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? Copyright. Ulli by Tb? Tribune A?a? ?Mo?. '_
V?rlAX1l V 21.178. ~r^ls^.^s^S?^' NEW-YORK. SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 19J3.?FIVE 1?.\HTS-SIXTY-F()UR PAGES, ' l'IWK MVE <jgjNTB.
Must Give Bonds or Go to Lud
low Street Jail Until He Re?
pays $23,476 Monument
Fund Shortage.
Sheriff Harburger Gets Order
of Arrest, but Postpones Ser?
vice Until To-morrow to
Give Warrior Time to
Find a Bondsman.
fllteM General Daniel E Sickles
gives a r^nd for ttt.tM it is not at
all unlikely that lio will have tn ?,,?
lompnny his pood friend Sheriff Julius
Harburger to Ludlow street 1?fi to?
morrow, there to remain indeflnitelv as
?SfSrlty for the payment of th^ I2S.OA0
or more which he still owes the New
York Sfonuaeenta Commission Frank?
lin Kennedy, ? deputy attorney general,
arrived In this He yesterday after?
aoQn wltb h warrant foi the .irj.-d
?oldter'a arrest obtained bj Attorney
?jereral CarUMdy from Justice Rudd in
the Rupreme court, Albany.
The action against the general ia a
err!] mit brought by the state m re?
cover money which he as chairmen, is
said to bave appropriated from the
funda of the Monument Commission
for his own personal use. With the
order of arrest was a summons and
rompkUnt Sheriff Harhur?er received
both documenta in pers>.n from Mr
Kennedy, whom he m^t at the Hotel
Belmont when the latter landed here
at 1:39 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
The Sheriff did not by any means
rehab the task before him Mr. Ken?
nedy expected him to proceed ai once
uith the papers to General Btcklos'a
home. No. I| Fifth avenue. The Sheriff
apparently thought at rirst he would
have to do this, too. but after con?
ference with his clerk. Wolf, who met
him at the hotel, he decided thai the
Hrgt thim; to do would be i" consult
?i? counsel with regard t-> hla Juris?
diction and duties In the matt? i before
taking the first step
Negro Cerberu? Guards General.
Just what the Sheriff's reception will
he at the home of his old friend when
be finally calls there with the order of
arrest is a matter of lively conjecture.
The old negro servant who guards the
front dour at No. 28 Fifth avenue had
strict orders reaterdaj to let no one
enter. Even Stanton Sickles, the gen?
eral's son, who' lives with his mother
In the Hotel Albert. No. "?"> University
Pince, h block or two away, had great
difficulty in persuading the negro that
he came as a friend to the old man ;n
his hour of need. ?le was finally ad?
mitted, but no ?mount of persuasion
could induce the faithful servitor to let
anybody else enter, nor would he take ?
message to his master
?"Put," said one caller. "I have im?
portant news for the seneral He's
going to be arrested."
"I don't care if he's goin 1 he shot.
No one ain't gpin' to .speak with him,"
was the response.
Inquiry at the Hotel Albert for Mrs.
Sickles elicited the information tha?
she and Stanton had left fwn to avoid
the notoriety incidental to the old gen
eral'j diiemma.
The Sheriff said frankly that he
would not batter down the general's
door if admittance were refused him
to-morrow. He hopes that the general
will have been able to get a bondsman
by tliHt time, and that it wont be
necessary to conduct him to Ludlow
"treet Jail. Such would have been the
Sheriff's duty in all probability had
(?ntlnued no third page, third rnlnm?.
This Morning's News
local. Page
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Gdmblinu Gibraltar Surrenders. 1
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Re Pol?tica In Guard. Says RulaOT 6
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Parker Heads State Par. 7
Dlseusa Fire Insurance Part 4.io
Opposition to Bnver Bey. 3
British Suffrage Retese* -Part 4. .2
RTsshlnatoa Letter for Hsla -l'art 4.. 3
hi the London Theatres Part 4 2
Amaricen in London?Part 4.2
Alfonso Surprise* Spain Part 4. 2
Germans l>ai Calamity Part 4. 2
Meterboata for War Part 4. 2
Two Nee Playa in Paris?Fart 4.. .3
A- ?it?- Reottlsb Rsvert] Part 4.3
R'ilaon Waned In Parla Parte.. 3
Caer Victim of Worrj Part 4. 3
Pditorial. ?
