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Nr\v$ork ?fcnbunr.
Own?* ?nd publlkhed dally by The Tribune
A??oclatl<>n. a New *.erk corpoiatlon; OS?*??
M asM. PtesMset; ?"i M Hainlln. Secretary;
Jume? M Barrett, Tn aaur? r. AddreaB, Tribun.
Building. No, 154 NaM.au street. New York
M i;s- liition RATXS ?y Mall. WOOtMtU
I'aid, ..u'..?i? of ovate* Meu Tors.
Dally arid .Sunday, one month. a"3
Dally and Buadajr, ?Ix month?. 1-H
Jjaily and .Sunday, one yeai. SW
I>Hily only, on? month.
Dally only, ?ii m.mil.a. Mf
D-ilv onl>. on* year. 1 ! '
?-a. day only, nix inontha.? tf\u
Suadar only, on? year. aae
Foreign ???'??'-rlptlons te e.!1 ?-nuntrtea tn th?
Lnlvcrtaal ruatal Union laelsdles pe?lese
On? month.tl M ' MM See*.W *0
Fix month?.$71 07 | One year. 16 1*
On. month.11.01 ono year.$12.21
pas month.11.00 One year.$io M
DAIL1 OlfliT;
fino month.$ JSS ' One year.$e.?>0
On? month.$ ,M One yoar.$4 f,t
Catered a? tha? fnatessea at Ms York at
Second fiera Mail Matter.
Our render? will confer a fnvor a*f advising
ti? whit? they are uuat.lv to procura a copy
of Th. Tribun, from their n(*w?dea!or.
Addrea?: Tribune, circulation Department.
Mr. Knox- reply t?> Sir l'alwnnl
Uny'a protest against ?lixriniintitinc
!?*iiii?.si?>ii of toil?, nt Panama ?s pro*
si'inptnely th? l>?*<t that could lia*
talada*. The Secretary of State is fa?
miliar With ??very ?ictail of the a-asp
and la an aoc?9tnpllsbed logician ami
i nailer. He ha?- the Important a?l
rgatage, also, <?r being nipportod bj
?i President who hi sincerely conviin-e?!
>.f the oorrectaeai .?f ihe Atneihan at
tiltiala* nuil who hai l>?*i*ti al?l<* t.? f<>n
rlnce Qreal Brttala <>f hi** ilncertty.
The i.itt?*r hi a highly rglmtble oon*
siilemtion, n ml it i* due partly i?> Mr.
Tnft's ?*liai-a?-t?'r and r?*i?utation hefore
tin* world and partly P> his frankly
expressed willingness t<? suhniit the
?tispiit?* to arl.itratioti In the ponslblfi
toatlngea?y Unit it cannot be settled
i>.\ dlnn negotlatloni between tli?* tw?.
lowers corn-erne?!. It i*. worth a fmif
deal to i??* able to enter negotiation*?
with sti?*h ra?i?tite and record.
Tho fa? t is. howerer, that this foni
hla? presentation ?.f the administration*!
side of the Cgae fail- to he culivitu in;*:
to the whole American nation. It Ii
I'lohahiy not convincing t?. mon than
?i small minority, I nhesitatimrly con
tadtag the traaapannl itocertty ??f the
rtoeMcnl'i tnotlvn and representa?
tions, most Americans decline i.? agree
with liim. or at h'ast think thai his
position requires confirmation by BOOM
Impartial authority hefore it is enacted
inio law and pal into execution. The
very strength of this n.?ie. following!
right tip?>n th?* powerful argumenti ?>.
Senator Root on the Other side of the
'question, emphasises the desirability
?>r mapeadlng leglalatioa until diplo?
macy has done it?; work. If this coun?
try were | unit in support of the pol?
icy of last year'*- law it might still
fa*ei it arles to pause hefon ? serious
. hallen*.'?*. Hut sin??* it II widely di?
vided, and since Its for?*most dipkv
taatir and legal lutborltlei tak?* alia
aielHcally oppoaits elewe, then leemi
t?? i??* n?. course compatible witii reason
?nd Imtior but to recede from the
ground which more than half <>f OUT
people bellen ure bare no right to
t::ki'. at least until <>ur rights in the
ti.atter jare Indisputably ascertained.
Acknowledgments are ?lue t<? the
Prtaaienl and hi- Secretary of state
for this prompt and powerful presan?
tatlog of the caae, which encourage?
the hope already expressed thai th"
alisputa- will ha* dlSPOBCd Of hy direct
negotiation between the United King?
dom ntnl tha- I'nited Stati.'s liefore th?*
.-lose of the present administration.
I'.ut that hop?? does not diminish the
aiesirahiiity of promptly repealing the
disputed portion of the law. Then
will he time enough for enactments
when we have made sm-e what are
here a ri^'ht to enact.
The executive committee of the
Mayor's citizens' committee mi th?*
celebration a?f the ten???nt??iiary ?>l New
York seems on the who!?* to h;i\e acted
wlaely on Wadneaday In Its eelectlwi
Of a date. To what extenl this islaml
Wg| actually and permanently settled
In 1618 is and Is likely to remain ?li?
pulad. Hut if. a?. Mr. K. H. Hall as?
sured his coHeagUOa it is positively
<ataMlabed that th?> first ?harter t??
trade here was granted to Adrian van
Hloek In Oetoher. 1 ?H 1. then is a ?hit?'
Oil which action may cont'ulently I.i*
taken. More??v?*r. in vl??w of the pre
a mitiantly commercial ?*hara?t?*r of
New York, it Is a peculiarly apnroprl
Bta date.
There an oihei.Dtdderations. The
time sehvteri will so nearly coincide
?\:th tin* caatenary of th?* ilgnlng of
Ihe Treaty of Ghent that '-elehra'tion <?f
that dlatingulahed achleeemeni may
well be Included Por ths Mme festival.
The htinilreal years of peace will be
a*enenlly cornnteartorated thrtaughou!
thi? country. :in?l some of the m??<t
Impreaatee obaerrancra may he ai th?*
t-, at of the liationitl ?.'??veninient. Bui
u.iwhere shonlal that ??elehratiaiii he
more impress?;*,,.. .,?, .?'itainly it aim
POwhere he m?>r<* appropriate, than in
the metropolis whose history forms s??
vital a link between <?ur colonial and
nstloanl eras. The tercentenary of
N?-w York's trad?* and the centenary
i i' the final vindication of the light to
trail?* freely nia\ \\?*li be tommSMltl
ruled together
Nor is a third txuMaderatkm t.? i??.
a.\a'ii'?ok?'?i. At aixiut thai time, as
tha* old almanac*- used to say. look ?Hit
for th?' opening <>f th?* Panama Canal.
