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before the Curran aldermanic comn
?ipp'S Story Stung Sweeney.
Sipp'a version of this part of the
fsir was that gwiouey am! stung i
action by his nin-uali?ed stall
the inspe?:tor's negligent! before
?'nrran commute?-, but what
reeeoa 11 traa brought httl t!
Sweeney hegen his Kuni for somcth
??n wiiicr, to ha-? ch?tgee agaim-t I
Immediately after Sipp teetl?ed. 'I
a-Na?vit! of the taro vwn pioi 1
by Bp ?? M -' ? man, i iiosemau. togetl
with the ?? rtdi m < preeented
gem rhfovvfi out by i
grand jurjr, with the intimation n
? hole ? aee W*g b poll re "Han
The formal filing of the Indlctmt
?itd fox will be KM ft-* action
the grsud J .ry tO-daPi The ars
ceaev win engage ?te attention kto?d
and election cane! to-morrow, gocen
ing -a.?A I*-Ctaa.Ui.il?.. *??? that* It will
Pridea before? th- gru?', ?eapoaui
started by Blpp wW '?? tahaalup*_ga
thami -??- in? hav* fdtlgwed Ibe 'lev
opttrfhti fit th) grafl ec??l
the Rosentbal murder ?-lairfi ti?
the poli, ?<? trig) .of Tot v\ ;:i i ?
tiii'.Kii, in vj<\?. oj the criminel ?ha?
? him i,y tho grand .iu
\< ' ording i?? Wain
roll? y .?i ? leeki r and stfbaequ*
cuses, the i?i?i?. tiii.-iit nuti.tiiaticn
l?ependar .?. pol nnd II II i
;? l ?rial V.IU be ,-,
|y in Vll vv Of t
fact that the police mail,' ,-n,- e.,rl
effOl 1 1" ham; I '.-'.I it Alt?
uey la .he Fot ? failed
Ande from the ?.lit.-? t ', ?h&Tgi s of r
lice grafl which resulted In the indi
tnent ??'" Pox, it W_ lean
had received rrom a hryit?ri Hi i""f
|t,<)00 on the understanding that
would nol cone back to testify. T
mon, ; vva.s brought ?to him while
wn.= ,n Newark i few dayi after
had testified bef?la the i''ii'ran COI
rnit'u--. s,im? aaserted thai the mon
< ame to him from a lawyer friend
Fox, the patrolman whom h?.- ac<-usi
Kdw.'ti.i .i. nvwh?, sipp., lawyer, su
however, he )i??l mv? r h?>nrd of n
such gift. ?>r hrihe, to his client, ni
Jacoi? Lonss. oner?f Fox's lawyers, si
denied the truth Of the story,
his knowledge w ? nt.
Denies Fox Will "Squesl."
Roinin Hi?,, < . ,. rf the I ? ; kted <~
mors tliHt l'o.x m.is pri
whatever Information on graft he hi
to District Attorney Whitman. Pi
knew nothing of - ma?
against him bj I
and therefon had,i
the Dlatri? t Ati'.rney.
it was learned. 1
after I ?? a ai trenefei i ? d
].">_. i itreel station, was icen tvv,, an
three,tin, .-, und. Ill
dlatri' .
tion, and thai on ? oo aaio
he alv t ii ? the most elabora!
explanatl? na poi - ???? ) \.pi??>n hi
if which Bip
had u ' ured him of being I
? Sipp, "ii which th
,\.\. ?,?,.,? has? u. Prog thai
for the tiro*jn ? ag January
1912, he u??. paid *?"'??*? a month :?, To
ns "? ? ,-?y for hi
nd manager of the Bal
. Ralni s law eetabllehmeni
v\ bid ? heade
by Ifax Hochithn In the latter part o
1911. lu return, Blpp ewore, his plac
was never raid I the poltet
Thorn. i. BO, vvlio. under the nev
owner I eded sipp as managei
aw !*i he i: -i ' ontlnued i h< graft pi y
menls t?, YWX up to und in? Ipdlqg r?c
rembcr 1, 1912.
Sipp and his-K?n. ",\hr. spent Monda:
night at the Hotel Navarre, In Newarl
came into New York by U.x1c?b undo
the guard of Av-istaiit Distr.'-t At
torney ??**. J. Orot-hl and two count
tectlve? ihortly before i m y< rterday
Jt whs expected the police would maki
? great effort t,< lubpeewn Blpp as ,
witness for the j.??!i ??? trial <'f Pi
for nexl FVidnv. and it ' wa? though
pooelbie th'v might even *Utempl t'
arre?-! him. on a neat ch?j?e, in unit-.' .,
the bungling failure they made ofthi I
previo::? ni tempt txclhftve him Indlctej
an i charge thrown out by the gran?
.lut" -
Police Await the Sipps.
The Si*?ps ?arrived! el ?the Crimina
Courte ButMing nt l_:,o o'clock, in<
tJtttk 4Ww\l Be <rfqYm'A u?- ??v*?1- huudi?-?
