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Y?*? LXXH..N* 24,147
I'or tu-rinv. f?ir: for to-morrow. |irol>:
tuir. with inoil- r.ii. \\jn,U
T'P ln Ut j of New Tork. Jeraer Cltr anrl R.bok-ra
Aldermanic Committee Will
Bring Physician to Poliee Cap
tain's Home to Learn His
Real Physical Condition.
Head of Notorious Harlem Pre?
cinct To Be Asked About
Trip to Florida with
Sipp. Who Kept Dis
orderly Houses,
Tba axacl rondltlon of Captain
[_oa_u W Walah, who waa for more
han fl\e years the ccmniamlti' ,-f thfl
I'ld PraKinct, Bfltart 126th atn
itation, ls likcly t,? l.'-cor.ie tha BUbJocI
af offlclal tavaattgatton In eonnectlon
arith the city-widc graft probfl by I'i>
Attoriaty Whitman and thn Cur
ran aliiermani- commnt.--.
Cnptl In Wfliah Wflfl BUbPOMM
- aldarmi i - - ommlttee
;-,it waa taken III nl his
..n Bunday night. and Inatead of
thn captain thfl ahiermen fot a -i" tor'a
flttar vf an oafl,
The aldcrmanic commltteo la now
?on.mdfrins* the appointment nf h Bub
:otnmitte.o for the purpose. of . ailinff
? i Captain Walah, acfM.mpnnied by n
lallat iti hcart disoa.ee of sn- h
<tanding that his diagnosis will be un*
juestinnc-d, nnd the move has the in
? ment of Dlatrlct Attorney Whtt
it l.? the plan of tlie aldermen, aa
B9u*nfld ycflterday, to employ the
-iaiist to paafl upon Walah'n condltlon,
and if the dectOfl dOCldefl thal the pollce
taba i.s lo ahape to nnawer a few
BfltJooa, Um flub-coi_niltta?e, whlch
rrlll ai?o he accnmpanif.i by Emory R.
.ni-r. i-ftunsi-l, will ask him t<, wnl\
Pomte'i Quflfltiana for Walah.
ir Captain Walah decJdflfl to walve
mmunlty, rathw than Mlow ihe t\
imptfl of most of thfl pollce officials.
th? Conunlflakmer flown, I
ml?g Immunity, he wiii ba nal ad to
... bj for the continued bad
ndttton of hia difltrlet, as Ufltlfled to
M ,!?? < olamflfl and Charles WIHInm
Arna G?o*rY*e A. Hpp and Thomflfl
I'.-rlan. Hfl will likewise be question.-1
ia to bOW ho was able to hold his
; -.*it!on in th? same precinct for more
II ta flve yfl-Tfl, and as to his raported
trip to Flori-la as the goeai of G<
v. sipp, the wltnafla who had prevl*
? tssly sworn that he owned ? notofloi 9
disorderly hotel in Walsh's precinct
nnd that he paid a rrafulflf graft Iflry
nf $100 a month for upward of twelve
: ears.
Dtfltrlot Attorney Whitman. while ex
arcising no supervlslon over the mov. s
r-f the aldermanlc committee, haa
i.e\crthelcss a WOT-tng egreement w ith
them that no witness shall be per?
mltted to testify without walving* lm*
munlty lf the District Attomey'a offlce
has even the sllghtest grounda for ba*
: mrIng that flOCh witness might be
i iblfl to prosecution later.
The present plan for examlning
i hflfl Mr. Whitman'. approval.
provided tli" aldermen lnsist upon ?
waiver of Immunity from the poliee
"r think it only proper la view of the
rllsclosures of open vice in WMflh'fl dis
trl,;." said Mr. Whitman. "that he
Bbould have the chance to explain."
