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Glorious Days for
Automobile Dealers
Faces of Exhibitors Wreat.
in Smiles at Huge Show
Art of Salesmanship Vas
Simplified by Fair Sex.
Who Seek Luxury
in Cars.
?|?|r fa, (g rtf the exhihlto-s St til?*
tOOSebHe ?'? r.ws In .Madison Bauers ??
den and ?irand Central PsUce are k
I" rpetuslh wreathed in smiles be? a
of the ex-cptioria!lv la:pe repr?sent?t
of women nmonc the spectators. Ml
ftospe.-tive hovers ';svc taken to bring
their wives or sweethearts or dsugbi
i.? help them pick o.t a ?ar th? art
salesmanship has beCOBM vast!? si
It is now no longer a -ase of deact
lng technical details in the construct
of motors, hit rather the luxurleuen?
of ari"'i'i"iient. Sine?- cars nre pui.ua!
to ni?t? n gown-? an.l complexions. 1
?lemon?trator has he.-onv? an a?9C0
plished courtier. To him whose lips ??
Ham? lb?, ??'?ft .?ompl'm.-r.t. xt
liace liaa lb" craie of a ?liplomati
<ome th?- nali sought onlcrs like t
moths flitting nbo-it the flame. To
L-'?atcr degree than eve before a
women -jsking about automobile?- Whl
they inten?! t?> buy an?i operate tnei
veive?. ?? the argument ???' the cle?
salesman must revolve arotind upholste
snd graceful ?bodj design, r?thei th
sreun?. spe^d and endurance
All previous tecords for attendance
hoth buiUiinss are being broken. B
hibitors united yeaterday m declarii
that the numher of spectators? has f
surpassed that of any previous BhoW.
is not only a ?ase of quantity hut
quality as well
The unusually favorable weather
far this week has bad a gir-at deal
? i" with the outpouring. A salesman
?.t-.* of the spaces at the T'a!.?? a ?-a
last night that le would hav?? ?It iv*
? !<?wn over the toads liom his f?act(H
This year hut for the fact that be ha
i?een nearly fronen to death last arlnt?
??n such a trip. The very tine weath?
has been a treat thing foi the conceit
that have been using demonstrating ?'???
... they have kept these machines >ei
?busy and have ? los.-?i up many ordei
ihat otherwise migh! have bupg fu
The sccessory man report they ar
taking more orden :??; delivery by the!
agenta in New Voik and surroundln
?Hies than at say previous show. The
say that almost every one is a po-slhl
usiomer fot some new accessory o
tting. and in this lesptct they aie moi
fottunste than the car exhtbitots, be
? ause a g:eat many of tlie visito: s- m
tend to use this >ear the cars they hough
laat year or the year befoie. and there
fore are not in the market for ne**
??ner. These very peisor.s, howevei
form the laige-t claaa of possible cus
tornera fo? the actessory manufacturen
Exhibitors at hoth buildings yesterda
?llscusssd the probable effect upon the In
?.ustry of the consolidation of the tw.
mairi bodtes of makers, the Automobil.
Hoard of Tiade and the N'ation-rl Associa
lion of Automobil?- Manufacturera. Thi?
was the most talked of subject atnoni
'he makers in both the Qarden atid tin
I'alave. It was afc.ee.l i?v everybody tha
such troublesome problema as that of th?
second hand ?at. the annual mode
? uttlng and patent litigation should now
he near solution.
t'harles T. Jefferv. .me of the leadlnj
makers in the national association, hsllec
the consolidation as an evidence Of th*
settling process now going on la the lu?
?.?ustry, by which all wild.at Ideal
graduell* be eliminated. He said t.e fe t
?hat the true meaa ire ??r an] bualn? -
its credit, and this q-ja?flcation ... got te
?ietermlne the admir Ion of new m?-mhei?
to the organization This ?. iew was in?
dorsed by otbei mr .eis. nian.v of whom
t.avc suffered thrc 'gb the irresponsible
efforts of poorly ? (pilppsd companies to
?stsblisli themselves in the fleid.
