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V" L\XII..y? 24.157.
To-day and to-morrow, generally
fair; northwest wind?.
r<"op\ r'eht 111".'?? Th? Tribun? A?soe|?H<vi. | _^_ ._, -. ? -????
^^^=1^^^7T^rC?ir * lOia-FlVK P VU I s-SIXTY-FoTir lU??-X rl'Hl<!. I'M: CENTS.
fourteen of Her Crew Saved
When the Julia Luckenbach
Is Rammed by British
jjight Cling to Rigging for Six
Hours in Terrific Gale Until
They Are Rescued
by a Passing
Vessel. .?
Jiewpcrt News, Va.. Jan. 4.?Eight
gaWivors of the ?learner Julia, I.ucken
?agrh ' : n *'** rarnmed and sunk in
Usai ci eake Pay parly yesterday hy
'tht British tramp Indrakaula, orrtvwi
tsjgre to-day and they told how twenty
fef their ship's ompany had gone down
?n the Uy toter without a chance to
?sap?re The eixht. after a six-hour
lagtt " vv i'1 T'irt terrific gale which swept
?-tji, a hole c.iast. were taken from the
?^jpinc of th? ship by the Danish
atf.:- Pennsylvania ami brought
Lan lo-night a wireless dispatch
.-trou, ' ? revenue cutter Apache ra?
test :' i'' 'Is mor'- members of the
ljs|.ii I.iK :.? ;.'?a. h's crew were rescued
'fty tii? Imi.nkaula. The Apache went
'fro.r. Bhii tour* to th.- 1 ndraka.ila's as
TM? reduced : lie? number who went
devi? with the ship to thirteen, but W.
H. McDonald, one of the Duckenbach's
eos passers, died aboard the Indra
fkauia The names of the five rescued
'seen were not given by the Apache.
The Indrakaula Badly Damaged.
t Th" Indrpkatila was reported by the
JApache t?. he badlv damaged forward
gu? (oiiekiei?.'ule water has entered her
?oi-. Her officers and ere*, the
Asser.?*? ? ommander says, ate deeply
ajrleved over the loss of life as a reault
?af the collision.
The Apache reported ahe would ??and
fey the Indrakaula until the weather
cJssred, and then would attempt to tow
Ike veaael here, where repair? can be
The Julia Luckenbach, from Port
Tampa to Balttrr.ore. was about to
anchor off the Tangier gas buoy at the
mouth of the Pot?me, o early " est er day,
when the Indrakaula struck and cut
her prtetkslrjr In two at the line of her
Ko. 2 hold. She went down like a rock
eni only the men on deck had ft chance
r jSt>? The Indrakaula, badly d*m
srd in danger of sinking, drew
erf and at beached to save her. Cap
Sain rl.. A .;ilb?rt o! the Luckenbach
and He f? ver* among the lost.
; Swept Into Mm Sea.
t'hjef Kn?incei- Cli; ist Knu4|H?.ii was
?one or i h .,?>?,. n. tli? r?s<ring. He en
?dured t> ^ cal? until his l.ai.ijs were
(bleeding ftom jrrii.pii -? tin- ropes. H?N
?rb?Kam'K exhausted. let tc> and ? ent
doiMi befor? ;i , >i:i!iii> .ante. ?'
Urn? Bernian hurried up the Lu'ken
fhach's '? nnel stays n.s she went ?-'own.
Cfva'ly he reached the rim of the mack
d Wgs safe for a moment. Then, as
the -.>iir? lurched, her funnel broke.
lOof" : ?: he was lost.
The Pennsylvania, win. h ??aiii^ to
?the n*?!<ftanr-e of the survivors. < ould
?not t.. h them at first, even with llfe
'boat? herenir* of the heavy sea- After
iaaan- unsuccessful attempt?, however,
lif? .i.,?, were nn, to the struggling
'?S*;?, and they were taken off. oni at
?a tin ?. More than two hours were
??Taotirxl to gm off the eight saved..
!Wli? taken on hoard the P*-nn.-ylvariia
^sor.K tfc unconscious.
<?? ? .rtlin? to tli" survivors, CapfhlR j
'?5?! i'i : an?! tin- first and second ?.?doers
< ? m. ?.i na fourth page, tlfih column.
