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Allerton. Built for Bachelors, on
Land Owned by Heirs of
Christmas Poet.
Home for Men, Opened in OctO?
ber. Already Has 140 Ten
ants and Four Are on
Waiting List.
. i
itorj tralldinc. uoed entln '
ai iol be?n
built ? ?' ?
kitda i part of t
demenl ? ?' re. the au
- . - tt.. arhich,
bogli ' 'Tv.is
\ ....,: .-? . ; ? \|.P.'t to
Und .. ?'""' o?any llttle
overed >:? bed, dreen.
thelra on
ta early "? morrow
- anytblni aaapanded
. .? or from a bedpoat
. i ? ; toeni th.- de
0* ii"4
,!?.:?? u ii: . f tlie
? . wlu. h is
? ly for
? ??
? ?
I '? "f
th. land
? .. '.
??'? ?
- end
? '? tt
\ -. ? -
Ibe A
MlR! t t
- Man
. .
Mi. ? li ? ' BO" I I
irer ?f tbe foui k Ut i -
-?lt- r thua doocrlbed I
II I, ? ... man
I. - and ? ?
; in lal tt ?
I from th. bulld
Ingli witii ni' n
: nd lilKii Btandarda ln the
tivn.K room, ? nloj ti.e piano, pln) u ti
pool ln ti <? club
. ...i h n.i hooa or .4 current
brary, and al. ? p ln o
..uin t ii..i . ? ? i ?-? to ever - ma n a
? ? I rv I ng
An thla ..t an almoat unheerd .>f
Lion" and Other Animals at
Midwinter Party.
j k. Oolflnaaorr, prlneipol of Publle
r. \,. i.ft. Rivington and KMrHca
-ti<cts. yrsterday aftemoon heM bis ml<l
wlnter party tor the holldaya Through
? || ' buUdtng. f^ov.i th<- room
dbeuetod by th4> ktn'tt rgarten claas to
the hlfhoot grade. aotnething is ln evi?
dence ruggestlve of tha hotHoy time
ln tht kindergarten tl,<re Ib a beautiful
T'lr.e tice obOOt s<'\en feet hlgh, gorgeotis
ly doorated. All the articles on the trc
;t tbi hoodiv ork of the children tbem
oatvoa On tha orolla "f the rooms are
iea paper in tadtatloa of
holiy and mlotlotoe. m the < las* rooma
ore alao smaller trooa doeorated by tha
children. nanglng to many of the win
oows of the rooma m? a:ao Chilatanu
paprr boll*.
T?:,? < i-bratlon la in tlie form of a
< ?? ia. Th^ "party'' Jgolorrtaj aftemoon
wn< for tbo older ehlldrao. Abo.t MI
oatbered hi tlie aaoombly rooon and were
OOtertoloed by vlai-sniates v.hv, niad^ t:P
on rlctrns ar.d strong men. 8 snak"
(hanner, tr.f "fat" woman. trained bear
Jait?-iied to a BtrtOf and put through
?-tunts' h> !?<? Irotnar. as was k Hrtctoua
lion" in a rop?-d eag<- There WOTB 0-00
folk doneea <'ttd .s.niring by ten boya of
-c-hoc.:. Most Of the songa WON
rm "eeoa" a-atodtoa, wh.ie ot.e ??i
?. from an Ita'tan op?-ra. The
? Hcal accompaniment was furnisred by
Sales from Bboths Run 50 Per
Cent. Higher.
waa it .at Bedfa-gor, -oonogaa ol
the li?<l ? ior? Bcalr- campaign. aays:
"Jual befOlO ''hristmoa it has boen tba
castotv of the -ommitt-c on the prcven
tioa <'f tuberealoala to pIhcp aaola oa sbi*
nt aooto-Beea and proaalaaarl department
Btorea throughoui the . irv. I_*-t foOl by
thla mtans $2,000 waa rs1s*>d withtn thre?
Th-8 year there are twelv,- hootha and
lt is ?stimated tl.at th. y wlll hrtng in
<? ??'. an increase of W> per o< nt over
ibe si!i> ..f !.int >car by this naethod
The bootlis will close oa fhrlatmns
K\e at I o'clock."
