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iVrtoDork ttribunr.
? ?
... - ??*
Pa . -
., ,?,
? ; ,
t? 14
liz -a
. -
Oi - mm* ? lioo: "
I > \ J:
, .,,,:,. ' | ... $8.00
- , raeatl ? ?'" Oaa at. *?'
i -,., ,....?? r 1 rfl ??
Oai ,- rUl eeafer a la idvlelag
rbea 1 - ? ? '
at The - rdealei
The bodtctaaei I ' Mi Me len and
M:. , eai lenta of tbe
\,-v7 Haven and G and Trunk rall
H .. , n-bul will certainlj be nn
. , lt offen
-- Um theor*
ct-Stnal pwaecaitton is tho a
' factory method oi making the Rherma
effectlve afainat nwnopolj
[tortaa agalnal large comhUuitlona bava :
tber-n obtained ia dril aults, whU<
?y__tnal act*
been dl tappolntlng, baa not IttMeued tbe
demand for proeeci Uimmi
'stUanlated tl. ; ,iiuh
?for UM pnttlflbinenl of IndlvM - - - ?'
,*ponsU*'4? for Uraasactlons wl
? ivl! . , t.. vlolatt '
Thonph crlminal proaecntlonfl of tbe
hathiub. beef and flngdi col
falled, b m w tiM of tbe theory
? -. | | pui ui tba la** bj ?
a Dl non ba nwdi
The ^ovi'i'Tiiiir-iit. ue ttii:
t tne wlae conrse ln tbua puttlug tba
{ Trnnk i -? ;' '
[There '
rtigatlona bj
' bodlea, oatli i
ilear aud tbe
.,,-?? ? "~ ? ?'' "
nband i
ot . ? . | . tln- two
?-? eortab i I
sting llnea in coinuii Ibmbl e*? tbe
. n io Ihe '
.... ? ? t< it to
Ive the '?
rm portnnltj l
: .,1 di ' id I
? inopet*
Kyatema witboul i ,i-. <litm?'
tructlon paralleling llnea
able t.. '.?'.; tha trafflc ol both. on
tbe oti er band, II inay be doubted if
real i ompetltion could be aecured
under stieh an Brrangemenl Tbe pui
Hc mlgbl bare i cholce of ahlpplng
\t-w Haven or a Grand Trunk
I Ul ii ad, l-ni anj Borioufl rlvalry '>?
ratea or character of aervlca would
??' anli;- be expected froi.mmon uaera
,.f tbo aaoM tracka.
Indeed, t ie agreemeui blnta aa much
l|n its provlalon thal "tha New England '
'? ijni's' niti-s b) other llnea ahall be
"such aa to pceaerve tha Grand Trunk'u
itlng sitiiiition in Mew England,"
r4in(i that Um joiiit ratea bj tht Grand
f_*r_nk ahouid alwaya ba Boch aa to en
habla the Grand XTunb to compete aath>
jvacterliy for bualneaa througboul Um
[tetrrltory raached bj the New England
allnee. Such an Birangemeut would bo*
'-,-ure to Um Grand Tmnk lta Bbare of
ilhe throiiKh |r_*r*******1 BB agalnat other
<onn("'tion> of tho New Haven, wltb*
, ut the neoaaetty of building its own
t-xtonsions. But it would not laterfore
[with the BnbatanUal monopoly of th?
BNtu Haven ln New England, bb the
fcrojeeted Ui ? mlgbl have done.
Th.- ag.'?' al aa pnt I ?
raf it-? cireful pro:::. ? i tmpeUtlon,
|<<agtalnlj coaveya the luipreaalon of
[?romhlnatlon to avoid the neceMtty ol
,. Uon. Under the **rol8 of rea*
Lon" Um rtaprrema Courl mlgbl Ond it
aubatanUally taterfered wltb compeU
[tlon. Whether a Jury under Um rulea
Lf erlmlna] hlW will l>e able 10 find
I ? jr was intrutioniilly BBaJ WTOng*
I fully direeted to thal end aad nol to
'ihe BCCo_mU___enl of Ka oete_alble
pnrpoae i emalng to be seen
sumniaiy JwBtke Maa been tlo--(- iu
tho eaae of one dMnken antoa
npeedef at leaat <Jy Prldaj he plead?
ed rulltj to barlni jeea drnak on De
ajr il, when be ran down aud
badl** Injured a fromaa In oppef Hroad
amy, and j naltiTilaj he waa aenteneed
to ^ervo :i rear iu aon for vtolatlon
..? the b-ghwaj laa
Th.- Bentence La 13 ao meena too
?m-ere, even tbongh tbe prlaonar Lnd
had ji I'ti'vioiis good reesrd Tbe an*
tomohile aj.der when aohar ia qulie
d_ngeroufl 1 lougfa to bhneelf und tli?^
eommnnlrj n?* ?tanm to NfBfd Lis
vehicle merelj ns 1 machlne for eot
I Um dlBtance between twe polntB
in the Bbortesi poasible Unae, regard
leee "f Inddental damage aud tba
ii>:iits of pedeetrlana. The antonieMai
, leeder, drnnk, ^ a dreadfnl menaee.
The poarerful marhiuo becofnea moiviy
? toy to iiis eragy fancy, and a mantee
arith a bnndle of dynamite wonM i>e
about as deeirable ln any t*eaaanualty.
<?n flnndnj inoiuiOK an Hiiio-iniiniuc
Btaged the Vnnderiiiit Cup face ln
[Broadway and lilth avenue, ipeedlnj
llhrongh the dty'a ^reeta al ihe rate
' of a niile a rninnti- nfiti' be waa BtOpped
iij a poaae of polick^aien .. ? 1 cl cltlxena
and baled to the pomre atatloa to an
[awav a charge <>f Intotlcatloa and reeb*
iinae iffftng Obtlengly go tbonght of
[iranalUee can iiupret_4 iuou iu tbat con
dltlon. P.tit OVOO they hnve their gobfT
momento, and ii is woll tliat they
-imuiii have tb;- gentence ot ?
n for one of tm-ir fraternit)
to potider a ben tbe ok ohol li I
Mpeed ii.. ii ?- . nol on them.
ii,.- imiii tmenl of go-lie
? .-.I t.. the Indli tmenl and
. onvlctlon ,,r Becker and the gunmen,
: v, the Diatrlt t Attorney baa Ihe
nlleged go-betweena ln tbe dlaorderly
? grafl onder Indlctmeni rhi ?e
men ,r iln-y bave been collei Un ?
? : u more tban go-betweeuti.
