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"BoiTOwed" from Tombs to
Plcad in Court. He Takes
"Discharge" Literally*
EUd Been Convicted and Sen?
tenced on Charge of Aid
mrr in Conduct of Dis
orderly House.
ot h awarni "f ifl
, Harlctn'a "Uttla lUly" laal
. ! th.- fai t that a man.
ui,,. - lotifl Lea*arfll, walked
, ourtfl Bul d
..,,?-, | freedom .-ii Tueflday
when awaltlng H
? ,.- wh4>r?* He had been aen
lf.fi,,..] i.-i. montha an.l
,,.o daam oa hta convli um. ln
, ... 0( sp-- i.-.i ieafl ' - "" :'
I md abattlni ln the
houae in thi
di when arreatad on November
- rorty-flve yeara old, was
I . . i.-v addreaa ..s No 118
?- i -i. toi
ttmga woman. deaci
a. Ini a
n uppei Flral ave
Tha detectlvea who nin-i' thi raid on
i t ? avenue houae tooV two Hrla
tody. Thi i ?"?*?
Mab ' R
U-l-t! Bfjcond * ' '
, f So. ii v.-uiii.iui ati
i,i-.- Beaatoni
-rmenl of flullt) and
a thi
- '
? ? . ? '???'?'? ""?'
. , , on 1 eaday he
r0m b cell In the Tomba
? in waltlnc untll lha Kran-1
, i raeta In h ??-? undai
. oi 9 derntton The plua waa to ai
B, -- na for
idlng to thi tloi r ,f tlu'
. i an Indlctmant - n
ted Ital
? aa taken
4 - ' "???
? ..
rt ??'
endanta ----ho
11 from thfl Tomba
. -ii ti.at thej learnad
. out. Thaj inf. rmed
. t atatlon, and
-? ' oul t.<
i -i
,1,.. . beon ,i- ii
eat 1
luliti -?!.. atatlon. foui from
. dt i nd the trlo a*ho
? .?? h< . b i
Harlem'i Littb Italy." vla
nlghi on a "hot tlp,
- I ,i-i noi taK--ti
lower rate on prunes
Parcels Post Qv-ickly Bnngs Ex
preil Companies to Terms.
B ? ' ?i
: ' ' ? ??
? U ? ' I
? .i ? ni ta .'
II wi 9 ttrOuflhl
I thfl pan efa
G andHaM, Plrtfl
. i. rai, raeanUy ia*
... 1 gt.iwer the
? that tba lattar aurpoaad to
? - - ? arloaflfl of
.. a Vork.
ahlpment, ?r\<\ wn? t-->
| .pound X>0\ei> The rate
. ? t- Tlie ixpto-s
. -.. . ut thHr rata t-. 15
Giandfleld believea that Ihe
' - expreai
lown to "to-k hottnm ' ln thfl
llme prunea probably will he more
. ti boardlnfl nous"
_ _
Assailant of White Woman To
Be Tried Without Delay.
? ? . v rtaa
tVaahtnfltoi Daa H. iHlfl luatlcfl will
. i oul to Nathamel Graen. a ne-fro.
? ... tha paMee en ? - iiarp? of
- | -,: . v.j. ? :-..;.? i-: Orant, ;< whlta
? ahnflow .-r tha I ap
, i,,,,-.- ,, r \\ llaon, Unlted Stme* At*
to : " Benl tha ease to
10W, and lf nn m
?. ? || netl to try tlie fllfefled
a( week ln January. A
;-,K arith it the <l?-ath pf-nal
ll w,i !?, preferred aK?init tbe netro.
aml Pfoa cutor Wllaon asaaKtfl ta atmt
him to th? flallowa
. a-Moar, ttilrty-foitr rflflri
,,i.i wfla aaaaultad m tlie atreet and
?irn(--_^.i h t-- aa araaway. iha avas at
I ? aaaallaal far nearly
? ilaa and ?-<s *-'ml-ronaoioii
Whaa ir.iiu.il by a polieeman, who capt
mr.-cl ataen ?>J ba ?as lunn'na; arva>
Alcxander S. Bacon Favored for
Civil Service Board.
r-i. tids --f AlaaanaSer I Bae* n aapreaaoi
theii beilef raaaerday lhat he had an ex
.,- potntiaanl a* praal
| ,- ,. || . i .;..-! . ivil Service ? on.
I to y.i .-ed Jamej. ireelmaii
n*ri**nafloa taken etteci on Jan
Mn _flcen la ? Iflwyt* wbo iia** beer
Intarestad la varioua tadapewdant poUt
laal mov.-tu. rata for h noanber of reara
II.- w,..- a< Uve tt. "ti' ot th'-m that pro
nuttod tha campalfla of llayat Qfl^mai
ihi-.- iraarfl ..^-> io. yeara lio ha? boer
I fiK-n-ls flf Willnm ?ul
/.. -
\. Mi '??'< flai * ..ft.. fl ?' *-*--*M BtK
r of Mr. Crat l
n, i. h..-l i.. i I. - ii :-< le- lt J.
Ride Horseback and Avoid Banquets?Advice
of the Admiral as He Celebrates
Seventv-fiM Birthday.
? r i rei
nyton i" ? -'?? Wdi horee
back and avold banqueti is thi advlce
Admlral Dewey caw t>> thou whe ae
plre to a rlpi oid arre ai hi eelebraied
his se\. tity-fifth l.itthday to-dai
Admlral Dewey, hen. of thi battli
of Manlli and one of ihe dli*
tlnguiihed iei Bfhten ln American
hlatory, declared to manj frlendi thal
he fell ?s young and beartj as aa
enalgn. Hl wai al bli n_.ce in H?e
General Board rooms in the Mlll*
Building ni' thi forenoon, recelving
vlaltora, among whom were numeroui
naval offlcera He greetrd nli in I ror
dial manner and < hatted arlth many
..f tho ofllcen nnd proininent Washinc
tonlanq, He ipent the aftemoon ??'
his home, ind thli evenlni was hoil
ni a unall dinner party.
