Houae to-day ? - i
. of felectli ?
. ttded for l '
. that th. Oov. rnoi ; J"
icratlc eau
? rnoi"? caw
Oeals Blow to "Jim" Nugent.
I ? appolntmont of Jo Ing, of
Newa ? '? ' ' ov'r
pointed Edorord Hari ' - -
Governor Wlll ha"
aayal ':!oI:"
or o-.- ' ':,ry
Whea Ooven or Wilson o ?-day
n re
garri ? ' ,,ad not
r, hla rre?ent .?eere
ph 1- i , "mVr
jror S< * ton Bakei
i ,-,. | ftino i mentloned
Mi. Tumulty, however, haa >?
Id the rompMe COII
Wllso- trom tbe
I lii
' ? ? ' m?L\
? that
v ; rim to
Eve, i ? ? r] '"' cx '
Eflce al Trenton up to hia
? to-morrow ? .ening. whicn in
the taat few dayi " ?.CWS* '. ,
eton ii oenerai
? oblle thia mornm. anfl n ?
Tho moat chaste and deli
eate of all gems, matchleaa
for thek excruisite beauty.
We are now showing new
and exclusivc ereatioot
that are appropriate
Christmas Gifts
appealing to thoae of taate
ond culture.
398 Fihh Aveot- 10 Rue d* U Paa
7 Oid Bond Straart 15Uale.da>LJ_Kka
PU-Mph.. U___t N .t 16*.
Wwt-aaaaa FSt *t 111*_. N. W
3? Loam Locati al I Oth
AiWC-r 1913 Bo.rdw.lk
Nkz 16 A ??n u ? V_a-r.i
V____? 2 K*r.lK_ciiti*u?
photo ?bv
COLE S. BLEASE oi South I arolina
G. W. DONAGHEY, of Arkanaaa.
IOHN A DIX oi New Vork.
Mew York Executive Frees Three Times as South Carolina Governor Liberates 430 in a
Many Prisoners in Two Years as Hughes Single Term and Will Grant Clemency to
Did in Four?Not Through Yet. as Many More?Remembers Friends.
| - - ??-> ?; -? II ' }
Albany, D< ? ? or Dix said \
r-d;iy that be araa atlll rlnf ar
ilteationa for the pardon of convlcta Ol
he ? ommutatlon ot their aentencea.
? al la iIgniflcant in view
f th. fact that probably the Governor
...i>- broki n all n orda in ahow*
ng !?: ? mprii ned crtmlnala.
<o far in hia atagle tenn of two yaara
pardoned three times aa many
onvlcta and ha* commut--.' l
? 88 tnany ;-s Oov*
rrn r Hughea ciid ln two ti rmi of four
1 :.- ? xact flgrurafl are;
Dix, in two years. 34 pardons and 94
Hughe*. in four years. 11 pardons
md 57 commutationt,
nor Dix. it la ax] 111 play
lanta Claoa to a nnmbn of ni. ?
? cella by grantlng on Chrlat*
- another batcli of pardon? and ]
oemniutatlona. This probably ^iii bal
?-, ial i ? - it wouid '
.e in line wlth the pardon he preaented
k i om Ictad of mur- ,
icrinur thr aged mllllon Ire, William
tfarsh Rice, ? eva of Tbankaghr*
lhal Patrick could eat his
, I ing ...!- ei kt bla l...me in
Uea Tork.
? i arhieh Governor Dix
?re him is that of Frank C
darrln, whom the Klnps County au
boritiei characterized aa ono <.f tha
rtmlnala ln the country. Harria
ntenoad in Brooklyn to from Bf*
een t(? twanty years for flwlndltng Mrs.
'arollne Barry. The , Uon for
emency waa mad
Matrtct Attoii,.-> W. T. Jerooa
Investigates Marrin's Appeal.
Governor Dla said a fOW tU> I ago 1
liat ho had pnt the "Marrin appllcation
und aii tha pnpera oonnected with u in
he hand* of his legal advis-er. Mr. Pot*
er, to be InToatlgmtad.
