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Employe of Sipp's Former F
to Appear Before Gran
Jury To-day.
?rove Surrenders to Waldo
Faces New Charges?Hui
ir-g Bondsman in 24
Hours' Absence.
? soi dina ? ? -;i an ?? j'.? j a h
polk-? upturn ?a ill
? i Hit-- ii,??' n?i??. I i- in \ Kan
? m the ?van? i Hotel, las
".-??? ? igjed by Q
\ - i-i? until he i-"i'? ?i t" the bj m
? I? i ?>-- lias il?" h ' ?
? nan U ill be i? ?1'iii > d t?> In ll)|
f tin- hotel, and m ? i
? matlon ? hl h ha? t eached l ?i
Whitman thai Hie liai I? m
Mon, witl; its ckwe pollc-e ???
? ..nu, n aioiiii'i the a? tlvll ? ? .
ii ?i it?- oa n?..-. ?t i- bel lev ? ?i
ti m.?', promt ? erj lna*i uctl
nd Jury Inveotlgators
- ? Id tii.it ??n ?several ??.-'.?
? lied the "protection" ?paymen
the poll > for other enterprises thai
?.?I it Is believed that
pi | fl ? i.is. though probabl) not pi
lab? ll< d, ? 111 appeal in sorne foi i
"Li' - Of ' blind ?lit! I? B." Si|?|? an
soa ' loa..? d, L t* ?? ais.? i.? i'Ti aubpte
. ? - - ->i??ii of the grand jury
chief value ai witnesses bo** la
to i- .i. Hi- ii sblllt) t" tell "f the get
.-;??? i.? relaUons la Harlern apart
??un direct dealings with graftei
? ? ti"ti ??f th. ii oa n propel tl? a.
It lias Beta reported t?? Mr wiut
?? t with the in?. i?ti"n of the n
M -. t.'ii. ai?? Into Harlem ?,? ?? af
II ? a bola pro] ? ?ItIon of \ i? ?? In its
- with the poll?-?, who ?lins.?! n
Iheii ?>\\n f-iaft amis n? th<?- general
s - centralised, and it Is tho
i?????K? of Hi? syndicate's l
r...- ?? iifuin or at l?asi thro? ?more i
.?I ? ? : ? ?-. ? poi Is
Ali ?Hlit'tlll.'lli _g v., .,) to ,
toted i?' the gi aad |urj on Wed
it . Imm?diat? I* aft? ? th< ?. ha I h<
.?? \ derman Henry H, ?
ins wife, I ??pity ?'it i ?Clerk Joi
Prendergasl aad two Btenogi
' ? aldermai.mmittee, .?ill probt
I ? 11 ?. ; ? '; i ? .... ,i ti i moi nlng as sooi
: grand . i me? Is, and it la expet
I r.. t i., a 11 ? it "i a patrolma who
foi n.? rlj a n?' mi"! ??r l'..-? k. r"a squad
. .? A
More Trouble for Foye.
!?: i'??>?. the patrolmgti t
I the Curran commit*.? ? l
Aid? an had ; ed to "11s" ??
... : ' ? ,.s.- with him, turn?
? H? ad<- .?i ? ? ? day .?h"t tly
? .. i, aft? r hat lag failed t?? rep
.-?t his Biatlon house, th< I'
? t station, si aay time
ght. Foye was d
for duty at i o'clock on Wednee?
ftet ??.n. au'i when he did aoi app
? ? Qmhurgl station a to
- '.?..: !'? ? e'g oine, al No,
?- ? ? i-;?niii n?; s? i*e sent t<> I?.
Thei f i?"i t*? ?-i thai I ? irai i
me si an) time on ?\ ? dnea la) mt
ml? Ion? ' Waldo ordei ed that Pt
eport at 1 lera a? saos
? : poll?*? B.
ired th?
> ? ? iva ?? Ing be? n a pp ? h? nd?rd b) a
...- iffli Fie ? m laine I to I
- ... id r? a?i in t
? i ? t- .1 ?.: abo
i,, be Indict? a d that I
? . - - il. foi
In the n i bowl v?
? ? .-.1 the ? apt.;
I at . i : ? ? ' - . r -.. 11 t?? I'
. .. ? I.. .I,.' A -?
.... e coming I'?''-- - "
m b inn?? n. h<?\\. \. : He was oi ed I
ommlssionei 1.11 to I - I
., bad to I right along t?> ob
get back io Has
ters sfaln for ai
? aafl a) as*"; d efore Depu
Comin;.-s-...ii? t Dillon on charge? that l
had sti ick ??n? ?WlUlam ?l Hoi ; Igan,
? Btrajgt during tl
ir the Bsckei aqu?
on Ma) H laal ? .?? Horrigan claim?
Foy? ha ; airruck him In the fa?
without BB) prove atlon. and bta broth?
loi Igai on ??rated hli
Foye denied the charge and ?~k?-?i lui
i...-t|.n.. nt until ??? could >-''t wl
ll> , .,- . - ? ...irii.il until t?
\ ?? ? I'ill mal,
i -i?. ? ...i panel ?
indred talesmes fro*? ? bit h t<> ?>?
? ., .i . t.? id l'ai ? .?'mail i ; ene '
i'ov for bubei;? in the same ?motion h
\? isk that 1 !?>? 'rial i??- at ?i i??i Jam
: i j v a ? iwyer Indlcte
? ?i Tllesta) m ti.? Stpp ?as?-, vsill I?, a:
ralg ?.. tot ?steading nef??!.- Justlc? ?;?.!
.?n Monta) Mi Whitman received in
mattoc >- rterds? that hear) pros? ii
ai brought ? beai upon Newel
both b) otbei lawyers who haw- beei
? maocted with Um ?saroe ira I <>f pule
v . atlon? at?.i by i??? high i>o
i?-, -..ti., tais Ti?, se i.[de are tamandlni
that Newell ?n tight, i-efuac sbstdatal** t?
