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i ; ? . . '? um .
? ? t.. la ? t linn na. k V
. proper ait. mpt to ?iPP :
. iiie.i an an, ? rroin
Distri t M'." i< ?' ** '
1.: l'j ?
? lali TI ? rarpi e to
? ?
\. told ou ail 11 ?
l un ti..- one wl
?? ?
City ami brought I
r,, to II il '.ir., no othi i- o
i,i,if-: i ?h?) not publl?
. .? . 1er?
1 do not call euch p ople m ?>'?>? ?
all I ran <?.- !?? attend lo i d
\ ltd ? ? ?' ?
. . - ? . last long
. | tho ? ho ' ? news
... ? '
When the M ' "??? '?' V9M
Hhown !?? Diatrlci Mtorne) Whitman,
wif.; menl upon
the folio* m?
liad M
r/orl ? tmenl I
dited that I ils teatimon;
? ? rortl
\Vho< ?
foi .-.??. this
It dei '.. that I
....m ma < wiillni
plot as
? . ? for 8 po -
-? w,, n, ?red Two poo ? i reatui s
L'pon these the mag?
ie n?
? d and ,in
\. h*n these
befori ' but a
Ihem ? av I. n tc. and the complaint
11 n * I s 11 > r
bj which Sipp a s arrested and Imprin?
ted to not
?< \. W N 01 k, bill ? MnK a
]?oi: ? " . Used of
i hold ' ? M 8lpp He rna)
or " lilt) of some of
? ? ? < " er 11.ar that ?f
n? for i?.! on. Bui th
'fruatr.s thai It was no) ?f:- ? I ?
had teatified 1
.?i be was falsely rha
m e akabli ? . nmmitted,
?id II was t n< '
know n tli nt ? ?tn. ^>
.? officer,
tftei S:; i> came
til lie could testify before the grand Jury,
the vi ? pr?t? nd
ted to brins him back a
a1 in could teal '?
Not Hampered by Mayor.
Ma> or Oaynor's li ipt to dis?
Isa the activities of the Diatrlci At?
? hamper tlmf
'? in it? preparatory work to any
. -..nt yesterday. Bj re
parts from his Investigators, as weil
- - personal complaints and letters
Mr wh ? ? to pile up ad
llftlot Of the poll, e plot to
ngve the police-politicians' "rins"
xvin ? e Harlem ? Ice
uraf! foi - I It le < spect
. <i that " i ei. the extraordli ai y ?rand
;ui\ convenes again ott Monday Indict?
ments of men higher in the graft -
will be I si di il don ri.
-p? . ?en con
? ed in lh? I from different
ringles are In imminent danger of in
,ii. tmenl under Bet tkw 2,440 of the
penal law That section provides that
,i pi ...? ? ho git es or promis, i to
I s Itneas or an: person
about to be railed as s s tnees any
. ' iv c.iltv of a i'lony, and the ,
? '.... ins ? refei red to are Implicated
under the terms of the section, ac
cerding '?? teetimon) which is now in
handa of elthei the i1 sti I Att? ?
or the grand jury,
la.p> ne \. i ? \ ? ? ? nd ed patrol?
man, n mained in the Ton, -
day. Two attempts to rci him out on
u. ? ? ms , essful, the Ural '". -
cpuee offered a? security
\ i not satisfactory to Assistant Dis?
trict At'oii..??. Lavelle, in .harK'- of the
bail bond department, and the second
? tuse tho property offered was not
. rrtrfied as being clear of dower rights.
i ry Moynihan, who mad? the sec?
ond attempt t.. givi ba ' foi Fox, is a
npn of the late Police Captain Daniel
& Moynihan, on a ? Pos was
n< lothes man for a I
? Ice-Tarn
man\ "ring," which Is threatened with
exposure if Fox decidea to become a
people's witness, will make every poo*
tdjble effort to K"t him out on ball, and
eyer) bail offering will be subjected to
ibe close?; ? rutiny by the Distrl I At?
tarney'a men before Pox is allowed to
Ifave the Tombs
High Police Officers in Danger.
The polic? end of ihe combination
"ring." which numbera among Ita most
?o tive members at present an inspector,
ptaln and a former Inapector now
: oldine: s captaincy, Is also in danger of
Indictment for conaplracy In addition
to the graft chargea, Conaplracy
?harpes ma) be laid against these i">
Ted? Geau
Experience has perfected the
Teda Company's product?,
established their standard,
made their reputation and
proved their guarantee.
