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Former Postmaster General's
Son Mails Package to
Rush at Main Postoflficc All Over
in Twenty Minutes. When
Forty-seven Packets Had
Been Received.
I . >. I\|ite>s
Well* I irkte
Rod ?? anamak? i, m.t John
w i Ol mer Post in,ist er Genet al.
? ? ? ? general
w el post law w. m ...
a: ;; . Bl night. H? hand- d t"
i oati uiati - Edward M. M first
? that ? ? ? ind? i
tie- : ? ? ?
. | , |
Tin pa? i ? ghed t? n ;
? . I less that
limit - ' under the Ian 11 was
?nidi-d to ' '?? n. ral 11 itch
- - - Ibed In conim? n oration "i
n. "f
adv.- - taster
('? ? . <? ng the
dnlght. when two large w in
I otllel
the 1
Twenty i
? ? the
?ri,. ? ?
Row ?ld<
wen - - ? sons in lint ?Is m? n
Dti.J ? vv .. ??.. w : . . t . othei -
It ?' I
et a \a< lum washing maehln? romp
thirty-nine pad
? i poet dis
Mi ? ? .1 -t
night at Phil
pare? ? -i
'? v.a addressed t.. pri -
Ing t
Ie Pi - the 1 ?ring
a Ml W a: a in li Iwrit?
\ \1
? 'I :.
KI lo pa
I'.-i! .. IMS
' ? ;
In at it t< rri? a rest? rday Mi. ?) ?
makir me ?In no edfort to conceal bis de?
light di th? accomplishment <u th? parcel
, --.-t. DJ) "f VV Mt hi '1 d'-nt
adv?cete during his term as Posttnastei
G -, r i s-," aklng ol thl? M i SVana?
said, iii pari
The day that i went to Washington to
for dut;, to tin I't- -
after An cot firmatlon ? ?? I h? S
n w m, had b? en the P? -'
' Philadelphia, and was a m? m
her ? ki<?ail> interested I
?I ?? ? - ? . impa mon It
Pullman, and for three I taught
dm much of postal affair? General Blng
ban whs . nth lalaatlc al that tin* lor
par? el post, postal ?a ? ingi s n I foi
*"!??,;' ? i" -11 of
hla ? ? wh; . t. ii probabl ? under
political mfluen ea i.- t.., ame i back
ami l could i.oi convert him t..
t e things thai he had prevlousl., advo
i-o. pertlculai in? mattet ol n
I? ? er i oat ol ?. I? graphl? -
When i ( on ? .i n i tv al innual rep >rt
to President liai ns... I though hi
Ilk? it very much W ?? were then
gin the fight ?oi paro i poet,
poatofnee? on ?hip? to ..--.rt the comii k
and going ma ? . the lottei
'rom the malls, the rural I ???? d< l(v, ?
and the pneumatk tubular mail Bystern,
th.- iKistai sa rings i nd th? postal tele
fr-ir-' and t? Ie ? ?nt Thai repori Mr
Blaine and 1 i..1 we didn't
in ai i--pert.
.va - oi ?rated bj
i'"<- " ? ? 11 ?..
1 f?r th? i ...|. .? v. ! .??. against the
pmte.; ,f the then Postmastei Gem
? Wl ..).
1 wai i to see the two great ?? ??t.? for
"l,! ' ? " ? and M . tele?
mted and Ihe u li
to en' ale -? I h? of ?
P ibllc Interest, private needi
?nd ih? popular ? 11 ?? ill for these agi n?
2** '? protect |h< great postal ay sie m
fir t, . . ... Th? loi g? r |
- deli v,d. the greatei the : ??
? ce to the people and
u"' "'>KI " II will N The electi
".'"' - to the people by right
jurai to becon tel i ? int not o1 a
?i??e. nor ,,r one-sixty-fourth part ? I th?
? present.
Tl ... .. .-.. .; ilk?- i/er) prog
,<V!r even In these daya." nul Mr
naamak? i ? lie, "bul
?""*' -i t"t word what i said In my
?sana report* more titan twent; i?a
fc?V ?''nnamaker said he had * -at ?
W9 of knowing fhat of th. poatal
?"t>rni- he had advoeate-d tins, have
7**"' ??? paw: Rural frei delivery, a .....
, ', ih 1-ss ofll, e? leitet box? -
"r" ? '?? mall postal sa vinca and parcel
ir"'. Uthei reform? and Improvements
"r '" ??'?< ? K per im? nt-d with
Resident-Elect Gets Apples,
Thanks to Postmaster.
IB? Tele?ra| ? lo -. h, ?; -, .
,r".'etoti. N J. ,,,.,. j, T1?. nrut
fange sein bj ,he parc?l post wa d?
'**'"<i ?t ti... bon., of Praatdent-ele. t
* '?"".. m Cleveland Pat... at tj"7 ...!,? k
? Morning, it . onUlned tw,. doaea fine
J*r?e.v- apples, which were sent to him bj
"" -Voodrow Wilson Club, oi Prim - ton,
u a N< v Vear'? greeting
The post?nos h? i. uauall; doe? ? at :
'"?w. bui Postmastei Roblnaoo k. pt l<
?*n -MUM aftei midnight, so thai hi?
'?hats!,,,,,,,. ,,,?1,1 ,iav? tt)(. .p,,,,,,,.,,,,,,
?Mlrerlng th? Ural parcel.
| '"" ?- ti? unlveralty eloch chimed 13
P*** ",,fr ;" ' ? number of ?jifmbera ol
'"',' handed In tin package, which
tA*,,hf" , ' x" " ' i*4t" i"lir"-s elKhc
, 'ts- Two m,nuns vv- r. -j-j.t in pin
ting on ti
?? ?? h It wa
hand?,i to \ \ i;,,. kefeller, ?
d ? igon a aiUng out
able. Il took In'". |UBl (.v. inmute? t,,
make the trip to tin- Presid? nt-i ?
?tov? i not Wltooi sal up t. I h? old
-?ut .-'?-.i pi rsonally re? elved a | ? ?
ig< ? i:- i
? .-IK.I th
' ! ? . ..: ? th? mpll
tii, nts of th-- .?
With Hie . \V |,?e|| j .. -
l' wa - I wh? n tin >-.,- ?.. i
to th< Wilson ho ?
