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V01 LXXII..N* 24,169.
To-dR,i. rain and warmw; in-morrow,
?arm. with miHlrntr \>.n.u
* *
YEtHTW !? Clljcf N>w York. .Toiwr City anrt Hab??*l-^
Prepared at Instance of Judge
Swann. It Is More Drastic
than Any Now in
Force in Country.
Measure Has Rosalsky's Back?
ing, and Many Foremost
Physicians, Chemists
and Druggists Ap- .
prove It.
A new oill go\erning the sal*- and pos
?r\<*i'>n ->f cocaine, mor* drastic than any
in force in any stale in the Union, has
rr?p drafted b< .Tames A. Peleiianty.
3i! Aeslstanl Dlatrlcl Attorn*)*, at tii?
inetance of .I'ldg?-- Bwann, of ??eivrai
i us who has long boon dieaatle?
fled with th<? present law regarding the
of coca?na, rmd ha? been kl hearty
tyrnpath) With the lampaign again?'
ihe tale ''f the drug <<-.nrlu. tad by The
The new bill will he sent to Albany
? 'V. walk. In spite "f its rigid
^?>ns. it ha? the harking not only
of .iidge Bwann and Judge Roealaky,
.-.f the Court of GanaraJ Baaalona, but
? me of the foremoal phyetdane,
? h? mists and druggists in the City.
dg< Bwann s anxloua to hav? the
bill introduced by AeeembJj man .lame?
Walker, with wham he lias conaulted
- rdlng It and he has been Informed
that Alfred K. Smith, the Speaker. Ii
In fa\<-'r of holding u\^ Other lcgisla
- ? on the subject until ihe bill framed
i: Mr. Dtlehant] has heen voted on
Blow to Pohca Inaction.
Roth .lidg- Bwann and Judge Kosal
sky are of the opinion that if the bill
I me? a law it will he possible to
k the cocaine traffic With ade
- weapons, and that the police.
?ho, as told in The Trihune. took little
interest In apprehending offender!,
would haw no further excuse for In
The bill makes the sale or attempted
? aine a felony, punishable by
M ? i. > ears' imprisonment instead of
l>> not more than one year, with or
without a fine of not exceeding ll.OOfA
A1 I reaenl UH.e is no restriction as to j
neb) of the drug upon prescription.
I >:t the new law will make it a felony
for any phyelcian, dentiat or veterina?
rian to p. -scribe 'alkaloid cocaine or
palta or alpha or beta cocaine or
their salts except m the form of pelu
or ointment.''
It is further provided that euch oint?
ment <>r solution shall not contain more
- 1 per ? <mt of cocuma. Any drug??
giat who fills a prescription Violating
'he provisions of the law is fclsn guilty
of a felony. Not more than on" ounce
Of auch solution or ointment i?n be
given to any one.
Inquiry among physicians has shown
that the only form in Whj?h cocaine
n^ed be prescribed is in solution or
? ? ntmenf. No prescriptions are to be
r-nlled by a druggist except those in
which the amount of cocaine is almost
imperceptible Prescriptions of this
sort are chiefly user! for eve washes.
and would be utterly ueeleea to the
r'niB fiend
The provisions for the giving of a
certiftrat* for the possession of the
drug are retained, but the amount must
i orrespond to that named in the certifl
?'? and the certificate itself is no de?
fence to possession of the drug after
tae expiration of ten da>s. Those
llcenaed to keep oocnine must keep it In
.' place whi<*h is specified at the time
the drug is bought. This place is to be
r?ntlnu*d on fourth page. Sfth lolama.
This Morning's News
I-rastlr rocalne Bill drafted. i
? \7.7v the Palntar" < ?onfeaaea. x
family Cat Unhygienic... x
Mayor Ordered Kipp a Arrest. X
police Teetlmons RlddM . 3
? 'loak Strike Called Philanthropy. 3
woman Wrote Doctor lag Letter?.... 3
?;en*iai Fteyea Heeks Indemnity. ?