Amonp other pardoaa by Qovemor
inx wbicb b ?-? " d a great cienl
.,: i ihij. attention are:
Henry J. Furlong, a former magis
rate of Brooklyn. who was servmg an
ndetermmate sentence at Sing Sing for
intering into a corrupt agr.ement in
zolving graft and bribery.
Benjamm A. Valentme, a wealthy
awyer of Cedarhurst. Long Island, who
?vas convicted in 1908 of forging the
name of His wife to a deed conveymg
? roperty to his mother.
Followlng are some notable commuta
tloog of Governor Dix:
Fr.-d-rkk '.'arlton. Hf-nteneed 1n MOB
f, r laxreny and higamy to nineteen
years' lmprlsonment. Jnatlca Asplnall,
w)i-. Bexttanced Ctrlton, said ho wa* one
of the WOTBl crlminals that had ever
DO?M before him.
Peter Lufkin, aentenced to a year at
Rlackv-ell's Ipland for larcany. Gov
i-rnor Dix said that Lufkin was dying
of dlabetea Wardaa Hajea aeclarad ba
w.is one of the healthiest men ever BflB.1
to the tnttltution.
Notab'e Pardons and Parolee.
Governor Dix has patdoned ten men
and ha* commuted the sentence* of
twanty ?'?ho wara aantanoai to death or
long terms of batptlBOnmant for mur
der OT manslaughter. They are as fol
lov- b:
uk*a__AN i. HEIMBERGKR-Crime
".? .j i9M, at Buftalo. Murdcr
VKtiui. ltalian grocer.
leted March IX U9A Sent-nce,
... d March I, l.<n.
\\iill\M McNEIL Crlmfl <-omniitt?-d
1W0 at Albany. Murd *S*-??__2*
Convicted June r. M*
;-f. pardoned March ??.
whlle on pi
wiiilWI i- TRUMAN?Crime roni
Buffalo. Manalai fht*r
..... diBrei Victlm. ltalian grocer.
?>., Bentence,
twi nt] yeara Paitloned alas ?? l '"?
i. \ \ntu >s Crimi - oramlttad
'November >. 1*08, al Brooklyn Kaa*
?lauahter s.-rond ii-Kr.. victlm,
Tl onuu E Harrey. Convicted March
18 r?o: Bentence. ten \ear*. Par
goned Anguat B, MU.
PKTER <" HMN'S. .tr-i'iirr,.- i:ommitt*-d
Manilausbter. Vic*
.-. ..;.: i . _ Annla Convi<rted May
17 tan Bentewse i Igl ' yeara, mlnl
rnum: slxti nuudmam. 1'ar
doned Iteptember N, IfJll.
M.HKHT LATHWKLL---Crtme ttmaatted
Man 189* Bt Magara Fallfl Murder
1.', ,nd degree \'i<tim. "if- Con*
vii ted June 11. inti Bentence. tw.nty
mlnlmum: hte. nm-lntum. I bt
,i ? ., Aprll "-. 111*.
^L^nai** W.?ai-? -Liuu* *??"*""?**?
11 tober '->' 1899 lt .*.
!?; glater Coi rlcted Peoei
... _.-...
Victlm, Lulgl i
? ?
mun: Pardoni I I
Oct. I
? ? .
_ , -. -
? -
? .
Oovernoi ? '
\ !\"' *ENZO COL.ANQ1 '
. Blalad. I. Convicted
. -. ? :
i i '
? ?
Moran. ?'onvl. ted
? , r ?
; lOI ? ' ' '
GoVi '
? ?
-. ?. .
? ?
MI' II \ I L T SLl N**t
November ?
lt dejrr- ?
? pi rlcted I ? ientenct
ted. i
porole board.
? ?
-.. life Impi
rlo- ?
I'arol. i '
i \M!tt- TYSON
.. ? ? -
? rf tt ; .
\ I- d JU1 ?
6. 1*11.
