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Vo1 LXXII N? L'4.174.
To-il?.?. fair; ? armer .?I nicl.t.
lomorrow. fair anil warmer.
?i;? VT in < Hyof New York. .Ier<4e:r?nt.v snd Hobokea
Quick Reply to Britain's Toll
Protest May Be Made
Public Next Saturday
Here and Abroad.
Cable May Be Used to Settle
Dispute Without Arbitra?
tion and Before the
Hay Treaty
'?'rom Tho Tribun?? Bureau |
Wa-hington. Jan. *J1.?Publication of
?he tul! text of the reply of th? rnita>d
??late.-- to the British prallest against
Ht* Tanama Canal act may be looked
Of tlM last ef this *\eek or the first
,.1 next. The reply let t th?* United
Slates by mail la.?-t Saturday and
.-hould reach London next Saturday
Publication will \>p made there and in
Washington simultaneously, in a.coid
IBCC with the convenience of Hit*
British Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
alts, whom the American ?iiargr has
httv instru'ted to consult legarding
It was ths purpose of Secretary
Knox t<? withhold publication of the
?it that he harl forwarded his ref-ort
t?. th-? British Foreign |scr**tttl*y until
th?* communication had reached Sit
??"?Iward Grey. But in view of the fact
that a rumor that this government has
bote marking time to permit of the ex
i ?ration, on June 4 next, of the arbi
?stion treaty now in f.?ne. before
Orsst Britain could properly demand
action of the dlffsrtnes to an at
Vitral tribunal, has gained some ?re- |
ence. The Tribune a?>rresni-.iif]?*nt :- ';
i-.thoii/'cl to make known the actual |
.-'tuati.,;i i
Any report that President Taft and j
- *?'<r. Knox ha\e been ni"i'.. I
?jarring for time to prevent ??reat ?
l::itaiti from taking advantage of the
? Sitting treaty ? arbitration will im- i
at*l) htsprsss those who realize ,
the high ideals of those statesman M
I i. posterons. But as there are many1
?bo have no such gpett?. iation. and S|
- ill greater number who read, but ?
never think as tbey read, it has seemed I
is* to make known the fact not only
? th<* Department of State prepared
it? reply to Great Britain's protest with
practicable ezpedltl?sh, bol that the
teal of that reply has already left ,
these shores.
No Unnecaaaary Delay.
v hen it i? recalled that, although |
||M British Charg?*"- advised the Se're- I
tftry of State thai his government nur- j
r?u?ed to submit an extended argument
.-.gainst the provisions of th? Panima
Sd on Aurust 27, and that It was not
until December 9. U>*4 days later, thai
*uch protest was actually submitted
to Secretary Knox. It will be realized
that the forty days which it has take?i
this government to formulate its ?eplv j
-^an hardly be construed as involving j
any unnecessary delay
In view of the fa t that these nego?
tiations were initiated by Great Brit?
ain, that Sir Edward Grey adopted th.?.
method of instructing the British Am?
bassador to hand to the American Sec?
retary of State in person hia auto?
graphed protest and that no publica?
tion of the protest was made until
then, and then only with the consent
?f Secretary Knox, Mr. Knox has
deemed It proper to pursue the jame
method of communicating his reply,
?nd thle applies, of course, to the con?
tenta of the reply as well as to the
manner of communication.
It may be ?id. however, that in sev?
eral Instan?efl Mr. Knox ha? be?n able
to set ?t rest apprehension?, of the
British Foreign Office by a mere sub?
mission <".f facti regarding which er
* nntlsqeri 0s fourth ?age, fifth relama.
This Morning's News
Indict Lawyer for Sipp Bribery. 1
c? i r to Hush Subway Contracts. . S
Infere? fn- Armstrong Divorce. 4
K?hler Tells of Curbing Vice. 8
Helen rjoula] a Bride To-day.?
I'iollnr Strikers Oet'y ?'ourt. ?
T. R in strike Zone Tour. 6
1 ?..st-llo Will OoatSSt B'uun. 7
Osteopaths Demand Recognition. 7
??'? . ||| ..?-.o j,| Smuggled Gems.19
rbnga Dee ts Ks.apc Arrest.IS j
Balzei Must Hscfe: "Murphy or Hearst.. 1 '
*on**ri i?- to Tatt? tYllson'3 Trust "Tip". 3
bstmocrmts Ma? Kill ?Ttlsaa mis.... 3
m ? Wllson'a Bills Heat I?e?alop*ie. . 3
*": i? Employ?s Wont '?"lemiinir; out". 5'
Mr. ??,, Would Inn? Wigwam In Line. 18?
