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Justiee Steinert Decries Callan
Stcps to Prcparc Draft of Bill
Making Violation a
Imenl <>f ihe
raSafl aul laa whieh Jub*
? '? ? ? ' iti Special
:. i .ito.jy on Joa*
to*day by James i;
?pfltb. * " ' Attornay, and
Bpcclal Beaalona. The
of the law h,iv r Kpoea I
? -t rdaj. when Ar
H - Wari. y, ' l4*ab chauffeur,
?h? ii-.- ed to a year ln the
? ? Bteinei I, a
ilgi , - followed
tuo Bupreme
- i-l thal ui dor the ?"allan
aeverc aentea4*e pooalble for
i ?? ;? t< -1 >.f drlTina i - k
aaa a Bn* ol PS.
a/ariei ? t< few minut. i aftei
i woman at Broadway
? \\> !?-'?' verj mua h to * ay." intd
Warley waa ?r*
.illeil I'allan law ia
tl..- Nn provlelon ba
?? t pedeatrlana from
ira, who laugh ai trafllo
adbaacet ll la nothlnj more noi ieaa
i horrlble pra.tlcal Johe, of whlcb
ila paaMc l? thi vtetlm it la high thna
.v,_t tri- - hanaed to provlde a
' ? man who flrtvee
whlle Intofllcated. Tho
? ii courl la that you pa) a
9 Of t
Wptni rank Btanton,
Hed thal i Went had no money and
? ?? flne. Juattoca steinert.
and Mclnerney con ferred for a
moment annotineed tl al aa tl -
Id d ao alternatrv* puniahmem
(0 ?? ? Hia only peaalt)
to tlie stat- waa two da] - Imprtfl
? ntlary haircut.
The propoeed amendment will make the
wklear. drlvlng of an a itomoblle by an
Intextcal ?> mladamaaaor pun*
I j impriaonmenl for one yeai
whk or without a Bn? of Baa, wii.-n tho
? ? >v been mada it will ba referred
.., DtetliCl Attorney Whitman. and If
blm wlH he forward'-d lo
Hawthorne Investor Thought Oii
Man Was Trying 'to Break In."
oi o.l Impltcatlfla that John
efeller wae.tryina "ta breah into
ipany," and wanted to purchaae
ares of stock Ifl the Haarthornfl
and Tron IfbaaB, I.imited. made to
v . ,. :-.., -rn ana of th.
ta-aaons for hia pur.-hase of atock. a ? ord
pw to th* aaterday of Dr. K.
the tr.ai of Preeman, J.-atah
Jullan Ha ad Pr. vTflll*
iam .1 Mortoi
i.- Mot ry - ? ame Into thi
.-.,<? latroduced to him bj Mr
Hawthorna Th* ta ka I abo H I 9 prop
pf the Hawthorne Silver and Iron |
Mine*. and Freemau said than WBJ ?
99-bonalre **.hn waa trylng to break into
pflny and wanted to purchaee
|e| of that milllon*
wav aotlna foi the l, '
itan. Preeman added, accordin? t-> thi
hl v>fc? tho orpanist of Mr
ltorko;. .. li.
Ma Mr preeman tell that li wafl Mi
IhaUy wbo wanted to buy tha atocht"
??ke,i Thomai W Pro. tor. of counael for
Um def.
H? Ild nol nientlon any name en ',
? ai ? a aa I ba organlai - kdi
):o K. *? wai thi am wa i
. ? ? ? ;? ,i ? ? ???
Jily, 1919 Di Slorry aald. I'reemar de
? lared ? Ived ? lettei from
? prtrau - ommunlca
?. aau no t aaaon a hy IH
oat the gooil nev- ? II
then read from the letter. the wltneai
..; a croat atrike of
ore. ar.- -1 that the promoters
thamaelvee, as it
ayond flll dreama
"Vi n. lake Ib othei I leialaenougb
to go . -a,,- tha comment of
I're?rrirt ?? tO Dr, Moir>. llodi.l
- o latter, ha
Hta flra -e of Block wa* mfldfl.
Dr. Mot- aald after Mr Hawthorna had
sorme.l tO be. and
- r had inreatad In it aii of
I i et .'. mat of bbi chlldren
Object to Payment of $8,000
from Swanstrom Estate.
rhe chlldraa of J Hdward Swanatrom.
th? lot' BX*BOTOUgb Presldent <>f Hrook
i-n. ar? objectlag bafOra Barrogatfl
Ketchrta ? Klngfl County to the ac
lountlnf i: ,.,. |,\ their mother. Mra.
iraaeaa M Bwanet**Oin, and Davld Por
..tora of their fatlnr'a
aaoaatad ta about
i |
?faeafll - ).Hid Mra. Bwanatioru
taXOMi, whlch Bha Ctaimad a?- her money.
? '..nged to het. ahe
??id aal aal beea aflflaaial to aat
:*f.v a raortgagi on Moveaaber M, lflio.
'he Chlllren contend that the monev did
aat bolonfl to their mother. and that Mrs
*"*?natrr:: riad flfled bar name only fcy
'y*y of i onvealem a
*hai ii the prindpai ohjaatlfla made by
rei lo th<- a- .-..unting. The Sur
blfl poafleflflBOa the check.
''"^ Bad i ualneaa reeorda of the lata
Horough Prealdent on whlch to baae hia
'!- --talon
Negro Who Testifled Against Chicago
PoBtmastcr Confessed.
*"hice_o. i>?-,- j__iieabaia od the la*
'"?tigatii.-; bol) whlcb receatt] ?.?'
