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yS^TxXH ? ? g? 2-U 56. ^^Q^^nmTamoV^ NEW-YORK. SATURDAY, JAM'ARV I. 1!>i:i.?IS PAGES.
o *
nn __r_w*t n\Ti-i /--ir^KT'I'? In CO ?* >>1r Vo*"h. Jersey Ml.? and lUbeus'
PRICE ONE CEjN X elsewhere two cents.
Through Counsel, He Accepts
Subpoena to Appear as Wit?
ness Before the Pujo
Committee Jan. 13.
?'Money Trust" Inquisitors at
Wit's Ends When News Came
I That Millionaire Had Sur?
rendered?His Where?
abouts Kept Secret.
| After a campaign which begun last
{June f"*'1 H four-day siege of his home
in this citj William Rockefeller capit?
ulate.! >< trrdny t?. the power and
pajesi "money trust" Investi?
gating '.???mmlttce of Congress. He
iWgniscr] |n accept service of the sub
W?o?n,i f. ? appearance a? a witness
fxivv the Pujo committee at Wash?
ington ' Januar>? Y?.
The while lag of surrender, as the
R>uj. ?? d it. os of truce, ?is Mr.
Btoel.''?;!? i - friends designated the
?eclsion i'I' Mr. Rockefeller, waa hoist
?_ b) the o ! and copper magnate's
our.s?"!. John a. Oarves*. The capltu?
ation was announced in a formal
Ltatemei :ied from the office of
Kainini rntermyer. co'jnsel t?> the Pn.io
jcommii'?? Mini .-eis the data for Mr.
Jjtoii? irance before that
fcody ' I.'!. The statement
?i ?.f the chairman ?>f the
Mini I'ntermyer hi?-?? accept?
jtd of the committee, th?
Lfi John a. ?laivei. counsel
?lor v Rockefeller. i<> aecepl aer
\\ ? ? ? h for ilif attendant*? of
jjlr. ):? kr before ihe committee
;it ?\ - ?? on January 13. Fol
laariDg ?' grecment the sergeant -at -
?arm? cf the House has been instructed
iadiicontin i? his efforts i?. effect ser- j
'?*ic#? en Mr J<<? kefeller.
"Mi Garver has at the same time a?i- ?
.?"vised Mr. I'ntermyer that Mr. Rock*?- ?
fellers condition of health is very pre- '
eariou*. and that it will be Impossible ?
from' him t.i appear as a witness at I
|?Tae1iington or even aubmll to txam
fnation at his home.
Will Receive His Excuses.
'Mr. R<x kefeller has been informed
that, h;t\ing nov. submitted to the
Jurisdiction of the committee, he must
present his excuses to the committee in
?Jue form, for such action as it may
?fleem proper. If it is established to the
patlsfactloii uf the committee that it
Vill be imposslMe to scure the testi
gnony of Mr. Ru? kefeller without lm
gierllhng his life, the ?ommlttee would.
?t)f cour.??*, not f?al justified in taking
?liny such extreme action, it may con?
clude |o secura an independent opto?
John A Garver, ??>unse| for Mr.
"fio kc-?e?er. s.iid last night he had ac- ,
'?ep;?>"l th? service of the subpoena <?n
'behalf r?r Mr Rockefeller. He declared |
Jt eras a voluntary a?ceptan?e, after?
?trangement! had been made with Mr.
ra?ntermy< in the afternoon.
Mr. Gai ei declined to answer a
fjuei whether Mr. Rockefellei
?*a? ... pr< -? -?.i in ih?- city.
Thi- is :>, termination uf one of tns
Irif'S' extraordinary case.? of procaaw ;
ser-i.ie in th?- histofy of this countr.?.,
Jat nc othei time has such drastlol
mean? been resorted to in an effort to
?gerve a ? Itneas. Bin e last June depu
lie? of charle? F. Iliddcll. eergeant-at
rm.? ??f the House of Representatives.
