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vol. T WH. N? 24.140. ^M.i...':r,,ro...ir. NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1912.-16 PAGES.
* a
Orders Arrest of Eugene Fox
for Extortion and Bribery,
and Transfers Walsh
to Brooklyn.
Latter Says Called Liar by
Waldo and Shyster by Cor?
poration Counsel "Poliee
Investlgation Must Be
Making Headway."
PoUca <'f>miiiissioiiPt Waldo took n
aad in the praft ihasing bnsinrss
Mmacir jrootarday, aml rMdeeod tha ar
reat of Eugene Fox, the potwiwnn
named oa i W00 a month grafl col
lec-tor hy Gaorga a- MPP. FoN "!1S a'
mfa-ned ir. tho T?_U OOttTt iJtMUl**
with extortion and bribery, ond his
k.ise was ptit over untll to-morrow.
Mr. Waldo alao ordered tha troanfor
at CapUin Thomoa W Walah, who ooj
been ln commaiul of the Boot TJi'.th
street station Kince AprU, 1.x>7 Wolnh
wu aeal to tho Qrand avenue station.
. friyo, and Captain McElroy. vho
bad been at that station. aroa hroughl
,'? wolah'a old precinct. arith arrdara to
"clean up.'*
..oiatlon Coonael WoUon, whoeo
Immadlate representative, William Ifc*
Murtrie Bpeir, aiarloi troubla ln tha
Mor.d.y fll-lra of the committee hy
h*s eeMOttag remarks obool tha "ex*
nwtntf1 flrha bad heen teattfylng be
lon t, eruM ta fhotATt rescue yeaTterdaj
with a noBonaa thal wai also a bttter
attaek Upon l-'mory R Buckner, th
tommittce's connsel.
Mr. Wotooa gave ovl a letter whlch
la aaal to MaiT C^hnnan, tha young
woma- lawyer w ho teoti-ed on Monday
??, the vile condltlons of tha; aection
,.f Harlem over Whlch Walsh was au*
for more than five yeara, and
la whieh he look the ground that Buck*
,,uestion8 tO Miss Col-man had
.f, n grossly imvroper.
Lawyer ConferB with Watson.
?foUowtag ihr reoatpt of tho k
Mlaa coieman called an the Corpora*
tion Connael, and aftar a conferenofl
with him aold ahe had baan oatouoded
ai the riuestions ask.-.l bj Mr. Buck*
aar *hat had she i,-aliz'd ihelfl* full
aarport ah- wouid have left the wltnea*
iund at the time, and thnt tlie audden*
of 'hem so flurried hei that Bh?
them alnaool un**<ma-lou*ly.
lmident was poaaad. bow?
?he feit she ougl.t to remaln an
itand and gi\e what Information
.-. . ould to tha coBunlttee.
Mr. Buckner, when a OOP) ol the let
ler written by Mr. Watson to* IflM
Coieman was shown to him, explalned
that his questions had been asked ln a
Joking monner aiid anewered in the
?me irpirit by the witness. lt WOa
noted v-. tboae who wltnaaeetl the imi
dent oa the stand on Monday and foi*
leved thi devolopmonti yeaterday,
bawtvei that Miss Colonaan, though
ahe i otly been ootonlahod at
the questlona for a moment, under*
atood and laughed at the mild rebuke
to Speir ls she anawered them
Further. it was noticed that after she
had Bnlahed her testimony she talked
pleaaantly wltb Mr. B*ockner for a f*-w
BUautefl. He thahked h'-r for COinlng,
and ah" said she was glad she had been
atle to i it into the record. by her
teethnony, *. picture of eondltiona In
ihe Harlem district under Coptoln
Walah, and neither of them rofetTOd in
aay way to the queotlona whlcb had
paaaed off a? a p! i.-antry. Mr. SpHr,
however. taiked qnietly with Miss Coie?
man afterwaxd, and it is believed that
the germ of Mr. Watoon'l letter waa
born wiih that talk.
Waldo Appaara by Letter.