?lu<3?o heurlng aaldeaee of aileged polltl
'^ activltv _c;,|ni.t P.-Mrnaater DaaM A
1 ampbeii to-da) deelared tn*? lataadal to
r<lfer th*, confe?rlon of Willlam B T<<id,
'?tiro biveatigator Tor tho nvii giHufl
'"f'"*n Aaaoclatlon, that he had perjured
?rr**lf. to the Pnlted fltatoa Attorney
'"feral with a vlew to <-rlmlnal proeecu*
f r<"1'l *;,. th* Chlef wittienn aKaitiat
n?trriaitor Campbell and teatlfied that
*****!! had paid nione> tO polltiral
orkers d.irinc a ratcenl eloetloa. Later
" raguHatal hia teaUaMtay,
Restaurant Seized by Receivers
in Midst of Cabaret Show.
Ex-Police Lieutenant O'Connor,
Who Ran the Place, Makes
Speech to Patrons
While muali and la -k! tei
? ? llnlng*room "f the Prollc Reetaurant,
In Weal I7tti atreet, jual before i o'clock
thla ti.") ning, ,t i.san entered Htid hold ?
whispered converaatlon arlth J
O'Connor, ihe proprletor nnd a lormei
lleutenanl of police, O'Connor then
atepped forward among the .1
cabaret perfortnen and announced tbal
evei bodj would have to k<m out, aa tln
place w;.-. going t.. ? io>.- nt 1 o'clock, ln
......t.i,.n.e w.ih the orden ol the recetv
?.\ be had ??? ? n appolnti - lo taki
ij' riffan's ol the place.
Within the nexi two minutei all the
merrymakeri filed out and th, ba wai
fioaed. Darkneaa reigned within and lh<
dlacruntled patrona arandered off down
Broadway. aeeklng now neldi of ?
The draatlc action which cauaed ihe
patrons Of tho place to leave their IUD
per an.i atllled the tonea ol vlolln
piano ?. - thi flral notici thi publk ba?1
recelved thal th*' reeorl had gone Into
the handi of ;. recelver. The proealc de?
talla of the di mlae of the reetauranl weri
K>v. ii 0 !t :.:- follows.
A petHlon tti bankruptcy in.s he, n nied
agalnai the Prolic Reatauranl Company.
ln.-.. ;,t No 222 t., KH Weal Itth atreel
Blmoa Btrauaa Im . I1.MS; Rlviere Bran
nnd r.tonzo Company, M24, anl OttO
Relaanan. BS. Juda, HeH appcdnted
Charlea 1. Brookheim recelver, arlth ;.
bond of W.0M and authoiity to eontl
... . . nei twent] da 1
Int llitl) - are aald to be 110.001 ar.n
? ibljr ttAWe, Includlni pelntlngi
The payroll wei ITOO * week 1
and monthly rental t!W II waa state.i |
lhal the reai fanl waa off tbe Broadway
hlghway of travel aad dependenl entlri
on ndvertliing and cabarel ahow to make
a sue, , <^
The compenj wai incorporated on Au i
I al l IMI a -i ? capital atock or *.!""?
an<i it wai aald thai 0MM wai ipeni in
Improvementi nnd Bttlng up thr :? ?"
,. , opened aboul (k tober 1.
Missing Farmer with Police Aid
Reaches Boarding House.
.lohn 11 Dawaon, ihi Oklahomi farmer
who wai reported mlaalng from hli board?
ing houae, No. HO Wial ttd fltreet, on
Chriatmai day bj his wn, wai '
yeaterda) Me had been miaiina -Inci
December -?
Mthough Dewaoi . ai\ feel tall and
weighing Ht poundi, COUld pick Ida uneri
Ina path through the tracklaai piaina of
Oklahoma. when lt came to a matter of
findlng hls boarding houae ln llttle oM
New York ho was as green aa a "tendor- |
foot" "1 thi gi eai Wi l
Th- far.'no- wenl lo Mlnghamton 10 bv
n farm and had large sums of money on
hli peraon ai tbi time. He reached B 1 I
hamton all right. dld hla l-uaiiiess there
and came back to the citj <m Chrletraet.
day. Then hla trouMoi began, He had
foigotien to take down the numbot of hli
boarding houae, and when he atart-<i to
tind it he coUldn't. All thl houaea looked
allko to Dawaon. After trylng to find hia
famlly all tha' dav the faimoi WOQl f"
.. police statlon r.oatoida.v mornlng and
ti.e iteutenani to "flnd him''
Hfl was told hl w.-is In Thl Bronx. many
mllM fronr. Mn Dawson and tho klddle*
The Ueutenant ihowed blm a newspape:
with the stor\ of hli dirappearance in tt
Tho article gave his addreaa and Dawaoi
lool no Mme |a gettlng there.
Tiie Dawaon famiiy lafl to?n f? theii
farm yeaterday. when they wlll feel
oinfortal.le and at hOBM
Man Believed Slack Wire Per
former Killed by Cars.
, ii- Telegiapa le 'i 11 Ti II um
New Brunswick N. J? Der 2*.-Stilpped
of aii clothlng eacepl 1 necktle, and with
one leg missing. tho body of a man he
lleved tO I'O l.rwia Wilson. a slack wire
performir, waa found l.eflifle the Penn
aylvania Railroad tia.ka. n?ar Metochen,
thlfl morimig. Hla clothlng waa scattere.l
along th>- tra, ks A letter found in the
, lothlng Whl from h:a wlfe, Anna Wllaon.
nialied fron, Zaneavtlle. Ohlo. telltng him
ahe WOUld Join him the flrat of the year.
The lettor Indiratod that h' had been
tl thl Milll Hotel. New Voik Clty, up tO
,i M BffOrtl to :faih Mrs Wll
aon f", arlri faiio.i. aa ltn had gone to
. alifornli
The addreaa Of Miss Manon M Hoele,
of No. .1 Weat 5th atreet, South Boa?
ton. a vaude\llle pertormer. was also
found. and an effort la being made to lo
,,,,, nor. Coroner William F. liarding
tiiinka thl man fell from tlie hllnd tnd of
,1 haargage car and waa atripped of hl*
Clothlng by the ,ar Wheill.
Educator Says Strife for
Marks' May Bring Insanity.