?? anppoaea thal the pollremnii
i :,.ici ludictmenl kepl for I
moat ,.r the money Ibal is glleged lo
bave gone Into blfl banda Onlj the
pettii -i grafl Blopa ln a patrolniau'a
The bope of the publli la thal Iheae
? .'ih wlll foilow tbe
Bi , . agentf and fur
itt-ii evidence ? onnei Ung men higher
up ln iin- Po kre Departint nl with the
grafl from proatltntlon. They know
from the expertenca ol Bet ki and iii"
gmoclatea that an ImUctmenl In Ihe
i inria of lh l'"" '' Worney
? to i,.- Ignored. The
,, ., .... thal grafting policemen aere
. . binent baa been abai
tered, Tbeee men, if they are gullty,
know u.itti perll they staml ls
they know Mv.in tl..' Immunltj Wblcb
Rooe, IVeher und Valloa enjflj that
they bave notblog to fear from aldiag
tl,. publlc bj beoomlng the Dtotrl I
AttorneyV witneaaeK.
Jfever was the morai altuation ?e
fltted to enable tho Dlotrlci Attorney
trolghl up tn the tuj? ol t_!??
hlerarcby ol graft, oo* tbat be baa
,.,., oiieged nembera ol tba
?,,,,.,. in hla power. ll<* K moreoTor.
.ortunate ln havlng an excollenl wlt
. . ., the dltwdcriy bonae keeper
largea and ln obtoln
rroboratloii of ber rtor. ln Jbe
,- he bad a Im* P?>
.. tb?g li- haa In tbla. Anytblng
. . me pf yeaterdav h indl tmenta
Mi- i-v Hopklnaoo Snilth aald Ihe
i j ?!. ii tb a '. . get8 It*
m tbe Honorable Jullmt
llarbnrger, and be doean't Intend thal
.. , e ther Hia hero
l< i ttarles pranda Mnrpb. ol ta ?
many Hall. Like all hero**, Murphy Is
Bometlmea miannderstood by an obttwe
., :,i tha ireai ralne of I
.,, ;.,... ol i "?"'" latlon. i ortu
v thi<> rannol be- mi anj
. :.:s net lii: ? before
ind if any man ln all tl.e
land hencefortfa deprtvea Murphy ol
? ..<! ol admiration it -
'ii> own fanlt. Jullos has ?
i ... ...,' that, ti.- wlnb mu?l be ea
to | ...l given ii |.i< i
... . ,.. impreaalonlatlc, in-.ie full ? f
il.-t.iii. : rlghl m !?'? I.- ?
: have found i
bis hand la alwi j i iii bla pocki I. Bul
nuturnll] Ihe publlc wlll aiab to know
thal band I* t klng
?>r pnttlng aomething ln
b nn' time. Murphy'a prede
.... . made a retnai k afa ?ul blm
well and bia pockel which araa ever
gted ft Ith bia n<tivitb
... (nce. lo Ibe pocto ta ol
Taminani men should nol be made
lightly, eren la eulogy. "He la eon
"otantly belplng tii.>s?? a*bo are d?*?erv
"ing and arortby," aaya Juliux. There
ugaln be doea nol teli enough, for he
eglectn altogetber to Bhow bow Mur
i h) ?'\''n forc*ea the city, tbe county,
the atate to take '>n their paj rolla tbooe
A'boin be deema "deaervlng and
woithy." Among his other good quall
tiea, "be never makae n memoraudum,
?i.iif he remembera tbe amalleat detall*
.f any matter thal comee to blm." Bo
: ?? baa tbo advtntage, like aome ol tbe
otber greal men ol Tammany, of noi
leedii i i" keep booka Moreover, "his
uoture la fofg-V-ng*1 He prored lt by
refralning from atteodlng the suizer
dinner Ibe otber nlgbt and denounctng
Mi Bryan for bla attacka on blm at
the Baltlmore conventlon. And "ha is
the greateai llatener in tbe world," ob
rlouoly becauae be la alwaya oeeklng
to know wliat tbe publlc wants in order
thal be may ii.i lt M"st beroea liave to
ormll for tboir euloglea nntll they are
dead. llappj Murphy, to hore w Jullua
arho la m raptnroua b worahlpper of ?*
llve hero!
Few eountrlea art aupplled orltb gueb
naturol fadlitleo fi>i extenolve and
I.. ap water trafllc ga tbe I nlted
Btatea, and few eountrlea make oucb
poor uae <?, tbem. Tha repori ol Ibe
Commiaeioner of CorpontloBa on tbe
cntrol of water llues l.y rallroatls puts
? leai l.v li.'for.' tli*- puMk on? <?f tLe
tn-nt obotacloa to the tievelopinent of
tbe powiblllUea ol our Inlond and
coootwiae water tronaportatlon, Per?
lmps it !?? t.).<i.iv tho cjiiof obotacle;
though aarly neglecl and fminro ol
independenl gteamboai llnea to keep
pa. ?? wltb the oeeda ol buaineoa
brought water trafllc to its low eatate
nini mada pooaibla tba ollmlnatlon ol
?wiiiie the rfli'rrmii. were deeeloplng
cnnrenirtit tennlnalB and porfgctlng
their connoctlono, gteamboai llnea an.i
ti.o toorna they served wera oontenl
with prlmlUve facUitlea for water
anap irtatlon. Even foi trafllc be
tweon polnta wblcb could be entlrely
carrled on by nratei bonl aervlce waa
sn often Lnferior to mli gervlce, aTon
foraloa freight, n.at bualneaa waadl*
rortod f:om tha lakao uu<i rlvara, Aa
for frc-ljrht wbicb hml tn be lran?
?shljipod to car-'. initiirally tli*? rnilioniN
werg not iuclint'd to rriiike i: any morg
c.invoni.-ni than nocoaoary, and tl"'
power of tho law waa nol uaed In
tbooe forattttre dayg t.> force tba
iniikiii,' '.f proper conaectloaa and
ratea, Wbaa tha feneral publlc bad
turned Ita back on water tranoporta'
tion riwing to tlx^o flUBealtlOg tho
rallroada li many caaea found ii proflt
able to maka U-hJ of bonts for tin-ir
glow an.i lmll.y frofght For thla Wt
??i?n partly. ond partly tg elimiiialo
vrbatever eompotltlon Btlll remalned,
tiioy began to ncqnire otrateglc arater
frontageo, and tba conunnnltlea lel
tbea do it. until in innny plaoag tbere
wns ti.. cteoce for gteamboata to ,i?'
business e?^o|il r.n terins dtctatid bj
tLm rnilroails. The coutrol of! the
. - ti emaelvea waa tba
natural reeull of auch condltlona.
\ ? .- rallroadfl owned *oi ? on*
tmlled tli" Importaul land and i ib i
connectlona it made llttle rtlfference
wh.. ..i\ ne t tbe boat*.
in a prei loua repori t'"- Bureau ??'
