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Vn' LXXII..N* 24,166.
'" '?a., fair ?n?. alightI) niini.."
T?v-iiiorro?a . fuir, a-il I, IieM ?iiil?
PRICE OS\rc?s??utitJ9?
New Tork. Jeraer Cita- and Hnbok?
French Pretender and Advocate
Plebiscite Throws Him
sell Into Contest for
the Presidency.
Veteran Ex-Premier Prevents
pH1-tv from Passing
tlution Against Poin?
dre ? Jules Pams
Now the Favorite.
I- P\ Ii ce VI? lor Na
. n : If) StO "ii 'Ii'''
? '-n. urpinp the lm
? --;t\. in \ lew of th? In?
.1 situation, ol electlni
i"- m b: pteblw It? Th<
?... -,i,i be Impossible not to de- I
?\.. ,,,;,:-, iion of th? prssonl mo*
I ernnaenl .1 disorder, the ?
?? ?
v. ,, th< ?? >?i '?ir?_7iop in
ta), ?>f aelftoh ambitions re
loyal light fot ide?is, pogroms
ng t be i
the manif?
? ith Of union and faith
, er Fran ce, and tho vote of
, , . , :, onaulted, could
. give th.it real authoritj bo n< ?
., g chief of state who would !
i Imself with any of
, -,-...,, tort the chief of sl
it ,. fore ail. be national.
... natatemenl In the ?Trench
? Lieutenant Colonel du Patj di
i so prominent m the
a ba almoal thi
? niton of Parla, a snore ol
i.r Bffalr irt In clr ?
The Royaltol i
prlnti " which Is ra
. alnstati ment a -
pi.n th?
? r idli al en. '? '? ? i Poln*
M. Mlllerand, Mlnlater of;
I the 'le. r*M i?"> Ing ;
. : ?.,- i ont d Patj ?!? ? 'in.,
Hal ?aa* sur
taly mixed with a iaiat** num
r --Important cierres?? which M.
* stgaod and whl? h Prssldeni
? . without discovering
? .-. .nid thai M. Mlllerand af
,. - - - - onalbility for u. :
The Democratic group In the French
? b bleb lia? 'i tng'-liier
eg-Premh r Emito C< o * on?
ihe incident met this afternoon,
... ,i t., pr.-- ? , action In
In omitting to iins.? s reaolutlon of
. Ind i .. | '? n? ? ratl? group, \\ hieb
omprises the principal Radical oppo
ta "T :h- proportional repri ?
bill i ton '?? fore the Senate,
b t< d by ih' 'i?' laratlon of __>Pi*i -
: enceau, arho said Id \?e I
Fi ..!..> s i ongi ? as ? ' V*i ' sallies
idgment <<n the ministry,
in tin- lobbies this was ink? n to mean :
?; ?? Radl al Left, al a plenary
ng on Wednssday, will i.ring for
? -a n ? Premiar
for the Presidency, probably
Minister of Agrl? ili lire.
'"?rn : ' ni-, .m outsider ha? be*
? m>' (he fa\ orite.
. ??. | -, \ >t Potai ibui | dia
-." "Thf Dallj Mail" sayi that
again confined to
I'urt? "ii, ??; niiiK tli
of tl Indi? at) '1
' recovi i'?-'l r i on.
77?is Morning's News
local page. ?
Bgttet i.:;,i ..?. 11
- 1' if' . I j
to ? .?? ?.land lury 3 j
aflea "A aa Ti ist" Thi#?nt. 6
Deal ttl Morgan . . 6 i
: , .6
, Sellar Arreatad. 6 j
I ?' I.?f.- In Fire... . 7 !
"ron,'' To-nlghl. 10 :
? for Pi?? Tim".18 I
tent Workers In '-?ii-- l'ar.-??!??.ig
Bull Ovct Pop? Leo Mission_ 18 I
Being D3 - olved. . 18
. ' -1) -i ; ? Bench. i
Kockefell? Xol Likel* to Testify.... i
i. . i
H to I on <"<>.?1 Tru?i . . 3
.... 4
.... 4
t's M< .Kidnappe i
To Be Removed. 5
Lowe Bll Tariff., 5
'. w Neon's llm. .. 4
or Cram .5
Votea 6
lanll o. 11
lottotlona........... -jl
Why Un O. ,,u,,,?, * . 3
. 6
\?\s for Women. -
lid | tortol . ' -
. g
.., ..[
. ,.