III v lalegraph 10 The Trlt, n,e
Atlantlc Clty, Dec. Ht IB an addre-? to
the flfty-seventh annifll conventlon of the
New JOTOOy State Tea.het*.' ^bOdatlOW
in the hlgh BCheel to-da\ I'r William H
Bcbaufller, prealdenl of the state noar.i
i.r Education, deehved that th- ayatem
ahereby atadeata were foreed to eompete
for "maiks" in the achoola of thl state
had bOOOtni I r.i.naco tn "even the Mn*
Ity" of tho chiidrea. Dr. BchaufBa alao
aeered thi teeti to which puMle achool
? uptia were aabjeotti, and he pi. ked te
ple.-oa many "the, featUTIfl Of the pi.-s.nt
? Nothing ia moro demoralizing to the
mental advancemeiit of puplla than thl
competition now in vogue for ?mark".' "
-aid Dr. Schattfflor ln hlfl addres? o 1
-Mental Hygtene." Overetody li another
dariger against whMB bl Bttared I wam
h.g. "There ia too muOh bomOWork an.i
too llttle tlmo ln which the children may
think fOr th. maelves. hl d,-.-lar< .1
ln apeaking of tho dat) of the teachen
Dr. Bchaulller malntalned they eontraUed
the children for a groater nnml.I
baari during nine month-. of thl >ea:
than dld the parents. and it was there*
fore their duty to meet too in.ltt idual re
r-.iremonta of rach .-.uld BO far Bl pOO
Lacb of proper nutrltion. aald tbi speak
pr, had n aerloua effort an tba mlnds of
rhildren rangina from six lo fourteen
.eara. and il ??s rin Impo'tant tmrt of
Iho to(..-her'? dotlee, he snl.l to instrurt
tht children ao ;??' aa poaalbki ?? te ine
'oods which were best ?uited to them
Navy Plans to Use Aeroplanes
on All Large Ships.
[Prera Tl Bereaa
PTaahlnflton, Deeember Sl.
isi: OP AtRBHlPB IN N wy Cap?
tain W, I Chambera, of tha navy, who li
ln Charge of ;i\iHli<!i m tbfl navy. haa heen
ln onflultatlon with. the Btrateglata aa to
tbfl ultimate u?e of tha developed aera*
plane for naval purpoaaa, lt i** raaHaad
by the experls that thfl .i--n,;.|.tne haa n<>t
) et reaohe-l tbo ..tafo of perfOCtlOn r?
qurred by ?n tha worh camtemptated for
it in naval warfare, but it ts attaVicntly
advanee.) t-, bc of freai aarvlca bj many
waya and thoaa who wiii bava uae for it
hav. determined In whal dlrecilon and ln
what way tho flyinfl machlna may bo utt
llaed. There la n-> pretenca that avlatlon
ia goinfl to raa olutioniM warfare, bol it
la b eertalnty that of two oppoatng forcea
the one a bii h poaaa ia - aupertoi lfl. ai
aerial equlpmenl an.i ahlll arlll poeeeaa ..
decided advantage
ln the nt o{ aeroplanea In naval war?
fare it :' Intended Ihe simii i.r earilad
and uaed bj the lat^- ahlpa and employed
li raconnoitrinfl an enemy'a porl "r
aearchlng oul ins advanced baaea ;.t-i
Hssistine ln Ihe oneratlona of a blochaded
-?I biochadlni force, locatlng nnd deetroy*
Ing aubmartne mln4*a aubmatinea and
ditiglblea and aaaiatlnfl ln the <>|.<m^ti--n of
aubmatinea and torpedo boata, damaalng
an enemy'a docka magaxinaa and shipa ln
repalr <n under conatro Uon, provldlng
meana "f rapld ronfldential communlca
ii..n between a tleei commandei and 111 *
rommandinfl onVei of a co-operatlng
fon e on ahore or of tho .ommandn of an?
other fleet or dlvlelon Aeroplanea arlll
alao be cartied bj all flcouti and large
? tui^et.s to extend the "eyea of the fleet"
ln naval acoutlng. Thej ran i.o r*arrled
wlth ainpie auppllei .--nd camp outfit on
board .-.tn- naval fluppt) ?ualliary and
184?. foi BTOUtlnfl oul advanee baaes an-l
ie "ith expeditlonar* forcea
RINE i iFFICERJ" vl Ith fl 11i a to ln
ng the etJIMen. i of tha marlne ?w*oa
Major Oeneral Willlam P Blddle, com*
mandanl <>t th. orga laatlon, haa rea*om
mended that the offlcera <.f the rorpa be
tralned at Ihe \..'..i tivadem: .it Annap*
olla. Hia re.-en; raKommendation urged
? -n.i, offi..-? have tralnlng in tho
academy on the around thal II would
?-. - ? |o " r?-av- tho ettl. ten. y of the ser
irira It li al?., recommended by iJeneral
Blddle thal rl iin.n appolntee* ahall he
I'tweon the ago.? (,f miifteon an! tWent!
? tRDERB IB8UED -The folloaiafl ? ?
ii- ra h* . ?? i>e?n laa ?? d
Captain EL-IEfl LIND-LBT, tree a le "tl
., ?lr-. :o Phlllpplnea, ?alllnf from .-i-i
Bl tli ? 'h ... 6 Ifllfl
'4italn ALFRED *A BJORXSTAD, froa aa
ilffnment 28th Infanti
Captain CHARLE8 Q LAWRflNt'E frent nt*1
to Mth Infantry, aallina fi m Ban i-"ran.iao
Ifaji '? ?'? IB19 ? M
("RA*. K ? BAMKl ?UD
detail aa majan P lll| ae aco ti ..i j mjim
? ? . bed ntfl ara; aa
(Igne : 381 li fa
- aptaln rj?. ?ROE i PHAVi. Sl
detalled aa majoi P i ;!?, an.l
. . -i
Plral Lieutenant IRVINO y MADIflON "tb
fam detatio: ln ilanal eorpi .. . ?.
