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Auto Show Exhibitors Hope for
Snowfall to Arouse In?
tending Buyers.
. Fifurea Show That Motor
Driven Unit Helps Greatly to
Rechice Cost of Road
laltora Ol ti UChS and d'l.v. ry
In the automobile bow m MaOt
.-????.< i? Uerden ami theUrand Central
false? continued t.. take many orders
:.... It wa r? marked la.-t night,
however, that tha Automobile Hoard ol
i mu. under whoea ausptees the ahoe is
.- mi; held, bad evidently lee! fsvor arito
weather men, es the truck manera
have noi ha.i the help ol heavy snow
?us in mahlng salea tins year.
While fair weather, <.r. a! least, an ab
? ..f heavy snowstorms, makes sealer
? th.- ta.-k of th< passenger csr seJeetnaa,
..?Hi. r- v b., -.11 truck- w?leoms
? heavy snoa a:,d Ice covered pavements
?. ,- when progress through snow?
i . streets is rerj difficult for horse
drawn trucks an?i delivery wagons, the
? rnotor-driven delivery unit costly make.*.
? schedule Urne, and coqscqu? nt
? ?. prospa ts ar>- mor? casll* turned Into
,\ii thh ??eek salesmen foi lh< bualnetii
motor cara dlsplsyed in ihe Uerden ami
i p ? ha*e i" - u praj ing lor snow.
and I b'i of them grumbled yeeterdej
when drissllng rain t?:i instead Tha rain
. ; some, as horses atta? bed to heavy
wagona had mon or lees dtfltealty In
? making progress ?>V'i tha greas* pave*
.-. while motor Irucka ami delivery
?or?- sole to tnak? regular tripa
M ? h? dula time.
was i'ii unusual!) Isrge attend*
? ?? ontractors snd bulldera a! both
bpUdinga la-t night Beveral ??: these men
lb ?: salesmen "f hcavj trucks if their
?.' a, ? ?>'i!'i ?naki a- i;im..j progresa
?- usual .v h. n ib?. streets wera rain*
......ki.l aa Ihe) were y Mierda y. They
their heevy aorae*drawn trucha had
hi bad!) handicapped i? an-? tha
? had difficulty iti keeping iheli feel
ahile pulling lieav) i".ids of atone; bricka
sj gi i building materiel. In some cases
Iheee men had been using on? or two
tiucks. an?! las! Sight gnve repeal orders
to tb- -.ib-in? n from wiivn? th'v made
tha ir 01 iKinal puSChSSCB
Thai the ? stenalon ol c."><i
throughout the country ?-s largely de
leaafenl upon tic motor truck was
brought out in a liisa-ua- ion yestertte) .?t
ii?. show, Th? number ?>t rnllei of Ira
p pfed highway to be built i-> an) com?
munit] thai bas ,,n appropriation for thla
purpose invariably al? p.-nds uiaoii th? ???st
??i construction, and tins ? o-t can bo
IcBseaed b) using motor tru ka Vester*
da) afternoon a road experl discussed
tuis subject with the Btreel i ommisrdon?
v.r on.- laig? city, a brick manufact?
ur?e and ot-i' : -
By comportes data the* reached tha
conclusion that by using a truck with a
demountabl? dumping bod) brich arid
'othaw paving material cob ne hauled for
? entl a thousand brick- a baui. Two
miles each way is th?- sveraga hauling
I nee In the city, and tin.- coat is SaP*
proslmstely one-half the coat a trip of
doing tin- satin vv.uk w:ih horses, ?jer
v ? of a borse-draw n vehicle coot be?
tvvc.u $i ??o and J.'oj in the average city
1'iv tripa With <i 1 l"*'-*'":;iid load.
Horses can cover only sixteen miles a
?*y on an average, whereas a demount?
able dumplag i-'dv- truck using two bod*
lei cas easily make fort* miles, or ten
In an eight-hour day. the sveraga
running time lor a truck being -',i minutes
tha four-mU? round trip. Twenty
Ire thousand brlCk a day can be hauled
by this sort of trink, or nearly three
tha amount a horss drawn vehicle
Bould haul.
t- '-- . bartssteB Kewa *"'? ' irlei
a. Ne? ? or\ |irl ! ;?s -.? ..?i fi'.'* la .-. wit
o tr h nickel Tha h - - ., sasht le !? t ?Vr
Saw a coupl? ?? ' red out aa* 11
g a._ . . __l*b
DO TOI WANT tv \t TOMOBII *-:*.? ~
Select trova any automobil? concern year
riaibur^- ?ar. truek or dellva > r>r. arepa?
rot u ?n?i .*'.i ? ??i? pay at your convenience
w ithoail a doflfir extra
Bl VKRS-SKI.I.KIt> M HtMliltlll It)..