K'eene I.? f,\ ex All to Mis Wife. 9
Mayor Joceae a I Holland Dinner. 9
? lemey Man Held as Kmlezzler.XO
Oaynoi Would Let Autos Speed.XX
Kesniv McCoy to Rotura to stage....xa
Murphy ignoirj. gajlter. 1
Wtlaon t^i-. Inaugural nal. a
Xorhoi Urged for Cabinet. 3
? \ a.*', in All ?<? 1 foi Hearing... 4
' llua'a Deportation Ordered.,. 4
vsie.- on luuulgratloa Bill. 4
Public gorvlee Board Beeka Pn?fr... 4
Bandit insists Hs'a ? Qeatumuu".. s
s. hiff Daeen't Pear "Concentration".. ?
W \ Xa-h Warns of Financial Theoriat e
W ant to Mall Ur? Hahy.f I
Powder Trust Atta? ked'. . 7
Alien Women Wo,, y s-.,ff raglata.. ..', 7 i
? ? oxe to RepMl Anti-Betting UW....U
1 ;'?"'"???> ????? h Cieouatru".... ia
*?: Kelaatata Murrlog MJdahlginaa. .IB
Home iiuiHv?. Majerlt, 1.,... s
10 1 heeea Preach PrealdeM To-day ft i
? sarBevera te Brechar,
Pawer? Delaj Uttliuatum'ta'lirt,
\e?K for Women.
1 ?litorial .'_'.'.'.
s... i*tv . . ' '
Muait .
'hituai y .
11 my and Se 1
Weather . .,
n< ia tnd X3
' luanclal tad Maritata..,.ig, xa and xe
R#rt ^',,*,-.Maud XT
-I'OltV. .
NO OWNER FOR_ $300,0
Winning Ticket in Lottery P
haps Lost with Titanic.
'? C*B|? to 'I ) ? Tr.: .- '
nom-. Jan. 16.?The Bank Of itah
unable to trace the holder of the w
nin? ticket, Nu L' :.:m v.?;. fur the f
prise of 93004)00 drawn la the natlo
lottery, it is do! known ? hetic i
ticket was unsold or whether It \
purchased by sonic Italian 'migrant
America who waa lost on the Titank
Many lottery tickets went to Am
tea, and it is known tliat sum-' w
taken by those who travelled on
Has Not Committed Himself
Public Service Consolidatioi
Albany, Jan. If. i have never co
mitt?d no*, if !.. .1 p ?Hcj of fatori
th" consolidation of the two I'ui
Servies commissions," mid Goven
Suiter to-day.
'I ha>e stated thai I shall h* g<
erned hy the recommendations to
made to me by the committee of
nurj ? hich I havi a, pol t..i to ln> ei
Bate stau departments," he added.
Social Evil Must Be Remove
Says Educator.
Bostoi. Jan. i* The lasting of I
??hit? raw i" Involved In the quest I
of the noria] evil," said Chsrlea
Eliot, president emeritus of Hsrvsi
address al the City Club to-nial
"W< have k11' to remove this evil,"
continued, 'or this countrj will not
bj the ra< ' thai Is i on i:' i
: .?mily life oi the e hit( I
stake in i;s punt'., heatthfulnees
?We have trie ? the polit :> of silen
and the polir] ol segi gallon, but th?
?s ns ? nre ? xcepi the obst rvi
m< n of the ss ? ts dards tl il simo
all races d< ma 11 "f th< Ir ? oi
Canadian Legislator Wants 1
See Germany in S. America.
tt ? - it; i rrihu?
11 i.iwa, Jan. 10.?The i ontlnuation i
th* d?bate oh the naval aid proposs
of Premiar Borden la bringing out mot
attacks on the Monroe Doctrine. D
Edwards, one of the leading goven
ment supporters in the HouSe ol Con
mon?, ins speech tO>nlgh1 said
"The Monroe Doctrmo is an unwm
ranted assumption of authority ovi
this continent which is not m the bsi
interests ?f humanity at large. \V
need not ai- Canadians suppose
could call "?po'i the I'nited States I
intervene In our behalf because ol th
Sdohroe Doctrine srtthout payli
paying wall, In compenaatlon for th
service. I would like to see the ir
dustry. energy and enterprise of Ger
many allowed room for expansion i
South America."
These cxpresFi"!is wet ?? lo .il': i beere?
Princeton Students to Fil
Church Singers' Places.