? ?? "
.lohn i>. i rtnunloo, bi neeordautoa with
- lona. eotabllahod euotom, win pr<>
IrJde the Chrlatinaa dinri<r for the ltitnnt's
? >f tha iiutii* iot tha Age.i, ?anagai ky
tho Little Hotora ><t tie Poor, at No. 21?
l-:asi 70th stn>. t. Tlie rilnn'-r wlll br OOrroi
?i noon, ottt ''rlnimlt.a and tb* nT-mb.ra
uf lib fn::1114 weitlng on tha table. Thare
mv uIh.hi <k/i <,](] rnen and women ol u\\
tiationalillaa ::i tbo hoox
Sailor Drops Down Chiraney
and Is Mistaken for Burglar.
Bnff ilo ! "? II Tom Coyli Is a gooA
. ui hfl bad no li* i ln bla tanlt i*
tlon ol banta Cleui P"or .. Bhlpmate,
Mlkfl i eeney, he aeTco.' to play Ihe par<
By dropplng down tho ehlmney of a" old
Hamburg turni ?
: ad io Burprlae Feeney*a "nh broth?
er and off,-, t a reoonelllatlon between I ??
:.r?.thi-rs. who had been eatranged tor
li e, ? ., i ia ? fa nhioi
I . , rh*oppi A don n a li
Dottom It had tn ? n papere i
. ? . ?
h thi paper llki ctown.
. v. ith him a flhower of brl ll ;
i;. i Bani i ' ? ?
rorgotti rt e waa to i
? .-., rili: ik.ti for a burglat H
... ? , | , , . |. ,.?. y-n hrothi r,
-. r alloa-eii hl H ** **>'"
. -,,- |? v. folneri i ?
. uuih aad both Hed
-m -
Distribution by 'New York
American'" Begins To-day.
ra of 1 Ih Regii l Armo
i.rvii,-. ? dth atreet, will bi
thrown open at noon to*da ot the dl?
tributlon of almoal ti n tho isand
.: and fortj carloadi of l
tamiliee, the ? hol? ??
through tho rellef fund of Tl N e
j i orh Am< ? i
Among tbe Tolunteera who will ?
j thi dlatributlon aro Mi a d M
Randolph Hearat, Mr? Phllip Van Valk
enburgl !?? and J. J. Bl
(i...:p.- M. '"han. \ ' "
| 0
preaaed theli wiUingneafl lo partlelpate ln
1 th. dlatributlon
Tht food and toyfl a ? : ",llf :
only io thoat I I * '
, Fc aevi rai monl n repri senta
llvea of "The New York American' relli ?
fund ha
ted tlcketa to I
pei ton wlth a llekel ? I
glvef carfan li ? ? I
i ,; |0,. v . ' io be dlati ?uted h;
"The Ni i Vora Am< rlcan" to-daj b< -
ginning al .i. ln th< R< ??*'' *?
in Brooklyn
Child Dead from Strychnine
Tnken from Bureau Drawer.
old i't.-i. r? Oi iffli ng al So. M6 Wi al
drawei ??
oi -ti i nlne. Thlnl
aa: ? and le il
he i ompli .i ??
t tlgatlon ' ?
rl " u-?:??
ent for, but bi foi ?
Admits Afhlliation While Helping
Decoraticn of St. Qoorgl
, ,-. .. .: I the hlfl
? ? .- | ..-r
? ? ? : llor.
? i.t ai '?
ulllng - !:|v "'" h *"
nighl oi im. prevl.
tmai to rrlg it< ii .a' lati rloi oi th<
wlth grei ni and holl *?*-..
rated I Dr. ~ IHam 1 Rai wrfoi d Now
lt li om of tho regulai eveati of I
Ht tbe old ? h -<
large *?'??''? acreen thai nere
: togetber and raleed at tbo
...,.., v.. . || trbed wlth
? ivei b) hundred of wllllng hand .
? ti ta lm 'i bo ; ' ??? altai ai i
trom tii*- ralling of th* bal onle* u-r.
draped f loow "f green.
