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Most Important Town South
west of Juarez Captured by
Gen. Pascual Orozco. Jr.
Blancos Force of 800 Men De?
feated on Their Way to As
cencion and Their Lead
er Taken Prisoner.
r.i Paao. Tea . \> - ' *?? r*,an'1'*
the moal Important town ln the ranchlns
I .. lhvwM dlatrlct aouthwi l
... ,....-, taken by wbela t-ecaoo*
, ,, b; Oene al Peaeual
. it waa reported to-daj I
i rabel oActal aoi
imn of etght hundred men
- AB4**mclea waa
i The I
. ' : ' "? ,;;i'' " " '
| . ...
.- nrn ? ? '?' s T'- Amtwoee.
\im. n.Hii hotel ' Inmbua, N\
, .wn.
er ai
, ..,..:. .. wlth b letter Baylag
. bad takea < . lea and defeated
Federal Force Entrapped.
ti pp I. the oi
? ,- rebi I ?? porl aa a, In a ? anyoa north
... a KtoAe from rapturini*
two cannoi
Iclng. hut Caaai ?>
... two I ' "ii lo
rol ? ' '
i Qrandee, the aeene of
ird gtrugglf In I
the rebela were repu
trol the 11 \i".in
x - s b- -
(wi - a .i tan l. on the bord?r, and Chlhv i*
to tbe Amerlcan rallway. ?
towi '' '' ' :" ''
,- ng dlatrlct,
broughi under rebel rule,
Railwa* alrei are not oi ?-* H i
from Chlhuabua Citj nor beloa
. i.n rallway eonflrmatlon of II e tot
could be Tbe attacb --.
0 Cai Orandi t, the largeat
town In Ihe district The - i
I .re 81 tha new
i i.. roretgnera were Injun ?!
- g .. i iken fo irteon fed*
Includlng a captain, arere
lii the public plaia, refugwpfl re
l ? te f_ Bfl m I* ?'? Q?h*l. I '
tacencloi federal commander, wbo m
<v .-a thi N'aw M4-_|eo
i ordii ?*a tjrjj|i.f fold er as i omi anl ? 11
. id by rp..i- (l Btatea ti ? lta*
Morns Set Free.
..?-.. |rn ..-?? r o' lha Me_l*
< ..'ii N*"Tthwe?teni Rallroad, arrlved
.! ,.n. /. and for< ed to walh *
Ha aaM he araa treated an b?
? .;. ? ho ?
burning rail
Ivi -i h< re to-day of
. | .M.u-ira, D i ingo, whl h ln
., ? -al Jiexlcan mlnera,
ofltetala of th>- mlne tbreati te
? ind.-tinitely untll COi -
tbe aui rouadlag country arr ?
elter n rm apera
abei ra ef i oal,
. ; fnnn the I nlted Btatea, an-iv. .1
i ihe Mexlcan i i ntral Railwa:
? .,- . ,. Mexlco, Dei 23 -Wlth the
atrlke leadera, : Sfay
in at Hernx
. ? . W4nre taken y< Bterday, n
.... nvltli . n red alinoel their nonnal
,\ctii;c Oflrverdor Padllia, of Boi
udfcM t'?> ihe Btrlkera at Buena Vlata laat
...... t.
behalf If the atrlhi waa calli d
the aecretar!
? ed Ihem ? ' i work, ?
an i,.,.t no fuiraa wlth Whlch lo
n did so.
Wa ' li gtoa ! >?' ' ":
am ? ? der aa the
?nt." accordlng
i to-da) . i
the tti l< fl of Itoralis, P ?? bla
<_, \.,-,.. whlle ? Zaca
11 uaago lfl rap . I ft om
,..-<,i ?". v. ? ? ? ? at aaa ? ?
,'r>nr t' I hfl N-.:':iv ?'?>t.r!i '_
The wise smoker
knows well, that such
a delightful, mild
Turkish - blend as
F2tiina is only pos
sible from blending
choicest of pure to?
bacco leaf.
" Uistinctively
Countrymen Think His Threats
of Vengeance Are No More
than Empty Boasts.
State Department Is Consider
ing His Case with View to
Barring Him Out as an
Undesirable Alien.
Th>-- eomlog of Qem ral Cl]
rtlrrt 'i np mut h intereat ln the > ?
lan colonv yeeterday, although tha noara
dtd not '??'ii,. oa 11 complete aurpriae to
thoot "in. hav.- followed tbe movementa
of the former PreoManl of v. ?
To t!.-s- pei ctT it oroa known oa long
ir-. .1- Augual tiiat th.- general contem
tti.it.-.1 .-i oiaii to the Unlted Btatea. ond
thal fact araa prlnted ea lualvely in The
Tribune of Auguat t, Alao, more re
<*ntly. Tho Tribum printed ui Interrien
Qenei .; Coalro, ln Laa Paltnoa,
Caanry lalanda, ln whleh he declared thal
hla health araa hnproved and before lons
ha would undertake to "Uquldate the af
fronta" of hla enemk a.
