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24.167. ^?z??-,.;.-=Vi. \KM--Y011K.~\V?:nXI-:si)AY. .lAXl'AKV 1... Uli."..--20 PACTS. * ? PRICE ONT < F.X?"*
-*\f? la City of HOB? *? "?".. ler-ee f in and Bebekas.
Murphy, Sulzer and Others
Afraid to Carry Out Scheme
for Single Public Ser?
vice Board.
Leaders Suffer from "Gold
Feet," Following the Storm
of Protests Against Abol?
ishing the New York
City Body.
? "Ie|rsrnr,|-, (n Tbr Trib in. |
?. Jan. 14, Apparently -haiie?
F. M ttphy, Governor Butaer and all
otken who were <-..n<-<?m.-?i in the
Frhane. to nbolisb the Public Servir?
rornn iMloni and substitute s Sulzer
nnpointrrl body of seven members for
the tvx... g* t]10 ,.|r??ont salary, bol with
Hi?? term of each member increased
t?- r> reara, have pot "cold fret."
P*0-krw_ng Murphy's visit here and
talks vvitli v,irions poJItn ?ana, the word
has gen* out that the Hrnlv bill, which
would have accomplished this pu'-pose,
ic to be abandone?-, for the ?mannt at
ihrawd suspicion here that
?ghanakm Of the effort this bold
lUnany prabhing of the Public Ser
vlce ? 'ornmission in New York City
would have on the approaching munvi
election hi reeponeibla for the
rhanpe in plans. It i?a by no means
in that the llealy measure, or
something like it. v*.ill not be rushed
through the I?es?is1ature before it quits
work. Thai vvill depend largel) on
how much rise the Tammany I^?;i??ln
Tur** has to ?l>> in the way of "raw
" At present every effort is be?
ing made l?v the machine leaders to
have a quiet. Short session, devoid of
.?ncctaeular features, flphts and "raw
work" of every description. They wan?,
i . _h< vv the voters how good the Tiger
can be when In complete control, for
ieesa such an object 1chs,,ii highly
neceaaary to the voters of Now York |
Flooded with Protests.
As Foon as it became known that the
rs that be had decreed the ahol
ishment of a Public: Service Commission
to handle New York City's affair*
. protests began to he received
here. The needt) of the metropolis for
HOW subways have be?n impressed on
a ?or? as they never were before,
i robahty, and protesta against the
|??m ' of anvthing like local con
? f the snbway situation have 008BM
from sources influential in the business
?i. v. hich sometimes allies itself
the political world. It is known
publication In The Tribune of the
details of the determination to pass the
Heaily MO brought al'out the ears of
Murphy and some ,,f his fellows B
tempest of opposition.
The plain truth is that It present
this matter seems to the Tammany
chief and MOM of Ins upetate allies too
hot to handle. They nay don gloven
irmuffs later ami get awav uitn
Jn his two days here Ifurphj has
i with ji,;,n> of tiie upstate poli
ti ians on this matter. They have told
him the upstate communities are pretty j
well Mtlafled with the upatate commis
Mon. end think it might i-e advisable
not to disturb t>;<- preaent f-chem" of
Work cf the two bodies.
Will Name "Organization" JVIen.
Following the tant decision to leave
the commissions as they are, gossip re
ng Governor Bulaer'a appoint?
1 as sprun;; up. The men are
said by influential politicians to be cer
This Morning's News
LOCA-?. Tage
- involves Tammany Man. l
Riotoi a ?t Cross Tilvere Bout. l
"liaj" May Betray "Arson Trust"... 2
Oirl Held as Pickpocket. 8
UTeoMx i". ?i In I??-'? I lll"d Flat. 3
rurtlt, Makes ?Sphinxes Laugh. 3
NOW Vire Inautan? e F'olicy l*r?ced. 4
01rl Tall- Story of Kidnapping.4
Twmv Thousand C.irls Join Strike.. 4
Ro?? Fa?tor gtokeo Decries Bosses... 4
?Sebee] Lnnet System Planned. 6
PafeltaiS Honor Natal's Oflicera. ?