.i. iv Morgan. who aaually dropa ln to
inn a t<w leavefl m place, was not the:o
laat nlght, but bla daughter, Mlai A m
v ,i Mis^ Morgan talked
"Bpug* and h mg decorationa al tbfl aame
Buffalo Giri Who A?ks for Maps Will
Be Made Happy
i rea Th? rtbtme Berei ,
Waahlngton, Det B Margarel (*um
ruer, a Uttlo giri Uving at No all 1' lot ?
avenue. Buffalo, wbo ha? fait;: ln the
Ihua spirit of Dncle Sam, will
probably be rewarded for It through tbe
instinriif ntalltios of the United Stat'*
aovernm?nt. A letter wa* loooreod by
? retary of the Senate to-da\, ad
drossod to Inclo Sam an'1 readlng ns
Dear liicl*- Satn: Will you please send
me a niap of the Vnitoii ritat.-s. also one
of North Ameilva, if vou have tf T am
ten reara old and ntudying g'ograph:
Thank you maroap.kt cruMMER.
The sor-retary of thfl Benate 1- BOt BU
thorlaed to dlapenac Chrlatmaa lnrRess in
tho nanio or T'nrlo Sam. but hc took the
trotJ ll if sending tho letter to tho offlcfl
tor Root aiid the ebancea ara th'
little glrl ln Buffalo Will reeelTfl the mapr
sho v.ants. ,
Giri of Eight Run Down by Wagon
in Williamflburg.
Beatrlce Kessy, eight years old, of \o.
.'?4 Decat -r atreet, wnuamaburg, was
killod boneath tho wheela of a wagon
while pburlng on Proud wa\. r.T.r h'-r
homo last nisht With aereral compan
lons Hhe ha-1 been WatChmg a "Hnnta
t'laus" aottdt alm.?. and when ho croaatd
Broada*_jr tbey foiiowed.
IrV'hlle ln tho mlddlo of the road B
waaon driven hy JaOOb Srheffer, of N'o.
20! Moore Ktreot, and owned ay A. Aarori.
i. butcber at No. _8 Johnaon avenno,
WllllanmburK. bore down on th.
Bbe became ionfu?oj and fell beneath
the wheela
All Welcome to Dinner in Seamen's
Mission, Says Father McGrath.
Pollowlng hln usual CUBtom, tho P.e\.
Father l'hilip J McOrath, of tln- Soa
Bflan'a Mission, No. 42.' West stix'. haa
arran*:'-.! a Thristmas dlnner in tho n,l?
slon. it arlll atart at 2 o'elock Chrlat?
maa afternoon. Tho dlnner is primarlly
f..i aeamen, eapeclally atokera, but
lath-r McOrath aaya he arlll tiot refuae
applleaatfl who are noi aeamen.
A programme of Chriatmafl muetc and
.,'U"W for iii?jht vrerhera bha been pro*
pared by Qeorge \'ai?-ntine Blery for aet**
vii-o al ?'? o'elock te-moarow morning i:i
hlatorlc oM Bt Paul'a Chapei Tho vi.-m.
Ihi Rer, wniiam Moataffae, -. iii afldate,
ni-vi?tf,i by tbe Her, ij. H. Coa. Mlaa
Bdna May Romalne, Mist, .inn*- Murra)
ll K Doano, Braeel Lanyon,
Bdward W Marahall anfi a ohoms from
,yi Paul'a Chapei women'i slnglna claaa
and the Cantata Boelet; ol Brooklyn
arlll i.ssist iho chapei nigiit worbera' maie
Immigrants on Ellis Island
Gather Around Christmas
Tree in Patnotic Service.
Ritz-Carlton Also Had a Tree,
but Only Languid Interest
Is Shown by Children
of the Rich.
....??? -? ?
\. w yoi u ?? > an i .;..\
. tne noi -?
? . i. ? Ifodlaon a
arhlle Ihe othen or, rathi i I ara
? ? . l-i.ni.l. ai one >
.n broadi loth and fui a, m* ? ornpanled
bj tii.'i: nuunma n llka and v< h
and aa Mea, am.
Bomotblni pli wd tht i I ??'cd
on U ihe ol
Immlfranta, many ol them driven I
..??? than I
?[ i. oi |ch
lv decked '' "f
. , ,.. it p]
. ,unn :in<l old within tl ?
walli ?? ol 'be d< ?