? L.BBRT ' 'itTJM.i \
tul. lo | r'l
initt. .1. isr*'. in :
m. . ond degrt i Vlci la 1
I A)
life Commuted J ilj
al New York *?' rdei I
Vlrtin B iarci
?S'?. .-?(.?
? noi i:.?? lt. ' " :
.4. .
Jum Wl. at 1 Mttr
ri. i fli at ???-'? V '
-, i ti : ? ? 'i io tt. . \' euted Co
to bf' Man ?
lllll. Commuted Noi ? 1*11.
JAME8 B !'.' >. '
I90C ;,: Nl W YOI : M
gn ? ' Ictlm, unki
v, ??;?':. ?
.mbei minl
? ? tti'iin.
WEHT Rt >LLTN8 ' 'rln ?
"?'? al N- a Y<
?: _?:? ,; -
. 'ont Icted
even) Inlmum; .
i imii. Com
?? d, l ?? ? n'??? : -
nilntmum; nlnetet n ir fo ir
nioi | ium.
rfl -RLEfi REI1
. . ,.!??! d' gi
Commuti d, ?-? pti ? I
PETER ?-' '>'?' '-T-' ' ' '?
' m_,. ... 4 prooklj n. I
\ Ictlm ? ' ? i 'onvleti d
ted, ' 'onimuti rt to llfi
: .; . . ... Plowei < 'om ? .
November 11, ::?r_. t.. parole b
HARRY GARLOCK Crlm. committed
"... tober 1. -90., ln Baratoga ?
ManalaughU r - ? l< Um,
jo? ph Chi ? aak. i'i
.-. . ? a i, mli
to parok
ANT< >NIO V v ? '- Ci ni" ?
\i .. ii.. :'?'?. at Man
, -. . tti |.
.. ;,[.. -
rj i'?.?. Bentence, ra ala
month-. mlnlm m twenl
maxim ini i ?' Novi rnber 11.
to parol. ?
initt.-d Ar:'! 1. IWl, al Brookl) i
der eecond degre. Victlm, Antonlo
QallUCtO ' '
,..,.-, iu. n". yeara mutn; life,
maximum Commuted, Noven
l$12. to parole i oard
\j ir. ? ??. al Ni -\ loi _
ah.uf.hti r '
i-,,r,; go aei t'onvlcted July .7.
tna Bentence fourteen ? ean
routed, J*ovor"?ier .',, l-i-. to parole
' Te>i:rapn t? ine i -
-..,1.. .'tt [fl - ? l?
than two yoora a- Oov*
: .tt.!.- L. Bleooe n esta ahed
rd for South C irolino?
U U ?? ;nt il
? | ? . freed n Ireda
prisons. u Ith 480
? : - and pnrolea alreodj to hla
ernor 1 *? mho onnoui
^ tO BOUO oa many m..re.
? | ? ndod
-. nn I thi
? -
? ; h ext -
......... ed by
r ? ?
u)t . 50
Housebreakirtg and larceny . 13
1?' ' ' ' 9
Arson .
H ighwoy robbery . ??? "
R*pe . '
p ... pocUet. .. ?
. : I
I. . '
C1 ? ? r
thb f '? ? tho relfi
. rt of
-.-,,! . are In
??. pul it. Hia o pononl
? ? ? oa i a.' trY '? la
? bockward In crltlcialng tbe
? ? r for nn Bg "f h:,n"
? ? illlfylng '
,.,',!.! e u ? ? mlnated
r ,n 1910 he waa marked
?? ? "^ w,1?
? :- ; ' '?? r,lfv
,i thla do trti ? on
? thi tats Behata bs aooert
ed II .<-nt'.itTr:ni',''tions he
:. -? .- araa the rorprtst
then, wbi n i >ven or be become
? ? ?
Innores Pardon Board.
