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Vo? TAXir..N? 24,175.
t. ?.""?? "*,r aas ??Hriiirr.
"?morrow. fa|r, mo,|fra|p ?,?.,_,
? *
In ( ?1> of Nrw Vnrk. .Ier??*rr?t> and Hohok?*??
Six Highwaymen Hold Up Em?
ployes of Provision Firm in
West 36th Street and
Get $700 from Till.
Warned Not to Make Outcry in
Peril of Death?Thief Climbs
Oashier's Cage and Empties
Cash Drawer?Escape
in Darkness.
Def\mi: poarMMs poh, ??? in ter fare*, ce
?ix Basa l><?i>cd from a taxleab tha?.
drew up laet evening In front of \*o.
y, to .'. i West ;?t?th street, entered th?
building, occupied by Rohe & Brothers,
-?bols?ale rit-vision dealers, and, with
a rovilvr in ?*a<*h hand, held tip for.r
men employa*-*] in the pla< e
While two of the men levelled their ?
revolver? at Ctertaa Fink, collector for I
in?* firm, si ?i William Bornenuuin, route i
forcrnan. another highwayman ?-limbed
IhS high ?vira*- fence surrounding the I
?-ashler's office and took between $600 I
?and ?7<?0 from the a-ash drawer. The j
? noi then )>;uki'i oui, covering the egg. j
playea arltlt ihoir revolvers, and leaped j
into the watt Ina taxieab, -wtiich made]
off ni a furteen, pace.
Altl.ot.ifli the p ?lice of the West 371ki
Streal gteUoa were told of the hold-up
nnd ottyrg on the scene within a few
gllniltes they were unable to obtain any
? ? i? T?. the men who made the haul.
Fink and Rornemann were encaged i
in poiris: over th?? company books at the I
time of th.* hold-up. The wir.* ?age \
surroiinalmg the OfScs Ig ab?>nt seven ?
feet In height, and the ?loor wat? locked '
on the inside. Rlak Srloske. a car- j
nan.- srasher, and F.dward Miller, the j
?table i?.iss. wars in the east side of ?
the buildin?.
Fink's attention was suddenly drawn ;
from hla books by the soun?! <>f a rac- ?
ing motor outside. When h.- ?'lain-.*?]
up. only a few moments later, it was to
find himself faalni*. two revolver muz
glen. Uoriii-manii found himself in the i
?amf predicament, ?and before slthCT uf
Umob ? ??tilil make i. iiiov.. iIh- sharp i
?ommantl, "Throw up your banda!" I
was hissed through the wire netting.
With the odds against them th?* two j
men in the cage, caught like rats in a
trap, hoisted their hands high above
their head?.
Then one <">f the ho d-up men ? ?.imbed
thai wir?- ?u-tting. lowered himself on
?Jhe inside, and ran t" tin- ? ash diaw.-r. j
!? b bar! not yet been locked.
While the man was doing this. Fink
I i 7.? \? ?. r i ? I ? ? r What fat?- had befallen
tha* ca>riag>* washei and the stable i
boss. His curia.sit> S as satisfied a se? - !
ond later, srhaan be saw ajrloarka ?rid '.
Miller siiiti'linR In ?trained attitudes
neai the c*urlage entran-ce. Both sr?rs
cover****! bj tv?*o revolvere, held ?>n.i
? seh side <?f their h.atls.
Alter laklnt; lbs < ash fr?.m the
??rawer. the sixth man lot himself out
by tha- ?i...... at the same itm?* waning
Fink and Bol neinann not lo mak>- an '
? ?iitiry ander pain ?if death. Than be '
..lid bis r*ohfaderates backed cautiooaly
? of tbS i-ntrain ?-. '..vetiiiii t'u* four
emploxea with then- revolvers until!
Ihg] r? a- lied '.lie CUTO,
With a swift movement, th*- Bis men
plied into tha iaxii.il?, ii??- engine ui
?. ... i... n kepi raa Ing. With .?
...n fi-..ni its exhaust, tha taxi ai. ;
..,. ? thro ifb Hth street and
lO-il to sight in the C?..OIII. .
When <'hari.*s it.?he. president -?f thai
ronipany,?who llvaas si No, it w? si iTttn
?greet, ?* aa t>.''<! of the robber? and ]
hold- p. in- said Kink ha<i been m hla
tea-ploy ?? r a number of years and wasj
l T>|?at ,. . trust.?'! man
tunnel not Morlarltj and Mundo were]
--.tr,, , iii- .a-?- and after obtain-I
esweriptiona of the mei started
? to n.-i ?l I hem m?. I'n to midnight,
?/ever, the] grere still baffled by th?;
lack <?f tangible clewa
This Morning's Sews
Silt-ma . ? antraetS Must Go a?\?r. 1 ,
Ha*.!.)-1 j, Men la Taxi Get $700. 1.