'?'?.l Bubwa) Byaten Favored.90
N,*y In ll'iinorous Mood.30
1 ' ? ,. Abennlnln Uncertain... so
"ilsor, i lirt?; with Republicans. 1
'??"llson's ?andldate Wins Kasily. 8
.?? il?o*i r>pp?? e? Holding ?"oiiipanie-?. 6
Nan attacks en Coal Trust. l
Kitigi* Oommlaaton Scheme Dropped.. 1
>ekf. |2,#ee,eeo for Quarantine. 4
?lash Over Compensation Act..? 4
Colonel ???o?? Aehs Investigation*.... 4
Paid || IN lab lor ArchboM Letter? 6
? lastro "ut of ? ni?*?. B
Aiiimirniin Tmsi Revealed. s
A?r??,n on Bunk "f ,\ ai . 3
dentlal < tontee* in France. 3 i
''.'An Land ste.,1 planned. 3
Army and Navy. g
NeUU for Women....,,. 7
l diiorlal . g
ely . g
trtcal . a
Mi;j>ic . g
? tiiblUoni. a
. 9
. 10
ii. 13, 13, 14 and II
1 luaaetal and Market?..16, 17 and 18
Wea?her .)g
tain to b,- :'?r.|,.,| |r..m , uttle gro*
ntlafactory t.- the "organtutkin M
Bo fur ?s ran ?ha learned Murphy h
not indicated fu?, choice im a mecen
to Wintam i;. wiii.ox as rhalrman
the SOW York City ? ??iiinii- I-Min. r,
has tha Qovernor consulted tuth hi
about any ,, peraon.
Tho iimn s;,,.] to be moat llkel ta :
appointe-] t?. succeed Chairman Bt
vrns of ihr. up) tat? ctwnmlaelon li Jo!
N. i*ar1ls!r, vim jn-t :)t pro? -nt
??bairman <?f the Pulzer probara M
t'arlisb? m? npjiolnted (o the upatt*
commlaalon once by Governor Hugh?
He was regarded at * diligent ?<?
faithful member <?f the rommlaato
Thrr?? um two other membei ?-i tl
opatato ?commlaalon whoae plac? <;?->
er^rt' Sulz? r , .?n tin Mea -t---. < ?im ?t?
and ??Douglaao?
m ? ? ??
Wind and Sea Batter Steamei
with 12 Feet of Water For
ward of Hrr Mainmast.
vVai hingt on Jan. 11 The M illoi
T.inr- ^tf?;ini*-iii|? Colorado la aehore o
Last Key, ?.(T H.?- ?roast ot "florida, bi
is in no Immediate ri-.i.K?-r, ..?-, orditi
t<> n wirrirs? meaapg* from Key Wei
to thr Bureau of Navigation of th
Navy Department to-night
Thr nir.'-s-i^r :?iit Iiy tito v irol??;
npi-TStor ?I Key West folio?* p
Th*? Praria from Tortupas. r??por?- ?1
Mallnn Hn??r Colorado aanore on Mortl
???hM K??.v m 12 f. ot of uator forward ?
her mainmast. Went Hjfro'ind 8 p m
13th. Wind ;.nd ?<?m diivins ;I? r Dp, bt
ip no immediate d.niE?'. Have n?'tltV
ofn*-??r*- ?,f Mallory Line and <?pt.-?1
QramMe, of revenue cutter Miami, arli
sHvs h?> ivin start for Tortugai to-moi
row ni'iriiitiR
Ko?- West Fi;i.. Jan 14. -W*reck?9f
from Kay Weal 1? ft here to d;?v to as?
sist th?-? Mallory ?Line steamer Color-adi
reported aehorre on East k??v, Tortugai
Tiio Colorado railed from this pot
Monday for ? lali raton.
Tho .-row of 1 ho Colorado la ?-aiil t
be In no danp?r.
Speediest Stenographer' Quit:
in a Huff.
Trenton. \. J? Jan. 14.?Miaa Paiom
Tarr. Presjdont-el?-*? t Wilson'a "apoedl
r?9t monographer" lias quit t>ecauae, a
ehe said, she wonM not l? "bowed*1 b;
Charlea Bwen, th?-* principal Menos;
rniilirr on tho staff.
i?forr?ary Tumolty tried !?? get he
to return, but *-?? far sho haa remalne?
obdurate. Tho Praatdent-elect, it i
said, probably will have a quiet tail
??vith lior to indu' ?- her ta
h??r old plaic.
"Donna della Quercia" Comei
to Light After a Century.
London. ,7.?n. II. "The standard'
? SHvs that ?Raphael'a masterpiece, "l.;
| iHmna del la Qtier? in." which ha? baai
1 I'-iMt to the an world for a century, ?a:
1 brought t?. London i'Mterdaj Th?
painting waa iliacovered ?ti .? ip?
on tin- property of an [taltan nobleman
fount. Vati.iie, and waa smuggled on
of Italy.
It? recover) raya the pap???, wll
form a thrilling roorance when th?* do
tall? ai? divulgad.