Silver in First Package. Sent by
Hitchcock to New York.
IVa ? it? I '.?? ?' To oi
th? i Btablishmenl ol th" ,
n lb? I'nlt? d st.n- - Postmastei
Gen? il H tchcock, in the pf? sene? of ?
of d< pertinent oil.
? - ? - reel to rx foi a
undei th? ng tbj n? ? ?ervl?
lii ' he i ackage, a hlch ???- mailed
>tly .it mldnlghl to i'- Mor
?: Sea Vu: k City, was a sil'
avili ? ly en
Mi In ti - National Mu
arhen ti . Poatoffi? ? 11 I
d curios, as wi
' ctlonn. ot exlilliiiion,
Demand for Bonds Increases 2 5
Per Cent Since July.
? : ? .1 ,
\\ aahingtoi . t ?? ? 11 ?< 'ontlnui d In
? a? m the pop liant) ol the post >'
savli n shoa n b) th? fact ? t
the Poatn to-da) -
and ? ' to th? Ti ol the
9tat ., ,'h"ck I ??
payment aavingi
having been mad? on Jul) I, i'?ll.
toi i mount ot
lime howa
per re? h h
Th? ?? - . were
lui? ?.<!': 0 ?
aiy ' U
? '
? '- '.
Ohio, ?Ith a ? ?? ?
' 111 ol th? total.
? ? ?except the
\- ?-?. Vork, Minn? i l1
M .. ? ??
piled r??r
"Voiceless Speakers" Threaten
Reprisals if Arrested,
la nol d? ail 1. si
. . , . . is; tint
,i>! y hot? ithstai ditifi
? t mi Sixth avenu?
TI ? ? Is 1
told tii" Woi ' i; - )???'? I I l'i
m 11
in lb? ? TI ? ?? have 1
of the union to |
their "vole? In 1 nex!
Saturday. i ? ? are in 1 he ?
h? s man ...
aroui d wit imi will b?
; . ested suf?
fragist to th? patrol
wagon ? ? ary.
Tin- union has sccepted \? th thanks
The "s-'- Bk*i ?nor?
th? ? indow, for th? y
ni ic
aide wall r< sonal ? - , ?
. ted '
ti - -t.f: ? ? . ? aure thai
this requesl e I i a ? ? ? j ? ? i i ?
. .i thej repel Ron
..in arrested Mrs. Nora Blat
Forest i Icemei lo i
"-. oli - ? they?the members of
the union will make it theli business to
?erved on ?very
i a/- i and folding bed and t Ii ind
n who ? ' vd by
ting oi balk ....
' ? ' nil;
8.i women i?.i\ ?? . ?? leered to
give ' h< .t time am! ? to thia
work," sc aid "W? .? ? | i ? .- red t
fight. Wear? nol going to b* downed by
, : . ' It?.'
Kindly Neighbors Provide New
Home for Hungry Family.
s i V . ? 11 , i -
ni? i : i.- -, ten years to
week?, were <11*|
in." ? r four mom fiai al N.I East
140th at reel 't i? Brona Mra W ei m ?
th? - Wei n? t. a bo has t
looking 'm work foi several weeks. The
v.)' t ? hat ? killed hlmsi if in
v? st- rda Robei t Rani i tar th?
building, ' - ' marshal Infoi m? I l
;, i bey s <.ui.i ha ??
to move at once. In a fen minutes Mra
\\, i,-1 ?- fui nil " wss moved o il oi the
Bktaa ilk and h? ind ? ? hildi ei
:<?:, ?; ; i ? . .,: ? ". t with a ling
. .i t lastb man, j nitor, wei I Into
thi Wernei Hal sad foun i the met
her children In the hit-inn a loaf of
?tal? bread and a bottle of soui milk
? ? ? ? . ' hlldren
appeared In a greatl) weakened condition.
? 'aatli man called ai ? n bulan > from the
Lincoln Hospital, nun Dr. Prlestlej ssid
the tamil) wsi auffei ng from mal? itrl?
Aft.: the) bad n"n t : ? ,i t r-ii Mra Wer?
i , - ind hi ? hlldren were tak? n Into I i
fiat of Mis Horn, win, lives in the build
lag After feeding ,,;'' deetltnte little
group Mra Horn and a Mra Piedelmaii
wi t,t mu and renti d anot fu i Rsl si No
[SI i : i.-t : Bl h -"? si snd ordered lb? W< i -
:,. : furnltur? moved 'tn r< to-da)
' Fire Bells Sound Eight Times as New
Year Is Ushered In.
Eight alai ms oi Are, soundli i a! in
!? rvals of one minute, ushered In the
,i,u yeai The hi si "i the eight
aounded st II -"?" from the bos al W at?
and Roosevell streets; tbe second from
We-t and Hubei t treets; th? third from
tmeterdani avenue and 7*th street the
fourth, the rtr>t of the nee rear from
lludsoi snd itati^.-Mioit ?treet?; the firth,
,,. , inlnut? aft? r mldnlghl from Bowery
,,,i Houston itreet; Ibe sixth Dom
Kieventh bv? nu? and ?th street th?
. nth from Washington ami Can il atr? ?I .
.,,?, th? eighth, at 12:04, in.m Flraj
,.llt. and 32d -tr--t All were false alarms,
_- B '
m Just baa leased for A V Donellsn
,,?. moving picture theatre, just completed
at the norf'iw. st remar of JWth afreet and
Amsterdam avenue, to Louis Orees, ol
jersey CMjr, fsf gee reara The tbeatr?
w,:i he "i" n"! io-<iay. it i- one of th.
first amusement places completed in the
Dyckman tn I
Exceptionally Fine. Dry f
Draws Thousands to S
Paul's Cathedral.
Elaborate Entertainments
the Carlton, the Ritz, t:
Piccadilly and the
Metropole Hotels.
? .
London, Jan. I Th? t x< ? pi in
Un?. drj ntghl dree whal Be? med
almosl ail London t-- si Paul's Ci
???ai in witneaa the -: uth of tin
S ear ami the hit th ??: ii.v..
befo . 11 -,', lock ? rowdi b< gan st:
lli^; from north, south, -as! and
ol ti-e metropolis tow ard Ludgate
and st Paul's ? I :
M? ruinent, ip, antn Ipatlon ?? I
1013, wa the pr? domli anl note, bt
midnight things had d< velopt d
holst? und Hi-id..m.i on
' tig? : ,i.ilia king." As usual . n I
o ' asions, the poll? e ?gave the ? row?
