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to reach the frult compan.Vs dock, Pier
1.", Eaat River, aome time this aft-r
It la feared it wlll be a difficult taek
bauling the Turrtalba off the shoals. us
her cargo ie belleved to ba stowud foi'- I
The life aaving crewa who want to
the assistance of the Turrialba say
the storm whleh drove thf liner ashore
Waa one of the worst storms along the
coast in years. Severul of the life aa*. -
ing boats were dlsabled while putting
out. for the strandvd vessel and many
uf the life savers had naiTOW OOOOpOl
with their lives.
Captaln Lambert Parker and the crew
r.f the Abaecon Nffl Oavlng statlon were
wrecked and have not been nble to
give any assletance. It was neces?ary
to cross a stretoh of two mlles of bad
water. and upon this their rngine
stopped. Their boat was tossod about
like an egg flhell and driven ashore be?
fore they could get their enginc work
lng again.
Just before mldnight the l'.ruoklyn
navy yard plcked up the foilow ing mes?
J'asf-enger.-i and ship rOOttng easily.
The message was fllgned by Captain
Lindsay. T'p to the hour nv-nttoned n>>
word had been recelved dlrevtly from
thi' Baneca. Severul efforts to get m
touch with the revenue eutter by th.
Mtvy yard atation were unsuccessful.
The Turrialba. OM of the largost apd
newest of the Unlted Fruit fon.pai.y's
flee.t, was noslng hflff way slowly along
the New Jersey cor.st, when she hlt the
Kg~ Harbor Shoals, burying bet bow
ln the grlpping .-ands.
The heavy gale blow ing had deadoned
the roar of the shoals. and the guldlng
lighta along the treacherottfl eoaat wera
hidden by the OWlrttng OttOW.
The intpact ItoOBed tho passenpfrs
from th*-!r sleer. They elamhered up I
the comptt.nlonways. ..nly to be [old by
the ofticera and crow, who bad
84>mMfd OB oeck a few inomrnts after
th.' vessel stru-'k, that there was no
There wa? no immedtate dang*
bato-aman, who had been bMnded by
th.- beatii g anow, had ordered th.- en
gines reversvd at thr flrst feellng of
Bhock, and th- wat.-rtight bulkhaada
were doaad by the hand c^i' in th?^
wheel bouaa captaii. Llndoay was at
hls plae- on th" bridge. in full con?
trol of thr ettuatton.
CasflaJn Lindsay at onee ordered the
\4 ireless operator to s.'inl nn s O fc?,|
?ii.' marltime algnal of dlootreaa. Half
?n hour after tln- \.-ss.>i atruck, this
messag.-- was plcked up bv th'' wir>'
less atatlona aioii^' the eoaat:
4 a. m Turrialba ushnro off Rarneeat
Heavy anow sijuall. Ship afloat aft Kast
forward. Aealatenci :- neceaaary
UKD8A- |
Life Savers Get Warning. t
The flrst land Btatlon to plck 'tt' the
message was tbfl ODO at tln- end of tho
Mlllion Dollur Pier at AthUOtk * "ity.
lt was relay^d to New York, and the
life savlng crews all along th>- stouth
New Jersey shore were wained of the
vessel's pllght.
Those on shot. had great. r fO-UTfl
foi the vessel's oafetf than the wlre
IflM wurranted. Thay feared thal the
bowHng northeaater an.i titt str-'iig
inshore current, whlch toaaed th"
wavea nn.untaiii high and OOUnded
then agtt.asi the ohore, would i" rvt ;i
menace to the fruit ptoamoT,
The two ttffl saving CTOWfl al thfl
Hrigantm. and ttM l rew s at Llttle Egg '
Harbor and AtlantlC statiuns made
ready, and ahortljr aftet daybreak auc*
veeded iu getting their boats bayond
thf aurf line. ar.d headed seaward. ou
the alert for the vegsel's siren.
Towani :? o lock the life savers of
the Little Egg Harbor station made
out the white mass of the Turrlalbay.
about three mllflfl off idlorf( a jittlo
south of them. and s.-veral mile-- 00 ith
? .f whero Captaln Lladaay reckoned
| ip to be.