Too Lata tn Prevaat ?tateada. a
Helen QouM liti.i? of I". .1. lbSPa 1*4... 3j
QeeM Wadding least <?n ?Bowery. 3 1
Rgaaeveli Defends Steal Merger. 4?
I'lt. 11 m- Daaeaarol Ineompateat. a
Carat Palatlni ?Briaga I7S.J84. ?]
?ioien?-? In Qaimsill Strike.13 i
Beaut) Coat Aetreaa Hh ios.?a !
Casta $ll.t?"0 to Make a Sailor.13 j
Naraell Held la It.?????? Hail.It
Captalna Dlecusa Pier Problem.13
Tbeatra (;<>.f a*a\,-s in
i ? More Tiidhted as I'lrebugs.18
H?'r?ss Weds Ooaehssaa.is!
Wilson Urges Besara Trust f*??ln->
Senators Pool ".-i Cabtaet choice.
William Reekefellei Ulasfag Again., i
yp*r Doctor Met ? 11 h i oui Play.. ... 1
latnegya W****ry Ltalaar. I
Kiinx s l'anaina Note 1 lellvgrad. 4
Aidrlch Currency Mil Condamn?t si
??ni'-o.n Memorial BUI Held Up. ||
??'??/.er Kcononiies B?a*ln. s '
t'ert Health Offl.er May <*?. gj
Minstrels Aid Bnatnagiets. s
??'laurea Teil ?.r nnanetal <;rip. 7
T?rken Ylekls t?, ajntrepa. ii
'?*n?;al Rogllsk Dacttoa ?^-aaatbte..'.'. s
? ara f..r ?Vasnaan. g
?-^Itorial. g
Society ......!. g
Music . 9
?'k.ituary . ?
????arts .10, ii an.i 13
??'?n.? ami Saw. 13
w,:,!'"'' .Ain
"I Ipplng . 13
1 'i-iiiniial and Market?-13, 14 and 15
l Renk La tat?
*J 'JJ-'AJL/.J..
German Crown Prince Heads
Petition to Extend Copyright.
Berlin. Jaa J"*. Crown ?Prince ?Fred
??n? k William heads the liai <?: algnera
at a petition which baa 1...11 presente 1
? ?? Hi?' Re!? batag aakini for the enact?
ment of g sp.-.-ini laei to extend the
'?-?pyiisht of Richard Wagner's capera
"Paratfal.'1 which expir?e thin reai
The CTown I'rin? ?-.?? |g second <m ill?*
li*t. an?! ih?? imperial |Mln?**eg f?ill"\\.
"Archie" Johnson Seeks Ama?
teur Welterweight Honors.
S,in 1'iam ;?. o. .Ian _"J. ?Aggurance
was given to-day i?> ofBclala In charge
?if ;ii? Pacific Coael amateur ttoxliig
tournament, i?> i>? held In ihe Olympic
ClUb i'-nioir?i?v night, that Arrhie"
Ijobnaon erould appear ag an aspirant
. tot ill?- aelterwdghl lit!??. Johnsuta in
g BOH of <?<?v?rnor Hiram W, Johnson,
n-hi? vas th.- Piugieaalva iiomlnee f?r
Johnsons first o|?pon?-ni will be
"Brnie" ?.'lark, ??f Los Ani;?'!"-. g wel
tonvrif-ht known f??i i le\ ei nrss and
hard hitting.
Women Petition Congress to
Close Saloons on March 4.
Washington. Jan. 22.??A "dry'' in?
auguration would mark l,rosid?*nt-eleci
Wilson's induction into ofti.e if a peti?
tion presented in ihe Senate to-day by
Senator ("ailinger on behalf of Ihe
Woman s t'hristian T? mperan? e Vnioii
is favorably acted <?n l?v CongTeag
The jietition urges the 1 ?'?Hin?* of nil
saloons in ih>? national capital <>n
March 4
Further action by Congrega a/HI be
necissar;, if Presid'-nt-d.. t Wilson de?
sires to ha\e g public reception m the
Capitol or an> other government build?
ing as a rabetttute for th?' Inaugural
ball, to which he is oppose?!,
Must Keep Healthy Three
Weeks or Be Killed.
; r.- T?!-?gi-?iiii tn Tu.? Trll in? :
i'sw'K'?. N- T., Jan. 22.?L-111011. a
pe? cat owned by lira 1:11.1 Oillette,
was '|'!arantlii"?l erlth B houseful .?f
boardeis twenty-fo'.r days ago. ???-lug
to ih?- lllneea ?>r A B. Quernaey, t
boarder. \\ h?> was BtlickcrB With '?mall
pox. Ouee*nea] rs????? ereg and th? Quar?
antine was lifted ? esteiil.is.