Tecla Emeralds, Sapphires,
Pearls and Rubies, mounted
with genuine Diamonds in set?
tings of platinum and gold.
39ft Fifth Avenue 10 Rue de 1? P?u
7 Old Bond Street 15 Unter dea Lisdea
Pi.JaWu? Vtainui Si ?i lo?.
\T ??l.iniK* . St al I llh, N M
Si Lou? I.?., mi at IOiK
Atlantic ClO "13 Board walk
fwe 16 AiefMie Maavoa
Vieona I KarmnBaritrai?*
pasi ngerson
-, |, : .,, tli.ii it c m- almo>l possibh io lump a*gjor
\\ !icn til?, liner ?trai
? *i? ?;i
. t !iii'
ril all "i whom were t.-ikcn
hem later i
offlclala based on their deapera
attempt tO bribe Sipp to keep BWI
from New York, at a time wax
he was wanted as a grand Jui
U i ; 11 ?
sipp himself, at his home In Harl?
enlarged upon tilla point last night, at
made public for the fjrsl time the tv
"f the "ring's'' plot to keep hi'
-:???' B
a lav ;?! t > Continent
.. ai d told him I
;.<?. n su| ind |XM re was ? omlr
,: hi WOUM take ? tr!;> South. T ' J"
additional came on the followlni Monda
* -- lu? Hip |S
? I out b] the laa ? fee, wi
n to sipp. ?
Kt that I s.pp says. ; ( was willir
foi the sake of protectln
Is In the Police Departrnen
w as that he P -,v '?i take th
rits and Miners best from Phlll
i :?? Tampa. Fis . b it lust SS h
ibout to follow out the arrai ?
S IS ' :?? I off" that the police ha
to roes" him by i>a^ in
him arrested as soon as hi inded froi
n Tampa
The ' bargee, Mpp sayi he was tok
e same which wer?- afterward pi?*
against Mm when Deput) Commis
Dougherty obtained ids ar'.'t i
Atlantic City, but Slip said laM nltfh
? a turning point in his 'ase, aber
he deckled to lend his aid to ?he Dtstrlc
Attorney rather than to ?ils friends in th
Police Department, came WBM B he learn**
of the "frame-up" which ?Aas to b
worked on him If h** took the boat fo
At the same time. Sipp sal.', a In*:''
? ; m rh>- Newark boti
affidavit for Howard Sipp to sisn. Th
two Si', ps examined the paper, an 1 foutu
? w*s to the effect that Howard ha<
? paid or wltr/essed his father's pa*
Ing anj ?Fox. v.. ma. Blpp re
fused t<> ?i?i_'n.
? The purpose was. of co r<.e ?? gold Bips
"to destrov Howard's val US as a pOITOD
?native wltnsas, and it was from thai mo
ment -,iat I began to be suspicious tha
the police would ?m to almosi any ien;ti
to iils''-ed:,t mi in any way they could.''
Says Fox Knows Who "Got It."
The former Harten; iiote',k*e;K>r assertec
t'int FoS COUld tell exa- tly where til?
i-rafi mone; tt-,it he ?-ollected went t"
aixi fot thai reason, he added, I
fm' was panic-stricken since Foi hai
been pul indet actual arrest and Indict
? ? ?
' The beat t ? ? f of ?his fear on ll
Of the 'i -, ?aid HOP, "Is that it
f the thi< thai were s? | to mi
from tl ?? tune i testified before the elder
nen until a few days ncv t am noa ri
I all kinds of communications fron
all kind* Of people, begRiri?; me not ti
mention the nanie of ( aptain This and In
Thai, They a;e beginning to real"
ft- now, for the Brat time, that Mr. Whit
rear is Rom* to set them, an-! ? << I'll SS4
then getting sick and applvlnc foi
Si absence and thai sort of thirty b) t lie
s.(> soon "
When Sipp saw a copy of Ifayoi Gsy*
nors statement In, an evening newspaper,
In which lbs Mayor lasheii him unmerci?
fully, he declarad be bore the m,,..,,i r,,
Ill-will foi that, and added that ai a mat?