About this time Captaln Ltndfl-0
sent a oecond message. tbi- time ed
tlresaed to the office of hla comi am
saying thare was r.o watei la t ?? hold
of the treaael and tha attuaflot. waa no
Thei marine men "ho compared the
poaltlon glven by Captain Lindaay tn
hia w ireleae and his true position fli.
ured he had been blnwn out of his
i nurse by the wtnd and that the hcaw
buffetlngs of the northeaater had held
htm ba/k from ten to twenty mlles
more than he had calculated.
Second Meaaage Reaaauring.
Inthe mean time the life aaving ere* s
wero hattllng with the storm. The en
Which went ashore on the Jersey coast and is now disabkd.
There are 140 souls on board the
United Fruit liner Turrialba, which
is aground on Brigantine Shoals. in?
cluding 57 passengers. Of the latter.
the names of only 24 are listed at
tlie company's offices here. These
had engaged passage for the round
trip when the Turrialba left here on
her Southern trip. They are:
Dr. J. M. Vandeveer and L. J.
Waldman, of Albany; H. J. Little
field. 0. P. Blinn. jr.. N. G. Parker
and Harry Clough. of Boston: Miss
M. Barron, Mrs. W. J. Barron, E. J.
Lawson. A. W. Mart.n, J. P. Urqu
hart. L. D. Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. The
odore Schwarz, Mr. and Mrs. L.
Mernwell. Police Inspector Hughes
and Mrs. Hughes and Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Hickey. of New York; R.
Durrero. R. E. Bonita. F. W. Hoff
stadt, Mr. Moore. M. C. Rosenbaum.
J. W. Cartmell. George Kmburgh.
Mr. Holtnes.
The names of those who booked
passage at the Southern ports are
not known at the ;ompany's offices
of the powi r boal of tha Atlantlc
Clty llffl flavlng atatlon, Captain John
s. Colea in command. broke down. and
one of the oar-manned lifeboata went
to her aaaiatani e
K..1- aeveral boura lifeeavlng crewa
? ....t. Nothing w'is heard of them
bj theai on phore. aad noae had made
iii.. veoaal, tor 11 they bad, it waa
argue.i. the fact would bave been com
munlcated In the following win
from Captain Llndaa: plcked up
abortly befon noon
So maklng anj water ai wl. Bhip
reattng >-asii> Itrong i con*
Almoan Blmtiltaneouol Ith tl i re*
ceipt ??: the thlrd tneaaage the Unlted
i revi nue i ntter Et neca, whi.-h i
loft the Brookl. ti navy :? ar! some
houra before, aent word that flhe waa
halted at snndy Hook i.y the heavy
?nowatorm. Ofllcera of the RavenueBer*
vlce thought that flhe WOUld I ome
alongaldi tbe Turrialba at ?'- or 7 j
Thla would brlng hei thetN ra tlm.i l
the Turrialba i lt the aboala ol 7 30
o'i lo< k. when the tide e ould be al
H.....I. if w< ath wa permltted, i
ll t as th< iiiu'i.tioii of i 'api.i.n John 1
r th." Beneca lo take off the paa* t
?- ;.nd brlng them to Maw Tork. i
tuae of the time ueoaeeary to ?
compllah the transfer Of ..asKengera 1
ar.d "the half galo the bloWlng, <"ap- '
ttm. WiKl. of tbin I'nited States I>..- I
nue tt'utter Servire, said that it would
b* a' least early on Christmas mornlng I
before th^ passengers would be landed '
h^re. | |
News of the vessel s mislinp WM g<m- | '
Clearance Sales
Tailor-Made Suits
Fur Coats
Fur Sets and
Separate Fur Pieees
At l(e due t tons of One-third to
One-half Former Prices
So Sale (JoodA sent on tipproval, rctrrvnl or ejcvkanyi <l
flftb flwrnie, 46th and 471b Strccis
?______? L
rrally known aboul noon, and the offl*
era of Ihe Unlted I r II Compnny, nl
No, IT Bntti i"- Ploci ? baaiaged I ?
snxloufl reletlvei nnd frienda of tbe
Bul beyond anying thal the ? -?
iviis apparenUy ln no dangi r, nnd thal
ihe paanengira ond crew would prob
iblyebe In New "orh ln Ihni for theli
'brlatnoaa dlnni r, the 00 en of the
line could glve bul little Inf.intloi
The next word heard from th<- Tnr*
rteii ? wns relayed lo Nea Vork about
three o'cloca: II waa Itom Coptoln
Undooj. aml read:
i o ,, ,,, Weather eleai Wlnd and
Ma moderate. Bh p BBhcir* on aouth ?*i"
,1 i'.kk Harbor Sh ^: Making no aater.
i.'f.- s.iv.tf beal doi
Lifeboats Head for Slnp.
i..,.,.: || be* anu knoa n thal I ?
