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y?- i AX II N? 24158?
Rain and ?nn? t?. ?I..
luetdu?, ?nn\? und ?older: bri?k nind.
T l" < II) of Bew Vork. ?Jersey < My snd llobukm.
I I. ?MWll-.RI. TWO CENT?.
Promise Harlem Hotelkeeper
Immunity in Effort to Save
High Officials of Force
from Exposure.
District Attorney, Suspicious of
Sudden Activity by Waldo's
Men. Will Scan Closely
the Evidence Against
Graft Exposer.
pistrl?.'t \ttoruey Whitman ?vas in?
formed yesterday that a high police
offlrial called on Mrs. GrSOTge .\. Sipp
a fe? nights ?Ko ami told her that If
her husband would drop all chargea
and *if,;i ?'" affidavit exonerating
?aery ?n? ' '1"ri*1('?('<i with the Police
Dapartmenl oxcr.pt Fox, the patrol?
man, the i harsre? now being pressed
afaip?' 1 m '?: the police would ho
?,?,?.. sipp aent word down yesterday
lha: - :,"t well enough to talk
?i ? about anything else 0081?
aected w th her husband's accusations
.again-?' th? police grafter.?.
Ti?? quest on of the sudden a?*tl\lty
of tbe police agahisi Sipp. 'which did
not begin until sfter Sipp had given
evtdeoce against giaftera to the aldsr
meT?. toometl larger yesterday in the
NHcc - I tuatlon than even the
Sfriou! charge! which the police have
ilgdgi . th< former Harlem
ihetelke?, ??
Whitman explained
that i ''?' n?eeessary for the
jk?!5 - sent their evidence against
Sipp. ?o that he could obtain an indict
sms* if the charges wert true, and
that '*. in indictment was voted he
ses? n mediate steps to obtain
ttopp't extradition from New Jersey.
r -i what I have beard it |a an
atrw o - crim? Bipp is accused
of.' ? Whitman last, nicht, "and
I grill, of re. aid th? police In every
gay possible in the matter.'*
The i- ? ? attorney w..s frank to
My, bow? In view of the eoun?
tar i trune-up" made
B) S would have
in h idenc? m the cgss before
I re'ceding, in otber words, the Dis
u it t Attorney does not intend t?> take
any cha?? of being accused later, if
Sipp should tie able to prove his con?
tention that ti:? charges against him
ha\e been "framed up" by the police,
at ksitag lent himself to any faofe
?cbsBM ? iacreditlng a witness by
tha police.
Police Act Suddenly.
kner, counsel to the
mmll t? ?? a bo first
? - i st ; of 1100 .-i month
Fata ? payment for g period of
mo:e than twelve years to the attention
i,:' th? ; pu froai the witness stand
at th? aldermen, did not hesitate to
?call att? : Ion to the fact tbat II was
ad againsi tbe
thai he wua arrest? ?I and
cha: :
"No ? againsi this man
by h? poli? ?? ? >r iweh a i ? ara," said :
Mr. Buckner. "altbotBgh for all that j
than ting a hotel which
hi liimaelf admitted was of such a
thai ? ???? that he bad t.. pay "protec?
tion' money to the police to keep u run?
'Hi!': it almost the minute ho mak??s
the public accusation that he had paid
thi? grafi he is eud&enly charged by the
H'ii < wit!) a ?rime or crimes which are
allere?] t?. have been commit led gome
tim?- ag?
Although not ? laiming to know any
Ihing about the truth or falsity of tbs|
alleged charge? agalnal Sipp, and
though nol In any way defending the
hot? M ir. Buckner Insisted that
the work of the p?lice in ignoring the
:n ' ? ?? ? aking for twelve yatxra
an?i then becaMnlng suddenly active
?gainst him oply aft^r he acctued the
<??'"?.me.1 ,,n lltir.l jaaar. Aft la i.iluiiin.
This Morning's News
, LOCAZ- Page
Murdoch ('.omises More Revelations.. 1
*?? I-?- Xmsa Tree Kir?. i
Weinsa Run? Elevator at Kir?. 1
?SUeg Feai Sipp ICxpose. l
?.lUon's Mind Still Open on rat>inet.. a
Lew Tide Draws Beach ?'omb?rs. 3
T?i? of i.,-?--kenba? h Survivor. 3
vr.Wise ? ?ils Emancipation Myth... 3
hector 25 Year? in St. Andrew's. 4
''remirent Man Strangely Missing... 4
?fesTBaara Talk on Recall. ?
JJy "Innurance Truat" Failed. 7
?appeal Bureau Busy In 1*11 7
fatten (?_?,?,? pr Williamson. ?