1 ? ai - OIRARD 1. MT'.N i EE, 't . Bt|
ixi n-p? K^-iuno.i ;->? infantr'/; i.t? ? - i
M 4.DI8I IN I , hr -. ??r- .- ?? ? .- ' - - ? - i
aet wll smi anj t>. ?i*n?' . orj,.
I*-* '. ' '??'? .I.IAM 4
i.'ARLRTON, -lu'ii Infanti ont
? 'aptaln RICHARU M. lORDAK, -oeel ?
.?! ? ? thi I ?.--.?.-? ?
ii vxid.t.i: _",t): Ii fanti
Ueutenanl UlRARD I. M ? '
T-ii Infantry, fi
Baa iwaln PRAN'B BCHT'LI v. ?
Tlaltln.-rf .thn-iiir- 9, 1819 I '." L'tah
Boatawali HATDN wii.uam.-. iv.* --. i .
Jaavarj * 1811 ?. ?
l.li taaaal I. i? ML'RR it deta *t
ntuBi prlaon, Beetm; to the I
? am l ? r*EOAM ??.
la; to marlne bam kl ^^ n - - rmt,-'
foll.iv inp -ii ,\, trif.| tc ,,f , ?Mo'h ?.,-./? . .. n
? ifl Naa jr 1" t ai tmani
ARRP i.i
i r -ji ic palucal *? .'.?'.-? i
?aa nnd lha p?ia*inr*., itt rrlatobal;
? f Caaar, at Charlaaten; th* Iraejoola, ?t
M?r? itUnd thi .n>? Rampahlre,
i\era Ha
De 2". . ? 9terllna, a \..iiapo1ta
!.... ?.-., i ? ? . - ? ha ii ?? tha !>??*
and tli< 1)^. atui ?? ? i nga| o
AU i i'
i i ::: The Vui. ..
Domlnge Ihe Paducah, 't'.-n ?-.r
c ? .< foi - :. ,: . k
i ?? KI ? bi ? -.? l fron k?v **i>it for
Uuantanamo tba Naa llampahln fr n
? r.i caldara i*a,
i-?- ifl Thi Pompaj-, th* fhaunci ?
Dale aad ih< Dwatni fro? Maalla I
General Barry Expected to Take
Charge at Sawtelle.
LaM Angelflfl Dee. M BtlR-adler Oenet?,!
Banv, of Greeie>. Meb., i. th? probable
luccaaaoi of Colonal T .i Coehraaa aa
Bovernor of the Bawtelle Soidiera' Home,
iccordlni to Colonal Cochrane, who >aid
lo*day he ha<i recelved word thal
inritv of thfl memberfl of the national
ioard of managera fa orad Oeneral Barry
*or tha i-ia.-o. < oion. l Cochranfl t
lered bii reaignatloa two week* aa-.. and
t arlll he.-otne afffl. Uve in F.-hriiary.
Oeneral Barry ls a mdiiltr of the na
lonal board, haviiiR he. n appolnted la--t
,-.Hr to fill the vacancy mad.- by the
leath of Captaia H E. Palmer, of
Tiio gawtellfl Home nas recently Invee
igate.i by ? Congiaaalonal eommlttaa flfl
thfl rer-ult of .hartr.s of ml^nianaKemerit
Big Bill" Green, Fourth of Es
caped Quintet, Captured.
IliK Bill" Oreen, who, wlth foui oth tl -,
t.scaped from Bli.e; Sing Ihe nlght flf
vtober " tetfl, waa eflaflarfld at Loa An
relea rhriatma* Day. and will aoon Join
hree of the other men who havo heen
inmghl back. Qraan, wbo had h.ni:
^?en the terrot of the town of 0?mlninK.
?aa aervlng a BOntOnci of ?lx yearfl an-l
ix montha foi lObh.-i y,
Offlfln, Uniter Dannagan, Robert Boy
an. Joaapb \\ ? lc** and DavM Blum aaeio
he ones WbO flOt flWay. Thev weiP ln
he POagttai ?ard. and flftar h^alillK an.l
:aKk'ni?; ,i it*BflBI ln the ward the men
ropt eflrtflldfl i*n" Bflflflflltfld another
teeper. nod then flflWad away two bara in
ho waahroom. OreaWl went into a COT
idor and told t>onie two hundred men
heie that thev rould escape if they
vished t... hut all Baeopl thfl Bv? in the
ih.t remalned \N'eiaa. Boylan and Blum
iave been rocaptorfld, hut I>nnnegan re
nalna at large _
tlmmpalgn. DL. Dafl. M -Tho four
nembera of the family t.f Bdward H.
Illler a>ara killed early to-ilay by being
ttu.'k r.y thfl IRhaotfl ..'entral Panama
.imlted foui milea aouth of rhampalgn.
"ho dead. baaHfla Mr and Mn. Mlller.
re ROtb MHler. eight ytai.s obfl, nnd
fl/ayae Millei. four years old. Opal Scott
ba alavaayaaraH ehfld af a netghior,
Mi4 fataliv hurt.
The Mlllera were raturnlnfl from h
'hrlatmai celehrattOn and wete taklng
h. Bcot! glrl home.
Lieutenant Commander DeKay
to Organize Division.
Albany, Da M Adjutant Oeneral Ver*
i.e,-k to-'i..> deelgnated Lleut<*nant Com*
matidei Eckford C. DeKay, mlHtary ne
:,t,.t te iJovernor i>ix, to orgnnlie ?
dlvlaion of tt.e state N,-,vai Mllltla In Al*
i.,!,. t., ba '-.mpos.ii of nboui >>ne hun?
dred men. Then ari branchea of thi
naval mllltta ln New rork, Brooklyn,
Bo. Iieati r and Buffalo.