-,,,?-,, ... .? the G B af" CnHlen, whli h
pui ,.- ; from Atlantlc City. vtlth the
weather cleavrod and the buga whlta
moal of tha llner vialble, lha other
boata, whlch had been battllng bravely
to reach tlie Turrialba fllnca thi early
morning, headed etralght for tl ?
Oniy a ahorl tlma befora thal tha
anxlet) ol the frienda of the pooa
ftra who thronged II - ofli< ? of tlw
Unlted Fruit Compnny, WOI Iii'T.-h- d
by tlie meeaoge recelved from the nu?
perintendenl of the llfeooverfl of tha
south New Jeroey dlviaion. II ran:
,. havi .???? n nnal le lo get outj I ?
.teamshlp oi.*oi nl of tl - ro igl
Tha wateri are ' ?- ,"""'
I . enalne of oui powei boal
: , .,-???.
! ? .. in the aftei noon tbe fi i II om*
?any aaeanged wltb the Merrltt-Cbap*
n.-in Wr-ching i ompan) to aend two
arecking tuga to tha Turriolba'a aa*
iletance. Th.-., w*ore tho Commtankmoi
,i,d the J. I Merrltt, whlcb put out
trom their dOCk al the foot Of Ilamil
on avenue, Hronklyn, .it 8 o'cloek hint
The Turrialba li one of tha fniii eom*
iony*8 atrongaot veeeela. Bha aroa bullt
it BelfOOt two yeOTB 000. BtOCO then
;he baj been plylng between COlOn and
tfew Vork. Bha left thiH pori on her
louthward trip on Novombor 80, Bha
rUrted on bOT ntirn trip on Decem*
?,- i?;. touchlng nt Boeaa dei Toro,
?..ion and Klngnton on her aray ba< k
-h, !<-fi Klngaton on tha 19th,
Thla waa Captain Ulnooo y*a tirai trip
ia commanfi'-r of the Turrialba, he hav*
ng been tronaferred from the Ifatapan,
if the aatne line.
She waa to bave made her last tilp
wer the New Tork t,> Umon courae
,n Batarday. A fi ?r that Hhe was to
oii, the New Orieona-Centrnl America
sourae, from wnlcn aervlce ahe was
tranaferred to the New rork-Lhnon
Vesael Ashore on Sandy Hook
Sands When Aid Comes.
The thteo-miit-teil aebconer Joliti H.
Vlay. III tona burden, drlvlng Oloat 00 ',
he Btarboerd taeb la th" biin.iing "nnw ,
,r yeaterday tnornlng, went hard aahorel
,n llie San.ly Mook flandfl .iliout :: O'doofc. !
,vnen it wns ?e,n thal everi wav? tendetf
a land the ? booner hlgber on the bench
lie captnin gOVfl tbfl word to al.;ii,,loi,
ii,i|,, iii,,i ha and blfl . raw of Bve were
:,k.-n ofr by tbe Baody Hook Hfaaavera. I
riiey wara brongbl to this <ity in tha
irdlnanef, nf the QtiHrterniaMer'i. DO
rhe Merion Struck by Freighter
in Delaware Bay.
rhiladeiphhi, Dee M. The ateonuihlp
ilerion, whle), p.'illi-d to-day from I'hll.i
t, ]|.iiin for liverpaol, and tha Hriiiaii
leanier OOBOIMa, bOOOd for this city iroin
farvth wlth a eargo of iron. were In tol
i.-loti 10 nlght in tbfl lower I'elftwaie Mny
i rroBfl 1/,-tlg.- BhO-JOj ?eventy-flve mll M
iclow rhlladelpliiu
rvaring thol the reaaal w?s bodty d.im
ged, CoptOln HHI. of the Merion, ran her
mar ln the sand ol a narrow ahnal. bOt
,,ter xtarted back to 1'hlludelphla 9mm r
he aaaoaaer'a own power, The Ooaooo,
vhose l'..w waa 888*88 Bl and la leakinK
,adly. OON pro, ,-.>.].-.1 uoatrt-am und
eaaed Reedy laland ahortly before mid
i .mllnnril trom IH?t |.i.R*.
tho "f.-iiows" aaked, "hava you *-''',n
tbe Btorlea In the mornlng newapal
aaylng thal you wera comlng here to
,,,,.? . ti.. eelectlon of Mr Bryan f,,r
? CaMnel place?"
