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General Jones's Blistereci Heel
Prevents Retreat to Nearest
Town for Bivouac.
Fortunes of War Change Later
and Wearied Marchers Cele
brate the 16th Birthday
Df General Craft.
. . ? .- .-,a- lem of Tht
lool x v.. Po,. :.??
? ? ?;.-' tfall in a mtcroi
. . ? witi. tbe only hotel aead?
l could aoi receiva them
wife waa eraoy, with Gener
? ol ol olutel'i refuadng
? . :.. *.k er at< p ond Um
? mOea baek, it looked pretty
1 --?-.'ant BUftroge armv as It
t ti gt flve
? ght
? | ii ir.'t a o ita) ri P.od Hook?"
i weii, let tho name root it a
her irat llttle moan ln tho whole t" i
? - r.ir.d, oanaradoo, wa win nnd a
' ro, " rricd the m- \
hravi ttng ber wotght from the
font w th the BOra toe to the I I
the kHatered heel.
- ? enough a Baaall boy cama r
' "Mrs. Hamm will take ye!"
What thousrh th? pnvatofl had to bunk
(our in one bed and a half? IVhat though
two f<r:4*-rala had to share Mrs. Hamm'a
a?- - | beat spare room and the other
general had to curl up on an extempore
.ot ln the front hall?
Beavoo win proteet the auffragetteo,*1
MVcd General Jones.
Celebrate General's Birthday.
I h JOJTOUfl OVealOg, af!*r olL ln
to the fun. tha unexpected od
eaoral ida c Cra tt ? w
rthday which everyone BBid WOB
ly adorable." Then General Jonop
.1 miide the dlscovery in the mornlnK.
a: d promptly eent word to the best cook
' ?? oK to make the best yellow
z" cake ever baked. Tt i.nist
? ? ea agjga, (whatover they c - i
?-. covered all over arlth yellow froet
fc Ktoeo coodloa in liuie jrellew i n
muat sit on tiie t..p of tho eoka
n Qo-wral Craft, all innocent of her
enth birthday. wniked ln to aupper
I? ? led cheera a-.u led to
? ? table.
Alvin Hamiii and her two da
... oi " Ada, huetled abo it dis
faaoi and hnMbtag
.ir>' lore Tbe table was .i<-cor.ited
r n..K? torn from tba
ihe luggage automoblle, ;.nd wltb a big
I white eallo Illlea, ihe gift of
Rlchard Ald
After BOppei tha j ..rty ept on the floor
ii fn.tit .f ..n open Hrr- and I
Protnptl Gen
? Ioi ?? ? ?. Washlngtoi -
? ? front of th. old hotol in
i ..; e ard mai- h! i >n to Albflu
Waanington's Ghoat Converted.
i run in the ranka
had madi ; of
. that
ln the
44. < t i -I-- 4- whlch murn
gh thi
? - ' ing, bul Oladya
en, tbo . ? .i it was tbo
Ma count- hopplly aK
dk .1 iid Mgned the i.<-titi..n to
ebeered, tho "army" trottod out of
? arlth tba odmlring population
? ? ?:?< and procceded at hlgh epeed
toward Rod HOOk No AOtOS- or
tt<; or Huii Hoooa appeared for more
Hteratoro, though the vlllaga al
tt..^- y.,;k i.apcrs had been
. t up by young Mr AotOf at ar.
f WOP tO Red Hook a taxioab h'.vo
righl lt brought Mra Margaret
Aldrieh, treasurer of the
an'a Suffraee party of New Vork
wbo baa a country , lace at
OOOf Rod Hook. She armo
o mayor nnd the population wer<
? g for the ?uflrragettee at tbe - Mago
stt.o i<?f ised tho pli
.tatioii t.> mar. h tO town with
i to epeed ohead and
'i r ? two young | Llna pon*
? art ? ftrll 00 fOOt, "iie of
wboi a . Mh otUde Moooonneau,
thl r of th-- village preaddeut, Wlillan
I with Mr Maa
? an.i fl blt
? :????? ' b dii
anri "General" l*raft ed ll
Aldrieh explalned to thi repoi
: , erybody la K><i Hook waa
I 4 anywoj I had
a atreel m.-ei ? at apiing nt
>>thlrda oi tha mon bad asgned
_?<? pli dg<
Women Too Buay for Caute.
? advantage of the llatrictor*
; aation work f..r ruftroge v abowo In
a lou n like i ?? ^ai.l lt
. I.i foi m ..
. . evei "? wea
wnh church aocloUoo. th. Grnnge ond ao
1 iai cluba tbat they ooald ool oodore tba
i'i. a oi anotber iui.. but It'a dtfferenl
ar.- to b, pait ol a gi'-at
I |-.-.zation. Rod Hook wooM
? ?,. bfl th<- oil\ town in tba
iu. ; B tt.b had nu disin.t oTganiz..
Thla will be tbo altuatloa In tbe
. | .,. ovi the sta'o. Thai I
a v I.. OM "i di.-.trp t work is
Miea V ait foilow <d Mr... I'nanlu l n>
loa of tho prograoa <?' tha
"?rni \v< must BBOkeahouoe-to-houea
ceavoofl i.f the whota etaUe before H
Aa aoM "ood wi muol <n> it ln ? k
t w diish through tha
ii- ln antomobiii'*.. Evea oM Dobldn
la to.. apaedy for oaSraglota it ? traunp,
ara mai I
Mikb Giadyn t'outj-. eweet re
?mit. tho \'ah_ar K"l ?"o JoiOOd t'<
-aaieh at Foughkevju-i.. proved bt
ia tho words et her aupi-rloi.s ? doad
I fl gol 11<1 of % big arrnfiil oi "WOaflMtn
^otoie" )[, )-g!, than half at. hour.
'this mornlng PiUal. Alb'- <laiko ro
_oir.?t_ the Mormy," foi Chi lol maa end thi
wbr rajiTaapoDdim Ji aak Ilardy MabbOj
arho ?h^ abooal ag-dn oo ftirlofl-gh, aeal
?*ord that :4b.- OroOld '? kflBBh OO ' !'
maa nlgi.t m ttnaa foi Um bail al HudoOn
1'n ChrtetmaR atfternoon bIm wlll oddreofl
a thaatie full of paogda ^n -UbflUMf
Vinson Walsh McLean, the "$100,000,000
Baby," Celebrates His Third Birthday
with Most Lavish Entertainment.