The formal open i n** is expe? teal to he
??ii the first day of I'll."?, hut It Is not
Improbable thai some informal and
??.\|>4?rlm?>iital naanuges "*?**? ?11 La- a'tTa*. t?*?l
us early as October, 1914. That. t<>?>.
win he na achleeemeni of transcendent
impoiTaiic?' to the commercial world
and to New York as a commercial city,
anal it. too. may appropriately ha a*?>:n
ii?ein?i:'ate?l. even if a trifle in aalvaiiaa-,
ut the sniue time. When It is uddc<l
Hint Octoi??-!- i< ih?' rime "i ???ii
which rneteorologlcal conditions ;
n,nst favorable for pil-ie.-ilitii?'- H
< i'lelinitioii-?. ?-specially in 111 * - ??pen |
us th?s?? ?v?nii?i large!/ ba, and
a/bleb the sheer j?>y of living ?s rah
t? Its lili*h(-?t power, tliei'?' will be
-rouera I iniliiintloii t<> flo?I:it-<? that t
??ommittoe has done well, ami I?? Bl
port it in 11 nu?vejii?'nt to make <><?
l?or. 11114. a time long t<? bt reinei
bei oil in the Hnnnls of Manhattan
(?overti'ir Sulzer cuis a sorry ti_-u
wavim: the Hearst luignltoo in the ?
and tryin*. t?? fri-.hten the ?Public B
vi??? Commissioners und the rapid ttl
sit companies into n hurried ?iirreeiiiei
PO that he iii'iy dod'-e responsibility f
that agrei-ment on the ground that
was si?*iie?l lii'fore Hie end ?>f ('??inni
sioncr Willcox**- term. Is that th?? ki
of champion the "plnin people" have
Albany? If lie lielievi-K the j.r??|????
e<uitra?'ts ?ire a ?betrayal O? thi im"?!-?Ii
interests, why isn't the Gorernor m
eiiotigli lo remove I'onmiissionor Wl
COI and hlock their .-lcieptaiic'''.' If
believes that they are the biSl |>r;
tlcable s?iliiti.?ii of the problem. wl
isn't lie man enou?rh t?? ht them
tliroti'.'ti (O completion, even if t??
lakes some time heyomi February \ :
Mr. Sulzer is plainly afraid to I
feat the pr?sent plan. To do s<> ?\?>u
mil too many sections of ihe rap
transit they expeei. it would make t?
many pi-rsons pa* a "B*cond fare wl
would have l??'cu carrii'd under the pi
posed dual system for ?m?'. ? H
wauls to wash his hands of the respo
sit.iliiy for ?lealimr with the hatcil ??<
I?oratio,.s thronch co-operation \\ i
which al'ine a comprehensive rap
iransit service brluglng all parts of tl
??ify within reach for a single nickel
Mr. Sulzer is bus? trying to fool ti
"plain p?'o)?le" in whose uhOOSe ' I
lives. H" i?.- trying t? ? make them ihii
thai lie i< ?straining ev?try nerve t.? pr
???m iiiem fron ?being betrayed, whi
lie is really almost dying of hear' ?li
ease as th ? iiews comei to Albany thi
the sit'iii.i'; "f th?' ?contracts may ?be ?i
I laved so long thai lie o;iliii?>l a???!
i scting.
Is the ?Governor's independence an
mora real than his courage.
It nkes seven of Governor Wilson
anti-trust hills t?. rover the legfslatli
**round ??oviti',1 by the ilngle brii
Sherman anti-trust set. And ?lo the
?cover It. We should never know uni
the ciiurts had spent year-- [fl constn
in-_- them, snd Hiere is plenty of oppoi
tunlty for the courts to work In tb
?mass of wordi us?-?] to define and pr?
blbll a trust.
There ?s sn attempt to be a|>eclfl<
bul does ii ?_<?( anywhere? Listen I
this: Corporations, firms or ?person
are forbidden "to make any agreemen
"by which they directly or Indlrectl;
"preclude a ?free and unrestricted vom
-???lit i? ?ii among tlmmselvea,'1 et'*, i
that any elrarer than th?' Bbermai
???el's hriof prohihitioii ggllnst POmhl
notions, contracts ??r ??? iisi'lracie? "Ii
restraint ?>f trade'"- The ?courts, if tb
Sherman a?-t had followed the lines <?
|th??e Wilson hills, would have had t?
define whal preelndlng free snd unre
stinted ?-ompetitioii iva?, jual as tin;
hare had i?> ?define ?vh.it reatratnt ??
trade I?.
When you are ?going to prohibit "re
strain! Of traile" you can't do so with
out iisin;- those ?>r equivalent word?
And if you have i<? fall hack opot
ponera I terms the 1-agueneSS ami un
certainly remain, even though ,v"i
bury them ?iinoim a lh<?iisaii?l word*
u (ii-iveriior Wllson'i Mil draft?**
have ?lone. M n 111 j?H < ? i t v <?f words ont'
h.? rases the nnct-ftalntj
'i he state Senate has passed th?
woman suffrage smendment In prop?1
form t?? equalise the resilience require
liieiit for naturalized men and ????iiieii
As the ameiiilmeiit pas?e?l tii? Assom
lily il left the door open for the MWl"
in rived or newly marri?-?! ?vives o
nnfhiralized citizens to vole, thougl
the? might hgve h?'?'ii In thla .''Hintr"
f??i only a short linn?
Thla was an obvious injustice t?
men who were required to upend tiv?
, years and then secure forms 1 admis
| skm to dtlsensbip subj?sct t" examina
tton Into their fitness by I <<>urt lii'fur.
voting, it was also unfair to othei
women. The native born ????mai
-.rows up lure with a ?knowledge "I
our institutions, and If she recelve
thc ballot will have spent twenty?on<
years in preparation for it. The DO
married woman of full ige who roinci
here has to spend her five yi'.r.'s t?
seine citizenship by formal natural!
zation. There is n<> ?good reason fm
?llscriinlnation with respe, t t?? tin
franchise in favor of women who gj
wives or minore receive the piivllt-gei
if Aitii'i-ican citizenship for the pro
I tection of their ?'?vil tights merely by
virtue ot the naturalization of a hus
hand or father. The stiff nij-ists wh?i
are so Bloquent in demands f??r equal
Ity and In opposition to anything ii?*?1
dependence of women as member* of
a family should be the sfront-est ? u??
mies ?if any smli favoritism t?? a p.*?i
tleular class of wnini'ii.
The provisions of the Senate bill ifv
tiicf ni? hardship on Immigrant w??men.
Some critic? Of it are <listur!n?d ??vit
tlu terrihle trial to women njiluralized
by inarrlage only of having t-? secure
under proper siifecuards a certiiiciit"
of good character and of residence for
live years Yet that Is no m??r?> than
naturalised men have t<? do. :m?l the
raffrage movement is mpposed i?> Yut
one for ?"?uallty. in?t special prhilege
Moreover, these critics ttonselves "??
linse the family naturalization rule
which makes a uife's nationality f??l
li'W that ??f her husl>an<l. and profess
to desir?1' its change; ?-tin. for the
present th'-y want il t?> favor women
by giving them specially quick access
t<? ihe ballot 1 ???x. They appai?'ntly
fail t<? appre?iate the public rcas.-ns
f??r ?'oniuioii nationality of a family <?r
they woul.l not a?lviii?jti- the riuiinl?
l???Ut llietll'Ml of ctSangS ill the feili-fal
iiatiiralization law to undo what they
ask New V??rk I" etia.t. in time of
war a family <>f divided alleulame
ii?i-?'lit raise troublesome ?im-stiotis. es
IMH?alIy if the country of it? origia
i wer?. Inrolred. The property Inleresti
! of tin* family might be put in question
i as well as j|s ?pity 1?? the ?.'??va-nnnent.
