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Turkey Believes Threatened
Diversion Might Result in
Her Saving Adrianoplc.
Greece Pained at Italy's Attitude
in Opposing Cession of the
JEgean Islands to Their
Parent Nation.
?Mdon.J8n.il. \'!vi>-' suggestions,
?llf>d nu? ? *?? pressure snd friendly nf
fi.r?? all lh?l llplomatlc terminology
pgt See? ?bl* '" Invent?have boon et
t-?mptrii i" the pow? is ??? brli g T?rke)
^ pulen''' t ? ? terms <>n the <iin???ii,?n
,,f Adrl.i!'"! '?? but ,i"' reluctance of th?
Pftrte to ?? ir th?? "Holy ?-it>" is sur?
liaised onl> '*> tli?> determination i?r
th--> alii**** to have it Included In th?*
rfrritory o? Bulgaria.
?javera' ? -' ailed intornirdi.it?' courue?
for 99l*"-nl ,,!' problem; by neither en
.!r,.|, ?.?-: ? ? ' t*. Adrisnople fr??i.i Tar*
k?v ror entirely glvitip it to Balearia,
have been r? fvi*=-???i by i??>ti] ?Mee. Ah
,m btdlcatlon of th?-? stand Ih? allies
h?te ta ?en the premlaea on? of the
j*uig**>r: a tei said yestertlaj
-gdrianople s th? A Isscs-Lorraine ol
nur war
Turkey'* hopea that ?he may be .-h?!?
(0 ?p\.- ,? h ? n'i-ie undoubted!) ha\.
heen revived bj the threatening atti?
tude of Rumania. In this sttltud? R .
man??'. b< llei d t.- be bai K?-?l by
Anstrif?. ?8 otherwise aha ?would not
iff? her clsim ?o enereetically again?)
HuljrPi a '" ?contra?! with her pacific
? ,,<.?: ?? ???! ? night Ago
Wating on Constantinople.
Th?? i? '? em ai
of the ? epreeentatlon? t.? be
tbp conat? tlnople government by their
??UsKKSdnr-a in th*? Ottoman cspitsl.
fhfir note probsblj ?* ?' i>?- delivered
-?x* Monday to the Turkish i*"
;nent. / ?
The - ... ?n)r t ;it
the I ' re -ii Office yesterday, bul th?
??nly Information glvan oat concerning
the ineetl ?: *M thai it ha?'- arrived ;?t
89Important decision an?l had been a.l
*eurned until Mon?lay. The amb
?1(?rs would no1 ? -? ?ni: t m th? reports thai
il d< ir.nnsti ation
? ?I 1 ISt I'
.i ? upon rurkey.
T!. of T?rkei to -
her ?" ? ? delega! - ? irl ? ne?! s ? ?
Th- alllei refuse :? further compromis?
i-, : ? ?i< m:?.rids ?? 88? ?i at to?
? 1,-iT - silting of the smbsessdors, but
.?t . onsidered sert? 8 n?
?i. '?? gate? of id?- aille? have r- plted to
,. y >-. ah ,*? counter I ireal ?that the
#111 I ?tice of ?
. armietlce nos in
??jr. ? ?;., - Kurop. .; the j
... nf ei
Dinner Not a Succ?s?.
?-.i.- .? ra ? le hopes had ??? ei
at th?- dinner gii i n on Tl
B? : gi ? by Paul Cambon, the Pr? ?
.\m ?si idor, at which th? ?
lili? ? mei for th? first tim.- ??n neutral
uro'ir,?]. would furnish the occasion r?.r
friendlj conv-jrs tloni which would
i.reak Ih? . ? ol th? deadlock; bul the
?stiegst?*?* failed t<? unbend from it
forma:i:>. and the affair is .].?.- cri bed
.is having been oeM .'?n?i still The
Marquli imp? ! lall, th<- Hallan Ann?..
sari?>: ;.. Qreat Britain, will ui\?- a
luncheon In honor of the Turk? ???
II. Venlxelos, the leader of th? Greek
?allegation t" the peace eonference, and
?il hi? <;i?. k compatriot? an- up in
arm? against any Bcrtosii attempt be
?ng mad?? to prevenl ?Greece ?from an-,
raxing all the Turkish Island* They I
declare.! to-day th.it their Kii?'f and '
indlsriatlnn over this ??has?- <?i the sit?
uation had ?been augmented i.y <-oti
frmation that the initiativ?- f?.r keep?
ing the iflan'l? ?way from <;re???e had
come f*-.?m Italy, which country they
ronsidprcri their aupportcrr in ih<* Triple
Alliance and which since It had ?become
'inited had stood 89 th?- champion of
81 nation;?! cauaea
l?!ands Entirely Greek.
