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X? LXXII..N* 24,177.
To-day. i-loinl?. prohahlv ?limacr?.
To-worTow. fair, ulili li?rhi winds.
1913.?18 PAGES.
1>r?T*r<l.'' /"WT.'1 ai <L,VrT In t'ltyof New York. Jera-er City and Hesokea
It IV Bl i ty its V>H?4-> 1 ELSBWBKRB TWO ?LENTS.
Mot Killed in Room, as First
Reported, but as He De?
nounced Young Turks
% ?it Grand Vizierate.
Shefket Pacha and Young Turk
Party Still Believe They
Can Save Adrianople by
Constantinople Jar. ?_'!. Nssltn
Pscbs, ill- ' ?iiiiinaniiei ..f the Turkish
aray, received h. ? death wound ahila
txpcatulatini with a crowd of dem?
stratora for having bea**onii smbrolled
in B ctrafltcl .?t tin- Grand Vislsrste,
viic offl |g| version ol the sffray, wht? I?
i- ti rma ?I a *T< **r< itab* IncldenL" wsa
, o-i | .?
When l ? ? motistratoi a, it as* a,
i ii ided '?:- Enva r Hey one ??f the lend? ra
roung Turk party, penetrated
ii.- Grsnd Vixlerste i;i an attempt t?.
? th.- ' nun il Chamber, they wen?
.,,-.! i- Falls ?Bey, slde-de-csmp t..
the '.?'rainj Visier, who, drawing his re?
cr, Bred a >h<>t at them. Thi aide
i'*t. ..i Nasim l'a- h.? siso Bred
crowd, his bulle! striking
\ hmed Xi'.i.iif. on?-- "f lha demonstra
? .-.- Th< demonstrtatora thereupon re?
t? :?r"i Xar.im's aide-d? ?a .mi,. WSI
Instsntlj kill? ti.
Pscha, who wai In th< Coun -
rll Chamber, heard the shots ;")'.i
aida. Ka ine the ?i monstra -
r da d l ? m, ? alllni them
?i While he sraa apeak
t eul shorl in*- remsrka snd
|.,- ?.
A a?ecrel police sgent and :?n at?
tendant <?f n.? Bhelk-ul-Islsin, head ..;
th? Mahometan cletrgy. also were kill^.j.
Nazim Mush Rrspected.
leading Unionista <>f Cooatan?
i? declara iiiat ihe Bbooting of
Naglm was Titii-rcmo?nat-^il and much
regretted, but under tit?- ctrcumstan es
"iaia'.ir- Tbej' su: that tit- Tnion
i"_?re no ill will toward Xastm,
" oge ?',-"ii nrni Boldlerlj character
.. him respected ? ?'?pu by bis politl?
? al opptments.
All the minister?* ot Ktsinll Pacha's
Cabinet m-k- b(>I at lit.rrty to-.lay and
permitted to return to their horn?"?.
PVtfli Bey, who ?s :?n aide-de-camp ot
ih fa rni?-r <.'ran?l Vizier anr] who Br? ?
th?* ?ist shot ii yestasrdsy'a affra. .
wa*- 0 ..m|.anioii ?>f Major Tnhar. v h-.
M>.rt?*?i the mutiny si Moaaatir ;.ts?
?umnirr which led to 'he resignation of
the Cabinet and Bald Pacha.
The Views lielil in ?>fli?ial circles With
regard t<? the altuatloa between Turkey
tie Balkan allies may 1?<* set fOTth
s.?a fellow.-?: Th?? TttrMsh government
dc-s n a darsbe h resumption of houili
tifs. Hut th<* Europsaa powers are even
teas anxious to witness a renewal ol
ih?? war. owing to the danger <?f peg -
Ida rompll atlesia la Burope, Turkey
reslisss her coaditioa <>f flnancinl
peaury, i>*:t this conditioa is chronl ?
with her ami meani cag slwsya be
found for keeping afloat.
??ii the <>?har hand, from g military
i ?? m of \ i? v , Turkey is in a better
rendition than ever to wage war will
advantage, *-*-i?*;ciaIly as the gova-rn
hetni believes the forces of the allii-s
ate rail lha* point of exhausti"i).
Xeveriht^et?*. lha- Porte would prefer t"
aiold furth?*r bloodshed If this Is hon?
orably possible, anal the maintenanee
ami poKsesalon of Aalnanople by tlic
aliie*? ara,- not insisted on.
No Fssrs of Coercion.