I Tin- existing rule i?. a -mud 000, fol*
! low ?*?1 by most count rie.-, ami its nho
I lit ion is n?.f neceeaary to practicable I
equal franchira law-. as the af?nate
| hill Bbows,
That mooaura flees foreign h<?rn
wumen fully equal rights with foreign
horn men. lotting mlnon mad?* citizens |
bj their father's naturalisation vola* on (
cr-*mlng ??f ?ruge, and only luqulrlng
.?i women naturalized solely by mar?
riage tha? -ann* titno-s for tha? ballot
I exacte?! of their hushands. Anything
; iess OUgU to he regarded as an insult
by woman raffra*rts*ts. They eertalnly
i iia. not want the ballot flung l" them
US a triiU- not worth guaitttug? W ?I
plaything Which they cannot !>?? ?'X
peeled i?, qualify tot on the sum.'
term- Bi men.
Tli?* Turkish Cabinet falls hefore th
! fUry Of the mob. Its fault was that
it bad t?.gnlawl and yielded to the
Inevitable. Turkey ?\as beaten by the
allies in th?* held snd in eoundl era?
I advised hy tin* powers?to agree with
her ml versa ries quickly. Therefore,
1 her goreramenl chose the purl of arle*
i dem and ?greed t" terms which, if un
welcoina*. were at any rate not a- bad
as they might liava* been, ?in?l not m'?'?'
ly as bad as tiia*y mtgbi I" the ?'nd
I be If the war were resume?! an?! Tur
key wer?* finally left t<> th.* ttncore*
; minted men i? s of her rooqueron. But
the moi? rboosefl th?' perl of unwisdom
, in clamoring for a war which its own
: n.emiiers would he loath lo wage, and
' In driving tram) office the men ?ho bad
I dared ta? serve their country accorrdliig
! lo the dictates of their beat Judgurent
! and coneclence.
It is to he horne in mind, however.
i that the mot? of Conatantlnople baa
ccuae for exasperation in the facl that
| tin- humiliating disaster follows etooe*
? lj upon i lie* beeil ?'f a similar one In*
I dieted by Italy. Xor will it he over*
la ?>ke?i tiuii the mob .- poten! rioewbere
a- well i- in Constantinople. The
King of Montenegro la Inaiating that
s,-mari must !>?? ceded t" ins country
or the mob of the Blach Mountain will
orive him from th.- throne. A ilmllar
i?i??a was n.,1 long a^'?? made for Ber
v la. t>. lupporl lier demand for an
Adriatic port, and in Greece, Bulgarin
and even Rumania the Infltience of the
populace ami ii- passionate demanda
has been Bck?u?i**wWged. it is not a
n i ognitlon of enlightened and Jndl
rl< n- public ??pinion, bul ?tlH*r of
he? illess clamor.
Mr. Ilyndman. ii??' ftoclallat, In hi*
I autobiography d>|?lorei Bernard Bbaw'i
regetarisnlsm If Shan ata meat be
thinks Shaw might hare boeu only ?
little h? Ihan Shalv?-p?*ai?' as I drain
aii-l and certainly at least 0 real So
.-i.-iii-t lastrad of i men Fabian. We
hat.- to bring; s.. hlghl) controversial a
-iihiiM-t .is Shaw into relation with M
cotiir.iversial a BUbJect a- diet. Wh.it
f\?*r is Mid i** inn i?? offend Shavians
or sntl-Bbsvlsus, regetariam or antl*
recetar?an* Bui would Bhaa hare
-oi?! if in* bad ??aten meai and bad the
changes In his InteHaBctual proceeam
which Mf Hyndman ii ao sure ??t taken
Then ia ??? markel for breakfast f.l
! pi.ked predigented and pol up Into
| neat packages. And Bhaw i- i brea*.
fail f.i Ibsen, t bl?raOdleai Man and
' i pt***dige*ted Xletzacbe. When y?Mi
! read iii- books you ??'.> in for Intellect?
uel regetarianlsm. Von an benefited
: Von Le?on-?' thereb) a luperior penon
; "iheie is a reason." Bee the label on
| ih?* carton. There an times whw the
public i- Intellectually ihren lo regeta*
; rianlsm. Mr. Shaw has made the most ?
j of such i time. Had be eaten meal be
? ini-'hi n.it nave aold.
Senator Tllltnan pots sn unearned]
laurel ?.n ii??? brow of Oorernor Cole
Blease when he ratai the latter ai ?
detnagogne unequalled in history except
l.,\ a'nt.iliae and Aaron Purr Thai ll
eompauj <iuit?* beyond Bleaae'i clasa
Sa>- the indignan! ?Senator: "Cata*
"lim* among the Romana snd Aaron
"Hmr smong the Amerlcani ira
"ilia* only other men i bare ever rend
"of who were equal lo Blease in bam i
"in.../Jin- the people." Cicero prob?
ably exaggerated the vices of Catalina
a little for oratorical effect, bul Mr.
Tinman i- doing a far greater service
to the |iresenl Oov?rrnor of Bouth
Carolina, who seems t.? he ?i pretty
??heap imitation of a rani demsgogue
and whose power for harm i- limited,
even in lot narrow area in whi? h il is
now exercised, by the lack of any
ajenulhe Intellectuality behind it and
the very coarse and vulgar aelf-aeektng
with which it is tainted.
I'-ii?. in*,* CataHae and Burr .?m ??r
the question, naan'i Mr. Tlllman ever
beard <.f Benjamin r. Butler, whom
Andrew Jolrtnson, when be was Presl
?lent, described In a r*onfldeutlal letter
a* th?' greatest demagogue ol thai
day?a J*jdgmenl which Butler*! erahne
quenl nrecrcame nry mar Justifying!
Burr and Butler had Imagination,
learning, nil and the fascination of the I
Inherent ly ami COUragOOUSlj w i?*ke?|. |
Blease isn't worth iMntioulng In the
rame breath, n?* is i mere clown in
??oiiiparison. moving a narrow circle ??f
I admirer- t? open-mouthed amasema nl
hy his oncoulh antics If be stays in
aifli.a* a few years latrnger lie will prob?
ably reform, bacaeaa be aill s.-,? thai
ii?? must reform la order t?< k?*a-p siin
longer tn oJhee,
The ?motor ?9outh Carollni senator
rep?-ls wii'i nior?' than Ciceronian vein?
raence the ebarge that he is jealous
of Please, -h is untliinkal.l?.." ha says
with i rhetorical ibudder. Vet many
i.pi?- who raeall Mr Ttilman'a miad I
days win i,?, tempted to conclude thai !