Coi - Waldo, who bad
i-romis. 'i to appear al ?n exocotlva
Haslon of the committee yesterday
morni'iR. de< lined to come when the
tbne arrived, and aenl instead a letter
Ctntinnarl on ... ?n.l ffrnge, rlllh . oliinm
Thi* Morning1 s News
Liner Aahorc; Paaaengera Safe. 1
Waldo Acta on (Jraft Chargea. 1
Morgan Aida Waaherwoman. l
City'a Te< Llghta 1'P Park. 1
Broken N>ik V'ictim to Walk Outdoerfl 4
>**xiety Hoat to 1,000 Chlldren. 8
Xmas for Prisonera' Familie.a. 8
bawjer Vindi<-_ted After 12 Years.... 8
Mellen and ('hnmberlin I'lead. ?
veto of ".Mr,-. le" Censorahip Kxpei ted 8
Urdt ta Rooaevelt Mouse.11
W'alt All Nlght for Pay.11
Snow Hampara Xmaa Trafflc.18
New Havtn to Kell Steamboat Llnea.. 8
?tleon Confera wlth Clark. 1
?*ilnre ''arar-elolo on Dlv ono. 3
P 8. Chellengea Bomb Pofeaoe.a
8t*tes to Study Inaanity Problem-6
"?clety Waits on Pickaninnioa. 8
SafTraa,. Hikara Brave Know.7
?*BV. Hl*a*?; Pardons 79 Convleta.4
?'rontl-ra of AU.ania Hketched. 3
'j'lhl Bomb Killed Two. 3
N'flwa for Women. t
**<llt?rial . ?
?**ocl?ty . g
Theatrh al . t
' 8Poru.10
Army and Nav y.11
' *'<-ther .11
K*?l|,pinK .XI
jj'iaanelal and Maikete_18, 13 and 14
* *ai-*a?uau.mt- ?a4 -"
Washerwoman a Fool to Have Thirteen Child?
ren, Says Financier, Who Sends
Her $ 10,000 Check.
j. r. Morgan'fl Wall Btreet aaaociatea
nre telling about a receni visit tln
baaker made tO hi? deBttil ond whaf
.ame of it
Thr dentiet was hurting Mr. Morgan
wh.. was hoth blUBl atnl frank in in
formlBg liitn of that fa. I.
i me of th.' aroral caaoo "f deetltu
iii.n i know of is that of my arlfe'a
? aahl rwoman." rrmark'-d the drntisl.
by way of diveraton.
? How is that?" (iski-.i Mr. Morgan.
Her huaband dled ntni lafl bei
thlrteen .hildren. Only Bve of them
are large enough to work."
The dentiet, arho kepl on with i"iii
liis work and his liar.l lu? k nanativ..
, Barge Deckhand Dracjs Woman
Ablaze from Cabin and
Throws Her Overboard.
Then Makes Second Dash Into
Flaming Barge and Brings
Out Scared Children
Ji.hn Kiistrmn. a deckhand on Bsrge
No. '.?. of the Tidewater Oil Company.
! lying at one nf the ? ompany's do.k.s at
Etoyonne yeaterday aftemoon, re?<raed
.1 woman frotn b<?ing hurnfd to death,
..iui then went back into the flamea an.,
Ireacued her two children, The woman
\>.is 00 l.a.lly hurned that ahe is in St.
Ii.iii. is'.s Hoapital, in Jersey <'it>. in a
-.in.iifi cindition. Tln' two children,
although badly frtghtaned, arere not in
'i .1 i.nin.-.J. The barge arhere tho
flre ...I i.ii..1 waa only olightly burned.
Mro. Oartruda Mlller, arlfe ol Oaptaln
' William Mlller, of thr- barge Jan*.
pauiad some keaoaeae ..ii oi. bei kltchen
liistaiitly th'- oii mii raught tire
and there was a land exploeloo_ The
burnlng "ii Ba** aii over Mra Mlller
, acattered Itaell about tha ftnaii
i! itchen of the baigr.
The acream of the womai and the
? ol the agploalon arere beard by
trom, arho was ..n Barge No. '??.
cloae by, and he burrled ovei to the
.;.. . io Inveetlgate. Ho found Mra
Mlller a pUlar of flame. li?' Irlad to
extlnguiah the flames, but .-e-nied tn
be makine no OUCOeea, ?'"! he urabbrd
hold of the woman and ptM-Md her
overhoard from the barge int.. the
water Bnatrom than went ?verboard
ofter her.