The condltlons whlch Walsh ls
held responsiblo for were flrst brought
lo offlclal notico when Qeorge A. Mpp
took the witness stand last week. Blpp,
who ndmltted that hfl owned and man
sged the Baltic Hotel. at 124th street,
for cloflfl to twelve years. flWOTa thal
for the most of that time he had paM
a regular graft fee of flOO a month
tfl thfl poUcflb He swore also that he
hed been forced to pay many extra as
aesmnerits, and altogether that 1-1"
oreer as a hotelkeeper ln Wfllflh'a dis?
trict was "Just one p'.ece of graft flftet
another." Sipp named Patr-.liiuiti Eu
eene Fox, who was arrested on Tues
ContlDoed on ar, ond p.fe, flfth eohimn.
This Morning's News
local faga
W aleh 1 a-;e.? Grllllng. *
TurrlaJha's Passengers Mere. 1
Spugs Hold Jolly Tarty. 1
Happy Yuletlde Abosrd Shlp. 3
lfl? in Prisons and HospltalB.**
rVnts of Christmas Day. *
Wawflhojifl Have Xmas Feast. 6
Btmdroda Eat "Big Tim's" Dlnner- 5
Tree To Be Yearly Affair. 5
Vough Club HOflt for Chlldren. 6
'?arge Attendance st Churches. 9
BBf Oa-ti a Sllver Punch Bota 1. 9
I "derle After Bmoka Nuls.nce.12
Wlli Hell "the Old Grapevlr.e".12
ri _ nt alflcrt wilson ni. I
1 upld Jolns Suffrage Army. 1
fobseakers Mystlfied by Sulzer. ?
''orporatlan Tax ln Supreme Court. .10
Potssh Flght Reported Stopped hy
Taft .10
Toye at Christmas BOOBfl Trial.11
Torte Sands Counter PBflOi PrOpO?lfl. 3
New. for Wom<?n. 5
Kdltorlal .e
Boclety .?
The.tric.1 . 7
Uwtte . 7
f'bltuary .7
V> o-At\iei . I
BhtpfMafl . *
Flnanctal .:.,.10
President-Elect in Bed with
Severc Cold, but Declares
He Will Go to Vircjinia
on Friday.
Governor Misses Christmas
Feast with Famiiy-Physician
Says Illness Is Not Serious
and That Paticnt Will Bo
Out in Day or Two.
Bj t.?;<?-!,.r!i tn Tha
Princatoo, n. J., Dae. 25.- Prealdent
elecl Waodrcnr Wllaon ipent ChrlstmM
Day in bed nuralng a heavy cold wl
?io contracted yeaterday, nnd ha 'U.i not
K'M ? chance to eal a parl of tho Julcy
13-pound turkey arhlch graced the din?
ner tabla al hi." home to da;
I'r. Carnochan, the Governor'a i I
. lan, aald to-nlgbl he expectad tho
Presldent-elecl to bc oui ln ? day or
"Governor Wilson i aughl cold ?
da i ?!?. c.'irii'i. han aald, "ami hl
itomach was upaet I thlnh he wlll ta
all riRiit in a day "r taro. He deddi
lo-night thnt. ho would not let li I
nesa tnterfere with his trip to Btaun
trin. Va., on Frlday. He la nw h '" tt< r
Governor Wllaon rode to Tn
yeaterday in the drlvlng Bnowatorrn In
General Badler'a automoblle, and he
rode back home again laat night The
Qovernor is fond Of tho opon alr. and
ho did not think b rlde ln a enowatorui
I would hr.thrr him. The first symptom
tha! he had coiitracted a ? old aa a n
aull r.f hla automobih rlde came mai
night Jual before bedttme, wh n ?
i.' ai y fever attacked him.
lllners A'arms Famiiy.
Oovernor Wilson uaually keepe his
n to hlmeelf, but whon lual I e
fore midnight laat night he complalned '?
<,f iho fever there waa exclteraent h.
the. WllaotiNiouBehold, for it waa felt
th;it there must be aomethlng aerloua
matter else he would nol have
... mi ..,:,,, $ Ni ighbora wondi i ed wh:
,iho liphts ln the Wllaon home ahould
sn burnlng until after mldn
. but i' wbr not um.i this rnor ning thal
ihe newa leaked out that the President..
elect's illness was st-rioue enough to re
quire a physician.