Bisam has studied recan? Bouth Caro
llns history to good effect and Is con?
vinced r 11?* r another Benatonhlp is f??
be won by the timely use ,,f "H,,, pitch*
fork.'' The Blease -?r i??i:: \g h, boom
reepsets i copy of the TUlmna <?r l*-.?.?;!.
an.i if any Jealouaj cauesals itself in
the Senator's hreast it muat I??* aim? in
pati t?? neiiitmsnl at i plain hifrtnge*
ma'iit of copyright Mr. Tlllman ?*an,
however, compose hla wrath, if Blease
?sticks to his cliiisiii model all will he
well. Twenty years hence, insteaal of
[being i Catfiltna. or i Ban, <>r a iteu
| jainin i\ ?Butter, be trill be ottdy ???
?>lher Tillmaii.
If ??overnor Sulzer wants the strap
Ihanger rats he would do wet. to pro?
mote the ?.xecution of the pending BUb
Iway contracts, even at the ? <>st of a
break with his "parliciilar friend."
Mr. Lincoln Steffen? surely ?annot
object to a fellow aspirant tot "social
justice" walking off with his pueket
book. I?idn't Mr. Steffens try to per
miade us a little while ano that ?rime
was not crime, but ?revolution?
If the St ite Department of Weights
ami Measures is useless it is larK'l.v
because the LSglseS.1.11 S has refused
to pass ade'iuate laws tr? protect the
p?op|e of this state from short weight
and adulteration.
Ml. Roosevelt bad b.ttrf lo??k after
the Hon. William Kent, of California,
lb- talks abonl the Progri'ssives in
Congress supportim* Wlbaon. That is
contrary to ordern.
The ?I'l'l llghtM discovered I?.? th??
I't'ti h sdentlai is just th?- thing for
this kind of weather.
The Delaware Legislature in dead?
locked over the ?sleCftlOH of a fuite?!
States Senator. It is in? new sensation
for I?o\??r. where a deadlock has long
been sa welcome as a country clrcun
The one tiling Mr. Sulzer does not
want to do is !?? get hohl of that sub
WS" bear bv th.? tail. He niii*ht have
trouble letting K?'
(i<?vi'inor Hiram Johnson s son won't
box, and so the amateur welterweight
championship won't be brought back
to California. Where is that recall
Nature always evens things up.
While winter on shot's has been so far
on? of the mildest on record, at s?-a It
has been the harshest in the memory
<?f most .\<?rth Atlantic navigators
Kver.? body knows that Mr Bulsei
strive.? to pleas?-, but is be K"ing to
please th? ?people <>f Mew v..rk .?t Mr.
Hearal '
The deatb of ?.>?-?>r-ie <;. ?Reynolds, as
ih.' result of ?m a? ? ni? nt. in th?- nlnet) -
second ?ear ut Ins up?, removes BBB
of the most totsrestlng ami venerable
ligures ??' the New v??rk bar. Jutlge
Reynolds was one of Brooklyn'i insti?
tutions, U"t merel) on account <?f his
?year?, ??in? h he migbt bave i?'ti as?
pected t?? round out t.? ,? hundred but
i.?t the fall whlcb fractured his ?skull,
s?. Btrong WSI h?' m mind ami bO'iy, hut
.?is?? t??i his pur?- character, his high
sblllties and his ?services ??f a rellgtoua
and ? i? i" character. Judge Reynolds
was admitted lo th- bar slxty?elghl
yesra ?sgo snd sfter ?practising slss
where eettled m Brooklyn m l?%4. ii.j
? - ?long a Judge ??t th?' ??id City Court
and served fur a Une m the Bupremi
?'?un. After ins retirement be carried
On a? II? ?' M BC"tlce t??r many v ?-.u ?
Ju<tlge Hivnolds was ;? follower of
Horace Oreelej in the Uberal Rep-ub-?
1;? .ill lie?? ? Ill? nt of I8?2.
As ? i ? - ?i ' "f 'he Increeaed ? teal >?t llv?
. - i. Kraaca the phyalctaaa practtatag
in Havn decided lo ralea tii?-ii f.?-. ?and
on December II the publl? ??.?? ii??titi?*<i
through th?- ?press "On sod sfter Jenu?
?in i, lilt, ?preeeat fees of 3, t sad I
freaca ($0.171, 11.771 mu-i ll-Ml) the
?. is?? ?.?ii i.? locreesed lo ?. I ?and ?? t<?
i" franca (M.77Z, $" ???..'? and 11 III le
* '? (The minim m fee is thus Used
:?i 10.771 ? This? fees ??in ba doubled
under the following ?midtttoni (1) Ur?
gent ?ills, or tin?.--?' made at a specified
hour. (By urgent ?tails ar? u?nder8t<oad
tln.s?. ,|, m,',?!? ?1 after the departure of
tin- physician im i?i? ?dally ?routine??aftar
s o'eloch ni the morning <> aftai .'i
...lock it, th?- afternoon!, (}) visits re
?iinioii ?between '? snd i" o'e?otk in tin*
evening; Ol visits ?mada en ?gandaya and
liolnlavs ."I nil*l?t ?Islts (after li?
li m i regular feea '?ill ?be quadrupl?sd.M
"Well, Bill." ?hu? ih?' t? niporuiiv re?
tir? ?I Im: ?lar t?? hl? pal. tin res Ott? thing
| we oughfer ?be thankful f.?r here ?a the
p? t?
Wots that~" ?aid ?ill
"We ain't bothered much dodgln' '?rt?i
mobiles or wisrryln' ovsr tin- high cos? o'
llvinV sai.i the T h H HarneVa
ll>? .|.>l?:i Van l???r?n Vnuii?, ?*xp?-it. ??v?
II.- tuooiii ???.I Hie rat Iihv no j?!h?c in
? .,..:?! i ?. ci?-? . See ? n???? )
Well, thitik of that' T.?m, ? all-o.
Klg, Malty. Nanki-l'??:
S? ni" ?highbrow sclent mt deilares
The clly cat must Ro!
I't.Just discrimination? V?--'
"Too ?latiiierotis In flat?!"
What In-nI< ' Why, as hist ry prov??
i:-,->ptiatis Wf-nblfl-ped ?at?!
< snarl? i, goldfish, this new saga
? 'oi-sJdera ?proper p<*t?
p "?? rnark, oar psmperei (?->.?, the fiox.
To ban he QUltl ftogetSl
A?.?Is injury to InSUll black
in? argutnents to prove;
.\'' ??? germ ? terriers" pronouncm* th????
Whom nul' 1? he'd reinov.
tjiii'k' Tat?. Tom! I'lilon ??nier? ?pr? ad
T?> Hre eecsps. wall? Bqtiavrel
No mous?- cal'liltiK. no backyard (daga!
a ?tiike w<- now destare I I p,
??ne t i.????k bore? aaRerl The portion
of chicken you ?served t<? me ??an no?