?Station at Nauen Reports Com
municating with New York.
Berlin, Jai i? The ?? lr? le* - tatloi
.it Nauen reporta that It waa In wire?
nmuni-cati >n with N? ? Torfc to?
da ?.
This, it i- stated, la ihr tir?? tima
direct wlrelaaa ?communication haa boon
eetabliahed ?between Oarmanj and
A ' ?-r!? ii.
/ Tiie to*?i ?it Ns'ien. which su blown
town ahnoa! a yewi nc". It? been re?
built to a heigl ? of -?!-'.? feat The Aroeri
ran atation. whieJi la al Hayviiie. Lone
I'Ih! d, consists of two 'r""-" i. '??'?'? ttmi
and 1??" feet high
Jersey City Man Objects to
Paying Again.
a proi ertj oa nor i tiled al thi ? ,it?
Hall in .Toi -r? > it> vrst.id.r i?. get
hi tax MIL H" atudied it Intentl) i d
lodg? 'i a pr< it -st with T.? ? ?'loi u
Clarence Miller agalnal th? charge of
|j for poll tax
'I have no pole now, whAtover," he
?id When I sa a that <?n tho bill
that I got last year I wont ri-cht homa
and cut ?lown the P"'?' that vas by
mv house."
Tlio ?In k expiai- o?l
Hiss Judge for Liberation of
Young Girl's Assailant.
Sun Fran? i.-?o, .Ian '1 After BOV?
oral club women and clergymen bad
spohen la denunciatloa of Police Judge
? barlei l. Waller ? ? ? - < i.-. ?? at a maaa
meeting, the Aral petition for the n
?rail of a ?-..?ico in California waa put In
? Irculatlon .>'i'i mui" 'i bj all Ihe
The recall <.i Judge Weiler was
si.irt??d by the ? ?ceanatde Wom< n ? hit?
iuae he ?induced ?from 'f&'OOO i<? !*?l -
?mm? tho l?ail ?.f Albert Hondiii-ks.
?Iiarccd with aaaaull on ;? l?one. g?tl.
After ?giving ''?^,' m-0'?*iti<-1<? Bee.
.indgo Wriior attempted a dafeaoa,
but mot with hlaeea and fftcmH?. 11??
spuk?* "f his own family and of. his <lo
VOtlon to litK mothor. and l?*ft ihf i?lat
form amid ? ?froah outbrcah ??f angrj
? I i? ?.
.... . ?
NIA- Ti?-> ?jO.it'i-rn ?"^Oute
via .-?' ?i Till n\ '?: Kit AS'Ay i ?ntnectinf
? m ?iri-ans with ?-uin-'-t Route tu Iba
Pacific ?'?^??t. l?ining, DrawiiiK. t-ttato-1
room, S'oeplng and Observation cars.
N. T. Office. 3?1 FUth Ave.?AUv t. |
Interstate Commerce Commis?
sion Af.rr Moro Railroads
in the Anthracite
Throe Companies Already In
rlictrd Face Possihlr Fines Ag?
gregating Mme than $3,
200,000 if Convicted
on All the Counts.
. -, ,Sa?r Her? '
".. . Ington, .hm 11 Attacking the
anthrariti roal monopoly ;?i ;? new
.-?ncic m tin? campaign t<> reduce prices,
the interstate Commerce ('nmmisston
Intends t?> follow up the Indictments re?
turned against ihrco railroads by th?
federal grand Jury In Buffalo yesterday
with other proeeeutlona
Through an Investigation of ra'c-,
rharged by the railroads affiliated with
the anthracite coal trust the commis?
sion struck a severe Mow at t ! i ?-? core?
btnatlofl by reusing a readjustment of
the ratea, but tin- no? Une <>f ram?
nalcn. it i= expected, will be jiiM as
productive of results. The ?n? is??n of
inqiiuv under th< direction of B. H
Smith, gathered the evidence agninsl
the three railroads indi? ''-<i and Is ii"va
.-?i work agalnal other roadi
extensive rebating to ?tush ?nmpeti
tion i? charged In the Indictments il?
readj presented, The defendants ?,re
the Erie Railroad Company, the r.?>hii?h
Valley Railroad Company and the New
York ?entrai <v Hudson Hiver Railroad
Company, two Indictments huvint; been
?? i urned egalnal the latUr.
Heavy Fines Poasihle.
\ maximum penalty of lines agcre
gaUng f*3,_40.000 Is poeelblc if the
roads are convicted on every count.
Ft?ach of the 162 i OUntS carries a possi?
ble fln>- ranplnp from $1,000 to 120.000.