Tha aame purpoee le altributed to '??'?
eral Caatro, n ia that be rt ally U on hla
waj to thli co inti y, aa n ? n I
only plimrltt- ? ;? ,1 ? \ttinr- of
the Vt m auelana ht 11 nov. ? ? otheri
who know him and tht tion ln hls
country havi aay thoagbt of hli ti
ragata power, at l-.i.-t by meana of armed
conftict Hli atatement aboul "gettlng
"vrn,: la accepted moch ln the aame llffbl
as marry of his other boaata,
Say Castro's Power Is Gone.
Tho loral Venexuelana who uphoM t ie
gov< rnment of Prealdent Juan Vicente
Qomei ar? not av. ?
eral Caatro to land ln this country, for
"ink tbat if perchance he should
have any revoluttonar. Ide ia hi ?
cal Iropolance wlll )?? provi d rn ?re qulc .ly
than If he remaii i n Europi I
boaeted there <if hla power an.i of the
fi ?'? of ' ? ? rnmenl of I
Iui n.
General - ^- ? o haa b. ? ? cloaely
- ild ona of ?? ? ? ntrjmen
y. -.t. rda>. ?
movement v\ tr .ont Ita I i --i.it-ly
1 noa n Bi fore I ? led for
.\- w I "i k tht rt wa-- .. ibli at< h on
over teUlng ol
? i . ? .I by a ! od) - -
Ifarqoei Hi* wlfe atill remalna i'i the
COnmry lalanda While Oeneral Caatro la
here bt wlll i>. wati hed b: Veni
aa well aa by t'nll Btat. Becret
Berrlce agenta, ao he will not have much
? ?
Bul tbe gent rH\ Impre
. la peace with the American grovernment.
He want ? o Ca ? ?> and llve
there In peace. and he thinks the Woah
niRtor governmei angt rt
tum for him. If he had anj Idi ? that be
?<>?-''i (Ight i la waj l a<'. I-- nnwei and ht
-ii.iett' haa nuraed auch an Idea it mual
!--?. ? ? i ? ? n ??: te. f -< n '. '? arned of
at Improvement that haa como
ovor the i ' i
!?( th in number and tralnlni It
.? aterda. bj one ? ? itrio thal
i r rlght
i way back to l < i i ? flei
May Place Hope in Wilson.
< >r,<' atory ha it the 1 ? r P ? il?
enco rugi .1 b; thi lectlon of .i
on In fVaahlngton,
tli I. wlll nol
?j- i orJI. ea for the malntenance
.ii thi i..iitti-Ani. rlcan
- >i ???.? ? it pn ent Ta i a ara
; with dle
. ta
.;. u' ia! Jo.-. Manu Ht nandea < E3
?? . formerly a ;? igh offlcial i ?
Oon ea - nt, and who li now on
? foi tbi '
-.-... ii mlgl ? ' ? < aelro waa
nol wanted In Veneauela, and there waa
? ? - turn to
powei ?
. ? ,
i ?? a - ii
ro prevei ln] i prlano Caatro from en*
: . Btate offlciale. !t
Immlgratioi a
Hea may find grounda on whii-ii to har
an und. rabl.
i tt- Deparl
Caatro would be u
n . i ace to 'i ?? pt ct ol \ ? ni at - la If i ?
:- pei mi''- "i to land ln thla counti . ll
rn that lie I - nat the
idnilnlatratloii ol Pn-aldenl ' iomez.
f?astro ls said t-> have'lcfl Parlx under
the . Ila 'Rula ' i Ua mot ? m. nt hava
;... | .).-.'? -.4 at. ? -I ?> .mcrli
.. .a ..?.? ' is for ?omc timi , a lh.
. -.t hi *
- ? o ernmt-nl loal ronr
? ,,i ... . vi ni ihe Btate l>- -
part men t li I I to keep him un
d< - aui velll ince and io nip ai v .?otiat'li
.-? ? i ? i :. . ittempt io dev<
Three Deny Detective's Story
That She Was Home Nov. 27.
Ifarahali* h ?wn oa "Annle Mll?
ler," n ho a ? ated on Deci : ? r
keeping ;. dlaordet j hou* a* v>. 154
? | th atrt < t. was th. principal wlt
neaa yecterda .it th.- triad of '"rni'-r
Detective Bi n< il K. Buckland, efon
Deputj Commiaaioeier Walah at Police
Headquartera. Buckland la charged by
Chlef Inopectoi Bchmlttberger with pn
?entlng falae evidence t<> Maglatrate Butta
la tht Weat BMe Courl eonoornlng his
viait to tu<- woman'a Iiouh- on fl
of .Nn*c.i.-'t.i _. Buckland aold he pald
her $io and baal Iea ahe pi blll of
H for taxical) 1 Ire an-l J1 i?>i drinka Tl ?