; Whitman hi any "ray, :m?i liKht hi:
.,?? to ?Ii?' last ditch
:i.|. ;>t?.?.ii that N. -.veil s ?.? ?A \ t-1 :
m orgbBg upon iiitu the wlsdOm of hi
upp ? rae. but thai MeweH'a osra la
?is are moi ? along i ha un?' Indi
d b) Hi?- ]???
Newell Still Hesitates.
? e ih< se ? onfHtriiaj bui reati
\. ? | i,. Sewell matt? i i.? us ?-naii!
i ?w, ? a* ii is tsfcen for granted by thus?.
who ?a .?.i Newell to Bghl Whitman ihat
i Mtorne) will ?,<> th?- Uaalt
Bg*alns4 in?? ?unions he s*n~ecs to t?-u ?hat
. gnoa Whitman's p????-li>illti?-s In a
Sg*ht of ii?is kind ?range r??>m the ?un-.
lion n anathei aad ia? mors ???? ?i<? i? in
? iictn.??: ? again?) Nes/ell l? an. expos n
on i ?. ?.??? ssmlas lion, "i Newell'a past
-. .'.?I'd.
possibilities art naturally not
? j ,i L. .n?\?.?ii? polios sad lawyer
fil.!?.- Th.-ir int.list 1? ii..; in K?-ttiliK
Newell OUI - i ? ly in k ?????,?
;:i-- themselveo cleai .?i the eataaglensent;
? ? l?i?lri?t Att..in?. a|.p?-ai- 1?, I,,.
?nfldenl that Newell will i>?? inou-jht ?u
wisdom of in ipiii? th. general
pollc? .-1 -i11 Inqulr) ?y his ??w n fi i?-n?ls
,,? i?:? arralsjnmeat foi pltssdlng ?aast
Th? i??'.?i i? (?n? k ??i ;!i<? ?Indicted lawyn
.? told him that as all <?f tho leatlmony
?_?: nst him moat ? ?me from masabors ? ;
ti.pp family he can easll) i??ai tag
,rt i?y U?-? i? dltlng Sipii a^ a Wlta?-rSS,
?-..i .1 ...... thai Mr. <> hitman has
already gol Ist line wltneeasa sad eeldenct i
ol i ' orroborative nature from the
reooida <>f the lelepbone compsny end of
tha Continents! H?>te!. where Sipi? stayed
arhile In Neersrk.
As ?.n?- Instance "f srhal Newel! rosy
have i?. face on ? roBs-examlnstlon, it
waa I? ..i ii. .1 yesterda* he **-a? concerned
:n .? rase in ?ne Appel la t? Division In
i -ion. i ?? record <<i thai ? tea ?'
sppa ara ,1 if ?' Sena II I "i repres? nted
one Join, li Vevllli . .i poli? ? "?" ? '. '?
.. sut -.., i alftstata un m and '??" "- P*l
'li.- mon. \ afnount? 'i to >< IS and tl e
oplnios in ill- case written bj Justice
Ingrshsm sifH concurred in :? Presiding
! Justli ?? Van, Bi uni ai ?i Justi? i ? Patte -
M. Lat**thlln .?n.i Hat? b, stal i thai
| Newell |...i'i Ht and k< pi "???
balance, ffewi II i...?l taka n the casa II
appeared, ?undei an arrangement whereby
: ?? u.is m g? t ::. pe? . ? nl of th? be? k
aalai n. gj In? ?l t<?i Na rill? W ? "
Neville demanded the balan?a ui his ***?
por ci tat Newell gava him not? - net? ad
isii Afta - atatli 8 thai Na well's fee :
! was, "i,. sa? ' ha i -i- ??! ? atremel) 11 * ? - '
I ?-i.il compensation f"i the sei.? ren?
dered,' th? o Into ? ? '?
"flie fact Hi..: th? .in..rt-\ used
balan? ?? "i the money aftei i" had re?
ceived ' foi in.? ?"?? n pun osa - bo tin?'
It v? ,?s 'um . onveiiirnt' i o or?
pg* li ;.i hla ' lient u ?on demand, would
Indi? ..t.- i: .n 'i.-- attornej ras i 111
unprofessional conduct, wh h deserrea
?*?? rille failed '." gain hla point befoi ? .
il..- Appellate Divl? oi iowever '- i ;? -
in bad accepted \- .?.? l i n it? *. but the
practical!) suggested to him iha
be could reeovei lila monej bj .?n ?. i ? l ? -
i?:ii > -d- ti"ii ;tt law
SUES KIN FOR $150.000
Man Arrested as Insane Ac?
cuses Relatives of Conspiracy.
"Jack" !?'. ? handui bra i - agali
four of his relatives y esta i i i
dsmages i" - .? .' tha :: :>l?' ?
m '.. ;sin- his n i.-i Isa) I.n- ? and
hla detention f.>t ih.la?.->?? ? con
plaint tin,t he waa insana Chanaloi was
<!-? arged from custod) b) Magistrate
McQusde, un?! In ?a - - hla i t thai h ;
wai t>.- \ i'-tim of ;? conspira?
piar t ?.f l?:? relatives The defendani
Adelina \ i lia i. nson i handoi \
Mi,ii?- chsndor Oickln on, Harold a: .-i
Chandor ana* Reginald M Chsndoi
i 'handor ??? i that h? wa In
Denvei and ibal th? d< f? i da nti wrote
nsking him t.ma to Nan? . ??? i.
then go to l.omloii. ?.'?(.?
? ggg nter? ata pi ? mir to his pas?
?age i i?- gol here on I ???? emha
was al onca placed under arresl on ? ??.? -
ra? ' aworn ?.'it by Harold Alvln Chande
a broker. The complaint against him
that i" had acted In .1 strange manner j
g at th? home "i th? ? umpl dnaii .
in 1811.
t'handoi says that his ?omina '?> New
Yo? k pre ented him from 1 losing neg?
- ? ?na foi th? sale ol v.-"?"i worth of
- ? ? he Red Rlvei h 1 igation |.i??V
,tinl %U.' In i"?ii?i? ol the Denva Hew
? 1 gge ;?nd I-'? : tlllsei ? 'ompan; He ..I-"
prevented from closlni ?1 deal where*
b) he w...* i?. acquire 1 half Interest "1 a
[lacer mine In Irisons, valued b> him ?i
not lesa than 009,0V).