, ,.:?,.. gtlona has diftt u?wd Ibe que*
,. ,'ei terminala. Tbe rebablll
. .,,... | lUKportalloii and tbe
. Htahliahmenl oi i on "' ' "
m red only when. Ln additlon to
. oinl ratea .. nl poauriblj the wpa
ou of railroad aml ateaml
.. metbod la devlsed by whlch ull
-? unboal line*, n i malte i bai Iheli
d to tbe rallroada. i an ?-?
iiunte aeceea t?> lallway termln
Towna .H..I I'ltles muat aecure i u
wuterfronta and ducka wilb rallrond
tonnectlona where the Independenl
; itnea "i tbe tramp rarrii i ? nu ?<
tranHMblpinenl to and from their b
i.nabled lo irannai I their parl
of land and water trafllt to <??* - w?tl*J
,n ol the -?hii'piii- l'"1,1'- ?
Ne-.- york aeeuia to ho on tbe way to
|a complete KoluUon of the problem of
"Chrlsrtman siiot.piii^." duly a f. n jeara
:,.? tbe ten daya precedlng I b
i v,,ii ol Con?*j lt land < arnlral,
tho atreeta erowded arlth belati I
tn "f Chrlatmaa glfU and the Bbop*
packed ever*. weekdnj evenlng I
cruablng burden of eitra work wot
tt"i> the employea of the de| art
meut atorea, ond tbe eeaapu of good
orlll to all a'as converted Into a mad
ruab ln wblcb conalderatl >n for otbei ?
o , ignored aud dl* omfori foi .rj
bodj waa multlplled.
'i hi< year haa aeen a (.?onl inuan ?? of
.i oTatiii-..' of moderatlon aei in
1911. A few large atorea bave i.'-''1
open a llttle longei cw s. turday even
in<j?* bul in general tbe lucltemeuta of
paal t" ovei wo L and orerbuj in*
, been agree iWy lacklng. Tbe old
r. rer im* gone and tba clty haa ? el
11 --.i down t>. tiiH eojoymenl of the Bea
- ?,,if cbarlty and good cheer In a ut re
rational and klndly way. Thal I i
.-????it galn ii ln Ibe pun
Chrletmaatkle which ottghl to be kep:
? tt-ni i-mph i ted, and thla can t eal
he done hj dlocouraglng an ot erdere -
? ni of the bollday'fl merelj com
?lal slde. See _forb la to be ron
pratnlated on bating ln a inr-.'.' ineaa
? inqnoi '-41 Ibe hj stei la of ret eni
lyear*i and reatored l itmaa i ric*
. |n a oimi ler and ant i b
Whether Ihe ittetnpl to goN.oxlnate
i...i-.i Hardinge waa b maulfeotatlon
' the aedltloufl Hj.irit which baa ei
loted In imlln for yeara and wblcb baa
1 a Ireadj cauaed numero ia ot ti agi
riw murder i.f aeveral offlelala in India
! or tl"' aci of aome Ueu
. . d . the
capltnl from < alcntta ??? the
oneie I -? ??? I ? ihe Mngi - ... ,,i
peiaona] anlmoalt. ? Iaiti that
-.- i- rto -hi.fi..w. ..f reaaon for
; Ibe aaaauli aln< e i oid Hardinge ua -
..i ;. p-iiii rkabl; pru Jent, il
mane and popular ri? eroj
Tbe governmenl nf whicb be i? ibe
? ? repreoentatlve - to be congratU'
? i nol i Ij upon hi- >? i
-??i loui barm bnl up ?i the atendlne
and I he ui Rbnken rea ?lul lon
wltb whioh the pageanl .. id rerenwnlal
I were contlnued. 1'oaoibl*. tbe chlef ln
Item ol the aaaaoaln waa t" break up
tbe reremonlea, In order to bring up< d
tbe Biittah indian government lly* re
Iproocb and tbe loaa ol preatlge which
auch a collapae would bave cauaed ln a
land -iven t.. regarding omenfl it bo
tbe Intrepldlty wltb whleh the funo
timis were carried lri!."i_-h wUl pi-dOCe
lan itut reaaire effecl upon tiie publlc.
Why noi give Dr .Ixberg ? cban t
ll.. has been In ofllee ..ni* ,-i few daya
and there i> n eborua buay naylng thal
be won'l do. F)r Wlley led this eborua
by Intlmating doubla of bia auccea
aor'a admlnlatratlve ability. Rlnce no
poanlble good eould come of aaylng
tiiis. Dr Wlley mlghl better hu\<? re*
frained from aaylng it. His worda
aboul tbe adminlatratlon of tiie pnre
food law carry ^> much welgbl that
be abould bt careful in theii uae, Tbe
? last tblng wblcb we ran Imagine t>.
be hla wlab l? to rrlpple his ancce
! at ihe outaet of bia i areer by deprivlng
blm of public ronfldenee, Thal could
onlj aiti Ua; food adulteratora,
Another of tbe new i hief cbemlot'a
glna la a recenl Interview glven by
blm to "The New ITort Tlmea." The
languagt lacka ?'] nncb " Tberefore we
>h:ill i.i! aoon be conauralng food reek*
1 Ing wlih polaonoua drugn. The "tbere
fnre" is nol ao obeioua as ii ghould
jbe. Dr, Alaberg has um. it i^ true, hi>
! predecoaoor'a ._? * ft ..f gtriklng ntter
j ance, bnl n>> one dOttbta his soierttiti.
: attalnmenta, and his boneoty of pur
Iin - nol been giti reaafully im
Ipngned. h;- courage, tboogb of b
? qnleter aort, maj full*1 equal thal of
hla brilllanl preileeeMor. And if we
? erer dn turn and rend blm let u- rend
. liim not becauae be is nol another
! ruv *v\'iiey, with tbe redoubbible ai
j ciiemist's extraordlnary pefaonalit]
but bocauta be waakly or corruptlj
!..?ei^ Dr ITIIey'a atandnrda ol food
! puilty
Dr Alaberg la auffeiing ti"' fate "?.
''?' man "f ordlnary peraonal quall
tleg who ]< called upon to lill a place
i tl has \ou-: bt on tilb'd by I man ol
I extraordlnary peraonal qualltlea. Tbe
situation baa ofti n bei d iltuotrated i.i
public life. vVa Imagine that tli<> doi -
! trine of the divine rlghl of kin^-s was
j invented wilh n vi.-w t-i just gucb
I exlgenciea oi tbeee, to proted tii??
klngly ofllee and peraon fr.nn deprocla<
! tinn when an average aorl of man auc
ci ciied in the COUTM of nat nre lu gOOM
tremendous royal pndoceooor. Not
bolng raatralned by any thought of
divine rlgbtg in tiiin country, we ix
hiiiit our Impatience openty when om
mlaa Um accuotomod "punch" ta tpeech
nnd personality.
