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etnoant of Fox's bail tiaK being
? Baaed were considered signifl
With Grant asking for Si'.OOti bail
Mr Whitman demanding $10.000
District Attornev ?aid:
?'Tn-?re are others involved in
? nminal charge, your honor."
Fox Goes to Tombs.
Fox s bail was finallv fixed at $
by Justice Golf, and the patro
?as forced to spen?! the night ir
Tomb? be? a use the bail offered it
behalf was burdened with second
weii as first mortgage?-, justice
h.-ul marte it a rule never to accei
bail properties on which there are
ond mortgages
The* slot y of the $1,000 off ? ?i e<
Sipp to keep out of New York, a.s
la ted in The Tribune yesterday m
lag, was abundantly ? ??nfirmed ye*
?lay. in spit?? of the oeinais rrom s
? urces. It developed that Sipp
-tired J">7<>*> of the $1.000, the $800
fsrenca ?being held out by the i
.vu?, ?lellveied it !o bim because .
legitimate claim he had against
hotelkeepcr for that amount.
in the bach trail of thai $1,000
whitman discovered again the
hand of t**v ?police o?_k isle, an
sp?.-tor and g c?ptala Who are ]
hapS mine interested than any ot
.?'TV-lab? in h-seping Mpp'g knowle
from being given ?to the public or t
Jury from the witness stand.
As the gtory of thai $1.000 ?am?
hands of the ?District Att.?rn??\
appeared that ?he two polka ofBc
gave it to P law > er who had frerjue
ly repreeented i ollcemen on trial
violation? ef ?police rules: that it w
from him to a c??-betwe?n. als.? a 1?
? r, who ?anie.l it to the third 1?
vet?, who delivered it te Sipp. mil
llie .<;'??>?'? which S?pp owed him.
Msy Disbar a Lawysr.
So Impressed was Mr. Whitman
ihe ?bain of < ircumstaiu'cs surroui
i g |1m gl.OOO -get-away-' offer
that he spent some ?of his U
n>? afternoon in looking up i
of the possible disbarment
lb .id lawyer who handled 1
m- . . the one who handed it to Sil
As:<i?. from its importance in that i
ii'!:'?n. it is extremely likely that t
incideut will furnish ?.otroborati
proof or the R??ft charges that will
lodged against the inspector and ?a
tain who furnished the $1.000.
As to the comi?? opera -Umax te t
public poUoe partlclpatioa in the Si;
affair?the "roi*jgh house" battle pr
Ipltated by the detectives sent i
Commissioner Waldo to "serve a ?u
?"cna on Sipp for g police tria., win
he was entering the Criminal Cour
Building as a grand i,it\ witness, i
Tuesday?Mr. Whitman i.e.ame coi
vinced yesterday that the solicitude .
'he police was not over the matter o?
subpoena at all, but that thev were a
lempting to serve a warrant which ha
been neld over from one of the ' frlenc
ly raids" described by Sipp on th
stsnd of the aldermanic committee.
It was learned that Se. ond Deput
I'ommissionei? Dougherty ?ailed M
Whitman ?>n the telephone on Tuesda
t?. ask him abo.it the serving of
subpoena on Sipp. and that Mr. Whit
man replied that if Dougherty w??ul
send ?M BUbpSBM l?? him by megBBBgCl
he would personally gee io it that ;
\-as served. Whether acting under IPS
in? ordere ?from Waldo or not, Dough
?n> apparently ignored Mr. Whitman'
"ffer. and sent a band of battling de
lectivos down t.i harry Bipp
The former Hsrlem botel keepei ad
,. ittcd yeeterda-j (a one of Mr. Whit
man's repreeentatlveg that he ws
1.1 raid th? polks would try t?> serv?
warrant, instea?! of a subpoena, on him
. nd that he would not be surprised t?
a :??- arrested on a charge based on ?>n.
" the old-time 'friendly raids" .latin*
in the days a few years ago wlm
he was in the good graces of the ;
i ng. at "$1<?i) a month, per grace''
S.pp Fears Old Charge.
Kippt* new lawyer, "?Sol" Hymen,
?aid la-t night that Sipp ha?l told him
ths full story of th? M.ixs? getaway''
bribe which ?ame t?. him from tare
police ??tflclals. and the trail of the
money, a? octliii.-.l b> Sipp to Hynian,
?? the name an that dsacrthad above.
Hymsn als?? confirmed Blpp'g fears of
an arrest on an ??Id ?barge ?if maln
talnipg a disorderly house, as such a
? barge could he prose? ?Uted up to live
vears from the date of th* alleged
Apart from the vaiue of the evidence
from t?lpp and from the other wit?
nesses whom Mr. Whitman Is holding
egcrve. it is known the District At?
torney is counting on startling dU
. losures fioni Fox. Both Fox arid his
lawyer, Lou.s J Grant, intimated to
Mr. Whitman yesterday that the ac
? us?d patrolman would not be ?a goat"
for any one. Fox himself admitted he
had the matter under consideration
and that lie was inclined to believe his
The polkeman who made an accusation against Alderman Corran.
best chance lay In making a de?
