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Vo1 1AXII V g4J(?-.. T""">- fMl^j;t-r;Xtrh ^rrr""'fair: NEW-YORK, FRIDAY, JANUARY 10. 191:].-10 PAGES.
1? I ? I / ? I ? /?VI,* / iCII7|? In ( ill of Near \ork. .ler.e? ( iti and Hohola?n
Jill I? ?',^li VJj.U BtgBWMEBB TWO Vtxttth,
Bucharest Government Said to
Have Decided Upon Armed
Occupation of Neigh?
bor's N. E. Corner.
Ambassadors in London Discuss
Means of Compelling Tur?
key to Cede Adrianople
to the Balkan
? -. e te a Tri bu
IjeoAon, .Tan. 1<fc?According t.. in
formati'?n received ir.'in Bucharaal the
Raman i? n government, finding thai
nn nrt*"'latlona ?vith Bulgaria ara
inal?in?T no biadVlX, lias decided on
UaaMdiate nrmed occupation *'t" Hie
northM?f*rri "?iner ot Bulgaria.]
lalmed by Rumania ;m 111 ? - prtci ai
hf.' neutrality during :he war.
.\rr?r'linK to ORO a? 'Oiint the Aus?
trian and Ruaalan RllRtatfri <?n being
informed of this intention Imtnodiatcly
made enarg-tlc remonatrgncee, und it
i?t believed thai they hare niccaaded
In obtaining a postponement for ;i
roupie o.f day.?? of the threatened st^-p.
in boom quarters it is thought that
the aanouncemeat, mada a?; it is al a
ritKa! momenl in the pent e negotia?
tion!?. Il rot .'nf-n??-?.! seriously, hut is
leatgned t.. bluff Bulgaria Into giving,
way. The arrival of a member of Ihn
Rumanian Cabina! in i 'onstantinople
and the itorj spr.-au about that he has
i mission !" arrange for Rumanian CO?
.?peri?.o:? ?with Turkey In certain
nrentualitle? may also be a mo\e in
the ?am.- game.
in view of the secret agreement? be?
lieved to PxiM between Unmania and
Attftria and the effnt ?which a liii
miinian Invaa.on of Rulgaiia. eepeclall** ,
in pre??-nt -in nnisiain e?. would bava
eafftueaia, li is obvloui that gu< h ?
?ifji would he a ?erious mena? t t" tin
1*3 a ,f Europe. There la, however.
evf-r reaton to hope that th?- power?
?vould ri"t tolerate such a wanton at?
tnapi to embroil them nn?! ?????-? k the
preaam negotlattttna.
Aeeardlai to dfcqnt? ba* to "The
'lime?.' In. Paiietf. head of the Bul
sjr:an delegation, has notified his gov
ernment That he ia unahle to make
pcogren m the negotiation** with the
Rumanian ?Mega!*?.??. m. jamasen, Min
latrr t the Interior, ?mi M. MteMh,
Minis;* 1 a; London, and asks for th?
intnient ?>f ? representative ?<f
lglgari.1 to take hi? place.
How to Bring Prei?_re.
?... ti,.| prolonged meeting of the
?in Dai sa ?.'ors with Sir Edward Qrej
va? held at the Foreign ??"the yeeter?
?lay afternoon. Betrecy is being pre
?*!'. eai about the proceeding?, but there
i? no !'??or, to ?iouht that the meeting
a largely occupied with dlacuaalng
1 s an?' means ??; bringing preaaur?
t,, be i' o i Turkey t.? cede Adrlanopl?
t,, th?- .''lu".?, and ?< rolte-tlve ntep it?
i h i?t ?f.-i i? aapected to i"- made ,<i
Bloat inui"
The Porte still profeaaea I. unable
t.. yield '?n thi? queatlon, bul th.- con?
"j-ati?.iis between Xaalni ?Pa? .? .uni
N" radunghlan Effendl, on the "ne hand.
and Qaneral savoir, on th?? other, have
lne:??ased the confidence ?>f the Bul
<_vifiri- .hat the town will i.e ceded.
lerie-ii Bfvoff lias aaaured the Turkish
mini? 1 et s as regards the rellglotlfl con
sitleiations Involved that Bulgaria will
la everything possible tr. meet Turkish
OflVI?? ne??.? re.??i\ed by the R11I
Wrian d"Iegati?>n d?-srrii.ev the altua
'Ion a: Adrianople as desperate Sev?
eral Koidier?. who deaerted and ?S!''
'eediKi m reaehing the headquarter? of
th? aille? nay th??t the town is at its
i??t gaap. Proi isioiis ??re eo ?car? ? thai
the military authorities have raquial?
tloned a I 'he food poaeeaeed even by
? nntin.ie.i un ?nonti page, A?lli ?uluiiin.
This Morning's Sews
-OCAL Paga
Waa'i 1 -a Tarrlflea police. 1
*Wi Point Cadel Elope?. 1
?fat?! Managers ?Dine. a
???abington mice Arranged ,. 3
IhMan '?et,.) American?" Helecti 3
?Vhltert still l.ooklm; for Ettor 4
AMtaiaer'a ? ?rn< *? Criticlaed.5
w'o;d i. ;, 1 _, a son Exhibit. *
''oll'enihn Tell? o' l.ealty I'eala. 5
'??M Girla .loir, ?leimet,; Strike. 8
'?leha.ii Htrauaa Cumin? to America.. ?