H.-aUh Ofilcer StOCkwell "i?l?i'??l th<>
.at killed. Mis. QUIatte appealed to
Mayor LlXig and the H??nlth Depart?
ment, declarlnf thai LrOttstm waa a pel
brought here ; 1 ??in Hinghamton and
hud no get ins <??n ealcu in his yellow
and irhi*te fur, having been fumigat? 1
with Hie r?'St 4?f the lioust-liul-J.
Th?- .at was ordered taken to th?
barn <?f a \ ??I'-iinaty siiri??i>!i and I
lated 'U g 'ape. ''-here be ?ill be ke_?;
tin?? \???ks for ?l?\ ?'opmenis. Ri -
ports of big ?ondition are i?? b? ?given
to th" ii.-aiih Departmenl dally, and if
?any in?li? ations of ?lisiase ;,:,? -'.. ? 11. <1
Lern?.11 all? 1 ?*- killed.
Boy of 1 ?5 Found in Backyard?
Rival of 19 Arrested.
' Rlvalrj for a glrl'a ?ffe Ilona u-?i t?>
the deal h of Hit? en? ear-old F< ?
Donadla s., the |.?>ii.? Ihlnfc His
father, a guuemith eard a ahoi laai
mglii H bou I ,.?:--'.?? o'clock ami 1 ush???!
out Into ih? ba< k aid of hia home, al
N?. 11 BkUlman Btre? I, VVIIIlainj 1
1 t.? find b ?"ii sboi ifuough 'he heart
Near him la; a n 1 0I1 er
I???t. ? ti\ea Immediate!' began lu hum
for Jamea Polt ? ?. of No 11 Ja? kson
gtreel Palco and Fellj had both i<-> u
pa* Ing attention i<? a prel 1 ? ?girl, and
;i week tgo Ihe) came to blowa
Pal? ". although aineteen years old, arai
wonted He a ??s .?1 reeled laai night.
?.m ?lenieii ail knc??vl-?dge of the ahoot?
Ing. He ??<iv held on a ? hatrge -?f mur?
der, aa Joaeph EJonadb?, Pellx'a brother,
?aid he saw Palco In g nearb hallwa*
just b?f?>r<- hla brother araa killed.
Orders 250 from Knickerbock?
er After Threats to Strike.
Two hundred and fifty ?alters, bus. v
? ooks ami kit?'hen help mai'h???! !i.?iii
Ihe Hotel Kni? k? 1 bin k?-r at 1 ?SO 0?.'lock
this nioriiitu; in a bod', and joined
ihe other striking rnamberg of Ihelr
tia?i'. Theii declaloa n? leave James
B llegan ?manager ??( Ih? hotel, in
Ihe lurch, ?ame ?bout after RegM
ha?i openl) Invited them to do so,
in coat iiie.v erere dleaatlelled This
??noveon ihe pari ??f ?i?s h?-ip lefl ?;?-nt?n
- i'houi sraltera, 'buaea ami man?, >?i his
kit? ben emploi w
(Carl* In the evening son??' ??i the
traitera ienl a deputation lo Regan and
... mplained lo hin <>r the treatmeni
Hi?-. " ei >? re* ? ?:. in?". The*? i"ll bun
I the* ?? ...ihi al 1 ike uniese their demanda
I w? re compiled with. Fi?t-a 1.? sent then
! bach to theh loba, ami nothini more
was heard from them until hall an
hour after midnight, srhen ih?-> again
had a iciiifei.-n,.- wiih ?llegan. Once
n?..i?. h>- 1.m <i i?> ii?-ai ? ?ih them.
,\t 1 M Regan (-aliad all the diasatis?
toil m.-n Into ih-- ?i?Hi.???m and told
them II they ?vert nol ??intent t.? work
i,,? him under pi?s.?m conditions they
loul.l leg' e.
? If you don I like \0111 jobs h?i<-, K?-t
out!" be Maid.
The employ''*' put Ml their hats and
.???.t? .nui K"t eu,
Regan mM he bad plane t.. nil the
? a<*anoiea.
A . M, ? C CAT5UP-12C. BOTTLE.
?jslaria-1 ripe tomatoes, pure ?pio?w?. All
stores Acker, Merra? & Condlt Co.-Advt.
Turkish Grand Council Almost
i Unanimously Favors Accept?
ing Proposals for Peaceful
Settlement with Allies.
Fate of the Islands in the
jEgean Sea To Be Left to
the Great Nations for
Future Determi?