"hnsetlvc Firee ft r?? kpocket?.14
Mssi Mortality Reduced for 1913_14
Castrn Impatient st Billa Island.14
wessen Riot at Hlppo?r?as.l*
Roll Can'I Hold Mi?s A\ llson'? Crowd. 1
Honor Roll Increased. 2
Ri ,"?1 for Inquiries. 3
?''*?? m Hasband'a Anns la Wreck... 3
???ogtalatsre Leeks Veterans. 4
Money Needed foi Barga Qsaal.i 6
"id.kh PrakM Tafts ?'anal Rend- 1
Murder in Midsir Plsnnsd. 1
?ore Concesi on? from Turkey. 8
Naxim Believe? in ills Army. 5
lh*rv?tHJS Market m London. 8
lor Women. g
weather . 7
>lng . 7
and Navy. 7
-ial . g
. ?
irjf. ?
0pe ? ' .10
1 and Msrk< Is.19 and 13
RagL JLsUt? .13
Aeroplane Motors Tampered With on Three
Occasions, Possibly Through Animosity
I oward Certain Pilots.
I Rv ??si :? t?. ] hr 1? l.iine. I t
London, Jaa ft The Royal Aero ?Club I
i?i Investigating what "The i>. Ilj Ex?
press" Baya i: probablj the firs! at?
tempt at murder in mldatr. ?Lawrence I
f-'antoni, manaflni director of the Brit? '
i^h Deperdussln Aeroplane Company.
has put before the club allegations of:
the gravest nature. He states that on !
throe separate occaalons attempts have I
boon made .-o m damage the engines of
certain militan aeroplanes thai they !
would break down \\iiii<? in Sight.
Tho outragea, he says, were Ob?
viously the work of oxprrt?'. '\Vh<> they
were, how tii?"'- obtained access to tbe|
machines for long enough to tamper
with them .'?ii'l what their motives
wore, whether animosity against par?
tieuiar pilots or ?possibly paasrngfirs.
the jealousy of particular aerophutfl
makers or po?Slbly ?t r-ettled ?le.sipn
against the British army ..f the air, are
question* win. h will have to 1 ?
ihrashe.i out by the Royal Aero Club
and possiMy !"? t!:* poli? e.
English people ere always ready to
be scared by stories of phantom ?;er
ini*ii alrshipfl sailing over the country,
and consequently consideraba promi?
licii." hss been give.i by lo?day'i i?*
I'Ois to the night of a mysterious air?
craft over i)o\o!- early on Baturday.
it was not sufficient!;. Hgbl at the time
to distinguish the shape of the flj Ing
m... bine, bul n"..i lh< no! e mads by
Its engine II I ;?? have been
an alrsh i> and not un a? roplsn?. It
came in from the . ? i .?nd travelled
over lbs ?".?.n it. a northeaster!} dl
leition. A lo? i? i road Inspector says
he saw the airship a) 5 o'clock In the
morning, i r ; -s atteni on was Brat at?
tracted bj it- noise. On looking In the
direction whence ihe sound come lie
law a lig! ' travelling ??; ^f'.-'; speed
from over the sea. Ths nous made by
the an- raft In flight ????? o heard
h;, a local tradesman and s police ?"?i
stable. As the wind wai blowing naif
b gale at the time Ihe crafl must have
been fitted with powerful engines and
the pilot fu-i have been an Intiepldi
sirmsn I
Runs Down Through Smoke.
While Others on Upper
Floors Are in Panic.
Bottle of Benzine and Papers
and Steps Soaked with It
Found When Firemen Ex
tinguish Flames.
Clouds of smoke riatng from -he
stairway between the fourth and flftbl
floors of the mu,Ho building, N. _'')
Waal Slat street, about B o'clock ><*???
tarday afternoon, brought frightened
tenants out of their rooms in:?? th? up-l
per Ballsniya, M.uiy women an?l ? h I
-'len vero l?. th? b?ih?iBg and : omi
ii'RAii to scream, la ? moment a
.?mail panic ha,l i . p m.
? 'i a woman howc er, k? pi '.< r n? i s
and vent about the buslnesi Ln hand
admirable copia? -s. Bbe was
Misa Josephin? E. Man in, who has a
Shop on thfl Btreel floor Of the building.
Leaning far oui over Ihe Btairwa?. on
the eighth floor. Him ?Martin m
through th? .-?.i .:.?? an.) saw . smell'
but brisk lire ??n the stairs, Is .. fl i
The frightened : nsnt had been
ringing the elevator bell, bul to no pur*
^'.?.iv, t?, r step it a lim?-, for help.