Knox Panama Itsply Clarifylni. i
filipino* Sot Heady for Independen? e 3 I
,':,,f.. |*rf**M I'epeal of I ree a'anal Tolls 4|
"Tinman Attacks Oovsraer ?Usase.... 41
0**ft)an MlaUSSd l'une!?. DajS Verbeck 5,
'??.un uns "Loss Sitaras*'. 8,
Phone Trust Inquiry Starts.13 !
- "5. ?;tr- May Resiga. i I
WnHe Still QuibhliiiK. t]
Han a ff.r Women. 7 |
'^ii'or:al . ? I
?'?Kiel;. . ||
Mu ... . t !
rhttatrical . ? I
?'' itiiiii-,. 9
Snorts .10. II and 12
traty and Navy.13 ,
?Vfisthar .'.li
?-hipping .13
I tn?nriHl and Markets. .. .13, 14 sin) 15
*?*l Hstats .M
British Foreign Minister Will Quit Cabinet if
His Amendment Is Not Voted on
on Strictly Non-Party Lines.
I t.. Casts to The Tribut ?? '
l.??nd<>:i. Jan. 22.?The \v.111an luf
frage agnation has developed ??u ?\
??????fliti?-:.. grave ?tapait. Th?? followln
statement ?vas made? on Ii?rIi authorlt
la>t ni-rht:
"If the suffrage amendment is de
feated and Sir Edward Grey feel- tha
the decision has not been arrived a
| on the pure merits of the case am
without consideration of any possibl
danger to the government he will fee
compelled to vote against the franchis
bill on third reading and resign.
" It -vas on UM under.standin*; tlia
IM consideration except that <?f stif
fiag?* should he allowed lo ont?*r int?
th?: division that Sir l?lvanl OfOj
.-(greed f? the cour.??? adopttld by tit?
Cabinet on this question, and Mr. As
) quitta ?trill probably make- tt plain tbi;
week that that is the attitude adopt?-?
h\ th?* Cabinet."
With regard to the general queatlor
of suffrage the House- of Commons ma)
he divided roughly Into four great par
i tics, namely:
First?Those opposinc *\?'tt an BU??
S.i omi Thos?. SUPPOrtiOf vvuman
Thitd?Tho.?? supfMsrting sroman suf?
fini-e in | limited de-giee
Fourth-Thos?. tvho support Pramler
Aaojuitti helor?- anything rise.
There are; throe possible main de?
velopments. In the (list place, Sir K<l
ward Grey's amendment u. omit the
word "male" ma: h<- defeated. In the
second place, it nmv tie passed and
then nil the- definite vornan s'.itti'.ig?.:
amendments may v.?* defeated. In 'I??:
third place, one of other of the aroman
suffrage amonttaienta* snay Ix ?paased In
f on.mlu?-".
Of the throe alternatives the dofeat
of Su- ?{"??Sward Orey's amendment
would .nus.- riif g??vernmenl the ?"?east
i.m''aiTH-?m-nl. Its a? eptance, fol?
lowed by the (hf^at of all the ?Jolinlte
suffrage? amendment?-, would caUM the
government the mo.-t imm?diat.
thougn not tlie m??si serlotia, rm..n
rassment. since the .ourse tu ken L
the House would then have been mo 1
??logical The accoptance, on ihe other
hand. >>f one of the three suffrage
amendments \-ould probably inv?>;
the government ultimate!' In the
great'il embarrassment of all. If Sir
Kdv.ard t'rey carries nut h?; thiLat and
votes against tin- third reading <>r' the
franchise bill a Cabinet i risis of the
greatest gravity, roa? hing beyond h 11
own resignation. ?.an hardlv be
avoided. In sutil ?.as* the position 01
the. oth?*r Cabinet ministers who had ;
voted for his . mendment. ?David Lloyd :
George, John Burns, Augustine F.irr?.! ;
and Sir F.ufuH I.? .a?-s, to m? ntion onl i
su: i:i?\\ \i:i. urtKV
Foreign Sea .< '...i ? In lh< tsqultti t "ab|.
na t, m h? s .il vote against his ch?a t na Kl
l't Ida; m. tu ? ?i?;' stlo ??: v.omai ? ,
rrage and who i*,tiin.it.-- thsl
.:..i :. lim ..; def? ??;? ?! b) trot? - i I
" ItTn Preml? i Avjull h on m? i
lina - lu ??? 'i * sign ? i om I ha govei n- j
the more prominent, would be ox- ]
ir? melj del ? ste, snd it la more tht n
probable that hla rcsi-puit.on would be
a? ? oiiiii.-iiii. ?i b; that of i.n? m more <?',
Pfragi i oil? ??- '
Meanwhile the camiatign la growlni
dall> more fast and more furious. Paid
? ant sssei s in the o ei lobh ??? lue
ii., -,? ..r r.,11,111..t,s are non supple
l?g IC efi '?: ???f.. i" I <*? l'h'.'i
the House to secure .? victor) in neal
Frida) * fron? bise fight, in Pai
men: Square the placard ve-oxsugynntXe
"f (he rlvaj "s?nda*l h woman stMi to
the iipor of the g.'iii' .