. This Morning's News
?tuner?! of Vfhltelaw Raid. 1
CoM Kills Woman in Street. 3
?Story of r:dey Tragedy Revealed.4
P1pp. Graft Witness, Arrested. 4
Castro Joins light for Freedom. 5
Aldermen Discuss Civic Affairs. s
Garment Strikers Refuse Peace. 7
would Arbitrate Canal Dispute.11
Romand round Dying in Ffptel.13 '
??O.OoO m Goods in Dingy Store.80
Sues Da TVolf Hopper for Divorce.. . .90
The Amerika Paaaes >:ight in Mud. . .20
Tirer.ty-two T.ost with Ship. 1
William Rockefeller Still Missing_ 1
Pujo Committee to It^ei Ryan. 4
Tafts Speech Reopena ''on'ioversy.. .11
Tsft i alls Republicans Together. 1
Democratic Horn* Rule g Sham. 7
Roosevelt s Sympathv to "<"onvlcta". .11
Toras and Allies nt Deadlock. ?
Asjetria Aetivs slllitaiily. ?
Brttir.h Osbinet Kinds Favor. g
Sir Percy Scott's He?.,:-,]. g
Chaos Rules in f'm tutta!. g
Ma m i>*r??i foi Ci*okee..e. S
,,f'.''l George CrHlctaet.. t
\i. ri,an> ?n London Society. S
A ttoa In French Army. S
Editorial ....10
?f**?*? .10 and 11
Obituary .jl
Weather .13
*.14, It, IS and 17
?hipping .:.is!
?Re?! Kaiate.I'artS, Page? 4 and 6 I
1 Pinancial and Markets, j
Pan 4, Pages 0 and T '
Believed to Have Been in Jack?
sonville on Friday, but .
Trace of Him There?
after Is Lost.
Servants at Palm Beach Deny
His Presence There, and Ha?
vana Reports He Has
Not Reached the
Cuban City.
Jacksonville. Kid.. .Tan. 4.-Authentic;
Information as ?o the whereabouts of
William P.^k^rpllcr. wanted as a wit?
ness before the committee of tlie House
of Representatlvee investigating the
"money trugt," ?nd who i.* bogle*/*?] to
hav?\ jmsBrd through Jacksonville on
the night of January 1, is still lacking.
Dispatches received to-nignt from
?ieiT.i aad West Palm Beach. Fla , In?
dicate that Mr, Rockefeller may be at
the Palm Beach ht mi- of H. ||, Flaglet.
builder of the Florida Fast Coast Rail?
road and Standard oil Company Mock- (
iholtler. Mr. Flagler's privat*? car ar?
rived at Palm Piar-li \egterday.
Whitehall, Mr. Flagler's winter resi?
den e. (supposedly it- closed, and r-tn
ploys 01 the groando denied to-night
that either Mr. Rockefeller or Mr.
Klftpli-i ?? ? there.
Accoiiiinu to the Fernanalina peer??.
apanden l ol "Thi Metropolis." William
| F.i efe lb r and a led front ;> ;
'yacht at Pernandlna on f?en T*er*g '
morning, and aftei ordering i apeclal
train ten! trota Jackeonvllle boarded ;? ;
local train and came 10 thi* city.
Th*- trau said to bt Mr. Rockefeller
returned to the city jreatarday, presura
ably after a trip down the const, and |
with bis parti left ln??t nlghl
Although ever*; effort wao made t"
keep the party's destination ;i teeret, i'
j wat? sail] to be bound foi Caba,
Havapa, Jan. t??William Ro- tefeller,
wh? is ??ported to have left Jacfceoa-1
ville last night foi Cuba, did not arrive i
he-re lo-day. The n?xt -.tearret reach?