.9 and ]0
thi i . . -0
lug . ,0
10, ii. is and 13
- *. i s . ,. i e
IM .16 ai, . 1/
PRINCE VU T< >i: \ \ ?POLE? 'N
French pretender wtoo ha? thrown hlmeclf
' ?
Bathroom in Temporary Home
fan Hotel Being Enlarged.
Nrw Raven. Jan. 1.'. The enl re
sixth Do r nom of th?-- Motel TafI
net ,-tp*it aa ih?- apartmei ? which
f" - - d< nt Ti ?: will .- ?-? hen he
comet ?...^. i, ta.- reaid i
re ar?-? nine rooma in all? six eleeping ?
t '?? ?in--. librar; dining eptlon
Kt !" : laor Tafl ? : ' ? the
Pn si... -i ?jriu ha> ? hla hei .
??n i i - ner next to the Qulnni- '
plack Club. His ?tud? "' HI b? dire? tly
? ? arlth thr la . :?-??-; bathi oom m
and ?i s-|.r, iai bathtub ? ill
:?<? built f< i' ? ? ? "i- Taft. ? tonsidi r?
. t'n.?
.... y ..i >ti? m-. ?? ni pu' t?.
in? physii .?1 requin * . ? ;
? ir- ?
: .
- ? -i man to m? im in. it will i?e !
?:i>*.. i hi? <? tet ; ?. ni- and f. > i r |
Word ha? - ? ? ? ri eived ?
l *resi? ? i. * il g? Sont h
I ?T,?ti??n ? l'i ? ?Id? i to ao but ?
*\ill return t< this .ity about Api I
Hi ? ill liv<? at tbo };. ? nul
r ,.? m?an ?h
nexl week to attend th? m? el mix ?>: I .
Yale Corporation be will Inapect the
suite. Itho ?... ti?? n* a bathtub will
? , ompletod
Mayor Gaynor Thinks It Would
Raise Large Revenue.
.\??i yol ' '??''. ii"i 'a ?'inn' i.:
on the repon of the comml alon on new
? .. ? .- bed
the Ma or "ii Saturda). ? ?? : ? ptl? al,
if not asreasti? Whan askad for his
opinion "f the report, he t? pi
i ? ? thi report r< raunend a i
??ni , v nd l h? n "
poetn, he a.
The a oi k New Toi be went o?
"might i" ?ubstltuted for England
nging thi mi tre I think
a larg? ? -' "i.?
.. tax, bul ai hj po. l gen?
erally t.?x dodger? Il mlgbl drl ? them
nil OUI of the ell . I-' i i ?' i ? :? "ti
alone i!ir? ta* might be a
It *>-.;?!? remai ked that Ihe Ma; or
might ha? ?? add? d, for the lienefll ?-r
a iai... itize n . the folio?* -
Ing quotation tt??iii Churchill:
? ?o nr tUll '
,i '..re?',.-. \ ? \.
-.- |
Governor-Elect Dunne Leaves
Hotel?Calls 10 Cents Enough.
. " i- ,?u<->. Jan. 19 Thh ty-flve
a .-ijji is i???, much to pu tot -
in the opinion of Kdward P. D
? ? or-? I? c i of Illinois.
Mr. Dunne an?i Colonel Jame? ii;.:n-?
jit.m Lewis, Democratic candidate
Senator, returned from Bprlngfield thia
morning :?n?i entered a fashionable
downtown hotel for breakfast. Mr!
Dunne acanned the menu, and when
his ??;? ?? ?reached tha Item, "Coffee, 35
?ents ;i cup," he reea fr??m the tai'i*
and aak>ed for hla 'oai nn.i hi t.
?wiiti?- are you going?" Inquired
Colonel >Le*arla.