? '
Waahlngton, i?" a Tht thlrd blrtb*
dav pnit ot Vinson Wai ii IfcLean, tha
?on of Mi an-i M.-s. Bdward Beale Mc*
Lean, known aa "thi 11811808,881
waa < - lebrati d at the home of his par inta
thi aft'-riiooi,. and fllfOOdod in lavishn-ss
Idrei entertalnroenta ever sivon
'ii Washlngton i or a good thr ?
the >ixt> chlldren present were ln talry*
a greai i hriatmaa tree ateod ln tbe
largeal d awlng room, ano. llghtod iiom
top to bottom **-ith raactfuliy shaped eleo*
trle Hchts. presented a dazziiri*- apectae
l< Al th' baae wore rc*lndoor, leopard*.
^'.IdlerH Wboae utilforms were made ly
regular military taiiors, doii? greeaad iv
the Bneet -reasmakera ln Waahlngton,
| New Tork and Paria; berna, druma, pl*
aaoa, doll earnagea, bats and balla and
horasfl almoal aa large as real ponlee,
covered With the natural skins of the ar.i
Por tbi Httle glrla there were beau?
tiful plecea of Jewelry that they will he
? all tholr Uves.
??iy th.- in- ? nt a b Maat< r Ho*
Leaa Uked heat of ad was a real bve
donkey, with a long pedigree, hut not
much blgger than a loy, and a beautiful
-art for the donkey to draw. Into tbla
thfl chlldren hopped wlth dellgbt, whila
the ut ?? animal looked nncoiicerned Ht
thi great gllatanmg mound beside blm
-??? a. big bull moose und r al
reindeer pui up and mounti j I
Every little one Invtted, each the pro*
ppective hoir or ho;ress of many thou
Bands, lf not million=, of dollars, brouRht
the little hoM som* ptedoaa Rift, while
he, with all the aaturalneaa of baby life,
clung to a ball thal would boun< e M lf
it was r bandful of Hope diamonds. Not
i the little man show the attgbt*
eai tetereal In anythlng but the n
Nol the least a
'Woman" in Warriner Case
Begs for Doll for Daughter.
Tt .??F'.aph u> Tbe TrIB i
:,-:. *> fl Pi Bnllesi ad alone
except for the two chlldren who o
Wlth her, the little room in a hotl
,le;;r,no:to Htew.itt POTd, Whl ? ? ?
promlnentl] in the Wari lm e sevi
- whom rli h men
ti ;r monej, haa api
, i hrlatmaa a hap ??? day for
ighter. iioi prayer hi
? d two dolls l ave i.
and Ifra Pord baa ht rai ' n
eral cash d '
Mrs. 1
- break loa n afl
nal trlal of Warriw i
tbe "Big Poti i. Broad, who wai con
the embeai
*.- . ... \. , from the fea dollars whli h
... from Mr. Pord foi tbl - |
other in
t her aoa <-an
... lea In the
- eet*.
Aged Stephen Scutt Searchinr;
for 19-Year-Old Wife.
-_ ol_, of \'.-> hank knou n
i negar king." Ifl v
? ?: ?.. o waa A lee Be4
nlneti ? reara old
?? - i red laal T luredaj
s -.tt eame to Poughkee] I ?
. - of her, hut h<?r friends
here aay they havo not seen hor it is
sai.i ab< had frlenda in Brooklyn, and
s-he m<ty bava gone to them Mr- I
.- | n| av. ay partly '?
I, ? aged huaband'fl temper preveated
from Ihing happtty togi I 11
Scutt. who !k weattby, mel hia bride for
? al time laal May. He proposed
marriage the second time he called, Mlaa
in accapttng, and they dr<rv? to M II
brooh on afay tt and woro married wlth
lout tbe knowledge of tbelr fr, ,, B iti
i khv* bla brlde Ji"..*'' as a weddlng K'ft.
i..iter he bougbl ber a amall automoblle,
.... h-ti i ?? expreeaad a dealre fnr a
larger c ? that could trnvel ut hich apeed
hc gave her a radng - ar. Bhe j,ad aev
. ?,.' ;,- identfl arith this eai and her hua*
band then Bhowed siuns af III temper.
Son Dave's Bride Accuses Them
of Slander and Things.
Mr* Nellle Verachleleei an a
member ol a "Madame
Bherry" company when ahe mairied
V'erachleUer, Ib Bulng tbe - itti i ?
mother, Mrs. Annlo Verachletaer, for fje,.
damagae for aileged alaader. Tbe
plalntlfl has another sult pendlng HSMinst
her inothor-in-law ln whloi. Max Verecb*
the fathor-in law, a renl ostate
broker, la a eo-*defendant and in ^hi.ii
tteaa a-ks pi.ono damagcs tor kBBg
| i huaband from bea after havinK
. d him awa>.
I,, her s-uit loi fllander tf.e roung Hrfl
Beblelaei --'.?-,- thal ber motber-ln-law
reral occaalona, "Bhe la aa act*
i _nd oannot be respeotaMe." It ba
..,! ihat Um elder Mr- Verai hlebrer
, aiao aald: "A woman who Kt>ts 110 a week
trom hor hoabaad and keepe house
1 ,?, it .Htmot bo rospectHbl-."
Warned by Elgin Suit, Los An
geles Suppresses Committee.
Um Ang< '? i ''"' '-' 'n'r ?*?** *?*??*
Exchange voted to-daj to db*
oontlnue lta butter and egg price eeam
after Jaamary 1 Thla actloa was
ii f,r tbe gofeiainenffl buII aaainst
the Klgla btrtter Intoraete, tt wn.*, an*
Dee Bl?Tbfl eainpaicn to re
. . M haa forced atorea ha m partt
,,t pi.-iitir Boataa to son ateraga egga f,,r
ranej for M eentfl a doaen.
