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Appellate Division, by One Ma?
jority. Declares Act Un?
Decision Will Not Result in New
Trial for Slayer of Seigfrid
Eckstrom, as Pleaded
by Lawyer.
By a t res to two vat* the Appellate
1'ivis.lt,n decid?-?! y**, te iday that ttVl fMtlrs
leg-dative acf endei whleh th.* Bronx
County v'ah created li uaeonetltutional
nid Inop?ratl*/? t*reste_ns JuaUce <>m*i ?.
h.-im wrote tiie majority opinion, in which
.lust!*.- Clarke and Justin' McLaughlin
concurred Justice Dowllns eoneurroi hi
the minority opinion wittten t?y Justice
The .ie,?i?ion of the court on the nues
t:? n ?it the legality of the Hi?,n\ County
ad i-,a? handed down in a hahaai corpus
proceed ng brought in behalf of Joseph
.1 McKenna. eoavleted of the minder of
Seia'fr'd Kckstrom in .lun?-. Lf?S, in The
Finn? The point was mad,- ihat tin'
Court of ticneial Sessions In New York
Conn!- had as n in th?* case, as
I'ron\ County had l.--<-n slready created,
and thi.t Mcl\>nna shon.d have heen tried
in the count> where the crime was coav
, mltted, McKaMuui ?as hrouaht down
ri'.n. sin?; Mhg, o..t Juatlci Beabury dli
aliased the writ and remande?! the POS
i man ha' k i" prison
The Appellate DietsIon yesterday af
_rmed this decision, and thf-ii won! mto
the constitution;,iit> of the Broni County
??ri i: t request ?.r the i,nr of The Bronx,
which had asked that a 000*1 be ?-stat'
lished there The i?ea?ia of certain Kea
fork Count) office? also wanted i
?': ns the-, believed ih>'> bad the
pe?. i i-> appoint subord?nate? ;?? oAc?s
till saw ?-o,miy to serve until the beads
of tbOM b'aniii's ,,f the count) govern?
ment '" lid b- elected 111 The Kli'tlX..
.1 istice Inglatiain ?le-idt'd that one t'-.i
'on why Broni Count? wsi not lega
s . . . f the ? >un
diiin c???vision ??i the act submitting it to
the votera of The Hiot.x h- said h '?'?a*
um ? ? '? a, t to the i "i
ei s beoati e thi st bees
i tit u ted, unlesi it i ? ., ed ? "?"??vision
of the constli l ?
to the referendum becsu?i the Miter.? ??f
Ne*.*. Fork County did noi have a voice in
the matter, "but ihe bald powei was
given to the c'.e- ' '!> of 'I - ''??' oni lo re
;.. , .... iot I il) enacted bj the >_egli
A suc??;es.u,'ti ?.is made thai the a*ourt ;
dec?an nie referendum teat'
I still leave Ihe rest of the ?
. i . ilial. To this the . out sind the t?-f- :
'? m provision was a substantial i?ait
?.. and Since the ad took Itrom the j
t v o? New York thi territor) em-|
?,. in tin ?'ouuty of The Broni i .
... from New v?t: k Count) the ?
, tax Thi Brans loi co at * pui -
in the furthei die? ussion of the l? I I ha
it Ice ?aid the a ounty ??f The ;
. ihed at Ihe date ?if the
MTU .;, April 1!?. 1111
"i i.- Broni ?a?
to perform I
ii>iion? until Jsnuary I, Uli it
thi iftei thai j
?? ?April fa, 1 .ul?l be HO la?
levli ., ed m it.
of Th.- Brom t" sa) the o
a>aia-tali of th- ? New Toi t.
: t.. ..i Tt:e Hi ..':.\ ; e.B| BO !?? . ?
? ? New Vut k I M
edded that Ihe onstitutlon
' ?
. . (foi Iba Legislature to have
Sew Vork Count) ??ft?? ?a:.-? until
hi ? olstton ot '-?? ' "onstl- j
i .no'i that i id - - ? sdered In?
? 1 -.?? Ii,Hi,,: .1 . .'I lili?.II
? ?; ? . .? ht??! t be ?'?>v\ ?-i ?
?ubmlt s ? te to the Vot?
the :
? ? ?!
? ? ? ? ? ? ,,\ the ad
? hi ?ill com? from Ih? s? t
The Breaos ?Cltlseni ? ? ? -.!? -i?t^.i a
reaolutioa last i4llns ?>n Tl?e Btroi *
-eaetori and \ - . men to inii?"i i ??
iiiiati',11:. ? - re to create the Bronx
Count) Formel Benatoi losepfc P Uea?
pens] presiden 1 of the league, ?.aid he
va? not surprised b) lha decision "f tli-.
Appellate division.
Questions Good Faith of Com?
pany in Third-Track Deal.
? I?itlva 1 >?f NvaVal ?i. I? b
1 T,..- Broni ??.?,..i:..i before ihe Public)
e Com? - ?? lit h 1 igsestlom an?!
: clsm "f the proposed Impro ?ementa <,f
i. , . ?
M m that te lion of the city at the
heailniT yesterday on the form "f the
??ertlf: ate to t.? isued '.. ih? Manhattan
Ballwej company '"i e?tendlm and
* i mkii 1 ?'.- eli 1 sted itnei
QfOrg? M Boh ?/. tunnel Slate Senator,
ktpl for the Taxpayers' Alltanci
:,,-?ij the provlfdonii which divided the
1 avenue iitle ilil?. two ;.aits. itiM.?a.i
..f maUna H *? separat? sraal from it?
he?int.it,i; at tiie ?aoutti t" its terminus at
???-.. a? in the ??i*?- of the Becond
. >.i w ?in?. The certificate provides f?>t
tnlrd tracking to Moth street ,- ?ne part,
?lid from u.'.ih sti.-et ami Third sveaue
t?. i?eM sm a\?-n te Dr the s?.,0n,i part Mr
8 i-, 1 0 ,.,(,v.,i thi." at lancement mi the
?round that n mail? it peaaitsle tm tiie
??<?ni|.iin> tu tl.1. ?i-trai k sa far as H.'th
street and i?- delay Ihe construetloa of
? il ltd track from lliih street
f, Pel ham sveaue ??r shandon it at will.