Within tii* i? ' olla ? 'ii ??' lbs ?
Parliamentarian there h'aa n? -i ha 'i
auch a? t??. it> aa n?'?? i.r?"? alh In West?
mtnst i. Kven tht Hows? >?! Common*!'
i*iostofflc' la feelIng tin burden "f thi
crusade memben reo? ving more lit?
i rature f??; snd sgslnsi iha > nfrsr
? men! ol aroi mi than baa ev?
been the . sue befoi? In com tlo*i
with any Psrlismcntar prapoaal.
Woman's Tailor Wakes Up ar
Makes Novel Garment.
Orange N". .!., Jan. 1*1.- Take It fro
Bernard Shapiro, a In -lie?*' tailor het
that great things come of dreams. M
Shapiro says he has. throuch | drcat
solved the problem ?>f the ?eamle
form-fitting coat for women that h
been .he hope and the despair of tailoi
for the fair BOX since men began I
make clothes for women.
There isn't a seam in the Shiipi'
coat, and the task of cutting, bastln
and sewing is eliminated. The talk
says his invention will revolution!?
the making of clothes all over th
world There is also hope for men. fc
if a seamless <oat for women ?an ?0
e\ol\ed why not one fot men. as!,
Mr. Shapiro.
For fourteen \ears Mr. Shapiro ha
been working; o\er the problem of mal:
ing a ?oat that < ould be fitted to th
shape without cutting the cloth Int
pic.as and sewing them Into seam
The problem l.camo so great a OU*
of his life that he never went to si?-"
but that he ?ireamed of it.
One night a few year*- ago," SSy
Mr. Shapiro, i went lo bed aft?
working all day on a pice of rlotl
which I was Hying 1o tailor Into ;
seamless ?oat. 1 dro?med about mj
work, and all of a siiddan I saw myeell
making the mat. Th.-n I dis? <-* er-c
the ?secret. The next mornlnR 1 a ? ?'
busy on the cloth ?(?rain, and befnr?
the day was over I had finished th*
first seamless coal aver made."
The tailor als?? dreamed that his in?
vention brought him riches. To malu
this part of his ?lreani COOM IriK IK
has applied for a patent.
Balance Due State Not Yet Re?
ceived from General
Albany, .'an. "i a t?i<*,;rai?i lecaalved at
the Attorney Geoeral'a ofSee lo-dsy sn?
n.'iin?-.'I ?hat a letter ?a? In the mails
explaining whj the ainiunt due tin* st.ite
from General Damai R plcklei ??s chsb*?
man ?->f the State Monuments Commis
?Ion, liad i o: 1,, ?n paid.
On lieeenihe" ;i (leneral Mlckles'a son,
Btantsn Sickles, paid $7.????? ,,f the detldt,
whleh amounted to .-bout ijs????. snd in?
nounc.-m'tit was made that an agreement
ha?i b-eii entered Into h? which the real
would !?<? forfhromlng in a short time. No
further payments base been re.-,i\?-d.
. e
Moi ristuwii. N I Jan. :'!. ?.Mrs. .11 ? I ? n
A. Antony. <?f WMppany r-toad, narrowl*/
escaped serious Injury ?>r death this sftec?
lioiin ?h<ii s besvy ChSln ;m.| hook, a?
tacbed to ? Meam derrick, ?ah? lowered
<llr?ctl> In fro:.t ol '*? i ailtoa.ulnP as ?t
was passing und? i ??? sth ? railroad trestle i
ai Morn- "graft the Slndsbield an?! top i
of the car were amaatiea], ?. ?t tin- staot
rod ot the windshield <?nd lop preserved
Mr-. Atfrtony from injury, though she ?as
struck by several fragments of glass
Fainted in Streets of Venice?
Removed to Hospital.
Ron ? .1.1 " Mrs w llllatr Ma
field, tl?? American woman ?host dis?
' appeoran? ? I ? rr.u? h hum. ? f<
hei fi k i Is snd ? ? ? s ? loned sn
! tlgatlon bj the Itollan suthotiti? -. hs
?been found In Venice, a? rordli % i" ?
dispatch i?? the "Glornale d'ltalls
Mrs. Manafleld arrived in Ve ?)? ?? s
fortnight ap.?. and tooh ? t*oav, ,?t .1
boarding house, ?hlch he l?-i? yejeter?
day. The poll? <? rame upon her lying
uni his' i?.us In ihi itreet, and letiioved
her to ?j hospital, On rt-gtaintng con?
