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Tribune Junior Forum
r*mbtilhed vi thr intcrrtt o/ boj/s and
ptrte. to furnish information and amn><-.
tur?/ anal i<> oit* thnn an opportunity
to C?urt$i tht m$aivi 9.
1<V contribution* ana" ttftt?fi BWBOM
?V a??'(A?f<l lit the l.ititor of the I'th
v>". Junior Forum, yeu-Yorl: Tribune,
J."> I \n.?.?',><? Street.
aastet' OBB was hoard tr? say, "I am
?9JB bept'.*- "
"Why ?re yon so happy V" whs asK*Mi.
'Beeaus?' I wint 80 many ibiugr-."
Hare any of us over stopped to tlilnk
Juat how ws would fet'l If we had
errri/thing we wanted? Have any of
us realize how dull our lives would
he If there war? nothing nn.ro to bo
had anrl if thero w.in nothing for
?a tii?*h we could long aud yearn? Ig It
ras<y for us to believe that our 1?v.
?.?.?-?uld i?? iiiuiit?'tvstlng under the^e
? ?.ndltlons? if It iBB't easy, think back
nnd try to remember how exciting it
war. in ?risk we had a bicycle or a
burnt ora pair of rftataa; how we longed
for i hem lo be delivered hy the ex
pressman or errand boy- or how iutcr
o-t.(lly -ah bMved our ?-pare mouey and
Imw after I long time we actually got
tli?t for which we had longed! Then
BOt long afterward?we felt as If we
always had had the thing we had
vanted, and Immediately following
thai granted trieb WB began to wish
for something sha. The very reason
im our wanting something else showed
ihat wc were happy because it proved
ihat our interest In things -was still
BHTB and that we ourselves were alive.
Happiness is really to be alive -to
have want1??and to be ready to long
and work for UWM wntits. Of course,
BJ arturta IB tin- e.>uiie<'ti?->n we do not
moan the dire neec-sitles of Hfe, but
?.hIj tboea things which make life m?re
lieaiitifnl. more rich and more abun?
dan!, .lu-d think bow dreadful 1t
?wiild be to be bo satisfied and well
Mppltexl th.u ?!-ere w.-uld be Bribing
riv,- i,, pleas. thriu us. w??ni?ln'i
this be Blmoel death la life?
i .b?-i ?reaaak ara Itanied a ?sail for book
,(.,. b?8caoae it will Interest many a
vi.ung ja.T--4.il i?. Iumsj a/bal otbara have
been reading BO thai be may M
m?'! i bis ?>? n lint w itli ii.i Usta ba
x'-iv careful t?. a/rite y?.nr ago. 1 boat
Mim hav.? already Bubiiiltt?Bd lists witb
ratal the asa .'t tba m-?i?:?t will fpeatlj
?-bilge tbe ?-?bt.-r b) s.-u(iiii_' tbla Infor?
mation as aouu m possible.
W. think that this will ba not only
IsSteretatiug to the ?Jiihlnn who read
this paite but to the parents, guardians
and te?i?hers. So if we eau make tidal
j?a??,e loterestlng to many people It will 1
be more valuable. Will it nor? Will I
too help? Send u? list? of the books
you h.*rve read in the last two years,
wit! jour name, address and age. Ad
dress these to the Editor of the Tribune
I Jajnlor Forum, New-York Tribune, No.
?151 Nasaau mreet, New York City.
1 he Week's Poem
K.-r i liri?tnph??r Marlowe.
< . live with me and ba my In-e
A>'-1 sea will all the pUasur- h prosa
That hills and valleys, dales and field
And all the cr&gssy mountains yield.
Tliere will we. stt upon the roeVs
.?.r.d aee the ihepherds feed ttr-lr tV>i?|cs j
By shall? - a- rivers, to whot-o f;ills
Metadlo is birds nina; madri?,;?!.??.
There will 1 mak? thee batts ?>f ro.-rt-a
iaal h tl.u'is.ind fraarrnnr paulan),
?A cap of flowers and a kftrtls
Kmhroidered all with leives of mvrtle.