Official circles are confident thai n-i
coercive pressura by ;he powers need
1 .:|.|.rehend?*(l or threats of isolated
? ly Russia tPken very seriously,
? v\ .r,? to the possibility of such ac
. 'ii bringing about Kuroptati compll
tatisag, L'nder these cira umstnna es. it
felt here that the allies may come
' nntinurd on slith page, fourlh column.
This Morning's News
local Psge
Walters' sulks Crt***plss Hotels. i
Kubwsy Contrasts in Shape. 1
'if lit to Ketain Wlllcox. a
Hempatfail I'pset, Over Smoker. 3
Would Buy Tub?rculo?*!? Serum. 3
Vfbltmsa'a Aid Beaten. 3
Real f..i Graft ?rand Jury. 3
Corey Again a Witness. ?
Whitman Is Ideal of Burns. ft
Wilson Takes a Day Ult. ft
fkhool System Hecrled. 7
Michigan University Alumni l?ine.... ?
"Vol??? from airave" Convicts yualey. 18
Huah Hour Panic at Bridge Fire.18
defaulting Cashier Vanishes.18
Hoose\elt Urges ?Strike Inquiry.18
Money Trust'* Hearings Kn?l. 1
Tariff to Proter-t Business. S
Si.lzer Shuns Subway Tangle. 2
I'ierhead F.xtenslon Scheme Revived.. 4
Sulz?, hisf.e-tia Work on Capitol. 8
*l*tf Bgl Ha? Us Taft. 8
-^H/.irn Died I'nbraldlng Mob. 1
Wer gpectrt Again Visible. 8
' "inraons Defers Suffrage Vote. S
New ? for Women. 7
Clitoris! . ft
Istia ty . s
Music . t
Ttia-atrltsI . ?
"'ituarv . t
Literary Newa and Criticism.?M and ll
'hin-h at:d IteliRioua News.11
jspsrt* .18 and 13
Aif. .- atad Na y.13
heather .13
Mdpfalit? . 13
''?i<i?.a; and Alarlitt?.14 and lft
^Sr? Kstgtd .Ii
Tlic leader ?>i the Young Turk?, who demanded the rcsignatfon of
the imperial ministry.
Mahomed V Said to Have Be
I Dethrpned and Ottoman Re?
public Proclaimed.
i/"ii<]?in. Jan 24, \ riim-jr hi ??um
! in London, ?Paris and i'? rlln to-nhjl i
the ?n>?t ihr.* ?hr? Bultan Mafowned
? of Turk??.- Ii.nl l"?n ?I? t hi ??n?-?l Mid !
Ottoman republic proclaimed.
tikm'c ?'i? n?? confirmation <?: th? i
ni?;' anywhere, and ?' was genera
?Ji.s? rrriitK^ in offli i.-.I circles,
I'ill'iv. ,l!?ll. '_'I -I'll? ll! P.I? II,I
friend i?f i???'h Kiamil ?Pacha and Nssl
Pacha, in an mi? t ?? \ew to-night ?i
Ichwed thai tin* Bultan would !>?? d
thron??! ?ml i?!?!;????) by th? Crom
iTin?-?-. srho maintains close rclatioi
I With .Mahni>?i;?l S? h?fk? t ?Pacha, il
i?? w (,'r'?iKl Vistor, i'in i if said he >?
, lien ?1 Turkey was ??*rt:?iii i.? Ii?v Coi
Btantinople an?! all her European ?n
i ?.ir?** ai ?i that ? counter-revolution *-.;
, imminent
If Spain Is Quiet Next Summe
King May Cross Ocean.
London, Jan. 24.?It is stnt?-?! thi
there if" a prol-Hbiliiy that King AI
fonso of Spain will pay ?i visit to th
I'niteii States, p?tia?slbly next summ-ei
shoul?l th?' political sitiitstioii in hi
kingdom pf-rmit of his ?loin?- ?... I
Beems that Alfonso has been greatly m
torestrd in th? stibje? t 0? a trip to th
I I'nlted States sine?' ? visit i<? tha
' country by hi? War Minister'?- si?n, an?
oftf-n has express? tl a d< sir?? to make ?
Journ? y there.
It is iin<lerstOii?l that the matter i
now being seriously ronsPlere?J by th
Spanish government with a view t?
?arrying out the desires of the King.
