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Makes Another Plea for Re
victualling Adrianople. but
Waives Demand as to
Scutari and Yanina.
Conference Adjoums Till Sat
urdav to Enablc Porte tb
Consider Proposed Nev
Delimitation of
to Tha Trlh
i. i \itoi aeveral daya
,. ,,., -? man I Irmtahlrn In nceord
,. with the cheiished tradltlona "?
tni diplomaey, the Turklsh doi,
tordaj faced tho real ..tta.-k <-i ,
f;aik.in alllea at tha flfth laeetlog!
,,f the paaca cooferenco. The alllea loM
their tooot li iportanl ?rda on tho tobk j
roese wera ln tho form <'f terrltorlal \
cendttJons whlch they had agr.I to j
. , - thi Ottomaa Emplre Tha
l forth uroro:
Firat: The cesaion by Turkey of all
the terntorv weat of a line starting \
trom a point east of Rodosto. on the j
$ea of Marmora. to a point in the Bay
al Molotra, on the Black Sea. and ex- |
cluding the peninaula of Galhpoli; Al
bania-* Btotua to be decided by the
Sa.cnd. The cession of the Aegean
mmai* o c.ipied by the Greek forces in
the present war. including Rhodes. and
of the eleven islands occupied by the
Italians in the recent war.
Third: The ceasion to Greece of all
Turkish nghts m the island of Crete.
Theae terma are aot oltoflother our
They corno ao very near tn
baggoge" tonaa that ll la
: tha Turkloh rt pieoenta
.-i . ..n. eal hla aurprlse.
The line of the Irontier no- pro
tponda roughly to the lim
? rn. conqnered territory, leavlag
h hoada the penlnaulo ol Qal
Upuii, I !< h. ol courae, allowa Turkey
main ln (*OHunand of the Dardaa
Bulgmiia uader this propoool
- get a aoHd footing on tho coaol
.- .. of Marmora, aa ? eil ??
? ? .>;_.?..n Beo.
Emp.re Sadly Shrunk.
European territorj
h would ba lefl to Turkey by
.-, frantier den-ercatlon la a aad
lkage of tho onea graat Ottoman
:.;rt, up to tha auggoatod Haa tha
irv Irom ConotauitlBapIo la aot of
, p, -rr t t B.UO, ?rgi portloi 8 Of M
,. |U1 li.ti. i- tter than desert and
, r,,-, ; b) tl ? worai poaolblt roada.
Inchadea well v Ithln lt.
,, .,.,,,-... tbe famoua TchaUldJa Haa
rtiflcaUona, bul aa for oa can be
Itom tha roughly outlined fron
tii. boot of tho i.ow border
Btratooical point? wouM bo In Bul
l i laa hondo.
Turkey la nol von tSkat} to roloa
great dlfflcultlea whh rogard '?? '
oor wlll the loss of tlie Jflfoan lalaadi
. . polnt with ber, though Bh<
is llkely to make an aflort to rataln j
om or two of the larger ..ne- nearest
her BhOfOa
The terms offered b) tho coalition
.learly ahow that the allies ar*- not
prepared to dlocosa oven the qUOOtion
ol Adf1anople-a future, regordlng Ita
i-eaoton to Bulgaria aa a ataio qua non.
ii wlll requtre a atroag cahlaol ln Con
. tinople t.. Instmct tha Ottoman
? ti-ea to algn anythlng op
l Buch termo. Of courae, tho
albea may have frained their tenr.s
to make room for concessions.
bot tbi ara ovldontly preparlag for
lha pooalblllty of Turkey rejoctlng
them altogetber, a* Bervla to raialn-t a
4H per cent short time loan in London
i? n- ?- mion -loiiart-. to ba laaued
T_c alllea dld noi rovaaJ yaotorday the
flaandal propoaato whlch they wlll
i ake tn Turkey, reo-rvlng these for a
futurr meeting. Before the allies pre
aaated their Bpeclflcatloaa yeaterdoy tne
Turka u nounced that their Bpvorn
ment vir prepared t.. proceed wltn tba
Bottatlona, laavlng iho question <>f
revictu tlllng of Adrian.'pif f?r dia
? .laaic between Turkey ..nd Bulgaria.
y . ? . loi od their prevloua request
io prr-.i--: -ii Srutj.ri an.i ToBlaa.
Confererce Laat* Fifteen Minutes.
**? fonaal conforeat e laotod ooly -
It'sfTer et oa hour. The Turka ttotoaod
lo the prottlamatioti of tlie f?_te of their
1 irrnpeBll ernplre without formal com
-sent and asked for an adjournment
until Saturday to consider the allies'
demands. Ia the informal conversa
tioa with the delegates, whioh con
aumed an hour. they asserted that it
veijld be impossibie f?r them to ac"
tepl aoch terms. but that statement is
Inevitable la o-eetroga of this eharac
ir.fi uas ,-juite egpoctod.