Ilaatlriin Building. Tel. f.rum. 4....a
11 ? ? I ' ?^^??-??^-?????????-???-??,
a DiatcrciSY or
toUflaX Or*Tt*??i
5Y AIJT(7*-*-**>eaiL?.
fXAiztsc urns
I N|.|) I \ns.
Model Y 6-e> Under. 7 |>h?mn;r, fore-door
Model AA **oadi,ter ?evii?,ier. t-e-aaaraaaafess
fully equipped.
Model I . 0-?} Under, .*>-patenter.
Maaalel >. fie, linder. T-putsenger.
Mi.alel t . ; i'!??'i.i.*'-'. t iirx.ii.il>?
??50.no in a;;.naaai.no.
1,naraiiteed und repainted.
V !.. NPAIJMNO & IlHOrt.,
ir:;, tersadwsy.
\\. ?ie -. ma Is a poaMoa t?. ?-i-.. oui
Car i .- ! iaa ? iIh tlnesi Ind >?' aervlce trader
our re? idmlnlatratloi The can ? n\? m
offai annot i>? i.?i':i aay**bei*a u< bare a
., anil th? ?: ?? U rlghl
D ? \K DEPT 4 WES i ?KP ?ST
\t io.MOBll.KS
BouChl Sold ??'?I '-"*' hanaed.
? o 'piraUve I ?ed ?er ? o .
T?. col UTA ?i?tli floor. ^'50 Weat '.ai -t
STltl'l TIOV
tthWART Booklet rxpl.ins ttllf
Ml'i\i??KIM ou? ?our?,, i? JJKST.
\< \l?KMi . In* ?m t our plant
?H? W. *>4t h *?t. I ad J>* eoariaee?.
rxtn ?ai i.. - ?> i ? ua*al lee-hsraa i?ov?er
?tenm eaar In ?..lendi.l eoi.iln kan. lo?, Ion
?..?u body: easy ternis. prl?-e. l?e?, ft- :i 0
>v?*ir.- ft- . ; V'ehlel? reni|aaB), Inc., ITfM
Sre? d?a: s ???? v?.r:( < 'itv
\M? IMI'ltaiM- ,i?l It MOTOIt a tit
AH bra??, ?mil ? nrrode ?r ui-iir mil.
Applied in lo minute ?mil f.,r S asirle
live circular. Ultra ?i/e and niulae of Cor*
Sur et or.
t2? I.IHKIMV ST- KK4 TOM. 1?*.*,.
*. i:V\ MJIIK i-l'l*,
I' \a K Mil? M MOI 'gift Kg
lor Hire.
miMHIV ??Kin ll I .
J?, '?arase ISS-lil la??i 53d M
iffosr. . M.Ay.*4 -nao
'? >iTt >>:knt KIiui cia>aa?j at-temebllei al an
ia?kt an,4 i .?._ ,? |# ,,.?. ,j i,v t*?,(. (,??,, ,,?
*'*?** moiit'i. m ej.ieniii.il ill ?. low rate? THE
?OlMfi At |o , ,, |S) w> 4?) ,. ?fgryaal matt
???and naiv ?u ,->||nder I I? r> ? Ar. ^ i-?, ,.,.., ,
,- b 5*f? *??**?*< "r .?"?.th. r.?a*???naiilr Uraau
? ???mai?, ta%% u*?iu*jion a?. bnasegHB '
Defeats Stimulate Interest in
Game, Says "Spectator."'
i '< pit" the tuet thai ( !ol imbta'a h? ?
k? tl?,ill t ? ? m lias v.-t t?. win .? -*hiii? thS
et iid? in lio'y of the unlvrsit- <?n Mori
lt-*-SMa llfit-l.ls has milled t?> the support
of th. live ,is iti?ii?-i?t. <i bj ?m ?editorial
win l? ?i|.|n;ii.(i ui "ihi f'olumbts Spec?
tator yerterday. "The Spe-ctat-or*'
th.ii ? '.?iinnt-iit*.? defaatfl Hita yeor will do
mora than anything ?is? i?> strengthen
basksttiall a? an Intercollegiate Bpurl
'! m- la the editorial:
s>> strong is tii?' fiii.r ?.i in?im ii..,; il
SMina ,?i"i?>si hi? Imt-oaalbilit* tot ua to
i writ? -v..ni'. ,?tnet than tho*?* ol con?
gratulation 10 H ? .?liiint'lH basketball
[t?iim. i??r years we have been called
| upon t.? .i?? naught l"ii nontemplate with
! feelings "i pride the am uni n turn ??f the
I nit? H-"lleglati championship to Morning?