Commander DeKaj ?."d to-nlghl iio be*
lleved 'i divtatoa of thi n.-.\.ii mllitla ln
this cit] would itlmulati the igltatlon by
promlnenl bualneaa i. ln Albany and
Troj for the deepenlng of tha Hodaoo
Getting Over Wounds Received from
Moro Who Killed Captain Watson.
ncioii. Dec. N r.i< uteu.irii Kln
?le i' i.>i'..ttini-. <,f the Mh Cavalry, who
wai brutally aaaaolted la Ihe Phlllp*
plaei h\ the Moro who mordered Captain
John Wateon, is recovering, aceordlng to
| h dlanatch recelved al tho wttr Depart?
menl to-day from Major Oeneral Bell.
Ueutenant Edmundi recelved ii\e ae*
vere barong nnd apeai wounda ?? nio^s.
arma and lefl hand i(> eacooatered the
M. in an efferl te s.\e Captaln Wat*
aoa. Thi Moro araa killed.
II ia axpa tted thal there arill ba at leaal
four thouaand Boy Bcouta ln the armory
of thi ttd Regtment, In Brooklyn, thla
aftemoon when th> exhihition of lha ae*
lirltiea of ihe nrgantaatlon la achaduled to
t.ike place There arlM be aoouta trom nli
I | , ' ihe graater city, aa
ni from New .f> raev and toama <-u
i -.ne laland Bcoul leadera have been
work Ing for mr-.-rrHi montha perfectlng tho
a-1 ingt mentt foi tho exhiblttoi
Bunrifl*. 7:9; flanaflt, iitt; mo.'ii rtoM ?:??;
moon'i acr, ii<
Hlttil BfATBR
, M f M
land] Hool . ? ?"-'? l" -T
,j ,..-. ,- . [Hand . 1? "> 10:01
Uell Oat) . I- "? H ?
?;? | , .- reported a- s,iK* mllafl ?' '
Ran-1, II. Ofl t" yooterday, la axpeetad
lo do< ? <???.? .
r ? an i Slorgio r*.led aa : N ? . ? lal
nt ta ||.-.,, bi g ? m ? aeterda;. ls ripfl led
? .^ ' ?
... ?-.. . " .?? "t
, |t | .? ?r !?.> ll eil ? "1 10
- . ? ...
i tt** From I.'t.a.
? ? . caa ,.-...
?\t irro . aa . | .'? '?' M I
. . i .. ? -
Hadaoa Ha
.??-., , i ? i ?? :
? . . tiLMfl Dec
a ?. < Naplea, Poc 10
. ii \ .
?- ?. i ?? ji
. : | IBRR M
- ? . . ? .- '\ Btar
?Fir.lai >
? A I 11 ? ? . I
?C**n . ? Uveq
?Mli -l.ah? l ? . ' ? Ir l?
' .- A ? I '< 1"
i ?? unla
RI Imi ,-..? Df
Ntagera Hatn
? <?
?Ia Te iraii - "..,??? i >?. 2'.
4 ver pool
HufTa . . ?l ill, [.
? ?? . S*a -.,.-.
? a t laau lavanaa- i ?
* '.flt mili.
Ha ' '???.
' '%..? y,,r i.ii.?. |) *<m Baiifl
? I'fll I: It 11 ti n m .1 ">? t> *n
1 "? ? II Ha ti Itl.U | 1.' 8(>p ra -1 OO i i
N'ai )???*? Rool ?? , i
Or-gcnlA: l Moi I > n 0" p n.
Patrta, ttrre ... \ .-> \?'
Ma'anra* Naaaau War.; . -"m
Aiaaabofl. la.' -. t;.?. < > t? i M p n
satii'.I' vv, DBCBMBm M
Far.e- Mor.t.?-. | >,.. v tn BP 2 .0 _. n. I:f|tm
San loan, San Jj?ji. I RI o :? .?. ., ui II UO m
I ? ar Bt k. I:fl0a m 13 OO
?? ' . Barbti :?? i, a ii i? M a tti 1:001 ra
P Lii i r. Haml II v,i, :? ;?, a ii :.
-h: n',?a N',. ? 1:00 p in
Banta 1 * ? II- Am.il :UOa i i 00 , m
P A Wllhfllm i..:.i II \ i 00.. ni i .,? .
Nai Barba i ? ? 0 ? ra I no p n
?i ? ?, i H-A.. 11:00a tn 1:00p m
, ;2.">> ui I .?. p in
on Piinr*. H *? ,i. Prince 11:00 rn ?"?': m
' '< ii a,. r .1 iflon, III) ,. OU P I
l.anipaaaa, Mobllo, Mallon i "*? p m
s Tr Hi to ii.itt taton, Mai i i 00 p tt'.
Onon'oga. Br'nwlek, Mai rv -- l?'ipm
Bh -? ' l< ,. d? T t. riraz ?
Buaeta Ubao, Roa-Aai_? ^ I.?
M Waablnatcn, Trleete, \ \ - - ' UO p tn
Ho ii Roaario, Keuaton. ?
Mlnn< IpollB, I..lon. AU Tr - 10 ,. 1 r-,
Bordeaux. Havre, prencn . -
Tl eflpifl, Man, heeter. i. * tt
Hrl-tr.l . i.v. Brtfltol, BliltOl - -
fblomba, Nai iea Pabr* - ?
a, Ba c i.'">' -.1
Arrona, Naplta. Itallan . - 11:001
ci -*
l"?- -atl'.n nn,. ateamer. 1 rt N. V. !' M.
Japan, cerea cl m% <-. u
Ban FrancMro) Shtnyo M.. . . l>? ?. .?0, 6:30
Hawaii, a lam, Pk.'Mpplaflfl (vta San
Fran.licoi-U S nansport. Jin. 1,0:30
lapan, '..rea. "Iiliia (\ ia Tleaau,)
ttt; > Mun. ,. lan . | M
Tahlti, Marqu. -..-. O ,.'?< lalanda.
