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Y?'- IAXII..N* 24,176.
Toil??*.. rain, fuir ?mil . ,,1,1,-r ni niel?!
***, fair; Weet irlad?.
* * e
price one cent
In I il.v of New York. Jersey City and llobok?e.
Eiiver Bey. Acting for Mob.
Forces Grand Vizier to Resign
and Procures Irade Appoint?
ing Shefket Pacha.
New Cabinet Will "Save the
National Honor or Perish in
the Attempt" ? All Will
Make Sacrifices to Sup?
ply Money Needed.
C-oiMtantinopI?*?, Jan. 28, A rviala in
Tinkish affaira Caro* t"-day with dra
mat!-- s?.?Mennos.?. Th>? ?;r;ui?l Viator,
Ktamil Pacha, and Um ottoman Cab
in?"t teoigne?, and Mahmoud ShefW?it
r,i?l;i. formerly Mlnist.?r of War and
i ?>inin??iul? r ?'f UM ???list ltiitioiKil army
whifli . tithi'ni. (1 M.-ilimn.-il A' as Sultan,
vus m?;?, inted Qrand Viator,
YfPterday th? (.rand ("onn.il, -*epre->
s'ntinK UM intollt-ct an?l wealth ??f tin
nation. i?!'>'i??iii)?ril in favor of pout <?
ihnoe? :?l any pri?e. To-d.-?? a ?ast
trow?! drawn from all ?-lasses of ilif
proletariat d?ectared for war ratlMr
than peace without A?li lanopl?'. And
tVa'is? the mob ??as hacked hy ?-?rneral
pui hr opinion, th?? t**o*ronunen1 sm
rfiidft'd and reliii'iuish-Ml <?il*n>-. mak?
ing ?Tay for the sain?- men whom the
popular in??\riii?nt Lroiif-ht to th?- t??i?
after 'Ik re\ olutions of ISKIS and 190?L
Tha rof-i{-n.'?ti?>n of the i'ai?inet was
announce?! in *t 1 ? * - f>oUowlng official
??'numen? :
111? ?lein-K-n of Kiamil Pacha'a Cabinet,
taii.Ji m reaponae n? tin not? ii;?ti>i>>i i"
th? Turklali ?government by 11. - - i-j 111 oi ??-?? ?i
i-, iu abandon tii? fortress <>i Adri
und ?pari of th? islands in ti?
.n.? an s..,. ?nui ti.. ?convocation of an ex
rdtnar* usaeinbl) ?of the Qrand LJpun
ctl "f the Ottoman Empire to which the
Cabinet's d?eclak>n waa Bubmltt?sd?a
?sours?, contrary i" the preacrlptlona ?>f
the ?constitutional charter and violating
.??.????i righta ot ti>?- people i"i ? I
iidignatlon ??i the Turkiah nailon,
?ii. ??"knit thai in.- people made ..
?natration i?< for? the Sublime Porte
- ? ii*i brought about the retrtgnatlon <>f 11 ? * -
-??? > : Mili. lit.
The Council of Ministers nut shortly
?'??!? ?noun i K?\? linal shape to the
ii.?u- accepting the propoaala <?t' th?
puwera. Aboul '?'? o'clock poopla from
?all quartera began i" ajatlwr In front
the gati lo Un Qrand Vlal<M*ate.
river Bey Arriv?e
En ver ?:?.?:, ??ne of the leadera of Ott
Young Turks, is-1. ? was identified with
lii? ?'umpaiKti it? Tripoli, and Nadj?' |
i;. . ,i prominenl Unionist, arrived
i this lim?' and ?rere deputed to in- j
form Hi?- CaMlMl thai It must r?-tir?-.
I ; i, \ ? r '<*?>? s?, "ii kaaued from the
Viaieratc and annouiM?od that he held
ih? r? signutioii ??f Kiamil ?Pacha, which
wai taklni i>? Um palace. 'I'lys was
???..i-d with ti**?n?endoua ?tie? ring,
win? h was frantically ranirwad aa hour
d ? hall lat?-r when he reiurned with
an irad? appoint in-* Mahmoud ?Shefkei
1 ... ha Qrand Vizier
VVhlk awaiting the ratura of Enver
!.??>? the ? ntliiisiasm <?f tha crowd was
k? i .t al t?-v--r pit'h by aedrajjajan and
by the was in-? of Lamms. \ft?i ,i
;: nit visit t" the ?Porte, M Ins return
ftreen Um palate. Bnver Bai proceisded
to the resid.n??- ?>i Mahrnoinl **h?tk?t
t.i ?nmmiini'-atc the imp? rial message.