?.ii?-thii?l Ihe else of the portion you just
?gave ? ? m..i fat man ?>???r thera I'm
going t?. iii<ik.* a cotiiiilaini. Where's the
Walt? i Indicating fat part?- In tin? for??.
ground) Thai ? bim, au*. Tit-nits.
Som.? time Hi'? "The .lo'trnal of th?
Amorti m M'-dicai Aseoclatlon" smpha?
?-l/eil th'1 inlvanta-'es affopled hy the
hatian i M ? ?vholesom?' food ami venture?!
the su?-?-? stlon that this fruit, though
grow big in popularity, Is ?still nadarse!*?
?mated In tmertrss iMt-awhoMa ti?,.
I.anal,a I ?insists. Il? ils gTOen state, hii'Kely
?,f stuK-h and water. The eam-ritial
? Li ii?-?- durlag the process of rlpeniag is
a cenverstas of the starch into sui-ar.
Thi? rate of rlpeiiini- Is ?I? pendent on
lbs lemperotnre Tbe adll la portion ??f
? ah fruit i? packed sway in a peel
Which goret? t mot? useful put pose than
I.an hitherto be.-n r altz. ?I. I'vp? rltn.-uts
on the Iruit In different ?Stage! show
that the inner portions of the pulp ,,f
found honanas are practically s.t?-r! I.-.
The peel Is sliii/iilurly resistant t" in
v;isi??n by bacteria. Been when baaemas
were ininiersed In fluids rontaiiiin?- dis?
ease ?-?rins they did not j-emtrate Into
the Interior. The probability of Infection
through Ike i>?"*i is Htenton ?naght,
though germs <>n the peel might be Irene?
f.-rr.-il to the consumer s lingers? anil
?hence t?? the rnonth. This Is an inter
"st!n',' exempli "f a food ?1.?liv?*r?*?J W
natun it? practican** sterile packegn.
t/lsitor i suppose the Cracker t*ar*
ni Symposium is ?tin fightiiii* ever tne
Ill-Star tseseball team or th! all-Ameri?
can fo??tball team?
Uncle Eben?Nope? no easy ones line
ti?.m. We've cut somethtns to really
argus ov.-r new ?aVe'rs dlscusslns tns
? probable mak?'-n|> of Wilson'? i'abln?*t.?
ttaego. .______^_^_
Denies Saying "Old Jay Gould
Counted His Dollars."
To the l?Utor of Th?* Tribune.
i-'lr: In your Account of tit** Tea?? ?n
BowetT*' gtvea l?y Miss Helen ht rtottld
I am SOOted iis saying:
?Miss ?loiii'i, hs mid, srss th?* lavorite
?-hilrl nf Old Jay lould. an?! yet. he sai?.,
?he wasa't I hit like her father. ACCOrd?
Ing to Dr. Me.nl. old Jay ?Soul.l '<*otint?'d
Ida dol?an.' "
For the sake of fairness I desire to
my that your reporter evidently misun?
derstood ms, for I said :
"Misa CkniM was reported to be the
favorite cbIM of her father, Jay GouUi.
While tin* bitter ha?l (?|>ent his life in a?
nimolating a ?arg?* fortune, it seemed
like a benediction that his fn.orlte child
was p.? lovingly using a large part of h?*r j
inheritance In blessing the world far and
near, .uni that her thoughts, in the hour
Of ?he g?nstest joy that had OOSM to her
Ufa ?lid not leave out the army of
hungry men whs walked the streets of
the city, not knowinK where to find a bed
or fco?! to eat "
The report In The Tribune would make
it appear thai i <ast a renectloo upon
IUm QoaWi father, which is the thing
farthest from niv UtOUght
?'. M MKAf?.
Presides! Board of "Trastees Bowery
.\>w York. Jan 2.1. 1*?13.
Francis Dean Finds Two Reasons
Why They Should Not Be Adopted, j
! To tha Kdltor of The Tribune.
! Sit : A great ?leal has been written
about the Panama toils sad the propriety ?
of esemptiag Amsrieaa nessle hot nsar? I
! I? all I have rend Is in relation to the |
I Hay-Paua? efotS treaty. Thero are at
Ileast two other reamus why It might bei
signed that American ship?* should net
j be free from toils, ?me is on the j-eneral j
Iprtndple of International law that sueh a !
naal ll an latt ?national waterway, and,
a- SUCh All rial lotis should fare alike.
Professor John Psssstt M"??r.*. prohably
our greatest authority >.n international
ISW, sa!?l long beton- tin ?anal bill was,
passed that In case Americaa -?hips wan
paaaad frei when th.- canal wai llnlahed
all nation- affected srouM ?***artaloly pro
la i most strongly, snd deubtleei others
now manly aw,?;t the aolutlon of the
question pend na with Ores! Britain
Then ssemi t?. me ts la an entlnly do ;
m< rtk sn i pnetlcal ol .!??? tlon auto to tha
tie,, pessage of American ressela. Ama
??an ship owners did ti"t build the canal, j
Ths American nation did, aad while the
-.xlatencs of ths canal irill be ?>f tremen?
sous advantage m the ?hip ownen the
?? .n a- a ahole is entitled to the great?
?r advantage, and It seems unjust that
IM ?lass of perSOOS Should reap a il'mblt*
?earned! si lha expense of the erhole p???i?ie.
1- f? A N? 'IS PK.XN.
New *, orh is -'-? IIU
Correspondent Objects to Coupling ?
Raising Babies with Voting.
To ti.? Bdltet of The Tribuna
Mr: Wh?-., .m Aaaemhlyman oi a ?rent i
atete Ilka Msu Tort aadertaksi to make
? "piaj to ihn gallery, si;?-i? as coupling
rs dna Itablei with etlag as have noth?
Ing ?.?i gouth Cantina. Then mai? be
reasons arhj -.??ne men ar?- eo selilsb as
to deprive half ef lha i.pb of their
???t uni ru-ht-t. but when a ra pi essntstl1rs
Of Igt people mak-s auch I ."ill lemana.
?n lha discbargs <>f bii ofnetal duties a?i
t.? imply that rotlni will proven*; women
*":..ui mis'iig babiei I! is tim.- m? ra isaal?
hi? peopta were tn position tn *-? keel our
i. ?r? lentatlvei
It WOOld take auilv ?i few min it *e onci a I
rear f?>r each aroman to rote, while moat
of them spend from Bfty to one hundred
bOUn In a-oUi? ta? Church, B similar time)
in maritettai and abaaping, and a iart<e j
penentaga of them aparad all 'heir time
in earning a living, if tin* Aaeemblyman|
refen lo aroman w.iikin? and msadlag
th.ir money la tin* bauas ?>f obtelnbig
their rights, the only way -nit of that II
te inn! ths rights. They lalse babies In
fCanaas when, women hav.* ?yarn rotlag
in municipal eteetlona for many : ears
and aoa have unlimited suffrage.
Will New York BB the tenth or the
fortieth state to be governed by ?i ma?
jority of all its people?
o. M. BBsUtBOWnt.
