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\rntin. a Kirl i?ii ket. away fr.'txi P?
troiman RaubeM, wlw bad arrested her
far irit.ri.ring with w??rk?rs entering ?
.?hoi? at No. :;i>* i:.?st :::?th street Pn
trolmen from the s. ition house rush? .
?.?it to Hetil.ol'l I rom ue \vh?'ii be was
at tacket1. and ?lisp? is? ?i the Bttta uttOt
t.-ikin?- four dist'ir'oei- Into ? ?tody?
Worker Badly Beater? by Strikers.
Another fi**ht took |?la? e at Uni r
??it> Placa an?i l-'th afreet, wh? n ?
number ?if strikiis attacked and m
V?rely .????it M??rris Kimll'-m.?.1. <'f N'"
1870Pltkla avenue, nro.?ki>n Klndle
mun mad?- ? ? barge of saaault sgali at
Samuel Clj m;m, Of N"- ??';,,; ??"' "
^ti??t. The Bronx, aaaerting that ?Cly
man. -?.mi a number of other strikers,
ha.i threatenn 1 lo "get him" for pe?
~i-?*in-* in working.
in all during tu?- ?lay nineteen a* 1
..f strike ?grreati wer.? brought bt
Magistrate m u'.id? la tit* Je?eraon
Market ???.it. the j?iiaotWTI l"inf* ttnc-i
in sums ranging from ><?? to ?*;lu
l-ddor Mothnei Hfty yean old, .?
tailor, "i N?. I*?- PriMpecl Park ?v> ? ~
?Brooklyn, was taken ill auddenlj wine
attending a meetlng ol strikers at ;
Beethsves Ball No. 210 ?">'h street,
eaterda) ifternoon He waa removed |
i,, ;ui nnteroom, bul died before th
airtval of lu- ?Bude from BellevUe
H??si?ital M'.'.hti.T \?.?s Bitting "ii '
table, when be roltofieed and fell to
?in.' Boer.
The K?-'?, .!?? ?? .C. Uey, ol No
::i\.-rsi?;?? Dri- . ? as am st? d last night
ehaiged nrltrj Interfering with an ?>tfl
,..i ? ;t ??t hla activltiee in be?
half ?.r the ati Ikers. He ?laid hi wi a
? ??nncctrd with the ?babor Templa, at
s? cond s* ' nui 1 nd nth street
Objected to Picket's Arrest.
following a dlsturban?ce In from "f ?
facias, in i"??uitti avenue, one of t ? ? ?
pickets ??as arr.st"?l. Wfiei thi olfl?
? 1 tried t?? lake linn to the Mtatiou the
lu'i-in-, r trii d to pull aws from him,
.nul ,-u thla moment the mil Ister began
1.?iking t.? hlro. The ?policeinan there?
m ??n decided he ??as being Interfered
with and t?i-ok Mr Day ?atong also The
uiiiiisiei afterward sxptalaed that he
bad nol i?.ut??t*-'? with the policeman.
i.ut. on ti ?? ?-?.iitj-ai-?. bad advised the
prisoner ??? go ui>>n?- ?paacoabli
Th?- ? ?'i:t?'ien?e at the Kar AnseciatioB
?ailed to arrange a l-asis <?l arbitra-1
non in the mens ?gannent su ike was
ad.loiitmd until lO-morrOW At thai
time ii i.? espectod the laboi representa?
? ????s vxiii announ? ?? "usi boa much they
must have t?0**cedld Bl th? -tart 111 the
w i? ? of hours and wagei whlli the em?
i i??v 1?' representatives are < xpected to
1." ah??-.!?? mi iusi bo** mach 11. * - man
llfHi'tlll'I'IS will ? <?n.
1 Hi at'i'li? ati"ti "i John \ Dy. in?.
set retan of the International Ladlea'
? "aniient Workers' Union, and ?Samuel
Fioer-iieini'-t' president of the ?Dress
and w.u-i Manufactur - Association,
??l'ie entlng the two ors-anlxationa that
Bettted the watat makers' strike undei
ih?- ?pro:?"??; of tasl Saturday, Magis?
trate McQuade, Bitting In th? Jefferson
Mhrkel court, grant?cd ?? aummons f??r 1
11. Margolin, returnabk on Monday.
Margolin ?la tbe ?nanufavturei who gol
up at a nesting ??f ih? ?populai priced
???ist makers. ?? In? have gone on .(iiid I
Si ?being agalnal the te-rrna ??f ih?
I ;.f"t(ii'oi as applied t< th'ir shops, ?''?
' .I.? Hotel Imperial <?n vVedneaday, and'
declared .-?1??.???? ?as paid to reprei
? > s of the u ni?-n as the price <>f the !
H ? m? i ' ,<f the strike, The summons
;?- ? ?? relay a'ai f". an alii ?gt d
1 ?fetation of Sectktn 1351! <>f the ?Penal
Cede, makins il a misdemeanor to
mttkc .1 false stateinenl la ?? i-ui.lic '
in" ling,
a ma; s -neetlng was held last night
at the ?Brooklyn Academ* of Mualc for
th? ??infos?, ??f dis? iiaslng the -
from 1 lie ?point <?f view ??f the strikers,
tlM manufacturers and the public. The
Rev, J. Hn-v;ir?i Mellsb ?-?reaided, ind
tin- ?i>??,.k'.r? tren wi?i-.m Ja* B htof
f?itii. praeMenl <?f the CHIseni Union;
Thoinai A R?ek?eri isresldent ?>f the
United Oarmenl w.ik.rs .,- Amertt i,
.nul a number "f minist? 1 -.
a curt tetter was read from Eugene
?Sgnjamln, in reply t.? an invitation '
from tin- t halt man ??f the meeting ?<>
atteii?! as th" |?r?'sid? 11! ..f ih" Now
York Clothing Trad?.s Asso'iat n.ii. toi
i?l?tak for the ?employers. Mr. hetijii- :
min .*?ni?i h?- had another engagement, i
and no one waa sent in his piact.
