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< ; mi caisson with coffin, preceded and followed by sailors, on its way down Fifth avenue.
10 um n
< cnliniieil from first page.
body in the west veutlbule until it was
borne down the aisle to its resting
place by the n*m>coiu-nl_ad_a?ed ofBoert
from the l-attl.-sliip Florida.. Tin- Am?
bassador's ln.dv had repoeed in ilc
crypt Of the Cathedral during tbp night
under guard ol a detachment of ma
rlneo from the battleehlp Connecticut.
n was brought into the vestibule earl.
yeaterday morning.
During the torvlcet tii*- memben of
the? family who ware seated in the
south choir stalls wart Mrs. P. id,
Ogden If. Keid. Mr. ,ir,?i Mrs. Ogdcn
Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Ogden I_ Mills,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps,
Mrs. James liai riman, Mis? Mary C.
Pishop, Mr. and Mr.?. Angel Batton,
Mr. and Mrs. Itobtrt Everett Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Whitman
tad Miss Louis?- Cunningham.
Other ?OOnhert Of tb<- family present
included James ('. Bishop, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis C. Hlsbop. Mr. and Mrs.
Heber R. liishop, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
D. Lanier. Mr. and Mrs. Moses Taylor
and Edgar Mills.
President Taft and the other repie
s'-ntatives of the government fn.in
Washington oce-upied seats in the
north choir ?vtalls. The President was
accompanied by Captain T. M. Potts.
P. S. N.. and Major Rhoades, his mili?
tary aid. Colonel and Mrs. Roosevelt
sat in the second section of the south
choir stalls, opposite. Sitting In the
?tallfl With th?- President, on the nortl
?Ido of the chatncel, watt tht paUbear
erg, and back of tip in gal Oaptalr
Cleonenl Qreatorax and the oostoer? at
li. If. B. NataL Lieutenant Colone
li. c Lowther, military tajcretary t
i!'? Duke m' Coonaught, repreeent?
iiiK tin- Governor Qenaral of Ca?ado
occupied a .-'-ut on the same rot
with Presiden! Taft, as did Jam?-'
Bryce. tin- Riitish Ambassadoi . Phil?
ander C. Kims, Secretary of Btatl
chandler Hale. Third Atatetant Beere?
tary Of Slate, and Senators Koot und
Lodge The former tecretarlet and at?
tach??? of the . mi'.wsiis whtfl Mi. Raid
Lmbaatador .it London and Pavrla
ul- . sat In lb*' north stalls.
The palltM ai * ra a ei a;
? Philander ( lust- Kilo., s,., lelarv ?if ??late.
.Iiinit-s llr.M e. \riiliii??.iiilur from I,rest
Brit ila
sen it or Ullni Koot.
HesaataSf Henry I all.'I l-Oilge.
? liui.i' Ceorge I.ruc
Hear \<tmlr?| William -hi-ttielil (?mies
Hurt I .linnn. editor nf Ihr Tribune.
Ilninilil \i< hot?!,n. ti? e-presldent of The
Triliurie Xi-iih Irttion.
?In-epli lloilge* (lu?ate, former \uil>a??ai|or
to i.i, it Itrllaiii.
( banni e> Mio hell Uepe?.
?lohn i'ienionl Morgan.
Knl>i-rt Ituion. former Ambassador to
i Irnii. e.
William lloiigl?* Sloan?-.
Itoln-rt Toil 1 in...In former ?linisler to
! l.rnl tin,?in
lohn < ?idnaladrr.