ing Havana from the United Btatee :? I
due Monday evening,
(From The TTffcan? Bu: -au j
Waahinglon. lan 4.?Reduced '.n weight
and heavy e>ed ?ioni losa of sleep. Charlee
F. Kiddel.. ,-ergeent-at-arm? of the
?oua?, returned to Washington to-day,
?till carrying Ihe ?uihjver.a for Wllllantj
Rockefeller, .eiti.ouai.. ti*- tjueiv? million? j
aire ' accepted tervi?-e" last night. At ?,
o'clock this afternoon Mr. P.ldde:;. who
had led tweacor? of deputleo in the ? :.*?*?:
for Mr. Ror-kefPlle?. sai I he aas very tired
And ?mo aoii c hotne for a long oleep
Th*- Piro conamltte? bad been advltedl
bv It?? pountei Bamuel Unternryer, that
?Mr. Rockefeller hat accepted tenrlei of
! the proeeei the ergeeat-at-arnt* re? I
I turned to tii? i-..?.!:?! s?..t-io:t j ; :. ? i ? ? i ?> ?
?of tue raucl sought *r It neta Mr Itidde
? file i the suiiponn I th? archiv?? ?! bio I
! 'iff) ??. and i ? ? nev<. a. '.- i
nail, aei ?
I following ihe '??'?? inr? of eervlci bi
Mr. Rocket ill? r's counsel, .lohn A. GUrver,
[atemb?is of ti.? 'ino ? ?? Iriia ' loveetigat-I
[lag commit tee ?aid to-day fbat Mi lt<
I ?ilec waa expected B| ? ? th
'.?^ on Janum II makea
plea t ba< i
Mention o; th< la - bsatea? to &ev< .:,
pin all Ian .-?-.. ? i!ic j
?an.'*'? lomi Membfn d thi comn ttee
do it ?eera :r.;in*-d to take loa iraaup
perted ?tatemeni of Mr. ??ockefeller'a
sMinael ar.d phyalclai thai It ?roult be
dharigeroua for him to take i aitneaa
ff 'he cemm!ttee'a phyalctart iepnr;s
that Mr. Roaltefeller la bi preeaurlona
hea'th he me y ne-, et h" Himmope-i. The
pujo comrrlttee. howerer, ?'ill make eren.'
effort to obtain the oral testimony of Mr.
Rockefeller, mid if thi- in Impoeelbla will
intl-t on takinc Ids deposition, tr is he'd
tha' the ho!*?"'! acceptance of aswvice
ao':ld n'a?"" Mr. Rockefeller In contempt !
of the House unleet he It i?.i! ? teriou
a ??
Millionaire Tried to Stop Driver
for Having No Light.
i By Tategrai i te 11n Trfb?uM i
Poughkeep.-i" N T., Jan. 1.?Vincent
Aator had the rather unusual expert
ence last night of being mistaken for a
highway robber, and It is reported that
h> had a narrow gg*C>pg from being
shot, hut this (annul lie affirmed.
Robert Forbes was taking a short cut
across the AetOf estate in his light tig
behind a fast truttrr. Th*? Astor es?
tate covers several thousand acres, and
two or three roads leading through 11
are continuations of highways and aie
open for public n*<? Mr. Forbes had no
light on his wagon, and Mr. Astor, who
I was taking a walk, when he heard
Forbes behind him balled th? driver j
, and asked him to stop. Aj lie .lid not'
do so, Mr. Astor gTa-Oped the in !d?. . bul I
? Forbes whipped his borne up and drove
rapidly to Rhtnebeck. Me denies that .
he pulled g pistol and shot at his sup?
posed assailant.
Mr. Attor liurrie?! ha? k 1<> Fcrnchff
and got out one of hi? racing ? ars. in
which lie ?ped to Rhinebeck. travetllog
b> wa> of Flat Bock, so that he" go
there .'iboni the tiiri? ;hat \,v. Fc.r'ic i
Mr. As'.or hailed Forbew at tlmoornaar
Of one of IhO village street*? and asked
him why he did not stop. "Great
heavens," exclaimed Forhe?. "was that
you In the- road'.' 1 thought it wa.n ??
Seahojrd Florida Limited?Mo?t Com?
plete1?/ Ar.pointer! Florida Train.
i.e.-. "?'. v. 1<j:::o a. m. dall) fronri Penn.
st_., nomment nt ?ai u Jacktoiivfjio
I l;l ?:. \. M. : ' ? ??' i '>'"' ?'. V . i nu :
Be."eh. 0:15 p. \1. nexi d:iy. S'o chi njt- lu
St AtaruaUne, urmonii, Daytona. Miami,
K*-? Watt ar.?l other Kaat Cwagt !*oint?.