Admlral Dewey attrlbutei hli inlen
dld phyeical condition largely to horae*
back rldrng. Hi li ? famlllar Agure
along thi bridle pathi and drlvei m ,
? inlty of ihe national capital.
i ahould aay that any man who
beg ni to rlde early. an.i > ontlnuei
wltli it throughoui Ins early years. will J
nnd 111 the end thal ne hei ln ?
ln ? form of phyelcal oxen Im tbal
wlll bc .. greni aaeel to him ln hli
later yeara." said ihe admlral to-day.
"Drlvlng i- aplendld too. Gettlng loti
i thi principal thing. i Harm I,
Commissioner Prouty Wants
Those Interested to Suggest
Just What Is IMeeded.
Halts Hearing of Complaints of
New England Shippers to Re
niark on Lack of Stand?
ard for Railways.
I itoa, Dec WL?"Then is one thlng
ahout the rallroa.is of this eountrv. and
that Is that thl. dOI I know w liat they
ave delng. They don'l know whether they
are uoing nght or WTOag." -*ld lnterstate
Commerce Comrnlailoner . \. Prouty. il
4 ?......, - ? | the com
t aen ? ind ratei
? ommtiili ? Prout: had il ed .. hall
pr.dlngi late n the daj to
remarh on thi lack or a standnrd foi
doinn builneii among rallroada ne ?n.
?eated that some of thos.- most Intereeted
?H together te formulati taaglble iug*
gestlons ui to |un hoa thi eommieiton
. 0uid ordei tho rallreed ienrl< i ol New
. improved lie nan ed th?
ttee Robert iiomar.s. counael ol n.e
. bambei of Comeaerce; l>. O.
Ivei, manager of the traaeportaUon de*
? i..- i bamber; Vtoe-Pre-edent
Buckland. nf the New Have;. road, and
LouM D. Hrandeis, counsel of the BOItoa
? i w 11 and Preduce Bachaage.
. ommlaalonei Proutj had
I . da lo tl e defen.e
,.; (hi Sea ^..!k. New Haven h Hart
:,,i,i Rail oad to lha ipi i lfl> omptninti
in the Inviatlgi lei
? .,. | icitton. .i iv Mi Bucklind
.. ai," wai ti.e i:nn ipal ?Itnem
. BU| poi t ..f the , ompiaints. IMtlfled that
. eidered the frelg ?? ? t of thi
New Haven and Host ? & MllM roedl
?M --liable and expeditioui than that
Of oiher roads. He thought lt less Im*
; portaat that the New Haven give up its
CoaetWlee shlpplng arratiKenvnts tl.an
? n.petlrig railroad llnes be allowed
te operate m Nea England. The altneM
??ad bl had no desire to s.-e any ipictal
service taken from the New Havea roed
.\ ih. .1 || he 1.. terred to >?.>? ? thi i
New Haven monopoly broken ap i r
Improved lervlce ncured under it. Mr
.. t | | . oi ild not sa" . n ll WOUl i
aa aaewai later.
Mr, Ivaa admltted that many of tne
eomplatnta were due to changw In rout?
llng ask-.l for by the suippers. lie aairl
j his inveatlgatlon of the freight situation
i in behalf of the shippers was direct.'.l to
the aervlce and rates, and not tu any dl
1 aralen <>f traflle. Mr. Ivei said he kaew
: ol BO shlpper who admltted hein? afraid
of the New Haven or who felt that De
bad boea tteertmlnated against i.y thi
; road.
\ report was submitted by H. A F?
| hlan. manager of purchases and snpplies
I ..f the Beeton * MalM road. to miM tm
1 < nticlsn. tl.at favor.tlsm had heen shown
j in awafdtag contracts for supplles., Mi
FaMaa declared orders had freo,u.ntiy
heen plae.-d for !o omotlves. can. aup
plles. ete., with New F:ngland flrms for
the sake of favortag home Industrlea,
when beltei rontraets mlKht have be.t;
made outside
The committee named by Mr Prouty
will investigate freigh' eirvtci cendltlom
and tates nt Nashua. N. II., and Bridge
part. Conn., Cotumnui, Ohle, and Rech
eeter, arlth a vlew to maktng comparlsoni
t , bl Omi as I poaalbla basis for im
pre ' rnente to he asked of the New Ha
\eM and Hoston <fc MalM toa<K
Ofl lali of I e Department of Juetlei ir
rhargi of thi Inveatlgatlea into tbi
Graad Trunk-Nen Haven agreement hav<
ehanged their mlnds concernlng n notlfl'
? r.tion ot Alf'ed W. Smlthets. .halrmar
.f tm board of dlrectera of the Oran.
Trunk Railway. that hr has t.e-n lt:
Henrj k. Guller, Aeetataal LTnttet
siates attorney. t.<\d yeeterdaj he weuk
not wrlte t.. Mr. Bmltbera, after aii. li
Mi Bmltben baan ln i.ondon <>f t;:>
i made agalnil bkn and ?omei
ever to face them he douhtliei wii
notlf] ti.e governmeni offhiais ot his m
tentloa. The ..fr.n.e eharged is n..t sut*
joct to extiaditloiL
trotv The i 'oiumMs bteti
N?-* ^nr'., v III "hrnll -| . i I Itt" " 0 I
oem I'lhit. ? beei bolMtaga ned *>? ^fjt*
uo < hj that ucc'l: ihfrn niwe.
1,, rlde early in mj own State of VOT
mont t don'! know how early, but
, ,,axe kept on wlth ihat AflflTclaa, flad
II baa bflflfli b jrflfll banaaalll to tne.
?I remember on? dfly rldtng wlth
cr-oTRo Bancroft tlifl?hl?tnrlfln. H?
waa elphty years ..1-1 at thfl tin.e. I
aaked *'?> ta whut bfl flflcrlbfld his p?r*
;.. , phvslral c-omlition at lhat time.
,,,,i i,e polntad to bla h..rse for anawar.
