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Prime Minister Obtains Abso?
lute Majority of 118 on Nav
tional Assembly's Second
Ballot?M. Pams Second.
Clemenceau Has Seconds Sent
to Him, but Matter Is Ar?
ranged?Unsuccessful Can?
didate Resigns as Min?
ister of Agriculture.
Vcr- ; n. IT. Raymond Nv -
Irj Poincar?, for the last
twabre months Premier of the French
Cabinet, art eh ted President oi the
i seh Hepubllc to-day by the Na?
tional Assembly, composed o? the
?atemben Of the Senate and the Cham?
her of Deputtea, in Boccesakin to i
d?-nt Arm,in?! Fallieres, whoso seven
? exi 1res on February 19 next.
The wildest ?.onfiision, <?ut ?,f which
arose two challenge?? to due's, marked
the casting of the ballot?
Tremier Romear? was chosen Ptasl?
gsnl ob lb? second ballot, his plurality
pver bia nearest ?. nmpctitor. .lules
Fanii Minister of Agriculture, beinc
1-?T and his absolute maiorit;. 11?*
The di Id ng vote el.l as fottowa:
Raym-md Poincar?.?183
Jules Pama.296
Mare Edouard Vailiant 69
Raymond Pr>inear<*'s first words upon
b?it-!c officially informed of his election
?s F*r? s:dent of th" French Republic
1 ahall try to show myself worthy of
the confidence of the National Ab
BSmbiy. I shall forget without effort
ihe tdruggles of yesterday, and ??.?-m
the hard words. Re convinced that I
ehall reek in everythinc and at all
timrs to be an impartial administra?
Election Officially Recorded.
This utterance came when Antonln
Pubost. the president of the National
' ingress. In an apartment adjoining
? he voting ball, read fr??m a parchment
th? official record of the election, which
"as signed by If. Duboat and eight sec?
While this a en?* was f?oinsr on the
Tioputies and Senators ami the apse?
-ators crowding the jrallorles in the
irreat hall were a!s<> hearing th<* an
nounceinert of M. Pnlncar?'a victory
and the defeat of Jules Ram?. Ri?mi?*r
Poincar.' -? ? ?jean i pponsnt
After one generous round of cheering
th? Deputies and Senators who formed
the National Assembly, the woran of
' ?iiioi? and diplomatists. am<Dttg whom
Myron T. Herrtch, the ajnerican
\mbassad? r to France, and other
notaMea, hurried t?> leave th?- Versailles
At-* . t.. k<?< i? their dinner eni?ag.
menta m Tans and Versalllea. As th?
lassed through th?- greal ?orridir ...
tachments <-f Boldlara already wsre
? eing align?-!! to s<'i'<i?e th" Rrcsident
ect and him to the capital.
Choice of the Masses.
Raymond Po ? ?"? lion 'or th*
? ,???? < although made
men1 ai -? hit?-d by the
? ? is if-eard ?i aa repi
the popular S HI of the nation 'i ' ??
? hoi.-e tn^k place og th'' sc otiJ ballot.
?-r rerehinix Is'! ?"'es out Ol
? ?.)-. , .,.,. this behlg easily
more than an I DM rorltj of the
? ? ? hallot v as ns follow s.
nond Polni an*. '? '
Jttl?Bfl Rams .
. Vaillai t , .
Paul Deschai r ' .
?"elil Ribol . |r'
l.?*">n Bourgeola .
M'^atidr. WHerand .
Mfred Mascuraud .
.. . -
I ' ? . I
Henri Roih'-fort . ?
. ?">
Sommally v?7 repreaentatl es ?.f the
people wen entitled to ?''?. Wl Ilepu
-,. ;,r.,j :;i?i? .-'. i?;.t..r-. but the numbar
was Md'ice.l owing to VS<*nncl?Bf cSUSed
by deaths snd reelgnattona or by III?
In the Hall of Congress.
Th? Interior Of ?he pa'are had been
entire!] renovated. Th?- no.-ir r.f the
congrues ball Itaelf had heen arranged
with nine hundred ?hairs covered m
?lark i-a?h.'. v?. ep<ectal Beata hud
been Hj-^iKn? <l 1" th'- members ..f th<*
t*fi iharnhers. who t?>oi< th?--ir places
sceo?fdance with their politics]
Manv lively luncheon an?! f?-a partid
wen giran by the vallons fun? tion
? ? f* the smnller rooms
"fre OCeupled by partisans of the varl
? - candidates discussing Um tacites
i" he pursued The broad lobbies wer?
filled with Senator?, and D?spUtlee and
? i mdreds of reporters, all of whom
I pro\Med by the RoveinmrTit with
'?? Clgai Bftd ?lira ret tes.