Foreign Minister Declares That Twice
She Has Warned Porte That She
Might Depart from Attitude of
Neutrality?Turkey's Sin
cerity Questioned.
Conetantinople, .Ian. 22.?Turkey to?
day submitted i<? the win <?f th<- pow?
ers Tiii- Grand Council of the Otto?
! man Empira ?le. ided in favor of ac?
renting the prop?sala of Europe, In?
I ? lulling 'lie ceding >.f Adrian?.i?le. for a
peace settlement between Turkey nnd
the Balkan niii?-*s. The meet inc. took
piece at Doting Bag Che Palan-, under
thf presidency of Kiamil Pa-In?.
As officially announ.ed, the Grand
Council "approved th?- government's
?point of view, declared its **oaftdancs
; in the sentiments of equity voiced by
Hi*? great powers ;md expressed the
j wisii to see their promises and pro
Ipoaed aaalatanea affectl ely roallaad"
it also seked tin* got*ernn*-*Mil 'to ex?
ert all its efforts to insure In Hi?* futurs
the safety of the country and the de
vetoptnent of its e. onaatnic Intereeta."
I The question Submitted by the Turk?
ish i*.i\eminent to the Grand Council
; lo-alay was. "Should th* r?--umiii-inia
tioriH contained In the not?? of tha
European powers ba ac?rapted "r re?
I \,rtP{y
The go? Tiiiiif-ni franhiv confeesed
itself in fawn oi agreeing t.? the Bug?
Igestion maid** by th?- powers, nuil after
S Blight discussion lh?"- MOStnbl) dr*
Icided .iimost iinanlmouely in agree?
Iment with the ? Ian etf the govern?
' metal
To-inoriow i?i.'?iii aeon, therefore, the
' .\iai?iula Johann de Pallavk Inl, lha
.\ ?si??, -lliihgai ???n Am he ess dor and th?
Idean of the diplomatic corpa ai Con?
Istsntlnopl?, a tii re< et*< e a note In arhlch
I the Ottoman governmeht agreea to the
[propoaala embodied In the Join! note
with ?regard t<? n.ss:?.n ?.r tha for*
? tresH of Adrienople and ?ne futurs dis?
position of the ?fSgeaa islands, and
pla<*ea itaelf in Ihe hands ol the powa ra
Minuter? Meat To-day.
\ meeting ?.i lbs Council ..f Minia*
' ;.,s uriii i. ii? id t? ?n?.? i oar morning
; ?fore ihe Una I step la tak.-n
The lolnl note >.f ihe powera ad vised
T?rke) i?, '??o- \<ii iaiiopii- io lue allies
' ;,ii,| t., lesa ? ibe f;?'<- ..t the v.u.,- in
lands i" i i ? - - powei i ?>i futui ?? detei -
mu? ?lion, i" i* ' 'n ; i"* pon ei ? in ?>in
... ,i ibeii i '.-if \ olenl ?upport bo long
Hi t .1 kt . ?i-1? t red lo ihelr i ounasl.
Tha na.li- ful Ihei i ;. Il< 'i Ihe Btta nl i>.ii
! uf ths Ottoman k<>. ei ami nt 'ta the
I grave responslUilitj it \?<>n!?i asa un? I
i .?.-.,.in. ??' I" . li'-.i ?? 'ii?? I- :: -h'.ui 1
I ?
; pre ven I Ihe re-establlsiinienl o| | ?.?.?< .
it \n?, .i.i on ha - a Itself lo blame ?(
? the prolonga 'on of th? arar had as a
. ,,iiv. quena ?? io pul in queatlofl tl?. fate
' ,.r ii,. , apltal snd perhnpa to extend
; hostilitlea lo : ha A ?I? - U pro*? Ina i - of
! i he empire."
Tin- document continued that "in
h.ii ..???? tin Turkish government
. ,i not count on ihe auoreoa ,,t i h<*
Iefforts ol ihe powera t?. preeerve H
Ilion? the dangers against arhlck Ihe
| had alrendj ararned II and whi? ii they
! ones ni<'i' granted it to avoid."
I The powtws callaad the attention of th.*
Ottoman governmeni t.? tha fnci that
after the conclusion >-t peace II would
ihii^e need of the moral an?j mnterial
support of the powers i<> repair th.
' ?-\ ils ??i a?.ir. to consolidate its poeltion
;,i Constantinople and t?> develop us
. ;,vi Asia! ic lerrltorlae.
Session of Council Brief.
:i\?- n.ting of ths Grand Council.
which ana frauglfl with suck grave ta?