.awaiting them, s ?.un?. U.U.ii lc.?? thai
ii- fiT?-?t-ii pelli-e officer-, in piain clelhei
irom Police Headquarters wen in th?
crowd armed wiih aubpgnaa, sign??
hV ' K. W.ildo, <*omm1?siont-r," com
mnndlni the preeence ?>f Blpp and hk
al jLhdiiu.it't?is'next Fridi
;h?> Fox l rial.
si p had bei a ?d. In d by i.i- our
lawyer! thai three subpoenas were npi
blti'iing. but be nevertheiffoa mad?;
svery ?.ffi'rt, u? avoid gervloe. tlroej?
rushed Sipp ncr?s! the sidewalk lnt(
the Lafayett-e strfet tfoac of the Crimi?
nal Court! Building through a surginp
rrowd that imped,,i th,- work of th?
pplice lUbpOSna servos, and in.?lde th?
htillfliii- betweep |he door and t!
.at?-i- ' .?m.?tf riot developed.
Howard Sipp, who had la-en on (Jib
front seat f,f ihe tab; slipped 'iuietly
-.round ,. Jhe white street intr?nea ol
ihe hmi,iing. unnoticed by the police,
Meanwhile hi? fulher was jostled and
Jammed about at the centre of a sway
Mite crowd. In which there were more
than a eoOTB of nsts wav ing, and finally
aftm shevi-d into m, elevator h> Mr.
.tue of the Aetectlvei managed ui
jaiit.li a siibpiena through Uie bars of
the elevator door as it started up, and
hv ev idehtly < ailed that "servie?,'' 1,?.
caus? Deputy Commlaale^er Dougiieny
l4ter totd the newspaper men that Sipp
had been "served." That, aut-piena,
which was the only one that was placed
anywhere near Sipp, wan found later,
hewev, r, on the floor of the elevator.
'Sipp .eta? taken -to-District Attorney
Whitman's pr?vale 0-S?e* where his
M'i) Howard had preceded him, and lo
gpii.'i they vvi.t over the polnai ??r
ih?"''" itory wiih jhal officiai. N'<, at?
tempt u ' pefve .i poli. ? snh
upon Blpp when he wuikid ir,,m
ih?i District Attorney'! oftko ta th?
?rand jury room, a half hour later, al?
thoggh several Headquarter! detec
' tlVe? Vet** lounging about tho entrance
t" the* jury room. They had bean toi
by their colleagues that a subp?z
I on Plr.p In the corr
.lui- (?!: the first floor.
Sipp Goes to Sanatorium,
ft was ?almost an hour later whefi tl
yomtgef Sipp came out of the Dlstri?
Attorney's offire etMsompanied by M
Oroehl, and ?is he approached the dor
Of ihe grand Jury KOMM one of the data?
(?vis got nerir enOUgh tO shove th
paper under the laps! of his coat. M
Gfoehl grabbed his young; ? barge, how
ever, and the paper fluttered to th
door; where neither poii. ?? nor attend
anta nt the. Criminal courts BuUdltl
would touch it.
Hetectlvep ?"on way and Talt. who ha
charge of th? ?subpoena serving brlgad
of policemen, reported to Heariquai
tors tluit both Sipps had been servi
while Mr. proehl and t! >? county dc
??-.lives ?reported ??? Mr. Whitman th..
no P!ilipu?na?. s had been served. 1
named to be ?? trtand-off, with a shn<i
in favor of the Mppa.
Sipp was taken from the Crimina
Court* Building directly to ;i sum?
torium in Weal ?34th street, while hi
son Howard went to his father's hon
ai No, ?".?'? West 180th street, where h
annonncid last night that, at the n?
(liiert of tiie DUtrtCl Attorn???, h
woir'ld make hC ?omnients ui>oii th
$170,000 Deal Probably Mad?
Before He Went to Sanatorium
!., : i . gate menu ho had b
the City K? glater'a ofllca i
nit? t? st?-'.l t.? find in the liai of transfci
th.it "Big Tim" Sullivan, now Is a _oa
kera M attorhun, Agu? ? ? ? nftportati
? ?a t SMre Kai est?t? opei atior ''
: ii;.s>- of a als atory and I
flathous? and land al the aouth?
her of Brama hu?i ,M??ti afreets, value?
at b:".'mi.
?p.. ,!,,.,; ahowa that lie i"?-:->?t it o
i:<? .i, m. m ? ? . a real ?asiste man
it os which the building stands bai
.. frontage af '?'? t*.oi on Broome acre?**!
? . ? ,M..it. The la "i alone li
.., by th.- city al PMM
tikis, who know aomstblng about Um
?i real estate enterpi loot 11 lie*??
? <i> ai mantha b I
that in i "i t?
.,?.-. town, it Is Surmised thai the ? a ' ?
? iv. taken -??barge el the eel tti fo d tin
?deed and inimeiiiat'-iy haateoed to bar?
N?. .?n?- knowa how miidi real ?
litli Ian owna aboul the city. Wbila
? ? ;'.? vast
a hioh are held through "dum
The recorded list ahowi t
latlve Sullivan owns tl?? City Th?