Henri White, former \ inlii?.-olur to
A deep silence ; t,\ aded the great
dknne~covered nave <>f the Cathedral
! when the processional formed and tht
organ burst forth in the solemn toatt
I of Chopin's Funeral March. Tht
! funeral line funned In the vestibule
land slowly proceeded down the caatro
I aiale t" the chancel. The straight
young liguii- of Willis Knighter, the
[ e-rui ifer of the cathedral, led tht filly
choir boys. In their white robe?, fol?
lowed by the clergy. The full list of
officiating clergy was:
Bishop David U. Orttr, of Net? York;
End of the Year
Relating to Evening Slippers
Women's 5.00, 5.50, 6.00
Evening Slippers
In Black and Colored Satin and Black Suede,
Beaded and Plain Effects; Louis XV. Heels.
Women's 3.00, 3.50, 3.75
Evening Slippers
at 2-65
In Black and Colored Satins and Black
Suede, Beaded and Plain Effects Louis XV.
and Cuban Heels.
Stamped on o
Shoe means
! Blahop Wim.m Boyd-Carpeuter, ??'
I Westminster, London; Bishop Frt I
| lea Courtney, of It Jamee'i Pai
? Near Vorn. Bishop wiiiiam k. Leonard
Of Ohio; the Very ROT, Williiini M
' (irosveiior. Dean of the Cathedr
St. John the Dittos; u.?- H'".. Howard
fTianler Rohhtna, r?? t?>r of the Church
of th<- in? inrnatlou; Canon i '<???>?-'<
William Douajlao, Canoa 0 sorge F.
NeiHori, Canon Robert Rills Jonas Bad
Canon Francis R. Little, Dean Groa?
[ vtimr'K vicar; archdeacon John \.
? Emery, <?f Ban Francia o; the u- Dr.
; j:. Tai'ioi Rofers, . f Orafton Hall,
j Fond du Lac, Wit. brother-lit i..w of
Cgden if. Raid, and th.- Rev. k. T.
Henshaw, n ctot <.f Chrlal Chun h, Rye,
N. V.
Sailors Bear Body.
The palllioarerB followed the , lergy
Just In front of the body. The ?o/fin,
simply draped In the ?lWarlrail Bag,
rented on the heavy cradle Brhlch had
come from the J?rltlnh ?-ruiner Natal,
it waa borne by eleven of tha Chief
petty officers Of the Florida, In ?oin
mund of Lieutenant Henry K. Hewitt.
The membiTi-? of the ffiTTtl'y. preceded
by Mtm. Held and her non, Ogdea M. \
Held, followed. The w hoi,. Moetnblag* I
In the Cathedral stood vvitli DOWOd }
heads as the funeral party moved up
the aisle.
The ojn-n?r? sentences <>t the servies
were read by the Hev. Dr. Robblns,
Oean Ciosvenur road the laaTOOn. The
anthem, from The Ugbt Of the
World," ?y Hnlllvuii, starting with the
lines, Though I pane through the val?
ley of the hha'lovv Of d<-ath," was sung
by the eholr. with all ?tandlng. Btahop
Leonard rand lite ? roed an?i prayers,
followed by the alns;lii|' by tli?- . hoir >f
Hymn No. 295 of the St. Albans Tune
Hook, "Those eternal bower* man hath
never trod." vvhleli was a favorite hymn
of Mr. Reld.
Favorite Hymn Is Sung.
The first part of tin- ?-oinmital Her?
vir? was read by Btahop Hoyd-<.'ar
penter, the prayer from the service
belli?; omitted, to be read at tin- grOVO,
The eholr satiK the interim, ami th<
laHt part of tin- ?-on.Tnittal service ? a i
read by Bishop Creer. Right after the
blosalng and proosdlng tin- benediction.
pronouneed by Hlshoj, QfOOr, Hi?- ?hoir
sariK the hymn, by John W. (ii.idwick,
which had been a upeiial favorite of
Ambassador Hehl. The hymn, which
was suns; with all kneeling, sraj tin?
Jt alnlreth low In every heart.
We hear It each arvl all
A ?on?; of th<>?? who aimwi r no',
However we may all.
Tiny thron* the Mien??- of the breast.
VV? ree thorn as u< yoie -
The kind, th? true, |he : raVc. ?!,a ?went.