Nobttty;' ssld one <.f the <.!????-?*
'?'?^??'- - ? .m deny that the islands !
au eathati Greek Thej have main- i
tainf-d thf-ir- natlonslHy throughout I
centurie? <?f persecution and made
fnor ea t?. keep Intact tin-ir i
setlom rl rs< *. iiviI'M, having theli
own ? hoois, ? hurchea and clube.
rgurn? m- ?-..?. i??- oppoaad t"
?-?ur ctalmt ? Thai fUunothrace, In.broe
an?; Lemnoa arc t?>?. near th? Dsrda?
"Mies, and the other Islands too near
A?ia Mh ? ? ?? ,i u .-.? w< might threaten i
U?** Dardanelles ?>r the Aslstlc <.-..nii-i
"*ni ? Independently of <?nr nlff-r ?si-1
T*m<iy mad? thai we \???ii!?i not in-? the]
??pod* ,? militar) bases, our only de? j
s'te i, ii f. ,,, reunite the Hellenic fsm- j
% *h> should W? !><? forl.id.hn Io
^-b Inland? w ? already have occupied I
"'"??r tl . pr? t< Kl thai su. h ai-lion j
?"euld i.? r 11 - ? -i t against the neiahboi -
New Orleans
Mardi Gras
rereonally-Conchicted Tour to wil
nf<*- the < ireal? -t Vmcrican i !ai ni?
ia! m the Quaintest \m< ri? an ' I
gK-luding visits to \li? ?\ill?-, Cli.it
haooga, .?<.?I Birmingham
January 30, 1913
l-V'-iii NEW \t)HW.
''.A I I ?
i i- ii??. f,. : ?
? Itfhl d?J .
HIS? ! irl?? and full ifon i
?.??i m n ??I <?r Tl? k? ? ? ?
"? <? ?? .?.i ?n?" i-. r????? ri
\v I?,
?-.. r-rii,
Pennsylvania R.
I lie -lia.ie.-l portion bl the map ?a the nortbeasterntnosi corner of Bulgaria,
nn?l is claimed bj Rumania as the price of lier neutrality Hurincr the ?. ar
ng linst T?rke)
Ing ? ? ist. ami the Bulgarians he givi
Adiianople, which they have m.t y
raptured and from which they real
COUld threaten Constantinople.'
Would America Protest?
"Will the populations of EuroptPau
port euch decisions by their ?j?<'v?-r
Will the , i\iii-/,-,i world alle
such in outrage? Would noi Amoric
the land ..f freedom, where so nun
of our brethren have migrated, pr?tes
Thai is w hat you s in see.
"One thing hi sur??no King of ti
Hellenes and n<? Oreeh Premier will p
bis signature i?. ? treaty contain!]
among its clauses the abandonment i
t:.-.?- islund?. K?.r tiie King il won
in?-..n abdication; as t.. ?premier Vei
Iseloo, he could never return home "
The Oreeks are recalling the offlcli
de? -??ration made by the Italia
I'rcml. : Blgnor Qlollttl, ?on trning ti
Inlands occupied i?> Italj during tl
Turco-ltallan War. The declaratk
was made In th?- Italien Chafnber ?
Deputies on December i |aet ti
Premier said Italian occupation <>f n
islands In the .Kgcan S?-i was m?-i. h
military measure and hail been ?... dl
clared io the powers. Italy, continue
the Premier, bad asked for gu?rante*
for the protection ?if the inhabitants t
?lands in ?as?- of evacuation fa
'. ?? I Ian.ins. If this #v,t.i:ation loo
? .le e before penes was arranged l.
tween Greece and Turkey, Italy, fa
said, could ii"t oppose occupation ?
ihe islands by Ore. if evacuatlo
took place after the concl talon ><f pt... i
Italj coal.i fulfil whatever terms wer
i pon ?ii the treat) between T n
k< end tb< Haii.an alli?e
Russo-German Aspiration?.
Therefore, the Orei k delegates m
anno) Imagine thai Italj la .?
Ing m her own Interest, snd suspe?
thai she has taken this etand tr. pleas
Germany, or perhaps Rossis, <>'er
man) is supposed to aspire to a pan .
Asia Minor and Russia hUS had I Ion
standing desire to be maeter of th
i ?ai danelles.
Rechai l'a he the leadei "f th
iali pence delegation, reiterate
?? - i) tbe Immovable determinate
Turks n"i to abandon Hie f..i
treaa "i Adrkwiople or the islands |
tl ? aCgean Bea
A Virtual Ultimatum.
Rumai a in? practically dellvere?
turn to Bulgaria b) demand
cession ?if Blllstrfa and the ter
ritoi.v to the north ol a line etretchin
n? m then to K.ivsina, on the Bla? I
Tl ? Rumi nian ?.nny a ill lie n.obil
Iced if satisfaction is not obtolnoi
wiih,; . -.-hi hours
'The Turns'' asserts thai R mania
by making a threat to occupy Bui
garlan territory, has prejudiced bei
own < a.??-, which the newopaper con
?ni. i> never wa? very convincing
"Th.- Times'" ?'his that the fact t ha
negotiations between Rumania sn<
Bulgaria hav.- been resumed in Londoi
and ihiit an attempt has been made ii
Rumania to deny that any ultimatuu
was ISSUOd may be regarded as n favor
able sign.