Int?ntate Commerce Commlaaloa of
fieials hc||o\e that stiff fines will
remedy the rebate evil, va hi? h II r'
nixed as i mat?-ri.ii factor contributing
to ti>c power of the railroad.? t?> main*
tain-a monopoly and control prl sa
The Cora try to gel at ?
dern ? of the ? ? ? n rt? e rebating sj ? ,-n
and IHK? indictments f',r every off?
Prosecution ??! alleged rebaters win
i? ander th?- r.iiiin- act The Depart
ment of Justice Is co-operating with
ihe coinnii?? I'.h. and Attorney Oeneeal
lirickersham vviii push the proeotuthm
i le.
?' one i ounu i ed In the
ndi? i ? - I of the ? ?< le Railroad Ti e
romp hsrged n ith failm?- t,< e.,i -
if t demtirragi hargi i on shipment! of
nnthrs It) coal during If 10, Ifll and
If] for iVilliams ? Petei ales agent
? B ' ? ? Hillside Coal and
iron Company, si I the Penneylvanis
Con I C< both "f wl i ? owned
i y the d< fei anl in -, me rases the,
demui ran re than the
transportation charge from the mines
to Buffalo, h i- alleged. The total
s mounted to
?, than v.," ? ?
Low Rate for ? Leaae.
Tl re are eleven counts it, ihe In?
dlctmenl sgalnat the LeMgh x
Railroad It la < harce?) that the de
fendant ar.inteo! ,-, concession In the 1
Vatt-s- L?i high ?":ii Company, by leas?
ing to tit" lattei for ? nominal sura,
land In Buffalo used s a coal ird
The property 1? v? lued st sboul t_o,000
??-hile the rental paid by th?? company
. ',:. |350 a ??.,,. although the prop?
city ws previously leaaed ??i 11,000 a
? ? -t
The \. ?? fork Central whs in,iipted
on flfty counta In '???-h indictment. The
facts en which the flial Indictment ?r
baaed are similar to those set forth
In the bill Sgalnsl the l'rle, ex?-ept ttiat
the coal originated on the lines of the
Philadelphia and Reading Coal <om
pany, the shipper having been the
Philadelphia snd ?Reading Coal and
i,on ? 'ompany.
in ihe second Indi) imenl h Ii illeged
thai the principle Involved Is virtually
the same as in the llrst. BXCCpl tint
the shipments originated on th?- New
fork, ??ntario <?;? western Company*!
line. The shipper was th, R, rantnn
Coal Company, i corporation affiliated
with the New Tork. ?Ontario A Western,
Everybody Wants His $34 72
of the Nation's Wealth
Washington, Jaa H A aewepeper
story dleeuaalng the par capita circula?
ii,,,, ?,f money In Ihe t'nlted States in
i humorous rein has flooded the Ticas-|
nrv i?, j'.ti iniciit with application! for
th?? ."'.ii".' which, if ihe country's
wealth were dlvkhsd ?-?ni.? n>. would be
the p?.'-'*:-i"n of everj man. woman
,,,?i , hlM The : U>ry, Intended lo he
f ,? , tin,i?' ,?dv ': ? ,| 111" ?? M ho H' ''led
the mone? to draa on 'he government.
Dosena ol lotten reached ?3eorge B.
Roberta, Director "f the Mint, to?day,
i n,e woman a rot?
Klndlj send me hj parcel pool my
dividend Of the II.3S0.727.000, which is
$.14 72, in $1 bills aii'l 72 petuiie?,
Anolhrr applicant said he was a
married man with a family, and he
honed "ir government would not i.e
offended !?> hie reqoeel far hhi owa
Mr. Robert! has ?ir.iwn up ,? circular;
letter m whk h h< It ' ? ippl* ?"?? thai
, |,, 'i*ii.,- m ? l ?, ? ?. ? ? m?' nt rotuputea I hi
per ?apiia circulation monthly ??n a
theoretical basis and has no control
over ita distribution.
Polier; Force Back Thous
Who Had Paid to Sec Bo
in Harlrm but Found
Doors Closed.
Harbnrger Threatens Inq
with Whole Force of Off
Unless Money Is Restore
Frrc Pass-rs bv Police
Blamed for Crowd.
it 'v., i ?..,!. Itera un of I he y <?
of I?0 policemen from three Ha
pre.-in, is thai b i'1"1 ai Ihe Manh
Casino, when th? Croat Rivera
area ataged, waa prevented laai nig
?Long ?before Ihi hmir ol the i
bout thousand ol light |tai
swarmed about the building, and
o'clock the crowd In the hall wa
larga the doora were ordered clo ?
the I'lre I?epai tii.eiit. As a le
thoaa who attend auch clssai? af
? >nlv tn toe ihe main b'?ut, and
pay the hlgheai priera f?or their m
wore turnt-??! ?Sack at the door, t
tw?? thousand m< n and uoj ?croa
?around th?* . ntran? ?? and d? im n< ? I
Pounding on the doors leering,
rail i niiri threati ?becami w n.
