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Six U. S. Warships Will Meet
British Cruiser Bearing
Body Off Nantucket.
Battalions of Infantry, Sailors
and Marines to Head Line
from the Natal to
the Cathedral
Ttt. j ,. - aquadron a hi? h is to
gast the British ?miser Natal, beariag the
_^.. al Wl tell ? Rl W Ami? f lean Am
ttfiador to Great Britain assembled --
ajM hi Tompklnsvllle Maten Island,
ajgaratory m ?teaming to se., tiiis morn
... ?jreo battleships, the Florida and the
Vorth Dakota d foui torpedo boa! ?!>
algrers, ?-'? '-?" ,1'' Orayton, the McCall
?fid the PsuM n? comprise Uns squadron,
trith Brai Adi ,; x Flak?. i ommand
?r of the fifth division of tin- Vtlanttc
--?i in f ??? '?'
Rear Admiral K sk? make* the F
Hi flagihli- II? proceed??! 'n he I to the
end*iV'""|C ??" Tompklnsvllle early \--:- ?
??j aftetr.e VI aboul '.< O'clock this
aorntnit h- v. . 'ash ti:e outer to up
inchor flt-u :?u-? ? ""t the six warships.
iead?wl bj th? Florida, ?Ml steam through
ti? Narrow- on theli mission of honor.
Captain W. ,1 Maxwell commands Fie
florida and Ci ii H B w llson Hie
,\orth Dakoia
The BQuadron ? II ineel thi Natal ofl
Suitu<ket Lightship some time to-mor
p. It will then accompany the Natal
mk to this i-ity. arriving off West 19th
itiwt aa Ft d ? f? ? ' '"'i' Vs soon as the
?artoin-* on the American Bhips sight tin
Sital the colors will be halfmaatad
The Nat... ? ? drop anchoi ofl 101st
iirfft. in th? h< th umipif-i b> the North
Batata durlns the naval revise last ( ?<?
icber Tl ? Fl< and the North Dakota
ind the dest royera will choi ct-.u b; .
ihe ix>J> i>f ' ?* Ambassadoi will be land
a) Friday afternoon ?t I IS o'clock
.I? noon ,- ? e In i*. is tak.-n from the
?hush warsl the Florida and ti,.- !>?
kvia ea? h will lire nineteen minute guns,
kejinmiu: h- .-- -i^-iai from th? Florida
Captain T M Potts, I . S. N . Ims been
^?-ted fro . Washington to attend 'in
??ndlpR and funeral ceremonies as the
Ipansl representative ol the department.
Durinfi the transfer ol th>- bod) 0 M
bjSJ from the Natal to the Cathedral ol
5fc John th? i >l> in? a ? orepat ) of mai in? s
from the North l?.ik,>ta will Bel as ?w
tort, und?' tin command of the sei
?trine efti. ? r ol that vessel, Bight chief
jetty ?Acer? from the Florids will at is
rallneare'- and will he in chati:.- of an?
other chief pettj olB? ei
Every off)? ?t will be In drase uniform
ind nvereo.it. with a mournlna badge on
tie left arm and at the sword hilt. Ol !
Sj escort will carry arms. The enlisted
aen of the navy win be it dresa blue,
-vfTcoats arid flat cans wh ? the marln?M
?ill be In undre?? blue, with ><\-- ? i
rSjBssndei .1. il Sypher. F S N
gjmiei the or,lets ..; th? captain of tin
Fionda will attend the commandli '
5t*r and the other officer- ol t! ? Natal
After t- at thi thedra! lh?
Mdj ?,f ador will be ?
|... '.he ?. Btatlon in i
?icon compos, ? battalion of Ii -
far.tr;- on? ti m of maiii ?
?f sailor: ?? ? nai m>
The hat- -
?at romt anj ? . from the
ne Florid i ! ?akot ?, w ho i
gfcf th? I ol Ol John *]?
Mjters. r s M , v. ho v :: . ..?...- from
Washington ? purpose, "i'i.t
'??nt of this t ? lenai '
- C I'esa: - VI. f. of th?
Th* Nurtii Dak ta's hai will pi o Ide th?
. batta ? -i ? ?
yufortn ?HI ? , with
The Mita . icketi
:: gl thi , |, ? t|). imitoi m ?.-- . hi
nutii ...-.?.
The taita
?'it report ,,t thi - th? a
* as? k on S ? I th?
?ahsnadltit; orflois will report to th?
inny oiTi- ? ling th? ?
?V guard ??' marine?
Md an ofl led hy the
'tmn-'tr .
1 Slral by j ty aftei1.
?util the fun
Hi awn : i
satire battali
'??the Ora d
The follow,- v- - ,
agij j
h)dea:h ,.< ?
jnitlah P11(ji
?iBpatic. ,,? i ;fl,, ,.s HU>
*?*1' ?. ?'? ? Vmbasaa
*"? ?:?, BRITTAIN
-. SocM
K. ?i . -eilt
L, , d. . emba? -.. I
*'': '''-i ? \ u.11 street
aS*?'?! '- ? at sou ha v.- ne
IB '?V "!*"''
, ' """ '" ?' ith : \r.- ?
?Amba? .,;In United
s?en apon ?