?KJdinK does lt,' lie said Hfl Wflfl bfltog
? simrie footar, i llka t.. pet UP on fl
,..,-.- wlth a iu11*~ mora flctlon; 't
shaUoH me np more
?r waa rather delkate whasn i waa
toung, but mnstant n.linK s<-t m? OVflt
,. .)f,nnr?r, 1 had a good confltltnUon
,,, atort "ith M\ nandfathar llvfld lo
1? iiiuelv. anrl other pe..ple In my
family have liverl io food old flgflfl
Thal heip" When i wac yonnger, tha
Waahlngton of th.-so dms waa bleaued
ivlth a Cllmata thnt would PflTtntf ridmK
c|Mr tip lo this time in De. ember. aml
. has been this year, so that I have
hr*n ex4wclalng this tt?v ri*ht along
Uii'; :-ear.
?Another thing th;.* haa hfllpfld m?
, M hrer. keeplng awaj irom bnnquflta
i don'1 R" to an) more "f* thoni than i
,.at, help. I i' n.eml.er tiu- time when
we uaed to go t-> b?nqneta that lai-i ns
up for tu,. .-i thr.- daya rtft.-rward. but
, Rbandon4*d that long .-.no. a*1** ?"*"
ihould any mat, who *-*-ant?= lo feel flfl
, ;,* | <i,< when he is seventy-flve."
Third Armed Expcdition to
Force Entry on Disputed
Lands Victims of Trick.
?Men Are Ordered Out of Auto?
mobile Twcnty-five Miles
from a Railroad and
Left Stranded
. . ti..[ i <n '; Bi I '
Ban Fran claec, Dei M Btarted arltri
artm detarmlnatlon
tha dtaputaal potaah ctalau at a
11. .ke ih<- thli d a. rned eapedttl i I
ssi' Fran leco eapltallal
. ,., . :. i me to ai ?
noua and - al ei
yojave Deaerl i i-dnj
. thi ra dera had alflhtad tbe rrreai
? ? range thal borden iha aauthwaa i ?
ihora --f the Amarl an i >? ad s- a tl ?? - 9
and i'u laa ler "U ? ?? Raaor a civll oni
neer, of Loa anfli aa, wara dumpad
erli MMitouBli fn i theli bla tourtnn car
i aB_ wen eft oa e chWy a aal) ?
.a- n nrnl . ; ah n fl|
and Buppl n ? -? onlj - !'1"" toertea
Lake ay aarentean mllea to the n.-rth
urard and ll e '.??',r' fll * * h w-;' atatlan aa?
twent) -fla t mllei *i?a>
ni* ... .r -t??* it. whieh wa* i on< elved
i.y Joaapta K HowWaaam, ? taa Fran*
li a attorney and dlraaHw af n.* ''?'?
fornla Trenfl i rnpanj and W \ Mun
,-.;i. i_.it'.' Coaat auparlntandenl of h de
ie, tlve agtn. ' ?*'"?' Ibro -fl* aith - lfl
.,-, h than IU
...i ed hope.
Loft ui tha Dticrt.
.,..,, oi tha aftati wafl fll A \ ar*
\ nay, aa auton.lla mai af Loa ? i *
i Wi-,o waa hlrad b; Han E '?? a an at*
tornay, af thla eltj Varnoy atoara the
Iflva guntnan nnd Kflaor lato tba heart of
' the Mojflara Blnh and an tha bordar af tha
?Ikall Bat callad Lflke Bttaabatl Tne
I chauffeur, Wba owned tha rna-.-hlne, then
Mnformed his amployai that he had <ie
ctdad to turn aach
Valnly Ihe tnen BSpflatfllflted nno threat
, Md. For raaaonfl whlch he did n->t flaan
iiacBBaan ta reveal, Varnaj dflddad tbat
the peaeeful boulovflrda of Laa Angalafl
ararfl rnora attia tttre 'han tha bteak aat
, M in-.-1 the Burvelllan. ?? of armed men
white Van.ey'a paaBBngarfl wara blua
terlnf two aut a c*nntalalnfl tV tac*
tlvea Loa Angalefl and Ban Bernardlno
Counti 'alaautj abertffi and Hutahiaaoi
wblrled up. an^ Varnajr*fl revoit racarlararl
rirm and adflfljuatfl auppflrl
Biowlf the men aad thair laadflr piipn
out Th* flVatflctla/aa aprang Intfl theli
tourinc ear -.nrt dumpad out mapa, eamf
auppllafl and cooklag fflflr. Two ie
mtilnod ln Ihe n.a- Inne. nsurplni; thr
plflCCa of the rulnern. and. wlth fl few
bonka from th*- autontobllfl born, ati three
cara ehuggad off toward Qardan Btatloa,
the rende7.\ous of the Trona GOaTIi|-imv'f
A maa named Amhro*.e ntinoi.n-e.l thal
ha was fOWfl 10 "hlk.-" hflOM tO H.-nf- ?
atatlon, twantj Hara m!le?> away, and ha
xtarted, laavtnfl tha atbara M*tin?t flluml]
baatda thfl roadway wlth lhalf impedi
tr.f nts
Maaawhlla a ^eeonn paitv. h*adf.l h*
Kd'' Hazor. bad left Loa Aflgalea h^
train fOT Searle* dtption Thfl prflgrflmflM
of th<- dflhnflatfl "?s to aetid the Riinmei
to the lake and tnen hi*hiii ha k tl
Searles i.n-l Bii h OP the lahorer^. Th*
s?-eonil partv'. flapiivad Of Itfl nutomiil.il'
help, ls i-i f-.t an radetflrsunate stay ?
Searlr-s, whl.h . otialnta of a platform foi
i.ia-iinK freight aad a board houei witl
the rnde legend. "I.Miifh and Meals." or
the door. The r?stHiirant ha*. h^en . loaec
for more than a Vflfll
WHere Cold Blasti Preva.l.