'A gc a n mtdfi ?-.f the finest wo->l,
WlUch from our prf-tty lamba w?s pull,
?fair Hoed slippers for thai cold,
"With bu< kles of tne purest gold.
V bel* of straw and Ivy buds
With coral clasps and amtier studs.
And if thru- pi? isur^K may th??c move
4'oine, live ?aitli riie. and 1"- my love
Thy ?-liver dishes for thy meat
As precious as the goda ?Jo eat
Hhall r>n an i\o?-> table be
i'repareil each d;i> f< r th.-e and n.e.
TN Bherit.rr I swains l'hall dance and sins*
??'or th\ ti? ti?lit each May morning:
If these delights thy mind may move.
Then llvi wnh in?; anl be my love.
To tha Kadi tor ?f tin- Tribuns .tumor
> ?i? m
I consider I Qoldhorn's ?? Ungeist ion in
ieg;aiil t?. the fr-rniatw.n of a Camera
?lub un fX'-ellert l-li-a. and I know of
many who would like to join such a
? lub. I am also anxious for the estab?
lishment of a no?teard exchange
Hoping that a Tribune Camera Club
will be formed. I remain, very truly
raorra. i. marixo
Ifoboken. \. .1
TH# answer ,will appear next Sunday.
A monoplane that will Instantly recover
It? co.uillb.iun? in flight, regardless of the
pu'ltlnn In which it may find ttaetf, is
the kind of a monoplane even' boy wants
and the kind we are about to deacrlh"
Tha stability of a monoplane depends
upon the ?Ira and position of Its wings,
and to Borne weight, properly balance'!,
in order to exert \ha correct amount of
pull upon them.
Tn the munojilane ehown here are three
Beta of wlnge; two are placed upon thi
Kam? plane, while a third set le placed nt
right angles with them-th? two smaller
I te> the main rranie at the top, midway
? bctueen tlie third and second group of
front bracea; the rear rod, to the bottom
mrner of the third group, and the front
rod 1 Inch from the bottom frame rails
and to the second group of braces.
Thin Bilk la used In covering the rail
frumea, made to fit each pair very much
ns a pillowslip Is made, and Is tleel with
string?.. The Klips for the main wing"
have eyelets for lacing to the centre ?wins:
rod, thiiB making the un.J- r nblo of tbsas
wings dome-shaped.
The metal paits ate of bra?*, which
in the Himalaya Mountains, a tortoise.
Two young hamsas, or wild ducks, uh-i
came to feed there, made fri.-n.l-- arltb
Mm. And one day, when they had be?
come very Intimate: wlih him, th- Ba I
to the tortol.--,-,
"t-Yiend tortoise, the "p'a-e where we
live, at the. (?olden ("ave, on Mount Hea'i
tlful. In the Himalaya country. Is a am
liRhtful spot. Will >ou come there aitli
"Bat how ran I ?ret there?''
"We can take >ou. If you can onlv hold
>onr tongue, and a ill Bay BOtMBg lo anj
"f'h. that I can do Take rn? 4Mth vmi"
I ''Thai's right,** said tarer. And making
sets forming a cross shaped tall for tV
machine. The sizes and shape? of th
wings are vi-vy important Rents In th<
< .>n--tructlpn of this asodel
The frame rarts of each sal are n ..i,
??f seiuare stuns of bamboo, obtained by
i-pHttlng a piece of fi?h pole nnd planing
tbs :ides. The skeleton main frame Is
also made of strips obtained in th* BtUPS
way. All of these bambeo strips are
' iahet] in position with linen thread, Of
v?ry '"me bra.- * wire. K^ach j'nnt should
he .-ciiiented afterward, with two or thre?
r-'-aiv of shellac. The braces (ahowa In
?lot til at l-'ig. A) BIS made ,,f BtrOBg
needles, broken in the proper lengths and
sharpened, so that their ends may tie
presecd Into tha wood, In order to keep
? hem from slipping. These are wound
with thread or wire, so as to hold the
will not rtist; thev are hraxed tOgethOI
with ?older In the usual way, usinai
? Klin burner for beat The tun I
of thin trasM. ten lachea lona-, tin??