Five Story Dwelling Leased to
Lace Dealer.
r:?-?i?i? m? at litt 1 < atrletad imm Ba-cttor.
of Murray Hill ?a Ik, Ii.-iv- ?raged .1 Ion ;
and hard lij-ln to prevei 1 1. ? 1 -, 1 r : ? ? ?- ~= ?n
< roa? htiient? heard with deep regn I
t-?r?lav t.iHt te uve stoiy dwelling beulst
at \o. H ?Saal :?1t). sir. .-t. OS a lot IM le.
MJ ?feat, had : see i-as. ?i i,- .\irr.d r.
L?mmln and Julia l.umuiis Thorn f,. Jo?
seph siriiwart*;. dealer in laces and trim
aainga. This property. *o**ether -?-?-?.-111 ? No
Ig ?.?.-is raeenlly .ei>ort?<! :??a??-?i to an art
>)<?a!?*r, bul lite trans;., tion was never
The lease is far twent?-oik years, ai an
aggrsgaU reatal of *!..."?>. Kxt.-nsi-.
teratlons will be mads OS si?*- |?rot?rrt?.
Th?? < ro?-< _ Hrown ? "? ?mpan> ua^ th?
broker in th.- transi?. t|.?ii It recentl]
ira?e?i the dwelling ?bouse ??t Na H ?n
ract?y 10 i?tt?> Wlasasr, -ga-ao .nanufa? t-!
i?r. f??r a ion"? tera* "f yeara. Thla t-uiki
htg is also to li? altt'i'C'l foi butin?es
??-?ajrltor in Ihe \ve?k the dw?i4)tng huu.*-?*
at No. 179 *Ja<l:son avenue was l?*ased to
the I'alher Healty ?Company, whii-h K :
?reel a cnuiierriai struct?ire on tl??' ?it.
the rtar of whleb Will be u.liaient t?
Aujiust ft??lmont's turn.?. at N"?> u ?Baal
"Ith stre?t.
Winter Tours
?February 6, 20, March 6
Te ?nd from .l?rk???n? ill?? <.n FtOtin 11
Tour?, to Jacksonville or.., on Mauh
Independent Travel in Florida
TtolWta f"r l>l.i*U??..? T"Ui? >-?...?J i??:
?wo ??'?^k?. ?f.ctudln?; ?liil- ?f .??'n ?i<-u -i?.
for March Tour good until May Ml.
Full particular? of ?'. STI'?l)??, D i' ?
Wit PKDniCl*. Ii . A. I> !? A ?_,;_
Klfih A?-?nue, N'.-*- Y01 k ?'lty
Pennsylvania R.R.
Will Mot Be Stampeded by P
lie Clamor or Cry,'Declare
Head of Public Ser?
vice Commission.
Good Progress Being Made, 1
clares McAneny ? Secre
Meeting at Union League
Club Is Rumored After
City Hall Visit.
I neon? ' i n, .1 h ah the polltl al l
and criticism .*. hlch ha\ e been in?.
againal an; seeming delay In ihe ?
- imm itiol ? tl ? ? il.uav ? dit:.ids
the .in- ' .-\ stem, Chairman Will? o* :
In- seso? lata t on il"- Publia Ben
Commission and representatives "i
Board of Kstimatc and *.pportl .inn
? h" lav or I h.i.?.:.(. t*. f indatnenti
..- ..'n;!;.' ? ? ? t ahead j*eat? 11
with th?- conferences with the rsp
aentathi? ,.:' ii'. . iterating i ompai
???r th? pui i"'*?? "i faa llltatlng alte
tam ni th.- contrai is i- eonea n ?*
Interests <-*? the city. Th? day ?
git ?t "\. : .m', ren? ?-.? t* Ith
t.. ?" >..-. ii Ri.I Transit peoplei <'?
?iii rnterborough ? ompt
representatives will be resumed to-d
? 'holrman Wlllcoi ?uni Borough l*re
?1.m McAnei *. . mphatlea|ly denied il
their admission ..t doubt as t" the pi
ilbtllt* ol completing 'he contiai 16
prior t?. February I, ?li
Mr. Willooi's t.-i m >?' ..?ii..' explr
? i be oensti ued as .. I gckdo? u"
il:? n- psrt Thej eere merely gol
ah? ad, ? arefullj ? onald' i Ing th? eu
geeted changea in th.ntract aril
mit i? gard i" public clamor or ? rj. ih
raid. Whether Mr. Wlllcoi a*enl o
, | ,,it-,.-.- ??r not on February ' woi
make, thej aal I, bo dlfferenca ih I i"
?| n.iferem m led i" ti-?' Mayoi
?? rdaj afternoe i I ? n ' ?hal
man Willcox. Borough President M
n ,i Controller Prendergaai as
. i .?, ?th Mayor Oayi or foi 6 eho
lim?. Thi admitted afterward Ih
ta lio ,i over rabwaj affaii
but ?!? n "i t" -" '" " '???'' vYht
ti,,. .\i.:\ or ?as asked aboui the - ??i
., i ice he raid, poeitivelj
? I am not going '" sav OIK "i
about this subway situation."
Won't Be Stampeded,, Says Wullcox
.-'..?i?, i Igniflcana e a*as attaa bed
; that It waa aald at ii.?- Ma; oi
office thai he egpe?cted to d}?ts, wit
Controlk r 1'remlergast last night
?aid thai the dinner waa t<> be pi
v an a' i lia. I'lii",, !.. ague Club in Hi
. |ty, but, on in.|tiiry at the club,
-, - ii,i m,, sui h dinner was he!
there. Chairman Wlllcoa alao ? ?.'? I
a .,nu to "dine out," hut he wool
not sav m hl r.
'ni.,-.- \< ;;?, attended tha ?
,n Chairman Willa ox'a home :
,-.- Commissioners Maltbie, Kual
and Williams "i Hie Public Servi?
-???i. r.. Borough l'i.-si.i.-iit M?
\ .. gnd ? !ontroller Prondergael ?
th.- Board of Etalfliate and ?Preeldei
T, s Williams. Chief Engineer Men
den and ?'.< -? -? i ? Veoinaiis. ? ounael ?
the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Compon:
After the conference Chairman Will.??
i .. |.|,ei tell whethei ?i not we ?a
? . onti ?>- ta through i>' February
There ar? several moves yet to be mail
:,.t.,!.. r.ii action ..n? i.e lakci?. and w
-hall not be stamp? ded nor e ii? we dele
tu. work "i ?? moment longer then nece?