"Going wh?ere i can set coffee for
t< n cents," replied Mr. Dunne "Thir?
ty-five ??.in?? Is too -. i nny on?
to pay."
He May Keep Water, but
Former Owner Wants Ice.
John r>. Ro. :.- dad to h!?i
? P ,nti'-?i Mill- bj
iiik fr? in Qeorge Fer| ison, hla ice mnn
friend, th?? ??Id achoolhouaa anri it?? Hit??,
and n was also aaid he hmi cloaed ??
lir-.ii f??r the lohn Pole) propei near
tin a? ii oL i' Ii but -'i question ??f ?
abort time a hen Mr. Ho kefelli r a ill
?.w n ;.n .?f Pocantieo Hills.
Th? onlj problem w orr? Ing Mr.
i-', rgus? ii la hoa h< a ill nm?. ?
?pond. P-irguaon necdi \\ in his b
n i .? i- n : uggi st.-d thai if the
weather II eoM enough h.- ? an mi i
away ni egkett >'f Ice, If n?.t. he will
probably have t ? ? if-av- ?t behind, in
which .us,-, ?t i?- hoped Mr. Rockefeller
wjii give it i?? til?-- i-- afora iwimmlng
Mr. Pu rguson la ? La i Mr. Rocke- I
t, n, t toon i" iwap aom? i e
? m not tell
the? .-i ? .' '-'i "ii*" i. It la i osai ble Mi.
i:... kef el 1er ?? ?n euggi -i a a.-.. to ?
... | i? I
Grosser Kurfuerst, Held by a
Broken Crank Shaft. Making
Slow Progress Against
Heavy Seas.
Freighter, with Crew of 150,
HoipJcss in Storm When the
Cedric'i Wireless Brings
White Star Lino Vessel
to Her Assistance.
Mor? the \ loi? n.f the At?
lantic ? mi t" ,11 ? ? ?? da
stenmshii ? ? nd w Ircli l"i then
IS B l< '? tip Hi the BtOI ills that ha
holding Bws ? ? ', '.m for tho lasl
t?\,, month 1 ? nt a inter,
?rd breaker.
.No tl .1 r,s.'tT1 1 ? ;? ?- Uni I I ai t h ed
ere vltli .1 the laal 1 ght ? ? b a Ith*
Olli . log l"'"U lill'.i ?'i'.h Hi
tlrall: no at? amshlp
lliis <?. 111? :n I 1 "i,i th I ..t . ? ,,n time,
man* 1 to 1 ; 1 '??
hind Bt-hed ? tnd all Bhoa I |
tin ir ? in ? int) 1 ? -.-. ith high BI B ,n .1
The Nortl -, 1 Lloyd liner
'.'??? ,?.
? oming In und? r th? I? pot ? :
star'" ar.i propeller, the 'tank shaft of
hi r 1 "i ? rngln? ha? ing been br<
hi ? ?".1?. She waa reported a*
1.074 1 ? of Sand] Ho? 1. al mid?
night Sund . nd " ill ii"i lie able lo
m It? . Friday aft? noon.
Th" ! nt, Ol th- Ham*
burg \!n ? ?? an Line, a hjch ai 1 h ed 11 il
? m Ha I If 1, ; - ni
had to
1 Halifax ? - . ?
Rostron Dod_es L ifebont.
'I'h. CunardarCaronla.il
? . I
eathi -? ? ? . ... , nun ? 1 i
of Cap? hed the
? ;
and -
taken i" the lifi
'i'ln Bklppi r hints?
? ? ??? m . ,. . The
? ? ? ? ?
n.ii'tl'.v ????; and south a ? ,. an 1
was ice?
until ili- coslnit?
.. i.|i? ai ? ?
... \. A ? ?>.?;in ..ai
pounding by wind tnd *'s ?? had to
, h?>? its 'i? - ? ffon f th<
? ;
On Thui
a a 1 inning . I
ii, 1 iaht d '" th< ' nd of the bi Idg?
as hi waa a
a -, ? on ? 1 ? .?m?- a board,
llfeboal No - ti"in .'
hurled It lo the deck rlos? to ?? In 1
? ??.