' ' ' ?? - ? l.si th? Am? ne,n I'M
t'irw go, .. ,.,,-.--.
*?*Uje to Mr?, t. |.1U Reid:
^Uodi'-'' d ? i.''.-t. ? I lOUSS,
lljiL.1!" '!' v"Ui ?Jif-iinKHis'l.?'!
-%t? , :' ? ' - ? ,:' ',|" Wnlred
>.!7 '"'?? ... i .mo ? her i shed
* ?? Be mi - r oui deep s\ mpath)
: -F T w IFSON.
??nun F ? otiiinit'.-,. Vmei
l*r ri <r;i s? el
f"!b' '"n" ""' ,f l' ' ' tuoti l.eat:.
_* ?Pf-oii i?-, i... i,,., president of that
j>j;*BU(i,lt"> '?' aiiend the funeral of Mr.
Joi* ? "'"''' '" '-" Cathedral of St
7*1 kn Divini it 10:50 o'clock Batur
^hiortii,,p The committee conaiars of
" -im H choat? Chauncej M Depew,
2! l'"r"'r' Khhu Hoot. (Jeorge R.
j. ?T1- a iinrton Hepburn, J. Plernoni
l^Ji*r" ,,I,'n!' ( '?ws, Joseph K. Gay,
^???.Gregor) Fharl a K. Ruabmore
'???niuei u. i ??,.
^tees Voice Sorrow at!
Death of Mr. Reid.
1^ -il-ii? ot the ?leath ?if \\ tutelaw
BB ??.?
?hof ???opieii yeaterday at .- u ? ?
i^ ,h* l'oard of trustess ?>f th?- New
llj * r|"''' "f whl.li Mr. K? id wis
* "lemb?.- a committee of three,
|_u?> of Charlea ?t. McCauley, Jo.m
* ar,d Frank IfcBreen, al?o was
kfrssraseni the rlubal hi? funeral
^?litoMi?. .
r'-'"-. Uioni follow
a-/,'*,' It nus ni-aso-l ,\ n.i^l.u ?;,n
"*v?a, from uie ?eid o? ta* ?at tuly I
Most Important Feature of the Winter Cal?
endar Draws an Unusually Large Num?
ber to the Park Colony.
Tux?... ?'..- :. Dec. II ? rnt ol the
i nu-si Importan! features of 'im winter
calendai ths \'e? Year's Kva ball loo!
pla? e tvni| I oi ? ? eks all Ihe rooms
11 the . i i -o ises had been engaged, and
ih?. bail was marked b) ih? large num*
lb? oi young folk pi esenl .Man'. ? illas
a.pened for the occasion, and before
Ihe ball iiianv dinner? werte given a I the
? lui.lions, uni a few of ihe cottager?
had partie?
! Mi and Mi - i-1 derlch i ? Bpedd? n
I entertained s part) of iwenty-flv? In
[eluding Mr. and Mrs tVinthrop McKIm,
i Mr, and Mrs i Klngabury i'urtia, Mi
and Mra Georg? Gran) Mason, Mi and
m 11 i 're,i, ? |i i ovt,.: i*arey, Mr and
Mrs J K Tains Mi snd Mrs Howard
Van Sinderen Mi and Mra Ambrose
M Sil a lui ? 'hat It ? K Sampson.
.\i ai 'i Mi s K. M w Inalo? were
host and boetess i<> a party ol twenty,
and Mi and Mrs Joseph Karl? Btevena
entert.i tied i late, party. Othera who
had dinner partie? were Pierre Leoflllard,
Illas liai ? It : ?lexandei. Mi ? Kb? n
i Wi Igbl and Mrs '?'. Abboll Ingalls.
House partie* were ui\ '? ii bj Mi and
Mrs P I. Barbt -.. Mi and Mn Alfred
Selon M uni Mi.?? ; Tuckei man.
Mi snd Mr? Georg? H Hull and Mi
ami Mrs. Heniv m Alexander.
Ali. m il Mrs. n? m | Morgan Tl foid
opened 11 ?l hous? foi the da; . and Mi
and Mis r R Alexandei opened Ihei
lai K. Villa. ? ?tin is u I.i - r>< ?' th' o
house? were Mi and Mn i.,v:s Bpenoei
Mo: ,1s, Mr. and Mr? .1 E St- ,eni i ?
Mi ant Mra u M V Hoffman
The large ballroom wai decorated with
?\'i ?reen and boll) and tin stag? wai
ed In cedar? el
A fee
nlghi ? ti bowl wai
i enti - ? ? ? room, glass? i w?i
? the Neu y? i - In by al
ioining hand? and I ild Lan*
At i o'? i"? n a aopp i was s.-tred
n the larg? dining room
Some ol t he i lest? wi re r*i ? d? : k V
?*i. -liu-tiuv.-. -n. Georg? A Scott, Mli
B? nt Mlaa Poi 1er Mi and Mi a Gi org
w Kora? Ihe, Bayard Tui kerma n, Charit
E Sampson, Ml and Mi ? w. M . lof
man, '"liailev Lanier, |l Mia? Ham oil.
! Mi ..tul Mis ,; .\|., on ? He? KB? mi
i it..h ric '? Devea i, Mi at ? Mr? G .