Kot Wy . S and 9
Mush: . t
Obituary . 9
aborts. 10, 11, 12 and 13
x'"i'. and Navy.14
breather . 14
' leeaetel and Markets?
I'.irt 4 . .4, 1 and S
Htal Estate- Part 4.?. 7. S sud a
His Skull Fractured by Stea:
Roller, Louis S. Miller At?
tacks Passengers in Grand
Central Terminal.
Maniac Now Dying in Bellevui
After Escape from Hudson
Street Hospital and Battle
with Half Dozen
While hundred! of i? rsona nil? d ill
great waiting room <>; the Grand Cei
irai Terminal last nlghl u man. wlk
?yed ami with hair dishevelled, ?lash.
into the room and aimed a terrific buy
at a mar Hitting on a neat. The bio
lam?..I between the victim'* e.vea an
aen| htm bowling to the. Boor. Th
madman, fed aw h he was then r.i
wild through Hi?' ?raiting i.n su-ik
me and kicking ai m< n and wom< n
ii ?rai :u>i until m \ eral uati olme
from the Bast 35tl atreet atatIon had
hand-to-hand fi^iit with the inaaa
man that he n'as tied In .< atraltjacki
an?! taken t?> Bellevue Hospital
in a coherent moment ihe man sai
he ?raa Louie 8, Miller, an employe I:
ihe quartermaster*a olH< - on Governor*
Island Miller, ?ho la about ."? feel 1
Inches in hi im>i and areigha aliout Is
pounds, raid lie was former)) a prise
The police latei confirmed . siatc
ment mad? bj Millet i ha) ? ..i 1er ii
the da; hi had been run over by ,
si. ..m roller in Ele* i nth a ? i nue .m
had i?*', n taken to the, Hudson (?tree
Hospital fot ti<?<.'.men< foi a .ra< I ire<
Escaped from Hospital.
i didn't like the treatment there,
Millet said, and mad'- Up mj mind
would get out. When ill.I'll1 ??,
not looking i Jumped from Ihe cot
pulled "ii my clothes and teat It."
After leaving the hospital ?mi Hudsoi
street Miller wandered about until hi
reached Ihe ??rand Central about I
o'< 'o. k. The sight of Hi?- ?raiting bun
dreda there seamed to Ml Mlller*a brail
sflre Swinging iit-~ powerful arms ilk?
Hails, the former prisengbter began t<
strike heavy blowa al thorn arouw
him. Women ran screaming 10 Hi?
shelter of the restaurant adjoining tin
waiting room, und maaj of them faint
??1 ,u sitfh' of the wildly staring SMI
and general Insane appearance ??i
Several men in the waiting room at
tempted t.. restrain th?- man. bul h?
three them oil as though they wer?
children. Miller appeared i" be poo*
sensed of the strength <>t half ?< dosen
ordin?r) men, and ever) time his flsi
landed on a person, the victim ?rani
? rushing to tli>- ground.
In a few seconds the waiting room
uns cleared of almost every person whe
had been sitting there a few mlnutei
befoi?-. waiting f"i outgoing tra?na
Those "!,., did n<.t have time to maki
their escape from the room hid behind
?tb< lows ol aeal "i Jumped int.. tele?
phone booths. Everj time ti?.-- re??
ured t.. a ho* theii heads ahovi th?
back ..i a seat. Miller would 111 ? ? l^ ? ?>
rush for them, cursing and laughing
j Ilka a maniac.
Maniac Likely to Die
Patrolman Gallagher was outside tili?
nta tion when he saw men and women
eome running oui of the ?raiting room
The hysterical cries Of the women and
ehildren and the shouts of those men
who were being belabored by the in?
sane man ?nsld<- the "-talion caused
Gallagher to realise something was
He ran m .ml grappled with Miller.
who closed with him shouting nildli
The patrolman and Miller were soon
rolling owi and over OH the fl'?"r. the
madman biting. Ui- kincr and scratch'
?ng. When four or live other patrol?
J men arrived and t?>"k a hand in the
I battle, assisted by some of the passen?
g?ra, who had by thia time got their
Icourage bark. Miller, frothing at the
mouth, was placed in a straltjarket.
At BelleVUe Hospital it Was said
early this morning that Miller had a
compound fracture of the ahull and
WOUM probably die "f his injuries.