I add? Helghta
N..w we ?arc confronted with a different
proposition, .n.?l ?I has taken us all ?I? ?
cldedl* oft guard. Still, as has ?lien been
'-aid. any ??ii. can te B good winner, hut
I th" real test ol metal is to prove otte't
aelf ?i 'jam'' ios? i This ><mi the baaket?
.all ?hami'lonsl.lp I. ?- B 11 Cad>" ,?lip,?> d
from our Blip
VVe believe, however, that, far from
being disastrous t?? the Columbia team,
Hi?? i?.*s of tl?. chan plonfl lp lh!? real
will hav? :? deridedly stimulating efte? ?
upon t. N'?i only that. Inn tlM spor" Bt
all other colleges In th? league will es?
?perlenes b ii<?o?t. Had Columbla'B vlc
tories continued In an uni rohen serles
tins year it might well have had iJepreas?
lng Influ? i?r. upon the so? t
This ? ?pression of opinion la not prompt?
ed by lh? losa ol this year's chances.
We felt convinced of ii even ??? far ? ick
;i- last season, but If Is to be expected
that we should Mriv?- to niak? ns envtabls
; .i r. ? ?>-d BJ possit-K_
?Seven White Machines Show
Little Wear in Hard Service.
! Slit* tttousand nui".? ?have been ?*-over?sd
by aactl of te\ >-n White motor l>us?-s
i operated bj lh? ?Rapid Transit Motor
I Compaa) of Indianapolis dating the
last year. In siiinin?"' and wlntsf tin?
I fi? <*? iiiaiiitaiiicd its em? ion? ?> Bteadlly, da?
?pit? h high average of ?IM unies' dall)
travel an?i an ?operative ?scliedule ?>f ?sav?
ent*??: n hour.- im i, <la>.
No more convincing evidence ol motor
'bua otticifii?'\ asuld be ?given than the
statement ??f tho ?ompany to Um -ffr? t
I thai after a jrear"a ser**!?-* three <>f ?the
? 'buses w?.r<- overhauled au?i found t?> be
lai j:.i aa new, wlthoui an,, perioeptl?l?
Iwear IB any motor parts. During last
winter and the preaent ?on*, whan afreet?
i rar service was "?-?.rah zed t?\ weather
conditions, the White '??uses kspt up th?ir
.?????hediil ?.
Without takitif- into ?account th? item
loi (-verilead eapense, the companj found
that the <'"st per mlk wsa oitiy i\% cents,
IJa wlntsr, under extreme ?conditions, tins
' llKurr wai slightly InCTSBBCd The war's
| r-1? ?1.1 shows an a\?ras:e of ten ml ea on
j a call?n of gasolen? ami MS miles on B
) pail?n u' oil.
De Palma, Bragg and Wishart
to Race Trenton Cars.
Announcement was made -?si.rda that
?Mercer raring tears f"i th* ?t-smlng
season will ?on'-ist ?>r Ralph i" Palma,
Caleb Brsgg and Spent**?* I. wishart.
Th? three drivers expect to ligure promt
) n?:ntly in tlie ssason'a S Iniiin*-'?-. The first
| Mi? rac<- In which the r,-? Mercer team
j will ?appear If the G*#-mlle int'-rnationaJ
1 Bweepatahea, scheduled t?? be run on lh?
' Indlanapella Motor Bpeedway <?n Ma; M
nest. Th? Mercer company is now butld
I lng ihre?? racing ears in its fn? tory in
I Tl ?nton. S. .1.
He I'alma find Wli-harr Will norm take
! up th.ir head-pian. .* at the factory an'i
begin the work of testing on* their new
mounts. ?Brsgg will prohabl-. Join them
M B0SS1 as he returns fr?iin Kurope, BOmi
time in Mar? li. The .selection of th?- Mer?
<?r by th?sc mar pilots Is another proof
of th" assertion that medium Weight ii
lag cars are rapidly re-?la?-lhg those of
1 bulk and weight which tormsrly ru\gneA
Government Finds Air-Cooled
Motors Give Satisfaction.
I The usa wster-coolod Kelly trucks
Ihave proved a derided aoeceas In the
I government aervlcs, The quaurtertnaatsrf'
Id? psrlrnenl of the United stat? sssiini
;.i?ii's at th? Philadelphia navj yard is
iislr.p ?several of the OPS'teS mach?n?- of
this make.
The pbiiitv et the Kell) ti.. >k i" ataad
up and pi\e retfable aarvl?es under ?ii sorts
Of weather und ioa.1 conditions Is In a
hi-i-e measure responsible for its sucr?es.