? . graati io Ths r
Prli eton, N. J . Jai . Il T
Princeton students s/lll pta] the rol
r.f strikebreakers on Bunds.nlm
when they e ill go to Trenton to sing fo
the edification of th? Members of B<
Michael's Kpi?ef,uai chvrch. th*? r?gu
lar choir Of which has gone on strlk
in sympathy with the choirmaster. Al
of th?- ?students ?ir? members <>f th
(V.r.e Chfb, and ?ere engaged by th
pastor of thr- church to-night to sini
at th?- Sunday service?.
The pastor of th* church and Us
< h.drmaster have been >u dispute as t<
how one of the pastor's favorite hj mm
should t>r wing. The choirmaster wai
asked to resign after he had refused t<
play a'i accompaniment fot a vi.la
singer the pastor had brought in. H?
took with him the boya who ?-buk ir
ihe chofr.
The choirmaster bought the boyi
theatre til ket>? on the night of r? ?
nearaal, and the pastor ?ame here am
engaged the students. The latter car
sing "Whoop 'Er Up for Old Mas in!
ittid Similar airs to perfection, but BB]
they don'l kno* a single hymn. Om
of tin students found an Bf
hymnbook to?night, however, and re?
ere at once begun m one '?<
the dormitories.
Magistrate Orders Girl to Go
Back to Classroom.
Although the marriage license has
been procured and. according to bat
story? She is to be married next month.
Freds Button, who Uvas at No? I8S
Henry street) will have to return ta
School. This order was given hy Mag?
istrate f/Connor, In the Base* Market
court, yesterday afternoon when Preda
was arraigned by Truant fJggVer
Murphy said the girl had been ab?
sent from school for the last fifteen
days. He declared she was only fifteen
venrs old. Freda swore she was seven?
teen, and ca?eil her mother, who als??
? aid Preda was seventeen.
Magistrat?- O'Connor ordered the girl
to return to school, and rh\c her until
next Thdrsda) to obey the order,
otherwise, he told her, she would bo
- a
Botes, lan. b>. Chief Jostles Ailfihie, of
the blaliu fbil-ie,ne ?"ouit, VleMed first
place for the shot i term Senator ?hip to?
day to sx-Gevernoi James il. Brady. Ttte
Joint ballot maul ted. Hrady. 27; Ailshi?, !
M; Tlsomaa R. Hasser, ? scattering, w '
Ends His Four Days of Pleasant
Work in the Capital With?
out Saying Farewell
to Governor.
Unperturbed by Executive's!
j Claim of Leadership, He Set?
tles Matters of Patronato
and Policy Away from
the "People's House.''
i i Telegraph to The Trll a?
Albany, Jaa 16, 'Charlea Prunela
Murphy, after spending four daya of
leisure!} ami apparently pleueuni work
in th< capital, returned to New Tork
j thla aft? moon He did not make ,i
farewell rail .?ovetnor Bulxer. Th< !
Uo ernor raid to-ntghi be hud sol seen
I the Tamman) chief since 'he Ural da) !
hi i ami ben . ? It n Murph). with i, ??
other ? i'(i ioi -, walked from the Capitol '
to "Thi People'a Houae," known aa the
i~.\< itivi Mansion In offti lal do . '
j mente, und took luni hi on thi re.
During hie eta; her? Murphy'i opera
; lions have made II perft etlj appui
; that hi len'i paying thi slightest at-!
I tentii to Oovei nor Bul? i ? di clara- i
Itlon thai he la the state leader, mads so
lb) the votes of the people. Seemlngl)
; t?o- ovei lord ol l Ith'streel has brua h I
i n aaidi Iki the Ineffectual campaign
I attacks whk-h are madi on him aroi nd
convention time bj antl?Murph; Dem
0 rati
Murph) H . ol him lelf l.n
fi i en? s ? ni, upatati pollti? ana and I
I legislators his own from Nee York
' arid upatate mi n He returned o Neu
Tork a Ith the 11.i ing confkli nci tl
whati ? ? i ' ? i ventor mighi say
aboul bi Ing li ader, i Ither of hla partj
or public sentiment. Murph was com?
p>ti md ? i ? iti mast? r of thi Demo?
! i rut ' organization.