Wholesale Liquor Dealers Also
Want New Pure Food Law.
Tii> \.\\ Yo:k Legislature was again
called upon ?/esterdaj bj the stat.- Vt/bola
?al?- Liquor Deslere' ?association to pasa
?a pure f????i Mil ?imitai t?. ? he fed
eral enactment, The association which
tvsa holding Its Blxth annual ma ting si
th Hotel Astoi. siso went on rea ord aa
i ?-??-?-?i?? tatinir -?.?th ECxcii.mmlsslonei
Parley ii? ins sttempts^o ?la-iip oui the
sale of liquor b) unlicensed dealers Lasi
i a ear il??- 'ie,?!?t.~ declared In favoi ul .i
i betti 1 state put? "rood h.*.?
' 'lins -.?-ai wholesalers ?...mi a limitation
placed ?.n ?d-j!?'- No .'. relating i" 1
llj atore? known ;?- "bottle ahops." ?o
nuil the) cannol be opened m neighbor
i.?" ?is in.it 1,n.1 support them In el
fe 1 Ina wholesalers aanl the -.At.r
buttle shi pa raised to one to everj 7,*W0
Inhabitant*. Instead of one to 1,40ft, as i?:
t present Reasonable regulation and strict
: .-i,f..r? .-m.-ut again command the favor ,1
the association, ratlaei than ?trlci
j lntioii "enforced bj and sccording to the
?Aiiiii- of orAciala v. bos? motives are
?based ? ? ?, considerations other than the
inij.i?-v, tni-iit ?if conditions."
Hitherto Unrecorded Births
Listed to Avoid Penalty.
\i ?? ?.-milt .?f ? p.rioil ?.f immimii"
which was granted to physlcisna snd
; mldwlvea Is tit?- htnt ??-ek?- of i;<i:, the
Depsrtmenl >.f Health i.si r-ecaMved birth
I ri-rtiti. iiti-s ?>f M babiea bofn In lbs !;??i
three ?--ins of ehlch no reoord had ever
.?,.'.. been ?\?-pt The Commissions!
?.it i, letter i" physlcisna and midwlve?
.in th|a dtj during Decet.1. i:nj. geclsr
ilng thai he would no) prosecute an) phy?
sicians m mldwlves u ho t.|oiti-d hirtha
.i ,1 Ing 1 he pei '?"i "i Immpnlt)
: Testerdgy Hie result of the period ..f
' Irunrtunlt) ?us placed befor? the Ooram -
i.vii.ti.-i by l?i William W I'uiiio. . racgia
t-i of in?- department i? showed that In
th. i..st three yearn btrtha ??f the v*? m
1 i.-.tits sad .i"t been renottni, ?a Is pn>
I v tl? ?i bj law Of that number <>n- gbf.
i stclaa Betal In s, birth ? ? rtlfteatas "f , i-ji
Ura-n hoi 11 in isi?? and H m t**?11 inol
?.-nt m ih? . niii. at.-.?- of :*? bass la 1*11
! and i> in Ml
Tha Health ronynlsalonei asid ?-?
??hv that the period >>f prosecution ??.?
non on again, and thai he would enfor? ?
t" ?is fun extent the bin re-aiuiring the
flllng of > 111la ccrtltlcates vvitinn ten da]
There were US physia-ians ami midwives
lini-ii in |f|] lor ?, violation .?1 the la?>
Dr. Qullfoj saiii there was no t-iiKi?
how many btrtha weit not reoorded In
yesra past, sspeelall] i??-f??r?- r.?>>
i N.*? i i.? FOU ' a n.M. i.i ??
Only Two Photos Produced at
Alleged Gambler's Trial.
< rf the wagon load ol ? rid? ?
a .1 - ta i." I rom an all? ged gan ling i
s??it at No 2313 Klghth avenue In March,
Itll \< In n th? i?lace a ss rallied b) I ?? put*
L'ommtsslonei William J, Klynn, onl) two
photograph? ??-re to be found yesterday.
v,In n Daniel ? 'olllit ??as brought lo
before Judge 8aann In <:? neral Besi
? - .? common i smbl? i and pi opi letor pf
"Wh? t? an ? ? ? ? I ? th? ? ghibita '
Th? ?? t m i> photog ?pi onl] ?I "? a ?mall
i?.??11 of t in big i ??"ii asked Jam? - J
? '. ?, i ? . i. . i : . . ml ho was
In ? n.? i. ? ..i the raid mad? i ? nmhv
i.n and was a wltn? Q? ? ?
/. Medal!?. th? it itani District Attoi -
n? : ?said h? ? ould explain t?? the ?
but Toren? ?? .1 M< Manu? ? ii ? I toi
t'olli , obji cted I
?bout a dox? .i.i..
'? lotit rak? - .? billiard tabu adapt? ? I ?
the gam? ?>i ? i apa, t a? ing ?he? t - and
".i? othei pi.i gambling para?
i?ii? i nalia and i m nil in were takei i
b) the polk ?. b t onl the two photo
graph? were -? i.i down b) th? prop? i
? I- ii. The prop? rt; clerk Mid h? ha i
" ? racing sheet but the) had
be??n burned when um ol lb? dosen men
?? -i was .1. I Special >?
-..?n- ? ?.??:.?? ?aid . ? left .,i th? ?
? ? iod) ?,i i ?. i. ,i i i 'on n
. ? ? 11 ?. ,
it took ,? long ? un? i ?
... e -talesmen said th? aera
agaii i ..i"i ? ? m. nt .?f th? ?. ? ?
F.. 111 ? ?. 11 ? ?.' law?
Longshoreman Resisted Arre?t
Smuggling Causes Fracas.
