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Mayor in Speech to Knights of
Columbus Asserts There's
No Police Graft.
Declares He Has Risked Health
in Seeking Solution of Wa?
terfront Problems, With?
out Reporters' Aid.
Mayor Qayaar talked t.. Knight? .?-, ? ?>
ia last night at the headt-uart?..- of
the New Amsterdam Council, No. Ml
West ? '.t!. street. These wer?? fourth-d?-*?
Knighta to whom William 0'?9haugh
? MUted the Mayor as "the man
vv'.o holds a ?position second only t.? that
..f the PresMeat of the i'nited States."
The Mayors suhjret was The- DifTk-ultl. s
, ? Molding Office."
Tno Mayor declared there are people In I
all communities, and more than s fair
? in New York, who nv COITUpt and
do nut want food government.
-XM "? them," he said, ".?:?? ?people of
?wealth, wi'i. .an own naarspapai
Writs you up or write ><?u down
?Ifiiiy. At least, they think they can. I
betters they cam. i bslleve s ?sen
is wi:;tt be makee himself."
Mayor declared It t?> be t ..-? la
?? Of many to liave bad government:
? r:??R srs.mada bj ?bad -'-v
ernment Some people, I, I n??t
want cocui government or successful gOV
inics they could themselves ac*
? "iri|t!isli it.
?. ? -? ? Bald, "will hav??
.it a long til;;.' for ;)ie pe??|ile hav
? ominen libeller t?>
high executive orti ? ."
- ? .- ? ? | r.; t ? ..?n.
fronted him the Mayor nld:
"M> own future and mjrself I I I
? o- botbei about While I sm M.nor
I want to he my own Mayer. 1 haven't
the inside ol . ipei ? > til ? ?
I have hem Mayor. That hurt s?nn<? r,f
their feelings. They think I should c??nie
tad ask what the* want in?- to
with regard t" police matten Im
??-?covered the extraordinary fact
that ??nie poUcemen took grafl Thai
alarms me. Don't ! know that"
crafting for yeais. B
? ? . .
? ? u.. r on : , |., . force
ist years w??? corrupt an?i wee ??.it
nullionair. I T? ? . ?got ' of It
? ? ?? much to-day.
"They found a n who
I grafl They found '. IJeutrenanl <<f
\ olice who ?ceins to have been one of the
ti-oat"st crim?nala of the a?e. Bui Iktw
? ii?! others si ?? found
to be dlshon-Mt? Ta?day n?-? promotion la
la? d dlahoi * i not on?? ?loiiar
is collai tc] aa trth it? ??from the
"It's S.pp the Blood Now." t
,. ? lar? d thai .r.? ?.ne w ho
ed office ;.*i?i Bttempted t?? run a
?wlt'.O'lt f'at or f.tv.t.
. fu? nils * - s bound to inert with
lion and abuse.
. ? ?k f? you to-night,"
t .-'?i." thtag? Hint w.
? :?? ????t. t want to
think.- i.ut ?<;>p' the Blood
Now it'a Sipi' the Blood,' i
ev II and I
?mat?- ring
, ? ople'a
i get so full ?of i I ecta unie
they | >Ul tl.? in. '
Tit.- ?Uioh office
... vn as the
orough i" '
???"?;?i no)
wanted the rlty
tO I "? this
..?,-.. ai " ? ?rare the rim*
? j ..'. ti.?* world ?
??Vising ?-.f a new plan.
'.? ? ? mph tad, 1
and planning "And
% -ill that tiuie,-" he s#i<i, " ' w ? ?
"Hing out the ?Ity |o
I.- 'ii. Mein ont ?and thr
I ? g? t any mon?
? the others, the ?Controller
.. ....... otad for ti ?
. Then they w? m eertooned
with ?ball and chain Th? wt ? treated
. I i :i 1 bet
Few Killed on "Death Avenue"
The Mayor then spoke ..f ?h<- eruaad?
to have track? removed fron Eleventh
ni Twelfth avenuea, and ?aid he i?;??l
found vvl.? n l"'?klnK UP statistics- thai
?Death av? nt a" ?really had i-eaa deaths <?n
1er avenu?- With a railroad
??utlining tbe work of planning for the
,val of these tracks and their re
placemeni hy ?an elevated structure, the
.., .i that before tbe inii he fa?
;.,, -, i M.? Leglslatnw a "dema?
, - pwg ? calling for ?the removal of
. tract?, by s certain ?late, was intro
,\. declarad that i?e??i,ie. bow?
Urs "f UsteninK to demagogues <?f
vting af t? r them.'' as "they dont find
their heels any pleasanter to coiilemplato
than their ?tacas.*'
Mayor said there were som<* "mal
;ts"" m tin? ?ity government and
thought tin-m-civ? s ?pious when
as a matter of fact they were only
ii? darall at length on what
he said had tuen ?lone in the devlop
m?r.t of plana for the improv?ment ?if
tii?- watarfroat aad tha' be tot-anded to
fa t?, Washington to obtain the consent
??f Secretary of war BUmseii to larger
In the Hudson
Prison Keepers of the City En?
joy "Recognition Dinner."
third annual "recognition dinner"
given by Bishop Ofoor. ??f the diocese
oi Sen fork, to the prison keepers <??
the City of New York tool: plat e last
night Ig the Hotel St Oenis with ahout
seventy guests, among ttiem many ? ler
Much spiritual work that Is being done
Ig the several ?ity prisons is under the
ausfii(?;s of the New York PrOteatgOl
opal ?*ity Mlaatoa. Th?. origin <>i
these dinners wan due to the fact that
SO public recognition reward?-.! the good
It 'a i. of the dinner* him,op In.
David II. CJreer lias been the principa!
Speaker. The BjaeStS of honor Issl night
asre the official heads of the depart
n.ent of ? ?n r? ? t ion, of the ? ,tv Prison
and the Harta (aland Iteforniatorv.
Among the spseksrs wsrs Mr. Moore,
?uperlntendent of the New York ('Hv
?'?foimatory on Hart'a Island, and Mr.
' asney, who responded to the toast for
Hi? keepers, of whom he Is one.
Pilgrims Regret Loss of Promi?
nent Member.
The executive oommtttes ,. the pii
grim_J of the United States adopted the
following minute in memory >,f White?
lew Rrid at Its last meeting:
The Pilgrims ?f the t'nlted State? have
heard with the naoet profound regret and
sorrow of ti,,. gaajh at his post of duty
?n London of our justly cflehrated Am
bssssdor, the Hon. Whltalaw Reld, who
Hi his exalted station ha.j don- BO much
to strengthen the bonds of friendship
between Great Britain ??n,i the United
Prominently Identified with our society
on loth sides of the water from its
foundation and warmly devoted to it?
high Bims and objects, ids selection to till
! the olflc, of Ambassador from one people
to the other was a natural and happy one
ami his qusllflcstloas for the perform?