Appl-- c|tiScklv for ?/?c-onimodatlon? at Sea?
board Air Une Ry , 1114 Broadway -Advt.
Sailors m..,, thf Florid? ?nd the Sorti. Dakota, with flags 'lra.ped in mourning, passing caisson writli ttag-cwcred coffin,
art Bn.l
New Rochelle Beaux Ch
from Dance to Brave Deal
in Burning House.
\ oluateei Brasses? n, evening (
helped tu lipht s til?/.?- that destn
the laOyOOO liomr of Richard Purl
Rochelle Heights, New Rochelle, c
yeaterda: morning Tiie) moi
l?ir.i. i lo i ? ? i- man) Ich ft i.uli?-s t
rushing oui ? of i in iii :
night clothes a lu ti '.i apps n ????? <
sjwtka Mown bj the fiet ? gale art
aet fir?- '?? ??il'? r ho ISC ? OTI Ih? HelR
Mrs PurtOOg WOB BW) t\
odor of smuke. II. : . d goto)
Um third ator*, round tli? top ?>f
house abl?se laaldi ? . I -x
wife and ????n to dress qu kl !.? I
phoned to tir?- headq lartei and t
flashed i petalrs, a hete una of
inaidn, Annie Ryan, ?as .ihieei'. n
part of ill.- third stot that i ?? Rai
hail not rent hi d
The girl had fainted when hi rent
bei and i.- had ? rrj .? ? do* n
stairs. He ? <i red t ht ;iri a Itta
at, hut
?mi;iid XI ? - I' .1 '?? . ' : .iii I
j? an ;i r, lalued al 18,01 0.
Members ?>i (lie \ oluntevt r Br. di i .?
ment, who Wen ?it private planees a
???ar?i parties on Rochelle Heights ?
at Rochelle Park, ar*ri soon al w,
with ladders and ii ??? Borne >.f I
flrr-meri were In the room occupied
Roy Furlong when ,. bos of t.".- a
ridpc? l?rg;iii to ?-x|.l?i.!?\ bullets flyi
in all directions The Bremen beal
hast) retreat.
Mother of Two Sets of Triple
Now Has Quadruplets.
Bj Telegrai ??? TI i 1 ?
Pittsb irgb, Jan. I -Dooki r Heult
pul in ;i new claim for distinction tli
morninr, when Mr?. James Hanii
thlrty-elghl years oM, gavi birth
quadruplets. Mrs. ir.itm.1 i?;??i ?i\?
birlh |0 tWO BOti Of. trl|.!r,s ?n tlir- Ul
two years, ah of the quadruplets ?r
expected lo live, Their predeceaso
Th^re are three other children in tt
family, the t IdeSI h'-inc shout t\vM\
?years old,
When Mr. Henna, Mm la ??? nesoi
was told his famllj bad been rn rease
by four he remarked: i ?taa lookln
for something like that. '
Police Refi'se Permit for Wash
ington Parade March 3.
11 rent n ?? Tfltvsma Bareea.]
Waahirigtoo. Jan. i - Th.- plan of tot
Distri-1 of Columbia branch ?if the .\a
tionai Woman's Buffraaje Aaaoclatkn
to demonstrate 'ho truths of its cans?
00 March ?'!. the eve of th.- President'<
Inauguration, with ? ?put pageanl oi
Pennsylvania avenu aras smotheret'
to-day by Major Bylveater, Chief ?,i
Police, who refused to permit ? parad4
of anv kind.
The tn.ijot explained that he ?otiM
not ?ri\? raiBclent pollos protection to
the tiiffrasripts at .1 tinte when the cap?
ital is crowded with visitor? and Penn?
sylvania avenue i* overrun. The vljri
lancc of the police, he said, is needed
to protect croWdl in rj'I |.;irts of ihr.
city from i Ic tpo k<
? a . 1 ?
?"lorirta?Superior f.srv les n Vtlantl
f.iii-t Une; "v v A Ktorida Bpeo|el"
leaver 12:3ft noon, effective Jaii ?>th. 'Hire.?
otr-rr limited trains d:?dv: P.34 n. m.. 3:34.