Rivea, Ahs < ; n Warren U H Wai ren,
r_ Mi and Mi ? tddlson ' 'amma? k
Mad.-on fJrSnt Al and Mis Otto ?n
drea |r., How land ?;.. llalli Pell, J M
i Wright, W illlatn Hare, Mi and Mrs P
! Btuj v.-.uit Pillot ah?,m I' W? ek? Ab -
; i ? ; i Uliott, Gordon K? llowi Mi I ?
Mrs Howard . an Bind? n Mlsi G? i
trud? \,ait'.? Mi and Mr? Porsyth
Un kes, Mfred H ronkllng, Mrs. Kb? n
Wright Ali-s w right and Mi Bt d Mri
\\ Uliam B< rerlj Roi ?
? 'tin-: pu- its w ei - M : si d Mr? ? i ' en
rille Kam. Mi and Mrs H P Pell.
.\i and Mr? Pr? ?ton I >?? ? Is, Mi and
Ali - Rl? hard Moi I lm< : Mi and Mr?
? orn? Hu? U 1.. ? Mi and Mr? . fred
B, Ion, AD and Airs. Charles B Ah tai
der, Mi and Mra. <; n M ill, Ml - Hull,
Mi .m-1 Airs P i.otillani Barbe? Ml
and Mi - i-'i? ?h rl? ?i- Peysler Foal? r, Mr
a ml Mri loseph I !ai I? Btevem M and
Mi- Henrj D Whltfield, Mi and Mrs
l.un.- Wllmerding, Mi and Mts Kenelm
Wlnslow, Air. and Mis George !?'. Bakei
m . Alt- and Mri F ? I Bpedden Mr and
Airs. Paul Tuckerman Mi and Mrs
c.oil. Drap? t .Mi and Ahs il n Rog
? i ? Mi ? el Mra Joe? ph Towei. Ml u
Tuwet Mi and Mrs Bchuylei Bchief
felli Mr. and Mrs J. Bdward Davh D
ami Al:-- Kdward < Ruabmore, Mi and
Mis Alfred i.ml? Mr and Alts Wylly?
it Betts Mi and Mn itanl? ri Mort
Mr. and M I ? ? ? M
and -i ? - i Grs ilrlswold and Mi i d
i Alis. i.n. n R|< lauds
actlvltle? our asstx late and friend Whit?
??w l:,!'1 '"' ?Ishl years a wai an?
legislative coi r< apondent, : ? :
managing edltoi and toi thlrtv.thre
war- , oit... -i>;-, hi' -f ol The N.u Vo
Tribu? m foui year? a Fe^er.
and o- ., an? ellor of th
l nlverslt> ol ti-. Bl ite o N.-w \ ?
three years L'nited States Mlnlstei t?
Fran? ? 8pe< i .1 Ambassadoi ol the Fnltei
stat-s to the Jubilee of g<.n Victor!
: ? oronation o! Kins Kdwajru
mem bet of thi ? minisalon a Fil? h - go
ti.it. d | ei(.,. between tin I ? .-. ,i .
and So..m. for -.?,... rear? Vn bas ??: ? ?
? -f Hi- Fnite?! Btatei '.. the i 'oui t ,. -
James's author, orator, pul t and
life ? f thia club: 11.I
Resolved. Thai th? New Vork I ?
ts this minut? In ?-?presa.
gh -? ? - ? ??' ippre? latlon of hb
\ i, es In the?? . ed public ? spa? Itii -. in
all of whl? h he a? qulttt ; elf wit
? ? dil ind a - - and with ureat and
lasting i.it .la fellow ? Itlsens and
? ai t??-..,,? lalism, It
avl ? ? terprlalni is s ? s
gathei er, .....
-as ,i leader, helpful m .i in iph Ina a? a
oolie.tr n ? nva ? ? . ? ? ? ? ; ? ,.i
the high? - ' . ? hoaen ? i
at -i -, on, also, o! Iti
m :.. ?? ni th.- losa w ht, ? lournafj m ' he
astton atHi tin- world have sustained In
his ?hath, though si s time when h<- was
*"ti*it ol ; ?-.n.- and honora.' And be n
Resolved, That this m nut?
II upon the t ?cords of the > lub
that -i.t?os .-i coplea be BUttnbl) dla
? i within the clubh? ? ? I a
mltted a Ith the resi ??, tful snd iff? I on
, the - ib, to tbe family
at? membei and 11 ki nd
C. H. K. Curtis and J. Gribbel
Get Ochs' Philadelphia Interest's
Philadelphia, De? h an editorial I
be pul llsh? -i m Ths Public L?adg? ?
m< rro? Adolph Ochi inn
- th? per to * s 11
K. Curt . . - ? dr. ?
:. .it
Led?? i ? '? i ? ? ' a H
K i . John Orlbbi i
the bes1 I it ol
? ;?,., c., , Ocha a ho is t,, < "i tinu? bi
snd pul I Milton B. I ?< i
. ? ....
"The Pu illc Leda? r
? - n o?r. -, t on esklenl own?
? .,i t h? e?lltot lal poll
Tin N- w '-""? \ Tin
? ? .. :. . The Sew
Vork Tun? ?? id Th? Public L.