Dm ii?*- th?- recent ? onvrsatlon wltl
f"e??-?r Asearate, ?h?- Republican lead?
i and vice-president of Hi?- Spanish < ham
ber of Deputies, Klnf- Alfonso r? marke?
that h*a was consl?l?-i-In?- making a visi
to tha Ameri'-an ?continent,
Inspector Dwyer Heads Raid ir
Which 3 Are Caught at Game.
Inspertor Dwyer. with Detectives Arm?
strong and Sutler. ral?l?<l an ar'anment
In a fashionable house in \N'?st l""th street
lat?- last nif-lit. where. tl;?-y sa!?l, three
women an?! BSVan nun w? re playing l??>
? ker for iiif.ii stakes, wi.ii?. a chai serrad
Supper. Mrs. Ali?'.. I? Merrill mi?) l!??l>
ert 3. Roberts. ? Im t;a\e the .'?!'.?i 1 in? nt
as their home, w?r.- arrested <?n wai rants.
The names of Um other men am, - worn? m
were taki'n ami the\ were parntlttsd I"
k<>. (me of th?- men. Inspector Dwyer
asserts, is a well known lawyer.
? Th?- raid was the >. Qg ?* ?,, thai "i
the hous?- In X'd ?ti.-et last l-'ii?i.i? night.
I?ast week Dete?tiVes ArmstiiiM?- a nl
| ?Slitter, after <-<>ii?!u<rtlng tflic lai.l on the
'?.'d ?treet lion????, su?. they k'|>t SB <i|i
poliitiinnt with two women, ?rho intm
clii? ?>?) them there, anil then went ti? til?
apartment In Wot Kiith ?treci. Here
they ?ay they ?/era Introduce?! b?, tl.
women us >oiiig inen with plant) <?f
| taoneVi .'?i??! wen- invited to (???n in g
I K?me of psfcar, whl? h was belli-,- phr. .?I
! uhoilt a flttaaSivc inahofcaii? lab!??. T'i.
|d? t.? live? say tb.v ?ViUght $20 uoitli ,,j
??hips the bivwsl s I -layer <??iil?l but,
! mid aft ?? ?i ?ii?": i ?i?"' ol may tout
? -4
I N?. ?ot-itoisseiH- otnlis ANGO? r URA BIT
| TEWS in punches and fancy ?hink?.- '
, Advt. . .
Uncut Gems Found in Bale from
Nov.- York.
Cmwiili. Oui. Jan. -I In? ut dia?
monds it? n !?'."?? n-?l bale or rags \i'|J
-i by km fera of s esta man. t si a
pspa i ? "top.m? 'a tm!i h? re to*da
?-'? * ? i i?i ringi ? ere pi? ked up .?is... a
local i.-v.eii,- placed Ihe valu.- ?if the
proper! at several ihoaaand ?i"i;ars.
Ti?? hale s;i* "ti'- ? f a number that
?iriivr.l ., fen <!:? sge r r? ?in Ram
Governor of Illinois Died With?
out Disclosing Hiding Place.
I it ? ?. i rtae i
Si rlngfleld, III., Jan 24. While ?r
ranging hli office to-daj pr**peratory
In turnlni it ovi r '?> in. su? ctoeot
William Rysn, H . Stall- Ti.nsurer
}..It? hell ?ii*? 'i\? i?'i i??.!: bonda f?.i
m ??si , ;., h ?? hl? ii have been m tha
Mat?- treasury's i nuits Bist) four years
Mona t?. take up the bonds, which
(?eased t" draw Interest about thirty
yean sgo, i? m tha* State T**ess*M***r*a
office, and will probably remain there
until some <?n<- proves his right of poe?
Baessiog t<? the securities. The bond*
are dated July, 1848, and are *-ii*n?*?i
by Aug. C. Kt'ti'ii, Qavarnor of H??
After placing the bonds in tin* state
treasury Governor French died without
Informing sny "tie to whom they be?
Roddenbery Complains of Head
of Pension Bureau.
| I 1,1111 Tlii* Till,mi.. I! ii I .
Wasliingi >n, Jan 24. ?'harg?*? that
.Tames I/. Dai?nport. ('ommlgsioner of
Pensions, "rides in a limousine, drinks
? hampagns snd aioa*s the turkey trot,"
Although recall Ing a pension for BSTrOtM
dlssbllltlea Incurred in the war, were
rosda in the House to-day by Repro?