I.irlnt tha Wlntat .old. anow-ladei
Ma*-ts aaraap aarer the riexert from th
slatf lanne anrl th" Tanamlnts, that over
hanK Dflflth Valley. Bal f'.r the fart tha
the padafltrlan rruaman haau supi>iie?
their sittintlon mlKht 004900149 rrerarlouf
Tbe Tri.na men were eliited at th*- out
i onie flf the thlrd Ix>o rahl That it and?
peaeeabl>' Is due to the BflTUfUl plans o
the Tinnn men. who. from the ninm*ti
t*h??v learned that I.?e analn was aetlv
to revlve his Inlererts. had his st?'p
nateh'd night and day hy the iflleflUvai
_aa vm?s kept utirlei- sut veilla nee irflfltfll
<ia\ and aviit I.*- kirpt so tmtii flll danger 0
hia irvina 10 revl\o tltle to the dlapute
.-lalnis has heen .>htuinal.d i 'oiisul.-rahl
rveltemenl occurra*d yeaterdsK nt th
Milla Bnlldlna In S..n FranHaca, wb<
Laa'a photograph "*?< iwnght.
Business Men Cautious as to
Innovation, the Greater
City's Postmasters Find.
Decide Not to Compete withj
Uncle Sam's Scherae?Be?
lieve Law Will Prove
a Failure.
NeW Vork and BTOOklya have heen
a^ke.l how much husiness they will con
ttihiite to m.tke Uncle Bem'l new parcels
poet i wccom after January l. nUt, and
their repliev ahol that thev hnve n o.n
nrvatlvi regard for the system al its
atatl r.ather a amall perceatagi of the
Mg ibtppera of merchandiae of aB sorts
havi announced thel thej arill have oe.
eaaloa to aa* it. hut the majority of
?hlppen prefer to watch ltl operation
before i anmlttlni themielvei to it im
The p.inels post gOM into effec* Tuesday,
December H .it midnight.
Poetmaater Morgan of New Tork and
Poetmaater Voortnei <>f Brooklyn ae
knowledged reeterday thal they ?*?
ready to copi with Pather Knleker*
bo* kei i i>ationaRe_ i.i reepecl to i'n. l
Bam'i radlcal ind attractive tranaporta*
tion lyatem Thai la, thej win take
packagei n -I Wtim ida* II Puetmaitei
General Hltchcoek inpfdlii the eeceaaary
new Itamp. tha' muil bl UHd. The
Nea voik .mi Breeoklyn elBcii have
heen lOOkiag lor Ihe stan.p? daily for
ooeaa time. fnierday they aaM thi
atampa woold he here by Moadaj Bhoukl
they arrlve as late as TUOlday. no dela!
I ,? ' tarttng thi nea poet weuM bi ??
, , aetoaed.
I The moel Interwttng iipecl of :iu altu
| atlon tor thi poetmaeti ? tla q
Of thl amount of ' mml thal ITw "
gem wlll ih- in competition with thi ?
| \-ti.ini "four grcal laprem eempanlei,
? , had been polnted eul 11 John
Waaamaker aa "the four objeetkmi to
th< eetabllihment ef -i pareeli poet
Express Companies to Stand Pat.
. : .i ., u m ll wa-* leerw d
I thal the law is hnperfi '
fa of ita oara wetghl 1 hi
rUI nol '" ne.?
.. i ?.?.. rnmini i i
aa,_? ? ' ill tbe big
.. ? Inglj. i ?
,. to itand pat i l maki no ? ? n
i be ni w fadera
tt of ring, they billi \e. aill not
... !eel lure
beim wlll
ofl ? Departi enl
j vidll g ' ttt ?f egl
iai -"-!.r
ent for the <
They my tbat tha i
?llght even
a trlal lt ? aa i dependi d
. , . i the Old methods and
, , >v on ; aalee. The
thai eacb eg| ma I I - wrapi ? I
.. ? .. material ai - phi.i ? ad In
. a: . - ? ? ;" ?ep*
? itai ?
Poitmattcs Canvass for Buimlii.
l'..i h..ii..- ' ?' ?
?... i alth
palltles, have
their ti
, r ? iat whal ? ?
ping flrmi pn ..' orated,
?.... advantagi ol thi new mi ng
offered ... nment.
Poetmaater Morgan ? ?? ' ol lr<
tion. he oaii to make publl. tha Bgurei
? k- from hli f;fr..rts along thli Waa
ttoal of t . nti and Mg pareel
egerd tl ?? matt. i viry cen?
., .,?, v. |] i .. tald Thi ? wanl !?
wait and s>-.- hoa It wo - ?' befon
on tt.it ii..?n.-- ..-t-. ? - ? ? ? .I
Bomi ol 'tt--tti. in- luding the irgi
? ? own, have rignlfled thi
t to ' ? itent, ol
ot oa
tealatant P ?-"? aitei vVoodi ol Bi
?i.i a reporti r for tln Prlhum r< ?
tirdaj tbal out < im and Brnu
tt.. departmt nl thhi montl
betWW tt md I Plt <"h' r-phed tha
:>... aouM baveeccaalon tountne p?t-t
Here, again, it hi?s lip"'1 ImpeeMbli b
rockon th<- extet.t of patrenagf Them
'nclurle some se. tiotn Of v_'i<" ns coverc.
by the Brookl] n ettt ?
Would Expenment F.rit.
"Brooklyn." nM Poetmaater Woedi
Ul,. Nea Iforii mgardi Um p.an i on
aervatlvely, although naaaj of u.e largea
. . ,? Btori Klaga Countj hat.
,i their Intentkm to mak.- uei ef 11
them, however. want to > xpeil
meni wlth the imrlei before thej comml
tbemeelvei le lii nea te ? greal eateat.'
tn n.w v..ik aad Brooklyn tho ?>
iraordlnar) Chrletmaa ruab la Um de
partmenti has been ? erlterlon by nhlel
thi peetmaaten hopi te mak.- ? oompan
Uve .stimate na to the amount "f Ims!
| neM tbi new pont will create aft> r Jan
ueri I i'ostiim>ter Mergaa cai.i bi wouli
havi to Inetall aboul twent] nen auti
deiivei j * agona He haa bien > iperl
mentlng wltb ?unn' nea typei ?.f "thre.
abeel autoi" In Thi Broni and ls **ei
li ed toward their adoptlen Aa fo
the ? lerieal itaff, i o ;|" reaai i? aeeeeaar]
nt pies.-nt, he eald
Poetmaetei Morgan bai made regulM
tlon f?i I'H) of the new A'-pound s.alc.
an.i Brooklyn aill u?.> aboul twenty-flei
i'h- new poet win be reerived. ??? ihnei
ever] >me knewa f,nl> at the general am
earrtere' offlces. No packagei wiii be re
celved al the varieua "aub-akMloaa."