Hoth shows received a visit yeaterday
afternoon from a party of officers ftom
- BSS?*eSty*a ship Natal. Their escort
:;.'luden Captain Albert Gleaves. com
mandant of the New York Navj Va:d;
? '?.loiiel Danle; Appleton and Major On
?ral Thomas M. Barry, The British in
:he party were Captain c Oreetorex, who
la commsnd of the Natal; Chaplain
MoQeade, Fleet Surgeon Reed. Pgymag*
t?r Tabeteau. Captain Reason. Com*
mander Wharton and Lieutenants Briggs.
Mairlson, Ridgeway. Roper, Donelson and
.I seques.
The show was again liberally patronized
? v society yeaterday, and the largest del?,*
sa'ior. is expected this afternoon, to-da;.
?eins the last of the officiai society ses?
sions. The faVOHte hour of the elite is
I etwee.. ?-a {,,?,1 ;,.3o [j, the afternoon.
Call of the Auto
Is Heard Afar
gftj :
llaie ?,,.| footed ?I ?tfr the automehlle
waa '.'
Hare \ou ?een the ?.peeriing ?plea'lur*
Pn-n the tasolrnieu* line*
Oh. ?a? :
IIm'I the.?, gas ?
And don't ?on wish.
Despllr nil ? ?a il.
*, ou had the nad
'I n |>a* for Irnael
In a sl'id? Ihlng like one of tl,o?e
Which, esery lima ?ou ?re It. grorr?
I pon a ou lili a ?a? rlflre
Of ana ?ort i? mil a pri, e
Jo?, high to par to own a ear
\nA be like happier beinc? a?e?
? Ml '
Mo \n>> mind thsl no,,'.*
Rut. -:,? !
l)?.n'l lei Ike fan.-.?- get ???a?
With ? on till aou've got the pi,
In feme pe.kct ;
lag lo rea? h the goal.
You ?xn'l have 1?. niong-igr
Vonr immortal soul.
Seer fa. -1. I. AMI'IOV
OUgtl not a few ma?/ oe seen between
9 and 14 in liie at Sl-llf.
Reginald Vanderbili and Ortni Wilson. I
wen among those present yeett
Mr. VanderbUl said that, aside from tke
cars themselves, th? na,?: ?nteres) .
I fea tun waa the elaborate dlaplay that I? I
',? un.- made h*, thi publ ireau ,
,,.?' thi Department "f Agrloulture. Thla
Includei aboul tir; :,<:,;? photograph! ol
j .,?i ? nd had i sada all ovei thi ?? i
arid m.?dels ..f the various s'' les Of rogda
being i :;.!t b) the national government
? rarlo ? states.
Othara pr?sent at the show? during the
day Included Edwin Qould and hi* boo
Kdwin Gould. Jr.; -Mr?. WiUartl Brown.'
William MacXelll RodewaM, Gerald Uv
gSton, -Mi. and Mm. I'tainis Burfgl
Hoffman, Miss Ruth -toller, Misa Mar?
garet Colgate Misi <r:?-ia Hostetter j
?'heiles Bands. Korrli Thorite, Miss Ma?
!..n .Stoddard. Mis? fi is, ilia Bull, Mia I
Adeline Townaend, Lauren Carroll, Angle .
Duke, Mis. tVllliam G Ruelket. Mi and
Mrs. William Q. Koe'.ker. i: Mr. and j
Mra W. M. I?. lie T.-vstc:. (*pnd? Nus
Rober, j. Colliei and Han y Kane
Used on 142 of 364 Cars in
Local Motor Exhibition.
in the a:.niai ci,ntest between tnsk.i?
of automobile t?ies ou curs exl,Muted at
the automobile ihows at Madison Square
??arden ar.d the Grand Central 1'alace
Qoodyeai tue? again won aupremacy. <?f
the Ml ,ars exhibited, 141 weie equipped
with the famous Good; ear N'o-RIm-? i;ts
The iiiinibti of Goodyear tires on dlspluv
?ara outnumbered the three nearest < om
petit,-:- combined, it Is estimated that
nearl) half of the new rara this year]
will go out With these tires.