In the meantim?- Talaat Bay assume?!
I n>\ isionally the portlolio of Um Minis
tr> <?f Um Interldr an?i Imat Pacha
cut of War. in an Interview Talaat
T- stud that Ih?? iiKiseiiient had DOl
i.?eu planned, bul ?sas the outcotrne <??'
pop??!;?i feeling owing to the attitude
?>t tii?. goi ' iTim? nt with regard t<> Adri?
anople. If Ai|riai!o|?.?le w ? re al>andoii?-?i.
? ??? ?aid, dnrturbancei would break out
??sei tiie length and t*raa?*lth of the
? i.iiiliiii.-il on ?.?vrnili page. BSeaiti ???l.imn.
This Morning's News
??? i >.?\?. ?i by Detactlvea. ? ? ? i
Rtotim ? altera ?Bterai B?etela. i
wniii.v i .?m? s sut was Backdown...? a
1 ?f L Mea Kais.??!. a
?Ha ?Burg? Polled In Bip Chaea. 4
'..ii.ftt TeatllVea Againal Qualej. 5
Hrr.nv Man Kills Wife und ?Self. 6
? a m i ury, Balka Inquiry. 7
-*ii?*aa i-ixed at "Qary I miners '. 7
?i l MM Total of ?Bale. 9
? aa 11...'?? a Mea Alarmed.11
!' ? iratu ? I'atlo! ACflUOOd. ? ? ?.18
.-..ua-l Mein, er .Near Ai lest..18
??it? Split Loot in Hark.18
Never Heard of Graft.18
! .'iiiiu.Hiiy for Staif ?'ontrol of Port.. I
? ..n-.re?-s to Act 0*1 TarUI Only. 7
Wilson and afcOamba ?<>nfer. 7
Kenata ?Paaaea Suffrage AmendnMnt. 10
Blamea B 111? ?>? f? I '? lay. i
Ho? ?-fell-?!- on J??k?. I Island . 2
? Reply to Bi itish Proteat. 3
Baek i'la ?.?? in s???'; l;? ? ??.?I. 4
? .<tn|? Monopoly. Saya ?Uavlaoa.. 6
tiorgaa'a Baray" Fell on Oceaa. 6
tVhotaaal?. I "raud In ?Poetaga BtataiM,.. 6
?'???? i-i.-,u i<? Ralas Million. 6
Ile? ai Mi ? '"i'i' Mint Theft.II
x.riiii i-.i. ha Killed . l
l*oun| Turka ?Seise l'??ssei. l
?'illia--?. H??|?< s Oro? Sinn.. 5
i.'-tTiiiii i?.,/.?-.i b) Torkey'a ai???? 7
Btf It erial . 8
si) . 8
.?I ?i? n- . 9
f-i'-ali I? a i . 9
' H'iai s . 9
N'etva l??i \\..ii?. n.10
?'i '??N ??n?l Xa?? . .Il
'? ?.?.;?. , . 11
.ig . 11
upon .la ?and 13
? "m-"\?i .ii.i Market?....?Mb 16 and 16
J:**.! Kstiit?- .M and 17
Commander-in-Chief of Turkish Army and Ex
War Minister Shot Dead by Young
Turks Leader and Another.
const.i m m,>*.ic. j?n. 28. - Naslm
Pacte, former War Minister ?uni com
mander ?if tho Turkish e***fty, eras shot
?i.'iiii during demonstrations which pre
'f*?i.'.? the resignation <?i the Cabinet.
Enver !*?*> ?mil Talaat Bey had given
? gplh it orda rs that no ?>?...?.i should ba
! More than $1,000 Apiece for
240 of Them.
Paris, Jan. 23.?At an auction Mia
Itere to-day <>f a collection <>f Jewelry
?belonging t-. a Parialan six-ictv aroman
?i necklai - ??r 240 Orient pearls fetchc i
i.:'"."'.. francs ($241.1. This sur?
passas ??ii previous record?
? a -
The Composer of 'Somewhere
Else" Dies Suddenly in Hotel.