? \ ? |ii Bast llth ; tr.' t. and th?
?piitipetty si \". KM ???>:''! East Utl
The value ??f tbli la i*et at I
leo owi - ? - ? i " ? ? at Ko MG !'??? it 126th
? So. 124
i:.i ii I4th >'.? ? i
< ? ? Interest
In tii. Gotham Theatre, which he own
with Georg. Ki?
ln all nearly $!?'0,?>''fi
worth of r?,.?!?!? ?i ?real estate In tii.? city.
Friends of Home and Foreign
Boards Swell Attendance.
f The
tin- Mis!-ioti,ii v Movement for
?*t the Hot*' .?<?*.'!
l'.'i-.-mii Mis-i'.n ftoarb? ol th? l nlttil
da waa h< Id laal nigbl
at Um ?Hotel Aator. The Invocation was
delivered ..> the R? r. Lut! r B
biahop In th? Methodist Episcopal Church.
? !. chairman
of the Board I '?'
, icatlon ai<". em tnitd th?*
; ? ? ? It, Jini iiiti-"?' . d ! I
Th? Venei abl? Ar? tii of To
!?,i?i.i. Ptfof. not Bhallei \i..ti!i'vv s. dean
of the department of sociology
cage Uta R?si ?Charlea
L? fitompson, president of th<- Home
? Council; ibe Rev. I loi n< Uua H.
Patton, iMCi? ? ' -. ?Board
--.n Missions;
? ratai I ? ?Board ol
of the Pi? ab) t' riau
S'tli Low,
William Fellowet Morgan, Pr. John H.
? d? Col leg.
? Di " Id; . i'? oa n. i. ? i : ? ? ?
Of N? w York Uni?
? QITU*-,**] ? ?igate, Johq B. Cuah
man, the Rev. Howard B. Qroa
? \\?l?iiiin I, ii.. ei Geofge ,; ttuntlngton,
t?. I-. .1? t'.n???. Mi-, JoHn B. Kennedy,
i: I. mberl ol the Moravian
:!t, n.? K. r.
; ? nil,.' ., B i,?,,? Ari'n r s
Dr T. N. McCaah, Bllaa McBe ,
fopner The Churchman"; Al?
: tivd R. Karling, WUli?m fa) B
I . !hai b i Btelyle.
Federal Law or State Commis?
sion Opposed at Meeting.
? adriaabnity of a New fork State
. | ,. .i dlvoi ' waa
? ? it? rdaj at the Aldine Club 11
of rellgtoui and i-ot ?al iv
organliatlbna. luffragan Bt?*thop
p.!-.!!' was chairman of ?the meeting.
"frauds' Minor Moody, Bald secrets
the .California state Commlaalon on Mar?
riage and Divi.r... pfopoaad that the
New Vork commission be formel lor "the
purpose, of ??-curing an amendment to th?
United Stut?s I'oiintltutioii providing- for
federal laws on marriage and turerea."
But ebenbody, the troteen aapeolafly, ob
t-l to Mr. Moo.ly's suggestion.
people <?f New York." sai.i .Mrs.
Livlngaton Row?? Bchuyler, ?would betfr
na) aine?dlBi their ov.ii laws. i.?,ii
not ijotb?. about the real of the country."*
Mrs, Anna ?i.iriiii gpenesr s..iii it was
be? experience la refera mov?an ?m ti that
any puggeetlon of f?Ueral regulation al
w. 4 begat antagonism.
Sir. Goldstein, of the Asso? iation of
Reform RubMs, an?! Miss | ?,,,i11. of the
Alncll? ill Vigilance Association, proposed
a compromise, but th?- problem v..?s
titiniiv- solved b) ap?poinUng ?Professor
Samuel Met ? Lindsay, Bishop Buren.
Mrs. Anna ?im'in BPSPCei, Mis. \Y. \V.
Penfleld and Pren?-*la M. Moody, a com?
mtttce as organisation.
Cost of Adventure with Blossom
Seeley Estimated at $50,000.
It's going to cost "Rube" Marquard
about IWVOO? to marry Blossom 8,"Uy, a<?
o.r.ling to tin* estimate of Mrholas let?
Vaggi, att'.n.ev for the vaude vilb
settees' husbsnd, Joseph Caben ?'. ? ?
' foi divorce comea ap ti.i i.
before Justice N? ?? . lal Term,
:. "f the Bupn m? < 'outl If II
through, as .Mr. t-Mvaggi .-?.iiti.l? ntlv t?.
havea it will, it a;lll forecast the outcome
of Oahan'a suit for the alienation ?if his
wife's HftecUojis, the lawyer remarked
yesterday. I
Starving Animals Viciously At?
tack Policeman Who Makes
the Discovery.
