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American Newspaper Publish?
ers' Association Asks for Open
Door for News Print and Pulp.
Tobacco Dealers and Growers
Plead Both For and Against
Retention of Rates in
the Present Law.
WA Ian. 17 Bukst antlal r?
u tlie linr in the
?- si-hulu!.
Kim itely th. ? v
-us and 8imM.il srtl
' "f the T>( im ?i .
t.. pr eaated
t?. : of ? 'OMRi? M
the all ai vli ,?.? ?! to-nlKht l?y
l?m " rat - foliosIng t??? ? ^'
t day a il another to-ntarht in th..
Imony on achedi I? -
M?pulps, pspera snd i.ki and F? t ?
0 si ?i Its msnufacn i
? ??? ? ? : * Demo rali< men ?
gfl n ruttiiiR i
fniaiii al. - have not B? M
? ? '????(. but Mi?- ? on?
whersvsr possible in thla psn ot th?
tariff law.
The ?cnnniiit? ? probsbly will provid?
n ?. and other
? - woi ?V i for < limlnal n ?'
t ? . . r -, dut) <'ii Bibi? ? ?si
publteation, thro gh R i
Most ol ' ? ? rs oil
lbs ?committee, II nol all, regard the items
.... | mrief and
i-i? nf th?- most easilj ada I enus
rai?!iiK pur ne? . the
?1 the tai m .!? t
Arguments for Publishers.
red in th?
? ?
-man of
, ? !? . ,; OPPOBI d :
Sorrli "r Now
if th? American N> a ? bliBh?
who pay ; print
erj ? < i" ? " fa".l
1 |srs ? ?
adlnn paper and the cutting oft i
lOti'IMP i?'
ipsr ajradas ?
lag lat? pa manufactui ?.
The Arasrtoen ;
throngs Art
^ or.. ? . i
ill?- papei Industr] with an Investment ?-f
? ?? ? ?? ami sa ai
: ed aro
? i
: the wallpapei
through R ib? rt < Ira S? ?? V??i k,
granas ?In ? i ?
aaaasJi an *a
od Uon ? w
? . .;:;.'??? .?? option
Rep ? .-.'in
. I gsst? d thai
? ? tartl "ii cbsapei wall?
prohtbttiv? mak ?
gl m gra
foretg araili
eau ?
In . aws print paper from
I. :???? isr, S
to tnsBfe th? ; ?
..-. i - ipply
of ? :.? roa h : |
' : .
all? 'i tli? pi Isattlve ii" '
Ani?n- aii facturen I the
? : anaklag m
ol Bosl ?
aautaoi ?ater thai i ?
wo . 'i ?oriFi-1* i ih -ill
selves "fit for 'ho lunatic asy?
lum if t ? modera
Attacks Paper Makers.
Mr. N..' asrtcd that MM pai>?*r
maki :.- bad been coddh I sad sttstvaisd
by the tariff ; that t -**iM. i national Paper
Company bad falslnsd snd Jugglod the
figures and hail atarvsd the markst;
there hail ? ? ? ? 1 : i ? - f.?i
antoag the iia?i? i ,,t,,t that
h<* ' ? ton fi n.n the pap?
ggUlsataprl ? arlthla rsason ii- ilsarasd
that the , . taad the
lit ol ?if new . ntaipilsea
and ha?i urged banka to refusa th-m
loans, and that ? ?-. when the In?
ternational Papsr Company was f.?rmed.
the papar naksra Is aubatantlally all
groupa had been trying . the
st?rkst by r*oi I snd to maintain
Mr. N" ? its of the
>.ar,<r trade In IBIS I ? 11 im
hy mora than i ' Tas
papal ' I yon
that whll? ' ? ton thai hlnea
iting In AtiiMi'at: nulls sra m only
for th?- scrap hasp, n?early all the Cansdl?
nn mills ai?' equipped with modern ma
BBj made In America and manned bj
The ? tnesa declarad that th?* Tariff
1 d had punctured the lahr.r proti t ?
falla ? '.' ? ? it of labor In all
'anadian mills was only eight
? 'i than in Ihr Ami
i lia ?. ? I ?retained a M 7B
on n? : rint matter, "pi of? awdly
r tabor." Hi cl ? rg? d the
American Pspsr snd Pulp Assoclstlon
v.ith aslling abroad st iowei pric?*a than
l" Am? 11? an . onsum?