Who walk with .a no more
MSrs hoiaalika reama tha vaat unknown.
Slnie they ha va ?nlered th.-ie;
T?. follow them war? noi ao hard.
Wherever BBS] may far?-.
Thev ?annot lie when- Ijod I? not,
Ob any ?ea or .-?,-..
Whale'er BStttse Thy love ahlde?.
Our Oo<l for ???vannore!
The "Dresden Amen" srgi Hiiiujr at
il ? ? ? ? . nd Organ!
ider MI Farro* P?ay<
the "O Mai '?
lona] k m the i 'atbedn
Among thoee in tic Cathedral aren
. ;
Mi and .Mi> W. I" Bl -i'..
Mr?. W. H ttlng
Muni* ? i ? ? k i eon
1 ??
Mi- William Wall? I I ,
M and Mi John l?a ? I lammond
.Mth .ph ii. n
'! -
Mi lile 1 BI
B i Str.-ii--'
Mr. and Mn Robert Pi
. A ill in
Mi - .'"-? ph ajtl ki
>ir and Mi s Thomau n- ?on i ?*?
Mi ...' -i Mr? B* 'i Low,
: Vti holaa.
.11>? iii-r ? ?. . odman Pottei
adoli he Low,
i i .i v.l. \ aagh.
Hon <;? raid Ward.
Mi and Mrs William Crocker
Mr? Moi i - K letup,
Mr- Van Bloom
I TO* II?* id Hurdl I.
i.?.riiiu.' T (Jerry.
Mrs. El loti 1' Siit-p.ir'l
I In r man.
<;, ni r ii 11 or ace Porter
l.o\.i!i larragut.
Mr. and M'v John A. lux
I.. ? M CI
Mrs St,.field Phelps.
Mr. and M re. il-nr?. Ituli
Mi and Mi? \ Murray Toung
Miss Helen Brlee.
ii.it. ? ..,i ;.r.it Mr ? Ki liner
Mr m/ Mrs j.d?- Henr) Hi mmund
i h i.. Ighton Pu ka
u i, i. Ian Raid Allen.
in and Mi w.ilt.r B. Jam? s
Nathan!? I Tuttle,
in-, and Mis Nicholaa Murray Butler.
lu m i Mrt Arthur T Hadley
Mi and Mrs George S Bowdoln.
Mr. and Mrs Edward u Adam
Mr. and Mrs. Henri w T.ift
Mi. and Mra Bt. ? lair McKelwaj
Mi nnii Mis. Artemaa H. Holnieo
11 C, C.iiiti'm?'" k
Mr and Mrs. charlea it. Alexander
Mra John i McCook.
former Mayoi and Mr?. fjk?argt B.
M h i< Han.
i ir .n,.i Mra lohn drier liiU*en.
Mr. an l Mra. Robet i Bacon.
Mis? Maitha B. Bacon.
Mr, and Mra Henry C, White
in and Mra. Paul Thorndlke.
Mra, Charlee ii Baldwin
Th.- Rev Or. and Mrs. Marvin P.. Vin?
Mist Kvelyn Bjrrd Muul.n.
Lad) Herbert
Mr? Augu?tu? Jay.
Frank it I_nwr? m ? .
Mr and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie. |
v.Mr?.. Vanderbill
Mr, ami lira. Cornellui VandtrbUt
.Mr and Mr? Frederick W Yanderbllt.
I?r ami Mrs. Beward Webb.
Adrian Is, lln.
Mr and Mrs. ?- OllVOT Iselin.
Mra. Gordon l?ac*donald.
Mr and Mrs. Oliver ??mild Jennings.
Mi and m is. ? .mi iiuridt i>. Baraea
Mis. ? h.-iil.s T. Eterno)
Mrt Archibald ATeaan?er
Mr. and Mrs. John B, Partona
i halles A Mnnii.