New fork, Jan. U, Ifll
To ihe K.iitor of The Tribune
Sir: RsfOrrini to Mrs. Harper's article
published In your paper last week, in
whi.-h ihe sahi that th.? CathoUe Chunh
was opposed Ul woman suffrage. I wish
t?> say that i, among other suffragists,
i- had thai (?lea. bit i have been sur?
prised t>> und thai man) of our moat ki*ii
eroua donon and most n nient worker??
are lineen < 'atholics Th.- ?'lui? h has
takes nn shsolutely non partiras eland
and leaves Individ?ala free to make up
their own min?is on the question of
woman suffrage.
I then f?.re think that It is moat unjust
to state that the L'sthotlc ?'h'ltcli Is op.
posed The priesthood Is divided <?n the
queotlon, lust >?*< ths ministen of Prat?
?-tant ? hutch? s are ****** inany Catholics
hav been deepli Impressed with the re*
.-mi ,?i ?omen luffrage in cailforola, ami
i feel sur.- thai befon the referendum in
UU the vnsi majority .>r Individual
L'atbottm win be lined up for the causa of
votes fui aromen.
Member Bsseatln Board ?>f tin- Women?.
Political Union.
New York. Ian. It, 191J.
From Tha? Argonaut ?San PrsBelsns)
i*i. ?l.j. t.t i ?,rt Seas blmsstf i??>nor i>> tas
aenfaaslea ImtMlad In Ids r***a**aert or ?, Mil
ihti.idu? ? ?1 lots l*eOS**Sm ellniliiatlii? ?peclul
prlvttsses ta .merlean ships ,,i tha Isthmaa .
thai .. rasasse ma raada Is the esaal bin
rarlftnally pasea <i by Qsngissi sad algaai by
Mm. H It?.am? manifest two oseha age
lint furtli.-i , .,M?l.|.-rul|.,ii ?f ?ur tr,.,,,v u?u,
air?*?t Hntitiii bad eaasvlaesd ti??? Prarslitsnl
ahat ths uriti.i? pioom -?maler tt?i? tnsty
aealnSl the ?H.-TlmliiHtlna: lB>v .... fnmi.twl
In h..mi,I r.aB.iiiluii Sad ?MH.-ntl?! jest lu a. A
notn und \ain mea weald 'im ben "seed
?i??- assen?e t., ?-?-?nf??* th- mlstahs iad is
laltlate peeaseSSma o> rlshl the ?reag, Mr.
Tuft la neither aa ...n, mam n?r a w??iak ina.i;
b* I? * man of pr.ifoun.l ISSselastlllsmsai
and of hir.li eeeragej sad mid?r the -^.?mpt
In?! or con?.-l-iii? and i-oura?? he ha? taken
a courae Wbiefe tnim ,-onimHiid the rripoct
of thcushtful m??n rat home and elaewhere.
Ballet Dancers Entertain Mrs.
Stuyvesant Fish's Guests.
Mrs. s-tnyv. s.int Fish gave the secoml of
a yerles of three dinner dsnces last night
at her house, in K?st 7 St h street The
guests at dinner, numbering sixty, wer?.
se.it'.'i .a gvi ?tables, which w?sre tteoo
ir.ted with yellow spring dowers. The
rooms wer?- adorned with ?Southern -nhlax,
palms ami ferns, ?'??iirnds ?udustra
played ?hiring the dinner and ?afterward
for the ?lancing, to whl? h ahont sixty ad
?lltional ?guests Wttt invited. gUSSlS Clay?
ton and eight ballet ?lancers were among
the features of the entertainment which
Among those ptesent at the dinner WON
Mr. an?l Mrs August F5elm?>nt, Mr. ami
Mrs. Francis L. V. Hoppln, the Hon. ami
Mis. .Alfred Ans'in, Justice an?! Mrs. Fiati
. is K. iVmlletnn, Mrs. John A.Mor, Mr
ami ?Mrs. Archer hV HuntiiiKton, Mr. and
Mrs. .lames F. t?, Lanier, Mi and Mrs.
Jam?? Speyer, Justi?'c and Mrs James W.
i.eratd. Mr. arvl Mrs. Oliver Unuld Jen?
nings. Mr. and Mrs. (?liver Marrlm.au. Mr
and Mrs. William I ?oughts Sloane. Mr. ami
lira ?taorge m. M'<'i<iian. ?captain und
?Mine. Vaf-v-ilicff. of the Russian Knihassy .
Mrs. Richard ?hitnbrill, Mrs. ?'ornrlius c
('uyler. Mrs. Vand? thilt. Mrs. Frederick
W. \'an?lerl?llt, Mrs. Richard Stevens, Mis.
Frank (?ray Urlswold. Miss K. L" li I
S.imls. Miss Mabel Oerry, MIsa Janet Fi?h,
Kgerton L. Winthrop. Harry Kldrhlge.
?"harles Il.ibinson, Frederick Townsen?!
Mutin, Frank Munsey, Flint (?regory, Kd
vvard lia/? r. William ('. Iteick, Thomas P.
Ryan, Jmige Barlow. l~todo-*t-*k H Bald?
win. Frc'leric \ Jullllard and Robert B.
Van ?'ortlandt.
Mr? J. Atnoiy Haskell gave a theatre
unity last night, followed hy a supper ami
dance at Sherrv's, for Miss Gertrude Hoy?
end Mis.? Louise Chapprll. The guests,
who were taken to the Fort Theatre, in?
cluded Miss Margaret Ovei ton, Miss Mar?
garet Watvistaff. Miss ijertrude Mali, Ml?s
?guaanns Warten, Miss Cornelia de Lance?
?'ainmann, Miss Pris?, ilia Lull, BtlSS Lisie
Framke, Miss Mary Brooks. Miss Mar?
garet .strong, Miss Kdith Hiker, M --
Arny Bradish Johnson. Miss ("lover To?ld,
luso Mary Jones, Miss Margaret Colgate,
Miss M.irjorle Williams. Miss Louise
?'lark. Miss'Mary Hask'll. William Falr
Slld, llarol?! Harvey, Thomas J.ihnlon.
St.?wart Wing. William .Symington. Thorn?
ton Brown, ?Dr. Har??i?i ?Pardee, ?Sdward
?Bogert, Daniel Hiker, Vivian Palmier!,
l.angdon Leslie. Br? M Wing, Leonard
w'-.tii. Porter h??.iki.u'I. Bhl|>pen Davis,
Brenton Welling. Charles ?Veiling, Will
Inm Palmer. Nicholas Blddle. Lomax Lit
tlej<?hn. JOSSS H"vt. I'ranci.- Murray and
A mot y Haskell.