? That ia a lie, abaolutaly, without nny
qualUlcatlor whatevi r.' he aald. Td
i . ,.: , \|. thuaaleh if I were tn
denj aii tho newepaper lics that i ve
w. n t j ..ii teli iu aorni Ihli n about
. i . onferen. - rt Ith the Pri aldent*
"No." he anawered "He i an (polnt*
Ing to tt r- ii.iv. r ? : ifllci i if he a anta
t., he i ihe 'io, t..r "
Along Uiiversal Lines.
.;,,\. rnor V on, bowevi i aald II al ii'"
ronfi i, n .? , ? tv.. ?:. ;iiiii .md the I *
, r waa aloi k unlvi i -..l llnea.
?i tru'i to K-1 in inucfa counael as i
, ,,'ii.i. - !.. aald, ".?? ti'' g< "? ? ?' i
of thi ?n."
| i|,i .r I '.-il?in*t ""
? y/ea I wanti ?! ihe ipi aki i t" eapreaa
hia opinion very treaty over peeotMa ma
U f.,r th- ' .1' I.--1 W ? WOI | ,,\. r UM
..,..! that r 'ii' w-!,i af? Bryan
"Waa Mr Bryaa'i < ?
"N'o. .-, rtalnly HOl "
Mr. V.llOOB en\d there waa nn! lb* '?M-Oi
aaggeotlon tfaai lha Bpeaker waadd not
w..rk in hanaoay with blm
i eski .1 blm for bla opUrtoo." tba ?
ernor aai "Ha aro ild I ave beeOtatod
ro make auggeottoaa if i bai n<>i .isk^.i
him, od the aoli Hon ef a
. nin, h of ?? famlly affalr "
w-r>- aome af tboaa oaAakma Btroau*
ouo?" : ? Oovoi ? ?? ^
?N.," ho replled ' wi 11 ever tiie
<i! I nirntl-.n m a 0 mt ind
ai splrit. afi < i rk baa ? arlde ea*
perien i arlth palHIo men, and he eouM
t.-n n ,. oaj thtag i ! iM !"'
know, lie w..uid have beettated to ea?
i,? - hla o|iioloo if i bad aoi aaked um."
,; ,\. rnoi u llaon .-?> I ? had a rttten ;.
? to 0 ?? ?" W. t 'ndei wood, the Boor
leader of tba Houae, aaklag blm ta '-all
on blm f.?t o conference. Uo would not
know ohefl Mr. ITnderwood would cooao,
he '..Id. until he hoaid fiom hlni.
Aaked if he wo ild announea any i
nei aolectlonfl after hla eoaferonoo arlth
ihe verloua leadera, ha aald hi aould aoi
?. , ;.. _i Oo i ? '" IVII
-mi w.ii apend Chrietaiaa Day with hla
famlly here. Tbe foity-three-pound tur*
;., ?..,,- |.. blm by South Tiltnhl-, clrrk
?{ tno Hou.' Ftepreoontatlvea, u.ih
dreoaed by a lacal butehar and wlll form
. |pal part iu thr OOVfll BOI f .l.n
Wilson and Underwood to Dis
cuss Programme.
Vfaabtngbm. DOe, WLrPlans for the
extra flflflalon of COBglfOe, to be callci
aome thne between March 4 and Aprii ib.
next, will be dlsfii8Bi?.l and may be ten
tatlvel] framod al a conforenci al Prtnee?
ton probabl) late thla week between Prea*
ldent*eleci Mftlooa and Bepreaantatlva
Underwood. ,
As roleed bj one >,f the lOOderO, lf I'res
ldent*eleei Wilson abould 4---11 th* ostra
s?-ssion te cflnoHor th? tarlB .md the
ti-.ists tbfl Houaa probabl) aill ba falrly
governei !,?.? th.it reeomnieadatlon, and
th* loadera polnl ta thlfl eonaeetton ta tbo
last ?>xtii aeeatoa, arhlch eoaveaei on
Aprll 4. as a preeadent for the ahlltty ot
tha Houm Demooracj t,. rafrala fram
runnlng orlli <>n general logMatlea when
called for ? apecUta purpoee.