Much Jewelry and Silverware
Found Hidden in Strange
Parts of Room?Birds
Dead in Cages.
liend in a Harlem room, with n pB'k
of yelping, half-atarved Peklneae 1er?
riere, i turtle and a lifeless canary and
parrot, Mrs. Fannie Luff, a recluae,
was found last night ?u neighbor! who
had not seen her smee (Saturday even?
ing, It ia bel1ev?'d she fell den?! from
heart disease s?.on after she went 00
?Saturday to th?> r?,of of the apartment
lu,use with lier dugs?her "children"
she called them.
Beneath the carpet, and behind the
head of the bed and in other nooks was
found Jewelry and silver plate for the
table. .Most ?,f it had never been ueed,
the pollre s;iv, ami it Is certain trnit
Mrs. Luff never wore any of the gem?
Into the street. Her mat] black ?lollies
were too plain f'?r any jewelry t" have
been worn without the neighore see?
ing n.
The woman, who was fifty years Old,
U'-pt to haraalf wellnlgfa ?m the time
and was devoted 1" her "Children." OB
?Saturday night she had ?been out ??hop?
ping, ami when she got home sin? sug?
gested to Julius Btetayeakewaky, the
Janitor, that he lake her che k for the
rent, due that day.
' < ?h, never mind, Mrs. I.uff." lie si,id.
its m late n,,w. Let it ?to until nastj
She toiled up the stairs of the hfl
which was ?it No. 223 Weal I28d street
and went Into h'-r own Hat. A little
while afterward ih* erenl p? the roof
with her little dogi and a itched them
aa they romped about That v?,s the
list titile any on?- law b< t ? I. .
f,r as is known.
The Janitor remarked at,,,m it once,
but it waa not until yeaterday, late in
the afternoon* thai Mrs. Clayton
Slaughter, who llvei acroea the hall
from the Luff flat, complained thai the
dogi were making a terrible racket
Th?? janitor called in the axent ,,f ?> ,.
houae, Monis Hulfelder, el No. ?'??'?
Franklin streel. and they tri?'?l t?> g> t
into the apartment through the door.
It was looked, and tl ? : ? was m> aaOWOr
t., then- knocke. Then they called in a
patl "Im.ui.
This policeman, Jamei Turbrldy, of
the Lenox avenue atatton, ami th? Jan*
itor went to an adjoining apartment
and stepped from the window to Mrs.
Luff's bathroom window. They rais?-,l
this, hut Inelde wai the yelping im? k <?f
dog!, seemingly so nevag! and M wild I
thai th?- men flnall) went around t<> -i
ire eecape and pried open the window
to the iront room. The dogi ruabed ni'
t,. tin m, but wi re beaten bai ',.. -.nd
then the janitor gtumbled "V r the lu
t, r ami traah and lighted I (,'???
Mr? Lut ? dow nward beilde
bed, the coven trailing over her
as if she had ' aught nt them in .,;:
tempi to climb back to tin- couch. The
canary ami the parrot w?ro stiff and
cold m their cagi -. < inly th.. dogi I
raced about, and the turtle itlll aa
serenely in hli aquarium, noeing the
glass peacefully and i."ing out :,i the
weird y ene.
Th?? dogi had turned the apartment i
I ' . -? Upt nt.'-'I. a I
porti'-re torn from an grch w.i -? in ,i '
heap in a corner. Th,- pentry wai in;
.-?on, for th'- 1'? h.ngs had ? I.
at th?' cupboard! ,'imi thrown down
tins and pant In an effoi t to find food
Lamb ?hop hones and the frame of al
turkey were strewn about the ? ? ??
in oin room itood half a doien great
packing boxee, unopened sime the eo*|
centric woman moved in'" the Bet, in
April. She had not furnish??.I any*
thing except tht bedroom and parlor
in all the ?ight rooms sh" rented,
Neighbor! -aid th" women bought the
most expenelvs food for i>< r "children."
Last Saturday Blgtlt she p**TCllSeO*i SOU
eral jiounds of choice cuts for the Bun*
,1,. dinner, Fart of this was for some
<-ats sh?- owned There bal dtaappeared
from the flat when sh.- w;is ff.iind.
when the policemen tried her door they
found three pound! of dm il wrapped up
In paper lying in the hall,
?atenta from the Society for the 1're-'
A VISIT to our warerooma
f^ assure* the viewing of the
wittett pouible selection
of Oriental "gems" at reasonable
price* and with our unqualified
[kn^Costikyan ?
8 West 38th Street
New York
i vontioh Of ?'iiielty to Animals took
: charge of ?the ?lotis and the woman'a
body will be held for tin? ?V.roner. It
is not thought, h??wcver, that any eue?
pioiotis circumstances wer?? attached
to the death.
Mr.*-. Elsie Sweet of No. 2081 Sev?
enth avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. E-Urara
Iflaaall, of No, -'.',ti West I28d street
W-sra ail friends Of the woman, but
none would talk last nicht. Tiny said
ahe bad 1.? en active In heritable w-?.rk,
.??nil waa contie.t.-d with a roacue home
iti Baal 11 ih street
Waiters Empty Dining Rooms
by Powerful Odor.
OfBeiala of ri,? ? striking tvaltara aald
last night thai their new method of pr??