? ist? m- Inspe toi lam? - ? I
? ?. ?: last i ? ? " ? n will fel
, t i m,, "Sehllui ??i ?So
T? m .-.??. *? ... Thon ti i'.- ? i ol v?
i ? \\. ? .?.: -, t r? t wen !'?? ked up
1 ? bars? d a th as* ill .n ?i Intel f*?rl >? ? I ??
an .?th?. i u hlli John M? Ardli. ??i NO
\\ .-i nth II? >l v..i- t.ik? u t?. ? .?i?
? ??? ,. I loi ?Ita " ?.Lt.?-;
a bullet wo ? ?i In ? - left bn asi H
also a p ? ?.. i is, ? i .i ? u 1111 >,?. |
. n .ui,i mi. rfenng with an ofl
Matth? a liogan ?? ?. ist?
? - i< ?i .: - .. material wltn?
Tl ? r< has ??? ? n .? >--o?>.i ?i?.? ..i m ?
Kilns; Kolng ??n In ihe nelghborh.i ol
" ? . ? th. '....t ol \v. si 3d -','??
an.i h..?..n ami I ncl wen put I hi i ? oa
I? tall i is) nlghl 'i hi f?i nd
nu,11?-.-n bottle? >.i bs i i. ?i? the piel,
and tu? i -?? : ? :? ?i the bottl? ? ? -I- ? he?re.
?LaStei the; m ent ba? i? fi?r ' he i un,
and found thai Bom? ??! Il had dlaaji
peared |
Th. v I?..ined thai ?iehll ib, ?? art man on ?
the An? hoi llnei ? 'aledonia. Breen, ?? .
ilriver, and McArdle .? long ihoi eman. ;
i ad i??" n -? ? n near th? ? tha i
bottles bad bei n Iddi t Hogan and
i L) nch n." ' d the men i" a saloon ,?i : :?i
treel and Thli te? nth aven ??? and at
tempted t?> hi ?resi i hem Th? ; e ? ?? - a I
i ough .?ti'i ' imble tight between L) n< i?
and M? Ardle, and the longshoretnan
i?i??i.<. awa). As i.? ii i. ?i t?. . ?. .?p. i.. n?
shot him Patrolmen then ran In and
made the ai rest?
First Mrs. Fox Gets Estate,
Despite Suit.
s.n l?gate ?'??nai.iii ?. ttled yt ?t< rdaj th?
dispute <>f the two w??iii"n iw.'i nski-'l r??i
letters of administration on the estate <?f
ihn 11- a I'??*., ?ii?? committed sul? Ide
lasi \??\ ember, on Ihe rialm ??r each thai
she waa the widow ??f Ihe dead n?n H<
! ?i... ;.i..i thai Mrs Martha i"*. wa? tin
? la v. i >,i ? Ido? and i.il I have the id
'ministration <?f the propert) Tl.ii ??
' ??!:.;,mint WUt Ml - Lillian Fo? Alt' I
I hearing thi testimony th? Burroga .
I said "I think thai Mi - Mai tha Kos waa
, ? u.i wife and a --'?'"i tnotht i "
? Fob died In Ihe Imm? of Mr? Lillian
Kos r was not until after iu> ?hath
? that hla Aral uif.- leumt.1 thai be had
I secret 1) obtained s divorce from hei lit
? Brookl) n and had mai ? \ed Alt - Ulli in
' Kos, it was .its?? news t., Mr? Kos No i
\ that i.? fore he married Mr? Mlllan Ko?
he ?as als.? tin- husband ??f the latter*?
mother, who In turn had divorced her Hrel
I husband When she died K?a sianled ins
. lepdaughtei
Mrs Usitha Kos dei.i that ?hi had
ever bees s? ? ? . ?i wvh papers In thi <ii
Ivorce sun. and said that no ground ? *
listed foi th.- suit ?brain Asna? testified
tin the proceedings before Burrogate Co
? lui.m that he ?had sen'ed vii?- tapera, i?ut
.,?t th ' Id? ?i i bal he was a "con !
-?nui.at? liar" who "did noi knoa enotighl
' t.? t?-n the truth "
; The N??i?i?>- of the My?stlc sinm- of
(.\i....i Temple arlll hay. b festival ,n
?Wednesday, Janu?rj t\ at tat p m., it
? Madison ?Bquars < tartan
? ? 'hi<a?-?>. .inn ..: ?landttat? ? In the
. aliicrmani? *-ampelg*n have been warned
lb) the Health rtminilaMuiiBi. Qeorge B,
I Young, BgahMt ?tantahaklag and kls lag
'of l?abi???i on a<?otiiit ?>f th? pi ? v a!? in-?- of
Kartet f>>?*V diphtheria and smallpox.
Has"Read of It in Newspapers."
but That Is All. He Tells
Curran Committee.
Reports of Captains Often
Changed. He Admits?Noth?
ing' lo Prevent Complaints
Being Destroyed.
Inspa - '?n i ?n n? ?i i i" ? ahalane baa
"never ii--.it.i ... gral I" In tha Poll? ? I
p.i .m ni. nor of ' fake raids," nor ..f
ii" mid so him -
est? rds ? - ? hen he wn- examined bj th
< m -..m in*, estlgatln - ? ommltt? ?. * He had
? aal .?i i hem m i he neu spa p- rs," bul
thai ?. i - all Not hing m ?r? He had ".
knon edge otherwise, Aral hand, or
. hand, eltha r.
..' ii ue .i leo ?.i .?I i hi i ?? ? .? ? no) hing In
he *?> " .'-i i" m even) ? captain oi II? i
tenant receiving .? complain) from a citl
,.?:'. d? -i-oj ing t'"- f.I .-'mi ?li
t -garding the complaint. Tin Inspector
declared he himself, had nevei destroyed
aui 'i complainte.
i-'iin rj K Buck ne i counsa . 11.m
mm.ramified him ..n ..u-, i matters
i ? i talning t.? poll*? duty, and in? IT? I
:*. i- n -i ;?. obtain i ">'.i him any n .ison
'" the exist? n.i .i ? in. i Inspa ctoi \
that Inspector Cahalane knen the In
?p?, i,., had t,, do -...? - ??? gl* .- .. d< ? ?
?bouI p.ira?h s and gatherings "i srg?