SClOUaneas the v. man Mid th.it sil?
had b?*en overcome I?' illness .-nul had
[fainted, Sh<? i-emaln?sd in th?' hospital
! ail . Ighl ami 1? ft t'ii- morning
The p.ili?.- ?a? thai lie? told tli?*ni
?that si" ?belonged t?. ? wealth* Sou
Vori; family.
Mrs Manafleld lefl ?Salo, on- l. ? I
Qarda, about two n'tseks ????<?>. after
I cashing an Aiverican .luck f?.i- *c? it ,
! a haul;. Sin- said she was going tn I
Ver.?n.1 t>. buy faint brushes?, but there]
ii i?, tin.. ..e her having stayed ?'i any
hotel in Voi-.,iia. Apparently she wein |
! ?lircct t.? Vein.
1 \i?s. Manafleld Is ?he ?,-. ?f.- ..f rv?.- ?
f.ssnr Willi;?in Manafleld, ?.f th.* <"..l
le-r<? ..1 Fhnrni.icy ,,; Columbia U?Hv?r?
I sit v.
Lad Who Waved at Him Gets
President's Photograph.
rrr??i.i t;?? Ti Itras Hur< ?? |
\t'mdiington, tun. 21 -rp?.n ihol
Prealdent's return this rnornlng, he'
found ??n his d<? k a mall si/.eil letter,
written in p?-ivil bj a --?*v en-v ?ai .?hi
bo . in Horte) Qrove, Tes Mr. Tjaft
iras so pleased ?si- tii?. letter thai he
ordered a photograph ?>i himself, with!
1 is autograph, peni i" the bo! with in.? I
I'ompllments l he 1?-.'??t r? ad*
1? ? ? I it '. ;?. Wssl i??-" m,
! ?? t T? ft I m? tli. lit il? 1,.,, u ?10 ;... 1
v..iv 1 ;it "ii.ii '."i ?ii' ;?i Uamhan.
Teres, Mit] I ?saved l.ik ;?t >*au I .mi
tvnrr? vim -ir. ...In:; I.. |.:i\ ?? | ,, tVhitC
I ?. ? v. I I ..1.1 will .?line I,, rp< saa
aiir.'ii end l srill """?t "? tee you. 1 srlll
n.\?'r '??t-r? t : ..vv >?m l??.ike,|. Von are
tl?? onlv I't-esi.ir nt 1 nu? en i taatt I
?in ?even ?urs ..1.i I llv? with m?
pr.iniltiiii. V" little M..tn-r c.i.t 10
ii.:iv"'i * harri 1 'vris I'n days old 1 hate
,?, ,,..,,.1,,,?: n,,i .-?s:?r. I vtoijlil like 10
p.! a le-1 te-r (???III v.'i Wlitt.ii wit1" V .'I
ovv 11 dear hainl. 1 itope thai "hi vvill not
? |i-a ? point il" ? L '?"?? Mi?' iiHin. .?l r,l
i??.. I'r..-i.?.-n:s i."?l 11 ?? ? ? .? In -.v l?i. ! i ',? .
? ? , ? ?? i ..tit -.ii r [rv, V, It' .??? st ?>
yo r i ?lint.'. I mv. tdnei reit row .
i*,**oi:?;k i.ssv, ? ? h.i.ky
i ;, , ? ? rirove. T? sas.
:'<":ii "leaaon ?t Florida'?? i.i"-t Train, I
1";"R neon. 3 oilier I.iint-.l Train? OnilV: I
S.-15 A. M.. 1:34, 9:19 P. M. 121? U'way I
A?lvt. 1
Newell. After Grand Jury Action
! on Charge of Bribing a Wit?
ness, Asks to See Dis?
trict Attorney.
True Bills Are Reported Likely
Against Other Alleged Agents
of Oraft Crowd in Its At?
tempts to Frighten or
Buy Off Witnesses.
Edward .1. Newell, .? lawyer, ?.i No.
41! Broadway, snd prominent in a
minor cajraelt) in Tammanj i In I? a In
Harlem, ???? 111 be - all <i upon t.? ??.?\ t?,
? i ii"?'? t t" an Indi tmeni In i ? gai ?i to
ii.? alleged sttempi t'> k< ep ?;? orge A
Bipp awa) ft'iin th? Jurisdiction ?>r this
county and thus psevenl him from giv?
ing .?? i.?. nee of polla < graft hefon the
grand Jury.