Tl;. sllle . it is stated. will rocognloo
tha outoBotay of Albatala under the
?oaaralaty ot the Porte, but not its
aavorelgaty. Albaata wlll become what
Creta aaa and what Kgypt is in its re
? m to Turkey. Tha Snlt*n will be
oomlnni rutor, hut without poimcai.
adadaistratlva or mllitarj power. Ha
?m i..,.- tli, rlght to raist hla flag la
iaia an.i appolal a roakleot rov
"inor . it ooly for ihe purpooe of intl
f^tnj tbe d.tt isi-.n." <-f 'he lo. al gowrn
iii. ni
All t\,e delruationa attended KOOtor
day'a aession in full toeea, with their
'"ilttary ?nd legal advisers and a*-ere
'arles. Kvery one appreeiated the fa.t
hat tho ineettriR was to mark Ihe
paseage ?if tha de|l!.. tatlons from the
prsHoBiaar) atage t.. that af reai nego
'hvUoSM, and that II was destlnod to re
\'i*e the map of EOOtera Kurope.
The ataBoaphata oi th<- stately couacll
1 bomoar ???. hargod with bttoawa foal
? "?? throughoui tha piotjaodlBga m\
Novekoxi-'h, head of th?^ Servlan uattr
Kailon. took the ChOtr. I >n his right
**a m. rttkollch, flpoakor of the ser
*'8n Parllanient. and ?n his left M.
Vantlch, ihu flarvlaa Mhitotcr to
FYanoe. linmediately after Ooneral
Grulca had read the mlnutea nf the- last
ni'-ctiiiR and they wen approved, thr
Prealdent of th?> cofiference, In a eono*
inus vou o. asked Rechad Pacha, band
of the Turkish delegatkm, to notlfy the
conference as to th<- Inatructlona bt
had recelved from I'onstantinoplo. ?
Rechad Pacha roae and In dtgnified ,
terma s;iid tbe Imperial Ottoman gov-l
ernmenl aiahed to z\\r one more proof
of its Blncere dealre to haaten tl" dl
CUBBlon and to do the utniost poaBlble
to reacta a Baturfactory and bnnorable
aettlemenl for all partlefl roncerned
Therefore it had Inatructed him to treat
with aii tho aiiifs. Qreoce included, and
aithout nn* ? onditions.
Deallng wltb the queatlon of revict- I
nulllng the bcalegcd fortreaaea, Rechad I
Pacha said Tnrkey even was ready i?
aalde iho caaea of s. utari and
Vanlna iti Adrlanople, whlch ho re*
ferred to as "th.- cradle Of Turkish
i ower 111 Europe," hc said lt wns known
thr- hospitals wrrr ovorrrowded and
ihoir patlcntH lacking in tho prinmry
ncceaaltiea, while the women, the ehll
'iron and the nged arere Buffeiing or
starvtng. He mual Inalst, ha said. on
provlBionlng Adrlanople to an extenl
a*hk*h wouid lni-t-t the demanda >.f hu
manity, bul whlch al the aaane time
would be liunifBclenl t>> pia< e the bel
ligeronts in a better position than they
held when th<- armlatJce was signod.
Would Avoid Procrastination.
Rechad said he was animaterl 0] ?
dealre to avoid procrastinatkm and
hoped lhal the queatlon mlffhl l"- doall
wltb directly between tho Turka and
Bulgarlana, ihus making it poaaible for
Ihe confi rence t(, contlnue.
The heada >>f th. allled dolegationa
expreased aatlafactlon with Rechad'a
Btatement, aft.-r whlcb M. Novakovlch,
tali and ere. t. roae, holdlnf in his hand
B larR.- shoot of papor.
lt wiis the cruclal mornen! of the con?
ference and aii eyea wore turned upon
blm. The Balkan delegatea ahowed
emotlon and anxlety: the Turka ap?
peared hs Impaaalve as atatuee
"AU the aaoondary ojuastlona having
been sottled. tho monient has come to
oxpiain tha conditlona undor whicb the
alliea ara ready to conclude peace, M
Novakovlch announced. l*hen he pro
ceeded to read tho demanda of thi
Balkan Btatea When . ?? had flniahed
aii eyea ahtfted to the repreaentatlvea I
of tho Sultan, They, however, gave no
diaplay of feellnga.
Rechad Pacha here roae agaln, atrok
mg his hoard. and in his h.il.itual Bloa
manner askod for a wiitton i-op> ol' ;!:??
propoaala af. Novakovlch thereupon
ordered the aecretary to make th?- copy
and tho delegatea left tholr soats and
Jotned in an anlmate.l and cordtal con*
i araatlon.
An Unofficia! View.
During the long walt for tho copj <>f
the demanda and whlle dlsclatmlng any
dosiro tn r-ntor into a dis. naalon ( f Ihell
nierits tbe Turks said that. BPOaklng
unofTU-ially. thoy < onsid.-rod tho alli.-s'
t*rttn to have been deslgned for tho
purpose of break Ing off the conference
When the delegates had slgned the
documenl Rechad aaked for an ad
Journmeni until Baturday, in order to
conaldei the propoaala, and bla requi
wai sjranted.