Hastings, apoaklng for tas Amar?
l'an Papsr and Pulp Aasocistloa, aaW
that m th?- Indus! ? ? ? wan eight Bun?
in thli t) two stat. a,
employing eighty thousshd persona \t
? ? cent of th.- production of ths
mills u..s ?ii a quality that could i?<- mi
?>ii lut?? tins country ?>f s value of not
,nd at th.- point 'if
-hifiii eomlng la fraa tinder the
Canadian rsdpro? Ity law II? asid a larga
proportion ?-.f its Importation! of paper
sad palp aren i on lag In fn a fi<>m Can?
and lliat palp lariii- fn,- from s>?me
i.ther natlona
\\> as ?m ladusti y,H paid Ifr. Has?
? ara ? n tit led i?. ths aama In at?
I "ih< ' Isgltlmsts manufsct?
urlng Industr) In this country, n Is Im.
im. alble "? i"ia ? n quantit) "i papsr
? in ohlblth ?? east "
Competitors of United States.
Mr IfsStlaga dSClarsd that while ('a??
ada ? i ? stsat ? iiin|i? tltor ol
Unltsd B tatas, England, Osrnutny snd I
Kv.?*deo ???>?. larga producer a of ths'
[Kr?n i i
? ' -? lai :7 '
War in War Department.
Hr ; ' orl ... 'i si ai p, ai d
charai 1er whh h would un loul te?
?ltate an official Inva i
bu y Btiinson were nol i
administration near ai ha
ln? ?he ?h,.: t..,.i?- ,,f ,i,S(. (i .??. . , .
mh* :'" '" the ?m,, i circle ol the
" ' l"l'.'M.??.,,t. Thej v ill aft,,,,, a
?-'???'' am? uni ?,i merest to -, .
li:'"- ?"? ?" for *?oi :? time looh
??'?* a? ?' ol . pecelv? the c.
*-,:"' ,n ".ffice of the chlel of si I
?nd wh?. will learn the
'1 i il-- ' .
'''?i -General ?Leonard Wood, i
?taff, seek to i limin ?-.- Brli adl< ? i
'"""??- !l Torna , from ih. armj and to
polntment ol s
'"?r" '" General Wood's liking? Did he
Inform Colonel -i i: Keen thai I
?'?*?>?*? ill- rardH righl he cm id
i '1 Torn? v as turgeon nen?
'" make good his scrd, did <;? neral W tod
|"';"'"hoi ? the applicatioi ,.- General
'""" r for real and Ihun com
'? ' tha Pi. i|d< ni to . v. rl i ti. io
lo ave foi g? n? ral
To th? u uin re
' ' ? ffirmi - ? or .? negative r? pi)
? ? , Interroga 11
got an as I il
t the d? m ,. aj ,.? o?
Torney, Colonel Keen confronted ?;?i).'.-ii
u " '' ?' ??? ih? ? hi- i of staff,
and that ? . - ? .
??I?"'" *'?? ... ne p ? i
? on? . in
? ) ?
It is . piall*, an ? stahlleh? d fact tl
atlon ol am?nerai Toi ?
m? m did ? ? | pear and
did r. main In : dii - I i?t*oub out i he c l
pe? i "l when <;? ? ? W
of the city, ent term
? " i an i
thai the Prei d? ni had to ? \- ri m
efforts i , .. ? ,, , ;
the Beiia t? , -,
eral Torn? j for nnoth? r term l I -
nick of tlm? N . ?? any pxi i
n "ll of tin
taff 1 ? ? m ?,f
bringing lo
"f Wal- Il act that Oq
'?'.? nej 'a 1 ? \
of tile . I tl-.. |
prkatkN .; T? i n? >
poll tin. til elud
aft r it had
?n wicked].- s- uii
i,i.o?ii por
untl , under th?