Gustav Luders, componer <?f manj
.'omii operas ?uni muatcal comedie?
died suddenly tarlj thla morning in an
apartment in the limes Court apart?
ment house "?here in- Is said to have
been vieiting friends. Apoplexy aras
ih<* cauae of the compoe**r's death, a?
cording to it Matthee Beettie, of So
238 Weal 51st street, who was called in
i?, attend the strichen man. The phi
siclan communicated with ihe Cor?
oners' office, and after the Coroner had
viewed il"* bod* in gave pcrmiaslon
i for ii" remo*??.i
Luden, uii" made lus home al ti"
i).-tel Seymour. N'??. 11 Weal 15th
atreet, left his hotel early in the even?
ing i?? visit friends m the West ??!
gtreet house, just *.ho these friends
were, or what were the clrcumatanea
I surrounding Ludcra's death, could not
i ? i
. ha* learned
lie w;is forty-nine years old, ?mil one
'?.f the inst known compoeers ??i comic
opera ?uni mua!? al conn d* m tins
; < .-uni r>. Among the moat successful?1
products .-i' ins pen were '"The Prince
..f Plleen,.Phe Burgomaster" and
"Somewhere Elae/' iwoduced on Mon
Iday ?"right ?>i Ihe Broade/ay Theatre
Mrs. Harriman Dropped It in
Mis Oliver Harriman, <>f No, :'.4 r.ast
r.j.i gtreet, hi frfmtring to-daj the hon
? sty of Mrs. Mary Robertaon, ol No.
I?;?; Weat i.'?i street, ??ml Mrs. Robert?
.son is admiring thr* generoalt; of Mrs. '
[Harriman. This pleaaant stats of
affairs was brought about bj tin- - are
leaanees with which Mrs Harriman
v.ore ?m expensive brooch ;tt th?- Cri?
terios l?st night ?nul by the diligence
| with which Mr**. Robertaon, win. sup
ports throe children by cleaning tha
?Criterion, swept out the boi whi? h Mr-.
Harriniiiti <? i-upica!.
a.? Mrs. Robertaon plied her broom
' sum? thin? guttered on the floor before
: her She plched tin* objecl up It was
i n costly arxi iniiKinHceiit brooch. Sin
11 ;?rrie?i it hurriedly t?> the bog office,
'? but before sh?- coiihl describe her llnal
Mrs Ha**rtman was Mittag up the of?
fice telling of lier loss.
Student Who Found His Gloves
Returns Them.
Hackenaach, N. J., Jan. -?'?? -Jamee
DiiriitiK. ? young student in the New?
man a?chool in re. found ?? pair <.f gloves
belonging to John D. Rockefeller. His
first Impulae was to ki.'p then ?is a?
souvenir, bul his ? ?.ns? i.-in > finally
whlajMfred thai he ought to return the
gloves t" their owner. He did m by
parcel post.
The letter which James recslvsd >es
terday from the oil kin** he ****gat*d>e ag
m?.n valuable souvenir than the
gloves could possibly ha-.?- been, it
i lead.
II] in-.,.! .i.:...- i wan! i" thank .uu
m ry m m i? i?j. returning the gli res which
you found aftei they hail drf-pped from
..ni- ni i' him
Vour Jt-i.-i.-nm i<? return them Is lypla-al
of tha honest] of the average American
i tiiist that you will always bs able t<?
make riKht .ii?i?i"ii.? whars matters "f
honesty at?.- concerned.
Tb tree cheers for young America! Bin?
cerely yours,
?Fifteen Hurt in Texas Store?
Fire Adds to Horror.
MeKlaney, Tas .inn. It eikI?i persona
| wars kind and fifteen li.nt hers ia:>- to?
day when walls <>f a building occupied by
fanning Implsmtm Dm) fa ;i ami
creshed Into s departihenl store, causing
that building to collapse. i*ir> broke osl
i in the rutas, and 11 was believed until
late to-night that the (teeth li-t was
' nnn ii larger, At mkhilght rescuers cea sail
working, '."inn asaurafd thai no more
Itaodlea remained in tin wreckage .\> 16 y
hopes "f reaculng an] >.f thoae siiii m
the ruins wera abandoned ??
A ?ale waM mi in the lin.? sun' depart?
.n? i : .tine, ?.mi men, worn ?n and i hlldren
thronged its count? i a
Tha ?n" was rxttnguhihed m ?m hour.
inn m .?.?me eases tue flaiins iiciji the v..i
iiiit-a-i In? fighters to tha- victim--, arho
preyed '"' their reecuers to hurry. N. it
Presley, a dark, eras one <?f these la in?
terrupted gaspa be 19M the Iwemen:
Kill in?', or ri,.- in? a gUR BO I ?an
kin myself. I'm burning. My nuiii f??'.t
la burning off."
a few mtautea later, when ihe raocueta
ree aed.hlm, Preetei wssalssd Ills right]
fest was burned ta? a crisp.