. (ainsi the complalnanl I
' ? ? ithd
ibe taatlfled yeaterday thal ahe waa n. t
ln her p.ac when Buckland call rt, ood
yel up an aiihi to ahow that ahe wua n
lack'a r. st.i'ii .nt, in Blxth avenue, arlth
Bldney Benford, a ebaaffeur, emplo
lohn li Wn rteger, owner "f th
Opera Houae. Thia waa eorroboi ited I
A.i.-lphl .-tl. .'t. ltt M.k
ivn. who teotHled that he epoke t.. her
nat Benford ln th.- i-Btauranl about 100
a'dock on tho toornu-i "i the day when
Buckland taatlfled thal he pald hla r?lll of
fio to "Annic MlOoc" Jamea Oraln, a
laxhai) atarter, and Jamea McCarthy, a
wattara oloo aold tbey aaa tht woman m
lack'a between U fl and \M m. m, Tht
rornplalriaiit Inithoi tt.-titt.d tbat Bht
arrota to Mayor Oajmor aboat tho injus
ii..- of har caae aad oaa Inapector
Ichmlttbergar befora Mra Goode . iin
nto pabUc noClca.
Bdward F. BTelderkabr.the detectlvt who
MMToberated Bockland'a teatlmony, la
4is.. naiar chaugea ojti wui i- trled thia
areek Both mon ort onder auepenalon
?nd doniK dut> in OUtlgtal POOta. BO-k*
and's oooa win ba Noaoaed aa Tinra
|oy olteraooa al _' o'clock \
For Holiday Gifts
The Popular Shup Procnt*.
The MflBBBg Su^eilion*.
__8fl _. 8S Pill rata ::i
At M lo 's i
i tares. Dog I'nnking D?tbi
Candlesti. k-. of Pottt-ry. '
s . ;.. Wlvet ( ? '
Pillowi, Bi > Candl Ho lei .
Velvel ' a\ ? ?
|| ar.d Odd I
Rradv For Immcdlate Shlpmcnt
oppoarra lihwary. miw vork.
Mme. Bloch Acquittecl in Paris
of Murder of Mrs. Minnie
Bridgeman, an American.
Judge Expresses Opinion That
Morally the Culprit Was He
Who Drovc Woman
to Crime.
Pai Dec Mme. 1
arho on July Sl laal ahot and killed Mi :
lllnnle Bridgeman, wll.
Bridgeman, an employe of thi Parl?
branch af tha Mew i*ork Uf< Inaurance
? y, wae ai Qultti -I In thi Aaalai
i '..nrt here to-day.
The tragedy araa th? ontcome ?
tachmi at > etwi ? n Mme. Bloch'fl b
and Idrfl Bi Idgeman, who wa? ? daughter
ol Henry Berbard of Mllwaukee. The
acqulttal of the d< fendanl ' ad been re?
gard.*] as 11rtual y b foi earoi ?
owlng to lai under ?hlch
the ' rlme *?? . Ited.
The Jury'i - ? itloi - were vi ry
ihon The ? ?? ? '- ? "?'
,!. mned, howevei to pay on< fi
? conn4N*tloi wlth th< ?'-? II ?
brought coi in ently a Ith the - rlmlnal
rw utlon
Mis Btidgemai and
robbed me both of
:,i. 'bome Bo l ki ed hi r." Thln way
the di fi nce -? t up by Hmi Bloch.
BeTera di am itli enti marked thn
ti Ial to da At one i t thi
,|. nl ..: the ? oui I Judge Berl ? ?
? i \i--i, Bl<x h'a I ? -'
"Your ' ond icl In tl ffali i
_>m, l;i, , , x .. ?? i
r!r-"->-.-<l ln bl
i lai k halr addi 1 to I ? " I Bhe was
,,, ompanled i ? the engravei M Du
mo illn, v-1 o wai ?? ? oa i
the Bti Inhi II ? aae a ;.- n ni -.
haracl rlai I om? of the n< a
as "the la) mai ?
llme Blo, I ? l' ?
itina ol M I rjplali -
ng tbal Bhe ? d ?
d ad avengi .1 her lovi and 1 ? h w
? .f hi r bome.
; n l dl
. , . dr, n marl . .
:.-i.|. i itoa I thi
? ?
-. - . . fell ,?????
nui -.
Thi ?
him aii youi
abo waa bnl u ii nt. '
,\\ l: ,,, ,,. ,. li;, .-. ? ... i a.llnlt
? he aa ?
i | from tl
ln the tourtro amona i
man* Am< rlcan and Frei h mi n ?
Mis. Bl dg '' ?
woman killed by Mm< I
nl In the R ??? v...
e wa* bon
waa man li d to V
man, ln i '?
Th< trag* : '" Pl> ; '
on Ju!
letten front M Blo. li, ndl< I
alfe, Mi B I howevi r, lau*h< d
ii, her vtaltor'a fa - arl
Bloch ,.< ? fi ,i,i i
Eliminatcs Military Paradc and
Saves State $2,000.
i . re will be no foi
: ? thO ll
..i Wiii. im gulsi i ?? Qoven or o , Januai i
I Aii. .- i . .-. i . -. ti. . .1 lo j- i mii tl ?
,; . -.j.. ndll ?