?marters of an Inch arlda, and -h..?.?'!
aa shown in ?ut. Tin- ahaft, ? ?
Sights of an Inch in dl in.' t- r, i bra??--l
v.ith short pl?-cca Of guarter-uie-h tubing
for collar?, to the fan \ eollai
biased on the shaft to keep it from bs4ng
pulhd through the bestflaga. TtMSS B4 U
iQga M'e ma?|e of fi.eet tt.i?-?-, but lit thS
ands and booted faTnaly sround ths fronl
Mid seeowd aronp of bracea i?t* i Ig B)
A h?-"-'k Is niMde npoa the Inside end of
the fan .-'.aft; this bolda r? naahof of
tuhliiK BgalBBt the re.ir b.arlnK, and In
tlits ?array keeps the shaft from working
UtOUU. At F Is ehown another ho^k, fas?
tened to the frame.
The power ?sed for propelHnrr the !
monoplane Is shown at Fiar. <; rt ron i
j the t.. loll -'ici ,| ,.i A ... U, til?)
i themselves took ii." tv?.., en:, hi theli
: i?eth . up into tho air
s.. ?? .; Id m n, r "it' ?' hj f.. '? ?
? ?m.' ? lllagers ? ill? <i oui 1 i ?
duefcs an carrying a lori?las along ?
? i . k'" h hot ? ui oi ihe loi t"i e ?rs
t.i sat] 'if mj rrl? m.Im clMsoee to oari
? I' tl .ll |0 \ ,H|. ' OU V. I? tl'he'l
alav?s!" s.. ; ......
the er] i dueka had tn-oogtit hli
of j
the Opel
\ ' ' ? ....
j,ii.*. ai i haa spill In two! '
The King, Is I ? .
?e i.t t.i tie pia.. r urrouada -1
sjoaetJera, i^'id. looklt ? ?t the t.- lo se, i ?
asked th<? Bodleal "Teaetier ? ??? i
I h? is bs feilet, here' '
-??paraled bamboo rods flrrnlv again*! thr
? nd of the needle braces, and then agan
I around the first binding and brace, form
i <ng the finish shown In the lower psrt o
I l"lg. A.
The tods for the main trams at?- l.V-,
' inches long. The four nre lashed t->
i gcther at tin- small end Brat; at the shuij
time fastening the i/j-Vlm-h bow lod foi
i the rear horizontal ?-ail. This rod has an
Mother pie-e of bamboo. 3 tnctMS long
i lashed to It. ?o that the proper bend will
be obtained. The positions of the how
rod and the shorter piece are shown l-i
the cuta. It Is \i Inch inside the end ?t
! the frame rods, which aie bound to?
gether with thread or wire, as shown.
(8-M C. C.)
The large end of the main traue >? 2
inches square, and Is shaped by separat?
ing the four rods and holding them In
l-lace with braces, made as already <le
s.-rlbed. Four braces are placed 1-8 of
.m inch from the ends of the rods; an?
other group of four, set In line with the
first group, are placed 14 Inch back of
the front group, and another group of
four .'\ Inches tack of the aocorni set. A
group of short bracea aro placed 1%
inches from the back end of the tramOi
and If the stiffness of the frame rs-guir u
It. a group of braces 1'?. Inches further
along the frame.
The bow rod for the perpendhnlat lall
is II in? lies long; it may he bent befoie
??being lashed to the main frame, then
lashed to the bra-iea and frame 3*? bichas
: tr?->m the back end, aa shown In the cuts
at K, V. The bow string for the rear
sails la of wire, put on and eoaaented
?-.Ith shellac, aa shown. The bend of the
how rods muat 1>e au? h rb to make ihe
boar ?JtringB M-r Hi inche? fiotn ih?-.-entro '
? il ths boat rods.
The mainsail rods are {Jum in nuni'.cr 1
and M Inches long They are lashed to
I tan main frame after their ends have!
basa fastened together with bracea, In the |
'way de??-r|l-ed. The centre ro<*/ Is lushed
sists of lWO rubber hands, fastened at j
right angler, nun within the other, and!