I shed, ??ni Naslm Pacha'e aide-de-camp
I flrgd from a windovi o? Ihe ?Porte ?'*
i in?.. i? Bare and his companion, and
both iln- latter ra turned the lire.
Their bullets kOla d Naslm Pa? be
in spiie of this Iraged; there wae no
I disturbance of order elsewhere.
Latter Not a William Sulzcr
Type of Man?No Chance
of Commissioner's Re
If He Prefers Hearst to Murphy
He Will Loso Renomination
and State Delegation
to Next National
, .. _ . . i .
I Albany. Jan. '-'?"? Governor Bulxer to?
day made n frantic scrambla to tr.t
from under the su beat situation, He
Insists with th?* utmost emotion ih.it
neltha r the matter i f suba a; contra i
nor the ??pp.i ? tun m ni :? ? 'otnml -
'..?I Chairman Wllleos ?.f th?
Nee ?ort Cltj ? ?Immission I? before
lnni nos
Ail India niions arc lhal II i ihe fond
. i hopa "i tha i lot < t nor's Inmoat nal
ure thai Ihe mal.ntra? la never
?^ ill .is i.ei.ii? him, for it Is manlfa st
he is having quita pnou**,h Irouble in
eapea tal Ion ?.f appoint ing ?? ? 'oinmlo
gion? r foi Mee ITork, ??? in. h h< i annol
The ? lot ? rii't - i o. m n n on \ sriou ?
and amid**] phases ol the trenail langt?
m a*- Mail" know n to-ilaj It wai made
known nut In ?m. authoritative state?
ment. Ii was conveyed to nee papers
go ih.it tin a-, should lie no mlsunder
standing of the Governor, and, "In ih
Interests i<r tin truth,' f' r the <;?>> -
ernor thinks somebod - or ? I ha i has
he?-)) misunderstood or is miare presa ni
Ing him in ih? matter. Natural,* In Is
gril . ' '1 tha real.
The Governor's Position.
Summarised, the Governor's pre ml
position and belief are somewhat as
William R. Willcox ig not a William
Sulzer type of ?nan. If he were these
contracts would have been finish^ lonrj
ago, and there wouldn't be urty tusi
now to plague g Governor. All deiays
are due te William R. Willcox-, who
Hoes not ?inderstand the temper of the
people as another William assuredly
would. It is "petty politics" on the
part of Mr. Willcox to carry on a cam?
paign of lettet writing to get himself
retained in office.
Charges have been preferred to the
Governor against Mr. Willcox. but the
Governor will not attempt to remove
him. so he will serve out his term. But
Mr. Willcox is not in danger of be?nq
Mr. Willcox is given to "star cham?
ber" sessions, and not only doesn't un?
derstand the temoet of the people, but
doesn't let them know what he is domq.
Another William would not make that
mistake. Mr. Willcox had some quests
?II his "back parlor" yesterday. It
might interest the public much to
' know who called on him at his house
' last night.
The "interests" are at work secretly.
i They need not be secret about it if
they want to see the Governor. "The
i interests" or anybody else can see him
about anything at any time.
The Governor is the friend o* the
I people, an.-? has their interests at heart,
whoever else has not He expects every
? man to do his duty.
Whoever does not do his duty, the
i Governor will, without fail. He will
I not act hastily, but he will act. inex?
orably, in the interests of the people.
Snlrer's Dilemma Remains.
All of which, while making plain the
fait ihai ih?* Governor Is Intensely
wrath? at Mr. Will?-o\ .uni Intensely
worried over n?.- situation, does not
help ih' Governor In the lesa! Hie
dilemma remains exact!) what ii was;
he musl side with William Randolph
Hearst against llieee subway contracta,
|bj appointing as Mr. Wfllcox'a aucces?
gor s man who is against them, .?r be
rnusl side With ?'hail.s Kl'ain is M nrpliy
of Tammany, a ho aln ???I*, hag an?
noi.ineii ins Intention of doing all be
,a,i t,, h* Ip make the Bulaer admlnie?
u-ation ii su-.a-ss. As long S6 the In?
terborouffh wants these contracts
glgned Murphy will ??*?"?' them elfnsd.
if those who have Studied the
situation f'""'" "" befjlnnlnf of the
Public Service Commlaslon's wort >.n
now guhwsyg Know anything about ft
ir Hi? Governor eticke with Murphy,
as ail th" Mg T.num.m. men here ssj
be will ?I". he Is bound t<? lose the
valuable Hearsl support for his ad?
ministrative poli'its and his Pleat*
tleiitinl ainl.iiioiis. If he prefer? Hearst
t,. Murphy, he loses sll the hrJluoncai
that has giVCfl film place in polities,
?includUlg ih?' is'-'v?tii.?.ship nomination i
and H"' machiner* which helped elect
him. Vanish also hope Of a rein.initia?
tion final ?>f the NOW York State del, ?,?.,
< on 11 mini on BSCead P?B*. fourth column.