? >chs,
?|-, ? p iblli Ledgi
est ibllsh? d h\ Oeorge w Fhilda o Waa
its ? dooi and oubliant
hta death thirty year latei i
ttei pai t ol Mi ' hllds a i lltoi
Ledg< " ?- - i egsu ,t? -i a- t hi 1? u
I the 'did.lie Stale- Bl d llll
? ? was the most pronp? roua Mi
nominal own- r <?f "Ths
i. if ?r." I't th? i ontrollli | nton al
i,, id b: inthoi I Drezel h< sd of th?
i anklng ni m of i >i ese! 4 i i a uai tn< ?
of j p. Morga . .\ ' '.- ol thia ? '
Mr i ?re\,-i accumulated -- iraat forl ?
o. ring snd subset) unt t,> th? Civl
t i-., understood : hat i h? p
of "Tn? i.- Ig? r" went to Mi ? i., d >\ho
disposed ol a larg portion o?
\,i-io ? ? i t ont 11 a also
stood that the m? gel ? atati holda F ?
(^?i honda an the prop? rty, I ? -
Bl the rat? of 4H per c< I
i 'iMiei Mr. ( t.iio. -'i he Ledg?r
notably cons? rval lv< sd oui
amons iis coatemporarl - si * i ? - - butt of
good ??'' i-1' rslllerj foi it? obltuarj no
? , e snd versa forn Din
after Anthon) ?' Drexel's ?hath m? brira
Bsa i'- i sn a? live Intel ? al it- Ih? pap? i
and oa M i hllds'i death < leorge \\ ?
Ington ' hllda 'rexel became i ibllsbei
?, (ni i ?., - ' ither of Richard Hard
Ing Davl Ink - ditor Wltho it
Mr. ciiiids at tin- iieim "The Ualger"
lost s BMSsure of it.- popula rit) and pi ?
parity. The paper was subsequent!) pur?
chased iv Adolph Ocha "I Knoxvllle,
Tenu, who previ?Misl) had obtained a
controlling Intsresl In "The Times." <>f
tins city, si : bsa b otb? i ? leorge W
Ochs, became sdttot and publtahai Un?
der the tatter's dlrMttoti "Ths i.?<ir-1
regained much ol 'is fonnei prastlga ai I
prospi ti' -
Cyrus n. K Curt?a, the new owner. Is
puMlsher of "The Ladles' Home lou -
nal." Tin- Baturdsy Evening Post1 . i
"Ths Country Qenttaman." it la expect
ed that he will cany into admet SOma
notions he lias tang entertained tn th.- ill
n-ctioii of making a '*nattanel'' dallv
newai spi i
Florence, s ?'. Des, ;i -Martlua Bmlth,
twenty-one seara cad, only son ol united
St.it? s Senator Fllison D Bmlth, who BC
iii.-ntiiiiv ihot himself on Ohrtotmaa ?>h\
while ?on bunting arlth his father, dv I
Uic last algbl from tUMUsaenta.
Progressives Join Republicans
in Legislative Caucus.
tugusU Me l ?? Progrei
U:en::.. : - Ol I ?? 1 .? gialal ? ....
with Ihe H - to-night aftei I ?
int previous!} (
? - ?. '.. ? i o I I h ? l ' i ^ ? ? - ? B t a t ? i
mitli .. . i ., trat?
? ?? . i : ? ; ib
m.vv '
.med ? M
and i all? i." ? dim or?
. A. Peters.
i.. ? m . k? o I ' Il
Ri t Ihe s
lion < ?aun 11 ? ? le? lion f
l i it. IS i ,
? ? .' ? loadla n i ;.i : . ... i ,-.i.
':?.. kland.
Michigan Republicans Bolt
Democrats Seek Coalition.
I?ansinj Mich . i>.-, SI Bl? ???
ma of Progr? lei d< i eh ? holt? d
Ihe I ? in
'. Th? i >? :.'-, ? ,,ts m? IM.
on ? v. ? i
? : . |. ?!
for a D
I ...'.
The 11'-.rat
ker of tin plum foi
Bull Moost ?upport ol S I ? t I
.I - ? , ?
Bi nati . a held bt William \ Id? n
It Is geners ? ? : ?? mo
.. u.- all I ha li mutuo;
1 Genee Dances at Non-Sub
scnption Performance.
Madama But ter fi ?red
? i .i a? i '?? '?*opp? lia alti. \i. Adeline
... , icki d th? M< tropolltan i ?p< ra
if.-n ? ... l| i
In the I '?'?? i.; a ... ere Mm I "a
I U ? i ..:.'! MM Ils ? '
-.1. Toscanlnl
Th? performanci .. n
ti'iti .-ne, and i he i udl >n< ? alt Ing
im it,? new year, wa uni ill nthui
? - -
? Tales of Hoflmann " a Matiner
Feature- 'OtcHo" Will Bo Simp;.