9.30 p. m HIS Broadway.?Advt.
President Taft, Members o? His Cabinet,
Ambassador Bryce and Representatives
of the Armies and Navies of the
U. S. and Great Britain in
the Assemblage.
'i i <? fonaraJ w hl t?a* Re?d ?
h. M yaaterda*. m th? k ? **?* t -tnfinieh
edifice of 11? Cathedral of Pt, John t
1>>\ t,e. on Morningside ll-ighls.
the preeen ? of Preeldeni Tatt, feajin
Pre ident RooeeveM member? of t
Car. net and [Tntted s-'Pite-, Senatm
1.1 ieo Bryce, tue Brlttgh Ambaeaadi
?mi ;, nu'.i. ri of repreaentatlv
? ?t' t.ie arms and nai of .his counti
and Oraal Beitata the aoieaaa at
beautiful oervl.f the Bptocop
I Chttrcb wag conducted by dlaUnaii_eJu
attlng and lot a] ? lorrg.
Tb* ajeai nave of the Cathedral a?
? rowded with more Iban two thouaai
peraona, who wen ahmltted t.. the gej
\ i? *s by ticket. Man) *>f them ?ret
1 ? ". I in . - -.t irlanda .m-j at
?.. : ? t' ?? in th tot . di] loma!k tt
1 |otn n-.ii-.ti. . n i le - In v in h ii'- m'.. ?
? during hit life.
Thousn'id.s *,f peroono braved ine bl<
lag Hind- en ti.* Height? and t*Mgt
admittance to ?h< i atttadral. The ed:
? pee in it.* pr?tent itata of catgatraetio
j .?seats alxiiit iv,o tluuisand. and it wa
i crowded loitg before the eervlt m bo
gan. BoMiera ??nu marinoo guarded th
I entrances. The etoOTt of honor, con
I aiating of a?rerai battallooe of talloi
land mprines. which inter conveyed in
! body to the Grand Central Bh.n i
aembled on lb? hroad Cathedra
I ground? ami waited f": the ending o
?h* eervlcee. ?The burial wag Iri Bleep;
Holloa Cemetery, at Tgirrto*_n_,
,\ detachment of twenty-flva marine
|and allofa fict.i the Britiah cruia.
Natal. *rhl_t bTOUgtil hoim? ?M bodj
? ot mi. Raid, c.i. 'jtneii ?cat* in the nave
I The officers of the Natal and of th?
Florida and the North Dafcaga, WhgCl
acted at t convoy <" the Hiitish \*-s
.??el. as well go. aetaChmentg of manne
'and saiiot.- from the .mertcan battle?
! ? hipa, ai t< nd< fJi'the oetr tceg.
Simple Grandeur in Displtv.
Th? gcene v. Ithm the Cathedral ?om?
bre v. ?thai m mourning tone? <>( black
?and white, n.v relieved bj the profana
dieplay "f beautifiil floral pleca? in the
[chancel and ?onv mote brilliant trim
Um gold in.iid of ; lin.. and navy ofll
I cera. The white ; * -. * ? i Mack rabeo of
the clergy and choir !???>* added cap
' treat to the pli ture.
Entirely -?overed bj an American
Bag, the coffin retted on a black velvet
ins, in th. centre of th*- ch?nceL
Three kargt wreath:-, of orchids and
, 111 lea ? Of-?BO-vallcy, the offering* of the
I immediate family, la? iigainst thi- cof
l fin. A YOeitabie garden of flower*
btotasxaned from the manv other piecoe
about the chanoeL
Tin- member.-, of the family and sev
[eral of the m?"l dlatinguMhad mourner*
?occupied tlie ? hdr stalls on either ?M ?
iof the chaaceL PretMcnt Tail gad ?br
I mer rroaldont B?aooevMl eecupted seats
opposite each other in the choir st;ills.
President Taft arrived at the Cathe?
dral shortly before U o'clock in an
automobile, accompanied, by his mili?
tai'.- aid. Major T. I.. Khoades. und
Charlea Daw?ty HlOeg, the President's
sjertretary? Ogd)en M. Held end <.)g?ien
' Millo met the i'rc?i'.i'iu in the v'entibule
of the cathedral and accoinpanl.il him
to his seat In the choir stalls.