1er "f fa< I he had a ways sea a great a li?
mner of hfayoi Oaynor.
He hail heeii so Interested Is afayei
Oeynor, Bipp said, that he called up St.
Mary's rloepttel. In Hoboken. every da)
d.:'ir,K the 'Irnw the MaOi wa"- on!iri?--!
there after he was shot.
"i cotisMer Mayor Qaynor 'be heal
Mayet Die liquor dealers ever ha<l," said
M| p Didn't ha arder tha police not to
go into saloons, be. a ue he knew that If
they ?Jid the Hanoi dealers would ha\e to
pay Use? lu keep out."
Mother and Three Children
Nature Freaks.
I Hy TelesraaS '? The Tt Misas i
Eaaton, Penri., Jan. 16.?A cs?e of
remarkable Interest to medical men
discovered her? is that of S mother
and h?r three children, all with double
hearts. Whether the heart is divided
In two pans, one ob each side of the
sheet, or whether there are two
separate organs cannot be sa ertalned.
Prominent surgeons, however, vouch
for the diagnosis that these heaits nil
perform distinct ami separate func?
tions on b"th sides of the hodic--.
Dr. James a. Morgsnstsrn, who was
called to the home of Berton Parkins
|Q attend a i hild with chlckettpOX,
mad?- the discovery, He was ama/.ed
when he listened to the h?urt sounds.
He first found a heart on the right
side ami further examination disclosed
one on the left side also. He Ques?
tioned Mrs. Perkins, and later exdtn
ined the other tWO Children and found
that thev exhibited the sgass phenom?
enon. The doctor examined the mother
and then discovered that she, too, WSJ
Toss? asad Of two hearts.
Subsequently Dr. Shinier was celled, I
and he , onflrmed the result.? of Dr.
Morgensterns examination. I
Senator Roosevelt and Commit?
tee Back Thomas F. Conway
for Attorney General.
0 Gorman and Sulzer, It Is Said,
Fat'or Former Lieut. Gov.?
Wilson May Keep Tafts
Commerce Court.
[iiv T? esrai I ? ?Ti
Trenton. X. J Is Pn
\\ ilson u*ss ,-isk. d ti |
Thomas P ? 'onwsjr f.>i mei ' ?
Oovi rnor of \? w
ersl in his 'aieiiet
.Mr. i 'on ? eaented to
President-elect Wilson this aftei '
deration In regard to this most im
e ? tant poet, and 11 the barking of
most of the prominent Ken fort upetati
Democrat a, end, It li understood ??'
? i fetati i genatoi .i imes A O'Oor?
and Ooi ?rnor Bu i
It la not known whether or '?nt Ren?
nt..- 0'Gorman foi ?
nsme of m ?? ? reca?
feront e hen
sot., bul ' al nos n I ti thi -? .< I ?<
fork wa i ? ar?
ged wltl i p ... i he
tin mltti i ? . I
...... i y
Benajoi Franklin i?. R of
. who wi '
leaden :r, the flghl egalnsi
? . in tl ? ? Mi
1 ''i ?orman to thi i nlted Btsi iti
WS? I ?? ? ? .'ton
Thi othei -i ? ?? i wer? Bi m
F Whit? ...?
. i. Hurd, of I '
John B Rill of PIS ?
a s I ?
tfi liurd
Want New Yorker in Cab.net.
We rj hen I n ? > ? ? r|tl I ? den I
... sard to the repi
lion .?? Xea J ors Btat. ? ? -
\Ve believe thst 11 nopi al rj und
lanl ? ? ? l to ?on?Id ? '
W* Rubmltti d to the Pn
?. !< wa of U ad tin Di
? ? oi and fi "in evi : ? count) oi i
? nd ? ? neai l1- Ihe entli i ipal
i >< n.... i atlc pi - ?a, all fa*
? > Lieutenant i
T omai P i 'on?.. ? foi the poal ol "i?:?
nes Gem
Th.-re is probabl) no othei ?
? r, ii<j !.. . .?y. :. ,i '.. , 11,.m from
thi? ?tab tl il would meet with auch
general ? ? * * i - s oi si oi I be pi i ?
mou i Indorsement from . r t
},;.- received it Is an Impreaaive recog?
nition of i.is fltn<
Tie- posit oi ' : ? Democrat
on tl tl
i.. .. ? ; portant to havi ? ?