Mr. Waldo i? not this oii.'s only
"Kensitlve JTOUng man." Tler. tt- M ,i
phjr, for instance.
Chrlatmaa trr><* Pre? havg alr?a.ly \,e
pin to make thni rooord ot fatt-dltloa
wm a eamp-dgB for a "aafo and im
Christmas'' bf Mtt !? Ofdaf to send
[tba llghtod candle amid btflammable|
i itlona tha araj "r tba gtani flre-1
cra< ber and the toy i lato
t . 9 Briff JullUfl Harburger: ' The
' Tamman* Bodety, or Columbtan Or*
? der, _ Um moal pati tetti ona In the j
? Unlted Btatea of Anmrlca, II breathei
"tho sentbnenta of liberty and wUl keep
ti .in alfve forever.** The Bherlfl oa
to -? id ? ? opy of ins effuatOn to i'i? al
l.ent-ele I Wilson, who paid ? gl< a ng
.,,i | . '.. j i t,, the be urtbatone on
a-blch Tamn an] araa rappooed t,. get ?
Ui- red, whlte and blue llgl lfl of llb
Tl. -ometblng awful ' exploll of
the English Buffragottea BUggeata 'he
- ti: ihlng awful" of a petulant i * ^ * * * ?
throwa the dlahea oti the Boor
when ahe ? in'l I -? " ore larn and i
general! madi angelli hj .. a
,-i unklng.
- i. .,. i . .- apeighl and aa? ?
ire i-- nf.'-r dealera win. "short!
w-*tt;iit"' purchaeera of the Chriet
oi. Hanglng la *"<> good f? "
? h wl o ao manlfeata bla ;-..' a III
loa ard mei.
ngclistii .-: ganlxatlon liai I r
nishi drearing l
lt l? i mora,
,,! elevatlng the drama
I ive i"-en BUggested.
, i- ; ? ai nt al y on automoblle
on ihe na*. . Bul Un a m ai oul
fanter ihi ? ? ?.me
i -
The C< ??? - Unlversltj pei fei I
is" from Brooklyn aaya flhe "Just'
grea " like Tdi By. Tbal aill aave a
loi ol folkg tho trouble of tr- Ing lo flnd
the presi rlptlon.
Governor Osborn of uii bigan la {jo'i.g !
do Jiothin"; but walk ln the future,
' Excepl perhapo a Uttla running for!
? (fl e now and I ei
I .. . | ? , . ? ? v .
: ? "every
? -. ?? : I . ? ?
? ? ? , - i -
. :
i ?!
, | ? ner ol
-!? ...
for the last three thi
lllled ? ' .
1 i->r.
I ? ? ? . . ;,: in< -?? ma
t that of IM
demand ? I --?
prefa i ka to
"ll ; >UI
Iti ti ? '
? -
? ? I
' ?
i ? all ahe
IV* | , thla i nce
? . .. ; . a
We quite bi fl unlfl
I arotnaa, though lu not a tr*nk
*,.. i must .oiiiiit upon m..tii<- reffeetlon
There I no aroman arho la not perfection
<J li. M.
"Thla ti;. ? a i atch
- || nd t ma the
,,,k, * don'l ?. in to bava no anap :
. rome iodj ? ? ngton 1 l*-i -
"Th? <i astlon "Wai oi i" ?'*i" " aaya
-, writer In n Berlin paper, "l? not only
Bte Bach iniro one of creat
nesi . on *ern Thfl meuibera of tl ?
i *. ii sl paofassioi are desply tetereeted
a the aaaaml Ung ol the Austrlan
uni-,. aould mean the wr-rklnic of Sll
sture vlan" Mare than 7'. t>er renl of all
the aoton oa thi German *ta?;e aro Aaa*
[trlana Berttn alone glvm en**laymant to
\ ui arard of a|a ta u dn d a lora ilngi rn,
[chorlatera ind atage erorkera PUlly 80
par ceni of these wouid he eompelled to
r porl i .i dutj in the evenl of BMMItsa*
tlon, and II ll only natural that thev
aho iu be anxteua as to tha cue nrnteh
[only the diploeaatk aganta ean *.*???
Tha nan s';t*:'' i .t r hrom a *? lolenl attai
ot toothio h<- entered tho dentlat h ..in.-o
? iu- pui em i? out." aald the atti nd it t
aall rea, the paUent re
. , i rnply. Here waa a it ol ri lor tl tt
tt..- aorld w..tH nol of for Instead <-r run
ng ..... ,.e man. by waltlng. shoared
. | | ibll na aera Pbllaaei
i l
I '??; , .... ierman U irai a
? n .? ortgiaal texl of tbe aattoaal
lanthem, We Wacht am Rbeta ' aigned
'iv the author, Haa Bcbaaskaaburg, baa
been further enrlebed by Ihe aift from ?
|person arhooa nann the Ubrartan, Dr Har*
aaek, cannot dlvulge, of the aragtaal mn*
raa reporl aUtea that the "asnela i?
i n ,. , a ou.irto Bbeet of mimle paper
tnd aara the algnal are, Oempeeed <ui
, . , - Karl WUhehn at Kaa
:. |,, ? Tl fl ?-!" ' - '" '.
lad to the ompew i a rrtend, Wii
helm Ore I A eoi a ol the mueto, alse
. iitgntly ehai ??
. , | tba >?. rmaak Ua eum at
: . ? i -
? Dldn I rou glve thar Itorse jhtef a
tl Ing befora yeotynehed
??No." replied Broaco Boh '?Me'e a
pratl ? gllb talker, ii: d are though! I best
not lo take nny chance There'. no
tellln" ahal ? ellver tongued orator may
iVt awaj ? ih thesi du rfl Waahtagtaa
Some Ohscrvntions Conconiing Mrs.
Deland, Spinoza and AKquith.
TO ,,..- BdltOT Bf Tho Trlh.iro. -
Mr: Martrarel Deland'a articie ln th**
- . , i.oii.s' Home .loitrnai.rhe
Thlrd '-'?'?"? b> Woaaaa gahTrage.' : aa
, ii agalnat tho uninteltlgeat aav*
mg tha ballot. Hhe fi.Us "What quaUfli
ar rbodj to Bxprraefl aa "fanlenl Only etn
, thovough undaralandtBg of tha
<iihi,..-t *? Mra Deland aaaaka af intui
llon u ''**-not1onal guaanwaTk.** ?ptnaaa
gtCera hrom ber. Ha eaya Imagtaatlea i?>
Now dor;, anvhorlv regttlre of Prenii-T
asqulth thal be bava a thorough or j.er
feetty inteiiiif.-ni nndaretandtng ef the
ujueatlon of ??*oflnen,a votlag befora ex
praaalng an ophJlon? Hoi much. fraa*
dom means the rlrht to reai*iter .-plnione.
irhether true or rakaa, and to atand or faii
accordlna as one's fadgaaaal la ?ood or
ha'l lt ooos not BantBBM 'hat an erroneotie
onlnion 1?< l-a* dangorouw when unex
pmeaad thaa when espreaaad, aar thal *
pei aona correct opinlon la better un-1
reffiPtereri snd had better r.ot Ket Into the
^latuto books
:\iri> Deland saps the ballot is f-*1 a*"
pedlent nat a right ?? aay R ougnt to
? ? aad nol an expedient!