Ke;.re*?. native? ,.f ?,thei Sodlei ir. Th?
1 -?ir.x supperted Mi achula'i ohJaKtleiii
Geera* B Mott, reptesintlng th? hank?
I the ?Bowery, which desire the re
? ' of the elevated structure, with the
,?Me,| third UH'k. t?? the middle ol th
objected to ihe smhfguous lan
I, ,,f the ?.->, ti,,n of the eei UQcate i?n>
v,.iin|{ fhl Ihe third track between 'anal
itreeti The comtniMloneri told
him t?ier? waa no ?ionbt that the railway
eapmpeny would build the third track in
the centre of the ?tteet if it nets 1 on
?enl from property owners
Tel? I IS 0 'II. ? Tl ii.une 1
Praiioleco, Jan it. h> mov?as hli
?.?i te|? rigorous y t,,-,i.<
? linn.?? ir m 1 hi < lass h ,ti, una -
|y je .'-ellef) tin" ;, ? I ? . '.,! in plS.I
UM l.ee! Joint which natu,?- in?,I Riven
'.?.as uslns ii ball aim -?.? ket
? ..f ?liver, ? tl? plyota ot real ?ii.?
moMi? nhirh In Ffancll M 'lark had
suhstltoted ti hs sur?tcal laboratory.
Montclair Mothers Start New Jersey Campaign Against
Demoralizing Dances?Guardsmen Forbid Fancy
Steps at Regimental Affairs.
Montclair, \ .1 Jaa '" Actls? srai
fare asalnnl lb? "turkey trot." "buna
hua," "arissl) i?;i. and othei ?lain??.?
coasidered Improper was begun lo-.'uy by
Ui<* Woman'a Club of Moatclsii Ta?
club Issued ihr follosrlna raqussi to Its
fuir hundrt .1 iii.ini.eis and t.. woman's
clubs in Nest Jersey
The \v?ini?n of this club deprecst? es
ceedlngl) the chsrscter ?>f the prevailing
popular dance?." ?>n ii?.th ?esthetic ami
ethical ground?. \\'?? urge the authorita?
tive iiis. until uance of 1 1? h dunces, and
would re? ommend the appointment of a
committee t" supervise the fi"<" on ill
public occasions The club desires ?/?our
co?operatlori In tiiii? vital matter,
it Is hoped that tails campaign b) thi
mothers ?.>f the town p^.-nnst demorslising
dances, snd th?* announcement by the
manager? of a iaahlonable reception aoon
to l.?ke plsce her?-, that 'any one who at
tempt? i?? folio?? the diaarsceful dancing
at a oertaia ciui.'s N?s ?ear's dan?ce win
i?.- pul ?.fr the Boor," win i?'it .m ? n.i i'
thl m In .Mohtdair.
This evening, at a dance given bj Mi*
,i. f. Post in hsi lions, N" BO Psr?
BtrSNBt, the hOSteSS requpstnl her KUcsIh to
refrain from tii? "trot" or steps stmllai
to it.
Men who sttend reviews or dsn?ees of
the tU Reaim?nt. Brooklyn, In the future
must he m civilian oi regimental f in
diass or the) will ti?.! i?c permitted on the
Boor, and, what's more, none ?if the new
dsrtcca srtil be sJlowed AI the (Irsl re?
view of ih<" rcr-.i111.11t this aesson these
dsa?Bsa caused much comment. Nos or?
ders bave been Issued to prohlWl the
"turkey trot." "bunny hup" ami rtmllai
?laic ?s
Ai the annual review and reception of
Companj U of the 10th Regiment, si lia
Whit? Plain? armory Friday night, the
waits and two-aten will be theonl; ?lam-.?
p?'rniittori Captain Glover has liven no?
tic?, that all tai:' steps ni" foii'l?i?i"ii
?On Knees They Implore In
spector Dwyer Not to Let
Husbands Know.
'Steerers Said To Be Mer
chants* Wives Trying to Re?
coup Losses?One Had
Dropped $14,000.
Iiaspectoi Dwyei and ? sauad of ?ie
l.'l'tl?. M t.lliW'l] ,1 lUXUI 1" IS;'
flat h an apartment house In Wet
i?.'?! street, between Broad as i I ?m
laat night, and foun?
fifteen women pis) Ing pokei
all the wotm-n fainted when the pollc?
entered * ii?- s i?.?i i ment.
\\" ti ? -1 ? ti??* \. omen revived I he plead?
ed to i" allos .-.i to n" t" thi ii homes
Thej also protested aith tears In ihel?.
eyes when ssked r..i?_ tbeli corree)
-..un, ? and addr? isei .-'? en "t then
said their husbands <i 'I not know when
they i? ???. .-? en m? n who ei i In
the pla? ?? t""k Un- raid more phllo
? ;,.. The ne* ? spiead I othei
? n and s?"'ii ??? ci "i' ?i gal h< i sd ?'
In outside.
Two cost.) i...k?i lables that wen
seised had dummy wooden t"i?s thai
fit!.-.i over ?green balse, ?yTvlng them
: as .ii'i"-ai.?i ' ? of dining-room tablea
One "i Hi* taiii.s was made ol mahog
?in-, and the .?iii?-i ol golden oak.