Visi i K. pel feel lympath with can
oui tl ? poll) It ? of the pal ? n the i ite
Jei t ?ind oni a'ho I ? ?.iofound
atudj of it Mi ?'onway'a legal a! I
ryent* are w ld< I) know : and i ??? ogi
!.. the mi m'., ta of the ba nd b the
udg< i of ti,. atati 'I here ; . ? ? -i ha pa, no
'.i?--1 li the atate a ho hs made ..
profound atud' of thi aubjeel .>f trual
am regulation He ha
.) abl alii? maell ? Ith tl,.- Lh il of
i he l lemocra i le r?i ..?ir ? -?.?? mea
and w ? ? I.- ii< \ ?? hi ?., ii.l repn enl I bi
?tale ?? f.-? other? . o Id In ?? dii v. the
i.ilnlatratlon to pul them Into opera
Ba< ii mem I ei of th.- ? ? ? ?
wining to allow ti ? mpr<
forth thai <*<?>?? > i nor Bulser si pi ov< d ol
Mr. Conway'a ?election slthough no?
them would sac very much r?n Ihe sub?
ject. The committee expressed Itself as
; .. a?<d a ith the rei eption the P
sleet v?\- to Mr i onwa: - nami
The Presldent-elecl became great!) In
?.atad to-day when he waa asked sa
to tii? r por s concerning Mi M Comba
i mi the sppolntmi nl ..r ? > ? i ? i ^ *- > i .)
Malone as bis prlvati at retarj
Sn sppolntmenti have een off.-red to
oi accepted b) .mv one," said the Ho?
i m.ni. m) last ?talement
i meant exact!) what I said, and to i ? ? ?>?
nuitinx them q leatlona to me li to don
na) \ et sell ??.
a Oovernot b if a manm : made :t
plain that tba constant publ stlo
apparent s sa re? )
annoying to I Im. ind that when sn) ap
polntmcnta were to be m...i.- be would
announ? them is ; hi p iblle dtreei
st. f.o aa the ?ecretaryshlp la eoncen d
the ' one beei ; el erouad here la thai
the (loi ei noi * ill aoon annou
?election ol loaeph P Tumulty. r.is
|il- M lit B< ei ''ta: J . to Ko With li.m '"
\\ ashlngtoi
i:-i resentath e* Robu 11 !.. Mem j. of
Texas, hh.i Roben H Hrouaaard, oi
Louisiana, were among the President?
eleci a rial) i.-a t ? ? - ? i ?* >. Both came on the
Invitation of Mr Wilson and while
neither of theltl Would w. what Wa? dl
i taaed, the President-el? i i said he h id
talked ovet the sp?cial session with Mr.
il. m ?? .m.i tii- ret? ntlon of the < 'ont
merca Court w??h Mr, Broussard
The Louisiana Representative, who Is
also a United Btatei Benator?eleci from
hut state, ?ulk. -i rreel) oti ttu tariff situ
at Ion befon he m<t Mr Wilson M
BLrouaaard aald thai the sugar bill now m
conferenci comtnlttei al Washington
would h.- as tief actor) to the people 9\ his
Governor. After Careful Stud
Decides to Save Uncle
Sam S95.000.
President-Elect Astonished I
the Cost. He Holds It
Is i Public Duty to
Stop Them.
ion N .t. Jan IB ??-.
in took I
. r ?
' 'on oran i ilia, chairman of th< li
lugurai mlttee, he asked thi
? ball be omll led
,.r fbe ndlrect ti \
lbs visit
Mrs \\ M>r.ri waa with the OaverjM
m in? offlo sbortlj befon ti
? i "H', and M > thong!'
that she ra to i I extent, re
?? ,
denI ? '
Mr. vYilsoi ? ?.,
s ?..min.m,i t.. i he ? '
ral ? ommittee, la as |
? Ing ? ounael a Ith a k\ ? s
n ? ? i rtainlni
as i ? ould . pinion in the mat
. ,|,
". dui? lo . to conside
the f< omitting 11
''J do this with great i
e I do not a hi
rIth rea
exp4 latioi ' ' ? i ? ?
nJoy thi
o wear 1
? \ becausi
llrt ? exi. i| "ti th?- gov
ll ' tal tO it and
eased lo he net >*
sai to tl menl of the \ isitut s
"i i ope most i eri that this re?
ami that I i long delay?
m making th?- auggeation "
While the omitting ol the li
ball v. hi no doubl cause ? good man]
rtbui Ing h Washington I I
thi fe.i? tai n.iv ernmenl will b<
? a result.