-? of hie connections
Back of Fox. however, Mr. Whltmi
kii'iws, he will have to contend with
powsrful and wealthy "ring." la ti
big game <.f grafl on vice and ganiblir
in Harlem F?,x is not even accused ?
betag snythtng more than a pawn, hi
it is exp??cted the weight of the threa
ened "king-row" <f gmftera will 1
'?nought to his aid.
In this connection the District Attoi
ney was Informed last night the "ring
had started a defence fund collettio
fui the accused patrolman, win- h wa
out of all proportion to the idea tha
he himself was the only beneficiar) C
(lie graft be Is accused or collecting,
It was aaid that ene inspector, a forme
Inspector now demoted to a eaptala'
job. and a captain, together with th
Tammany leader Involved, ?sere bead
in?: the movement, which began as boo
es Foi was actually put under arree
yeeterday, is mise $115,000 for his de
fen, e.
it is not coaetdered SI bslng beyoiu
the bounds of posslblity that the "ring'
will i,se a part of this fund In a fina
effort to buy off Sipp, but the Distric
Attorney Is guarding agslnal this pos
eiblllty, bota by keeping Blpp undsi
?areful guard and by building up tin
stories of Other witnesses who ?an hold
Fog even if Blpp stem bought off.
Thomas ?) Dorian, ?lio corroborated
Hpp*s t?-tlmsny before th?- Alderme,
and then disappeared, will probably eoafei
with Mr. Whitman to BSSVros
The arrest and ?i ISlgBBMal Of POl
under an ,n,lictin?-nt charglnK linn ?it:
extortion au_ bribery. In ?'*??? of lbs ,a
Ker prospsotlve gra'i fllsclssums whicii
folia>-A???J In Its wake, dwin?U"ii le a poSl*
t!as el minor Importsiice in Hi? day s <!*?
eslopmsata Tt.e si and Jury formally
handed up the mdi'-ttnent shortly Infor?
?soon, and Pea, whs iu"J bees Is touch
with sffslra tinough Grant, hn? lawyer,
,?nie In to give himself up.
??iant want*?l ha,, fixe?! a-, *.<?*>, ?fu-r
he liad obtained an adjournment ot the
plea, but Mr. whitman demanded HH8JI,
m vies* of the tact thai "there wem
ottmrs involved In thi?*- sum" etiminAI
charse " Jastlm (?off linall.?. SSttlSd upon
IC.'JDO, anil Mrs. Pauline KrSOSS, ?if?? Sf
Henry Kmaaa a Harlem butcher, who is
a friendo! the Psa family, offered three
put? eis ef I ? ,, est?t?-, ill WhlCb she Mcl'l
a total malt) of about HMMt
The bal! effere?! was mtlsfsctory to Mi
,\ hitman, hut it developed that each of
the properties wa?. ?-n.unibere.1 with ,
small sseood martgsga hiki Juatice GeH
had made u a rule never to eeoept for
ball piopertles so en' umbered. The jus?
tice finally arranged with LoulS J Orsnl
that if F<?x were at,i? to produee mtla
' factory security he would fix it up daring
Advance Spring Styles
Tailor Made Suits?
Of ulk, cloth and Unen.
For limousine, steamer and "sport" wear.
Gowns and Dresses?
Of tilk, lingerie and net.
Of lingerie, chiffon and lace
Afternoon and Evening Wraps
fifth Avenue, 4Mb * 47tl> Streets '
thi evening bul up t., ? late h?ur last
night K??x was Mill in the Tomb?
lu? cal* he had been SllteSO year? In
the Police I'^partment arnl IIVOJS 8l N".
1821 Morris a-, ic:.. Th?- Bronx.
Original Plans To Be Revised to
Add Six More Floois.
Six mom stories am lo bi add?sd to
the propomd Bqultnble Building, la
lower Broadway, according to the re
vised plans now lein*,- onsidored by
]?'. M Andrew?. A Co . Ihs ,<r. bit? -
Th?; new oti U) turn win i"- fort) ?I
stories hlf-h.
II was i,iso :eurn?-d ?/mtsrds) thai
them will be mvsrsl othei slight
changes, as oompsrsd lo the original
i,ians, which ?aile,, f?,i- ? thirty?* ? i
.story building
Th. WooWrorth Bulldlag baa Bfty?
five stories, the Metropoliten H/tj and
die Singer forty?one ?ion?.?.
Victim Almost Ready for Pluck?
ing When Police Meet
"Sunny Jim.
Probsbl) < 'ha: ?-s \v r ? . !.. ? ? ? . ?
psrses whs ? ? entertain?
."con" man foi t?,, nights snd .< dsy sad
gel out of It witlio ?, ' ' -, more than
' J." ! > idl, ;. la a i "i/
thern trat'tl? i ? - ? ? He
came in n from B< nm tti \ lib , g. <
ua\ ??? . ? ? ' othei -ii-i.i?' on
11.000 In bis pocket- The
two r? ?ist?,. d at Ihi Bei lid Iqusre
Hotel ? o, Tueada) ni*;:it tli^-v uei.