7 ?*' ''-'' >)''?' iai telegraph srlrae had
Buy your next Hal at Kennedy's
The styles are smarter and the ?oal
?Wl bztter than any other store.
; Soft Felt Hats
and worth $?.00
High tapering
l, flam.-li 1,1 m,
? i. ?1 ??it. ,| f. n
Intent in Stiff Unts
j 3j?-b.e Derbies ?l.oo & .2.00
mrriS*W Low_Crowns for 1913
W??? Pay 13.00 te $5.b0 Elsewhei??
R v**, MOND !'< UNI \KI
Who \\ .1- electa d j r*?terda*,
been laid from Versailles to Paris
the use of "til''h!s and newapapei
reapondents, and doaena of sj^-.-jai
phones bad beer Installed b> In
ra?'id communication.
Arrests at Versailles.
<'onalderaUa <?? mmotloi m
.. Btranger -? eking to obta n
trance inf?. the pala? < Win n he
stoppf.i i.\ ? gsndarm? ind
buainoaa ha palled oui a revi
ahoutad, 'Tins ?laction Bhould not i
place'" He was .h on? i dlaarmt d
A number ??f ??t bei Buspecti ara ra i
taken into cuato
Tha government took i nuaual n
tary Hud |.??in ?? meaaurei along
raliwajr im?-s from Parla to i
which wer?- guarded the ah ?!?? ?list;?
by military police ?posted Bl ll
one hundred '.aids \ forre of i
thousand poli(*etnen drawn from all
cities of ?Francs was brought
mnrnliiR. ;?s arell aa detachments
trufes of (?ii arma ahile ih<- garr?
??i Ve-raalllea a?>- i onfina d to Its qu
ii was thougl t oi
owing to i?"- nu,un,?i it; of ' andida
it??! liH'i boa h m? nil? ?. i
ballots v.niiiil i ? i ? lefore i
?'it>- ? andidat? obtain? 'in,, ?
abaolute majorit) ?>f tin- vote?
cording "> the constitution, if thi
tiiiilotK an- i a ? u m bout h ra
candidate fun holding the ii.gii'
of vota oaei
Some Previous F-li.-i'
' ? | . . ' '
? "... i/s been ? found
ti? i of th? Tl h I R? ?? ibl
hare been derided ; ballot
th?-,?r of tdolpl ? larshal Ma
Mahoi I la ? I ??!?" '
tai? f. < 'as 'i"t ('? ? ? i ' mile Loul
r, ,. .\i n an? F \ttor* - ? '???'>:? I I
?". :in?l
thai of Pal I aura IM arere ti
ballots ne ? ? '
ballot tx-fup ?*" ihr
',. urf ... ? ? . i ?? ?
. ;,ii. ,i up - ? i nl| habetlcal n
The N'-i* "i.
prompt!) a1 :' o I s' tonlfi I?
te, who r> l
th. d? -if of - '? ''' ? '""
clear *>"' ?
strained atti i loi ? "? ? ?
thunderoui r. from th? '?"? '
hall shouted *"*. - i" *? ' I "" '"
Th?-. r. ?-i ol th? phi ??-?? was '"?*-' i'1
iH ,,f rrlei and i ' ont
A Contie, vative Protest.
?i i,. i/oia. s .,- that "f th? ' -ons? ? *
tlv? T ?*-1 ?? ? t > the Marquis Ub?rt d
I?l?-?n, who, when the uproar bad s-?>m?
what subsided, itai ted al
? -\v. pro! ? if si tha ? ectlon e
tbt ?Preaidi ni of lha R< P iWIe bs por
Itament Instead "f i ? th< people."
?|-i,,. .?,*-*-? . Btgitata 'i anew b
a shoul fi*oni -, Borlallal ?Daputj
? i tern n a Itti the en
Th?* Republicans replied bs cheering
? i.?.ni; live the R? publl? !"
SeiiHl..i Oubost, who It ;< ("apteral
parliamentarian, gradually reatorad or
| dit b) admonlahlag tha Aagembly tha
sii'h interruptloni won deplorable uni
futile, aa w?ll aa bem** coatrarj to tha
rules rif what waa merely an Electora
College, where mottoni and ??peechea
whatever their character, arere nol
An inii?biit betwa efl Pr< mler Poln
and Ooorgei Clemen?t*eau areas
.?ni -?t a letter Bent bj tha former Pre
iiii? i t" M. Polncart last evening, the
???intent.- <?f wiii'h wera conallered of?
fanaive bj M. Polncart. Tins morning
the Premier neat two .."nds i" aak
f?il aa ?-vi'latialinli.