Tho dlacuBaion, accordlng t" M. No
vakovltch, was ' fairly amlcable," an<l
th*> plenlpotentlarlee aeparated, hopefui
that next Saturday's reunion would
prodnce Komething moro deflnite
Among the dlplomatfl here the opinlon
prevaila that notwlthatantilng what the
Turks ronsidor tho Inacceptable eondl?
tiona preaentad by Ihe alliea, and a'hal
tho aiiier declare ar.- terma whlcb can
noi " ed :? ed, pea< e ultlmately w ll]
.ncluded. it is remarked thar the
ailies and tho Turks. Ahf-n tho nrmis*
ttca wa.s ConchldOd, wore in exactly tho
same position as the llusslans and the
Japanese when tho I'nlted States in
duoad thom to adhere to the Porta*
mouth confereilce,
f'oth tbe Turks and the Bulgaiianfl
wera, ai Tchataldja, In practlcally a
otate of exhauatlOn. Now both have
Btrengthened themaelvee, but neither i?
really Bure as to what would bappen
were the COnftlct reaumod. The Turks
loar further ravaraaa and lrrepnrable
loaaaB, and the allios, who already have
obtained successes whieh ln tholr
rosiest dreams they had never aapact
rd. ti-.ir to endangar tha poadttona they
have gained
European Mediation Likely.
Owlng to thla reclprocal apprehen*
sion an understanding may he raachad
The h_rdeat queatlon for hoiution is
that of Adrlanople, aiid on thia single
point the mediation of one power or
several power*, may be asked l'or. Now
that the dlfferences between Austria
Nnd ,Ker\ ia have been settled. lt is not
impoaaible that the mediation of the
wbole of Europe aill be reejttaBted, aa
this i-ourse wouid have the advantaga
of BBVlng tho fare of both Turkey and
Bulgaria becauae of the ronrfiaelonfl
each WOttM be obliged to make.
If Kuropean mediation la imposslble
DT uTi>urcessful, others may be appealed
io, flrst of all the Unlted States. lt is
even rumored that there la a possl
billty of aaking for mediation by the
Pope. lt Is recallcd that Pope Loo
xiii was intmatad by Btamaxok with
tho sottling of tlw? dlspute between
Qanmuay and spain over the carollna
In case his holine?s were the medi
ator in the present rontroversy, his
Bction would be entirely lndepemb nt.
as none of the belligerents ls a Cath
oh. powar. lt ls eonsidcred that the
person to approaeh the Yatiran for
medlatloa would be nf. Mlyuakovtchi
one of tha Monteaieajrln dalagntaa to
the paara < ooforawc who was afonte*
negtin onvoy tO tho lloly See. in tho
nogotiations for an agreemont .oncern
ing the Catbatto hlararchy ln btonta*
negro, and the appointment of an ai*ch*
bishop at Antlvari.
a furtbar ralaaatloa of International
t. nsion **.'.?' brought about yesterday
when Auatria-Hnngory Informed tha
nther BUTOpaaa powers that sh-- i on
sidored the Halkan difllrul'.i-s wer,- ap
prroachlng a BaOafactory solutloa This.
accordlng tO tho note issued, is th.- re*
sult of Servia's a.-tion in apologizlns
to Austna-Hungary for the laddanl
eaanaetad wlth the Ireatment of tho
Austro-Uungarian OOfJMl a< Trlsrend,
and also '.irr BCCaptanci ot tho j.r,,
,-osrd .irvangeiriont to glve her port
farllltior. on the Adriata Boa, wlthout
lai t noi iai ^*..ii ssion
Lord Hardinge Dangerously
Wounded by Missile Hurled
at Delhi by Fanatic.
Projectile Filled with Screws?
Lady Hardinge. Scated on
Elephant Bcsidc Her
Husband, Uninjurecl.
Dt Ibl India. Dec. ." Tfn l- I ere and j
Vtcereti.t in.iia. Baron and Baronesa
Hardinge, nsrrowlj, eoesped ssaaao)natlon I
to-day al the banda ol a nattyc fanatic I
arhlle maklng their ceremonlal ? ntr\ i.,in!
I'oihi. the new imperial capital of h
Three apHntera ol a powerful bomb,
whi.-h killed one nattvi attendanl end <'?
iur. .1 another, penetrated the back and
ahouldera ol tbe Viceroy, and be was also
wounded in the neck by the acrewa n.m
whlch the bomb waa fliud. thou. pqeolng
through hla helmet
.1 the boopltal to whlch Iu was at oace I
removed the doctora who took tho roctall
apllntera from tbe wounda dectarod tt waa
rii.n v.-iif.us that tho VTceroy eseaped mon .
aerioua and even f.ttai in.turi.-s.