Bsntatlve a*U>ddenbei*y. He also
charg? ?I that Mr. Dai'?*iiport. after re?
jecting a pension applleaUon three
Unies, api iivtil it when Colonel 1 I), n.
dora Roosevelt, la November, 1911,
wrote him n letter BUggeStlng that he
shoiiltl reop? n the case.
The Osorgia Bapreaentatlve deelsred
that Commissioner Davenport Claimed
to hnv<- been In .? battis at sfsmphls
on August .">. 1864, but that a Cafefltl
perusal of all historias abowed there
wss n?>! sny battle at Memphis on ih.tt
Answering Representative Austin,
who defended the Commissioner, .Mr.
Roddenbery said.
? If you will ?all at Hi.- I'.-iision ?alike
toese day after lunshsoc the C?*smmls?
-. ? a i a ? ? : - will r.-.-ognl/.e you, but if y.m
fashion your attire in the humble stylo
of the country people ami see Mr.
Davenport riding aJong in his Um*?***.?
Bine, with ;? l'lng hat as high as :?
churn and ? lang*talied ?oat tvh'i h
puts ih?- pltunage of th?- peafowl to
Shams and shirt stuala that sparkle
ilk?* the eysa <<f a t<?a?i. tha Commie?
?411,11,1 will know you not."
Hi. I'.-,? ion i? i<? Tha Tilsnna.l
A iiiial'i'li*.. .1 ;i li -l. '..t?l'?tloi!. -.->.-. Ice
iream, poetry and Cream pi'ifs mos* not
be .??'lit to tin- csdeta <?f th.- Naval Aoed?
emv. An ?>r?|. r to this sffSCt was Ist-ued
b> the commandant ,u-da>. I
Willcox antj McAneny Expecl
, Get ?Contracts Before Ehai
o? Estimate by Tuesday
or Wedneoclay.
Merchants and Civic Bod
Urge lulxer to Eetain Willci
and Not Aid Scheme to De
lay Transit Pians-Queens
Joins in Protest.
Ai.? i BltOth i . . ?? of - "ii. ' .-? I
th? i * a .1.- i? -;? n< .1 : f i ling ??? .?
i.i? - ;??i, ,i rid h"i?. ?in? ? last m
: smong the m ml? - ? ?f lit l*ubllc ?
? t ".>i.t = ii,?--1.-ii and i? ?Board o?
lim., i? v. in? toy ? t i he dual ?) ?i
. . ,;, . .?nil seta ? :??i ?? i ? entatl
?.? t h? Op ' Sting ' "ii.|-..i.: -.
Thi-. M a- tal.?- h i" ?n? I n thai al!
oii.i? ? lions v hull ? ail? ?i fui . t?.m?-.??
tti.. form "i ih? ? ontra? i had :"
. ..?, era me and all tint mnuin? ?i i
i?, amend th? ihr.'?-' Oiog} "f lii'' I
'. (ions m? ..i\? ?i Tl ? ? ii.iim? b. a bile
fundam? ptal t?. the dusil aj st< m i?.
arere vai?i t?> '?" man). requit Ing I
? and care ??? malts ihe t? ? hnl< -<\ chani
m phi as? ??i???-\.
Mayor ? Isj nor :?".;< .? tiand in i
I con fere n es yi-eterdaj m ?! ?ev? ra i i i
? ??i ganlsstlon i tool. atepB to prbt? b!
Governor Sulzer against any sctlon
, him that .? ?. i.i dels: th? signing
tu? ?. ntra? i -. i holt man ?VIII? os t<
? rated in - lat? rn< m that tic Put
-'. i ? i.. Commiwiori would not be gtai
, |.?-?l?'d i? .?' i opulsr ? 'amor.
? 'hairman \\ iP< ??\ and H"i on
i'i? id.ni M? An? i. ?"?? lari ?i thai th
,..|. rncooraged bj the progress tl
? had i>? en 111 ? ? ? i ? ? i" hope that tita i c
I tracts might bs ???i Is lbs <B?oard
Kstimate in time to get them l-ack
? ? lni.li .-'. r. i< ?? < '?immi.-M'jn f??r ? I
? it ion before Fsbru-trj l aben ?
Will? ?.\ <\|??.ls to j... ???it of olli? ?
?rat . aid the clam ? ? aera c.i f
pneaentln** the t-oatrat-ta to th<* n? a
? f l'fliin.ite by T?V-?lay "i WediK
?day, wiii'i a ?pedal meeting of I
bosrd might bs ratted to r?*>c*l**s th**i
in that ?v m the -???.??iMiity i"om
Km?' >i at tu? lung ?he aignst?4rss ?f i
I l'"i?llc Service ?'??mnnebionet ?< b?fu
j Mr \\ III? Ol 'a term ?xpins at midniK
' next Krida.v
Watten Attend? Confersncs.