- |... i -tana ??? ?lis brief. Tin- Sultan .; i *
an sudlence t?> the aasemblsge . ?<i
lectively, ??ah the Grand Visier ami
lh?- Slu-ik-ul Islam. Tin* members ?if
the council arere grouped according to
their professions, the military i?ltli ?als,
civil aiflirials. gens tora and ill'in:?
f.iiniim; ilstlncl groupa
About eight) nota bill ties arere pree
I ? ni m? ludlng ?Senators, hinii ??? ci?*siaa
lies, atale mlattetera and under seers?
taries of the rnrloua governmeni die*
partmenta I-"? > i ? ? ? ?? i mlnlatera behNig?
Im to lha ? '??riiiiiiit???' "t Union and
Pinginaa arere n?.t Invitad t<? attend,
with the eaceptlon of Mahmoud Bhofkot
l'a? ha. foi i'"1' COnanaamatler <jf tht- army,
..mi Aristhii Pacha, both of arhon ate
?Janatora. The onlj abeentass erara
! Mahmoud Pa? ha ,?n<l H.ikKi l'a? h.?.
The note of 'he powera ??.?s read,
after arhlcb Nnshn ?Pacha, the Minister
of War. explained th?* military situa?
tion. The Minister of Finan? e then
read a report on the financial situation.
an,l the Minister of Foreign Affaira
made a statement on the foreign situa?
N.ixini Pacha ?Iceland thai the army
n/aa eager to continue the orar. Turkey
might even hope for a measure of sut
OaaMnnaaV?en*twelfth page. ieurUs csluar-a.
'I'll?- (lowrnor li.is ;i talk will) Mr. Hearst 'in tin* interest <>t' the people."
Dr. John Morrison, of This Ci
Loses Life in Fire That De
stroys Jersey Home.
Mountaineers Had Been Ii
prisoned After Robbery
of House Some
Time A?o.
i?-- '?? ?grs| ?- PI <? rrll ia< I
.-'?iiif-i ?. in?. \. .1 i m. ?_??_? 11, i,,
Morrleon Bisty?tw?i reara ?>i?l. of >
::;,s w sei rtotti -"??? l, Sew fort CI
u ah i. n n?-.i in death m :? lire ?? in
dealt.i hia ii nun"! i???m- .ii the h
ol ih- ?-'..in Ian?' Mountain, iwel - mi
11 ..m her? ?i m sari ? in? ?i i In? nn?r
'rii?- re* ii't?. ?? w i? - litio?? .|ii?i durii
; he \ ni? i ? s? ??,?; \? hen I H Moi ri?
made a flying rip I rom th? ? It)
look an? i Ii, and then,he area Iti -??
.?? ? upani t?? t da* ??i I a ?? Th?- i.
wax <>n the i..;"i leading Iron Bkillmt
atation i" Mount Klon and ainj"1 ??t
m ?? i ? ..m i in- Phlladel. in.? ?v Readii
?Delta live Tollen ? onn.?i a Ith II
Count?, I't ?-s? ? mor'? ??Mi??. r?i?irnril t?
nlgbl troto fftlllrnan, and aa a reaull ?
in? report ii la probable thai a rlgl
Inveatlgatioo will be begun i<? m?n r??v
Soin?? ligne ?g?? i?r. Miarriaon'a i><?n??
wag tiii.ixii, tin?i iwa ssountalneei
! were imprisoned In the Btiaavarai
County Jail for a time on suapiclon.
Neightora of ?Dr Morrison hette*
tins inornlng'a Bra e/aa iiMpired by re
venge, and the dele?it\??*.?* report i
?County I'ro.se'Ht"! Pone laj *< ?-iupIihxi
Ion iin?- iti?-?ii? n the reeultg <?f i?<
I morrow's investigation aarranl gnd
action Bt??pe*wlll be taken to eectira in
dlctmenla auain?! ?he siiapa*cled per
I sons ???i in??*der in in? Brel d>sg-ree.
si.iiiinan station is a email eettle
m? nt i?r. Morrleon a?uht.-'i ther
from an ?? *;i?i?--1 train froin Sow Vori
Monday af?ieraoon and iraUied ovar th?
; i ,?u-:li ? ?,'inti ' road lo h:s in.? i:.tail
I home n?? ama laai ??*??" alive lag
night ?i?' h ??I apent ? -?octal evenlni
I with 'i lend* In lb? \ lllage ol I .?*?"**?
-..-n s boot -i* mllee frcrni his home
: and rode >?<?? ?* la Bhlllman on a irain
.,, ?, ioiumu.-.i bj 'riioin.i- i*t"i?ii>. wbt
keepg a ?general atore al Bklllman, ami
Gkorge Kir.-h. iii*> wearael neighboi
l?r MottiUOtt and .Mr. Kinli walked
up ih?. r??a?i from the ?nation ami parted
at Mr. Kin h* h??'i>*' liboUl 4 o ? I?m!i
tin? morning Ihe Man., s from the Mor?