The w.ust of I.ord Hardingett B
wa-- found t?> be B dt ep one, t<>iir IftChee
in length, exposing Ibe ahouMer MaJe. ]
im-^ other Injurlea were -;tt.i to bt aup r?
i . umbrella bearer, who waa killed,
waa the aame man ?? had acted
ca| ...ity for Lord ? uraon
Tha thrower af tha bomb haa noi >.-.
been caught A roarard of io,"0 rupeea
(approxlmately $."..'*xii has booa olfor d tor
hla arreat.
i. i.i.v Hardinge Immedlateli aftei Ihe I
exploaion asked her husbaud If ht ? ia
hurt. The Vla ? roj replled: " mi rlghl. go
Lad) Hardinge then aald: 'We cannot
There is .. <ioad man behlnd." Tha ? ik -
pbani on whlch they were n.img th.-n
Tho Viceroy trled to ataod up, bm aeled
and fointed, an.i th.- offlelala ?hn gatb
? ed iround had much dlfhculty ln remov
i. t h .a from the elepbaat'a ha1 k,
i.j-i, Hardinge auffarad aeverely from
ahock, an-i ii was found ne eeaar; lo
apply Bootblog remedlea
Entermg Delhi m State.
Th, vi,. i.. ra mak.i.k i.is <-tin > ln
atate into Delhi a* the laat <.f thi ? ?
monlea In eonnectlon arlth the tranafei
..f the capttaU from Cakutta t.. Delhi
The transfer w..s made la Octobet ast,
bul Lord Hardinge <a not t.. take for
iimI poaseaslon --t nis new quartera until
to-daj. a . ? ng of troopa ol
:. lal aad Punjab preat nl ??
welcome the riceregal paul;
Ita aplendld eli pbanl pro
i ;-i lefl tbe rallwaj Btatkm,
through Cboodal Chowk, when the bomb
araa thrown. lt "*? hurled by a ma.t
atandfaiB '"I a booootop, an.i it 4,tru-h
the howdah, "I bOSket, of n.e vi. .?..-. a
elephant ln whlch hi an.i Lady Hardinge
arera rkUni The attendaal holding a
largi poroao Loi -i and Lod Hoi
dlnge ?8 antl) killt -i af th.
A.. a- l.ord ilardlngi
i rt to e boopltal Bta Ouj I eetwoo<l
\\ ii-..>n. Baanctol member ol th Coundl
of inc Oovernor Oeneral ot Indta tooh tba
V'lceroy*a ploca io tha peeceiaion, which
ibea proceedod oa IU araj through tha
now Imperial clt) to the DUTbOl ai.,
-. ',. ?? a irr.-at n rmber of roja ai
in.i.a'. ? .. gathered
Reads V.ceroy's Message.
I hen took up hl poa
ont o aga i ? ? read a
Loi -i Hai d i ge 4
that h< waa only atlghtly in.ure.i b th
misslie thrown J.'. a fanatic The readlng
of the masaaga wai recelved arlth pro?
longe 1 1 heerlag.
attempl on Lord liardl gi
arouaed feolloga of intensi.Ilgnatioi
both among I ? noi ? ond tln Brltiah
preaent, ai ? proved one
nf Indio'a ni -
For 1 long perlod thei 1 ? ;..i been ..
in iii-- native agitatlon in India a
at various tlmea le.i to aoaaaalnatlona ol
hlgh nfflcioli 'iho ,-.tia-k oo Lord Har?
dinge, tberefore, can.- ni'i. ?-,:?.,r?:- un
Only a short time nno the Viceroy hlrn
poif wrot? t.> th?- India Offlce ln London,
sa>lng that th.- eountry w..-> rery qunt
anu that tbe proopei ta foi hia oflldol
antry into Delhi were moel favorable.
The houih waa thrown ns the great |>r<>
ceaaaoa, In whi.h a imtte number <>t gally
caperlsoaod elephanta tooh port, bearlng
native r") r.--?-?? and hlgh Brltiah offlelala,
was posalng tbrongh tha Chandal Chowk,
whlch is ii long. norrow Orientol atre.-t
oontolnlng many atorea retalllng varioua
klada of merchandiae, The beueea ore
mootly one atory bulldlnga, but aoma ol
tl.om rts?- lo tho heijjht ..f two storle*. A
lino ni atreetcara inns the wh.iio length
of tha I'htin.iai Chowk, but owlag to the
Importanca of to-day's iinn-mnn ti..
aervii ?? had been auspeadod
Four on Elephant.
TbS Vk'Toy's elephant was an enorofO .
nrilmal. The drlver BOt betwoen hls aOTB
guiding him In the 00001 native way bv
tapping him on the forehead Wtth a BtOOl
splke. Behlnd the drlver waa the great
howdah, a box-llke constru.tlon fixed on
the elephant'a saddlo. The howdah was
eoVOred wita imperial pu-plo drapinK*-'
decorated with gold la.e and tassei- ln
it were BOOted the VICOTOy and VlaefOhM,
and at their bacfca stood another native
attl nd.int holding over their heada tha
great paiasnl whlch in.ll.ate-. tlie royal
Owitlg tO the lownena of the bOUSBfl Ifl
th. fhati-' .1 Chowk the wouid-he eaooaeta,
who atood ori one of the roof? when he
threw tho bomb. was only a few feot from
the Viceroy and Vi.rreitio
Th<- bomb, w hi. h waa evldeotly ln
lended to explodi by coacuaatoa, turat
with terrlfli force. Tbe native ataadlag
behlnd the Vlcer 1 aiai Vtcerotae i.oid
jIlCj iii. Imporiad umbrell a ia Mowo
from his |...siii?.n t>> tt" grouad aad m
etantiy kiii.d. arhlle tba drlver, altttng <n
front of tbe howdah. wa* WOUHdod m i O
1. w.-r th.tn elght pla. . 4.