An Intareetlng bn ?f goeetp t..-d...s trne
t Bai declaration that WUIIam J. Bryan,
on his recent rlaM ber* ln dlaeuaehii tha
tariff advocated earrylag out the Cnder*
wood proKrumnie of revUion leglslation
aohedtfla by oohodala ?* **? th" huH oaa
alon. and lo foilow that up by a K"ner?l
rovettUfl blll making Btlll fuithor redue*
tkma ta a r.veim. baato, tha Maa batag,
,k ifl Bryan was quoted, to prevent
"dlekerlng" among protectjonlata
Two-Masted Schooner in Peril
Off Eaton's Neck Station.
The Oepy, a ua inaalei oohoooar of ttl
ioi.s. bound llgbt from Ureenport for
n.w vork. with Captain CtUteri Boaaetl
aai a orea ol throa, wanl aground aarly
raatordOT aaocnlago-l Bateafa Keek Uf<
lovtng'dtatloa, aaar Bortbport L L The
?,.|.) s roekoto orero heard by tba patroi
iii.-ii .ni tha li.-ai h OWtng to thr heavy
now an.i stirr wtnd, the Nfeeavera ie*
?1.1.rl 10 tak- the OTOW off in the breeches
lt was a long flhOOl for the life*
mven aai aapaatally difti.-uit on account
d th* thiik weather. After thffM houra
,f guflaaworh Bbootlag, tbe Haa waa
inally h.nd.'.l OVOr the Copy aad made
rast to the rlgglng. Captaln Hennelt
wa" tbe last to eoaaa ashore. A crowd of
nen aai women from Northport flaeed
ho atorra ta wateh the rescue. it waa
ih.- Mrst time In many years that they
tia.i aeen tha braaehm buey ta operation
The Copj la in a iangeroue poaltlon and
? h.' may break up tefor.' she can h- lak.-n
jff She iH the pi.'l" itv of tbfl U'rlls Coal
Compaay, -f Oreeaaort
i atamtoam from fir.t page
m whlcb he raanallj dliirJooid nurk
ner's BUtementa that the rommittee's
InveaUgatora bad been hamrered nt
PoUca HeodViaartara na **fhlna and
known'b) blm to be falsc. and made
by him Wlth IntOttt to decelve."
As .1 resiiii. the committee decided
lli.-t li-r.ift.r Mr. Waldo would be
aubpoeneed, rother than requeated, th
heretofore, to appear when the o?n.
mittee deoired to examlnc him. lie will
be Bubporaaod t,? appear nt the pobttc
hearing at holf-paal 10 o'elock Ftldoy
n.ortii.ii;. and with him the committee
wiii alao Bubporna -??ix of tiu- men who
ara In Immodleta charge of the Pollce
Hoadquarter'a reeorda. The whole
Queatlon "i obatructlon by the he_d
rjuartera forci under Woldo'a dire.-ti.ir..
dlnn t. ,i agalnal tha actleitlea of Ine
committee** Inveatlgotora, will then ba
thraahed oul In public.
The campaign <>f letti r-writlng be?
gan eorlj In the day wlth ffahJo'fl meo?
Boge lo the committee, wbicb was as
folloa ?:
11., ambei tt, IJJl
Poliee Inveatlgetlna Committee, Board "f
Aldermen New York City.
Uehtlemen; l recelved your requeBl to
appeai heton you .it an executive Bes
tlon i .-.. the fa? I that i waa l-vitca
t,, s,, appear haa been ilven t., the nre** .
on? newapaper atatlng lhal i an to beg
that tbe recordfl of the Pollce iM>a-t
ment be k> >pt aecrct in vlew of tne
btatementfl arhieh vou hav.- allewed to ae
publlahcd an.l th<- false int, irpretationfl
ahlch have been placed upon them, i -ie
cllm to appear befora your body excepi
nt n itiiiar public hearli ga .
The Pollc*) Department haa no rernrds
ahlch lt deslrea to k.-*;> weeret, nor anl
!.-, ..:ds whlch are not iit .dl times avall
ai.le to proporly authortaed ropretamta*
ttvea ot the Board <>t Aldermen. ai.