BO ai t.. hieve loops tu hook Upon the
shaft and the honk K. Tin v BhoaM DOt
bs siieti-ht-.i vary tanoh whea pul lato
(ilare. Kv turning the fefl ead twisting
tbsee pends as tight as it cawisidereal
safe, then lOBWSSlng the fan, it is ni.i<!'
to revolvs rapidly and for a considerable
ll i gth of time l>y the baUtatg
in the cai '? of Ute ittotW I sfot ? I
bateaos which maintain? stability in
tlight is found in the metal wheel? These
arc fastened with their metal shaft to
hamlioo frame, made avlth braces as he?
t'eire ; tlie-n adjusted, when partly fast?
ened to the main frame, by ti!tln?e7 forward
e>r ha'kward until the completed model
halnnca-s, when a panted BUppOTl Is placed
?it O. (See top Mew.I The wheel frame is
then permanently lashed In the position
required and braced with wire ns shown
^ur\\ whet-Is as are required hers can
be- eiht nned from small metal tm1
shaft should be about 6 ttaghas h'tig siel
the ?heels 1U Inches Ir. diameter Small
drops Of solder on th? shaft Will when
trimmed form very good shoulders to
keep (he wheels In place.
Ii milking the model every effort must
bs mud. to make each part as light a?< It
la po slbls t" rn;ik'- it The machins will
",\ heiter ami fot S h.nger distance If |
The Talkative Tortoise
The future Buddha was onre born in a
minister's family, when Brahma datta
was reigning In Benares, and ?hen be
grow up he became th" King's ad\h'r In
thing* temporal and spiritual.
Now. this King was very talkative;
v hila lie was speaking others had M op
pottuiilty tor a word And the future?
liueldiia. wanting to cure thla talkative
m Hs of Ins, was constantly .'eking f'ir
some means of doing so.
A? ?hut time ?hen? tin? ltvln~ In re pr.nd
The- ; Huri Buddl a Um ighl lo i latas I
"i. ut: expecting, erlablng to admo
the King, have i Bottghl tnr soasa s?sans
of dotai so This tortol a nata I have
made friends with the wild docks; and
the) must have had'- him bite bold Of
thi sink, and bav? down up into the air
m t.ik. i.?m m tin inn. Hut he, i e Ing
iirtabU to hold life tongas ahen he hears
.-. talk, mu i ha ? ?? waatod to
-..m. thins ?'""' hH ,." i he i tick, anal
.-.i muai hav< fallen da/srn from the
anil Ihn: I...-I in-- hie " \,,d fayUlgi j
"Truly, O Kirie those arhe ara ?-.-?. 11 - - ? 1
chattertMves people whoes words bava
r,, , n.i .-..ni. to i lef Uks this," hs at?
1.1' -i these ven i
\ ? ill-.- til-- tortol ?? kllled i)iiu??-lf
Whilst uttering his t ? ?
'I liotiKl? h?- ?a? holding Mfiiit lbs si
i h ui'i.i hlaSasll ?.?
Pa-heM him, then. <> ?M .!,-?? 1 strength I
Vu i speak ? la? \r ?.r? 1 ->. not -."t af m
i i ?..-e hew, '??? his talking overmucli,
i ? t. n? las Ball into tin? wo ??-i-, i pogtatl
The King saw that he area hint-sell m
forred to. and said: "0 Teaclarr, ara ? mi
Bpr al Ing of "':" '
And ih?- Bodlaal spake openl) and said:
???'? great King, ba II thou or be it any
other, whoever talks beyond meaaura
m?>eta ?vttb Borne mlahap like this"
And tbs Kins; boner fot ti. refrained him
astf and ?senme s man of fear amule.
IBs Bswasttvslea ot a p Putnam a s-n?. s em
Tort .
