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irT? new mm"
Tame Comedy from the French
at the Lyceum.
But Provides Nothing for Any
of Them to Do?General
Sleepiness Prevails.
?Tic New Secretary" i- sJmoat as ? \
ame ?>; tlddle-de-wlnha
,, it ma) have been la Ihe oriainal as
Bd hy Fr?m?;ois de
.?t ,, year ago st the Ath?n?e In
Paris cannot be gatbered from the snap?
tatiea made by Ccsuno cordon Lennoi
,?ml offered lesl night St the Lyceum.
in it.? ; reeeni sbsps "Ths New geera?
?-. the office Of a mUSSle
-.?ion Ihe ectore There Is Boariethlna ai?
Saal Irr'tatlng in si?ite <?r Its air ?>r Bom?
Balance in the waj thai the ?play check?
,,?,?.-. : playera One of them is pre?
vciite?! from speeklni by haviag t<? tush
from the t'?oui t?? cry. Another, when he
.. ,,.. ? . .? f a rev? stton, timi? that
tii? terrace calla Mm out to smoke hi>
ri-at The ;' sttllng young lady ?deliber?
ate!? "' et her aCtlBg tot the last scene
,,n,l ihei ? Ife II through lack ot pra?
llf ?['! . | ? a secretary himself move- a
liUl?, ,?i'\ when jostled int" a?ti?'li an?l
,hP.: ?j? eebly and Bto?pe as though
his ilium ip Ins ??ere broken
The only note thai waa lachlni in the
tercia' sir ol aleeptaess at the Lyceum
ri.\ ?sight wss the pr?seme ??t a grand?
father.? ? i" k In the corner somewhere to
lick rLythmlcally and strike the guertei
The Bt irj of ihe play is not one to mak?.
die -v?? ?"' ' feel that he will never be
the m after ?seeing it. The head
of a wealthy ?French family a?**ialrea a
new ?sacretary. The young man ?somes ?n
aitl "?em? unripe Ideas shout how to p? I
?n !n t ? ivorld, sad amoiiR his youth?
fully ?rue! not lona is that of marrylag
the daughter of the family fot bar money.
in th? ?. urse of tbs action be prevents
the fatbei from being swindled oui >?f
hi? Algerian property, and beeps the
nobly burn swindler from ?marrying tbs
Basghter ?u the houee. As is usual In
tiie.?e c?sea he ?seta himself In the bad
pi?, f- ? ? ? whole family ?'?!"'? hunUliatea
himself by falling in love With the girl.
K?e?? one la Miad to his virtues except
a sralptor friend, until the bell rings far
the |ma] ? irtatn, and then the whole
muddle ears up a? suddenl* us a ataa;*
When a ptaywrigbl chooees b theme ??:
this tteocrlptlon he ?lepends on ins style
mil dialogue to mak?- the play worth
while It Is not unlik? If, .imlKin?- from
the r?pons of iis ?popularity In Paria, thai
the fatet had tn?'se qjualitles in the ?
nal. But in a level snd fot the most part
BBtvel) grave tranatatloa, the play is
quite without a reason for SllStSU**!.
a ct. .;? of repabta playera aaabtod ?? oi i
through this don't-care comedy without
anv -: Irlt They Were all mis.-a-t
? harl-s ? "her: ? is too authotitativ ?? to i.-,?
res? ; * lllghty youth alrlag its cvuel and
formUss doctrinen. When bo ame In ?snd
?saciare*-! i-e va? going to de ?-i.-.-t tbinga
m his r.? w w??rk. .?::? believed him Hla
Paei proctalased him an <mesi*erien?~ed
Impulsive, clever ?boy. Mr. Cherry was a
>*esauned man, ?aithoul illusions <?i an?
ir.s lm?pereonatlon ctaah? :
hi? lln? -
Ftui h Kemble-Cooper is m hopelessly
bonorsble in look and bearing that it is
like teeing a baby sweat t'< watch him
uk ? i the ?main's part. Ferdinand
: a!k nut a wink into a dreary as
?'?tart villain's role sod spolu as well
that h. -?as a pleaaura to listen to It is
? Via t .?i? irlnce thla delightful ?om? ?
?hm, ??. in New TOrS an?! the
Magi here has ?missed him Claude Grtl*
?sagwatei played with his aecusti?" ? i
unit?.s grouch an?! it ??.?s hat
?vji.a:.? hard- t" in.amn?. hla >Mng any
M?! l? Doro WSI ' : ? ' I
?seod hearted ?laiftnt'i When sfist ?Dora
i? on the stags the looker-?*? Is so busy
tnaklr?^- mental past? ?s ..f l:.i that there
i* no time i? ft to ?notice whethei si ? h
BCUnj root si,?- i?- '??tter, in fact, when
ttlng "i Btandlag Quite stlli H? t
?hit? skin and black eyes, th<- fJ
1er cheeks and oa UM tips Of her ?ais.
browa arched high, th? ?Usai waves
?air, the Bhspel ne i ?>f her little
hen ; ?and the patrician tea- slu
?re nu Bsqulaite ghe would hav?
Wor.deiful Law rein <?
M-^ Thomaa Whlffen gav? si
??bl? rharai terisaUon of a hurnaa and
?"irr. ? s grandmother, ghe a: d Mi
Qatti alk, l? the way. were not mis
rast. b ii it i? not easj ?<? n?t
?""?ally n\ able a? tor.
HoUrt Uvallier ..... ? liar I.? 'le m
n*t->n Qari rrank Kenibl?
[.?-?iT.imx Klt n, an,, ,j .
I,"011* ngwater
,'IMr' vlarvlll? .. ?v Ilion II in.mel
__ir9?? ?. O Andrew?
,'i?r,ui. j,. Bauveterr? H?r?.. ?
'* H-'.Mbl? . I.?!,??? t U Smiliy
Coarad i ?. ? let n
? "'*'? ''?'?? ?'?" . . Ida?- M.-.< ...? .bet
"*?*?*>? .V.Mr. " '? ?Ill? , M
"m* _ " Mi? ThomM M
S* M''?i' Otarvlll? Annie I
J ?'". n
IVilUan. H?mmerst? In ?? III ma
initiai vaudevili-j production In the form
1,f ? Pi? let \m id, Kindly i Ight." writ.
.: b atlc ertti? ?.i '"The
Iveniag Aassri?saa.H The ?k? teh
?" en I uortly.
ttaye ?111 apt? er al tue ben?
fft? -or I ? '.; ??? " Il m ,? i tal t??
on Buaday aveabig <?' th* .\si??r
tdward .i Boyes will n.-ik?. his New
>0lk i?"'? ? I us of 'Hi..inp-??;i Buchanan's
?? ??'??'? '-The Bridal Path," ?n
Tu'*><li-. I? Lncil"
_*mUon Mrs ? hark ?; Cralg haVe
tees a.!?:.,; ?., ,tll. ,..,?, ,)f ..j,, .