M. Clemenceau Explains.
Oc orges Clemenceau made s aatla?
factory explanation to*-daj in tha p*??
ace i" at ?Brrtand and M Klota, who
I ha?i been sent to him i? ??******aler Poln?
Icare, iiiuh obviating tii?- poaoibllltj "i a
I Deputi a. de Monsle and Paul ?Bon?
cour, former Minister "f Lasbor, also
quarrelled In lha coi rid. i he Pal?
ta e <.f V? raaillei, aa 1 I ? wl I
Former Premier, ami storms petrel ol
h politia ?. a ho almost bt i tight
i ? i with I'oincarc
m Monaie-teenl lit?? seconds to M Boi
Jules fams. Mtnteter of agriculture.
* in the Premier earl) In the morn?
i note Infonnlng him that be had
? i from the I .ablnei and m In?
ii'.it he liad -o', tute? the can?
,i foi thi I'm i Id? ii' y of the ra
Premier Polncart lmm<*dintrl: data?
ted Pernand i >ai id, at t?resenl
??i of ' 'ommi n ?. to take over
I ? ? : -ii" of Agrie ilture.
Veteran Parliamentarian Struggles to the Lnd
to Prevent Election of French Premier
?Pari? in Joyful Mood.
rab?? m ti
Parla, Jan 17 Premi? ?
election to th?* IT? lid? !??
no ? enthuslssm a Ufa the 11
baa ? vene.) i ? p lar hoatilil
at Pr?mier ? :. who so
lantl op?.i.v. ?i hla ? andidatur?
The a ene at V? t -.?! . g ..,,...
Parialan and hlgbl pi? i ure que
ta irant of th? Hot? '
which was form? rij thi ,
Itilse de Pompad
? arlv as II o. lo? I, >?? prom I
pol it k ians. at 1 ' . n.f 1 ? '
' let * om? n lo leadlni
the ( 'oin.'.li. i ? nd < h? "
Parisian theatr.
\ . hsi arterial feature nf Ih?
S RB a trac-ful hi|
bright, atinn* sften.n kepi rtyini
broad cirri?
i - |ghl ol ah iv lo a h.Ir?
\ i 1 ??'. i... k the i lorrgi ? - Hall ol
; ? r<d b
? nd I ?. pul i??-. in ? I
malic tribune ?. ?. I y ron 1 H
' ?Jim rlcan Amts ? lin II
rlcfa and Ih? .mil" f ',i
I Britain, Rusais, tustria Ita
B| n n hile oth? r tribunt-a w
I thronced v. uh a Im autlful
women m t ? marteal ol g?
I the dalni leal of I ?
slgrattee and nodding plum?
all th'-.si" rtatori it ri< d o| ? i
pud gcrutinlx? ?i "i. ?t natoi and i '?
'??"? I entered Ihe hall
Enter M. Pomcare.
At 12 ."?7 o ' lo i. 'i h?ophll? I?, k
?ind I. L. Kloti t'ioi- Iheir seats on t
mind lerial bi n li?w. and
followed bj I'i ? in" ' Poll
psnied b Aristide Brlsnd ai Ii
Justin . and M. Bel ard M Poln si
who wore a brown loung? aull with
stnuil?' 1.1.-?? b ti? walked with a brii
|alert step, ami returned ihe greetin
of h's frit ndi- g itri cordial nail?
! with brief handahakw
i he old w .'f hoi m . m ? i- m
I victor or vanqulahed In ??? h und'. .1 i ?
liamentary battles, entered si aim?.
?th. asm? moment, i"..kitn; Momewhi
worip"! and fStlgUed and yollOW I
was dressed in black, and repeat ??dl
shrugged his shoulders as 1.iven
ne t vously a it h groups of hi fi
mm. < 'lemenceau snd Point tri K? r
' themaelvea al ? c.i dlatance froi
i ,.,??. fa other, and ? ban the r< auil of th
Ural batlol waa announced the ?setera
lighter eeemed rosed snd angrj lo fin
i that s?. man: i otea had been rat I fo
M pom, ai?' lb' ? ".- ftbCUptl ('"?!
iliis eeal and ?"?' i"'" the lobblei
v. I?. ?. he pi-limed his filial m hl m- '"
defeating x' PolncaH Wheg thl
fail. d. howewr. and the l'l?nii?l In
I umphed ??n the arcond ballol ^ith hi
?!>?.", ?otes. ti.. disappointmenl ??f \i
? i. m. n?.-.'u and big folknrera was al
most pathetl
The return of <'ir Preatdenl ? k ei U
Paria la slwaya made the occasion or ?