,;;:<. \v. fVBBflTESI
Boi l ?? ? '.'.'i
l ?
Buit 0. Wilder Tells of Incidents in
Mr. Reid's Life.
T, i - Bdtti i ol i bfl Ti Ibu
., i ror tbe U ree pl ire?
iw Reld ri Tl - Trib*
i?- of*the Iti . aad ; ? thtm
that all mlgbl be n mo ed arltboul toter
[i reni s aith oni u >tbet
nf th- tributea pubbabed ln tha ima
lasue s<. to Hi Reid's oon*
land ?l**wn Bo
r:,. a- i n - all Tbe Trlbuni nevei con*
i ., i,. i roi al i iluma. ll defl?I lha
aorkt, ii Bea - and the devl md
aW) had :-?? readera ln lha underworld.
in one Inatai ? ? fcnown to ma
,. aaa maintalat A al a bal mu I bave
a pei unla '?? '? ?'"'??'? '''' ?*??
althougta pei bapa not evenl ial
Hoi long before Mr Reld ??? appolni
aa Mlnlatei to Praai e, In i-v'. there ap*
? i n Tho Tribune aa advertlfl imcnl
illahli.-. houae apedfyli *?
? ae i
i. iv- i of a wi
? to Mi Read ex
pn . ...ii4 my regrel ipon tl fl grouad that,
? ?
,-. .-,,, - Ul li ?
. .,i.M ba made for cheap n ><? ???" '? ?
i Aa -? I ? ad I "i ?'?
.:. tni ? -- town arhere i th m
irchi d thi ? Btoi U. ot I
bool Ij purveyor oi i
.,r ii..-iu and ?
the dealer 1 ibai
tradi * Mr Rt Id promptly bi nt a pei i
:,i |. ii. to the effect 1 rtlee
menl racaped i notlce, and a I
? nui -i II ??? ai D ?: ng '.im ab*
? from the countn II leappaared. A
Uke appeal to bla auccaeeor ellelted h
ir raaponae ind action Bo far '*? x
Buna ;:a- ne\er sin a t<er?
patronlsed b) the Hrm bi aueetlon
Mi Reltfa eandor, lad aad ar idth at
mlnd um* dlaplajred la tbe followlng la*
. ai la t; ? fall of UH, whlle under*
I going lalUetleu Into a aectal Oreel letter
Btudent :o*t bla Hfe unali
nn,1-! i arhieh any unprejudlced i'r
i n ? - A i< gard aa avin - i aad
?? ??l i
t. ? barg .I him. ISxag arated and
... ?- i .- A
,..,.. thaa attb obsarva*
: t t., Tha 'ii.i'
i..o, uilii lii ? - l| U
... thfl form of an edll
..-? , ' i '. ;
,..,.. ,,:. ,.-? rrved, bul
, ame) Mr. lb Id aaaured ra
ln mi - - ??? ta bla rleu * t dai Id*
?ii *Mth rny ovwi, Mu tbfl l *'*??
of the mati i... aroul j embai i -,v - I -':|
?onicwhat at tbat tb ? ?"
: ol a i ati: nlt} and ? wl
to.ont./ aeeepted an Invltation to dotlvei
th- .- I
Uoi .vi ish my ? n*
ttre mmunlcatJoi It bad be<
; , and no |
?ul 1...1 i i - me,
? ?
... Thi Tribune ol i
. ... p ?
irralf t a
? U
i thi r I
a permll
. n to
.. a thereti
. ? then rn*
i traditlonal ma
. ... .....
,.,,;. ..-,:.. k letter aoro -
u ashlngtt a Di i 1 ?-'
What Is the Pnncipal Thing? R-ail
way Earnings or Human Safety?
To thi Bdltor al Tbfl Trlbuni
gfi in yout < dltoi I ii "Rallroad I
1 dents" you bti ii aaj *? r**ord or
penoaa kUled and n,lH Injured ln t ?
year through the onei ittoa of ateam rail*
\ r,,?.i trali - iu the Unlted Btatea la ap
palllng it ia aboul llme th il aafety and
aot Inflated dlvldenda bf made tha tirst
ooiialderatlnn In future rallroad operatlon
Tbe rnodern rallroad prealdent, owlng
ala poeltloo to his ablttty to abon raa dta
ln "earnlnga,'' must givs nay lo a aya*
I ten where tbe men arbe actually do iba
I operatlng of iho roa,K and arhoae Itvea
;,:,ii iimbfl ara al atake, have mor* to aay
I aa ti. tba oondlUons under arhieh thev
1 ahall rtBh tbelr hvea.
The recognlUoo of tho national organ*
1 laation of any trade aa th.< proper au
thoritv to regulatfl the hours, wagea an<J
arorklng eondltiona of tbelr eoaatltueata
fornlahea Um best solutkm (aad oaa la
! line arith our demoeratle theory of
<-i no-i,n l"i' tha evllfl of presenl rull
road rnanagenent, where nn-n with no
praotl al axpeflienoa, bul hy vlrtae or
arealU or tumtiy laguence, occupy poal*
ttona tii.it abouM bi II.ard aolely of
i if the Aaaerleaa arorklngmaa cannot na
depaaded upon to regulata ala awa ln
daatllal tiiTairB anJ <).< flrbat la rlitht b)
j himaeif miii aii eoocerned, then In the
i name of common aen.H.. uhit can ho be
' trusted to <lo? l.lnoiiiii aald: "N'o men
i re flaore arortby of truat than tho*. who
I toll Bp from poverU .None 1.-*.- .iu-liti.-U
j t ? to;.. li or tako what they hav. t.ul
, boni atly ? ai ind."
ii' Hr?. Uei 17. IH12.