About l< n da ? - ato' Jam? i l. Da\ en?
? the F m i 'ommlssloiu i msdi
public some atatlstlcs he had gathered
h regal to holding ih< ball In th?
Building, il' pointed oui thai
nui and desks would have t.. re?
lit foi t ? -i weeks, and thai the
? , the K'iv? i r menl b : eason "i
ihh end othei ti kngs i ertalnlna to thi
up clone In 196.
Tin Ci- su!, ni ? !<?? t said he - <
,. | ; | ti i oat to the govi rnn.ent,
and th.* fact thai I ? practli al
li d th.ileslon of the Inaugural
hall la sn Indication thai h< hat nmoVi
. ? | si id) Of thi question
Wilson's Decision Causes Con?
sternation in Washington.
: Bureau
.i,?!?,t, Jan If Presldent-cleet
m |i , if irai ball
. onslatent with the idea .,f Jeffer*
?oi : m -imph. It) was rece ved In W sal -
Ington a ith m ni h ' ?ni.-!' i Dstion <>n the
,,;,. t <?: the local Inausural ? omm ttes
and the Bubscrlbers t" the guarantee
fund and mixed feelings on the pan of
i,. n... rat le legislators. The Inaugural
ball La an Impoi tant soi. of bit ome
Win,,, ,t || ti . re w 111 orobabl * ?? large
,i.ti, ?i in the Inausural fund instead of s
Surplus, a- lias been th.- , a-<e f,,i many
?...i- Henea Um consternation on the
pai t of lubsci Ibera
William I'.ii'i'iaii Bustis, chairman of
nu- Inaui irai committee, <ic lined to die*
p . ldent?eleci u llson'a annoum ??
tuent, aayihg thai ha bad nol ral ra?
hla lettei and was loatii to be?
iie^e that the bail would be abandoned
i ,1" not care to W) anything until I
have received the letter," said Mr, Ens*
us lo night "Il ha? bean rumored aev?
eral timas befon thai the ball would be
eliminated, <>r ratbei that such would
i?e ths wish of Governor Wilson, ?o I
want in aea the lettei bef?te making any
Representativa Morris Bhcppard, 'hau
.lean of the House Coasntittee on Public
Buiidlnss end Oresmds, and suthor of the|
? agon reeehrttea tn perasli ti>" use of
Une Pension Building f?>r ballroom pur
announced thai hl? committi
M.i to-morrow with the pr?
i .:? . he.11 Ittg at Which men
bera of the 'Ins igural commlttet
to appeal It support of the ptsn te coi
the pension office Into ? temporal
? M Ooverm i (I Ison disapproves of ti
'? a iguisi sill." he s.ud. theia is n
ess will ps
to the s iggestlon, and the entire i>lai
probaM) will be abandoned Tl late
ment of the Presldent?elecl la bound ti
whettu Co ig
; ? eetli ?. ? ntlre conduc
of the Inaugural ceremonlea ? mi aa
?? : t?o- clrcumal
of a simple Ins ??; iratlon
? m
Six Years Added to Life, Too
Says Dr. Wainwright.
Man .-? handsomer better house fs
and clothed, more
? . aaaaili d a Ith goul tl n li
di i. timi -, a cord ng to r>r
.lohn \\ Wainwright, In "The v
can Pre tltioai ? " oui toda:. in fac?
man has had on an at ' rage of s?\ ? ean
added I Ife In the last century.
"No . I thi nd strain ol
'(?? ?.. da) are conducive to nervoui
comptai ? Wainwright, si
irtt rial, i ai diac and K.i>tr..
intestinal disturbs I \nd ? et wltl
all of this hurry one Is amasad al 'he
.. itward calm, 'he pots... of the man of
Is .
g read lhal man la old and wot n
tatiatica prot e that
the average length of life is between
si\ ami >e'. - ? ean mgei l han s i sn
\\ :? es and ? hlldien ..i? bettt r i ardd
bat? ? : ? itedi dreeaed, enter?