.'(hue waa to ?li'-ss in thclr cvonini'
clot es, i? > ??mnaiil'-d li\ wiv?-* or .latiuh
i.-rs. end j ??-i .n't? r they have paid their
? ?-in ?i<t? in one of the Licier hot? !??
cast a handful m assaf?tlds ???'.t the
dining m..m Naturally, and In quick
time. ?. ?i from 11"- room,
an.i didn't t< ? i Inclined to ?> turn.
??m? of Ute sin!..- leaders aald I
three waiters had acattei ed ?
i.i.o.it the main Qlnlng room ?'. the 11 ? ? r
ii.?us on Monda) flight and that
within ? Ight mli.;!. ?? tl?. t, v
s.v.:. evidenUj Buffering from
, . ? vv be i ? ma aed to nnisti
th?ir a
i'., ir atiikera, be i K I the
dining room ol the Hotel Belmont None
<>i" the apeakera at the mase rig In
the Man? tan i lyceum, "-. Bast I
?. last night ne ?
? ? ? time that the diners in Ke? I
Bngllah < !hop House, nesl ? the
' | tartera of the strikine: waiters, on
West ;.',th street. WOtto ,,w
rival <?f their dinner it waa annoti
ii> the managem? at that all '????
-,\ "f th< m had atruck.
Th< I otel i:;- h i . <i nothh | t. add ?
t?. ih. atatem? nl ? " ? y, in
w huh they <i? ? lar? ?i ' i ? arere
;.-?.-.. ... ! u. ?
st .i? meat Their lawy? - J.
Campbell, ? ? ? ?i ,,t tb? i fl
Att"?!,?-. Whitman during the ..;i?.
and with I
ting Bttor, Mr toThil ; pre?
v I the law i ouM i."i in
. 1 -.?,'.:
At | rm ting aat i hi
ti??- Rill .?
"? i: ?? I V. . to Iged tl,, st:
??,?i i..?.i !?? them .i nm..i..-i of affidavits,
signed and sworn t?, ,-.<i kit. n? i
..??i? IB, wherein tb? \ t? '?!
of all ??..???
lii.v w,.rk".i ... i I ?
ti.- :- ? ?..??k. i. || ? aten?
of tl ?? i? ??i? i. of tii.? strike *<> i ????
m nt i),. ??? affldarh it? i ? ?
Hi a!'1.
Speakers to Discuss Changes in
Tenement House Law.
Keen lat? rest Jta ? I
men,- * a City CI ....
three pro]
legisla! ?? ?i,..? ding the t
. ...t the ?-i il to-night Dr.
< *hai las F ' hend?? ..i d ;'?. i at! ? r - ? ik?
ers he? ,ii i... h . ? i itjem elvea in favor
i . nendmenl ' ? ???
posed !' ? ? I'--" I .?? i ? :?.
other apeak? n
The purpose ol the ;l:ien a HI? i'dn ? I |
is t.. the bulldlni
often ho ? i i a I
plann? by the Tee I ?So
.ui.i t.. ?i..?. .. ..mi .?r appeal
from tl.?? Tenement Hpuse Department.
Ti." City Club oa an organisation '
net er t:?i-.? i. .? ?i- ? Ided I ? n?! on '
amendments, according t?> Charla ii
BtlfHlg, |i? ? :?!? i.t ..f the ?-lull.
Ti,,- speaker ?rit! r. CI
?. ? ? ;?.... ? r ? infield, who is a n
? ?! both th.- r\t\ Club i '
ment E ?? ? - ? - - ? t. ? ind vtce-im
?i. i,i .,i ii,. Btat? Charitli
. .,i in- u iiiium Shannon, Ml -
?l>- . ; Tf-iil.??!.... b< olwoi ?. ? ' ..
Kid? ?Settlement, .?ii?l Henri ?Vtt?
Hmtth, .o? i.i?. ?i <?r tl?< ?., ? ?n stall tene?
ment h ?us's. for which ti,'- Bconomlcs
s?, ?ei 11 sponsor.
?in the opposlUon aith Mr. de Por? i,
will be Alfred T White, John 1. Murphy,
Tenemenl House Coi Paul P. I
. 'i.-, at h ? hali man ??' the ? !hai Ity < h :
\ Kation Pfici? l ? 'a T? ... menl House .?.,,,, ;
? mitt?? William Guerln, .? ef .?f
i.i. i ? ? ? ?-?iti?'!! Bureau R R f,
,. and ' "'" >r. Bldllts, of the Itoard
I .?i govei i.-?i.- "i H"- i:- Idlng Tradea Km?
1 ; ? "? Association
IF it is important
to you that your card
and filing equipment have the
highest EFFICIENCYvalue
IF you believe that prices
should be based on up-to-date
manufacturing and selling
methods and on fair commer?
cial profit?
IF you will compare our goods with
any others on any point ?
We shall have you as a customer.
Telephone, Franklin 2261.
The highest type of Filing Equipment Without
the Fancy Pricea
371 Broadway
Head of Fire Making Gang, in
Sing Sing, Considering
Testifying for State.