Ti,- official count of the various makes
Of ttrei used by automobile manufa? tin - I
?eis on their cars was made Immediately
' after the doors of the Garden an?! the
] f'ala e were thrown open on Sat nday
: night. Four automobile men, all dlsin?
! tareeted persons, made the count. The
i returns were turned In thirty minutea
| later.
Garden Exhibit Backed Up by
Several Along Broadway.
i In addition to the ;,?g exhibit cf risk
heavy car type tires and tubea In Madi
s,,;, gouare Garden there are a numbei
I of lo'al BXbibltlona of the new town car
?tires no? being held m New York. Theae
i e.\ten?i along Broaclwnv almost the entii?
.length of the automobile district and aie
?located in the windows of prominent SUP?
ply house?.
The town car tue was tested for mor?
! than a year before being placed or the
I market it is made in the beavj type
? construction, which is exclusive with th*
Fisk Company, insuring an extra laye
cf rubber on the tread. two breaker
Strips instead of one and a "balanced''
tiie into which are built the stron.irest
1 resistance to road wear, gieat mileage
j and long service.
\ In this cay and age, when the price
1 of fuel Is going up. ihe amount of gaso?
? lene consumed by an automobile becomes
! an important question to the buver. Colo?
nel K. C. Pardee, distributer of the De?
troiter car, kept a record of mileage per
gallon during the month of net-ember on
?a new , at. ft waa driven In ali tondl
I tlons of weather and roads, day ?nd night,
for Rift miles on twenty-five gallons of
t gasolene, an average of twentv and four
I lenths miles per gallon The amount
leaved In one year with such mileage, re
: gnrdless of ioad conditions, would be wel!
J wor'h considering.
In the marketing of its product, the Cadillac Company adheres in the greatest
. possible degree to certain well defined principles.
The Cadillac is an honestly constructed car sold at an honest price, a price
which gives to the uaer the greatest real value obtunable in a motor car. Ita list
price is its selling price, a price which affords hut a legitimate margin of profit to
the maker and to the distributor.
Tht Cadillac Company is in a position to choose ita distributors.
In so doing its aim is to exercise the same discrimination as in selectinjz the
materials which enter into its product. In choosing its distributors, as in choosing its
materials, it hsd in mind the interests and welfare of Cadillac users because it knows
that upon the service and satisfaction rendered to those users depends the future of the
Cadillac car.
The sim of the Cadillsc Company is that its distributing organization shall be
composed of business houses which are a credit to themselves, a credit to the Cadil?
lac Company and a credit to the Cadillac car. houses that reslite and act upon the
realization that in the sale of a car their duty to the purchaser instead of being fin?
ished has only begun.
In following these standards, the Cadillac Company believes that it can say to
the purchaser that he will find back of the Cadillac car a "service" which is not
equaled in the motoring world.
Th* Cadillac occupie? the position of honor at the GARDEN SHOW
(i. W. I*.F VN i 17
Vice-presidcnl \\ i'l??(>vcrl.?n<l Co _
Cleveland Company Starts Year
with Large Assets.
a substantial stock dividend, payable
..?a ?if ibe surpli ? "i. m? '?oiiunoii st??? k
of the compan. baa beei arsd bj
directora of the Peerless Motor ?'ar Caen?
pany. ?.f Cleveland This action follows
ti.? unt o ,ncement u Is reaaa In ?ap
itai sto? k. v.iinti enablei tea eompaaj to'
ptovlde for the tan..I extension of Ils
The cempanj statt? Ihe neu yeai win.
a paid-la capital ata ol U "SO.etS, uni
assets, aftei dsdu? ttni all liabilities of
?very kind, of betwren *. ai.o
li'X??.?XW, esclusjlvs of patents, tiade
murks an<i good win.
Two ?notable teat ue- ?f the new fis. si
traasactlona of ihe Peerlesa oompany ate
that ever?, off*. ?m ?.n.1 m'-st ?if the ?\
E'utive employea of the coaapaa) have
i heavily in? te.?s."i their uto? k boMlngi .-?mi
?that a rsrj aobatantlal block ?-?f tt??- *to k
has been p|g< ti in the hands of a sinsle
Ki^-.p of Cleveland's mon successful i
who w?ie do! . *'" ??tocki.oid.-i *
of tii?. Peerleai rompen; ?betag thm
OUgbly familiar with th? pOllCJ Of tb?
company, bul who bave male an enviable
reputation foi themselves in the tacan* !