?rt,.- watei extingulahed the Bo
but th?- aevara '"id nearly i auaed the
woman tr. perieh, and ahe ?a< reached
lual in time b> Bnatrom t" aave
from beimr, drowned. Bnatrom awam
wiih her to a ropfl laddcr daiiKlmtf
trom the Mdo of th- barge, ami In thlal
wav niaiiaK. .1 to get her t<. tln- bOftt,
Whlch "a- bj thlfl '?",.? "ti tn- and
burnlng brlakly.
-Mv ? hildren, my i hildren!' ? rled tha
woman, "they ?"? ??" tho cabln ?'"i
will be burned ..i'.- Mra. Miner than
made a run for lha cabln of tha Jane.
but wa- reetralned bv Bnatrom Ha
ruahed ir.t" tbe caWn Ht.d pli klng up
,h.- two children. Alfred, ?k"<i two|
yeara, ?'""' Ploraaca, three ond one-half
yeara of **:>?. carried them to thi- H-" k.
Neltber "f the Uttle onea had been
near enough t<. the flamei to ba
hun.ed. but tbey were both badlj*
fi iKhton-44-l.
inaitrom aummonad belp and tne
woman was attended bv Im HeinUle
man, who advised that ahe be sent to a
hospital. as lha waa badly burmd frotn
head (o foot. Sin- was taken to tln- Bt
rranda Hoapital, in Jaraay Clty.
The tire in the kltchen of the barge
WM extinjMJished with hut a slight losa
by a number of persons who responded
io Knstrom's call for help. Captaln
Mlller, who was awa? buying a. few
Chrlatmaa preaenta for hia ^>>"? "?d
litlle onea, retumod to the batRe OOUM
tin.e after the acident and took <aie
of the thildren
Benjamin Lucky Ooes Free Af?
ter His Conviction.
Boston. Dett 24.-Benjamin Lm ky, of
BirminBham. Ala., a clr. us attache.
juHtilled hls name to-day when as bfl
Was about to be ?eriten.''d to prison for
maaalaughter it was found thai an?
other man had confeased to the CTtflM,
Luvky waa released.
When a fltl?Ufl waa in this clty last
June there was a clatih between .om*
of the paradern and several buya and
one of the latter waa killed. Lucky
was vonvbted of manslaughtir. When
he came up for eent.-nee to-day hla
counsel prodtit ed a eonfesslon from
Jamea Gatighan, an inmate of the State
The AftslHtHtit Distrid Attorney a<'
cepted tl.e . onfession and tain-ell.d the
rase against Lucky. and with -'Merry
Chrintmae" from Judge and pr-.sectitlng
ofhVern the man left the coui troom.
tttaughan will be arraigned on Thuiu
.liiin't leave oui aay of the harrourlni
featurea ?.f the arldow'o plight f..r a
llvlng i" the face uf Kroat odda, Mr.
Morgan aaked a queotion now and then.
and finally, after an unuaually aevere
ordeal, i<^fi the operatlng room. Tha
next day the dentlol recelved a letter,
which read aboul ns foiiowa:
"Dear i><?? i.? i. ?**"?>>i hurt me iik?- the
devll yeaterday, but your vivi.i st..r\
ahOUl the wtdOV and ln-r thirte.-n ehll*
dren helped aome. Incloaed find mj
check tor $10,000, whlch pleaee turn
over t" th.' waaberwoman, and t.-n her
for me that ohe waa a^ool t" ever havo
thlrteen children."
The dentlol complied with Mr, Hor*
gan'i requeat
President-elect Got Letter and
Had Gifts Sent.
I rt* Ti ?? 8T?e i la Tbe Ti ltn
Trenton, Dec -t When Charley
Conroy, olghl yeara oM, of Eaat
Orange, ajata up thia mornlng and flndo
that the letter he eent tu H.mfa Claufl
has been a nsw er<i| he will probably ho
the bappteal boy in New Jeraey, f"r
mtie Charley*8 Banta is Oovernor "711*
Charley'a letter, with the almpli ad
dreaa "Banta Claua, Btate Houae, Tren*
ton." reached Oovernor P/lloon a
ple ot daya ago. Charlej aaked (bi a
swaater, a pair "f glovea, a necktle,
a r.ip. IWO I.ka, a traln <?f ,.,rs. a DOI
..f blOCka and a boi "f .andy aml finit.