Btsndlns In s Broe I * , ?,. .- e store when
., ? ?. -i,!, man mid :
\\ ?, Mr, i?u ii.- ? mem?
bei ne- I ??.ii t ' "H i ' membei
, ? :: - last
,tid ail t i,** real <?f th? imlliar i tuff.
Ml i? . . la fr.cii Ht nettsi !i!. Hi
believed m th.- man. 1 .'? brotl ? ?
law dlssppearcd, nit Hm othei tws mw
something ?,f the town .?nd then when
ti,e i ,:i; man aai,l 1)'' OSS going
to ? a ra too :> i > idle s .? so ?-.- i ; ed
and linall) so Insistent b? prevailed on
the .lap I" I,?' his gueSl at the hotel.
The] put in resteras together, and
>?.???? arslhlnf iptown Iset night lo ?isit
-., well kaown restaurant, when Oetec?
'i vet .\b Mainm Mi ?See and Lennon saw
tbSBI -Hill II: Hill? Bl ?"ill Stteet
'Why, wtial I ' S s i, i ?, ?- -Inn ?-'?'t ii. tow
bos auk?-?! Lennon
Th.- dstsctlvea coUsred "Sunn) Jim,
hm Dudley, eonfldesl ihsl in- friend was
a 'r?gulai fellow," pul up s stiff light
,in?1 ha? !., be lake!. abuiK I" III' WcSl
? :. station. t?.?> It ares a loin;
time before >,?" coui<i be psmusdsd Ihsl
"gunny Jim" was a well known crook
now wanted in Chicago foi "shoving the
queer." Bui the lieutensal ???nvt,.i
' You KUVS ?-.' .? ?.l.-.l m . ?.un? ?aid
Sunny .lim,' otherW-M Prod lb.hi?. ,,f
Ko. Ml West 41111 strsst "II I ?l h Id a
night longei I'd have bed al leeel *?>?"?'
?,f tha* eas\- money "
Nurse Who Fled Insane Asylum
Fights for Freedom.
Mlea Amela Lsonard appeared rester*
?ia\ before Justice Amend In the Bupreme
?"ourt on a writ ,,f hah.a? corpus, ob?
tains- bj herself, t<> m?ti_ aboul h? r re?
lease from th? Manhattan Mate Hospltsl
f?u th,- Inssne, t" ?which she wss com?
mitted last ? ?ctobel
I Miss Leonard is ,-: trained nurse end
? nhea In Boston several ?,f bei patients
j di*d under suspicious > IroumStSaSSB?
' While Miss Leonard wss not held ?e.spon
???rie in any way tor the dmths ?<f her
??attenta eh* vas convicted of Isrcen) In
H?'?t,>n in March. 1911, and sentenced I?,
the Msssschusotta Reformatory for Wom?
en for frOm ten months to two ?ear??
Soon after bei Commitment Miss I .<?<>,,
ar?l was transfer?? ,1 to the MaSSBChUSSttS
Asylum f?'t ti,<- Inmns, at Worcester, hit
she eoceped "ii Beptember M She mot
found Working at the Yainlcrhtlt Hotel
here ami committed t?, the asylum
The woman was represent.,! he Mrs.
Jsssphlho h\ \aientin?. who declared thai
her ,-ll?'i,t was without fun,Is to pmvMo
for i,? i defence. Justice Amend sd-1
io,irne?l th?' heating a week, suggesting
t?. th.- lewyei Ihsl she end Ihe other- sid,
net logethei and s. ?- what too Id be done
si?e was taken bsck ie ih< asylum.
Constantinople, Jan 13. The Turkish
government lo?ds) grsnied an ? x i ? ? r..-, i.
of the toba.?', C0BCS88?0B fot another
twrnt\ V?"..rs.
HfCOILS on iaiim
I -
Saloon He Named in Chan
Against Curran Is Not in
His District.
Bombshell" by Former Beck*
Aid Wilf Fail to Stop Graft
Probe by Aldermen,
Chairman Says.
Patrolman Charlee K Paye, a f??rni
member of Lieutenant Charleg Bachri
"strong*arm" squad, furnished the gets
tion st yestsrdsy's ssselen of the '*'
?ran Inyestlgattng committee, when ?he a
?Tused the chairman of that imdy of ?.?
Ing ?" persuade Urn ?to d?rop a <a
sgalnsl g saloon h?- lisd raided ,
?TamMIng Befors he left the ?tun?! I?'<?
\'H tna'ie more startling charges, *
rualng tiv Justice ol Bipedal Htselei
f."- ?grand Jury, the Dtstrl**! Attornei
stall and ethers ??f tning to rr?-:vent in
end oth.-r policemen frm.i obtslnlng oo
vlctlong against those they ?na<? arrest?