? |o?A'N
The n, i"- i... *.*? ho t ules the Isl l??*
tii't. said thai he had been Instructed h)
Police a'ommlsslonei ?VaIdo hon t" ha
ill? disorder I) and Rambling house cas? ?
i m in? one evei raid ;i a\..i.i io him also
? \- ? - .i?. - Hi took Issue a it*' Wald ?,
u ho ha.i Hid i ..it he ' i? lleved police
ina from raiding gambling ami ?
it'?!.-tl-. houses, i.?' ?'-H as ii ?nn sny ??>n
nertlon with th? i I .r, t of i bs Ian
against them ' Inspa ? t"i ? ' ihalan?
In understoad thai captains t.. -. i., * were
I?. Id onslble i"i i nfora ing the Ian
-t ? i . -, placea
Then the "M quest Ion a Porm ws
,:; ; up Tin- Is the '."? unenl on
. i- BUpposed t,, t?. ii-t,.,i all ?
; ? ted gan ?ling and dlsorda t '? h.? . ?
lint Inspa ' to: ? 'aha .?? poll? ?? cap
s ho bava la Btlfled on the lubje? t,
?i d thai ? ? ? was i completa
i ??.i ? . changi Worm
? It ?.. ? ?? from a/oui aptalna b<
rea? bed th? Polli ? i 'ornmls don? i
III B na i
eral spiled I to :
took them ?If beca un i ?.
Hi leaj I
tioned .?it
? n.m tted I .
? ?mm i? .i i ? ? 'i on .. ??.?:
hei ?? tti? keeptni
? : ? llsord? ? ? i il ? ?I
*>i? i. i? ki ?
\. ? -...? ? ?., -, : ? ? i i don'l i ? -
.* | . dlsorderl
stlon, and f II igh
and good I
te t., -? n i i ha ? "iii.m I
p. pi laon why d
i n 9
"\\ ? II. I .I'M ?
ted Wll . 11 .i
??? - | go, th
.? : t? i of .? :? ti?.
ii. i'(. i
I ?..... ??..
ilidn' report of a <
.' ?? I ?. -? ,.t ' ? -I Ol, I 'll 111 . '
., a t iti.-ti , ? poi i on .-??'. id to
in. poll? ?? ' 'ommis don? Ha was not at
.. \it iin. knei ? abowlni thai
? ? v ? i.. n gambling I
forl dlsorderl) houi ? srresti dis
had rtcvei ees reporl i i" |
' ? i \\ aldo N<.'.t h? ex
wh ? ' ? ' ' ' i - ? i 111 ?
', hli dlsti f i bj hla m? n Ibei a had
be, n on ?? ? on I? lions t" !}8 a? qultl
IP Mrs? i-l.-'l it hi- iiii-n \s ? : ?? .it fault or
irta i.ut ba I .?'i no "pinion.
' 'omplainta -- ? -1 a t i ? . h Ixena he
w. \. di? Idid Into two ? Issaaa. ? Ina ?a?
marked Poi foot Information and r<
i..,i i" ., i .i 11.t he ' l'ot > oui I'll n ma
i..?n Both "i ii" ae w? rs signed "B**
direction ??i the Poll ?? Commissioner,"
. d i- hli -? ' retai v.. .-.'.,. shan, si d
it to an : nap?. toi
' 'omplainta ' Poi yo n Infoi miitnui '
?.?, ' ,? i. ?? el ved '?? ' !'?? Inspa i tor, and. *??>
far as H? adq -.i rtera kna m he raid, noth?
ing more waa done regarding them. In
ih.. ..ti, -i - ,, report wsi rnada ba? k lo
police Headquai lera In t? pi i" a -i ?
lion the Inspectoi raid :
??ir ,i Janitor senda ma a lettei snJ
: i ordei ..f the Poll? >? i 'omtnle*
? ,,.-.. i m .?i obe) it. i m is) i."i ques?
tion ii
Sons Get Bulk of Property?
Harvard Bequest $150,000.
I"*: of? BO* -N II Mild? : igS - I ?? I...' I
rails! snd pi i aident ??i the ? 'slumel and
II? . ., Milling ?'..iiip.it' ?? ho ?II? la
? -t. smshli? Ali? lall? Ida r?h 19 1910,
left a ? ?.I I? I :'' ? lilch
i. . i- taxable In N? a Vork State.
'i neue slues wer? pis? ed i n he i late
..i ci ,.i. * asea i - b) ? i ?? ' am tax
?ppraJ ?t m m-, report to the s rroga ?
,., | -. i.i. i ?i erds. i le res a ra - M> ni
ol \? s poi i, M I Where he held mnsi ol
hli estate
?;i... Ke? York isseli
AgaMls Included 800 share ." th? Central
and South American Telegraph Compan
$;i,,.'".i ,?? ?han s ol the (tenet i ?
up ? 'ompggj ?ii?:.-.??. i,'?*1 han i .i
? ... \. !? i,. .?i? Pel? pi."?u- an.. Tetegi apli ;
,-,.. pany, IMo.'rsa snd '?"".w... north ofl
1,,,1'iN ol Hie ?'? Btral ?'"loia.i' Power
? .i ipaa ?
Tin- ai pralsal ino? i siso thsl lha rtatu? j
rails! had Invested In .I aharea ol tin
n.iu ? ii? ?i in sih't .m?i Iron Mines, whose
promoters sra no* on trial in th? L'nlted
stat. m ? "... a a t for fraudulent represents-j
liona it.ni. non s nil in. tala ol the !
stock The appraiser pul these shares I
down bs "i n" value. Plve thousand 1
?haram "i the Temegaml Cobalt Mines
gere aimllsH) achsdiiled In m.- ??report of
the sppralsei Prof?Msoi aigssBls lefl thsl
hulk ?it liif MtSta IS M^ -"lit?
'ii.state "f Mrs, Man Croohi iioff
n .?n irtdow o? tha V'-i> Ras, Kugene
Auguffcua Hoffman, ?in. died December
.':. u.U. was appraised yesterday ?it MM,.