I .,: Blll laland
...... kt thi
? '
ilieir chlldrei
: ?. .,? ? . Rlta would
., . . Tl
land were pi oud thal nl Iaal tbej
had reached a i .....
,.;i |oy ? li ii ond rt llgioua lltw i ]
Twelve indred Iramlaranta detolned at
Ellis i<-!;,mi foi ont reaaon or another
v ? ? .- ? ? i yooterdai
at ti' .lobratloB In tha
New World For aorne of those who were
i ? iaal bet auae not ? fi ?
of tht i ara to ba deported bul foi
ll ua a tr. al tl.at wlll llnfcr loni ln
i bt u .?? ? ? . .-' pae of tbi ? l
thlnga . :n. done in America
One Song in Many Tongues.
More :? ol longuei wert
>- oXv b Iht who a mbli d tn the
voot dlnloi nnii. bul the word of "Tbe
?tu Bpaagled Bonnoi I id boon prlntod
ot: allpa In m ui lai i i ? and wht n the
three orchaatraa began to pl-U tbe
nnthem bundrt l In, and if tbey
. ould nol i- ni humm. d the alr Thr
ehoi i wai added to bj ? reral bundred
roloea conpoobig tbe See -Tork Oerman
Blngei tj ind
Whon tho blg erowd ? embled tt, tht
diniiiR h.iii tbej aaw two large Chi
troaa, up wera banging hundroda
ol preaenta and many candlea it araa
then th.it thi orcbi tra atroeh up "Tbi
Btar ESpangled Boaner," and oa thi traina
of muad. Biied tbi greal I all there Bul
tere.i fmrn thi .'""t tw<< great amerlean
Baga ond tuo striiiK^ of ?mollet Baga rep
reaentlnf everj aotloo on tha flobe Tha
? tha ?? from ..-.?<t the Beaa n ted
f..r a moment on the sturs aad Btripi 4
and then aoughl eagi for the tiar ol
the eeuntry from which they ba.i come
'i bara wa mon a] plan ??. ai -i then
rtlrred by memoriea of Chrietmaaea In
othi r landa, no matter thal ti ? .. 1 |. ?
lefl behlnd perhopa forever, nol 1 f< i ol
1 h ? atrangei 1 a r. 1
And than ' ame tho Chrlatmaa preaenta
Not el ii on ti praoenti ofeoui 0, hut llttle
1 ittngs thal would BOrve to chcer Ihe
hoarta of the now arrlvale thal would
r. iniiid tbem thal America al least would
be (rtendly toward them, ind though th.
j,-ifts wera Ineipenalva inej wera more
jthan .am'- tu aome who havo been leogor
iin the iiiti 1 ond who bara prooparod
Aoproprinte Preaenta for All.
? Each uttle chlld recelved a toy, 1
Iwera dollx fui the glrla and me ktanlcal
for tb<' boya rubber bolla for tbo
; t h.hII OOOa and 4 von r.itt:. -
I i"or the womao there wera brushaa aad
leomba ood amall placea of Jewelry, and
' for the men briai pipae, < r if they dld noi
unoha a tett ol eollar buttoaa <>r a i>;i-.
when tha preaenta bad been dlatrlbuted
lim. b<. waa aerved it oonari ted of
chlcken mndwlebeo, jeiiie*. coadleo, frmt*.
du.. olate, coffee, tra an.i mllk
Addresaee wera made ln dlfferenl lan*
tu.ii;. - bj t'o following riergymen who
look aftet thi latereata of Iremlgrani
!ISS KRI S'< .1 I* < >F
VI i -1.1 IS IS L A X l)
;? >. ?
the Ri ?f Ihe llui
llomi R ?' "' '
. ??.
Olrl i:- ?'? Bi ?
...-,?? ?' '
i - . the
? . ? -
1 Rome of the H Ulda
1 \ roi - ? r_ll H? er ol ?
nd iira of all i l ?
Producc Brokers to Celebrate
?Usual Gifts to Employes.