SUCO of ils important duties were the
r?.suit.? of lifelong training in Journalism,
in lit rature and in public service.
His life fmni beginning to end, wherein
at every step be developed in ever in
creastng measure adequate* powers, high
ambition and nev r fsillnj tenacity ot
purpose, was a typiCSlly American one,
whi, h could hardly hav,- been a'hieved in
any other country.
l'"tom the struggles of his early man?
hood through every step upward in repu?
tation and SUC es? I,,- proved equal to
the duties Imposed in,,on liim Hnd to the
Important offlices he was called to nil, in
?ach "f which he dtsplsysd an unfailing
Oddity and Self?deVOtton rarely sur?
His in.- ares crowned with happiness
and honors and his death ?ailed forth
universal tributes of praise and apprecia?
tion. The splendid obsequies which fol
low.-d It m Westminster Abbey and the
Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New
York ma; ifested the admiration and
grstttOde of two great nations for faithful
sei v ?, ? rend red to both.
We extend t>> Mrs. Held and to his
bereaved family our sinceres! sympsthy
: 'in with our brothef Pilgrims acr".?"
th,' wat? r In doing honor to his memory
and his character.
The minute is signed i, the members
of the committee sa follows: Joseph \\.
ste, Nicholas Murray Butler, Bam?
uei \v. Fairchlld, R. a. C. smith. Law?
!? nee I. Glllespls, George Wllllsm Bur?
lelgb -'Mid I lef.rge T. Wil?. 1,
Eighteen, Found Deficient, Are
Dropped from West Point.
? 11 a ,"?? i
Newburg N. v.. Jan. la The eeml?
annual examination Jusi completed at the
Weat Point Militan Academy has ir?-?ii
? ? lard on?. f?r the fourth cISBI cadets.
who have found the mathematical prob?
lems difficult, a few members of the
third , failed ?n the same ktUd]
Those "f the thi d ?:.,?? who bave ut?
terly foiled and ai'- oui of th" service on
account "i inability to keep the pane In?
elude Cadets guddath. <?f Georgia; Unser,
"f Ohio; R C Van V?'.'t. of New Jersey.
and Winfield, of Virginie. Prom the
fourth ?las?: ladet? J M Abernathv, ,.f
Tennessee ; L J Bsrrett, of Arkansa?.
Creedon, ot Main', Edsrsrds, of New
I Mexico; Gslloups, "f Msssschuaetta;
I Parpar, of New York: ? m ?Harria of
I Louisiana; Hartley, of Illinois: lla-kin .
of Vermont; McGrsw, ??f North Dshotsi
Mooi?. of Penne jrlvsnla; itHdfor?!. ?,f
Kestucky; Twombly, of Indlsns, and v.
II Watson, of Kentucky
d elsss men turned back to .loin the
rlaes of '17 Include Cadets Hlankenshlp.
,i Georgia; WorehSm, <f Indiana; ' BTr,
?liana, and Stre.t. of Mississippi
These cadets win return seal year, wh-n
thi 17 class i steri tbe thud pata ours?
Progressives Honor Their Only
Congressman-Elect in City.
Members of I i Mstional Progressiv*
the 18th <'on*cree? District nave
a diime. I . ? m th' Hotel Mm
?? ill. r<,r Walter i Chandler, the only
progn b Coi ? andldste In
grestei Nos? fort who won in the last
tton Man-, women weir present
ti Hud o Progressiv! i Hub bad
charge Of th.- affair John J. <>'?'onn?l).
? i i Armstrong. Ir., Timothy i
Woodruff. Balnbrldge Colby, Pranda W
Hod. Andrew I Murr,,:. William llal
?,?., |;,? .-.,,1 T O'LoUghlln, Hugh <J"r
doi, Miller. Theodore i ?. Robinson, Ham?
ilton ifsh. William u?iit Mill*. Control?
1er William a Prendsrgasl and Philip
i: iitllon arare the apeakers.
Mr WOOdruS rai'l I"- WSS MCdSd m
Brooklyn, Lut that the Progressive party
mi .Manhattan was in no need of OUtSldS,
assistance Ha said he and Controller
) PrendergSSt broke their Itineraiy in or?
der to pay Mr. (handler a compliment.
I am sin?' from what I have known of
Mr. Cbandlsr that h?' will bring credit
Upon himself Hnd upon th?. nation.'' he
Ti,?- Controller declarad ?be Progr?s?
give DSrty bad always welcomed the
women ?,f the nation and that it would
no! ),?? long before both the other partie?
would arelOOmS them as well
"If tl,?- people Knew as much about Mr.
Wilson before the election ns they do
now, after Studying the views he has
egpreesed." the Controller said, "the re
Bull of the flection would have been dif?
ferent. To-day business is affrighted by
what Th, New York Times' has alluded
to ns the unreasoned utterances of the
President-elect of this country."
Kric admleelas i" tbe Amerleaa Mu???un, ?,f
Katural History sod ihe MeuseeHtas Mu?
si m nt Ail.
Auti.mot.il?- nlvss, MaSleea Sfiuare. ?"larden and
>.. m Oraal central Patace
i.. ? m ,,n "The Prevention of DiMBieej
Il<ju-el.?'l'l sanitation.' NO '? Wert '-'?'l
street, I JO i n
DlBBei of t'a- II..Hand So, ietj. Waldorf A?to
: p m
Mtettna of UM l'au,?ht*r? of Ihe Bni'drt Stat?.
Waldorf Astoria, s |, ?n
Illustrated lecture ??> C, J. liisnciiar.i on "The
Wlaalaa at the Weet,' Caiiwtto Club of ti>?
< itv m Htm form. Ho, i-"" Clntial r-i-k
Souah, s ?.,, |, m
gat, i ia,nn,ent an I ,??, ? [.Hon .,f the Norlh Side
Keyubllcan Club, ,'W?i A???'ni,,!\ Metli t.
M<-Kinl? ?? Suuar?-. i'a"lr,o, evening
Public leciurse "? the Board ef M motion, S:1S
p ,n Manhattan: P?lale tu-hool i!", 4W
puen. eeM at Third ivmu?. '?Son? in <??,
man I.lie. frier \s . |,vk.,,,a; Public School
;?-; No. ?i* \\e?t ->?tn street, "ShsBBeaesri'i
'Hamlet.'," gindeilcS pauiuing; Public
School W laAtii ?ireet and si .S'lrhola? ave
j..,,. i,.. i.ifr Career MoUva in K.iucaiio,..
Meyer BlooSfleldi Public School M. N?>. -1-8
KaKl .'?"lb ?tree!, "Among th?- ClBBlhsll at
:?'. I'pper I'oBgQ," Dr ?iabrlel Keed Ma
uulie Publie School Sg Heiler and Ka*e?