'??v 'li?. ihre,- chief him? ii? Ian? i under
h?*? \?iii hers h ?laiiKiit? i, ???..ii .uni grand?
S?>ll. |
Detectives Find Broken Cash
[ Boxes and Abandoned Car
Clew from Chauffeur.
?Machine Housed in Washington
Square?Driver Tells the
Police That He Was
i ?. t? ? tr. ? ? u ??i king n?,?'. r Ihe ?Second
! i ?? pul | < omml ?Ion? r est? i*da | found
11.< cha un. m the oa n? r and
! ia ii? ah '??? hi? h ? a - ua?*d b)
three men who held u? and robbed
of I ??-' tin.. . mpl.: R?he <v Broa.,
provision desk i al No S31 Wt -t 38th
Btreet, on W ? dne ?i ty night Alt
('ommlsalonei Doughert] ra) that In
ha - no luaplclo i pt a to th? Iderftity
??i the i"?'?l ?M? m. n, he has a falrl)
?j???? i desci Iption '??i i h?m. and hop*? ? >>? n
t?> havi th? m iiinj. i am bI A peculiar
????n; ni? nee, how-ei er, I t hal I se mai 111 >> -
ha be? n In?'!-? i ?n the u ashlngton
s?i tare garage where, II arttl be iemem
i'. i. ?I. the automobiles used both Ii I
Rot ? iiih.il murdi . i nd th? re? snl ia\i
? ai? i ?el robl ? i > aere I ?
The police activity ?began with tlie And?
of i he cab, a Ith h?????i :?? m In, one
window broken and ?both hi adl
?ma h? ?i landing in front <?i Hi" i 'olum
i"a in rei n- Ubrarj, at ' 9 o'clock
? U rday moi ning. Tw o ambitiou - and
husky policemen push? >i il t" thi Ir
tn.n house, a here it. i ? covei was re?
i?..11. .1 t?. hi adquarti rs i.at->r ??> h? :
general alarm had ?been sent out, Patrol?
man Martin Kink found a black tin bos
containing n ceipts ? I Rohi A Broa,
lying m th? w ? -t Driva <?i Central Park,
? ... it reel
l " t?'? t? ? 'Blllle" l-'??i Im ?.?s then ss?
Stgl? ?I to in- ? tlCai' I't: tin ?,' an,I I
found another and ?imllar box, surrouiid
? ?I i?. broki ti i.11 ? <?t glaas. a shoi I ?
lane? ..? i ' 'otnmii lonei i loughei t>
compared the pieces with s splinter or ?ao
? ?t gla r? moaning In ? he ; im >?t t h? h? id
lights "i tin i.v. i. ?i machin? and
found i ?? '.. t? al, thus estab?
Hal Ing the fa? I thai th? masrhine used
for th? hold?up an?i rol lieen
<li iv. n through ? . ?. had
? probabl) bumped Into mm- obj? ? t.
w hen thi eai wai fa ?i.?i 111 gaaolene
tank wai ? mpt) it la ?uppots? ?i I
.? I andon? ?l on tha I ?" ? ount. i pon th?
\? ? i ? quit? b few
? ni pi ...t . a ii' i In ?' t :???? ?- ??i tl
men who gathered them up or ol I h< baa?
?ill be del? i min? d tatet
.. da* aft? ? noon ? omm
: tnoned t?? his ofl
the ? ? ind the ???? rwr of the ? a
? ??i ?been traced thiough hia autom???
? *" ? ?t ' ? ti. d ? in?
for the ?
t. i. ?i.i i told the po I ? ?ffl?
??. i ? i hi ira - approached
mu . a.i-?,.?.i hin . Iv? ? ?m t?>
th Btreel wl ? I ? ' wu d
upon the fi When tl .
help Un with th? n t
i ? i Ing to I he ?
L till
: ? 1 ' : I ? ' ?
n... hallwa I
?I ,|W,|> It x.
n.h. i seen
< '..".
there was no I head
tftankard -.?i?i thai he th
tn. tt .?i his cai i? the poll? i ol th? W ? si
17th street el
I I. Ito, w ho llv? * ? ' ?
u ? at ??in street i: ?etto said that I ?
?ii.??..- tha car during th? hi~
? ha Uffeill <ll"M- it dui in,? 1 ?
Cha rolle? t"i . Rudolph
it,?. nemann, th? for? ?man, and Hem ?
M? ... ? ' ?? were hi Id
un.i. i -, gav? i tough? i ?- a fail i ? i
dea 11ptloi ??i the men. The number ol
t? ?? cab, hi . was nol know n until tin
mai hi?e ?.?h found .< I?an Ion? >i ? In
(looi '?i the cab wer? found a rubbei coal
and a pair ? gloves
it |a thought that i" ih ipa tl
?topp? ?I th? ? ai --?m. u hi i- In the park
ami there divided the -1 ? ? i ?.? 11 money. When
the i '. box? ? were found i h? .-. had ? ? ?
In i.k? n .???. :
Arrested with Two Others
Charged with Killing' Farmer.
Pah ? -??ii. '. i Jan a i ?.i
,?li holding St a \ "t'k ? hsuffeu
-. .?n. ??i ?. h< m had .? I? i im
fi.int?! Lieutenant Be?-ker, mailed 11 ? >???
Bins Ring P tci da . >?? his i ??
slon, are )?? Ing hi Id h ? ? tor the klllln
i.la l'a \ ne, a fai tnei ??i Bull? . N i.
to-nlghl 'I'ln ? ?Il foun? f i'
from th ? i.? ' "i.i ii? in? n, bul he
pleaded thai II waa a personal communl?
? ation, aii.i ii iva? i.i d him .
Th? i'"h'??? 'ii'i nol r? ad It.
The pi laon? i - k.i\< ihel? .? ? \
i'..u hi ?I N" III .-; ring ?tr? at, W ?
lloboken Joseph VI Ilk? - ol N'q Ml u ?
Slsl itreet, \? ? 1 ?>i k ' "H), und Oltu
A >? i -i "i N" 111 Huh rinnt m an . ?.