?.n v 'i' .i.. ? .'., went over In detail t i-i
? ' that have i. raised I
regard iti ihe Brooklyn Rapid Trena
. '.,i m istdei m ? erefully all ?h
suggestions foi changes No sitiu'n- In
portant change stands out. but there gf
., ? t many rhangea in phrasing, litti
things le i? .nul there.
Tli? chairman said thai the Interner
ough ' "i.ii a11 had in'i bean <?bngidcre
during Hi? day, bul that further ."ii
i.a with tin* repreaeniativee ??
that . .itiipany v.oiild I,?- In-Ill |0*dS)
ii.- .-??id that be had not beard of an:
lleva lo; lin-lits frOO) Albanv o| if
w lei ? ? 1>- .
Mr. McAneh** declared Utat, ahII?
much proagreee had been made at th?
Brooklyn Rapid Transit c?r*nference, a;
weil ig at th?' conference alth the in
to t.or?.ugh ra**ajresentstiveg tha- day be
fore, he did not mink it would be i ".
gible to have the contracts sinned I.?
K? M u.r> 1. He said ;
Very good progress waa made on tin
Brooklyn Rapid Trenail Company eon
tract ii?-?la*r. but I <lo not think we eat
gel tlii'in through by IVl.ruaiy 1. I da
tint think 1? ?an I??- ilon?" 1 do not pro
?ni-?.- tu preog tt?.- '??intriicts torwgtu a
tin i ..?st of the dtj?
To take ni? th?' contracts a? ih?.
aarlleat poaglble moment after they art
submitted by ?h? Public S?TV i. e I'om
mission, th?' Hoaid of Estimai?' ad?
journed its mssUng pubject to the call
??f th? ? hair A m? tun. to that effe t
made bj Controller Crem lei gast was
paaasd uaanUnoasly
Blames Politics for Delay.
Coaualastaasr tJsorge v. 8. Wiliiama,
of the Pl|hlle Service Commission, came
<>;:? yesteulay with an -.mphatic state?
ment thai the tight on the subway con?
tracts was being made entn.lv |,y
political Intereatg and against thg ex
id. ss. d wishes of a majority of the
commission and the ).copie of the citv.
II?. sal?! in pail I
?I I? a! last clear that the light is not
on ti..- terms oi th? operating a*ontract
but ? nttra ly I-;. certain political Interests
supplemented t.*. the tan adherents ..?
tli* li .ough, city-owned and iitv-op
?i.?t?il routa as against the gr?-al ina?t.
of the pet.pi.'. aepectally m Brooklyn aid
Queens, win? trill taenasflt i.v the dual
agreement If the1* motives were Macere
the time for tni*- agitation was men)
month?, ago. If there ?s ;\ Scelle to fur?
ther ?leia.v raatteea m order thai there
lihould I.? an laeue for the appi -OUehlliK
city election the altack it? well timed
I am Kiad thai the |)eople a., aroui .1
and i feel eonnda :.: ... tl ? ouu*oroe
riomjit reaaonae wa-< saaaic yeeter
dny b> ?omniercial and ??\i< ?rguniza
tioiis to the call issued by the Mat -
I chanta' 4?*woeiathJs for a meeting to
Iday al .' |?. m.. at the hsadqutrteig m
??tha assoaiatlon, to arrange fi r sending a
.i.-ir Ration t?? urge O ove raer a-nleer
: in change the present situation in
Public servi." Connnleaton until
rapid trsnsH i trntracta hn-i been sigi
! The ofaesrs of ih?- sssoolsfton -aid t
| there ???? every Indication that a d
; galion tlmro.jglil. iepr?s>iita.i\'e of
'i-it*'s buslneaa Int? rea la would go
Explains Need for Action.
Speaking Of the proposed action
the Merchants' Association, and >*
?.?mmeicial anal civic bodies, VI
President i: H. Outobrldge, of the
-.i. i.itu.ii. said:
Th ? --! tu?t ion wbioh has de elopa d
i? ference t?. tha i ropceed subway ?
tracta has mad?- it appear neceeaal)
the various civic organization* which .
braca in tr-**? 11- membership the trulj i
resentatlve elvk*, commercial and ut
.'t\ .m. r.-st-? ol the ?'it.v to ink.- inn
.hate step? to ?ho* ihe governing l?o?
in the ?'it.V and ?tat?. WHO >'??<i InflU?**
m ???>ntrol action in the premises, m
??? i ta] facts and necesalUee In il?.- si
ation are The Merchants' Associai
i.as tli. r. for., ceUed a meeting <>r rep
tentatives ..f such bodies end other Inl
entlal Individuals to determine on
exact line ?if action t.. he pursued,
n should not have been al all neceas?
?.. the buslneas men of Sew fork
have m drop then- own affairs and o?
.?m?ate linn efforts t?>i the time bei
mette] tt lia? fraeeonie ne? ??-.-.
boca usa ?r <? purel) factious oppoalti
v idch, through the a*ontrol <?f c? nain pi
llclty m Kan.? aeaumes Id be repiesen
ti\? and to vole? the eapression of pul
\u of the o Iticisn . loi mei as n?
ees purel* destructive No1 one et
ttve proposal was advanced and
practical method whs shown b*? tin ?
..luis ,i~ to bow the cltj could bj a
means aoqulra a comprehenal
rapid trenail devetopmi ut althln a
i ? Hsonable period of j ? ars,
The moat ..rdinat'. intelligence mi
p ? -, elve thai ihe borougl pn siden
?. ho are i loselj in touch with their i
.-.? tive onstituencles, would he t
be i w .r e oi t if 1 in ??'? e era a
. stantlgl sentiment In their reepevti
borough? agalnal the execution <>i t
prop seal entrai is I! there Wl
suba tantiel opposition l rom 11 tot
rible aim repreaentativa ?oui es la
ronce m? hl. th. t th. v would ha va all vol
for the adoption of lha ?lual flan a
that the) would now t?. m favor of I
prompt ratification ..f th.-*-?' contrac
which merelj express In proper, legatee
M.i tual form the terms and condltio
ratified In principle when the plana foi I
- bwa ? .-\ at? w< r? adopted '.'