Praeldant'-elecl Wllaon was .?>? bn*
preaaed that he had -Miss llavens. one
of the stenographers. buy all of the
things that t baiiey u^ked fut juul had
thi in eent to him.
a number <>f other little boya and
pirlst. too, will find to-m.>rrow that
th.- President-?'lc.-t has not b-i't their
Chriotmaa lettera unanowored
Girl Invalid Makes Fifth At
tempt at Suicide.
Aftet tukvlng aulferad f'-r elghteen
yeara from an Incurable malady, i?i:.
operoted on Rfteen tlmea in Boveral
boapltala throughoui th*- cKy, Kather
perler, twanty-one yeara oid. tooh
polOOn in her BfUl attempt to klil her
s.'lf last night This lim. thr dOCtOM
in Bellawfl Hoapital aai ohe wlll proh*
ubly 0UCCO4 d.
ln her four prevtoua attempta ??'
oeif da-Otructlon, the glrl was aaved by
her mother. Bhe llveo at No. 183 !??'?
8th f-tr.-4-tt iii Ihe t oopltal ihe kc i
begged tlie doctora to flve her oome*
thlng to .-iui i.. i hopeteaa condltl ?n.
$90 Ring Was There Whon
Jeweller Saw It Last
a rto. kj ma w i11, a blank expn b?
?lon entered Jharlea Fink'a Jewelry
-!..!? i.i No. 287 Pirat avenue iroater*
.'..' .-imi etgnlfled b: winka and ana
thai he wanted to i<?.k ,.i aome ringa.
i-'nik buatled oui a tray an.i banded
ovei - |80 rlng. Tln- deaf an.i dumb
ni.ui spenl s<>'r..i mlnutefl exam.nlng
it nnd then looked al othera In ra
moving each h?- oelced the rlng be*
i v,.-.-ii his i? .-ih and flrew lt from blo
Bnger Inetead of ualag his hand--.
.\ momenl later Plnk dlocovored thai
the |80 rlng was mlaatng. He locked
ii,.. dooi and telepboned to tho Baal
22d otreet pollca itation. Detective
Jeremlah Hari.our prled open the cua
tomer'i mouth f"i trace ?.r the mis ing
jewelry ln raln,
Thfl JeweUer waa ao iure the deaf
and dumb otyanget had owalkrwed tha
rlng that BarbOU| had him lo. ked ui>.
Attacked by Cold, Governor
Fails to Free Conviets.
i itt Telegrepb lo 'i ba Tribune i
Aii.aii', Dec. W.?Oovernor Dtx be
, ame auddonly m thla afternoou from a
oevere cold. Whllfl no danger is appre
hended, it was tald lhal ba was obllged
to take to hia bad.
The Oovernor'o iiin'-s* held up aii aa*
ocutlve business, Including action on
pardons. lt was undfItatOOd thal bfl
hatl Intended to aaaounce aeveral par?
dons and commutat ions this aftemoon,
and that one of the maaaangora ."II
neeted with the executive ehambar bad
heen dire.ted to be nady to make a
trip to Dannemora prison, ao thai th..s*?
i.i whom leniency was to bfl OXtanded
COUld have spent I'hristmas at their
homes. Now they muai pass th.' day tfl
their i ells.
_ ?e
Sight Restored, He Sees Mother
for the First Time.
Chicago, Dee. II Ol all ."?? ..'.-1
one-l.alf mlllion i>. r- "t.s m CbicagO. Ol*
.?i, i .i.inano. a boy "f nlneteen, i- prwb
iblj ti"1 redplenl "t th- moei Mghiy
.r,_,.,i chriataaafl praaaut Hla glfl Ifl the
re.-overv of Ma eyeoiglit Me has been
Mlad On\ce he was a 1 nl..
?I lookwl on my mo.Ii.r's f. ?t ir*s for
lh- llrft Min- to-d^ly.?? he va, I. anl. oh.
oxteh heautv! i ask.-d myaaOf >r -t ??i
,,?,., wheri i reallaed thal i e mM aaa,
No one knows auch |oy. fOU, who knuw
how to I-"! and wrtti ? aa n Ulae my
position. I know noihlm: of ihat, hut I
,,111 immedlatety stait o lean. Of all
th,- pOOpla ln lli>' WOrld, I am the one to
whom santa Chtua baa Hven Ua oooal
Ml;.- .1 B. iii;i:i:i>li<if l .
ln her autoioobtta, prtaatng the bottoa
that nn i "i on tlie aleetrle current
iPfcrtegrapli efli: rla*l bj ataffen ?