Jual .1 oui ii" '..Mr
Ing ? messagi ? mi? in
Whit? Stai ". ft inn
? . ,1/. latini thai ? Ham
Am? 11? ??>? ' - Inl. was m .:
; ad a ?': ?' boul a 1 hou ?a nd mil? - ?
..; San ? Hook '1 h< h<
ao pounded hi 1 m ag? Mid, that
: prop? ii' 1 ahal ; ? ?? bi okt n and
h. ; 1 ,'i'l .
A'jessinia in Bad Plight.
? 'aptain 1 '..11er of tl.Ii ported
1i1.1t be sighted the Abei Bin!? al ? "-i
p. m . fu Januai 11, a h( 1, l.Oll! miles
.,,; 1 o? the Ambrose Channel lightship,
A t? 1 rifle sea waa 1 tinning and the
i? a ?Kiit' i -'? it) i ? al tii" mercy <>f
the gale, wai rolling al alarming angles
m 1 hi trough of hi
Til. Cedi i' bon do? n upon
m<.<\ 1. and ?.??''. ? lose ? nough to 1 om
municate with In 1 bj night signais of
th< Moi ? ' ode. 1 'aptain Maas
l'i.? \? ? ! v. 1 ii,1 asked < 'ap?
tain Carter to Btand bj a fea l" 11
uniII some vei el ? ame bj that . u ild
gui- linn 1 low, The freighter, which
had :> cram of about ISO on board, u.?.?
shipping heavi teat and her plunging
in ili" ' onfused waves aused man) of
th? <'edric's pa ? ng? 1 '.j remain on
_? ;.. despiti ' ?," |i le.
Cap? iln Mgsi gnalled thai a bile
h?-.' v..is h) Ipless to ns ? thg Abas?
alnis he intended to s tu j b) hsr, assh?
wns tii? .1 m no Immediate danger. 11?*
asked if the Cedrlc would si?? htm a
Mi,.-, bul Captain Carter replied that
a?- he bad passengers and malli
.fiiji'i not taki such s risk. The Whits
star skipper Informed Csptain Maas,
however, iiiai he a*ould stand i?:' until
, toa . ama aloi |
Armenian Comes to Aid.
ilng about the pit? hing
At? BSinla for an hour thr \?. ir. 1. ?
, 1 . . ,t..>? .ai the ? '?-'hi" pick? ?i up th"
..,,. ,1 0U| .: v hite Stai freight? 1 Ar?
,,,, loan .-"Hi'- fifty 11.il'' - ast. 1 n, and
1 ?aptain ' '?" '? > ,,; ' "'' ,llP ,l"1 ?'' ' !"
,. . ,. 1 11 qulckl) as he 1 ould t-<
., -i.-t in? ? lo a t? amahlp in ?lis?
,,,.. shi rtlj before 11 o'clock th? Ar?
:u. nian's ligota wt n mad? oui to the
eastward, and al 11 :M ??, ? 1 Ithln
signalling dlsts u e of the Ab usinla.
.\s soon as th. Arm. nl in started 1 ig?
nailing with th German freighter Cap
,.,,,, , ?,, ter started thi ? |i il full
speed for Sea Tot Hs kspl In ??? In
?f..-.. communication with the Armenian
? In
,;, it '?' '! B hlU Stai
.... . R
A* relayed n - ' "'
. ,.,,, .,,. .... .1 ' . t. 1.1. j ??' th? Whit?
< oiil.iurU on ?r? *-Jj?J?i P?S?-. third ?ohinin.
Negro, Frenzied with Jealousy.!
Wounds Two Other Women.
Then Turns Revolver
on Himself.
Shooting In ?Harlem Follows Re
ception in an Apartment
Hnn.se Ocupied by White
Tenant! Until a Few
Month' Ago.