, |n.,.|. m ?? iiitiiniii.it<?*i ih?? ?mr?
rounding rountiT Tlie 1rs aaa arell
.,,)vii.???? befor? n Hiirn? t?-?i in?, atten?
tion of Dr. .Morrisiiii'-? nearest neigh?
hora, and by the time they had trav
e|l?*?l the Ions* ?l?stame t<> the burning
building it ?vaa pra? ti<**?ly ?lestroyed.
\ senr? h ?if the ruiner revealed the
charred ttrttn'* ??( Dr. Morrison s hod?
Counts Pbyagclai. l.oni*. of tin* vil?
las?, ?\lio trag Mimnniiifd t<? ln\ ??HtlBate
the ?ase, ama "' the opinion that the
lire had probably, been, started from a.
BinaII ?tove which a'aa used to heat'
I 'i ?I ? ?: t ? ??? - ati.it tin? lit. Dr. Al.-iri
Bjtm'a ???i? iii\..i .it gkillraan toadas
.?ml 10 ?I, . ?r; t " the l"??i'
in Morrtaon came to thia i-ounti-y
forty-two years ago fron Iratand. n<*
., i s? qulr? ?i ?? ? o|i-?.i. i able amount a?f
property, uni ?s.?? im? t. .?ted tn Man
I halt ah real estate. He ?>?'.ne?i the
lion-.- m which he ii>?-?i al No. 3BH
[ Weti -"?"tii ?treet, ami ?van a?n known
i for hta m in* i haritlea
Mi? Hannah Mille who bag ?teen
.'...us?... ? i??t for ih?- Morrtaon, family
for man. \iais. aald laai night that
l?i Moir.?on left home ;it 11 O'clock
Monda) morning for hi? summer re?d
? gnd 'hat no woiil bad ? ??*-*?? 11 re
? , ? ?i from iiini up t?? Hi?- lime they
l. ai.i of the tii?-. ai ?"? ?"?'? ??'< i"- k yea?
i i? i .1.1 moi ning.
Hi? Own Letters Delivered in
Time to Stop Him.
Hi ?gra a a? Tribus?-.!
\.atown, l'. im . .lan. '_"-'. The
i 1.1?.-.i Rtatea man araa i<??? fast f??:
i Roben Mulfiiiger ?Ixty-flve yeara ?? I.
? n ahh; bualneai man of ?Veal Sor?
ris town Township, and lo ihla be owe?
. in fui i thai he la al ?? Multtng
planned i.mmil ?ul< Ids and
a*rote letters to a lot ??? undertaker and
.??'. ii. am? ? ?-t. a l??? ai bank? r, aboi ?
hta ourlai .i hi" laai arlabas. i'h-v j
i ??> elved ihe letters this m?ornlng.
The undertaker turned ir.?? ien?-t over
to the police. Th? i?ani??'i Inveatlgated
for himaelf. Police and bankei f??iin?l I
Mulflnger lying m hi? iwtbroorn ?with a
, lube ? ??nil"? I-?I aith ih'' Has tixinr?' n
in? n.i? ii?? ?a?? :??> ned and de
nanded in kaoa wh) the* had aaved
1 his hi?-.
Mulflngei ????t none) recently la In?
reetmentg and he ?got 'h?. ?tlaa ihai h?>
was going l?> th?- ixiorlloiisf. II?- pra?
: ferrad death u> thai fat?-.
Friedmann Will Intrust Tuber?
culosis Serum to Government.
Berlin? Januar) ?8 Dr, F*ii?-?dri<*h
| l't i.'.lni.inn. ??In? laet \'o\ einher an
noiiiKi-d ai a ggeeting <?i Hie liai lia
; Medical s.t; the ?lin. ???.?-r- ?>r what
hs belleviad to be .? cura for evet*) fana
?.f lubercaloeta, baa r*e?c?Hv??d th?- pr??m
i |_gg ??r an ??inlu-ii? e with Hi?- Minister
I Of ih? Interim lo-inorrow. wh?ii he
will plnce hin tiil?er?'ul??si? *<inm at the
i nalniatr) s disposal.
lie has been im?\???l to take this
.iiliiin l>? the facl ?hal a nutnlier of
!phyek*lana h.?\e i???en exploiting whi?t
the) g gern Ig the i?*Tiadgaann n?*>nim.
' bul ahich Dr. rihidnaaba .sh> ?- i? noi.
Orange Bank Starte Novel Campaign
Against Race Suicide.