Ballot Would Stop Her Med?
dling, Says Mrs. Elliott.
if:-. TeMsarapii ta Th? Tribual' I
St. Paul, Jan. 25." Woman suffrage
a- a solution for tin mol la r-ln-la \v
problem \*as advanced bj Mrs. Maud
Howe BUiOtt, who is in St Paul at
tendlng the foogresslve part) con?
"Should a'omen left ?- tin- marriage
of tbelr tons and daughters without
any outlet for that aplaudid energy and
d< sire to mother something, instand of
insisting upon interfering with their
daughters snd their sons-in-law ex?
pend their energ) ?" public work there
would be few' dlVCTCM with too much
moth'T-in-law as the basil ami few i
oung married couples whom homes
are wrecked by mterference," she saya
'"Mere is where auftrage comes to the
Boehsrest, Jsn, I -Remania hai ? ?
<i?'.-.i i.<>t m mobilise liei army, a ?abi? I
-net council, ai ?huh Klag Charles lad
.tie- i?ov.n l'une?- were present, reached
this decision to-flHV during a dtSCUSStoS
'of the bulgarian negotiations. l
I he front car of the second train ran into and parti) telescoped the lasl car "? the first irain: both cars jumped the rails and tot*
petiloush "it tin- edge of the structure. Some passengers were taken From the "I." structure lo the street on t lu- ladder shown
tered i
in the photograph
Preeldent T P. Hbonta and General
Manager Krank Medley .<t scene >>'
W I eck
Stuyvesant Square Fortress
Chance Falls Before the
Blows of Raiders.
Garrison Hoists White Fl
When Door3 of Placo It Cos
$50,000 to Fortify Are
Almost Battered in
Th. i ilbrsltsi mi nu g
in Men 1 <>riv wsa stormed b; the pol
Inst nii?'it and it- garrison ?>( ivn <
Acer? and fifty-nine privstes captun
it i sa \l" l.' rj - "place ? ' So
Btuyvesanl Square a three ?toi brl
how -. s hl< i i'?'?? polk'? - ' II ' '
i..-\ is. i- wt it:
'I he .i entrant i ? as i iard< il
Ihr? d< oi each oi mild ? ah Un
Inches thick and backed bj boll
plate \i i ordlng to 11??* polio ea<
door ha I .i lookout, and everj potri
?-. ' ; iiimi/.i d three IImei tx
i at ndn Itted
Inspector Mi ??? ."i>l I feptaii Rol
of ih< 5th itrcel -, oil ?? v tin ion, ? ??
;i?>! l?j !?? nl ;i sqUad "I t Wcnly |K>H<
men Into Ihe place onlj because
? traitoi ' had betra ed a "subterri ? ai
entrance The house had been watch*
since Friday, when the Inspectoi ii;
obtslned ;? warrant from Masiatra
Barlow, The police im<i received m
merona complaints, but not until
S'seh ago had the) been sble to get ti
evidence on arhi< h to iwesr oui ? wai
After lesrnlng Ihsl Uiere was
Bscrel entrance or "gotawsy" from
cigar store In Third avenue, tii>- ir
apector, the captain and the dm
lamp? d Into a patrol wagon and wer?
in the place A man s/sa detailed l
every nook and corner about the bout
?/here there would be ? passible chanc
in sei out, and 1i"- lnspe< tor and tii
captain then had their force attach th
"fortress*' with axes Tbej found eve
the secret pssssgs defended bj a dooi
and for more than sn hum the polk
kept on poundlni away. Then one o
the lookouts, apparentlj realising tha
all tii-- exita ?rere guarded, BnaJI:
opened the <!? ??>r. in tin plsoi wee
slaty-one men, After theii names an?
address'- h.ni been taken the potto
let them all go, with the exception o
Levy, who said be lived al Mo. 18 Tti
stresl H< waa locked up m the ">u
street police station, on a charge ol
keeping end malntslning ;i publh
nuisaii' c.
The Inspector .ni<? Ule captain mad?
.i careful Inspection of tin place. .\i
the r.ishi'T's window.the) found ?
wooden platform about six Inches high,
In ripping II ipart thej discovered a
trapdoor, and on opening ii hsd a nar?
ros escape from falling down into u
small r<".,n OS the HOOT !>"li."