Inapeetor Hweeiw?* calle?! ,??i the
Berrea from the we??, \0ti ,-,-,.*, n
1 _-"?th toron and tbf l.'H??- an mir
lice stHti'.n.- t" drive the , rowd be? i
When iiie ?doora .'f th?? ?ball *
? ' ?.? ? itad that I i
Bona I : ,?.? the hail.
IL.ts a ? re lost ? !..thitii; t'.rn
blows exchanged In?the KUfflea a!
the entra?o I ? ? majoi it) of ti
v> ii?. ??. ere refused sdi i
for res? ri ? d 01 iInsiiJi -?.<?
thov- wared th. sea. ihe policemen
a n.
Tii? ? i ??-.v <i out) aa engei ed
thai the pi .? ? ol aeata I
!.. t th? ? ?
thai ' tk'keta ?? i. p
from I ?. ? In. wl
? had p.ii'i '..n ;
abo ??? ?? ap
t.il ?! '.| t ' tIKllt. S.ll'l. Ill- li'-lillll
taring t?. pugiilem. The Injustice to
people who ?paid mnut ? ptioai to -?.lui
Um ?ifiair ??n... to be r-ttased ?ads
Lu?? u la " doa urighl - ? and
? it?..?-. I will tai-.?? measure.- t?> lei
lu?*t ?*? he '???a i? "i.i f ?? t!?? ati
??i affaira, i am d? t< t mlnod, ti
b power be at rny ? ominai
a the i.i?.ii.-> i.? refund? ?i !?? th?
v in? paid t? re the nlght'a
v ' ?? 'i aapi oint? ??
Rdward Mi Mahon, of McMah
1;...t;,. i-, w.n) |.i?.m??!..l th?- light, m
the prteei ?raid for admlraion w?
from **?- i" -v7 He denied deapit?
assertions ??i many that the) had pa
ai- liltfih as >..'? f??l a ticket, that t
pri <? ?>f ti? I.' ? a ?. raised at the h
?.flu <? Those maklni th.?t .<
s.ini th? y i?ai?i ib< money i" perso
who passed a Ions ihe lin . vvii..;. ii,
i?.-'n formed ttefor? '?? o'clock. M
Mahon sn.r? ?I when told ol th. Inv? I
K.?ti?.ii threatened bj n.e Sbeti
? a ho h.d i.i tot ?? rata and ? I
ha?! not u? ep the h?.utH. he added, WOll
r? ? ? i? e their mone* ba? k if th? j i ,,;i
h'.VV III. 11 t!' I."
i. \, , j sssei ti 'i bj man* I ?. ? tl
?l n? hundr? .? pel
Mi? in the evi nlng and that th
111. ! ,-, 11
? . r| it th? ? aiding 11 tel
? e.lld HOI get m ide
Frostbitten in Air, Jones Delay
Parcel Post Flight.
ii? i. leer?s** te r- i -?'
Provldetfce, .lap. 14. Harry M. Jon??
? ?Providence aviator, who made th
tirsi biplane -flight with postal matter n
iin. . oniiit.. ?v in i? h- brought t??'i<.
- < k ? -? ' ? r baked beam bearing ?jiarcel pos
stamps from I:? ?? t<>n i" I'rov iden??,
)fstenla>- aftti ih'oii. ??ni tlOt fet .??a."
on the net und ?stage ?if his aerial Jour
nay to New Tort t??-?i.?y, an be i'??
Plimn-d. Tin? aviator*! frostblttei
lingers gave htm mv*rk pain lasl nicht
und on ?onsiiltitiR a phvsli-tan t hi;
momlng he wap t??!.l HOI to attempt I
flight until their i-.?ii?liti?.n ha?l Im
Though ii"!' ? !? 'l i" la o pair? ol
buckakln gkrvea on hla Right, Jonaa*i
i up? i Mffered Inteneel) ?from the ?oid
an?! ??.er?- fri'Stbitten down t?. tho tlrnt
Joint lie Impes to be off on his may to
New London aeon after sunup t??-mor
roW. Me timed up hi*? niaibtne at Mel?
ro?e ?Park this afternoon In prepara?
tion t??r hla departure. "r want-? a
rt-ead) lift? ? n mile an hour ? ind f'?r the
Thief Who Grabbed It from
Auto Caught by Chauffeur.