A atari time i?K" Ingpact? Da ei
i word thai ? w?.nian i pokei
.-lui? ?as operating m ihe Wast l?s?iii
prsvln? t. Hi assigned Bds ai ?1
Armstrong and John gutter to ihscase
?'h.?m. fa\i?ini tin- sleuths, ami they
,. h ni 'i "i Hi? pliai ?? when the were
Mittiiii4 in a v\?-ii known Broadwa; ras
laurani ?V'edneadaj afternoon. Two
well dressed and liegetntned wosasn
Btrui K ip 8 HI] latIon and ? entually
aaksd the policemen whethei the) avei
played poker. The detectives who rep
resented I h< msi l- ? - as ions ??i rl? ii
mi t. "i tin* ? n>. admitted thai Ihej
sometbaes did.
Thi ? omen aald the ki i h y la? e.
.. uiiii'iii. il a taxi? ab, m u ni< ii the
_?. the t??ur *?< m t" the apai i -
m. m house, i'.h?-ie ihej aav several
'.' "iu> i olai ing,
Inspector Dwyei reluaed lo ni??- out
the names "i the i u omen ' steerers,"
h ii he said Ihej were the wlvss "i two
prominent merchants < m?- ol ihem, it
la aald, told the police thai sh<? had
lost 114,.? in the place m n? laal
el? ven months, and ahe feared h? i B
band ? ""iii i?-aiii ??i It The only wny
, m of the m?.m-\
back wa? t" acl as a "steerer1 and gel
a perci ntage .?n w?in?i cuatom ihe
brought tio house, The othel i? rruin,
it was Mid, WtU in S similar plight.
?m the arrival ol u??- raiders last
nicht iii? women ran heltei skeltei
the room? Ths tso Sets? ii'-ea
i,, ??. ,i i. h i mail and a woman fot
whom ihej had warranta, as proprl?
loi - while the real ?.i the squad i or?
iali?-(i th?- others Osts woman was
dragged from undei a bad Anothei
.'. as found Hi a . lot l)?eS > l?OSI :
The Inspectai i??i?l the "<>iii?-ii the)
vv.n.iil ha\ ?? tu give th? h ? ui i? 11
naines, pul ii? i?, lleves ths names
given, oi most ?.f (hem, aie Sctltioua
??ii ih?*ii knsea several woman i??1?? the
inapectoi ihai theli Uvas ?<>uld i?a
ruined h th-ii husbands km-?.?, what
: ? .ii l?esn ?louii,.
Judge Hough Denies Claim
Based on British Law.
An sppllsatlon ma.t.. in, ? Titanic
olalmant :?> tue :?? flrasfef Hunt Hill A
Bett? that the tonnage .?r the Til
? ?i In the asnas Is whk h tonaags
la used in the Hrlilsh s;a;-,it. | *,,* denied
yeaterds) b) .haine Hough, who sent a
memorandum oa the rnattei frop the
.\?v\ *i ?,i k HoaNtal, whar? he is confined
by iiiasss
While th? ?-xa, i thing moved for seemed
rsrj simple. Judge Hougta wrote, it ?,i>
??gnull.v true, ami just ;,k obi oua, thai
the tannage <?f the iosi itsarsashlp ?as
wholly irrsievsnt to an) prsc?sdur? foi
limit?t!..h ..[ liai,Um km.?An t.. the ?i,,
ute law ..f th. United ?States
it had basa MiK'ieti h> .,,.?,.. ,,,, ,,,.
appltaant that rince the Titanl? was Brit
lab owned and .?r Brltiah rssistei be?
BriUsb ownsra wars not entitled i.? all th.?
benefit? m Dtivtlsgss awarded b) ths stat?
'??? "i 'i??- United Itatea, Judge Hough
?*?!.: on. but if the la? ol Great Britain
.,i plied i" an. wh) *!??? .hi ii not appl) ,, .
atona ii??- line' if the sim? ownei could
i"i iimii demand? p\opottnded In the
United states in accordance with i ta ?- ....
of tiie United li?tes, wh) should ha bs
essssslrsd to pa) In th?* United stat?-?
moie than he wouid hai.- been compelled
to pay iii ?iicat Britain b) an tas laws
of the i *?^1 rn ""
"Hut tins motion ?a.? arguedi," .lud?.
Hough said, 'setkr. to ersate aomathlna
which is neither British nor Amerlcsn a
kiii'i ..i legsl cents ir ?fhlch would .
id?* ctalraanta all th? advantages of both
lyStSfMS "f law and IsSkVS to the shiji
iiviii.i no ?fjaaanrssttsla dsfsnnc under
either.". I
Controller Denies Thompson
Has Won Him Over.
Controller Prendergast t?>?'k prompt
? ,n ? osterda) lo tl? Matemei ?
Commissioner TAompaon ol Ih? i H in
mint of Wat.r Buppl . Gal Slid
trldty thai th.- ob ??? lion i ol lha
troll? r and other membeii of lha i on
i.? of the Board ol Estimate to the pro?
posed filtration plant si Jerome Perk
reset roll had b ? n satlafa? toril n ? ?
oma and that btdi would ba opena
the 0d When Informed of whal Com?
missioner Thorn] ?on had ssserted thi
< ontroller *.
"We had an Informal conference with
? oininissii.il? Thompson, si which Mi
Mi Anen) snd I ? ? ? ? present but
matter was not ettl?
n.-?- in.i'i. b) Mi Tl ompson, I tx
thai if s ?? permltt? ,i them lo op?
bids next Thui ? I ? ??*? ould noi
.? i? | award of contraen untl
thorough! ? about tha i
ter. i liudel ? propositloi of l
U'HI.1 ' '.'Illlll
ami hi mid i ?? w? id t"
? i lte in*- s lett? l. prot lde?l
It waa entl lo the Mi
T e Co tro er ? onfei u- ? denl
McAm itei
. i ? ....