Inflamed wli ?ndi ew
egro ?in*, er, II? ing in the
Arko -.-..' house a I So 100
..i"i io_ n ? i'1 h -?
killed hi ? t nighl
? ??..- . ? ?/omen ind
turned the weapon on himself, ?ending
.. bul mid will
prol n?l' n??? i?-? ov? his
\ i? i im bell. -,
n- ired.
in negro .run through
in ide the I eat tl
? <l !. ?:*!;. ? i imi - II
only n h< n h< ?a a .? mi.mil ?
him t?? diaai m htm thai t.ni ? bul? i
i I own bodj
The apartment in which the murder
pla. ?? i????-'-?i like .. ahambli a a h? n
ili?- i - - - arrived fi m
i.? n? ? tation. I tain d
arp ? - ? i.?, the ?>??-.l ?paper thro i|
? and ? ? rid
th bullet b? ?
aummoned two an
from th? Mut lern II? ipil ????? th?
Shot Wife Four Times.
M i a. I.. , n? ???' I'-r- ?
old. wif? i?i Andr?
?? oman. .She had fu ir bull? I
head and one i
: ? .
. I.; ? ??. I
-.????? 1 ft |
?P? in-l#.
and of lira, rannte ?
Aii;.?. narrowly eatapid a bullet in the i
in-' i- ? i:, ghl
? . .? th? i.i''? r aan i? on h:m t.,
en In I
ning i i of the a
? -i i rain of bul ta 1
? ? ? Irectlon
A f* *?. mit
rdei th?
? ? Mis Moore, .-. i
mother!) old ? ?oman, and th?
? ,
lion in I ? .
Sliyer was Jealous.
? ' ?
room' i s on th? flfth tl???.t of
? ? ?:??!? building, a Ith
ii? .-. house t.
It wa ntl .? fea moi cu
- but In II
? ? m? ni to thai ?
? v ? ntuall) gl en ovei on?
to 1 he m gi ?
'i . Moore rented three of her four
?"?.in 'i h-? Broughtona occupied one
?>f the i ? " -in . ha i Ing oma if i he house
. \ da id
?.i... r rooma, and averybod i 11 - ai ? -i
tu i*"' along peacefully together, ex?
? ..?,i for o ? onal '? Il n ta from
Broughton, who waa Inaanely Jealoua
??i his a if", api an ntly a Ithoul r-i .. ion.
i. pnten
?il ting i ""in where / ng on
M \ -IT1.
pi ? . o then ?si .-1 *... \. i the
applaudli r id? playera and Mi j.
Broughton, a ' | ? ??? prel I
? .?--?i '.? .is ? ingli
Scowls al Festivity.
The ?? loua hueband atood ai the
11 .-, ?ti ?id of the door, looking In at I h ?
?, ,.?... \ . ,,-? i ?? on hla f:i'-?? and he
mamb?? ?1 to himeell angi Py. Then h<
? -j to w;iii< down tha long hallwajr
loth? head ol the steps. Mra Brough?
ton : o a Mtn : nd ran aft? : ''?n ? ailing
upon him i" ratai
"What are you doing, Andrew?" ?-?li??
. ked
?? ;<-., m- away." her husband replleA
? wh-.t have you got In thai mR?
?? ,-. ?i randed Mrs. Broughton.
Broughton aald he had imly Ms
? lothlng and ?? few other thlnga, bul
Mra. Brought?on demanded tliat he open
It. thinking I"- mlghl have aome ?>f h??r
thlnga in It. The negro Ihn w the mu??'
??".?s. t?? the floor and kicked ???? it aav
ag? |]. Then ins rici.t hand wenl lo
hla hip pocket ?n?i h?- whipped oui a
i. ol? ?i. s-'i.-i., ? fell upon ihoee In tha
Broughton, with murdw In hli heart
and In in*- < ? ??? cuj ?:? ? d the t< n or he
su.? ii.-i?i. t, <i in th? Ir fa? ? . ii ?
alouched ii?rvv?ii?i int?, th?- room, weigh?
mn the r.Iv< r in hla hand and took ?
? | ..t it with i?ti ugly leer on his upa.
'"There'll be do more ptand playing
, li.i.ir .n tin.?? i'l.-i'??? n.? itinr,: carry?
ing on. i m h"i:ik t-? ?sill every one la
the I'l-i? a?every one!"
Riddles Wife with Bullets. .
Broughton fair!? I tha ia*t
words, r. t i. i ihm began Rrtng Hla Krai
? .?in.ill on ???III |in?r. third .-nliimii.