Mr M.Aixti ?leiii.'l ? ntpliatiral
lu,?t n ??...ui.i bs possible i" ?get tl
Ictmtractfl read] for * ?.?-? uimn with
|f"n -? ight hours, sa srsa r-1???rt.?i >??
?ter?ia>. .\f.?- ? r- Oajrnor t""k an sctl*
? 1.-?rul in MM ?1? lib. ration.'- yeotet??
and < 'orpora I Ion Counsel ITataoa an
111 atiendan? ?? fof the M.I lune at tl
ti BierBstee. His appro-ai of tho cot
tracts is n?'? t ssar- after Ih?'. hat
Rone to the Hoard ><t Kstlmate uni h
I a|.|.rar.'ill? ? ;est<T<l.i\ amolli" tl.I
j terree? hndtcated thai his san? ?ion an
? being obtain? ?I in sdvanc? (?> avoid ?1?
lia* when the .i?lttla?.-i ??,, r? ioimal]
1 laid ?before him.
t haiituan WlltCOI repeated liisstat.
Boni thai ahile even ? if??rt a/aa '??in
ma?ie to ta? H?tate matters n?> ond?
baste would bS t"l'Tatc?I which llll?-|l
tend to prejtidlcg the ?Interoots <?f th
< It*.
?w? believe tin* mattor has roa< h? ?i
point where Hie plan ?.f the dual .sys
tern should l?e realized with all piope
sp??d." he .?"aiil. "hut tl.?inmission
ers are pro? eedlni" a??''rding t?? thei
<lut\- uniler th?- law, and it males n
<liff?reii< e what any ??tie says?, they re
fuse to lie stampciled or <i?> ainthin?
ggltlati the interests of the my."
Francis Lj ndc St? tson, counsel I',*?
.1 I'. Morgan ? Co., former ludgl M-?r
gan J, <?'Hr|en. ('hairman Will? ??v.. Ilor
?.?i..li President Mi-Anein, ?'onti ?>!!??
1'rcinl? rga-M atul Archibald H. Wntsnn
I -..n? oration Counsel, wire in COOfSf
?nee with th?' Mayor at his <?ili?-e
?hairman Wille.>x I onf*B*TSd with thesi
same tUBB ami r?|?r? ?? titati\ es ?>f th?
Interhorough Company at his hnm<
later in the ?lay., The numbers .,( th?
Public Service I'omtni-sioti, with th?
?x.epti.m of J. Sergeant ?'ram. m? t lh<
'hairman for consultation at his h??im
last iiiirht. ThS ? "iifcrenn-.s will h?
continued to-day.
Merchants Oppose Delay.
An cnthusla.sti<- meeting wus h?ld at
the rooms of the Mart hauts' Associa?
tion to Indorse the pr?-s? lit form of the
subway contrails and protest against
any ?lelay in ????iisuniinatlii?- th?- pres?
ent plans A .??ore of *i \ I? - and com
menial <n *;aniz.iti<ins ware represented
ut the msrtlllg and resolutions were
adoptid iii-riii*- the I'uhli? Service i'oni
j mission to ?facil?tate tlv- -.igning of th?
I contra? t h and SSaHltgJ (?overnor Suizer
I to retain t'hairmun Willcox in <>ili? e
I until the contra? ts wete put through.
Details of th? Men-hunts' Ass??, ialimi
n,. "t mi; will he fourni ? Is? where in The
A OOmnlttee was .ipjiuictcj lu ar
rant-e for a ?1? leKation to go to Albany
to call upon Ihe? tJovcinoi. Several
dehga.lt'iiH ??I husiness nun fn>m
I QuuSIsS arranged ,\esterday t?> go to
? Ail-any Monday and urge the Governor
i not to interfere with the signing of
'. the c'liitracts us formul?t?d. Maurice
I i:. Cnnn.illy. President of the f"orou;*.h
of (jm ? -us. Beat the following telegram
! t,> ? ;??\? nioi Sulzer:
The peuple of "JtleeliM \ |. w with iiifuihe
alarm tha creation ??f an* i??n?iitioi". tend?
! mi- t?? d?'la.v or je..|?;ir?lize the constru? -
, i loi? of th?- transit linea provldui for
Queena upon tha pro?t???-t of which im. ?
present as-iess? d \nlu?'s are pr?dicat? ?I.