Nearl) r**.*? ??8'?',, bave beea aoM at M
,, siTty atatlooa opened by tbe
. aepern League Tbe aaagm paaeoi
TIBBI aggfl o:i aale to-dn>
in,. Tel**gra8k to Tbfl Trtbeae
Bumford. Conn . I ?? ? - Ura John P.
i loiiin of No 11 Bmanetl ^trr.?t. was fatally
-1.1- aft.-rnoi.n Whlll sing
ntended fo her < hrlst
. ?., Everj Btltcb of ; oll
,?,,,.,, off he, and she Inhaled ao nv
Pi.in^ tha' she dled la the Btamferd U-<!>
?.ital a fe? hours latt-r.
?. tion aad Chrintmoe,poi ty
waa tba table, where th" eblldren were
'--,..i wltb i mple daintlefl from ? ciothj
of gtlatenlng anow. m the tritddle of the
'. atood .. wooderful mammoth birth-|
da) 'ak.-, gk anttag und. r ek etrla
dice. Thorj there wa- a maii."" Chi
? I tr.-e. laden with beautiful tbings anri
tentng ln the reflet ted llgl I ?t ? Md
pond, on whl< h wi re d k ki on i beata an.i
aortfl of tm i IcoJ toj a \ '<-^' loke
w,,c fiiic.i with goMflok aud another or
nament wa^ a huge gietgb drawn h>- .sx
n indi ? with Santa Clau .1- drtvor.
Tho Ruaalan Amba mdor and Mme
r.ak! meti ft, the greatunclo and a.mt
of the Uttla boot; Mra I* Z. LeWor, Mro.
rtlcbard Townaend, Mr. and Mra Joeeph
Letter, tbe Belgt ? Mlnloter ai.d Mme.
Havcalth, the Bwediah llinlater aad Mra
Bkongren, Mra taareace Moore, Mr. aad
Hn Oeorge Howard, Mr. ood Mr " ai
tor Tuckerman, Mr. aad Mro. WolcoU
Tuckennan. Vlacounl ond vi- ? ti
de Blbour, Mr. and Mra Preaton
Mr. and Mra Bpcnccr. Vlacounl Benolet
d'Aay aad his Uttla daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. John Btory. Mr. ond Mra forcoran
Thom. Dr. ar.ri Mra MMehcll nnd many
otbora arara then 1.1 t*>? -bUdron
the wonderful -
Whiio tiio , Udren dlned ol thi -i f'?'-r>
Uke table ond Meater Vlnooa Wotob
Irtbday eoka tha older
folk eajoyed .. mow ? b tantial repnol tn
an adjolning di iwing room. Ona of tha
mo^t iBtereoted apecUtora araa Mro.
Thoma* 1. Walah, tha srandmotner of
the Uttla boat. wbo '-??? raroiv _een " l
lic alnca her buebend'a death, oxt Pl ai
concoin ..- ? turea
Uttla vi: oa win foUow ,ve e .*tnm o..
tattii-hod whaa he wai only a foW day"
Old a-.-l glvo 0 Chrinmas tree or two tn
s>ome o.inrt.T-4, of AVashmet.-n WhOW
.... ,. -i i?. ro Chi Btmaa
Big Christmas Stockmcj Hung
Up 111 Association's Rooms.
1 The 1 ro obUitlofl 1 ? ll al al 1 ':
Ftooaevelt, Cbau Iea Murpl
? . - William SuUor. Aa ? ?
-,. A.,.tt
Pai khural Mt 1 -rthur "
- '
I ?
awfl wlll droi 1
* : be ... ,:.-.?? : -a foi wom?
taa ..:?? with a ?,-?
? ?
Madlaon avenue. tl
ond drop a l
atlon 1 Chriart
-re w IU . ?? a Btlaoaoal ao ? ?' lii arith
refreahmentJ I to the <
Mra o/uuam Ivli
I puncl ? plenty
and 01 ol
? | i '
The Btocl ' ' '
tbe big I
al No "
:? . '
Bl . wo . ? . have Mi Murphy 01
,.. bring an importaut 1 - -
b waa no n
? klng. Mra I :
Uma In maklng ? J
ivlted. Bhe woa 00 of
mittlng thi !??" lal ? rror of leovl ;
? . who 1 ghl ' ? ? 11.
did nearls bi ??' v- ' ,:' 'v :'
llvea oe iar away, ln Albeny, bul otBer
- Kragtnta reminded her that II
:.. ror do to oak ??Booe' Murpb; aad aaub
Uo c-iiii bai" , iooa t^o g-o;,4 leodera
?cratchlng ayea and apotUog aooh othei'a
good look? becauae ona araa bld to tbe
.. party ano tho other waa not,"
1 n ?? * oher oftor tho ballot.
"]_aybe M Boroea won'l ba oble to
.oino, bul thore'fl nothing to hhrdei hl
. ndtng a check for IMM by mall I 1
our atocklng. He co Id oven telegraph it.
j... know."
Tha aullraglgti 1 r< antli ipatiag gn I
.,, ire from Colonel Hoooavelt'a ri -
?ponae to their invitation. The eard
t tO rn Wl -p'.-ially OBB"
? i _.!..! tio.j v.:ib yeUou rlbbono,
and Mra IvtaoTa daughter, who ie an or*
Ust, droW Itttle moose beoda an.i hut.i iti
ringfl tntermlngled oith vlgnettea of Mlm
Harrlet May Mllla Mra currle Cbapmon
. 'i.tt. and othi r well kaoa t
oll around the mergla
"i know thal Mr. Roooevell wii wtah
to .ome," oboorvod Mr 1 loa as *>be af
flaad a atamp to tbe mvttatlea bearlng
.... "beoaooe i.? must f?-.-i ho
badly aboul not bohag ahta to f<rwarn ti.