Mr arid Mrs F Egerton Webb.
?i ? Ireighton \\ abb
8r and Mra Archibald Rogers
i?. Edmund Penfold.
Mr and Mrs ??.-mid L lioyt.
Mr and Mr*. Herbert !.. Batterlne.
Mra. B Henry Hatrrlmen.
Mlaa Buaan l rellngbuyeen.
Egerton Wlnthrop
Mis Richard QambrHl.
Nu * i. K. Wlltnerdlng.
Mr an.i Mrs. .1. Archibald Murray.
Mr at 1 .Mrs. Harry B. Holl?n.?.
Mi ?nd Mra John limes Kane.
Miss Helen Millet Qould.
Mi.?, n- m y Additon Alexander.
Mr. and Mrs Thecxlpre Roosevelt, Jr.
Mr and Mrt it. Pulton Cutting:.
JUgtic? and Mrs I'raiicls K Pendleton.
Mi, and Mrs. Qeorga J.ockhart Rive*.
Mr. ami Mra John s. Phlppe,
Mr. and Mis Henry Phippe,
Dr. John ii. Plnley
I'hancelbi Blmer EC. Brown.
Dean Virginia Oildereleeve
Mr and Mrs. W. K. Vandcrbllt.
Alton B, Park, r
Jacob M. Schiff.
William Maxwell CIU ?tosealatendenl
..f Bel
Dr, Taleott Willis
Mi end Mi- i: .1 Hessvind
Mis? forai Coopei Hewitt
M?as Kl? ..H... G Hearltt.
Poetmaatei (?enera! Hltchcoeh, who ?u?
witi it a .' Bmltl
Henn t*l<
O?por(i i- tVllsoi
La ?a 1 --i. ? 1. ? llllesple
hn i.riiixt Sheckletoti
Ki.-.l.-iLk \\ . Whlfrldg?-.
I lohn Re?d, Jr.
Qeorgs p Baker
Mi-a Angelica ? lerrj
Mrs J Hopkins Smith.
lira Bl John Bmltb.
Mi-- Mabel T. Boardmas
1 "1 unk V M lo? ?
Mi and m.* John E Parsons
1 Major and Mr? I lloconv
l m ? leorge S Kuns.
Mi- Olivia Flint
????lierai Theodore a Brngham
Lloyd B. Banderaon.
Charlee Bowrlni
Mr and Mrs L.-vi P Morton
The Hin Oornld ward, whose
brother, th<? Hon. John Hubert Ward.
married Miss Jean IPid, ?-ame from
ott.-iwa to attend the funeral.
The trustees of the Cathedral of fit
John the Divino sat In the south choir
stalls during the services. They are
Oeorgs Maccuiio^ii Millar, Ctaajrtss F.
Hoffman, James Hoosevelt RoOSQTSlt
and ?'harlos Lanier. The Hev. In John
Henry Jowett, pastor of the Fifth AvO>
inn Praabytsrlan Church, sat In the
choir stalls with th" clergy. In the
first row of the nave, on the north side
?.f the Cathedral, Coui-tenay Walter
Bennett. Um BrltJofa Consul Oenernl,
and staff occupied BSntS, Directly back
Of the consul general WON several of
the officers of the battleships Florida
and North Dakota. Major General
Barry and staff oecuplod the next row
of teats on that ?Ido of the Cathedral,
and the sailors fron H. M. B. ?Matai
and the Regents of the State of New
Vork h-il further hock, on the ?ame
?ado, The representative?! of the various
?iubs and ??nielles occupied seats on
the south aisle of the nave.
At the end of the funeral services
hundreds of pt-rsons ninalneil In tho
Cathedral and ?ame forward to the
?hainel to view the many beuutlftr?
floral off.-rings. Many of those who had
been UnnblS tO get Into the Cathedral
Wars permitted to enter and louk at the
flowers. It was ?aid that most of the
flowers WOUld be distributed among tho
VarlOUS hospitals in the city.