'"i"1* ? an will lead ?i ' ompanj
' - to Washington today for
jta openlns -?erioi^mance ??f '-The Bun?
?hin? ?;;,;? m .,.,, i ;J y n|Kht, vvh.ti Julia
?taaaersori win ...ak.? bei Hrei bow as s
Artlnu ;_. ebj ,lHH |,((II angSgBil l-.v
? '-*-'* "? '?"?*? ' f?-l?l for th.- next production
??.der Ih? auspices Of the National F?d
*rati?.;, 0f Theatre Cluba, whleh will he
**d* In a fortnight The play is b)
?twche-wii j;,,?,,j Ull(i VtUi h(. prgaenled
u"?ier the title ?,f "ti,. Hundredth Man."
Hasts N Partei 'sailed fot soase to gasg?
?and reaterda- on the Baltic. The Drama
*tttly ?,f Anierha. oivanlie?! for tin?
**??" ?'?* K"o?l ?Itama. has hulleL'.ie.l
?'"????nil and in? Brethren." hi? play
"** beim gt?. n at the Century Tlmatvi
?ai-guerite <iaik, who was s ?member
__*** ?nsi ?i "The 'Affaire' ??f AnateJ"
Th!?1. !) tt;" nftt given at The Uttls
iieatre. vin reappeai m the play at thu
5.V ?,Kil?"" Theatre on Monday nlKht.
i? ,,Wl11 '"' however, be twen as Hilda
"''?<? tuHt epl?jode, aa n? for?-, bul ?rill
t_i_* '" ? ??me as Mlml In th? thlr.l
,.W*od?. ?, , , ,.-.,,, Wli) 8upp#.r." ,M|h:,
*r* win continue t., ba Know VVhlta In
?we atatlne? parforrr?uin<*??i of "Know
m*tt BOd th? ?even 1-wurfB."
dolly castles, sophye barnard, \hce vorke
jOttilie Metzger Sings at a Phil?
harmonic Concert.
\ At '.n.- ninth evening subscription i*on
. en ?>f the Philharmonic Bortet**- at Car?
negie Hall ia-*t nlghl Pratllein Ottllle
Metagatr, of Ihe Hamburg Municipal
1 'i ? ra aai ?-? tl alt froin Mas Bru? h i
i "Achllleus," whi? h i? one of Bhumann
? Helnk - i sttle !..'!-? -. and .? gn ip <>f
songs i?v Brahms, Schubert, Weber and
Wolf. She w?i ilng again at ., repetition
of tii. ??: i this afta t. in, and th? n,
so it la said, return t?> t.- r home
having lean brought i" tha ? res fot
tne role i rposa of i
T ? ir? ":.?.-';.; ? | : ? ..;...-ai -
v.. : ?? more ? al. ilated to 11 esta
pris? than her singli ?? ? ?
in man.? ... it-- feat urea Fr?ulein Mets
?-? a* a contnltd -."! ? of :im quality,
: and if she were ;i?>t One Ol ? OOmpany Ol
I foreign a oi let ainga ??? ho are doing
notable things In oui concert r? ?,.? ? ber
; ?-anging :..-- roe;.,! aro il ; ill f..: . rltlcal
, comma nl slmosi a enl n Is lit a the
applause which rewarded hei Bruch a;r
' last i Ight Thli ? nthusias-n dlmlnisha d
i into a foi m .-' ' modifia -i rapt re" in
j the e,,,..., ,,| SOOgS, v, ., >.
atas a -??? mod t" mde .n?- that some
of ti ? ? pra sdlng song i.
. it,? .- ha i been taken to heai r by
.i '?? ? ? poi ;i?,n "' Mi?
ller voice has ?"in. thlna "f the q
of Mme Matsenauer*s, thoush it i- not
ao Arm m textil.?, s.i :: ii and full, nor
.-'? arell equalised. Neither has she t .? re
I :i. full-breathed manner of emission,
noi ths aensa of pur? musical beauty tn.it ]
the cotitralto of the Metropolitan dis?
In her s 111 j?: 11 ; k of Brda'a music a! ti.- re*
cen? performance ..f "Siegfried." She
n.i. :. i - I.-. -?. .??. Srfllling them
witi, ?motion as on occasion to tor ?
volca ;? ihads awaj from ti ic Intonation
I- ,; ?? oed enough of Indubitable
Imerit In all thai sh?- did t.. charm Hk ?
land warm th?- heart and make h.-r- com?
lag .? well 'due incida ni of Ihe season
Tha nnhestra! numbers were Bntho
ven'a "Pnmetheua" overture, Mosart'a ?'?
mii)"i aymphon) Richard Btrauss'a "Tod
und Verhiaruns." I i whi? h Mr Stnhsk)
worhed up ari sxcittns climas and la ?
oped Ihe ? trema ?/? lum? of sound of
which the band was capable, m the si*
? i '. st? 11? si .!? liL-ht of -??me of the
? i tur.- t.. "Ba n
t/enute Collinl." H E K.
Miss Destinn Co-Star in "The
Magic Flute."
The spa dal mal nee o? ' The Magi?
Flute" ??t the Metropolitan Oners Housa
yesterdsy afternoon dree a fairly y.i
? I/..: house, dispit?- tn. disagreeable
weather, * house Ifrge enough t?? eneo r
agi tha menagemenl i? conllnulng its;
?erics of extra afternoon performances.
*.:-?- Drstlnn wsa sgsln the Pamlns di.d
Mr. bissah the Tamlno, and once again it
was noted thai neitha r hi evei ? om* '
pllsha ? ? qulslta ill ging than have
these two Bohemlsni Is ihelr respectlvl
Slessh is ahortly to return t" Europe,
probably t?ot t-. return, bul if this Is un?
fortunate)) to be tn?- case he could in ?
i .-hind htm no more i ota ni ma moi la - than
those rrarroundlng hla t?" flnsl roi?
Tamlno ;.t:d <rtrflo.