.? ?? -.\srd it..it the ' "iiiimii? ?
w..... i ref er ( ? 11 a ? ? I
lei mini whether th< I? ?v.?
plant, s ml
w ha tbei the m-, ha? h .?i fill
. i . \\ ??. ? i ??
t he m"*i ? tfi? ? i ? .? ?
Dealer Gets $134 Judgment
Against Mrs. Ladenburg.
Mi Emit) I?idenburs nel known In
socle) I - ?? oho
the Whe?tie) Hllli ection . Island
snd .ti N? ? ; "i i i: i
the Blrdsall Coal ? 'ompai
.m," .m of a coal I
bat i . .iiiii i ?
J itlKin? m wai ??;!..
Court, M .:.-.. a.
rstei -..' M ? idenl ? - ?
. ? ted ii", did ?hi a i"-.'
action ?si itarled ?tie wrote la M
pan) i? li said, den ln|
\v-i- e .-? delivered
Mr* laiidenburi
known i ? ? i : -. v ?-, - ol I ..f Hie
?;. saiow Brook it ni i I
: he i" *?? v m ? :. '
? ?hand a ho ?tl
bank In? Mim in ?iannatlai
from ?' ?tesinei ? ? rt
l',.i to Rico ta
p.,v. i ,, pa ire I rned
Merchants' Association Objects
to Single Service Board.
With ii.? spi rovsl of th? i ol dl
i.. toi i ol the M< it Ion, III
president, Hem H rown? he irllteii i
1? it. ? i.? s? na'?.i John I'. Mui laugh,
??:.a'.t man "i i ha i ,?1:. in t ommitla c,
- . t the | "-i"'.t '?< n 'i
in s? ?atan ii? at) ? Mil i" .? ullsh the
I'ui.ii?- Bei :.Hum? Ion i".- ? ?
I ?isti 1.1 .iii.i t<? tr?n fei Iti | u I diet m tu
.i neu r bile ."'?? i ?.mtn
bany. ,
Mi Toa ii' ? il Hie ne? ? *--u - foi
t.' i. ? ummlssions la nol
Imperativs, aa a leiarai ? l ? men c?
nUuini with the n< ed of N*n *? o? i. i :
?i needed to handla Un trafile problem? '.f
i he ? it ) i mi to adi n ? ? ? ? ?
more than ? ??' '" '?-? ? mil a ibuted ? ??'? I)
b) m Is behall ??! th? people of th?
Reinstated Should He Win Ap
peal, Says Lawyer.
u ithout waiting ?m Iba a .!? ome of th?
?pp. ,i Mk.'ii n? ' t..h le- il Hyde ?"i ma i
Clt) Chamberlain, who was convicted "t
i,ni,.i . ihe tppellale Utvtslofi yesterda)
disbarred i. ,i- ? member ol Ihe bai of
Sea *?oik
The application "i di?barmeiil aai mad?
. n.ii tsaociation, ?? hl? h I .m
,,:,! ,,, ihe 111 de it ..il I - ? ?laj sfl
conviction The application to the court
f.ii action wit made the Ural ?la? ihere?
aftei that Ih? '"it ial H ytie did i Dl
i,in,.,s.. ti,, application He -?? ? admitted
t., the bai m IMS In 11 il I ? - ? .t),
,\ felon) ? ??ir la tton autoin? Itcall
bai ? a law) ? i and if lb? pi e?.
. |< tion saainsi ii? d< li pelmltted b i .?
appellate courti to stand he maj nevei
sgaln practise ti - profession tt. how
ever, he wins hi appeal accordion i?j
J?,ln? It Btana hfleld, his wwyei. hi ? III
be i em.-i au .1 mi mol i'?;,
Customs Men Say Wholesaler
Dealt in Drug.
Simon Bei ma n, membei "f i i
?it?ix iirin in Weal Broadway, has ?n
i?-Mie?i vesterda) bj Deput] H
.Vorwood, charged ?\nh Illegal traffic in
opium The customs mi n -v.. k< d foi
MVeral weeks trying t.? discover hon lha
crude opium waa being obtained b) manu
facturera ?.f ?moklns opium, and the) al
le*.- tiiex ni,??il. discovered Berman .??
"i.ftii'h chlel sources of supply,
A?. online t?, i he complaint B? ? ma
through his business, was abl? t?, obtain
Li rg? quantlti? i <,f ? i ude opium, i\ in? ?i
-? pi ?? bi ought Into Ihe ?-?.uiiti -. i,,i m,-.
dlclnal purpoeei snd this hi ?old to thi
scturers .it ? ?ai??- profil Bei mai
was held fi.i the si tint? of the si and
The heaviest s.-nt.- ,,? to | m-i Offend?
in the aaaafne t'.?tti. itnce the police an?
i?i-n li t Attorn? - ' 'ropas*? i.< gan Ht? h
orvsade sgalnat th? li i* raeUers wn? thai
[giVen ? esle?d; v to ?f o-.|?t (Jill lilali. 1 \\ .-n
?ty-four ears ohi. ol No ?T," Baltic streel
Brooklyn. ?Qutnti waa sentenced bj Count
Indue Tornan to one ytOT ,?t haul 1 i. ,,,
?n r-iti?*; Sing and tint .1 $!,'j?0
Public Fire Adjuster's Indie
ment To Be Followed by
Others, Is Belief.
"Izzy the Painter" Goes On wit
Recital of Methods of His
Gang, and Wife Cor?
roborates Him.
Robei t i Rubin, s public fir? adjusts
who ?.i- namsd by "Jssy the Paintsi
??- .? m? mi., r or th.- "arson trust, an
srrested yestsrdaj following his Indlc
| menl tot arson In the aectmd degr?s i
? kcii up in the Tomb i i urther ii
diet men ts are rape? t? 'i m st ?\. ah.