"?mme: Htein .lur ? Digagreea.If
'!*x ??ntagonlam" In DJvorc? Suit...M
^hi-er conviction? In Colllna Cane....II
?tt'Deadlo? k Over Firemen.If
'r?"< ?-?r Bryan In Cabinet.4
_ h Turna Down 'Holding Compaaj?" **
'"Hi" :r. !;.- Women 1'iSln al Election. I
' ir?t National'? Proflt? Knormoua. ? ? ? t
Pubii. riervki Boarda To Oo. 1
'??eentlf,!! for Mis. Cleveland. 3
*'?''??'? Auditing Method? !.as. *
*9t ta Prahl bit Child Laboi. i
,-r,"etw?-,.,,l raaora ? ompetitiv? TaritT g
"hlpflng Agreemenl Admitted. 6
''???"'ar. . Threatana Bulgaria. 1
****!'an Itebela Wipe <?nl To? n. g
A,Ui: wii.J Xav). 6
V;*?"? k for Women. 7
?mtorial . 8
'"'?ty. a
*iu?ii: . a
-'i ExhU.ltlona.t
*"'iluni > . 9
*t?'?ri-i .10 a nil t:
'?eatntii . .11
attlpplng .ll
'? '???n. lal and M 11 ?i? _13. 13 BUd 14
?hg* t.a'.aie_.14 and 1?
Ashes Sent from Crematory to
Graveyard by Mail.
Bt Louis, Jan. !V Human ashes were
mi.il? .1 by |i?r?o! post ut the St. Louis
postolllce to-day to ECdsrardsvllle, in..
x"li?*ro they xxill be buried in the grave
that tins ?in?? for- Kreiion? ? Naumann.
Naumann died, ??n Saturday ??t i-:<?
srardsvllte, and preparatlona for the
funeral had i?e<-n irm.ie and the grave
dug whoii it ?as ie;iriie(i t T i .i i Nau?
mann'? ?Till (?ir?.)-.i that the body be
cremated. The bthjy then xxas brought
t.. thr st. i.ouis cremator*?'.
Camels and Ostriches May Have
to Draw Carts.
?Believing thai some ?>r the fo.ir
footed creatures In the Central Park
menagerie should ?i?. something t?. pay
for th?-it- oats. ?Park Commissioner
s;o\,?t contempl?te? adopting n ohm m
> ttglte ill l':.r -v
' i ha? ? is i--i? Informed." ?aid the
Commissioner yesterday, "that llamas
.?in?!*-, dromedaries and ostriches ?re
used m the park? In Pans to ?ira??.*
children it. small cart?, if it can be
done in Pans ! dont see why not her?.
The anhnalg in the menagerie should
xxi.rU foi a llelng."
"Bill" Bnj der, the head keei ei
nKf?ed that some ?>f Uk- animals ralghl
be i!n|?i<?s.?e.l into ?=? r\ i< e. He was mii?
thje llamas ought 10 do something for
their feed.
Sulzer Finds New Name for the
Executive Mansion.
tilbany, Jan ,'?' The executlv? man?
sion -??? ?!l be known a? ;>.? i'?',?i?i.?'
House" during the administration <>E
QovernoY ?tulz?-r. The oes nstne f??r
the mansion developed to-day, ?srhen
the t'overnot announced he irould en*
tertsln the Presidential Blex'tors, who
meet here <?n A ! ? ? n ? !. - \. ,u "the People'i
? hi? \ .i- mean the executive man?
.?in" '" he s us ask? ?1.
"Yes, ti ?it li Hk people's h?ouse." the
? So? ernor re; lie?*J.
Charles P. Murphy, lesider <?r Tsm
i.iHi.y n.ill li .?n elector
Am? tic the Governor's esliera to-dnj
Thon .??? P. Smith aeci 1 tary of
Tammany, who ?rss sccompsnled 1?'
three ? l'-i'j-. m.--:. \\ h. .1 asi ??i to-night 1
if an) significance might !?? attached!
to Mi- Smith's 4'lslt, (Jove.r Bulsei
I t??l?1 Mi. Sn.tiii thai 111? n? xx |pg - 1
per iceB would want to kno? whal
o?rdera be h.?.nRh: up from .Mi Murphy,
and for- ihm reason requested hin, to
tell you ? H the troth."
Mr ?Smith ?..ni he called i<> pa*, i.i?
res|*ecti and to Introduce th? ? lergymen
to the flovei 1 or
Carriage Man Says Rich Woman
Called Him 'Rotten Cad."
? ii. Telegraf?** ta The ?i rtl -
N?-?? Hsven, Jan. -1 ?Ysrren <?'
?Demarest, a promlneni manufacturei
lli,,j;?-s brought suit to-dii' f?T
.<.--!?.???? againsl Mis. ?Slissbsth B Coll
? ?: Knie ?field, for statuier, n?- ? ialmi
she wrote a scurrilous letter concerning
him addressed t?? Mrs. THeron a. ai
xxater. ut the I'laz... New V- tk City, in
such a xx,i. that n Aas opened ?>\ Mis.