Mi Lankoe 'a Irtie prol undo '
bi o ghi pleaa m 'n 'he pat t of Bai
and Mr Qoiits and Mr B?la ?-ei
h tabla
But pleaeantoBl >.i ail, il i- t?. .?d?i that
Miss Krieda Hempel ahowed In ban Blng*
Ing "t the music sllotted t?? the Queen -
of the Nigh! a power and a color of tone
that sin- bed ii"t shown befon I'.-r
hsps, att.r all. Miss Hempel is t?. And
New fort th?- incentive thsl Ii necsesary
t?. In int: ?>nt B full Hi-play of h.-r natlVS
The ,,:! of ii.st w.i- aa ususi, ss
eept that, owing to the Ulnese .?f Miss
C . Misa Mails Ds Nette to.,K her plan
,*?s the seooad ol the thr?. bo) and ful?
niled her pari Id gaaenl satisfaction it
i? unneceeeary to praise again Mr. Herta
It is doubtful If he hau i-\i-r befon shown
tin- (iciic-i. \ of treatment that ba gjvea
t?. this M< zart work
in tn<* evening "Tristen und Isolda" re
ceived its third perfut insane, and thong)?
n?r!ther Mme Fi**eastad nor Mr unir?an
was In the hefal voice, their dramath
inip.-i'..mitions .-?re evt-r Worthy <>f tho
highest prates, and even test night Mass
Ffematad'a uae of legato "?is most <-\-;
Mr Weil wsa sn acceptable Kurvenal
Mr Toecanlnl conducted In his own stag*
nig enl faahlon.
i.uin.s Miller, faih.r of Police Magistrate
Harry Milter, cd Queens, for msny rear
proprletoi of a large drygoods ston la
Jamal..?, left tlWoia, acarordlng t<. th.
BflMavite hl?d .v. ?fei?lay with PhlHp
|*rank, tax appraiser tot Queens Mr.
Miller died on Anbist ?'.. 'Ml. Magftstnte
Mili? i la mad? residuary le?atee, sad ?a
i<> receive the homestead ana It.-? contents
?o? tn.- ?leittn of ii'? mother, who is to
beve the use <>f the enfin estate during
I in-r lifetime
'Well Known Actor-Musici
Succumbs on the Stage.
Brighton, England, Jan. '_'.'!.? -Augi
Van Blene, the actor-musician, a
tour? 'i for j < Bra in A rnerl? i ind I '?
land in '"The Broken Melod] ' .1
.-uddenl) 'im Ing ? perfoi man ?? ha re
Van Blene had ba. n n had hes
.??nil was fulfilling his engagements
da fiance of his ph) tlclan'i advli ??
?vas playing to-nlgbt in the ika
"The Mast? r Musii Ian " His **? -i? i
? ontlu? ting ihe "t h<
The a? loi bad r< i? h? da] oinl In I
sketch s h? ? ? | ?? ". :?-? supposed lo i
hack m a ? bail o\ ei i ome bj lllni
h inger wha n lha actual rolla
? im ?I. Tha a eft the th?-.?
a Itho n kn< I I ha r? .ii traged).
V n Blene ?? - born In Holland
?v.??. and appa ara .i almost six tha
ssnd linns in "The Broken M? lod*
a hlch ?? aa produ? ed in l-ondon for t
tirai inn.- ,?, I8U2
\ igui te > .-?n Bien? ? i ompa
were In America last In IIM He pla)
??t the Ameilean 1 eai
lltenc s i- boi n In Rot
bol the tieatsi part er a
muaicla ind loi eus i
i i gland His moth? i waa an ictn
and hla two hi
; ? ? ? . :...- don h : -'?
11 me h.- ... ? ? m |
Me tried t? gel sn engagement
chestrs, but failed I ? tuse be ?mi
rot i I ? ' .? ? ? ,i is- tha
He Mme rery near to
at lust he taegsn to pla) In the stree
t..i pennl? to , ? ? ? . to si
i le managed to get ? nough In l
.... ).. ??;? himself allvi me, and <
... Sii BI? hael i '??.- ta heard him pla
Ing snd ssked him a h) be did I I
' ?,. as i in bungi i. said \ t Bia .-.
Then Sii XIl? hael i nga :? i him foi tl
1 .?i chestn a) Covenl (larden
After a time he began to gi I sm
i on' art en d than lars
ones He was ao ucceesful Is the
that he saved enough mono; to buj II
rlghta t-? "F?lka ' and to take that o|
a-retta on a t u ? ? ? ma ? sga d s ?
: L'p to Data
Ruj Bias ' (the i laiet ? Theatre bui
i?.- ??ne i. "? '??i men Vn '?? I '?-'?? ?" "Clndi
Bill n l'p t.. i ?ate, ' "BI iie-K) ed Susan,
i Planquette'a "Rip Van Winkle," I
u hlch he ii m ell look i he i idlng par
and the melodnma "The Light!
But alt ?gether hli grestesl ?
-?(is ms play "Ti?.- Broken Melody,
w i it ten f "t him bj Herbert Keen a n
? ? T T.-Tin? : !'"? i ha sake of givln
him s .'h.m. a t?. a' t and lo pis j t h
'i ello
Th? atorj "i ' The Broka n M? odj
that <?f a Polish i - fug? ? ? bo is a On
? .?i and compose H' has COffl
poeed an opera, and baa lha usual ?lit!?
cult) m getting it accepted laj an) man
,,, . | ii. in.ii i :. i a |.. .a woman, an?l ;
-. . i. woman falla In i".? with him Th
woman makes ti ? wife ?>i the mu
. believe that I b< Rusaian polla ?? an
,,i i, i hei in.* hand and thai n s ill ba
safer ?"' him II - he la aves him I i
i m.? Bo th? ? i- ? "- s .. ?< ay a.' h th?
.-. ..m mi Sh? n a .'?.- a letter for him
lelllna him that sha haa Kone onl) foi i
litt lei while, and the wlcktd rich womat
it es II o as t" Indli ste that ahe i.
? omlng back an) . a i - ? i.-. The mu
nielan comn home eager to t?-u hla wlfi
that hla oitei i ha I ? ? n acca pted, H<
? oi lino i" ; and i t hlnka thai tin
;.. . thing la m play ? little oi tha
opa ra W hile he la p?a) Ing his ?
n- n . He stopi In tha middle ul
ii,. melod) '< read It, and then, natur
ally, I? does not finish th? melody. Hi?
last* for a long lime, and tl??-i
a friend Indueea him t" u?. bsch to hla
,, ii,,. -? hlch ba bai ne? i r t.. ich? d In? ?
hla a ?'?? lefl him W h le i.? la playing
. h? tabea i be dnmal le "i.lunlty to
SCk, and th? < talma 1- happiness.
Twelve Hundred Attend Affair
at Hotel Astor.
More ' hsn IM BW wsi realiaed as th? nal
profit from ths German Cherltj Ball held
i,, .i night at Ihe Hotel Astoi About
twelve hundred parrsbna wen* pneeat, in
elodtog Mayor Oaynor, who appeand al
11 o'clock, and Hat In Herman Bidder's
lux Bines tin- Inception of lbs ball,
twenty-four yean ago, men ahea |saV
Ml haa been turned ovarr t" ?he fiai man
?-Imrltli s of the city.
The hoxIr.l.iiTS included Herman Rid
iler. ('>?<>ri*.- Khr. t, Kniest Wolkwitz. K. M.