UOVKKNOH SII.ZKI, How ?lie dickens tun I going to make ? goal of Willcox
without making ?m ms of myself
Retired Jeweller Who Lost All
in Wall Street a Suicide.
?Samuel Newburger, a Broadway
towHtor, -aIu? retir?-?! from I.I1SI1H-S1 a
y??Hr ?ago, l??ol; hi?- money 1?? \Y.?II
sii? ? i and Um re ?leal II all In a i? ?.?
month*-, ?<>tniiiiu??i ttitt Ide laal ?.ng
m lYc'i'T'a Theatre at 5Hth atreel and
Third av?. b* takina a ?pallet <>*
?\??iii<i<. iif ?j-otaasium The ?body was
r? in?. ??I t?. Hi? Kaal -M.-i Mreet si-i
tion ??lei?- .? ii??i?'. found in th? dead
nan'a pot \\, i lav? hla Identit*.
Mra Kawbiirgi*! waa gattina; dlnnei
?n her apartment, at Mo i:;'j Fmu? \y_d
?i. .-t, hen tii-- i'"ii' ? brought tii<*
i,, ?s a <?f her husband's death. Bhe said
he had i un a iewt it ? store n? ?r i."?? ;
months N. ?? lui'U'-r. who was tift?-ii ?
?,-a11 old, ama ?pennil? a II? had tn? ,i
t?? K't Into busln? aa again, and hla fail?
ure to And an i?i"Mii~ mad? him de
With Feet Cut Off, High in Air,
He Saves Fellow Workman
from Fall to Death.
IH f? ''??-r.-,|,'. t.. Tii.- | ill. :n :
Phllad? ii?hin Jan. 23. A Jurj In the
'?"iniii'm Pleas Court tl.ls aft. m.n
awarded to i'ari l-'dsbur?*, an Iron
?worker, ? vi*rdk*l ??f t_t\tBK\ dama
agalnal the Baldwin i.o?"inoti'?? ?Vc-rks,
i?. whom be bad been <ctnplo)*<*d, and
incktontally ? st"r> of th? rar?- herolam
of Bdahu*-g ??us brought ?mi.
Aa I result frtondi of tha man have
under way ? i??-t!tii?ii to obtain for him
a Carnegie ni??iai. The man waa Wf-rh
Ing '?n a un ?i? i ?sight] tool In the air
..n a uguai l. 1010 H? waa lj Ing on
the girder, with hla legs atretchad ? roai
tii?. track ?>r an ? i? ?ni. ? -ran? -. whan the
machine ??as start?-?! and ran over him,
. ?mi.iK of one f?>"t and so badly
< i iisiiin-.- th?. other thai it had ?to ? ???
A felloe uoikinan ?>f Kdslnii^. a-Jao
"ii ih?' *~irder high In ihe air, fainted
? it tile gighl and WOOld lia??? fallen lo
Hi? (-round and sure death? bttl ?Eds?
burg, deaplte his pnln, *rraaped him and
held on. la thii ?poaltton Im waa
held thirty-five minutes, with .? power?
ful i-!e'tii< currant ?paasing lltrougl. his
?body, n wai found nscesaary ftnallj
i<? raise th? crane from Ita track before
tii?. sufferer could be releas??!.
ECdSburg ??as to have been matin I
the evening of the doy th?- accldant oc?
? i.irell.
Damages Canvases of Four
Paintings in London Gallery.
I IU ? ,?l I- t.. Th. Tr.l. in?. I
?London, Jan ".'I A sensational ?>ut
rage ??as i???**patrated al the National
Gallery yeatarday, four valuable in?-t -
urea being onunaged ?Belied apparentl)
wltb sudden fron* ? man armed with
a ruler two feel knig sttackfd the i.i? t
uies, smasiiin-,' th? giaai and in four
Instances injuring th?- caaval
The ?l.iniai-ed pi? turen, ?hi? h \v?r.
ba**gtug in the ?I? |>artnieni devoted to
the British SChOnl, are "Mrs ?Constable"
and "Th'? lileainrs," by ?'?nistiM? ?, and
A ?'asilo t?y a i.ak? " and "Hadrian's
Villa," by Richard Wilson.