.?es i :.t lamp business
President Klttridije stated List t. |
that it was parti' .I?; i gratifying to him
to t,:?ve tb? "tti' ?i? aad dlrectori
maiiv employes subs, libe t.? the n?w
M..ck. ? which." said ?he, "is BOl o?l) SVi
dene? of tiieir confidence In the autamo
I'.'.e Industry h. peneti.1 hut In the *>.
less conip.li.. In i articular."
The investors referred to are v. v,
Terry, II. A. Ttemalne, R <; Tremalne,
j i?, Crbuse ;?t,d .1 Robert ? touae.
Set Close to Flywheel, Which It
Actuates Electrically.
a Ro<id sxample of the electric a I
starter Installation, Which show*, cate In
?df.lgn to ??teure ?i dhect diive as well
?es t? permit sag) asseml.lv. ?s shown on
the Ktiox ?sis at Madison Square ??arden
In this system the electric starter motor
unit Is mounted on the rear of the engine
bed beside the transmission m a manner
to permit a simple and direct drive t?, the
?flywheel, with only one set of gears in?
The entire unit is ssremble<l on one
supporttag arm of the motor, ami is
[actuated h> a f????t ?pedal, which first
throws tne *<-;.! mi?, mesh with lb?- flv
; \K? H MONI i OL'A?X'?! CAR
wheel subsequent!) connecting?, up the
motot t?. th* hattet.'- tor starting The
Wiring I" alao n??ati? at range?! on the
KtlOl all iint'Ol taut unttl >>f the ?"V?m.
M If ell a? the man wire?.. luMng loci
dlrevtl? on the ? hassle, while th' fuse
.? placed convenient!) In from be?
eid?- th?- motor, peimltttlin quick a?-,, ? -
n ;,t.?
i.. ?.,.on,.? of manufacture occaelonally
woiks ?,,,t to the advantage ?,f ilin?,- who
i i ,.:,?e medium-price?] cars built by at
makei whose line a!?,, Includes large
model? There is h striking example or
this in a now I'ope-llartfoi d model, which
has a fOUr?apeed roller bearing transmis?
sion bull! <if precisely the same grade of
maten,,; ,,..,| workmanship as tli?' trans
n:ls?i?,ii -,f the Pope six-, v lind.-r car of
.?1" the? price. Hy numufa'lur?
ing in laige quantities the Pops people
aie ah'.e r?. i?ive the|, customers the bene?
fit of this auallt) of material in their
least . os:l- product
Despite Metal-to-Metal Wear.
Run for Many Years.
"Have von ever realised the fact thai
an automobile motor. comparatively
?peaking, Is as highly developed, mechan?
ically and aclentlflcally, a? a btgh?prtced
watch v" ?,sk?-,l C, W. Bennett. VlCO-p ? -
idem ,,f the Willys-Overland Company.
Of a group Of frlr-nds at tu- l'ai.,' e ?how
last alght. "Tins Maternent is proved by
the performance at the motor In our
Overland cara. The balanc?e wheel of a
watch moves twice. foiWard and back,
each second. Th?? Overland motor, pon?
derously built. :n comparison, averages
I.MS revolutions a minute, in service.
"When you consider the fact that wat, h
parts are feather light and designed to
operate on high-priced jewels, almost en?
tirely unregarded by diction, the fact that
our motors, handicapped by the well
known metal-to-metal wear. ?:ave given
the maximum of aervtce for years, with
i. attention, furnishes a marvel!. ,i. s
| demonstration of the median!? al ability ,,f
modern times."
v.?..,,.! fame from Philadelphia last night
? that an International racquet match for
! liie world? chaniplonsnlp an?l H MS B Bids
?had been arranged between .lack Sontar.
of Philadelphia, and Charlas Williams th.,
I present champion of England
i _
Prosperity and Motor Car
Travel Hand in Hand.
Hundreds of Enterprises Now
Flourish Where Formerly
There Was Only One.