Chairman ?'unan hian?l??d the storj
n fairy tal?-, and it tUTBOd SUl thai I
saloon in questtoa |s not In his dlstrl?
i?ut in thHt of Alderman Krank i lea Un
.1 Tammany member of the commKu
Mi? ? urtan. ?s lu? said he n?Xet s? l K"
before he t?."k tu? stand. said aftei i'
that any ans a Im Iah a i
troubls t?i invfs-tlgatc the ?PoMog Depei
ment muet espect the soil <>t abu
meted out t?-> him by Poye He adds
"i mi wondering what is going le hs
'the s.ii?,..i. mentioned by Poye Is lw
? mull named Smith, ..! N" ?'.? ?Slghi
avenu?-. Smith hint night MS1?! h?- did II
knon vi?i. iiiiim ?'unan, that Im aev<
had a*-!?", i m lo latereede f??r him
anv ?,-ise .nul Hun if h" want?-?! .?i
fi.v ?i dene i.? aoaM not ??? n ?**,:
Ins ulxtrj? t to K?-t It
Po}*e*s engei srss roused the momei
? - iwora t.- Chslrmsn ?Cu i.?n. Th
? I ne hv Knii.rv P.. Burkner. BAtBWt
to th- eonualttea, who mad from ??
alBde It ?won, to by toye eh Iwwt -
''<:: Wh... h?- srreatsd VHo ?Paterae, i
So .".t, Third aveaue, an?! ? iiar.x??i i?i
with Mlllng liquor erlthoul a M?ense, ail
luiving a i?i.??ie?i rsvslvei la his stoi
mu? w h i, gambling,
Rscord Anger? Foye.
Mi Bist ki ? - i? ???i from Um ?
pedal leoejoag ta
months lat-er, srhsn ?Paterae ??i si
?t-,.1 ahers toi ?? bwb*
11?. th.-. ?tire:. ? .-,,ii... aader ? ..th. age
i.? t..i v of th?- ether, so that wh
tit left !!.?? staad, sad ?Paterae a*aa ?i?i
charged, Chief Jeetleo Rassen, ??? tl
court reeoN show?*?*!, esclahaari
?Thlg Ig ? dreadful tbl**i "
.' ?.<'.- ? ?i | .- led iiMst me a*"*-?
by Mi BochiMM a ?-an effort te i? am tl
truth ?u?
t wai t it ?aiii t stone). the
mad? v.. i f. ,i |t?-T w hfii | ?? i **? I ? ? ?>'?"
in Psterso'i ?.???*
1 .Ii<ln i net it i' ROM) leplie
Kays I??- i. ??' ivveii') nltneasea an
?. ?frai'l I'd ?<- f'-i.ird up
\i?k??ii i" exptafn thia. Poyo geld k
i....i he v "?' i
fl ? 'nti t?. K-t ' I! II. f?'l p.-rjir v II
could not remembei ahe told htm u
iranl es to say Hi WMtesss irsated I
'?.??* i :n Iwcaass i?<? had ?teen eae g
I Beeher'g men Fwyt tima etta***ted th
j ??!,,.. ..f S|.? :al Sessions.
"How oft**** hsi Chief Jostles R?ssel
?a ii ihr ii?.u i ??it of policemen b
ni ??. .???! ol ? ??nit' be sg
Why. I hsd a ? tai do ?
?r ? mi.!, aha un my finger while
was srreetlag his broth?ar, sad beceug
he hsd politics! f? ?and* h? wai dis
irged lustlcss Btolnarl and ?Sells
w. i. sitting v-i'i. i iMi.-i. Russell el tin
Urns "
Then h*- atis.k?*?! ti??- Distrlcl Ittw
noy ? ?narf an<i ti.e groad ury, esylng:
"Why, ?? lot ?>f -caaes i ????<ii<i sav? ?*."!
\s?!?t-iiii I ?l?tri' t Ati?,r n? ? I ?'?
i. ? ? loi ? theli doty la seme oaea
th? i?fu??..i t?> subpfsaa sitaesseg
others i si used t?> It! m?* ??> ? m
Hflhlavils t.? I.Ti^.l, m) lil'Ml.l.l V
Tsks ih? Abrshsll esas i bad." ?on
tniiie.i i.,v.- 'riifir the tsslstsnt Dig
ii?,! \tii?iri??v i.,<?k a mlsdemesnoi ?a.?
bofora th?. grand lur) Why <i?d ho ?i?
It e\> e\>t to ha?** It thrOWn nut.''
Pinned down hs sai.i the ?luv in sues
no,-i vv.i- lugum tl ln??t. and flint In
thought Mr Elllssn ?m. the Asslstsai
District At torne) ?he hs?i la mind, it
thts Ii?? vva?i mistaken, for \?i. ?XUlsOI
saver pioaerutod a gambliag ..is?-, an'
toalstsnl District kttorne) Kmbree, wir
had charg? <>r ths grand Jury tt.at .1..?
did nut reeall IN 'Ufe
Boasted Both wer? "Fixad."