Will Be Brought to This Oity to
Answer New Charge?Two
Other True Bills?One
for New Man.
"1-/.7V- the Painter," bOM fire maker of
Barlem, who. Fire Marshal John P.
Priai teil, \, ., started more than fhree
hundred Bree in the hurt two <?r three
years, received I visit in SiiiR Sing
prlaon yeeterday from Royal H. Weiler,
the A.?.-i-tant DtatriCt Attorney, who in
Investigating the "arson trust" for Dis?
trict Attorney Whitman, it is likely
that after "l/.zy" has eOMnltOd with
his attorney lie nill decide to help the
I m 'ri' t Attorney t,, stamp out the "ar?
son trust."
Jnatice GoflTl grand jury yesterday
returned three Indictment! based on
the evidence submitted to them regard?
l?g the actlvttlee of the "arson trust."
(in,- indictment charged "Isay the
I'.,inter" with arson in th?; MCOnd de?
gree for setting tire ?m December i,
1010, t?, ???.ids fiat. N'?. .".:?; Basl 138th
street. Another Indictment aecnaas
Qeorge Gruta, the fire adjuater arho
irae held in fl&aOOO bond i>'- Magistrate
Murphy last ?week, as an accomplice <>f
"i/.zv ?;." The tiiini Indtctmenl hi
agatnel another lire adjuster, who li
alleged to have (lied fais,, proofs ofloai :
wnii the Qerman??Amerlcan InanrenOel
i ?>ni| -my after Hold's lire,
i m a bench warrant issued yeoterday
afternoon, Aeeletenl Fire Marshal]
Richard Bheehan and Montgomery
Wade arreated last night Keimen. New?
mark, an Insurance broker, forty-one
ri ol?:. ? f No. .">".<) Weal l.,'Jd ?t?. i
Newmerk v\.,s arreated In front "'? ,|i:
home and h-id in the West 153d street
[tolles station f?,r Detective Thomaa, of
the i?]?tt? a Attorney*! office. New?
mark i chai ged w ith lilin? I ;
claim of Inaurance,
To Determine Motive.
i ?' i-i? i 11 ing a public tir?- adjuoti r,
? a life inaurant ?? agent, and
Mr. Weiler ha? Interrogated many of
?usure.1 l>y Oruta. It w;?s found
thai some <>f his i?;.- Inaurance ? i
. -1 in?- Inaurani ?? ,,i-'>
;li him and some afterward had
? -i u..,, ii inaurance waa eoUi et* d.
ah arho collected Sre Inaurance under
i ond i ?"us will Le examinad
forth- r to determine whether the don?
: -. its, the life ii,sur.m-.- agent,
might i.,,?. ? i ? ?.-. i m ?'".?? for an at? <
tempi i?? ralas mono) on their tire m
aurnni e poljclea
The ?i-h m.o??- by Mr. Weiler to
Bti Inan utaer - - "Isay tho
?Painter" he Is called* becauae of the
\" an,,ii saaumed by bim t<> enable
him to buj o :. ,,iei other Inflam?
mable .?tuf without exdtlng suipidon
regarded i lignifl ant "Iaaj "
r he would i ke no eon*
m until be had conaulated hi! at*
lorni '?i. h m L) ? It i.?i mid,
, i. t Hi?- fact that another ar
son Indlctmi ni had already been found
sgalnel him and the possibility that
others might be found made a pro
,"ii upon him.
i?'? every Indictment found agalnat a
n l bench warrant Is
i with i te i rleon autborlUea
Not only ?s thai bench warrant ser ed
?.?i as tin- man \t releaaed, hut. a
bench nrarranl for another crime la I
. illj taki n ,:. t.i, s . i - ration
a !.? o applh atlo le for a pardon
??r a hi n the prieom ft ., ? ? ? du i up
? I'.,i,'le lh,aid. "l/'./.v" is ?. .?.s
; ? i \ ing a sentence of twelve t<> twenty
four yean i ad < onvtctlon on th,- in?
dlctment found yesterday might mean
another similar sentence ;?s .?.?hi as be
?.?.as reles ed
i ?n th? other h,,nd, if he aided tl.<?
i>i?ni,-t Attornej In the Bght agalnat
anon nut" h?? might hope for u
a* ki.o?,?, ledging in.?- ?en i sa,
which would prove of gr??;it aaeietance
if be should apply foi a pardon or
when his case came before the Parole
Be '-i
11 i- belle*) sd thet "Isay" could give,
m? ? -1 valuable teetlmony. He ni re?
garded as the moat dangeroue m?'tniier
?>f ii?- gang whleh kindled blase! on
th.- r.tif : tide ??'' I lall, in and 111 The
Bronx, ami it ,.? believed he could, if he
would, tell ii"t onl) of ni?- nine or ten
m? n who gathered nightly in a Piral
avenue .?ai,hm tu receive ordere fur
Bree, but of the WOrh of "?rooked" ad?
justers, who in most caaes arranged tho
in-,- with th,- tenant ami than triad to
swindle the Inaurance company <>n the
tenant'! claim <>?* loaa.