!- ? ?lai city '.. i.??? el 1..-.I end r - bui
ffalr*. carried n and adminletei
b\ the Cut. elected repr. sentatlvea of t
la It to be ?!' initiated. Its i res
n.- m.sitie? Ignored, Its growth, >l
- ? lopnienl anal in? reaae ::. property ai
? r. -afiii tlv?' vali?es mil ?nergie llirol i la
; di? tatlon ?.i editorial writers co
tro'ltng theli own adverttalne ; edlun
?i ? tgnized . liquea Inspired, if n
into existence h su?
Tliese ar? I ?? : i ?lam? m.? wiei
' ? momeiit i ran? ending al ? r ilel ill
gild it II this .mi.lit:..i: thai Ihe bustne
a-i i ?.Her. i.?i Intereets el ltd? cita mu
Immediate!?, deal vvu' and ?letermlne
a way *-? cleat ami ??? ? ? .is :?. |
con? In? Ing ??? Il -?..t. - ? officia
' a\ Ing an pari In ??! ? onti ???' ol the be
??; ihe Iran il probten It ? > .
t.. wl at rea IT ra ? ??.-? ? n Dili oi Ii
n -
Lo,v Writes to Solzar for Willcox.
Cormer Mayor >?ih Lot sent a Ion
la tur t?. a ,o\ ei not Sulxei ? ??-: rda
?trongl) urging that he retain M
Willcox In office until the present sni
?? a; ? ontraota a ? n exba tited He i"1
the < '?<< . rnor that It would be g fia
Brant bran? h of th. "I ma r '.? polic)
? hli Mi Sni/.. r ha . advoa al'd If h
replaced Chain an ?Vlllcoi wltb aom
: tan unfavorable to tha ? onti ? te an
tliereb) defeated Ihe eubwaj project a
n?.u formulated. Mr. Low wrote In thl
i ettard:
i need not point >".i it . ou ti?.it. ,f ?..
consent to do ti.is, imder all int olrouni
Btanoea ><u will take uin.n v,i?ns,.;f fu
. ? , .' Iblllt* f??r eva rj thing thai ma
happen fo i''" '"it;- of New Vor* by rot
sun of this ilei-lslv?. .ii.ii,in Lei ni? pol?
out t" you whet I think theee roqs
quei ? i will be:
Kit-t ??f all, ...".. '. It*
; Ighteous n- n.. ltd i"1 hon? i ule a-i-i
.ill quest lona looaJ t?. Itself .a etaggei
Ing Mow. it i? trua thai th? Pu
Hei i? ? i 'ommlsaion, which pn pai ? -
th? contracts, is s tatat body, and thai
you will i.? i-iiiiiii> within ??'.';:? rights
;.. ngli . it-- com? "sit?"i. bul ? ??>
lar ms ihm dual subwej plan -n eon
. ??t? ed, II is equell) true tiii.t i Is
plan has bei n del -io, ? ?<] In two yean
ol ronatanl i oni ultallon bei wa ?
l'uiiii. Service Commission ind ?? com
mlttee il tha Board of Estimate gad
Tha Board ??' Katlroat? ai I Aopor
tiammenl Is made up entlrel) "f offi
. lain loi ally aleen d. and, with the ? ??
aepUon of the President of the Boa ral
ol \;<1hi men, i his i >? ?. i is ui an
ilion-I-, tti favor of the dun! ; '.a: Tha
Mayoi ??f the 'it*-, th? Controller "i
th? . n ? and Hi- President "f i vet y
borough .n ? lu ell ? a isi i. It ? on
?ummaled, and each haa non... and is
doing, everything In lus pu? i i to se?
cure for the elly, in ihe ??*-..'Uti?>n "f
th? dual plan, tin- h.-si possible term?
from both of the r?mpanle? win?
which ihe city is purposing I.i?
an- I suhinii that if the Governor of
the state, bj changing the i-timposltiou
of the ?Publie Bervlce fommlsHon of
tha et I Hati let, ?> ?v>ae duty M I ? tb
prepar? th? cunt? a.-t*. foi the execution
?.f ih-- plan and t" sign the contrarts
after Ihey hiva I een approva ?i b? the
l.4,ai?l ?.r K-uiiidi'- ana Apportion?
ment, trinken h Impossible to carry out
the Mill. Which has been devised li?
li uch b) the Board of Estimate and
API ortli.tun. ut as h\ I!.. Publie S. i
vice t'ommlaglon, the Qovtrenot will
lav?, substituted for iioan rule In this
entirely local matter of vital interest
t?. th. greetest city Is the state the
rub of ffie Mat. and ?h? d?termina?
tion "f tin- OovernoT <>f lha state for
the determination of the Board of
E*xt!mate and Apportionment
Wit'n .di rei p.-? i. i venture lo i
that the (Joveraor >.f th? state <-r New
fork recelvi*d no m?ndete to do such ..
thing ;.? tins Th.- Board of Estimate
and Apportionment, however, was
.:.....; by tl,- pa o| I? ..f the ? 'n of
MeW V"!',. to .)-. the very thing thai it
in trying t.. do. and that it win do.
unless, as Qovernor of lb* State ?.f
New- Y..rk. von prevent It lii my
Judgment th? paraple of the City of
Ki w York vin have a Just grievance
! If thin thing is done
Commlsgloner MaJtble, of the I'uhiir*
Service Commlaaibn, who doea not fa?
vor the form of the proponed contracta,
enumerated yeeterday eome ?.t ihe
more laiportant chang?e whieh. m hi*?
I ??pinion, should be made n<- man?
?tinned ten items which purported to
I afford a laving tO tha- ellv of several
million dol?an and correspondingly In?
tel*?.? the hurdeir of ?*xp? uditurr on
',h<- operating companlee.