Burghard, Henry HeMe, PhlIHp Hoffmann
William Hoffmann, Qeorga s. Knnk. John
W. flecker, John W. Weher, th.- ?"crniaii
Hospital, J B Oneabat, B? ?' Qroenhut,
Fred H'-nki-n. i:. Maynlcke, Jolina Prank?
'l'heodoi.- butro, .i.'hn C. H?inte, Jseob
Siegel, i-'tnn.-i? f>r,?/.. George .1 .sti.-r, Q,
r. worn n -m. w? st Hde fJarraea nis
penasry, \naine" Boctety of the Arioo,
DStnsn Verein ?t.-?? Ari??ti. Sf. Mark's Hos
puai, A C. tlososimann. Gorman i'.?ii
kiii.iu. i..?diis' Boetety of th.* Germaa
l.ie.icrkraliz. J ('? G. Hilpfel. R. .1 Schaff
, r, William h. Ktenke, Jaeoh Imanarla
Wiiihiiii C Maschen setts P". I Manchan
beim, B? <?. bT. Woers, George B BVbolaa
He?*th.?\?n Bachelor, .mu- Arten, Baoheler
l'irri?. ?.r the German UobsB*k**eaa ?nd Al?
bert rr>itv i
The Tameness of the Gentlcrr
Fails To Be Amusing.
Abser.ee of Comedy Prevent:
Capable Cast from Achicviri
p Pronounced Success.
'Th.- Man with Tin... Wives' w<
naturally be expected te ?ba b ?*ery trie
I'll???? ii?. ma?- ?have been when bo
his being In that ?gay city of Vienna.
be wasn't when he cam? t" New fork
th?- Weber snd Helda Theatre leal all
?in tin? ?contrary, he ??as a i?!t ??r i i,
Blmoat as much bo a- ?4.i people
supposed t?. be, ? miy h?- ws m t ?
Neturally, muck was e-tpe-cted ol
n ??-".?? ..(?.?r.tta by I'Y.in/. I..-I, , |
I.? bar pi..i?.ii.]> never win be able to
d? ?? n the fa t thai he wrote th" mi
f"-. "Th. iii rrj Widow." ii- Is
l?SeI) t?. at h as?, in this n.vv.st v?.
in ?pit.- ..f the fac? that it ? ". tali
number "i ? harrnlng melodl?es
i.'.n it Is not with tin- music of ?r
Man v. ith i bree Wives" that then
i'i?.st ?an.-.- t.? quarrel, h Is ??iii? the be
There ma > have i??en s time u h? n it i
not in? eesary to h.??-.- a plot t.? <.<n
musical piece, bul thai was before
M "i rj ?VI low," 'The Chen ol
B\ Idl? r" an i others ?>f th? Ir sort came I
popularity, Now sn operetta must hi
Mine Borl "f a pleasing background, ??
at hast a v.-stij?. ,,f -??quart. .. ,,f . v,
m order I?> .-??in.- within th.- ??.?ttinins
operetta it is also expected t.. hi
? ??m. dy thsl is not too far fet? bed 1
totallj absurd maj i? in keeping u
th?? character of a m?ries! ?revue, b it
Ii not with \ lenneee m islcal plecei
Thus,? are th? respects in whlek '"I
Mim with -nir..,. tVlves" i? lacking
basic Ides is sufRcttently amusing that
i of .? ?travelling tourists' sgei
who has a sweetheart at every stop .\
i i?. tins th,- fad that he has ?married i
Of them and has failed to l?r. ak his ?
gagemeuts t" two others, snd there
m-?? t matter t??r aay number ??i ami
. in?* Bltuatkma
I'n ?ii'stionahiv they exist 'i m the ?"
Inal, but th?-? were doubtlees ??! such
nature that.they were not re?tiatdered
f?.i Ameii?.?:. ??i.- isjptl? 'i ?Bo rani
Pottei ,it,?i A-nei Morgan were intrnst
with i-r?,?.-.r it??- an English adaptatl?
(?t.'i In th- doing "i u tb? . i..'.?? Ii
little that Is amusing There :s the tin
worn 'i- ?- .? ?? ? f differ) m "h?ta? ten
"ti" enotl ? ; - h ?is and the rem tui.?n
one h .: ...... -m ...i? !: three tl ?
th? t'?? Is ti"t -1???: > ?and un? ?i? < t
f n if) ? ? t t., . .,: r-. the sctlon "f i
There Is ririwet i ? om| ?
sei ? ? .?f . !? v? r in. In the t >??k. a
? ti? ni ? ?itllngl) ii- ?? In lbs i
- ,. | .? . leaves 1
: perl ol lIm p? i-forn ??? ?
? a Idea ol t ; ?.- ;
Ainerl ...,..;?: ..
en tbe efforts I i t.- si
and bis .. ?
n valt
? ? ' ? -? Mi U ??
a nun ? ,? ??
? ? aln music ti.ai i .??? ti
? '? ilri : . ? ... the In
?. Ii ? ? i ?
ii? 11 - We A Fret
.? ,', ? ihe mo
ring of i h? ? bot si
? ? ' ? ?ju?
in end ? ? (Inal '
? ? ? ? i
Aith . anbei o?
bsva I ? B -'"' logt ? : the
??? ,i ? arlotte Greenwood I
m.ike t;." ...in!? bit ??f the opening pei
formai ? \ ? ? lid was kl? k bul af*.
almosi ,?t? entire ev< nlng ??ith notl
laugh at, thai proved ex ?Mdlngiy fuanj
Even Mr. Lean's efforl . reaching the!
climas when be ?--1?? >?>K s long i"?'k ??f bal
m to his eyes talk ?i t" ? rtual Miss ? Ii em
W OO'I'.-.
TI e mull ol the i le? ?? wes ?beet suni
?So. bys Bsrnsrd ami Alice v??ik. n
one of 1 . ? ? and ??if?- respe? tiv.-iv
artille Doll) Casflei proved the moot en
gs ? . member of the casi Thi
ol ths Uni bed !-? she Kenyon among lb
pla* ? is snd hit effoi Is to sing wen
j... i f.?r i ? grel.
t m. ? ?
. | ?., || . ?. !? I f !?? ?
Flrti rltrl Is M ? ??
Rol . i ??
? "bird ? ;? i - . Wallet ???? H
i ram .Ro en ?
Roaa . i>??t.,"i. \v m
liaron I'll tford . i.- ? i
? ,. ? tin ? Ih? mai . Itewori Hair
i :? ?? nani l*eti>.t . ?vn?. ? ? I?
Marl? . K?iii.?mi Kal i-??
l/Ui. liar? d \ Rol??
mix . Is ? - HIIHns
Vir... . M
le . ? ? ? i. i ? '?
| ., , . ".,.??!..
