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When Dynamite and the Steam Shovel Cease to Hairy
the Isthmus and Vessels Pass Through from One Ocean
to Another, Passengers Thereon vVill
Find Their Course Lined with
Tropical Verdure and Vistas
ol Rare Charm.
Although the Enterprise Suggests To-day Little Except
Utilitarianism, Colonel Goethals and Colonel Hodges
Are Not Blind to the Potential Beauty of
the Waterway, in Which, How?
ever, Nature Doesn't
Need Their Aid.
i., o?rgi UrtaweM Hill.
TIM. '
? ? : ' IV? ?
liroi ?
'I'h. pas* ngi
? . ?
u o ? 01 limits
' .? Inn, to HV; 'i kin?.
pi Imi a thiiij of b i
.Mi thai ? ? tien of the < anal
ad do wit o ?uoii.-i' i steam I
i it i leli ?...
? . .
fro ? Pacitli .
? .
nu i ?.i'. n
.? ' '.,--??;. i..-..a;. I hi
:? ' Othl
onflict beta
i . and .?? -_? i? i.? natui ??. the i
power the tr.n..
oh].-. ?> oi ? ' ? ? .
and ih.< a 111 The men who i
octlng i ? woi. talk. ??:' mill o n o j .nos
? Kcsratlon und o? coj d
. thi toni cltj o tin ?
g |i '. slmoal d< l ? 11.mt?r?y
- I
? -
ete n i-ri
i >-..-.- ..
> tu
On ? v. ?
. . ? . ?
? ? ? ?
? ?
: I
c c v , , , rtceai
... ?. ???
rali?i ?, i...
n .n il the il
? i
- : i
,, med hi -c
. ...
c.. oi|?e W ? lo< ? ? ? nan ?
i 11 1 i
i.. -n? r of i g
il v as his -i " i '?
. ? ? o
.? .-i : lie _??? .i rrtak ? wii
: .
? ?
and ???
,.i |
went il ''?? n
? uered I
I ? ? ? .1
.... '
rant >*,
...... ,i .
, |||
? ? ?: IMS Ol
S I . ? .-I. il i. ? ..'
.? ? n. i. ei ? Itheted kl? . ?
..??:..: ni'- . ? >...l every as
ordlna aorh- i i
: pi and earn no the n
- .'.i - ?? i iilblr through all the i
i ? ? ., . ? .t..
.; ? that he glvea 11
for the artist m ss tin
utilitarian, mcru- of a'l that la pernu
m .-.t atong 'che -anal to ins i ?ii.-: aastet
ant, - c)ion.-i Harry F. Hodges, who ha
dealgaed thi works aa n la lynscal i
ih?- spirit which prevntla in th? condnu
lion corps thai Colonel Hodges sboul
insisi thai Colon i Godhabr has fui
nhthi -i .ill the msi iration,
To t n.- pa is* .lunate ss t
travel through tin Panam i a uni sftt
it- io mal "? ? icin--' ? a a years hence, l
... i ? .:?:-?- n ,i ?ton
more i than its beaut >. Katui e, a
i ha. ? c d It n rj km.i m the
/'...ne. and ii will require bi : > few week
an-1 n.,- rut ? ? seed for tin
luxuriant tropics i to i ove
every trace of blast and team hovel am
:o - loth. oi the canal with ?
i ? < i ot ? ble foi its tto: ai beauty a
for Ita ability t.nceal the acorad an'
? c ' alls of i:'"t her earth.
The paaaenger entering from the Allan?
n will ... i he nee v merit an ton i
,., Crl tob I, "ii,. m. ' olon, i lore he a III
- ?? ? ? i ?,..-? ime W .1 hington Ilotd and
perceive roas of cosey, well painted r*
de.f i( > emp.s ??? hlch, despite
t! . n- Klmllsritj t" the old-faehl? ned meat
suft will r.trlke him as singular I) neal
ai.ci ;,nr.-t- live, eaj.lall y fur the trop!? s,
!-:\t. i. I vi concret, a ha n'es, b) thrir
vefj rollditj inspiring confidence in the
great locks to Hfl his shit?