Ii? n'tliy optltiilsm. ih?? ?l?*i?tli ?>f SHtisfa. lion,
?Iritik Anto'liluvlan. Luytle.? Bros., S. Y.
Two Thousand Demonstrants
Break Windows at Knicker?
bocker and Start Dis?
orderly March.
Scores of Hostlerics Appeal to
Police for Protection?Gen?
eral Strike Call Sent
Out on Strength of
Big Vote.
More than laro thoueand traitera and
gympathiaera stormed 111? Hotel Knick
boa ktr ?t 12:30 tins morning, anticip?t?
Ing .1 general strike called ,,t 1 o'clock
I?*. Elisabeth * ;. 1 r 1 < ?. Flynn, the Jeanne
l|'.\rc ol 111.' .??US?'
The rioters smashed m several arin?
, ?lows ?uni cauaed pandemonium about
1 the plan Kax'ka and sinks ?rere
? I m!? ?i. .??ni tin defiant men croarded
Iclone i.? the Ihjhted windows ..f the big
I hotel terrifying many of the k'i<"'s
Mr Regan, tin manager, sent an
nil'. ?11 for poli'?' reserves. Inn fur gome
reaaon the) could not i?- geni ?.m ..t
( once
After paying their respecte t<> the
1 Knickerbocki r. th.- . r?.\v.is arenl to the
Hotel Bebnont I.ntlnue the demon
Times ?Square nag filled uith 1.Is
a h? n tha out tweak ". currad, ami tha)
n ?. urants arere als?, packed. The
crash of giaaa * hen the a l**?dow of
th?- '?.m. k. rbocker arere shattered star?
tled ihe pedestrians, many of whetd
hurried to get to safety, while others
j join. .1 Hi? rioting croa 'Is.
'I'he waiters seemed grilling t?> ???> to
almoat any lengths, and showed bitter
I feeling toward ? 11 * - Knkkerbocker,
I whose proprietor dlacharged his force
of waiters ?'ii masse yest? rdaj
Th.- cttipio? es "f th- Hotel rta*tor, at
Broadaray and 14th etreet, ggsembled
mi Hn- first H""! .?ml s.iiil the) were
going .?n strike, bul wen- perauaded t"
n m.un bj tie manager.
Th. striking a/alters swept .??st m
i:?i street yelling ami howling ami
throwing bricks ni??.nt until they
reached t\\- Botel MmonL Here they
turned down Part avenue, ami ?me man
un? w a '?i'i?'i; through one of th.- hotel
windows "n the Hsl strc-t side,
Tin- wain-is ?Ii?! nol stay kmg at the
! i:? linnet, bul continued >.ti down i'ark
avenue, .?m?i finall] reached the Van?
?lieihiit. where thej ssnaahod in two
, W lltadOS S A llUlllI.e*' ?if private dele -
tivs6 .ipp? .n.'i. sad ih?- striken d?
? part.-.I ami slarted WSSt in .".Itli BtTSSt,
I walking ?m tu?' south side of tin* street.
A BQUSd of poli' eimn put m an ap
pearaace ??* the gtrikere approached
th? \\'al.loif. ami Hi?* erlog ami yells of
1 th?* disgruntled waiters ?li**<i rtown i?>
[whiapera, hisses sad mutterhsja Whss
they reaohed fttth avenue they found
the great Waldorf so well proteclfd by
I dele? lives and p.itruiin.i) that they
' Cnntinurd on lUtb pase. *?i*>ta column.
Governor Johnson Halt's Pugil?
istic Career of Archie.
|l.\ Tel? grai.li 'o 'I h.- ',' i U ?iii".l
Ban lYatu'is.ii. .Lin. :::. Ar?iii<
! Johnson? son of Callfortiia'a <3ov?ariior
and <?n?' "t th?' elevi?r?--t t\?...-iiande?1
?boxen in th.' W?~Wt, baa i'lvluntarily
retired from th?* amateur ring, which
,ii..-.us th" cancellation of the atar at?
traction a? ii?.- Olympic Club's contest
???? to?morrow night, when Johnson
t?? meet Ernie ?'lark, i.??s Angeles'
?ink- ?boxer, in a six-round bout.
r.-iiinr. t.? ?gel the pre*?Tii?. ?I welter?
weight limn ??.?? the announcement
' m.1.1, by the directors of the ? tub t<>
nighl in explaining the elimination of
the Johns, ?ti-? 'lark I.?ut. Hut the r??;il
reason was tin Influence <>t . atern
?pari ut n bo Is ??? ? ipi Ing the < tovernor'a
??hair at ?Sacramento and who dis<-ov?