Ullas ' ? - ' '-IVV, e.-uiT
Bndrai m.*-ell ?vhollj. out Hid
militari aer
i 'ortunatel) ;.; I
h? fon his ti ? the
math to tenl leeret
i - . ? .
? lein ral Ti n? .non,
? ieneral To
not I?- r? appoint? d and I ? .
ver had ?h and had
. .1 Ka .in to
? ? ??a ii
, lal did lea
i ,,|... thor.
? "olon? : K< an stuck to his I
, ral Wood a I t ha ??? -, ? ?
? ., Toi
? ?r with for?a and
? ;
?-for? lowever,
? ? ? .it he
? principal
I nit. ?I
"The i ? ?
Wc are th? for eva
ould nmi unt 1
iitTl? Vi S'ould re?
.--?ilt in a lai w with?
out ? ?
?11!,off? 'I "
of New 1
tloi od of
, k ?I thai i ui In
t tariff law free
twenty ) ?ars be
amend? d to provide thai tl mus!
have been bound twenty years. -Mr.
Peeney ?-aid that 1
men wer? ed In "art bin?
deries" in til.- City of New- Voik. and I i
day onlj two hundred were emplc ? i
tl.- credited this condition to the practice
ad '" I ? ra bound
by "cheap foreign labor" s Ir? Import?
ing them fi- ?
of th" i 'nit? d Bl ?
Pap? r Mills, Wata rtown, N Y
lug ti pi im mills of th?
. ? n I had Increased tha ?
if y , ind the prt? e of pro
da lion had Ina rtased ul by added effl
i-K-i ? ling prli ?? of i
had been kep! level durins the ; t
ten pa 'I he ront of producUon, he
isJUl - aal Rone up fi"m *>. to ft a ton.
"A. ra nol ha re," he ?aid, "to urge
the nxins ol the dutj on news |
papei on a prote? lion h u Bu! a
? < n? i t - a ra venue tariff tha duty
| should cmaln ai
j be ai sd valorem dut) ol about I i er cent,
a a,!.!} ' . duty."
Mr Bros ' i the wood ;'ulp
and papa i ? of the ' 'anadia n ?re
promt) act w a "oppra ? and de?
(?tractive to th?- paper Industr) in ths
t'nlted Biat"-' and nhould be repealed.
Tobacco Men Heard.
Tha kSM ' ' ? i*d Of 'fide of
! Philadelphia and New To
? tpeclirely bj J? ; n R roui i ai d Jo n
I'mixb. advoca?,,i ., redua*tien In the a
, of duty on Imported wrappa to
frort ti ? ?o * nd essmenl oi duty
on tOuacoo at time of with?
drawn! fteaa I onda d wara Mr.
Young arsNrted thai a Us th? tobacco
n list, b) in f.-? thod . had for ? 'I
m; iiv- manufacturen out o
larger immher had heim compelled 0
drop out by the .. t ,,. ra? ? ta ri il
-laiiv of ti ? n rappel n ade by the
ti >-" riiitv. Both ma n contended that ta
turn would reaull in Incn
, oi tatama
Two Attempts Made on Central
Road Near Watertown.
Waia-rtowti. N Y? Jan IT. Two a1
temptg to wreck trains ..ii the Bt Law?
ra ni ?? ?livisia.n of ih? V. v. tot I*- I
tral Kailra>ad were made JubI ou!
of this elty io-'i. >? a i aata nga r train
from ?'Hriha??* run Into b pile oi tie
but 'ii?- cov.? at h< r tosaa d th? m from
the tails.
,\ paaatsatjar train which lefl ba re
later for Newton Falls eras atopped
w lu n s keg of Ball ?vi ted ??n
the trecha
? i. nomlnst? d ai a Ith the help
of the Presiden) a >od frienda In
be? n ? on II m d, and p**r?
>{ ? ?: affrighted
to take
up Its a ice m the room m at i?
?Ailson Prepared to Blunder.
? lovei nor Wll ha ntlmated to cei
lain Senators who have been to Trenton
ths! he has in m m| the appointment of
chief ?d
staff, if no 01 ? ? -? ?.. ? ? ..ni' n? <l the
pectlve President si to the ? ror he
would mske In auch sn saalgnm? nt,
reasonabl) certain that ? 'olom ? '? ?? thsla
has himaelf done ao or would do so wer?