The expreaa ompanie.^ hiise their opln
lon that thi uw wiii work eul to tb
puhlic a dlsad\antage >>'" tbeM polnti
Plrot, tbe extia ehargi madi b] the k.".
arnment of 10 cents for Insurance o
\ alues up tO CO: sc <>nd, IncriMld MM
becauae the govenunonl ran work its eni
ployal OUljl Mghl hours a >tJ.> . thlrd, <|v
aervtc4 preteetlon, whioh, tha expies
headl hold, prevent* tbe fr.-e ilisoharge .
employii who da not aserl themeelvei i
the llmlt; fourth. necesslty of In.ieasln
thi payrolli to g-t ineugb men te handl
thi Increaeed business; flfth. dlfBeult) >
prepartng rarkegtl tor ea.-v and promr
Inaaertluu, sixth, conipelllng patrons t
wait ln line t., get paohagei welghed. aa
the new form of Htamps; seventh, alleg.
uualildlnem ef thi law beeanoi >>f ti.
cfeatloa >>f ti.e varieui poetal lonee, *n
dlfferent iat.s f>u i ach
M.d Uedllcb Ariii ir, >.f No I7M Thli
avenue, reporie.l to the polh e of the l-.ai
i.?4:h str-et statlon last nlgl.t ihat h
flal had beer< robbed ai-.l a vl.din and
K.iU'ir that had J>ef n la bM famlly f<
m?re than IM VOan had been st-.l. n. Ai
thnr lim aaid hl had lost three *->Ht? I
. Inl.es. bul he did ttot f*are M niu. ibOl
ti, n. If tbe polloe WOUld . nl> nnd h
ii. . .1 a. insu niiiuiis.
Vlllage Firemen Invite Children to Meet Mr. Claus at
~" Real Christmas Party After Missing Him
at Dr. Freer's Frost.
Hackenaack, S. J. Dac hX-Tha Bar.
ii a. Fraer, paator of the rfortb Haek*
rnsark rirf,,rni.fl <hur?-h. ls one of th<4
rea clargymen who insist that Panta
Claua ls ? myth and should play no part
in ChrtetWMU Sun.l.iy BChOOl exenls.-s.
Conaaquentlr, mucb to tha fllaflnpolntment
,,f th.- chlldren, thorr waa r*a Banta Ctaua
at their exerdsea last evenln*
Bul the riremen "i North Hackenaack
ara a broadmlndad and aympathetlc i--t
When they i.-ari.p.I of l-'rr-.-t s vteWS as I e
gaidfl Old Santa they regrettfld thal th*
chlldren Wara the siifr.-n-rs nnd not the
paator, and Rlararaldfl Hofle Company
i got buay. its members "chlpped In"
and 17.'- was ralaed, ?=.? that on Saturday
Says Real Estate Man Who Was
Arrested When with Sweet
heart ls Her Husband.
Asserts Girl's Father, Who Op
poses Marriage, Is Trying
to Discredit Him
Through Arrest.
. in tha top door of a crowdfld teni
., .. a* No. IH Baai Ulth Mreet, llvefl
atra Racbel Qrecnbrrg, who, through hei
I ti r Mai tl a. twentj ?two
Id .i-t r.ljrht thnt -he was thi ?? '
arlfe of Jaeob Qrecnborg. allaa laaac
i-.-i trnan, who waa arreoted VVedneeday
nlght it: the Rocfca/lew apartaaenl ?
,.- Drlarfl aad IAM Btreei In the
. - ice of hta aa aetheai t MIbb Ri
.- ter of Jooeph v-r-i. n, :.
?reelt anl Portman and Mlai
Sordi t. a ti- aome friends. t. >-t
motored ;-> Sea forh from Lake
.latnea ... f/right, of ihe i-'ostet. Wrlght
Raalty Company, No ffll i-ifth avenue,
omplalnant, appeared agalnal Port*
, . f- ??? Magiatrata Btltta In Jefferson
,\i ,i kel Court yeati da* i bargtag tba
i aaand ?< wortl '? i for IB. blm
' The magiatrata h< -t Pi ?? >. a Iafl
| :'-r axaminatloi aaxi Ifondaj
Meanwhlli Mra Q.nbarg of Harlem
fluprema Court, iu.."K;-. i . asknn; t.. hav.
. .ui it.ieri.., utoi y deci ? t <.f fll*
? whli h sh.- obtained agalnal J i' o
s ?- aat forth
movlng ?< .it Bha did aot knoa al
tha tln.- ? ? procafldlwg agalnat hei
huaband for an abflolute dlvoi >? Har
Lawyera however, ha-i nevei Rl I -. "? ?
.lecre^ M:? Qreonberg allegea Portman
married Bertha Pomnan soon after. Last
. nd \\\te obtained i ?
.. et dlvoi ?? agalnal
c, ?? Juatlce Kappi r,
Bupren.rl Brooklyn Juatlce Aaptne
? mottona al Ura
, otlMfll fees aii-i alimony
and eferred the aueetlon ?f the dlva>trca
,,.. |f. to fortna r -i latli ?? Willlam D
Dickey a* offleiui referee
m. - Qrara bberg aald ahe wet
t.. Q****aaberg 1n iiussia twenty yeara ago
Ha waa twenty*two then and Bha ?
ii. - daughter Martha waa two
. ? old and hei Arflt huaband w*9
Thtrteen yeara ago, aha sat.i. Oraaaberg
p rted her. Bha not tra.k of him tl :??
I or four yeara later, when ha wee running
ja bt-'y. le store tn Hroom. str.-et Eight
|>eais ago, ahfl aald, he was ln tha rea
ln 1 iStli Btreet, ui aer tne
ita of laaac Portman. H<
. i#| Abramaon, of Se Itt Naaai
. ..- ? -!..-. ; tl On ??!.? ai |
-,-. :,? the lemfl man.