.\ pony ?-?? "' ANGOSTURA BIT
TEns i?efore .'ais a ?plendid tonic ?
Ad' '
Convicted by the Senate of improper conduct on the (/??inmeroe
?Court Bench, removed, anil disqualified from holding federal offiee.
Preliminary Report of Pujo
Committee's Doctor Said to
Agree That He Is Too III.
Counsel Indicates That the
Much-Wanted Money Trust
Witness Will Pay the Phy?
sician^ Expenses.
Washington, Jan 13 That to
Bo, : '-X- m-, ?i from teat!?
? i'i. io Money Trust lo?
mit tee Is probable, fot-1
r- i eliminar] report sub?!
mitt, ?it man Pujo by in-,
W. Richardson, ;< throat up??- !
clallat, who was aent to Miami t?. ?>\-;
:i m m. th? millionaire.
? I? Inea to mak*? pah? i
the r< port in ? id* inca of tl mi ??'
: the full committee on Wednes
I? underatood the apeeiallst
the diagnoala
of ti. Ro? k< fellei ?phy^-afetans, .?.? aat
forth ?n ... ? i mi -i v .1 n
Mr. Rockefeller^ unael has indi ?
cated that the much aought witneaa la
willing i?. l-i-.ii the expense of the com? j
mlttees physician In (taking a hup-:
pi? nu nt ii exoi m. lu n Dr. Richard? j
s.ni. it i- reported, will receive between!
jtl.COU and 12.000 tor hla eet-vlcea but j
the ? ornniiu?*- lui.s not determined j
?whether he will be paid from the
..... Trust fund, or whether the < tier
? ?i Mr, Rockefeller ?'in be accepted.
The ? rgeant-at-arma of the House,
who ?.M.?? in charge ol ? acor? or more
of deputies who watebed for several
i:?- kefeller houee, in fifth
m ?ummon the Standard I ?n
man? and who apparently ware aa a
a\ -is making up hla expense I
ml The H? II We naked to
pa} billa approximating $2.000 for the
expense of deputli s and detecUv-es.
if in Rlchardson'a diagnoala ?coin?
.>.;.. with thoee of ?the Rockefeller
ians, who assert that their pa?
tient'a throat and general h?-.?itii ara
in auch ? oii'iition that he must not
tin i. mmlttee undoubtedly a 111
, -m. ..-i the aubpoaoa.
HI,;,,, i i.? Jan U William Recke
,, n, i. :t Miami to-night at n o'clock for
Palm H' ?"''i- "'' "as accompanied by hi**
wif-. hla "n-. William <;. and Percy A.
Her, and Dr. Walter t\ ?'happen.
Mr. RockefeUer deelliwd to dismiss hi.*?
health. Ht ?poke with uttio dUBculty,
although at times his rolee aravered and
I to a whlsj.?
i,, , 'hapi . n atetad thai tare] A.
Rockefeller probably would no direct to
Xrw fork, bul the othera ?f th?-- party
,.X1,,., ? ai Palm Baaeh far ?about
th"- wi eks
?(| Rlchardaon, ?h?> examined Mr.
, Her in i.'haif ?r tbe House com?
n,lti... i.-it this morning Par Washington.
Heaviest Survivor of Rebellion
Was an Upstate Man.
s.,,.,,,1 L-aka, n. v. Jan. IS.?Pet?
Dubray, >??"'? ?*> ?*** ??r?f, hearlssl Qtll
War retaron, is dead at ?'hazy Lake.
iif. >K-?ighed 179 pounds when he stepped
??n the Bcalea New Tear's Day to please|
? gathering of his twelve ?Urea i?n?l
ihlrtj grondchlldren.
w!i" ?was seventy >*eara oi?l.
and a member of Hi?-? Mat New York
Volunteers, "?is shot In an engagement
(ll,i carried an open wound until hi
?i-.-.i. ii?? was a farmer, und not until
a ,, :,,i;lv did i ? give up work.