The police were ahnosl dumfounded
erben the?, sot down into lh< email
room. Rxpensive gambling parapher*
nalla, Including aeveral aeta of Ivory
dice, area found there. It required two
tri|s ?f the patrol wagon to remove
ili. equll ment from tin- 11.i
just how long the bouse ul been
running the Inspector said he i?<l n?.t
know. He added h>' wsa equally at i
lost t" knos wbethet it had been open
when every other place in the city
luring the height of tin? excitement
iiver the Rosenthal murder waa sup
npscd to hsve ben shut tight,
? ? ? -
Southern Railway*? Bout "restera (?United
'? i ? ? Nui v.iiK daily ISrSSJ p, rr?. Draw
Ins;, gtateroom. Sleeping ancl Dining ?'ais.
N. Y Ofllce, Ml Filth Ave., cor Stta it.?
Motorman, Injured
Schoolboy Dcclar?
?or h at;
? -. ? . .1 .m.i n..- ?
engi'i .. .. , : i .. i., lerda) >i
real ? i"? i ollision of trains on
Thud a\ ? n-i- .-l?-\ it- : m bel ?
.".:;.i ..i,.i :;'_.i trei la Me I.i Hea
motorman .-t thr r?*si train .
death ?> fal Ing oui i I ilia . ihro
i- demwliabed tide sad araa :.'k. i
11 -a ?? I loepilSl BUffei m?: ft "lu ? u
parativetj i Igh i urtea
He..rn ii Mann d t"t the ? oliialon.
nak dei lared under ?t n ? I on a ch;n
of been* kk and i guard srai pla
at his beda b.
The -i - - the tralm ?.- laed ?
mendoua ? \ itemeni smong I hi ;>
gera bul a dlcaatroiia panii a
e ? i ted b ? I.i ii - ? ? guai
and "f . -?! thi men tnd ? onv i
the t raina w ih.s? ni r\ ??- did not :i
ara) immediately.
Tin? uuri si "i Ihe tisin shi ad a
the tir?t .-.n ..i tin second train a hi
rammed n v.?i. lifted from their true
bj the Imps? ' an ! protruded -?? ei
i?. t i>e> ond Ihe elei a led -tie tur?*,
Il tb< | e i re about lo fall :>? the tret
A abort ein uil In the demolish? .i hi
<>r i he motorman eel both can on Hi
and they were burned oui Completel
lea? ing the bare outside shi Ils, Prom
work by the ftremea prevented apreai
ing of th?' flames.
Policeman a Victim.
The m;.n killed was John If. OleSSO
twenty-three year* old, a poUceroan i
the Macdougal street station, who iv
on his way t<> report for duty. He w
?ittiiiR directly behind ihe asatormau
i.fix, and e\er> Indication pointed thi
he hoi been burned to death after t'
felllt.K i OOf "f 111' . ai had Mi.nil?
inn.. Jamming his bod) und? r th" ??<<.
m tie motorman'a boa
Tie bod) was >... i.ki;- burned tlui
an Idenl Ife stion s ouW ha \ ?? bei n III
(h uit had ii not been f"t hia revolvei
which was found near hia body. Th
pistol bon- the number V.rjb, corre
apondlng t<? hia abield number, it ??.
at tirst reported thai a woman 'i.j
been burni d to death.
Although the numhei ui alightl) la
Montenegrins Receive 2,000,
000 Kilograms from Emperor.
?'?tilni'-. Ian. "J."?. Tli^ Russian Km
perot his presented ?000,000 kUogrami
of corn to the Montenegrin people, Th?
- orn was broughi i" Ant I vari by steam
?t. it will k<< far to relieve the distres*
caused by the arar
Jokes Witnesses Who Appeared
Against Him.
Loa Angeles, .lan. ?_'.'. Carl Riedel?
bach, ih<- human bomb" who rsnsed
terror in the .-entrai police station gsv?
??rai months ago. when he entered it
carrying an infernar machine and an
iioiiia 'I thai he iiit?-nii. <i in bKi.
everything t" "kingdom come," was
eouvlcted ti.-i'a: bj ? |urj pn the
charge ?.:' hsvlng deposited dynamite
in ;m inhabited place.
The conviction ended Riedetbach'a
second trial, the Hist having resulted
In a disagreement. Rtalelbach during
the trial joked policemen and detectives
who testified against Kim.
-??-? ?a
ARO R. R. OF THE SOUTH. ? Train?