? ptional I - ? m- . ..? w hi? h ??: roi
Hew took mil advantage, ami rot
ism w a? allow d i.. reign aupi eme
Drinking from bottles in the st
i lin- .-lie night i>) t:,. v? ar.
Kid? red th? i nrreel II ? ? do by n
i-e-.pl- liul there i ?
.. ? owing lo
w a V e ol sohl I? 1 '. Which lias i
sweeping ovei London for Ihe
.-? \. u ..r eight - . .? i and a hich
not yrf ahowi ? sign of raced!m
Al the ?u In? I pal ! | itlng
i ' v eh y. music and i i wen
11 oin I,ili at niglil t ' ???
A ?I - adc i-r t v.o ago i i.-.? b?ng
p' opio i-ollM'|ete.| U ,4 sort ?if ?lull'.
sa rlleg to lea i th? Ir home ?? m n
. 'd year t oui ?.'.t ih? ci
',,? t ? uf the hotel
? ? ngetl 1
? Ingi
1 ra1 ? pr? pai ?? id I
made ui the Rila II
- . a -la
took plHi III '
V ? l | , ,
nmpanj exce? d? ?i se. cu hund?
.... :
i ..ti, h
n ? i
Altho igh Ih Hin and
? ? i
.u adii. rei ? itom un i
rprise" l
? ? ii h chlm? i wer? i u
and with '
dawn ? ? ? ?? year two dtiv?
rel? ? .i from th? top of tl
ti - -.. ii. amid shon i rs of ? onfettl
\ i< Hotel Metr? ??'? i ;
.. nt ears, und? r the a ? pen
ol E Rl? haid, has recelv?
al ? Nun rl? n pair ?nag?
started with .? hall n I ? ?Vh
hull rooms, and th? Karandole, whl
the fea tur < n ?
. ni ' lard? n ihi ?
p dan? ?
tin- lights wer? ? ?
Ingeniou? II*, nu.- -
Th? PI - adll Hotel wa also i
. . i.. of a Jo gathering ui m?
Al these as well a? ui ih? ?
s .. w ildoi i Gr< ? 'entrai m
ral mor? ol Ihe palaeei ?-t hos|
laill \ v In i ai ? nOB I h l'i "lull..
fe ol :!?? m- iro
? -lis. ? v ? i ". effoi : had bei n mad? for ?
m? rrimi
Townsend Martin Entertains H
Boys at New Year's Dinner.
i The Men v. ai dan i ed cheet llj foi I
dew !. a i"i "its' at i dlnnei Pradeil?
nd Mart gav? f? them la
night at W 'baler Hall, Ko ? I i
-n.. : Mi Ma ' ? ?
Ih a peed
theni k. ? -p up . uui age a nd i ? m? mb, r (hi
the Pttei
\ . .i -? wei ?? pi eaent Mi M
pari ncluded Mi i nd M ri ? i? orge V
Mm? Lillian Nordl? h and Mi
Burn .mi, het it. Marie Dreai
li - Mi I d N P 'eltung Ml
i n Van Rena el u ? : los
,i ? d Mu Hi .i 'i Bertram i i . ?
1 Belgian Hen a Feature a
Poultry Show.
*4i the approach of da wn resterde
? | in Madison Square Oai d<
thousand Plymouth Rocks, Leghornn an
Rh< d< Island Red rais? d their feather?
throat? and squawked lo th? hlg
Th? i ? ? v' a? taken up bj th
sam? numbei of Bantam chit kens in the)
brave though piping cackles, then ??chow
bj thousands ol fowls of near!) .vi
Known vain p Pelicans, flamingoea
peacock and herons preened themselve
\ tot tbe opening of th? twenty-fourth an
| nnai show of the Men Fork Poult rl
Plgl on and Pet Sim ? Associai
At 'a o'< lock the Harden was sited wltl
spectators, at which time the lodging bt
gan, 'ii. t< wi re man) Inb renting en
m . On? which attracted 'inusual after
Uon waa tl al of Ihe silver and gol?
i/arlet) of Campinas brought from n-1
glum bj foreign fanciers The ''ampin
b the <-n~ producing in-n ol thai countrj
and ? now meeting arlth favoi In tali
eoantf. ami England.
All told, there are I kl ? 'ampin? i entered
! in .th'- show in ih?- r?gulai class? i I
In the ' Rhlbition yards Bach ?x
I hlbil consist d of s rock and four hens.
i Tins .s regarded as a remarkable show?
Ing, considering the fact thai this breed
w..^ practically unknown .? feu yean
- ?
Two docking privilege? were so?-i al
auction rest? 'day for th? Dock Depart -
i m. m t" Joseph P. Day. The two piers are
1 betw< en 941 u ?'? ''? ' ; streets and al the
fool of Ban*! 99tfe rireet The waterfront
[at '.dih atid '.?.'.th ^tt''is was obtained b)l
! tin Bouker Contracting Company at mi
annual rental <>f I5JS9, while the other
?ras secured b) ihe Bradley Improvement
Company f"- |1S,000 The formet teasers
w. i. William K. Cy? arj ru d th? Bouk? r
Contracting Compani at g rental of $(?>?"?
I ., >- ... j. ?pectlv? i
Ceremony Takes Place at Sta
pleton Just After Midnight.
The Hrsl wedding m greater Nan
Fork for the year 1018 i??"k ptaci Im?
mediate!? after midnight ih?* morning
al the wat- h night sen a ?? m Ih?
Kingslej Methodls! Church, In Cebra
avenue, Btapleton, Btaten Island
The i-i .licirt', nui v..,s Oeorge 11 Mc
? "un ati expei i a??< ountant, of Man?
an, and tip bride v.ns Miss Pran
ces M Oracle, daughter of g wealthy
resident of Hempstead, F"hk Island.
Th? were old friends of tin- Few John
B. Rhodes pastor of the church, who
it rform? d ii". 11 n m?