I?|,,l !.. . '
? i ?? in? . ? ?in? ? 'Iran
. . . -.?|,h\?. Hai : ?
i :.,,,. h . ..... M.? ?, ?. ? It? i..? Plei I?
. ' ? ? '
. ! ?ol I'aatl?
Mi. ,. . ? i??? ?
? .,?.'. i roust Hai-i
? ?-?
i .. ., irolMlon lo n>" ?'? ? ?? '
,- . || tory, New York '
??. I'm i ortl indi Part "
Mi Una of ihe I I'arlli
loi i?. 11 s I"
i (,r || ,. M-dlco I . Ji?>?-I
Mai ? III? T p m
p . . Ml?till ?a Club,
il tel , ? ... I. in.
I riant r a I rvatloiial ? i ot t or
i ..i il Ion ? "I I '? i?"'".s s ,, u,
Medina ??I llw tt Oeorgt ? iValdort
? - :
. ... ?... i?a i."?i' re of oi . Wsl .?'?f
', ??. i. s ! In
M? ? ?> of Un W.i-? Inston II- l|hu
lation No, ?IM Weal Vttth ttreet, ?
! Ill
,.; .,,, a let? ??f ? heu... al
Runiford M??'. -N" '?" '?'?' *; ' -'??'? - l3
| In
lili'I'I Hi" 1.' ?'. I'I ' ' "f <? ?" I" "'
I ?and ii?- Neu ?"n-. Fee ? *>o?-**??*j. ? ??
. , vv ! Hol ? ? i i? -l? n? ?I Hai ?rd
1'nlvtrally, ?"? ' the Prom ?lion ??' P? ?
thi ? >ii. in." ? '--u i.?-ni- Hall, >> i" p m
on ,,, "Wim Is th? K-uMlns L^s?*1
Relation ??( lha Hoard Ut "iducatloti ??? ? t.?
Munhlpal dovernment?" a' lb? hi-'-Hmk of
?i... Public i:?i?i? .?ii'ii a????, i-iti'in. ' Itj ''i b
s M ... m
Public lecture? of lha H??ar t ??r -?duration, l la
i? m Manbattaa Ds Wm cninion in?.1?
. ha i .'I'tii ? in -t -ii'.'i Tenth ??? nu? 'Toll
?ongt of it'.-?i?.' LawU W Aro-?irona;
Wadlelsl- nir?' ?School. IHth ?tr?-?-* snd Ba?
?nth avenue, "Schuiuann." Ml?? Marsarei
Anderton; Public Bcheol 14. N>? ?.'?'? I ?? I 171 ?
Mr? st, ' i'hi"ii?-ii IN v.n.ui/.' Rapl I ?." liai
rlaon 8, i:ili??it; Public tcbooi IT. ITH. street,
of Btghlh avenu?, ''Tbotnai JeSen?)?
.Sin,II,! W P.liters..11. P.?I'll. ?*? ).?." I ? 's I '"in
* latch an?! ?'?ark stif????. '-.-*? 1 m:<.?? PUblng "'?
th? Padfle Cnaat," Uenroj i Mitchell; Pul
II? School 10, N" :i-"i '??''?' -l,!i
? v?.?-ii -ii? Hum. r ai..i Humortet?,'' William
it. .?,,,,,, public s? i?"??i ?m. ?su. ?ti.-i. ?aal
of Piral avenue, "Romai-a sad the land ?.f
?Sunablne." .i??hn Wilder imirbank; Public
?s. Iiikii BO, i'Ttti ttreet, ???'?t of Beraath ??e
iin-. "???tin.-t. AiiIiiihI? ai*?l Uta Ti -Hin .ii> ol
Hi?. II... k?,'' l?r llelny K. ? 'rumi'iii ?Public
?School .??? Awiiue A .ml l-iht S2d ?ir.-it,
"Rtitlany." l?r K^m..' .- Outhrl?; ?Public
School IS2, i?-.t ?"???t snd >?" ?"A "'i. sv?
nue, 'Valasquea," Di '?"???:e Krlebn Publl
s.'h????! IIT, St Nicholas a??nne una tiTiti
?Strsst, The Oeld ami Manion?! Kl.l Is ?if
pjbath Africa," Julias U. l??iu-. ?Publl? School
|?>r?. Buffolh ami It?vln?it?.ii Utreett, "lrni?.rli?l
Hirlln uni Heval l'.>t?.1am," Dr. !l?-nry licit;
Pill.II? l.ll.iun. NO HI \Ve?t l.l.'.tl? Htr.-el,
"The Ailtj'.nla? kt?." ?;roi-?' W llnnt?i.
Youna Msa'l l!??i??!?"l?,'?t A????rl?tlon Hall.
No. .'Ill KAtl Hri.a.;??H>, "Von and III?
Tea?.her?," i'rott-sor Allan P, Ball. i
John N. Willys Places Collection, Including Rembrandt,
Hals, Gainsborough, Van Dyck, Romney, Raebum
and Hoppner, on Exhibition at Ioledo.
Famous painting by Rembrandt, valued at $250,000, ?bough! by John
X. V. illys, of r<?K"!.?.
Toledo, ?. Jai S3 f? ? N
i Will* s. u ho a ton da; igo pui -?
Retnbrondt'a "T i? Pi .\
al 1250 ' ? ?. bai announced the
I acquisition ol <.-. ht mon "M World
rn ter pic c? Tha puni
mode through Henry Reinhardt, of
: Parla bi ?i \. .? ?, ork rollec
. tlon, non valut ?i ni $760,. wot pis? ? .1
: "?i . sblbltlon f... the m
? th.- Toledo :
"!' Pnylng Pilf-rlm,"
1 ' la"a 'Portnll o? a Mai." Blr
r ? m ? ialnab iroui ? i ? *hur
lotte, Blr I tii - '.. D . lount
NVtibori - ' ? ? ? \ ?
i ' ! ' ? ? Ti ? ? . I ? '? Ineb
:? l: I: ' :
l? ?nei I. i:.
Ml I : H Ha
"Ml ? i net r of Re? nd sir
?. ra< '; R< ? olda, of So ??. i. i
i da nlng
? . it oc
-i ., mi n
? ?
.i i. .' a broth? ? ol th? ex? M i ?
m !:? ret,
doors au t y-1 wo
the Ba
itreel If? m? M? thod Epia.i
? ' ? Bund ? ifternoo at 3 o
The builal will taka ' '??"-1
??n M?.i ?',.?? Ml Ba l n'-l'l
ih |
V V . and ? II ?'. I I ?? iltl; 11 In IMJ
r. AI Ion to the
bar hi ? ? ! ?.int
rht-re he practis?
rnlng to Brook! n In IK t Ha wsa
elected a I City < irt of
Br ???!.:. ?? - ?.? i ? !? ? i.-.i to ..
loni of offl rvlng ? r moi a
i ?? ? : ? detailed b)
< lo*? pi i "i Aloi to H ? '"i t" n '?> bol i ..
trial term istlng ' ? ?? ? In th?