Dally t" Florida, Cuba ?oath. ?:!* A, M
U-.TA noun, .1.31, 9:3fi I'. 51. 1311 rVway. I
- Advl.
Crash, Arrested Al
He Was to Blame
Juie,| ?.. ,, D ;,,||, ? ., ,,, , ? ?J, ,
quin ?I ireatm< ni on '?'?? ?pot and
r< ported to Um poll? ?. Amb ila
Muni Belie-, ue and other hospital!
v?n the * ene a fee minutea aft? i
? 1'---.iiii occurred
ii- ured Tar.?.! ?o gellevue.
Tl ? l: ' I '?? ?? le HC> He I
pilal \? an
? ' fc'o i..-: i:., i : i - .?
??.'?'. . iilon? u( ii?-?i
?m:.- H s ?Mi ?.i. ??? ? i) ma reen
".mi. .. ol Mo ISM I* uihlngl ? ?
? .
l.i:\i\i KiatON ?????: ..? .
? - ?
Thi iii ircd. a bo a ei ?? sttended
h-. Cahll. End? and Willis, of
i',< lh \ u- ambulance sei > I? e sad a
home, were:
1 i:i.;.' ".v.- !<??? ..? , , ? ? aai ? ?? ?! >?'
e.i i: i ? i.ii-i aero? ?. rraetun d toe u
ii.im - mol lier.
.i m." i. Mrs. Ri
\o i - ? i \ ' , .i. iva m,-. ?hocl
KIUMI ! ? i ??' Ko. ? ;,i Batt i.
? i .,,?..
: I v. ^u Kalrn
i- ... r B -i!i> - ound.
. ? ? ' ri: . rs o ??' ? I
\\ . . ; .
of .
M PoN tl.l' i;.i -... r a. prison kooper, le.
ai ?. .-1 -, i:.,s. .. ? it root; lac arm lou
1:1.11.1 V .'Oiin iwonty-feui ?? ira old,
1 ?; ? Railroad avoaui Bri
? lorl la? erstl m l< fi eya
. i \i'\\ Evelyn iwonty-flv? rosra i
..f !<?.. h lit? r.irk. N. .i , ?So.
irT I U.UOItTII. Alliorl. of XO, 13 <'
PI.. ?? Brookl) n- ' eatasMMu "f i<"?
HI.OBODY, Un H thirty-two v<-,,r.^ <
?f No IM Wool t?t straot, Usual Vom
* tustsnn lallor; costsstons ot right I
BTROM r-'ianv israntr-esvos roan o?a.
Ko. ?m vif ut svoees. B.W^n. SB i
(tinr?>r. larorstlona loft sjrs ami ion
mont of fooi.
Second Tram Suceded.
The i otll ik>n o - rred at 3:21 o'clo
?n the Bften.n on a straight tra<
and on a pcrfectlj clear day. A Bou
Ferrj nain, composed of Bv< iai
bad left theSMlh atreel station. i>ut wi
Ragged at about ?fc?d atreel b) worl
men, who were removipg old ties ai
pniiing new ones under the rails Tl
train BtOpped.
a ? ii' iiaii train of se..--i i ara, fu
loa lag tins i n ? i": ely, pulled out i
( on11mini <>n ?tesad seSB>< lourlli column.
General Wood and Board Selec
Standard for All Arms.
Washington, Jon. -?". Major Genera
T oonsrd W.i chief of itsff, and
board of omeera have selected a net
sword, to he a Btsndsrd for all arm- 0
Um service, it la designed both i'"
cutting and thrusting and is simile
to that used bj Napoleon's culrassieri
The |.lade is tl)irt>-live and ono-h.il
iinhes long, is atraiga! and narrowe
?han the prest ni < ur> ed ssbre,
? i i
Policemen with Rifles War or
Smallpox Carriers.
Berkeley, CaL, Jen. -"?.-War to the
death on sil cata area declared here to
da\ hj Um Police Department in th?*
interest Of public health. A theory
that ?a?s ai?- responsible for Bpreading
smaUpOX caused the CSJBpSjgn against
The order has gone ma that if it is
posaliilii to rid a town of eats Berkeley
shall he the first csUesa tow n in tin
- ovate).
Extermination began to-day, and po?
licemen armed With small riflea shot
cata on Hinhi. without regard tO pedi?
gree or ownership.