?"Johnny" Callahan's Old Park
Row Site a New Year's Gift.
Johnny" Callaban, who fifteen or
twenty yeara ago kep! -, restaurant st
N,-. 134 Park .."w thai was aboul as
famous in its da) as "Dotan's," h.,>
transfi i r? ?I the old su. ,.f his eat?
ing place t" his wife sa a Men Tear*g
pr? sent.
"Johnn lives al No 387 v as! I32d
Btr? '?:. He i- U' Mini; old, and is no! In
the hesl of he ilth He made g gre it
di .i i of money In th? old da) a feedlri#j
Ihe hungr; along Park Row, wh" often
ha,i to stand in line to gel a i ha im ?? al
.. table.
The profita wen! Into Manhal tan r tl
estate, nol a littl? <d' ii being n th?
neighborhood of tl ? old real i rant
V'-tr?l.i\ a tranafei t" Mrs. Callaban
Involved two plots, constating of -?
eral buildings it Non 130, 132, 131,
138 m,I 138 F. rk Row.
H;ul Failed to Get Job He Want?
ed?Laborer Dving
?:?-.., lung - ? -.
'"1 ?l-.oi ..( : . -
? ' ?
? ? and mot n- i .-,.!
brothi r, committ? ?i -
H intil
11 hour* la tei
it Ingi ' p. ; un , ,i
I ' ? g half a dos?
rope about hi
.. i .,,,
k oui
" " ed back on th?
? rack acted i
ling ih?
ton ih? n
? ?
? '
?aid ' . (lir
? tor
? .
II? also ?aid 1|
1 M |
'. ? ? ,.l
. .
(l?tt. . ,.
. . .,
"? ? ? ? .-? m
?re la - - -I
A ' ? ' ? ? trou ?les,
' ' ? ? - -;
e. ? :, l ibor? r. who
work I il week He tired a bullet
' ?
' ? ? ken tu
the ?? il in a i m
i u ondll ?
he |
been aloon
n ? 1, II? '
th. m, altlt glaxi uplifted,
? Th ? l
. . . . R ; ? .
non ? bet and red ta
., ., ..-.-i
ai ni * ii'. and ?ha?
,...,,, r-, wall Th? -, cu,,i
..,.,.. ? ui .,n,l In
illopp.,1 t , (hi th'i'l - .
i-, .. v.. ?' ?? l"1
, ?... ?,-.,, ind? ,i m u to that Ii
t ,n.. ?.? ? ? ,:
mm ?? i : ? . M I ? M hoUl
Five Grand Jurors Compliment
m., m. mix ra ol th? adltloi ? i ?
t with Judgi
l ?/Bull Iva Ueni
,,t var?an? with the presentment Bled
with Justice O? Ihr? seka ago ?>% the
. rand Jui - whl? h b? had Inetructed to
... , ,,,. Tomb Th? onl) polnl up n
which tin- two reporta agre? la thai i
m b prison i,n i,d be bull?
v.,. ?je n- to , ompllmeni Ih? ? 'omml:
?ton? r ol ? Directions, lila d? putl? - " <1
warden) directl) la charge "t ?<??* Pi I ?
on." states th? report Bled yesterdsj
? and i.. Bist? "til' tall) lbs! ihe) ba??
. ondw t? ,i and i.nductlng bbW pi
;ii?i ;,n .,i ,t- ,h partmenta In s buslnr?
?ike and .-.mitai I WB) ?? "??? P ? ""im nd
th.it s tew prison be I uiit t.. -.void II -
pi. sent congestion; we desire M pr?ta?
iin management upon the i ondlttona pr?
i. | In the prison "
Justk a Oofl i grand |ui i n pot i"1 man'.
?Pf., t- due to ' lasltj of order and dla?
i-lplln? A i" the aids of ihe Com
mlsston? i ol t 'orrectton tbe grand I ii ?
of the Bupr? me t 'ourt called Deputj ? '.
mtsslonei Wrtghi "an Ineffldenl publl?
aervanL" and re?E?ornnMnded Ma dlarols
aal, and also recommended the! Wardan
Paitan ba retired tax bus? "i bis sdvanosd
intiie tiotT'H grand mi-, snd tbe live
who rep,-ni,i resterday Inspeeted the
Tombs m the sum? week Th? following
an the m< n who atgned tin' rapor! Bled
rdaj AlualBilit l.oV ? ? -1 li.il. "f N"
HI Weal ""ih street: Mltchel B. Bern
Bteln, "I MO 1 We.-I 7'itti streif, 'hat les
W Brand, of Mo IM BaM MM street;
Willis F Bawysr, of Ho. Hi Audubon bvo
? .. and v. D H. Washington, ot No.
M7 Fifth avi nu<
?I'll, poll? a i tasstte Bporting Annual '
for III* putatahed bj th? Bk hard K. Fot
Publishing Oompsny. Is out 'i is a eaas
pendlum of best Betferrnsnees ta sil
branchm of marts, rnsaattad mni edited
? gaffa ?' Au-tin.
Tiie main feature nf the Ponk. hOWOVOr,
la tin pugilist.cord"- ami include- th?
bhnon of ?'-cry boxer of peendncaci in
I i - world
More Petitions Filed than in
Any Year Since 1899.
There ?rere t.".7, petit.? m bankruptcy
filed in the <ietk's ofBee of tin- United
staf-- District ?"?luit in im This was
BJ more than in HJ11, an-l is the latRe-t
th? last sei < n yeai s Th? re? -
er for any ?m.- j.-a-- aras UMS, in
IM Tb? numb, i ..f petittot,s Hied was
1.519 h IM1, in-; la 1919, IJH la 1919, i.""'
1999, 1 991 in 1991 and ? in |fsf, 'i"i,e
total number "f petition- died sime the
bankruptcy ari went into effect, August
I, 1991, was 17...T*.
Th.- tiiiiniie; of dleeharges t"i I9U was
:..i. eompared with ?_?? la IM1, Ol in 1919,
T?? ?n isa?, ta in im ?mi m ia un
More Mined at Higher Wages
and Better Prices Obtained.