Should, however, the threat be ex
ecuted." The Times" continues, "it i?
believed that the Bulgarians would
offer no resistance, but leave thewhok
ouest ion to be settled by the powers
after the con? lusion of peace. Such ?
high-handd action would cetnpletel)
alienate tin- sympa tin of Europe foi
Rumania '
Rumonia'i ultimatum to Bulgaria, thai
the latter ?tve up a stretch of Bulgarian
territon "u the Blacb Sea. has been cnar
a.ririzel a? a demand put forth by the
Buche res! government as payment for
Rumania's neutrality in the n?ikan war.
While the peace aegstlatlons were beins
conducted in l.ond'in Hi" Rumanian Min?
ist, r "f the Interior, If. JOOOSCtt. SUddcnl)
appeared In the Hi it ish capital and went
into conference with Dr. Daneff. the chief
of th.- Bulgarian peat?' delegation. These
confer, n? ?s are reported t?> have been
broken "fr -eeterde* by Dr. Daneff, who
i? .ai.i tobare notified his government
that he was unable to make am pi?ogr?*i?*i
M tl, th. Rumanian .l.l?gale. Dr Dan.-ff
al-.i i- i<-|iort?-d I" heve asked that an
.,t\ ? i Bulgarian representative be ??p
,??, t. <| m his |ila<? lo discuss the 'i""r
la.i, \. jtii the Runianiaii CaUnel MiUlStei
e ?
Oflicer Notorious for His Dreyfus
Teitimony Reinstated in Army.
Han?. .Ian 10. Th.- Maio'.iis ?lu Paly dC
?lain, on" of the mOSl proliunenl ligures
m the Dreyfus treason trial, s/ea rein?
?I?ted i'i tl" French territorial armv or
roerve to-?inv i?v h decree sia;n'ii b)
Preeldeni Falliere?. Me la '?? have the
rank of lieutenant colon? I. which !'?? a?-M
wh.n ii?- i.ft the army.
Lieutenant Colonel du Paty ?le Clam
it th' tlm-- ?if the In. \ lus affair an
officer oi the General staff, in comparing
the handwriting "f ""' notorious "bor?
dereau" or list with that ?>f the oflleere
m the bureau in which Dreyfus wss em?
., ,i :,. noted s similarity, and soon
h. cai.i'- convinced that Dreyfus u*ae ??
traitor. H< was one <?f the principal wit
n?.?s. s foi Ih.- prosecution, Sojn.- years
i-,.,, ,,i ISM, he was retired from the1
Lieutenant Colonel du R?t> At ? lam oti
loverai occasions asked t<> be reinstated,
,,;,.| M? las! i.cilti.m t?? Ibe Mliitslci <?t
u ?i ne t with s rcess
'j'h' news n at Lieutenant Colonel Su
Pat) de ?lain bail been reinstated ?ause?l
,.,, i'1't.ii.ie i vi aii'it especially in the
,, . i - ,, I..I.;.le;'. Wh< i?" ? ei lain or
the Halt'.'i Deputies announced th" In?
tention to raise S debate da the subject.
? ??iit.iiiirrt frnm flr-t nn(, .
of ?he ?De-pertinent of Agriculture on
*"*eds and other equall) BCcesSibl? an?l
grat iiltous volumea.
New Orleans Librarian Says
Book Deal Was Honest.
Sj i ?l?glS' a 10 I I., n |fc UM
MeW Orleans. .Ian ]?.. Win,,,,,, A ,.,.,,
? -..Man of th? Howard Memorial Li?
brar) and prominent m So* ??.?.?.ms.
j was arrested thla afi??rn.??.n i?*. ? United
? states deputy msrshsl un a federal in?
dlctmenl from n-w rork ? it. chsrglng
him ??.th oonaplrsc) ta defraud b) us? ? ??
?the United State? tsaila H? vas ar?
i reigned before United States Commis?
?ion? i a ??. Bros n? si ?i re?? sa d In H 999
? beads, Tbe arrest caused s lensstloa
"Th? eharg? ol consptrscj In using tin
jmslli t" defrsud In coanectlon eith Iks
1 Levlngston book fraud I? ?n ab?? ??
surprise to ?ne," declared Beei "Several
?f T?;. m?-!, w hu were indi, ted ?a th me I
| i..-???# aevei besrd ol before .*.,-..! bad no
J deshaga with. The ?? li.?ik-- elthei I? a
n la take "i m work of man.-*- "
Mr it- ? ? i"! iii.-i I) ???* m ? set "f
I Americana, oonalatins ot live thousand
I volume?, for which H.m ll 14-vlugatoi
,- reported t?> bav? i?.. ?i 970.000 upon falau
i .?pieaentatlos? ..- r?> iln*i: rslue In es
i plalnina hi? connection with lb? affair
Mi B*ei ?aid he had given lo W 1 i
Humea, "f ' blcago, an option on the ???!
rrom Mi : tS to May, 1911, ?". llS.Ouo
Hefor? ih? option ad expired lame?