Wlth the exeepttea of the Prodacfl Ba*
? changa, the rartoaa eaehangee In thfl
Ifmaaclal dlatrld wUl make tbelr bettdaj
diatrlbotlonfl to amployea thla afternoon
after the rloae "f the marbata Tbe
lunta or the gratuttiefl win rary little
aade a year ago, b il eom
pared ? Ith th. bi f< ra IM] thi re
arlll be ? dlellac! let*op In the enth
ala m diaplayi 'i on the parl of I oki i i i
to tba raanner in whlch dlstiibutlonfl arlll
be made Back la tbfl ' good Md dav." as
tbey are affectionately referred to. tha
membera of the Wew Tarh Btoca Bs*
changa made merry by having a hand m
help augment Ihe gulettdfl Bptrlt, whlle
i. ol tbe Boor waa uauall] a
, fa -.-.. . "hi atmfl tree, I aarlng tbe pn -
i of membera lo one aaotbei
.\iitlilriK ,.f thia BOrt, hOWever, will bfl
{seen thla raar Tba **ammtttae appolnted
lacYeral daya ago arlll eall tagatber tho
!,,;. tale] heua elerha aad
numbarlng abo i . ? -. aad
ti ?? dlatiibutlon arlll b made aithoul
loeremony Much ror.no* ? is manlfeated
iby ti.omrnlttofl eollecting tha funda re*
. gardlng thfl a tual amouat of tiu- distri
ition, bal II is gooAtopg belleved thnt
when tha cloeh atrlka ?"? thla afternoon
I nearlj HH8M will to glven to tba ?
v. iltlnl to rei elve theli quol
i Tbfl greateal per eaplta dlatrtbutkai aill
' ,, tnade I | tb i 'offee Exchange, whli b
, ,., ,. ? ,i ti .. .., ba iihi.i.-i among
flfteen employea Tbe laal jrear haa been
? .i v,. | pro p, --,. i- one wlth thla exchaage
: aad tha managara da Ided tbal thej would
be dolng onl* tbe loal and rigbl thing In
harbig lb li prooperlty aith Ibh n wbo
, hall?'l lo bi big it about,
At tbe i oaaolldated Bacbange ? aum
'aqulvalenl to a weefra aalar) \siii be|
glven lo each of the on.- hundred em*
ployea it li aetlmated lhal thla method
of dlatributloa will make a latal of aearl)
13,000 to Bpread holiday cheer, Tbere lfl
lltth cau ? for h>j antong tho i ion wll
,i ,t. ,j , ..ii , . however, as Iba laal reai
nei been fraitfal ln good buajbieaa
, fo- tba brahen Tranflaetiona here ara
? m leaa a n Haa ot the bualneaa done
oa the big axchaage, aad tba abyneaa of
tba public ln putting money bi rallroad
-,,i :?!- ial atockfl ha eauaed a m irki d
jehrlnkage 'n proflta from oammlaalona
Thfl Intereal ln Chrlatmaa eentred aboul
tbe eurb market prompted tba formatlon
of b committee bj tha Curt Aaaorlatlon
ilatlng ot w a Tltaa, IVaahtagton
t.-nt, K. A. Chartrand, P. J McDon
? I aad W. C. Mi.'ro to . oll.-ot nnd dla*
ite a fund foi employefl, meaaengi i
and otbera A contribution of fn baa beea
: ill- I f ! TU IMMir.R \\T>
? ,
... amounte are nol refuaed ia there
ra of tho rurb i inrket, ?? i_
-ii. .? ,i tb.it al ..-it n.W wl!' I. avall iWe
d ? . .'!? n
ai tbe Produce Ea l am
rati [i eparatlon ..r. under ?av to
iei-eal '?'.?? celel <>f foi mer
.. ira !-, additlon t.. holldaj >:
\> hlcb :. re gli .-.t al N *
. hrlstmaa. a clrcua wl
be *i\eii by ila f"i tbe
.1' tln- rhildn n of the M>.>r Ui ing
sf Canal atreei On thla occa on a ..:.e
jinner, confllating of eithor .1 turkey or v
blehen, with 'be uaual aeoaaaorlaa, ? I .
ii.- glven to each boy or ?'rt repn entlng
me t.u. u Laat year aboul two thou
? ..nd homei ?. . ::? kde happy la thl wa ?
and preporatloaa bava bcaa made thla
roar to oooommodata o like aumbor. Each
ii.iv wlll alaa recetve ;. pair of .-kat.-s oi
..n.e othor proocat, whlla tbe glrla wlll
_<<. .t. Ita al. ul oXttt baa been eollected
\,\ the eommlttea la eharge t.. ,v ?? l ti
imoag ti.e uo amph > et.