The simple but impressive Eplacopal
'service usa followed i.\ the eteri
men who officiated. Besides K.t.?h
Oreer and Dean OrosvenoT of t
Cathedral, thet . i. several otl
? l*rgymon a, :o took part in the servi
among them tin rt-\ Howard Chen!
Robblna, t???? lor of thl I luri h oi t
In? arnaMun. which Mr. Reid'a fatal
attended Bishop L, bin rd, of < ?h
and Blahop wil n, ... d-< arpent?
. on?.n of vVe-stmitiater Abb?? asstSt
in the service. The hymns, were tho
which had been favorites of Mr, Rol
The servi?.? lasted an hour, and tin
the .-ortlr? was placed 00 the SSO
caisaon, manned b .? corporal and la
privates from- f\m t \i ? i v*in ??
drawn bj foui horses, wbUb bra ?
the bod) ir?.i?i tin N..'.ii to th
the ' ?athedral tin da ' ? ft re ' . ? ??
? iron d ime.i the strt its over which tli
coi lege, with the rui.lt t : and na? ;
e.??ort. ?tourneyed to the station. Hat
??ere rcm ?ved and heads bowed ib ib
flag-covered coffin passed the people.
An especii'.l'.v toticHlng tribut.. t<> lit
memory of Ambassador Reld was i
the presence a? the Cathedral of man
of the nc-ret arles r>tid attach?s v ho ha
ser\e?i under htm, both st the America
t..-Rat-on In Paria ?rh?n he was M in
ister to France and al the embassy i:
London. These nun. who had had it:
t?mate d?llj ret?ttona with Mr Ret?
o'er perlodfl of years, came from dlf
fer-^nf parts of tit.1 eountrj t<> bearwM
ne?! at hi!? funeral to the affection ant
respect in whi'Mi "hey ha?) held htm
They entered the Catliodral nnmedl
gteiy liehind the iti'ml.''? Of Mr. RStd't
family ami between them and the hon
orary pelrbeerers, marching up behlrx
the Basj-draped coffln.
rormar Attache? Mourn.
Included m this llftl.r-en?, wert
Augustos Jay, former se refer? ol
legation al Parts.: William Phillip?,
until recently, first secretan of the crn?
ba??)> at i.<-.nd?iii. Rear Admiral Aaron
Ward, wh?. vas tia\ai attach?! ,-?t the
American Legation In Paris; t^olonel
Henr) D. Borup, who WOB tuliitary Hi?
tadle there. Captain joim ii. rjibbohs,
superintendent of the Naval Academy
at Annapolis. f?.r- i * ? i ? * *- naval attach?
at the embaeey in London: Colonel
Stephen H. Btocum. former nvillUtry at
tgchf gt the embassy m London?; Ar?
thur Orr, tormef tiittd recretar*/ of th.
embassy in Londcm, arho ?ano- from
.Chicago to attend the funeral, return?
, ing to Chicago immedialel\ ; HeLaneey
K. Ja), son of Augustus Jay, himself
former private secretary to Mr. Held In
London: Lydig Hoyt. another former
private secretary there, an?) Stedman
S. HsnkS) the Ambassador's private
secretary Bl the time of hi* death.
As man.1 inOTS former asrrf tsfstia and
attti? his sent telegrams to Osjdea Mills
Retd, so? ?if the ft rn ha san it or. express?
ing their .sympathy and their regret at
being unable to attend the funeral.
The -lours of the Cathedral were
thrown open nn hour or more before
the time set f??r the funeral service ?it
11 o'clock. Th? hod] of the Rraat fai?
th* tilled up rapidly. The members of
the Rr-id family were among the ftrst
to arrive. They remained with the
' contlauad ua ?econd vece, Orst ? ?Muinn.
Family of Ferdinand C. Cook
Fo;u3 Accident Befell Him
During Storm.