Tu 'he Kihtor of The Trlhune
Sii Why not follow Up that Iragtfalll
j lntereatuiK Brtteta in yesterday*s Trlbuna
[BBAWlag tba work of ariri reacus belng
done bj tbat niodaal berolBe Roae i-iv
Inaston bj nn agltattoo stmllar to that of
rhe Tribune sgatnal tha ctx-alne avtl,
?i svldentlj mn arltb aueh aoo.i ra
aults; t\ ii> ti.or ahe knowa It or not, ' '
i.iinia:. ia an sngeL After yestsrday'a ar
Commlsslooer \\a'.io. if he beUevefl
!in raactdng th*n<- aafortunata ;;iiK oughl
i.i make it hia buabaeas to glve mihs l*br*
? Ingatoo apaebU poiic proteetloa. Tho
ebarehes of How Tork ouaht to furalab
h.-r with all the fuinla aha Boede. All
j honor to thlfl a.nK*l of CbllMlOWBl
? PsaterTHaltTlfethadlBt Bplaespal Chureh
| KinH.-t. ii. H v.. Daa lb 1912.
Ta th" Bditor of The 'i rlbuiM
Sir. ln yeMenlav's tsaue you printed B
;, ttor BBgaed James R. Pfteher, wbtah pre
!?cnted In a BttaightftHrVraurd way rt-rtaln
andeadabla Caeta .ihout the air ln the ?ut>
arag. Peraalt mo to say tnut I am liearttly
l:i Mympathy wlth thls rentleman's vleus;
tbal 1 feel II IB hl?h time for (itlzon.4
who \n\-.r- their h?alih to etlr up puhllc
Hontlrnent on thia BUbj06t aml hj- unitlnK
?h. ir orrort? to faraa the laterberaagh to
Improve theae oondttJaaa
The Trlbuaa ie <ioina ,.ood work ln.com*
batlag the c-ocalne "vll. Whv not tackle
ihleoneneit? LAWTON MACKAJJ
New iork, Dec. !?), i.Ul
People and Social Incidents
[i-'rom The Trtbona Buree i |
IVaohtngton, Dei -'? Mlaa TOft ond bor
i brothor, Robert Taft, gpoan, tbo afternooa,
I arhen not at tho taa oi Mra Boi kwood
' Hoar In doine Chrlatmaa ahopplng. Tbey
made tho rounda ol oavarol book nin>ps.
jewelry abopa ond doportnaonl atorea
1 wolklng from place t_. plaoe ond carrylng
tii.-ii paekogea boma with them.
I'iiit itt.i ber brothor and thah
gueat, John M. Ewtag, .torad
tb. ??? tol Hi!.'' iii"i.-".(mr
. -. .... ] i ibai a Bureau-1
Vi .... gto Dat Zl fha Wat raun ol
tt:..-,- and Urt U< ytt bave rei all d
: ?? inviuUona foi tha bail the: won te
.. ,,: Now 1 eor'a Bve on account ol
? deatb of Mra Predorit '??? B Beore, ...
i: .- ... .-. coualn of Mi - Me: ?"
Tho Attornoj >;*-n?>iai ond Mra Wick
.:,?:. ... tertalm d at dlnm t to nlgbl toi
their aon-ln-lew ood daugbtor, .Mr nnd
Ifi ? Albert Akln. ->f Noa rork, o
I here t.. epend aaflreral weaka "ith tbem.
? ,- otber gucota Were Cotooal and Mra
.,-, Cooby, Lloateaaat Comra
Und Mra Walter EL GbarardL Mloo
Marlon Ollvoi Mlaa Oomblo, Mlaa Jon
I.: ..;h, Mlaa Coleman, Mlaa Ellaal th Hoi
u'liiiam Marohall Buttltt, aollcltor
:. .. Mi Algara, -toxl oi aocond
? ?tt, Kolpai bnl
,?. .. ;.,-. Lord Buota< ? i'
, i, , | . ., toi ? . l ? : 'r' K"J ?
? aii thlrd Bocrotorj; Ri gin ??
,i ? i'i..-. li it ..
Waahlagton, Dec. 3 ?' ?'
: nnd John M. Bwlng lolnod tln
1 ner party ol Bfty wblcb waa ontertatned
to-nlgl I !'\ Mra Lloyd W. Bowora. for
i..- daughter, Mloa Martha Bowera, aad
- BtbOl Noyefl 'ir. dlBOOr was foi
lowod by a tfancr. at i bi ?? oa enty-flve
,.r a h'.i.rir^ri oddltionol ?_?:"?'.'? woro enter*
tolaod. Chriotmaa dacoraHoaa obtahiod
1 throughOUt tt-e bOOOO, BOd 00 tho small
tob aa whoro -Unrier araa aarvod wera boo
Icata '.' bolly ond Chriotmaa graoaa tlod
[wltb l_r?;e bOWO <>f rod tulla Amo::.; ttto
gueata ;,t dlonar wora Mlaa Hlackley, II --
Margaret ? ti Bmlth, Mlaa Bthel I
oi Boaton; Mlaa M;.r?.>r.'! Di tpor, Miss
1 s..;.. Btoo, Mlaa '-?? aor Ra
-.;; m ? Meyor Mloa N<-? 11 mi
Horrlaon, Miss Budora Clovor, Mlaa Ogo,
( - , .,- -, mu Lord I - itai a Pai
Captaln Newbold, i'i'.ii...im
13111a, Karl 0 ovei >. iy IttnerKon and
' S..;:iuel BlttOtl
' Tha lacratorj ?.r tne intorlor aai
Habor woro K-ests Of honor at a ualq ?
entonalnmoRt tta? evoeiag. Jadgo ami
:.,, i ttv.:r.fy i-ttiiioi iint BOtortolnod tbom
at tho Beiar- 0, whcrc the HawattOa play.
I - Blrd of Paradloo," anu prooonti I
io r..,.i Mi- Porry Langbora, Mr. ar.d
Mra John Tlmmona and Colonel John
:;.? v.ere other i. a party.
r*ollowlng tb i play b real Haa i -
I,. . ? o . lonnootli ?'. orhero
.i . .j,, i, i Mi Eto lou havo l
tnenti Tha tat.ie aro arrangad a
:?.: Hawallan landocai b and I
. . utrv of rlee, a BOlod ol v
I.-..1 n aaj Howoliou dotai -
-. of ' a Waohh rtoi Bai
,- : ? I B U o:m e 'n UtOir bfl
Mlm M it ' Bharrlll ?? I Wai -
,f. .. ? tt-,-.. fort and wlll
? fl tbo Chrloiaiao boUd i ?? artth
rother nnd alater-to-lfl ? Mi ad
Mra. Charli B n IL
Mra RockWOOd Hoar ln I
dat ghtar, Mlaa Proacao H. Hoar. to ao
dot] al ?< ii'"';'> taa *-lll5! aftornooa tum
wo* tho aocond dobut ol tho b id, bor fli n
romlng oui bolng at Woreeoter, Mooau,
nor tn.ui.'T'K oamuaoc home. Mr? Bttra
-on. Mrs. NngoL Mr?- Charlea B. Hugbea
ond Mih. Monay Crono woro ln tho too
io.cn. while Mlss Dorothy AMoblre, Ulaa
? rlno MeCllntook, Mloa Margaret
i>rin. Misg Bthel Koyoa, Mlaa E laaboth
Ruob Portor, Mi?s Lfllla Horrlooa an.i
! .Mis- Rebekoh Wiimer arara arlth Mlaa
Hoar, Mloa Tift nnd hfr bfgjtbor Robert
'i .ifr. wera aaooag tha Bovaiml hurnirf.i
gti, st.- who KrrotM MiflO BOOT.