Nea Zealand, Auatralla (vla san
Kranclaco) Moaaa .Jan. i. (.34
Ilawali. Batnoail l?Un.1? MflW Z'a
land Auatralla o U ^an rran
'!?-' i Ventura . jan. i, s.io
H . ? ,;:. t ij] j. aaaa, Baoaoau lal?
anda. Nn X.ealand. Auatralla
(rta VIcfMia) Marama . , faa IT, IJI
Japan, .'nrea. Chlna, Piililpplnea
(vta Vfeterla) Monteaglfl .Jan. 17, 6.30
Port of New York. Thursday. Decem?
ber 26, 1912.
-?? . ?, aui uaa (Br), i'- rt rail oi D
Barber | co ... ballafll Arrlved at th? Bfl
,-i 0a
< \r<\ naa pr- 10 an I
Mataniai 10 io ih? Mu ron Ba Co, arlth augar,
ti td at tha Bar at 4 a ui
iteemei (jueen Helen* .i<r>. Rii#nn? A\i?:?
No '.'.? and ll lai ;.t i - it ,., llould, r, 9 eti
0 li.,yi. in bai Iaal Arrlved ;,t ,;,<.? Har at
'.' JO ii tn.
er wiiikemmen lOer) Btoebholm Nov
29. via Shlelda t>e, 9, to David T vVardea, la
i h Ih?. Arrlved ai tba Bai :.t 6 ->. m bi.
Bieamer Metaoen .Mr.. rlamburg Dee ? and
iii.iifax. \ B, 14, t.. Punch, Edjra * Co, arlth
v ? i.- "i Mt thr Bar al I -tn * m
itei : Flelllfl nu. . i.... ? i op) n ag?n De.
12 I'hrlatlana U aad . ?hriatianiai .1 u. to
"un I.. IM- a . ... w tt t ii S2 eabtn and 14M
?teeraf, . tenfera an,| rn.ise. Arrlved ll
tl.e Har at :< nt. h n
'?:?'..- i Porto ' alambia Dfl
!.', tt'Hi.ift M.ir';- I," ' . -..-., , I1- n IPan-l
Klngaton 21, to n.e l'nlted Prult Co, ?-'tti 27
paaaenatra, mai'* an.| m!?.- trtivad at lha
Bar al i 10 p ra
Kteamei Firdland tSwed), vVitmlneto
T>" I'n. |o tie u.irtt. |i i.tne. ln baliaat. Wlll
' 'ii ?? '.. r.rrt g-trani
p ni
Bteamar El Mh', ?;r>i-.??. n r.?'-<Tnb>r w ta
lha Southern PaclnV >v. *lt!i m.iae. Reported
11 al tanda a' 4 i" p
Bteamer l'aun<e. Phllfldfllpl ,. to tha .'ttda
?'?' ' mia, i'afa.,1 m .j iflrantlna .?
3 i" ,i tti
Steamer , t,?^ai.*ak?. Baltlmore, ? ? N?*
Vork A Baltlmore rrananortatlon all
?i ,i?e Paaaed ln Quarai line i 491 i
si?nr\rx .ntlllfl* Nai Orlaana i
" th* Pouthern pa. Iflc i'i
arl mdae l'a??e* tn Qua I ? in n ?
->tefltni r Carll I looi it- ? .-. | ?? en
Wllmlngton '.".. ,o tha Ma
paaaenj .. ? '? Paaac I In Quarai l ? I
10 24 n in
Bermu iian ? Bri Ben luda I ?
:'4 ia \ y. Outerbrl la-e \ ? 'o, arll
aenaen malla ??? I maa* Arrlved a> the Dar
al '.. ?>
Ptee ? Ruafllfl (BOflfll U ?'i I.rr?i.,t,er ;n,
i" II. 'iv 24. "?> Renlttt- ,\ y ? -i. ??'?
i^6 cabln a. 1 ?>,; Bteerag* ;a>- -. n
lt tha I'ar fl| | ".0 .
Htnar.e- Prutera iNorj R ?- rv . i ?r :i,
1 tes 14 and Pui rrh* 17 lo
tl ? I rlta.l Prull ''r, av tt - \.
thl Ha- ?? | f n
-.< '? pipor t ? Um - Ireai -
'.."i io A M I
? t 7:4
I Ihe I lana sa I.in< . ?? |
< . the Bar al
' r | ii .
tl !. a-tt! Hn.'on
i . ... to Mi
v ed Kt Ihe Bar al II Ifl a m
???r*ani (Dui
i, r a'aroen. ln ?>allaat \
i -.
iht reeai ' ?
ateamer* Tttai i i Irtl Ma4 ?
f a- i Nl ? : ?' v ?-?. ia Pi .. -? ^ f
Havre a; Vlnland i!
t,, ,:;.-'? -a Uonterer, Havana 1'-.,u\ ?? Bi
? - -
nd pr ?
\ I- .' h ? -ira ill- Ne\> ,
t . ' ' *
.- i ? .< ? Sant' Ara N?a
lienoa 1,. 2] ~-a ; \ Utal) I -? adflphla
ai.tt New Tor * '.-?i ?*
'-.?.' Dfl* -1 Kala"- I'ran.- .fo^eph ' I ???
N ? Vork vln Maplflfl
I ?? 2 - l - :t ? ? <\ t
ilavre. Dec 24 New Tat
.;' rown, i" .'4 ; ? x.'Ae (Hr- New
? ' V. tor Algoa Ka>.
'openhar*> ''? '?"-' Plorlli <r?an, Mea Terb
Nai li i ?? -'- Ftat ? .i BrJ Nea Terl
21 - ,:? ima iBn, Ni * 1
Maraellle*. Do. 22 lort] .Uflt) V*? Vork
24tl >'. l- ii. tt'rnianla .Fr'. Mea York
llii) . i" 22 Ryburn (Br) M*a V.uk oi
, ta phla
Uveri ??? ? ' . la apo (Br), .w?
i i ? ?: r 1
2:M Oeei
New Tork .
. , Ht i. Nen 1
! ii ii,- (Bri S ?