? lz/.y" will he brought from Sing
Bing either to-morrow or next day to
plead i?? th,- Indictment agalnat him.
That m itself is a somewhat nnueual i
proceeding, ami lande color t<> the belief '
that when he ii.is eonaulted eounael be
will become ?i witness aguinst the "ar?
son trust."
Conies to Court with Bruises to Tes?
tify Affinst Candy Store Man.
When Michael Peeney, a self oonfeeend
oocelne ueer, appsared in th?- \\?-st Bide
? ',,i,i i .- terday t<> testify agahwt John
Oravlno, the propriet?r <>f a eandy store
in t.isi street, near Weel lad avenue, win,
is ehargsd with willig forbidden <ir-?H,
his faes ami head w. re OQVorod with
bruis? s.
I-'eeney said he was attacked by a gang
after I he arrest of Oravlno. TJie police
believe the sang le I" the employ of th?
' COks trust" sad was trying to Intimi?
dut,- th**? witness.
Meaeures for th?- prevention ??f westel
i'i national, stats ami municipal govern?
ii, i,t will b! dlacueSSd at the annual ?lui
m,- ,.f th,- i'.iiiri. in y Bociety, the national
sssedattoo al in<ii_-irui ssjgtnecre, to be
liel?t at ?Misery's on Monday evening.
President slssj WllHon is expected to be
present, hb Is Vice-President-elect Thomas
H- Marshall who is an active member of
tho u-aoclation.
il QUI?S $51?O
Fine Clothes Tempted Her, De?
tectives Say Young Ciga?
rette Trimmer Admits.
Followed by Inspector's Men
from Shopping* District, She
Is Arrested on Elevated
Declaring she was prompted to rifle
I he purses of women shoppers by th?
dentare to possess fashionable clothe*},
aeoordlnj-. to I he police, a young woman
who described herself as Bessie Gur
tenberp, eighttren \ <\irs old. a ? ifraretto
trimmer, living ut No. 1828 Washing?
ton avenue, The Bronx, was taken to
Police He;tdi|uarteis lust night as a
l>t?*kpock??t and u prisoner on the
charge ?if grand larceny.
AcordinR to (lie police, the young
woman look a purse from the ??hate
lathe bag ?f .Miss Dannie Harris, of
No. 201 Brown Place, The Bronx, when
on the uptown platform of the Third
aven,ie elevated road at 18th street
Tim Kir! enu arrest.-.i by Detective!
McKenns and Gag-ana, of ?the detec?
tive bureau. She inform???! tin tn, they
aald, thai ehe began .. ? areer "f pick?
low poekete .?ix areeks ago, when she
ghve up a J..1. In a cigarette factory,
where she earned ?IS .. greek, all of
Which she turned o\?-i to h?*r mother.
The young woman declared -sh?: hu.i
i.? ? er before i.. in arrested.
"? am so sorry, if ><>u let ni?-? go
this Ume I'll ko back to tli" ciirurette
factory and work. I'll never take an
?lther purse," pleaded the yOUhg pris?
Tb?- detectlrea quesUoned the young
woman .t length.
"I?Id y?ni first take a purse six weeks
cpo?" lnriuireii <?;.aaaae
"Ves. that was my flrnt offence," re?
plied the young woman.
"How many purees have you ?taken
In th?T last six w? ? ks?"
"T??n or fifteen," replied the yotmg
woman, according to the tlete? ti\??s.
??Ti..- ??i? a of taking puree??why
didn't you glee ?t up after you ob?
tain? ?l the money with which t?> pur
tiie ? i??tii*-?- you now wear?"
The yuunpr aroman, who bad been
sobbing, .Mm!? <i.
The detectlvee were standing newt
tin ?tiii.it: < ?.f a sixi', avenue depart?
ment store h't?* yesterday afternoon
when they iir-t i. ? ? ? i the girl, Fol?
low ing tli?* receipt <?t" numerous ? ? ? m -
plainte made by women shoppers rc
garding pi? i--i???. hete, ?!.? ? bad I ? ? n -
signed bj Inspector Faurot to knvasU?
They saw, they said, tin* noting
woman's light hand Open a wean "I
chatelaine puree, in it was no ?pocket
book? Tb?' puree was closed, th? ?i* -
tactivos assert, by Miss ?f.artenberg
who was the last one to enter tin- 'Iris.
Tin? detectivaa followed the vehicle to
the subway gtation ami then ti
.Mi. s Gartenherg t" the 18th atreel
tu?n ..f the third ? I? eat-ed,
where ehe waa irreat?td.
Mrs. J. Borden Harriman to Aid
Husband Regain Losses.
lira, J. B.i'h-ri Harriman, wife of the
Stock Bfctchange member of Herrim ?
.'??.. bankera add broken a decid ?i to
t irn | home, "1
near Mt i?? i.-.? ?. Into i
vu t, where tired and n<
? ,ii|i? ?rate.