Mr. Wilson to auggest th? klea to him.
What? i might be chosen for
Colonel rjoeth ?is, it Ii . ? i tain that the
American peopl? would cordlall) disap?
prove anj step win. h took him from the
post at the h- sd <>f th?
? that great enl ? ":"
i i and m '.ni.'' \;i i thai work is
completed no honor which th? President
? ould bestow >.n the ensin? ? r offlcer would
be i ? ' great, but that ol
of atari would Insru
larlj Inappropriat?
1 .el Ooethali lias d< monatrated I
i i Is a remark and
r at he has exceptional ? \-> utlve ab
but his duUes have loni tap irat? d him
li.'iii th.- Hi.... II.. is uni in touch With
th. iiiniii!.' ai m>, and then grav< s(
1 that he would fi?r a m. ni i on?
Bider uti'i.rtaklng the etrei
< hi. f Of stall. That he WOUld al'l'i'
I deaignated chief ?>f engineera wh? a
? ; .m? - i ? i.ii.t is undoubt
, " .i la n tie th. i ?? is no im.-t In ? on?
th the si m' foi
w< II iin.il.
Nebraska Slipshod.
Ei idently
doing things out in Nebraaka, and If the
... election been
Presldei t-elect
i to.
t, ..lui .,1 \ ? lui
ti-ii at
was dumi ?
r ..f the u'lti?: it.I
i mo?
ni, nt latei. w hen H. E. D? v< n loi '
? l"r. sldenl
Mi Wii '? that the ;
? .. , . ? t
for Wo
"When redentlal
Mi I ?? ?
? ? ' '
the bund
I :...???? :
' '
? ? in?ler
? i here's r fi*
but I am frank t'
? ?
trouhle ii
. M V.
' ?
?; ?;
United Btatei Reply to Erg' nd
to Go in Few Days.
Ian. of
? . ? , ? to i
? ?
from I
lo i
in I.?..'..i"i
?w? r ?
f the pi i
nontl 'i
snd a f? s dayi n a : I 'h the
? ni .'i'iti. nl d< ,?l with
this qui tlon
be a front ene
or the other, aJ that ? an I ?
March I will be t ? I
advam i ment of th? ara um? nt
lleve thnt t . ...i
rriinlatr itlon'i not will be de? l :
to the effort *
on all '"i sbsolutel) ?.. 11|.
' ail t" > Btal II lh b) ' k-ree
iii' nl fac? Ihei lor
an t Of th?
In?? ol :u. -if reem? ni w h '-h
would rai ' l Ihe conti to Th?
i Ins ?? 'i ribuna i? either < aae it a fell
the Stale De| :
| I
the '. ? ? for th? work ai
I? I shed will h. of ?to
i traiion In de
with I
Says Men en Cars Deserve
Share of Increased Earnings,
in Inn i th? wag? of ths em
eel ralln ad companl? s i un
under th<- management ?-?f the Third
\w mi. Railway ? ompanj i.I
night In a lettei I si d ? | F W
tVhltrldgs, i"- ' lu. com i i ?
i ? ? ? M..-, h i.
except "where th? i been at
work for i
? ? ? some ios !???.? of
th. ?r little vstsatlon, f. i u hi' h il t In
pai t i?- m our* d, nd ti will
. fore take ? If? rt In I f th?
1 o? k. ? - i.' i. on l un? C? lu I ? ?
and motorrneti .i : ? . first yesr a ill
receive 21 ?
year SI
? made of an in
.M employas of
avenu?- system, which
th? end ?>f the
ol ii- on irate exist? nee of the
' i tall? TI ? m -?
a to l ! :-. n. ; si conduct "f
those wh.? run cars, Mr tVhltrldga
""in- t.? half n
r to ' ? "i bj ii"
Thli 'i ?its- s?-.'?ir!ii Street i hi
Manhattsnvllle and Bt Nlchelaa Avenue,
ths 1 : ? ? ' blast Bro idwaj and Bat
i. i. id companies, snd om wnt sn
hour i" ih< employ? i of ths I 'nloa Rail?
way C'ompan i i I the Nos 1 "ik
City lut' ? "i" igh and the Bouthsrn Bou?
levard i: tllroad eompai Iss, ths VVsst
trt? Railroad i '?? n ? my, in
\.u *, ..i k. W? Btcheatsr snd
,t 11 ? i o I'ompani ind th
vonki ? Railroad i ompsay.