" Package " Weighing 103;
Pounds Sent to Grandmother.
Batavia, Ohio. Jan. -??? Vernon ?>?
Lytle i> tie- ;.- -t i irai mail . errlej to
?.-. . |.i and 'i-ir. ? : a ..a.., b) pan i I
The ? hild, weighing t<? , pounds - J 'v;
within the ll-pound weight limit s
j the sen of Mr. aie! Mi-. Jesse Beagle,
of ci. n Bete. Tie- pa< liegt " was well
v. rapi ? d and read) :'"i "mailing" when
th.- ? hi 1er r- ? si'',| It lo-day It?
meaaurementa "?ached 71 m.-h?-<. ?ii^o
.jest within the i-Nln 'i limit ol the
Mi. LytU delivered the "parcel"safe
?\ in the addresa on the card attached,
that of us grandmother, Mrs. Louts
Beagle, who ii\?-~ about a roils away.
Th.- postage was 15 < mis an.1 the "par?
eel" wa insured foi *??'?.
Rare Operation at Flower Hos?
pital After Piece of Glass
Enters Delicate Organ.
Two stit. bes a re taken In the pupil
of .. mu?s eye ai Plow? r Hospital on
Thursday, end it is aaid the patient
i will recover the use of hia -isht The
operation la said to be an unusual one.
a piece of glass penetrating the pupil
had made a gash, permitting some of
the fluid in the crystalline lens to os
The man who wns operated On was
John Williams, an employe of the Dia?
mond Soda Water Manufacturing; Com?
pany. No 80S Ka-st 4'W1 street. A
friend brought him Into the hospital,
MiffVring Intense pain. While he had
been lilling aeltser bottles one burst
Into fragments. A small aHrer of giu.ss
?hoi itit.i wiiham s eye, and be stag?
?;? red back sad clapped Ins hands to
| hia face* a workman managed to get
th.- piece of glass oui of the eyeball.
At ihe hospital he ?rea rushed to the
opersl Ing room and pul under an an?
BBsthetk*. Dr. Joseph H. Ball, atere
I tar) "i the Homasopathk' College and
e member of the Flower Hospital**
staff, performed the operation, lifting
the eye from the pocket end taking the
! atienes.
w illiams win be kept la bandages for
? s?'in.- time, ami after that ? |g| |,;no ?,
! long stay m a dark room, bul it is said
j that eventually h<- will be able tt> sec
perfet'tl) ones more.
It Ball said last night thai th.- op?
?r?t ion had been done before, pul was
rare. He said he took two etliches in
the eyeball ami four in the eyelid,
.which was ais., pierced by the piece of
Curran Now Asked to Probe
Their Cost, of Living.
? a policeman receives from el,40U to
?$3,500 a year, aoeording to his rank.
| Boms people think this is not enough
; to keep the wolf from the door and
that the policeman accepts grail to
?keep but wife and children from atarv?
ing. Whether thii be true or not, the
sldarmanic investigating committee hi
l been asked to Investigate tin- high ceel
?Of living in lis relation b. the police?
man, and the committee is giving oaf.?
? oils consideration to the request
Lincoln, ill.. Ian -'?"'? Mr-. Barba?
Voenei, seventy-nine yesra old, la dead
?sit sic- caaie te A martes a ion? from
Cktmany when ? girl, an?? ber first sm
ploymenl was in? the home of shrausBm
|ji).?.ln in Spiiiigti'ld. 111.
Waldo Rounds Up Twenty Uni?
formed Guards at Hotel
Knickerbocker and Hales
Them to Court.
Day of Battles with Riotous
Waiters?Mobs Hurl Rocks
at Many Windows?Pa?
rade in Broadway and
Fifth Avenue.
Following a Isrge and enthusiastic
nmv"-' meeting In Cnlon Bojuare yestsr?
da> evening, the striking waiters and
Idtchenasen matched up Brosdws) and
Fifth avenue. Btoppiag in front of big
b?tela and restaurant? to .?hum. jeer,
wave ?nils and throw Inieks and stones.
Ar the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel they en?
gsged in a furious battle with a hand?
ful o? pola men until disperses] bj ?
aqusd of mo in ted men,
The bsttli occurred In Astor Court, at
the west .-?u? of the hotel, and ?m
witnessed bj hundreds of patrons si
Ute hotel
Just before the anaaagssseat Police
Commissioner Waldo, passing the
Knickerbocker Hotel in hi? automo
hiie, caused th.- arrest of ub<>ut twenty
special policemen hired by .lame? B.