: Plunkett. of \'? ? Tfork, iried to pur. <?
m.- book? :?-? ii. Mr? !???? ? ul ? w told
t! .it i hm.. :. : i ai opt Ion upon them
. ri..iik?u then b. '.i*nt Hi? option from Ml
Hum?*? Mi Be? r ? I i ? k foi
i J!:,???'. and ihla, !.? nld . nd? d hli
! ectlon sith th? aft ???.
Lawyer, Publisher and Sales?
man Held for Trial.
? ? ? ? | : .1 .
?Chicago in "' Edwsrd I M? ardle,
. of Ni. M So th \m Bslte ?tree! . ?? ? I
? known attorn? r? - ? i tttllism '????n* onn
' Humes ?>f N<? (SI s?>.ni> Dearborn itreel
,i m!, book ?stesmsi ?wer? ? ? estad lo?
da] In Chicago on federal Indletmeats
(charging \i??iH?i??n ?>r the ?postal ;????
i .!..n.?-s l'I . ';.? 'i ,i publish? i
South Mlchlgsn avenue, was .<*??? ?r
? ??-t,?l Tin-, are charged with being Ira?
; i?ii?.it?ii Is the i ? rar? book? ??t ??o
1 rslue to H M Lanrtngaton, ??i Barstogs
' Bpringa, N '. for $?
McArdl? said Ii onl) connection with
I the ?-as?- \?as bla acting as an attorn?)
. and thai the ? barg? ? were i Idl iloui
id and Hume? were held by inlte?!
States CommlMlonei Koote f<?. app?si
anee f'>r trial In Ses ^ ? r k Th?? l??>n?J of
McArdl? wa? Used al *-?""?' ami thai of
11 umei ai flO.i 00
Dean of London Cathedral
Speaks of Danger.
p.- ? ?).'. la I I i '.'. il.'in? I
1 London, Jan. ll Bertoua winning?
| as t<> the ilar.Kei whl? h threaten-? St.
rani? Cathedral were uiifred bun
l?venlas at a lecture Ki\"*n by Mervyn
' MacartaS) to th? oung Men's Chris?
tian Association.
The Dean of St. Paul's, who presided,
said that those responsible for the
safety Of ?the Oathedral had lately had
to bestir theaasslvsa io avail th?
greatest ?danger thai had threatened
th?* <athedrsl 8lnce ttae day it ?Aas
bullt Hspplly they had abundant evl
den.e that the cltlsena of London, from
th? Prime Minister sad the Lord Mayor
downward, loved and valued the ?~athe
?irai and were prepared to pre-tecl n if
lUjCSaaan from injury.
Dr8. Hyamson and Hartz Wish
To Be Chief British Rabbi.
f B\ ?-nl'1? ?o Tti'- Trtt.un? |
l.ondf.n. .Ian 11. Strong ??pposition
| haa developed In 9 section of the mm?
i milice to ihe appointment <?f i>r. Ber?
? nsrd Drachmen, <>f New Tork, a? "hie*
Irabbi ?>f the Hntish Km pire. Twe
weeks otto the committee ua? uaanl?
i m?.us for the ?hoi??- of Dr. Drachmen,
bul In the mean time friends of the
! other two ? andidat'-s. Dr. Hart/ and
I?r liyamson. head of th?- .I?-wlsh 8C?
j ? li?siaati?al court In London, have been
' ?ihie t.. influen?a s sufl*elent number
of Ihe ? pmmlttee tO make ? 98I?OU9
; hit? h.
i?r. Drachmen refuses t<? eater in'??
? any competition with tbe other two,
while In. Hyams.n. and Dr. Hartz re
fUM I" withdraw. The ? ..minute?: will
! meet on Bundaj morning al Ihe reel?
deuce ?>f Leopold de n.iths? hiid t?> du?
cum tbe wh??ie ?tuestIon, sad probablg
the arbole matter ???n be lnd?**Snltel)
I postponed and Ihe conference advised
thai staue be taken t.? secure a totally
BSW let Of < ?mdidat? .?? for tlie post
Spanish Conservative Leader
Will Re-enter Chamber.
Madrid. .I:.n 1'?. Sai ST Mania, n,,.
lesdei of ti>'- Conservatives, who rsalgatd
!?,s? week ble Bast In the ?Chaasber, a???i
announced thsl b? prasosed te retira from
public life, aaaouneed i??-?ia> that la ?/lew
Of the ?trou., iiirmi liial W8S now inani
i,.-t i., th Ceaservatlvs party, b? had i? - j
,'fi-il to resume lb? leadership and re
turn to hi? pla? ? In the Chamber. j
"All or Nothing." They Cry
Proffer of More Pay and
Union Recognition.