?tre'-ie "<,,? the and Komanikdun," Dr.
, lail,? I Ihr?,,'. Pul,He School ISO, ISSth
??reel ?*"?l of Klflh avenue. "tea Ml?e
,al,l?H." Ml*? Story I'help?. Public Hchool 1 111,
ISSd ?'.reel ea?l of nigBlh avenue, "Am*
ti,. A i ??entina,' Dr Heorge R. Van 1st
Water. Publie BebOOl 188, lUBth ?lre?t. weal
,,f AniaterdHin avenue, "Mexican War of in
?I?-|,?,n,l?-ie .-." I'i l??,nald K. Smith; Institute
Hall NO ?gin l-i"t KMilh Street, ?The North
?cot end th<- pacts, Ceeaj i>r Urorg
Donaldson; Lahor Tenple. Mih ?ire.-? sal
Second laveinie. Tt,e Panama ?anal." I?r.
Peler MacQueen; I'uhllr Library. No I l?
Reel With atreet. "Count l>-<> Tolstoy." Dr.
.lohn H Itandall. 8t. lAiWen Hall, lludaon
and ?.'rove atreet?. Mual? of the Nineteenth
Ceattiry." Mr?. Eleanor H,*per ?.'orjeit. |
Give Informal Reception
Cruiser for City Hostesses,
Ship Which Brought Home Bo
of Whitelaw Reid May Join
Squadron at Chatham.
The officers of tin* British crui
Natal, which brought the ?body of Wh!
law tieii to this country, gave an
f? nnal reception on the afterdeck
their ship yesterday afternoon t?.
farewell to their manv hostesses In
The Natal will sail this morning fit
o'clock for England with two thons?
tons of coal aboard, a new coat of pal
S new ship h boat ??n the starboard s
amldehlaa in the pines >.r ?tbs ?me i
ov.rh.'ai?! In a Kale on the voyage 0v
arid a new topmast to replace the
on?- which followed the boat over I
ln thrir three weeks, lacking on- dl
"f SOJOUrn In the North River the offlc,
and men of the Natal have enjoy e?l to t
full th.? hospitality of th. ? ity. They <
pressed tbemeMves yesterday- as m
appreciative of their re.-eptlon her?-. T
men have had Shore leav.t ?very ?I;
and both officers and men fee| the nc
of the bracing ocean air and of a f?
days of the restful routine of a ship
rssterdSy'a party had to he n ptiv-f
affair hecuuse ,,f the ? miser s mlSSl
f?. th- CaltSd State?. Awnings ?arefn
acreened Hi.? resriritles from shore, t
darkened aftcrdech was .'ecoratcd ?wll
1,1 th? taut ere? t??i over It win, tin- si.n
?Sagg an?! ?-??lor-.i lights. The British a
Am? !? an Hags st???nl together at t
stei n
Th<* cruiser'? steamers wars kept bit
throughout :..?? ?sort] hair of th" st*-*
n "o living h.twee?, tbe Oraatte stat
fiOel and the ship with boat!..;.?! aft
Imatloed of styllehly gnwne.i women. ?
?Sorted bv a sprinkling of men in ?*ivill;
dr. ss Captain ?Clement ?".reat.?-ex Mo
at th" head >?f the ? ompaui??n lndd
greeting Ids guests as they cllmh
aboard Later the r?i?h hour was r
fr. the afternoon, Captain Greater.
"'?'?"I ?board ",e boat ,. cinTiiitt
from tbs national insti:ute nf so? ?
Sciences, which preeeated him with
medal and honorary membership In tl
institut., "fbis area in racegnltlen of ti
service rendered ii oonvejing ?from En
land to New y.irk the ?body ef Mr, Bel
? ?? amont* the grsl person?? non
nated for membership m the Nation
Inri tnt<* ?by the amaricen I i I -':
Association, of which hS WSS *. memh?
The committee consisted of ?'olopel He
?bell 1. Salterie??. .I??hn I-Y"|ey Ward ar
Or. Holhrook ?'ttrtls.
Th?- Nat*! will Ir. all prObabUlty J"
bar squadron at Chatham, though si
may i - it In at P'?rt?-mo.it k m?t?*a<t t*l
has not yet rc-elv??d Anal order? on th
Took Island as Pay and Rule
with Royal Customs.
I'., s? n. fun II Morro Adnm?. en?
un-. Tankee ?kipp.: later "UCng" i
fiwsn's i?isnd m v e Certbbeen lee, an
for the pas! fee years a'Connectlci
farmer, i*- deed at tbs Masas
<;eieral Hospital In thto dtj Mi Aduna
or The King." M he was b. st know ?
wps seventj years "id and leavea .. aril
,*.ni thres ? blldren on? ? ??? nttel m Hi<> a
Atom ? .dam w? bon In ?Sllswo t>
Me , of m ifaih ?-' i'."? ' v ' tareaty
three years sgo .. ?. ?ss?-i ?>t whi?h Im eu
.?pt..m wh ? liai lei ad I a ? ???
?air* a .?'?mmer?*!?! e\|?Ihmt. I" ?e?t?u
Caribbean Islands Ths reatun ?'
in Vdntns (ic?ept.??l for his pay I
to Swan':? Inland. OBS of th' gTOUP 0
which the eompany ha?! acquired t-.ssfe
r ?ne fankes sltliipei eatablished ?
small klpgdOm, hiking fi?- tills of Mm
?and t?.tro.ii? ing royel customa Hs ?da
veiope.l th?- kingdom commet ??tally, an?
in g few vrars had gmSSSSd a fortune
Thrre vrar? BgO he soil I's kingdom b
a ?level?.ptnent ????tnt-an-. "t.'I ?settled dowr
on .-. farm at B?a?stbampton, ?*onn.
29th District Organization Hu?
Feast in Clubhouse.
'Peoeums, beer steak, sriM .
v.nison ?ven the appetuing menu set be
fore th?- members <<t th.- nth Asssaabtj
oistibt BepubUcaa Club laat night. Th?
supariatendaats <?f th" elan, Thomas D
Hall, obtained Ulm 'pOQSamS and saw
that the) were cook? .1 just right and
served with appl? s in th?!r mouths al
TuaedO Hall. iu*-t across fron, th.* organ
!7.-ttt.'t? s i lubrooms. at 6!?th sttt.t Bad
Maiiison avenue
There wage ?shout Ihre? hundred mem
h?rs ?if the ?Lib present, including t;?.r
don Kimx Hell, the preshlent. who mini?
tbs OUly gpeeCh Of th.- evening that
touched on politics. Mr. Ball ?"Id that
the organization had been unhurt by the
defeat of the Kepub!l??an party.
others who made short talks were Will?
iam ?'hllvers. ?he Republican leader of
th.' district; Uoyd ?'. ?riscom. ?Howard
Conklln, MOlard Miller. Newhold M.irrls,
I Nicholas Moses, otto T. Hannard, Her?
bert Parsons, .lohn Henry Hainmoml,
Robert I'olks an?) Nlles R. Becker
Near the close of Hie feast, at the sug?
gestion of Mr Hell, the members StOOd
and drank a silent toast to the memory
of Whitelaw Reid. the late Ambassador
to the Court of Pt .tames.