. ihfl wa* left h!-.i... Mi- OrCen*
,- auaported beraelf bj woi k ng
s ,. -.,. |..-....- learned lo apeah Engll ih
Muentl) Through Martha aha told hei
uteaj - ' Bufferlna from thn arrongdolngi
of Oiflflnhfltg *he Bhflflrad a < baek foi
|2I flrhlch she said he gave het Oll thfl
CHy Bond i-impniiy. tndorflod hy A. W,
Hilla, on Noveinher 2*> laal Thls. *h?
?ald, wss returned to her tnatkerl N .',. '
Whlle ah* wa* endeavorliifr t-> make
lireenherf BUgpOrt her she aald he caUfled
h*-r aawlltlngly to *.i*n away her rlflhts
to property.
Qreanberg, or Pflrtaafln, haa done wii
lfl renl estate and drmsea ln good st\le
"Thlfl ls flll a frame-iip on the patt .>(
Mr KoraSen,' bfl sni.l \estetday rojrardlnr.
Mfl trotil-U-.-. "Me doesn't like m*- an-l
illt-ippioves of rr.v attant*B9M to ht'
daughter. I ln*-'e Miss Norden. and lf MU
m underatandlng thnt w# ??!? la bn
mairled '
MUST RAISE $325,000,000
Coming Tariff Legislation h
Based on at Least This Sum.
W iishltifjton. Dee tt, Between 1336.
(XI. nr*-) afld |He.MMM Will hflVO to bl
ralaed by the tariff lagtatatlon of th.
next CongTflflfl. This \a the basls -.n WhlCl
th.- Waya an.i Meani committee is Rgur
liiK Ihe Hiiiount that arOUld have to b<
provld.d for on the flllflll?tl? of tln
preaent Paynfl-Aldrloh tarirr law. gavara
membera of the eonuntttaa wara at th.
I'apitol to-day prepailng for tlie comlni
liearliins on the tariff s-hrdules.
Representative I'tiderwood. ehalrman o
the rommlttee, who Is to confflT Wltl
Presld-int-e|e.:t Wllaon 049X1 Tuesday, Wll
nt the Tapltol. stlll sufferltiK somewh^
ffaflfl >n atta-k of nrlp lle had a lot <>
.-orrespotiden.-.. t.. attend to relatlve t.
plans f?r the hearitiKS. whieh will hejtit
with the rhemt.al BChedUla on .lami
Hl '.
Pestilence in West Virginia ant
Maryland Under Control.
Wa-hlnnton. l'e<-. 2ti Klgorous ateps lv
I tha PUbHa Health Serviee have brough
I under rnntr'.l u thr.-atened s.-rloua out
br.-ak of smallpox alom; the West Vlr
gima*lfaryland border. Dr B. B. w'arr.-t
who return. d to v7aahtngt0H to-da\. r.
pOTtad .-leven 1-as.en ln the vhinlty ?.f Mar
Unaburg, W. Va. tha raseg ara> andfl
in rumbeiiand. Md., eie\en oaaaa wgr
reported and one <ase if reported trei
Loneconlnr, M-l instrurtioiiH linve b^e
laaued t" keep th- Junlata lumber eami
in Man land. iinder auarantlna.
Elghl caaea were found in Piedmonl
Th<- Mayor and the presldent <>f th
Board of Health have agreed to bulld
I,., pltal, employ a dtaetor to take charfl
of th.- wora nnd fifnilgate all lnf<*vt<
night the |S ehlldren m North twcsen*
sa. k will have a geniilnc ChrietaMI en?
Ther* wlll probably bo two Hauta.
Claueee. To-day three or tour N-rth
Haekensa.k women recened money tO
buy toyi and candj for all. la additlon
there win be piofeeatonal talent. ln.ln.I
Ing I ventrlloqulst and a maglclan.
"Thla is no time for a controversy con
cerning who Santa ilatis Is or was. and
if the children of OUT communlty ean t
s... Santa WhCTI he should be expeeted to
appiar, then we wlll take measures to
produce him and the true christmas rlse
ahere." said a progressive North Hacken
*ack man to-day.
U. S. Will Insist on Protection
of Americans by Madero.
! I'rom The Tril line BUTN i |
Iv.ishington. Dec tt.?Although officials
of the Department of State mainia.ii
>llence over the note that will be sent to
President Madero demandlng better pro
te< tlon of Amerlcaa lives and pruperty ln
Mexico, it Is understood on high author
it\ that this government wBI take th"
neceaaary stei? i>. oompel the Madero
admlnlatratlon te lafeguard American la*
Tiie American Ambassador. Henry l.ane
WiIhoi. carriei back to his poet ln Mexico
Clty emphatic rneeaagea, and these win
he supplemented with a rejolnder to the
UmattlfBctory replv reeotved some ttflM
tti^o f.r the State' Peparttlient'S note re
quritlng dennite assurancs Vhat Frest
. .iv Madero wouM dlaplay more concerp
?afety of Americans and their
Ambaaaador Calero declared to-dsy that
? had recelved oflletal advleei from M??
,,,, Clt] denymg tlie iejM)rt that l'n.-as
GradCI bad fellen Into thl hands of
General Oroico the rebei chlef. He w
preew d the betlef that many reports from
Meateo have been colored and exagger
ihe ambaaaador wlll iea\e for Mexiro
oi. December ".1. and does not expect to
return. Hl bai ulven no Intlmatlon as
i.> thl name Of hls successor. but ii is
faaaerted tl.at Benor Laacurraln, the m?m
.an MInl ter of Poretgn Affairs, aill not
be appolnted, although he may look after
teveral affairs pertalnlng to his govern
ment whUi ln washington.