By R. M. Owen (Reo).
Never sin??' ii.e Introduction el the
?railroad has tbera been a more ?v?t?nt
? agency it? tb?- (reneral development <vf
the country than th?? aataanoMI? it
reached every section, every ?-la.* every
condition and has exerted every in
fluenee. it has hunt towns. Induced the
construction of fine roads. Inrreasel the
'output of the farm, stimulate,! suhurbsn
development ami multiplied cnmTiercUi
pnsnibilitic?-. .. hundredfold
It lias taken tb?? city dweller e\?%er ,?
nature, opening up ?????lions of the ?v,.in
trv that have lain dorm?n; for cars and
turnlna them int?, most picturesque reel
dentJal .??m.munlties. It has made hi,.
lory ami rewritten history? 1' hag ?II?.
! cover??d in some secluded nook an hls
[ toric ol?l mansion or estate end Riven
its traditions to hundreds of tourists who
I never would lave known of Its existence
: were it not for the an'omobi!??. It has
! ?been the si-oatcst force within the last
[century Is opselas; "i? a notion to it??if.
?Profess?oaeJ m-" ?beve Increaeed their
j income. ?mercheBt? have ?!?'?ibied their
business, ?great factories bave grown i?-?
t..':?'. th?'l' ?api' if .ttt'l com-TlT'!;.,
housse bave raised their rattag tiuough
th? applkation ?>f the antomoHlle to
I everyda) commerce and industr*.
i,,, *e. w '.???.?? husiness had been st s
BtandSttn felt a Midden Loom and ad?!e?l
I efficiency In the use e< the machin??.
gcarcel! a bosteces 01 riaea of r",r>"?rn
that lias not ?been ben? Sled I ??? th? BMtsr
i ?t m tii?> railroad sttetclwd wM
across ?the country and developed isms
-a tiens at on? e, so I? ?th? autoweMli
'. KuinK ?tit?, l hones ads of smaUsr and un
Ideveloped districts and bringing them
' closer t" lbs railroads ?and to driUsatioa
, ?ireat have been Its raaUfki lioaa
Perhaps Of fh*St importai,? ?? is the kjres?
at my of workers Who ha?-" beta helped te
a condition of proeperitj bj the ladastrr.
? those employed on chassas, boi'.e*. ea?
I aines, tires an?! ths hundred and on?
sumirlas m the building ??f an autom?
biie Thoimeads of skilled baaa. sra
drnwin*? hiKh wage? '?** thl various fac
i tor?>s ti.aT aupply tu?- automobile atabera
; ar.d the denian?! is *?? greal that n?rt?
?need he idle far ;? day. Lsethst we-k-t?.
?wood ?workers, nretal workers paMshara
I designers -'?n are drawn ipos
Why The Studebaker Corporation
will buy Goodrich Tires
for their new "35" and "36"
Goodrich Tires will he the equipment for the new "85V
and "36" Studebaker cars.
All because these tires were proved the best of five
leading makes selected for one of the most severe dura?
bility tests that could be devised.
Under the direction of the consulting engineer of The
Studebaker Corporation/ a special machine was built in
which the competing tires were run under conditions
which duplicated those of hard road running?bumps and
ruts included.
^and the Goodrich won
Its tough tread and Goodrich Unit Construction stood
the harassing ordeal so much longer than the other tires
in the contest that any question which might have existed
was decisively settled.
?? and The Studebaker Corporation
placed its order for 1913 on the
results of the victory
Certainty, not chance?quality, not price?therefore,
decided the tire equipment of the new Studebaker cars.
The manufacturers knew that no matter how carefully
and how accurately they might make every part of their
machines, only by means of tires of ultra-durability could'
they give the buyer full assurance of satisfaction.
They selected the Goodrich Tires without regard to
price, because their own test proved that these tires gave
the maximum of efficiency.
100 branche?and aervice ?lation? and
innumerable dealer?, everywhere, ?ran
now aupply you with this new Safety
Tread in any sire and to (it any rim.
The B. F. Goodrich Company
57th Street and Broadway, New Yoik
Faetones, Akron, Ohio

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