'? :. , (Bri Mea forb,
- i.-i la -"iati iBr) .f.oi.
et ., Mfl* I
i - 21 t ,1. i Robei -.? , Hr Nea
Y '
Perl ,'?? M Ivahtnita (Br) Nea York \ia
\ c ? . ' Boi
Featnrt. Dfl 23 I ???:? ajo Clt} IBr-. N"#w Yoik
ta Hrlatol.
HT)!? ai^nentonWr in i itu f? *
firhvhii pjeeeed and Pfleaaaat-?Waahlaatea
Dei _j gpg pteeeeta ha? faii*n ?*.-?? at tha
Mlealaetpal Riarei ,mi haa kKreaaod daeldedly
M 'Mitri in There ??-i> lo.-al r.nn*. la
laal t-.-i.t- f,.n, h?,ii ii, Um m ith Al
lat.ti.- and iiuif Metafl aad Ohle vauej an-i
llflhl I'.. ul ?nnw? |M tho upi'fl iRko 149(1041
! * .'..uti.fi ranaalned fali
Temperaturc haa i la.
ii-l Beetbaaal .tmeji und tha Kar Nortlmtat
and it in* hUlm la tba I ppei M -
Valli and ll i Bout Plali * ital. i
A dtattirbance thal i* developtni bver ih
apeer uk. refliaa ?iu mme rg?t aad caaafl
ralaa I'niH-. tollowad i.-. rteerlafl wfletbai al
i.i?ht and fnlr waethei t-at-irday throuflhoul
tha Atleatl. ala * and moai n.irri*-* m the
refllea of 111*=- Oroel Lake< la thfl 'iulf itatea.
Pta (Taet . o,.trai >m!!o., tho pialna atatri, anl
ihi hech M.itala and plaleaai raelaei lha
? il > will l,o fnlr Krtday und rtatuola,
i-o*??-r tempereturaa an probebh rrMay ii
IM i<|i..ii of Um lireat L*k*i. tt,. <-lilo and
lowei MUwlealppI raltojra m.-t UM Qulf i'at.a
Bl ' -Ih-. niifht an-l Satuula. in UM Atluntl
? -.,1.1
Tamptraiaraa win ? .t ehaaga decidadl) in
mam Btetrteta durlea Ibo "*?' foitj ouiij;
ho ir*.
Thfl viiridi along tho N?w Knaiand ...aat anl
n.iidio Atlantlc reaai aill ba medarate, aoutn.
ahlftlng t,. w.?t. .o-ith AUaatk -oant. BMdei
ala lanabl* (.?. oin'tij mai. eaat ilulf OMflt,
n-,od?rate ri.tih and eOtthWflOt; ?'*t liulf
.?.aat raoderate north; l*ike Mli-hlgan. tn.'der
a'e wtlt
Hi.an-.-r*. .loparting t*rtda< foi '
potta *n: ha-,,? ?HMarate lo brtab *-.i*h ij
??at wlndi and overra.t weathei and raln tb
'h* Urand Ilanlii.
I orr.a.t for Bperlal I ...ralitiov? lor Kait
ern New ^ ork. raln tn .lm . prwh-hly rhuna
l-.? to anow In eilrr-me norlhern pnrtlnn;
rtaiarflei falr and ?oine??hat rolder; moder?
ate .hlftlng lo ho.i niitd*.
Fnr Kaat. rn tVnn*. 1 ..ini*. V#w Jeraey, P*t
a?are, Mar-lano an-l tho Putrkt of I'olumhla,
. |i t.i <1m. pr.it.al.lv pi*ae*"Jfld b\ raln ln thi
mornlns; i-oldor to niaiit, aararday, fall an.l
?nn irhal eoldor; BMfloratfl "uitli wind*, ahift
ll.* ... tte.l
For Northern Now BBflland, .inaettie.i to
day, BTlth probabl] raln hi-hi the GOO?t atil
rain >.i et.ou ln tho |nt.-ri,it . r-turdai. 'att
iwhel ."ll-r. inodeiate i.iutli wind*.
? hlftlti(t i,> weat
1 BOUl >-i n N'o? Ktie'it"1. probably raln
ln dav: Batarday, falr an-1 -older. mod'rate
- .. a ia -? h!,iftirin to ?. .
Pol *>Vr*.t< rti N'ou V.,rk. lOUfl] and ? .'InVt
pr.il.ahl.. inn? flurries n??r the lak'-J.
Batarday, falr; moderate iraal winn*
Fot We.- Virginia. falr and .older to-dt
Saturdar, 'alr
I i v.: ; ,,. ra, fll a | ra M
ob .- atloni takee ai t nit*,i Hta.*? arealber
bureaua at 8 p ra roofrdai tetlom
i || T?inp<-raiur?. Weather.
A ben -. _ ' ',?*?*",
Atlantlc City . .4. i lou.iy
Baaton . ? ?? Ij -'lear
Bvffalo . ?*" .'leudy
,hl.aieo . -;4 ' loatdT
Sam i.n.ana . ?**' Oc-adr
M l.oula . |f -'loudy
Washlngtmi _ *4 ,u,n
i <>w?i iirn. ial kaaafld. Th" feltewlng ofltolal
reeord rroei the \V>ath*r Kureau ahowa the
ohaniM bl lha temperatnre for the laat twent-.
four houra. in cempartflea ?Uh the i-orreapon-1
Ir.r. dalfl -' laat .'ir:
P..11 1811 l?H 191
a . ,., *a 29 8 p ra 41 40
? ? , 84 -J* fi p in .? ;?,
?a m.84 80 11 P m ..... 41 M
12 m .TT W 12 V m .41
4 P ... .. 42 42
Ulaheat ternperature yea'.erdav. 4.1 de??aa
.at 1 ? in > lowea'. 2fi lat 4:2<) a. tni. aver
?., " 1.4 eroraa* f',r certeaa?adflflfl date lait
- .ar IX. aieraae f.,i , nrrespon-llnf date UM
thlrt. Ihrai r~U*. ?'?'-'
l,o,al forerait: Raln fo-da\. falr and aom* ?
-hai ? older Saiurda;. i moderate ?outh -.ln.*.