. political di ini'ii-'i'i'ioii
v, ?,, n m Poln? u ? - sntomobik
emargad through 'Im ? hat? in gab si
V>rsall!a th.- publl? gave him round
.,,,, | round and accompanied
plm t?. t>.? raliwa) ?station, where be
enten ?! a ape? lal ? ar bound for l'un
Tin- deinonstr ttlon In tum waa noth?
ing i?, s h m await, .i hm, In the capital
Th, h valid. - elation waa aurrou
iA ,, -,,i.,; tna ol humsnlty a htefa th"
police \?. uh dlfflcults h? !<i bach. Aa tits
train i.? srlng the Pi ? ?I ? it-elacl ?rtfW
int?? ih?? stiiiion i bogh fell noon the
, ro\> ?i Lut Ra M I'"". ".' r . ..it? i i.?.
. M ter - r Juetlee. M. Briand a
M l>plne, ih? Prifii-i of Pa
i ii. the door "f the station
? shout want up M Polncart s
; now i- '. ? .1 ti-? demonstra! on I i 11
? ,'
srlth the preacrl
r r< drove dira
i- ses to notify l'r? side
nf the result
T ? ? ? ' ? Pi | I I
1 ' ? id- i,' . '? ' Poll ?
lath r not unmoi ? 1 I imph 1
which h.ad i.ron ringing In ii
? 'hi m.mi? ni i., i. ft tin Ps
?' . .
The two men embraced and hit
? ',?i i"iih cha ? ka, Pr Idenl Pa
greeting M Polnearl with II
?..1 \x 11< ".n<* In the ho
n? v v ?
. ? ? r ? .*? . rhclally ra
' - 11 1 to morros.
I'..11 loti '!? m -it- H.- Hi ira 1- m
i,, nlghl I bands of stud? m
ung m' h nid t.- gymnastic .-?
' housanda an proma nadin
.....i bouievardi lo-nlght II
"Via '? Polncart!"
* ", .? a: ti ? m. vi enthusiastic fri.->n?l
Pr< ? ... ?-'i?*? 1 .11 ?>? ins forma
md d '?? '?- M- tendra Pell i Rib.
mi Ps i?? ha net, i"it ? \ ?Premier
. . , ., i,.) ? 'ora bee and Jute
1 ? ' , 1er of A n*l iltura
sulk '? 'i ho 'iic
Os-ation Upon Ovation.
, n m Polne trl pn ceeded to hi
home neai the ?Bola de Boulogne, h
found thai another ovation had baei
pn pared for him Practl? all) all th
Inhabitant! of the quartet had mobil
1 /, ,i outs Id? o Ii home, ? ?id then ?,?, 3
one endteaa ?trcam of callera and tele
meaoengera bringing felicita
\ hug< basket placard in tin
l'estIbule of the President elect's res!
i,, receive cards of congrattrgitioi
Boon waa overflowing and in a BhoT
time the houi ?? waa lit? rail) Itlh d ? hi
II..V ,.|-s.
m Polncar? dined ?|tiicth with hit
m. ill.-- hi.- wife and the other nipm
bei ??( ins family. After dinner Mm?'
Poln? ir? held a reeepttoo.
m Poincare'a auocaaa la a genuine
ringing, popular victory in Parla an.I
throughout Fran'*-'. Indeed, it is mors
popular with tin- people than with th'1
i?.-? m Parliament, where mm Clam?
? . i ami Com baa, arlth the Radical'
:-','i.,|i>t groupe, retain their grip <?n
?practical curren! political buaiaeea
M. P0?NCAR? as~he is
France's Foremost Son Chosen
To Be Her President.
Raymoad Potocartt Mm new PtrMdrnt
..f th? Prsach RspubUc, in one ?>f the
strongesi men who bave psrtlctpatsd in
in Prance within recent ?reare
Politically h? 1- a i-iiinpsrallvely \oiin"?
man, being oal) in his fifty-third year,
11, im? been in p?r.tni^-?. ?However, for
roan) rasara, havini? besa elected a Bsp
?It?. It!
President ?Palucatt has bsen a minister
m many Pi such eabtosta, having sa.|\od
.is Minister ?tf Paatk Inatru.rtkm, Mtnle?
tei uf Plnaaoa and as Premier. He waa
vtce.Presldaai ?>f th?? Chambsr <i( Pepu
?.i??,- fot four reara, from IM i" UM in
. was sleeted leaator. Me t.???-aiin?