"Th? ? ? i lof. mann' will Ix uni
j i-.i the hist time bj th? Metroft
? . - ompan? at next week
matine? with ;? " ?' Mr,
Oattl?? 'asasxs fe? li will malntali the
high standard ol produ? tioi ? labll h< >t
n, i he manag? ment The t aal will ill?
s' - i - ? da Hempel si OI) n pla
Mme '-n ? it- nstad ai Ol II? It M
l.uei SMS Borl Bl I ''t'a a M tu? Ml :
ourg a? Nleklausse Mm? Duchen, si
tup Voie? ? .no Mille-, b? Hoffmann,
Mi i ?? 11,,- .,s ? !opp< ?ms. I rtnh ? ?n
| lafi? ?UttO Al Itetlm i .i- I >?-. toi
Mlrs le. De Segur? E nsai
s i.i. inn. Ait Rossi i Crespo! Mi Buys?
>t.i,-i bi L '.'im I Ali Reli ? i - ' '?.' n- nil.?
ami Kraus Mi Bada ai Pit? bina? : i H
a .-.ti m b? Nathan!? M .nenian .?.
Hei man and Mi, B< gu? as Luthei Ole
.? ,, Pola? ' " ?rill dir? et the !?-> forman? ? ?
Clio" w?n - av-- it- ni si pe? 'oi mai ? ???
this season on Mnraiaj evening th? east
n ludlng Mme Aid ? and Mme Maubourg
and Bleaak, Amato, 0? Segur?la Bada,
Audlalo R? -' hlgllan ind Begin Arturo
Tos? anlnl arill condu? t
?\i:ot.um- ButterSy" will b? WednesOaj
. | ?I - opt ra, and "The Olrl ol II a Gold
, , ... R HI n. - I lie, OB ThUradS) even
i hi Magl? Flute wiii h. sung on Pi '
,i,. evening ol aexl greek, with Mm?
Pricda Hempel as the Queen al the
Night, Mme Gadekl as Paraina and Air
w ni a i ;.n as S iraatro Alfred Herts
Wl I COI dm I
n/M| ingtoi . Dot H tVorkmen began
lo-?la> ihe ?I? rttt'"'lion Of the old imim ol
r,at., la .-' -.ft Ken a tioi "i Tba Star
Strangled Banner." where ?"? Heed fro?
igaj ,., |<ug,
?i'ii. Francia Bcotl Key .Men,?mai \ -
s... ?atlon .ailed itr ns sfforts to rala*
enough monej to preserve the ?tru?ture.
The building Is about 125 year? old and
stands neai the Aq e u I Briaga la
?JvVlfcVlOV? -
Underworld Play at Weber's
Entertains with Thrills.
But Silenced Pistol Plavs the
Lead with Smoke?
less Glee.
W?j ij-.wi, m the ui.rworld, s!
??ebei .- ,. '. . .- OS? RtSl ' PlB) Was pul on
si nlahl Thi pi ngrauime i all? d It "el?
mental ' Peruana primitiva would have
I'M of! the situation a shade nearer.
Progi amim an ?on ? timea hai ty In th?.
? - ' rlUqu? i of th? plays the) present
distinctions In words said?. w h ,?
? OVei th.- phi) wi.Kills 'at--,, I
On? would thing th? ? had all lusl ?
raped from lall or w. t. righUng ahy of
""? lea -., atronglj and -\ ith a i? h a pei -
?onal not? do th? plead with the pubttt
'" ??'c.-io the crook as the ideal ol heroic
.?' and pur? womanhood, Or do
the dramatlati think thai the public en
- having Its ru wa| apei diet drama
h'-' " ' 'i hi i ai > a reng Th? publl?
using its I - ?
MM Bill" .- hows even II ? can less on
' ? hat In? m- rislvi . -.gp? -i and
honesi fo,,;> gunmen and tbe Ilk? ?r, .
? ?--i ? lb? are i ntl? ? d into going
'".''?"? "' a fckoll ': how onl) skin .i- - -,
lh? It villain) la Wh? reas, non, oui dell)
reat?ng w? ba?l idealised them Into con
?latent . utei had Imagined them as ut
tei I) different from ourselv? ?
v IW Bill "goes sqiisre" f,,,- ., "akoil
x othei "skolt." .-m upright, Hfesai 11 |
" mg f. mal? m t- , uve Kj,,.. Alibi a
' han-. to enter the government leeret
sei ? I? ?? bim! b In ins na) to universal ? i
?? ? in wll.lepoalt paid on s halo He
?m- tin h? ut ol a <,? t.-r -i | don
?oi k? ' who goes about the i;<>w ?, ?- bias?
ing a ?tn |sw? i- m onl, i to bring pea? ?
?"i'1 ?-""I ? II: t" tie tn and all that ?mo
"" '"!" ' ' I Hi- benevolent brotherti.i i
.?ka kllla that p? -t t-, clvilla ittan, tin
district attorney, ami the police blesa
i f. .-? laugh? ?! ??:; ?
1 - pecting Mihi i',:i? ,,? :, | ..
? m * - ? - -A ..- I
:,, - .1 ty the
? in ? : Tin- in-ti uni. ni
- .'? n :: ?i. led t.,i
m t m- drama, -, - t,.- -, ilp) m osa ai
? w. - - ti-.t allowed ?,, b? s-,id
i ?: - - , ? . pollali An?