.k&i?; ?en trying t.i serve Mr. Rocke
'?'? with the subpoena. T'nsuccrass
h their attempts, A. P. Pujo, of
ge na, chairman ?.f the aub-com
fclttK. ?,r the Banking and Currency
Comn.rt... of the House of Repre
?Rtatlves, solicited the assistance of
ihe *f -rgeant-at-arms of the Hoi is?*.
?Mr Riddell came to thin city himst?:f
fi.ntiiiiiril nn fifth pas", third column.
This Morning's News
Jraf* Wltneaa Blackjacked. 1
Marine.-, Guard Mr. ReHTa Body. 1
niliam Rockefeller Smrendera. 1
cal Storm Loss Heavy. 1
jfc'ata! Knda Stormy Voyage. t
Castro stays on Eleventh Hour Writ. B
*>eny Insurance Laxity.g
:Yv>or?< Stamp? in Mailing Parcele.... 7
rReswel] Mille, round I ?end. 9
?Billvan Law I'pheld ?n -Tent.IB
??sst'tnent Workers Riel.IB
?leisen Making Pictures Talk.IB
jYenkers I.:?w Bars Strlkebreakare... .It
aa> Wilson Wants O'Oorman In Cabi?
net . a
?icltii Van Helles Governor Wilson.. 3
?felxei foi Rome P.ule In Politics... 6
-"' ? ? ?i s Perfect fusion. g
1 .1 IirvIs.13
1 Bail Klxed at ll.100.oou.. 1 j
Cal? s..,,.. :,.. i 'oast. I j
.Hex] ,, ?V?*ks Loan. 4 j
fc?* Arehfcold Let ter a ''ile.l. 6
1 ' *????..1? 1.1.?. Diplomatie Heception. 6
Oei '.\.?,?i Wants Canteen Restored.. Ii
?alrei Withholds Brandi Papers. ?!
Oeage Indian Council Ouated... ?
Balkan Allies Presen 1 l'ltimatum.4
|Keu-s for Women. 7
? Editorial . a
?oei? t y . a
?Art Exhibitions . ?
.?lusic. a
Obituary . 9
Literary News and Critlclam. .10 and 11
Church and Religious News.11
?*i"i ?? .ia
??Army and Navy.13
Weather .13
pblp-jli)-; .13
?fliiai.? i: ; a,,,i Markets-IS, 14 and 15
'Real L?tate._IB
Coffin Safely Landed from tl
Cruiser Natal and Placed
in Cathedral of St.
John the Divine.
Men Show Respect for Der
Ambassador hy Raiding
Hats as Caisson and
Its Burden Pass
Through Streets.
The la. ..I > ,.! 'VHl.liivv Re?d w
taken from the British cruiser Nal
In tii" North River yesterday aft?
ni.itii r?n?i ron rey ed b) an escort ?tf m
ri?es from the Ainerl.~in bnttleshi
T-i.iri.ia and Ninth Dakota, t.? ti
C*avthedra| >>? si. John tti*-- invine, ?
M?irniii|?M?lr rlelffhta, arh? r?B th" fniier
a ill be lieh; to-day.
Mr, Ri id'a bod] iaj in the . rypt
the oatliedral laat : 1..1.1. guarded by
lleta.?hiv.oiit ol m ii In? v fi'Mu the battit
j ship Conn? (;? ut. the eofhr art
I ?draped stmplj In an American Hag,
Th? lainiinir ?.f \ho body at the nan
?float at ?iKtii streel a-aa conducted wit
solemn and Impressive ceremony*.
great crowd had gathe ed along Rlrei
aide Drive, overlooking the tandis
placa and n< ar the t Ii 11 front Hal
srere removed snd heads bowed 1
I eleven ..; ti?. non-commissioned offlcei
from the Floi ids lift? 1 the Rag drape
i coffin rroni Rear Admiral Plafc?
latin ?h, which had U k? 1 the bodj frot
I tit?? Natal, and placed it on the waltin
Cni'-s?.!! of Bstterj I', ii'i Field ArtiUeri
from l?-i t >Ifj .. Virgil 1
Marines Lead Cortrgr.