?.", f.. i ..'?,.- -, . -? i ? fc| and Bend K ovi r
?c and '.- almoi I to the l'a- _c, will
? i ? w .M.! n,, i, t at CririobaL A -ail
of aboul ? t si ? ? el, between
hanks covert I with tropical fiowera
bi d foliage, ?m brli g thi ship t" the an
[iioa.ii wharf of thi Gatun lock?, while
dur ? ? p issenger will enjoy
ea of the s ,t plus e stei ??(
ih.- ? 'ulebrs Rit ? i end ? ? ? U asei
-ii?-..-? s as thi ' madlj over the
ill nea ? -t tre of Gatun
dam. -c veritable mlnlatun Niagara and
? aid.-, more si tlfieial in sppearai -1
Thi aklpper ? 111 ? isel to the i
i a hart ol the < ?stun locks snd
. - over to the inland na? igator?
f the ranal, who ttach tour power?
?? ? ? ea with "springs ' and
to the hull and tow iii>- ship
:> nth Into the Ural lo? It The uslve
s .-uns a-., ,i toas,
weight being taken from the
i on n flotatlot, ail t
:? nti.s' to . from i wall approximately
c feet high behind thr ship, which will
i And If elf in. loecd In ?> ka i- mon ?s
miniature laki l.?M feet long and I .?t
aida Th.- sluice gatea m the Boot or ? ;,.
Ii ,k s.iii bi oponed and grad
water will ii.-. wails Um ?hip be II ? ?? -
.1? roai battleship or tin? ra hi, ?
, lifted a? gently us ? babe In its m ;
si ms until it i- on a levai ??un tin
m the next lock. Moniy the fo
^.?hk-s win swing bach, the ship arfll ..
and the whole proc?s? sill be repeated
ami yet acata, whan the gatas will opea
Into Qatua Lake and tha eeasel sun as
towed out on the surface of th??* ?nat ai
tlflclal ink?-, lai Mjnara miles In extent,
t shove sea lavai) and ihara uiraed
over to her shippar to proceed under her
own naotlva soever tha- :;:; nattas to tha
Pedro afiguai lock, tin? last ains ailles
being through Culehra ;'ut. where tht
walls will ris?? on either side lik?? ?h?*
PaJIsados of the Hudson, except that ?
wealth of foliage Will cover ?very foot of
surfs? e, be it roch or earth.
I As the ship ?merges into Gatun Lake
the real beauty of the .anal win impress's
the observer, ltd only will he note the
artistic construction of the great, con?
crete stmctnre which contains the three
locks, but be will perceive the grott
little lighthouses along the Shore at l'asi
a land luhhor would so describe them.
although to navafaiora they ate known
as range lights, if it he night, tha pa?
s?nget will rind hlnasatf closer to the low.
hanging tropical sky ssith Its h'azmc
?tars than ha ?ver bsjtej-?af pos.?.hie. a
wealth of stoetrk lights will make the
locks as bright as da', the power being,
I generated by the water which roabsg over
Gatun iplllway
Along the lake tha? colored rai.se light?
I will lend ' nchantment to the scene if it
be daylight, the tourist ssiii ha BHed with
wonder and admiration for the wonder?
ful v?g?tation, the goiTgaous cotcn of the
hora, the aver present banana trees i
their Luge- clusters of fruit, the passion!
I flowers growing In riotous prntnalon, und
here and there th? naming?, sailing sbov?
him asa.nst the vivid sk-. The
of ths trip through Gatun Luke win d<
pend, of course oa thi speed d ; ??
s.i :tsdf, but ;t la estimated that tei
twi ive lac is will prov - ti i ? to <
vej i !.. sverage vessel from the Atlant
t.. the Pa. Inc.