Benoi Calero ls anxious to resurne tiie
ractlei Of law. nnd ass.gns that destre
as the r. .-.-..ii for h > retirem.nt. There
have been rumera of frietlon between
adOl Calero and President Ma*
. latratkM . although ba de*
. tt thl most .ordlat feelitm' has ex
Mr Wickeraham ii l"1,"'T'B1"","KTHf,i"r.'
t,.si recefttl) t.H to Preefdent Taft bj
? ? , ... natc ...ii,mlttee inqulr*
|D| |Bto coedlHoai ileng thi Meafcen
border igalaal alleged Improper methodi
,. ..,?.,. ,,- Um ipa lal agents of the De*
partment ol Juatlce ln eaioreing the neu*
trallty lawa li cbnnectlou wltb the prea*
, nl revolution,
Chalrtnan William Uden Smtth and
Benator Pall, of the commtttie, kald nmcb
they bad gathered be?
fore tbe Prealdenl and called ittit I
. underatood, to tl? ?et thal araM and
,,: : iiinltion wi ri permltted to go to thi
U . federali and den ed to tbe rebilft
tuatioo, oflklali polnl out, ii the re*
v iii of Um mutrallt] reeolutlon peaaed bj
Congram by Whlch munltion? of war ave
.,;;,.?. | .,. bo onl) to the eetabtlihed gov*
ernmenl of otaxit o
Thi complalnti agalnai tha special
agenta referted bj tbe Prealdenl to the
attornej Oeneral charged, ll is i-hi.
tbal Mealcan Cooaul Uerente. al Bl Paao,
Tex., practlcall) directed thi operatleni
of the American agenta and that there
wa* too eloae relettomhlp between the
federal iginti "f Mr*'-'? *** ot the
i niti -i BtatM
Ofllclali declare thal the protect growa
,. ii of thi merg) wttb whlek the .peolel
kgenti have enforced the neutrallt) reee*
utlon, nn.i tl a- ; : ii of the< rlttcal t-4':
non) cami from a ipeclal agent who
eaa permltted ' reelgn. II ni denJed
tbal anj Improper Influence li raerted
? lii Klcan ofBctaU. American and MOl
Icatl sgei.ts. it !? said. ?-n-or>erate ln de
te.tlng violatlons of neutralltv b] thl
reblll as a natural result of the resol i
tion b] whleh irmi go to tho fcdcrais
Bpei iflc chargn of improper eonduct by
B i Bgent of the department. lt was Blld,
had been dafkll with by the Attorney
Oeneral wtth the dismissal of the em
ploye fnvolved long hefore the committee
began its Inveetlgatloa.
Seven Thousand Shopmen Go
Out?Tie-Up May Foilow.
Mexico Clty, Dn M Bettlng aside the
agreement between the Rrtevance com?
mittee and thi manageaamt, a ganaral
strike of the ihepmin was begun to-day
..ii all the llnea cf the Mextcau Rallwa)
system. The number of ItltkeiW ls ap?
pi oalmatety mven thousand.
The order for tho strike waa signed
hy an oflletal Of the I'nlted Workmen
of thi Hatkmal Rallarajn Orgaaliarlnn.
ahlch Inelodei aii grades ef meehanlei
Reporti from drritdon polnti ta ntght ln*
.ii. at.> g'.od order and Un regular move*
m.Mit of trains. The men have asked foi
? rerietOO of certaln servlce rules. an
elght hour tnstead of ;i ten hour da>,
the establlshment of a penslon system
and hospital reforms.
Some of the demand! of the men were
IgTIIfl to when they were flrst formII*
lated and the agreement waa ulgne.i.
This was n..t ?atIsfactory le the grfev
ance committee. and twenty-four hours
. I were allowed the railroad management ln
' j whl.h te grant the full demands.
Ia a statement the management avei's
that the grantlng of the lnereased pay
and the shorter hours would mean an iu
.-reaso in lapiniQI of between 50 and 7c
per cent.
1'nless ipeedtly lettled thl strlke, in al
probablllty. aill reault ln preetkelly a
complete tle-up of traffic.
Mexican Rebels Slay One Hundreti
Soldiers and Sack Two Towns.
Mexico Clty, Dee. M*?lUfugeei reaek
tng Purango to-.lay teport that a govem
ment garriaon of. hundred men ?ta
tioncd betwein Panuoo nn.i Avtno, iMrt]
mlles northeast of Hurai g?. has been ar.
nihllated by a strong force of rebels com
manded 1>V PUdia Ortix. The rebels ar<
taii io have mteied thf two towns, sack
|hK and burnlng several houses.
A traln was stopped tm Tuesday neai
San Juan del Rlo, in the State <>f Du
'J raago, b] rebels who rohjied th. passen
gers, mr.uin whoiu were a fea Americans
Seven Seek Chairmanship of
Committee on Labor.
Defeat of Representative Wil.
son, of Pennsylvania, Creates
Unusual Situation.
! from The Tribune Ptt
ffTaahlngtoa, Dec fl. - Beven unbtttMi
Democrata. each unaMe to ciaim aanleiKi
of eetvlta, er* n..w mergetlcally puUhm
th ? wires to land the rhairmanv |p of thl
House I'ommittee on l.ahor ln t!ic . ,|
Congress. W'h'-n tho steering comno.ttee.
of tho ne*t House, th? ffajTI Md M?an*
ComaUttee, ta. kb'.s fhe Jol. of nnmlng a
sn. . i-ssor to ittrprescntative YVillttni R
MTIIeon, of Pennaylvanta, tt eitl mn
a.'to^s the stiff^st chalrtnanihip nght in
the House
? 'halrmati Wilson of the l,a' ?<-; Cornntlt-.
ter- was defeated ln the r,? ( t electiOM
and. as a lame duck, i*. notv tv-ing urg*d
aa ? pooMbli Secretary of Labor ht thi
event thal the BulMr MII to ? reati a new
Cabinet offlcer passos the Benate. Tlie
retlrement of Mt. WHlQOH fr>.n. tn. Com
mlttee <m T.abor leave? thl BeM opea for
a race among s>vet, Democrats. all of
whom entered (*onares.s st the b'ginpln*
of the ?2d Cbagreea Thi conteataata
each with his own following and lndividual
reasons why the dWlraMMblp iboUM
? ome to him. are ROpreaantatlvei Heaatag,
of MtMOUri; Maher, of MeW York, Rou*.-.
of Kentucky : J,ewis. of Marytend: How?
ard. of Oeotgla; Hucharinn, of Illlnoli,
and Gray, of Indiana.