I di monfltratlon.
i of '
and \.n-i"'is clvlc oraanlxatloi
ei - "i t to th etirlnfl and ii.ng ' loi
nd theli ataffi t rom I
to 1 Cai loi, . n former
.. ? ai -. Qovernor Dla and hl - fltaff,
rlagi a, will rm I Qovi noi ? le< t Bulai r
ai <i bla Btaff, alao In - ari lagi t tl
Executive Manaion or ai a !<>-ai hotel and
^,11 . ,,,,.i H , nn to th< ? bi ? utlve - h iml>ei
Actlng Major Oei - rai J< Mi O. Bddj of
tho natlonal r i ird i nd hia fltafi and
i ?..iniiKiil.'i'- Roheti P. Korahew, command
Ing fhe naval mllltia md hl italt, a III
roi ! I< le the ( a "rt.
The Inaugurul
? ? In tl ? mblj i h.i" r, will
ba practical)
Tln oath of .-tli''' a iii bi a Imln
li t, i ed by thi nea fn ? n-: i
Mlti hell May, and the - .noi
will ta preaented bj Ihi retirlng Oi
?a ahorl _ddn . ?< ,.
i Rochester Organization Will Coinbat
Loan Shark Evil.
Albany, Dec B. Buperlntendenl Qeorge
C \ ,-?? Tuj i ol ti"- Btate Bankl* I
t authoi:/.- -I tb< Proi Idi nt Loa
Boctet]. of Roi - l l.? te ow rati
a ''Pc?t Man's Banking Mouae" ln thal
dtj for thfl pan boa ol - nppl ? laa needi d
nBoney, bj way <?.* loa?a, t" people ol
siimII meetll
The pui poae lo I
itltute for thi loan - hai k evll n ak?
Ing ti. rate ,?n loani the louri al
t. nl with a t. is..;,ai I Int* n : >.n tbfl
?tock. ''"he company h capltallaed al
; a bbj ..i ,i bai Bfti - a dln . tora
< ..ntin.ied fmm flrat pae".
merabera of tlia pollca forco, arl? broalt
down ai.d toll aii ba knowa ol tha graft
,,, aave hlmoelf, ond it la cartata that
if ha doaa four pollca eaptoina ond two
on will ba hivt.iv.d.
Ct DtrlbUtlng tO tliis tvsi.lt oloo ll thr
proapet Uva broakdown ol oaa ol Un
two prtaoaara who arara arralgaed In
Uw Wesl Blda court yeetcrday tat ut
temptlng to brtba Charlea Muller U>
Influence hla teetlmoay befora tha graad
jury. || ilcr aad Dubeller, tha two prio
onero, wara aitmlfnad roatermof naA
held in tha aame bail, 17.800 each, lor
furthar Bxamtoatlon thli afternooa. It
is .i.tii.i. probabk that thay will bo
Indlctad. but ooa nnd poaalMy both ol
th.m will havi tha ohaaca to aid tho
h aad gan iintiniiiity
Mi . Mai > 0.lo, ti"' woman arho
frankly aad d< IUm tly admltted that ah<
wa oaa who lookad apoa tha ?odol evil
m? m i ??<?? aalty aad oa :i ?*bualBaaa,H la
reepoaalbla for tha todl t
?lc i mark tha flrat blfl break
l? whitmana flgbt agalnat pollca
grafti i
Wolf Crawling from Under.
ii, r atoi of tha coafereacea i rf
. i.b bei ?? B i Hy,
Woll an I hereelf waa omply corroho
her rolored maid. Badle Oreen
by Bol W -ii himself, *ho ?ralva I
Imn/unlty when he went befora thi
graad Jurj 1S ;i aitai -
Thla facl alona waa eaough to eoa
flrm the rumor that w.-'f haa ohroody
led to aava hiraaelf by helplafl tba
i -..tti,!. ha weat oui ol ihe
Crlmlnal Courta BuOdtug raoterdajr la
i . co r>i ai j ot .I Iho Dlotrlcl A,t
? tlvca lt \\.i^ iitidor
i ,i ,t he waa golag to take tha
? pii.? where m ui aad Bketljr
i tn found and orreoti d.
;.-, . tloode told how aha went to
?? -. loon during th ? aecond week
,,, (i. tol er, and tl ? r.nft rred with
M ... .,, .! Wolf. Maaa went Into the
i Bkelly cama up, a d
i thal tha man op
I . -.. Wolf held .i few
U Ihe polici
man. Th n Mra. <:.le talked to Bkel
. down from hla
? price nf 1150 a month I
month a- ' ' pctlon" ln tha
,!,.,.|V hour ? he propo ? d to open
? -tt atreet, and
iin ,:: ementa t-. pa) the
I , . < g| in the 110th Btreet
? ?
? .i i Mra Go haa
: ?
v. . on tha
bo > . i i thal Wolf would
. i ollecl fn m
her afl il ' lated how Woll
" c li. 100th '?'tr- '
. .i. bul .rn tht 8 .'i
. ...-.- ited
with not to
;. it ll thi f llowlng day.
\\-,,ii . . lhal the nt t da
VSn ild be n buaj one for him, bex auoa
i ? econd $29
Wolf Harpoona Maaa.
Wolf, I ? ,; ; nd. al flral d< nled
I be< ' .!