? -f . ? , I...-. ?? I ... .| pt I : ? '?er.-'k
? -;?. it How hs araa horn lu n-rlin
more than one hun?ir<ed and Bovisnty-llra
ago .-.?-i how unhappy ba wua f?sr
the in t twenty?4lva of his Ufs
Ho? hi father ?Sated him and Unreal
plates .-i him during dinner; und hoar
??n---- upon finding hira playing the flute
he broke II aei oaa bis ba? '??
r. n ,it i t v, '.. m ; :. ' ? ? u ?\aa twenty*
I ?right ins cruel parenl itled and then h?.
i-e.aune King of Ptu la Us was a veiy
K'i"d monarch, on?eouraged arta and aci
SDtMS anil built I,, mtlful i-.. !...-: BOOM of
ah.'-h ?>r?- o? ? ?. 11" ? 1 fao-da] b) Um
fui lly. li?i a-ir- (r? d < ?? i.? i .il Oeoi ga
tVaahtngtoa grently at-.i in pntof of I?
sni him a bsmdatMns sword ??!? whl? li \s.?i
sngraesjci "Krom the oMearl general t?.
the grr ?t.?t " Haj never dir - ? I arell,
hi.utv? r, aa he c;n ?i ? g |
api -saranes ai I often aror? an old yellow
until it wa ? ?--titi.. iv ,-.,-, en i altb
t-'o it n?-.er <??'? rurred lo raggedi dirty
t" L..CJ
r of 1 ?. whew h- mal bim walk?
n- n- lha rlvr r
... i -. ,-n fears' war,
n . i ? ? i to i ?: i loa ed lo
i i ni irtoiu tt- ??
; ? t n, : ?,r.\v -,,, i iqjr little actos. ."
.- ?
( ,i"i
I I llu M 1 ? ? . .
ich me
i puld son like I lo play 1
I flu! ' ?
"Above all thl i -nio
, i a that'."
ik en
t of I ?li ?-''
I ? . - ; ? M?
? t- ly ? .i ?.n ti ?? Is t1 ? I
' . ?- ? ? ? i l ara put In
. . ? i.
. , ...
li ? t he waa al
? ? i.
.. ? ? , .
? i la kind 1 ; , .i ? i
I an that 1m
... . . |
: tUIllty did ' "in" I ?
% An! letting up i
,k ?i ah -ft ' ut through lire
. ? the < ' hie a t ? |
I i .is A i
: the mai
I "V d< I- O- t' ? 'II- "1 ? lilt ?UI
t I .
! Bule i ? ? ' .
-,- ? ff, i m without i-i'-mi'iy li t"
Klug*a apartment, ?Trying: "? >h, sire,
-i? Brot drink >i"ir cfa.?..i- tin.? iii'.in
n.g li i> l"i KMM ' "
\\'h? n, a few minutes ?im Um break?
t tray * ? r?- d? rica thr
< .r?-at 11 - ??! ? -i i? \> ? ? calmly, and looked
? ? servant, who In
? in table.
pale you are. 1 ou muel bs III,"
? mod inn majeal . Here, drtnl t .
-un of cimc-u-i?. it may reviva yon."
sire," pi? .i i ,i the .-? rvant,
thtx-wkaa tstnaself .,t the hlna'a i? ? t. l
.?in li"t to I'lain. I ?mi luir ,,u iii.-alru
m? ni in Ho- h.-inciM ?,i , -.. . and iio
conffssed the v I,,.!? plot,
"Wretched man, \.m were f-oliii? to
it m?." ? .."i thi iClna* an-i ar the
OfM of rh<- i|oi.a tQ Ilia
lit -? ? him n ? r*ontent9 of tin
? up t-i drink, and shuddr n -i when i,,
a? the poor brute ?he in agony.
Bo it araa '"bread caet upon the watei
which had retunMd after many da
I or licl'-.i' S the <.r. at's l.iinln.--1 t i
.i ?---"i UtUs Italian boy had aaved bis
own hi?
' | ss* a ati and? -i i s ? i on Donrgan
it iv.13 a vary, vary long Urns ano th.