IB .i II 1 rit an
Pittsburgh, Dec. II.?The' year 1911
marked i nee record In the .-oai Industrv
?n tin- United states in tonnage mined,
wages taid. prices obtained ami ship?
ments abroad, according t" "The ?."oai
Trade Bulletin's" summer* The total
tonnage for bituminous coal was c":.^l.<\<>*
tnd nnthracite I2?99.099 tons, totalling
*dS.703,O0Q ions. The total In 1911 was tiw.
?.. ...
The total Mtumiitoua ?oai mined in
Pennsylvanls this ? .n was 1(9,199,099 tona
In 1911 i am.ited t.. 144,721,301 tona The
total anthracite mined m thla suite ?a<<
*2 ''?'?' ton? m 19U ami M.M4.991 tona In
1911. West Virginio and Illinois were sec?
ond in bituminous coal tonnage, the out?
put being 57.000,000 ions.
Th? iummsry tell? of the Increased
wages paid m the anthracite field? ind
the Increased prices i-> consumers, and
The bltumlnoua trade had s good rear
Bt Id?* a phenomenal tonnage snd the
HXtremelj intense demand, the year was
????I b? Ihe highest prie- paid to;
ng in th? history "f mining I' ? ton
It al.. ua mat,.. d bj the Bral really
upward n- nd ol pri?es f." a number "f
ears, a fact that makes th? op, inns of
i ? ? pr?s? ni ? ? ?" pat tlcularl) pit aalng to
th? trad?
Ai Important phase of the trade during
lb? v ' ?? ' v'., the Increas? In esports, th?
increase being to countries thai hitherto
d? pend? ?i largelt on Bi itial.il The
nailon wide ?trlke oi the Brltiah miners,
which Completel) tle*d up ihe mines .,f
i hat . American coal an
ipportunilv, ami t ;oducet i w? ? nol ilow
to laki id, ?ntag? ui thli
Th bi ras notahl? ? ? ? disas?
ter* reusing heavj loss ->r Iff ? most
important disaster being sn esplo ? n
Jed, ?V, Va., wm u right) men were
Two Appointed in Friendly Proceed?
?; nn.. Dec. 31 I ppll? aii" ,
???? ? . a i-olntm? tit ,,! ? rei elvci t" lbs
I'enn? re ? entrai Railroad vas granted
? . ?-, deral court h< re on the
- -ni w i '- ? lyce. Jr. "f
>t i oui* v |i prt id? nt of Ih? road. The
. .? m. re II. B i ?hamberiuin,
. .. . ;.,, ?dei t of th ? ???? ind W. K,
- reme Court
.... .. i'n pro? ' sdlag is i d to
i -. De? M. -The Btai d
m ? . pan? "f Me? foi k, a ?th
a . Bpltal ol I I ".'. w.n , hart? n .1 by
. gtate Department at Dover t"-.inv.
. incorpora tors an I ?onsld Muhlman,
... \. v v-.rK. ind \. .1 Melon? ? snd
? i: i.,tiei. of this city. Ths com
Khoi ?/.. -i to J? a! in automol llea,
:.m-'i - glne app iratua mol ?
. .,-..; | ol h? i form? "f iiftor pr?
. v. '.:? |, -
?.? .' ? |
- tau -
DANIEL ? -i i.' a -'
?irrrt Voluntai '-. I J- -?-'
,.,,,,,. i. ... v., o?u M ?lion ' i<. .-ii
.r m i .a .. ton '. i 10
.v ?.'. -?? m ?.
, - -, , ma i ? | ra?ate Phllad?
, j- al i... mk ..f Hmj ma Del
I -? . tin 11 'it.i , $12,000 \ ? ill?
?... .;?. BH.tMl i il - 123 ?? " ... 1
? ' .. | v,, in".,
... i- luntai ' n dltora H
,v !?? , ??i ?is??, vr tel M ?i
: . , i i- v v-- ?ISO Llabllltie? Ifiil.OUU
IAN - ' Wei
? -.o ' 'red I ?era \
? -.;. i . ? lanufa t
v,i. 1000
. . us.i - 'AT COMPANY N 177
? I - . , . ? IM il ' *?'.'?- - ! E
187" ;. ? 18.001
>. ?
,|10 ,<!!?!.. S" .'l? p.
. ? HI .."I . ?--?-f?
? K v : ' \t \ S. So !!<?? .-'?? nd a ? e
- - f.--.- ?
it No. 303 Fifth ?
?n w I H?u?ei $41'..
vt t,. ii I'odd In?,
Ml . Lia rm ab,ut $123 0t " ai
< ? ? ?I
, fioiii Tii?- Tribal I ! .
Washington. Decembei :>i.
OHOBRa IBBUBD.?The following or
dera have bean ts-n.ii
Retirement ol Brigadier QSaeral EDWARD J
11 il.KP.N l NU aun -un- ed
Nam.- ,.; Fir?! Lieutenant EDWARD W
Wl l.l'Kh'K ,.,a?t ?rtlll.r-.. |.U.?.| on Hit of
? i-i?. 1.1-.i ufltcera, nut name ai Fini Lieu
tenant KU.KKY u Mi.KS ioa?t artillery,
- : ? BO! ?? 1 th? r-imtii
se-.iii.i Lieutenant HL'QHEY B, tu min,;
way. .-?IN' artillery, to Fort Morgan, Janu
ir- 17. IBIS, ''or examination for promotion.
i.-H' - .',....-i.- Captain DAVID t. STONE,
SSth Infsntr) one m .ich s, ond Lieutenant
OSCAR s HO HL.BE Ri i ..ni* of eng -
n?t?i>n ila-v ,.:i ,mi.;,leiten of rvaininat i-n
for promotion
Captain E P FORTSON letaebed marts?
barracka, Anassalto; to Gamp Elliott, fan
? iin E \ GREENE a'H Flr?t 1.1'inrnmit
n M in it.i;i:. deta< >.*.| marin? ?.aira k?
' Nee Yi.rK: Piral Lieutenant T. E. THRASH
?R, detaehed marine barracks, Chai e?ton,
mil s. ...nd Ltout*nsni R E MESSER
.-Mi I'll detached marine narra-k-, PI Itadel
iiiia; au ??> marin.- detachment, American
Legation. Managua. Ni.ivaRia
s., i..,: Lieutenant D. F. Di'V-'AN. order? to
Mai-- I ?land revoked t,, na\at iheciplinarv
l>aira-'k?, l'nr?'t S,.'?ml.
foil,,win?; BMvenwnta ?,f vesseli have
been reported to the Kavy Department:
I ? ; ' .i? i ?., lops al : .an: ,m,i n...
i?*,- .".n -ri,.- Arkansas, if Hichh.