caUOfl Of votnan Hiiffr.'.u-e a.- be c ou 1,1
have dono. nnd doubtlooa would hav
done, hod bo boon oloi tod Prootdoot of
lihe Unlted states. i fo.-i .. r. c ,,
whether be Ifl able to eome or oot ho will
aond us .. valuable preoenl t good Mg
< li. . k. probably t.< mak" up for what BB
meanl to | vt op if 1111:,trs had --..rio hla
way Novombo, I
.\ pooolmlotlf paroon in tbo rorneraag*
geatod that moybe Mr. Rooeevelt'a <-on
tributioa tO tho ctOektBg WOUld )?< an
autograpbed eopy of tho article ba wrota
about womoa aulfrugfl for "Tbo Outlook"
a good many montha iui" aome time be?
fore hi heoded tho Progrea Ive party
tirkft the "reforenduOfl t.> tho women"
article. Bul all tbe other auffrogieta
crled oui upon th> peeoUatotlc p.-rnon
end oald tbey felt oare Mr. Roeeevell
WOOld uno tbem 8 OlCO, < oinfoi table
. beck
Oueada 44)1.. occepl tba "etote'o" in\i
latlen or* roqueetod ..?- they enter te
drop tboir ofTorin-f- 111 fho OtOCfclag, und
then there wiii t- .. .-<>? iai laterval, aad
than Chrlat-ooa -i ? -.ud aooga wtU be
? _. Including "Onward, Chrlethui Bol
I dler," o\:t ot eompllmenl to Mr. Rooao*
I rell
Although tha affan la belag arraaged
ni h creat harry, a briot pantoiniiiio aaa
tftled "How- Wo MagR<-.l Them'' may he
j.resonted. lt will >-bo\\. ln pnntomimo.
iii. euBT-oglatfl Kit.ro. ? <i ni fordag
I the polltlcal pat tieM one after another
! |o put ? oaflraga plnnk ln their plat
\lifr~ Coro Morland will tokfl
| the port of Mlaa Alioo Chlttondon, tho
Iwoii known "ant-," at tbo Republlcan
1.. 1.-1 .?!-? ? onventlom . pi 1
.,.1 .,i mh foi ti,.- -nffi agl la do 1 o|
Ihe Hnli-aiiTri.ri4.t- tboir
I .i,;.i< ??? th. glorj of bfinglag about the
aufTiag. referenduna.
Calls Turkey Trot Graceful, but
Says He Will Introduce
New Dance.
Parisian "Ambassador' Ad
mires Our "Magic" Skyscrap
ers, Library and Policemen
?Meets Mr. Wanamaker.
Moaaleur do PottejUlerea bounced vtva
deualy Into tho Bt Regla laal i Igbl at
,; o'doi-k and aanoanot J hlmaell moro
than de-ghted to ba tboroughly toter
riewed, even though thne waa fleetlng
and ho bad nn (Agagefneirt to attend a
nuatcal toa at Mi ?Jeaander'fl
i b om at that vi ry mlnute, *r> aa fel*
lowed by dlnner nnd tbe op< ra bi eem*
- th llra. John gator.
NMoBt wonderfuir waa bla Bral remark,
jaai by wa: ol Pt Boral lotrodt etloa to
anythlng thal mlgbt ba aaked blm.
??why. i dtdn't get to bed untu I o'elock
this uaornlng. And at %M my telepbone
rang. it waa a joui-nallat to Intervtew
md, rto energy of your jouxnallata la
moat marvelloua
??Leat algbt t had dlnner nt Mlaa Mar
hury's, and tho cbolceal people i
there. Then to-day I vbdted Mn Btanley
Martin at the Long Wand i'-r
ln tl a nlceal taate. Tb< a x vl Ited Mrs.
a Mackay al her beautirul palace,
Enjoyed the Turkey Trot.
"Ah, I must n>< nk of tho dittl
.. -,,-,. .. | ther ea of France
i bro-iR-ht from thfl ladlea of Prano w
Mme. coraollaB VandertnTl ond Um bi I-?
ot imarrtaa I brangM thair perfume and
beauty aa a tok-n af boroaga. Thfl i tiu m
waa a aaaeJl dam-.,. i aaw the turkey
trot. it la i***r?,rr nlofl dance, I
t,io?t graceful, rerp gaod Kl>x '
brought a new danee I call t'1" Moxixa
: i --iinll Inti
?The c<tv? Ab, yea, I have
city to-; *?? ' Ai I il! ASU r I
Bberry by vTeeeuat Coolck, i had a tr p
about town. l aaw tb? Ubrary. It la
moal aplendld, moat movtng. T!..n i
aaw Broadway lt H a mos' | ? I
i r Mr. V ? maker In bla
., |, , . Lme aapei ally rn
. ? aee me and gave ?? th? ?
prrsonts 1 went
storo. ll ?? ? ? "" better
how many letti
? ? .. i ?'?-?? i - ,
to ? ? '
Iheal !
.,-, . | rt Paria thi
? '
... -. ? . ? Ifow
i ma
? ngement of thi
? i the
.. i
? ?
a whei
1 'n his
i leava th? i M"v
man) rmlta did i bi ng ' Well li
Hng one mual
Great uover of Sport.
rhe lnflui.f sport
. , ? makea II -
l mn a eu at lover ol sport. l alwaya i-o
., ? . arhal do yo i aayl la thi 1 - -
|o^i:r, jrea, lhal la it. i ara a great
friand of ll B t la a manll I ition of
--,.-? gth ai i ? Buraga. f am ' i
and I want to aee a I
??And, too I th v. n alwaya nlee to be
pohte. it makea llfa nli >-. In A\ fl !
meet ao tn; ay of l ie rnoet pollte
We Frenoh have tbat name, but j
Anierli-sna niako ns strlvo hard Tl fl
;.?? tan every when ai a i ael , ollta aad
r ordlaL
"S.-o j hn\o irot my r''''' lr*' !n c ' I '
hut i arlll ghrfl you one of th* |
with my plcture tbey aro geOIng in Paria
and i wiii fllgn my aama Ar,.i now vou
mta * i ? aei ?- *? tu a me, a? i i
io po te lea nrlth Mme Alexander, and
than to the dlnner aad opera arith Mme
'Jack* As'.i.;. <;.i evenlng l am moat
lellghted, aad I hope to Bea >ou agaln."