While |he trucks in this BSTVka are rated
at one ton they have rnsay time? been
called upon to carry mich Isri-er loads.
and have alwavs arcpiltted themfelvc*
Porto Rico Rapidly Adopting
Motor Truck Facilities.
What the motor truck has done in the
way of trailer eflldency where it has
SUp??lante?J hor-e-drawn VShlClSB i-? Only
a sll*-C:t indication of what It Is ?????.??.?,u
ritablas io l'orto Rico, where it taken
t ?. i la??(? of a \ery primitive iy|>s of ! all
?an 'i hat the rnotoi truok ?> deatincd
to revoluUohlse the transporta;??!! aystesa
between th? COaal and the Inferior '':?i?e
fani ?ar with the situation in i ??.,-? rtlos
d?? not hasltats to predict.
To apprit ?at. what u iadn.il chahffS
has bSgaa with the introduction of motor
trucha into the island it is only sacas
m to contrsst the facilillas ??ir-n-d by
M??1?.im; PortO Khan bull ..ut wit?l
SS up-to-date l'ope-Mart ford motortruck.
Then sre a j-ood many P<ope?Hartford
tt. ?ks .,lreji?jy ?n th?- servi.?; of bu?in?.-ss
i :<n and plaiileri, ther?- demoi.-itialin? the
\...iuiei-ful advantage? f,f moto- tSUSklng
av? hull ?artiiiK. Adeitnai?. transr.^rtii
tion fariUtlSS arc ?K.und lo be a bi? fa? t??i
! in th? development <.f Porto Rico's il?h
) resounes. and at the prsSStBt rate of mo?
| tor tittek iii^tallajioti?.. it will not be long
j).?l??r-- the Island is well fiupplud.
! Kerosene Burning Motors
Solve Grave Problem.
Suitable Carburetors Saic
Be Ready if Motor Ci
Users Demand Them.
The enot-meua toereaea In the *
pri.e m gaaoloae baa apparently n?.i
given th?- consideration which it dm
by the rnanansetureri of automobilei
iaii*?--t Inereaae li predaetten or
letu in one .- - ..i- h,? not been m.
12 Per cent, while tl).- pi ?id'lcti.io o[
i mobile.- avili in hii proTrabiUt] rrpraai
InaTteaac ii.??? cemlng year ol alnao
per cent.
Kerosene is necesaaril) produced
gasolene, both ??in? product) >.r
petroleum L'nfortunetely, tiie detns
almost entirely for gasolene, ;?n?i thl
mand is incraaalng by leaps and i?o
While tbe demand for kerosene, alth
Kro-vi!iK |aj .,, ?tight as to be almost
i Ksiblc ; ?it ef the rsrisaa predecta
I tilled from pittoleuiii . .?innierelal |
lien.- representa but23per cent, while
land ?Heavy kerosene it- la the neigl
hood Of l."> per OBBl In.TeaJ-ltig tbe r
Itlly or gssolens, therefore, would n*'
Itati ,,?i enormcea overproduction of
I sene, aaya *?".. s Potteasne ia "The :
mobile Trark Journal "
To make it pi .?.itr.hb t?. preda? I
1 fueia in larger quantities. Mr. Poljt
ladvocatea ?he u?e of both fueli In ;
I mobile- nt the prese ni time, and ?
I the makers to arda i kerosene d
I reten from the carburetor makera,
I equip theii cera with them, Wtrowt le
?ritten to *\ the carburetor m;ike
| has been found that several (aland r
al ativ time t" suppti ?hat ,?,.-. dal
, t" be Buceissfal kerosene ??arS'in
I Jaai a? ?toon ?s th?* r.??- makera -??i c
I In fivi? thousand lota. Krroaaenc and ?*
llene hove been ******eeesfally uasd
I some carburetors without other ein
than BUpfg) Ing them With brate.i air,
Ipraperttena betes) ?o par ?.nt ker?.
Ito M per '-?nt gnsslma. the fucia h
1 mixed in tli? same tank.
The demand moo! cense from the pu
i. ;t the majorlt* ol motorist*, aitt?.
- ??? -iron* of Cutting down (heir fuel I
do n?.t know Ibat the kerosene eel
I retor is a !?a?l a |. ?-aihllitv. yet buc
undoubtedly th* ease A demand en
' part of the car makers for kerosene
? buretors la quantity would aimo-at hn
I dletel* be Bopptled by the earner
manufacturare, many of whom ??ave |
I working on ihli probtetn [or ??
The . hi? t difli- >?it\ it- OSlng k*ros*"i
' the fed th:?t tt dor? not vaportae rea
[enough te atari i raid engine ?;a-o!