It. I'arnochan waahaatllyBummonad
just befora midnight laat night, and
ofi.-i <-xaminlng and prascrlblng tol the
1 President-elect he expresaed the hope
thal hla illneaa waa nol aerloua aad
' aald the paticnt expeeted to be oui ln a
i day or two.
When the Praatdent-elei I awoke this
Imorning tho fever had not loft him and
ho was troubled with aausea, Dr. Car*
nochan was again BUmmoned, but he
aald ihe Governor was in rio serlous
.Mrs. Wilson came out of the house in
the aftemoon to brlng ft Christmas
present to Mrs. Rickotts, a nelfhbor
and old frlond of the Governor. Bba
said hor husband had alept all day and
was much better this evenlng*.
"I have not disturbed Mr, AVilson all
day," ehe said. "1 let him eleep
last night. He had ruiite a high fever.
and this. With the told ho haa been
threataned with, made us think be was
going to have a BBvere attack of tho
grip. He has had a good ro i, though,
and ho ls BO much better now that wa
are confldent he will be able to light off
the threataned atta' k."
No Trenton Trip To-day.
lt ls not expeeted f Jovernor Wllaon
wlll be ahle to mako his usual visit tO
the Btate Hotise at Trenton to-morrow,
as Dr. Oarrioclian doea not wish him to
do anything hasardoua Whether ho
win go to Btaunton, va., oo Frlday wlll
depend much oo his coodltkm to*mor
row. Governor Wllaon aaya ho wlll go.
and that means the only thing that a III
prevent him from doing so will bo his
inability to got oit of bed
Th.ro wore a number of callera ai
the Wilson home to-day, but nono vt
them was permltted ln tho alckroom,
Most of the callera woro oid nelgbbors,
who wanted to wish liim good Cheer,
Bome brought gifts. Half a d'.z.'n
times during the day an exprem iragOO
atopped at tbe Wllaon homo, nnd ?
number of large bvndloa arere car?
rled in.
Dr. Mary Walker Says They
Free Cities from Disease.
chicago, Dee. 26.?The use r>f plenty
of oinons will drlve, among other
thlngs. ontagious dlaeaae out of any
city. I'r. Mary Wulker, who Ib vlsiting
Chicago friends. declared to-nighL.
Hore are Dr. Walker's directlona for
the uho of oniona.
Eat plenty of them, atewed. bottod, fried
or raw.
Keep the ftUMB of oruons continually
p.-rmeating the utmoaphere
Bpread onlona ln the alleys. on tho lawn
nnd any otlieT place where lt mlghl ap
pear they would do good.
Dr. Walker said dniona watO nar
ticularly effective against amaHpoX.
Tho use of the vogetahle in two cities
at least had pr.vd her contention to
be porraot, she aald.
Manila, Dee. ???A wlrcle.sB message
from the tmneport ?lermaa, aow ra ltt
mtmy (.. San Fraattea?<.. Bnnour* ? - the
death this naornlnfl of Chaplehi Bdward
it. Chaae. of tbe Itth lafaatry. Death
was due to pneumonla.
Thei were taken off llie United Fruit Coinpany's stcamcr by the revenue cutter and brought to tliis city last evening.
i . GHE8 AN
Blows Btmek in Constantinoplc
?Spanish AttaHe Involved.
Oanitai I ?
verti _ yacht Scorj
building, ei
: I ? , :.
ish I- | . Ion.
Jason, Whose Father Led Har
per's Ferry Raid, Dics at 90.
nkron, < ihlo, 11
ninety yeara om, afloond aon of John
Brown, famoua aa tha laatler of th?
ruiii "ti li.M ;- r*a Feri y, W. \ fl., fl! thfl
? roak of tha Civll Wi ;
bome berfl 1 I i
jai on Brown wi actl l In |
r. rull ing and - a i ompany ...f
nogrooa from among th<
Into Canada bv th'- "underground i U
road" a ben the fiarpi i ' ? rj Inclden!
,,<-,rurred. A younger brother, Balmon
Broa n. II ea ln Portland, I
Neither Name Nor Day Saved
Old Offender from Cell.