Escape Literally Miraculoua.
Tho os.-ape of Lord ai.d Lady Hardinge
was iit.raii\ mtraculiua The mia-Mio 1, u
only a foot or two from its t^rge. The
pr.-at prooaooloa Immedlatelj .ame io a
BtandstiU, and fl crowd <>f ..tn.-iain ruahod
iil> nnd lourd th<- Vlceroj bleadlllg an.i
looking i-ale. while Um Vlcerelne waa tei
rtbty shakon.
They way* laslsted to ahein from tha
howdah an.] ptaeed in aotoBaohflao, 0^0 ,,f
whleh eoavoyod tho Viceroy t<> th-> hos?
pital and aaother tht Vteerafaa lo the
r.iTioi-ii roaddence
Tnie te Brltlsh trodltion 1 ha 1 nothing
, nn ht attowed le loterfere arlth Britl 1
policy k. in'.1-'. th?- eolebratloa of fha
Ipauauratloa of the new Imperial capltal
?rai pro.led a Ith almo ' Immi dlatel)
i polici ;" "" mean Hi -
,, ijndi .1 t1 ?? houae from *a hli h lh< l*omli
roarn and had made eeveral ai
i, -i \n the ..uii. ta from II ? cits wi ??
.. .,, ; ... , ,i undei Btrlcl guard
?i,. da) 'a ? elebratlon marked the ran
,.,?: oul oi ihe announeement thal ihe
Klna had made during thfl gre?l ''"'"f1-'1'
tlon durbar ol Um tranafi rrem ? ol the
Imp, rial - apltal of Indla to Delhl
Succeeded Enrl of Miltto.
Bin< ?? lhal annoum ? i :- ?' a i
,i been created
Ifardlngi on bb appolntmeni to offli t li
?. ion to the Karl of Ifinto, hai been
I . . itlna earioua partfl of tbe conntry,
and hai been able to pay only ? faw
flyinc rlaitfl to Delhl to Inapert ihe
,ttonfl i--i ii ? govei amenl d
v ? t to the new Impei Ial elty
hi wafl makln** I lat<
and liad elved al the i ?
. mbera ..t* the goven
Hldalfl ad bj ? lar*-.- gathe
I :,ita, moal of a I om
IH. fl of I'llfifH:: | '
the oflli ial arretingfl al the atatloa he had
v,,;, T 1. -1 t..>;..|l)Or Wlth L-d** MirdlllH*.
on hlfl "a*- 10 'ho old tort. whnr-.- :
h imperiahablfl la Indla, owlng t.? tbe
promtnenl p*rt tt played ln th-- great
mutlnj ??? IB57 it w i ni ar I l thal
Hardlnge la ftft two >earr. old.
,,,; ., | . ,t. ??! l 'aml i I* IU
... .,- ? tan, and
m , \,.,j .- -n. l. :n i onatantlnople,
Berlin .Vaahtngtoa, Bucbaraal Teberan
. pd gi peti rsbarg la llptoeaatle po i
ln ;-..! ., a.,- appoiab I Uni i idor to
Ruaaia ? I two yeara latei
pernn .; ? aVeretai Btate for |
I Kttotra
Announeement of Intended
Crime Made Weeks Ago.
? ati* to ti* rrfbn
l.otHK.n. i'.-,. '_??. -a feellng oi i n*
aa to tl.e eltuatlon ln Indla
? i, ? auaed hy ihe aen ational
r thi att- mpti ? iatlon
oi i.-.i-.i ii. rdlngi II ?? '? d thal
tn. foi ii. ? upation by the Brltish of
the Mahometan capltal haa ilven of
, .. pai t <>f the llo li tu pop ila*
tion m Indla, and baa been regarded
b) thom as a eorollar) to the gradual
extlrpatlon of lloolem ? cendaacy ln
Deflnlte wai ning, indi ed re?
. n? ?? ka ..?." th.it ome
riolence would probably be attempted
l>j the Mahometani a hen the i ei ?
tn.mi.ii aaaumption of Delhl bj the
Indlan government t....k place, bul no
attention was paid to it, aa nothlng
hai been mora remarkable during tha
laal faw yeara than the pondatenl re
fuaal of Indlan ifoalann to aaaodata
tbamaelvea la any way whataver with
tha aedltlon and rloleaoe thal has been
reaorted ta by their Hlndu klndred,
.\t an hour paal inidiiigiii no newa
from Delhl ln addltton to that re
4M\ed to*daj bad raai bed London, wltb
the exceptlon of the bato offlclal report
braued ?<?. hi-1 But*geona. Thla r- porl
aaya thal a portion of tho projectile
atruck Lord Hardinga at tho back of
th<- right shoiildir and along Iho mu. t
border of the aboulder blade. it paaaed
upward and laaued through tbe akla
along the upper line of the aboulder,
caualng a wound four bichea long nnd
expoelng the mnada and bone Mo in
jurj waa done to tba VIcaroy'B lunga.