Price for Christmas Birds Has
Fallen 2 Cents Since Saturday
"All tho Baa turk?ys jrou wonl :'t _*?
ooata a peund," wuh tho woni thal gtad
lenod tbi Jeraej commuter last nlgbt uh
: po ?? ?.. long - ia igh In bh ruah for
the ferry to boar i^a: trom O7oah?
Ington Marhal tha Chrlatmaa gobbha itj
llartem aloa H eeata a pouad war tha
prevalllng prteo, aad lha sam.- haM trua
ln 'i ba Brona
A'hen the) were trotted oui ol tbo ice
boi wbi thoj had repoaad ovei Bun
.tav iiuk<\.- found yeaterdoy tbat the>
v., r.- conalderabl) eheapi r tban thi > wert
whon they want In. Tweety-elghl
i\a.- tb?4 average i rk - Boturdoy, and com'
pered wiih th. pricea al TnanhaglvlBg.
whl.l. ran botWOOn H and ? ifnta a
pound, tbe dUferencc ia conatderuMe.
"ITnuaually larga number >.f bir.i- on
tha market," nu-. tba ter.^o aad ooly rco
.son butchera gave f..r tha dowafkll
The clty us weM aa tho prtrate cttlaen
heneflted b] tha <lr *>r? Iti prteoa, for last
ntighl Inopeetora oi the Bureau of Vfelghia
ond Moaoun wenl ahopplng it wjs in
um nfth lal eaparity, however, an tho;
arere ..ii ti.o look..ui lor dealera wbo
mlghl porchonea havi b tea?pound Mrd
apparently weighlng about fourteen
pnundl that is. with tho ald of ,i sot of
' phone) s. il. - Tha amount spont hy
the dty in tiiic way waa 0M mnt tha
purchaaea were turned over t<> tho Mn
oldpel Lodglag iiouae.
Electriaan in Tunible from Ladder
Strikcs Chance Passerby.
Arthur Beyroour, on electrlclan, who
livoa at No |H W**t llHh BfrOOt, was
repalrlng electrical eonnoctlona on tb<>
!-.?.ii a akufl waa fractured and he
araa la .. aerloua condition wben removed
io l'..r.lbnm Hospital b\ l?r l-'i.rm.Mi.
Qerrard waa oiae taken to the hoapltal,
is he wei aufferlng from ihoca and a few
inlitur L-r-.asaa.
Opera Star Fears to Try Tetraz
zini's Feat To-nlght.
Fine Programme in Madison
Square, from 4.30 Till Mid
night, Free to Multitude.
Becaui e '
a t ! I
ramo. --I- ???
mabl. !?? partl. Ipal
I...,i tree tli ?? ?? - -fad on Wa mra
i a ;, to i ? \itt. pberl tlon bei
and In fl u where Ti l
. in tha open, ara doi Idedty dlf
irlnl ind 11 was
?: tha pub?
llc chrlati ' tlon that I
regretted l
? ?
? !. > -..nn . folloa
tan ere. i
: ? I tO-d
At a meeting on Sunda) aftornoon ofl
., -.-? v. .. wlll take parl m the rek
Lion it * thal all nam
... withhi: i afti
. | . ?? .-.;,.
Ul tl ' !"'? I
.? ,,r-1-> church ? '
Tbo police arill Iu ep a pai rewa
' between the i bui-h ->i d the atond u
Two i "ii Ired ol the B< Beouta . f
Amei U .. i ? -' itloned In thi.rd
tree to a D) woy In
. I. ? rvtcoa eon b of uae. Thej
wll "ii the lookoul fi - who
faint in tb. i lan ond o 111 repori to
..-. ..? ph)
Will Requ.re 2.300 Lighta.