?ri .it -gl aiidmother Sparrow lived In
hoantlflll. big maple tree that stood I
the middle of a broad, green field. An
It may auiprlse you to know that gre n
nianilmotln'.r Sparrow was white. V?:
white a? .the soft, downy snow that la
mi the field during the long, cold winte
months t" keep the toots of the plant
and the s'-e,]s that had Callea in th? 3'
11? t m a from fleestng,
Tin ii on?- day in October a very lertibl
thing happened to gieat-grandmothe
Spar row ; and It caused her to turn brow,
like the leaves on the maple, tree, whei
they go to sleep for the? winter. This i
how it all happened:
Not far from the maplo tree grew ?
large berry vine, with pita and lots o
red beniee on if in the fall of the year
I All of the sparrows from the countrj
round about came to ?at these berries
Then, oie' day wh<m they were almost
?ieiiie.. great-grandmother f-'parrow flew
down and ate every one that was l"ft.
Then sha dew back to the maple tret
where' she lived. .nul sat em a limb atin
started to tell her little eblldrefl sboul
m,, f. . t -i,e had enjoyed.
But h? tors great -grandmother sparrow
?Aa-- able to dnleh telling thesa ahout it
.i great cold aind blew through tin? tree,
\i,d becaugs she had been so naughty
and '.it.n all ihn barrlee an?! left none
{?>r l!i,. other sparrows the wind blew *
largl clottd of dust with It. The dust
covered bar and bar laMes, and turned
tnem all brown.
And afte-r that they an re not able to
live m tti.? country any nun. . because the
arther sperroars laughed at them and
.i not play with thrtm any more be
? lUas they had been naughty sparrows
and hud been lui nod broa it
Bo si soon as gi'oat-grandBaOthsa> atpsu**
row he.i ?n niih?. h.T babies to dy she
loo? i h-m on s lonr, long trln. And
?i all] they arrived at a great .-itv. that
was bullded by the sea. Now, la this
city the streets ?vera dustv and the
bulldtnga tvera I own, so great graud
irroW fit QjUttS at home.
Under fh? oorntca of a big iionse ahe
hullt a nest JOal belOW the nest there
was -1 Window in th? romn that ?Ids I
arlndoe belonged to there lived a little
?.grown so that the) could By, too ehe
?ook them all down to the window alll.
"Now, 1 don't Kiie>w whether this in;
hoy avili tfve all of you crumbs or not.
bat it" you will wait and be pattern a
may cams and see you and give ? <, i i...
Of |.1 things to cat,'' -aid Mrs Sparro-v
??We'll try. meither," replied th?
?Vhen "'?? bo, heard the span-ow --.iie.
Ing outside eef ins window he opened it
and sabed Mrs. Bparrow what ll ? u thai
she rented, and who all the little . .
rows W'????? Tin n Mi - Spai ,?:? ...,.
"i hcep. cheep, cheep," and all her hsi?i?->
flo'-ke?! about her and "pencil th"r little
hills wide. So the little ho\ in the w|n.
dow knevr that the? v ere Mr: Sparrow's
children and that they were all hungry
He brought them crumbs, and th?-; sat on
the window sill and ate them.
Then, ins-ide of the mom, one ,,f t|)(
HttlS hnds saw a tree that was just as'
green as th?> trees ate in the summer
time. Sei that Httle sparrow looked at It
fur a ion)-' tima rery earnestly, and then
he opened his little mouth and saw
? Peep, peep, peep." The hoy In the room
thought that perhaps th" little sparrow
WOUM like te> coma in and ?H oa his
i'hi;'tin.is ire-- and he Halted him wouhl
he like to
The bahy sparrow dee in and sat on a
branch of the tree, and all tho other littla
sparrows and their mother, Mrs. Sparrow.
came In, too, and perched on the l.ranches
of the tree.
That evening the Mtts? hoy had a party
in his room. All th? little ?pan-ow-a hsldi
small Kreen and red and ye!low candles ?
In their bll? They mad?i all the littla.
trirls and boya that came to the party!
happy, becaus? those little bora and girls j
had never seen a e"'hristmaa tree b?for* '
with real, live birds on It.
That was on t hristmas Ev*v, and, the |
next morning being Christmas l>*y, the!
little boy gave ea.-h of the srarTOwa a I
teeny, weeny paper bag, with teern-y.
weency bita of red, and pink, end blue, i
and rreen candles In It.