Atwater"? husband, xxh?. forwarded it
in afra Atwater. The letter referred to
Demarest, he all?gea in th?* xxiit as .
"rotten t*a*L"
Mis-. ?',,!t la thh and li><-* in Whit.
Plains Demaw M h?.s large carriage
?factories here and in X?-xx Vori? City.
In his suit he alleR.^s that he is "a man
"f high moral character and integrity."
, a
Credit Fonciers Issue Sub?
scribed Only 1 \_ Times.
I'ari?-. Jan '?*. Th? l Wdlt Foncier -
issue of.".'_.. |i?-r ?'til bonda to the vslue
,,f .Ms?.??M? IKS'? fiains ?Sl(??.tNS?.l?N?) .,
I fur as could be aacertalned to-night,
?has been oversubscribed on I) one and
S half tli.ies This is lew? than ?\
pected from the resulta ??f pre\*lo -
I sanes
Finan? ni.- attribut? this to th<* fact
I thai Frein h inx.-stors :.re awaiting
?'hi?ese. Japanese und other foreign
loans announced for Issu? after tin
Balkan peace, ?rhlch, bearing higher
Interest, would permit the Investor? t..
n.< ?1 th?- blghei ' ">i "i" lix inp
The ?Cr?dit ?FYwcler'? boir-fls, nominal?
ly ot MO franc?, are issued at 4'?"?. pay?
ment b< ine Atended over three yesrs.
I There is also a l-otterj achem? attached
i.? th?- issu?-, ?124 bonda Loin,; drawn
[for flii'l i?-?l? ? in?"?! daring lh** course of
every year ??i prk*<ea varying from
-511,?n.. t?. i.i?.,i.i.n francs.
- a
Brooklyn Woman Dies of Slight
Injury from Bit of Wire.
.x siiK"' wound on the right thumb r? -
?cslved tes day? ago ?" xxhi.-i. ?i,f psM tin
I attention ?iissd lh? ?death rssterds ?
Uia. JUStlM T'-tei-iohii. sixty-? iKi.t YOB
]iU] j,, ??t. Cstherlne'a Bospltsl, fVili
?{ahMBunt. from blood p?lsenlas.
Urs lM?-i??'hn li-??) .-n Kg. m Csoper
street '" '>l"',l,"?*? M 'l,,,,,l,' ,,f ?-hos paM*h
h snit.li ?rire attaeUasent punctured her
thumb. ??avsral *>??>? ?*??" ?*? u',"',?1
|ned ,?.,, ,_.?, ?1... called h. a physJ
elan Her esndltlo? becam? worse, sou
when blood i" Isoatnii u\w MofMd Mm arm
,Hk,? ... ths l-ost-disi. but It wss loo la.?.
S.,, T?II I.'*? RAILWAY 1?.'; x.-l. ? ?-x..
1 1.. ? 1 ? t ' in mi ?IT? II ? ?1 1 11 ' 1.1 ' 1
'."'".?"rV.w. .1 ire'-l'aJ??-' ??>"<' ..ri...-l.?;.l
Ira art (?n<r ?uroi ?x lifth
,1 ea and ie?orls. N. ? ;?'???'? ?**? ' "in
Ave., ?ot -nb A?lvv
Guilty Members of Force Ar
Alarmed at Hotelkeeper's
Agreement to Expose
Graft Scandal To-day.
Son Will Corrobort. tc Tcsti
mony and Botlij Will If&mt
Men Higher Up Who
Got Monev Fox Col?
lected. He Says.
? leurge A, Blpp, i he man a ho pal
"I'lolc-I Ion" '?.;? ; ? , |v | .-a, ? I,, ni?
Harlem Ralnea law hotel gav? hl
n'ord yeaterda) to meel Diatriei ai
tornej Whitman thla morning and g
wer with him the whole ?tory <>f hi
de i ling* ? ith the poll? ? dui Ing I Im
i ? rlod.
Blpp ? at relea? 'i from i ustod: li
Atianr. citj ,,,, ivedneaday nlghl
after Deputj Commissioner Dougherl
of I he Kea York force waa forced t
inform ?hi.f tVoodmff ..: Atlantic ?'It.
thai chargea agalnai the prlsonei ha.
Loon throw n out i" ? grand jury, if
left Atlantic ?'ity yeat? rdaj ..f!-';'.n
accompanied by hla ?on, Howard Blpi
and .)s.?ist,?i:t Iiist, i, | A;;.,in??? !?' .1
Qroehl, a ho had he n ?eni then h
.Mr. Whitman
' :? ? ? "ni toM Mi ?Whitman yeaterda:
thai Blpp would ?"in? t. th? P'smi?
Attorney ? ofll e ihl? morning prepare?
to tell - v. t \ thin'- h. ?. 11. ? ??. Rip?] ,
s;i?,i to be determined to "r<> the limit
agalnai the ? ollce and to at* k :.. th?
I'ist: n t Attorn? i. Thla de? laion on hi
part wa? am, ? ?i al ? nlj aft? r he ha?
be? "in-- con*, in? ed thai the poll? ?? hai
tried to "frame up' .i ,?i?? agalnai hhn
His re-enti anee into the g? m-'ai pu
Ici vi? ?? gral i m?'... , n i? "\ lewed "-it?
alai m" i,.- paany poli? ?? 601? lali fai
blgl ? r m ' ii> ?' ale d< part menta I un
porl in? >? t han the pati ulman, Ku ;en?