Mrs. Hetty (.recn came n?ar haunK
to buy a new atttOmO-Mla rope yester?
day. Thomas IMIey. aged sixty-four
year?, of No. 484 Kant 14th street, was
arrested, charged with stealing Mrs.
Qreen'i robe from her automobile
Which was stan.lltic near Ho. Ill
Broad, nrftere Mrs. Oreen h..s an ?-?fni-e.
t.ieorge I>uhron wsa standing In the
ii... i ? a to keep ?out "r the wind, ?alien
he saw |{. iiiv grab Ihe ?'"!'? ?nd run
"Iowa Thames stro.t. The chauffeur
chased the offender and caught him a
I clock away, _ ?
Photographed a>? they were entering the Criminal Conrtf Bnilding]
to give testimony before the grand jury.
Spending- ,1 Few Days with
Family at Palm Beach.
Palm Bern h, Fia., Jan 11. - vrilHanx
!'."? kefi .mpanled by hi! wife (
and eon William O. Rockefeller, .-.re
?. spending b few days here before re
j turning i" the ,\',.rth. Tin? party ar
? rived laal night m>m Miami.
Mr Rockefeller declined to comment
on ti-ip efforts ,f the Puje committee
le ierre him with a lubpotna, imt ?aid
he intended to remain hare three or
?i.'-. His hi allb and sppetlte
; a? peered good.
! Whippany. N. J., Has Fine New
One. bul Kids Can't Get to It.
Whlppai >*, N'. -T . .Tan 11 Whlppanv
, has i alee new school, b H the v.liage
1. hlldren cannot enjoy i?. I an m II Is
I Imponalbli to gei to it through Hirt
mud. ii '??ok two ? eei to built
I ?? h. ? l,e Bo , "l "i Educal i"ti
m . ig the site.
When ?le- school building w.-.s fin
onably appar?
ent thl : if would he useless ntiless
, made more acceaatble, r. W. McEwen
und Edward Connelly agreed to giv?
: the monej to build s road. The
! \a eathi i has been bo bad the road
[could not '"' '"un. so the children are
i going to a hool m temporaril} hired
So the Steamer Cambrian
Btmcrl and Cut It in Two.
BO ton -T?. Il I |. The ,,
it? amer < ' imbrian, a hi? h snit ed lo?
de from ??.;?? a I i ">\ lin?; slong
rah* clip last
th? . nlj I ?" fall ? he ? ntir.?
trip, strut b ,ii"i cu ? s lara?
n h.iie ?,?,;, r on th) ocean.
The lookout Sau Ihe v. hale and
though! it would move on, bul it did
not. and with reversed engines th?
liner bit II amldahlpa The coUletoa
with about thirty tone of bone and
1 blubber ?'ii'* the ?lup s iar.
The Cambrian is ;i freight steamer.
Por three ?ho s laal week the ship
?,!.. k? ?i i hurricane and ??? i r.??.-' d onl)
three Knots.
Federal Officials Take Him from
Canada Bound Train.
Chicago, Jan. M "J.H'k" Johnson, lb!
h, sr?, pugilist, ?\a.? taken te the count]
i.iti here to-night to awall t'1" Judgment
,,r Judgi Ooortfe v Chrpeater, <>i the
United States Dlstrlet Court, a.? to
whether hi t?atl bond of ?:?>>,???' sboald be
i,., ;. it, ?1
w h. n the puglli I ? parti - roi ting
of his whits wife, two white eeretarlea
and valet, reached here aft"i bring
turned lack at Mattie Creek, UlCh.. from
a train hound for Toronto Johueea
ta'Kerl with Charlea V lie Vv OOdy, BUOCT*
Intendent of the t nit, ?I Stales Depart"
ment of .liiiti' ?
?'Johnson, if you did nel mean to stay
.mi ,.f the JurtedkrUon of the federal
?-..nit nhy uni you ship nv,, ,,r your
nutomobtle to llanada?*' demanded Mr.