Mr. Maltble's suggeetlona were prac?
tically the same ns those mude by
Presiden! Mttchel of the Hoard ,,i g|.
| denasn at the public hearing on the
i contracts earl) m the week.
I Pays Respects to Sulzer, Who
Was Father's Friend.
i m Teh en. )i to 'nus ri ii... a. ? i
Albany, Jan. 28.*? Governor Sulzer
was asked t?*day what purpose yottng
Vincent Astor bad In .omlng to Albany
to S6? htm at t!ie re? cptioii last night
"Oh. h< Just ? am?- to pa) ills le
gpecta," said th.' Governa i ?? Hi? rath, r
und I w.-re< lose frb-mls, and I was tttf
Riad to see him. M was Mrs. Siilzei."
' Is tl Hue Hint he Is goiiiK I?. *>nter
politice?" Hie BxeCUttTe was asked.
"N"t thai I know of.'' wmh the replv.
? hut h?- did say lhat he was ulad that I
was ?loina a lot <>f g,,.?| things for th
national guard.'
The ?b)\ern..r didn t know whether
? young Astor was a Denn? rat or not.
| lie then volunte?, red that many p.- pi
! had told him that lis reieption last
?night was the largest and most deiiio
l cratie ever held in tire ' t***oplee houB^" |
Leaves Train at Fernandina and Goes to the
Famous Resort in C. K. G. Billings's j
I R?- T--liai?I: to Th?- Tnliiin? I
Brutiswlclt, Oa., -i?*.n. 'j.'..?Wiiiii.'i
l?o?kof?!U r. his \? if?- ati.l son. W?li.nii
<;. Rccltefeller, si-rived al J?ikyl Island
lat? this afteinoon ?>n ?'. K ??. Bill?
IngS's yacht, ai?> ??nlin?*; lo inf??rninti??u
brought hora to^nighl i>? Incoming
boa ta
The Rockefellera reached Fern?n?
? iin.i this inoininB in a s|??*?-ial <;ir : r ? > : i.
Palm Beach, ;?ti?i weni from their car
i?? the yacht, which immediate!)*' sailed
The yachl atas raiHirtad ottJekyl Isl?
and this afternoon, ??ml it ?Is assumed
thai the ?Rockefellera are on the letantL
The only waj ?>t (*ommunl*^tlon ?v?h
the Inland la i?> boat, and it is bn>possi?
ble i?? gel news fron there to-nlgnt.
.Mr Ko? ket'.ii.i left Jekyl taland for
Nassau, X r. aaveral weeka ??g?. i<?
n?oi?i i?r.ss servers ??f tii?- ?Pujo ???m
iii i 11 * r-. lie returned from Nassau re?
cently, ?.ml had ilnce been -?i Palm
i ... i ?. Tribu? ? ?Bui ? ? ?
Waabington, Jan, 23.- ?Samuel L'ntei
myer, cimnael for tba m??ii?> trust
. i-oiiuiiitier. sai?! to-night it h;i?l not
i i?<*rn definite!) derided when and where
William p.o<-k?'f?*iier would ho examined
by tii?? <?rimrnittei*. T"he hearing, he.
Sdded, mij-ht l?e at .Jokyl Islam!.
.lohn A. Oarvar, personal ?iiunsfl for
William lto?k?f? ll.r. was apparently
: iietti.'ii --cHtt-rdiiy by ikt raports that
ins cllenl bad again dropped out of
I sight. . '
"It'a nonsense," he raid to ? Tribune
Iraportar. "Mr, Rockefeller may ha\??
I changed,hotela. if he <ii<i w II was for
Ihis own convenience and bol with any
I Intent t<> avoid discovery. ?Vh* should
h?- trj to ?iisni?p?-ar when I am going i"
testif* far bhn? i think ii ?is??Jangsrous
for the m??spapcis to make k.k-**
Ml. <;.il\n admitted thai he ??as ill
? 'oniiiuuiii-ation With Mi Rockefeller,
j bul Ii?* ih?ilin??l t?. divulge the ?>11 man's
exacl whereabouta, ex?cepl t?> say that
he wag "still Bouth." n?> said be wga
awaiting the eonvenienca ?>f ?Samuel
lUatermyer before ?ftarting foe Wash
Ington i" testify.
9 __~_ _
I ?>oliniii*?i from tli.t i??a<*
tn?ii to the I'fino? lat??- Nutmnal C
vi-ntion m im.; i? is a ? rue!, ' i
mi u.i tion f??r ? ??ry u?-w ?i??? el nor v
has ha?l thinga ??as? in BMSl of
political ?if*- h.-retofor?'. ami he has
s? mpath) of ail the polit i? .il i>: stand
here, tlmugh Ihey admli their a)
pathy won't help him aa
W.int ihs Contracts Signen
W .1.1 i sel .nui Tamilian ??.
th?.-.. ? ?>titra ?is signet!. It hapi?
thai .? majority <?i th?- PuMI? S,-i ?
Com m la Ion and the Board of ?Ssttmi
?? ant them signed aleo, slthou
Manera Wllleoi ami m? Amu? ?have
fused flat!; to aign th? m sa the* "tai
?? heee otB? lal bodlai i??-ii??\?- the ? ?
tracta, while bj no meana ?Ideal, repi
???ni the i" ?t .'.?r?-'.?,ii the) can obti
f..i- the public si this time ti,?' ?;?
?tti"t who alwaya is the "friend of I
people." ?n.li.'a'?'l ? Wan? i?> th? faleg
tion from the Brooklyn tranatl conf?
.-u? ?? thai he through! tibe ? ontra?
pretty i?a?i and %%?>?? i ? i prefer ???no- k?
??f municipal ownership and operatl
??f auhways, if varioue man who rep?