State Department Officials Hear Republic Is
Likely to Retaliate for Alleged Favors
from Brazil to United States.
Washington, lau. i? .-?t?te Departmen
officials were disturbed to-day over U lia
th? v f?ar may rc-ailt in a disastrous ?um
tu, niai war between Argentina nnd th?
United stales They have ha?l reporti
tbat lArgentlna is like!) to retallata
agalnat the ?United States for what II
believes is an unfair commercial sdvan
? ik. n "f It by this ?ounti y,
Brasil grants to ths United Btatea n
spectai differential ??n imports ??f wheel
flour, which allow- tins country to com?
pete successfully with Argentina In thai
field. The state ?Department has been
informen that this is h-iti? looked on a-.
unfriendly, an?i thai there la a sea reel
suppressed sentiment In the Argentin?
<'otiKress which, ?i is mid, may break
?mi any time, In favoi or retaliatory a??
i .u
John vv Qarr-ftt, minister from this
country to Argentina, 1* In tins city and
inferred v 111? tsatatant ?Secretary
Wilson and r*ther ofnctala it was sai.i.
however, thai his rMI was no! In con
ti".ti"ii vvith the threstened commercial
1 onsideratlon Ii being given by the
Btat? ?Department lo rigorous editorials
sppa iriii?,' in tii" i?sdlng ps| ?
B ??" ?tyres and othei Argentine cities,
calling on their |a*glslatora to protect the
Interests ol the farmers and millers ol
? country. While ? ? -ft ? ? lal i ha ?
they are giving the mtti.r careful
thought, no d? Unite line ol actloi
ba ? 'i decided on
Vrgentlns bought from ths rnited
States mote than M0.**IS,0M won h of .
cultural impieni'm?. Butomoblles lewlnt
machines, ? la rotors, r pewrltcrs and other
manufactured products In the yeot Just
' end? ?I. tha ? point ou!. and If this mai -
los! to \ov ii'-.in manufacturer b?
a differential allowed to ?ir.-.it Britain
?Germany, PTance or other foreign eoua
tiiis. u would be a serious loss That. ?;
? it.ii. is what Ai?-''ui.na threaten
to do unless the United States aithdrawi
in lar?*?- part at least from the ?3ra*dllai
flour mark? t. a hlch Ai g? ntlna ' ?
her own ? y riMht of ?his" proximity,
i-'iirth. r. tin- Btats i'"l'aiti!."in has beei
Informed thai Arg? ntlna may wlthdras
f"i"m~th'."l'.iii'.\iii"ri'-ai. Union at tha next
Pan-American conference unless condl
lions ?haut'". This, it WSI Mid, prob
ably would d< ii the cause of Pan-Ameri?
canism B blow from vv).i-li it WOUld re
quire many years to recover, and whlct
would do away with much of the 1
social air?! commercial relations thai bava
been growlni for the last twenty-foui
Argentina, it is further l< rtfi ed, i ?
paring t?? establish in this clt)
m- rclal propagai da but eau, similar te
hlch Brasil has maintained In this
country for some yean, and which lias
served as a means of keeping the huyere
and sellers of the two countries In close
touch, Brasil as s "our market for Ar
ga ntlna mi ans much to ths latt? r eountn,
it a as mid il the State i ?epartma
;?s i or?* and more agricultural ?
yearly is being opened up in Argentina
the question of rinding a market t,,i the
surplus is s ib-u
State Depsrtmenl officials espra
hope to-daj tint the threatened commer?
cial rupture between thin <.ntry and
? ? t ne would '
.?lar? d \ rgei I io!d to this coun
? " ?-i worth of produ? ta ai
about of half as much ai the United
States ? old tha re, and thai ? pry effort
should be made b; both count rl? to ka ? p
all tha ? "miin rea the* ?