? hif-lnf to w?|t
New-York Tribune
The Fastest Growing Newspaper
With a Concentrated HOME Circulation That Is Unequalled
It Is the Recognized FAMILY Newspaper
of Greater New York.
Special Features in Sunday's Issue
Are We Going to Celebrate
the Citys Tercentenary Too Soon?
Mayor Gaynor's appointmeni ol a committee t>> arrange for anm
rersary lestivitie* to be held in 1913 cbMi attention to tli- fact that
Manhattan aaa not really "founded" until 16.?6. altboufh a few
itranded white personi whose ihip had htm burned ipei?t thr
wintcr of 1 o 1 ?>-" 14 n> hutl on this is'ati.l.
The Profession of Nursing Is in
Dire Need of More Recruits
Detpite -rrr.it increase in trainincr BChooll ifl thr la?t decade the
tupply of women arho devote thnr lives t>> tbifl npblf work m by
no means equal to thr demand, and there i- especial need fur those
of a goodly degree of edacation and breeding. Leading physicians
and other authoritiei give here thHr ideai of the causies ot tlie
present deficit in mir-r-s an.i teli what st<-p> might be takrn to
attract young women to thii profession, which offers a wortvy
career and ? lurhcienl inconte.
Government Plans Changes in
Training of Future Naval Officers
Captain Gibbons, luperintendeni of the Naval Academ) at An
napolis, hai had a raried and well rounded experienee atloat and
ishore, the fruil of which, he bopes, witl be a higher standard in
the institution'a graduates. Reformi ivhlch hc has initiatcd include
farilnation of admission; sireplification of cnrrienltun; substitution
of naval officen for etvilian teachers; elhntnation of hannc; and
"dtgnincation" ef first claei
John Galsworthy Really Gave
Kate Carevv Quite a Shock
[un fancy an Englishman, and a writer al that, who arould think
it nn impertinence on hia pan r" s|v'* riews of America based on
? iy oi a few week* The novehst and dramatt-t eonsents, how*
ever. to eivr his ideas?and very interesting onee?on tht?, that
md the other thing.
The Bursting of a Big Gun
Suggests Weakness of Coast Defence
? discusses matady called "erosion," with which imokelesi
powdrr affects high powered ordnance, and toll of effort t<> avert
? - trouble by reducing propnlshre pressnre. The resnlt, he says,
has heen to make this teacoast vulti-raMv
Among the features will be found timely irticles on the following:
1. How to Purnlflh * Child. loom 6. Bill of rar? for Monday.
aud Nurflery. I 111 Ufltrfl ti >! I 7. Correor Motor Apparel for th?
2. Hollday Diflhflfl. (Illuitimted.) Wlntar
3. Orotfl.QUfl Toyfl. - 111 |?tr*"*| ' 8. Corrflct Togg-ery for Wlntar
Kom* l?u importatlooi rron*. SportB. , rr.,7-trat-d.>
4 rint 'b'iwi 9- Houdolr Sflerfltfl. BotDfl n*W and
_f_w Yeir'a Xflflolntlom of Promi- ifleilDt r^meHlei for enhpnai
nart Wotnin ??"
l Wlien It Ifl Kew Year. D?y. BH* 7. H?w Y?ar ? Orfl?tin?r?. WTiat to
' .| .-.-. for little on?i. Do
1 whv the laa Ifl Salt. ?' ont ,r.u*d.? 8. Puixlflfl and Asiwen.
X Tha Mlfltlfltoe and It. I.e.flndfl. 9. Edlfl and Eddi.'fl Chri.tma. Za
V N.w Y.ar'fl Eve. ^' '^tiai,! ^ ^-^nMrM.d.i
r, Tha Wflflk'fl Poflm. (Aboatadoli:) 11. The Ppaclom Chrtfltmti Tr??. By
a fihrlatm.ifl Tra* Puzslfl lillui- Kyall IMxnn.
b A .?, "fi i hthir Tlma Pua- 13. Captaln January and Hia Pollow
zifl .iiuis'tratf.ii. ?" Bv L?*y m\ytan,
And Other Things.
The Magazine Section
Our Next Sunday Magazine
a Presage of the New Year
As we end the old year, so will we begin the new. with absolutely
t best Sunday Magazine Section published by any newspaper. Thi
aalaxy of tale'.it represented in our next number is such that a mere
Ust of contents should be enough for disceming readers. The seven
special features are of the kind of which any Sunday paper might be
proud and yet, instead of being a monthly or big semi-monthly affair,
such treats are a weekly event for Sunday Tribune readers.
Pension Pirates by james hay. jr.
], nn authoritative article about the WOndetfnl work of fhe Pension
Bureau in running down fraudl and protCCting dcserviug persons.
Through the Bulkhead
\ RrippitiR tale of love and hate and other stron< paaskwi at sea,
by one who knows ihe life frOIB having lived it. In two parts.
Davvn and the Maiden By stanley olmsted
\ itorj aboul a love that endured through many year?.
Ambition By herbert kaufman
(ine of those v.rile. ntMningful poems which have made this writer
known throughottt the country.
Kyomei of the Locket ByB.E. powell
A lapanesc love story by the author ot "Tadushi."
Sudden Riches By clarence l. cullen
\n article in ( ullen's semi-humorous style about the way people
in real life receive news of good iortune.
The Tax on Philanthropy
An argument ior better system in philanthropic work.
Maude Radford Warren's
"The Man Who Was Lost"
is roncluded in this issue. The Sunday following. January 5th.
hrings the .onimencement of a great new *erial of love and mv?
tery, with plenty of action and a dasfa ot humor. "SEVEN KEVS
OF BALDPATE," by Earl Derr Biggeri.
These are a few of the Special Features in next Sunday'i
TRIBUNE. which will also contain all the Cable and Telegraph Newi,
all the General News, all the Political News, all the Society and Resort
News, and more comprehemive Sporting News than any other New
York Newspaper gives.
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