Mis. William Allen siso r.-??" > theatre
party, followed by ? raimer .-?t the i nt *
Carlton, yesterday ivenlhg for her niece,
Mis? ttatbariae Ati'b'iS'ti. Of Washington.
a debutaate of the season. Her guests
were Mis?. Kth?-i Out?***brldge, Misa ?Emily
Mot tBK'ii. Miss Rosamond fthirmsn m
Carellae Townaead Ooxa Miss Cornells
Beehmen If? Ltragblln, Dwight PartrMge,
Amlrew TsJbOl Jones. Daltn-er?? Id Lewis,
Mnvh.w IVaahburo, Gaillard Revene) sad
Herbert ?Bhennaa, Jr
lira H lalrrtel?! Osborn gave a small
dinner last nii-ht at h??r bcnise, In Madison
a\ etiue.
Mrs. Samuel H Valentin?- gave ??
turn?? ?llnner dap.ee last night at her bOUSS,
SO ?> Fast ?i7th street H''r guests at
dinner numhered sixty and about forty
other? ?ame In afterward for the ?laming.
No parti? illar period was followed. Ittrl
Valanllne wore i Mme de Pompadour
dresa supper ersa served at midnight.
Shen v s will I??' the scene to-night of
Uii last of tue three dancee tor denotantes
of last sinter snd of this Basson, organ?
lead bj Mrs ?? Led?.ard Blair, Mrs. J.
Pi.rp.'t.t Morgan, Jr.. Mrs Henry o Tre
v?i? Mrs. William Manic.-. Mr-. B. I >?-?'.? ti
CbJeolm lad Mrs. tTbsrlsa Bteele, Bsv?
eral tttnnera tot youag people win take
pta?*s In conjunction with the dsnrr to
whl. h thi various ho?t.?ss?*s will aftet
ward take their lUOStS,
Mrs Frederick P. ftllalsld. Mis F 1
ward H Itiple?. Mrs. William C. Shel?t?>ii.
Mrs. RufUS L. Patterson and Mrs. Archl
i'ui.i D, i'u-se.i are srnoeg the pat**-?a?
BSeea o? a t-pi?s.'ntatlon of Mrs. Franc?-?
HottgaoB ?-Burnett's i>ia- "Uttle i.??rd
Fauntleroy." at the Lyric Theatre this
afternoon, for the benefit <?f the Fast ?Ml
S. ttlem? tit. and more especially f.?r th>?
latt. r's new summer h??m?. at Stepne?,
I'.ilk ?lances by Miss Juliana Cutting.
Mrs. Lorillanl Spenc? r. Jr., Mr? ?liarles
van Renasalsar.Mrs.Qustavui T IClrby,
M:-s iviith M-organ, Mra ?Edward T ?Del?
Beld and other? ?-.III form the feature Of
an entertalnmi'tit Which la to take place
>>n the ev.'iilng of Fehnmry iO. at the
Wai.iorf-Astoria. for the benefli ?>f the
Hills' Branch Of UM Public Sihools Ath?
letic L.ague. It will he followed hy geti
? ral ?laming, to the music of ?".?tirais
Richard i'.infield h wedding to Miss
L?l;th F?ss?r, ?laughter of Mrs. lahvaid
PeSSSr, will take ?place to morrow ?v.???k.
In st. ?ihrysostam'B Chapel, Mth street
lad Seventh avenue.
Mrs. HamUtoo MeK T-vombly has ?t*
sned Invitation? for a ?linn, i ..t, Tuesdsy
n.'Xt at her house In Fifth avenue,
Mis William CbUreh ("??-horti will ?give
a dlttiier on Thursduv n?\g\ fot State
S.?nator and Urs. Franklin (? RooSSVelt,
at her bOUSS 1"? ?????st ;;?ith stieet.
Mrs Wliu?. -v, Vaii.brhilt. Mrs (lOOrge
L Mves, Mrs. tuehai-d w hatten and
Mr- Bamuel tStarani ?San?i are amons
the patronesses .?f b bal rnaaque, which
is to he held m the Pleas Hotel on Mon
day, l'Vhiuai? M, in III.? lareme ?v?..k, for
the benefli of the South Side Hntpital, at
Babylon, ?L-uub isij?d
Mrs. F... . P "^>liguree Ml the pro
?xi-smms for a dan.-e to-nii-ht lU her
h?,us.? lu Lark avenue, for her daughter
Miss Mary l'y tie. ??,. ,,r ,,,? .i.b.itiiiit.?
of the winter
Mrs John Warne Heri, it greet t? m'l
si.-al u?-night. followed by danclrig at
her house m Fifth avenue, for her daugh?
ter, Miss oertr.i.i?. Harlksit whoee es>
gag.tnent to F.lwar..|anev Hunt, ??as
annouiK.'ii i.iat November.
Another danOB for to-t.ight is that of
Mrs. John Porter Shannon. ?t her l?>n>.
!.. Weal r,s,i, itreet for her ?laughter.
Mis? ?Margar) Shannon
The Duke ami DtMbesi as TslteyTsnd
F.ngord, who w,-re at the gt. It. ?--is for
a -souple of ?lays. de?parted yeet?wwa) for
San.ls Point, Long Island Th.-y wlil re?
turn t?> town ?ii Bunday aad wttt ?mil for
Knrop.? n- xt week.
Mrs. M.,ntg.?tner.v S,,lrrt, ?f BottJoo has
?rilv.'d It. the e|,y Hn(1 -, llt ,,?, Riu.
?'Krlt.in until Sunday
?Mrs William ?Hegender gave a dinner
f?-r sixteen last night ?t the St. Regis.
C?ptala and Mine. Vasslllelt. of the
Russian Kmhassy. have -arrived In
city from Washington, and are at
RltS-Cartton until to-morrow.
[Pre? Th- Tribe?a Baieae.1
Washington, January *&
The Cabinet.
Pnsldent and afra Taft were suests ?a
the lecntsrj of the Navy and Mr*. Meyer
at dinner to-night nther guests to
them were Senator Logge, leSaOter and
Mrs. Wlnthto;, Murray t'rane. Senator
an?i Mr- Prancia <; Nmvlands, Issnatas
and Mrs. Knot. Mr. ?md Mr.-. Corn?***.***,
Van?!, rbllt. of New V??rk; Mrs. Uiehard
If. Towns-end, Mrs M-.yd W Huv.PT%
Mrs. Thomas K, LaUaghlln, Miss Mabel
Hoardmnn. Mr and Mrs Chandler Half
Captais and Mrs. t.lhhon-, Mr. and Mrs'
mile?, I deuten sni Coanmandsr ?n?i uji
Palmer. Rear Admiral S'taunt?.:,. gZ
Taft. Mis* Alys Meyer, Miss .lui;,, Mtygb
Major Bhoades, ?Dr. (inyson, Ueuteneai
Rodger* and Lieutenant Sadnws,
The Diplomatic Corps.
Ti?.* Prench Ambuasaeer and Mme. jut,
scrand entertained at dinner to-r-.i-^ht th?
I Attorney General and Mrs. \\'i< k-r-harn
j the Sc< retary of ? '??miner?.'?' and l.abor
and Mr-. Nagel, (Isnstor ami Mr-. stJtr,.