Hat.nn nts whlch hav- been made ny B "
Buckner, lha examiner ot your emmtt
,,.,. tn_| ha haa been undoly hampereo
ln bla w,,rk are false. nnd at- BlJOWtl M
i,lm ta be.falrfl and made bf him witn
int.-iit to decelve
Records Open as Desired.
The onl] reetrli Uon placed on the ??
amlnetlon of record la thal they aboil
um be taken promlacuouBly by examinera.
t,, be lOBl or leflled ln BUCll ? way that
they cannot be agala located AU reeordfl
.,,,- ,,,.-, t,. examtnera upon their ,r!':c
,, .,,/? order they dealre. bul axaminerfl
will not be allowed t,, throw mte eon
luaion Ihe reeorda of the department ex
repl npori an order ot a eourt, wbicn.
upon the laeuance of am h nn order. arooW
?.. ,,t hii renponaiblltty aa cua
todlan nf aueh reeorda for their proper
,,,,. \ en reapectfully,
i: w*.!,!>". Poliee Conunlflrieiier.
Mt vVataon'a eontritnition fo {rtr
eplatotory ahodowa whlch woro appor
ently being alrned al tha atortUng dla*
cloourea whlch Mr. Buckner haa been
bringing onl ln the laet few daya eame
later In 'he afternoon in the following
letter to Mlaa Cotoaaaa:
Deed Madam: II haa heen reported fo
mi thal certaln groaaly Immm?quea
tl0l , were pui to rou by ?_**?ro*"?*
rourlael yeaterday ln the courea of your
?,stttn.,nv before the nldermanb- Invea?
tlgatlna committee That i? fo aay, lt w
stit.-l lhat counael to -^ Mnunlttae ar*
luall) aaked you. ln 8uh-.tan.-e ot effect,
-hethei oi nol _OU wera an ajt-eontM
.... nen keepei of a queatlonabla reeo '
i?r one whoaa Btaading it. tha oommu*
. .,, \. .ii known a* your oarn. auen
II made, would be ae aetound
Ina .. performance on tiie part of 4*eun
aef aa to requlre Immedlate cenoldera
? mi h , onduct. .
' \ ,i may know, counaal ennduetlng
thla Inveatlgatlon. Iho igl nol - bscted
t ? me are aer* Ini undei my dealonatlon.
I feel therefore, that I may well bo ad
triaed concernlni any fluch rlolatton ot
?thi, i and propnety an thla apieeda
%k..t,i.i aeem to Involve rhere aurety
, ~. ,.. ,;.Hhi.- counael ln the i Ity ot
New york who can gulda lha committee
in the performance of lta Importani pm
noaea uithout no Inaultim* and hnmlliat
? ,. , ^k!.,) ^e,ks to ild ln lt?*
I .shi.uid ba * | K'-oi to havi you lay
beforl me any information lhal you may
wlnd tO :r:i|,art COOCernlOg thi^ inatier.
Very reap?* tfuiiv. _
, ',.i ;,oi atloo CounaeL
\ir Bueknei*_ raoponeea when tba lea*
tera of Commlanlonar Waldo and of ('or
poratlon Counael Wetaon were abowk to
i, ,,, were mad.- ln thfl form of the foi
).,wit.>: typewritten atatenaent:
Oa Chriatmafl Bv? i hev? been called a
lt.it ie. Pollce Commleelonei Waldo and
a ahyatei by Coi*peratlon Counael wet?
aon bOth ? harijes helng Biw-n tO t ie
pr.Hs by theae offlcera. f feel tlie POlICa
Inveatlgatlon muat ba making good head
WO] Mv BOaWM 10 each M ?? fOllOWB:
Anawar to Commistioner Waldo.
on Priday, Deeember ;o. i*?i?. i asked
ihe aldermanlc committee to vlalt Pollc*
lleadquartera and the Weet 47th atreet
,-tatioti houso and obaerve for thernselvea
aod take leattmony of arltn4MMMMa a? lo
Ihe f.hptriirtlona aet in the path of the
committee hy the Pollce icmmlaaloner.
Tha committee mad. inia Inapeetloa and
Inveatlgatlon md took the testimony of
Bpeclal Inveatlgatora. i.. V. (rDanlel
john ii f'loweo, i;.-.,rse i.. Bergea J. H.