Women to Protect Pickets fro
"White Slavers" and Brutal
Hor i tea minut?e yceteidaj one ?.
tutu nt th. clothing menufscturers h
high hope? that the) were going to an*
?' mi amicable agreement with tht
striking employ?e put an end to WSl
..ins riot.? arm nil ether Incidents of t
Strike and cet hack to contented mon
making sgaln. Their hope ?a? based
the fac? tha? th. y offered ?n iinm?-dla
.". per ' em increase of wagea with ?'? i>
? ?nt mot. t.. follow, recognition <?f i
union am! f il! ai I itiai "ii ..r all tb" ?ith
points al issue
Bul w hi n the?, glowing terme we
eeented i" the strikers i ? v their repr
?entatlves tbey shook in.-.t heads. Tl
girl etiikere were most emphatic la Um
objection to aoceptlas Ihi concession?
Kdpe." they ?aid. ' gol to give
everything right ..ff tbe bat, or nothing
The offer "f the employer! ?a? ma.
reeterds) b) tbe executive board of tl
L'nlted Manufacturera and Merchant
Aaeoctatlon. it was mad.- known to ti
pui.iic in tbe form of .? s igar coated in
elgned 'newe item." bafgtnnlns with tl
?i. ' leratkm, Tbe iu.?i battle la the sert?
of big sink.-.? In th.- needle Industri?
ha? .n vvi.ri l.v th. vv.':k.- ? U'h.c
fore Ihe etrikers could no longei Soul
Ihul thi-ir ?inplov-rs vv.-r.- d.lv humbta
Besides ihe Imm?diat? i-onceeslona "
fered to tb? employes, the propoool pn
vid.-.i for .. I'liut inveetigatlns boarf I
no mi., ail pi..i.--- of ih. Induatr) -i
?lia-.v up a detailed baeli f". ? permanei
agreemenl Foi tbe Imm?diat? a r bit ret lu
. ommlttei th? namei of i." til i? Brai
.ie:.?. Hamilton Holi and -loi ;.? 11
tfaii lodallel lea. nor* suggeeted.
Manufacturer? Invite Truce.
rii.- ?aoorlatlon, Ii was ?tated com
prlacd from II lo <?? per re? t of tb? tradi
Concerning the proponed egreemen
- Hem t 'ohn, i ouneel f"i tb? earn
elation, mod? Ihe following ?tatemenl
Thli ' : ? cognisi u from ti
. ? i? ? thai there . o ild I c nu Imm? dial
n ice, win oui ? i bata itial concesalon? i
the strlkera : low? 11 : m ich tbi mem
ii" turen mighl ? ritl? lae th? tlmelin? aa i
th atrlke, the atrtke w..s her? and Im
1 i... i? iii-i Th? ??r?blenla ..f the Induali
. < mplei and i ni ?if ditil' nil
..?i.-iii m?!'...i f?..-. meetlna ?u<
. ? ? ? i. and
??? t -..? -u. H B|?| o?ntlng
."M-.-i.-i..intiiiii??- !" ?" Into .ii.iii
. ih!? method can be spoil?
to tbe clothing situation vu Immedial
end permanent pear? for thoee wir. ar
.v mina lo eblt e lij th.- d?. h Ion of
board ol arbitration selected bj bol
* ? ? - - aeeured
Tin? eaaoclatlon n lai rot be ronfuee
?w irti the Sea fork Clothing Trade? .\>?'
ilion, v hi? h pan . mat-,i in tl,- ? In.n
bei of ? '' niTii. r<??? conf?rer ea The bul
lof the populai pli-- men'i ?.,.. ,.t th
.i.i. r n ed In .\?-w foi
? ? ? ,ii ?1 n,?- t nit. ?i v??... let Ion ? ? ???
? ? Ii pei ' ? it ..f the product of Xe?
Vorb ?itv The leader? of thla aasorii
lion l.i?ve not occupied the front of th
?tag? bui en ' onvint td thai lb? e i
to aolvc ?a dlfllcull Indi trial problem :
i ..t o- ameahlng it bul rather by stud)
Im ? Their memlx rahlp e 111 be h
? .... --d .it:'1 theli doora an aide ope?
I naide of two w??-ks t?i??v will repreeei
H pei cenl ol Ihe producl of Nee v?.
t , em Benjamin :.-. i ? ? ,,* tu
Clothing Trad-? Asaodatlon, ?ai?i tha
abeolotel) no recegmitlen of tin unlo
would be trame.; |,v his a??o? lailon an
; thai ?... furtbei ?tep?" for ??ttiemen
*?? " hi bi ma le d? ipH? the ??" tloa of th
Mei Nanti and Manufacturera Asoocte
Did Not Grant Enouqh.
The rea?..n wh- the rival eoaot lotion'
proposal did '.": prove as acceptable t
? ? rtrikers ni the manufacturera ha?
area expreeaed b) Thomaa A Rich
.it K'l" ml !'"? -i'i? nt "f the I ': it. '1 i inl
meal Worker? of lamerle? Mi Richer
? ?