1 Ai Pedro MlgUd a sinu'e 1>> k. pra'i
( onlinned on ?eventh page
A Remarkable Bv-prociuct o(
i\e\v York Liie and Poli?
tics Is This Stricken
Many a MBreak" He Has
Made, but His Grip on His
Followers Has Never
?Been Shaken.
44 II '; ' ' M 81*1.1*1 VAN
?-*? ture in the
?-" ill. WHO
?? 'jlfll. ill
ni i.. \ ?i emblj neo. Senator? ? 'ongi ? -
. ? - -
m ,,i .i, r ni
? v.inkci
Aid when, a few day? ..->??. th.- Howe
? d thai the "I Ig foll?n
dg? d Insani 11 ? ?
ni naoui ning amo
ti WhO knew ?Kill .
gave them nea* i
It wi - ? I
. -
? .- bo knee ?-:
? ?nl With ;?!l tn
- . w il h tli
- ? All 'I-,- VV II
- eadlneee l
?tand o. ; ? i bal was lb
', 111 - PUWI . ill Nel
\ ? i left of t hi power o
\V'.,.t lie 111H
HS he
hi a Tonkera aayluni
whore be will reme tl another d?
the 8 a hla
(US -- ? ' ither I nstitu
' ' .. i d da anipi?
Mg Tim wn.
si ?... ote a i ?? ape i-- -- n? n
le and aho a untgu?
double i ? itienl nuclei
real a th# i nited Btatee itepie
tativ? ' ? ?? rea? from the iSth New
Y oik ' ? trees Did To Governor Bui?
sei who voted : on Big Tim" BuHtvaa'e
dl su ?? nd la i"v frtend of many -.?am,
will fall the 1"' of raiting h sp.-rial elee
i-i ehooai ?.' In i'oiurreee ol
? tts_ Tim. ai d tl Is ad ??n ne the last
w.nd in ihe political life "f the "big fei
p.w" and ? -:nation of the flan
Bulllvan, after twenty-seven years of
oantinued bwsj aa a ruling factor in
Tsmman* Hail
Sullivan was horn ,n B dingy tenement
a Leonard etreet, |ud a nttie ared
of the "Id Five l'oint?, anil In this nelgh
hood h*- gras? up. At tn?- age <>f ais
ne wae y Hing nawapapera on Ihe street?
und fron; tMB be graduated to the
-,lion of Station lnju.se boutblack,
?Ilium? the shoes ol men Im latri madi i
[police captains and Inspectors si ph
m?' His ni m )., . ?a? n; tin pressroom j
of a newepap, where h> worked until
? Katt.s " Walsh one of the leaders -.t one
ni the few imii s from Thinnum) Hall
nasa- him the nomination loi Assembl?.
inao ..n t?o ' num... Democrat*) Hchet
This aras n. i??-. whea ?ulllvan .sas tweii?
t -tin?.- ..'iii? ..Id. and In.in that da) '..
this ht- has aovar been defeated at the
pulls. ?
n.- had not n rved out hti Ural term in
ti... Assembl) when be ass thi oppor?
tunity thai ?a bis, snd he sen) t.. Bu
:..n lot his ? oualn, "little Tim" Bull! ? ><
snd ti.1 tt.pened s saloon ,n Chambers |
street when i ?? presen) Hall of Records
noa stands, ami m time the) owned a
chain oi sis aloona, all south Ol IHh
str?,!. a terrltor) thai he soon ruled so?
s.mi.i.i . srlth i. question hi.? sov?
. raigal
One of lbs arst Ihinaa ne um aftei lad. '
? - ongi intrenched v> ?111 ins
?? .1 ? thl I ? - ?.dill ? W.I - to l|.I V
.1 lull p i -????; admitting blm to pracl ? >?