Headed by .1 battalion of marin?
from the North Dakota, wealing the!
sober itiiir undress uniforma and car
rylng guna a mi tinted corporal and in
privates from Port Meyer guided tii
spirit???) atoatass attached t?> the trun
vag?n mi the way t<> the cathedral
Captain H H. Wilson ami tli<? officer
of the North Dak ita, vvit!i tWO battal
?ons of nuil?.i s and the band from tha
ship, atood at attonUon sa .s cort?g
passed alone th?-- nail leading fjfom tin
landing aii'l turned into !?6th Street
The band played a dirse. The Nottl
Dakota ?ailors returned to their shit,
after the body had rass.'d ami dtfeiKr
accompany the escort
Captain T. If. Pott* V. B. ft., wh<
rame from Washington to represtnt lh<
Secretary of the Navy, ami Chandl'-i
Haas, Third Assist,'r.t Deotsjtarj ol
State, were at the landing, an'l followe*!
the body U> the cathedral. Will Ogdei
Mills, brother-in-law of Mr. Raid, an?
th.- Ambii:?sa.|?.i 'a s?tn. Ogden Mil?
K?-id, th?-v rode 1.1 a itomobuea dire? tl)
back of tl.-- Caisson S. S. Hank?. M
Keid's former BOCretary, also was in tin
The escort marched in alienee through
Btth street t" Broadway -'?"?i up Broad?
way t?> 110th street, ahere ii .aed
tu Arnst?i(i.?iii avenus and 1 1 tin
t-sthedral, at 1 l-tli street Several
mounted policemen rods in front of the
marines ami kept the people bach Id
tilt curb?, gnite a crowd gathered
ahng Broadway hs th?- COTteS? passed,
and it was noticeable tii*.? moat of the
men removed their bats ?>n; of respect
for the dead Ambassadoi al the mkIii of
the caisson and its burden.
Petty Officers Pailbesrers.
The elewn petty ofllcera from the
Florida, In ?haige of Lieutenant H. K
Hewitt, who ailed ?m pallbearers
walked on cither fble of the gun car?
riage on the march t.t the catbedraL
They wore dress uniform.?- ? ovorod by
?heir heavy overcoat**, aHh mourning
hands On ?W BlOOVa The body was
taken to tha norib si?*?- ol iti?-1 athedral
an?i deposited in th?- crypt by Ins pall?
bearer?, while the msrin? - BtO ?i St at?
tention. The coftin rested before tii"
altar near th?- gravi "f Bishop Potter.
Ther?- ware man* beautiful floral of?
fering? ?1 the cathedral, and the crypt
was decorate?! altli I ?ant.? and flowers.
An anchor <>l* a ' ?rnsttOM and Im?
mortellen from Captain Clement ?Jreu
torex, the off?cerf and ?hijis 1 ompaii.,
of H. M. B. N'atal lay on t?'p "f tue
coffin, having resin?! there during tue
escort to the cathedral. A large wreath
of violet?, Croat the employes of The
Tribune was placed b*?lde the coffin.
A short service wa?; held 111 the Ctypl
after the body arrived, at vhlch only
the immediate mrmbf-ie of the family
were present The Very iiev. William
ai. Groo***a*nor, ?lean of the Cathedral of
St. John the Divine, and the Rev. How?
ard C'lianler RobMns, rector of the
Church Of th?? Incarnat,11,1. whlcfa Air.
Raid's fainii: attended, conducted the
Dr. RobMns rcau realm i", "Wbooo
dwelleth und?-r the- defence of the Most
High shall abide under the shadow of
the Almlgb .'* and Dean i.rosvi-noi
read the Lard'a Prayer and throe
prajrers with s ble?slng? Tims, pres?
ent at th<- servies w?r? lira, Re?d,
Ogden Mill? Reid, Mr. and Mrs. OgdMI
Mills, Mrs. J La. Harrtataan, Captain
Potts and Chandler Hale.