Wyoming, it Kamptoi Road?; the Pralrt?
:i ? Quantanamo; th? Potomac, al Wash
tagtoa; th? Annapolto, si Mare i?ian?i.
ii?. 2S The Arkaasaa fresa Key Wen I
ii--,. 30 Th? Boise*, frcm rompkln?vllto 'oi
Hampton Road? the innepofla from Ban
Franela ?> fur Mat? i-iami
Th? MlMls?lpp? ..ml th? Missouri a<*i?ii?'d to
Atlsatle i-i'utui fl?pt
Children Gather Round It to
? Hear Band and Songs.
Tin- city's ?'lil?simas tree In Madison
Square Park took pan In its last t brist
mata c?l?bration i.i^t evening, betw? n
-?d T o'clock. A semicircle of children
gathered Ilk* a dense indue ;ii?,-it th?
tro,- ?nd tho bandstand snd ijst.11,.,1 t?.
the strains of the Frank Str?t7. Hand, nt.d
to thr carols ami hymns sung b) t ??
Owenl Mai? Choir ol Wetah *ins?is and
by the Juntoi Choli of the John n us
Bohemlsn Presbyt?rien Church. Fat. r
on th? tt' -? had Its sp?cial pla? ?? In the
pener, ii New fear's ev? eelebrattoi
which ?ngulfed the community, but it
bad said goodby to the cniidren at-.d to
Christmas kW.
Nothing aln? ? the nlghl it Bi si lurat
into glm y had Intel 1 'Inil lo din ii.
radlanc? of the beautiful nie aymbol
w tii its l.MO lights (Boston'? big Christ
tree had onl) .',"" by th? way) i sd
white. Mm snd green, it burn! it.- bright
image Into th? hearts of several thou?
sand su,,-tii embryonic citlsens, .i good
man) <>f whom joined In the singing ?
"Amerii a" b) the Junior ? 'hoir ol ? ?
i.. ? ii'.-- Boh? m tan CI ? d of
"Onward Christian Soldiers ' byth? same
.. gai issttan "Oh, Little Toa n of B? thi?
hem. winch Ile Moln-iiiian I
aang, their little audience dldn'l know
so well.
?'. M it Ath? i ton I? sd i of t h? Bo
in rnlsn ? hoir, . kptalned that lie had
p:;niii.,i to have his choir of KB sing m?
?:.ii anclenl Bohemian Christmas carols,
nut through some mlstaki a piano was
not available, and this attractive part of
tin programme had to be given up. In?
stead, too. ,.f it* full strength of '-?". he
?as able to <?ather only '*< memtx ra "f ins
choir. They maie a brave showing how?
The W'lsh singer?. M In number, led
b) ?; F Favies sat,i; "Ths March "f
the Men "f Hsrtaeh,.Hi? Litt ??
''le.i n. ' 'Ar-hyd-y-nos" ? All Through
th? Night"), th? Welsh hymn "Aberyst
w\th "Cydgen-y-morwyr" FTh? Ball
ors' Chorus"!; 'The Soldiers' Chorus,"
from "Faust"; the Wetah national an?
them, Hen-wtad-fy-nhadau" < The Lend
of My Fathers") "The Beleaguered," and
"The St.,i Spangled Bannei " in which
the - i.ii. n I'Mi'd them.
Mrs. Daniel Must Quit House
i After Four-Year Fight.
Mrs. Anna K i ?aniel ag ilnsl ? hum
the I'tilt.'d St:ii?-- Trust ComOBB) i IB
been trying to foreclose a mortgage si
\,> 128 West 12d street for nesrly four
? -, -, will now have to leave hei house
imethlng of s hui : > oi submit to
forcible ejection by the Sheriff Juattce
rate, sitting In the Supreme Court,
(-entente) signed an ordei directing the
I Sheriff to put the trust compan) in to?
se- al?n
- can has been fought to t he < 'ourl
<>r \ppeais Bcversi times, Mrs. Daniel
flnall) sppearlna "? her own behalf
?It1iii.il It,-, aril und r i'ie?ii?l. Wai ilngton,
Dee, ;;i Prissar? Is km ovm Kerthara 91??
m. tu ani relativ?!)! high tJaraaighoeM lb?
South and "ff tin> I'i.pv Casal r?as preasuri
?a allen baa teased ? eentiaaallea ef ?ted
? -1 nt.- temp?rature? and foe rally fait ??athn
-...i tl,.- KtP.it.r perl or th.- Uatteg Mint'?.
II... ?-ie, BOWOVer, i aim, alow, ihe south)
vil.it, l ?nl .act ?liilf lOH.stn, ?a.l on the
Pa Ifli nop?.
ra. Indication? ?re that the weather win be
generell, fall Wednesdsj and ThurRdav over
?II dlatriet? -?-t -if th. Rocky Mountains, .x
rapt that ther? win h<- rain* Wadneadajr on
Ih? eeutk Atlantli -na?t The ?rathei will I.
itled, ?ith laeel mowa W?dn??day, f"i
lowed i.v full waatbei Thuradei la lb? Rock*1
Mi mtalni ai I !? .t--1'i region?
Moderst? lamperslue? win continue throus?
ma tt.e rouatr) escept In th.- NorUiwasMra
>v in re II a ?n i.-- i older Tlmrwlsi
St..un ??.rntnn? ate di?plav.-I ,n the north
I'.n i!.- . ?aal
Th' ?rind? along ih? New Bagland ami mid
dle ?Mlantl eoas? win he moderat? ?nuthw.it: I
south Atlatttl. meI Calf roast, light variable.
UiV- Michigan, raoSarat? ?outli and BMthamt.
steamer? departing W?dn??d?) for Lampean
port! ?fill I.uve BMMMraU) BSUUi an<1 -o>ith?e.t
v?n,.t? and cleudi areala-w la um Oread Hank?. |
larrea?! for Special l-malllir??Por Ka.t
'in New \<>rk. i Ion?)? lo-day; to-morrow,
fair: moderate Miutliw-e.t wind?.