There was a moderate loaa of blood,
tbe ahock was sovere and aomfl deaf
neefl was. .uisod by the exptoalon. i...r<i
Mardmgo. th?- report sald lu COM lusion,
ls now raatlng falrty caaBfortably.
\ dlepatch to "The Times" frmn Delhl
says th<- hoii-e from Whlcb thfl bomh
was thrown was packed with apecta*
t..rs. men, women and children- l~*\ ot
tiu ni altogether it took tha pollce
aome tlnm to Burround tha houae >o
that probably man. ..f theae people(
got awa
lt is atated, the correapondenl adda
that groupa of men arara aaen on tba
corner of the roof of tha bouaa Juat I
before tbe bomh was thrown aad thal
they dleperaed immedlately after, but
noi before crylng oul In Hlndustanl
worda expreaalng mUafaction tbal the|
.um ..I th, i.oini. ihrowi i had been
true. Tiu-. doubtleea were tbe pei
petratora of tne atta< h and probabl)
eai aped In the ? onfuakm.
A tnaii group of fugltlvea arera
caughi in a Mlnd alley and arreated.
'rii.-\ had Injurlea <>n thair faeaa, but
it is BOl known whetlnr 88 BOt they
were the actuai culprita
Regent of Bavaria Wishes to
Follow Father's ldea.
Munlch, Dec Sl. Priace Ludwig, tho
ii?w I'rin.-.- Regenl of Bavaria, sent aa
autoaraph letter to tbe Bavarlan Pro*
arder to-day vetnini? tho raovemenl lo
ptoee blm ao tbe throne as klag.
He derlarea that he deerlrea loyallj n
ndmlnetei Ihe Inheritanee beQueathed to
lum by hli father. Therefore, in vlew of
f.pulai movemenl In regard lo the
regenoy, he expreesed 4_itegorl4%ally his
dealre lhal nothina "honld be doaa fai
the preaeal In tbe matter
Dash for Rich Deposits at
Searles Lake Stopped When
Armed Trucks Are Smashed.
English Holders of the Property
Equip "Scout Ship*' with a
Force Headed by Dar
inir Nevada Sleuth.
i.. Balki d in an
. |.,,-1 t., ... i .i a tppllea end prot lalona to
Boarlea Lake, where depoaita ol boroa
md potoah worth many mllllona Uo, ftve
mon ond two automobila trucka an- heid
?| ..,....-,. ?;.;,,, S Of tlM
ed and tbe tirea cul and
. | The mlafortune ol l
...-.- ? on gtvea
? , | :,,.: .-. ire de
the i ill(ornl > Trooa Companj >
worka from li raslOB, oa tht
Iu arill .... upy aeveral daya aad
maj nol bt complotod until after the tbaa
l.iiut 1 in m ln. b
arork on thi di p iti d i lalma muat ba doaa
hall I
Meanwhila lf. K Let m attorney.
. ||i maa i
I ? ?
? hotdlOl
? . | . ..;, propert) a! thi lake, ia Joui
.... -. ? e. 1.1 Tbora h. arill
? with Judfi T. 0 Totaad, tha lo
l .; ?!-. i , i ef thi lali mta aad who la
;,, hoi.i ont ?? Ifbtl. ir.ti rost lo th
proi erty.
\m, n| ?:.- d< ' ' t the tlnv
*> en Joe< pta K Huti h
-. a . i- . - d thi Coa
md fo Loa Vogeli i L ?
. || -. blnaon tl al Ihe tki.t ??? '
end without tl -
iiut< ini.-oi, retorted thal tba clalmanti
I n|j aovi n daya ih whl< b to win.
.--t.ii. - left Lo -acoloa Iaal
... -.,,- 4 dorknesa,
, . , ,| .. upanta hoping to i Iti ?
. 0f tbe Trooa 'ompany Both
. . - - ippllei aufll
. . ? .. my 1
. an l< .1 a
. , -v..i era - n
,., mdfl oi ammunltli n
?rh',. ,?? i.. r.. ..-1 -tt. ,i ara i made with
,i,.,,- when Bunday nlffhl fell
da praparod to take od
vantasa of Moadly daiknaoa troubla de
veloped with tba eaatooa Blta of hon
l,a,| bOOO pl-.I Ol ""'in. parts had 0000
,, moved aad whea tha trucka _tart. _ tha
machtni ry t ?i aa??? acrop iron.
Tha rapreoaatatirea of the porelcn
Mlnea Developmenl Compaay have like
, , .. .., ipped .-, hlcfa powerod machlne lo
... ,!..i." and .anv warning to
? - . -i,. i, i v. orka
lutomoblla force la captained b) -i
man known oa "Llttle Cherry" Kelly.