Thfl Trlbtrae B_n aa t
Waahlngton, Dec -??? Thera la noth?
lng In a oama, ba tha opinlon of Polloe
Judge Pugh, who a nl "Joe'1 C_rl*rtinaa
to Jall ror two montha when ho ap?
peared In court to-day to anawi r ?
charge of drunkennflei
"\\'b.-ii's j our name ked J idge
* i ihrlstni i Chrl ' ?*tiim
mered the d< fflttdant, rlalbl] ahowlng
tha i Bfe I of thi prevlo
night'a calel ratlon.
"T. ii ma ) ":ir name q h Uy. The j
c-inrt Is la a hurry, and will 1* t you go
if your atory pimlla." demflndod tbe .
court, thlnkini the prtsoner wflfl Jcst
?Mv name la '?'-" ? brlatmaa fi- i
let mt* go," i i-ii-'i thfl maa
But Judge Pugh rfloognlflfld Um prla-l
oner as a man wbo waa allowad his J
liberty aflvfltal daya tg-* when fl*ri*flated i
for thfl aaone off< n ?
He V/as Only 16, but Tried to
Hold Her Up in Store.
Tho poUOfl of Newark are looking for i
a wnuld-be "l-ad man," about sixti on
yeiirs ,,l-l. who entered fl ilttlr> <<t<>r.
kflpt by Mrs. l..ra-l Rflttlg fll Nn. 29
HlUalde place, late Chrtatxaaa Baa, an.l,
rflf***olTCT in band, commanded h--r t,>
thr.iw ap ber banda and turn ,,-.,.r b.-r
ii,..;. ??! ' Ing; Ifra. Rettlg
ahied ? four-pound wfllght at thej1
young touph's I1.-..I. Hfl dUCkfld flfl
he flf d through the door Into the stre?-t,
but turned to Bre a shot into the air, I ?
evtdOBtly fearing tho woman was pur
suing him. Bfl DBadfl good his flfl flpfl.
w -,;,., ; \. inter
1 ' R
n. ', Offlce, !*| l-th Ava, Cor, 29th fa-u
l.\!l i R i- r; THE ARMS OF MRS. MEITZN
M \M\i!:. AND DOROTHY. 'i i
:r's father-in-law, wh<> m
Drafted Into the Service by
Miss Glaclys Coursen, Aid to
General Rosalie Jones.
Sriflith Bonner, Grandson of
Robert, the Other Factor in
tho Suffragists' Real
Christmafi Romance.
I'r.."i a. " . poadeal el Wa Tribune i
Hudson, Dee. 18.?Cttpld haa Jolnod
ho Hiiffrnge arr:i>'. Under his 1-.i.lor
htp tho Ont ?ngafement of tho ai
ampalgn waa bogun nnd.-r tba
rhrtatmaa h"!i:-'. Wetletoe araa euper*
I'Mpi.rs army eonalata nf Mlaa Qladj i
?..tirsen, Bld '" Oaneral Rosallo Jones,
nd crimiii Bonner, lba "nuiitonriiro
. porter" "f Poughbaepala, who has
corered" tho auffraaa alka most :c**i>i
u.usiy Blnoe Mi** ."ournon anllsted at
tougfaheepete on Baturday.
u waa while Ihe raffrage pllgrims
rere barlng a "bomejr" little Chrlatmaa
i.trtv ln the h.iel parl..r, with a real
uilo tree and Bto.-kinRs full of nuts an-1
alalna, tbat tbe gtad MettngB epM
round that tho prottlest euffragetta
raa tho heroine of a real Christmas ro
nanoe. The war corroepondentB g?t
may at ence>
"N'ow, MI-.8 r.iur.son." thoy put Ir up
0 ber hluntly, "this Ih a aorloun mattor.
t is reported that Mr. Bonner propoecd
? i \..u this rnornlnp."
"Woii, i oant ii-n.''* tbat," wai tho
"It ls alao aald that you put him on
bree montha' probatlon."
"I have nothing to aay." repllod maa
"oursen, gazlng holplessly Rbout. As
f ln anHWer to hor silent summons Mr.
{..nnor appoared.