Pr?--nii? r an?l MlnlsUr <?f POTSiga Affairs
? ,ii laauary 11 last yaai
i:,un>n<l Pnlnt-ara? is ..( median lielsht
,?1 1 sturdily iiiiiu. Ai"i\' ail, as radtatee
,,n liiuiieeetwii uf for-ee, both physical and
in..-lie, ?nal lb* 'i modes! In universa
?ion. ? ?leerful and patient, and caneen?
trates hla full attention upon the person
to whom h? i.- lalklag. Hla large, ItmsV
nous ejrea are the .,?, t Btrlldng feature
of h tuet Wfa u tenacity and de?
termination. He is versatile and comes
of a tamil) dkaingutahed in adsnoi sad
litersture The President??Iecl himself is
a phr swpher, h arlt? r and a membar of
th? Preach Icsdemy. with a notable
? i?1"' i ' i lawyer, lie has had the pe
eullarit) of never Bending his clients blus
for leeni aenrieee, alwaya asylng that
tbsj msj een? Im ,?. hatevet tlu ) ? on?
aider t?> bs tiie vaine ,,r' hla work.
ii- has slwaya beei t\"t..| (,,: Integrity
in im public Ufe. .?ni ha m ?'? .? areal
parsoual , ", ,. .. i,,., . bacams Pra
micr. his [n-a.-ii a al II ? bar being ex?
tiem.'iv lucrative iii- eloquen? eh i
prov.T'. o i |r ,xig.
eM politi. ,i| .,;?| ?? . ? . , I
in the : onest! of hla purp
He i? es i ??? great
varie;? of affa ? ??? working da). I
owing to Ma hi eplng to si ?en? '
tla 'i ? kesplng otfc ra lo
them. \'?"-. in ? una qui -. ?. h? hsi
for pi i\-,t,. study and tnu? i. bo? lal lit?
Th.? President elecl ?* often -? ? u oi
nicht-? m the th str? - si d he ait. .,,!?
principal i ont i. ing flxtur? -.
it met leans' a t,. ? ha - ? m? '? the Pi ?
bave slwa) ; found hltn Inte ? ?t.,; >.,
d.lopmi ni and th? Inatltutlona "f the
rmte.i gi and ac< in sb '.- Infoi rood
upon II. ? nl \tn? 11
can -, olii l<
At Ft . ;?..'". ne g
? ?? th? work ??< v
' '? and hla i-i ? the An
can lv ,? gave i
mu< ii nt. >iti..i to th, i'r incc American I
? 'ommittee, ? hi? h m nl ? de ? gstion h? ."i
??i ; ' llanotsux, ? ? -Mr later ol
foreign Affairs. u> lb? L'ifited Btatea last
? m th? French iatl m'a glfl of s
bronsa I - ited by bo,in,, s hieb wa -
erected ai Crown Point Lake Champlain,
In memor) ol Bamuel Champlain, the ex?
cart i'iallti?'S
drea ? mlnlstr) an i xtrsordlnai >
? Kr< i.' h publl? m? ii, among th? in
i- ing Ai Istidi Bi la d and i ? ? ? n Bo
I ? ? ?th >-\ Premien Theophil? I '?
. .
i ? ? . binei of l 'i ? nue i " ? ?' u ? i? ic
gardisd as a radical on? atesdfssl
i ' ? ? ?1 to Boriallam The most important
fatui? of the hi. nt donriMtl? policy of
the mlnlstr) ?as a ? bangt In thi electoral
ayatem. Including proportions! represente.
Hot of all parties ai d roth g In th
?' ? - den I inn,' art if a i i prom?
inent publie ??th? Ii I, ind ?m ? <?f i la brotb?
I . ans: in the gov
??niiii? nl rrvici \ ? uuatn la ? m< mber
of the Prench Institute
Mm Polncant * Ml ? H?tnrlstte
i ? an Italian b) birth Bha and
her hitaba nd lia'. many
men! avenue dea
Th< will ums nol have
tlal resid? r the 1
on '"? bi ?i;t11 ?
Consignment from U.S. Govern
ment to London Sells Well.
| Bv Cable to Tl
i...i don Jan IT \ ? on ligi menl of '
."..7?'?i -kins of Alaskan aeala aenl b)
? >,. i . i Btatea ? ? rnmenl to tho
I 'iM.il fur BSle in London was
disposed of lo-day fm sn aggregate "f
$144,725, being an averag? of 133 ahll
Illnga ami nlnapence a skm, which la ll
shillings e pelt hlghei than laal year.
Ocorgo m Boerors, representing tba
Unit? d staffs Plsl ;ii d, es -
plained thai the Increase was due to
th?-? fael lhal ,l'e aklna ware a little
larger 'han in the prevloua yeai
? ; ? nt sal? came ft otn
,,r i h? w? i Id, f'-r London Ii
gnlxed as 'he . ? ?
in the world. As < \ m >n< a of the
magnitude of to da 'sa I? n need only
be mentioned thai the aurttoneei i
?tmtnlsslon slone lota ed more than
>iimiin?i Men handl ? fiom nil ihe
fur-pi dm ng ? o intrk ol the world
I ol
lid ihal th" > ?. Id nt
Ihe *Alasli an I ? '? r than
? ? .d by the
United HI ? ? ngrea prohib?)ms th.
i.mil j of i i und? r nue?' years
,!,| 1 ? idded h i-- provi d a
. euse u m. am no i" t?
t..- ? id snd th? en mptlon of the
,, i.K mi ? nilt?id in a loss "f
valusbl? pelts.