Tii- pulit.- u-, re, making a quiet but
thorough. sa?reb l*if< night for Ferdi?
nand H. i'...i. a prominent cl?bmafr
i descendant of an old Amanean
'??>:.ni.? Mr Cook, who i* g son-?n
kaw o? Jam? s Hcrnian AfrJrlch of the
\',ii.,i 1,1 Apartment*, So, 1SI central |
Par.1-. VTeet, and a net]hen-in-iaw oat
Spencer Aldticb, i fell known lawyer.
baa beert miming ?Ince PVlday. That;
day lie ik-it his home at No, l*?yl We*t '
i ?ill avenue :.? ?<? to the store it Park
? TiffOi i .1 .. ' -!'?! id doltanbuo
avenue He did not return, lii- family
'? ..',i hi ivao injured in the t otrirtc |
windstotm ihat morning, and bad ler-n !
taken io .i hoapltal.
Mr, Cook's wife and ti\?- children
acre much worried last night, but
would mi. nothing about his disappear
.-11, .. Boche :'-.us ,igo he- attracted
??uni- attention by having summonses
taatied for nursemaid? who wheeled
their | ? ?: ?'< .iften In fr?ml
of bis houtt
Will Impress Legislature if Not
Almighty, Says Dr. Shaw.
Tray for the vote "
Tiii? |g Dr. Anna Howard Bhaw'g !
New Year's advice to American suffra- |
?Tt" ever] woman in New York State j
would spend c?i minute in eilcnt
prayer at noon ever? day until 1015 it
would have most important results,"
.?.aid the president, of the National
American Woman Suffrage Association
yesterday. "It wouldn't affect the .\1
mighty any, but it would do the women
good, and it would impress the Legis?
lature. The world is too prone to re?
gard suffragists an rolsterons, irrelig?
ious, sensation loving creatures.
"In reullt;- suflruge is a religious
movement primarily. Wo are not aa
toctated ixitli the Church becauBO th<? j
Church grjravyg kicks out all reformers. !
The Church is the most cowardly in?
stitution we hi?e. That i-? why the]
PCWO arc empty. If th-* Church would
tacgle. th?? great live question*, 'white ;
slavery' and child labor, people would ;
pe more interested ra jt, i,m ?11 |? i
teaches ate tip ancient m>ths abouti
pol>ganious old beasts like 1 ?avid and
Saul. "They'd be in the penitentiary if i
the?, were alive to-day,
' Th?-? BalvatlOn Army is ihe only live
church to-day. it I were going back
into the ministry that is wbe-e I would
?rani la work."
Sulzer Claims Recognition as
Leader from Trenton.
Albany, -inn. 4.?CrOvertior Woodgnw
iWlloon agi-es with William Butter
that his recant <? < tion us (iovernor of
New York has conferred on him the
position of leader of the Democratic
A telegram to that effect has bean
received by Governor Sulzer. He de
? lined to make It public, but said to?
day he had receive*! similar telegram-?
from various parts of the state.
Amtrief'? Popular Winter Resn.-t?.
Asbevtlte, Alken, Augusta, New Orleans.
Florida Hest reached via Sol THERN
RAILWAY. 6 through trains dally; steel,
electric lighted equipment. N. Y. Office,
204 Fifth ave., cor. ?th st.?Advt.
Leaders Cheer President as Hej
Declares Party Is Still
Victorious in
Says 3.500.000 Faithful, Whe>{
Voted for Him in November, /
Are Irreducible Minimum
That Will Be Power
for Good in Nation.
Promlneni Republicans of the East??!
era states gathered inst night at the-'
largest Conner ever held at the cape??!
< lotiv Waldorf ?Astoria to honor Presl-j
dent Taf: an: ;?? demonstrate In every,]
wag in their power that the party's de?
feat ?tt the lar.i election had neither?
paralysed it nor taken away its reso?
lut i.i-,> t<* stand by ihe prim iplcs to
advoct ?? i to fight for them vithv
undlmii i ihi d rigor,
'?'I. I ? ? e?,-.?(..: ..,1-,'r,' ;,, |V -r'.Of.t
Taft : sil . s] -<??? f .? spo itaiumtia
dernonatrailoi . . d througboul fhe
evening; ?vhenevet o?*casu?n offered it
aelt the rttnera grasped ?t enthusiast**?
rally te Cheer Mr. T;tft and telling
pointa .-.r bis spec. h.
'I'h President tounded a clarion call
for tli . to forget defeat end get
togetl r . ' 01 04 tor in a victories. Ho
I <.f Y < j e ?oneI ?:< feat. tie.