"ii'zi' hjrnself, besides testifying i>?
fore the rrand |ury, ?gava runner hi
more detail? ?i a< count? of Un thai i
liad kindled and ln?*endiariea snd a<lins
rlth ? bom hi hsd fratetnis? ?. 11
wife, Dora, and his two children, Nsthai
'"" j ? .h ? old, and ? 'harii s, nine rnontJ
old, wart also In the Dlatrlci Attorns)
"i.i ? Mrs Btelnkn -it/. ? corrobor?t?
man] "f the atatsm? tit? mad. i.? "Issy,
and ?.?.,,. a aitness before tu. ?rrand Jur?
Tl ? lei aitnes Mil in t.m.
RO .< H U .?,'.-' ti;.- *?-Sllt;ir,t Pistri
v 'in charg? "t thi Imtulry, elssi
Ini : m. Nathan m In-- arm.-, and ?
?low. Jlapaaslon ite i\. told of th
. nd pi? ?? tor? to be derived froi
^kindling blase? s Ih? reaull of whlc
? il adjusters padded the claims f?
i" ?es and final Ii settled with the h
omp inii '? i'ii ...i in a?i
vancc of the actu
l.lii!. FVathai Ii westei and knll
:"i cap ?>i bright - rinall
lulled t" -i--, i b th? t? ad] ne i
not .
?Ill n?.,'. K_t h,i?
|h for Natha
? ? ? ? ? n
I put b] Ml Well?
?h from h
Rubin Indicted a Year Ago.
la eat
that he I
?? and appro ?riated th? mon? ?
'I he Ii i .i? .1 i
; .'..I i.? i
a waa con
? ? ' ? ?
I th? ?
?' ? ? .
? i
the ?
gain limn, dial
:, ill
i ? haa be?
? ? ?
? . .
., : I ?
.1 .'? ., t ' f.'I III?
. ? . ? ? .?? .
e aayi
lolene i
; . ? |Utd he pi i
mi i with him t?
ip " H?
. ; aref il, h"
uf the .? hen th*
.. i ?.
. ? -, enta oil.I '-> the t? n>
nd ?the
the ad iya, thai
. . . onvlcte I of arsoi
. . ?
..,-..? ? Tl Ii .ni' ? ?'
i ? :e>i
Company Plans Reductions of
10 to 50 Per Cent.
... ii i.? in..:. \i. ? president ol th?
.\.-w ,'ork T? ephotie I'ompan) annoui.i
? it the offi ? ' ompan
., i ? |c Service < onimlasion from
' I ?i.l . ..III.- I?. .Ill lindel
lucti?n "t some ??;
Hi? t.- ? phone !?? ' ' m? tropoll
tan dlatrl? I from " i" 8 i- ici
..... ?i.,,1 ,,f ih- ? '.mi'..in 'a
annual ? ? .
? Irphona '?.. betwi n Kew ?? ?? k
and Phey will b
. ...:.i m hihi, tin- -. ear, In
ail i'i
M, li.th?. prepar? i i"
rasa? ?? moi ? d< lall? ?I atst? menl W h? n
iii. Bchedul? ..i .IIfl? allons hsd I ? ?
worked out, he said, tl.mpsnj would
?ubmll ii ?? i"-? rate? to Ih? Public s. ?
? . :. :,,. M ..ii ? hl h ii" -i P ? -- i|>""
ih. i,i before the) want Into elfe? t. Il
i. ai Imposai i . hi r? u..'tk? ?i foi him to
i _ ?,. i \ i'.n.-i.il wa
H i ?..i.: . d, ??? i?bal re
. ciii.i. mplal d The) had
null.M,,: .. du I?. eXplail ?d. IMth ?*\
chana? ratas, bj ? hl? h II m< an) the
Ice m
biialn? .. ikJ m ea.
'H bai ? ' i and alws ? will las ??? d
i, s-prssMent, ' the polie) "t th?
. . ompan ? i" Inatall lowei ; i
ipid i .. ? ondltlons wl : ?
i: l'undltlon? i mean h. earning? i
l>enaea plant capacit] and the ordinal
i ? . pm< ms in 'ii?- ?iiii?i? m s.-? liona i f
' ! ?
Two New Yorkers Among Those Hon
oied by M. Dal Piaz.
Word 1? ? I ' '? I i ??'! 'I ' I ? : ? II- ? .? '
? i, \ ,,i i in- Front h Line ? .??;. i da
that, folios mi; m- anm al re? eptlon bj
the .in.. loi ri :i' ral, M !>?>! I'm/., to Hi?'
employe? ??i the Una In Paria, Bervic?
medsl? wesa conferred on those ?im bad
i..-, ii v, h ii i he c.pans t'" ' I
The Sew V.?rk award? Included s sold
m? i.ii i" < inn lea Ti ? yvou i. ih?- passen
gsr agent, and another, ?? silver rnsdsl, t??
Ellsworth Smith, who Is the c?tMapsa' i
i.. .ii log .-i, rk .?i tha pier al w atst lath
-i .. t
all Treyvoua wss s purser on many of
ih ? Kl. rich Line it? amar Im fore he ba?
il >?f t he passeni si depai I.nl
In KeW fork, Mi Smith stairs [soyhood
been with th? rompsa; at Ins Ms?
^ ? >ik t?iminal Of ti.? I'r? n?h USM BST? I
Vil ??
Edgar R? Convicted; Oslin M.
Indicted on Grand Lar?
ceny Charge.
Realty Swindle, Which Netted
$1,000,000 from Dupes in
Yonkers and Elsewhere,
Alleged in Court.
It was ? had ?lay for the nrm of Jack
sun Ri??thers, rea] e?ttate ??pe.-tor?, yes
teiday. Edgar R. Jackson, srsfddswt of
th.- Jackson Brothers Realty t'ompany,
was i-nnviiteii oi grand larosoyi an in
dletnienf ?hi a similar rharsi; WM fileil
agalnsl his brother, Oelln M. Jaikson
treaa*urer of the company, and t'h-ries E.