Thla is do! a philanthropic ???
tor Mrs. Harriman feela thai .-in? could
? .? huh- mm ? : ?
t?!-?---' * ?. .. I has d. Id ?! '?? add b.?r ri.-uiii'
i?, tii.? rail "f women prominent m ????
win? have hecome workeTC. Mis
Harriman win i?e general aupervleor of
er new end?mvor, which will be op? ;i <i
to-morrow, if her phut, quietly i
monte age, mafia * i? nro
gramme But Mrs. llariintan thinks that
ti.?- Sniahli ? ? '.? t: ? be
will transform he ?home
Heb New Yuri?, i il.t" a Sanatorium vv i i
ompteted within
Mrs. Harriman explained that her new
? .,t.-rnri??.' ?v.?.. due t.. financial retr.
of her husband, und, moreover, hlahealth
is Impaired s?. teal he m ;?-t quit tn- ?ity
Cor a lang i?*-??f
OHrer Harriman, .-i brother <>? ,i Bor?
San Harriman and ?< ?...? n\her ?>t
?banking tlrr/i aald ?/esterda*. that his
brother aril! retira from the mm on P]sb
ruary i, but that there wlU i?e a
tion t.? the firm, wbjoh win retain its
>. at ?m Hi?- si.,, u Exchange,
CeOttnesd from fli?>t paf<?.
slate," tho Preeident-eleet said. He
?aid, however, that h?'? helieted Mr.
Suulsbnry WOBld be ?the n \t Senator
from Delaware.
Qovernor Wilson nrlll have at his
??all? rs to ?morrow ' I ?iii;?.?
stone. (Senator from Ml i
managed the Clark boom. H< i
i dUe lames, of Kentucky :
Ohadlah Gardner, of M
lOOked upon as a Str? ::-? ; i ill liity for
?Secretar) of Akrtculture in th,- \ -A
Tie? (''?? Idi t-el< t remai
terttOOII th:; he had b? en !0 but
week thai he had nt
think of his ? .1
ri.Ived a visit from '
of Ne,'. Torte, Uns morning, wh
? atad th.- name of I '
Rhinelander Waldo, of N i-rk. .-is
,-i candidate for ? loi ernoi
th?- Philippines. The Pi
would make ho comment on it.
??overnor WI.-MMQ Will '" the - I
I of th?- entire Benate at a dinner at
Atlantic City on January 28. Tt
; an anhu?l affair, aid partis*
1 is supposed to be tal.!.
Welcomes Legislative Investi
gation of His Oftice.
when Controller E*renderga*d ?res
formed ) smh|ymae
Wiiimott hod Introdui ? i ..
Hie Ass?-m!, f
ti.,n ,.i mojgpj I.,;- i |.
tion of t!:> Finance D<
city l,,- - ? .I
"Ti " oii\i,>us intent Ai su. \j ??
Willmott is to ?
the ? ? inn!
for moklng an ?
th?? political app?tit, i
BU 11 B 7 ,:i ,M'.?,
wli,-ii he succeeds In creating tills Impr?*
I !!' Mr. Wilitiot! or n).- ,
hhA fny Information which would p.rop
! eily
' this " ? '
Investigation will i rt am
with"i;t .1 is ?-. a commit!
will ic."
Boggestlng 11 -1 r
Hen of th,- ..!'?'.? flnai
extended the ell dally
reduced : the <",,n
troller - -ri<?h
for the .previous
") ?: , i x
? , ? .
Mr. 11 ?
1 peilt:? .1
? ? Ourlai that i ,
1 First Man to Get to South Pole
Greeted at Carnegie Hall.
i-m -?.' dal
last m,??t for I
. ..
own ' ' ' the tj
s ? ,
? i -ir?n
' I
was prSB) nted by ,i, - ,
Hi nrj I 10
Admiral Peai y foil seed it
honor to--.
? I
the Gr<
II. llul.hard, pre*
?it ilu
son M '.
Av.ui. -1 ? i >- ... John H.
presid? nt of I ? :
Consul ' l
. ?,
and Peter B
i>? i'.- ley will I
Amundsi n i:i the
i be given r ?
iua;i, i tiool i ?( tbe dljr a II > < '?>'
? ? ,-.;?-.
Salt Lake C r, Jai
recomn ?
,i .ill::-; the st??i ?l?7.atioi
siatutorj . boraea
Clearance Sale of Imported
Model Gowns and Dresses
at 75 & ^125"?~^r;w'r/v $i?o to }ioo
For afternoon, matinee and evening wear.
Fur-trimmed Suits $50 & $65
Formerly $85, $95, $110 to $145?Draped and Ru*>i?*~ *
Blouse models o? velvet, corduroy and ?tovelly wool cloths.
'? /
Fancy Tailored Suit?, $38^-rorn,friy &*&
Of rich velour cloths, plain and fancy wool materials.
Sales of Wraps, Coats, Furs and Mill nefy >
No ualo good* sent on approval, reuerved or exchanged.
fifth Avenue, m\> $ 47tb Streets

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