Ths original pagers, Mi Embra? sai?;
?at??., i.?- bad fout.?!, and ?m them, ?n
doreed by Magistrate Appleton. ??ffei
the heerlng la the poli?-?? eonrt, ?h*. th.
Tue frequenters of this iAbrahaH'e)
place openl) i?o:?it thai no barm ?an
rama le ?h-oii lieesuss i-oth Ft??? k?-r gad
Poye have i?-?>-n "flg?sd
Tlia attach on Mr ?'ini.in ? ame etben
. Poye Wgg aak'-d if M did ii"i kimvv of
i p< II?eni??ri wh?> threw ?aunt out of eourt
l?v 'fOTfOtttog" When the trial .lav vva?
reached He eald i.*- ha?i not, bal N
I had been appicashed to "threw a ?sue."
Hv whom" ashed Mr, Huckn?r.
? In the ?hsiiman of this ?ommltiee,
I Mr. ? 'hi tan."
1 'oye then ?lea. rihed tin? <-aae, and
wIkii in-k'il inline it happen? ?I, a:i!?| in
the 1'ilmlnnl ?ourt?. Ballifllng, on April
I 4 Ian? In answer to Mi Buchaer he
! .-?aid
ii.- .Mi < man] a?ke.i me h. eaate to
me .-""i t?ii?i m<- they were friends ?if IiIm
and (?aid ?r i puahed that ?ase <i..wii thera
thai tin m?.!? ?would loss big licence, ami
he vviii? a fti?-n?l of hi? SOd he riiil not
wiiiit I" nee him lose I,.? Uquor license."
W'liHt ?lid he offi'i? von'"'
"HS ?lui not offer nie an?thing, hut he
lo'il in?? If I did not ?In it he had l.iou
| tenant M<?< ker tlxed and that he woul.l
j Lav?- me mod. Becher ?m in eoort, end
i 1 vvi lit over ,in?l <!uk hlin up, an?l then |
| went I?. Mr. Sinlflt. the AsglStaitt Ulatrl? t
\ Attorney, end ' toi?i him i wa? going t??
, push the eass ta tlie limit. ?
r?ld um t?H Mr. Smith that Aid? rni.?n
?unan ha?l t?ie?i to Ret *.ou t?, pu|| ?ff
fioin the caos?"
I ?lid not U 1! Smith th.it, no, hut I
t.. ?i Ueutenani ??Socher."
And linket wan lti??en?e.!, the game ;i,
you wer??'"
Why, certainly. He.-ker r*aid to in.?
'<;.. ai.ea.i. and let bim fix von.' "
"Yon were Hnallv redu??e?l from a plain
clotheg man. Tou do not onderataad that
?.v..? tlirmigh th<- llifluene,. ,,( \ Idt-rmau
? "ill?III''"
I ke?>? It was not through the Inflw
0000 of Alderman ?'urran. It win through
ii.v oars wiah."
Mi. 'hi ran Interpos?e] nt Ihla point to
sav :
This Is the first time 1 have mver ateo
this man. and the only tim?? 1 ever saw
l.i."?tenant Meeker was when lie was on
trial for murder, one afternoon In the
courtroom. 1 never heard about this sa?
loon until three days ago. when 1 was told
there ?was a BQCrel meeting of policemen
on the second floor of Smith's saldon, at
the southeast rorner of -'?th street and
Sixth avenue.''
"That aln t where Smith's saloon is,"
Interrupted Psyo.
".Vow. officer, you will wait until 1 have
finished." continued Mr. curran. "Wher?
ever Smith's saloon Is. I don't know-that
was the only time I heard of a saloon run
by an? body nOljasd Smith. ? ?f ?ourse, all
?liar the officer sa? s might as Well M
lifted bodily from tlrhnms's Kali y Tab?
or Andsrsen'a Pelry Tales, it is new to
me. It Ik OStmasaly Interesting -almost
as interesting as ?tat?mente that were
made some time ago as to sidewalk staiul?
in my district. .\s roceutl] m lesl Pr|day
detectives. I learn???! on reliable authority,
have been bOOS)'?-ombing mv district, f?.>r
srhal purpose I don'.t know, except that
?me of them later ?leered a statidkeeper
for almost two hours, threatening him
with various kinds of punishment unies
he WOUM tell this d?SteCttVe he liad of?
fered t,. civ? Alderman ?'unan money for
1,1. license. Th.- standkeeper stood pat.
despite the tbrssts, and loM the truth,
and said it ha?l BSVer happened "
Mr. Curran ended by saying the police
investigation would eont'nne, regar?llcss
Of attempts to stop H
Crowd Aids Mother in Bold
Dash fer Automobile.
t IK Telenrapli 10 The T, ih'ir? I
Ltakewood, Si. J., .Ian. 15.-Mrs. Har?
vey M. Hcavnor, of N'ew York, acting
i upon the a<lvlc<? of her ? ?iiiisel. Wil?
fred K JeynO. OSllOd her five-year-old
boy and rushed out of the courtroom
? tonight.