.is therefore ijBOd until the ? Bgtnc
I warmed up There are tlwea gem
I methods el handling kerosene ?
1 which has not been applied to autoi
! hit? -, Is Injection of the raw fuel int
heated chamber; snother La te atos
' it M? Ihoreughl' that It will form ? a*
I en ?ugh mixtuie with ?he air mo that
{ will turn into vapor when this mixt
enters tbe BOmbUStion chamber f.f
HttOtOr, and tkl t i * i r,J method, which see
to be mor? generally approved. Il to ill
vsporlser or some <ievi.*e tor heating I
iu? 1 to tbe point a*.h?r' it rolatlUse
requiring a temp?r?t.?re with SSdlni
keros?n.- of about ft'. ?ogjfOea Fahr, nha
and Ihea mlsfrng tbe vapor with gii
The heSl of the e\lia?ist is now bei
{ applied successfully for this purpose by
truck maker on tie PaetftC roast, a
this m?thod In general seems to live hi
te*- satisfaction an?l be more tpi?K al
to automobiles that? the other m?-tiio
mentioned. There is a tendency on t
part of the kerosene to ?eparate into |
lower products and eloR the VSPOTlSef
special mean? of Bteaatag ?be raporli
t iii-tt be BUPpHed.
Renznl. which Is a distillate from en
attendant upon the atanufacture of sa
I w h. h refined la s eoleelaaa fluid met
I like Ksaoi'-ne. but containing aomeerha
more heat units per pound T' Is fuel
now worth in the United rttate? abo'jt
centa per gallon in fiftj gallea lots, ar
Is suitable for use la automobile BBgtBt
and carburetors as now designed. Bene
can be manufaetured in larger quanMlii
if aeooaaary sud at a lower prie* s,, tin
it may heoooM a pOBBlbli competitor ?
gaaOlene if We pri?e ,,f gasolene got
much above .'.', ,-inta. j.er gelten, as tbei
la every indication of Its ?loing next ivjrr
I mer.
laenr.ol in airead;- UOSd to some tJt*e
in England, and a repular benzol IndUbir
\h apvlnclng Op to BOPPly tbe demati'l
Th" nae of this f?#l Is Bteedying the pr|?
of pi solana and pre ran Mag it from gaiai
higher. Hoerever, ail of the fu>*is -?<> fa.
mantloned are prodUCM of .rude oil o
eeala both ?.r which are limited. True, th?
price of gasolene may be somewha
iilRtirr on account of oil gelda being b'-l.
ba?k and eortSlfl wells tapped an?l b**l?
m i earl va, ye! the entire worlds suppij
is not b) am means .unlimited. M tla
the enormous demand, Which ts iner^asiuf
at a phenomenal rate cae!-, year, * ill
?ventually neeeaaHata the ese of boom
other fuel Which can be manufaetured
from produits which nre not limited
Alcohol Is the fuel which answers these
rei|Ulreti?entit. bit as it a-annot be used
to advantage in tbe present motors it ?sill
probably not enter into the (leid for many
vo.irs to come, but when It does It is
claimed that It can be prOdeoed In cnor
rnoua quantities from garbage and other
wast? products nnd sold retail for sa low
as 10 or || cents per nailon. In motor?
designed for its asa, witb itesaseasatooa
of III pounds to the square Inch, this
uni gives, weight tor WOlghl and "gee for
site of motor, greater efficiency and al?
most .'V? P?"*r cent more power tl an gabs?
lene-. Its time will i*onie.
Aleo Exhibit Like Grim
Fleet of Battleships
Gray Painted Vehicles. Silent
and Powerful, Look Ready
for Action.
Painted in *-ray. tin? AI?o exhibit, at the
j horsesiio?? ?iiive on the main floor of the
i liai den. reminds the visitor of a fleet of
! batrJaablps on wtiaeiata review. i.ik?* the
i men-of-war, the trucha are silent and
' powerful, as if walling !<? ?get Into action.
Three chassis are. ?>n exhibition- tlie two
ton, lh? t-trss sadJl half Sttl an?l th- rtve
loii. Three ?ompl'le tru?ks, ?me of each
of I lie above m/,?i are a!so shown.
<?n the iwo-ton is h stak?' body de^l-rne i j
(or the ?isllVsry of ?light and bulky loaxib.
on the thr?we-and-a-half ton is shown i
novel ull-steel bod*.- of the self-dumping
type, ??peratln?*; on rollers The b???Jy 's
removable, a haml trailer being used in
??onjumtlon ??n Which the h??d? may b ?
plai'cd. The live-ton model Is also
equipped with an all-hteel power dumn
body ",f "JSiSClal de.lgn.