"What'a the tronWO?" ho asked, and
io \,as lnfcrmed.
ttlust any WO both denlcl It," wns hls
ineu er.
Left in Doubt.
<-:.. tne oxaot ontcome of Cupld's first
ruounter rests in H"ino obs.urity to
ilplit, but Mlss f'ourson Ror* all day a
inga bunch of vloleta whlch came up
n ni kew York by aporlal dollvory
.'hrlstrnaa morntnfc and in the even
ng ahe wore Mr. Bonner'a cnlleRe pin.
Prtnceton, '1A. tnoked in tho ruffs of
ior dancing frock.
QHflltb Bonner is tho jrrandson of
It-.h. rt Bonnor, ownor of Mnud S.. I><x
.r and otber ootod trottlng horaee.
IIts father, Bobart Bonner, ls dircctor
Contlnued on eecond pogt, llilr.J column.
Skull Fractured in Trying to
Stop Fight.
F ? T. :. K'tti;..'i 10 1
Ulantle Cll I ? ? 25. -John I >o le
ii. i jn b hoapital here with a ftra
-kuii and maj* dle ea lha reeull "f act*
Ing .is peacemaker. Janfee and Bd*
ward Ouy were Oghtlng with
i'uri'ttiii. Doyle Interfered and
I.. ie.ni Duncan home,
Edward Ouy, father of tb
er--, aitaaaaea eajr, atepped up and
Sung a brtck at Duncim. it
I'oyle and fractUTed h:s skull.
The three OujrB WBTB put ln Jail tOi
ewalt tiu> reault of Doyle'i Injurlea
Why Night Ruler of Skies Al
most Rivalled the Sun.
feara niay como .ind years may ro j
beforo maa can niarvol a^aln at the
ainazing fulnesH and brightnoss uf tbe
noon mi Chrletmaa Bva, Thera wei i
reaaona tn a oomblnatlon of condltlons
that are raro. BCCording '?> tboaa wbo
atudjr tbo 8ki.'S
in tbe tir?t place tbe moon eraa full
on tbe ahorteat day of the wlnter eoi
atlce and waa rldlng ns blgb In the
skv as the sun doea "i. the longeat
.i;i . ln June.
in tha aecond place, th? moon had
Ka greateet poaatble northern decllwt
tion of 2* degreea, hoing out of the
ecllptio and higher even than the sun
iii juii'4. whlch never reachea. more
than 'J'l'ii degreea north of tbe equator.
Further, tho moon happened to be it
a plaea Ln Its orl.lt nearest to tho enrth.
c.illnl apogoo, nojiror by n?vctal thOU*
?-and mllflfl than usual.
In tho third place, this mundane
ipbi re Ifl no;ir porihellon, ns it Ls
called, whlch means that lt la aearoflt
tho, aun ln Its orbit, millions of rniles
lieerer than umial. and .onseo,m;ntly
inoro rlghl was reflocted from the
Laat, hut not leaet, ao far as unusual
condltlona go, tbe olanket of snow
lent Its local aid ln making tho moon
rn.il tho sun hy Its reflectivo power.
B_an Gets Gift from Convict, and
Woman from Two "Husbands."
IflnneapoHa Baa, 2Z.?if Charlea J>
iir.iwn and Mr". i.uiu m. Plaree had tno'l
to name Iho persons least llkely to serid
them rhriftmas gifts lt ls.r. ararded a*
doobtfol that their lmasrtnatlons would
bavfl proved erratic enou-rh to have Mt
the truth.
Charles l>. Rrown. who arrested and
(nrnlahed evidence against Oeorge Klley.
now BervtBg a five-year sentence, recelved
a he lllll II "~0 prlson-made cane from tha
Alrs. Plene, who ls In jail on the eharge
,,r Mga-ay, was ti.e reclpleat of gtfts from
i?,,n ..r ber "huabBBda."
a i '
vo New Ifear'a dtaaer cmpieto rlthout
a'bottle of Angcatura Blttera. IJelieiou*
Mistletoe There, and. Hush!
Edward Kelly Kissed Anne
Morgan Under It.