At th" fifth fi""i he found the eleva?
tor, bul n?> operator. Although M,?>
MarMn had never i r< an elevator, shej
had seen II done, -??. tepplng Insidfl
th?* i.'-.r. she Ka\e thfl level s pull Th?
cf<r sudd?-'!!? started skyward A
quick reverse Boon had it snootim?
down through the smok? to lbs li s1
floor. where the ;? In.. *. (? ?I <. J ? I.'? 101*
sprang out and ran t<> the -'reel
DIre?tly OPPOBitfl tli<- house W?M*fl the
i.if?* Apartments, and Iftsfl tsartin
knew thai there was tiie lighting ap?
paratus in the building. Thotnas ?Pow?
era, the Janitor, turnad Ib an alarm
ami Patrolman Thomas Bhanle) wem
back with Miss Martin and fought ?he
lire '.mil the Bremen arrived Thfl
blase wai extinguished quickly, with
little damage i" the building, bul lbs
fhremea were rewarded for their trou?
bla i.y the ftndtni of Indubitable evi?
dence thai the cas? aras ?.n. ..f in ?>[.
The AM had been started w.lh a
bunch of newspspers. Two ???tapa abo ?
where they lay was * bottle two-tkirds
full of l.ertzine. and ?M woodwoi k
nearby had been splashed with Hie
liquid. Fit*? Chief Marshal Trial ta?
vest ?gated and then Called In Assistant
Mara?al Wad*. They put m'-n at ??..u
on the rase. Yesterday-? fire was the
third of Ihe kind in th?' buiMlug WlthlB
a little over a week.
?Caught Three Bass at Once on
One Line?How?
Kmniet Taxter, secretary <?! 'he
TBirytOWB Hod and Keel Club, made a
wonderful Catch of three bass on one
line yesterday, and when he displayed
the lieh and told the story lat?r to the
memlurs there was a disposition 10
doubt his saosrtionB until Edward Aek?
Srly> president of the cluh, ? am*? to nil
r< scue.
Ackeri) explained thai whils be was
out on Friday he jpoi s double strike,
Put his line parted and the fish got
away? Tee-terday when Taxter g??t his
strike lus Hsli got taiiRled up with Ihe
IIbb BoMing the two that i.n.ke away
OD Friday from A? !<erl> . They ?arar?
much exhausted after b^ing hooked to?
aether for neari] twentr-four hours,
and Taxter had little t'<"'l.l'- In landing
hI! ihrce
Taxier*? ?at?h is considered ihe moat
r.tmarkeble of lbs ?m?bom. Ackerly
id'iiiiib.i hi" line ????I ke*>k*\ which
Taxter exhibited to prov??his tale.
British Expenditure on Navy
Alone Close to S250.000.000.
Ha-cats? <
London, .Tan. ii- The cost of running
the United Kingdom for the next
twelve months will gmounl t" the
?? log g] sum of C-OO,O0O,00(>, Thenavj
estimates alone -ail! reach an ?.ngri
gat<? of almost? .*_'..? m m ni.i m m i. This
crease of upward of Bi_0,<000,000 la due
to man? ? bul i hlsfly to the
higher i osl "r shipbuilding
ah contiacts ? al ha.s b? ? ti lately
1 pla? ed and that n III la? i to be put ?
in th^ near futur? t this ra
r<v n;. The celcul
ng in ordinal met chant ?
has advan ed ?or? than 300 per cent
m the last two years, and In tbe
Of warships the difference Is proving
not less remarkable Everything re
t'uireit by the Admiral! , g?ti?, tor
j,, does, ?? ; moi - ps* pis las, .i?? show
advances. The period of cheap ship?
building from which th< country gained
an Immense advantage has "ine i., an
The arm) ?attmatai will also show an
in, i?a.?e, and tliei-- wtii ;? heavy
charges on ? ?ivil service ?-stlmiites
for old ag" i snglon -?-. i.'n"! .? reaut gad
1 Insuranca
? a
Woman Didn't Know Husband
Was Titanic Victim.
:.'?(. Jan. ?*? N" knowing thai
her husband, whom sh< had ooi seen
five ? .<? a o? i th? HUIS
of in?> Tit..iii. ;,-.t.i i Mr? Mary
Itlppej ,.i I ?-in i ; obtain? 'i il',-.'! ce
To?da* M; -. i: i i" leaii ?d bei hug?
band's fate through ?? New York ..i
toi ti? i. ?V. 11. Simpson ? ho
i hi' R |," bad gone ??? London. Is tor
had aalled fo '? ? oi k, und? i
n.iin- ut' ? "hrii ?- Tall and nail m>t
1 ? ? it :? pi., ted . m mg the i? ? d
a hen the Titanic ?a? m dos n
Letter Says Notary Helped
Cheat Him of Fire Insurance.
Hymen Wagner, bualnsss name
1 \a:.,ii B. Tomjtm," thirty-five rears
I old, committed auiclde yesterday after?
i noon m his furnished room al Mo. 11-'?