Sl? | ?! .-Ill' .'.'1,11
On hla ' Ifhtj : i ' dB) Mi Rs
? ? ?r al a dlnnei
glv? n Ii) i ? Brook! .n Bui \ 11?
It w.? it tl t n.loun? .-?1 hi
m. m?m 11 ?ni active ??Tk. at :? i iixt)
: ra? ti? '-. Ths Banals Str. ? t
M.?.i ii M? i ho list Episcopal . 'h u
h. Id a m?. ting ta y? ara .no. In ? ? :.
brate hi- nln? tl? th hlrthda) - Pr?
?llowlng lett?
l i. ?u mi., i v. ? great pla isui ? m? ? I
i m ii i ' ? -i n
i Itiln of W ssleyan I'nivei I I
you will do nn ? extending to
him m congratulait* ". hi ; ?i
fui n .| hon ible 'ii- i.. and
? ' . v?, hlch m.tk
linn ttin ... m. .u in- ad van? > >i ai
core ??nd ten.
ju?* ? Ra ? Id ' "? tii ited |. ?>-??. to th
ti,ooo,Q ? endowma ni fund of w. .
i n-\. i- it) ii?- a.? s former pra
..f the ii uste a '-f W? i I id .< in?*m
t? i of lha board "i m i eg* t ol ? te
\,.;, i. ... BI i .**? ' let i hi Ba th Kappa,
the Brook!) n Bar a* got Latloa end tl ?
Br? okl) n ?'Inli
Hi u. . ? oldi '?*-??- ala ' ti - ?
, i ai . ..i i.i
(VII lis m '; ? '? :' Hamilton ?? grat d ion
,,f Ua i indi i Hamilton and tha tathei ?<'?
Wiin.mi i'!-- on lia nllton, arbo la tha
. la* ot* i Pi? ? i""?! U ? died
>. ata ??i.?.-, al hla I ome, No ;??? Ha ?? ?
i y | imilton, s ?ara ? Iaht*;
ol-j, i ...i i ut m ;ii iMalth foi .-?? ?
i-ral yi
The son >>f John Cl unh Hamilton snd
M,n i.i RUsa Van dt a Hours!, ha ? ?
i.... n m No ?'** Baa? h street. Hs attend? d
private reh?lela In ths city, preparing be*
I Columbia, hui Bhowsd auch .? rartehaaloal
h.-iit that al ths ene o? elghteoa he "?
. am.- .m ni.; r> nti'-e. In Ihe machine slwpa
??r iii'tiry Dunham ?. Co., North Blver
mid North Moon M set. He arerked
through .?n tepartmente, .?n.i Bventualt**
Brads the drawlnas for the steamship
Heur?. Clay's eng Ines, which aren sxhtb?
?te,i ?it the Crystal Palan Exposition in
l,oii?i.,n. ii? then becama vlrei prealdsn!
and engineer ..f Br? .. Kneel ind .*-.? ? '?>..
Tshi.-h earned Ihe Jerts) Cltj Locomotive
Works i.iit'-i h>- area made pree-tdenl >.f
ti?.- eenipaai
ii?- waa appointed repnsentatin, gen*
eini mannt**** snd mechanical engineer
in, lai.? MeHeary snd Blr Morton Parta,
of London, in tin- buUdlna and r>pe*mtlon
of tha Attantte & Onal Western ituii
w?iy, ..f which i??- beeeme a disector, in
lstii he mai i lard Hatten M Ptersou, the
redest daughter of Hear}? u-wia l*lenun,
Thomaa Lawronce'a "Emily and Laura
? 'alma ! ."
Mr. Willys will leave hen to-morrou
for Europe In leorch of other a*oi '
an for ! Is ltoll?*ctloi n> la many
tima - u illlionaire, and it is reported
hen thai he recent!) gall t d almost
Dr. Bode, in his well-known work
Ion Rembrandt, alludes to tli?- "Pilgrim
.-.t i'r ? ? -i ' aa "a ti.. ? Id? enl study of
I character," and speal "f its luminous
color, it i"-ars tin master's signal re.
' ? 'in . in tha ' ollection of Sir Cbarbn J,
Robinson, m London, II waa lutor
owned b Hen Wa b r of Hamburg,
It h?is also bea n in I - of Bedel?
-, dealer, and m th?*
? : '. ? ? Kann, it .i
triple ? Rembrandt'a art, one
mora of th? i. .ill-, re? i old
masters broui
of PI? ? a ? iroi . - . .
? Ram
i " N ! . and ?..- st.irt.-d tin- Ram .:???
'? ?V. He then
? f ?' ? Hamilton sr.?,-1
? - ? f Philadelphia, ai d foi
on of
ar .
I . . I
illdren ara Will c ? ion Ham
??:' I 1' '
i '??. a ho n | lie! Pierpont
inder. wl
Rev. Philip M? r?*er ? Rhlna lander,
? h -? ? ? rit)
PI ada Iphla and Marie V. Sunn, srife
rira Peering Bi
" : ?m P. Hall, a ma ml er of an ol !
l! family, died * ?? terday morning
Monroe street,
? >? n - ' lUness.
rfai er fought in the Revolu?
tion and his ? War Of 1*12.
Hall was born si Saratoga Bprlngs,
- ' a halft1
to.'k up hla home in New
? ? tognpber.
He was I er of St.
Protest * i.: . ipal (Thanh.
Mr. Hsll's wife, formerly Miss Anna i
Howard, snd . sui*i h *?
funersl will be held privately on
the Re? Charles T. "lark.
tor of Si <', one's ?Church, offici?t
The bui t.al a ill '"* In G ?.l
John iti???? Brown la ?lead from pneu?
?monta me, No Ml Jene) avenue,
jeney ?'it?, at ths Bga of ninety-one
He v* as th.* trees ?? ? r of J H
n a ? *. of No. MO ?Broadway, a?.,i
served fi til .it Una and
tin? llrm U I iccesded many I'Mri ano.
. :?. .. He a as bon In Cork,
! ...... | -..ri ali't tWO
? ? da light? ra
PhllUpaburg, S J., Jen. -?' Dr. James
?ilexandar Petrle died hen to?day al the
,.? -. rent) I la a aa a grad?ate of
? ollege, London, and served aa
. ?n in ths i 'nited Btstes nav) during
. letl War i>r. Petrle had crowed
. . -..',,? u flft) tima a and als., had vi
:!.,. Orient H?* owned raluable real
? ,i, ii .\. g *? orb City. He pnetised
In? ? .. ..' years ago In leraey ?'ity
. ,.i Elisabeth.
? - ?
? atokl for Docile Pair to Draw
Carts in Parks.
m... on? ' Btoi ? ? Is sa a ? n? ?