The body remained in the ?.t> pt last
night, guarded by the Connect icut'a
marines. Four marines Stood at earh
corner of the coffin, two guarded the
doors to the crypt, while others paced
bark an?l forth on the ?rypt slilc of the
Cathedral. There Bffjftf twenty men on
guard duty, and they worked in two
hour ?hif?-. Cots had bee? provided
Ceatlaued en third sage, third column.
< officers and crew of the cruiser Natal line ?he side and stand uncovered an the body is lowered into the launch of Rear Admiral Fiske,
to he taken ashore._
FIXED AT $VI 00,00
(J. S. Circuit Court of Appe?
Grants Writ of Supersedea:
and Hints at Undue Haste
in Imprisonment.
$10,000 FOR EACH YEA
Contention of Error in Tryir
Defendants on Theory of a
Continuing Conspiracy In?
fluences Judges?Bonds
May Not Be Raised.
Chicago, .inn 8.?Bonds sggrcgatti
?1.1*00,000, secured i.v propertj arorl
not )'?-* n.m twice that amont mu?
be given .* ib.- thirty-two labor leradei
convicted ??: .onsptrac) to tranepoi
dynamtte m.- t?. take advantngja ?>f g
writ of supersedeaa granted hen- t?
day by ?he United Matea Olrcntl Com
of Aplic?is
U helh'-i ?hi? sum cotlM be ??I
talaed v.as admitted i>v rminagl for tii
defen??'* t<? l?i* ii matter of grave doub
but tiie?. expressed the belief tiiat a
leaal enough ??f it ? ouM i??* *e. nre?i t
liberate President Frank M. ityan ?.
the [nternatlone] Asee? Lation <?f iin.ig
.uid Btmcturnl Ironworkers ami ? fe\
others until .I?-, isii.n liad been reaaChOJ
on an appeal, f"i Hie filing of will, h th
ceuti allowed sixi\ days
?if tin* thirty-three men now in th.
Leavenwortti penltenttary, Herbert s
Hockin, ? ??secretary <>f Hi" union an?
desigual??! among his fellow prisoner!
as the "informer," will not appeal.
Judges linker and Keninan lieanl th<
arguments, and tin* decision was bi
.!. dge Baker. Ha li.limattd that undn?
bakte wsa manifestad at indianapoii?
in committing lbs defen?narta to prison
The writ w.'i- i-si>.,i iai*g>yl] on tin
point raised I i tig defenre that the
iii.nwork?-i.? were convicted <?f a con?
tinning offence ? conspiracj locoanmll
offences contlnuouslj.
Offences Not Extraditable.
in fixiiiK ball the court was Influenced
by the f.u t lliat the off? n es are not
extraditable. .ludg?* Alben B. Audsr?
son. who presided over Um i rial cetirt
nt Indianapolis, was authorized t(, pass
upon the Bultabillty and Bdequary of
an) botada <>?r?i??i. Charlea \v. Miner,
United Malts Attorney, of Indianap?
oii,', wh?. represented Hie ?<"v?*rnm?nt
at lo-da.\'s pro i lings, stated that the
bonds of surety companies probably
would I?* ;.? ?eptuble, Imt that the sur?
ety must schedule in property twice the
am?.uni of the bond.
a baaia of nio.isni f.u euch yeer'a
sentence araa laaad by ih?- court in fix?
ing the am?.uni of the bonds. As Ryan
was sentence?! to serve seven year? hia
bond was Um d nt $70.1 nw>, and the
same ratio was preserved throughout
for the other COnVtCtad men.
Judge "laker said in eommentlng on
th?* errors alleged by the defence
anainst the trial court:
In tills can the writ of error is an ab
solute right,' a writ ol supersedeas is not
an . i.<-oiiite right ii has been ihe prac?
tice <>f i?'iii-iai crimina] prosecution, now?
??ver. to alloh a i its of sup? raadesa, su as
to release prisoners on hail until ti?>- cuse
Is finally <le?l?le?l on review.
While the Judgment of the trial court
presumably is corioct. yet there is a pos
( untlotird ?u foiirili pes?*, "'?Ih ?-"luma.
Draped m the British and American t'.t^-. the coffin r? io?i under
the bridge ?>t the cruiser during the voyage.