With Mu? i b) ere sine? 'i < da!
been ! hr> e of the men i n a hi m
'. he relies moat upatate W Ulli m '<
. Pitapatrii k, -.f Buffalo; Patrick i; M< -
t Cabe, of thli - Ity, and H illlam E Kc
it-; slate i ommltti i man from B : ?>
With th? m and ?or.f thi i
Ira por an I mi ?? In the J.? gislatui ?
has diecueacd mattera of polltl i .-, ?
legislation, luet as if there wen
Goveraoi n as f the Oovernor's opin?
ion were certH . to cohu Ide with iheir?
theai m< n have settled qjoeetlons <>f
putronuga und of publia poli'
Settled Commnnen Question.
Two thlnga among the mattera din*
| cussed and app rentlj settled t>\ nifm
! stick oui prominently abo' ? i i the
others. One was the purposed aboi
Ishmeni of the Public Bervlce commie-1
sions In favor of s new bod) of m ???n
I members, with the same anlar? aa the
members of the preaent commissions,
but sevea-j ear terms instead of Bve
yi-iir terms. Murphy, Fltspatrick ?'nd
the other politicians and legislators de?
? Ided thai this was loo crude and run to
attempt In a year when Tamraanj had
to have the appearance of being
"good," thai it might nol pre udk'i Iti
chances of carrying the coming mu?
I nlclpal election In N'eu fork City,
Subsequently, Governor Bulaer made i
sort of publli tender of appointment
to a piece in the upstate Public Ber?
?\ice Commlaaion to Pitsputrick, Mur?
phy's Bral lieutenant The Buffalo
: man at that time was raying bal
I coulda'i afford to take the plac?
The incoad Important matter was the
I Scott-Bulser gght In the priv?n de?
partment. This eras .-< thin? touching
I Murphy nearly on two counta, ?us
I friendship for Bcott, who is ? loyal
j "organization man, though an excel?
lent prison official and the fad ll,.,i
Governor Buhter vas favoring the antl?
Murph?. element of Democracy In the
person of Thomas Mott (??horn.'.
Murphy and the others thought Bulaer
was muking ? foolish mistake ami gat?
ting himself into trouble.
it is known to some panana here
that Murphy told Colonel Si oit (u
"stick'' regarding hla desire to resign
rather than displace <;c,,ru.- Benham,
warden ol Auburn Prison, In favar of
the Oaborne candidate, wboee cause the
Governor hud espoused, ?'oiunei u< ott
"stuck" to the extent that Benham
is warden of Auburn to-day, ufthougt
I he has resigned to take an office in
; an Auburn trust company. Moreover,
Benham will remain warden until
ll'ulonel BCOtl appoints another. He
| will ray nothing about that, it seems
to i>e s matter fop much consideration
with Mm.
Governor Bulaer, on the othai hand,
soys toe entire Inciden! la i losed. The
net reaull is thai Colonel Bcoti remains
m office and bis friends M) Ruttlgan,
the mun Bulaer wanted appointed, will
,,. ver be appointed to thai pkv ?? .,
long ; - Colonel BCOtl is head of ihe
?.i loon di pertinent.
Fitzpatrick C?oaa to Murphy.
1 ;. I m ? i l ? thai :i I G?*< ? BOl I tend? :
,,f ,, *,;:?.?'"" Job to Kitspatrick had]
?broughi she i i rupture between Mur?
ph] and thi Buffalo 1.i and su ung
? ],, lattei Into in alliance .?ith the
.moi egalnai Mun bj were o
cert eii ii> re to-da) e Ith chuckles of de?
trist?n b) organisation n.en. iitzpat
| rick *w* plcaerirl enouah si the Gov?
ernqr'a praise ol I Im, !!? diil not treat
;t .,- an Importan! mi tter, however, and
most peraons here took it sa a pleaatng
little itase pla). it is raid on the
highest suthorli thai the relation? be?
i ween Murp,hj and hla Buffalo col
loaaue ?ere never closer than now, and
the i >?'? -mor ? ould not poaalbl) align
Pltspatrli k agalnsi Murphy In any
kind of right if he bad the falntesl In?
tention of fighting the Tamsngny , r?i*-f
Mas Helen Qeedd on the peesstoa of her marriage to Hi ley J. Shepard. on Wednes.lay. at I.yndh :rst. her country
ptaCt at Tarrytown. N. Y, nil? have her two little nieces. Helen and Dorothy Gould. In attendance upon her as her onb'
bridesmaids. They ar? the dauchters of Frank J. Could, and since the divorce of their parents, who have each married
iK-iin. bava mad? tbe'r bOBM entirely with their ati.it. Miss Helen Gould, at h<-r house In Fifth avenue and at I.yndhurst.