Regan. It >>as aiiout s o'clock thii
Commissioner Waldo noticed 'he usi>
formed men outside the hotel.
Afiei ;i personal Inspeetlon of their
uniforma ami hedges lbs (.'oinm.??ion^r
??ntii,uni .,?1 his way, ?fnd half an
hour bttei two pair.*! wagStJ loada) of
policemen drew up at the Knicker?
bockei .nal announce,| that the specials
vi ei ? under si i est
A crowd quit kij gathwed and hoiamr
-n troublesoaae thai it had to t>e dls
persed with forei The uniforms of
lile special! dossil lesembhd those of
the policemen.
When Regan hoard of COBsasiSSttgelB1
Waldos action he became very angrv.
lli> apecial guards arere members of
ex-Chief Croker*a Fire Prevention ?Bw?
nan. he .-aid. and h>' was the more in
dignani i>ocause laswIBclsnl pollen pro?
lection made them necessary.
My life sad Bay property ha\e heen
thrssteasd/' be ssJ4 -The polir?? do
r.-t .-eem to h> able k, guarantee AU\
protection for either. I hired these men
at my own expense >.? prevent violence
in the streets.*' ?
Kept Police on the Jump.
The striking welters spent the after
noon yesterday marching up and down
Broadwa; and Fifth avenue, lostlag
and yelling ami occasional!) ?bytng
i i "i. ;.t ;i hut-1 or restaurant window
\t 'i" Astor, McAlptn, st Regia and
Plaza the strikers were so noisy that the
police reserves were called to disperse
them Before noon managers of th?
burger hotels ?ailed on Headqmrtore
for extra poliee, and ?'ommlssioner
Waldo Immediately ordered 51? men
from uptown precincts to report at the
Weil '"th and 47th street stations for
1 tnergencj ?lut;.
The police had their hands full when
the '?'?. striken Mimed in line, after
an enthusiastic mass meeting tn T'nlon
Square, and manned up Broadway and
Fifth avenas. At several arson streets
BQUSda of potlee attempted to stem
their progress, but the strikers pushed
them salda and continued their march?
There was no violence, but the strikers}
vigorously defended their right te
After Mtss Ellr.abetli Gurley Flynn,
Maurice Humas and Pntrtck Qulnlsn
spoke from the cottage at the north
end of Union Suuare. the striker*
showed so much enthusiasm, shouting
and cbee?ng. that n SOjUad of BOtteSSesa
raced across the park to stop It. When
they appeared Miss Flynn told the
strikers they would loose ground if
they resisted. BO after cheering Miss
Flynn they obeyed the police and dis?
persed Ottly to reassemble soon atter to
listen to Patrick Flynn. one of the tn
nuentlal industrial Workers sf th*
World leaders, who said in part:
?If the Dtstrii t Attorney was not a
jellyfish and the Police Commissioner
?lid not bave spaghetti for a Iwckbone,
are would aeres no trouble with polte*,
or coarta Fiom them yon will never
receive justice unless you fleht for ft.
But leiflembsr M von have to go back
to yos? Jobs, you must play the gam?
..f sabotage That's the only way to
Then the crowd broke up and started
on their naarea. Thoj very neariv filled
two Mocha in Broadway. As the wait?
er?, all cheering, waving their hats and
?shouting lustily, passed 17th street, a
squad of policemen followed at their
heels. At the Hotel Breslin and Shan
leys restaurant the mob stopped for
a moment to Shout at those, who were
at work within to "join us and the
union" and to anathematize "the cap?
italistic bosses:"
Defers the echo sf th?tr rotosa had
died away tbe police were upon them
...di ring them to stop their noise or
i>.- srrested for disorderh, conduct. Tie
waiters look the advice*temporarily,ai
Battle of the Waldorf Fought.
When the mob reached the Hoffbrau
Honee it slopped tor more shouts and
catcalls, and one of the sraaj burled
a roch through one of the large front
windows T??nIHK ee?1 hi SSd ?treet
a? tar as th. Hoffman House, th..y
Stopped, and In spite Of the BOttOI
scut a shower oi ??tones through th?

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