Then the littl? sparrows fi?w away to
the park. And there they found all the
rth'-r little brown sparro-vg that li-? In
? ? 1 he ugad to feed the your lg
?-. - bread r' iiniaa.
long after great graMmother
i and ell her .iit.ii. n had died
. "f her granalarhlldrea lived In the
old i st And she, rN". liad a
hr<"'d "r litt!.- e ... | ..f ehlV she us..I
to ''? d"wn t" the window when the little
boy lived, ?ml he wo Id flea Mrs t|
mw crumbs for her Uttk bahtes
? whaa her balaies we:?
Gold et par is alsrays vahMhle,
? ? .-i ride of Tarn
o' Sha; i
t lie-, i. .. ? bones were hurled.
i ?? i. snow ahoae the timber lin?
? i m.
-, EnitS and ?-amurl guessed the
" r.
7. Tha hero met m? a?r1?h modes? grace
x v i . ei uraded higher than
? '. u have "T.'*.hhe Constantin." O.
I let in? read H
II i lie rife hitween two fat h?ns wn? ,
tic im ? ? ? i
11. Hll real nnme is Jacob Rnss, else- |
,.-i ..... g] .,wn as 'Mafson.
i :. I bought a lancet in Jenning?'s shop.
i :. Does Alane open Hagoaba .-k's ani?
mal ahoa "
14, PtoaM trt-.-e me from your stock
Efolmea'a "Autocrat."
Il Banyau'i Chrtattasj r sdmiie as a
I ai act? r
1 ? dial ind Is formed bj words rcad
Ing the .?.mi. acroai and down.
Mo i In defeat; a nlehaame for aJaleri
si - rig ui ? d by liniiii. ii to write aa;
I the city. Then Mrs ?parr?n ? ?*hild ?
gave to ?treck little spa iron a iitrie ro .-1
I candy.
' That 1? why, now that all the
birds that used to live In the cttj I rvf
| K"'i" to the country t-> h\ ?, the i I
sparrrawa stay and try to make the IHtla
i"vs sn-1 girlB that 'Ive In the city happy
i by "peeping" ontstde of their windows ?-'0
| ?'I liatsana morning.
; i [ r?? leSJB Sterne; a tale; almoat "end";
hi def.ral
\" I In defeat; a slang word fO|
i ii-emints; a mineral; a, very hard sub
, stajiee; to take an erect position; finis;
i in ?I. teat.
Puzzle Answers
a F t
t T n
I, Baltimore? 9, Rangor. I, Fortlaj**l.<
4, rtaletah. ?. Newark. 6, New Haven.
i. Trenton. 9. Providence. 9, Stamford,1
10, Boston. 11, Denver. 12, Boise.
Initials. ILilMt
Anna, Level, Ai-a, Revel. Adam, 8#?a
L On the tree were: 1. tinsel; fa.
anilies; S, candle-?; 4, motto; 5, nuts*
6, picture books, T, mittens, I, doll; f.
<ake; 10, sled.
2. Tn the stocking; irere: I, rand"-"
2, skates; I, nut?; 4, oranges; f>, appl
H, banana.
Note: -The names of tho?-e aotving ah
the pusalea correctly will be puhlii-hed
next Sundav. Addreu Kd't-.r of Trfae
une Junior Fbrum. r-few-Torfc Tribune.
NU Ifi 1 .Viasan Btrvr t.
< hu little friend "ii? winter day,
'i ?--.?i?. oui then Christinas sled
\ i Itj l-'lic iinj? behind in *t .11 -?
Willie F'elelie vi'nl ,lhe ..|
. I hi '? i ".iitol lloM II lin h ??. hill -
\\ nli great d< light sud I hen
I in j i Isinb? red breathlei - i" ihi tup
And ? farted rli.wn again,
Vnd \ hen ihej tumbled in the snos?
? In y diel n.it cry of pout.
I * Km welcomed ?.very little "-pill
With merry Inni'lt .-?nil ?rt??tlt.

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