Dives Off Naval Yacht Spray
Into Perilous Tide.
A number of visitors about to board th.?
naval yacht gpray, >n <nir.msn<l of li??;ir
Admiral W> 'i- C. Leutae, eoanmandant
of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, moored al
!?7tii street and th" North River, wer.
spectators of a thrilling rescue in whl ?h
Chief Boa'a'a Mate John K. Alines saved
the life of seven-year-old Cornelina
Kane of No Ml W'eat 98t!i street, who
had fallen overboard nnd was being < ar
ne.l out b.V '.he tide.
After n sharp s?menle bo:h rescuer and
resrued TVfre lift?*?, ante the pier an?!
taken te he engine room of the Spray
to he dried out. Dr. Tlpman, of the J.
Heed Wtighl H?>spltnl. f'.und that Hie
first aid api'lled by the crew of th? Hprav
was ec effectlv? that ether than to take
the boy t?? bis home In Hie atnbulanc,.
thet" was nothing for him to do.
? e
Melbourne, Jan. 16.-Professor I.owe,
South Australian astronomer, has discov?
ered a new oojnet.
Two Groups for Facade to Cost
$12,500 Each Approved.
The Municipal Art Commission has
paused favorably on two groups of statu?
ary for the Fifth avenue facade of the
Public Library. The pediment at the
southern end will form a setting for a
group entitled "The Arts," while the ped?
iment at the northern en?I will accommo?
date a group entitled "History." The fig?
ures Were executed by (?eorge Grey Bar?
nard, the sculptor, and the estimated cost
of eacn group Is placed at |l:'.V?i. Ap?
proval has already been secured from ths
Park Department and the Hoard of Ks
Other Important works of art were also
decided OB favorably at the same meet?
ing, including a portrait of the late Judge
Abner ?'. Thomas, which Is to be hung
In the motion room Of the Surrogates'
Conit, between the portraits of tin? late
Judge Daniel <i Rollins and the iate
Judge Frank T. Fitzgerald. Members of
the ha! of New York subscribed to s
fund to have the Thomas portrait plac-d
in the Hall of It? cords. It was painted
by H Seymour Thomas.
PSVOfSble action was taken on a foun?
tain for the Colonial Osfdsns at Van
I'ortlandt Park, the cost of whbh is to
he approximately ItStSSh The fountain
was presented by Mrs. Frederick F.
Thompson, of NO. tai Madison avenue,
through the lolonial Dames of the City
of New York, of which she is a member.
ThS fountain was designed by Allen ?fr
?olllns, of Boston.
Amundsen Promises C. C. N. Y.
Boys Christiania School Flag.
John II. Flnlcy, president of the College
of the City of New York, befor-- two
thousand high school and college bOJTS
gathered in the college's '?rest Hall, wel?
comed CaptalB Amundsen yesterday to
the hearts <>f Young America.
?[ coagrstulste him?" sai?i he. ' .,
e-n? of Odin ami of Thor. You remem?
ber, if yon asar knew, thai ths chief
struggle In the old Nor.??- mythology <>??
curred between the gods and the plants
"! the frost This BOS of OdtS and of
Thor has but Continued the victory of
those old Norse gods."
Henry ?'lews spoke, snd su- Ernest if.
Shacklr'on, SThOSS 'farthest south'' stood
until CaptBlD Amundsen discovered the
pol,- itself, repeated ins congrstulstloos,
thsnktng hli ssdlsnce In advanee for the
iplendld rsceptloa accorded to hlmaelt
And then Csptsls Amundsen addressed
the masting.
.lehn A ?'.ade. piesidcnt of the Scandi?
navian-American Society, announced that
Captain Amundsen would present t,, the
college, to i,?? hung Is tbe <;r. at Hall, the
flag ?>f his own alma mater, ? 'hrlstlanla
University. The postponement of this re?
ception from last Thursday evening, he
??ause ?'aptain Amuadeen arrived s ?lav
late, made it Impossible for IfsyOf OS
nor lo attend, a?? be had originally
And another feature had to SB glVSn
up the ?1|?..,;;,\ of colorad S?des picturing
the dash to th<- South I'ole Though the
i?i(c sudlsi '??? sal patiently for half ?n
ho'ir In the tvv llia-ht waiting for I1 . v c S s
to appear OH the sh-et, it was found lm
pooalbls is f" m t?o- Isntern properly
under the conditions.
M. H. Olynn, J. P. Mitchel and
D. F. Malone Honor Guests
Lieutenant Governor M?rtir, It Otvnn.
rlasa Of "?I. and -lohn Turrov Mitchel.
i ??-.,?.,"it ..r ihe Boar?! of Aldermen, snd
I?,idle?. yield Mal?n?- were jjuost?, of
i onor ?it 'he nnnusl banauet of th?? Ford
bum University Association, held al '
monlCO'l last nlghl More than three
hundred members were pr?s, nt
Tlmoth) Murray, tbe preeldent, a mem?
bar "f thi lass of MB, prealdad W th him
at the gu.st table, beeld? i tl e Lie it<
?;.,?..-,? ai.-nt Mitchel ;,nd Mr. Ma
,,.iie, mart st.mi. - i Qulnn, M; ti,? i;.
Thomas -i McCluihey, I i . presiden! of
Kordham I errritj and lohn ? ' m ?
? '?i.n
Among others presen! nrere Justice -i .1.
Bi adv. of the -, Court the Hev.
J n Parle] th? K-v m t Pttapatrtck;
i. f Haffen, J t Hsrrtngtos -i .1
Hi bi ?-. Bupi ? ms Co i ? lus) ce Hendrlck,
C, D Kline, g mt ns Lsmbi VPsrren
Leslie, Arthur McAleeses, ? C Miller,
president of The Broni Borough; I ?
Oenersl Mooney, General J B 0*Belrne?
former Bupreme ? ourt Juatloc Morgan J,
0*Brtes, i I, PrendergsBt, .1 B. Itegsa
and .) i. Waisi,
it i;. w arm t. nos i o-stsr aith Lsuia
Hop?- I r.ws In "Blackbirds," has been
placed under COOtrSCl by Main .? ?'amp
i,.i: and win spear In >? aan play follow?
ma: the completion of "Blsckbtrda" si the
Lj. nuil Thestre on Bsturdsj night. "The
rjtiosl Bresher" is the tttle ol the n<w
place, winch is i,y Paul Mckey and
Charlas Uoddard.