Government Will Test Title to
Thousands of Acres in California
Legality of President's Exten?
sivo Withdrawal to Come Be?
fore Courts in Los Angele3.
" I ;'icton, .In; f.?A I "
I he title of ? ?
We t. with valuea
V . th? ..... . .
I '? ?
? it bel tn
v ? . i egln |
leo i ? '
? . ? < . to test
? "i! Isnd i
? .. i ? ? nt Tal
. ? ... .
. . . 11>"
hy th* ? and
nt Tail . '- ' rear I
Bel en the flral si '
iws er, i rf'iy claims
ral la rhe i
.s Ithdi awal, a ?
? on I, v.u.? legal and l
.acts la lodg? 'i with
Seeks to Recover Oil ?Withfirawn.
I il title to I
? ? ? all the
Irswn, the
tit y of w hi?.-1 -I
rhe gs at Lob angel? -
? ?in? et? ? i a 11" have
? Islm mi?? to th- lami. those
? ? ted the oil and tho
government astil contest ?n rinims
to the Ian.I >.r otla which may I-? ad?
? rporattona nnM Individ?
lard ?''ii Company, National Paetfle
<?ii Company, Tarr A McComb tine),
i.i-n? A Bowler Company, Title Insur
??1 Trust Compsny, Thirty Thirty
two i n?l Compsny, Bouthern Investmeai
?I Dora ' ?II ? 'ompsnj. K ng
Lumber Companj and Beam? ? ? 11 Com
all of California; Midway Northern
???ii Compsny, Loa tngelee; IfcKlttrick
? ?n ? 'ompsi ?. i 'oni "li'iat. i| Midway ? HI
Compsny, Msrleopa Northom ? ? 11 Com
pan) snd Msrleopa Consolidated OU ?Cora?
pany, all ol Ai aorta, and Mary F Fran?
da, i. W Lowell, Jam-s Bloom, William
s Kimball, Hairj \ Massena, Arthur
w hit'i.M, Msude W hltfl? Id, James B.
Btcne, lohn V Hoffmsn, M i". Hoffmsn,
:.ivail I'?".. Charlei .\ s..n. liavi.i s
Ba? hm.m. \\'tih.?-ii B i ?unn, T. J. Green,
M P. Walte, Anna M Walte, J. M. Dan?
algei. i ?r. i - . ? ? i ?ansiger, A I. Wt II,
i lorraee ?: Weil, . B ? 'oulsoa, B A.
tsee, G O. Q llette, Bydnsy smith,
i B McKlnnie, Orrs K Monnetts, M. .1
Monnette, h P. Davle and lullui Fttod,
all cltlsena of ? 'sllfoi
Th<* Interior Department has refused f
grsnt patenta <>n an) of th. laada, and
i re man) confuctlng clalmg amona
? i who ' ? '.ntantkma on
? I.?. ? i mining local I? ni
?? ? laimi t" the lands are Illegal snd
??.,. tlon "i th? mi out wrong, tt ?
coidlng to Hi" govei nm? nt.
Government Looking Into Osage
Indian Land Deal.
Washington, Jsn I" Th" l>.*|iartm.'nt
| of .in-tin baa '.sun an Investlfatton "f
the alteged relatloni of ths Oaage 1ml.an
Tribal Counrtl snd ??ii interesta arhieh i"?l
s. retar) ol the Inb rlor Plsnsr ta rs?
?move eevsn membera of the cotuaell re?
cently. Ths question wsa rsferrsd t?> the
Attorns) Oeneral b) Becrstsry Plsher,
in a atatement si ths time <>f removal
the Bscrstary chsrgsd that ths council
bad beea influenced b) n?- Cncle ?Ism
i ?ii Compon) and three Individual appll?
cants. ? h" had tried in aecun the lease
..i ? ij^111 hundred thousand ai-r?-.?- ol oil
snd gas i.n d, .pi laing the entlr? un?
iese? >1 portion >.r i ? ?i ag?
<r\ alioii.
Priesa for rasa end loins la its whole?
sale markst are th?* asma tale w??-k us
last, narn.ly. 1?.. 1" ami 10': CSnta a p?*un?l.