With "Cherry- la Robert Lord, noBtstani
t ,,i iho Burna aeeacy tn i_o?, Aa
an.i three deputy aharlfta of Lo*
? . . County. Theae men are aow <>n
Ihe Mojave deeert ln the rlctntty of km
,,,'.,, awaithtg tastructloaa from their
legal od*/isoi ln Laa Aogelea
? ??[i,,- peoi.t Callforola," aold Lee to
,i . .. '-erlll I- am th it thooa who mr ll.I-i
,',.,i in thla attempt to parfoet hiai
clolnta af relyiog aolely upoa the
I have my OWB hand tO plav and I COOBOl
t,!| you who are linan.-lallv tatarOOtOd bl
Loa Anffalat axoopl Jodoo T. o. Toland,
end ht wlU have to speak for himself."
t. B. Minoi, aa axtorney, who siiares
Lee't nfflcea, aaaarta that nona of tha per
tl'.-s at tha laka has any leg.d rl?hts there.
thni tbe laka atlU ean be lecatod by any
;,',. .,,?, ,,,.lt the Departmonl ol Juatlce
-,i Wnhhlnati n la aboul to make Hn IB
voatlK.itlnn of tl ? Bltuatlon.
\ I'nli'-.1 Statea deputy marshal was
.Hsiiaiched to-daj lo Bearlea Lake froni
i-i?\na?lea ln n ponse to a warning
lUat ari-.i nlm Jwapjora mlfht ottemPj
Lo tak.- poa
II J ' i i I i l"~l - I I 1 I p~ . ( . ?1 . ? ? ?.?!
.ii of the potosh depcelt*
Loss of 100,000-Ton Order Causes
Sensation in Cardiff, Wales.
, caMe te Ti.e ii t. ia- |
,_,,m,i,,,i. i. 28. a Boaootlon haa
been couood al CordKI by tofornaetlon
that tha Bflypthui rallwaya aro pur
chaalng l*'?,.'',,0 tona of Aaaorlcaa coa!.
Instead of aoodlag their ordora t>. Cor
diir as formerly. _
M,.i,,, city. Di ? '-?'? th* Chombor ol
Deputiea rotod to-olahl a doi IWc p- r
.?ont Increase ea Imporl dutiea Tid.i ac
n??. however, doaa not dlspooa *r tha
general tarlfl revlaloa MII, whhdi p -
, ,,|, :, >|., .i..i tax oa numeroua ertlcli .
eapeclell) lusurli .
LOBOOBi DOO. -? A dispatoh to 'Th'
Thaoa" from Poklag aayp the chtaaa bjoi
ernmenl ha requeatod the powera to
eeree t" pootpom the payment i?\ . tttna
,,r ii.. arreet ln 'bt ':"-oi indi inll
i... enotht' | ? ar. l
Ambrose Channel to Daunt's
Rock in Less than Five Days
?Record Mail Landed.
Crack Liner Leaves Here Eight
Hours Ahead, but Lands
Passengers in Paris
Three Hours Later.
By ? &M? te Tri- i rttNine. |
Umdon, Dac. 23- Tho Cbriatmaa ship
Manretania ;irrlv?,J Off Kishguard at
fcflJO o'i loi k thla morning, There waa
'?onsid.-rahi.. enthuaiaam as the tenderal
.?ame alongoide, and cheera of welcome
trom friends on the tendera wera anain
and agaln responded t.. by th.- paa
?engera from the docka of the iinor.
There wera 1.800 poraangnm on the|
Manretania. m.,p- than BQO of wh.im
landed at Plahguard. Tho rtanalnder
went to r.lvornool, where thev landed al
Mever before waa su.-h .i heavy mall
landed, HJShtl packagea, There was alao
0 oonatgnmenl of apecle t.> tbe value
of 11,080.000.
The paaaengera wore eonveyed In
three sper-ial trains. all do.orat.il with I
holly and mkrtletoe, to Paddlngton,
uhilo another tram was reaerved for
the matla,
The time oceupied by 'he Maurotania
from tho ambroae Channel Ughtahlpto
Daunt's Rock was J days :*:: hours 13
mlnutea, making an average apeed of
jt 02 knota for the voyage. Tbe blgheet
daya run araa trom noon Baturday to
noon yeaterday, when tha vessei
ateamed 5*>i knota.
Among tho passengers were <"nunt
Briunea, Counteaa T. If, Brtunea, sir
rlerbert I'oerhohm Troo, Sir Adolph
T:i.-k, Sir Willlam Young, the Hou. A.
M Donnell and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
sir Herberi Tree preaided at a con
ceri in the aaloon, al whieh I7"n was
collected aa ? Chrlatmaa boa to tbe
nautlcal cbarltles,
Notwithatanding tha larga number of
paaaengera dlsombarked, the heavy
mall and the great quantlty of baggage
tranaahlpped, tho Maaretanla arafghad
anchor and proceedod to Liverpool
after a Bta) of a little more than iwo
a paasengar who left Kentucky on
Monday laal wfll be able to raach Nice,
bla d.-stinatiori, hy to-morrow.
AJthoij?h the Praacb Unor France bdl
thls port laat Tuesday. eight hours ahead
of the Cunard llner Mauretanla, the Brlt?
ish flyer overhauled her and landed her
Parls bound passengers ln the French
capltal last niKht at 9:15 p m.; the
Franee's passengers aot their at mldntght.