FsewSrs Fill Chancel.
The floral pieces were very numerous.
The ratest of blooina prevailed in moat
Of them. Wreaths u? rare orchids,
llltes-of-the-valley, roses and inueor
telles fairly filled the ?hancel around
the coffin. ?TJaMOS large wreaths of
orchids and lUlSB-of-tn?--valley, the ten?
der tribute of the immediate family.
reatad beside the casket. The large
anchor of white carnations and im?
mortelles, the gift of Captain Grentorex
and the officers and men of the Natal,
occupied a conspicuous place at the
front of the chancel. The anchor piece
rested on the casket when It was trans
ferr??l from the Natal to the Cathedral,
anil afterward as It laid In the crypt
over night.
A large solid wreath of violets from
the employes of The. Tribune hung on
Private Show
Simplex Cars for the coming season will show a
continuance of that fine distinction in body and chassis
design which has characterized them in the past.
It has always been the cu??om o? this company to
cater to the tastes and requirements of the individual pur?
chaser in order that perfect satisfaction, not only as to
the chassis, but to body also, may be assured.
Jin electric lighting and self starting system of
new and excellent design is one of the features of all
Simplex Cars which merits the attention of every motorist..
Because of our inability to obtain elsewhere space
sufficient to properly present our new models and features,
Simplex Automobiles are shown only at the salesrooms
240 West 59th Street (near Columbus Circle) ?Up to
January 18th the salesrooms will be open each evening
until 10.30 o'clock.
th*? walls of the cbuncel. A beautiful
wieath of roses, from tb<- Naw York
Association of tht Delta Kappa Bptl
ion fraternity, of arhl -h Mr Keid was
a member, hung ntar tht Tribune
wreath. There wer.? wrtatht from
Fresident Taft and AUlbtstandOT BryOa
The Duk<? of Connaught sent a wreath
with his representative. Lieutenant
Colonel Ixjwther. Scores of wreaths
and other Iloral p?tete Wttt tribut, s
from the many friends ->!' ihe late
Ambas.-ad or.
Among otiu-rs i\i,.> gent wiealhg
wer*- tht Duke and Duchess of Rox
liurghe, Secretary and Mrs. Knox,
Becrotary aaaytr of th?- Navy, Lady
. Herbert, Mr.?. Ofdssj c.eiot, roionsl
anil Mrs. ROOOSVOR. Admiral find Mrs.
Cowles. Mrs. C. P. Huntington, Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, the houfe
bold at MJUbraO) <'?>i ; Mrs. Rnsssl
s.-u???, Lady Qranard, Mrs. Mairoim
Whitman, Mrs. John Hay, John Pier
pont Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Levl p.
Morton, the Pilgrims Bot Istjr and Misi
Holen Gould.
The arrangements for seating and
regulating the movements of the more
than two thousand persons who al
! tended the services \? ere perfectly ear
'ri'.l OUl and reflactOd great credit ott
Dean Qroovenor and the sdmlnlstra
? tlon staff of tho Cathedral.
J ?3.
L. P. Hollander & Co.
Our Great
Will Continue All the Week of Jan. 6.
Every Department Will Be Represented
in This Sale
Fifth Avenue at 46th Street
Itttu^orli ^^feilribimt
Full announcements appear in the advertising col?
umns of this issue of The Tribune. Read Them.
Cut out this list and carry it with you. It will save
you many weary stops, many hours and much annoy?
ance. Questions will be gladly answered if addressed
to Woman's Dept, Room 910, Tribune Building.
ABRAHAM ? t-iTRAt S. I'ulton ?t.. Urooktyn.
-li. Uil ?ale of fur? Hint fur coat?.
A11KKN. SON. g CO., r.roa<lua>, COT. Ifth -t.
and Btk ava.i or. .tilth at. - ? 'Ie.ir.in,-.*
?isle, huts, trtttaatt and untrlmiiieil. all
of lhe;r own make ami la present fash
lnn. IBM Mitt ?clour?, velvet?.