In ?-ontrast to the new tracks wlncn
have not yet ?seen service stands the vet?
??ran trink owned by t'harles W. VetsnSJ
A ? '?> . of I'hiladelphis. ?-huh deli ? crcl
the flrst transcontlrtenti?1 load of mer
??hiindis?. on record. Scarred b* Us but?
tles a?*alnsl all klndr of weather, bad
and bot torn leas roads and hundreds of,
weak bridges, it attracts Um eye .1 tn??
visitor. I
Mrs. Hall and Sou Used Up
Many Tires and Much Gasolene.
Fort- ihoii.sati?' miles by automobil' a
trip through thirty-three countries and
arijimd she ?1?> >e, ended ?,, r< \-c ? ??!.??.
When Mrs. William A. Hall and I" r son.
Meivin Mali. Steered t ; ? e-1 r ?a? mm its
Broaden** ?garage. Their tri?? is raid to
? the fir* t ?>t Its k'nd H'voniplfsh? ?I hj
amateur drivera Thej wore ?ont lit tires
an?I l?i|--n?.| up "?.'?"i i-aHo'is "f g? totem
.??it -?ifTeie?) rra serious mishaps.
The Halls, s ilk thrir fcan -? j lln?ler
pin?, ton ci? ear? sslled trom New \.?rk
June i". IMI, Originalli '?"> had no
thooghl ot encircling the world. Tl???>
nioiiired through ISngtsnd and Wales and
ti ?ii throngh eeeri} ?-wry oountry In i'u
r?ii?". I'ri'in Naples their automobil.- was
shipped to I'omhav. and the] spent ?sev?
eral w?**eks driving th"-ough India.? They
\',.i. ?.?it ?ii?2>'iis of tires on the raada ?>f
Ceylon, Sumatra? Java and the Mala)
Peninsula The* inotored through
Cochin ?'Iiiiih ?and aouthism China to
Hong Koim, then through Japan sad Ihe
?Phil ppines.
I.andln-: la Sun I'raii'-i.???<>. llH in?>t?inst.s
Iravellsd ihrsngh north? m Mexico, and
then carne n??ine bj way of the Santa ?"?.
trail and thrangh i>?n\rr, st. ?Lnools,
?Pittsburgh and Washington. '
Bring Out New Models (
in Way of Fire Engines
Apparatus of Ail Kinds Made
by Many Concerns To Be
Found at the Shew.
Inasmuch ??? th? subjccl ??i tin preven?
ti<?n la such a ?. nal ??ii? and i Interesting
ever) community, a number ? ? t motor
truck manufacturera are devoting special
sttentlon t? ? bringing <?ut neu iiwdels ??i
tn. ? '?um? snd Are depai tmeni spps -
raus. Among these ere the Knos I.
n ? bile, i'"i" ?Hartford, kiss? I, w? bb,
Martin Tractor, International Motor ?Com
.pan- and the Ahr'-ns-K?>\ Company, ol
The laSl mentioned companj ha?
bronchi ..ui a radt?-all> n?-w design In
s. if pn.p. ii'd tu. engine ?-?onrtructidn t
I "Continental" ?model, its feature la ?
Single power plant for both pi op.-llniL,
me. ?pantstn ano th?- pumping engin?
worked ??ut in most Ingenious fashion
Instead "f lh? Watet pumping apparat-;
1','ini: mounted on the rent- or ni the e*n- I
1rs ??f the chassis, tnis is mounted <?n th? ]
front of tl?'- frame. Directly behind It Is
th<- nix-cylinder >**aaolene ?motor, win? h J
i rop-'ls the vehicle. In other words, the
whole Vehicle buk- Ilk? tin ....'i? ? ntional
type ol motor truck, with ? pumping ea*
gin?* mounted In the extreme front, ahead
of ru radiator. Tons, lbs raei or ton
T.? ?ill ol the Vehicle cull h. il-ed ?is j, aotu
1 itistion petrol Bnd ladder Irtaeki The
Ityglcal ?' n.-lii*a?..11 ??i h.ivirn; II?? wbob
I spparatw with a atreighl llee drive ia
. iiio-i ?ittci.iit: thai k. ti?. ereah ibaft,
bearings and transmission, ?.s far a- tiie
j;i. k shaft, are on the aanis line, ?and the
crank shafi .i' the 'orarard and o? the
gasolena nraotor has .. clutch rngngemenl
?v t'i th pumi lug englna.
?among th? featerea which eater Into
| the eonstru.-tion Bnd ape ration of ib?