The Bouth Carolina conatitutlon of
? . made provlolon for a atate i i d
., i . . t IU ' ?? " i"w''" '"
.,,j v laing I i c^ ernor whon i allad
.- I ;?? ? !'-.?: I had re
? . oal . - ? to tb: board and
When Blease came mto office he an
nounced tbat be was the Governor and
'.hat the Pirdon Board aboold abandon
the idea that its advice would have
weight with him.. The board still ex
i icto, nut no one hears of it now,
Thii an, tho Oovornor baeni
? ' v itt-'li in two
M-.,r.- :... enrrit I ln fw beyond the
tah . o thr oa
ii.- nlne jreoi
three Immedlati predoceooora of
Oov. ??? ahowod 1 ??"? Inotow ea
of tho oxei a of executive i lemency. ;
i in his nr.-i ."tt'i oa aovernor Blt
l ? u l no fowi r tltan IM port< aa,
... i , ..ti.n.- ? ' .. Ihan
Ithe number baa fone up by leapa and
I bounda ami now bi ? ; ):,u ,,,r |
' the , rrom January, UU l. Ut Dt -
ember 1912,
? Thi ? kmlna -rnor
Blease < od thi w-tt lo Uh< rty ln?
.in,]. ,j 183 homicldes 98 murdararo
???j i,;. n ? "i. -. t- d "i monelrughtor.
Nine prisonara ? mvlctod of orson?in
thla piui i rtrne, arith lifa bn
..--. - ? imi i ? tb- .?11? i natii i on n i om
. n i.f thi j? 11 and oovou uf
. |. ..- . ha i nn- punlsh*
ontt "ti pordona and
aome .rn j- roiea I ttht r i rioonora
., i; . on*. i t. .1 of offencea
ranging from hlgbwaj robborj l
ple lareany and oietaXteu ot thr di poo>
s..r> law ullhit llquog *-llitiK'.
i nn- et the i ardooa orblcb haa ? auaod
tha omoI dla nooion -ind eenonre in tha
preea .-f ths atate araa thai of John
Blat k. Thla man. a i looa poroonal and
1 friend Of tb*- Qovomor, war
a member ol tha stoto Board "f ?'on
trol of th.- r.ld BOUtfa Calolltia St.tte
Dtapanouix now non?a_riatont Ua araa
ehorgod With sharlng ln the corruptlon
moral instltutti I itherad by I'nifd
B, nati .- i: R, THIman,
He wns trir-d OttCC in Rlchland Coun*
:? in arhieh Coiumhia la located,
, i. i cbargi of conaptracjr to de'
the atate by acceptlng rebataa Brom
llquor d?alrr*. OH purchaaae ot' llquor
for he us- of tho nid dlapansary- A
n^wspai-r **.a.? foond ln thr- jury room
during the tr:al /.nd thr prealdlng Ju-lgf
ord?r*d a mtatrlaL E :.Mv Rla.-k
vu bii d In Cl etter < Bl rw*
? ,: . ??-.- ? iileglng the same of
tenr*.. Hr. ?-a? eonvlcted nnd was r-en
.-i to pay .'? ry fine ar.d tn
reara In the penltanttary,
Bease's ldea of Justiee.
Bleaae, annoiinrlng that he saw no
. b 0/ lt*a oni tlon, Inaanncb
i ? ? a bo gave tha ra*
? en punlahi d, firat re
mittn the fine an-l then granted Black
.. ? ... |ardoo.
Another .asf Indlcatlng th.it the
rnor makea good hlfl campaign
bui fi lendfl was
th" pardon of '. Waah Hunter. The
; .. n er bad killed a i ripple
.. i al ' 'linton. Thr- . aaa
wi oi -? ? igb Ihi i iti ci nrta, 'h^ iu?
preme Court ot' Boutb caroima BnaUy
Hrrning oni Ictlon of Hunter on
a charge nf tnaaalaughter. The Unlted
ipri ma I'nurt refused to IntOT*
ThrougHout the long flght Blease had
rerved BB attorney for Hunter. When
the pnson vawned before the convicted
man the Governor granted him a par?