? ? ? opin! ?u? Il pi a 11? ,il .i/-r.,?-m.
didn't fail to hear and understand Kn
ii?h i-orrgi'ti?. in thai be i? in spproi
mate agreemenl with a minority <>f ti
Public S.r.i?.. i'.?milii--|'in an?l tl
Btaard <?f ?Estimate
The fJoverner Is an ardent profesa
??f the hcsne rule doctrine. Therefo
he Joyfully t-?k?-s r?-fuK?? skW ?behta
the ??!?? i?> is fact 'hat ?iiiil?r the 1k.ii
rule ?i?? inn?- tin? aubway muddle
for th?- N? ?a York ? "it> people to ? I?*.
up, obviously, tii?'r?-f<?r?-. the Govern*
is ii?.? ?i par. .?f the situation si a
until ii is shown thai th? ?local author
ties cannot settle the issu?- if the pri
i??--?.i . <?ntr??. is are k"???! ones, tl
i ?? ople a bou Id use all their Influence I
Induce the comtnlsalon to aign them;
bad, the papple owe II to themselves I
v.<?ik sgalnsi them
in anj mee the Governor thinka I?
la? - an unwarranted. The peo*-?ls ??r
tired of being ->trap-hangera Rver
man in public service ought to do wha
the people \?.?nt They should n<
"throw ?ln?i in the people's syea." Th
. ;?. ?t ti??r ?I? in??, in lustn ?? t?? Mi
Hearst, thai Ihe ??hior-poiitu'ian im
?spoken to him In favor ??f any <'an?ii
date for Mr. Witt-ox's place or Intl
mated or ssi?i he'd tak?* the pia<*e i
h<? COUld K1'' '' N?-ilh?r has Mr. I'.il
its? r In f?? t n?. influ?.n? i- i? betni
? ? r ? > ? i k h i to bear on the Qovernor, a
fai as he kimv-, directly or Indlrectlj
except b) Mr. WlllCOl in his own tuvot
A cbadn Of hitter writers wants Mr
WillroN r? tain?'?!, but the ?.o\?rnor
twenty-five years ?of a>|iertonco im
taught linn how may ii i? lo get lei
t?-rs written ?to anybody about any
Governor ?n No Quandary.
Noted) ?should g? i the i?l??a that tin
(.???.?rtiur is in a ?'uamlary. II?? is n??t
ami be admits he isn't. II?? known jusi
as much about Uns snows* slttmtloi
as any mim. hut be won't a? t until h?
is ?all'd on t?> ?I" *?" Bui if the Ctt*
ofiiciai? ?lon't ???m?? out Into the open,
the ("overnot will. II?- think? the I'nh
ii' ?Service Commission has done Htti?
?sa??- ti\" to solve the suhway prob?
lem. That ian't Ins way; ht- wants
I quick action on ' ontra? ts that shall In
"fair to taxpayer? ami the corpora?
The manifestl) touch) t*ondltton ??r
the Qovetpoa ami the ihertaaaa of tlm ?
I'ft lo Mr. WIIU'ox aro keeping all th?
Senators ami politii-inn? her?- k?-?nl\
interested in the rapid Irannii sinia
tion The g?nate will have to set ?m
the Hovernor's SPpOlUteS a? BIUTOSSOI
to Mr. Wlll.ox The Senat.- is a i<,?,?|
Tammany. <>r "orKunizatliui." Sit?ate.
It ? an he relied on to hohl up ? ??nflnna
iion of any appointee not abaolutely
and thoroughly a<'?-eptalile lo Murph?.
It .-an he r.-lleil on to har??? ami lui
ruiliat?' th?? tlovernor, or do anything
? Is? Murph? may i-onsid?" ne? essai?.
hut e\?-ryb??iy i?i hopim* nothing of
the n<>rt will be nei-esHar?
Th?- Senate's trouble.?. Murph?,'s
trouhl?-s. ?iovertior Sulzer'n tronliles. all
iiiiiKe on the tact that there is to !??? i
New York City ele? lion thin ? omlii?
?autumn, inn! the urgent need for oon
?lmtlt.K affaira here so Tammany'?
c ham ?va of tarrying that election he not I
inipcrlllt-d. I
Accepts Medal Awarded In?
ventor by Museum of Safety.
Dr. Rathenau Cables Congratu?
lations - Memorial for
E. H. Harriman.
i a ? Imeria an Muaa m o? tatet) el I
annual eaerclaea bald In ta? auditorium
of th Engin? ei h | .-*'? -*ietlee Building,
So .-' yveet Itii street leal nlghl pre?
? ted to 1 ? ?. ??- \ Edison a gold medal
f"i hie laventlon ol a lefetj electric mine
lamp Mr. Bdlaoa ? ? ???? i?<i the honoi b
??"\> aine? n?. amount ?>i perauaatoi
by family ?>? friends ? ould indue? blm to
...?v.- hli gboratoriea n Orange, a'bere
f.ii two mont hi b? has ??., n working
flight end ?ia.v prepering Itlnetophonee fa
deliver) to the moving picture theatres
lira Edlaon rat on the .i..tf>>ina <?u Iba
;.!t of President Arthur Williams ?>f the
muaeum leal night and it lb? ci.fth?
, \, r? '?.. ? stepperi up to take her h isband'i
ii f..r him to the ?>' ? "'i.i miment of i
storm of appleuee from Ihe well filled
ball Ii waa tbl muaeum'a Brat award of
tie Katliiiuti medSl. **.hlrh la>t MHS6SX?1
a i? placed si the disposal ol take Ajnoti*
ran Muaeum ??f Bafet) b) the Allgemein?
i.i.- trlciteets Oeoellechafl of Berlin, \o n
.-w.i.'d ?I annually f.,| tli?' beSt de. I?? ?
proceee ". the electrical Induatn foreafe?
Iguardlm the life and health >>f worl
Mr Edlson'g Invention bag 6 wider
than Itg use mere!) Is minee it
la In effect the Invention <>t g storage
batter) locked and compact, winch can
be need without feai ?>; tha ? i ipc of a
? ? in mines, hihi,el.?. w..rk unda :
u it, : In factories arhere sxplostves ar?
made, In powder magaalnea and In places
where ? apioelv? ga tea are g? aerated
Th? Ratheaeii i.lal was originell
presented with the feUcltatlone of Ihe
'. , . ? to i " Emit Rathenau, >-f Benin.
tin- mat? who ii trod ?? ? ?1 giecti lc III I
Into Oermsny, <>i.? inedSI i to la etrucli
each year from th? original dl? for the
Muaeum to award Dr, Rathenau, alto la
.i . loan personal friend of Edison's, n,-nt
a .aide aaeaoaga t.? the Mu??'.m congratu
laiiiii: it on i?? cholee of a n eiptenl for
the medial
The annual awarding of as?dale wg
iii.'-.e i.i?! night for Ihe muaeum t>v pro
- or y i' Hut ton, a \ \m on **hl**nl of
the Inetliutlee ib* ??.*\?>i the Rathenau
.lei mini ti.? last, giving ?"?i lit?' "Tha
Si-ientiM. American'1 aoM a*-**dat, for the
most efihi? nt aefet) device invented In
the last three yenrr, to ?Or, W, t Mon?s.