1 t.i.t.. d in healthier, huppiei. more
beautiful than m the history of the
\\..rM as we know It." the writer as?
Dean of Newspaper Fraternity
of New York State.
1 lai ' Prentlsa Bailes .
i ,t. i ' i of ' ' ? newsps
i .,-i State dit d ?
I at his borne In this
?Ith for
two s ?
Mi i; i ? aa? edltoi of ' The L'tlea
i ?. ? thai rver sal month
eat of set rl? >
fort most
i.. :.... it- ?: 11 . atati a ? lose friend of
ex-Preatdeni Cleveland and twice named
poatmaster ol l'tlea, In IIM bs wa? named
by Prealdenl Cleveland ss s commis.
Inspei ; the portion .>r th.
northern Psclflc Railroad In Washington
Territory. Poi tout ear? beginning with
kv hi was preetdenl ol the Nea York
Ht a te \ - -. ? i., ? ?. i i .
In isK he a si sppolnted ?? Btati ? Ivll
Servio ('ommlsslonei nnd ^a praeldent
of the ?....mi resigning upon the Inaugu?
ration of Oavernpr Morton, Jsnusry I,
? ., received the degree of
i.i. i> from st. John's College, Kordham
Mi. Ball? l was horn In Maallua, N I .
August ? I Hi !? sees two son? and
i ?.. daughters i
Private Show
Simplex engineers know that an electric lighting and
starting system may easily become a two-edged sword
without the proper attention to the wiring and connec?
tions. These wires often times carry a current of high
amperage which, if not properly isolated, is liable to
cause trouble.
In order to avoid this possibility, we have designed
and built in our factory suitable connections for the
system used in Simplex Cars, and all wiring is protected
by metallic tubing which is both oil and waterproof.
The body, motor, or any part of the chassis may be re?
moved from the frame without breaking a wire, which
is also an important feature.
Because of our inability to obtain sufficient space in
Madison Square Garden to exhibit our latest models,
Simplex Cars are shown only at the salesrooms?240
West 59th Street (near Columbus Circle) - which re?
main open until 10.30 o'clock each evening to and in?
cluding January 18.
(onllntied from I1r?t par.e.
was "Household Sanitation." Dr. Ri
geimsn tslked about the kitchen at
c.-iiar, Dr. Young about ih>* llvlni
rooms ami Dr. Shlvel) about
ro ma and the bath Dr Mi
chairman. Mr- Inlian Heath, prei
dent ?if th?? Housewives' Lesgue, wi
.m the platform, and after the fot
doctors -ui exhausted themselv?
| talking about how all arall surfaci
ought to he smooth and unornamentc
?i" '11 at.'h the dust, --he sto?
up and glanced al the walls of It
room in which the meeting was hd
The fev. square feet that were n<
i ?? ered arlth portraits In fluted fram?
? decorated with ornate moulding
"t wonder," ?b>- said, "if the Sew Y>>:
ni Med? i Boclel d rigned thi
There wasn'i anj i rtsn si te that
was ... tho igb, one tha
??? ? svei ;,\-t" vowing tha
never again a I she make I
In the Hal below sagr) b? ihal
t the window,
Dr. rot ?'_? ? ? second .?< ski i
hied a bit at 1 ? ? laned him
? Ti,?- women folks know- more sbdu
that." he '?aid ' What goes a 1. -
tar*, of a county RMdi<*al so lety knot
., I living ?""? - 'or doe
???i Into a lood man] And i.te
me ni the mcMt of them i- the number o
in w hi thei i were, i < -'? Im ited, di i
I pleees of brie?a-brs
pet- on Hi' Boor snd rich, draperies shut
ting the sunlight out from the s
the word hygiene would have diec
on the I ;? of ' o ir tong I I room.
The Essentials for Health.
"The three essentials of a llvlni
I anlim i ,
??. ,i hospital room has those, and
you arouldn'l want to live there. A liv
rtg ? b pleasant thai
,. more si boms la it than any?
where else m 'be world Have s few
sir pur"?"
(ford hardwood doors, or. II net
hard?.I. then *-tatn them: ruas that
can be sasil) cleaned In lose four books
glsss i didn't used i l Ink thai
-,tr>. bul I '1" ' "W
\ ways remember when j ou ?tart to
buj bri- ft i a< ? bal ' ? it bi lc-?-brse
?sut kept dean it ht a menace to health,
and if i; Is k- pi i lean it takes a loi of
somebody's time.