,,. . . nd.. v in qut - tion, bul a ht n
. onfi ted wltl pn lon
I :. -.. on thal polnl
nnd i to Involve M
t. tt he fell eloalng
nd himself. ? '
Mi -?. ' i todi ti '
tha troi Bpired
in the UlOth atrt ? I ap irtmi nl on I
. y thal Wolf i-imI ln i
. reen had i edu I i i tory
to thi an afflda*. II a hl< h
i ,? th? handa ol Ihe Dlatrl< t At
i,.,,,.., Binci December 10. In thal
uftlda H '?? wore thal ahe h id
the raoni ? ? ? ? ? ?' 'i i ?'?'' Uood
Woll ln - ii WOth Btreet
i :? dlag
lloti i ? ?nd ? tirroborated thi
. i i> lon thal went
? pa in- nt, told bj Mn
i , ...
Wolfa ottll niio v- hen he flral ap
. red ai tho ? Tlmlnul < 'ourta bulld
lim vpeti i'tt' aboul noon ?a ont of
rjefluni ?. He ?- ? rtt d inudly tii -t be
c| . ? i '? had t'oii
ned I.. fore Depul i lommLpsloro r Walah
nl Bkelly'a uaflnlahed polli a trl tl; thal
the ?*-?? ha i ol from Mra. i loode wai
moat f?r h r bail bond, but be had
rentl forgottt n the polnl thal
Mi- i ;.e waa nblo lo prove thal the
, . nl a i made on Not ember 3,
-. hile hei rreal waa nol I n aocom
pliehed fai i until the evenlng of No
vember I. Tbla di? renancj apperently
i ,,i ?,. much aa anj thlng t<> do with
breaklng Wolfa deflant apifit, aad
wht ii he i ame oui of tha graad Jury
r.i.nii ha ^ns evldaatly cowod hy tha
.i. mi- ? with whlch hla atory bad
been ahol to pl? ? ,
Wolf Bre.iks Down.
i --. rumoii -i thal up to the Ilm<
of Wolf - "br ak" before tha graad
itt i; bod) wltnei ? .1 u atormy
between I he a Itnoaa and the
,,,.. ,. utoi Before bo enten d Wolf,
Ing bl clnlm on hl torj f the
bail boad, clalmi -i thal be had nothing
... ,r: . i. end i'V hia jrery bluoti r B
himself in the poeltion where ha oould
ronaiatenl refust ta . ? lm
\ti. the i reak he i rumpled up ? om
.i ni thi i naulag half i.'??.i
weal mi" greal detall aboul all hla ra*
l.iii.ms with "Maaay" Maai aad tha
poll.fflcera who had hoadled their
grafl through him ot Maaa it la bo
lleved thal Wolfa tcotlinonjr, ovoa if
ha ahould nol go befora tiir- grand Jury
again, haa bei n aufflcieBt to juntify
further ladictmenta, >- hla cocaplota
?tory can .rroborated.
' M..i;iitt' llooa was nii.ro rar.'fiil of
hla wotiis and attltu k when ha arrlved
ai tha Woti I t Attorobjr'a oOeo, n<
ma.i<- no claim to a cloata ?*i11 ot boalth
ni rogord to graft, aad ba dacllaod to
admll nnythlag thal had aa) rolatloB
to graft To the Dlatrlct Attorney
Bfaaa aald !,*> would not nnder any con
?rideratlon walve immunity if ho was
eubpeenaed as a grand jury ailBBBB,
ami. of oourae, was not permltted to
The IndJctmenta arere returned before
Judga O'Sullfran, ln Pnrt I, Oeaaaral
Beaalena, and b<-nrh warranta arere lf*
aued for the arreat of lha three men.
Whli.- Dlatrlct Attorney Whitman re
fused to romment upon tho Indlctmenta
ln any way. or even to admit that such
indlctmenta hnd been found, it was evi
dent thnt he fell satistied at Um break
in tha "ayatem'B" line of defence.
Th- lndlctment ol' Skelly. ln itself,
is nor looked noon H of the highest Inv
portanca by theae "bo are .-.upportine
Ifr. Whltman'a Bght agalnat the poliee
"systenT of graft oh vice, bvt it was
pointed out that it was only by the
lndlotmeiit of the lnternndiarles in the
Roeenthal morder that the District At?
torney araa ahta lo get back t.> iiecker.
In the B8?ne way the indletments
found reeterday, though invoiving only
..ne polieeman and tWO gO-betWOena in
the ByatenVa graft collection army, aill
lead to men of more Importance ln the
? ' ni.'' lt Is brlleveil, and if thfl ex
pe. ted hreahfl af Woir and eitlMr Mai.>r
or Dttballer develop, thooa who have
fotlowed the graft atorlea are sntisfled
thal ttM (rail will lead directly to four
poliee captalna und at least two poliee
Close to Inapectora.
Bkelly*a Indletmant was belng eom
mented upon In pollca clrclea last nlght
a.s oi far greater *dgaiflcance to tho
grafters in the Pollce Department t ian |
that nf Becker last sumnier. The j
"strong arm" lieutenant araa known to
havo played a lone hand, strictly for
his own benefit. and although he could
undoubtedly tell many BtOrtOB Of graft
Ing by his fellow offkers in the depart?
ment. the general opinlon in poliee cir
eles was that he would play in peril
as he had in his days of atfluence?a
one-man game.