Mrs lleavnor is the divorce?! wife of
Harvey M Heavnor, a New York real
I estate brohsr. The hoy was left in
I her keeping, although Mr Heavnor is
i the local custodian. In I?e< ember the
? blld'S mint. Mrs. Mary Nixon, i^ok
j linn ostsnslbl) i<? visit the father.
IMrs Hsevaor traced Mrs. Nbtoa to
Lekewood? irhem sh?- was rsgiatered
|i th" Beaton Inn? end swore out a
Warrant for Mis. Nixon.? BTTSSt 00 a
? harge of kidnapping.
The fattier .am?- dOWB for the hear
Ing to-night. Jayne stated that Mrs.
Hi tvttor would withdraw the charge,
and said further that he had advised
1,1s ? llsnl t?, take the ?luid and walk
out of the courtroom, es there was
nothing ?n law- which COU Id prevent 1er
ffom ?loliig so
\? ):?? Bnlehed speehlng, Mrs Hsnv?
i "i ?ei/?,1 the bo) end stsrted fot- the
flOOl Mr ll?-avn'ir Stepped In front
end tried to stop her? bul near!- ? erj
on?* in the courtroom rushed to her
assistai).?- In the struggle Mrs Mes?.
nor managed to get out Into a WBlUng
sutomohlls m which she drove off at
full speed with, th- child
Canadian Company to Operate
New Haven's Steamship?.
i n? Telesmpfc '?- The ?1 ibi.n? i
i-- ?ion Jan II A Canadian rornnrsiloa
t,. Sp?rste t),- ttasmship une? no? o.*ne?l
! ,,, .-ont, oiled b) Ho* N?*w Hsveii Hallroad
, 1- lbs plan for complying Will ,!,?? lOW
I forbidding railroads to owi iteamehlp
I.ne?. !t was stated t.,-d_\
This orp?rstlon la th? i:-,- o .?. Yar
Iteamshlp csmpsi I ed, <?f
Moi ? >?.?.. and .i >ss just taker ov*i tii?
?,.?* louth division f the Bsstem BteaaB?
Corporation Six months ag? M was
the Doodnlon Atlantic Line, with three
un? et m mers In competition wltl the
Rastern steamship rompan?.'a '"tfrjif
' onsl divlstsu.
On leptember : ihe Esslern -teaiMMp
pai I that H na,! acquired
rue Dominios Atlant!? Lim Iietweoii Bes?
I ton and fsrtno .t1- Th notice wa? ?igne.t
lb) ai ii Tsylgi psssengei trsfllc man?
Plei If N'l.iii Mix?; Meo Voik,"
lau.) o? i ii Cudworth, lenersl pasaon?
Iget ageai in.ha Wharf, Boston." This
i gave the New i lasen- Bestem Steamship
I Intereote a complet? pasesngei and freight
I monopol] i" Southern \"\a s>oti? and
! Kes i;. m,a? i? i*, dam I ??? Bastos ?
Msine snd the Maine Central railroads
.,,.nti oil.-.I n> ihe .New lia eu.
There wss greet s rprim when tie Bos?
ton _ VTsrmoutii Bteamehlp Company
cams Into prominence .- lb? owder of
. farmouth line This Canadian esm
peny*s cimulei **? ?.._n.-,i i>\ <? 11. t??v
1..I psaasages tram? smnanr Morth
Itlvsr, Sam voik ' and i ii ? udwsrih*
?i,l a M lut ' Boston '
Head of Biograph Co. Testifies
Before Special Examiner.
Heur*, N Marvla, vlee?pm8ldea( of the
I Bktgmpfa ' ompany, was ?? wttasm res?
? terdsy In the besiise i"-gun At the Motel
1 m? Alpin before Ipectsl Basmlaer Edward
Hacksi In the case brought b) the *?>?.
ernmenl egalhal ti,?- Motion picture Pst?
enta Compon] f", allege)i violations ,,f
I the ?hermas las The witness testified
! t h-1 the Pat?ate compon) >?-.,s orgaalasd
in HM aft?',- a ?.-?lea of cohferenceo be
I tweon various competing film con
and said that H was not intend.?,1 to stop
competition, but to prevent legal troubles
whl, I.in. up a? the result of patent
Me said two agreeme8tS WegS entered
into between the Motion Picture Patents
1 ompiiii.? and the ne\ eral companies, which
formed It one was an agi-eement where?
by each eompanv assigned Its patents to
the Patents company, th?- other was an
agrssmetti by which the Patents <-om
pany Ueeneed t<> the other compeales the
patents whl? h It control!,,1.
Mr. Marvin admitted that the Pate.its
compon) had ?ni.red into an agrssmsnt
with th?- Edison company, which n had
previously fought, "it was ,, commercial
warfare. ?,i?1 W8 Aid all W8 COUM to hurt
the other man's patent, he t> ?tilled, "but
we saw no reason far continuing the at?
tack after ihe Patents COmpCP) SSd the
Hdteon compaa) lelasd forcee."