!.. Clark, sal?! to have acted a*? treasurer
"f a dummy concern Mgsnliod by thi
Jacksons to fa? mtate their business, was
Indicted f"i srand larceny?
Clark was arrested within a few mm
nt's after hl bad taken the stand In
K'ljinr it Jackson's behalf it, the Criminal
Branch of th?. Supreme Court ?,'iati;
iwore to Jackson'i K'>.'?i character, am
almost While id? word? were erhoinft; 1,1
Hie courtroom, found himself arreste?! for
a Ian-ens of **0,Sf*J from Vmik'-ia men
Then ire three others nsmed in the same
Indictment, one "f whom i*? laid to be
?> ?m Jackson, who is now believed to b.-i
?"i- of town th?- second i? Edgar R.
JaekSOB, and tin- third Is ?aid to be a
i- Ident of Yonkers.
The inetho'i by whl h bUSln M and pro
feaslajbal men of fonkera were iwlndled
out of their money i* described a- Imllai
t?, other transactions slread ade pub?
lic, whereby tin- Jackson brothers -ne ssto
t,, have obtained m th. neighborhood ?>f
t: ?<? ??' it goes bul a Map further than
in. iwlndle "f which Edgar R, Jackson
was I'esterda] convicted The total io.s=
lid t" be about
'- ??-. ..itt;,,- ?ii :? M m.ni . i'.--ilnnl ..f
that imounl s meartenod in Iks Indict?
ma nt
? Voiik'ts omplainanti sri in it O.
Phillips, president of the Vonkeri (?erden
? i Keajt) ? lompan . w Illlam T. Oregg
etn d treat.>f the ?am. com
.:? T I?*edi and ?'? Portel
i"i'-.-ti;..:? |ed 'bat the fonkers-I
? ;??iden ? .- Real) t ompao) was iba '
. ? ??' ti - -w ndla 'Ti'- com? an
named m tke Indi? tmenl a.- loeei t., th- :
. \t' ? i .,: V.l.?M".
it ?s slleg? ?i that ?.' rnonstratloo [?: si
. .. the Jacksons, it is
k- ..? thi ? n :.?, showing .?i,
- Ill otll ? I. a tl .,? t oI
i..?: li i, ? "i?\. indu? id
to f? -, a - ndla .ii-- t?.
property In ihe ?am?'
A in". ? i ? ? ni WM saW
? ei pi imisa .i on I he ; ea ?
the " .1 ii.-ti ma lion apparently
? d a profit er cent. It li
?i Jackson Brothers represen
i-d furthei i?? ti.? Ton ken syndicate that
had i aid ti OSJ en acn iui ?ii
.ling lo ti?.- ? Iden? ?? n tl ? - ndi
of th? i- ' Atl Ibl Hi-' ?lea!
a profil <?? .'.'?;??:
? , ?? ?lr tin o Igt) a
B ro t h er ?
ra celt ? ?! ? i the second dei
the I ? n if mu?es on the tint
....?? - fba u
i i .i-a, li li alleged, v?...? tied i i
the fini It li furthei ?? f;?e?--.i
i ng M.0M an s< r?. the
land ( I ? an,i that Jack?on
? -i ii.?*.e gn option ?"i
i at lha lima the d? si s Ith the *? enk? i i
.i i si com immated,
Inventory Values City's Menag?
erie at S38.000.
Pete the sacred i Ittneoe Jacken in the
Cei irai Park menagerie, is officially dead,
mofllcially he is still ruminating In
the park, although ?'..tiiini-sionei Bio
- . . , ? the lea kass aeph) \i
The menagerie inventor) was com
iUe,i )'esterday, ami for Ihe dial time InI
tinny ?'-.?is Pete'i place Is t?"- Inven
?,t- left vacant Everything elm from
in- ? marin lo ihe elephants ?.?.us men?
tioned ? ii-i appraised, bul lha lackam was
? limlnated
i be menagi rl? coll? ctlon ..? n??v. ?
mated !?? be worth I-v??' Two elephant?
are quoted al K.O90 apiece, two hlppm at
,? , lo .,1 J. '??. SI 'I ?
? i J it on I? valued a! H a l"Ot A
graten monke) <? q toted at $_.. while three I
?toi i? sre i ?i.' "t W each
Rhesus monkeys ? ii i.-ii i,?..?,! to mil f"rj
HB ? dosen, have i nn In price The ten
m the m? naga r?a sre quoted si IN The) I
?i., i be ' mpeal i si let), Dick, ike Hger, I
ilued st *i '""' snd his mata si fe"
Three Hones?,- are held si !'??> apiece,
three lloni a- $7"" and three Harem a. ibs at
? ?
Tha ?hunk i? quoted at U which hsi
ba en t he *. i nluatioo plea ad on him
lor ike ia-t Bve yearn
S WIN DLERS 'GOT $80,000
Detectives Make Third Arrest
After Search Since August.
a swindling system whom workings In
ti,,- Li t fee mont I - heve netted Iks
operators il.si M.QM the police ba
lb .. wm reeealed yesterda) In thi Her? :
hm ,??int, when Abraham Vogel, woe i
s.u.i be waa a salesman, living at Ko ? i '
?i-i fTth ?tree!, ?,i< arraigned on ? I
charge of grand larcen) In conn?ectlon
with wholeaale ih-tts ..- sutomobllm and
i oblle nuppllea
\ ogel, ? he i? mid i" k the ihlrd
in. ml., i ol a ti.iiik ??f tiw men, was at
rested b) Det**ctlvei Eakowakl and Bar?
i?. r. of the Bast Sd street police si,?mm.