How true that judgment of Becker
by his fellow poliee ofhVers was ls Indi
1 ated by every move that Becker made
in his flght for Itfc. It was Becker's
representative and not District Attor?
ney Whitman who shut out from
Becker's trlal all posslble referenee to
graft on the force, whether directly
eonneeted wlth Becker or not.
The case of Skelly, howeve., offers a
different problem to the defendant. It
is known now that Mr. Whitman has
evidence In his possession whlch will
satisfy any Jury. grand or petlt. that
Skelly did not retaln all or even the
larger part of what he eolleeted, and It
is bollOTOd that when thts ttspect of his
case Is put up to Skelly he will see
that bls way out llOB in a frank e?,n
Such a confession would be sure to
Implleata one poUoa captain and prob?
ably one pollce Inspector, and with one
otficial of elthor of thoso grades posl
tlvely Involved, lt is not beli.-vr-d that
<ltlier that captain or that inspector
WOUld allow hlmself to be made the
goat for all the grnft chargea that havo
been lodged at poiic- doora alnoa tho
Roaenthal murder.
Thn CutTaa rildprmanle romndtfe met
two ?.r three dlfYerr-nt klnds of o".-flftr.ee
roaterday, and eame out rletori-wa after
a;. ,.-.,, ?. m -i"ii at whlch t! ? ?? dto*
. . pollce Cummlflflloner WaHk/a Brm
r.r,Mifi..n of krrplrtK tha aKoruianlc in
. . rs aithln the bounda preecribed
b bla method of erivit.tr them aeceaa to
the bi adquai U ra1 reeorda
.?..,, oratlon Co inael Wai ton eame Into
the record atain. throegn the medlum of
ofTefrpondence whlch he bad ex*
-hanged wlth Btnory R. Bu aner, <-"ins, i
to tbi eommtttee, "t.'i although Wllliam
McMurtrle Bpeer, th- Aaefetaat Corpora*
inael a-.-.nmed to the committee i>>
\i; wat n, ehaDeaged Buchner'e eritl*
rinn oi Wataoa'a aileged Indlgerence io
thi treatment ?>-?..r,i,'i tbe coirunlttee'a
repreaentaUrea at PoUca Headojoartera,
:? drore imme hia point wbea be
-.. eftrrespondenoe.
The lettera Bhowad tha' Mr. Wateon
bad apparently falled to laform Mr. Bpe r
nf Buckaer*a laat and mont Important
BgahMt ti.-- Wai.:.. method of
i. trlctlona on th*- Imreetlgatere: Mr.
Bpoer alao eareleairy. though caauaUy. re
i t., th.- "aa:* wnvlctfl nnd dlaerdi
kecpero" who ha.i been aritneaeea
I .,,?<?, . ??..-. whl rh ref. r-n a
? reh ik< .1 ian Itly by Mklng tho
.. an-l reflpectab fl adtneeee*]
, whether they fell into
Ifr Bpeer'a category.
. .... ? of tbe meot Bpedfle nature
tgilnal B>r reenl Patrli k Kearafl und i*a
, ;:. ..;,.: or. both of tlie Baat 125th
Uon i ? whli h Captain Thoniafl I
?g*, w ., been ibe eommandar for:
t rougbl Kaarna and Reeraeyi t
to the witni ia hand, but abnoal b.-t-.i?*
,,i i.i en ? m be l ? i
guardiai b lai ? ed la Ihe i
Itive fa *i lhat thej arould not
? ..., ?nr! tbey were i"< ?'
n or dei the ad uaatl n i
. m
t*;. *,ni.t ran eul of thr- aldermanlo
.,, i .,- , ? pleaaed wlth hlmaelf
.,, v. - - - - ntly i onaldared bla own
"?rnarti - Bergaanl Kaarna moved
md In m l v- ? med l I ?? In
,: , *1 a* to whether be ': ??' I.n ea*
.,- nol Hi ? ' led Mr.
! kner to aak blm "*aome queatlona," bul
tbe lawyer waved blm aalde. Each man,
how*** i. ' ?? :' Mr.
nt.'.l oti 'l.eir fervi nt d> -
. for ln .'u!.tt>.
? v- ...' N" a rort vt iH
be glai to ???" ai..M?,' paylng you mone] a
;,., ,.tti. ??!? nt tl a Lf. ander wblch you ore
... t.? elabn Immunity for a poaatble
Capt.nn Walsn Reports Sick.