? ?r. ?l thai his son, known as "a chip off
the "i?i block," was atubbornly "|i|n?s
Ing the parental itocree. foung John?
son's father brought Into play liai <?x
.-. utlve authority of the Olympic ?'ini>
directors, and Archie Johnson, usually
of high spirit, is the most depwased In
f di* I'lu.ii in Ban >r*ranciai o.
. Parents Called Home to Find
Daughter Unconscious from
Intruder's Attack.
Hoonton. S. ?' . Jan. 23. While Mr.
and Mrs, Norman Browers, who ii\e
?near i-'ann ?Bridge, ? mile from here,
?Acre at a moving picture ?shoe here
last night they asa one of the ninas
un?irupti ?I and In thi ?pause thai foi
lowcd the??? hastll) acribbtod woi-da
were thrown on the aereen; "Norman
Brown s want? ?i al hom? at once "
I The message ??as due t<? the feel that
, iiri Browera'a alxteen-year-old daugh?
! t.-r. Miss Alma H.inna. ha?l been al
I tacked by a burglar at the n??-v?r<
ihome Mr. and Mn John v.indei
, in???t'. parents ol Mrs. Browsers, had ?sent
the word t" the moving picture theatre.
The young fflrl ?vas found iint'on'K'ioua
.uni bleeding from a -round in the
\ head.
The three wer? ?ioarnetalrs during the
earl? t?.ui of th?- evening. Miss Hanna
\?as the flrsl to as<*end the stairs Mr.
Vunilerhi'ol' h?'ar?l her fall, bul ueltlnr
?as nor heard her assailant. ?Sviden? ?
..t' the thief's ?isit. ix.-ldes the injury
I he "rave the flrl, aaa found In the t\\^
! appearance ??i j? ???<dr. ami atwut *!>?">')
I in cash.
in order to get a titeoeega t?? Boon
ton Mr. \'aiiil?-rli?>"f. \?h?? i? nearl?
I aeventy years uld, ran an eighth of a
1 mi:?' to the n? erest tel tphone?
?ill any, Jim. . ?. Dr. A. I? ?Draper, ?State
I C*Mnml*ratoner ?4 ?Education, is ?sritlcaUy
j PI at hla h??..??' in ill's ? i'
Na-i,vii!.'. Tena., Jan It ?The Tcnaes?
ase i>'?;isiatiu?- ?to-day elected ?'hief ju.s
i;ii< John K. SliaUls, i.t" tin Slat?' Su
l?r?nie Court, Bailad Slat?-.-? S-ual?ir for
Ih?- t<-riii beglunlBf Manli ?. Jasti?-.
sin? ids is a ?'regulsr'' >Den~ocrat
[aixurloua trslaa, steel ?and electric
IlKhteu, from New vork, afTordina ?iii?i,?st
. i it-s s. rvl?*e I ???.????? New Yerk i_? ? *.
noon, via .-'? ??"THKRN KAiMVAY. Din?
ins-, drawlns-aMtaroom si???t?ii?ii cars
N. Y. oflhc-.Ol i-ifth Ave., cor. .''th St.?
.VI w.
Force Sent from Agency to
Protect Williamsburg Work?
ers Answers Threats
with Bullets.
Companions Do Not Flinch Be?
fore Shower of Lead, and
Withdraw Only After Ar?
rival of Two Squads
of Police.
, Day of Rioting Marks Trouble In
Garment Trades. Minister Being
Among the Many Who
Are Taken Into
<?ne mas aras shot and fatally
wounded ami s doz^n other persons >
were Injured In the war between the
striking gaiSBSM workers and th*? em
pi?, vers in Wllliamsburg last night.
An .iiir.iiii?.l?il( load of detectives
s?*nt to guard strikers opened tir?? on
a crowd of turn, women and children
ami held the enraged tnol? at hay with
their guns until the arrival of two de
tachmente of police.