A pardon pecullai in lta terms was
tiiat of u. \. Rlchey, a pramt?eat
r.iant. -: ibbavllla County. Pllchey,
it waa charged, bad wronged a young
glrl arho araa an Inmate of his home,
Tba ? ig under fourtaan at the
tbne of tha crime, tba charga waa
vas coiivirt.-.l
., long fighl ln th.- court.- ? a i
?onl to the penltantbury. His Bentence
? reara. and hi bagan aarvlng lt
t a >ear aga
Thls month Blaaaa laaued a parole to
Rlchey upon thi- followlng condltlons;
'Thal ha appaar before the Govr-rnor
November 23* 191". to thaa do and ra*
calvi what the Qovornor shall dlrect."
?nna of thi parole further pro
vlded thal tf thi Bupreme Court, to
whlcb Rlchey had appaalod on the
d?H rarad evidcn:c,
gi mted ? aaw trlal the parole was to
noperative, Rlchay waa re?
qulred to furnlah a bond <">f 110,000 to
conform to theai eondltiona. v7. R,
Rlchey, brother of the eotrrteted man,
was fcOOWU in South Carollna as a
irong frlend "f tl b Covernor.
ii, Deeember, 19U5,Gaorga Haatyahot
and kiUt-d Miian Bea_ett, mualcal di
rector, and Abbott Davtaon, leading
,i tbi "Nothlng but Money" the?
atrical company. ln tha Palmette Hotel,
nt O?ffaay, BL C. llasty was tried at
the Februarj term of the rourt, in
1006 and a ai coni l< tad of murder, v. Ith
i. loinmendatlon to the mercs of the
court. He vas eentenced to hf* Inn*
prlaonment Hih appeal falled, and in
uni; ne entered the penltanttary. In
1012 Gi Bleaae pardoned hhn.
Kudotpb Rabena, .. notorlooa fence,
?-.,. gervlng a long term In Iba peni
tentlary arhen Bleaae cama inu> offlce.
Soon h*-, tOO, '-'?a*' UlMratad by the Gov
ernor. Rnbona waa known all ..*.pr
South ? ? na na a recalver of atolen
gaodB for the gang of "yeggnien" whieh
cracked aafe iftet aafe la thla eteta
trom 1908 !? *?**??*? Am' np *-h* n'?" *r***?
had deallni arhh "Bndy" Kabens wrre
tli, notorioua 'Tannaaare Dutcb."
? Sluk ' Wllliama. "Jlmmy" N'olan and
ti,. i-'..i-.l. Bome Of Kabens's for
m,r custorn.-!- ar.- Btlll BOTVlng termx
In March, IW1. i'ope B. Ilavird. of
Saluda. was ?entoncod to tne years for
itbtising -i foung BChOOl teacher. Ha
\r<l. arho bad numv wealth. took cx
,,.,.,,,, ,,, tbe young woaaaa'a eour.-e
ln appljing eorporal punishment to one
of blfl chlldroa Meetlng the young
woman in lha read MM <lay, it was i
? . ,i ii tba trial. Havtrd attempted j
to drive liis u'Ula over her and lieaped J
??rhal abuse upon her. For this he was ,
ri'-d and eottvtetod. He went to tbe
.t-nltentiarv, but on October 27. 1912, i
.overnor Bloooa granted him a parol*. !
fe had BOrvod only a fraotion of his
An Intore.-ting slde of the <Jovernor'?
lOrdOfl rOOOrd ls disolosed by the testl
Bony at tbe dispensary Investlgating
ommlttea hearing ln Auguota lam
uiy. lt was taoU-Uda and OUhOO
inently d.-nled by the Governor. that |
rranscrnent- for se.urlng pardons
ould be made by applicatloa to cortain
awyora known to be in the inner rank |
.1 Um <Jovernor'? fri.-ndly Ctrclo. Dl> - ?
agraph reiords were introdui ed in !