Thai extraordin?r) grand |ur) voted
unanimousl) for NeweH'i indictment
.*?' at rday, aftei it had h> ard the t? g. '
tiin.ii;. of Sl| !' hil -"li 11" ' srd ami
Mrs. Pipp.
Nin .li'- Indict n' n' v 11 be f?-?i i.i.i.i'
1 fanded up to-da? it i to be based ??n
S< ti'iii 24*40 ol ti.? I'.nai Law. entitled
"Bribing Witness." ? hla h rende aa fol?
la sa:
?. '...-. . arhe yl et tu offers o? pram*
tea i?j ri?.* ;.. an; wltnesi ?> person
about ?i? i*e ,.;]ifd asa witness ,ir.? bribe
uooti an) understanding oi agreement
that the testimony of auch witness shall
?>e thereby Influenced, or who attempts
?? ? othet na in? fr.iuii ilentl? t.. in*
duct anj ' itne?a to give fslsa testimony
or to withhold true testimony, I? guilty
ol -, fa Ion? .
?Before the indictment wae drawn up
j ?-t. : ,i, .if . ii.m.n. but aftei 11 had
"in- known that the (rand Jury hud
voted unanimously f.?r the true MU, t
representative of Newell called \mn i
i?!*-tr?. t Attorney Whitman, it ?ras un
deratood that Newell, through hla rep?
resentative wanted to knoa upon
\? hat ii'tins he i-rnild e*(;,,,,. proaecu*
tint and slthough no .>t.-?ii- of the
confa Mil.eie permitted to leak out,
it i- believed the Tanunany lawyer
need nevei face ?t Jur) If lie will agree]
? i the District Attorney.
Sipns Accuts Newell.
Tin stor) t"id h. the Blppe, in i*M?sh
ti:. > were mutually corraharatlve, ?as
that (Jewell I'ti.ught '?Tat?? to Mpg at
tiie . '4.i.tin? Btal ll'it.-l. Newark, under
an srre.-nirnt that sipp wotilal k?? from
there t.? ?Philadelphia anil t??ke a
iteam? i y>: Tampa, l-'ia.
N? ith'-r the Blpps nor any one StSS,
?o f.?t .? is knovin. sctuead Newell of
furnlahlng the money Involved m the
deal, and It is pretty well understood
that the fund ??n? h ??..i- originally .??
leaai |1,000, wai pul up by two and
i os ? ?;? three high polla e official?.
Mrs, Bipp waa sble t?> testify that th?*
lawyer In her presence railed f>ne of
these poll? e >>t!i laia on the telephon.
end ? onfa i ? ? ? ? s Ith him about the I
mona > and ?he purpose f"i which it
a\as In ti. used as well SI at".til the ?Je?
taita >.i handing it <?\ei t?. si|>|. (
si|.i. i m. elf, if he t. ?stifled in a. -
cordanci ?ith in.- previous stories, told
the grand Jury that, although he aa -
? ? pted th? "?::? and si Hi if int? sued j
t?. ?air;. ?. n tin* bargain by satting for
Tamps ?i? learned later it was tha plan
?>i the police to bave him arrested whan !
he iii*--- niburked fr.iin the boat si th
r'ion?,a port, when his presence so far
from Son Vork would make ,t ippcarl
thai he ">*..??.*? running away, snd aould
thus militate sgalnat htm.
Histriit Attorney Whitman had been i
confldent f ?r several ?lnys that he had !
.? clear care against Newell Although
>ie alms at hi?*h police offlctala mixed
?H? ni ^ratt un.r>- th;?n at Side issue, <-,f '
ihi" nature, It is < .rt.? in h>? ,?iit prose-1
. ute Newell \igoroushy, unless the law? j
? ?-, d?cid?e t.? lay bare all the facts in I
in pbosaession.
"System" After Witneaes.
Tin question of Intimidation >.i
spiriting away of wlttseuses ha.?- been
the greateat prehlem the iiistn.-t AI
torney ha?-- had to fsJ e m in- dealinga
with pottoe r*orruption from the Incep? :
t ? .ii of tha Roaanthal caae, BtartiSg
with the murder <?f Rosenthal, wMeh
v a- m Itself the ni<-.-t .1? liant att? uil'l
of ?Il by the "system" to sileme a wit j
new Bgafrud Itimlf, Mr. Whitman has
had t?. face that same question in
varying denr?es at every step of his
i>??iiri. Inquiry.
in ti?e ,;ive oi Bngane a Fox, tha j
patrolman indh'te?) for bribery on Hipp's
testimony, the ?District Attornaj i-*4 ?igt?