(?Btiaued oa ?ecoad psgr, third coluina. '
\\ hose activity in urging on the waiter.*?' strike led her to the-centre
' o? ??lie of the scrimmages last night.
Morgan's Partner Holds "Weak
Banking Law" Responsible
for Co-operation of
Big Interests.
James J. Hill. Francis L. Hine
and Two Boston Bankers the
Last Witnesses Examined
by the Pujo 'Money
Devil" Hunters.
Washington, Jan .'? Accepting as
at? srguntenl ;? long rtatemenl denying
the esletence "f a "money trust" and
.-barging lit?* ? " "I" rat*?Ii nmoni; l.nan
etal Interest! t-- the "w?**ah banklns
law" frained bj Henry P. DavMon, cd
.1 i' Morgan ><? Co., 'lie House "money
truat" ra**mtnltta*e closed to-da* for the
time i? mi; it?? financial Inveetlgatlon.
Til?- ststemen! of Mr. Da***laon, pre?
SCnted ai h<* left the .\itn?-??a stand.
ras sit analytical argument baaed <?n
the tablea and charts presented to the
committee "purporting to Bhos control
of .5'_'.*?.< a *'.?? s h i.? m s ? of resource! by 180
directors." The statement denied tins
conclusion end sel forth B*****clflcally
that Hi.* nun of Morgan <<- Co "<<e
Ueves thai there Ii no ?ich 'hing,
ritha*r m form or In fact, a?? ? "money
ti sat.' "
The eommlttse did not allow the state?
nient t>. ko Into the record as testi?
mony, bul at an executive m>*etliig
vote<i to aiu.w- ii t.. be recorded as sn
Mr, i?a\is..fi differed with Bamuel
Untermyer, counsel f"t" the oanunittee,
in his ggserttOW a- to the conoehtrati.***
and control of money and c**edtt, snd
the lawyer eras unable to ahake th?? *to
tdtlOfl Of the llnati' |.-r
Jumes J. Hill, railroad plonser of tha?
N-.rthwest. followed Mr. Davlson on
the stand. He was examined briefly as
lo his alliliatioiis with various hanks
und railroad.*-.
Robert Windsor ?,l ihe firin of Kiil
der, Peal.ody ?ti ('<?., ami a'ardtier .M.
Lane, <>f Lea, nigginson & ?v. both of
Huston, were examined as to the par?
ticipation of their concerns with J. P.
Morgsn & ?'<?. the Klrst National
Hank, the National City Hank and
Other N?*w Volk Ilnamial Institutions
in the marketing of securities,
Francis L. II In?*, pTBSidant of the
First National Hank of New York, was
thS lasl witness before the committee.
He was ?pietttioned as to Hi?* praajli?.?*
of his bank. Morgan & Co. and the
National City Hank In handling Jointly
issues of .-tin ks ami bonds. He saiil
that |?arti<-Ipatlons in bonds issuoal in
tins lashioii w.-re usually a.-eoi ?led to
the banks in which b! and other mem?
bers <?f the issuing tirms were inter?
ested. Hi "aw no Objection, Hs said, to
fifth ?*rs <>f these banks underwriting a
portion of the participation accortled
their banks. Mr. Bitte declared ho
would not app ove a law a*nforcing th.*
publicity Of bank assets or the public
it y of bank stockholders.
Th<- committte will begin within a
week consideration of its report, which
will recoinmenil changes In the na?
tional bank law and legal control of
vartaius financial agen? les. Mr. Un?
term ?r said m-night that the Investi -
gatJOtt i,s originally planned haal gone
as far it . ouhi uiuh-r th<* present laws,
but that SU S?OTt would be made .atar
to continue it.
rhairman Pujo and Mr. l'ntenny.;r
toatiuuci ob fourtli pege, fourth column.
Hundreds of Men and Women
Flee Midnight Blaze.
gyraa use, Jan. ?_'.?">.?('allanan Hall, the
m.-n's dormitory of Casewrvta Bern!?
nary, at Cazenovia, was practically de?
stroy.*<i by tire shortl*. after midnight
? in-- hundred ami serentjr-flre students
occupied the building and all are he
Ueved to hare ssohped.
Eddy Hall, a dormitory immediately
adjoining the burning building, was en?
dangered. One hundred young women.
[all of whom wer?? asl????p when the fin
broke out, were ordered Into the street.