? I-? ed th? . .??? ;.t.., ' the
Progi -, ? - ouid lead t-> i h ?. oufisca??
tton ??! private property, and tin Israel
that the ?: IPs,sag |,,>;:| RepubllesuasJ
K'ho Voted (he parly ti.ihet ?an Novem-?
be* and the I.Osd.oO? other ftrpusHrasjaj
a*ho reted for Wilson to bring about
the defeat of Roosevelt rernaused ag
the b ?' k'hal would ouce sgeisj
be ai Invincible political organization.
The President reviewed at length the!
wort, ol hi.? adfninJatmlon. ?le de??j
. Bared the tra?a Uli was ? real revisits)
downward, that ?l'?gal ?ombinationa
had been relentlessly prosecuted, and
enumerated manv acts of benefit to
the country brought about ..iring hla
occupancy of the White House The
promisee held out temptingly in the
Progressive platfoim could not be real?
ized, he said, until ?he world had prac?^
. ticall.v been mad?? over and every one,
wae :in altruist.
Ovation to President.
Bvery part of the great ballroo
floor spa<e and galleries, as well
the adjoining rooms, had to be used
serve the 1.187 men present. Alore the
Ml more applications had to be re
The great gathering of Repub!i?^ns"f
a/as held under the auspices of thai
I'nion [?saajtts flub of Xow York the*
Republican Club of MassachuiteUs. the?
Union League Club of Philadelphia and*
the Republican Club of New York.
The diners were seated when tha
President entered the room They arose,
cheering b'm forcefully, and remained'
standing for some time after he had
been escorted to his seat of honor. The
long {."'est table, tunal on such oc
caslone, eras omitted last night, and
Mr. Tail sat a small table with J. Van?
Wehten Oleott, president of the Re?
publican t'lub ?jf N'ew York Samuel J.
Elder, president of the Republican ?Tut?
of Massachusetts. Bamoel W. Falr
chtld, president of the I'nion League
Club of New York William T. Tilden,
president of the I'nion League Club oC
Philadelphia, and the Right Rev,
Charles Sumner Burctt.
Mr. Olcott began the speaking by?
saying that th?; dinner In honor of thej
President had for its purpose also the
demonstration that the Republicana
stood on fixed prlmii les and that they
were not ashamed of thc-m. As they
have had great victories without un?
due elation, so they could bear defeat
without undue depression. Above all,
the men assembled wanted to thow?
they still believed in the Republican*
party, he said, amid applause.
The second ovation to Mr. Taft ?ama
when Mr. Elder began his remarks In?*
troduelng the President. When ho said
they v. ere met for a single purpose,
and that was to pay th-lr highest trlb?
me to a man who n'Oa greater than
defeat, the audience ioce an?! cheered
for se\.-ral minute--'
Party Still Victorious.
P.e-?ten at th? last eleetlon, eve? run?
ning third In the rae... why \?.<s It that
they gathered with so muet] spirit and
wirh nn lit rie of th? disappointment and
humiliation supioeed to a-"<>mpany
any political disaster? the President
asked. Was it not, he added, thaf in
spite of the defeat the partj was still
victorious In saving the country front
an administration whose policy In?
volved the sapping of the foundation of
democratic, constitutional, rcprcs*?tila?.
tive government'.'
The last election, ho said, showed ait
irrtdu? ible minimum of :!.."h?m?h' voters
in the Repu bricen party t. ho arc <j^
tennlned to reiiAln r f? '.''?? ' i the COtU-?
munity to prevent any .'unsi.tut.ote.il
amendment and legislation ?>:' i revo?*
? lutlonary character arranged by the
so-called Progressive party. Added ">
! that numbr there ma> l?e counted, be
-in?:. l.iSK?.??^? electors \? h<? v. Ill .?-fand
i?; thee? frin? Iplc- with c-n more ferj
v?ir. becTOM they wer?? Republicans,
but vote! for Mr. Wilson to avert the
danger .1 Mr. Roosevelt's He?, lion.
The Importance of the gathering, tha
President declared. s?*eme<J to him to
Caattaaei aa eigbtcesith page, grst calaaaa.

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