Braddock, Paul C. wilaon and rfarberl
it Bnnda Theae Inveatlgatora all tpatl
llad thal their afllclencj had been cut
down t,,,, i ll per renl to Tr, pei- cent in
..-110111 per tlculara and entire!) gaatroyed
in othera; thal tba) wera kept in a amall
room and foreajd to Imagrne whut they
wlahed to examlne without belng per?
mltted to ao to the fllex and Inveatlgate
for ihemaalvea In order to aacertatn
what would be of value to the oommlt?
tee. The Inveetlgntoia :it the station
houae were kenl ?tamllti_ In fiunt of the
denk for nine houra at a atreten wlthout
permiaalon to look at any booka or pa*
pera and wlthout permiaalon to enter gny
other room ln ihe atatlon liou?e.
on \o\ettibet il i oomplalnad to the
Corporation Counael, but have n.ei\.-.i
n,. aealatence. l have tried for three
montha i<> ,-nirv on un admlnlatratlvfl In?
veatlgatlon al lleadquarterfl under these
dllflcultlea, bul when it aeemed that thie
eonimlttee ind the public would not be
able to h<i the Information thej are en,
tltled to i aaked th? committee nol to
taka Bjl word for lt. bol to make tne
tour of insp-> tlon and Inveatlgatlon.
Aniwer to Corporation Counaal Wataon
Mr. Willlam McMuitrle Hpeir haa been
attendhiR the heai Inua of the aldermanic
committee aa apedal aaalatant corporation
counael, r*epreeentln? Mr. Wataon. On
Inst I'rlduy Mr. gpelr addreaaed the oom?
mlttee ai ii* pui.ilc hearing ln anawer lo
in\ atatemenl thal i had i-,*eetved no aa
aisianc. from the Corporation Counaal
witn referenee to my complalnl of Ko*
Veml.ei- 16 regiinlillg pollce re.coids.
imong other thliuts. Mi Bpetr anid. as
kMll be found on page Oaj oi tbe record:
"i raollae tbe dlaadvantagfl of the courae
that I am under; that I am ndther an
ex-ronvb t nor under lndl(*Un4mt, nor en
nuge.l ln aonie of the huslnesses lhat
aome Of the peoide have heen, but 1 am
careful aboul mv pronuaeo.**
Treated "Inault" aa Joka.
Thia inault U> tbe cununltlee hy the man
appolnted b) Mr. Wataon to aaalat It
aurprlaed ma rery muen. but i oheoe lo
treat it aa a j"k.-. and when Miaa Mary
Coleman took tbe atand i aaked jokinaiy
,in,l. wlth both the witness and myself
laughlna and fully iitideratuuding my pur
poae, the fnllowing queattlona, whlch ap
pear at page 2170 of tlM record:
? ij Hy the way. are you au ex-con
vicf A I?
?g.?Yes. A I don't thlnk ao
?g. ? We have juat had aoine referenee
by my aaaoflata aa to the eborabter of
tbe Wltneeeea W? have been having. Have
you ever run any dlaorderly hotoia?'
a Abaolutely not. 1 would not be 1
member of the bar and do that
?y- I am only hrlnglnK thls out (n
order to enUghten my aaeoctate. a?Mr.
Sp. li knOWfl BBB QUltfl well."
An examlnatioti of tho ofllcial tc
ord of the proceedlnga of the commit
t?e. made yesterday by a reporter for
The Tribune, discloaed the fact that
if the stenographers reported Misa
C'oleman's testimony correctly, ahe gave
evidence in her laat answer along the
llnes that apparently so stirred up th.
Corporation Counsel. which Indlcated
plainly that ahe realized Mr. Bu. kners
queatlOM were directed solely at the
prevlous aarcastic remarks of Mr.
After he had asked the questions,
Mr. Buckner aald. according to the
..fflclal record: "1 am only bringlng thia
out in order to enllghten my associ
ate," and with the words Mr. Buckner
turned toward Mr. Spelr. at whom by
rhu' time the glance* .,f nearly cvery
one In the crowded aldermanic cham?
ber were levelled.
Mlss Poleman's answer, taken from
th'- offlcial record, shows that she un
derstoo<l at that time that the whole
episodn was directed nt Speir, for ahe
repHed: "Mr. Spelr knows me qulte
Sees Attempt to Aid Police.