11, Woody The puailtsl hesitated In his
I repl? snd Mr 1?' Woodj gave him hta
choice ol i"- m? held in a hotel m charge
,,f marshal! or of being taken to jaiL
lohn -m ' hose the jail
Kew London, Coon., Jan. iv??.?eorga
Ilnnson, -OOP? of th?? ?Southwest Ledge
light, ha? been missing front hia post
Mnce Sunday afternoon. He left the
llghthoune in an open powfr boaL and
?h'-rtly af!?-r putting out his engine ap
|,a,-.-ntl> broke ,|"VM,. When l-st ??????i, h?
inn? drifting in the direction <>f Plsbers
? i |ai|d i i ? ;> (hin . ?firs j eai
end 'nil,.,.? i i- ?i
Electric Lighted Pullmans 4 Trains Dally
Via Standard R. R. o? South. __J B'way.
Governor's Friends NoteCordial
Feeling Shown for Progres?
sive Republicans.
Put Forward as a Candidate for
Governor General?No Com?
ment from President
Trenton, N. J.. Jan. 14. I'resident
? vV'il?-on to-day would shed no fjr
ther light on that part ol bli speech
I yeeterda) In which he said he wanld
not ;???* b partisan in picking prn
n hN edmlnletra*
Me reas?erted ?us determine lien
I to select only progreaalvee. bul would
ii": say whether he had i?emo?rats,
r?eveltlana, Republican! or any
other brand of progressives in tnirid.
When his attention wai ?aiiej this
evening to the many comment! his
.eh had evoked and the variouala*
terpretatlona placed on bli uae <->f ?he
term "progreaelve. ht ild with ?
j smile:
? i wai no! thinking of speclflcatlane;
[ || era! merel- ent o my gen
ferel attitude describing a .?'ate en
i m gern rally gurpi lied al the
parti of mj speeches which are picked
,. it r.mment,' he said. ' Thej ?? 11
? on ? a ?ich i think deal
w ah thing ? n ob oue, In ? ic>?
what 1 one in the . t -*. ?
n.'i ilimkiii; of s| inn; 1
iraa Ju!l Indicating a tendencj ami a
? of mind.''
Leans Toward Republican Wing.
i? ii believed, however, thai Proel?
dent?elec| Wilson had In mind the se
lectton "f Piogreealve Repuhiicans aa
member! <>f his ofBclnl family when he
?poke to itte New Jarees electora. The
i ? , ident?ele? t le u mall* qui? h to call
attention to un) misinterpretation of
in?: ri narki In the newspapers, but
aft? i he ii*d looked lo-daj "t?,i 1.1
ovei hi ?lid boI hi?? ?? .? a "r?i ?>f objec?
tion to them -m feet, be seemed miner
it is reported around 'he Governor's
oflce that he has been In communion*
tinn with a number ?>f Progreaelve R*
puhlii in leaders. i"l that an e\tren,??|y
cordial r,n<i sympathetic feeling ha!
sprung up atn?,ns them Among other!
who are said to have been In commu?
nication with the Prealdent-eleel ht
fisi.tr B. Strain, v? ho ??.is the Hull
Hones candidate for Governor nr New
while in chien,?? the PrgeMent>elect
had two conference! with Charlie R.
I'rsne. who ws.>, at une tune one of
Sonntor La i-'oU?tk'i strongest sup
pertere, both Bnancialiy ?nJ otberwtga.
Mr. Crane lolned ihe Wilson camp
after the Baltimore convention, and in
ad'Htioii to having ?>een In charge ?>f
soliciting funds in the ,\'.--i, wat al u
a heavy contributor.
Mr. Gtane lias a strong following
among the progreaalvee. And so has
Louis D. Brand?is, who supplied Gov?
ernor Wilson with moat of hin material
in the regulation of buaaneee.
Gsrdner a Cabinet Possibility.
Wlllard Saulsbury, Demotvratln na?
tional commltteeman from Delaware,
an,I ;i candidate for Senator, had Inn. h
,.,?, with the i'r'sient.-l.., i l,,.,|;,v.
Contrary* to the general belief, Cover*
,,or Wilson sa,-I the Henatorehlp aras.
iiot dlacuaaed. "Mi Beulebury came
to tell me about the conditions in hla
fv>ntlniie?i ea eecead pie?, serath rotnma.
Sipp Names Him to Grand Jury/
as Real Head of Vice Graft
System in Harlem?His
Story Indicts Fox. ."??[
Police Bangle Commissioner's,
Effort to Intimidate Former
Hotelkeeper by Serving
Him and His Son
with Subpoenas.
Eugene A. Fnx, the policeman vhiis
\mA been named ae one of the "aya
tem's" collertors In Harlem, was in
dieted for extortion and bribery yester?
day by the unanimous vote of the
"John Doe" grand jury after It bed
listened to the testimony of George A.
Sipp, th?*. former Harlem hotelke*?per,
and his son, Ho-vnrd.