Tlie det oratlon of the tree wai i I
, , - -..??? :i * a1
' thought tbat ! ?" ? ? '?? would
: o ? ifllcienl to illumlnate il full]. b l
i: ? . the work of pladng the bull i on
? rei bad -. me onl) h ill waj
, i.,.>> bulba wera uaed up ll ia now ? \
, pocted thal II aill take full) UN lighta
i-'roia |J0 to .". M thla evenlng there w-iil
; ba chtmlng od bolla. Al I B the trea arill
I bn Ughtod. a foafara of trumpeta arill
| foilow and then the mualcal prograumme
wlll begin. Tbe programme ia i toi
, HacO larall ? ??? ? u ? ' tha
i Cantorum and the V
. irytoBa aolo, 'H.-rU
Ua. i wwell . iiorui- Chi lati iea
Walah Bli cei Owtnt <
! ? jr >|a
Segre tnuai " and gi
Ui - ii >u
-..;.itata ? ??>? ? tte and ael aroU
i?ar!.. ancient i me li rn ?
Band Concert (9 to 10i.
tta < borali Star *?? ? .
? Wall h "1 ltt ln . Ittiaai.*:. .\ ntl em M.<i
aelllalaa": OarlbaJdra llymn tuatrlitn \"
-,!ia-n, March from l-'auai . inedli I I
.??na*. " Waj '*?? ? Suwa
River." "iiix..-. "Tannenbaum." "Wearlngof
tha . ii ? .1 .<i t "Auld i aai i -
"Tha ttt.,r? and Btrlpea i-\- ? Onward
CTbrlal .i. BoMlers1 ; r*Re i. w I Iti ..r. | Blua."
(Intormiaalon "f .m.' ho ?
PART 11 .11 te 131
I.. i"'..,-., n.ir^ lal an ?? i -
M.tt Nigl i ? . foi Nlfhl
Ua . i trorn ' Tba Prephel
ii.,...-.'i und 11" lat" Prai ? i
Pllgrlma 11 oi i* 'Taanl
. 'antlquc da N'.?-'
?,!...??? I' I |
tn ertaa."
Tbo audlenca ia expeeted to loin la
! tha tir>t number on the progromme
' "Stllle Nochl ' -whleh wlll be euog M
1 oaa bundred nwmbt r< of tln llocDoa ? II
1 ch< ma aad .< large body "i thi We\ ?
j MtiK'-r*. it hus in-.-n ?uggeetad alao thai
i tbe) lotn In other aobg eepeetally ln
, i nging "America." ai midnlght.
Thooa itt chorge of tha feetlvltlet ara
aoalooa t.. bava th.- ehloaaa ceaae a mia
uto or two befora I B, m the) arill not
Interfere v.itii tha ainglng.
\o dioturbance la eipected from thi
poaaoaaorg of Un horao, f?i II la belleved
the eolobratloa win offer to.. much ut
Iractloa t.? give thna for biowthg the
horns in thnt vhdnity.
CHICAGO SPENDS $20,000,000.
Christmas Gifts to Cost $15,000,000?
Satisfying the Palate, $1,500,000.
' Chicago, Dec. Bt ?Chlcago'a Cbrtatiaaa
i?iii eoet i.b..ut nB.Hg.6ia, rnaking it the
I moat prooperooa Im lha hlatory of tho
| clty. i-'or gift* including tOJ a, it I"
i IlK'urerl that $15."o0,nof) w|ll ho flpoBl Dhl?
, n.-i.a. aiaoo, llquora nnd tobocoo are gg?
j poCtOd to ad.l about H.NMNl -md the n>
I mohader arill bo given by employoru to
I thoir employea.
Morehaata dadara ti.at proopertiy ap
pearo ta ba paneral und expenditurea iib
oral, though pricea are higher than thoy
R . i.- fl |. ,.r BgO
West End Hotels Make Special
Holiday Preparations for
Children and Elders.
Dick Whittinjrton. to Meet
Youthful Guests with Special
Vouchers, Whieh Dwarfs *
Will Honor.