"t in m . ? ! and dli ? ? t in II
?? ?? iudglni reaults, is a ire 1
loi it all leading a? toi S were "...
lialpl .-i . n? ? lend? i Hui ay n.:;
memorli ? ? i ? -i t-, thi t] of
1.1 impha in t . i t \. i
lie did . I ?
i ? i .
aid-- Kv- n ii. ??-..?
..?u evei ? ud ni- amusemeiM t rom i
? ?
? I: 't- o i . ? ' -.' ,.-?.? i. ? II
. , ? ; , ?
... H
b? not only good I i ?
i few ol a lin?
.k? :-i ? ? Mil?
. ., ? -? ,,; .
? . ? . ? bat he wa
? .- \ i arhlch. th?
. -, .. i.-n was
I a , ' ? it the "i-i
we had i I nd
est of ti,- ptaj s ,,f it? kind a Ith
1912, there a ? wlshli
the New 1 I ., Sew Yeai
: OF Mil
I a;., in- ? ?
t n
? : fouler t'a i
- ? Hau?
Il ??an
i .. Ii
' - ?
Ml I .
MUII-, . -
1 ?*
1 ' ?
? Havei i oi Dec :i
I a F ? ? fanta
i ? | . i
(???i lin. received it I '
? ai n ? m perton ? ? I
i , 11 :'? ?., ? ile ?-?? the
...i a, -i Poi the n
??. Ind- d ! ?
.t,,*. All, .? \l u !.: . Mai ? ? ?
. iret ii:-. Frank I lei Pedro ? ?? -
i da n -i '?? >o\- I'.iwi,-. l ?aniel
- - ? \ ithon; Andre a- .i twi
\ ? . ?nlng n<rf"i mmtPM
the pla will b< seen :c. Bes I oi K
Ralu. mal m a it
Maxli Theatre
in . Bpy." Hem Klst
?Iran with Kdlth V
Fyrli M Igl and J II m
. uni; parta, ai i
hai |?>a Kro ' ' ' '? '' si
the Ki pire l' ? PtaJ ? !
i-i, and i "i dm ? - - arW
Maude A-.- ? ? '-'in' m "i" '-'
Monda ?ul?l i--nu-'.' I It la
ln ,; month In L? idon a h? r?
sir Oorgs Ali v-ind. t i- ptayii I
,i, .ni,. The Turnlag I'm- ?
Arthui Farwell, sup? i - m --i m
,,,,;,, rta ?o m- parks ami reori attan
? | baa wi it.-n itii
tn, -m- I; to Units N. f.?
I..,.-,.!, and Hi- Hr.-ruen
?II,,. Ural i,, i toi n. al" ' will lie h Id .-at
urda) afteri.n, Januai \ M
?rnsl H',wan. farmer!) ass.,, iat. ,i wltb
Playera ha - .idded to
m,. , .i i ...; .,i i ing John B Kalk : I ? "
? Haml? i ai t "? Qsr* n Th? itr? 11
fiftieth > on ??? un?' !" ' '"I ma.'.' '? Ol the
. ngsgemei ? will take pan ?? to-ea)
About one hi ndi ad employ?e "' the
I rank at srnon i lonspan) lac . an sdv? I
lialng < oncei n. att? rtd? d a matinee pei -
Forma nee ol "Th< Whip" al the Manhat?
tan i'i" ? i House resterda? sften.n
Wen, r .,ml Kields have added another
s().. tail) to their "Reij i',, i ' a, t ti la
the famous pool t.?i.t. m ne I hai f? at
m..i in thi ? raudevlll? appearanc ??*
ears ago, and ia sn Intel potation In the
s.tul act
\ special matinee pariormsnee of
"Beckett) Packelt) lions?' win ha held
tnla morning st HI i', at th.. Cblldren'a
Theatre, a party ?>f ifty chlldres from'
i ., 11, t, ew < ui ban -As- nim will I.i
i, , . , ,i -1.---- ' i.rti the generoslt) of aa I
unknown bsnefaotoi
OBtasra of the National Pederattan ?if
Theatre Clubs arers bosta at a dinner |
last olght to members ,-i Us cast of
h . \\if. h> Mis bscm." ai the Berkeley
Theatre. The dinner followed the even?
ing performance ami was aerved an las
Final i"i form ?nee-? of 'The Daughter
of iiiav n" take id.ii e at t o Center)
Theatre this afi.-riiooii ami evening. i
THE MAN Well, the joke is on me again.
".u i v K To* le, n l| .
Bcboo ? Borouj-l or Rlchmondi
ai d '?" -; '???.?., t. .| vv l! ?i the I >.-narine 1,1
: /-I e a'.on Ol Ne* 'i "' 1.. died |
da* al da i cou. No ISO Hamilton ave?
nue N.w Brighton. Bieten Island, from
dis? H ilxt) --m. reari
old Mi To ? ?? a hot it in i;i.~- m,
N il In IMI i ? ?..- grad lated from
Dartmouth Colleg? tftei I ? graduation
! ? i. ighl In H? ?? -i high
i ! .i a as m In?
l'ipal of II ? ? v. M - ' Mie . School
before going i" Von kerf, wh re ht v..is
i s gi ammai .-? hool. lu IMI
Ugh 8 hool in
Bro I ti n tic? th? re
: ? Bo i High
d . ? wa> a, pointed
h? ad ol ent, and also
: i .. -.i the Insti?