\ Fox, ? hom '" had ?> ? \ ?? i - i
? used.
li la regarded ia certadn thai ? hethei
Blpp can or i ann? t thru h ?. . .-.
actual grafting agalnai the ?ucce??iot
of captain? and inspector? who bavi
. ommanded ihe dlatri? I in hi? h hk
hgt? i '.\.t.-? i". ?it? .I. he can.at th?
legal pin "ii t?. am i. "f i h? m ? ..-. ???
uttei Regie i ?>i dut*. a ba ti will bt
?iiiti.-iiii for ? in m iu ?ag?ala.
Say? Money Went Pant Frj?
Si|.i. d? ? tared flatlj bef? i ? he i-fi
Atlantic City that he knea Poi did no?
Iceep the graft mono be colta'tcd.' Be?
fare the CuiTan alderman!? committee
a li. : . Blpp'l in!"i ui.iti..|, M I Ri ?
given i" the public, he s\\?.i.- that In?
apector Hweeney, the preaeni rom
mande i of thai district, a*aa Involved,
i.ni he <ii?i ti?.-. Ki " ei Ideni ? ? oil
ins rts?. i ihm.
?rVhen Blpp dlaap|?eared, aftai mtl
i > uik befui ? i li? ? i.i. i men, hi? reatl
mon) wna taken not? ??' Ij Commia?
?ii.ii, i Waldo i" i< li .-n extent that or?
.i-i.? v.. r ?? a Imusl imm? ?lintel > - .. ? ?
t.,i the tranafei "f Captain Thomas v,
Walah, who had beea lb? : re? Incl ? ??m?
mander In Blpp'? aelghltorl. for th?
las? ii??- yeara. II waa common!) re
l>orted thai Slpp had been a friend ?>!
Walah! although II wa? kii"??ii ihsl he
?,ts ?ti "outa" with Sweeney. The po?
lit ,. polit! lana de? lored that Blpp I*
llevad he would "get" Bweenej b) hla
teatihiony, an?) thai when he f,. md thai
he ?;?s aleo Involvlng^NTalah be would
ii.it go through ? ni" u
But Hi?- hotel keeper'a latea) declara
lion i.isi nil-lit Indica tea thai whatever
ins prevtou? Inclination to protect his
friend? o? Ihe for? ?, he has now de?
, ided to lall whatei ? i he kn,.\< a, do
matter ? ho II bit*
Mi?. Blpp? who vas with him in ?i?
lantlc <'ii\. returned t,i their home So
:,r, Weal K'.'ii h atreet, late j ceterdi ?
afternoon. Bhe ?aid thai Mr Blpp and
their eon, Howard, would arrive this
morning? ano arould go ?lire. I i" Ml
Whltman'a olB? ?
"Mr. Si)i|t is perfect!) willing to cow
bach ami leetif) bffore the grand k'i ?.
ill|(i j,, NV ?ii id] .'. erj thing Im know?."
.??tin Mrs. Blpp last Bight. "The 1 i'l?' e
tried i?? heap hkai ewaj b) preferring a
fais*- and nasty charge against him bul
thai baa been thrown oui b) Ihe grand
Jury, as w? knea II would. Mr. New
ell our lawyer, has ?iiso advieed Mi
glpp t.. put hiins'if in the hiui'Js ..f the
LHetricI Attorney, and th'- ?tor) ?eni
from Aihuiii? Clt) yeaterda) thai Mr.
Sewcll wanted blm t.i keep aura) from
a grand jury ?ubpasn? is Utterly la!??
According '" diapatchea from At?
htntii Clt) last night Blpp tna'i" ,n
rangementi t" 'top over la f'hiia
delphja mini Ulla morning, when b?
would coma oa i" New Fort with Mr
Sipo'? Son Knows Men Higher Up.
Before he left Ihe ooaal reaori Blpp
announced ihai hla ??un, Howard, would
ba able in corroborate his evidence
..f th. payment ?>i ?jrafi to policemen,
and both father and eon matatad thai
ihe> could leattf) as t?. Ihe couro? ->f
the graft from the hands of K"X and
,,,!,,.,? collector? lo th? mea high.r
up" in ihe iiepartiiKiii. whb hre known
?o have Ix'Cii ni" I active Bggtt-gl Blpp.
Deputy Commissioner Walsh, who
had charge of th? pollce-|rlal ->f Patrol?
man Pua? enneunieed yeatefday lhai ha
...nid call ;ii' 90* trial this morning,
,,,| !h;il il h? ' '"'I'l l'1??1 R*W> ?? ,h'
. ,.? h, would subp?fta blm, Tin re
w??s n?? dial "siiion. according ,u ^r
Walah, t<> try ba inha BtPP mil ?*?f ?he
(..i.lin.i.d en llflh m\^r. tMrii rolnmn
? Democrats to Substitute Sing
Commission for State, to
Dispense $1.900.000
in Patronage.
Opposition of Chairman of Su
ncrs Investigators th? Most
Important Obstacle in
the Wc.y of Carrying
Out the Scheme.