Tho Mauraaanla. whlcb left Wbw TbbJb.
at h p, in. on Tuesday. arnvod off Fish
?piard .u '.to a. m . reoterday, h.-r pa??on
tters arrlvliig In Leadoo nt 1*81 p. "
Those bound for I'aris raught thr :' M
p. in train for Dovrr. ariivlnt? ln Farli,
i i.i t'alala, *i I i.'i i. a,
Tbe I-'nin.-.-. w!>.i<-h lofr Now Vork m
Tueaday at 10 a BB., arrhed iu Havre at
7 i>. ra., ber paararagerfl making Paria ?i
Tho Fiaiico. th.- Maur. -tani.i and the
liiisitiinla aro th- threo fasto-t iK.i-n
thlpa in the sorvl.o to Mew torh
Cunard Liner's Bow Plates
Pierced in Collision.
Nv*rpoel, Dec 8, Tho fTtanard Una
ateamer CarnaJa, Inarard hound from No*
Vork. riiiiio lato .-olllslon laM nlght In
. ?r-.M.\ t*bannH erttli tbe ateamer fJorille.
Tho . aronta h.i-l tWO ptataB on her pott
boa "dereed, wbfle ihe OoriHa waa lam*
aged al the stern.
French Authonties Aroused Owing to
Professor Bichet's Death.
Paria, h.-r, g .\ gmm ml mveattgntloa
Into lta llttcM BBle Of morphine ln I'aris
will bi ma* aa a raoaH af tax death bere
4*4Mteiday from the aee of tbi dru_ or
Rent ri.-h-t. a rouni man arho recently
araa appotnt4td profeaaor ol French in tho
Royal College at Budapi I Thi BUtberi
ilei ..!-.? convlnced thal an aggreaaPn
campaign muel be waged In order lu
eombal the frowtag craftm foi rnorpbln1
ui I'aris
Tbe rice la aaM te be at lta werat
among the youag aroman freajuaatfra of
the night .afos and dance halls tn thi
Ifontmartre dtatriei aad la eeHegfatte dr
dea In the Latln Quarter. Tho Poii,-o tn
i.i paaaeaalon bf aatoundlng Btattatka rata*
tiv, ;. ti..- ipread ?( the inorpblna habll
The newspaper rlabn ti.at tbe craai fot
the drug has reacbed terribli praporttow
in tbe higher Kormal Cellege, ef wblck
leaa Bourgat, who la charged ^ith im\
Ing hypod.-rmliiilly a.imlnlsterod the dm
to Blihet. ia a. studont. Bourget lfl
. riar(,-od wlth homlcMfl bv lmprudenco
Tbe pollce Blll try to close up ph_-ma
clefl arhieh hl- BelUag uwipblae in rtata*
tion of the ia**
Charged New Yorker with Men
tal and Physical Cruelty.
| nv tl i.'ljraph ", Th* Tribun*!
Omaha, Dee. QL-Mra, Sarah C. H^
aard obtained a dreorea ia tha Onaaba
ourta to-day froaa william Bajraraad ot
New York. formerly aecratary of tho B*
publican Katkn ai Committee.
The ?nroundfl i pon wtatch tho d<-< roe waa
, t dned wi r. mt ntal and phyaleal cruelt!
Iir. llaywar.l did aat <:ontcst the cas*
rhe Kaywarda were married in Nebraeka
ity in 1?H There ls one chlld, whlch
nas BWarded the mother.
Our Next Sunday
Magazine a Presage
of the New Year
As we end the old year. so will we begin the new, with
absolutely the best Sunday Magazine Section published by any
newspaper. The galaxy of talent represented in our next num?
ber is such that a rr.ere list of contents should be enough for
discerning readers. The seven special features are of the kind
of which any Sunday paper might be proud, and yet, instead of
being a monthly or big semi-monthly affair. such treats are a
weekly event for Sunday Tribune readers.
Pension Pirates bvjameshay.jr.
ls an anthoritotire article about tlie wonderful work of the Pension
Bureau in ranning down franda and protecting dcsemng penona.
Through the Bulkhead
\ fTtpping tale of lovf and hate and Othet Btroflg pa^ion* at iea
by one who knowi the life from having Hved it ln two part..
Dawn and the Maiden
A atory about a love that endured throagfa many years.
Ambition By herbert kaupman
i Ine of tho>r virile, rneantngfal porrntt which have made tlus wtiter
known thronghout the country.
Kyomei of the Locket
A Tapanese love story by the author of "Tadtishi."
Sudden Riches By clarence l. cullen
\u article in ( ollen'i lemi-hnmorona itylo about the way people
in real life receira acwa of good fortane
The Tax on Philanthropy
\i, argument for better ayatem in philanthropk work.
And on the Sunday following brings a great new
serial of love and mystery, with plenty of action
and a dash of humor, "Seven Keys of Baldpate,"
by Earl Derr Biggers.
All These Features Will i3e Found in the Next
Magazine Section
Sunday Tribune

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