Unfortui ati ly, I ma araa loa - rt b
... ,-,!! ,,f mon?i. ur's fllto.-n sti!t<. OlM
hn'i to be eontenl wlth tho aami le he had
an gray checked tfoueaea, unpreeoad,
after tn*> Parialan atyte, and aboea that
rlid not b? ar ton hlirh a lu.-ir-; a CbevtfH
eaat, Mach; arltb lual a auggeotloa af
iray aprtnkh?g II Hia tht waa black, wttb
h cluater of amall dlamonda tn the pln
he wera well down in t..? kaot, while bls
collar V.A.* of only aiedlum belgbt, aad
perbape a Mt awre gbawy ln Bnlah than
New *i urk dandb ? wear.
Jersey P. S. Corporation Fixes
$9 a Week as Minimum.
Tha PebUe geiftco Corporation of N'*w
Mkrwlag an inquiry Bocb aa
aome stat.-.- nre eondUCtlng and any num
l.-r of ilvn and OthOT BTganUatkma have
made, haa eetabllabad a mlataaum wai?*!
'.>r Its fomale .-mployrs, to take effert
lanuarj i Begbudng with that date tho
lOWeet Waga that will be pahl to any of
the three hundred or rnor., women and
i rmployed by the eorporatlon or its
?ubfddlaiiefl aill ho t> a weeh Tl
mean a BUbatantlal laereaae for a major*
Ity .if Uh emptoym uff-'-t.-d.
lai. >? aterday aanounelng
iho pian of tbe corporation, tho prealdent,
Fbomaa M. McCarter, In Now.irk, dla*
i isae.i UiB- nuaallon from a moral pabat
.f vlew, and udd. d < mpha.-ls to tho pro
-Mmneaaaeatfl *****?*'*?' an>thins' but "a
llvlng was*" ror tho young aroman, par
Ueularly if thoy were to be eapeeted to
maliitimi th.ir Bfllf*lB8PBIJ and aVoM tbe
temptatlena "f the bualnaae world. Mr.
McCartm a atatemeat la .'.irt fuiiowa:
in purauma it" pollcy ot promotlng the
materlal wellbelng ot ita employea, the
Public Bervlce, through Ua prealdent nnd
weifare committee, uave eorlouo eonatd
?ration to the probtema whlch confront
tho average roung aroaaan who muat
needfl aupporl beraelf and whoee natural
Inatlncta are to preeenri hei Mtf-reepect
and lealoualy guard hor koo.i aaaaa 4
rareful inveatigatlon led to thi
sion tha' a roung woman could suj.ply
horsolf with the ne*"eeaariea of life, bo
thal ahe eouM llve decentlf and have a
falr margin for ordinarj romforta on an
Inr-ome of U ., weeh Thal abi ?
M .rn ? i. aa nint and '?? free fi plti
and temptations whhh bea
?omon wbo are thrown in centad wlth
ih- w-.ild >?rfS not eo ohvo'is
New Year's Eve Committee
Plans Sane Celebration.
Popular Hymna Sung by Big
Choruses in Public Squares
Provide Feature.
Tlcklerg and t;n boma and tba
nitdnight reverry nr? ao kmgor to ba the
BOlo OTdor of thinps on th? night of Do
eon ber U ln New York lf tho Kow 1 I ' -
:. ? Oommlttoa ran.i< ln earrytag <"it
its programino, wbich It confldenUy ex
l/orti to do.
"Nothing w except raln," raid
.T-.-..I) a. RUa wi.o atarti t tho Baovoment
for a tana NOW Ye.ir's Kve, yesterday.
"Not even a Boowatorra wui itop
he aald.
!(?? waa :?' o ture thal th. I ?
plan to hava oii glng in the publlc Bqtmroa
ild a t a new taahion ln Mi w Toer'a
celebration wi.ioh jrould convlnoa the
world that Now Tork waa not ready to
hand over elther I OOT, Wltb iti
? i regreta, or the oow roor, arlth
its hopoo, to mon : ?
<)n the Clty Hall Btopo, 1n Madi?on
pfjuare and at HofUld BqtUUra on thia [
comlnB N? w Yoar'a Kve ChOtf
lifloeii hundred volces, niude up of church
. hotra and mornbors of ^lnerlriR- socletles,
will Blng hjmns and Chrlatmaa sf,i W* trom
II < lock ontil tha break of tho Near
v.-ar. Thera arlU alao be four "miynty,
overwbelmlag band ." to aaa Mr, Rttafo
own worda, whl b arill help to drown cut
d;n along t ?? Ghreat winto
.\ '.iittsr to the mme arranged
by tha o imltl ?-. the Un I
WiU hOVO to atrug^tt* agaln-t tba big
t 0 o'clock, when thay wlll begin
and May for h.ilf an hour. Th n tlie
Kinginp of th* moootor cholra wlll bogla
.Mr. h.tt b*Mirvaa that a large part of the
? ? .- wlfl Join tn. a:..i tha i ? i ?? - liavo
been ehooen arlth b vlew to thia being
? ... l noi
They aro ao I Battlo 1
? ? )?? puMlc," "Ouide Me, 0
?? ? < > . ;.-i, Our H
Agea Pai t." "Ni in r, .-'
Att-r tbe midi tho
WlU Bing "A i l ??-?.' Mr.
. ? .
"Aaneri. ar -.tt.i tban d
Al M
uei d ln the - ...
I Mi roenttioo.'
Grand Larceny Charge Shames
Woman to Suicidc.
? r arn I oo <
I . ' \o. :.: Wi
. |. . . ? ; le earl
<-.-ii ln ( a
the .ilnir of
? -,;-.., I to i nd
ir bet '? - ott was
? ..-; :? ? but there
. . otendod
to end hei 111 i. II I
ltl i the net aoon .- the
matron left tcad of ? alth ?: an hour
ted 11 ? tt'fl c u hall
on 1 r and found r hau
_ ?
I tho wa
ob ? il I olf mi i our.
Mr--. - rleo, t No.
!.!>:.. who waa tbe complaln
oi ? . oat ] ? ? '
tbe woman'a d< ath aoi I thal be
gladly ba\.- i ': bar pr
, ?? ? ence lf ahe bo I i ? oan what ?