?and were i t given time to dress.
!Six Months and $300 Fine for
Running Down Woman.
[By T?*lr|-.. ?ph to TIM Tribune 1
Boston, Jan. -M. - Ju'lge Chase, in the
'Middlesex Superior Criminal ? ourt at
[East Cambridge, to-day sentence?!
, James H. Hotsfall, millionalro elub
man, of Lowell, to six months In Jail
for rechlesa operation of an sutoaiobtla
.m November 11, 1?M 1.
Horsfhlla While ?lining on the state
road between Tewhnbury ami WnwWte,
ran alown Mrs. Ruth Kittredge, in?
juring her so that she died the next
day. He was indi'-ted bv the grand
.jury for manslaughter, but at the trial
tin* Jury dlssgreed.
Horsfsll aras 'lieu tried on four lesser
counts. ?'U one, that <?f operating an
I automobile while Intosiacated, i*.<- was
found not guilt*.. Oh the other ?.?unis
'of rechlssa operating end running
away after doing damage to person and
property he was found guilty and sen?
tenced to six months in the House of
Correction el B?aat Cambridge and a
?.."i*? line. The case was appealed.
Invented by Princess, Who Did
Not Use It and Was 111.
A bed whose mecbattb'al arrangement
keeps it ??piipoised regardless of the
ship's position was brought to port
last night on the White Star liner Ma?
jestic, from Southampton. It was da?
Signed tf? prevent seasickness. S?d those
interested In its promotion contend that
it is impossible for one to become sea
si? k if <?t*o sticks to the be?l day and
nigh! when the weather Is rough.
This hi ?I. "with a strange device"
under it. WS! put through a severe test
on th.* voyage just emled and in a
measure supported the contentions of
H s inventor, wlo is I.'tdv Anne Savile,
Princess of Loewensteln-Wertheim.
Also, it ?aipported a'aptaln John li.
Kelk. commander of the Majestic, who
weighs about ?_' 10 pounals.
Hut alus, the princess who devisoal
the bed, but who did not sleep upon
it during the tempestuous Journey, was
?M.-asick for several days.
No on?* who took forty winks on the
equipoised bed eras seasick, but as they
were all sailortmti accustomed to the
Ma It is believed that they would have
?scaped mal-tic-mer anyhow, even if
the bttl were not on boaral.
Although a bit shaken by the rough
passage, the princess declared that her
faith hail not been shaken in the bed
of lier Invention. She has come here to
exploit it. and believes that if given
a fait* test it will ?row to be a positivo
vanlor-off of NtttstrKtsSfa,
The princess, who was accom?
panied by her secri'tary. Hughes Mas
si?*, ?s the wnlow of Prince Ludwig
Karl Loewenstein- Wert heim- Frendeii
berg, who was killed in the Philippines
In 1S99, while lighting with the Ameri?
can forces. The princess Is the daugh?
ter "!' the fourth Karl Mexborough.
.... ? e
Seattle, Ian .'(.-Transcontinental traf?
fic is ?rain interrupted. A slide of snow
ii ml earth to-day at Windy Point, in the
Cascad! Mountains, buried nearly a mile
of Oreat Northern Railway track to a
de??th of sixty feet In some places. It
wilLjcquire a week to clear tha line.
?Rocruits Increase Enthusiasm
of Workers, Who Parade
Streets ?n Disorderly
Bricks Fly and Many Arreste
Are Made?Miss Flynn, Girl
Leader, Is Hit on Hand
with Nightstick Dur*
ing the Fray.
Violence played a far pi cater part In
the waiters' atlike yesterday than at
any time sinee its beginning, anal even
the disorder of a New Year's Kve was
fat ?needed by the strikers, who
?veined drunhan with fancied i?ower.
ieenes r*oatpa**able in a way to th?i
?'..inmune took part in the hotel ami
?at? zone nil ?gy, WlndOWl were
Smaahed in. policimsn assaulted an-l
tin- Btreet! were filled with the sound*?
??I \ ? l!s and ? iir.-' s.
Last night the waiters made their
nnst desperat?* ?fforts to make a pan?
demon!****** of th,. big hotel3 ami caf?s.
