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Y?'? lAMI.V 24,179.
T??-?Ih.i. ?IiiimIi :m,| ? eliler.
i?>-iin>ri,?H. ratai iiorih grisa?
l?.r?e? < H? ?and Hnlmkes.
L913.-FOURTEEN P.V(;ES. * PRICE ONE CENT """"^^arnl^V.nr
Insists Housekeeper Must Go
Before She Acts to Keep
Old Soldier from Dis?
grace of Arrest.
Controller Sohmer Starts Sub?
scription to Make Good Veter?
an s Shortage to State?
Hero's Son Raps Sheriff
in Sarcastic Interview.
Itanton klea tcok hia mother's
altimntum v?stenla- t?. hia father,
P.-im.l i. Sickles, al id.- "-e-neral'a
Fiitii avenus houaa i ?-.. the complete
Brit ilr;?i-.?i Of M-.-?< |-:i.-:i n?.t )?;,u|.- Wil
?jaerdlna. aei ra I'g hous, keep ?? tur
litleen ??;?; I? .,; go "0 |.:,,?1,,\V ?. 11 . |
laii .m?l t.n ? Attoi*ney General Car?
uK'ii? ?- suit for tii? return ?-f the b_l.
i.?? shortage m hia aet-ountlnaa with
fu state m ronneetion with the Monu?
liKiil . iiP'l Commission, ?if which he is
i'hairmari Btanton returned to hi*
i-???' et "iiii tii- newa thai the ?-< n? ral
"-ranted to s? ? Mr.-. Bicklea Ihia m?>ni
This nui? h Btanton told Hi?- news?
?paper men ?i th.- Hotel Alberl last
v? n mi?. "It'a ??il I ran s,i\. Von can
?Taw your own conclusions." in- Bald
-,s he ? nded the Intervl? n
The conclusion.? ;ir?- that the with?
drawn! of Miss Wllmerding will Bettln
th?- rnnrltnl difficulties ?between the
??'erifciiil .ind herself bo far aa she is
? i>n-??m? <?;. .in?! .ils?, thai Mrs Si? klea la
an ?J iiniJ willina to * the bal
,.ii.,- of the gerseruY? Indebtedness to
the stitt.i. ii is Inferred tha? sin- is
willina t?i p.. mi her husband'B bond for
??.';<?????? until ghc can pay ih?- Attornej
Generara ctalm after certain Bpnnlsh
l? s of bet in<?'.',i? r are settled.
'Miss Wilmerding Must Go."
'Mj mother is willina to to t<? ii??*
with my father, but Mini woman must
? ' out, ' Btanton said wit ??? a?e?ture
? ii? .i .-uni? ?? ii.it for?lin'' ?.i?-? l
ir,'?ii "M . mother airead) bold?
.? com! m' . I -? ??? -?i >; iti.iMMi on m*
: s lions., inn' she is perfectly ai?l?'
?? i?i?l f.?r it:; possession ;?i ;? foreclosure
M ither knos s this, lie re
- non thai he la pel : lew
l ! ?? 'i. -, ? .- h< i iff i larbursjer
? i ? arrant on him .? t any
i? .uni m?- ta her has n.? ?Intention of
ate ? 'ontrvll? r >??. m? i ailed up
?. . t-leplioi
n .M? ii?; - ? i ? and i ' ' had
?.i .ii"ii iii.it \-, n-.M ? strl? ate ? ten?
? i.il Bicklea from hia troubl? Bi ?? fl
nod, Mr. Bohmei - plan naa to
?tart ?? contribution ii-t golna around
:.?) t.- v. ?.'M !i"rt?l il '.?.M h
- bett:i?h"!i for -**1"''. Bhi riff Har?
i j:? l . w ho i.iis ;i l nil 1 un? .- i i ?: ? --? -i
area! s-. mpathy ???i c ;? m ?ral Bin ? ?
!? 11 i ij-ht in v. Ith t. ? ;'?'?'? and '"id Mi.
.-. ni' i- to p.it him don n fur anoth? :
N |< ?I
VI.? <'oii!|-..?i.'l' Mid Ii" '!;" i:'.A .11
vies of Qf-neral SI ktea'a heroic Ber
??? hi- ? oiim i.? it n ou Id i" ?? ??? ??' i
"f in-{iatit'?.''i? ?.ti tii. pari ?i the cltl
aena ??f th? nation if the) permitted th?
t-alli? nt ??1.1 soldi?! :-? ??" '?? "all ::.