Their mother. ?-< daughter ol Eugene Kelly, the well known banker. Is now the wife of Ralph H. Thomas
"Izzy the Painter" Implica
Score of Confederates ir
Recital That Astounds
Department and Insurance Re
ords Will in Many Cases
Substantiate Story of
Operations of "Ar?
son Trust."
? lam the Painter," sdmittedl) t
bead and brains of the tang of "fit
bugs" who for years terrorised the h
side ?>f Harlem by their Incendia
blases, and with the help of dlshoni
publk tire adjusters milked the lire i
BurancjB companies of s muh thai w
probably reach Into the hundreds
thousands; came down tt"tii sing Bli
yesterday, where he la serving a stl
tenu fin arson, to plead to a oecot
in son Indtetro? nt which was f??ui
against him ihla weak after the cot
fesslon of Bsmuel Oold, and to t.-n tl
story of the rang to the District A
toi ne)
' Izzy's" pleading was postponed uni
Monda) vhen he was arraigned befoi
Justice Qoff, and on the advice <>t' w
counsel, Abraham Levy, be wenl to th
office of Royal h w? u. r. the As Istai
District Attorney, who has charge ?
District Attorn?':, whitman's Investi
gatlon Into the "arson trust." t., naak
a ' lean l?l ? SI t of Ihm crimes.
Tin- pfery toid b] "Itiy" was at
astounding one At 0 o'clock la^i nigh
.Mr. Well? r bad made onlj a fair star
Into the revelations which were belni
unfolded bj the matter-of-faci youni
man. tik recital will be continued to
day, and it is doubtful if n can i"
flnlahed in unie to present an) 'lis" i?
the grand j .v to-day.
Every? efforl arin be made, however
to present the arson I a^e* tu the grant;
Jury a? soon a- poSSlblS, and it is hk?-l\
that if "I/.z>'h" story is not finished ir
time t"-?ia-. a special session of thr
grand jury will be held. "Issy's" stor.\
includes the names not only of all the
mm- or ten "mechanics" who kindled
lin- blazes, Wut als?? the names of s
dozen dishonest pubis adjusters, mars
iistute criminals, whose work stl legs
liable to detection and whose profits
were greater than those ..f the actual
"Issy" also Implicated further ??eorti?
Oruta, th? fire adjuster who is und. r
arrest as tl- rest.lt of Samuel QoM'l
i opfesslon. As the result of "lzz\ a"
statemeslts Justice Qoff Incrsaasd
Grutx'l ball from 115,000 to $25,00(1
< nnliiiurd <?n third puf? ?frond column.
The Family Cat and Dog Must Go and a
Multitude of Things Be Done?Not as
Mother Did Them?To Be Healthy.
Tf m>>! w:sh to be really healthy yo
I must immedlatel) t d your Hal or you
house "f:
The family cal
The famtl) dog.
.mi portieres, curtains, bric-g-brac
upholstered furniture, carpets, and an]
rubbish thai you may be k??'ping foi
Old sake.- sake.
All pictures bul a very few- an?i havt
those in very plain frames.
All mouldings, headings, and other
wall ornamentations that afford lodg?
ing places for dust.
Also you must never:
shake your duster out of the window.
Leave your books unprotected by
Bwesp frith n broom.
Beal your rug--' ?>n the roof, or
!< ? p your food in the cellar.
These and -i fes? dozen other rule?
were handed out yesterday tc> a large
audience In the academy of Medicine,
No. it West lid street, by i>r. Laura
M. Rlegelman, Dr. John Van Doren
foung, Dr. Henry L Bbrvelj and Dr.
Mary Button Macy
Ob, yea! And the) su??i von mustn't)
keep roosters- in your fi.it, either; It's
highly unhygienic.