\\ i ?i Hoi ok? n Th? latt? i had the i? ttei !
ii.fin He? k? ?
? m.. \ ? -. arai II hauff? a ho
.i ? ? >v ?? ?Lieutenant i;.-, k. i to hia home on
ih.. night of the .rd? ?I Bei mai, Ru
Customs Men Save Him from
Death on Elevated.
Anefltcd '?? cua|oin? in n for smuggling
opium, El n -i Pfeln, ? plumtM i on the
steamship Prince August Wilhelm, tried
t?? throw ? Im lelf .I? r an i Ii i ated ti-uin
at ih?- .".".?I treel latl.I the Ninth m i
;,!,. Une ) ? Btei ?i 11 Th? ? u toma men
dragged Pf? In f. Hie tracks befon
, i.ui.i gel ?nt.? '?ut.??t with tn? third rail
ami >had him on the platform before the
train could nach him.
ri. m .- .... .;?-. i ol bringing nineteen
. ans ..f opium from Panama, where he
bought tii? ??? ai "i ; M ??.?? h a '?h a pi ??
i?.? i ??i receiving *.'i foi them f. Kung
BUS] . Of II..I...U' n H? l?'H H"' pan With
? wati r lank win? h h? took i" a i ??(? ?ir
sh??i>. where customs ,wa1 here, \\ 11.? tui
i??\v??ii him. m) thej na him ?taking
opium ?ans ?nit <>l' ih?- tank
kung Sinv was t-roughl over from Ho?
linken, and aftei a ?brief examination was?^
,n..-t.'.i. Rpth m. n were held In *'.''? B hall
fot ih? a.'iinii i.t the u i? ml J'n \.
Witness Says It Gave Pictures
Away to Crush Rivals.
Louis Rosenblum, general mansger -i
the New York i-'iim Company, continued
I his testlmon) yeaterds) In the Bull ol
I thi United States government to dis
|solve the ?Motion ?Picture Patenta ?'..ni
I'illl.V .
Tii. witne i raid II was the p<?li?-> ..'"
thi llenera] I llm Company, when it arsa
found ii in? ai - v..? - using thi greater
\. s York film service, t.. supply nearby
theatres with high-class Sim ?flrss.
Thla for? .'?i oth? i exhibitors to |.H of
, ? ..i pui ' h im iiiin.? ii "in t ha t
"in; ,;ll> .
IVllliam ii Swanson, general manager
ol t LTnh ersal PUm ? 'ompanj. arho
tea? t Hied ..t. Tuesda) of his Irelng forced
oui of business by thi Patenta Company,
,:i Illa .i for two hours, bul his teBtl
remslna >i unshaki n
\\ hile Mi. Kwanson ? i I
i?, suits thai concerned companies of
h i i : Lewis, of Chi? ago, iras ths
? .\ii Lewis nodded his bend onca or
'?.* |<. Mi ?rVIIII co --i ?"i il?' Patenta
I Company, sudden!) stopped the examina
: lion i?, object. Special examiner Hacker
i Mi i.'V.is not to nod an) more,
saying: i knon . mi <io not want to
the wit ness In any way "
Ali I.?--...:- replied: "Whj. i waa only
' i ? mlndin ? the ? itnea . so thsl ha could
: -ht. "
ii -..lo h agsln, I'll ask thsl you
? ? ? ted from ihe room, ' said Mr P/fl?
EMPIRE '- :\.',"'\.; v'-::V:"';
I Nil? ,an:i?. ?i \| - TO MARCH IS.
in;r. vi.I>.
KMemseeker'a Prunens "La Wlnuabte"
LYCEUM ,;.::lW 'r'V.?*,-:: *-1
III Mil- MAItlr
r Will, h ran t?.r <??er ? gas* ,st tha
Minn... I I?, liara-, Paris. iin<l?*r the
ml,- nf I.,- ? i.-nr l?i.|?<i?i*.
rasaini* r. ?..- i. a? ** ?"?
G A IllCaX , v'
The Poor Little Rich Girl
.< Wed., 3:10
\ i HI
.".'.* i i :
\sr. "
? : ? 8:15
Wed . '. 15.
HARfl,s kellerd;;?.:v*!?.y
I HEW AMSTOttUi [) ?S? wed
JLI8HKT. : '
i?? ni,,iu i.v.i.ii ri iti ?HtM ?ni i.
l-.Ni? I-. li'liaia Mil lir?ii.l?H*. A 38 Ht.
* : i? g Wed 2:15
i :,, i ?-i IVaard m >ln?i? ;?i I ?nu*.I?.
i ?r i saghlna Psrpe?ee fMg.
It T. Y LE
Hostgaaten g *-????ie
KlrJe l:???i?
i ? i - - ;???
i m i i *> i in ?. riti -rit i\i.
5\>t~-\ \4Z.CC\ ?*? ' ""? B* ,: n s ??
\ PAIR1 i i v *? POR ?.!*' iWX-ITS,
*v Roeemond tlersrd .*?- Maurice Rostand
"?>? COHAN'S
h< ? . IV4 4.1.1 Bl Rvs.8.18
i*.I ,r Mat. in-ill?
GEO. M. COHAN ??Broadway* iones.
I?TfiD B'wa) i ? >t Eves.. 8:1.1 ? i p
Ad I Un Mutlnee Tom'w A Wed., ! IS
i he Drasaatle Ben?Use ,<t tin* t'sntarjr.
* .it...? Varante, ?;,?i??-ri Rdessa,
;:??-?? t'eahlan. m>?\ Ilgmaa,
GRAND : "Excuse Me"
NIAI MaiNII \\ Matil '
morro? I
W? -i. 8 -..t
i"?n?T ?n "THE ,SLE
n?ti si:
Barbiere all Hlvlalia. M< mpH
... S. Kurola. I'.m ? ?oral sturan '
Mal, ? .' ?.I.M ? lulu. i. ii tin Matsenauei
i !-?? ?mato i'.i?i,i '.',,i, ,,,
Ban, in i on, ? : ..?.,? to |l :.?> rtna : ??
ne i plai I i ??.,-?? Km. U
* N,.\a Men. ? 'liile-. ,.f II..-1 m.aiiaa. H.-ni
; ? ' rematad, Hoi. Mai m OUI) Dldui
Rel . -? urolu ? '. rid |*o|
Wed. Mat. il ? " Kheinginld. ?