Tu.? persona alleged to have tak-ri
part in the ?run play were lorl'.M up |
"ti a charge of felonious assault. an?l
ti . police are hot on the trail of the
The dying man is Joseph Milstein, *
clerk, of X". I***."? Varpt Ptreet, Will
lamsl.tirir. A bullet enler.*d his Jaw,
plunging il? wnward lato his ne.*k. He
Il ?it St. Catherine'g Hospital. Tho pris
onerg are Prank Sampson, chauffeur of
the detectives' automoliile, of No. 109
W.st IfiSd suet, Manhatt'U), anal Ben
runiii Wiisi n. of No? WO Blessant
street, Manhattan. Both men are hel?l
for I. louions assault, and tip te is an
additional chati;.' Sgalaot Sampson of
..p. rating sn automobile without a
Ii' ?'llSt.
The strike breaker?, who wem the
passive "jause of the trouble, are ?m
ployed i.y Us win I r? ? k ifc s.iji, at Nos.
a sad l>? K??r?st street, Winiainsburg.
At the tSJM th.- strikers made their
declaration of war this lirm employed
about 25U persona, rwesatjr-ivi of
whom remslnod at work when the
others walked out. To protect these
employes thai company **aga***6d the ser?
vies of a || inhattan detective agency,
win? h.tv?' sent over an aulntaobile load
of men every evening to esooel gqnads
of sink?- bn akers iroin the factory to
their can.
Threats Met with Bullets
Las' night the sutij***Mt?hUe aras toi?
lowing 6 group Of etrlke hreakers
through th? mob Of union laborers who
tilled the etreets near the factory. As
the littl"**?oinpaiiv of employes, closely
tulla wed bj the automobile load <>f de
te? liv?-.-. ?unveil at Moors ami Morrell
gtrcete, the strikers, howling mid
tteandtohint clube, bora down ui?oi)
th.-m. Byataaderg told the police that
the detectlveg In the < ar leaped up from
their ?fats, drew their revolvers and
i.iKan ftiing Into the cronrd, which.
preased forward b> the numbers oa ita
outskirts, fell about the automobile.
The etrikers, enraged by th?- tire
from the autonaoblle, char??.! the m?i
cbine repeatedly, and each Usas were
driven back. Woman and chiMrst?,
vamlv trying to tight their ?vay out of
ih.- maelatrom "i etriksrs ?and strike
breakers, fell and SfSrs trampled b> tiie.
mob. 1 rank L**dwlg, Of No, axtt Ibivh
wk'k avenue, Itrooklyn. Kot ?? bullst
thrOUgfa h:?' hat as 1c s< lam l?le?i f,,?.
gafety, and otherg were woaaded b>
gtraj bull?***
Captain Daniel " ? 'C*onnor, of the
Brooklyn Lietectlvi Burean, who nas
doing eonee work In the neighborhood
with Detectlvee Bhee Carroll, Kau.'
iii.n and l'ia? h.tt;, heerd the ghoothsj
and brooghl his un n t<> the -?.???tic.
AtlOUt ill?' sain? titll" a ta'lepholie nx*.
iage to the Btsgg etreel station callad
Captain Burfelnd with g gQnad <?f re
gerves, and the two police flotschsaenls
charged the mob and put. strikers and
'I ik? I''? g|W6S alike to tllgllt.
All but Two Flee Car.
Wh. n the rovvd had been dispersed.
the palles say. onlj '?-i nun remained
in the csr. These, Wilson sad Samp?
s' n. the] pulled out of the automobile
a tui took to the Bt ?gg street station
They found Mi!l.sl?.in lying in the put
I i? r. mi? oiisci" ;*-?. bit <? ling from the
I ears ami mouth. Captain Hurf. ind
j ?-ailed an ainbul.'im ?* BBd s.'tit the ll>
lUg man t?> the hospital.
There STSS ?ally rioting Lb Williame*
burg yeaterday. A number of strikere
gather?'! In rout Of the factory of
Abraham Zimmerman, Kent avenue
an.I South lilla. street, and endeavored
i?> pereuade the employes t?. join, the.n.
Wlien the request was refuaed there
was great dtsorilsr The police reserves
were rowghl) liandl?>l in making ten
a *???< omi i lot occurred in fn>nt of a
factory at Myrtle avenue and Huydam
gtreet Mary Ghrattlca, tsreaty-flvs
years ??id. ?>f No. "J."l Btockholm street,
accused <?f being the rtngtosdelC wal
/ilaceal umler arrest. All the prisoner?
were placed umler bonds.
The first riot of the day in the greater
city ???.in. ?I early in the morning in
front of tin* East 36th street statio:*,
vhtn .i crowd attempted to take ?Urania

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