New Haven. ?Ian. M - Kaeh ?l.lld horn in
I the tOWH Of ? ?i n?un?- from now ?>n will re
celre a pi*eaenl of a ?malnga bank bottk
shoaing th? deeaelts <>f H i?> his <?r her
1 . ?..lit at il??- ??taiiiie hank. This off??r |g
UM Ksult ol' the ai'llon tak? n hy the
du ?-i-t.ii s of the bank at their annual
-neetitiK to-day.
The treasurer was inatructed to use the
official return of births at ihe town
? I- rk'H office a? hi.? guide, and to forward
tOCU ho<>k to the parent? without unn**e
?aeery dvia^
I ANGOSTURA BITTERS, world s lunmoi
, toni?-, delicious flavoring, all desserta.?
Much Wanted "Money Trust"
1 Witness and His Party Leave |
Palm Beach for the North.
Despite Doctor's Urgent Objec?
tion, the Pujo Committee In?
sists on Taking the Oil
Mans Testimony.
William K??' kefeller, muck warned
"mono) truet" witness, i-. ..n the go
tgsln. Whether he is speeding toarard
VVsshington t?. teetify, ...? in. i'ujo'
I t'ommittee decided sgaln yroterdo) It
? s Bhed him todo, could noi he learned
Ideflnitelj si mldnlghl lasi night
Accompanied by his son, William <?'
I Rockefeller, and ihelr part) the oil
man lefl PS Im Ben? it earlj *. i star Is )
ti the Rockefeller private car fef Jack?
sonville. When the train reac?aed thai
dt) ihe car sras not dropped, bul i on?
linued ?m north.
it was believed m some clrclea that
the Rockefellera a'ere seeking the BB?
I elusion uf Jekyl taland, and might
[leave thai Oeorgla reson for the Bn
i h.un.is once more kfr. Rockefeller bad
noi been heard from si ?Javannak ai
' I I ..",ai o'clock last night
in an Interview recent?! m i*aim
I Beach, William <;. Rockefellei told a
representative ?>! The Tribuna tliat be
? would ?i?. .?ii he ...nid, poneletently. to
[prevent i?is father being croon-en?
I smlned b) Samuel L'ntermyer, for he
^feared suck queetionlng mighi prove
l Kr? m Tha Ti Ibuha Buraaa i
Washington, Jan. t?. -flanked by
I John a. Qarver pereonnl nounsel for
William Ehackefeller, Dr. w i-\ Chap*
t peii. of Ne*a fork, appeared before the
Money Trust committee to-dej and
made an unaueceeeful effort t<? save
Mi. itoi-ki-ri-iiei from teatlfylng, The
! i iiiiiinitiee, ttdloaring the phyoltilan'a
I supplement?r) statemeni regarding big
diagnosis Of Mi. Ko? kefell? i s toinii
' Uen, adhered to its plan t<? have Chair?
i man I'ujo and ?Samuel LTnterwryer ex
j iiniltie the witness.
I Al an eSOOUtlve session will? h fol?
lowed the open hearing the ihsjsolty of
| the .'ommittee d"l?im?n.d that the tes
? timoiiy of Mr Rockefeller should be
taken. Details of the examination,
whi?h will not he made until the com?
mittee con? ludes Its set hearings here,
will be left ta? Mr. I'ujo an?l Mr.
l?r. a'happell asserted to-da*. thai
Mr. Rockefeller m as not in physical
[condition t? testify ?ven for QKasnty,
inimit?s." Tiie doctor said hi- pntienl
was sufeiinir fr.-m four ?lisii... i affei -
tions of the throat, and undue excite?
ment might cause any one of them to
result disastrously. He took direct
issue with the opinion of Dr. Charles
W. Richardson, the committee's special
physician. Who said Mr. Rockefeller
could atnhd a taro-hoor exainii.ation.
He was asked if l>r. Iti? hardson had
Continued o-a-aeeend page, fouiitj column?
Impossible to Make Changes in
Form to Safeguard City's In?
terests Before His Term
Expires, He Says.
Governor Has Chance to Retain?!
Public Service Head in Office
to Permit Him to Put Dual
Plan Through on Fun?
damental Lines.
Borough President McAneny. J- P.
1 Morgan, Jr., and President Shtmts
Join in Conferences with P. S. C.