P? Northern New BagtanS, Mr l? dav and
tn morrow; modarata ?nuthw??t ?i.i?.
I'-.r Bout aera N?w Raeland. Baatera pena
? v?vame. New Jersey, Delaarar?, Mat viand and
ib< ii-'tii "f Columbia, cloud) te-da; te
morrow, fuit ?uh ?sadarat? aauthwaM arlad?
int ..'.?.?lfm Peaasylvanla an! \v?>?terti Non
York, generallv fair to-dav ami la DMMTOW;
moderst? ao?ithw>?.t wind?.
Kir Virginia, cloudy to dav. pre- eded livrait?
in ?"iitlieastern portion; t.- inoiiow, fair, with
ligia aouth and ?Mthwasl winds
8 a. in. . 99 I P M. 19 I p- m. . . TO
sttoea taken at United state? wastker
bureau? at 8 p. in. jesterday follow:
City. Temperature U?athet
AU.unv ... ?II i'lear
Atianii-' City . 4? i k>ud)
Haston 44 i'loudy
BrntSM . 4^ -inu.l,
' IhlOBgO . *>** ' >?"
New brl?SBS . M i'lear
Si |?.ui? . M ? leaf
Waaktngtea . ** Cleady
T.oeal Onieial Record. -Tin- following offlrlal
i?. --id fmin UM Weal her Ruremi show? the
chancea In the temperature for the last twentv -
fnur hours. In ii'iiiparl.-on with the ?emdpSad
lag '?ate af l??t year:
lim IS19.1 ipil ItlX
:! a tn. IS ?Ol ?'. p m . Ig 45
H H m.*) :w ? p ni .:i" 4.',
!i s. M...... SI SS ? 11 i> m . ?? 4e,
|? m . .l? 4?i |J p. m. sa
4 B m.? H|
Highest tsaapetalara yesterday, 49 -at 3
t> in |? l.iwi-t. 36 tat K a. in i, averag? >??
?erdav, 4L': average f"r rorreiponduig date la?t
ve.r. .'1.1: average fm corresi^nding <:aie Mat
'alttv three .ear?. .12
Local Pore?aal ?'imidv t.. dav h* aSBROW,
lalr. im-|ci?tf soutint ly winds
when her lawyers refused to cart) it ?n
any longer. The propert) wa- recently
sold b) order of the court, tho pur, haase
being ihe trust cempany which held tho
inurtiZiiKr. BtlU Mts LJsntal refus-u ?-,
iracate, on the ground that lustre? had
n? t hern ?lone bar siie used the pisca
as .1 boarding house. Bayiag thai ?-he
was without means and \mhj|.| lu iinahia
to supporl herself If Ii was lasen away.
t j? Bui art, ? i i, ....n ii- i i"-,
moon s ax?', J4
BiOB a a
\ m r M.
?j is ; i.*?
liovernoi - i- ,-? I ?; ... ': IT
Hi-I| ij.'.I.. 4 |S ;, u7
. - 'f
Band? Hook ?i 11 -" ?
?d Ul ill* k I'lili:? .,
Tie Patr?ela, reported a? 1.133 mtta? esst ,?f
San," Hook ai it ':u a m y? i < I
: to <1"i k Frtdsj
Tin Krooaton I,
Bandy H. m noon yesterday, I ?v- '? '? >
... I t|.v -,, .
i in- id rial le, reported .??< WO ml - - o.im of
Sand) Hook at I3:S0 p m yesterday, la e*|
'n loi k ?hi- sftcraaea
Vasas*. Fr.-im. LBM
?i- . lam, . i: n- r '? im r?ei ?l, Koll ?m
'. ' -,man.I . ..AntHeip I ?? ? .1 Ited
? Laurent Ic Liverpool, I ?< ? :i ,W m ii
?p s..... [n i ,_ Kiin-su-n ;'??? .?; ai.un. \ i
?i|>,le.Ki.i.---..ii. !' jt.,RMIP
IdtlStU.N'SptoS |),. :l . Wlnio Si ir
Mohawk ... j , ?, Id D# ?_-.?
'. ? 11,,-- . Soul ham| ton, I ?? 22 v ? iar
-/a, ap ? K ingiton, I>? 28. ...l F Co
Mi.ii'i . i :?-,,.. ii tvana Dec 2* .
, 'oimi-.Se? ' ' ? i ? .- . i ,
i-:i Rio ... i; iivcaton Da .: i Pas
I -ft 11 > \ ^ .1 AM \t:v 3
?M.i'l-.niia ....:,..' i ? .?. Fabre
?Moi i,', el, ?" H i vana, t >? ? 2*
?Mara albo Ma >-?gt ?a, I* .- i: -i D
p., ? i., Itambura I im-AaB
it,, burg . n. c ? i ? M..Usan-Ana
I . ., i ???.?,,. i -, gj.,
?UrlriK* mall.
*.?, I *-???l
\*??-l For Line ? 1"?? ?. ?all?
Moi.i[?aii. I.n.i?i. .. t I ?:,..?
Ca? i ... I. (iua ' ||. W '?" I i1?'
To onto, Hull, Wlkton
? ?. i- n,-, s P .
Alan ... tlalvekto i, Mallory . I "" P ?a
II on, huk'ville, Clyde... 1,00 \
I'tu RKDJt.IT 2
i., Havn Fi
?torro ? ? I, n. M ard 12 un
l.ip! .le: \ .- I : . Red -
Heilig Ot? penh n, 8 \
rte. Oatveal ., i , I- n ?
C of Monta s "
' RIDA Y. .1 \M II
I . \ -
? olon, Pan R R il ;: ? , ..
UU m ia Sai - , M. It \ I.' '
Canna? . f
? ; .,. ? i:. ? W'd - ' "
P., ii .... w'd
Moha? ,.i-.., i ... n
Il , r m N V. P M.
Hawaii. >'. ai . PI i Ban
I . . 1 - . I. *>
tapan, ?.I
Cl li ai, M iru ... Isa, X ?" 'l'>
Ha? ail ? - - ' - ?