Only Men Admitted to Practise
L;iw in England.
Ijondon Ian I" Women were exclude-1
n .??.: ;?? ?? i - | la a .i the Britli ii i ? ?
bj .m overwhelming sot? ol the Bar \
Boclstlon ?" Ita am mal '"? .hur held h? ro
l hla sften.n A motion to admit women
t?. membership wsa ??> \, .r. <i bj mme "i
t be s oung bsi rtsti ' -, bul t h? .-.
Ml voted ''i ' bod] age I nat II
Reign of Terror Prevailing in
Coustsntlnopli ? Is Cone tanas) Jan
17 a n Ign "t t-11-"i pn \ .?'i- m Btam
I,ml An tie ijii.-nt reroll against lln*
i .it occurred jreeterda) morning, bul
? .,,. quelled i" the militar] The
I'nlon snd Progrea part} demands the]
t-.-umptlon of a ir I?laord'BTB ani
i. .n?.1 from the Kurdish elemenl
Steamer Sinks by the Bow. but Cap?
tain and Mate Hang On.
lilverpool, Knglsnd, Jsn it. Tha cap?
tain an?i mate ol ?ii" British atsamsr
Auehenarden, perched on tba shit?'? pro?
t,. ? 11 *- :. | went j feel shove lb? water, re?
tns'd to leave th?Blr eeassl to-day, utter
??h?' had *'Hik in tin BKHIth of the g? I?
.is Ihe result <>f I Collision with the But
Mi Btsamsr i a Blsitea
Th?- Aucrntnsrdsn, ahlch was fust ieav
infi port, cania Into colluaon with i.a
mate.', ahlch was iteanung into Liver?
pool from in Plata, after a voyage which
had lasted front Dscsmbsr :i Tha
occurred during a thleh f"K' and the
Aii.-h.'iiai'i?*" asas slmosl Im.liai
\ ? ough id Bianca was badlj crlpi Isd '
?ha stood h\ .-'.n?l rag '"d the aallo i of
the Auchsnardsn snd laottghl them into;
Th. Auchenerden had gone down boa
fii-?t. leaving her propeller high abovi
arster, and the captain and aaata took]
nifuga there after rufualng La Blancas
offer t?? n a 'i- them.
After reraaii Ing for Bsveral hours on
the propell* the captain and mat" con?
Bented tu leav? Ibeli perilou p.--iti??n and
mart tsken off in ? tug;.
Hal'lnx. V S . .Ian. 17 Tba I'ram
ii tu Ltaa steamer Cranium, whlcb
grounded "ii the rooks Bear here on Bun?
?l.-?y. whs Boated to-day. Her paasengera
inn- taken off horilj after she atn'ck
A Year's Pr?5scription for Perfect
W. Gilrrnn Thompson, hi, D , Prof euer of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and
Clinical Medicine of the University of the City of New York., In reference ta pure,
carbonated tpnng waters, says: "They are cooling, refreshing, and wholesome.
They pror.-.ote digestion and help remoce waste product* from the system. "
WHITE ROCK is a clinically pure, delicious, sparkling spring water, which
comes to you in neu., sterilized bottles, straight from the famous WHITE ROCK
Spring at H'aukesha, Wit. Drink WHITE ROCK, "You'll lice years longer "
Official Council of Ministe
Convened for To-day.
. enstantlnople, .lan. 17.-After the pn
entation of the collawtlve note hy t
ambassadon an informal meeting of t
Tuihlsti ministers was held at the ?->rtj
of the O rand Visier. Th?-- dlacua i"i,
tris nota snd the drafting of the re|
were, however, poatponsd until to-nu
row. when an "fti?-ial ?joanaHl of minist?
i-- t,? be eonveoed.
The Turkish Poreign Minister Inform
Tl A***at*ctataid Press i'?s svsoJng th
the Ottoman governmamt caould ? l -
was ?m thai question of Adrianop
\, s erth? !?? ??? he - ley was iioy-.^t
..i Brrivlng al s settlement without sac
- hei ii"int ni \ lea
The collective not? of the powe
points nut that Turkey, by rp.sistmf?: t
advice <?t pif powert, -".ni riak tindii
hei capital again t ? ? < >?i _r i ? t Into th?- ?-in?1
thin an?! the arar carried into her furia!
provinces, dangera from which she mn
nu! count on the powers t" preserve hi
B? sides, the note add.-, Turkey even
usll) v*. 111 require the moral and mater!