li.- u ?- h : iimi.ii in the n.ii k m com I
nml held In I-.O"*? ball foi examlnatloe
to-da) He denied 'is guilt, bul refuted
lo dlsa urn his .h rest,
Takowskl snd Berber, abo have ha.i
the entire handling of the cam, wane pul
un the trail ??f the gang last August The
--iii.il. is method called f??i ti.stab?
llshmenl "f font or iii<?i>- garages In ?tif
f.-i.nl nails of ihe city One ot the
operators would then bpi an automobile I
from a dealer, paying down V."> and es? I
hibltlng a bankbook showing deposits ??f [
from I-'."?"' tu $'..i"i" When tin- ear wee]
delivered n would i" whisked r<> a gar?
nge, painted and resold By the lime the i
deader began t?> i?".k arouod t"i his
mone) he would Und that ii??- formerly
fat hank account had dwindled to a tea ,
dol?an, and thai ihe purchaser himself I
had fslseppssred, la ens ?as.- a eMtt
bank accounl bad beam reduoed i<? 1-.71
cents when the dealer k??i "ii tin- trail,
in obtaining .-mt?. luppllen ihe method
?>f ilif awiniller? wan almost ii|eiitn*al
?\,?i,i thai thej pul up no money, The
nolle? tstlmate that the k.ii.k has trimmed
local dealen ??f l#.0M in automobile iup
pllm and a lik. amount in automobiles
Tli- Urst an est In itic ?'ase was made
lasl Beptembsr when th.'- two detectiv?
brought in Angelo Qarbeto, of No "231
P*asl -Itli Street. He was admitted It
13,000 bail. o;i which he has been at lai????
?in? c. The second an.-si came last Bun?
da) when the police took Louis Napoleon.
another "aslesmsn." of So M Waot 130th
street. Into custody The detective?
promise two more arrests srlthln ? ihori
NOT WORTH $150,000 YET
Miller, Just Insured, Escapes
Death in Taxi Wreck.
.lust, tan horns after he had had i?!s Hie
Insured for li???.??? Arthur S. Miller, sec
rstary and tt-.-asurer <?f th?- Hankers and
HtilldiiiK Bureau. a< ?rompanied by ill?
wife, had a narrow escape from serious
Injury or possible death when it taxicab
m which tin--, were being driven to their
home early this morning nintiKed int.? an
open excavation al ?'anal and ?'entre
Streets. When th?' foi waul wheels of
the taxicab went down Into the hole .\Ii
Miller and his wife were thrown forward
through the fr?.nt window-, and both re?
ceived cuts and bruises
The Millers, wh?. live at No IH Mh
Street, Brooklyn, had been to dinner at
the Hotel McAlpIn with som?- friends and
Started for their home Shortly after 1
O'clock tills morning, The exravatlon
into Which the taxicali fell was about
four feet deep and guarded bj red lan?
terns Alfred Darting, th?- chauffeur,
thought the exeavation lay on slthsr Bids
m the li?hts. and drove his machine be?
tween them.
Durling was thrown from his ?eat and
Mr and Mrs Miller were eaught in thS
l>ody of the car, from which the?, were
rescued by Patrolman ?IVelssnws?>sr, of
the Elisabeth street station. After being
treated by Dr. ?'rune, of the Hudson
?street Hospital, the couple went home In
another machine.
A Stylish Collar for
the Well Dressed Man
2 for 25
I ?. in.?rr,>i\ Mifht?">pr< ml I'oiiulir (oniert.
M flam? RMTT tieaaaHn Ituniford
(I vn\ ** ' * Waaael titets A Orchettra.
(?ertrade II?.(Tin.um. Brasdwar le Pari?.
I'd II -l I II . B ? ? Kvfl I 10
?la.lii? Elliott'? I h 38 B S
."??.:'- AIsTATOLi
lln.Hilua? I h.. * 41 Si M II to da ?1
< \H|\0 B J i e I. ...... 1". !
4*'tli St. Tbc*.. i: ' r. ?? j- R. a
PLAYHOUSES. ?."-J?'.'.,,'' . , '' '
? ? t OMEDY, ?lat.E ' i. .
M ?NHATT?N Op H? ?Ml a 8 Avi
,1V ' THE WHIP S? j
\\ I >l KM?, l.'.lti ?\ of_?~Ava Eve?. 8:1.1
M? I?. ?!... 2:13 RlXDLE WAKEN
? U ?? HI. \l?\ MONKl
REPUBLICv: : ^ ;V. ....
\ i-'xii'.v -i'i.w i'?r. OBOWN'tiFS
1 i i oet ? nd iterard ,\ '-t.. u I? ? Ho-ian ;
s ,. the
it s t al
.<.? ? ?'. :<|
I4SR 141 h I'll? I Mil IlKKN S lalry ru.
III I? il M
.. : I
IU-UAT noi'srr: ..t tha CHILDREN'S
|S:IS ii. m. rHEATRE, Ceatarj Th?atr?.
_ at? i>. i". , S?(M, , .?,_, ,.. |C#__ ,, ,, (W j,_,
TO-MUItl B? !? ? i ? M ' l'.. ,.?; w ?,i ; m
ii r ri i Rutherford & Son
lll.lll.hVS lalry l'U,.
Snow White
f?AIiT ?Ht-esflTwfcs PhoneBrraatDd
UUIII u.i ? -iv, ?? m, Heart."
Eltinge c, .!:'..:;.?,;.,",:,16"
tatay al t tkotuUfohta?tt, Farrai Reb?
Mu i ?i n, ? '." lu 11? ? - i ildui ? '?mi it." i/
I..iiialii ?' ? Bp ?' Tatee et ll.irt in.iiiii
H-ir.|..l. Ki-iiii-'."i, Roi M. il. ?Ulli. I"?i
Rothler, Reta? s.?n'..!., rend. Palacco,
"?nu. Eve. i'oi ? ?" ?? Il ??' Deatlnn;
Mari n. v?n Beeren tien pian ? ? i. tir? nrcta,
\?>\t m,m m : n \|r?si. i.iim.i Qadakl,
Mattf? Id SI? ? ?'. w ? i it- is? i;.nu.- arta?
irol.1, Hlnahaw i ond i< lor, 11. ti
\w?i. n' I?Masas Carrai Cai ise ?.