: ? ? irge wo .ii
Detecl ro D ki i Mra af tba Lenoa ave
nue pollca Btatfam, oireated Mrs. B ott ? i
a ordla : t ? tbo eompl dnent,
?.r had atoien from
h*r a fur coat VOlUOd at IMM ? BOOl EOUfl
il }. o u:. i u dlai
First Indictment Under Act
Making It a Felony.
.; Blum, p..n of Morita I
i, i aetate d< dei of l toroa _, o oa
\ OM lon.ln by Judga Humphrey
day, bi tbo i. '. on fcn
Indictment < barglag bh i v ith bai
kidnappi d fa j oo, Bugomj i ?
Thla la i dd to ba l
; ttii.l.r the act iiidkiiig lt t
Ither pai'-nt to K.dn.ip a i bUd
that t ?? eourt h.ia ploood la tba
pf ibe otl er,
Toung Blum'g wlfo obtalnad n ?eper_*
tion, tbe euatody of thalr aoa and $io n
wooh oUoiooy aboul g %?>4' ;.*-o. Mr?.
Blum waal to Ubarty t<. Uvo, aad b.s-t
j in.4 Blum rhdtod h.-r. Ho d>.i not like
eertala thlnga ho aadd he laornad thera,
,.,, .?. mok tha ehUd nnd boojaa an oction
iluto dlvorco, wMeh tat atlU i" od?
lln Blum ha.i him arrolgnod ln naa
battaa, chargad edth eoatampt of court,
hiid tb* euatody of tha ehUd was reetored
to bOT, but hi-r alimony whh BUOpended
pendlng a trlal of tb.i divorce nult. BhO
tn.-ti appeorod befora a Qooana Co utty
grand |ury and oooarad tha Indlcti
h.-r buaband on the ebarga of Mdoapplog,
Fixes Bail at $1,000 for Woman Who
Tried to Shoot Clerk.
Teotbnoay ahowtng that trooMa bo
tweea Mrs. cathorine Porbaooa an-i Mta
n. ;? ii BeflUM r. whon aha ott ami
aboot had booo breorlng aaooa laat sum
lllir ov.r tbe aale of furniture araa
brought out before Meglatrote 0*Connor
tn tha MOrrloaala Coart yaaterday. Tbo
naglotrata aaal Mra. HOrboooa befora
j,,,!,.,. orfaUlvru-, ame ralaaaad her m
$1 poj ral!.
M,._ Reoaor hi a eierk ;n Mr Harbo
.,,",. | \mOma4 tallerlag aotoMtobment, ol
i ) celumbua avaoaa Itwoo brought
OUt ln rOU8l tbat while Mi? Hei,ti. r WOfl
fittrnitnK to a eootoaoer Mra Ha
,?shod tn and atn.-i a revolver at ber.
Mra Rennor adanltted on crooo ovomtno'
,,,,? tb ? ' Puw^aacd tha
hold futi.it rre of charlea Dexter Harbe
.?,, .... def< n.i..nt bu band, oi I
taken op Ma leooa ol ao oportn
N-,, ?., -v>, ? ' Mtk -"? ? ' la I -s lOBflaor.
The Suffragettes Will Cry if They Don't
Find lt in Their Stockings.
"flrar S.int.i i -
"ri.' re - luat one II t in my
itocking ' i i -:;.? .. i a ,nt the \oM Ut
ind loyfl ;-nd
? o-.'i glve me
any of tho.? if only you'il sr..' mc th>
vote. Pleaae, dear Banta, 1 will be BUCfa
it good pir 1 lf you'il do what ! aak. 1
promiai that I'll be very, very cai
tho rota If only you'il lot ma l i ? l
and I won't hit any of my little bol
frlenda over tho h.-ad wlth it, and
evei play wlth lt when l ougbt to bfl
waahlng tha dlshi -
"Hoi ing you eaa grant mj ?
Banta, i remaln, your little friend,
If there is a BUffraglSt tn Now York (ity
wboee prayer to Banta Claaa dlffera from
the above ahe araan t t.> be found i r*
dap. Oh, raa, there was one Bhi waa
Mra Prancee Maude Cooley, and - |
the Chriatmafl gift Bhe'd hk* beal wouM
be tba aaauranoa that no woman wauld
? vi r agaln do any Chrlatmaa shopptng for
at leaat two rnonth*1 befora Deeember M.
To have tho Bhop glrla BPOrtd tho straiti
thi y ar-? now subject d to during tboae two
WOOJd do her more BOOd, Bbe sald,
thaa any preeent she couid recelve. Bat
a* a pood auffraglBt who ovorheard Mra.
Immedlately aald:
"When women voto, condltlons w.'.'. ba
righti i for the shop glrla."
Boy Mra Coc4ey*a wlah amounted to the
eame I
Miss Mary Qarrett Hay, city rhairman
of tha Woman l l irty, wama
aome oho, k*, hut then the w_ms them
to apend for tho -
"When i take down mv atocldng en
Chrlatmaa nmrm?g," Bha aald abrwly, *Td
like to Bad in lt the a'surance that OYery
ono of tl.e eixty-three leadflM f*"1*' t,1*J
Woman BuiTrage purty lri tl.e alxty-tbreo
:-.- diatrteta of great r New v k
will work Just as hard as she can WOTk
until ti. i vote la i , ond Pd like, I a*
? that an *
at Albany WiU BO tbl I
toward passblg o ir bUl. And in the
chlnka ln my stoekbag lhal ?'- fllled
Up jjy . rancea Pd Uba to flnd
? and amall,
for the work."
??Do >, i thlnk Banta'U brtng you all
you aak for?"
??I tblak," - ' " arith ber eyfla
,i; nnd t ber white bah* Ull Bbe
.... ike Banta ?
r, "I think i II get a Uttla of
m. ? Carollna Ra
v. man sufTtage Aaaocla
tlon, Btuck her fO< t oul i rn ya i it
laked what
r? Chicago f
Candies for the Tree
templatlng addlng to har Iren'a enjoy*
. ,. . ?, faattve aeaaoo by providm*
their i al entertalnment
.. i . - w.i . aml wanderful ChrlBt
, yet li h. i
, .1 nnd that tho ' '
I , N......s - trtnki la may be entlrelyi
l Bubatltuted m tbelr
- dainty articlea of hoi
rnaaufactnre, whlcb are BUN to be irarn y
... - to tha
. b nature of their .? l
Whli i fondant, wl -
... - nn tho baala af a
- little abjeeta, i
.. . rn. rta ti i wee
.-.,l rhhkrna. the latter belng eaelly
rpaddl i fllPl I ln con
. . ..-. ^riorift^eearanotavail.