. . '.'ijitaln B P. I'.ertholf, I'. S X . aad
Mrs Hft-thnlf gOVO a t'hrlstmas dOOOO to
thoir jrouag daughtor, Mtaa Dorothy B<>r
' tholf. a 4,.iH.ent at Holfon Arir.ca, ani
1 eigbty of the voing fn!k who are here
for their vacations.
Tho Daadng Claag aavo a rarty at Tho
Playbouoa to-nlzht with two quite di?
tin.tlve f.'at'.rea? a 00000 for wblcb "Ai
.l.-litis playod, thO very newrt';t Otapa .:
Rguraa, i4n.l Ol B Kieat <'hr|4?tnia,= tree
which waa nnvelled at 1 o/elOCh, Ol whl. h
-.?ita Claaa had a fittlns Klft for OOCh
\ii? OToltor K. ChappaM jraw ?
^ loot night at tha st. Re?ia for bor
I itonte daughter, Mlaa Loolai Chap
pell who on - (Onaally lotroduei I l
,,i i rp.'c-vitlon Barly !n th" BOOOO-L
boUroom, deeoratod orltli boUy,
n Rtlotin .ii.'i \niori< aa Baaut] roaoa araa
aed iot the dancing. nn.1 a aente.l fnp
\ ?: was Bcrved at mldalgbt tn ti,p moln
dinlng room Mr? Choppoll w.13 i.i ptnh
^atirt ond tanpe chiffon. anl III r dOOghtor
; wore white -atln aml ehorry color chiffon.
'There was K"*neral ilnn.lng ihrongiiout
| the evenliiK
Th" gii.'ats Im ludod Mlss Marie Louis^
Bmmet. Mlm Ploroaeo ond MI i Morjory
Blolr, Mlaa Murlel Wlnthrop, Miss Marie
Toiler, Mfan i aroHno aad Mi?s Frances
IWyeth, mi-j Juotlna IngoraolL mi?s BUaa
I beth Kondfldl, Mloo Evolyu Brooro, Mlss
i loanor Taylor, m i-;* BI08UMW Marohall,
.\tias Blaanor Hartohorao, Misa Katharlaa
santa. Mi?s Hope Hamilton. MtsM Mary
Bakor, Misa comolta Chapla, Mis* c,er
tiii.l*> Mall. Miaa Oaftmda Hoyt. M!sh
Margaroi stionn-, h. Rivinnton Pyno,
Oeorge Trovor, Honry Cuohlng. Moddord
lloffmon, John Koon, Ed, Wlnthrop Keon,
i ? Bryco and itufltrl tvinjr. Otivor
\ ., -t ct Wltllom R Proctor, Jr.: 1.01I**
Cordon llameraley, Loorla Dolailald, Ir.;
p ttaon Bmmet, Jool Ptahei bi d
. Hoyi
! Tbo Brai of tba oarloa of throa boUdW
daa ? 1 f?r glrla who win aot b* f?r*
iir.iiy Introduood to society until naat
1 year was bold last nlfiht at Short-jr*g
The gUOOta, who cumo on from cl'.mierai
given by Mr? m. Ogden Chlaholm, Mra
' Woldron WlllloaM, Mrs. WlUlom Ander
lon ?u..t WiBlam MacNetU Rodowald
i wer.> roeolvod bl Mra, ChlaholBB, Mra
Wltttom (Jhureh Oaborn. Mra, Henry >!
Trovor an.i Miss anaahoUa oiyphanr
' These are amall and early dancea and at
11 o'clock BUOper ls served. The oth?r
patrone.-ttsea fot tha serie*) are Mrs. WoltOT
9, ChaPPOB, Mra. columhus (VDonnell
Iaoiln. Mn. Rldiard V. Colt, Mra. AOOOO
Make Moran. Mra. FTanrla V. I'arlsh aml
Mrs. Blwta c Waaha
Mlit Ada BryOO Gray gave a lnncheor:
roartorday at the Cokmy <'iub for dpbtt
tantcs. The ilrroratlon* ond favors wera
of .1 I'hriatmns nature. The khpsI' h>
BtOdOd Mise Hope Hamilton, hOog Mar
?iret TTovor, Mt.aa F.leanor Taylor. Mlaa
Murgnret (jverton. Miss ranny de Qroot
? iliistings, IfiM j:ii->.' PraaahO, Miss Ruth
Muller. Mlss Piibcllla Bull. Mlss Dorothy
Manlce, Mloa ' Ornell*. Do L
inopn. Mh ? Froncoa m. Ward, Miss ticr
trudo Pooa, Mloa Aiit.i. c. Ooddord, M:.s
Helen Hloa aad Mlaa Carolina Ward.
Albort Morria Bogby was prcooatad br
ihe flubocrlbera arlth a aUvor loving cup
??: .1.1'. ? or. ' r bh
Waldorf- Aotortg
Thera waa a large ond faohlonabla oaa>
ami tha programma waa a brflllaai
The ? rtl rta wore Mme. Ben
md . lement, Efrom Ztml aliat ar..i Ar
i rledbelm. Among tbooe prooom. waag
\ii- William Douglaa Moone, Mra WttUoai
j m Klngaland, Mi - !"'tt i |roi
iMrs Brodloy Martla, |r., Mloa Balea
! Mlller Oould, Mra He n d < a
' born, Mra Arthur Murray Dodgo, v i
I Franda i>. Jai uon Ifra Henry w. Taft,
|Mra Warren Detano, M - " De
Peyoter, Mra Bamuel n. Voleatine, Mr?