Captain Wai h, nrho had been aubpoj
t,,i. .i tn tell hia ildi of Ihe i lorli tl fl
i oiiunltt- e i u hi Bid from ? ai lo m arlt*
i r?f the notoi loua - ondltlona In l lu
i ?, ,-in- t, ol w hlch he ha i be< n eom
:, inder for over flvi ?? ira, i.h.i ^^? -r-.i
, i to the ecretary, Alderman Roberi
? al 11-? w,:
Hai .'. i- man, .i practli in? laa ?? alth
im ottlce In the Tribune Building; and
? ' Ai..;. ef tl ?? llaiiem I, w
,-m ! i -Idi ;? i.. au ie, both of wl .-ni
iv obaerved eoadltloaB bi the _|g?
trid mm un inded by Capi iln Walah, told
? tai lltng Btorii a of thi pread of the bo*
elal evll In tl nl nalghhorh iod. laahod Cap. )
taln Waleh f.-r bla Indlffertmee and gave '
....- Instancea .-r whal had aii tbe an
pearan ? of the pasatna ol grafl money
arfy hotal kei i-1; te pollcemen
ln unlfa i
Before taklng up the Ar-.-unatlons against
? aptaln Walah, Mr. Buckner pnt Chlef
Inspector kfaa Bchrolttberger oa tba arlt*
new atand1 eolely to "place" tha fact tbat
walsh apparently had biduence enough |n
the polltlcB of tha departtneat to keep
hlmaeU In on.- prednct, as its captain,
from Aprll N, Mf, untll tho praeeat time.
Bchmlttberger .,-iinitt^a that tt waa
"WD .-l.loin" that a captain retnnlned
,-i long lu one proetnet, and olfhand he
could not recall h parallel .-a;-e.
MIba Coleman, for ahe referred to her*
iii.1.1- her "profeeatonal" name,
though npeaklnn -it times af h.-r huabaad,
Mr, Hardenbrook, testlfted thal Bha had
. I, i-; ii-.-ie- i-'ox. the patrolman named
in tbe tertlrrtoay or stp;> nnd Derlaa as
tbe ?raft rollector in tbat dlatrlct, "hang*
.,i,.iiti.l flOVi rai of tln dlaordorly
h.11 oi tha dlatrlet
Connecta Walsli and Sipp.
sh.- mM alao of a time that "Bam"'
Lovy'i Lenoa Hotel waa eloaed by aa
rureei and ol how ehe waat aa a witness
,, ti ih to Ibe ba.i character of tha
place in Bpeetal BuaMena, sh.- sald that
Captain Waleh wus a arltnem la that
,;!?,?, bnl th.it before ba was eaUai M
tba stand he. beianie flck and was ex
euai d.
II was tha talk of the district t_Bt
Captaia U'aish went to rterlda as the
^a.--t of Blpp," Bha sald. "thouRh I only
know that B8 went South at that time,
and that Blpp araa aaM alao M i>e down
IfJae Colemaa teetlBed thnt she had
mad.- apei Ifk i omphUnta lo Captain
Walsh a nuniher of tlnie?. I.ut that ba
Bleraya tried to Igaore both her and ber
romplalnts. Me WooM B_*f, "1 never ar
gae with b lad) " Miss ColamaB Baid.
and ehe told him that ha- WOa not to oon
BldOT lt that way. but to tak.- h*?r rom
plalnt aa an "American Woman and a
reaident ol tha dtatrteV'
"Tha father of a ettoat of mino roported
to ma that hli dauBhtor had bcaa eatfeed
Into oaa of tha hotel* ol th.- diatrlct."
MIsh Coleman aald, "nnd tha glrl Igter
diaappeorad, and has never returned
bome i bave heard tha acreama ol jflrla
in bobm ol thooa hotela aad I hava
leoraod thal thay arera enttead th--r--. not
knoarlng tho .haraeter of tho place, aad i
ha-..- roportod thooa thlngi to captaln
Walah, without rooult."
TurninK more apodfleatly to th- graft
OOOOCt of tho coriflltlotifl ln that diatrlct
under Walsh, Mlaa Coleman taatlfled
that on a night in floptombar, tt-O, aha
was ataadlag arlth har huaband nnd Mr.
Araa ocrooa tho ntr?-<t from tha Laaox
Miss Coleman and the Cops.
? a aargeamt and a plotaelotboa man
rnmo along and WOOt lnt<> a barbOT ahop
next to tho hotol." aha taatlfled, "ond n
mlnuta or two lator th>- manager "f lha
!>..*.?! . eme out, aad th'" pollee ? >f-i or*
came oui an.i mat bhn on tho s.?!???? .lh
The hotel men allpped BometMng to the
aergeant "nd as tu- two pollcemen
atarted toward the atatloa aouaa the r<or
gooat couated aotaethlag, thal Beoaood u>
b* nionoy. ovor to tho plain.tlOthoa 0100.
? Mr. rlaidaobroofe to got tlie ser
geant'a oumbor, and a nU/oute or two
lator tho serg^arit caOM runnlng up to
Ul arid aako.i whol I WOBtod
Tha enaulng cdaversatlon areat hke
this, Mlaa Celeraan taatlfled:
"What woro \ nl doliiK OUtSfdC I.ovy>7"
"I?ovy'9-l/r-vys.' Wheia is LevyW"
tha s'rcaHnt anked, ;t* lf ;:i s irprts*
How long have you bOOO ln thla pre
1 .. ;: rtt '.tiis. ' iho sorgram ropliod.
"Woii, if you dont know where II ia
you ought t-> i.o jmt ofl 'h- force.'
Ij the w rgeant aold l > hei. "Now,
anythlng that wa can do for >ou at any
titiio, ju?t you <-au >ti Bargaant Koorne."