'?!.',. | ?-. - .- ? :?-.??
Albsny, .Tan. '.'.- Ir <?? considered i
certain thsl the ixv?. Ptihtlc Bervl.
??ommlssioos x? ?n be ?riped out ami
laingh Bulser-at**f**ointed body rabst
it.it?'?i r??r them that members <?f t?:
commission h?rre ;?n?i its sttschta at
making plan? to enter other businei
?fter Mu- i Word baa ions ?"?t thi
Benstsi Ret '? i bill, latrodu ed h<<
Mcndsy, to sct-ompllsh this purpose
'n.?- reaj ihm?.
when ih? messure xxus presented
xx.-.- supposed t?? be premature a:.
Bimplj sn Individual expression ?<
Opatlion Sit.. ' thru it h.lt.? t?. !
takefl -,? ..n "organlsatloB bill." certa!
t.. be psssed before April 1 and mm ? :
i.? rigix .i i.? i ;..\. i. Bulser n i
liOSSibl? ii may? not i,?- ora? lau. I,.
man; csrefuil) mad?- ptana s/lll have i
i ? hsnged if the messure ?loe?- no; tin
it- x? .-.*? t?. the Matute books
?-?'?i!? i ??-m?? t. ' i politicians h? t
Mid -n Imp? . i mir at k m., t t in fa?,.,. ,
i..' .-? hem? m th.- appropriation! mi d
for the two pressai ?"nun iskma Th
upstst? commission has |8UO,iMSi i
be spent m the currenl year, and th
i?-t i ?.st. ,i i bod?. :?.i New fork ?'it.
baa ni.iimi.inh? ,,; its disposal A singi
commission, therefore, \x?,i.i bsve s\.
?smi.??i,i i?, hg um ?i where II might d
th? moat "food
C -i r 11 a 1 e ?n Opposition.
Mur? Important i hau anything el?
\x in. h is llkelj t?? stop n will be ih
attlt ids of .i??hii N I "arllak?, ?shatrasai
of ti.<* S'ii/ei probing ? ognmiasioo, ?>i
\xhi? h the Qovernor is relying f"i re
ports "f ? ondlttons m ti.?- department!
preparatory t?. h.? announ ed resrgsn
I ration m it.? int?rrest ?>f ex-onomj an?
i ?form
Mr ?'?111-!?- is ?StpeCtSd >'? those ?\h?
IcnoS Ij?m !.. -t to f.ikc ?i dst? rnimei
?taad i?gslnsl ih?* sbolishment <?r ih.
tvxo commissions n? probably ki.?ixx
m?>re about them .?r??i 'ii?n- xx??ik tbsi
sp ? ?-.i else onne? ted ?a nil the H?lset
administration W* ??s ;, membei o
? ? ? ummiwion until Oovei noi
i'.\ ousted ?.m? i" make a place for HI
bualn***** banner
The S::i/.. i prol. t ? havt h?.i yt
re;??. h**?i the PubUi Her.taum -
?Ions ind are m so posltloa to ad Is?
11.? i le ??! nor ,-,- i?. an) In? t ?a -? d ? tt?
? |.|i. ?. ??! an ? ? ??ii..|ii\ \\ hi? I. . ?..thi I.?
ubtaiti? ??? bj ".i* i "i i ?i h indllng rapid
transit, railroad liglitlng, telephone
i? i- grap. . ..?i ? i - prol?I? m- for n.?
? ni.i?? atst??. M. ? .rltslc ? ei ?.lim- ha?
n?.! sdvised lh? ? ;..- --?-????? ..r aux- mem?
ber ?f the ?Legislature t.nsolidat?
ii,. :?.. boards. i? opinion la that
!'.h .oti??n would i ?? ?? great nilatsk?
..mi t. ??*ii ,n untold damage lo thi
pu Ml. Interests whatever II might
-?. m i?. ;.nipllsh inethei ?\a\s id?
i?-, i m?; ??n tbla matt?*! ;- .-?. Btrong that
i.o'.oox xx h<> l<li??xxs li iin xx..i!?l i,.- nu. h
-. .ri ris- ?i to >e? bim in...??- a minority
repon against buco consolidation if his
collesguea on th? Hulsei probe sdvo
< Bted It.
i-:?ixx m v m ihm n . formerl)
Kpe-akei of lh* Assembly, ??ii.? hsndled
ih?- Hughes I'uh'i. Hervke Commission
i? kg-1:<tion and am? ndmenta i.? it.
...,- ..-.i through n.i- i It: ?? ? ou|.i.- .?i
da) - i'K" "" *' b islneaa trip H?' talk? ?!
with leglslstoss about the Heal) bill
and ii.?- ma? bin? attnudi toward ?i
He Isolated that when Bovernoi
Hughe? first i*ecomroended two ..un
missions?one t<? hsndl*""th? Sow Fork
City situation snd one npetete affairs
he ?a? agalnsl ihr kles and *. * i ? i ih?
?iox.rnoi I.? thought ?'?.' ?"iiiiiii-si.?n
would Itf sheaper ?nd more efficient.