.support of the pewen t,, rspali the rial
.-? "!' ?he war and to dSVSlOP her A?
an.- provinces, and this support srlll n
? .?? , ordad unlesa Turks) d?fera to I
advice of the powers, which was Inspira
by th?? Rein-lai Interest of both Kur??i
an?l Tin k?y bei self.
Under these drcumstancea, the no
s?-s. ths powers coilectlvel) renes the
??Hice to fie Ottoman government t?? c*?
sent. t(? the ? ei iton "f Adrlanopta
leave the ?powers the settlement of tl
questt(.f the .Egean Islanda. in retui
for this.- ?" esslons ths powers will en
ploy thHl |.1 Offices t'? Insure Mus n
man Interests in Adrlanople sad thai tl
mosques sad other religious edifices ai
respected They ;i|h,, alii see, the no
?a\-s In conclusion, that th?* ASgeaa ?i1'?'*
lion is sot veil in ,i manner precluding a
uienne?. t.- the securlt) Of Turkey.
More than 4,300 Hurt on Steai
Lines in Fiscal Year.
All.my. .Ian IT K'f-ht hundred an
seventy-one persons were killed and 4,3
were Injured on the steam railroad? ?
the stnte in the \, ir ended .tune M la -
' sccordlnf i" ststistlcs compiled by th
Put.ii.- Bervice Commission. The numtM
d< nl - In? ludlng all class.", w.?
< ?n the I ? 'roads ntitf?de f
greater Nee fort *'? peraooe wer?- kille
sud i - durli i the year.
State Slow in Abolishing- R. R
Crossings at Grade.
Albany, Jan 17 Mea 1 "rk Smie ha
to keep pace a Ith other stst? Ii
p , irads eros
i n t.? tin? present tin*
**, i i ork, a h h - i.- ii. mala i'ti
irSCh | I prtBted ttJtl'JoM for thes,
enients, ahila Masaaehuaetts, arltl
.'.111 miles Of main track, has spent $9,
? : work,
HI ero^siiiRs hava
..m sliminated and thai* still ?email
o\. ittered tlurtoughou
the stst?
There were 64 accident at grade croes
figt outside "i New >.,rk Utty in IM2, it
which 50 peraona were killed and "i in
inr. il lu nu v esn i."'.' pa rsoi
been killed al su, n crossings m this state
Legislature Gets Measure foi
Workmen's Compensation.
\ : m ? .i.m. it v m elecUve s orknw n*i
sompenssUon set, to mes! ihn objection*
ni th? i -"M t "t appeals to the ? ompul?
gorj compensation set, was Introduced In
the Legislature to-day. The mamama ret>
-? ? ta the result of dn expert studv o*
th? s,ii,ice? by the Insurance Department.
Employers who decide to taka advan?
? .?? of the .-?'-t are required either to in
sur, tl.rii UaMlit) for ?'??mpensatlnn with
stock ,.t mutual Insurance companies <~>r
t.. give satlsfactor) proof to the Inaar?
an' Dspartmenl th.?? they are financially
The compensation schedule rontem?
plates payment In cssea of total and
permanent dlaabtllt) during th.* lifetime
..t th. employs In '-as.- of death the
compensation is graded according to the
,,i ,|.|.. ..,louts The Kt.it? Depsrt
ment is to approve all settlements throinth
i buree I to bs estabtishsd, and In cass ?-f
disputes employes or dependents may
bring a cour! action or have the case r\,.
ctded i" Hi?- department
An Importan! feature ?'nt the hin cavara
cases where smploysrs have not given
notice "f intention t?. e-.i?"*t the eompsnsa?
ti"ii at t and also have failed to Insure
andei plans provided b) the Mil.
p?en-e p fJarvsn, proaecotor of ier*-ey
City, ysattrday forhade a proposed raffle
of an encyclopaedia that Porter Charlton,
held on a charas of murdering his wife
in Italy, asa ?aid t<? be eonductlng from
his cell In ths Jerse) ? Ity lall
Six Powers of Europe Present
Note at Constantinople.
Expectation Is That Porte Will
Make Some Concession to
the Ealkan Allies.
?London, .inn 18k?The next move 'n
the >*oug drawn out p?me ?,f diplomacy
for the settlemant of Uta arar in South?
eaetern Europe is fot Turkey la make.
The collective note of the Baropean
powers drawn up by the awhaaaadiwlal
conference at London was handed to
the Turkish government yeaterda) '"
Constantin? pie.