This |aS! pi. Of advice isn't a^ su
perfluous oa it maj seem, for Dr, Youhf
saM that hot long ago he was calling
on H patient, and he heard the queerest
noise behind him; he couldn't Imagine
?? hat It t as.
Everybody Was Happy.
"1 looked ; round." he said, "and
there was a rooster on the head of the
bed Well, that girl, my patient, had
n"\?--r heard the word hygiene. That
rooster was her friend. She was
happy; the rooster was happy; every?
body was happy. Nevertheless, the
<tty house or the e|ty Hat is no place
to keep roosters, dogs, eats or any kind
of pet, except poMMsh or canary birds.
I know I'm treading on the toes of
most of you when 1 say this?, but it's
it ?ras one of the regular lectura
afternoons of the public health edu?
cation committee of the New- York
County Medical Bodaty. The topic
CeaSSeSSd un SSCSSMl pane, ??till column.
James M. Gould, of Montclair,
Held in Syracuse.
i ii. i <ttegrssa '" I "e THBaaM I
S' racuse, .Jan. 18. James McClure
Qould, of Montclair. N. .).. ones a West
Point cadet and for three yeara a stai
in the Army football SQtiad, was ar?
rested to-nlghl on suspicion of passing
worthless che* ks.
The police believe that young Qould,
despondent because of reverses, was on
the verge Of ending his life when he
Was arrested. Several letter? found in
ins suitcase point t" this conclusion.
In mie note the names and addresses of
friends and relatives were found, with
the Injunction that they be notified "In
, as.- of Occident." Another note stated
Dial he "didn't exp.ct to li\?- long"
Qould has a ?Ister in Upper Mont
Clall and a brother In New York, who
was on th- Val-- football team in
Jha efficacy of the pulmotor In ?ases of
asphyxiation by sa^ wa? again d"moi,
strated >?s''"'-laY afternoon, when Mrs.
Antoinette Nyitray. who w?? fourni dying
in her horns at ?To. W L<esJngtoa avenue,
w;,s revived afier an hour's work at
r'ir.w.r HeepitsL Mis. sfyttray aras i
,, prisoner there last night, charge witn
attempted suicide. _
&0i per case of 6 glass-stoppered bottles.
Ancient Palace in Rome Ha<
"Modern" Improvements.
i ihn Csl la te Ti!? trtl sna I
Rome. Jan. 1H Professor I'.oni. win
bus been carrying on ssxavatioue or
the site formerly occupied by the pal'
a? e of the Cassera, on the Palatino Hill
has just priced that at least three
large elevators were used m the palft
enabling the Romun emperors to as
cend from the Forum to the top of the
Hides in Trunk, Lid Palls and
She Suffocates.
Amesbury, Mass.. Jan. lft?To tenas
her husband, Mrs. Alphonse Victorine
concealed herself In ;i trunk as she
heard him enter the house hurt Tues?
day. As the cover dropped the holt of
the old-faabioned lock slipped into
place and the woman was sum dead
from suffocation.
This is the theory of P. f?. Hurd,
medical examiner, who performed an
Uwropsy to-day after a three days'
sgBfch oy the police revealed the hiding
pl.-oe of th.? woman.
BTashlngtbU, Jan. 10.-An appropriation
of MuVM t<? Pay lbs French .spoliation
claim? was defeated to-day In the Senate
by a vote of tl to. 21.
Makes Slurs on Good Faith of!
Whitman, Who Retorts En?
gineer of Wicked Plot
Was Clever.
Seemed Incredible, Says Dis?
trict Attorney, Decent Man
Would Assist Police
Officer Accused
of Bribery.
Police End of "Ring," in Which'
Tammany Figures, Also in Grave
Danger as Sipp Enlarges on
Efforts to Keep Him
from City.
Mayer Gaynor?I am the one who
gave ?he order to have him (Sipp)
arrested in Atlantic City and
brought back.
District Attorney Whitman?It
seems to me incredible that any
decent man is willinq to assume the
responsibility for this most wicked
plot as a result of which the war?
rant for Side's arrest was secured.
Two poor creatures were prevailed
upon to make most astounebnq affi?
davits. When these women and the
police officer we?-e brouqht before
the grand jury is required only a
few moments' examination to con?
vince every member of that body
that every one of them was lying.