"Lonely and Left Out'' Guests
Dance, Sing, Play Games
and Get Loads
of Gifts.
m i . Bflkfla, Ifamle Loul Where
Juh ggt all tiiat?" flzelahned ono small
.- lopglrl i" another amall Bhopglrl
whom she m,-t waUdag toward Thlrd
nvantttfl, on 44'th street, yest- rdfly after
noon, with ber flnna firmly clasping
seven boxes of candy, two >wr,-n,lars,
a bonch "f bolly an.l a BflOtlOB of
froflti d cake arrappfld in tissue paper,
"Th.-s.\" aald Mamie Lou, proudly,
"Waa |1ve to ni*> bv tha BockHy fot
thfl Prflvflntloa of Ua?leafl Ql*rlng--the
'Spugfl,' yOU kn-.w. Th.y bflflB having
;< C*hHfltmfla i-.'i" Aitit you aorty,
now, L?_ta that you dldn't Joln the
You dldn't hav.- t,i bfllong to the
"Spuics," thOUgh, to g.. to that Christ?
mas party. a,i you needed to quallfy
as gUCflt WIUI to be lonely ln NflW Vork
on Chrietauu Day,
"Urlng Wlth you," the invitations to
every spug Hitid, "bring with you
tornebody who hasn't anybody belong
ing to them to make merry with; bring
with you Bomflbody leaa fortunate thaa
And tho "Sputfs" dl.l lt but imne .,f
than went qutte flfl far flfl Miss Anne
Morgan. who brought Iflfl. PaaOjOalfl
Cflttel an-l her six thildn-n, fiotn
Cherry Btreet nnd saw tn it that Mrs.
tv-tfni flnd ber six chlldren had tbe
timo of their llv,--.
Real Chriatmas Tree.
The party was held on the BOCOfld
floor of the building at No. 100 Wflflt
?|(?th stre.-t. where the Spuirs h.-i v<-t h?-ir
bfladquartarfl, and it iaste-i from thraa
,,', lm k to six. There wflfl a Chl*tfla*_UM
tree ln one room, and unllnatted lefl
rream and cake in- anoth.-r. and there
were gamea and Janarjng, aad ao many
boxea of eandy and big nietqre cafcflfl
dara and other things ware gtvea away
that flObody ever made a try at e-outft
Ing th.-m. But a large mati who stood
by the table near the rhrl.stnias tree
and stuok gifts out at every one. who
passed said at the end of the party
thnt his arms flflhed from ihe exerrise,
whieh lor afl B. 1'. U. tl. affair was
leitainly going BOflflfl,
lt waa a pretty night when the dusk
Conttnned on thlrd pasre, thlrd colamn. i
All the Turrialba's Passengers
and 16 Stewards Brought
Into Port by the Derelict
Destroyer Seneca.
Big Ship Fast?Cargo of Ba
nanas Thrown Into Sea-Res
cued Ones All Cool-One
Man Fished Off Stern
-Others Prayed.
AJI of tho ftfty aavan paaatingura and
atxteen ataararda from tha atr^nded I
Unlted Frtttt IttsOr Turrialba wore
landed sat.ly iii this clty yesterday at
8-30 I'. M. Tbe erew of peaaien, aum*
bertng ttzty-four, was loft on board
Tho derelict destroyer BetMCa, whl' U
put out of this put |B a snow storm
<"i Tueeday mornlng an.i i.".t within
I worklng dlatance "f the wreck thnt
Ievenlng al 7 o'dock, was tho Qood
I Samaiitan <<f tho aea that^brought
i th.-m bome. There had heen aome
alarm <>ii bi "'.l bul ii was not ap*
parent when th" ahlpvVrecked puaen*
fera arrlved reeterday, Tbe ship le
lying in ;i comparatively amooth sea
an.i thera' is hope of pulling her oft
tii" reef.
"There waa nore fuaa and noiae on
this pier tO*nlght,N said on.- of tbe
travellers, "than there was during the
iit'i, we were aboard." This
I tu l.o thf opinion ..f others. and
araa in cbeerfUl mood laat
Inlghl <>ri arnval.