Hut . ;.?\ ???ri.or Hughes, he asM, miob
convinced him by i-.is knowtodga ?>f
Nitx forh ?.:x transit problem? ihm
?t would '??? greatly preferable, prob?
ably cheaper in a-iuai expendltur? of
money m Ilse ion?; run. and certalnlj
mor. produCth'C "f eftl? ?en? y In thf
public lervice. if two commissions wer?
creak ?i
The Heal) bill ?mi??* out ??f eslsten?*?
iin- i,i-?-, m i?mhmlssloni and author?
lies ih?- < ;?>' ?rnor. on Max |, to appoint
;. commiasion ?( bsvsb members si
s i ,",.i n i? ? a year each, i?? ??\?i-?i.s? all
powera ami di*tl?a <?f the .sisting rom
missions. < ?ne member ??- to hold office
until Februar?. . 1'.?1t: on?- Until Feb?
ruar x l. 19t?*: x?'"" ????*?? P?*hruary 1.
Ulf H; ??i.?- until l>hniarx 1, I??1T; one
until February I, 11? 1 **?: <?n?- until Feb?
ruar?. 1. 101ft ami on?- until February
1. r.r.'n ?m the i-xplr?.tlon ?>f th?* term
Of each Ot these ? ommlssloiiets hi?, gue?
? < ssoi shall b? SPIWtotsd for a term of
nexen M'ar?.
The bill proxhli's thai all BBlsrla? ami
aapssjsed shall cimhs ?ut <?f Um .?mie
tieasurx. At ir.-s-nl N?*xx- V??rk fit
pays ??n mtartas and expenses tor the
l?t i?,strict commission, rxcepl the aal.
?ries "f ???" ?"nimi*,s?on?i:j. twefstary
and ? oonaBl.
.. a
I pet . asa o? ti glas:?-stoppered bottle?.
? Adxi.
i.i < ?'i.-i'. !'. r. VKER.
f'rcsidcnl ol the : irsl Kational Bank of N'en It'ork, with bis son,
iaM,o,. |. Baker, jr.. leaving the Pujo copimittee i-obiti after
testifying in the "motiej trust" inquir;-.
, i | ? ? ??! '
Romance Begun at 1911 Ya!e
Football Game Leads to
Elopement to Tarrytown.
Had Started for Visit with Bal?
timore Relatives, and Will
Continuo Trip as Mrs.
?Slmer E. Addier.
Plannina ,!" ? " ' " ; Misa
r:,,.. :,.. i. 11., I?, dm .mi' r "f Mr, ind
.M: - | I, i ? .1 I ? - - ??! HH*falO, ..a,I
Klmei i: Add.? r rae? ?>nd ? ear man ai
w , || p. n. acre mai i U ?I ,;; the chapel
,,i in. .??'. mi.i B**form< 'i i '-i ir? li, Tart) -
town, '.?i-i'i..' ii""' The bride .??
lu.-niv yean "i?i and her*husband i>
iv, ? -nt > -lin?-'. il' ? a- married lii hi?
uniform which lie ?aya he Anoh'i need
an) more, .??? m plan? to a," into bbsl?
Ml?? l?a\is attended an entertain?
m. i,: ,,t Weft i'-..ni W?dueedny ni^ht
.nid departed earl) with Addier, who
a. m i" Tan * i"1 n " ?' h bai Bin ?peni
the ni-iu with a girl ? hum ai m;??
.\i.,,,.n? ?. pool avhh'li .?ia formerl) ??i
tended, whlti be ata red at the Plor
, i,,, i ,,1, y. ?i,i i ? mornlni m
I i;,\ ,? u. ni UJ th? hutal and A dalla r
,,?k, d ih- "i". ? '? ' Ht-otrgt i' Park?.
hira ih> ? ..mill gul married Mi. Park?
Intrud.i them i?' the Kev. O. n.
Hegemon, who ?'aa dining there, ,ni<i
he agr? *d i" perform ih?- ? eremonj
The young couple wenl to Ton n ? 'lei k
Daahwoo*lri ""'''? for th? n II? i tme, una
ih.'ii wiLh soin? friend? wenl i" ih?
. ii,,?.. i ,.i noon, when the) wen mar*
i fed Tie* bridal part) retm ned i<> the
,?,, f.,i .i tmtdlng breakfast, aftfji
which >lr. ami Mi-'. Atlili'-i took 'h,
;;.?i7 ,. lo.k tram f?or New Fork, Later
the? will ko '?' Baltimore, th? bride'a
destination whan >be left Buffalo.
Tin- romamS? leading up to'their mar?
riuge ? tut. i ai the Wi st Point?
y it. r.,..ii?.iii gain?* In HI I. Their en?
gagement was announced before Uiei
l>u\ is returned te srhool laal fall. Bh?
?as in her lenloi year, and oftfn w?Hn1
to Weal Point, where h waa uno r
si.Miti A'liih r would complete hi
i-oiirH?-. Miss Mason instated upon bei
heniR ? In' I" -rolled. tO Which Miss I?:t\|?
,,|,|i, ted, and withdrew from th.- school
at Christmas
a fen days ago Miss Maaon received
a letter fruta atan i ?a?, kg'? Bather
ing ills daughter waa k???iik ta Tarry
town and V"ul?l stop s( th? aehool
for a fan of, liar belongihg| which ah?
had forgott'ii. ami from there would
go ?.n lo llaltimor.' t?t visit I'IiiIIms.