.. n | .m behalf of ihe Drsegsr Osygen
Apparatua Company. Tins eompan) le the
propii.t?.. of tl"' pultnoi'r. the .... Hsu'ii
?>f the award,
Th. second gold n??-.iai. n?. gtn ,,r th?
Travelcra* Inaurance (Company, went t.,
the Men Votb Bdlaoa Compenj f"t Its
arorh la mfeguerdlag the llvee and beelth
..f it-, amployea In it' power housea Tha
National ?'ash Register Company w??n th?
Lout? Beamsn gsM medal for its prograi
and achievement Is the promotion ol in?
dustrial hygiene end eaaltatios mid the
mitigation >?f occup?r4ional dlseaaea .lohn
w Lieb, ? i? ? -pteHiii. nt ami general man
ager, received th? medal tot the Edison
company, and Krederlck Patterson for
the National ?ash Register Company,
?Hi thg ri(,'lit "f I'reM.I.-nt William- Ml
Andrea Carnegie, and on the left "i Mrs.
BkttasS sal Mi? ''aine-*!.. "Doctor" <ai
segie, m be asg referrad i" h.v tha h*ir
man. told the audience boa exalted be
had I'll white lletaulng lo the upolt Of
grogreea made b] Mr. Williams, He also
I told them, much t?. then smuaement, be
hail become lost In th? JBngUaSerlng Bode?
I ties Building B little eurlli'l III lie even
I ing, a building tow.nd whose erection he
contributed the major portion
T. C, Martin, ehalrmas of the executive
committee of th- museum, win. followed
i Mr. Carnegie aitb an eloquent destilo
iion ??f the mueeum'e need ?>f un adequate
building "i lia own, -at.i be was ver) kU.i
thai Mr. Carnegie was prsssni i?? hear
Proa idem \siiii.mis road ? lettsi from
i Mis k ii Harriman snnoanelng the
I foundulioli Of lh>* K. Il liai i hiiiin
I menu,rial gold medal to be awarded an
i mially by the mUMUm'g hoard of trustees
t?? the American steam railway making
the li.-.st reii.nl in accident preventioti
and Imlustrial hygiene affecting the pli"
lie ami it.*? own personnel diu-inn enea
current year. Mrs 1 Ian Im.in funned 0U6
? if the audience
Miss Mande m Hols?s*h, the BagUeh
lecturer and author, nave a le. ture on
"The Italkans a ti.i L'aliiiatlu" at the
Hotel plane reeterde** afternoon, The
aiffalr was under the auspices of Hie Aus?
tro-H ?macar?an a'onsul. Among tho?"
present were I ?r. .lohn II. Kltile.v, pre*!
?Ii nt of the i'olleice of tin- a'U> of New
York, and Mrs Douglas Kohlnsoii and
Mrs ?v k Dragar, ?>f the hc<i Carosa
l'art of the proa'eeds of ihr lecture are lo
go tu the Keil a'rosa. I
< SI ?50,000 SALARY W
President Shonts Also A
nounces Company Store witf
Food at Cost for Employes.
First Produce Station Will I
at 50th Street and Eighth
Avenue, with Others to
Follow All Over City.
I ?-tgoro?a attack on the high cot?
living i'iot.i..iu. tngt,.,,.,. llV ([l(. ,?..,
of tha x.?u </orh Rallwaya Company
tha int-f.Mi ,.f ho ,,?,,. tl.ous.'iii.l ,,: ,,,..
employ?-? through n?. m? ?iium of a |UI
'??? salary iMi'ease snd tl.atsbilahme
"' a ? ii.nii ?,i . .iii,|?,n\ uterut a-tter? ii
ti?B?*easa-iea of Ufe may be (?m.-! ased ,
'??Mt. wot aiiiKiutn'.'.i t.\ l'i.vi,!?i: That
dort P Sii..iit.? i,| the ?iiitiual r.,|! of ti
campan) al the Harlem ??.isn,,i ?asi Digtl
Tbe raise In a/ages s/lll go Into 'it'? ? i i
Pebi ...n?.? t, au?) plana bave ht ? n ?draft?
! i .ii? Brat company store, .ii ,?'?i
-ti?-, i ai,.i Bich?n .-.?.-nu?', ??nil othara I
follow all over the eit)
The good i.? .?-? for the empli
their i'amili, - ?v,m ;t i-,. m]? |. te -ni in 'tl
foi tu- bundreda of elevated weo who si
tended ti,. iMn. Even ?.til? i ol the coo
panj asa it.-s.-m, au.i when Mi tuent
?t.??.- to tpeuk the i/iil'iooiu floor of th
? 'asina wat crow?*"? ?!
When, without any preamble, Mi
Shonts made hla announcemeni he ara
compelled to wsll several minutes untl
ih?- applause ?li'-?i awn- ii? w?a folio?????
bj ?Prank Medley, ilce-preaidenl and gsn
eral managsi of the road, who dev? ope?
tbe a*o<rkinga of the plaa aa auggeated b?
u?. heads of the ?com? ? -
Plen Long Considered.
According tu l'i?-s!?|. ut Sn??lit.i. til?- ?-0
operativo plan has bees under ?considers
lion aluce the .ipani aatabltahed ti.?
reel eatlon centres for > tnpto) as al -.
rioua i'.ii i ? of the line, tl these rwn a
tion tent rea tobacco and light loncha
????re put ??u id foi ti,? road - patrona
and the au ?cesa ol th ? f< stura of 11m
enterprise later ?arompted tha estaMlah?
rnenj ol restaursnts. wbare employes
could K?*t a an ?etaatlal luncheon for a
small i ?m "f ui'iii' ??