? - , ?Th, rlbu
London, I lec. _.",. -Prepai
Chrlatmaa Bve and Chrlatmaa Day faa
tlvltlea at the principal hotel nav?
never heen more ala orati
\t tlm vValdorl Hotel tIhrtatmaa
Dav la t" i" ' ? '? i...,?.-. ?? 't i dclight
ini round of t ild Woi l< Tba
< 'hriatmaa dlnner aill bt I in "?
goode oldi ityli nd II
tbat all Ihe old tradltli fully
llved up to, |m ludlng the i ?
the boar'a head, heralded bj trumpet*
? ra, and, .*"i the youni
inap-dragon. ? tne of thi
the ei enlng a III
Floyd Aristoi . the chai min| I
M tbl ?'arlt. ii tli- m I
.- 11anafomiatlon of tho <? ? < > I
and the palm i oui I into a aoi t of I
lagd for ? IMIdn n. A - tln
enter tl tlon room i
mel bj i?i<K Wblttingti n
h ho will pn i m ?
i ontalnlng i
Thi ii thi j v. ,i: i . ?
cottagi a'here Clnden
tht m on to iwo
dwarfa, a*ho will d
and return w ith pre ent? I
oth t mi thod of dlati ibutini
entfl a III i" b) a "1 I" pro*
j.-. i ing fi om ai
of th< ttag ? .
- ? .i
? blj be i lo.-i- on om
At the 8 Hotel I
,i ball, and on i chll
For the J
aupper. whl - - -
eai functiona In i.- i
_ ig< .
The I
dred al 'Hnner.
whlch aill be marfci
fi aturee, and on Nea v.
oke ol I-' thi
roa I. Into audd
lowi d aa abruptl*
aa tbe blrth
Al the Hi tel < '? II,
mi ti; of F. W
dlnner and the uaual n- V
braUon, at whlcb tbe woa
Sin.-iai fun? tlona a III take ;
the ? iraon, thi
Horrox a, ln the Btrand,
a ili i"- a large Axnerli an parl
Aldermen to Help Pay Poliee
Graft Investigators.
1 to the leai
of i. ?? for
t'urran invi tlgating ? "
< .. i
man i i
jeded l
commltli ':
... < |
oiniu to cai
Apnl .
i he i- B
the aldern ? I
The boi rd at , "
l.le tlon < ?
two jri .,i- foll ? -' '
1 tbe headfl of l
! i ratli oreai *?**"
cane, Moe< i M M? K< i. Now 1
. [?vlng??ton Klnj
! Brltt N'ow Vork and Ja
ar.- the Mi ? ? ? '
1 offlce. _
. , a? ' ?
Got Dizzy Doing Wll Dance?
Little Hope for Him
Uron Epeteln.
v.i 1131 V] ?
.., rloua ? ondltlo i I
ti-,,- reaull of -?'
to the feet recelved by fa '
Ura whlle al plaj wll ?
l aaterdaj
\ft- rai aultai
Pauat, Llaa aa I B helna It wa
tho snly meana of - l ' " ,,f''
Utlca would be requlred Ba '"'
,,:it verv uttla kope, owlng lo
|, i,.-.i condll
Tho boya, aii dreaaed ai Indl u - "**"'
I ? | uii.; w.-m abofl
near bla bome. Thej were ?
nre when Ibe Epeteln boj becan
reeted ., rea atepi
Bre falllng t'.,. ? ?
terlal ol the Indlan ?--?
Ignlted. and though hl? ror,
>*,ed ... pull blm out tho
burned "tr hl.\ hei
i,?i heard theli crim arrlved and
'mu un ronai loua to bla '"nm
Former Insurance Man Is Re
leased Under $10,000.
i-_ Kapper, af tba laprenii i ? rl*
ln Brooklyn, algaei .der y*
adinittiiiK' Fraab W. Antbony, oace bflaa
af tho M.'tropoiitan Flre laaarance Com*
paay, now under lodlctmenl la Pn"*
delphla ror embtaalement to ball I ' "J
Ho waa reMaaad, ball belng fui '?
partly in eaeh.
Antbony wa.- erreeted t- ii da] - ago ?
Brooklyn upon raqueet of tbe PhBB*
delphla authorltlee, and has heen i" Bar*
rnond Btreei Jaii awaltlng extradition
papera. when tba motion lo adatfl btal t*1
hall caaae befora tbe eourt reatardai t1"
objectloo *a.?h aiade te H by tba Wetihn"
Attorn,-> 'B ofll.. Tln- .-harKo is the BBB*
beaalemenl <>r tit.ttt in caah preaah?fla
paid by peraona whom aa aaa la have w
? iir. .1 la lha . on.panv ho said he repre

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