Baal tilth itrest by inhaling gna He
I ha. attached a tube to the ga.? }e1
'ami had drawn the other end through
! .? h"ie .n a piece nt newspaper and
| put it in his month, the nss/spaper
covering hi- fsce. The room was a
small one and bad i". window.
Coroner's Phygielan Lehane found s
letter addressed to District Attorns]
I Whitman, laying ?Wagner had bad *
? phonograph otare at No. -*j<>' Bightb
I avenue, and In 1007 ii ?wag burned out
Wagner Inclosed lh< draft <>' a letter
framed, so he asid, by a notary who
handled his Insuran e, Owing t,, this
letter he "as induced to settle for $:'ji?
?instead of ths IS#g to a h Ich he was
entitled The li#0, he said, would have
? heeii SUfficient lo si art another sime.
' pje sal?! he had lived on the |2M and
tried to find a position but could not.
? Burglar Frightens Woman to
Death? Child Will Die.
Ii-:? TetegTSBl '-i Tl r Tilnuna. I
Union town, Penn.. Jan. ?. -When a
burglar attempted to break Into the
home of W. K. Johnston, a farmer of
Cheat Haven, this COUnty, last nig'nt,
Mrs. Johnston, who wng .?ring 1"r a
one-y?ar-oid daughter who wag III, fell
dead ri..?.i fright.
In filling. h'-r body struck the baby,
mid when neighbor?, who had been at
Iracted by the a '.man's acrtama, ar?
rived tlx? child wag uncons'ious. If
! had been crushe.l and cannot live.
When officers arrested William Sim
! mona men and boya tried to take him
| from his eaptora The latter gUOOSO^sd
I in getting their prisoner into an auto
i mobile, but not until his clothing had
been torn off ?",1 ,ir nB'' hf*u r?n
Igered nnconsclous by ? ''tow on the
i head with s club, He was placad in
I jail lien?.
Perfect!? i*tr* produH of the greia. a
healthful stlraulunt. Luytles?ros.,n. i.?
"Right and Honorable." the)
President's Arbitration Dec- ]
laration Is Called by the
London Press.
? !
"American People Ave a Big
Nation and Want. Nothing
Petty" ? Chief Executive
Opposes Submission to
The Hague Tribunal.
Bj ? ?ble t., ] ; -
[.ondon, Jan. I. Pr?sident ' i
declaration in favor of referring the]
' ips ' inal toils control rsj t?> sr- j
in atioti Is heartily walromed on this
1. the U lent le. The Dalto .Mail" I
sa; s:
' Pn Idem Tnfl has taken the right
snd hoi ora ble rourse b ??? taring lus
i Hllnan ees to submll the q i stion of;
tma Cnnal tolls to srbttrstlon. Any1
other poii. 4 would hs? ? been slmosl :
ui Lh nkable on th? ?? irl ol n tatcsman |
?vh?. two yean !>-.<<. devoted sll his ef?
forts to furthering the reuse of Inter? '.
national peace throughout the world
"Bui iii matters <-t foreign policy
Presidenta may propos?-, hut the senate I
disposes, Snd we have yet t?i <li:<??.ver !
whether that botfly -?ill foll?n Pteel?
?i at Taft's lead if it does, n?e Panasas
question is as good as settled, tor of
the strength ol the British case then
can be no possible doubt."
Suspense la Irritating.
'Tli?> Dally Telegraph" say??: "There
could be no better i?o?rinnin* for 'he
?">ik of preparini to ?celebrate the sign? ;
Ing of the treaty of Ohent than pre??'.
denl Taft's proposed treatment of out
outstanding cause of disagreement \
. gree of s serbit) atready has bean de?
reloped on the question, In .?-pite of the
studiousl? modereu hsndllng ??f it. m
.? ? ? luaurters upon our own 'i?i<-, and
thai feeling Is scarcely Rkejy to dimin?
ish so long aa the matter remains in
"Ait. ; all, It, .milk' most of our past
causes of durants aith tht Uaited
states, la a |uestlon upon which anj
overwhelming bodj of American i
opinion fsvers tins country*a conten?
lian, and tMa situatloo la exactly met
h> iii? prop..?.-?, to arbitrate. No tea- !
muial'le mind CBB ;atik UN matter '
among H??--? disputas wlikh .ire upon
th- Mgkafi plans of national interest.?1
and Bentiment, and which no *ieai :
pa pic ? : Lonaenl to submit ta
any arbitrament but thai of lia
OS n .-? ri-? ??!' l.niior.