Isfled from the reaults of his Inquiries
i" date Hint the >$3.fl00 ?ash ball sud
?l. nly furnished f<>r Vox la.-t Sat urda\
ill-i both Mr. Whitnuan and .lusti. t
< ;.,fr ha.l left the a'riminal a'nun
Building cam? from practical!?, the
same sour.es that supplied th?- .**1 ,'Nni
getawa) money t?^ 8ipp
Becauai of hht nieto verles skmg thai
line, it i? proi.aiiie thai Mi. WhitmanI
vil' pi? liif.n?- .Instiie ?luff to-day withi
.? no .lion that th? ball ->n VOX he in
creaaed fr.?ni "??">.? 100 to .?km mo. The
District Attorney does not think it
beyond the boi?ndl of possibility that i
the same forces which so suddenly fur
nisheil l&gOOO in ? u.sh for Fox's ter.i
porary re|.-a*-e. might raise a mu? h
larger faind to send him away to ?.?me
lii.n-extraditahle country with a com-?
fartgtrta purse.
While Fox was not tiie "ring's" only l
. ..II. ?n.r in the rich lie'd of poUoe graft
in Harlem, and while it is now r?Port
?*<l thai he ?Kalt at least a pari of the
tim? through a go-between what han?
dled the money <ui its ***,*ay to higher
police officials, it is the belief in the
?.ont ?nurd es aeread psge, fourth column.
Indicted in ? > ?tihc?. 11? ?n with the attempts ?to k??cp George Sipp out ol
New Vork.
Fails to Get Verdict in Action
for Blander in Turin.
Tui m. Jan. . i. i ;: 11? ii. Caruso has
I? si th? suit for slander v, hlch he
brought .iran?s: the tliroai ?ipoclallst,
I?; Dells Vedovi li- < hturtoi that
th? |ii | id ? alumnlated him by
telling ?reporteri thai he wot m danger
of ?"tni'i? tel) losing his vol? ?
Wealthy American Reported
Anxious to Rent It.
M- ? ?Mr M ThS 1 -;l"iii>
L-ondOi Jan .': ? I ' irin?-the l.tst Uy.
?reeks there bava i?e-en rumors as t??
the futur.? ??:' War v. I? 1. ?'a-t,. ,t being
.?f.ife.i tli.it a wealth. American h.?
rngde overturas in in?- matter t.? ?Lord
w.-?-" ick's agei i v-;'". m fact, ::?.". id
tints thai he has been ssked whether
he Is prepared to rent the castle, H?
? I. : i r j. ? . . ?wever, t'. mention the l?ame
of the pi? pectlt ? Ain-i i? ai, I? nal...
For Good Was Fined $5. E\ en
ii He Was Pleasant.
Montclair, N .1. Jan. Ji ?"Next
case." .?aid Recorder Henry I. Yost In
th?- Mont? lair "toll? e --??urt to-day, as h?'
looked "'.?r his spectacles and san
Patrolman Patrick: Gannon srlth a
n'frro. attired In the regulation chauf?
feur's outfit, puttees and all. "What's
vutir nam?-."' naked the Rutlorder, as
th?* chauffeur, smiling broadly, st? pp< ?i
up to the desk.
"llcasant Qoed "
Ttn no) leftsrrlng lo iiic weather or
your health.'' tegtll* replied the ne
cirsrder. 'i wsni ie? kn<**s what jour
name is "
"it's Pleassni Ctood, rdr, ami i Mve at
N?.. ::.". William ati'.-? t," ?aid the ? h.nif
feiir. who bsd been arreate?! bj Oannon
for vmlatltiK Ihe traffic ruhs.
"Well, Pleasant," said Ke. or?l?T
Yost after he had h? ;?r.l Ihe ?rt Idem ?'.
"I'll tine you ."*."> Now ?go, ?nul !>?? ;.;.1
hereafter, too."
Dog Drops Dead from Exhaus?
tion After Running Six Miles.
IT.- 1V|rzi;i|.i. I^TI'. Till.'i!.< '
?South NorvvalU. I'nnn.. .Ian. 21. In a
six-mile race btsttvaen ? Boston express
train and ?? Meioded ?"lot IkhiihI here
this afternoon iron ami ?steam proved
too much for natura eJotte, and the de??
droppe?d between tin? rails ami ?li??.l ?if
l,u? ian ?Irav l?.?nr?l?<l the train here.
?and in tin* <*T***srd Mct?'?r. his hlm.ileel
prcv hound, -??t :-.?|?;iiat??d from his ""MS?
tt-r. Th- train drew out and the ci"K
ets**ted Ott at the side of the (?each
win r? tine sat Mr. Gray tried to
have th?- train Mopped, hut his plead
iiirs were un.iv ?iiluiK 1'or fully a mile
the ?Jog retail???! Ms l'"*-iti"ii at tin?