.. p m of ?i" lia -1 triehea Ha baa
.... to several i trich farms an the
it, in < 'a-atorado and ether West?
.in itatea, i?nt so t'.?r i u no! fosad on?*
thai would guarantee tha do? lllty of their
i ?.un the ostriches to dnw ?an- ?.?i
the Mali." said the C?smmh*elonei yt ter?
,-,,.. --i.i,. .n, \ in-.ist ba docile Ws can'!
u-.- any oetrlehea thai might ki?*k."
p|.petlins Of ' Th.- Honeymoon Ex?
I " the new show st the Winter Gar?
den, haa been fixed for ataturday even
?Yl.rii.iry 1 Gaby 1? -hs ami .\|
i i , ,, will be ths featured members ?>f
the cast, which will ateo Include Melville
l?||| , Han | I'd.' r. Han y l-'..\, A.la
La-wls, Penny BH?, Vancsl Dolly, ?Lou
. , Ei in-st < llendlnning, P. Owen
?Doyle and Diana, Keley Btantan,
jsna an<?a. i.aura Hastings, Florence
Ken, Marione I.an.. 1'iaiikie Lea and
ca?!.em..- Herat Ths plan la by Jorteph
w. Herbert and HaroM Atteridgs, with
musk by -I'-1" S.-hwartz. N.d Wayburn
i.- In tdtargs of Um production.
?42,395 MAL OF SALE
Paintings on Closing Night
Bring $79.960.
Harpiginies's "Meissonicr Pine"
Goes to George H. Ains
lie for $12,900.
With a total of nearly half a million ?lol
Iars. th?* gsjieiaon McMUHn sal.? of paint?
?n?.- ??am?, t?? an and in tbs I'laza Hotel
last nlnht Th?. experts sai.l that It ?v?n*
??n ttroril a? one of the nMMt BUi ? ?SSOful
sal?.-, hoth from the attl ii'lan? _ ?nul th?'
financial point of I?OW, ev? r held in this
City. Two humlr?"! atnl tliirly-elj-lit pict?
ures were ?ltgOWtOa, and the tsrand total
for th?* four ssssloiis fooling up III.
showed the Bveea?ge pries of sash -ttetors
to '.avi* bern gUMfb One hundred and
forty elg artists were n-pri-scnu-d. Tin?: ?
were nineteen canva.ips l?y Inn??.?, twelv ?
by Wv.it.t, r??n hy Minor. flv<* hy i'orot
end fonr ssch by ?Degr?, Ridiet. wiggin*.
Troyon. Moran .'?nd Moin-hahlon.
Last nlRhf.? ait?*iidan?-e fell below that
<?f th?? pti'.ioiis ?espion", b ?t the bidding
was hrluk throughout, the ?ompetltlon for
Harplgnies'S "Souvenir of Antibes-The
Mslsaonlei n?ne** nlslili brought the to,>
price of the eveninii. III.UI ballig parti?
Ularly keen It WSS finally knocked down
.o (ieor*-e II. Alnslle. The pictur?- ?how?
.in emerald can?ipy s.-rceniiig the sky, ?
supported hv the sturdy gray llmba and I
bran.-hes of a Kr?*at tree
Bdward ttraadoB vva? the ?uc?--es?fui?
bidder for Uii--illi're'8 portrait of "The
Mat nuis?? ?hi ?'hat? let SS 'Astronomy.' "
for which he gave $7,2?*0, the next highest
figure, Ho ui?<> ohtulned, for $0,001). Van
Loo'a portrait of "The Marquise dot
Malll-hois." Th?; total of last night's ?*?a?s
sion was J?9,.?*>?'.
Following are the pa?ntin**s that brought?
$*?? and over:
Ian,tin? nn : artiat. H.i\.-r and Vrxce.
".-?.uv.-nir of th<> Ant'.le? -The Met?
? ? 1er Pin?-, ' Marplgnle? ??*nrge H. ,
Am-lln . IW.S-30
"I'oitr.iit of tii? Mar-qulM Du ?ChSMlst
a; 'Astiononi.,' " Un l,ar,-llllere, Kd
Attr.l Uranii* . 7.20O
Th.- "tBWtmtfri.*' tehrarar; ?. Henxii-er &,?Mu
"Portrait of u.e Liu'lie?? of "-'?eher."
I'?* Lumllllfr. . ?'!iiius??.. tiRllprie? .. MM
"The Mar?|ul?e 1 ??? Matlleboi?," Van
i.? ?. Bernant ?Braadas. ?V"X>,
"The ?Broken Pll her,'' Bonnet. ?"hariiiB
K??; i??r . a.10*.,
"Portialt of the Duche??? Da Noaille?."
CHaaad; .( i< Da La Hai . I.IOO1
torn an?I I'ik- ' .M?.r-''an.i. Misa M. I?.
Whitman. 2,100
"Napoleon ?Reviewing ihe 4th Regiment
?if Dragoons In lt*xi7." D?taille, H. H
Lorenz ?aifiiti . 2,*0flM
I' ?trap of ?"ll/atxtr?. ?'ounte?? of
?"?neHterfi.'i:. ' Laiy; Blakeslea OaXUrttat 2.tMSO
"Portrait of Madama i?'Argenviile,"
Bauterre, K.juur i Braadas . 2,300?,
'Louia XIII. Entent, Sortant ?!?
t/Ealtas." laahar; ?jeorgea Fettt <.al
?. 1.80O
"The nahe." ?Chaplin; ftas-rass Petit
?;ul!ei|i?a . . 1.70O
-La Vols Olleste," H'h?rt. Knoedler a
?'?.. 1.7'??
"Bull ami O??a," Hr???-a??ai, W. W.
s? im?n (ageni l . 1,*.">?>
"The Chen Piekte," )9-Bigesrssa?
?'i.nrl.'H K?hler . l.fiO?
T..IT ? ' ? *' l..i 1, M. Ivllle, ' I.nvv-.-ti -.
SVIward ?Bran Ina. LsSB
"i'.-.'ii.ii' ,,f i . .,,.-..s ,,( i'arllile,"
Lai) . Dr Pe il Mera-h. 1.4-V?
"Poitrail <?f mi?? ::.ii?in?:i>r.." notan?
It II I..?r- -,/. ?.iK.ii-.... 1.4-'?"
"The Ma) m i?. rs,' M t?r ?Paul
Mersel. 1,1*9
"Portrait ef lernet Pn - ? '?? ar -
\?i? k." i.ely. Bhrlch Oallei ? - M?-?
' Ua Mol? ? ? ' Vol Ion Kn ? ;.? .v
t .?.-???
laks of the Nile.'' Frnni?ntui.