They smashed in windows at Delmon
ico'a and the ijlf*-CatHon and at?
tempted t.? attack the Manhattan On
every side they ware met by squails
Ol patroliii.-ii. win? did not hesitate t'>
use their rdghtsticks. Rough-andtum
II' lights occurred all over the strcct-a
as th.* pro. ession of howUng men SWa I t
all ng ths thoioughiarcs. trying to
Bhouldlr into the gutter any one who
did not sympathize with them. The
patrolmen kept on the waiter-' heal-?,
i owever, end about a acore of the dis?
gruntled men were arrested and locked
AbOUl 10:30 O'clock mere than two
hundred w;. ?ter*; poured in'o 14th s'r t.
from .Sixth avenue and slarted over 'o
Delmonlco'a As they passed the front
of the reetaurani ten potlcenien era t ?
atandlng theraa The patrolmen did t ?>t
beeltate an inst.nn. They hurled them
selves Into the strikers' ranks, and the
thud of nightsticks mingled with Ilia
yells of th.* waiters. ?)n?? waitrr stand?
ing on the outside Of the i row I
slammed a half brick through on- ? I
the windows on the Fifth STCnus
of the restaurant, and ttV faliln-r tr'ass
almost covered a table al Which sit
two young women ami their escorts.
Attack on Manhattan Repulsed.
The waiters then turned abruptly 'ind
want on down the avenue, turning ean
in 42d atreet. Tiny proposed to vswe
the Hotel Manhattan topsy-turvy, but
gcrgeanl Hitghes, "of 'he Beat ?lst
Btreet station, had a squad <?f MtMcoata
waiting for them. The pardk*eme*i
shoved ib.- itiikera off ths sidew.ill?;
not, however, before tin- taxi star'e, ?
?frsm sags had been <?\> rtutned and
Bhatteted on 'he **Mewalk.
I'unning at full si.I, Hie waiter??.
..p. ii.tiiii.-ii, rooks' pantrymen sei
Other hotel and restaurant h?-lp t*rut
tled up Madison a\?*nu?* to ttd street,
where iheg ief?ii**tned themselves hrto ?
grot? ..in?- parmde end started tor the
RiU'Carlton. Thsre ?were only four
uniformed men on duty sera, and they
| banged their nightsticks on the pave?
I ment a*- Ihej mm? ti??' BtrikefB arming,
i bul the >?lis drowned out the noi*.?* of
the id|>s.
When thej realised this the police.
men turne?', their dubs on th? mob
that ran full tilt int.. them. The p..li?-e
iiicii fought desperately to turn the
crowd back, but BOTO! of the waiter?!
rushed by them and on up Madis??ti
avenue, ?me <>i them threw a brickbnt
through 'he door Of tie- a'arlton Apart?
ments, adj.??"111%' Hi-- hotel, an?! at th?
s.imc time snotber iircd a revolver IK?
lime? ini.? the ?in-,
OnmmlBSioner VValdas, who lives in
the i'arlt. n Apartments, stuck his head
out of his sixth story window when
he heard the shots, lie took in the
situation at a glatt.*e. and used hin
private telephone wire to ask the East
j|st street station for reserves.
Tin- pal roi wagon made a record run,
hut by th.- time it arrived the waiters
hid melted away. Before they got
away a nan WIM SITSSted for throwirg
the brick through the ?loor.
Salute Hotel with Bricki.
After t!u- d. monstration at the Rltz
CariCon the tn.?l> gathered at 46th street
and Fifth avenue. Lieutenant Raynor,
who had mei* s. uttered from 47th street
to ,'i!?th straet along the avenue, blew
his whistle and rapped with his ?tick
for help.
The waiters disappeared from the
avenue and started through -it'.tli
sir<-ci toward Sixth .avenue. As they
came abr?*ast of the Hotel Patterson.
approximately in the mialdle of the
block, they saluted it with a shower
of bri?ks and stones, breaking four
windows and smashing some of (ha
cornice work.
Kaynor. who by this time had gath
ei?*d a for.."* of forty-live men. charged
into the mob of two hundred waiter??,
the police, under orders, using their
nightst!? ks freely. Some of the hardi?
er rioters tri??d to stand the piitrolnmn
on' for a mom? nt but were soon routed.
The < rowd ?Uarte?! on the run toward
Broadway end disappeared.
The police were handicapped last
evening by an order lssueal by Com?
missioner Waldo. Although there are
twenty-two hotels in the 39th Precinct,
where the* greater . art of the waiter
strike riots have a>?c*urrcd, *'x men end
a sergaant were taken from this pre?
etnet last evening and transferred to
another, weakening the fore?**.
The strike spread with much effec?
tiveness yesterday, and many arrests,

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