Hoi i? i ' B , (t a
"? ?*ond Hen
Wed. ' ? 15 Travista. Hemp? Muttfeid ?
M..rr ? . ?'". Bu.la, Ii. .;?.. ,,,,,,; g,u ?l '
Ihnr- ? PasHaeel. Deal
' " ?",' ' ' * <;?,. li.i.tl- ;
. ??'?'. ? ? I ' :i' ii-. Mm im , -,,,, |.,,| ,, ,
I ri. . ? ?Mi'll,.. mi , -.;.,.. ?, ,
? '?andi ' ?.
'? ?- ' ' MiuKhl |j?,.. HUttt Dun,..
?on Binned .gains)
Oraiatic wai.dorf-ahtoi(ia
Association u ?' ' -T.'x V?ante i ,
"Ihe I'rnit? ?it toll lira*."
? tUNK'l I >i i.l \t. :.;?i. m,, ?i 7th \ .
1'* ,' I ' 11'?. Inc.Sunda) 2 '?'? I' M ,s ? "." I' \|
5th AVE
? "X
fv Mat. '-'">. 50c
Ht ?mi itsi 1.in?, j .I'll.?? Bsnny, i..- Rasga
Kl ?" .'?? %i I... el Noll .?-..- \ Jaaau ph
Malla? ? -'". ft 5ue I In?. and 13 otha ra
Al every turn! A ]m.
ga i 11 !
Even thctugh our Ovei-trji
Sale started oil' at n ?galle*
7-5*30 coals don't disappear irj
[? day.
.Most of them show ?sav?r-J
of .$7.00, $10.00, $12.00, even
$15.00 cae! i.
Overcoats of all sorts of
For men, big and little, fat
and thin, with special prizes
Cor youths from 8*2 to 35
For pockethooks of all
I girths.
At $80 and .$40 are many
j coats of a sort seldom found
thus reduced.
While the hulk of tlir bar?
gains are at the more popular
$15, $20 and to.
As for fur coj-?s
Markdowns make a furrv
Savings there too.
Revision*, all along the line.
Koi'kks Pi.r.T ?Company,
Thtce Broadway Stores
at -r at
Warren St. .3th St. 34th St,
1 ? o : t-li
- " I Katan.?i i
l.irlrnil,. It?,fin.inn. Itr<?:?<|.? i? la P
M Hut ?t I Isils' TIiim..
llroi'l.? n? I bee.
:-<H II tn. HI.- ' ? ?* B '
*lii\in>- I-.llioll 'a II?
1 : , ,s a1 B
It.-giii'iUit- ?????.i Mi?nila? ? \(
-1 \ f.?; 1 1 ::. K
? \?.|N?I * '
I.?ri? lit?.1.. ?".???? i.?l Mat l?l-l?\. :?? ?".
Ticket??S3.to" ??? . ? ' ? - ' " ?
u ? < UM I l*~i. ft* ? " ? ' ?r?*
M WH IT*'\N ?;. Ho ;'." ? . -?? ?. *
S1 :-\-r'.?';,:'?".?=,??? READY MONEY
N\ \\ k Tl ? R? ?ll'.-'ti? oat.wltlt mi? ' " ? ?? '
K\ ir? . S .?? " thi
minuta: M .< ' ?
Wet <?. 1 Sat ?t
s? \
in rm: history of tm; WHOLE world
TO-DAY aid ?< .'Ktvrr. rwM-iii
lu UAT ail ?,,, ?, . ,... , ?,, ,ii{t s 1
'lo-iiK.rrnu. PHEATltR ?'? .?-?'-?
IS:II a. m. :?;.'.1 Ina ?'?: A - t St ??*
,V :'.::??l |>. 111. .?: ?St."ol? I'rices $1 $1 50,11,
"IVlj <?' M? II?*??'1 "
? hi. IHfsassa ai t:3S. i "JtM ??J* *' '
,?. .?1.1,1 ;it>?I .-...itialt. "f ?"?* ItHt-itj't -' ','l,or*
|(v IhoV : . MO? I! I.I
\?-\t ?inulii? \ll,-rii??>ii at ?'??
i. " ' '?....
|l\MI(?IM II. ?
\.-.?ii:iii Hall. M ?. ''''
adaj \ft?-rn<i?,ii. Saaaarj '?
\\ VI II -It ?AMROm II. ? ..nilii? ?*'
Ne? \?-<ili?ni Hail. ?I ?. ??"*? *?'
N??\t Hundas \ft?-rint?.ii. Jaaaan -'<?? ??' ???
I'-.?; ran
ll;M>IO I I? .Mil <>. rinnn.
?,Kin:?.i RlKKt'KI". gate. ___
? \i:m:?:ii: Ii\?.i te-meene Ktt. *i *'??? ?
SI \ t ? t ? i v \ ? ? i : I :? ' i r \ :. i : I : M > ? ?f?
ri? Iti ta T"?? . ii ????. *i ?" 9*.? ?*' " ' ,
M ? M ??'.f-?!.'. Bl.' SI KINNV ?Y l'l ?"*'_
M. II IIWxIV?. <llN(KHT>.
\r..ll?n II'.U |?c-B,i R. I HKMKBICH
svr Mi.nr. mm __* \t W_\
? Nltin
;..?. . ?I ?Bos? ? t (IKMH .1? ? ??"
112, n ,-. ?' Hall. | .?i tlv Plui K "
S-ii?^iu-'S ?^5f JAN. 27 I 29
l vi- l lu III ?, ? i .,.''..M- pi? III'? I'" ,; '
I.AHHOIN4. Will? \MM\I.S IN ?'.''"?.
- i2?jc-II.S>v, Mt"!5e?fl. at Hall ft -j"**-"

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