Miss I ???is arrivi?! in Tarrj low n
Wgdnesda) morning, and In Ihe after
nooii wenl '" Weal l'oint, where bar
fgthar has frlenda, it is auppoaed th?
vomi'' ...tipi?- planned the marriage
that evening.
After ?? bone) moon Addier pian? to
take his l.ridi t.. Huilai... ?ck her
parents forgtveitega and s?> Into i?usi
nesja there. Hla hoaaa la Ig BUMngn^
Empire's Frontiers Must Nc
Be Crossed for Next 6 Months
St. Pel>-rsliUi-g, Jan. 1?. -Th? Cabin?
has' issii.-if an'ordor prohlbltlne f.'ir.-fs?
_Pal)ponl*tfl and aviators from ?-rossln
i In- w.'Si.in frontier Of Russia for si
months. Anj on* violstinc this .,r?l?
lt i?- announced, is liable I? l" afii
dpa n.
Milwaukee Landlord Make
New Rules for Apartments.
m ' .... .hui %, Milwaukee'? bhb
hi ... ? . tame, adiare th
owner give? .< month? re.nl tor, ? ??'
burn In ih?- building), have bee
i oi 1er ? iiterprialng land
?i,h t!,, ?ame i'i ? - isposi'i.i
'. ? ;?i ,. ..ill*??.
II J \'.i-?!i;?\ :i. ih. owner, ha? issu.-,
ni ? 41? i i i ,'i in ;niv apartment buiM
ii i- bul M for a dot? n famille?
.n.. i.'- -t .ill be accepted who baa bo
,. -i ..i ? , h?.i under ten i ?*****?? li
' ?,, H it? Ulis ??ili.t . ..||. ? ti,
; hj i m. family owning a >l"i
? h n be ? dmitted m the apartments.
?, J et," lie sa\ ? Piipple?
we\ er
? ?
Pearl He Sold for $500 Fetches
$9.000 in New York.
.I apa ',. i n.- Ti Hi i?
I., i] HHL \v\*. Jan. '.< T.. tiltil
re? i i" br? uking pearl, -'-Il ?il l"i .15????
? ,',i ii.m; lea m ol il? aali ltj Se? Yorl
i for +'?.""'. i-- enough t<5 rank? ? mai
i John Rlsil ; . a l;tl'li..'i
| iniv nli" picked ni' a tt-grqln pearl Ir
White River. Hear fv?l. late lasi sum
*iii?- '? ? ?>??i his prise ?tu a near) buVei
i rom i ' >it? i. xv n" later disposed ?.f II
for Ihn"", n ?aa Diel sohl In Sevt
Voik ?'iiy. where a wealthy young
a. 'iiiiii is s;iiti tu nove paid $i?,nu i for It
Th? Rfsie |, ..n i? one ami seifen
i'tghthi Ir.che? In clr??umferen?? and
la ; "!'i" , in >li;i|ir ??ml logtrfe.
With It Driver Gets Into House
and Into Jail.
I ll 'I' ?.. IttVt '" 'I )? Trrliun.. I
i ? 111 :. :. * < -11.111.-1. Jan. '.?. T<> Pater Kms
hr. a cgrl 'Irixcr ni' this til?, belong?
-Il du. redit for diacovertng boa i,,
us. a mute us ?i latchkey, and, iini
dentally, a novel wa) to earn a jail
at nt''t)?'<'.
Kin-i.'t's mother lives in Brandywlne
atreel with Mrs. Btlaabeth Boyle, with
?vlmin the driver ia not on good terme,
Kinaler w?ni lo ?all ?>n Mrs Klheler
and ?Mr.^ ?Boyle shut the ?loor m hi?
fine. Th?? driv r unhlt? bed his mule,
1.k??l it up U> th? door and tickled the
animal nrtth a straw. In qdh?k time
the mill.''? Rood hind h'gs eon vetted the
,1. into kimlling w<tod, ami Kinsl.-i
walked in ami ?dl down lo .hat with
his mother.
Mrs Boyhi didn't ?ait to talk. Slv
hustled after a "polk email ami bail ih?
driver arreatad. The maglsjrntc sen?
iti. .-ti him t.? thlrt) dAya in the county
prison Benteoce on the mule ?raig-aua?
\ i lid? ?I.
K..I- healthy optimism, the depth of ait?
Isfaetion, drina Antediluvian. Luytie?
ni?.?.. \ v. Aijvt
Head of the Big New York
Bank Admits Gains Exceed?
ing $80.000.000 Since
Its Organization. ?
Dividends Since 1908 More
than Twice Its Capital of
$10.000,000, and Since
1373 18.550 Per Cent
on Original Stock.
Financier Declines to Give Bank'i
Assets Seos No Oh.jtction to Hold?
ing Director.?-hips in Competing
Institutions. Either Finan
1 cif-1 or Industrial.