The outrageous abuse of legal
process by which Sipp was arrested
and imprisoned in Atlantic City wat
resorted to, not for the purpose of
assisting the People of the Stats of
New York, but of assisting a police
officer accused of bribery.
Commisaionet Waldo'i plight ajvajr
the hnneiina: of Mi men in the east ad
Georg? a. sipp brought Mayor Gwynet
! to his rescue yesterday, whan In au
niithnnz^d Interview - statement the
Mayor attacked and berated the char
actor of sipp in ? way strangely simi?
lar te the manner In arMch he de?
nounced Roaonthal in Ski famous lett.?r
of Jury IT.
l'i r the entire cans naainst Sipp,
which was thrown out hj ? General
Sessii'Tts prrnn.l ;,ury. with the Intima?
tion that it Was a police "fram.-up,''
the Mayor sssumed the full tesponsi
bilttv. saying he was the one ? lio or
dered Bipp'a srrt st.
Assails Whitman's Good Faith.
In sddltlon, the Qaynor Maternant
tecineci with slurring* Intlmatlong
against the good faith si District At?
torney Whitman, and disregarded thai
point th.it it was ens of Mr Whitman's
sseiatanta srho finally induced Btpp to
return to the jurisdiction of the county.
Mr. Whitman dictated a brief state?
ment in rcaponat. when a copy of the
Mayor's statamenl was eimwn to him.
pointing out that the charges brought
against Sipp by the poltco had been
duly considered by a '.eneral Session.'?)
grand jur\, which found that the two
women who had been induced to sign
atlidavits <m Which Sipp was arrested
in Atlantic City and the police officer
of Inspector Sw?'ciie>'s staff who Usti- .
tied with theas contradicted each other.
and even ?-nntradieted th' affidavit?
Which they had previously signed.
The 1 ?istriet Attorney would not re?
fer, hc>w?'\er, to th?: ta?-t that a granel i
jury has n?iv\ under consideration
charges of ? uispira?y against three
! high police officials, based on ihalr pe
<?uli.tr SCtlVitieS in the Mpg matt. r.
Mayor ?Jaynor s statement, given to
an evening . ewspapt r, Sal
You vn\ '?< m" that nan) peopls seem
to be under th? Impression thai I n i'"U?,s
commission. the l'ollc? Deirartrueut
is trwiiK tu te.k> tins ruait Sipp away nom
the District .Mi??m? ?>. or something, of
tint kind, i ''" not bell? vi' that the pub?
lie think any suer, thing. I do not ???
bon stun nonsfiise could be selieeed,
Mayor's Version of Case.
Tba giOB case |s ?simply this: Hs kept
a house c?t lornlcaUon. The police closes
u up. This occurred some time h???i. ii?
?rent before the Investigating committee
and sw.it?? thai ?i" gave .? policeman
The I'm cernen wua prunipnv put
on trial for removal. His >...-? was .?!*?>
taken Into the ctimlnal court* Thereupon
Sipp ran away torn the stat?\ it. h.?
found to t? in th?. state <>t t\?w Jersey?
at Atlantic Cits HS was wanted as a
witness to teetffs against th? policeman
on tii.il before the Bollcc l'ommuurionest
and aisn to teoitfy in the criminal courts
i Instructed the Police Commissioner t<?
t rinc him back to thi- state and city If
there was any po$sii.|. era: to ?i<> it.
Hi said that there *u> no w.i> to ?to it
unless he could ha Indicted and then
extradited I Inquired wh?-th??r ther.? were
any < rl nlnal charges against him and
whs Informed that there arere charges
on which le could be Indict.d. I then
told she Police ? oramlssloner to have him
indicted If possible, and brought hack to
.11 .. ...... .... IV.... 1... .1 , !.. _ .. .
.,i..|. ?? ?* >. ,,.,.-. ..... , ...... .......^| i n jr. I'f
this state so that he could be compelled
to testify against the accused policeman,
both brtor?- the Police Commissioner and
in the criminal courts.
motil. Some time afterward the Dlstrle?
Attorney sent one of hi? assistants to
Atlantic ?'ity. ami Sipp Anally agreed to
COme bavk to this city. An offl? er was
'"""". "??????'? ??' *.'-?. ? m in fcdpo they
certainly would not have followed him

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