? ? a Co. . i.'.j ?
lladsi '- ? ? ? 1er, '
R. Il Iajt. n? (Menti.. ;?.'?
lard il. ATi'-." H.?v?.hi M '- .Vu
?on .
Park Architect Favors Plan Arranged
for Pulitzer Fountain
Charles ?Dooming Lsy, landscspe arehl?
ItXt Of ths Park lioarl. sail yastBldST
that b? I Bd been fa?. ??ral.lv Impressed with
tt..- Plasa deeign aubniltted hy ?'arr?te &
Hastinga in the Joseph ?Pulttser founts!?*
< ? npetltlon. That ?l.-sl-rn re? ,-l\ ed the non?
ets. Mr. Laj ssld he tea ari?*?ns-sd f??r a
Ottfi-reii? I witli Tbotnss HP-sting?- earlv
next v??'<-k t.? go o??r the plans, and that
i.e ?a nil i ? ? ?otnin? nd n f?-w tn?vlifl.'ation?.
In a r. port to Park ?",omtr?l??loner Stov
er recently Mr. ?Lay pointed ont that any
:;.- la the l'l.izn sh'iiild he made with
regsrd to the traflk He recommended
that traille goin?-; north ?hould ent*r th?.
! irk at 1Mb .street, and that going south
ph?'iild turn oast or west at BSth street.
This waa nn>- of the features Included la?
t? r? winning design.
IS ?waa 'ohn R Re>n sMe, ?"??orra O.
Davenport, Annal.. Itot in?on, Hurtc?n.
.m?l Smith. Mary P.
HUI, VVii'.l ?-n P Ihorn. Bather A.
ItamlltOB, William a William?, Je??ie H.
l:i:??U\"|- In Jersey City, en .i?-i'iary 73.
1 nir*. John n Rr--?n?, In hi? 01st yea?.
Relatives und friends are 1n?lt?- to at?r?*
Mir? fnn?ra! ?erv !???.?, Ht Ms la?? rril-??ii..-?,
\.? ?.'?1 .1.1?'". ave. Ter?,y ?i-y, oil SStlW??
. ? K, at M o'rlo'k.
DAVENPORT At Win? Ittwlsrile, M T.. Ja-? ?
iiarv O, ISIS, Anna I, , "aughter of th? !?'?
\V?t..irv ?DavaapSft, In her S??h year. Fu
Tiei?; ?MTVl ?rostdoBce, I??v?np->rt
Nv.k. N.w Ruchelle, N Y , on I-*rl'la-. at If
a. m.
I><>1?I> At H.'>om*-?l-l. N .T . an January 22,
101 a Am il y- ?1.1. in hl? *>oth oar Punerao,
wrvlo-i al tl.? First l're?l>\ terlan Chttieh. *B*t
, ? -. r i - < ? i.. n biTlval of 2t>0 train
from N?-w York, D . '- A. W. R. F.
HAI.I.--At his r.'sltfti? e. No BSJ Monroe S? .
tti?.? ki-n. William Poineror, ?on ??f the i?t?
U'illt.nii farmer un.i Silente ?'naiiiberialn
ii.i.i. fanaarlj of sa-m ???? ^iinr?-?. Funeral
|.rival? . IHsasS ? nut ft ??.ti?
II \MII.'I'?*X "" TlllirslSjr Januar- '??". ISIS,
al hla realdei ? itaai ? ?Park, N?w Vorn
?in. Wltllaa Oaatoa Hamlltaa, in his >?i?t
rear, t-'.n-i.ii ?arvleas will be hsM at ?"a!
.?.. tTburch. Ith see ?sad -t?t ?t.. Ke?r
Y'TW I'lfy, on Satiit'lay, .faniarv 2.;. at 1<?
IlKVNoI.t'S su.l.i-i.lv. on Th'.ir?.!??, ,!?n ??
??t. at hla hosM, N" <4 Reimao ?t . h? ?.u
i?. n, N Y., ?io.IK?- ? ?reeiiw,M?.| Iteji,' ?.
hi? '?'J i \..o K'hi.-i-.i! wtttiate SI saivi?
s?r?..' ?Mernorlal i'i.??r?'i. ?araar of tTark SBr]
Henry iia., K-.."ki.r. n Bu?adar, Jaavarr
?j?'.. ,?t 2 :i'i i? m Kindly ? -ruit Seweri
RORINSON iMii't.'i into re.t, ?arlv W.-lp.?
day, Januarj -".'. 1918, it?irt??ti. onl
loved -n of Kiank H an.I i: Ort rude l'.?>?
l--?iii?r.? 1 ?MTVlCM at TrlRlt) ? ho?, h.
?> -?.ini.fr. N r . on Fri ?v. ?f?.?rn.?on. Jin i
ary 'J4. at rt::in
SMITH \t t?,i:,-.\ N .1 . Ili.is.i.n .lanuarv
M, IBIS. Mar) floren? ? wir. ??: Alb ids? '
Sinn : ?jhlei ?.f lha inte Freemin an?l
Marv Kurwell JarkaoM Waed Oarlag t<> SI
- in Imm?diat? fsmlt) tuBeral s.im.???
and ii '? rmsal ?rill hi ??trt'tata
THORN ?in Uedn.'s.lav. .1?nuar> *r.'. K?ther
A. ?vtfe of J"lm I Th.nn U.-lailvr? ?ni
friends are lnvlte?l to attend ?he funeral ?. r
..... al the l'r?'?h?t.rlai? .'hur.li. I'lea??iii
?III?-. N. Y. Siinii?., 1 nu p ni Interinen:
Kenglco Camstan ?
WILLIAMS" At lev hasse, K? IBS Ka.t *gts
m.. Ne?? York, on Wednesday, Jamjar) ??'.
Jeeais Hunt|nston WHItama, dauabter ..r ??.?
la) K Wlnalo? and i.\?:ia Marvin wiiiiain?.
of Norwich Conn, liinersl tervlce at the
? Inn h "f tl'?? Heavenly Rest, .Vh a?-?-,
aii.iv.? i.-.th ?n . a; ??> a m . Saturday, Janu?
ar- 2'' In?. ? m. tu K Norwich, i'nnn.
;3*ld 'S-. By Ilar|..-m Train and l?v Trullcy
Oni?f. '-'?i Fast -jad St., N. f.
IliWR T.. It-fTBH 141.1 West 5S*
fat. ?'Iiap.-I?. Private Room?. Privat? Amhu
l?n?-es Tel irt*?! <'het??>?
MAIN "KKI'K No, I'.l N.???au ?treet
UPTOWN OrriCB n.? y.nt Broadway, or
an) American r*t?rrirt Tilearaph i?m?e
HARLEM i?l-'l*HKS No Ht Kast I'.'.'.th
sir.et. No ?.'*" \V.?t fj.'.th ?ireet and No
US \Ve?t U?th strset

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