?Th?- plan was laid before the atriki
commltte? th - afternoon it was n..t ac
ceptable because it does not gran
enough Neither does H mention the noun
j of labor YV!.!1. I will not say that thii
proposs ?.T complete!) rejected bj tin
union, it was definitely decided nial i
will not he acrrpte.! In Its present form '
In the women'? branch of ?he . lothlni
makers' strike It was announced thai
tere thousand more employes had walke?;
o it. A vigorous Complain! ?'?? also mad?"
ut the treatment of gir! pb kets bv th?
polier, particular str? ?s being laid on th?
arreat of .'ulia Murray? ??t Seventh ave
nue and "Oth Mree,t.
"The police ordered the girls not even
to aay 'scab' te those who remained ?it
work." said Mrs .Maud Voting? r. an at
tornev for th?- union. ' Miss Murro y ?lui
i ?'thli g bUI r-plv .th va tv well" and
she was arrested and fined J." Sh?- .]|<|
abaolutely nothing ?i?e, and we want t?j
proteol against BUCh treatment"
it was also iinnoiinc?I hv Mi?? Oertrude
Barnum, generel organtoer of the inter?
national laBdles' Oarmenl IFerkeraf
I'nlon. thnf Btepe ?ere to he taken lo pro.
led the girls from another sonic of an?
no", ante thai had developed in the haUa
whet,, tbey congregate II was ?.aid it
had been discovered thai "white slavers"
were going smsng them seeking to take
advantage of their hlleneos it la prob?
able that a women'? police corpe ?ill i><
organised lo protect them,
Miss Barnum declared that in a number
Of instan? ee mrmuf*'tui .?is had locked
their girls In the shop? to keep them from
walking OUt 'I'his. she sab"!, was a v lo
la'ioti of Ihe fire laws and placed lnri?e
bodle" of girls In peril of fheir lives
Ro?e PaStOr Stoke? will ??et a?-tt\?|v
Into Ihe flKht lo-da?. ih? will make a
tout of the sttike beedguartera und a.i
ilrrs- the i;lils. Anolhe; -p?ak-r enlist?
ed In the cause NI llarri-t Iv." ser, of the
Church ?association foi the Advancemenl
of the Inter-sts ?if labor
Two men were slashed with rasera in
a liol al N?> IH Lefsyette street that
grew OUI of the att'tiipt of a number of
Btrike*hreakers to enter tiie building.
Roth men said the? were pickets. Hour
arrrsts wet. tni?l? h> th? pollee in th?
strik? Zoll"
Will Reinforce Girl Pickets in
Garment War.
Tie s.iffr.igisf have a new ioh ?>n hand,
The? ?re going to pfcfcOj With the girl
sinkers AM. as gtMtt shin warnt makers
will go out early next week, in addition
t?. the U.fH snapper ?Mid bllneno werkeie
who went out WcdMSday an.I the tMt
while goods work-is who struck Thurs
da>. the auffiaglsts have a large Held in
which to assist and. In?-Mentall? . to make
com erts.
Mi?- Uerirude Barnum, ?aho 1* looking
affr the p.jhlirlty end of the strike for
the International ?.adle?- i ?arment Work?
ers' Colon, said yeeterdsy that she hsd
received otTers of help from the Woman
Stiff rage parlv, the Women's Political
I'nlon an?! other suffrage ffTgasipatffl-**1
The nieinhir?. roo. staml rend? lo do all
th?y can. And the Women's |>ol|t.?-al
I nion I? Inviting the g|r| strikers to the
hall whleh. as all New York must know
l.y this time, it is (joins t" hohl in th?*
"1st Regiment Armory, In Mth street.
"One of the pitiful things shout tue
situation with the i-irl etsfldtan nn-i
BBSay <?f them are no more than children
artas are wotkliiK In these lrad'-s." Mis.?
i Rarnnni said ysStCfdsy, "Is thai the
small sssaJsyera play upon their syin?
i pathies and ?et them to work for even
l le?? than they otherwise would-- which is
lirrle enough. An employer will say thai
his wife I? ill. or be Is having ha?l lu??k
and lias no money, and you know h<?\\ .i
Rirl'f? sympathies ?an he played upon.
?The wages are pathetically ?mall, for
these da>s when It costs pg much to live.
I And then the pretty girls arc parsSCUfd
? ami fh?' homeiv one? dlscrlmlasted
against in rhe giving out of work. Thai?
j Is reallv no protection fnr the girls in
these shops."
$10.000,000 AT STAKE
i Daughters of Leopold Refuse
Settlement Out of Court.
Brussels, Jan. 10, The three dsugh
ten Of the late King Leopold, after B
coaferenea to-day. derided to rejeel the
proposal of thjt Minister ?>f Justice that
the) accept |T,{?00,<000 as their Share in
their father's Congo SCCretlOOJ and
withdraw th?* sui; pending In tbe Ap?
peal Court against his estate.