\\ ii??n Mr. Bhonta a#enl Ii to office si ' '?"
bead of th? road th .?>.-<?,.. ratl | las
. ,,im. i<> - - ? ?i ? ? and h? -'-t '" worh to
-, tii?- >.. h?-m. .- ions tha Hi aa of the
? ini.io???-' ?tares in o|*arattao In Pei-ama
Pol lowing tha matin d in pra? ??? ? In 11 ?.
? anal Zout. Mr. gl outs advo ..'? u tbi
pai ? base ??? - ippllrt dire? t from the
h hol? tali r snd theli -.
al ? oat
w hen tbe board of dir? ? loi - mel ra?
il the plan wa ? -? I before tbi m si d
unanlmoualy advocated while tha In?
. .. i?. arsg*4 - will afft I onlj slmul
f,. ii ? men, the ? o-?.p? 'ratlva
? ? ? ? ? lannd !?? "
i?i. The plan will n >t be adopted until U
dlj voted ipon '.??? the ? m
plo) ? >- Thla a III be merel) a formalitj
Will Be Tried Gradually
??\\ .? -hall !.. Kin With '?!.' 01 I??'?
ii rt.M.h-iit Bl oat i, -?.ni try
out the si in-ill.' b) degreea if th? em?
ployei take advantagi <?f the opportunity
t., ^. t !? odSt ??I? .?'- ?'"-" '??? -^I.:i 11 ? ? '
ih? -????ti-iu until it is big ? 'i?>?i>;ii ;?' t.iK?
core of al o i ?? n AI lirai we i
i,... |. no litghl; ?perls able good? in itock
-, ii ti . expai ? '"n of th? ?3 stem ma) leafd
-.. .,- - thing
? Tl.i i|?.u ? ? ? \
enae* f a ?...,-. ? i at ring
.,i forma where it rould n: ? Ita ????n ?
i-i-,?.in. ? Th? ? ? si ???? ? ?? i -.. .?? Bishth
,,\. ?,-;. and -f r? ? I ?i??i If ? h? ??i. i .
take? hold the next ?? III ? ? al lUth at eet I
ai-,.1 l^'ii"\ ?? - "?_
They Supply Jersey City Pris
oners with Cocaine.
Prisoners in the Hudson County jail. In
Jersey t'lty. who have the cocaine hahit
have no difficulty In getting the airni*.
This bOOSme known yesterday when sev?
eral prisoners were up before Judge a'arey
for geatsaae Two were cocaine gggrg
and the Jud?*e interrogated then? to lean,
whether they had suffered lot lack of tit,
drug They told him that they had ie
????ived postal ?aid?, that hail been mtu
rated with the drug and dried. Card? aa
treated may be easily purchased, th,...
John ?'lark, who pleaded non mit to
,,ii ?i. i?.i.s assault and battery, a.liiiltt?.,.i
that-h?' had received an adequate aopplj
from the pootcaida il** was '.*iv?*ii ?igh?
teen menthe in the penitentiary to gel ta
drug out of him. Harry Melt ?n's sent rice
wee deferred, aa the court deetred lonaafci
.m Invaaettgatton of his statement that
cocaine ha?i been taken to him In Jell *
his brother. The Ju.lge said this Ind:
cated eareiessneaa en the pari of the all
olflcials tliat might justify hctioti agalnei
Mbany, Jan. 23 State regulation of ti,?.
sa'.- ..f fiinii producto OH commission |a
BOI'.ghl m a I ill introduced Id-da) hy
Senator Rooeevelt. it would require the
Ii? I'tisme and bonding Of persons engggi I
in liiat bualneM and would prescrib? pe?
a'ties for frauds, such as false ?'ate.
i*es Moines, Iowa. Jan. a. -Bqual ?St?
fragieta arare successful in ha vue a Dim
reeotutton providing for the guhmleelos of
the i|iiestloil to the voters introduce.) )n
the oweff House of the Iowa Legislature
to-da v.
I eel? ?Gem?
Is Sentiment Worth
Fabulous Sums?
Tecla Rubies are as genuine as
tho?; found in Mother Earth.
1 hey are scientifically con?
structed from the same in?
gredients ?i*- natural rubies.
1 he greatest "1 ecla" at?
tainment is the production of
1 re la gems are mounted
only with real diamonds,
in original settings created
in the Paris atelier.
398 Filth Avenue 10 Rue de la P?j?
7 Old Bond Stre-t 1">1 ntr. denLuidrn
Pt.iIartVlphi? \V?!nut s! a' 16*
\l lahinttoo rSl.nllth. N. W
Si, Lo.il' lofuit ?t I Oil?
-VLnt.c Gty "'H Boirdwilk
Vc. lb Av<?nji? Miavr.?
Virntii 1 k?in'.hn?*r?4r?ate
A welcome ?ucst in
Ai world-^med resort hotels
California resort hotels provide
Broadway luxuries. Stately palms
and acres of roses recall Arabian
Nights. Golf links and tennis courts,
outdoors; ballrooms, private dining
rooms and luxurious suites, indoors.
A Santa Fe train will take you there.
The California Limited ? kin?.?; of the limitait ?
exclusively for firsl class travel ? runs every day
? sleeper for (?rand Canyon.
Santa Fe de-Luxe ? the only extra-fare l?yer. Chi?
cago and Kansas City to Los Angeles ? once a
week this winter ? America's finest train.
California Fast Mail ? also the Los Angeles Express
?nd San Francisco Express ? three other daily
trains ? t,hey carry standard Pullmans, tourist
sleepers and chair cars ? all classes of tickets
Fred Harvey meals.
Visit Grand Canyon of Arizona en route.
0 t
Say which train you prefer. Will mail booklets.
fleo. C. Dilla-il. Hen. Kastrin l\iss. Alt.,
37" ?n?.I 1":ii BiMilaay. New York City.
1'lu.ue, Kranklin SttlO and ...I.

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