Al rens-foa eres ate-cyllndar, foar?cycle,
10-nor ci oser rnotor, Beech Mffirt, tenatoa
duel Ignltton, Cartel aiileiaalh rarhn
i- tor v\ tt t, pragra h - .?< ti?.n. voeu
clutch, Brown aad bharpe transmisaioii
gears, Timben forged steel astea arlth
roller bearings, Archibald wheela with
standard riba, B A R. >? ?<] rutahm Brea
..lilil? i" |he ?' m ?, -Im up . |. . I ii ?n?; .
radia toi with a special i erlag rasp in*
.-ion. i ?. '.*?> electric >n*4f?dsnkJag an.)
lighting system, etc.
i ,,on srrivlng at a Urs ths truck i
brought to ;? itop, ti? motor kepi running
ltd tha pump instantly put Into opera
tioii merely by engaging It with the motor
by the pushing of a iever.
The pumping "iigine is the product of
years of exjierience in perfecting an en?
gine of this sort. It has shown in test?) a
capacity <.f mor? than S*? gallons a min?
ute when drafting water twelve feet, and
it la ?-uaranteivi for 7u0 gallons a minute.
Through a BOB? Utt feel iSSSJ It eat.ll,''
maintained a pressur?' of ?.'T., pound? at
Iks Bajgdaa*, At a recent l?a?l dr?- this en?
title was operate?! cnnttiiU'msly fur s? ven
t, n hours without a m??|or stop.
? ?in <.i th? m eagtnea was puf-1-.a.-e?" by
the l'Id^ev.at'-r i.V ,|.i Kire liotiKMm. nt s
f? w ?gays ago. f.illowifi-; a d?'lii<-listratlOl!
Ii? III on l)C(,nib(.| St, thl test l>cln?{ in
?thargi of I'ire Chief Ingol?! ami Ma:?or
John (Tlahan, p.. of Ivlgcwato. mi?i iin
?1??:? the ?llreciioii ,?l .mim I? AiUTtttA v?Ce
pi. -.1,1, nt .?f the Alir?'iis.|'.,\ rompan;..
An.ith.i mooel ?as rc?*?*ii-|> a?-?|i?li?'l by
th. i;?h hi.? i ? IP ? lue I tetmi i"?cni
wnib nu'iieioiis oilier ?in?*, rollnw n ;
c??nii.?titive teals, havs pia.ed orders *?*
tbl -111
Herbert Spencer Orrima was ann-raneed
yesterdaj aa the puchas. ,? ot the ds?
eyllnd i Aim aar that waa eahlblted mi
a platform ?last ? ek at the ?anlet! ?jBkSW,
Mr Urelma, who is a member of th? lirrs
Ol .lames A. Heart? & Son, vl?ite,| the
Show, and after hi'il'lTur over (he machine?,
on view placed ?his <>>-?lcr The cat h? se
l. ?ted is of the tear lag type, painted In
brown, with a hand of white ati?l while
f.-nd'ts and running l-oard and apron-;.
3.000---THREE THOUSAND?3,000
The Choice of Leading Manufacturing
?and Mercantile Firms, Municipalities
and Governments.
One Thousand White Trucks Are Used by the Follow?
ing Two Hundred Well Known Owners, Representing
Practically Every Line of Service and Business Utility:
Adam. J. N., A Co.
Albany. City of
Altman, B . aft Co.
Aluminum Castings Company
Ameritan Agri?ultural Chemical Co.
American Can Company
Am-rican Chicle Company
Ameritan Manufna turing Companv
American Sflnit.iry Works
American Shipbuilding Compiu*.y
American Steel A Wire Compnny
American Trucking Company
Arlington Mills
Armour at Co.
Atherton Furniture Company
Atlanta, City of
Atlanta Coca Cola Bottling Companv
Atlantic Rcflnin?/* Company
Auto Delivery Company
Babbitt. B. T.. Inc.
Bsdg?*r Brass Manufacturing Co.
Baff, B . A Son
Baltimore, City of
Bell Telephon/* Compnny
Bell-Vernon-Mapr-s Dairy Company
Berghoff Brewing Association
BinghamV, Samuel, Sons Mfg. Co.
Boggj, A- Buhl, Inc.
Bohlen-Huse Ice Company
Booth Fisheries Company
Booth & Flinn. Ltd.
Borsch, Henry, Company
Boston, City of
Boston Ice Cream Company
Bradley Contracting Company
Brazilian Government
Brockton, City of
Bruns w i ck-Ba Ike Col lender Companv
Boyd, James, ft Bro.