Rounda ara sow ii1-.-. afty and 9'. esats,
ami chock steaks io?,. yi^ and s canta
i..-t week rounds wore i:, u and ?? conta
and ? but ka n, II .?nd ? c.nts.
Two Philadelphia O?rla Want ti
Know About Him.
Wa hlnglon, Jan IT
same gei tl? man that nl to Ui
Philippine Islands al ihr* ? lose of th
\ "i. 11< an War to ?? 'T.i'
and good bcha?
'.? r) mii< Ii f" know."
?' - in,. I i ig marke?
??ni Tafl w hen he i ? ad th!
? -
u I? iter Ii ?.?"h h<
? i i ? -.i.e. from two i'
Should Bo Prosecuted, Baj
Probers After Hearing Witness
v. Ingtoi l v .
lion, pra? Hi i
: '? i . " a i*h th
ItVd to n
I II. Bull, i t- t. H. Bui
,,, 11 .. i i \ . v ? ?
'??? a "? irk ami fort,
? '
the m
Rull !? ?
? 1
asked i
placed ?
of .in ? a
een told thai i
. I ho 1
elded t" a wall the S
Bull ? ? to I ring ili" Hull line
Into an agi rat to maintain ratei H
idda d he had i.n offer? d K
of the regular charter raie foi
of the Poi i" RI an trade.
The wlti Id II was aim it Impos?
sible for an ln?Sependen1 to cliarter v? ?
sels for the Porto Mean trade on so
?count of agreements between ihlp ownen
and the combination.
"I think for the good of the pul
this to the I?, partn I
tatlve phrey told
Mi Bl ?I
11. rbert Bai ber,
Co., N'-w Volk .-t? am ihlp d
the committee thai a line operated by hli
company between New ?ork and i-i Pial i
had an underatandlng to rns rates
with various oth'-r lina i In I
? - an Alexander ind R?
tlvs Humphre) emphatically ? *
the opinion ihai tl ? ?
be prosecuted
Giant Steam Shovels Try to
Stem Avalanche of Debris.
w sshlngton, Jan i7 Ora .?t ? irth slides
p r.-. m i rt ? d again In C i
Panama ("anal, a(*cordlng to information
,,.,. ived ha re I.? ? 'ue of the suda I
alone is expa ? h J to throe i mlHIon yards
of earth and rock Into the ? mal unleea
team shovel ? n as a ho are -
deeperately su< c< ed In che? king it.
Another slide si Cua*uracha, which was
?upposa ?1 to have haltsd tw?
again baa ba aun to move rai
earth sank four fest In seventeen mln?
ut? on ths afternoon ? I Janu try '-. cov?
two railroad I
Th.- enali.ra exi.ted th.*"' move?
ments and had allow?.! f??r them In their
estlmata a '"it It w ill taka a : ill month s
work of tha "ti ml at? am shovel ?
rid of i' ? '?? < _
Three Persons Want to Make
Good His Deficiency.
Syracuse, Jan. 11 Although Is
Qould, ths former Wem Point
star, arrested here las! nigh! foi check
swindling, has been a priaona r onl)
twenty-four hours three peraona
i. ad) made Inquiries con? ? nlni ?
m?m- to make k.I Gould's deficlen y.
Nbthing can Im don.-. II Is thought, until
a'miid is taken to Binghamton, where Im
lo s reused of having cashed a worthless
th", check at a hotel
Qould arrived in Syracuse yeeterda)
aad succcodand In es hing a check for M
ni.?- arres! followed.
New-York Tribune
The Fastest Growing Newspaper
With a Concentrated HOME Circulation That Is Unequalled,
It Is the Recognized FAMILY Newspaper
of Greater New York.
Special Features in Tomorrow's Issue
How I Would Police a Big City
by William J. Burns
l]r ii"'?'I Nemesis ol criminali thinks that, aside ir?-?m two "per?
in?-." the traffic arrangement ami the *i\cd post, an entire
system mus! be built in thii city, a?i<I he gives here hi?, views
. - i" now the besl possible results could be obtained. N'cw York.