Cap.tal. 1863.<?> 500.000
Profits to date. 80.000.000
Pr?tent capital. 10.OCO.000
?Dividend. 1908. 10.000.000
:*Dividend. 1901. 9,500.000
Dividen-r-s. 1908-'12 226 per cent
Total dividends paid. "8.550 per cent
-1 '. t m? <1 !-'ii?u S?' ii-ili-'s CMipaS -I"
i i- tuet i MMl ?I aVt k
***/a*hln*rJt>OB. .hm. !? I.'nornious prof?
its l?y the Firs?' National Bank <>f Nexv
rork t'ii> ?rere recounted to-da) bf
<;-..rs'' '". Baker, chslnssn of the
board <>i director? of the bank, ?befan
th?- House -motiex tniStM ' ommittee.
Mr, Baker iutni.-rie.i rseords shoe/lna*
that in- ? It? orgavlsatloB ia .?803,
with a capitalization of 15t??.000, Hi?
Lank had maile profits BBBOOntlng t??
more than Si?/?,?H>0,(?????.
in the four years sin.e 1808, '.'.
Baker told the comtAlttee. the bank
ha?! paid dividends of ?QQ per cent, or
more than t-xrlce the total ? apitaliza
ll??ll. irhlcb is noxv SI??.?' M.INM?. \Y;,.?I.
the xapital srss Increased to rh-.t
?mount in ItMM. a ?psclBl dixlden?! <?f
S!?.-,???.?nK? was declared, Mr. Baker
said. t?. enable th? sl???kholders to
take up the ?dditional inv estment.
In order t<? provide |18u00fA880 IB
IMS for the organization of the Fi?*-i
Sei iii-iti.-s i'ompany t?> tak?- oxer the
l.usiness "Which lh? ?MMtJl < ""Id n??i
do under the la'-.." ? special dixi.lmd
of .*?? 11 ?>.? M M 1.4 H M ? um.- .1.*. i.ilc.l. m ??i'.i
iion t?. ih-- rsgulsr yearly Biviaonoi
Samuel l'ut?nnyer, counsel f'" thi
committee, trom the llfura? BUppIled
i?> Mi- Baker, cskulated tha? aine? h?
assumed th? prestklenirji "i ?bm F?rst
National ?" 187*. ""-' laatltatlo? ii?'i
paid dividends of UMHB i-i ceal "'? Be
? uiK'na: ? apitaltaatloa.
Mr, Biik?! Batty ?i|>|.os?-.l 11.?- BHgMtB"
n,.n i.? Mi. rm?*rnix?i' th??' Batletsal
bsaka b? roQuired t<? make puMk theh
BSSeU in ?order that depositors ..nd
stockholdeis might know th? nature
at Becurltles held i?>- tbs i?anks He
declared li?- saw n?> possible g??od that
i-Ollld cullle of Btieh a provision.
Favors Interlocking Directorst?t.
That thets was n?, kmp-*of*rlet| hl uui
man hol.lin* .?ii?. torshii-s IB IS"*** at
more potentiell) comiletlttT? bahlta,
rsllrosda or industria! ? or,.?.i\iii<?ns ms?
aoother ?rtaMd tak*? bj Mr. Bake?
Mr. liiteiinyt reviewed Mltk him a
long list of railroad's in xxh-h as xx ,.
., director, s.?ni- of srhich the Ms/yec
held xv.-r?- lK.te.itially ?oinp. I nm lines.
Mr. Baker ?I.?dared it MSB rather ?ui
advantage !?> hold such ?Hrectorshirs.
"becauee ?iii?er? mes be tersan Um ??oaB
liaim-s can thus be readily a<lju?-t?-d."
Ti.?* witness did ii"i i?i?i?rox?- of the
??voting trust" rorm "f control "f ???i
poratlOBs, by a-hkh the ?to?4-hoMi?'
Hirn over their voting rights lo x-oti;.
truste. -, '?ni sail h?' xxovilil n?it ?!:>?
ivprox ot it if sto?khol?lers ?l?*sir<-,l it
n?> aald ih?' xotuiK tmatsa? "f 'h?
Ouarant) Trnsl CompaBy blmself W
11. Porter and H. P, Davis?.;i -hii.1 OS""*?*
ii. 1.1 a m et in?. Th? el??tioii of dire? -
lois l.y lh* xotiiiK irust of the ??uar
?iiilx i?>H,|aii\ ?xas purely "foinial." he
?Th?-n the ?lire. t?.is are s ?elf-por?
petuiitln-* bed) '?'" BSksd Ml. t'litei niv. i
?Yes.' replied the witness. Tilines
?tre done in Nexx Y??rk tint \xay. xx ith
out ir.iich consitieration. n a corpora?
tion is Koinjr; .-?l<>n*? all riRl'.t and is
paying .llxideinls llier?? is m. question
?il ?in the re-election of 11 ? ? ? ?lire.*t?us."
Mi. Baher stateii thai his bank and
.i. p. Moldan & ?Co. had three <lire<?tors
m the National Banfi <?i ('??minerc??.
Objects to Telling Holdings.
? Would X"*i olije.t to giving th?*
committee the ?ist <>r y??ur individual
iioi.iitiRs in the varions banks and trust
compamV? In Nos York." ask<??i Mr
?Yes." replied the srttneas, ?rltti some
emphasis. "I think H?-- .oniniltor i.i
no more ?ou. cru xxith that tli.'ii xx it h
my tailor':- hill."
?isn't it the concern of Congress
whether one national hank ?-ontrols ari
athor su? h haak*?*
"*V<?, I see no rcas??n Wkf .?ne bank

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