Speaker Secms Pleased to An
nouncc That Commoncr
Was Disregarded.
Tariff Will Be the Thcme. Says
President-Elect ? Under
wood Invited to Call at
Convenient Date.
? T.;.?ri,iili to 1_? Tl
Trenton S. .r. Dec im.?Pra#deni -
eleel Wllaon had ? at^taiTaajaali oon
terenca arrtb Ppoaki r Chotnp Clort bfa
bmm formfdabfc rl*al 81 BolUmere, m
-..,?.? ii-- ,-?? '" daI Tl ?? only ln*
rormation that tne Bponkor would g'*-e
. om ? rnlng II ? * om lave * WTlll
j.,11, .i Br: an >< noi ? ?? nol men*
tiom ?! d .1 Ing the h i ir and .i bolf lhal
bc and Ihe Prealdent ek* t eonf* rred.
Mr. < itiK k.i\- o piece ol In?
formation .ei bi erfully. ln Ioi :. It
. to ph toa blm to be able t.? |el
th,. . . ? mi n known thal tli*
Commoner*fl name bad nol been dlo
, ,,,.,, d. and II -? ? tm d rather Btgnlft*
.t. t< u, t., beoi Mi. W llaoa verlfy
thla Btatemenl latei on and t>. add I
--,-,i rltta Bpeaker Clark
the aame Cab !
bad dla* iaaed wltb ?*??" Bryan.
king of bla - onfere. wlth Mr.
niark, Oovernoi Wilaon aaM thal
.._,.,..] thal the tariff woold be the
p?ramounl aubjet I foi t?n_Wei*atlon at
tbe npeclol Moaion,
?fi,.- conference between Ibe Preo!?
dent-eteet ond tha Bpeokar waa iuha
terronean b* - auae it waa bold In t'i?
boaemenl of the itata Houoa, ln the
Uttla raotauimnt where "Sam" Gordon
dlapenoea luncheon on Tueadaya.' Mr.
Clark WOI btfa In arrhing, and when
h,. got to ii-- ?-;'?,,?? **?oaa ?*' -::o
r/cloch l.e found Oovornor IVllaon
wotttng for bhn. They bnmodlately
?,,,, to the booemenl reataurant,
ajrhtta thej ate and talked until -I
Rour.es at Bryjn'a Name.
When Mi. Ckurfc focod tha newepopar
,?,.,, |:, ...-?... ,i to onower ? Mngloaueo*
tlon OUI IO bit.i regarding the OOnfer*
,.,,,-e. iiniii ona of lha aortben eooaalry
aaked lf Mr. BrVun'a nama h..d been
ii,i name wai nol mentloned,H he
v;n,( -j || ytve ><"' lhat much ln*
?\iit even by Infotanoa?*' ha waa
n.-!?;, d.
N,,.'' replled tha Speaker.
n,, \,,u think Mr. Bryan ahouid b->
ln the Cabinet'"'
"Now. Tni n<>t n-goin" t,i talk about
blm. I*horo'i aofno things i won't do
aml some thinps l will. I don't want
tu he dlocourteoua, bnl i trlll not dis
CUSfl hini '"
it wns qulte apporenl thal there
wiisn'l much love between the Speaker
and tba Ckunnwuer, fot ooi onca dni
Mr. Clark rofer lo the latter by name.
?him" being bla favortta azpreoaioa m
apeaklng of Mr. Bryaa
Mr. Clorb aeemed particularly pleaaed
wlth liis talk Wltb UM I'leskh-nt-flei-t,
and. altbOUgb ln- 8*08 COrefUl t<> ke.-|,
\ihat bappened lo hknaahT-aacept, of
courao, the mornel of newa oonceralng
Bryan?he ahnoal amllad as he Md Ooi ?
,.,-nor Wlfaron goodby, in Ktr.-im eon*
tra.?t to hia loavotaklngr al BeaOtrtdur?
ing the Bummer.
Mr. ciark would nol boj anythlng
aboul tbo work of tha apeelal aaoalen,
esecpt tii.it. ' th" aoonor wa g*?t nt it
,h,. -.-i v* <? will be through.'' He
dlartuflont tha aiajwontiatlon bUM ?nd
other tefljlalatlon. panctaattng his nttie
auaeoh with thla remorh na he rmticod
.,,,,.,. ,,; tiu- newapopor man rawnlng:
?i Buppoae aovao of you teOowe will
get vertigo beCOrO I g** through."