, B and wlde-bladed knlfe
? |a th aqually good effi
' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'ni
bii fcitronand ndled fruitawill
i very reallatla ayes. BpIU Jordan
, rurnlBh Mlla for the btrds, aad
... be alao glven to tho
-. keBI ka by outllnlng tbe wtagfl
_?*, a j-? ? ?? fondant niix.-d with a
aga peeU
White Fondant.
, ? ? how mu . Boe ex*
. .. , t ono pound ol
tbo led at the time, riaoe It bl
Bcepan, addlng half a cupful
- and t-tir with a wooden
untll th- augar is dlasolved, nol nn I
. Pl i.--, a dean ah ? 9?*** ???
.. arater, wrlag lt out anl wlpe down the
j |M af *ii- aaucepan, aa tba granulaa
.. altoared ro racaala eam
..nn wiii anaua and the fan*
.... i !?. r.in..i. in about ala mloutaa
water ln the left hand.
Dgera of tbe band in the water
untll th n ' ehined, then pl re them
, nto thol itltng ayjup and then m
. bacl Into tho |ea arater. Th,-re ls
. allgbteat danger of buraing the
,f ? .. diiacttoas arfl earefully foi*
?n ie thi*. trylng proeess until
, ntt ball <.an be fornaed batweea tho ga*
Mrs; then pour the ayrup lrnmodi-itcly aa
a mai aa alab that has been olled; *atoh
H , irtfulty, and when lt become*. warm lt
|f n ,,i. tO Btlr. Cor.tlnue atlrrlnrr until
, p mlxture i*. a mkk, i reaaty aaaaa; then
? ln the band an.l kneai lt as lf lt
aret-a d, ugh. When it becom^ a soft.
imootb aaaaa it la ready to aaeald.
Decorated Candiea.
other atuaaanilM for tha hrefl may be
(ormed from aaaall Neeea of tMa flaana
remdaat, abapod ha the form of ttny egga
rheaa aaay ba daeaaab i by rattlag deetgna
whlta writmrr papar, atting them,
? : em direi tiy en tba eus;< aad wltb
i atlpple bruab dlpped la a vagatable dya
l tha flntln am l ma with tho eotor.
Upon laBBovliig tba peper tbfl dcatgn arlU
ho round mark sd plalaay on tba ? n
The nametoua designs th.-.t may bo fasb
j,mad with tho ald of popcorn *eom Bhaaaf
?ndioF*.. baglimlsa with the attracttva Ht*
ti. baaateca fov boMhag tbe bomemade een
aad ondtrur with the gay uttie
Boata Btted wlth real aatta of crepe paper
thai ,,ro aure to giadden tbe beart of tbe
naall bay. Meald tha Baaketa bi Baat rowa,
fashlonln? the handtSB after the body of
tne baaket la completed, Bnlahhag them
iMth a apray of hiUy and 8 Jaunty bow of
i. a-i-t baby riht-.on. Por the boata per*
tinps n paper foundatlon arlll be requlred,
Mlt ifter 'ho popeon hna been arrang.-d
? oa th.- paper may be aaatly ro
mored, and tha ttni aaaata aad aalta ad
Almond Caramel.
*r*iny bearta of abnood caramel are aka
rary affectlvi Plaaa hi ? graall aoce*
paa four ouacea of batter, ono pound of
i.wn tagar, ? glll of aaotaaeee, a giil of
"and it wll! take a fcOOd deal to rtll tha!
] i ;o. kui^r "
??oi.. no it im ? i protootod Mt a
. RcUl) v ..... b ;t Mlaa BeUly weuH
havo it thal it waa
! "Aad I want lota in it." she vnd i
want Novodo, Texas, Montoaa. Kobcaoka
North Dakota, Booth Ihikola oh,
Ond I want tlie legi_.'..'UUtes of Now io k
an.i Peanaj Ivaauv'
"Don t >ou want Mk ii._an?'' ig led
her 4 iadtor.
itt- 4_'..t Mfchlgaa.' i .'i -ClflH n-i.iy
with Bignlty. "i had .. beautiful .infle
ii..- i- witii Mlehlgna for .1 few oreeha
> lo i: .n. and thta tbat. aanghty
iltt . -iri, Mra Ar.hur m. PodgOb oi ihe
Natioaal Asoodatiou Oppoood t'* ?Tomaa
Bulfra ii ooo bad boya lha
inombora of the Lkiuot Dcaiers' Aooe
???!!, they ;ot togothor and com
ed to make lac(s _uid say I bhould.it
have it, atui eornehow my pr. tty Mlcl
? ui was snatehed away from mc. But |t*0
mim . aii tho .-ame, and when Dr. Anna 11.
JBhaw ...ni" bOOOO to-day?srio'a beeri out
vVVat, eoob-g abauf ta-? very thlLu>'-vs. i,
1 8 -nd:
" tt\. v.r mind, llttle gfff, you shall OOVO
Mlcbigon to play wltaj tha next Lx*.*
latyre. thero will give lt back to you!' "
Dr. Sbaw say. flho wishes every woman
lu thO BtOtO of N.?w *ork could ha\o for
a Christmas preaent a ph dge from he
husband tha. he'M \rte for auffrage ,m
Udf, Hut Mrs. Wiliiain Ivirs, of thebtat
Woman SutfraKe Association, ejya ahe ia
i-adly afraid that som? ivu_u._i wouldn -
appreclate that gift.