tution, lie '.- av? - a ? Ifi uni a daugh
1er. 1 'l ... i le a
. ? . of PI : ?? h Church, o
t : I \ . ? i. ..... es
d at .u
will I? an. N. J
Primi t? rda at hU
i: i h? < Irand \ lew suartments
ie, aft?
a in i-.f illness i ie v ?? ly-oi
I fa ? u had be? n pi oml
a? hum, clrcl? ?' Prime was
commodore ol th? ?onk? ri ? .>. I t ? !lub
and ? ommod.I the Mllford f< 'oi n I
d i country
hoi i ?f th? Ian urm
of P.. i: f A i Prin ??? I Ived for
? i a here
e WS ' ' . . ml als-,
served of the
He ma t ? -1 .
Ume two ? i. - w. i ?
hin .lore Prim? ? as a
ttlerS III
i on ne? mut ral will be held te
!?!..? iow at ' laughter, Mrs
John t." ell fonkers,
- *
n . ....
... :,'??:, i ' i . i. m - ? ? i rey
p .n phi ? oltle il publl '
, ,: latrial ami t. ehnlcal books, h dead at
hii i,.m " He was elghty-sev? a
rears "id snd foundei ol tl.?? Henry
i I d CO niiau.. of this ? Ity.
Mr. Care) was publlshet ..t rie Perm
? v i\ama i!' enlng ii--taid ' and
? inentiv -.f Th? rotumbian Magasine."
He wai aetlve In pol tl? ? and was aa d to
have had few equal? In defending th?
principle of protection, on which ?ubjecl
1 . -, innllMi vv rit? Ile v a- tin BU
tl.' man) I.hi
I m ine.l
Philadelphia, De H Air- l.m, Lea
Byre, widow of Wilson !?:?. ta wlios
grandfather was military lecretarj to
George Washington. Is dead al her home
,. from pneumonia. She was ?event
nine wats old Bhe leaves fiv- children
Wilson Byte, Lincoln L Byre and Mis?
i oui? Byre <>f this city, and Richard ami
Manning Ej re, of Nea fork.
seventy-nine years <>id. widow of .lohn
Moffai died fiotu pneumonia ysaterday
al the home af ii.r daughter, Mra ''aro
hn?. B Stewart, With whom she lived. Ht
No ?- Highland avenue, Tonkors Mrs.
Moffat was born In Haverhlll. .Mas. Par
Bereral rears si?e conducted a private
s, hooi in \ni.Ki if. and became known a?
a lecturei and wr4t?w for magnalnea She
was ?t cbartei member of Nea forh City
chapter Daughters of the Aim re an Rev?
olution, and a member "f the .Minena.
Morosis and '"uff Dwellers - .Uen She
belonged to the Burshins Society <>f Tonk
et? arid Was B member of St John's Kpis
copal Church.
JAMBS P HAMILTON, presiden! of
Usa V. urcesler Naiiou.il Pauk, was found
: -i r lay li ?- h
Vt orcesti :. Ms - He wa*
h? irl ?! ?ease H? was six)
' lu and left a w IdoVt ami tl I ? ? i
Miss Anthony Left Painting by
Guido Reni to Sister.
\ painting attribut? d to Guld ? R?
Bologne?? palntei of the sei enteei I
tut*). was among Ihe articles d
by the will of Mlai i lei sldin? W
the writer, who ?bed in the '
Hospital of i.e.ni disease "n Novemb?
'I'll?, instrument, Bl?d bi i
office yesterday, bequeathed to the testa?
tor's aiater-in-law, Alys Scott v ithony.
h? r "ol al ting, ?uppos? I to N ? ; . do
Rent, of ' I s dnughtei of Hero
ing th? head of .'"lin tht Bai i ?i un a
hargei "
Mra tnthoi i ? il: hei
and, j u.e ^ stiiwi u Anthoi y. ex?
-?i the will, at \ Illa Ca? o dl M - ??
? '.Hin' s. Ki ?' nee Richard Carlyl
? brother of the dead w? n m, liv?
ing In NI? bola, Pia . la am? th? lei
is are also Airs. E .. Northi
So 51 BasbCSth street, snd Mra Caroline
Bent!) Gerard, ?? cousin, of
i?:. . I. land Th? will d
, ? ? sonal i.arty,.
? n mi of the < te s i w th it
H. Rcisinger Now Privy Coun-?lo.
to Bavarian Prim e
Hugo P. Islng? t of No
nue :> eel ved i cable m<
u. m the Bavarian S?cr?tai Bdu? a*
it Aiunii h. notif) Ing i Im
appoli ? : m- t as i pi ?v counc
Pi o.i - Regenl of Bai
M r Bel? tus-1. ?'ho
?portel of general ? i
commander of tha ? ird? r of th? Prussia
? i 'rown and Btai "f Bl Ml? I u ' ind i
11 nthualasti? patron of Bl i
n ,;\v v R . DO! OLAfl ' ?l
? 1912 '.-?? id Mar]
in i Mr? Wulor N D0U| - lew York
-.i ' tsarUM Art'....- ?n tbe
?A>itmln?ter Cons-regatluiuU Ch
Niiiiie? of saanksses and seal I ? mal as
teemaanlti I" tall name ami ailiitis*.