Mr Burns says, is behind other -.merican cities ?a Kettmj* rid of
' rruption in the Police ?Department, ?.iff tenure for Commission?
er, lubjecl to people's recall, and elimination of politics arc among
tin- suggestions made by the detective.
Verdant Banks of the Panama Canal
Will Feast the Tourist's Eye
When dynamite and flu* steam ?hovel ?ease to harry tlir I-thmus
a/essers pass through from one ocean to another, pasgengeri
thereon will find their course lined with tropira! verdure and vis?
"t rare charm. Although the enterprise MiRgests to-day little
except utilitarianism, Colonel ?Goethals and Colonel Hodges arc
nol blind tu ilio potential beauty of the waterway, in which, how
cver, nature doesn't need th?-ir aid.
With "Big Tim" Passes Prestige of
the Once Mighty Clan Sullivan
A remarkable by-product of New York life an?! politics is this
ken leader. Ile baa made many a "break,'' but his grip on his
f? I lowers lias never been shaken.
Behind the Scenes with
Mechanic=Magicians of the Stage
The wonderful illusions that ?tartlc and charm thea'regorrs load
r glamour when traced to their source*?, hut the ingenuity that
contrives them and the methods of their creation remain object! i f
admiral i
How the Machinery for Making
Newspaper Men Works
111" Pulitzer institution has tei out to do m a larce way and under
!iat is being attempted le-s ambitiously in a ??ore
? half of schools, namely, to equip voting men for a journalistic
Heal experience and lectures from expert v
Kate Carew Interviews Author
of "The Heavenly Twins" in Club
Sarah Grand prove- to be. a-ide from lier cigarette, a mid?
are, wt II preserved of body and spirit. Her views of
nd of woman's role therein are. however, not mid-Victorian
?' ii ' ?Vmericans have done English society much good
by breaking down the barriers <^^ "British shyness." The feminist
? ?? ! her connection therewith in its earlier sta?e
Royal Auction Clinics By george kling
?I ? ?: are an expert real or aliened?or fust s tyro in tin? gam?
: I I/ill t rd the weekly article by George Kling
ve and interesting. Read it in The Sun?lay Tribune.
How to Judge Canned Goods, (illustrated)
\ ve terestinfi arti?-lc dealing with the salient points of gnnr{
an? nned i lateriaL
The New Cottons, (illustrated)
\ fa . stray of new designs and weaves described.
The Spring Rainbow, ?illustrated)
of all the new colors to be used this year in all the different
_ i
Demon with Matted Hair"?most interesting ?fry, wi*h a
beautiful picture.
Another puzzle picture ?tory in which to guess what masterpiece
is described.
The Magazine Section
It will contain several clever and interesting stories and
brilliant articles that are timely.
Amons the features Will Be:
General and Moonshiner ByROYNORTON
one of those Strong stories about strong men that the author
ol " I he Vanishing (Fleets" docs ??-> well.
What Lindy Had Up Her Sleeve
One of the strangest romances that were ever penned. Even
5h rty McCabe, "professor >~"i fists," was surprised at this one.
The Young Savage ByowENOLivER
A deftly told love story with a surprising finish.
Where Dignity Dies By james hay, jr.
Some sidelights on how the National Press Club in Washington
is conducted.
William Short, Man Tamer
\ fact Story about an Amere,in prison reformer who did things
in Panama.
A talc ol love and journalism and legislative lobbying.
Seven Keys to Baldpate
ters upon its third instalment, and there i- i ?ynopsis for those
10 unluckj ,? to have missed the first two. The plot thickens, the
l,,v?> interest ftrowf, and so do the excitement, the mystery and the
charm. If yoa haven't begun the stor** yet. start to-morrow by
reading the synopsis that goes with each instalment
Also look for "Stories Told in Washington," by Arthur Wallace
Dunn, and "Pure Clothes." by Rene Bache.
These are a few of the Special Features in to-morrow's TRIBUNE,
which will also contain all the Cable and Telegraph News, all the*
General News, all ?he Political News, all the Society and Resort News
and --".ere comprehensive Sporting News than any other New York
Newspaper gives.
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