?The Honeymoon Bspreas" is n,e title
chosen for the new Winter QfUrdSB show,
in irhleh Ushy Deslya ami ai Joleon win
n.- the prlndpsl m? mbsrs The pieee i?
hv JOSSpb W. Ilirb.fi and Harold Atler
rldga, with music hy Jean Schwartz. The
Urs! performaacs win be given early in
i ehrusry.
Violet Dale will reappear In New York
vaudeville ,,n Mon?lay at I'roct'.r'a Fifth
Avenue Theatr?-, where ah.? will present
a caricature of Mme. Nazlmova called
"Belle Donna's Blaster."
"I.en Sauterelles." a play hy Kmlle
Pebre, win be the took of Miss sterling's
fourth Drama Morning ?t the Hotel St.
Regis, this morning.
A benefit for the Flower Hospital will
b, given at th- perfoirnan?-? of "Fanny's
First Play," at wiiiiam ?'oilier s Comedy
Theatre <>n Wednesday evening, January
Heats for "Somewhere BlSS," Ludera
HOpsmod fantasy, which Henry W. Sav?
age will produce at the Broadway The?
atre on Monda> night, will go on sale this
Nina Morgana, who will sing the part
of "The Firefly" In the operetta of that
name for the four S.bis: Wednesday
matinees, will BBM appear in the both
paiformases sf Iks pi?e at the casino
on Monday evening She will sing an
aria from ?Mireille." orvllle Harrold,
the tenor, will also sing on that occasion.
The 150th performance of "Fanny's First
Blay" at William < olller's i'oniedy The?
atre was observed last night with the
presentation of Jewel boaes lo the women
John K. Kellerd will Interrupt his run
of "iluinW't" OB Mon,lay night at thn
Harris Theatre to pCOdBOS bis delayed
prodOetJOB of Shakespeare's "The M, ??
chant ol Venice." Amelia Gardner will
he 1'ortlii: Brl8 Blind. Bassanio; Inward
Mackay. iiratiatu? Uordon Burby, Anto?
nio, and Mr. Kellerd. Shylock. ?
The Hundredth Man," the next pro?
duction by the National Federation of
Theatre i'lubs, will be presented on Mon
day night, February 10. The production
will be luperlntended by Victor Mapee
and Robert Drouet will head the caet.
Songs by a Women's Choir and
Francis Rogers.
Theie wer?' two concerts In .Kolian
Hall yesterday, at which there was con?
siderable exploitation <?f the American
oompossr. In the afternoon Mr. Francis
Rogers and Mr. Howard Brockvvay ap?
peared together in a recital, at which
Mr. Brockway played some of his piano?
forte pieces and Mr. Rogers, BSetdes a
group of songs by old and new masters -
Handel. Sarti. Brahms, Rubinstein. Sin
ding and (Jreig sang some of Mr. Br??? k
way's songs, and wound up with an old
Kronen, a Scottish and an Irish (or is
"Off to Philadelphia" only pseud?? Irish??
song am! a sentimental production by
'<'harles B. Hawley. In the evening a
?hoir of women's volces-the St. Cecilia
?Club, conducted by Mr. Victor Harris
gave a concert for the benefit of the
People's Symphony club, the programme
of which displayed a rather astonishing
array of American name? Q W. t'had
Wtett, Bruno Huhn, Kthelhert N?*v tn. R.
Huntington Woodman, Henry 1< Hailley,
Victor Harris, H. ?lough Leighter,
?'harles Gilbert Spoors an?! ?'harles ?'ad?
Here we have eleven American com?
posers and two occasions In one day on
which tha much dlscuss?d class t?i Which
they belong received the kind of encour?
agement which every article on the sub?
ject of native musicians tells us la the
one thing needful for their development.
Any music publisher's catalogue would
supply two or three times as many names
more, a fact which justifies a little curi?
osity as to who It was who told Miss
Maggie Tejte in Chicago recently that
the Amerl'-an COmpoSST ?lid not exist. It
was, In a way, a fortunate speech, how?
ever, for It Induced the gifted little ln.lv
to undertake a search Which, It is pleas?
ant to report, had go??<l results. In an arti?
cle In The Record-Herald." full of an
American patriotism which was scarcely
to have been expected from a Briton, Miss
Teyte informad a ?benighted world ?thai tue
American composer <!!?! exist, but that
tils work ha-I deficiencies which were
due to the fact that he wrote from a
plenitude of Inspiration and a paucity of ?
experience, for win h h- was not to h?.- ?
blamed, "because he |a rarely given a
? ban'?? to hear himself and to ?u?lge of
his shortcomings." Ami then Miss Teyte
announced h? r uneelfleh detsrmlnatloB to
encourage American vv liters of mush- to
"higher an?! better endeavor" by- singing
their songs-which is very good of her,
very good Indeed. Sh?' also pltle?l their
youthfuineoe. This ?lrawbach is ?me
?a hi ii they will outgrow, and with the
luregement" which they are now to
;.- elve troin Miss Teyte It may OS sai?l
that ti.e day of the American co?np??ser Is
dawning. Perhaps yesterday's COncerl
.?;? pal tl* talari) .'iitit'.e.l to i kindly
record, an being supplementary to Miss |
Teyte ? ?? nerous enterprise. All of the
music was graciously received by the
hearers, even thong!? Mr. Rogers wus not
In goo?l volca, an?l Mr. Harris's choir
? ould not stir the emotions very deeply
because ?>f tin? lack <">f the uiaaculta? ? *
men: in its tone. H. K. K.
Mme. Frcmstad Appears in Part
for First Time This Season.
The Ihold?? of Isoldes sang last night.
It was Mme '?live |*|BlllSlail Who ap?
peared in the part for the first time this
?? a.-'tn. A queen sueta aa I be re is non*?
other upon the stage to-day, a woman
i..'l!int and tender, an avatOT "f trag
it is asetam f.? ??i"nk "f bar a? ting,
of her plastl.? beauty, of her exsjuistts
singing N?> wiirli can express what shS
expressed last night Praise, prn!?e, only
prales, ? sa bs hsr portion ah that those
w h?) love what Is beautiful can do is to
b'.w in gratitude and WOOdet bef.ire her.
It was a greet privilege to hav?* been
present at Hi?- M?etrepolttan Opera H-ause
ust night, a privilege such a? comes on?-e
m ,? lifetime
atme ?Temstad's saaeelates, Mr. Bur
nan. Mme Mataaaaaer, m '. w. 11, Mr
QrlsweJd, were all Inspired by the spirit
that Mtn. l-'remstad she?! about her, an I
praise must be their portion, too Mr
Toacaalnl led the orchestra.
Quartet Heard by Fair Sized Audi?
ence in Rumford Hall.