Calgary, City of
Camden. City of
Chandler ft Rudd Company
Chicago Dally News Company
Chicapo Examiner Company
Chicago Fire Insurance Board
Chicago Motor Transfer Compsny
Chicsgo Tunnel Company
Cleveland-Akron Bap Company
Cleveland Builders' Supply Co.
Cleveland, City of
Coes Wrench Company
Collier, P. F.. ft Son, Inc.
Columbts, City of
Conbumers' Ice Compsny
Continental Oil Company
Continental Rubber Works
Cudahy Packing Company
Curtis ft Pope Lumber Company
Davis Ice Cream Company
Det, Moines, City of
Detroit. City of
Diamond Rubber Company
Doubleday-Page Company
Eaton, T.. Company, Ltd.
Erie Malleable Iron Company
Fedders Manufacturing Works
Field. Marshall, ft Co.
Fire-stone Tire A Rubber Company
Footer's Dve Works
Gait, G. F. ft J., Ltd.
Gamape. A. W., Ltd.
Gimbel Bros.
Gooilrich, B. P.. Company
Goodyear Rubber Company
Gordon. Mackay 4 Co.. Ltd.
Grasselli Chemical Company
Greenfield Electric Ligh* Compsny
Gulf Refining Company
Higbee, The. Company
Home. Joseph, Company
Hub. The
Hudson's Bay Company
Hydraulic Pressed Steel Company
Illinois Steel Company
Independent Brewinc Company
interstate Foundry Company
Kaufman Bros.
Kundtz. Theodor
Lake Erie Iron Company
Lawrence. City of
Leahv Contracting Company
L'.ncoln, City of
Lion Brewery
Liquid Carbonic Comp.tnv
Loarnos/, Walter M., Company
MrCrcei y ft Co.
Macon. City of
afacoa Coca '"ola Battling Company
Magnolia Petroleum Company
Mail Printing Company. Ltd.
Mandel Bros.
Manila Trading A Supply Company
Marshall-Wells Hardware Company
May Mant?n Pattern Company
Massachusetts. Commonwealth of
Metropolitan Tobacco Company
Michaud Bros.
Michelin Tire Company
Millet Rubber Company
Moore. Benjamin, A Co., Ltd.
Motor Transit Company
Moxie. The, Company
Muhs. Henry. Company
Murphy Varnish Company
Nashville. City of
National Casket Company
National Condensed Milk Company
National Cash Register Company
National Distilling Company
National Refining Company
New Haven. City of
N.?w Jersey Tobacco Company
N. Y. Board of Fire Underwriters
New York. City of
New York. State of
Newark. City of
Northwestern Fuel Company
Nunnally. The. Company
Ohio Rubber Company
Ohio. State of
O'Neill ft Co.
Orange. City of
Pabst Brewing Company
Pacific Fruit ft Produce Company
Pacific Mills
Pacific Papsr Company
Page A ?Shaw, Inc.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Perfection Spring Company
Philadelphia. City of
Philippine Islands Government
Philadelphia Inquirer Company
Pittsburgh. City of
Pittsburgh Contracting Company
Postum Cereal Company, Ltd.
Prestolite, Tbe. Company
Rapidtransit. The, Compsny
Reading, City of
Redfern's, Ltd.
Remington Typewriter Company
Rosanbaum. The, Company
Rothschild ft Co.
Russell Distilling Company
Russian Government
St. Paul. City of
San Francisco, City of
S?nger Bros.
Schulze Baking Company
Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney D. G. Co,
Sears. Roebuck Company
Shaw Transfer Company
Sherwin-Williaros Company
Simmons Hardware Company
?Simon. Franklin, ft Co.
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Sloane. W. ft J.
Smith Bros.
South Dakota. State of
Southworth, W. P., Company
Spear ft Co.
Stabler. Jordan. Company
Stacy Contracting Company
Standard Brewing Company
Standard Manufacturing Company
Standard Oil Company
Sterling ft Welch Company
Stern Baos.
?Stewart ft Co
Studebaker Corporation
Tacoma Transfer A Baggage Co
Toronto Electric Light Company
Union Ice Company
United Cigar Stores Company
United States Government
United States Steel Corporation
Van Dorn Iron Works Company
Walker-Gordon Laboratory Company
Warren Bros. Company
Washington. City of
Waters-Pierce Oil Company
WpIIs. Fargo ft Co.
Western Electric Company
Western Fuel Company
Westinghouse Lamp Company
White Sewing Machine Company
Whitney. W. M.< ft Co.
Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Inc.
Worcester. City of
Yellow Pine Company
Ycnkers, City of
Experimentation Ceases When Whites Are Purchased.
White Owners Continue to Buy White Trucks.
A Complete Line on Exhibition This Week at Madison Square Garden
The White e?i Company

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