Side of UM ?"a? Il
TiirniiKh lt?i' iv ton ami Parlen spe.l
Ihe principals in tlie novel r.'i? ??. Mr.
???ray raiso.l tin- wimiov. and tried to
p-.?t the i!.,-- I?? elo -t-st from the un?'C|tial
inatcli. nut the animal apparently
thouKi.t his ?master was ?argjtiig him on.
A mile or so further an.i the do** was
forced t.? ?Imp into the wake of the
train, li?* hun-r 00 for some time, hut
?Anally ?-?llapsed. while yet in sight of
Ihe txyrtot. Mr. Gray U<?t ??If at Stam?
ford, ?ihlaini?.) an BUtomoMIe ami hur?
ried back, hut Um 'In*- ?as ?had.
vtitli Its luxiirl'iu? ap|>?ilntiii> nts and >ip
to-eiRt?!?-"?rvl? ?? ?? through iiains from New
Ye?r!t liallv rea?*h th?? prtwnlnenl Southern
?""itles and Resorts N. Y. O Hire, tti Fittli
Ave. cor. 2*'th St.?Advt.
Man Survived Nine Hours,
Despite Long Tumble.
Magra to H ? Tttsooa l
Cincinnati, Jan. 21.?William f^roogan
? laborer, employed on the new T'nion
''entrai Life Building, ? thirty-tour
s?oi-v struaeture in the coures of erec?
tion, feu d.?wn the elevatoi Shaft from
the twenty?nlnth floor to ih>* b?tement
this afternoon, and lived for nine
Coogan playfully grabbed at the eie
retor caMa, gad was seen to plunge
forward and tepple down th?* shaft.
Winter Just Beginning, Says
Weather Prophet Devoe.
i Telegraph to Th? Tribune '
II . lea nsack, X .1 . Jan. 'Jl.-"Winter I
I v, ill I.? gin ii"??," said A. J. Devoe. th<: I
tther prophet, to-day. "I predict a!
?ard over the Ohio Valley to-mor-l
row. and sni'w will fall here Thursdav. I
Cold ?cither will prevail until April 1.1
' ? a foot thick will he cut in plenty
i th?' middle of February, i expect the
vi.rsi storm ??!' the year from ?Feb?
ruary 7 t" 1" Ice men hereabouts
?, ' 'I 11 ? -1 despoil "
New York Has Oddly Assorted:
Weather in Same Day.
The temperature was the highest ?t
h.i.s teen in the last three days yes- j
terdsy. The temperature wut the low- ?
est l| has been the last three days yes- j
t. r.l.iy.
Bounds foolish, doesn'1 it? Rut it's!
ibsotutely true, every word of it. an?i
the record?- ??t the Weather Bureau
prove the statement. A! ."? oVl?vk m
the morning there w?*re t>ai degrees of
heat banging over tha city. An hour j
later there were only 48, An hour;
after that there were but 4?? decrees.
end at K? o'clock last nicht the ther
ni??meter recorded only '_'*-. with Indi- ,
cations that the mercury would reced" j
still lower.
tit oideat "salt** alang the fre-^h
water Hudson .-aid the* river had MVCT
???in open at as late ? date in .lanuarv
in th? memory of the preaenl genera
tton. The records of 1!k* Hudson Navi- I
gatiou Company show that in 1***1<I the
last trln of the SOaaoa was made on j
January li?.
BOOM winter!
London Commissioner of Police
Tells of Traffic Problems.
(R?. ? ?ble to Tha Tribune 1
London. Jan. 22. ? Follow tng hard on
the tragic death of a traffic pnlioemin
while regnlattng traflk m Ludgate rir
cus ?>n Monday, another poliee offi? ,-r
was knocked ?lown last evening by g
taxicab IB Westminster Bridge Road
an.i asverely injured.
To the Mouse ??f ?'ommons comniitte,.
Inquiring Into the qtseotlon of motor
trafli.' danger*? Sir Edward Henry,
QanmtsSMmer Of Metropolitan Police,
yesterday gave evidence as to the In?
crease in street traffic stna?e the re?
port of the TrafhV Commission had
been made. Asked as to the cause of
?,. ci.l.nts. be said tfcsy were mainly
due to the great Increase in the num
ber of vehi? les and pedestrians in the
?tracts, in rggss where driver? had
parfed .??iiirol, lie said. v?ht?l?\s ? oui 1
In main instances go twentv mile? gg
hour. A uniform rat?* of speed was
sugcested by the witness, variation of
.speed, h>- said, being the cause of much
Governor Has Choice Put Up to
Him by Shearn in Public
Service Commission
Organization Men a Little Ap?
prehensive That Executive's
Desire for "Newspaper
Praise'' May "Put Him
in a Corner."