Since tin- Turks for more than a week
ha\e iharnth v.ith ill.' arbole world
knowledge of the purport .?f th" note
and had unofficial cognisance '>f it?
exact contenta print- t" iis preaeBtatloo
to the Ottoman government, there i?
no reaaon arhy their reply should not
I?-- a prompt out. Their only motive for
withholding it. It Is thought, will he
I procraatination, with then* old hop??
Hppi-nri' .si that something might turn
The Turkish ?lelo-cates to the peace
< ??meti-i!, i- do ii??i know the precise in
tentions of th? it governnta tu with re
sp? ? t to the note, hm they predict that
Its answer will be given s<J'?!i and that
If will afford no ?rounds tor accusa?
tion? that Turkey is playing for time.
The expectation among diplomats hern
Is that Turkey will .-on. ?'do .something
to the allies, with a view |., having the
powers make efforts to bring the peace
delegates together again for further
| negotiations. Should this he the caso
' it then will develop whether the ultl
j mat uni uf the allies is as iiomlad as
the?, profesa it to be.
When tiechad Pacha, head .?I than
? Turkish delegation, was asked yester
da) why the Turks were n-niatning
in London he replied: "We are await
( lug Instruction*1, Laat week our or
| dera arere t" i?-hv-o, ami therefore tag
were prepared t?? pa-k mir Lx longing-.
This sreek the oi*a_er is t?> wait."
The maetingl el th. amba-sadore of
th? foreign powara continue to h?.
| held. The rjiieetlon <>f the dlapoaltloa
; ..f the Turkish islands has been set
, aside until the ?itioman government.
' answers the note ??f the powers, A.I
? banian affairs being now under dic
? ?'ii*-*-ion. A proposal has been ?nadn
thai Montenegro miRht oeafle th?
mountain above ?'att?r?? t., tuetrta la
'return for S?*ut,?il. and as the nioun
, tain dominates ?J?-*ttlni?? the '-apifal of
Montenegro might i.e moved to Bacu?
laii, which is a more important town
? ? ttlnje is hardly more than a ?Til?
lage, except for the resi?len?e of th?
King, a ?'"t'I and a feu foreign lega
n ma
KlbHsan may be se|prfed a? the rap
? liai of Albania Instead of Avlona. m
| deference to the wishes ><f Austria.
Elbaaan la situated in the interior an?!
therefore COUld not be Subjected to a
I naval attach
Bavarian Courts Free Prince
George and Archduchess.
Munich, .Ian 'T. Th" Bavarian routi?
annulled to-da) the msrrl-tgo of the Arch -
ducsaa taabette Maria, dsttghtar of thi
Urchduks l rederlch of Austria, to Prin-<*
c.eori.*.- of Bavaria, favorite grandson of
the prince it?cent of Bavaria.
Th? m-atriai-p of the youag woman Ia?t
Fehrtiarv to the rraek liTman officer and
cbampioa heavyweight boxer ef the Oer*
man army waa hailed as a triumph of
ln\e over dip1nma<-y. Th? arehduehe*-!
before the CSTSUMMiy ? otild he performed
wa.s obliged to renouni*e formally he*
richte of ?ti'-cesslon to the Austrlsit
DlsBOpaieaa broke out. however, durlne
the hoQSymoon, aud the bride returned in
her parentv
Three-Cent Line Loses in Effort tc
Oust B. R. T.
The Appellate Division of the Suprenua
f'ourt, Brooklyn. y?>ster?lay sustained ths
guprsnie "*ourt in refusing to grant t?
the Maahattaa Bridg?? Three-Cent Lim
an liiluivtion restraining the Third' Are.
nue Railroad, of Manhattan; the Brook?
lyn Rapid Transit Company and affiliated
?Inas from operating cars over the N?an
liattan Bridif"
At th?- sain?- time the court declares the
temporary permit of th.- Bridge ?'?-?niniis
sloner, under which the defendant com?
?anles are opsTSting on the bridge, to ht
? nf no avail and their runs .the car ??oiu
jaiiie?' ruts)constitute a publie nuisance.-*1
for the abatemen! of which s private j,,.
dividual or corporation eaanot ?legally
Bell and Wing
Absorbing, astounding, inspiring, baltling.?London Academy
Power ami originality.?Cork Examiner.
A great work.?Bouton Jerald.
Marks of*genius constantly.?Troy h'tcord.
A wealth of Idaggii Itoafasi i'ramtcnpt.
<;ei?iiiiie aspiration and power.?Occult liriiev, Fnyland.
Near the stars.- Portland Ureaoninn.
Astounding fertility.?Brooklyn 'limn
A striking book of verse.?Bunion Pout.
?. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers, N. Y. Price $2.30

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