i he Btsadard M) b: ii is a ith :
p*e? -,..' i-t.?. Don that we wen orne the
. titioi, oi Preatdenl Taft it shows j
that u, A ngl.??Saxorul.im. ,,t l.-asl. rti
l.itraiii.n has .. useful pati to play. If.;
Indeed, ?Mich poweri wen iBcapabld of
accompliahlng i ?ettletneni la 'in**
manner, w< ahoultl despair sltogether
of the utilny ?if an international m
:, mal. it is only jast t?i reeognlxfl th?? !
highly honorable pan pia.-r.i b) the;
greater portion <?f the Amers in press I
.n this controversy. II has given most !
vigoro i expression to what we "?-lb- ft j
is the prevailing sentiment "f the ;
American people, who are a big n.i
ti.iii and a*ani nothing pell la th? Ir re?
lotions kith other ? ountries "
High Admiration for Taft.
,*'Tbe Trails News" describes the aao-j
laration of the Pr?sidant as a most,
WStoOtnS Now Year nMMBBgl to llre.u
Britain snd ?he a*arid. ami sxpreases
the iiiKheM sdmlratioa tor Mr. Taft's)
c?.o.i faith in offi-rhig t.. submit a;
doubtful ??use io arbitration.
'It pla? es the arbitration idea in lu
*.11? ? aspect before lb? w?Mid," adds ihaj
i'"i er
\\ .?-i..;..[ta les ."? ? President i.?rt i?
willing t" sabntH t?? mi?itiiiti?ii? tas <iur<t
ti m- at Meas B?ttseea Oreet Britais and
tin; United ?States over Panama ?'annl
lolls; i.m h? does sat fever arbitration t>>
the Hsgua tribunal Tins faet bscams
kaown her* to?sdgbl upoc the Presidenta
return from New V??i k
Although hs has i?.?t ?i slvsa the mat?
ter of a trlbanel mueb tiniustht, the >?r.-?i
Jenl luolmbly would prefer a sp?cial
BSard of a .-lilt i at ion ?.iiip??sf.l of an ????|iial
number of rltisen? of the rnired states
snd Qreet Britain. Buck ?a:.?- t.. i?e tin?
composition of the arbitral court !>?? pro?
i <>s??i i.i settlfl api kite! qoeetlon srl .nc
? ..-i..? i ?-h i.iioiiH when hr spoke on behalf
?if the srbltrstlon trt itlea
The President has expressed te frisada
the view thai at Thfl rlSgtM Mil RJUrOpfl
would be BgalnBt this nation, and that the
moral presflur? on ths court would he
enonnoua bscsuss nil Europa is Interest?
???I in Pansma iolli lust as orach as K.ig
land la
In a ?oui I In which only Qreet Rtitaln
ind thS United Hatea wet? represented.
It Is Mrgueil there WOUld M B r..uch great?
er rhiiri'e of B fHir dflOVHon. .?-ever? I
D?mocratie ,?->nators have voiced th? opin?
ion that I asscisl tribunal should he cro
ate?l t?. arbitrate this dispute.
? ?
Slips on Icy Pavement and
Knocked Senseless.
H: TalBSISIlll M Tl ? TiINiik I
I.afavrlte, Ind.. .Ian. I. fjeoigfl Ade.
novHIst snd plBywrlgb't, was knocked
litironsiioiia lier?? to-day by a fall on
an lea eovered pavement and was
taken to the home of Judge Henry Slln
ton. where lie has been visiting. Vie
was ravlred afterward. H i? feared
h?: has Buffeted internal In h?rie?.
south ?re reached quickly vi? flot'TH
F.RN* RAILWAY?ths popular n?ute~
gOiTgeOUB ?eeiii-T? Steel eleetrie ll^ht<?d
eijuipin?nt. Write for particulars N. v.
Office, 2M Fifth Ave., cor. ?th St?Ad?, t.'
Drawing Power of President
Elect's Daughter Too Strong
for Trenton's Y. W.
C. A. BuilrJir.g.
Tr? : ton, N. J.. Jan. 5.?There were s?j
man) people anxious to hear Misa Jes?
sie Woodrow Wllaoa d ghtcr of Hie
Prcaident-elcrt, lo-dsj H I II wngnu '?
ggaary lo transfer tii" "do s of the
meeting from the audit ? ? un ??; th?
Toung Women's Christian As.la tIon
t,, the central Baptist Cluirch, flvg
i mes ,:'" sise of the original m eting
phii ,-?