Aft?!- the conference tin* prtn?ceeees
?announced that they bad decided to
aih.w the cam to h? to judgment. The
? o m i is expected t?> render its do? lelon
t next iveek. it i? sani the prtocerseea
desire the entire ?'??ng?? estate ?>r'
Leopold, ?.mounting to aboul 110,000.?
Oracles of Unionist Press Are
Diametrically Opposed.
! g] ?Cable '" 1 Im 'i lb im
?London, Jan, II.? The ternas of 'he
j l'nionl?! psri) memorial i?? Mi. Bonar
Law sre "Hscrsetl) concesled s.. that
;i |a possible for both f????i taxer? and
fres i.l'-rs to clslm th? ?yictory. The
oracle? <>f th? Colonist presa sre d?a?
metricall) opposed as t?. the nature of
I th? m opoaed compact.
There 19 '?? be ru? absndonment of
'??i tsses M) a Th? l'a'i Mall ??a
gstte. Food laiH? are to be relegated
I . a ?.rul e|e linn. say?. "Th? Daily
Telegraph," which Invented thla alter
native to the nos dlscsrded referen?
?i i... i
The Immediate outcome la the drop
I ping of food tases ..mi the Indefinite
' postponement of Imperial preference,
aayi "The Birmingham Poet," which
is credited with s[??*.ikli-?g ih?- mind ??f
ihe .ibambeilaiaitea
Colossal National Education
Scheme To Be Undertaken.
8 .??-..-.. ? BM I
London, Jan. 11 - it la now i lear that
i Mr. Lloyd OSOfge'S Ian?! ?atnpaign has
'Leen shelved, for the time being a.t all
? snta Viscount Haldane, Lord ?Chan
, ? eiior. in a sp._ at Manchester last
night read s message from the Chan
csllor of tu- Eacbsqusr, who stated
'? that he was ready to throw himsi if
Into ?i ? smpaign In tav or of a mors ex
i i?n?ie.i elementar] education with ??u
| the? whotebeartedneas which h? threw
i ?mo th>- laaurancs bill campaign
Lord Haldane mad?* 9 perfunctorj
Ireference t<> the land campaign, and
Bald thai there was n?> conflict on the
subject i" sen the members ?>f the
government who s*ere studying tin
?ri? si inn and who would be able when
they had ? ?die? tid sufllclenl evidence
to rnak? some suggestion. The moment
for this, however, ha?i not yel arrived.
London. Jan 11 The gOVemmenl has
d?iided that the next great work In its
I programme "f 30?-lal reform, to be ander
taken as soon as th? Home Knie, the
Welsh dlsegtahlishment and the franchise
reform hllla are ?lisp"s?-?1 of, will he a
?olossal scheme for Improvement in ele?
mentary, ?eesndary and higher education?
This important snaooncemsnl wa? made !
to-night on the authority of Premier A?--- !
qsttk and Chancellor of the Exchequer
David Lloyd ?leorge lo Vis. .?uiit Haldane. j
i.or.i Cbanesllor, ??? a polltli*al msetlng In
Ma?.ehester. Lord Hahh.ne said th? ?\
Istlng system of educstlon was chaotic
rind must he ?.It? red The expenditure
atauld i?e productive snd, he added, was
abeolutel) necessarj "if our productive
power i? t?. he maintained In comparison
v. ?th that of oui rivals "
The announcement, which apparentl)
points 10 ? ?r-heme for national education
al the ?xpense of the state, probably win
he interpreted hv the I'nl.inlsts nu S <le
feit of th? Lloyd ?'.?..rKlte seel ion ?if the |
Csblnet, whirl. Iras been endeavoring to
make ihe inn?i question the government's I
next task. The explanation gives by IbS '
minisi?-r;.?ii?-i- i?-- ?nat the land question
larin'ii he OSSlt with until the land valu? I
ntion acham? provide.1 f,.r in 1 i.iv ?ii Lloyd I
Oeorge'a famoua budiget i.? completed anil i
ll'Ht till? will require at k.ist ?inollu-i
couple of v eni ?.
The view of the government*? opponents 1
is that the lan?l ??-heine proje. te.] h> Mr. j
Lloyd ?o?orge is so vast and Compta thsl
h? i? imsUe to csrrj the CaMnet with
ii.m in it? accsmpllahmeat
May Continue for Another Year
to Do Business in Kiev.