"I Oioh you couid havo jorn thagOOTO
ful facea of 6o:no 0f t!,e woniou Ht the
IndUOtrtol K.xhlbitlon ln the r.rand Cen?
tral Palace, last yOOT, when they BOW our*
s.ffrage bOOth." she oboarVOdL "The wa/_
they dragged their husbands p.!-1! NoJ
there gro a good mar.y women jrog wh<>
WOUldn't take suffrage as a gjft> |
"Tha ChrifltBOag BVOOOOt I want 1?
mor.ey for the cause. It cosfs gomothlog
to run this stato orjranlzaflon. Tho ri
of our headnuarters at No. 180 Modloon
avi BOO ls lh*j a rnontb, aml there are the
H.i.artts gad axpaaooa of our two oi
ganlaera ond our Utorotara, and suffrase
ttov-ltles?oh, lot OM B-e." gold Mr.a.
Ivins. with a calcilating look, "nothing
losa than a fund whlch tvo-iW give 00
IMM a month would flaUtafy us for
Mra Noro Blatch do Inoruot .md Mh
Um Lexow, .jf the Woman's Pollti.a.
I.'nioi:, want for tho;r Christmas gift the
pooaaga of tn? __fTrape, bill within one
aftOT lh* Ix-gislature convenee?
? .? m lf Santa Claus has to turn lobl
COmpUah lt: The prayer Mrs. Anna
Weeka laader of the 27th AaoomMy
rfct for the Woman Suffrage partv.
puta up to the Christmas samt ls short
I and auc.inct.
I war tt tha rotfl " || l
tt and a ho ' n_hil of obnoi 1
' . t; fltlr over the tire until thorOUgi
t and then boil until it croefca or
? ns when dropped m foo orotei -?
from tba flre .md pour into m
' .-.., ? ii :.. . i.. ii i fhti:
! v. :r!i ' llve ";\ nr..\ lino.i ??
cl oj i-. ?! abnonda B ? >iii, from
tli" poaa and odora arlth i lo- r> an<i ?
of ciirooon .-tt' d ribben rhooa ara \ei
BmeU oake- of tho ator-ohaped rlei
>tt oui.i be Belected, aml decoroted with
gally t.n'od fro?tin_-?. .md mall cai
cherrlea and citroo arranged te reprea
cl lotera ot holly.
Ti a oM-faohlonod gingerbrood dolla
moat alao ba provtdod with eurrar.t oyea
and mouth. The Ingrodlenta cr tbeoe doll
ra oo 4 n et* ;h.a evea baby max- pai
take of them with Impunlty, wblh Um
Ol l.r ehndren aro being rog^lr-d with rnoi.
aubot-U-tk-1 aweota
NumcrOUg other de\ i. .-s will ouggesl
tbemoelvea as one procoeda with the (Oa
Clnatlng work; und the tree "that really
grew tha gOOdloa*1 WfU be long rememberel
after the rnor" elaborate and pretentloua
oflalr ot prevtoua jtars has boon for
gotti a.
Daily Bill of Fare.
HI.L'AKI-'AST ? Japanese perpimmonii,
with cream; fartna, frlo.l eea trout.
ttaat bana, ..offee, v..t.t arMppod
DINNER?Raw oyatera craam of cei*rr
OOUp, rOOOt gooso, broad etufhng; cryatai
Uoed opplea, glazed sweet potatoea.
m.i>!i'-u w.i.ler BgUOah, white endlv^
-.,....I. ctt-.ickers and ctu-eee, mlnce pi .
\.i: illa cotipe, marzipan, coftee.
< HAFINO D1SH SLl'l'Er.-fYIed oya
tori,, ctuham wafer?, ch-iry pte?or\et,
walnut cake, tOO.
JAPANE8E P-StBH-TMO-a!.?Thlo frult
is aopoclall] good w.t;, _n?weetene_i
i if .mi, arhlppod "t" not, as t -ferred. Th-,
rr-am mod ;i's tne cioylng aweetri'i-a ,,'
thla fratt, g-M by modlfvirnj Its saccha
? ment tbe true flavor of the frult
:. ..<n> (, u.ore pronounced.
cored aud quartcred appleg into an BOItb*
. :i t ..king dish. Sprinklo them lightlv
with augar and bake them all day, etooa
lv CQTerod. or untll they are a dark, 11< h
r.-.l ai.d alm.^t as Uear as eryatal. D<?
not a.l.i much water?Jum enough to pra
veat than from buming. if tho apt>ies
ar.- i.ot \.-ty ta-t add grated lemon nn.i
th. m tl!l tondor, theri roll them in OM Itod
butter and sprlnklo lightly with BUgau
lttike tbem in a very hot oven until they
Ore eovorod with a brown coat.
i REBB SAi.AD.-Tha white, oacurled
eadlVO, known as 1-Yemit enoive, ta
moch more dtllcate than the ordinai:
rurly aoMlva ?nd not go Mttcr. it
t:.ak. y a deli.ious .alad with I'roruii
..r mayonnaiao drossmg, and may taw.
tbe piace of olery as a novelty. A i .
aprayo "f watorcross mnv be MTVad wlti.
UM ? r.dive a? a garnish. f.-pper 0000
inake nice holders for individual gorvi.-. -
of this eala.l.
\'ANII_I-.4\ COl'PK -The va_nilla 0OUP<
1s himply raallla k e croom .-" rved in g'.ab?
fllieihet eups. Serve only a small fpian
tlty?Just tflMMgh to glv.- a little .old tv
freahcaaat after th? hot g..oa.- aad rich
mlnce r'c-but docorate oach prettll.v w^li
g i it ..f ?re.-n oogeUea aad a eoooood
.iitiiv to glva tha ChrtatOBaa eoloca
MABZIPAN.- Marzipan in the form g|
,-tiawb.rnes tnakoM a most delightfu.
bonbon to serve at tbe end of the <.'hn?i.
rn...- dinner.
I'KIQCE AND KXCMJO-Vl- t'AKis airTa is
Strnlll t>i-uiot..l? and Porlea Hloctra. Arttati -
ic.mI.-i., aad .i^liiiy croation* JiiKt r.',?u*a ta
Mair ?li-iiam- i.i-. BbOB Owcfc-?. Halr bariMt??.
riaraa Pladoma, Petgnaa, l .<-<i>i?.-, Peeapa
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