CBOWhOI Piniitar fashion nho ,!.
m nt.e.l tha i-f-dng of what appoare.l to
ba monay from Blpp to Patrolaiaa Rao
ntayer, und Araa oorroaoratad bar storio-4.
Bucknar brought out that Mlaa coiemar.
ha.) been ? ibpoenaod on Boturdoy, and
t .t everythlog she t_:.i on the wttncoa
Btand ab< had roportod to Captaln Wahih,
and In aoaoa eooea to tho Pollca Coma_la?
;.. i. whon it o.-urro-l, with lOQUOaU fOr
action, but that ahe never got anv idnd
of an anawer from tho poiio,- untll yeo
i-pi.iv afternooa, whon a few mlnutes
befora aha araa t<> tako tho atand ln tha
?Idanaaatp ?4->rii;i.itt'4~. Fourth Deputy
Commlaalonei PHloa callad her up oo tha
telepl oi,.- Hi.d asked bt r to come to Po?
llca Hcodquartors and toll thasa what sh.?
knew aboul Paurotman Foa.
Harlem Still Wide Open.
Miss I'oienian brought her atory of 000
.htionH in tha diatrlct rlght ap 10 .lato,
e hon aha leafflfrt thal on Bandoy night
Third a .-n i.-. between lUth and UCth
The sofcst way to lnc-ease your
lncome Is to add systematlcaily to
your principal.
Our Guarantee 1 First Mortgajh;
Certlficates are the be t exarmie
of a conservatlve Investm.m neu
tlng 4'_'?. and tax exenvt in thli
You can put out, at anv vme, any
sum from $200 up, cayab e ln $ 10
month.y installments if jou wlsh.
So investor has tver lost a dollar
Capital 6 Surplus, *r<!i,i>oo,<HM)
I 70B'way, N.T. 1 75 Itetrisenst., B_i?
?sur p--,,-.?< c. ?mira
.streets, wari "thlck arlth nomen . ...icltin ?
openly on botk -Idea of tha treet." ?h
said that tlu- BariaCEj 11 n -
ning for reors, ami both M i CoUmb
an.i Arns teatlflod that -1 uot,
waa Just about .- el
poltOcal < iui, bj was l ? pt ipoaed Or..
tra| Hotoi, to the opeaini y
Hayos bo etrenuoual)
to t1"- teatlmony of i.- --.uo.
Mr. Bpaer, of tl ? - uaeaTa
ofiw-o, reported to the t'i_t .
Bsooa "i data trom tha ? ord i ,t trut,,f.
fica arlth regasd t" polto - ?? rahutaia
meata by tha oourta ^pwed,
as aaked lor. Thon ba tool
aer'a publlahed atati m< the |
that Mr. Watsen i.-.'i i
mlttoi in sattlni rld t
? ommlaaloner Waldo | id Iti i:..
-..Btlgmtoi ??
li devalopad, however, that Mi -
had not recelved a eopj "t i aai . ;.
letter to Mr, Watooo, dated .'?"'><-mr>?._
Whlch oncloxod a OOPf <<( j. , . ..r 0f ..^
same .late to Commlaalnm r v. alde. tb
WatOOB repil.d to Ml Bu .ii. N?.
vambar u\ lathaatlag I .tt?r.:
Buokoer*a oomplalat of re trt tion. b>
Waldo bad been tun -r? *
but Bpeer apparenl ly I .:-i
elther tha letti r to or l ' .
\v..tson. Tha lltt a flan .<
Mr. Bpeer romaik<-l i !y tha:
he "kn-'w that !.' le Ild b? at
a dtaodvantoge I ?? -. oal
ex-convtct, or under li
Blng waa i. tadti d vei
mlttee'a i.>;. ae ?.?- ?
i'oleman an.i Mi Ai
The committee odje
Priday rnoi
His Consent Necessary to Appoint
raent of Elcction Commissioner.
Albany, Dec. 23.?A i
Electiona ,-.,nr...t I ..iy by _
board ol Buparvlai
meadatle > foi l
approvol oi th.- ehalrman of th coonty
polltlcal < ommltti
ich recom la tn
effect '.f' an ? iil hy At
Oeneral Ca
ning, .
"Whora the cbalrmai
commltl - eon.
mittt ?'. N
tO agret ?::..;?
f..r appolntam nl b
vioora no certiflcati
can properly be madi
Interstate Commission Permitl It for
Competitive Rflggi
Waahli ?;i ? i'
Commerce Comml*- fl
??a railroad i ?? fo
grai t an elevati
tranaportatloi i i ? f tbi
ahipper on nli a the
ft Co., of *
- ago B rlli .
alon held tl ri
i iv. ar. e to a eoi v
i,.i undua i: ? ?
The World's
Greatest Condlment
known thr N orld <~<v or
thi okioim-i. aooeaavcooa ai
laoperiar Ba Beh, Hot ? ?'
feld Mfata. Soups. M'*<. BB-tOI
AU \ppcn:,r
17 Eaflt 141 '
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intending purdtuen of a Piano or Player Piano diir
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An Exhibition of Rarity
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