! erland, the Netherlands Minister ma
i Mme. lynidon, the Danish Minister, the
Chief ?if Itaff an?l Mrs. Leonard Wood
the Assistant Secretary of th- Nat
Mrs. Bookman Wlntlirop, Mr? Robert
McCormlck, Mr, and bin Pmakthi K.
!>ati<-, Mr. .and Mrs Kennen .lentiings, Mr.
and Mrs. Triixton Heale and the l-'rcirl,
Military Attach? and Couateea da Chgra
The gjpsalSh Minister ami .-'rfiora air
Rlaao have as a gtit?st at the le?fat!on th?
Marquis de Is Vega In? Ian. emtsaary
of the King of Spain. wh?> is here
to arrange for the 8pan!?<h exhibit at
the Panama Kxnositlon in San Fran
Cisco. The mara-uis arrived to-day i*j
time to he present fit the d'r-ner and
re.-eptlon Riven at the legation to cele?
brate the name day of the King. He will
remain here for several days to talk over
affaira with member? of the committee la
Washington. His vt*lt is iinoffl-l.? Hals
Ion his was from San Kranclso. where ha
went to ?I. lei mine what character of ex?
hibit weald ba best for his country. Man*?
i notable persons, including a large num?
ber Of Spanish-speaking dipl?mala la
Washington, met the Mtnist-r and ?efter-,,
?le Maas to-night
In Ws?hington Society.
Mr. and Mrs. John F*. Wllkins enter?
tained a party of young married ? oupiej
to-night; Misa Martha Bowera ant*M*t*deeJ
young folk and then wete asvsral dinner
parties preceding tne dance at Itsursha"**.
gives b} MiSI A demi for Miss Margaret
I Howard.
i ?'olonel and Mis. Robert M. ThOSBfSBI
[entertained twenty-four young persons, at
bin 'boon tO-day in honor of Miss Sally
Williams, of MlulMllHai. after Which there
was a musical programme and ?lancing.
fTspresentatlTs and Mrs Edwin B in
?t.'ihiil rmtertshsed at dinner at tha
Cain Senator end Mrs. Martine. Repta
statin and Mr-. Boreland, Repreeeaav
I tlve and Mrs Lyndon ?Qvaas, BeprtBsnta
' ..- and Mrs Stephen it. Ayres, Mr*-.
?'.it r. of Montana; Mrs McDoOgSl, of
Wssblngton; ttepnaentatlve C, a *ftj ?
?*.?tt ami Repnaentatln William B. TuttJa
Mr- John LBggett P'iltz. of KoW Y?)rk,
who has I-?-: the gueet ot her invents,
[Justice and Mrs. Joesph n MeKenna, fe?
several days, will ret'iin t?. New fork to.
Mr-. Charlea Booghton wo.ni baa -'>ne
to Atlantic City to remain during the
greater part of Pehroary, Prom there *-???
Will go 10 N> v fork.
Mrs. Sydney Hallou Mtortalnsd at
luncheon at the ?'onnecticut tnis aftas*
noon, giving a Hawaiian menu Her
guests .minded Mr?. Duncan I'. I" - ?? her.
Mrs Pnnktta K I?hii**. Mrs *-.??t??r
Bhertey, Mra Uriel Bebree, Mn. Newtea
Mason, Mrs. W. P. Blddla Mr- I I -1 t
Bates, Mr.- Bas and Mis Thotnaa J.
Mr and M:s Harry *'*' ?''?
latter a gnaddaughtoi of Bei ?? Hsr?
ii-??n. are in Pa'sehlngton to ? i Mn
Russell h Ha**rt**on. Th? ? ? ?
Iting the parents of Mr WiPi.itr- It Set?
f" k. and win go from bet s |e tl
in Phllada Iphla.
fHy Telesrai'h m ri ? ' use 1
N'ewrort, Jan. tt.?-Aeeordlng ?o a re?
port here. Mr. and Mrs Arthur ?.'ur
tlss jam's, wl-? nre non im? ..- a ten?
?Un < raise In the : I A'.'-ha, are
to return in MaVi I ' I **i:?
be laid up ban foe tl.11 ader si ,?,?,
Mi-s Edith Hunter, who bai bees visit
ing her parents. Colonel and Mra win
,am ?? Hunt? r, ha retuned Is lehsai st
Mlllbreek, N. y.
Dr. Rob. m p? guaoa, ff ,;'*s, Onega
N. .1 . is a go? at .?? the New CHan
Mr. and Mra Bet Norman hav?
s.-t their a? . y 12
Hn >.,; tartalead th?
bridare elUh It ' afternoon
Mrs. John \ " ? ? daassr at
th? naval tor '' * ' "!,m|
In honor of I? ' " " ' r/><1*
srich V. McKhtl ?? tti?
Mr. and Mra s ?? D m sn ? tve re?
turned lo Ksa i;,k in"
spected their ?"???. ? " '* T,""*n"
?rdrangements foi the en lion of theli
n? w villa
Mrs. Roderick Terry wtll >???? < mtiLnant
and ?e.t st I ? r bom. on B itu ds? sftST
I ,.,,
'I be a>.tic is of ? - "- B*'
i i .; itetlona a II |tv? iba U tl "' ?SsM
Of the winter tc-mOfTti
... ?
Musical At'companum-Mit for Rubai
vat" This Afternoon
i.? rile Paher, the ? ? ?? Aint
in the leading par' In M l< ?ton '<th*
Libert] Th? I "'
Bdward Pltsganld - ira ? ' *
"Rubalyat ' of Omar Khayyam thin artfr*
ria .n at a matinee al the Hotel I'l?1*
The reading will be se? un ani? '? h>' *
mua u Betting made h> t*hrlst*n**
Wil? ... snd Interpreted b> a -*-''?' ?ni*
the rution ot vvr.i.n?! I'uis' Sortaai
w.ii; . Ba Bagltoh i lanlet. will make bf
?onericaa del it on th.?t ..??.?.?-'."t.. pi*if*
lag ?? number of Cho| in's i*otn|*<xltl*?a*.
The affair ?will l?. given under t1"*'
pateonagS <>f S number of iron 'ii'-nt N**
Yorkers, runong them Mrs John A**?*
Mrs l?an:i Oibson, "allot .,.-"'*. Mlg
Benjamin Qulnneas, Mrs Sorman ??eW
rmod. Mn Urcher Hnntlngt?). Mn u**
rentre Keen.. \-\ Townsend Msrtbi. Mi*
.1 Ptsrpont Morgan, Princesa TnHdf*
key, Mrs J. Borden Harriman, Mnitt ?*?
Han Nordics snd Mis W. I*. ? 'aii'lt-rW?*
Washington, Ian .'.! (?ue of PiidfcJ
Tafts call?is to-,lav was Owar g -*',r'***
of Xi,?*,- Yi-rk, ?Secretar?, of Corometea?dj
Leber imiter President BoosmeK, ets
ProglBSSln candblate for ?;.?v??rnor et
Sow- Yoik. Mr. Btraua talked with th?
I'reshltnt about International oence, M

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