Franz Josef Holds Audiences
and Works at Desk.
Vienna Jan. 3 The alarming re?
potts in circulation abroad concerning
tiie benita of Bmperot Prans Josef tut
ids Ifjssl] promenaded foi half an
hmir at iiitn'i t.i-dav on tin gallery Of
Rchoenbrunn Castla received aoma
?ourt dignitaries In audience an?i i
worked at Ills d'.-sk M usual.
Coffin Falls Into Hole, Breaking
Digger's Neck.
ill'. 'IVIrjiniili to PI ? 1 IS i.-- I
\v?-?t Mirtdii?t?iwii. Pens. Jan. ?"?
Hiram Chalmera met death -ii?- ply?
lug ins trade as a ?grava digger Uwlay.
ijc received an order yesterda) to have
a gravi read-, for a funeral this morn?
ing. Chalmera sei i?> work, bul had
not ?iuite finished the grave when th?
funeral party arrived at the cemetery,
Chalmers told the minister to pune?..I
wilh the service, while he continued 10
clear the bottom of lbs grave, prepara?
tory to lowerinc lbs coffin. While
Chalmeia was at work, the coAu, which
iiad been sit <m 8 pile of lOOSe dirt.
suddenly slipped, .'?mi f;. 11 uik on tii?
grave d?gg?'r broke hla ne iv
Y. M. 0. A. Wants a Dime from
Every Railroad Man.
The New York Central Railroad !
Young Men? Christian Association'
plan? to do suitable honor t?> Mi??
Helen Could on the CaCcaslOfl of h? r |
wedding. The movement was **t*op*MMd
by n railroad condu?-tor at n meeting
of the "stovepipe committee'' around
the domino laides in the nodal room of
the I ran? h al Hsdlsoa avenue and
'."?th street.
A t'tilque feature is that tin r-ffiift i.?
to lie mad?' to Mettre indivhlual gifls
larger than 10 cents, but the gTSOtfSIl
possible effort will be made to bring
every railroad man in North America
into the movement. The New York '
railroad men have chosen an executive
committee and are hard at work ae
curlng suij??rlptlons. i
$37.75 Round Trip
i'rom New York via Sul l HERN RAIL
WAT. Tickets on ?ale Jan. 27 to Kob. 2
Ttirea. risli? through train? each direction.
l'liiiin.in ?lecpinu cars. Dining car eervtce.
N. V. Office, Ift Flfih ave., <*ur. fftti st.?
Supposed Train Robbers' Loot
Found by Laborer.
: B) ':? hwvape ie Fee TiWraai i
Ciaremore, oki??.. Jan. t.?Whlls ??g
glng a trench for an <>ii pip?* bin* six ?
miles ??ist ..f N.iwaii?, near [ngoldshy,
Georgs Hardsook, b laborer, dug up
1'?T.",ih' mostly :n $:?? goM COlns. N
The money had been placed in a sack
many years sgoi as ths cloth had rotted
and only traces ?>f it remained. It Is
believed u was booty of ill?* Dalton,
Starr <>r Cook gang Of b.mk and train
mili its who Infested that section
twenty years or moro a?io.
Hardsook will retain only s .agnail
part <.r the money, mh the state law
makes the And belong t" tin? ownet of
I the land.
Money to Pay Editors' Fine in
Roosevelt Contempt Case.
Boise, Idah?.. .Ib'i. il-Oin* nilllion peo?
ple are askeil t?i give ?nn- . ?nt each to
pay tin* fQOO fin? s Imponed yesterday on
R. S. Sheridan and *'. < ?. BTOXOOJ pub?
lisher and managing editor of "The
Capital-News." who, in addition to j
fines, are sei i bag ten^daj aentencea in
Representativa Duning, who con?
iriiiiit'.i th? first penny, expreeaed the
hope tin?< there were on.? million men
and women in the United States who
would follow bis example alai make
penny eontrthutlons "for the cause ?>f
Sheridan and Hrovm and A K. I'ru
*/.i n wen* punished by the idsJ)j) su
preme Court f"i contempt for publish?
tag ii.?* ?i-iti?-i of Colono] Rooeev?lt
of til?- court's decision preventing the
l?ln. inp of Progressive Pr?*sidential
electora' names on tin* ballot.