Rothl? . l(.-i"? Hrsurola Cond Ton
iimr?. Extra ?I?! ' !?*laal< Hill?"
ii. i i?.? i i>. -t mi -vi.,. Hl? .-?k i ankow,
??.Uli/ u.i^? Orlawold i'onductor, Herta
I Im r?.. il ;:!.">?I ri.l in frematad, II?mi'
Huir?an. ?Veil, *A'lih?-rap?x>n l'en roi
I ri. n ?:l.\ ?llarl.ler? ,11 Mvtfftla. II. ni.
?larnn Amato SVguroli plnl i ral Staraal,
Hat, al I??.ioiiiniU Desl?an Matsri
Du? h? ?i- ' ' ?r.iv. \ mate, i 'ond Pola? i ??
II vltDM ,N PIANO l ?il?
?"? COHANS ,, ' '
'? l".
QE0. M. COHAN ?broadw?y" jom s
ACTflD R'?a) ii si r?i-nl?ht n fSahaip.
oot Ut. Mailae? To da) . 18
Hi? lir.iiii.iii? srii?ntli,ii nf id? ??nturt.
\* Ut ?xi f?rb a T?
tlOOt < im hi.m
\ ?n. h n musiera.
K'llirrl I ,l?s,,n
<Im\ I ?Kiiian.
I ??III il K..I i-rUiMt
unnnu THE UOVERNOR'fl l.\D\
N*i ' ?V? ? '- i:\? l SE MK '
?Uranrl Central Palace
Madison Square Garden
bijou nmsiZTSS
?MMERHTE1V8 Ir.nk I Inn?, . _a Same
Bv.-VO.T5e.81 l'U et Nolr.iml. th? l?ssM*ssf
Maun"? :.. | ... Korlnne g is other act?.
Prices, like Winters, aren*
what tlu'v used lo be.
We've revised pri?es or,
men's suits and overcoat?.
Liberal savings to be pick**:,
All sizes? attractive pa
Radical reductions on Xr*r
folks and double - breasted
Such reductions, as from
$9.50 to $6.50, ^12.50 to
$8.50, and $16.50 to $10.50,
for example.
Liberal savings on boys
overcoats, too.
Rooeu Per Company,
Three Broadway Storei
at at it
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
EMPIRE p "av * 4? "" K " ??
CSirillC Mat? T--.I... ? Wet 1?? I
I .rtssM
* a - rU
?mi K ? .?mseeksi*!
.?. I vbki; "
'Powerful emotioml dnma." Jourml
I YPFIIU v ? ?'??- ? is
l it/turn . h
?*\ niKii i. \ mini ii s ?i.
Clll TAU M ?a 111
nuUwUri ,. \t
I Ml. Ilia.M Haiti?
II IKRIN. w'.'fSe ?t
I \*t '? I- V A FTUNZ I I H IK?
hmk? ?**** w em, m-,-, on kkttv
?.??? rot* Taal trot
ilBCDTY ?*< 4'-'s' K**s *?' -sTe*is?
LIDCni I i u ! . ??, \v.
laiMa.lir I4?T
By \ Rtnnctt
KMUilllliiHMH II.? , */ H ?it.
?Eve. Sill \1,-- To-day ,t \?. - 2 II
Tin- I i-i \\,,r,l in Musical a ..trail?
GAI FT Y n **???' * ??, s* ?'-,* IJ"
II* ? 1 Mats 1"??!?'. * Wed . ?J St?
ill'L _l>?*?-?_i '^"ni"??"? ainl.v.
. i-?.,*1-?
-.;??? ? :X I
Matine? f ! _I
Miilllgoiiiar? 1 *>t?a*
KI-.I.? .laut?
. 1 ., . if ? ? li'??**
HH?M?ll\\ II1MM, ItN I?, ??
\? hiinilrriK Br*M i,irna,| ?vrsv fr?m
a mu. IsaafMlaea'a tir?i i,-. nir?. be tm
i-oiiM-ntt-fl t?, ilrliii-r a .r. ..ml pnWir l?"t
i .'..-?>?. >t*':*n
KKMEK1 KD t*K \ I- ?'?"? <" "*??*'*
BOX KM, lin .?ml If'
a \KMi.il H \i i i."\ <>' i M I
M I ??? i EK K B-Dl? " s tern I ?
*?_ " ?,,r uel iHOltl K
Walter Daatr-Mrl* ?I**** ?******.?
?.line I I < I
Subscriptions ^r?lSf
m.H I si \|?\-, ,. , ,iN?.a?iai
\l lllCMJaiNv l|r ?-.him*-.*- J
t\. ?ii.i..H,; .tan. .'ai. .. .. ?mu K I'??'?'***
- ?'....? ?:t-*.? M%V iVmii.k?
I..'"in 1. " , iv, IM?
UOIIW HAU. '"' ' x -_
Brooklyn Academy of Vim
Tl)MIII(l(ll\1 (SI \l?*?*? I M '
Be?. Brahm. V aere ^^fj,
Taiei V, i I.,,- ?M, ? ** '?' ?**.' '' --'
a ? ? I.N I *
1IOI.I IN II II I . Tl K*. AIT..? ?f'1; -, pur
Tli k?t? .i: Hall ???"' '" *'-'"" ' - h A,
('UtMl.ll. I.V1 Kl M. :?-> "', f'.i'J'o MHl
tu,,, Daily. 111.*. S.iml? ,:?"_.*' \\\K 4

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