All were asstgned to the Oemtatttll nn
1/abor when the Democrats aasurre. con?
trol of the House. at the beginning of ths
O.'d COBgreea. At thai ttn.e there ws
no prosp*-. ts of the early defeat of Chatr
man Wilson, and none of the re^nilts
paid partlcular attentlon to the aaml
situation which r.-??iiit-^.i wher leVOO n?w
members were asslgned to OM <'<nr.rr.itte?.
The chairmanship of thl Commlttll on
Labor caiftM with it thl t.onm ? f Rettlnj
orie's name on labor l.ills and the r .sitlon
als*? carrle.s certam poeguMtia, ?':? h M
the namlng of a meisenger or ??, the ap
polntment of an addltional clerk ai.d th
o.cupancy of commodlous offlcea irj th*
Capltol Building proper,
Con_e<iucntl\ the fight for the <-helr
mat.shlp was begun as nen as the defeat
of Ropreaentative Wllaon ^as annoui s>*
and lt is grOWtng -speclallv bltter a* tl?
time approachei for taformal oonferoam
amoag Demo. rat;. ruembera of tbi MM
ing coaunlttea Meraberi of the c?:-im!t
tee as well aa of the Home generally
are besieged by the <and!iat.;s ai.d their
frienda. Altheugfa the llght la r free-for
aX Repreeentatlvei Buchai ? H *_
B .1 HenMey are ei.gag.d , ll th
most j-pirltc.i rtvatry.
Mr. Hensley is a < .
and probably Wlll count on th^ I l| , ??' ??'
the Ppeaker. Mr. H kld WO! .. ?? iWld
Underwood man ta the !>:?
. ampalgn an.i aeefctid ta ean
gia. ln tiie primariea for tl e -ll
..iso been indoraed by labor
thrOUghOUt bll state and thl "
menti bave been forwaided to t
and Means <"um: ;ttee. Mr. Ru i.ai.an is
? former official of the Rii'ijrc and Bi
(ral [ron rTorkere' VnUm, snd Ml ft
. lalra t':.is entlties him t<> recogatt
ti.e otiier hand, opponenta of Mr
anen prebaMy wlll peli I te I
that thli irganlaatton li men
disrepute owing to the alleged lynan lln|
eonai raey, regardle*-. of thl fi
Mr. Buchanan had ne eonnectlon with It
Beeetori who are ta'.king Of a
thi Mnlerity rule tn the nppir body eil
aatcb nitb Intereet the Houae a rap, aiu
if the labor committee eonte?t !s Indka
tive of what may he rspetei wher.
seniorlty ls not conitdMBd thl pmd.Bg
raw may cbeok the Senate rlari*.
Mexican Bandit "'The Fox ' Es*
capes from Prison
Mealco Ctty, Dt -? ,; ?"?? ~'s<*?
V.lla. known as "Thl 1'? "Bl
urf.;.', on th* chargi of loottng WbUl
servlng as a colonel with Oeneral Heertt
in his campaign agalaat thi rei '-d*"
Oroaco, haa mad- his eacape ' J
mllitary prison here I'llla, who ew
au iltlug trlal. -.awed through th* r?r? ot
hia cell wln.h.w v.-4..
For veara Vllla ^as a notonooi ri-_a..
He jnined the Madero revolution but e*
cltned to Join the Oioico revolution M?
defeated the OroeCQ forc-a II I'arral. Bt"
ln turn wss defeated. He was c arg* ?
wltb robblng a bank at Va-ral pi r te
its esa.uatlon _
Will Oelebrate New Year's om
January 1 in Chicago.
CbkagOi December ML?CMoafl ' *"?
aill eelebrati the dawn or the new >-?*
for the flrst time on laBUarj ?. Tl ? a I
and famlUar sights ttb i mai I *
tindtfl the Miebeatloa of the <
new year. in February. ar* te he | M
and the celebration Wltl 1 I
the new Chlnatown, where the I m*
intend to adopt the cuatom of Ajnt I ?
win. the fall of thrt Maaeha dynany
the ages old calendar of tho Mlng dynaMfi
lt is said, will bl followed no ft,
and her.-after .laniary 1 will boeOtM ' ?
date ter the beginning of the ne* flir
with a!l .'hlne.se.
ln many Chhr-se hontes *Ah.ch onc?
either Ignored 'hrlstmas altogether M
celebtated lt on'; slmply, the Cbriat-MI
tree was seeu vcster.lay and there was
n general distfibutton of presenti amoi.g
the Chlnese.
Keeper Who Wanted Action Got
More than Enough..
nu TMmraeb n, n ? rrllaai !
Atlanta, Dec. M -Whaa a kcoper ?t thl
(Irant Tark Zoo went into UM Olgl M *
sle..jv leapard to-day |o stir up the ..n>
mal Wltb a tkst k. so tbat a movir.g l-i'-'t
ure operater OOUM ??et more action for
his money, he recelved more than he 0O>
^William 01dknoN\ was the moving B*t
ure man. and hl foand thl Meaard 'J
alow. The keeper xoiuiit.jorert o po?
more action into thi eahlblUon. and
when he entered the .age he st arfd
Ullng hla whip. The leopard bounded fO?
the door and beat tbe keeper to It.
Then there was a Wlld panlc among the
hundreds ln the park. men. ?*??";" *?
children maklng a rush ... safe 1 il ^
Thl leopard started I tlght *ith llo?
th otiKh the bars of the latter s cagi. oaa
wl n"* hiill BlSaantly enliged flve fceep
crs with the ald of whlpe aud a HB
sheet, effeeted its capture.
The ne? $i.'..oi'0 t..\\n hall at Plaiideme
tho real estate development on IflllhlMIt
i.iv between Manbaaeil and Port Woab
luctnn aill he opened this evenlna WlW
.er-monles. Including historlc sketches el
the localltj. The part of Uai -Maaji
where the Mttlement hes ts r. pl ltl ^ttn
aaaoelallon? The old mlll at thi hejd ;,f
tho Warner M Lce.is estate. was hjnt tn

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