Th?* Sinsiiei.ii.i Quarts gave ? fair I)
well sttended recital la?*! night in Bum
ford Hall, th.? assisting artist being MISS
"Hetty" Asketiaay, plants?. Miss Aski'ii
.vit'i JscQuea Baaara, played eetat?
S ena'B sonata In i' minor for pian?' and
'??elle, .?laving It with admirable ton.? ;ui?l
much sympatbetle feeling
The Mozart yuiirtet in D major. No. 2!.
received a spirited, if not altogether dell?
??ate, r?lading by tin? four musicians, and
the prograanms ?ios?*.i aith Dvoraks
Quartet In I let malor.
Two Will Be Seen Only at Private
Two Spanish .lancers, who will inter?
pret th" il*tii??es <?f their ?ountry In a
manner said to be characteristic of the
people are sapee ted t?. arrive in New
York on Monday on the Prias Fri**drich
Wilhelm. They are Se?or and S.norltii
Constno. Son and daughter, respe, ti v elv,
??r a lladrid danring master or note
They win give private performances In
tbls country, the Oral at a dinner dance
i.v Mrs. Btuyvssant Kish on Thursday,
January 33
.?-'???or and Se?orita Conslno have never
appeared professionally. They wars seen
by Troy Kinney while he was In Spain
a year ago, and his Interest has resulted
In their visit. The tWO are said to pre?
sent traditional dances of Spain as they
at?- Known In that country, without the
Characteristics generally associated here
with the dun? >-s
The sal?- of season tickets lor the
Nlbelunger Ring ? ycle at tli?; Metropoli?
tan Opera House ?m Hie aft?'fnoons of
January -".'. February >>. i- and 20, opened!
yesterday morning. The crowd of pur?
chasers was the largest kimwn on auch
an occasion. POT four hours Karle L-SUrtS,
box office trsasurer, and three assistants,
w?*re k?i?t busy before th.- Wagner en?
thusiasts ?could bs reduoed from four
lines t.. on?-. The BUbscrtptlM sai.- ends
January is.
Miss AlbM van Ba.rentz.'t), the sixteeHi
year-old American girl who took the first
prize for piano at th?? Pails Conservatory
01' Music four yeais ago, will make her
N.-w York debut Sunday evening at the
Metropolitan Opera concert. Among other
numbers she will play the Grelg ?'oncerto
in A minor.
Mayor Ha; n??r received from Governor
Sulz.-r yesterday a reply t.? a letter from
tin- Board of Katlmute and Apportion?
ment asking for Hie rententlon of ?'hair
man Willcox. as head of the Public S?r
vice Commission. The Governor said:
I have received your letter, signed by
you and your associates on the Board of
Estimate and Apportionment. I will con?
sider carefully what you said therein.
Connecticut Jurist Stricken
While Dining with Friends.
Hartford. Tonn., Jan. Li?Chief Justice
PrsdsrtOk B. Hall of the Connecticut Su?
preme Court of Errors died suddenly to?
night at ? local hotel from acute indi?
gestion. He was dining with two friends,
when he was stricken and died before a
physician could be summoned. He had
been In the best of health and had at?
tended a consultation of Supreme Court
Justices during the da v.
Frederick Byron Hall was born at Sara?
toga Springs. S, Y.. in 1843. He came to
? 'onnecticut in lS?8, Unding employment
with the Wheeler & Wilson Company, of
Bridgeport. In the early 60s he en?
tered the Connecticut Literary Institute,
at Suffleld, to prepare for college. He
Served with the 17th Connecticut Volun
teers in 1<*>2-'63 and vas discharged on
account of Hipeas
He enter??* Brown l'niversify following
hi.? discharge, and in 1S67 received the <le
gree of Bachelor of Arts. After gradua?
tion from Brown ho studied law In the
office of Henry Sanford, in Bridgeport,
and was admitted to the bar in 1870. He
then entered the law Arm of Goodwin &
Stoddard, In Bridgeport, and remained
there until ItiV", when he was appointed
judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
He served In this court until 1889, when
he was made Judge of the Superior Court
by Governor Bulkeley, and was reap
pointed by Governor Cooke. In 1837 he
became Justice of the Supreme Court of
Frrors, and In !9?79 was made Chief Jus?
tice. He received the degrees of Master
of Arts from Brown University and of
Honorar-. Ma?.t??r of Arts from Tale. In
ISM he was made a Doctor of Laws by
Broten University.
Paris. Jan. 25. The Earl of Ashburn
ham. who owned vast estates In England.
died here to-day. He was born in 1X4?).
Bertram Ashbumham, fifth earl of the
title, was born October 28. 1M0, and suc?
ceeded his father In 1878. He married, In
If-Ort. Emily ?'haplln. The Earl of Ash
bnrnham was n large landowner, his es?
tates in England comprising about 24.000
acres. !!<? was chairman of the British
Home Bule Association In 1886. His heir
is his brothej-, John Ashburnham.
Philadelphia. Jan. 15.?Professor Gcorgo
A K'untg. oldes? member of the faculty
of tbe Ml hlgan School of Mines, is dead.
He was sixty-eight years old and came
here from Michigan a week ago, a few
hours before the death of a daughter.
Profess?,r Koenig. hors and educate?! in
Oermsny, conducted the first course in
mining at the Frlverslty of Pennsylvania
ever given 1:1 any ealueatlonal Institution
In this country. He was connected with
the ID!versity of Pennsylvania for twen?
ty years, until MM,
? ?
Mount Hollv. N J.. Jan. 1"-. -John Sem
ple died In his home In Broad stre??t to
?lay from cancer of the throat. He was
th? father of John Semple. Jr.. a promi?
nent Csmdsn lawyrr, and an uncle of
Edwin U. Sample, Deputy f'nlted State?
Marshal for New Jersev. At one time he
and his brother Robert operated the
lardent sl'k mills In New Jersev. He had
lived a retired life for several years.
Mr. gempM w-as elarht.v-seven years old
and came to this country sixty >ears ago,
lie was the first man to introduce slx
eord sp'.oi cotton from England.
Leopold Herman, father of A. H.
i Woods, the theatrical prodSCST, died
j ftom heart disease yesterday In Miss AI?
' Bton'S private hospital. Mr Herman had
been 111 tor some time. He was sixt?,
nine yeara old, and not long ago went
to Hot Spriinzs, Yn., where it was hoped
his health would be benefited Besides
Ids Bflfe Mr. Herman leaves three sons -
Martin and I C Herman nnd Mr Woods
and one daughter, the wife of Dr. J. A.
Plica The funeral will le held to-mor?
rOVJ mprnlng in the family Nbme, at No.
1881 Seventh avenue Burial will be in
Washington Cemetery.