_,. B
rienulne crystal pebble eyeglasses, the cool
Icirri t .?.n nevei muit.atBpeo? ? -rs.T.Mai-im la
Donald Jadwin, of Wealthy
Brooklyn Family, Killed Young
Wife in San Francisco.
: Mrs. Jadwin at Dinner When
Husba-frd An-war-t-d. Greeted
Her Tenderly and Fired
Without Warning.
Ran Francisco, ran, IS.?Donald Jad?
win, pom ?,f a wealthy Brooklyn family,
. "?I instanUy kiii^ai it? xvife.
Mi m Von Rergen Jadwin, well known
1 m tot lety lift?", hi. she sat ?t dinner
I ithei member?, of the family to?
Jadarln thou ?.hot himaelf and died
; tot. r in a hospital ?
The ' OUpto h??l heen married seven
! months, and until a short time ago had
? leaders In aoola i ctrcfes, in which
Mr?. Jadwln's family held a high place.
Bh? was nineteen ??its old and her
husband six years older.
POt two months th?- young couple
lived with Mrs. John Ranres. the
wealthy grandmother ?if Mr... jadwin.
In Paclfle avenue. According to mem?
bers ?>f the family? Jadwin and his
wife quarrelled ten ?Jays uro. ami the
and left the hOUS?' In I rilge.
Wh??n all the family, imTnding the
young wife's mother, gr.-indmother.
aunt and brother, war? at dinner thi??
evening, J.??lv? in went Into the dining
room, apparently happy and ready for
reconciliation. Ha approached his
wife, smiling, kissed her tenderly, and
m n flash whipped out two pistols and
shot tu Ice.
Both bullets struck the young vornan.
who died Instantly. Before the horri
fled relativ.s could move Jadwin
i placed the muasto of one of ths re
i volvere to his head, pulled tho trigger
and fell unconscious, He was rushed
to B hospital, where he died within two
The aradding of Miss Van Bergen and
Jadwin was one of the leading society
e\ent.s of the <Tty last June. They had
ro.''?' In the gummsr of 1011 while cross?
ing the Atlantic and became engaged
?luring a summer abroad.
Jadwin. whose home was In Bro.'k
|\n. en me to iVillfornla in March, and
the marriage took place on Jun- 7. Af?
ter the honeymoon they .ook a bunga?
low In San Rafael, a suburb of San
Francisco, and remained there until
Thanksgiving Day, when they came to
San Francisco to spend the winter.
.Tadwln spent all of his lime at home
or at th?> clubs In which he holds tnem
bership. From Its father he had In
BTltsd a ,-ul'Staiitial interest in a.
\foi??saie .hue ?ompany in Brooklyn,
now conducted by his brother?. For
the last few weeks he has. been <on
nected with the auditing department
of the Qeneral Petroleum ?Company.
DonsM Jsd?srln was the ??on of the iat>
Orlando H. Jadwin, who f??r nmny yeara
ran S dingBteia at Ha tt ?ortlandt street.
The Jaduln f.milv Is one of the ol?le?t in
Brooklyn and formerly was prominent in
Young .'adwin waa twenty-fi\e >ears
old. He was educated at the HlteheOCk
Military Academy In California and spent
mi.eh of his youth there with relatives of
the family. He had b*>en associated with
hi? two brothers, Paul O. and Palmer H.
.l-duln. In the management of the ?lrug
business in New York up to two years
ago, when h" bSCam? lntere?ted in various
? ani ures in ?California.
Loares! price po?sIble 'or a genuinely
Po,?! rlT-? ???cet-ihle. All storca Acker,
MerMll & Condlt Co.?Advt.
Judge of Commerce Court Con?
victed on Five of the Thirteen
Charges of Improper Con?
duct Against Him.
Not Only Removed from Bench,
but Forever Disqualified to
Hold Any Federal Office
of Honor, Trust
or Profit.
[C-fim Th" Tribun?* Piir???i I
Washington, Jan 18. -Dismissal from
orneo and disqualification from ever
again holding an offW of honor. tru?t
Or profit under th" T'nited States--th*
full penalty for eonvi?lion of impeach?
ment charges were imposed on Jndge
Roben W. Archbald. of the Commerce
Court, by the Senate to-da; .