Oversea Flight from France
Ends in Disaster.
r'Oatnp, Fran.?*. Jan. ?J.??Jacques Ls
Vas.seur, while making an oversea
flight to-d.?> in ;t liyilro-aeroplain-, ac?
companied by a mechanic named Mai?
lot, met with disaster. The machine
collapsed and both men fell into the
sea. Mallot was drowned, but l.e Vas
seur was r? BCUed. The cause (.f the
collapse of the machiue Is not known.
The death of Mallot constitutes the
2lsth fatalltv in the snna!?< of aviation,
and is the lust to h?? recorded thai year.
NO connoisseur omits ANGOSTURA BIT?
TERS in punches and fancy drinks. -
A du.
Four Storms from Southwest
Join in New York, Making
New Record for Sus?
tained Velocity.
Crowds at Battery Wall Watch
Heroic Rescues and See
Barge and Tug Sink?
Many Injured in
the City.
Tin- storm which has swept over the
entire eastern part <?f the I'nited Stales !
north of A Is hems, and is now central
over the lower St. Luwrence Valley, j
[carried havoc in Its wake in this vicin-1
. ity, ?aiming many accidents and at
; least two deaths, while other p< rsons
i had narrow satrapes
The recapitulation of accident? in the
immediate vicinity of New York yester
i day ?hows on?' man drowned by being
I blown Into Newark Bay from a Jersey
i Central irain. a deckhand drowned in a
[ sinking tug. a child's skull fractured by
la falling flagpole, a woman's leg cut off
I by a train, beneath which she was
blown by the wind, and a man blown
; overboard at I'unt-y Island and rescued
i from the heavy surf.
I The name of the man blown into
'. Newark Bay co lid not be learned and
the man's body was not found, though
! the train was stopped and a search was
j made. The a idem happened at a
point between KI iza bet h port and Bay
| onne. The man was passing from one
'car lo another, when a gust of wind
struck tiim and took him off his feet.
The deckhand who lost his life was
! trying to paff a hawser to a drifting
1 barge '.vhen the small boat he was in
' capsized
Miss Mary Kiddie, who lived at No.
I I.'???? 5Sd street, l.effcrfs Park. Brook?
lyn, came near t?i ?leath when she was
blown under a West Kud train at the
New t'trecht avenue station, and,
though she escaped with her Ufe, lost
her left leg.
Checked by Mud and Runaway.
She all but bled to death before she
was taken to the Coney Island Hoapi
tal When the woman was taken from
under the train an ambulance was
called from the Norwegian Hospital.
An automobile ambulance was sent
and a? it went through 74th street it
was speeding. Between Fort Hamilton
avenue and Tenth avenue the asphalt
paving ended, but the driver did not
know it. and before ho could st??p the
ambulance was driven into mud up to
the hubs, where it stuck.
When no ambulance arrived to take
Miss Kiddie to the hospital another
?all was sent in and this time a horae
drawn ambulance was dispatched.
When it got to the place where the
motor ambulance was stuck the driver
?topped and endeavored to help the
chauffeur get the car free. The horae
pulled eo hard that he broke the har?
ness and then ran away. He was
caught, rehitched and the motor ambu?
lance pulled out of the mud. In the
mean time the police was asked for an?
Continued on ?erond page, fourth column.
Leader of Pushcart Association
Knocked Senseless and Books
Containing Evidence
Harry H. Schlacht Had Promised
to Bring Proof of His Charges
to Aldermanic Counsel a
Few Hours Earlier?
Blackjack Stops Him.
Head of Pedlers' Organization Tells
of Vain Effort to Bring Alleged
Extortion Before Waldo?
Sipp. Graft. Witness. Flits
In and Ort of Town
Harry H. Schla ht. the representativo
of the pushcart pediera of ihe Bast i
Side, who conferred v.?in Emory R.