? -
j. MHS ANNS S MERBHON, widow of
DanM S. MmStion and grandmother of
ICommander i? M. Qsrrlson. U. B. K.,
' station, d at Annapolis, Md., and of-Sam
I uel F. Garrison, a lawyer, of Borden
' town. N J . <lm?l at her home in Borden
! tow n TnSSllSJ night. She was in her
ninety-fourth year.
two yean Old, wife of former Mayor
[Allege*1 Of Washington, N. J., died Si
her MOBS, No. 21 Broad street, Washing?
ton. N. .1. yesterday morning. She was
lorn In Belvidere, a daughter of the late
Abrsm MoMsrMs. She leaves a husband
and seven children.
I W ,1. AMBROSE, associated with John
Brown Is conducting the "underground
rsllwsy" for liberating slaves, die?! In
,; eeley, Kan, yesterday, BgSd eighty
| .ars
QEORGE W. CONKL1N. for many
years cashier of the First National Bank
Of Jersey City, but who retired from
this post several years asm, died Tues?
day night at bis home, in Conklin Place,
HSCkeaesek. He was sixty-seven years
old. Mr. Conklin sraa a member of the
firm of Conklin Brothers, who for SSV?
! eral years have con?!ucte,l a drygoods
I store in Hackensack.
of former Ju?lge George W Wheeler, of
FtsckOBSBCk, ?lied at her home yesterday
morning after a short illness. She was
sixty-five years old. She was the mother
of Justice George W. Wheeler, of the
Connecticut Supreme Court.
I.OCIS B. MILEF.R. thirty-two years
?old. a brother of John "Dots" Miller, of
I the Pittsburgh Nationals and also a ball?
player, died vest? rday at the home of his
sister. Mis. Thomas Tighe, No. .IS Davis
avenue. Kearny, N. J. Miller had played
,,ri has? ball teams In Faston, Penn. ; M<
Ke.srort. and Anderson. N C, p year
ago. He leaves a wife, two brothers and
?VI sisters.
Former Head of Colombia Still Wants
Pay for Panama.
General Rafael Reyes, former Presi?
dent ?>f Colombia, arrived last night on
the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm II.
General Beyes, according to a state?
ment credited to him, made just before
he sailed, said that he planned to visit
the. Central and South American repub?
lics with the object of promoting a closer
union between them and the Cnlted
States, and also that he hoped to obtain
the submission to The Hague of the dif?
ferences between the United States and
Colombia over the manner In which the
V'nited States acquired Panama terri?
Witherspoon and New York Oirl
Get Pittsburgh License.
[By Telegraph to The Tribun?. I
Pittsburgh, Jan. 11? A license was Is?
sued to Bdurard T. Wttherspoon, a csp
taln In the Culled State? Navy, this morn?
ing to wed Miss Dorothy A. Young, of No
Ml West 100th street. New York City
Captain Witherspoon gave h!s address as
Hie New Y'ork Yacht Club. Neither haj?
ever been married, the license clerk was
The captain stated that he was born In
Buffalo. November ???, lW-t. and Mis? Yoi?n,~
s.tid she was born !n Milwaukee, Janua-y
lb, IA. They did not make known where
or when they will be married.
?harles Brandon Booth, eon of General
and Mrs. Ballington Booth, heads of tie
\ olunteers of America, and Miss Naomi
S ithetland bailey, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Joseph Henry Bailey, of Lockport.
N. V., were married yesterday morning
at 11 o'clock in the chapel of tit ?.corse's
Church. The ceremony was performed
by toe rector, the Rev. <*arl Reiland. The
wedding was strictly private and at?
tended by relatives.
The bride was horn in this city. Bbe
entered the National Park Seminary, near
Washington, after completing her school?
ing at Lockport, and while at the semi?
nary began active work In preparation
for the vocation of dramatic reader. She
has continued her studies her?.
The bridegroom !s general secretary of
the Volunteer Prison League. He entered
the work aix years ago, when ha was
nineteen years old.
Bloomfield, N. J.. Jan. 15.?Mr. and
Mrs. William R. Lambert, of Thorns?
s -eet, announced th? engagement to-day
of ?their daughter, Miss Marion Lambert
and Harry to,'. Vanderhoof, of East
Orange. N. J
o ?
PHrRtVOOP- WILSON?Tn Trlnltr C*Wfh.
[?'?itiaiul. Ore., on Tuesday. January 14, by
?he Bishop of Ore-?on. assist??? by the Mat*. '
.v a M.,rrison, Evelvn Wilson, ?laughter ett !
I*r. ?.corns F. Wilson, ?o Arthur Murray
Sherwood, Jr. '
Notices of msrrlages and deaths mast be
accompanied by fill name and address.
Bea-h. Charles. Maynar-d, Frane*? A.
Berg?. Elisabeth W. K-hofleld, Harriet F.
'"agiatl, Margaret Stebblns. Altre H. S.
?onklln. ?Jeorge W. Swain?. Richard,
?"???. krndall. Samuel D Val?ntln?. Mar?.
''rossman. Of or*? W, Yand?rv*?r, it. M.
Doremtis, Mary If. Van Name?, J .11 za
Ftnaer, Anna M w??,hr?n, Mary T.
Fulton, v;itths M Waiter, Anns
?adwln, Donald P. Williamson, H. T.. Vr
Mape?, Caroline E. Woodwork, Charlo I.
8FATT Pudd?nly. at Dayton?*. T\a . Chart-e
Rearh, aged 67 y?ara. Interment at ?*atski;I,
K, Y
HFP.?~.F--At hsr late residen?-?. Ne. **?**?) Vest
Bad ave., en Tliasdsj. January 14, stidd?-il>,
aft.r a brl.-f Illness, K'izabeth W?rn?k?.
widow of th? late William Kerse. Fun?rsl
from ?he Church of the Ascension. 107th ?? .
rear Broadway, on Frl'lay. January IT st
10 o'clock Relatives, friend? and members
of ?he ManlviMSJ-tviHe Puptls' Association a'?
Invited to attend. In??rm?n? private
i\r,r.*.TT P.i?td?n!y. a? Home. Mat**, laaaarf
IB, Margaret, wife of Os*t*nn fagtatl and
?laughter of ?leorge B. sr?l the |at? I.ln?ia
*|).i?. ?orksey.
CONKUN On Januarv 14. HM.l ?t Ha. ken ?
?aek, K. 1 . Oe?raS W. ?'onklln in ht* ?VT'h
v?ar. Funeral services at his le.'* r?std*n?