"Pv the way. Mr. BpoakOT." one of
4 ..niiimrii on teeead paajfli fourtb < ?.??? i
V ' '
Vast Crowd Gathers and Tears Dim Eyes
as Carols Swell and Lighted Fairy
Vies with Sky.scrapers.
o? ,i..i ua . ? .,-? t.. gather nor
ii,- ortad tu biow untii after tn.- dty*i
Chrlataaaa tree sto-.d prepared to aprlng
Into Ineandeaeent Ufa laat evenlng m tha
luah of Madlaon Bquare Park. Katare
ontlnitt J t.. OOWdoi the bra: I
Iin rati < ' i ? trace ol artlfldalliy for
-..ni- time after t- ? aua had com?
ploted tha trlmmtng ot ii" tree. Tba
mow driiis anuggled about tha ooncrete
blde the BBau-made roota and to
toften the ooutour "f the httie hut un*
? ? ? Man. hea o hei a th. electrie
,?,It< h--1 ... i onoealed
. ..- j... ii..- tha ma| boi li opi '
oui into lb< '' ? o'i lot k ;i- ii Jo
hoveb had -? ? U -1' partii olar dl< 11*
,.. ri i.i' the : .ni. ? "i ? to i ontaj a i
.... to aome modern Hoaea, a> II om ol
thooa old mir.i. i."< hke tbe burnlng buah
had ouddenly comfl t? dlaturb tba ratlon
lUotb phllooopb) of reerydey New Tork.
with thoae giaal akyacrapera on every
slde, reachuig tii-lr lewolled tC/Wera tow?
ard iho evenlrig alar, tii^i reda white,
b'ue aad green tree, though more than
Kixty fOOt la height, .eein.-.l a tinv. old
fashlon^d thlng la comparl.'on.
r.ut it Btlrred the vity-. heart as only
really t>!d-.ashionf>d thlaga wili; lt gath
,-,ed j vast CTOWd whlch i logged every
pnth and OVOrflOWod into the anowdnfts.
paualng ten mlnvtea or ^o to
Ka/. at tblfl air.a.itig thing. tO listen lo
the Christmas caitl ?welllng hrom I'e
throata Of a t>it* OhorUO of d.-voted ni*n
ai.d wun.en ln ti.e bardstand. and to turn
away aRatn with t< ars In their eyofl bOOBO*
A.,.i bound w it h their Chilotmao bundlea.
Trumpetera Announce Revelation.
Al . 0- i... k ti.e Buoaaraufl I * Ua
ln tbe Metropolitan Tewer broke inu
their cblmee, while all over the rlty, ".
Brooklyn, Queena, The Bronx and Rich*
mond, aa well ???? ln htanhattan, tha
chnrchea followed flult Tor half an hour
tha, contlnued. Then tn the buah that
follewed the trumpeterfl of the ^an Ba_r
<onllnii-?l on llftli p?8*. tbir.l column.
Delayed Mother Finds Steerage
Full and Cannot Pay
a-^ tha anow-coverod Lualtanla shd
out of her barth at Waat 14th atreet
yesterday afternoon a fmil 1 it11?? wom?
an nal ojulotly in tho thlrd oioaa wolt*
ing room si' Iho j?kr. 'j'he vlb**g/tlng
erhletle whlch waa calltflll "Marry
I'hrl.Htmus" to the CTOWdB abOV8 bOT
was aounding tha knell of h, t -801*88*1
bopo. That hope \v.m to seo h?-r
daughter ln London befora the daugh?
ter departed from th<* Waatora world
to vlfllt tho Kngltsh colOBlai Of the I'ast |
aa an u'tress.
The woman waa Mra, Mati.* lohn*,
atone. Though only four daya out of I
a hospital as the ruOUlt of injuries re- ?
eatvad IB a fall down an elevator shaft,
she had undartOkM the Journey from
Toledo, Ohlo, acrosa the ocean to be
wlth her daughter Gtodgg for a little
whlle hefore tho nineteen-year-old
actreoa aooghl Bome ond fortune ln In?
dla. The Lusitania Wflifl the only shlp
whlch COUld ?et ln r to BnglOOd in
Th,. sioim nf yeaterday dolayed Mrs.