II i \ i .i 11. i . btoeai m:*?? i ?? ' te a
... ourt | tltionei.- pi) Ini : Bde
la -i- m the Tomba su m
Though a drangt r lo i ok.. Blneh ton?
and i.ctii-toii. in.-, repute among the ha
i itues of the underworld aras auch ii?hi
'?? i> ik< d til?n ?i "the grastest Is a
? ??!? in \.w fork Though no orator, lu?
ll.?nil;. . Vel lo l a . use ill the police
? courts a-il when hi .1 d ipesk be usual
- 1,,1 aomi 'hing 'hal he bad nu mt? n?
ti..f a) Ing.
? in-, he was .. ked i" make an . .. lion
, ? . . .n Haltet \ I'm Finn's political
. ?in. ? Big 'I'm. 1- 1.- toi. declined, mid.
1 as uauall) happened, the "hoya" won him
ovei .'.no this Is h..? th. speech began
"Bo) . 1 m a Democrat >>'hears.) iv,
h, .n ,1 1 lein... rai aii m in.- 1 i?tud
cheera.1 1 havi voted the Democratic
Ucket all bjj Ufa. (Uproortoui obeera)
tnd i nevei rut the Itemovrhtic Uckd
I - ;.-i m. in ri vate, when I was
reara of .?g' and i never will!"
(Perfed pandemonium ?
i h.s happened long ago, when people
general') paid little attention to such
.feestona, and if thej ?b?' it use only
to laugh at them .is gaud tefese And n
better proof of the changing political con?
ditlona of New York could not l>e b.-lt.-r
' IllUdaSted than a similar epeOCh made by |
"lliii Tim ...o.ns the Oaynor Ala>oial
tv cassoolgn? Which contributed mcr?
than anything els?? to the defeat of Tba>
many that year, and which helped to put
In a Ktision Hoard of Kstimato and Ap?
That svas la Ital The "white stave1
guest Ion was an issue of the cam,'
Tha reform bsottog which had been flg. ' I s
the Sullivans for oser tWO decades :
the head of the Clan Sullivan to such a
pitch that he let himself he oarr .*d gwaf
h>' ills emotion* In answering
charges Hlsauettance, ? must ha ret
berod, ss.r, saainly Bowery derell ti ?<
he svas sp.-aking from the Stag?
Miners Theatre, on th.- Bowery, si
was tailing them of how he helped ?
fallen, Whom lie painted as victims of
poine peraecutloa Along tins lit i
''Another tina I s\. m on the bm d
yOUhg man thai the pap?is s\ i it ? about
as a gang nader. Caul Kell?. ' Vp
plaUSe.a Kellv ha.I a .piancl with
i peupla, down m Miill.errs Street, ''i n*'
was taken to Mulbeiry streel
discharged. Bui those people he hai Ik
quarrel with, m a sail II of s Indictls ?
went down t,. tin District Attorneys
lice and had the . oung man charged
btghwaj robber) His friends came t< ?
an.i eakf Kail* never robbed i i bodj '
went hie ball, snd when the case ran
h.- ont) got eight months If l
gone on thai boj 's bond he might >?>''
twent) ? sai ?
New. this took tha i rowd ? fancj aad
it wen, a IM over tha pitiful pk t n
"that DO) Kail] " and lawd O* CI ;i *
p?-I.S., ntion. forgetting thai he ants leader
ol m.( |he WOI SI gOBgS that e, a i "stu -k
UP" a man for his roll, to IMS the \ ,??
lai ,,f thieves, and who had a string of
murders to their credit, ope of which BJSS
committed m Kelly's dive, in (.rout Jone?
?treat, known as Little Nantes, ami Kelly.
or. lo US? his real name. Paolo Vacan Hi.
ssent into hiding after the murd??i.
Put "Bag T;m" ?as intoxicated with the
ai'l louse of the crowd, and he went on IS
anawer tue white slave' charges, and on
tins acora ha said
"If) Ood! I never heard of this traffic
i the "whit, lleve") dossn here till I read
? this Turner's article. I've stood for ot'r
; has mu munleri-r? and thieves here, but
Here "'??e; Tim" paused and the crowd
( unwuufd uo ?et roth page.

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