No 26 ("?-tnklln Place, Hark?n?\?'-k. on Fti
dsv. Januarv 17 st 2:*) oVloek t>. m. T lie
leave? .lerssy ?City. Krle Termins!. KCW lei
*e\ & Sum York P.ailroad. 1 ?4. to An!-r?>n
st. siatlon. Please omit flowers
COTKENDAU. At Kingston. M. T. Teei -
.fft.i.ar?- I?, 1013, Siunufl Dccksr Coykeseslt,
In ble 7"th vesr. F:n?ral from famil? rssl
den.e. No. f*) West ? "hestnut et., Thursday,
a- 1 r? p m. Intcrm?*n? [rlvate.
CW'SSMAN' i-nidenlv, at his resident. Ma
tli w??t 7t??lt st , on Wednesday. January
IS, llllt. ?".??erre W. ?'rossmsn. In hi? ?*9'.l*i
y??ar. N>ti ?? of f'.n??ral h?rriftrr.
r??"?RP;Mr-p ?in Monday. Januarv IS, Mars
Hair-??-? Doremns. daughter of th? Is??
Thomas C snd Sarah liait Hai?.?s rwovn
ranSfBl at c.ilva.-y thur.-li. ? orr.er of Fourth
a-., and 21:?t st., on Thursday morning, the
leth, a* 1<?..10 o'clock.
FR v ??'*"?. On r't?sday. .fan lary 14. ?91.1. at
Merrfatowa, M. ' . Anna M. Fraser, widow
of ?;?? r?e S. Fras?r and daughter of ?h? Iste
If.i't-on K CMmlng. Funersl ??rv|r?? will
h? held at ?he Brl?'k Ch.ir<-h. 17?h st and
Fifth ave, N?w York city, on Saturday..
January 18. I!>13. af 2 r> m. Interment st
th.? . onventin?-?? of the family.
Ff'I.TON- At the restder.ee of his daughter
Mr* Henry Rutherfurd. st Atlantic City,
?-n M F?. I ton. on January 15, tn ?he S?M
??a- ' f lili <\ge. Notice of funeral h?r*aft?r.
JAI'WIN Suddenly, at San Francisco. Cel .
January 1.1. t??!."*. Donald Palmer, son of ths
In'e Orlando IT .Tadwfn and Eltisbeth Pla?
nier jadvvin. of Brooklyn, ft, T. Funeral sa
:i i? m . Januarv IB, 11*1?. at rssldenc? ef
Mrs Frank II. Anderson, No 2504 JSiks?*^?
it., Fin Fran??i??"?o. Intermsnt at conv?nl?nen
of fan.l'v
MAPFP fn TV?dn?eda?. Tanuarr IB. 191?,
?itrollne F. Map?? Funeral serv?-??, will h-*?
held at her 1st? re?tden??e, No 2072 Msdtsen
ave , on ,-aturdav. the l*fh mst., 3 p. m.
MA WARD -At ?"ambrtdge. Ms.? . "a-ntery 14,
ISIS, Fran?**? A , ?rife of ??eorge tV. Ms?*
r.ar.l, in her 71st year. Funeral ?ervtres st
the residence of her daugh'sr, Mrs. F.
S.-h.iv 1er Matthews, No 17 Troe* et. Cam?
ii'..?Ke. Majss., en Thursday, January IB, St
4. 0, m.
SCI?OFIKI.P -On January 14. 101.1. Harris? _.
S.hnflcl.l. wife of Oorg* R. ?? hoflsld. Tu-,
n?ral service? at her late horns. No. JS
Troy ?v.'? Brookl>*n. at S o'clock Thursday
r ? enlng.
fTBBBINB?Altos Holmes Srhieffslln, sud
?!??t ly, .?f pneumonia, Tuesday morntns.
i.-viiuary- 14. st Hotel I.eonori, In ths 78?h
?ear of her ape. wife of ?he Iste Rusasll
S"?.hin? and daughter of the 1st? Samuel
Bradhursl Pchleftslm Funeral servie???
will be held on Thursday, January 1B. at
S p m . In th? chapel of ths Fifth A veau?
Presbyterian Church.
gWAINB On January 14, l?t"t. HI?: hard
Swalne. In his ?sOth year. Pnr.eral anlese
Thursday evenln* at S o clock. Funeral front
1,1? bit?* residen??, No lift Fourth avenus,
Brooklyn. Interment Weehswken.
VAl.FNTTNF On Tuesday. January 14, IBI*.
at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Kd -
ward A. Treat, No. 151 West STth *t , itsiv,
widow of Jacob Valentin?, In her Mtt; year.
Funeral ??rvi?-e at ths above address, Thurs?
day evcnlaa, at 8 o'clock. Interment privat?.
V VM.KRVKFR At Rockvllle (?ntre. Itortg
Island, Mondav nlrM. Margaret M . wife o'
.loin, ?v Vamlerveer. Funeral services at
In late residence. No., rt? Marlon Place.
Ro.-kv'll? Centre, on Thursday afternoon, si
4 p. m. Intermsnt private.
VAN NAMB? -At Atlantic City. V J. Jan
usry IS, 101.1. Eltsa Van Name* widow t.r
tl.?' lato Jam?? Van Kama? sn.l dauahts??
of tbe late ?'lark and Margaret ?;reen
wood Funeral perv|r?s Thutsday Janu?
ary IB. 1!?13. at I p m , at St. Matthew-?
?'hurch. N". 2S West S4th St.
WAl.l'.l'.AN Suldtmly, on Tinada?-, tsnuarv
14. It'll, Mary F.. widow of C .1 Wslbrai?
Funersl services at her late resld?n? ? ?
544 East 21st street. Flatbush. on Frida v.
at 2:30 p m. Interment private.
WAI.TKR On January 1.1. 1913. Anna Walle..
ag"?i OS years. Funwal from her late r?sl
dence. No. 276 Irvine ave, Hrool.lv n to-dav
at SSil a. m.
WII.I.IAMS??N <)n Mondav ?venin*-. January
1,1. at her residence. No. 1624 Pa. Iflc ??..
Brooklyn. Har:let K to vshsn?, * idow of
.lohn Williamson. Funeral services privat?
arOODWORTH On tanuarv l.-,. i?i.x .?harles
ft. WoodwoSth, belovoil liufbainl of Maty R
W? ?.?t-Anrth Funeral service? at B:3o p. m
Friday, at hi? l*t? residen.?. So 432 Oreen?
ave. Brooklyn. Interment tuturd?), io a. ih.
233d St. By ll.tile-i, Train and by Trolla?
Office. 20 East 23d 8t.. N. Y.
FRANK E. CAMFBE1- 241 ? West 23?
fit. Chapels. Priv??? Rooms. Private Arab?,
lance. T?l 112? Ohetsea
MAIN OFFICE?No. 104 Nassau a?r??t.
UPTOWN OPFK'K? No. 1304 Broadway er
any American District Teisgraph om-ce.
H v nt.KM OFFICE.*?No. 1B? gsst 12Slh
strset. No. 2B3 West 125th strsst and sZ
tit Waat 125th street "* **

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