Il developed also that the Patents ?om?
pany had entei-,,1 Into an agreement lo
purchase Alms from the Beotmen oem
pany. Mr. Marvin's ex?mliuitl?>n will he
resumed tn-,ia?..
Mrs. Ruhlin to Head Cavalry
Women Into Washington.
I Krem The Tribune Uurea?i. I
Washington. .Ian 15 A troop of cavalry
women, headed by Mrs. "(?us" Kuhltn, of
Brooklyn, will ri?le from New York to
Washington lo particip?t?, in the "petti
eeal ps?esnt" the afternoon before in.
auRiii Kilon day. The troop will follow a
different loute from thai mapped OUI b\
"Oeneral" Rosalie Janes, ?>f *Albany?or?
bust" fame, who intends t,, descend on
the national capital with several luin
dre?l would-be voters
It was announced tO-dsy thai there will
be more than ten thousMid woman m line
It is hoped that thenf will us twenty
isand marchers.
Harrison Moves to Make It
Law at This Session.
. [From The Tribune Bureau I
Washington. Jan. |& -Representative
?Wanda Burton Harrison took steps
to-day to press the enactment at this
session of ?'ongress of a federal anti
nsr? otie law, which would place a lmn
on the truffle in opium, cocaine and
similar drugs. Certain interests ob?
jected to such hasty action, hut Mr.
Harrison gave notice at a hearing to?
day that all briefs ?-on? crning the bill
must l.r in the hands of the sub-com?
mittee of the Ways and Means <'<>m
mitteo ?.ne week from to-day.
Representatives of druggists and
i)iantira<-turiiip chemists weir? at the
hearing. All tlcclar?*Ml In favor of the
general legislation, but objections mi
practical grounils were raised by Frank
French??, of ?'?ncinnati. lepresentinK
the retail druggists. I.r. William C.
Woodward. representative of UM
AlWOrteW Medical Asso.iation, oppose?!
the 1;ill on the ground that it would
impose a tax of $l.00i>,?>'?0 upon the
pli? sicinns of the United States.
The bill would provide that on and
I nft?*r Juiy 1 next persons handling
opium, morphia. OOOOg leaves, cocaine
I and the like should r?sister with the
Collector of Internal Revenue of their
district, and would fix an annual tax
I i.f ?*.."? for retailers, which includes
I physicians, and ?flCJO for importers, ex?
porters, manufacturers, Jobbers and
! wholesalers.
Several Waiters Carried Out by
i Police?Diners Not Disturbed.
A fire which started it. a chimney flue
I on the seVOBth floor of the building occu
! plod by Louis Martin, on Broadway, he
IWeen WSt an?l 4-<t streets. ?l.?l about ?2."0
I ?larnsg?' last night and ?alined a lot of
I ex? itement while n lasted. At l??ast a
| ?io/.eii piece* of the tlglitina apparatus
were ?ailed out. and firemen and police?
men saaiatad abool the pia<e Nono was
I lajorad
The eeventh fl?>?-?i is occupied by the
kir?-hen an?! the wallers quarters. About
11 s'dOCt '?ne of the waiters saw smoke
issuing fiom the zinc chimney plec?-, fol
lOWOd !?> a small ??muiie of flame. Two
bOUM defectives tried to extinguish the
?Maas With hand apparatus, hut. flnding
this v.ould BOt do, sent in a call for the
Bis engines.
With the arrival of the firemen and ihe
police fr'iu the West 37th street station
the Hie was <(tii? klv SXtlBgUlShsdl
.:..! ?if the waiters were taker, ?lown the
II: e eaci.pe l?y Patrolman ColMB, of tin*
West ..'til Street station. None Of the
difiera on the first floor was disturbed, as
tit? breasen were taken t?. the gevente
door on the l.vaf.f ?
The Denver Goes to Acapulco to
Guard American Interests.
| Wnsl inKtoTi, Jan. If? ?The cruiser Den?
ver ?as ordered to-day to procoeo from
San Diego, CaL, to Acapulco. only to
(guard .* ?ainsi attacks from rabela at
'that point In the, event that American
?interesta are placed In ?ai.ner. It wfh
tak? tiit* Depver about five da>s to r*a?:h
Acapulco, bat there is not much concern
?i to the safety of Americans.
There aro only about tlfty Americans
at Acapulco, although there are prop m Ig
latareets ?.f cltlseng within s radius of
;oo miles.
Th?> Meatcan emba-sey confirms the be?
lief ?if the State ?Department that ?he
situation at Acapulc?? In not serious.
Crippled Freighter Makes Port
with Jury Rudder.
itai-f.?x. \ s. No H The clippie?!
freight.-! kbeselnle, ot the Mt?uaharg?
Aamrtces Une. ."ariousty reparut adnft
Hfui ti t'?w iittni braahing her rudder aad
graakahafl at a a and (Or which ?auch
ansiet) vv...? felt, ?ame into Halifax llai
I...I- ti.-?la*> under her ov.ii steam, steer???!