Johnatona'l train, no that she did not
raOOh IhO Pier until llfteen minutca
after tha vaaajol was achcduiod to **hlL
I'ln- mails also were doloyod, DOWOVer,
;.iul , i.nsi'iiuently the gangplank was
still out when she was wheeled up to it
in an invalid's ehiiir Sh,- preseuted
bar third clasa ticket to the IIih-'h offl*
,ml. lle toM ber the ateerage was full
and that unleas she could pay for a
second clasa paaeuKe ahe could not go.
Bha could not pay.
Down ln the thlrd class offlce Mr*.
J.ihnstone told lur atory and asked her
money bOCk. She was told that she
iniild get it next Monday. rihe will be
ihe gUOOt of the line at the Ablngdon
BqUOra Hotel until thejh When her
ini.ii. \ . omea ii wiii be minua 98 for
agents* foen,
Wisconsin Plans to Banish the
Second Hand Volume.
Madla. wis., Dae, Sie-Thfl com?
mon drinklng cup ami oooomunlty
towel having been banlshcd from rub
llc buildlngs and conveyances in Wia
coneln, agttatkm Ifl hem being direeted
against flflCQBd hand OChOOl books.
ll i? deelaitd that sm li booka *re
offectlve oarrlen of dlaeaae an.i that
tlu-y cannol he entirely disinfevteil.
Sees Flames and Father Rescues
Rest of Famiiy.
li was the crv of a llttle gtrt, Dora
Hojyers, who liv*s on tbfl thlrd floor Ot
the house at No. 1174 Jamai.a avenue.
Union C'ourse, Brooklyn, that was re
sponslble for tho saving of flve lives last
night, when tho thrte-etoiy building at
that addresa caught fire. Before the
OOluateer liremen eould handle the flames
the buil.lir.K had bern i-ntlrely doatioy?-d.
ThrOUgfa the liToistu of Arthur Roners.
father of Dora. who IIvps un tln- third
BOOT, Mis. Rogara, bor three (.ther chil?
dren and Mlss llattie Quail Weao all res
i ued from the Roxers home.
Th.' first floor of the bUlldlng ll 00CU
pifd by a store. William Bchararta and
his arlfe Ihra nn the aecond teor. Uttla
Dora, arho had >.<'<-n out oo an erraad,
aw Barnea abootlng from tha oeitar arln
dOW. Bha raiu? the dOOTbOll fiautically, at
iiif .'.un.' tinii ealUng "Flrer1
Behwarta nnd his wlfe eeoaped. Rogen
hurriedly dreaaod bla wlfe, wh... i* an bt*
valld, nnd then OTOWlod aloag the narmw,
loo oavored ledga to tbe arlndow of wiii
linn Wurthridge, in the adjoinlng l.uiid
ing* Tha latter imiied Rogera Lnotda aad
took hold ot bla l< rs and I;.ttl him WhPfl
tbfl huaband gulded his ?if?' an.i children
ai.mi; tln- treachorouo path to gofety.
Atlantlc I'oast Line, "N. V. * Florlda
Rpeciel." effeetivo Jan. ,rih All "Boat
roaet" polnta reached. 1311 Broadway.
Revenue Cutter at Hand to Take
Off Passengers and Crew
of United Fruit Line
Steamer Turrialba.
Crowds on Atlantic City Board
walk Watch Lights of Dis
abled Vessel and Those of
Rescue Ships?Passen?
gers Get Off To-day.
The Turrialba, the new 5.000 ton
ateel liner of the United Ftuit <'om?
pany, with fifty-seven passengers and
a crew of cighty-thrc-, is agruund on
the Brlgantlnc -hoOHa Tha UuUed
States revenue cutter Senc. a is stand
ing hy Th<- Turrialba is crippled bod*
ly. Her rudder, rudder post and s-teru
frame have been torn away by tln
heavy 8000, whkh alsn damaged IVr
siie was i.idwn a-'noio roflrUWdoy
morning. about 1 o'elock, hy the hea
hiahoro northeoat wind, and h?*r ooae
waa burled ln tha sands near Lttrle
Peorh. on the eonthern extrb?tity of
the Little Egg Uarbor Shoals. but b<?
fore night had falkn. the ?MMntnlnOUfl
aravea and tho gale drove her further
along; the eOOOt, until late la.?t nlght
>he araa ln the grip et the sands of
the Brlgontlne Bhoola, about four*
milea from Atlantk City.