Buckner, eoopeel to the aidermants
committ'^e, yesterday Hfterno.n. vas
blackjacked at his ?.'li. ? soon after
arard and thi Look? ..f th" association
which Bchlacht BaM would show that
graft had been paid t.i policemen, and
which h?? bad promised *i> bring down?
town !? Mr. Buckner thla morning,
w?r. t.m? and rendered useless as evi?
?Schlecht Baa, Bucknei at I ."'? ... lock
j est? rdaj ind outlined t?. him the
methods ?: v h!? ;i the poll? ?? extra t
graft from th? p? l? .-?? of the Eai
Bide. H? ?..-i :: ? r n> ; the namea of
half ;? ? .???.?.: pedlei i ?vho ?.?..-> vil'ing
t.i swear so ;" grafi paymem and
, ? omlaed ;?? ?Tin?, the book?
pedlers' aasociation to Mr. Buckner's
oftl'e this morning as further oirrolio
He told the counsel to the aldeim?".
committee that he h.-'.d laJd the com
plaiiu ?f The p?>i|i>r* ?,ff,,re the Police
Department, but be was doubtful of
getting any reil investigation frmn
that quatter, hoiause of the attitude
??f Chief In-p?-etor Sclunittb? iget, he
said. ,c?hla?ht was willing to tike the
sianri yeaterdag afternoon an?' give
sworn testimoaj to the same efteci **
the startling story he t?.:?l Buckner,
but th? lawyer advised him that ?r.s
teetimonj would have far greatir
weight if he would product ..'? th? .-ame
?:,iie the inj?.ks of the pedlers' as-ola
tioii showing the ?raft payments and
trV evidente of individual p?('.'rs who
could corrohorate hi? story of graft.
Knocked Senseless by Intruder.
Schlacht left the offii e after making
an engagement to meet Kr. Ruckner
this morning, bringing the books with
him. It was alter 3 o'clock when
Schlacht left the ?'it? Hall, and because
of .-e\eral calls upon Baal .Side pedlers
arranging for their evidence it was
nearly B o'clock when he re*? i????i ?he
rooms* of his association, at No. 1
Avenue B.
When he carne in ?, tin* rooms he
found a man them rummaging ever
the books of the association, whh'h
were lying on an UaVtacio?ed shelf. Be?
fore he had time to even fee the (Sea
of the intruder the man drew a black
Jack and felled Schlacht with one blow.
Ii was half an hour laier when
Samuel'(?oldburg. attorney for the as
Bociation, ?ann? in and found Schlacht
unconscious on the floor. He revived
him and together they examined the
books. They found that the minuta
book and the ledger were gone and that
from the cash look several pages had
been ruthlessly torn out. and a further
examination showed that the missing
pages were these which contained en?
tries showing cash disbursed for "sick
Schlacht had previous!} explained to
Mr. Buckner that the graft payments
to police from the pe?i!era were con?
cealed under the beading ?if "nick bene?
fits." although the aasociation ?iocs not
actually concern itself In any way with
that benevolent function.
Followed from City Hall.
It developed Inter that Schlncht had
been followed from the City Hall after
his conference with Mr. Buckner. Be?
fore be entered the building t>> talk to
the ai lennanlc counsel be observed two
men who seemed \o be foil..win*' him
He noticed them again when be came
out, ami an hour after the assault a
small boy of the neighborhood told Mr.
Goldburg that three men had he??n seen
running ,'own the slnirs and out on
the street from Schlacbt's "Hut at
about 5 o'clock.
Schlacht assured Mr. Buckner last
night that the attack would not deter
him from going; to the bottom of the
graft methods used by the poli?:e on tha
pedlers. With his head bandaged, but
entirely recovered from the blow, the
young East Stder said:
"I will go the limit on this matter.
After the treatment 1 received at Police
Headquarters the other doy I am not
surprised at this assault, but the pad?
lers will stand back of me in thla ap?
peal to the al .-men."
The reference made by Schlacht to
his reception at Police Headquarter*

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