The groundlng "f iii" Turrlalbo
; aerloua at one time. Bhe had
a lial of pfteen degreea to atarboard
and sh.. was unmerclfully pounded by
a vlolent aurf. Thla happened befora
iho lifeaavera nnd tbe mea from th??
Beneca had come aboard to roassure
tbe (Ifty-eeven paMBonsare.
Many prayed. a few played pofcer,
and one mgn wbo bad booka and iin****
I.-:,. .1 from tho dle*
mantli ?! at rn.
The loaa of tho Titanic waa dlacuaaad
and Bccordlng to Edurard r.
iiugiios. tho police Inapector, who was
. r on th" Turrialba, tho bor*
atti ndlng the loaa ?f tbe greal
u/hlte st.K- linor. being freah In tha
<f tho travelleta, IntenaMad their
Breal<s Up Poker Game.
.\ cordtng to tha ahlp'a ttana thai
i'ni alba went aground at .')?"?% a. m.
day, Than r) i blow and
a fair awell on al tho time, but not
[enough to keep paaaangera awaka. A
j poker game that had l.oen ln progres-s
I almoat conttnuouaty alaea the vessel
j left Kingston was ?,n at the ttme, and
1 when thd it-gi-M stopped it caused the
j playera to nuit and walk about. They
trled to rouse the ?Bokaroom ateward,
and thej-oiee woke up a few paantn*
Boon every one knew that the
| Turrialba was aground,
By degreea tbe aoutbeaater kicked up
j ? terrlflc aaa, and then from daylighi
until l j'. nt, wben the lifeeavarfl cam*
aboard, tbe Turrlalba'a passengers wer<?
aburmed. Although tha combers that
awept over the fruiter*a deeks did not
Bbate Wltb the comlng of the lifesavera,
tbe pres'-nco of those husky sea flghter*
from Barnegat aeemed to dispoi fear.
l.,ifor a boatload of sallormen from tha
S?ne< a i-iin d aboard from the tarbo* ?
lent Hirt Md tbe strande-1 passengers
wi re doubiy aaaurad of safety.
Qurpactor Hughes said last night m
ttne nP tbi bay trom Quarantin<?
on the Benaen that tbe situation for
at leeat cight hours lookod grave.
Hia ayea graw Bsoiat as h-. to'd ot
tht. tight th?j lifesavera had made to
(Ot aboard, and there were passenger*
all around hhn who interrupted with
Tee, I was one of them," when he told
how- many at tbi Turrialba's rail had
turned away in honor when the life
eavere' boat wy* tbroam on its be^nv
Feared Fate of Titanio.
The InBpector aald ho thought some
of tboaa on bonrd would abari the fate
..f tbi Titanic vi. tirns. Throughout It
all, bowever, he made mental notea
of all tbat happened and repeated it
Ii.m night aa*tf ho were reading from,
a log book.
Wt w.nt aground at 3:jj a. m. on.
Tuiaday," hi said. "The wind waa
fTom thg southeast and snow was fall
mg. tt WM B moderate blow and th".
breakera arera not high. The sudden
stopping of tha eiiKiiit's aroused me.
\\ hen I got up I found that Captain
Lindaay araa trylng to reverae hls en- *\
gines but th.y would not answer. The
Turrlalha v, Bfl too far wedged into the
(-and An hour later the tide went out
and rolling with an lncreaslng high
surf she shook from stern to stern.
"Every ono went to breakfast, but no
one had a desire to eat. <"offee and a
i". n baariilB. erere about the only thinga
eatea, and when the moal was over the
paaaangan started back to their rooms.
"lt was a Job getting through the
alleyways to the rooms," he contlnued.
"The women on the Turrialba were an
unusually brave lot. and I teli you they
proved their self-possession. It la not
easy for a woman to keep her nerve
and crawl along to her room with a
vessel tilted over 10 degrees. I marvel
that they held up so well following the
terrlflc pOBItdtng the seas gave Ihat
ship. Tho combers broke furiously
over the boat dock. The women saw
it. but there was not a murmur from
one of them.
I "Although the seas had increased by

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