Watched by Crowds.
Crowda apent th<? day armtchlng ber
from the Boardwalk Ot Atlantic City.
She Uoa hroadside to the bOOCh, with ??* i
bad list. to port. and the surf pounding
heavily against her side.
It was found necessary to reJIOVe tha
rrew of the Turrialba, ao completel.k
exhausted were the men from their
long flght arith the sea. Thier ptooea
were taken by Hf800X81- troxp the e**? -
iions at South Brigantine, North Brig
antine, Barnegat *and Little Kgg Har
hor. The llfc-aavcrs will remaln on
duty all night, so that th<? crew will
have a chance to rest.
At nudnlght the following measage
from the Seneca wes picked up by th<
wireless station at Sandy Hook:
Seneca arrived at stranded steamer Tur?
rialba. WUl stand by during night. *A in.l
nnd sea moderating. Expect to take pas
3> ngers and mail on S*?nec* to-morrow
morning when Merritt-<'hapman wr?ck
ing OJHit arrives. Little Egg Ilfesavera
al?o standlng by. Think vessel can be
eeved hy lighteiing cargo. She liea on
?outbeaat end of ahoal and Little Egg
At tha s'inie time word was recelved
fronr, Captain Landsay, suying the Tur?
rialba was dry fore and aft, and reat
ing ea"=il>, and that the swell was mod?
Immediately after she had sti'iick the
' SuS." the wireless dlstresa call of
tl.e NO, was sent from the etranded
vessel, and picked up at the wir?le?s
station at the end of the Millton Dollar
Pler, in Atlantic City.
Lifesaving crews nll along ths
treacherous New Jersey coast, a his
toiiC graveyard of coastwise ehips. put
out for tha vessel at the iir.st break of
down. BhOltly aftei- the news arrive.l
tha BOttOCO, "f the United Statea reve?
nue cutter service, put out from the
Brooklyn navy vard and rea'hed the
Turrialba at 8:4.") last night. The Sen
era waa doloytd at Sandy Hook by the
The BenoCO m.ide her 1a*t de.operat-*
effort to reach tbO Turrialba after r*>
cotving several urgent wirelesa mea
BHges trom the liner, crying out for im
mediate assistance.
The first of these ealls was picked un
by the Bonoca at 1:00 o'elock, to whlcli
Captain Johnston, of the revenue cut?
ter, replied:
?TtMlng Barnegat bjJOy, full speed."
Help Arrivea.
And When the following meaaage by
wireless from Cap May, from Captaia
Llndaoy, of the Turrialba. was recelved
at the Unlted Fruit Coir.pany'a offlce*
the anxiety that had been felt OnrUlf
the day gnvO plu.e to a feellng that
no lives would be loat:
1, IS n. ni.-Seneia anived at 8.45 W%
have decided to hold paaiengers on boanl
till dayltght owing to heavy swell Bena-oa,
and hfe saving boat atanding by. Ship
Tlif* Hambiiig-American Atlas liner
Prinz Auaust Wilhelm asked lf ahe
COUld be of assistance and recelved the
following rcply:
N'o. thanks. The Seneca will take thetn
ofi' iti the morning.
The niessage that occasioned alarM
was one sent by Captain Lindsay ttt
u:-t) o'elock. readlng:
Stern frame. rudder inist aml rudder
gone. Propcller damag,*!.
Two mlnutes earlicr Captain Lindsay,
who had previously reported that the
vessel was buiied bow forward in the
sand and her stern afloat, sent v.ord
that the vessel had taken a heavy liaU
Inspector Hughea Aboard.
Messases from passengers on board
irere relayed by way ol Conay island
aaailllng thdr relatlves and friendfl
that the rOOOOl WOO BB no danger.
One of these i-ame from Inspector
Edward Hughes, of the New York Po?
llce Department. He was duo to re?
turn to duty to-day, and he sent a
wireless to Comniissioner4 Waldo ask
ing for an extcmled leavc of abaencc,
whlch was grontod.
At 9 o'elock last night two wrecklng
ttigs, wlth aavanty men. left here,
eiiuipped to haul the Turrialba off lha
lt is expected the Seneca will take
the Turrlalba's passengers off soina
jtime tliis morning, so that they ought

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