Judge Archbald was found guilty of
the charges presented in five of Iks
thirteen articles fijed against him by
the House of Representatives. Th?
vote varied from 65 to 5 for conviction
on the Sret count to a narrow two
thirda majority MCSSS-Ty to convict
on others.
There was also a marked dlVSTgW ?
of opinion among Senators as to im?
posing the full penalty. The verdict
for dismissal from office wai unani?
mous, but on the question of disquali?
fying the judge from holding offl? "
again the vote was ,!'.i to *.',., for the full
penaltv In this ?ase only a majority
vote was necessary, and the order for
the full penalty was entered.
The conviction under impeachment
charges Is the third in the history of
the T'nited States and the second thai
carried with It the full sentenc?* au?
thorized by the i'onstitutlon. In ten
of the thirteen Impeachments tried by
the Senate since the beginning of the
government the respondents were held
not guilty.
When the Senate went int?> serr-lon
as a. court of impeachment to make
its final derision in the case, which had
occupied its attention ?since December
.'". all of the Senators except the few
who had been excused from voting
were in their ??its and the galleries
wer? filled. Judge Archbald was not
present, but his son. Robert W. Arch?
bald, Jr.. who has acted with his coun?
sel, wa? on hand, and Mrs. Archbald.
during the. voting on the tuet count
of the Indictment, sat In the Senators
Chang?? in Vote?.
As each of the article? of impeach?
ment was read, some charging the
respondent with high crimes and mis?
demeanors in office, others merely re?
citing that he wa? guilty of misbe?
havior. Senator Bacon, president pro
t?mpora, put the questions to the Sen?
ate: "Senators, how say you? Is the
respondent, Robert W, Archbald. guilty
or not guilty of the charge contained in
this article?'' The roll waa then
called and each Scnatof replied "Oull
ty" or "N'ot guilty."
The vote on the first count, which
' hargeil Judge Ar? hbald with cor?
ruptly taking advantage of his official
position to induce and influence the
officials of the Erie Railroad to enter
Into a contract w-ith bin for the sale
of th? Katydid culm dump, settled tho
fate of the accused jurist. Only five
Senators? Ruruham, Catron, Oliver,
Faynter and Penrosc?voted to dismiss
the charge. Sixty-five voted for con?
viction. The five Senators wbo voted
for Archbald on the first call stood bf
him to the end on all the other ?-mints.
)>nlv ?.na? Senator, Mr. Ashurst, vote?!
for conviction on all of the thirteen
Three of the five .mints on which.
Judge Archbald was convicted related
to his part in the acquiring of option??
on culm dumps owned or controlled by
railroads. Another referred to hie cor?
respondence with an attorney of the
Louisville & Nashville Railroad, rela?
tive to testimony In the case when it
was under consideration by the Com.
?terca Court. The remaining count, on
which he was convicted, contained the
gsneral charges of misbehavior and
The number "W appeared consplc.
iiously in the proceedings of the final
day of the trial. The numbers of the
first four counts on which Judge Arch?
bald was convicted totalled thirteen.
The last count was No. 1.x, and the
sentones was Imposed on January 13,
"Have Dono No Wronq." Saya Archbald
In | little committee room off the
gallery floor, behind a guarded doer.
Judge Ar. hhald and hi? son, Hugh, ?at
while the Senate voted on the charge?.
His wife Joined him after the first vote.
After sentence had been imposed.
Judge Archbald and his family left tha
Capitol, to go at OSCS to the family
home in S? ranton.
"I have always kn*?wn that 1 have
?lone no wrong, and the vote of no on?
makes It otherwise.'1 was the Judges
only comment on the Senate's action.
Sentence was imposed by Senator
Ra??on, the presiding offlc.-r. after the
Senate had, by a vote of ?19 to 33. up?
held a resolution offered by Senator
OYloiman, of New York, authorising
the full penalty provided by the Consti?
tution. Said Mr. Bacon;*
The Senate, therefore, do order and
decree, and it is Hereby adjudged, that
th? r??pond?nt, Robert W. Archbald
circuit judge for th? United State? fee

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