Ki kncla i: ii ??'.'?' HofCm
u Inthrop, Ni i -?. Bdwln Oo . I, U
A. TH* an'i Mra, J. Duncaa Bmmet
There wm .. Cbrlatmafl motlnae
Plaaa ?? -'- ido afl i
Douglaa J Wood for I I of tha
Blde-o-Wee Home foi ' Inhnala,
under tho patroi M
unond, Mrs Oeorg i l
i Todl inter Thomp lon, Mra I
ran Mr*. r*i b i i ' '? ? Mra
i Burnett ond Mloa I ? Ra
. i rogramme Includod old Fren
I Watteatu cootumo bj .o._ Juliaa Mc
l Eittli. Ihr.lan ? irom
Plpi ?:' Pai ntm*
tl * hreoh leo ' l tba
i irtn of BOflig, aad Mtoa Mar>
.--? gave aa erlglnal bumoroua -nono
The aeei i ' "ilow
;. . ' t| ? f ttt.tt: .- ? - waa
t th* u> c- ? Peooa
dramatli opioodo In ona acene, araa pra
ted foi - ti ret tltne on ai.y ataga by
Mloa Kelth '.Vukeman. DobUtoatOB Of tha
: . <:o?' i;i!? aold to c.an'.r
Harry I*n Mon'agna, 0*ho Ifl 'i .a :o ar
j rlva i'i NOW Vork to-nttv on hoar. tha
[..merlka, arill he --' ?he Rtta-Corltoa for
I ? BhOfl ?' J
1 The Ardsley Club wlll have Ita a,nn_al
?? at the olUbhOUOfl "t, Nea Yeara
Thi Brai ilan Anihat-satio- ar.d Mm*
do <'...'.' rrtved In tl . ?-:?? ar, |
mr* at I tol st. Rog ?
Mra Jamea m. Moatgi ol xo IU
t-_nt i.Hth atreet. arill give * ?
i... m ?!,' . - .,- : ? ? - - Day.
The Oerman a
ii.-tv ;o Btiend th- ? ?
i. ? . r\",\ to w uhlngti n
Jair.ec Broarn l er ai
? t from Ma. al
11. | i Mra tor l l rn
week to a I thi loyo k -.--'-.
Mr. and Mra I i ano Voj k ra
v .? i ? '.' Mloa ? i I
< >
Mi - romi ? i dance
nuo, foi
.--, l rown.
Mra Iluatoi ; --? I haa lai
liono tor a dlni ? r for her da ighi
J.4.iii.s.3 Kirr-'-l, Ol ' lh IOTJ I Ol bi
in llaat Kth BtWI t
Mr ond Mra William Do glaa fi *
win ontortoln ? i arty of tort Unner
en Chriotmaa Day. ot tbeir bo I -t
Efld fltroot.
Mr. and Mra William K. V? I
hava a lanre hon?e party for the
at Mle HOUr, their plOCO t."ar ?
I.ong Islar.d
Mr?. HerbTt BblpmflUl 1" ?B
botldaya arlth her mother. Mra B aaa
Bradloy, at Washington.
Mr. ar.d Mra. William B OOgOOd PBM
tre at Hl*h Lawn, their placo at I fl-OX,
f..r the botldaya Thoy ~.t:i glve a i ir. i
thora on Now faar'a Bve,
( Ry TeieRi.iptt to The T'ltuna.)
Newport, Dec BL?Aeoordlng to tenta
ti\o piai.s. the WOddlng of Mloa MB-ga
retta Biegfrtad, daughter of Mrs. < liarlea
giegfrled, of tuis clty, oi I I. BertmaB
M.il om, "i" Now t-ork, arill piobaMy ba m
Newport eve:.t after t*ant Tha
probably win t.?ko plaoi la 1
Cbureh, ond arill bo foi owod ?> -
tion at the t.'oraoii cottago, wl
Blegfrled ood boi aaughtor make their
LieutoafluM Commondar il B, y_me'.i.
r s N..*lo BPondlng tho hoiulayo *"?*?
i la fatt.i'v 1-.. re
Mr. aad Mi ??? ; nU)n '*xw
hava arrlved fi a Prloootna to epei.J
Chrlataoaa at luni.. Lawa
Mrp. Alesondor J. Andoraon haa re
turned to Newport fr< ? Now rork.
Mloa BMlth Hunl
maa with h*>r paraata, Br, i ?? Mra 'Wii:
lam K. H ilit-tt
The present outlook la tor a laJge nam
ber of guesia at the ChrlOtOMM dlOOOf ta
ba Kiven by Mrs. T. BhaW B-ffl 00 ' 'hriBi
mas aftemoon for OOOdy fannllc. ef N?*
Mrs. Henry .1 Rhett is tO BBO-M bBT
hocoo hera la tbo futuro. Bba ba ? ;
ehoood ihe Bodo oottogo, ln Ka ?
The condlUon of Lyman ? ??
was operated oa .it tha Naarpori
on Bunday for an oBoi tlon "f lha aoi
wae reported t"-ilay iih hOprevod.
Perrhan^a tbfl ol'lectlnn tn Mr. BaflflaWI
gtrln'a rf-nrttt Bfl BflU M '?' -l"'1 ,n N'"
Vork le tlat ta '? ' J ' "
ladtanapolla Koam
The Oti r t ? ......
Bog muM B] oven i - ?'??'?"
in New v et Ne?( thlng Wa* I t ?
..:?!. tl - '
,0tt st Poal Pleaeflfl Pi
Kow Teeb i'if. n ?? floaa, h_e lo omna*
a*4y?ral l.undrerl mililoiia o^ egRii. tt won t I
laaag, iafeaer. b?tere ti-.,y \nh flaur* ua;''
ii-, lUfloHlnatinn af 'mtorhf" aad aaU jaadBi
0( :,.) (flOfll - dflflOa a? ? n'.rlctly BOBB "
; phtla Mi i '?'? '1|?','
lt ls linpoaslble rot to teplora the l?~ ? ?
' I.-.- vfem aaaa leoda lhal Baidiiw r?i" **t
. aaauaoead M dflflath m Now rork-Boaton
maa ?
Ne* York ma> need axpert atten'i"ti Ifl ?*
torm t. but ita Maorar, it wouirt 90am, wa*w
.lemand expert .tter.tlon of 0 aurfllral 8008"
to relleve l.la Pa. khurat en tha braln.-Mii
w.-k.-e gflOdOafc ,
r'ree admiaal'n t., ihe >?flriflflO Museuin tt
FtSot^UlaUry. tht MetrooolitM Nooajaet
Art thl Ne" >";,t toeiot ??' t'urk and t. I
Vmi Ccrtlar.'H Pnrk Mumuim
Daae ?ir Chatataaaa aaiafcrotlea-, Jf***"
'., ,?.r-: rlBdag <>r shlaaa^ *** toJoM p ? .
Illuinlnation Ol "'ttriatmaa tree. .r.:..'> P_. ?
aliiKlnir. ?:3'> to ?*:?> o. m.: niuau-al aeaaa
tlotva, 0 to 10 p. m. an<l 11 p m. tn 12 -0O>
C'hrlattna.- K\e enierialnmcnt of *h* Ntw Ter?
HoeplUI, No ? *4\>at 18th atraet. ????

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