Miss *>???.",?-.?:i is ss eloquent for s ;h?
as her father Is foe a man. She t ? ? i. i a
ui.inb? r of personsl etorie . a hi :i
beautifully Illustrated her tail? on -The
Joy of BervK?e." Miss Wilson has long
oi n setive In ihn work of ;h<- Toung
Women's Christtsn A soriation. and
ahi said that much of the plessur?
derived from life wag tl ?? Joy "f doing
things. Mi strongly r< ommended the
u ,1 k of the as* lal Ion, and ss Id thai
tbe person who lived in a commtinltj
and docs the ? ommunl . no tr la?e ,s
n? ? mulling tt?e bcsl ??:' life. In illus*
i ? ing the Impoi sn< i of little things
Misa wiIson told n llttl? .?? t .I story.
"I watched s beautiful atar si Prince?
ton for a long tin e. I'm illy, v ent to
the observatory at the university and;
looked at mj -'ai- through ih<- tele-1
stupe. To nr. surpr Be I CSund that my
iPI ota t',p riKi r, ISIS, by th? OaaspMI t-tudio.)
siai vas made up ?r four little stars.
Kever before had - resllsed the great
importsnce i f Httle things."
His Story Will Overshadow Ec
Double Tragedy if He Is
Called. He Says.
Denies He and His Wile Agre
to Share Proceeds of $100,
000 Suit Against Edey.
as She Told.
<ia:,li;.| Ai irdock. <ui<* of the pi in
pals ;n the Edey-Murdock scan?J
which resiilt?.l in K?le>'s ?hooting ;,
killing his wi-> end himself 1,
Thursdg) ni".tiiiiR at lli-u home.
Heliport. Long Island. ga\e an int.
\ lea last night .?t t!.?? Terra Mar:
inn .?n si.n n (eland, Waters he is ?i
Mui'io, i, if ter admitting thai heb
InStil ted ? ?in fur $100,000 for alie
at:.,n ,,f tffe? i'''ii ? tgSinSt Henry
i ,, ?ai,i i.. v ould continue the a
tii.ii against th?? riil?; ?-?.?te. and W
, i nQdent be would -. In.
?;.ir?itie! Murdock, whose wife, Mi
Nellie Murdoch, testified befu.-e ti
Coronsr ?t Bellport on laturday lb
Bdsy and Murdoch bad agreed
"swap Wrrsa,'* .ii?l lie was not in Be!
port on that day. He add. d thai I
honed to a sold service of a subpcen
as bS had SO desire to return to his fo
mer home al this ?ma. Murdock m
Mrs. Edey did not io\, bar husban
who -as often cruel i" bar and bet
her. Murdoch said that he did n?
a 8 Mrs. Edey, who canted to get
divorce becaugg of Edey's treatment
The atatemenl thai he ;?nd his wil
had arranged to share oas*thlrd of an
mono) recovered from Edey was ?i
nied bj Murdoch. He Bald his wii
did not tell the truth ?\hcn -he ma?i
ill?! statement on the witness stand.
Murd.H k ; Idle iled ihe Idi s that hi
Bull against Eds* was rssponglblg fo
the amirdsr and auiclds st Bsllpoi t. an
denied ihn!. Edey bad g;\cu him *?1<"?
uOA nitb which to go to Texas and ge
a divorce, lie sai-1 be had not seei
Mrs. Bde) sine- leaving Now York las
kugUSt, nor had beard from h< i. ?ii
re, tly or indirecil? .
"When I left Setlporl last August.'
?ai?! Murdoch, "I made n p?enme tio
to return until August, 1918, I wll
keep thai promise to Ihe btsi "f mi
ability, unless i ?ni served with a sub?
paras lo appear before the Coroner
When i do i. turn, however, there will
be ? bigger songa thin than -.v?s caused
1\ lbs Bdsy murder and suicide."
As Murdoch sal'l this his eyo?a flashed
and he appeared slrongly wrought up.
He would not amplifj his statement,
boWSVer, an?! would give nu intimation
of the nature of the -ensation.
The Heliport livery stable keeper
said the news of the murder and sui?
cide at the home of th? Lldeys had
been "'julte a shock'' to him, but lv?
was satisfied he was not in any way
responsible for it. He admitted his
wife had been to visit him for a week
at the Term Marine Inn, a short lime
before the: doubl? shooting, but said
they had not Itve.l together. They
had talked o\er the suit Hgain?t Kdey,
he said, but did nut discuss sharing the
? i ?
Crown Prince Removed Secret?
ly from Russia to France.
Paris, Jan. ft..?According to a Nice
dispatch to "l.e Journal" the Russian
Crown Prince Alexis arrived secretly at
Mentone. fourteen mile? from Nice, on
Friday night. He proceeded from Men
tone to the neighboring winter resort of
Cap Martin, where h? will remain to j
complete hie ?xinvalesienc*.
Studios Fanning to Aid Suffrag
?Daughter Outranks Her.