Politicians Learn Little as to Gov?
ernor's Intentions, but the Commis
sioncrs Whose Terms Expire
Do Not Expect To
Be Retained.
IB? Telagnr**** to n.e ltStkot-1
Albany, Jan. 21.?fjorernor Buhitr ha?
to decide very soon whether he con?
siders the support of William Randolph
Hearst and lii-j newspapers more valu?
able to his official poli? ?es and his po?
litical ambitions than the aid and co?
operation of rharles P, Murphy, of
Tammany, and harmony with the Dem
OcratJc state organization. Practically
thai issue was presented to the Go?. -
frnor to-day by a'laren.e p, .Shearn, of
the Hearst fortes, who discussed the
New York ?it? subway situation with
him at great i? ngth and UTgOd the ap
pointmont t.? the Ken York City Pub?
lie .Service ?ommission of a Heats;,
Hearst and his followers are <>p
pos? d to the subway contracts which
the Puliln- Service Commission, the
Hoard of Kstimute and th?- lnteihor
ouKh and Brooklyn Rapid Transit < oin
panics finally ??vol\?-d, and which arc
now awaiting signature by the 1st Dis?
trict Commission. Mr. Shearn told the
Governor so. He declared the Hear.?
belief that these contracts were wrong
in policy and unfair to the public an?i
should not becorn? operative. More?
over, he let the Governor understaml
that Mr. Hearst and his friends would
be much pleased if the ?iov-rnor ap?
pointed one of their kind to succeeil
William Ii. Will. o.\ wh'*n his term e>.
pirep. on February 1.
In none too ambiguous phrase it we*
stated to the Governor that Mr. Hears?
had supported hint because he belagVtd
him to b?j a friend 0? "the people."
Anything to lin?erOlTS Mr. Hearst
would be received in the Hearst camp
with much grief, and, of course, on:**
urule? eived, Mr. Hearst and his friends
naturally could not continue to support
Mr. Sulzer as they used to '?o.
Uernocrati?* politicians high in the
"organization'' have atada no bones
about saying that Murphy's wishes and
recommendations would be followed b*>
th<* i'o'.ernor in the naming of the
Public Service Commission?!* for the
X? w York ?City body, and the wishes of
Murphy, Pltspa trick, of Buffalo, his
chief lieutenant upstate and one or two
other upstate organisation leaden re?
garding ihe three va?t*anciee which will
exist in the ?d Dislfbl f?linnil?Ion on
February I, In other words, th? en?
tire organization point of view toward
ths Public Servi.e < ?.iiiniission ap
pointni.nts bas bean thai they are par?
ticularly desirable inttronage, eapcciall)
since tpc sch-lll" to wipe ??'it ih-se
bodies and let t'overnor Bulser naaM *
new on?* ??f seven membari has been
Tammany Showing Its Teeth.
Then- is apparently ua disposition by
the omani/.ition m> n m drop th -;
patronage on lb? aay-SO Of Mr. Hears?
They are beginning to show their
teeth. There is . ons:der,?l?li* aPprn
henstog amone thesa and sasang tiv*
leglslators s*ha would bs brought in?'?
ati> tight which might be brought ->n
by the Governor alciditi'* to ,n ?ept Mr,
Hearat's advi??? rather than Murphy***
Th?* Tammany in? 11 sa> tlatly Unit tli>
have never felt sure tin; Governor
would not MM iny let his deairc for
' newspaper preise" put him into a
...nier from whl? h he could n?>t back
out. That nearly happened in the
Thomas Mott (?fborne-Colonel Scott
Rattagaa matter; but they believe tit??
Governor will "stand,'* and. if ne ej
sary. tell Mr. Hear t to d>> his ?mont
in the future rather than break v. ith
These men bollare Murphy anal
Hearst have not and can not pat? h ?*#
any agreement or working arrangg?
ment on th. subway-Public Servi u
Commission sit mat Ion They say Mtir
pby will t?U the Governor. If need be,
to throw Hearst into the ?Ilscard.
still, there is some degree of sagen?
heneton among them. The Governor
is as ? ommuni. atlv e as a clam about
the Public Service Commission ap?
pointments. He was waited on thin
evening by a delegation from ths
Brooklyn transit conference, which ap?
pealed to hhn to hold Chairman Will
rox in offl< ?* until the i get subway con?
tra? ts were signed. In ?he delegation
were Kdward G Blum, Charles f|. Ful?
ler, Andrew McLean, H. G. Hlgbic,
Charlea F. Murphv gol he of Tam?
ilian*.? John B. Creighton. Jeremiah 1.
Ol.eiiiy. Almet F. Hoff. Audley
i'lark. William F. Cleary und David
Porter. They had a long talk with the

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