I i .? |ur) ruddei . .r?*?,.-?: ..?< by her ,n"*
s..e tioi been in tow of ths Whits s?m
?freighter Armealaa, but after hair a
?la? 'S hard milling the t?.w Hue paited.
and tbS vess? ll ?Ir?f'e.l apart.
The crea then set to work at ? make
i- ? ruddei ami wer- al?!?' t" construit
..ne permitting of sloa progress to Hall
fa \ The accident t.? the crankshaft and
stttering near occurred in the -gorm or
Januar) ;\
You save a third
i on these shirts.
i M'f'r's surplus slocks
& Januar?, reductions
Bates St. Shirts
ki'tulsrlv SMiO
Short .tiff I????.?ni.
and negllger? pleal -
eU ?ti?! plain in ?hi?
.ea.iiu'? bent color??.
(Two remarkable purchases '.-i sa>ed!
iNcjcIij?ee Shirts, 65c; rcgulsrlv $1.00
Stiff bosom Shirts, 85c; " $1.50
In the best colors, cuffs attached.
as you desire
S?? as to meet y,uir
exact requirement..
The light eat, sirtest
offices in New
York. No tall
buildings are near.
Aeolian Hall
Choice of North,
South, F.ast or Vest
side of building.
West 42nd Street
bet. 5th and 6th Avet.
An office building
of character, and
most advantageous
ly centered. Rent?
ing agents on prem
Pease & Ellirnan
840 Mad. A TO. Tel. 6?00 Brvant
Shts? (?onipanij
Trustee for Personal Trusts
Fifth Avenue Si J6th Street
New York
R. Altroin It Co.
Chairmso Fir?! National Rank
Prt?. Bank of lb? Manhattan ? ,o
V? hue A Csae. Attorney*
Pre?. L'nited Dry Good?Cnmp?n;<?
P. DAV15W3N.
J. P. Morgan A Co., Ranker*
Building Co-atruction
Chairmsn, L'. 8. Steel Corporenoa
Prca. Firat National Bank
J. T. Morgan A Co.. Hanker.
Real Eatate
Ulsir _: Co., Bsnkcra
Pre*. Chemical Nat ?on?! Bank
Prca. M?chame? ?f Metala Nat. Bask
Prea. Mutual Life Insuraocs Co,
Vice- Pre?. Banker? Tnaat Co.
J. P. Mor|an A Co.. Banker?
Prea. Liberty National Baal*
Rock I ?lead Syetam
Real Estate
V ,.e Pr?..d?n?
Vice-Pre?. Banker* True! Co.
Vie?. Pre?. Tiffany A Co
Pre?. American Tel. A T?l. Ce.
Pro. ChsM Nsi.ooal Beak
Vice- I'rendenl
Interest Paid on
Daily Balances
A Belmont "Notch"
collar in white striped
Madras. It's an
15c, 2 tor 2bc. Cluett. Pearly A Co.
A Kcadv-Made Selling Force
If you want to sell goods in
New York City you need New
York City circulation for your
advertising?the kind that covers
all the commercial city or any
distinct part of it you may de?
This kind of circulation belongs
peculiarly to the New York City
Sutiace Cars, because they pene?
trate every section?meeting all
water and land approaches from
the suburbs and the great world
Over 1,800.000 people travel
daily in the New York City Sur?
face Cars?most of them living in
or near the shopping centres, and
shopping here every day. as also
do hundreds of thousands of vis?
itors who come to town daily.
This furnishes an enormous
home market for the discriminat?
ing advertiser of food products,
articles of wearing apparel or
anything for household use. Cards
in the New York City Surface
Cars have built up many individ
ual fortunes.
If interested we would like to'
go into details.
We have the exclusive control of
all the advertising space in all the
New York City Surface Cars
fifth Ave. and River?
side Buses
St mltf thi ( un Is?
II 'c Have a Stuntlurd
New York City Car
Advertising Company
225 Fifth Avenue
Tel. 4680 Madison.
\l>\ l.K? I.-?KMI'.NTS \\l> ?1 RSi RII'TION'?
far The Tribuna r-*.?-i> **.! >*? their i pio??
?im,r. Ne, n?u Breauftsray, h*?n*eeti Ri>,i> ?p/'
.".Til, ?t?,.. until ? ..,!,???. p m. A4?ai_e_
,nenta i?"?i\?,i at ?ii* *<>iiu??ii,s branch otitct*
at if?ulai vetet tititl'. 8 o'.Io.k i? _*??? ?'*?'
? oar. |3d SI . IM <"-h 9t9H
?i4 Bui i4?h ?' i*?T West ?
-.'?4 Ht h av??
,..,. latti ?i
l.,.*?th ?t
.??Ulli ?t..
I, an.! Slli ?set . SCI *"?*?*
- at ave-, mat
10.15 3d a*"* ; 1708 let
.7 East 12Mh at.

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