Mr. Buckner and hls -.Hsoelatcs were
dlapoeed to vlew the whole affair last
night as slmply an attempt by nnother
OM of the city departments und^r the
Muvor to i4?me to the rescue of the l'o
lloa Department.
In other circles the OOddOU arrest of
Patrolman BugMM Fox by order 0.
Commlaetoner Waldo was consldered to
l.e nt Ifgat a rieeullnr move, Inasmuch
as tha evidence agalnat Fox stands
solely on the uncorroborated word of
i Jrorge A Sipp.
It was karned that gafflOi anbprenaa
had been hurriedly sent out from the
Diatrlct Attorney's oflice last night, ln
tlie hope of roundlng up some OOflWbO
ratlon for Sipp's atory. but It ls be*
Uovad that if Mr. Whltman had his
way about lt he would not have di?
rected th<4 arrc-t of Fox until he had
been able to obtatn corroboration for
Sipp's story.
Tho unwontad aetlvlty of ?"nmmi?
sioner Waldo with regard to Fox, so
COntmry tO hls policy in fhe Becker
caae, eauaad epeculatloa last ntgiu as
to whether the t'ommissloner would not
lay hin.self open lo fl BCOldlng from
Mayor Oaynor, who han prevlously
directed him gpacMcalrjf not to "pay
anv attentlon to the clamor." and who
partlcularly ordered him not la oaapeni
Becker uitil th*? charges had been sub
Waldo'a ecjually sudden aetlvlty with
reirard to Captaln Walsh was even
more aurprislng to the "police polltl
. lans," who had come to believe that
Walah ba.J a mortgage on the station
to whlch he haa been asalgned for
more than flve years.
Walah'a condition waa reported oa
unchanged laat night. and lt la not be?
lleved that he wlll he well enough te
go for aome time to the Brooklyn ata
tion to whlch he haa been auddenly
"Manny" Maaa. "flol" Wolf. end
Patrolman John J. Skelly, *he three
men lndlcted on the teatlmony of Mra.
Mary Goode, charged with extortion
and bribery, were arralgned yesterday
before Judge O'SulIlvan. They pleeded
not gullty, and bail waa fixed at $2,500
for each inan. Maas and Wolf obtained
release on bail within half an hoar,
but Skelly wa- not able to get bail untll
late last evenlng.
Patrolman Kox was arratgned before
Maglatrate Barlow In the Tombs
court. and after a brlef examlnatlon
was held ln 15,000 bail for a further
hearing to-morrow. Fox's arrest fol?
lowed a ftorrr.y acene at PoAce Head
quarters. during whlch the accused
patrolman ponltlvely refused to answer
any questions put to him by Chlef In
opectOT Hchmlttberger.
In the West Hide Court Da-, id Maler,
alias Ooldberg, and Charlea rnjbeller,
nllas Brown. were held for trlal with?
out bail by Maglstrate Appleton. Their
hearing waa a brlef one, the only wlt
ness beThg Charlea Mullei. the jAnltor
on whose complaint they were nrreeted.
Mnller told of hla.acqualntan' e wlih
Mary Goode and of the fact that he
bad at various tlmea aeen polke offkera
vislting her apartment ln the W?at 58th
Ktreet house, of whlch he waa Jardtor.
}{- conflrmed from the witn*ss etanl
the full aubatance of hla aflldevlt, io
whlch he charged that. the two ie-"
fendanta had offered him 150 If he
would teatify bofore th? grand Jury,
the aldermanic committee or the Pollca
Department that Mary Goode had et
fered money for him to aubatantiato
her etatemente.
The Janltor swore that when ha waa
aubpeenaed to appear before tho'
grand Jury he ahowod th? aubposna to
the two defendanta, and they, knowlng
he waa to testlfy before the grand Jury,
again offered him $50 to color hia tea?
tlmony so as to dlacredlt that of Mrs.
Goode. and finally paid him $10 on ac*
William E. Murphy. lawyer for tho
prisonera. could not damage MuHefe
story In any way on croae-exemination,
and Maglstrate Appleton announced
that he would hold the prisoners with?
out bail. so Diatrlct .Attorney Whltmaa
could determlne wliat amount h? would
want them held in. Maler and Dubeller
were remanded to the Weat Hlde Court
prison and wlll be transferred to tho
Tombs thLs mornlng.
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