Idenca tending to show that for the
loyment of ? 1 r..i >oo Sam J. Ntcholla, I
if Spartanhtira, offered to secure a [
sardon for one "Gus" De Ford iwho
llbosquontly turned out not to be the |
totortous Bofeerockar)
Tli?* conversation contatnod in the I
llctagraph record took place between
sicholls, who is of a prominent famlly.
nd an operative for the Burns Detec
Ivs Agency. NtchoUa afterward main
ained that be was not responslble for i
ba Btatamants made to the detective, ,
s he was under the influence of liquor I
t tho time. This defence he Intro
luced before the leglalativo committee i
it a special m*-' tinar called to glve him
i chance to d.-fend himself. On the '
Und bo decland that the detective
utd plied him with Bcoti h whlskey and ;
.ad led him on. Nicholls said that he
va8 unable to remerriher the state
Benta be was alleged to have made. j
.ut mnintained tliat if be dM make
bem tbey were not to be taken se
louol) b'-oause of hia intoxicated con
The?e chapters lend human Interest
,. . .? ??XinnXr nf Pnrrtnna" a vnlnma nf
about 2rx? pages, whbh the Governor
issued and sent to the Leglslature at
the 1912 session. TI.ls uriique book
contains the record of pardons and pa
rtmtn, detuillng the crlmes and the sen
tences, with the Governor'a reasona for
clemency. However. it sets forth only
a prtft "l* Blease's pardons. whlch havo
multiplied Btoea H was published.
Arkansas Governor Determined
to Reform Oonvict System.
[ Ry Te'egraph to The Trilmii. I
I.ittle P.ock. Ark ? Dec. 2_.-Governor
Gtorge W. Donaghay has ootouadod tha
state by hls free use of the POI hmiug
POWer. On December 13 he ordered 3*?
priaonora raloooad. an act bettovod to be
unpredrcented ln the annala of Aniar I I
Governor Donaghey s clemency was ex
ercised as 0 protest against the convtet
leaae syetem. whlch he has frequrntly
denounced during h!s adminiatration. Th
eonvdets who were freed were strvlnc
t. ncoo of one to flfteen yeara and nona
wa* regarded as a deaperate charact.r
Three state ratr.ps were ObaflabOd bj th"
Governor's actton.
rome members of the LogMalUra iu
oppoalng the Governor's effort to reforin
thf prison system said tbat th.- Btate
pa.Wonf.orr wa* not dooofnod for a nam
dav achool. The Gowrnor rcplied by as
sertlng the "neither was it deslgne* 08*
a rsvaa-gaM bell."
Governor Donaghey aald to-night that
he waa unable to state how many pardons
he had granted during hla term Ho an?
nounced that he would free a few rnor*.
prisoners on rhrtetmaa. On January I
he wlll announee hls flnal Rol of par?
dons before reUrlng fmm office and at
the same time will glve a statement of
the number of case* ln whlch he has ln
tervened during hls admlnlstratton of four
The Furniture of
Colonial Days
OT only the architecture but
the furniture also of the typi
cal Colonial Mansion, (whether itj
be of the Southland or of New
Fngland), appeals to our patriotic
Our Colonial reproductionsareso
carefully modelled after ihe most
judiciously selected and authentic
of originals that they bring into
their latter day surroundingsall the
appealing charm of by-gone times.
These Sideboards and Chairs for
the Dining Room, these High-boys
and Four-post Bedsteads for the
Sleeping Chamber fall short in no
degree of the historical examples
they reproduce so faithfully.
,_je?w ........
34 and 36 West 32d Street
Between Fifth Ave. and Broadway,
New York
"Recognized Leader
Consider all that is
meant by
these words
i !
Leadership means superiority of product?a superiority
which produces lcadcrship and is proved by lcadership.
It means more than this. It means everything associated
with the word FIRST.
The Remington Typewriter is first in history, first in
prestige, first in quality, first in recent improvements, first
in size and completeness of organization, first in distri
bution, and first in service to the customer.
The word FIRST in every department of leadership
applies only to the
Remington Typewriter Company
325-331 BROADWAY
Telephone: Worth 5060 Branches Everywhere

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