Kiev, Ruaste, -fan I.? \ year's grscs
ha.? been ?ranted b) the ?UthorItl**fl here
t?i ?v.?? hunii.ed Ruaatsn busbiSM men of
the Jesriak faith who were affecte.I hv .1
rcceatlj issued gavsrameat rt?rcular for
hiilduiH lleluevv? of eMail. 1 StCgSirleS tO
Hade in Kiev after JsnUSt") 1?
a Dumber of ggsnufaetarers ?n Most*? a
and Loda nmds representations t.. tbe -
Ministe, of finance, declaring that the
eiosii.c ot th.- snferprlsss conducted i>: !
these huslriess men would cause lies v.? ?
losses The munster de.id??l after this
n.tlon had been taker, to apply to Ihe
>enate for a ?le- Ision mi the seneral lighr
of merchant? of the .Pwi?h fnlth to trsd?
and live in nil part? of Kiev, and ii? the
mean time ha? sii?p'?ii?l?-d the execution of
ihe drearier.
The Minister of Kdu? a lion has author?
ized the epeatag heie ?,f four Hebrew
aihoola after long opposition.
You'll Have a Healthier and Happier Year
This Year If You Regularly Drink
F Water V
Professor Koch, of Berlin, and other noted scientists agree that the drinking of a
clinically pure carbonated water such as WHITE ROCK is one of the mott efficient
means of aiding digestion.
Delici?os, sparkling WHITE ROCK always comes to you in new, sterilized bottles,
straight from the famous White Rock Spnng at Waultesha, Wit.
? "ininar.i tram Sen !>?????
io the front of the place. Suddenly a
paving stone went craahlng through
one of th? ground glana wlndowa on the
ground floor
Splintering glass terrified th.? people
Inelde, and th?- aer?ame of the women
sitting ai the marble?topped tabi.-s
added to the excitement. The lOCk fell
on a tibie just Inside the wipdow, !?n<i
a poung woman an?! hor estant leaped
up, theh chaira failing backward. The
stone bounded to another tahie and
dashed dishes and glasses to ihe floor.
stnains of bernslss sauce spoiled one
womnn'a frock.
Patrolman O'Cpnneli and Lieutenant
McCarthy, of the WTeel ".??th street sta?
tion, were OUtside. They grabbed the
man who had thrown the stone and
look him to the station house, where.
he was bold on ;i I ?large of msllcloue'
mischief. He gave hi? name as El/.ladn
l.encion, a waiter, living at No. _<?*>'?
West Nth street.
After the flrat rock was thrown, the
crowd of strikers ran up on the ele?
vated Btatlon platform, and began t"
hurl down bricka Pottceoaou ran up
t?i get the men, but the strikers caught
elevated tra?na and sped away Th?'
station was then patrolled and troubb*
The management of the restaurant
decided that with smh things going on,
the ground Horn- was no plat?- to serve
meals, and the waiters and patrons
moved upstairs. The waiters sSSOSed
qulel enough? but LaSnclon'S deed had
stirred their blood, and about s o'clock
forty waiters and a dozen cooks quietly
walked out. The service was bad!;
PHty striker? gathered outside the
'l'a vnie LoulB, in the Klatiron Build?
ing, late in th.- ?'veiling and began to
distribute ?an?s to patrons entering
the placa Patrolman McMsnus st?
i. imp tod t" atop the distribution, after
the patrons had complain, d. but was
knocked doom ami kicked bj two men.
' Ifclfnaus blew his whistle, and
other policemen locked up th<> men.
A New
for your next trip to
St. Louis
Leaves New York 2.00 p.m.
Ar. Chicago . 5.00'p.in. Ar. Indianapolis 10.50 a.m.
Ar. Cincinnati 10.50 a.m. Ar. St. Louis . 5.00 p.m.
Water Level Route ? You Can Sleep
Railroad and Pullman
tickets delivered bv Special
Me?>?enger without extra
For further information,
address tien. Kast. Pass.
Agent, 1216 Broadwav.
New Tesl 'Pboae. 6310 M??iiio?
BrookiT? 'Pboae, 167 Maia
???.rr.rrrrerr p,*ew,r,p,s? ws??t*?r. ?***s>. ?r.**??.?*.* te v w *9t*o\ ; * >-1? * r r r-er r.r *
17 East 14th St.
An exceptional opportunity is offered t<> all
intending purchasers ??f a Piano or Player Piano
during tliis month al the above VVarcrooms.
A verv Special assortment of the most artistic
productions in fancy woods, in antique and modern
designs is on display.
An Exhibition of Rarity
"The Purchase of a Krakauer is an investment
of a lifetime."
Prices sre not high. Terms at your convenience.
Of Other well known old and reliable makes we
have Twenty-four New Pianosand Player Pianos to
offer, ranging in price from ?$190.00. All fully
Guaranteed. Terms very moderate.
Call at our spacious Warcrooins .mil inspect this I
beautiful assortment of instruments. K\crv courtesy [1
will he extent led yon, although yon mate no purchase. *
Krakauer Bros. |
Main Warerooms: 17 East 14th St.
(Bet. B'way & Fifth Ave.)
BRONX : Cyprc?. Ave. ?St 136th St. BROOKLYN: 350 Living? on St.
I **t*t*l*et*t*t*A+*t**4At4At4A*i*t*t4A44**4t***4*4t*t4r+ *t*t*t*ta\m **t*%A?et'*X

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