Three pillee Inspectora and one police
eaptaln -aere named by Sipp aa men
who had participated at different times
?within the last five y??ars in the police
graft on vie?. ?n Harlem, and the for?
mer hoteii<prper also furnished the
names <?f several witnesees who could
c(jr rob?rate his ?barges.
Back Of UM wholo story related by
Sipp lies the predominating Influence of i
"ne of Tammany's big I??aders. At this '
man's beck and call Uie police com?
manders who succeeded each other in
the district with which Sipp is familiar i
drove one man out of business and fos?
tered the illegal trade of another.
Prosp??? five Haines law hotels whti*h ?
i-eomed to promise < ompetitlon with ?
those in which this Tammany leader;
was reputed to be interested were not
permutad to open their doors, and when
their propriety . int-isted they were
hounded by the police until they threw
up their hands and their business to- '
Police Bungle for Waldo.
One saloonkeeper who had incurred
this man's anger found. Sipp asserted,
that he had to shut up shop promptly
at the time limit established by law, ?
whUa i. ?,m pot i tors were permitted free
run beyond that limit. This man'e
domination of police methods in
handling excise and vice ?d Harlem
area* extended so far that r barkeeper
who had risked his enmity found be
I could not hold a Job in any saloon in
the distnc;.
The desperate fight made by certain
high police oltieials who are sure to be
involved in the District Attorney's
graft net if Fox becomes a witness for
U:<? people !n th? ir ? flort to cither pre?
vent Btpp*i appearsaaca before the
grand jury or to send htm before that
body aa a discredited witness, waa lost
after a ? oraic opera climax in the Crim?
inal Courts Building.
This last scene waa produced under
the dir??cti?'ti of Hhinelander Waldo.
Poli? ?' QilllllllMkMMir. who pent detec?
lives fr?>m headquarters to serve pub
peenaea on Sipp and his son. Whether
acting under specif!, orders from Wal?
do or not these dctectivea pre?*ipitated
a near-riot In the corridors of the
Criminal Courts Building in trying to
the aubpoeoaee, which were
ptgned I' the ? ommisaioner, The net
result of their hand-to-hand encounter
with Hie county detectives and der>?'?ry
Bhcrlffa who wem guarding the stpps
one . ubpoene f??r the elder
Sipp wa found on the floor of an ele?
vator '?n the building, and one for the.
n. the floor <?!' the third floor cor
ri?i?.r leading to the gian?! Jury ro?im.
In any e\ont. if Waldo follows his
custom of suspending policemen who
?have been indicted by a, grand Jury the
lUhpoeaM tor Fox's police trial ?will
he superfluous, becase the state's crtm
inal action against the patrolman will
talM nrccr-Jrnco.
High Police Officiate ?n Nat.
Looming large in the background of
the i-*"\ Indictmeni Hea the fact, which
l robpbly explains the extraordinary
fight ma.l? by the ?pottos against th?
Blpp evidente, that the grand J'iry
yesterday heard testimony which in?
volves a number of Mgher police offi?
rials, including <>ne ?aptaln and three
iu.-pe. tors
?Corrohoratlni evidence against theae
three Inspectora and ihe eaptam win
l?e heard by Ihe gran?i Jury at Its s?3
i..i, next l"ri'i.?>. but at the end of
the sluing vci-tordav, when they had
heard <?nl> Sipp and his son, the jur?>ra
voted unanimously for Fox's Indict?
ment. The indi? tment was nut handed
up to Justice fjoff because the paper
it.-elf had not be n drawn. That, de?
tail will be attended to to-day, an?i
Uto tat colman will bo arrested.
The higher police ?>fti<lalM whose
namea ?were brought into the graft
, ?.., -esti-rda.? include two former
, r.inniati'i? r | of the distil? t ut v hteh >
Sipp operated. The , ase? ,,f two "there,
^n inspector and a ?aptain. will be
. ?m* idrred before the grand Jury with
regard to the probabilities of an In?
"tlrtmanl for ?onspiracy. It Is under?
stood that considerable evidence along
that line ?i as presented yesterday, but
the grand Jury expect?, further r.irrob
.??ation of Hie c?nspirai y charges at
it neat ae-ndon
v .? . ;. i .?? ?.i ih?- more ?lire, i r?.
..r the day It develop? ?! that ,M??r
i i. Grossman, ihe detective -e;,( 0\t{ i?v
ln-|" :?" Bwccncj t<> get ilie. affldai its
of Un? tSTO women who made, chargea
against Sipp, began bia work immedi?
ately after the Harlem man ttstine4

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