-I.TMAN. B? g CO., r.rh av?. and 34th and
?loth *t? -Herts? of sp?el?l ?ale?, wum
en'? i-niits, unmasje Isce rohe?. dr<???
?like, niusliri eml'toldd y. "Ilk petticoat*,
t.oya' washsbl? suit?, household and
deco'atlve linen?.
ARNOLD. CONSTABLE g CO.. Rnii.it way
?n.1 18th ?t.- Annual ?air of women's
nuil n.taaes' fur coat?, ineff? and ri'-ck
p|.-.:??; ?Ilk salt?, ?Ilk um.u.U.is, animal
?.kin rug?.
BLOOMINGDALES*. |gtk ?t. and 3d av? --
Whttt? riil??; condensed budget of ?ale?
for Monday and Tue?day.
(?IDDINO, J. M., g CO., are continuing
their clearance ?ales of woman's outer
apparrl, milliners- and fur coat?, ?et?
? nd ?i.|'-ri.r.i piece?, at reduction? of
one-'hlrd to one-half, and In many In
?tnnce? more than half their former
-prices- It.la f.i?hlonahie ??tahllahment i?
al?n ?rtiwlng ad?ame model? in dr???e?.
millinery, etc.. for wear ui Palm Bench,
the Riviera arid other Southern winter
OUNTHKR't?, 0, C... RON*, .01 0th ave ?
Reduced prices In furs.
HEARN, 14th st., ?rest of Mb uve.-?Muslins,
?heet?, pillow ?atea women'? and chil?
dren's underw-ar, waist?, cors?t?, i'luny
lacea, upholitery fabric?, women's
dresses and coat?.
IIARTWI?:, K.. Uli? Cth av?.?Decided r?duc?
tions on entire ?tuck of rich fur?.
TOGtilMg g ??KirF.R will begin on Mondsy.
January '!. the.r annual plate sale, dur?
ing which thev will offer their entire
nu. k of One Trench and English chis?
plate? at reduction? ranging from 10 per
cent to ?as-half if their regular mod
?rate price?; there will be n.sny ?str?ei
?Unary value? otTerecl among the huB'
?li-.S ?/. beautiful pattern? in this ssl?.
HOLLANDER. I.. P.. g CO.. 3th ase. and
4?lth at.? Orear annual clearing up ssls
will continu? sll th? week of Janu?ry 0:
e\ery department will be repre??nted la
thi? ?ale.
W st 31M ?t.?Furnitur? of sicsptlons.
LANE BRYANT. M We?t 3ath st.?Ma?
ternity apparel of all kind?.
M'CREEKY, JAM M, g CO.. 23d and .14th
?t. ?tore??Semi-annual ?ale of furniture.
MACY. R. IL. g CO.. Brosdway. 34th to S5t?
et. |iie?n good?, remnant-, silks, whit?
sale, shoea, hosiery, china. Infanta' ??*?'.
rugs. furs, srhlie shirt wslsia
ItBVIM.ON FRERE?*. 10 Wilt 34th ?t.?
Fur coats, fur sets, mink muffs, in*
ported model?.
SHAYNF. C. C. g CO., 1.6 Wat 4M st.?
Annu n discount ?ale on neckplec?? ?na
muff?, fur coat? ?nd model?; 20 per o?at
?reduction on robe? and rug?.
HTERN BROS., We?t 2_d and 23d sts? !**?>
elty ?1res? ?Ilka, eotton and linen dr??s
fabric?. Iiouaehold and decorative linens:
decided reductions In the furniture de?
partment on odd piece?; brss? bedstead?;
women's high grade underwear.
A summary of the special offerings of the leading
stores will be published ever}' Sunday and Monday
in The New-York Tribune under the above heading.

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