! P. T-irm iplt ??' ma Tribun? 1
Philadelphia, Ian !_?Mra Rfpta
Poster A ry, oae of the first pr?s
d?nis ot the Pennaj Ivanla suffrag?? a>
sociatlon and s grandmother, is stndj
' ing to be g farm' r si the [Jhlverglty ?
Wisconsin, She Ig a tresbntan, whll
bar daughter Ig .? loidiosnors if Mr:
A?.et;, has her ?'. her granddaught*
will enroll in the Instttutkui erben sh
attain.? ihe i i"i ei age.
Mrs. .very declares thai "fie way I
a?sis[ the .suffrage ca'ise i? to become
successful farmer, and thus humbl
man's pride In a .ailing in which h
fancies he is suprema
Professors Must Show Hov
They Earn Salaries.
[By T?i*t,r?ph t., T ? fribSSB.]
nnsion. Jan. ".?The first CO?gSin 0
; lie time rloclc'the tlms card, lias bee
Introduced In Harvard and IS bsini
i tried ..: th, profeaaors to akl In "sctsn
I tlfl ? mai agement."
Each '.ruf. ?soi has received tlm
tards with places t" answer questions
siuh .,i- tl ?? limn r i houn peal ii
actual Instruction, .he number ?>
i spent in pr? i station for eac!
lecture or recitation, thne ?-pent it
corifereiii with students, in persona
research <>ri<. correcting examinait***
papara, seslgnlng ^i.-uie?. ano ninety
' three ? tbar item?.
On Report That Republicai
Electors Will Vote for Him.
, Ail attempts f.??i,ti yesterday to ge:
! President Nicholas Murray Butler ot
, Columbia University i?> discuss the rs?
i port that the Republi? an elsctorawouM
cast theh votera for him for Vlce-Preal?
William Barne? Jr., Rspuhilcag StaU
! ?'haitman. msde light of it, asyteg thai
! he did not think the electors had fas?
tened upon eft] one person, 11? seemed
inclined tu think that since the vots
would i,e cntireiv compHmeatary they
would pick out different favorites for
the honor.
Study of Parents One Plan,
Commission Is Another.
'i:; Talagiapti te t.1.? Trlbsna i
Boston, Jan. .">. -Matrimony la to be
no long? r a lottery. Hay State worsen
are making It a acience. One promi?
nent woman has devise?! a plan for a
lover to make sure of his sweetheart
by studying her parents. Another is
dem Hiding a commission to de<lde
finally whether the ?rating man is to
buy the engagement ring and Ihe girl
her trousseau.
Mrs. Clara A. Marsh, treasurer .,f the
Fathers and Mothers ?'Iub. of Boston,
Is the discoverer of the study-the-par
ents plan. "It is only reasonable that
th" daughter should be a copy of the
mother." declares Mrs. .Marsh, "and
SVeft though the mother may be short
and ?at, while the ?laughter is tall and
Willowy, their general appearance is
nine times out of ten alike." Sho con?
1 To voung men I Bay: "Ixiok upon' the
tue? ot the girl? fattier. If he has a
worried, unsettled look, pay accurate at?
tention to how his Mfe greets him when
he strive* home from work. If th?
mother is alwa?s urging him to obtain
more wealth, bosrare of lier marriageable
Mrs. Charles EUiuwood, social work?
er, propos?e the commission pian. She
says unwise marriage?) grt|] be pre?
vented If young couples go before the
commission and answer the following
(.?testions satisfactorily before they are
allowed to marry:
1~How long have you known this young
?>?Where did you ms?t her?
".-Why do you think you iov? her?
I-How much money have you in the
bank". j
?-What i? your businens?
g-How muen do you esra weekly?
7?Is your disposition good?
The girl also must testify as to her]
ability to cook.
Flames Trap Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Raetze While They
Seek to Save Children
Already Safe.
Onrush of Blaze So Swift That
Guest and Maid Barely Have
Time to Flee with Little
Ones?Fire Imperils
Other Houses.
A fiery aftermath of the Christmas
holidays which ? ost two lives and gav?j
four other persons a narrow escape
from death threatened ihe residential
district around 81st street and Fifth
avenue for several hours yestenlay
afternoon, when llames starting from
the Illumination of a tiny Christmas
tree in the home of Mr. and Mrr. Hob?
ert A. R.'Ktze, ;i, _\?. pj r.*;;i,t s\rt
street, destroyed tin? house and trapped
them in ?ho bulMlBg while they were
trying to res.-ue their two small chil?
dren. Their bodies, bupiad beyond rec?
ognition, wara found lat<-r bj fircm q
near a window on tiie top ?Soar.