Ma? ? ? \
i ,,i Id.? Mai i' on i
I>, MO, .-?,-.- ' . ?| 1
Ford. Hormc.. Ron W '
n m., i |Mlal i M
It .RUIS. Alhel? II -I. it: ?(DM H
Hudlei Bnima I. - bill tudl
Kin-!^. Ansie M ? ? Louie? H
lui twood u. .11'
Kl.m ' Whll? law, oa Dee?
itoa. la l h? fa ?? i : ?
.ervicea in the ?
11 . si-.il lanua I :?' i '
;i in l-'i n-n-l? ana POCll II? n
? a Parda "f min Iwton mai b? i ad on
application tu l'ein Qroavcnoi a tl
thedral. Amsterdam ..^?-. i ?' il-- ?
Intet meal i" iv at?
CORLISS Be?d?uly, ?t ?et hem? b? Pis*
Held, S J. ?n Tuesday, December m 1912,
M.ii. lur.i - 'orlli f ?Jaaaaur r J?l t Uow u
. ai- i Wright sad ?rl i '? Bdger
. ,: iii - Net. ?? ? r law ral her? i u
i-K\ aRE -"oarim P? . S* ratai
Intendant "f ibe Anneau l'r.? Bel
i Indeiaartea, ta i"? '?"?!>' ?/?ar. di? i a I?
>u?1d*nl>-, on Mondai ?venta? i>. ?moi
1012). iWiui m Pruaela, by . baron
i! neal i h r?da) evenlns, i? S i m ,
bti lai.hlaa e. tt? M i barit?a M
Peralga paosrs alaae? not.
At a SaSClSl ai?-ellnB of UM OBBCST? SBd ?'I
rector? -f the ai>ikhii frree a.i and Km
darsarten, bald D?c?s?b?r Hat, 1912, iba f-.i
low lav ?a? SdoptSd:
Where??. In the ?ieath of our -
.- | ? t -u.ten lent, Charla? Pi Devar? iwhleb
, curred December Mth, IB12?. ?r? tecogniie
.-m irreparabia :-.--. a to?? to th? . I m and,
In fart. 10 thi? ?I?' ?
That Wheieaa, m th.. iweatj v.?u* ,,,,] ,,\.r
hurt pbsmiI hi aas ?bapad um ilv?? of oner
iwclv? inousaad ehlldron, manj bf arbon
though coming from tbe low?i ?ral
attained dlsttn? tlon We believ? hi? awtta
?ie. ii-ni. une Country, mm scheel, one
Pbbk, <>ne Lsagvag?, ass asida a la-unn
luiprese that ?111 rlli* In the .ai? of those
twelve thousand for a lifetime
ReSOt?d, That we extend our ?iti-rte.t ?ym
path] "> Mi? Hevarp. la? Ufa compaaloa la
hi? ml.I* vvotk
J'reaeurer. I'u-.ldeat.
., , I .
I :-'?_'. I
117 B - i
i .
Bo - ton, N .1.
r r
it in :;n a m Relativ?-?
\ M
s'.| ' ?
1 |1
, ni. Thursday, at S
' ? ? I. ai I
\ (le M M
f ,
in. In
! l
m \.-ti:i:thN Ob 1 i
Mount - ? ? ? v wlf? of
" ' ef t-,>r
? . 71 B
? ' v ? I
N'o Jl
i lo. k.
I ID Went
i A N !.'. ' ? ' ' I ' ? ?
: ? , M .-.in ""i i. i i
,7t t hi? late re?l I? nef,
\, i ? s l . on
? i i i . ? ?. - ?
?III mi et B. * O . -..a of t-il
\ H. R. of N. J.I
i Kinaiy
I - : 8|
of Da her fJBtl
I - I'.
In: t.. M ' i'" I
I ,t t " ?
t Mn:uiiit.i. Al O? - as l-iiii-l.
t - .nui ?r B), -I- ill. In
? . ? ? ? ' ? -t ?- ??
.i i) January '. I I I i ba H
Oya ' r Ba) Cove ?"arrisgw wl'i
i ion ? i rtatkaa
WRA1 r : ?
. i ? ?. ?i ...
IV r ? aad
John It. Wra] I i
I ind M, I." on J u,...o I i.? , ? .
.- .i :?? Ferry,
.? chantan ^r it I i" i ?
< r:\IKTEi:ir>.
rut: woom \w\ ikiiktkrv.
?tltM St Bl* Harlem Ti till ai
Off),'- M Ba ' Bd gl M Y
I M>HtT\Kl itv
KRANK K. I % M I'll M 141 I W?M? : .1
RI Phap P P il a inha?
lases* th i!?4 Chelsea.
IIA1 I TFIi'K -Ko. 1.-4 N Basa ?ire??t.
UPTOWN OFFICE?No. 1 :{?; 4 Broadway, or
? nv American Diatrlcl Teleg apti office
HARLEM OFFICES N-> 141 Kast 1J5ti?
mi .ft. No. 3S3 Weal IgSth ?tritt and Ne
i'l'J Will r.'ith ?tr??-.

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