?*II takes titiH t.''',, a n i" opei I) ? lean?
tnc Isn't just, tiappma the dusl from one
plaie t" snother with a feather duster. To
dust properly have two duat clothe ami
Obnt' shake them. Waah tl"tn out. It
anything gets m> Irian up it's seeing any?
body disregard other people's rights by
shaking ruga or dusters out of i window
i: .-;.- should be i leaned e th a vs
i ban. i \ ?..?.. uum ? i -? ? regt lai
surprise parti Th.- amouni of dirt it will
Oil k up Its nub. he abb*.
Nesd of Light and Air.
"There are two n aa tu foi I - pii I
windows ?lean, the) look better and they
let the sunlight in. ,\s to ventilation, II Is I
well to bave th? .- ad? reaten? n ais li
below the top of the window, then the
Window '"an be down without makm? the
shade flap. Which is always a BUlSUnce
"Mghts iri a llvlnu room aho'ild r.<?ver
h., arranged so that they piare on ih?
surface of t: ?? paper v.l.en vom re.ri or
arito They are fixed ae rijrht her? in ta?
.\. oi. ?:.. | :' MedleiSM . .-aid In. Fi
w:th B Klane.? at the IIBShgdSl >1 '
?icht above his r.-adin? desk, but it's all
S i ornf."
Ths bedroom." Dr. Bhlvley said, wi en
it came his turn to speak, ' aught to ba
the largest, pleaeaateet, sunnieet room In
[nab oi of which it la Ren
? the amalleet and darkest. Mori
time :s sponl In bedi.os than hi
other loom in the bausa, and yet bw.
. rone to put the bedrooms on
aide of the Bat thai looks out on ., .. ,?
or narrou alley, it arouM be i i
good plan, In sanity raste, t.; sleei In thi
room meant for the parlor.
licit) Bl .1 Clt anline?s shr.
the bedroom's ke>*note Don't has r
ting on the Boor; it has a m -'
the dual sifts through and !;??< os
the floor hTo ? small cotton rugs ?
sd walls a
Poldlng m ds a
\\,\\- all the window - ??;??
? when -t la i old, ah pp I
nightgowns m thin p
: ! ; ? . ? .,
sites of hi aping the
;i, in w lili b
- ring a
? alloa ed to
Four Principal Daily Paper?
Affected by Walkout.
M. mi ?era of the Si w Voik lewia
. mon. No i basi ? ?
onal T? ph..?i aphlc tl Union, n>
? ml
ling Jewish dalli? a. "Wa ? ?
ward ' "The Jewteh Met rdng
The -lew lab i>aii Xen -
g a ?ai
:, week of six Worktl | ?:
mum of throe coluuu i ds
man, recognition of the ?
"no man shall be titf?
good and sufficient res
About one hundred men and on<
sn we'?? ln< luded In the striken.
??f ' The 1'orw '
he could not - t pn
he ^ ... With
Abraham i of i
? n -
? malntali i i
worhera c innot be go ,
t reg tl sss
The nenrs In the affs ? this
Ing will generally ' ? datlen
?ngitsh Hft. ru?os, papera of
Second and Perhaps Last Trainlosd
from Uranium Arrive.
The se":.,! conslgnnsaut of paasangars
from the ateamshtp Uranium, which went
, n tiie ? f?o* l f# et ?
last Bunda) morning, srrhred >esterd.
at the ? irund Central Ti i mira \ t
load of ISS, most of them thud class
a little after nOOOL
Nothing authentic couid he learned ;'
- ?? regarding the number of passer? r*
t.. t?. .shipped h.te. it was rumored shout
Ihi t-1mlnal t; il ? esterds s trs id
would oomph te 1 ? transfer.
B. & O. R.R. Co.
The Fire at Pier 22 affected only the offices and
has not interfered with the operation of the Pier at all.
We are receiving Westbound and delivering Eastbound
freight as usual. Freight received at Piers 7 and 22,
North River. Office force in full working order at Pier 7.
All freight received Wednesday forwarded th? same
night; no delay.
General Eastern Freight Agent,
379 Broadway, N. Y. C

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