Chairman in Effort to Hurry
Execution of Contracts.
while rnalntamlng that every effor.
would b? made to brin-? ?bout th?? ?igM
insr of fh? subway contracta at tb<* ear?
liest p??psible moment. Chairman Will
cox of the Public Service Commission
and Borough PiSSldsilt McAn-m?. ad??
mitted after p conference with mem
I hers >,f the ?"?.mmlssion at Mr. WHI
'-ox's home last night that it would b?i
a practical impossibility to completa
the contracts fir execution by Fety-ii
ary 1. when Mr. Willcnx's term ??f ?.ifl?*?
expired. They issued the following
joint statement
'The Commission and tha COmmlttM
of the Board of Est?male re. agnhM that
the forms of contracts as advertised fof
puhlic hearings required changes a>1?*
rniately to protect the a-lty. In view of
the importance of auch changes, neces?
sitating conferences with the compaiiie*..
it will be a piaatlcal impossibility ta>?
r-omplete the contracts for execution by-4
February i In other words, ans im-'
portar.re that may be attached to exe-|
ration bv February 1 will not be en,
exar.s.? so far as we are concerned in
iacrifi.it!? the public Interest."
Mr. Willi-ox's statement was taken to*
mean that the Issue was now squarely
'before Oovernor Sulzer at? to whether
he ?Wilcx? wi.uld be retained ii: ofhYe
alter Pebruar) 1. and permitted to put
the roiitt.i. ts t'l? ?ugh fui.damentally as
they had been drawn accordlnK to tlm
propooeil dual plan.
i Cimtlnnei *>onfei*eeasee arere iie:.i yes?
terday at Mr. WiHcx'a home with
1 repreeeotatl*i*ea of tha iBtaffhofasagla
company, the Hoard of Estimate, J. P.
Morgan * *'" ? ??*?*? tunsitf by ? fllO at?
tendance of th?* cum mission for that
a'h.iirman Will, ox made it clear yes?
terday ihat nothiiiR fundamental to th?
dual spatem would ba **havngjed In tha
. ontracta.
Pio'.e'.'a. to Sulzar.
Strong protaata srere forwarded to
Qoverravor Bulaer yeatardnjr bj the Mer
? liants' A.-.??.? lati'.n ami other I ?itiiin? r
clal :?n?l clvi? organizations against
. non .n the pari <?f the tJoverwe*
thai srlll tem? t" delaj or proven! th?
tui.ii mtlflcatlon of ?ii?* dual eubwg*T
plan. Deapite the irlntt of Cninnalsslimar
Williams, o? ill?- I'l.i'li. genrsea I'mn
1 mission ami several delegations inter
1 egted in the < ??n?uintnaticn .?I the oon
1 tracta io t*J?v?sj*aoc SuJaat ?foeeday, no
1 .,,,,. .i|ipai-ntl> gahaad an*, alitlnite idea
I of what tii?* ?krv<8mor mtgradod to do in,
i regard to holding Ml. WllaTSgl Ig offlc*-!
piovid?-?l the cutitta. ts u, 11- not slgi - <l
j prior t<> February 1.
PrlOB?S Of ?'halrtnan WIUOOl said it
?.vas lus prisent ambition und xtiongc?,*;
hopa to remain at the helm until toa
! grasa! subway project was a r?*allty for
; ihe people. If it ISM the object of
j the Qoeenaer and his political slliea
i i,, facilitate the signing of tho con?
trails, .?r leave Mr. WsseOOX in ?Stire
for the final signa tin eh only for tho
purpogB of making p??litlcal capital out
,,f ,, deluge of criticism of the project
afterward, as Albany dispat? hen indi?
eated yesterday, the clialrman of the
rommhnrlim ama mor? than willing to
i.,,.. am aaaomat <>f ?political intem
t?eran?e from iho Democrat*' or th?
Haaratlt? for th?? sake of getting th??
?redit of putting the contracts through,
it was said.
There Is no intention*, however, on
the part of the tin's representa lives
to assume ihe position of attempting
to Jam the contracts through to pre
\,it ??(?position, if it 1? found the ?-on?
tracta aauMMM '??? levieed aattafnctorlly
in the linuied lime remaining m Mi.
Wilh'ox s term, then they will have to
hold over and stand their chanosa with
hm BUOOaggar, in case the Governor
appointa a new man on February 1.
Mr Willcox and the members of th?
? .Immission who are supporting hin? d??
not intend, however, that any bland
. im delay ? an go i-<i?i at th? it door.
New Confsrreea in Situation.
Several new conferreea were brought
into the situation yesterday. Fran?!.*
Lynda Stetson, of counsel for tho Mor?
gan banking house; Richard Reid
Rogara, counsel for the Interbatrough
Rapid Transit Company, and Ktlwanl
.1. r.iiwind. ?>n<- of the heaviest Indi?
? \idnal st??? kliold?-!-? in the Inter1.n'.. ?h
I? ompgnj. bealdtB th<* usual < onferr<*en,
were at Mr. Willcoxa house during the

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