Tho lives of the two children, th?
oldest two and a half years. Were saved
only by the prompt action of a maid
and a guest at the house So swifr v .*?.i
the rush of the ?Sarasas that w hen Are
apparatus, enowerfnj "in alasen which
was sent in within two minutes ?,?f the
outbreak of the fire, arii\?.? the richly
fin nislu-d ho-iso wan a Boetbtng furna. ?5
of name and long streamers ??f tue wer?
fanning upward from a trap ?loor in
th? roof.
The tragedy which was takinc pisca
in the Raetze household was discov?
ered at 3..'$o yeeterdsy afternoon. ^ hen
Katherine King, . maid iu I ?? h ?i-.f
It. BaBtUei llurtUnd, next ?l?.-'r. heard
screams coming from sun het >ut?
side tht n,11 i fioor. She ran no ? 1 ?!
looked out of ti, s artedoe . to Is <? Maria
?.'oulcl. a. auras in th- I;,., 1/.. h...,?..??,
trj Ing to . limb over sn Iron |?I? k? t
ien?*e which Separated it from the ex?
tension next door. Illas King climbed
through the window, an?l in trying t??
heip the nurse o\er the feMOB found Bha
was clinging to a naked baby wrapi d
in a blanket. Once sat'-l; ovsi 1 a
nurse tittered thfl BTBgd "Fire!" and
then fainted.
Cuast Saves One Child.
Meanwhile Patrolman Walsh, of the?
Kast *?Sth street station, had been told
of the fire by Professor John T. !?..;'nell,
h\. of Law ren.'evilb' A? a ?leur . u c'iest
at th?- Raetze li..,uso. who ran luto 'h*>
stieet with the older child ?11 his arms.
Professor Barnell said Last night b? had
goi .? r.. the Ha. ts? bonv ai out 4
daj si ruoou to ai"
?iiiniej- w nil tin t.. .1 and take i ai t
in a beiat.d Ctui<ftmai ????'* oration. Th?
maid, who had bean in tin- park wHk
ti;e t\> o children returned abowl ?'"?
r,'. lo?.k. anil preparations were made (09
the lighting of a Christmas tr??e which
stood ai the further end of 1 Larga, re
caption room on the Brat floor.
Th older ? blld. Oriswo! ;?
in?? about the apartment. and Mi*?
Could h???i taken bla baby '.:? ?:? r. Rob*
.-ri. .it-., t" the nursery on tin* top no<*r?
when Mr. Raetxs began lighting th?
tree Profi saor, Barnell was talking with
\iis. Raetse when he heard ?? hint
from her husband. He looked up 11
sec tfis iras a mass "t flames, e'bleh
were ahooting up imo tha? dreperies
shout th. window. At the same time
both the fathei and mother, evidently
forgetting for the moment that one of
th- children vas in the room, Btartad
up UM stairway ?..?'lin;-; fO the nwld to
take ihe little oi-.es out IbrOMgh the
trapdoor "ii to the roof.
Professor Bar'iell BMBtCbed up the Hi?
tle hoy and ran oui Into the street,
where he found Patrolman Walsh on
fixed post. He handed the child over*
to the care <->r ? passerby, and with the
policeman tried to got hack into the
house. It took s-overal minutes to beat
in the door. an?l when the. men tried t?>
enter a rush of flame met them in th?
hallway. Both made desperate at?
tempts to get inside, but wore finally
driven hack. The? then went into the
house of Charles Morgan, next door,
and got on the roof, hut ?lame*-- wer?
roaring out of ihe trapdoor, making bbn
trance impossible.
Find Bodies Tog?th?r.
By this time the fue appui.?tut? had
arrived, in ?barge uf. Captain J1111.es
Tieiney ami A? ting T'e^ity Chief
Dougherty. They found that ihe
house, originally a four story brown
?lone front building, bad heen recently
remo?le!ted int?. an Knglish dwelling
and basement affair, with a t?>ta 1 depth
of only a little mor?* than sixteen feet,
unce the trapiloor in the roof na?l
been BSSBBSd the house was ?loomed.
After almost three boors' drn?.?r.?te
work the flames were drenched oui
and Bromea were flbls to g?*; in-id?.
At first it wa.s believed that Mi. ami
Mrs. Raetze had sacaped. Two cairful
??catches were made of the house, but
the. insisten?'?? of Frofes-.u? lionall
caused a thiid searih. w hi? h re\eale?i
their fst?\ I'nder a heap of bla? Wcn??d
timbers snd ashes Bear a window on
the top floor Chief Dougherty un ?V?
ere?| the chaired bo.lics of Mr. and Mrs.
Raetze. They were lying Side by side,
where they had apparently been over
I'ome by the fia....'., abite they wer?
trying to make their escape following
their seai? h for th?ir children.
Mr. and Mis. Raetze were veil kn??wij
socially both here and abroad. Mr,
RacUe aas un architect of distinction.

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