IBM . la - ' '
Tahiti, Mm-; ? .,". Cook tolai ?to,
Ken /?a.oit Australia (via Bas
i i n oi M uiuk? ? "
lia? au i ipai ' on ..
- ? . . i ? i
.ta, a n.
Khfdj ii ka Ma u ; ??? I ? "
Hawaii, s.onoan (?land?, N?w /???
'an I, Au tralla I? Is -au I >an
?T-, i ' . ntu-a .Jan I. ?M
? .
Lord ' 12, ? te
Ha wa II, FI J
"i lira -
i ". V| i- Mai Ian. IT, l:3S
Japan, C? ? '
ivla Victoria Mont? Iah. IT. S:te
Port of New York. Tuesday, Decem?
ber SI, 1912.
\i- ... ./ ii lia i i ??
., - ? i : i ; , ' ,\ - ? ? will :
.. -
nt m i-.
ifa M
-?,-.' I
?i Bai ai lo 'T
Col -'' - ' '''e
I Fruit Co
.. I??, Arrlv, ? m
??: ' ? ? ? -
27, and K? w ? ? .- Mallo?
B? ?'0 tel l ?- -? . ? : - i ? ?
? ? ,
iteam, , ? I Deeeni
ber 21. to
- . . ? ? '
_.,; . . ;..-??.?
\: i ,\ eil It t
-'?i .Dr ? . Hr- ..-? I. S H? ?
to Bow ring S ?'o na i
\ . ?
* - n Dut
l>- i-mi., i ti'., ... D f Ha?
Si. amel l?.-rn.,n. i- - H- ?
r 10. Roi i i tl
Barbado? IV eml : i :
R P ? [oui
the H i r m ;
I? Ci p - '
Il I
.-? | her i
p. Mea?! ia 11 i
illbrali o 17. 'o th? un - - ? rh 2S
?OS m eoad
' i?
Il Ta a n
. . ,. ? ?. ....
K, ta I .,.-??
- I 15 p m
r .it ? ...
? and I
2 '.?: p
Steam? r Moi :.. .2'
Pr->s?e?n 2
Mail Sa ? la b? Ba
.; 23 '. m
glstomut a . i. ' Kit gat? .
land I. - ?' .n p m
V ., ? ?,. fl i i\ n s ? ' 2g '
9, \ ? .?? ? ?? -
- ... with pa?a?nser? a:-.? mds? i'?V??d In
sai d) Il. . ? a .'?. p : .
-?-.:.- t -?...., k ingatoa,
pa??d s,, .,,. h-.- i. .-? t?? III i
- ind Hook v i, :>??? :ti g SB i? m ?
W Ind - ?? Il - - ght t,'-./.. ? ,ily;
?mooth s*a,
- , Havn t m? .
- ,,i , -i.,!, ? Kir. - i k m Puerto Met lea Mil
i?,-n. Norfolk n!.,? N'i a?. Kl N'all.-,
??;..\ ??ton i lampanla Bi ? ' ath -
Hader s ? r. Jii?ik. \|e ? i ?Mo? a" i
Jackannrllle R. i m I . Korfelh;
i ^rutera tNori Bellae; <.'-n? a (Br), irtn ?
\ie: losa ilti S'aplei Ban ttiasgto
inn S'aple? H?,times i|i ,. Montevideo;
AU-.miuiri Turk'.-, Is!.. \ l.inta,
i; Delaware, P I
l!.i\ri [>? .".' l'ritn- UTIle: i I : il New.
Ymk rai Waan India? ami V'?n?susaa for
l, mater ?an
Hul| I? "??? Frsni la i iBr) X? ?r Yo?k.
Ai(?i>a Baj D?e M Oordon Canlc ?Br>, N>w
Vork \ la st Vincent, r V, and ,'sp,- Tows'
K-1..-. tu-, 'in i:i.?? mfontoln (Br>, Bea fork
\ ia AI?; i-. \.'..-n. Btng pot . i .... ?? . Mi
Pan ados D?? M Tbamea IBr), a^MthaBBjatan
fvf Nea York na i n mi. ?te,
Emiten, i'?- -?'? BInna iRumi, v * I .k fe.
Cape Timn. I". t Knie.f. I- i'..-M. N\ W
Y.ak f.-.r Framantle, ?ti
Bavaaa, D?m 21 fltoaiaan IBr) Now Voik v?a
oran, t "?? 2T ThlmbUt? 'Hr.. N?w Ym?.
Aiitwon-, lie. Ltl PtatoBd, N.--.V Tort via
li ser
Liverpool, Dee 96 ? I.mltanla (Br), N>w York
\la I :>?-??. i' ?
itiirihaux. i>e.- xs?Petroletac tBn, K?w Terh.
Punta Arenas, D r ..i Wcattleld (Bri, S*%
Veil; .-.mi Norfolk vi.i st Lacta ?'?
Christiania. H- .1 '.miad Ifeba !'?
N. ? Y'ork.
port Bald, '?-i 31 - - a (Br), N?? York.
>-.??..: i? :;i Mesan tie. Ne? Tork fee
Qa?enato?rn ami Lieeri.i. reported i-^
? ir- n??? J'..' mile? ?r?HH at 1:10 p in Dun
at ?j?eonatuwii about ?'? :;u a ?a, to-dai
Moateria Deo -?; -Arnold Anurinck ";er),
?Usa Tork
Darben I>f' Jl-r.ind.n i?Soi? 'from N-ar
Ynr!; ?. B tai ii. MO,
Naples it?-' -'T Barbara ?Br? New Y'ori?.
Kurt |!la>. Dae JS? UBmi I Bl ?, N>-.\ York.
llgl na, 11 ' IS (??oania ? A?i?: i (from Tri
?sti?l. N'?-?- Yot U
Mar-, I?.- ,".i? .'.c ihn. IFrl. Sew York.
Ba--ia. De? 2S? ir.inRe Pritic?? (Bri ?from
Bantoa ami itio ds Janeiro), |f?w Y-,rk.
p \s.si-:i).
pow r. n-r :tl -Tiii-riu? nirti, New York
ind Balilmor? for Rottardam.
l'lrim. Dec :'-l Wraj Castle iBr), Meut?.
via Colombo f?u Boston and Neu' Y'ork.

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