I.,.-- yeni a Lfl it nl| I ?Bh? riff Har?
hirg?.T, brimmins" (>?.'?? with entl
asm, Mid b? int? n?i? ?l i?? oraanlse th?
Mili?--? nptn'ii movemenl and officer*
wooid I-?- named in ?? tt w ?ds *
1 ? : crts "f this S 'I'' 1>ol 11'' i?? Ihc ?
?n.-?- last evenlna by news
taper men, but the old nearo ,tt th?
?i???i aftei assuring th? Inquirers thai
?sa ''gin'ral hadn't beard nuthln' about
it i?t ail." declined *" ;? t us the bean i
?'far, such tidi?ncs to his Blaster. Hen?
aal Sickles, it was learned yesterday,
I ?inlinui'd on third piigr. Ilflh ???liiiiin
This Morning s ?sens
?Bna Tn?i;?j..- Admirer ?.rrested. I
Dr, Bensei >L>eadJ "Cette" Balte. I
?Mr? Sickles to Bava Osnsral. ll
?Vait-rs Strike Scot End. l I
''m '?n i ?!? :.'--<-v Police litquli > ? ?
N'ewell i:xi???sii!?' 2 !
Wilson Me? is Bo? ??i ?Wo?rksi. -
Babas, Contracts Kssd* Tin-? Week.. 2
Valliere llelra Claim New Orl?eans... 4
?Vkltinai) ?loom Rsvlvsid. 3
\ ol? ni i ?ratha I ?allj in City.. 5
Bedley'i \ ?????,.-. on "IV Crash... 5 I
'\. - r.i i-ij- win- Alimony. S
?''?.st..i i,;ii.. wo...) Recluse. G
Bllotl llepoi ts ?.n s? in??.is. 7 j
? wise ? '.Isea Puslnesa.7 j
Plan? l.unser Home. 7
Assails w |i.-s "YuA" toi Bpeclalsts.? 7|
Bankers .\?:<! t?. Hospltsls' Fund. 41
:" fellei Plana to End Vie?. -'
Gsrmeni rttrikera Win Raise. 14 '
i"?.- Bitci acora m Jsrssy Cltj.14j
Beav? v". ,n Bnrrsndei.14
' "hi ? !-i;,ii',ii,f -.ni- ::?:';. 4
llsarhcs Primar] Bcherna Ta Be Urged 5
?Hsdli -, : .-. ?;??.)? Reunion . . t> '
I' K \ '.i Isin K'H? '!.? ?
1 *'i' ai Conti?>i !'nn? Plan.
?-'m un Pr< ?-? Nlsasra Policy..
i., lint- Treaty
?'"i?:? ?Paul i.- ? Rod ? in ? 'i ) i??
Meaol lat lona I iff.
i-'.ii'i'.i? Mai kel I neasj.
' ' ?i.' n i n .. bi n .?-ni ?Situation.
??i Women.
n'astlier .. .
Shipping .
>:?in....;.i .
??Illl-I. .
?Sl-o-?- . .
. -J
. 4
. 4
. 7
? H :?ii? ;i !
J-eul :. -..
ml Msrkets.
,n.I 10
.. . .13
j He an ans? 'i ronfei ence betar? ?
aft? r me? Uns a ,,!' fathei.
\ ? .1 |
Evincer of Express Badly Hurt
When Valve Blnv??? Out.
? . ...
Hartford, Conn., Jan. IM? Following
i .-m explosl.: ., steam - 11*? ? <-o ih?*
?? ? ?? I'll.- ItK'Oin?tl a'C '?- ' i
: Boston I r?pr< - . duc n il ? f 8aj brook
..' l:l."> p. in. ?'ii Satin tlu*i. ? '?? ??' -??
1 ? : ? p n g i n ? ? ci s
; li|..\\ i. ?"i mi, i i lib and la rr bl
< d. l le was running al g.! : ? d,
? \\ ii- ; . he was enveloped m .i
: ? loud of blinding steam v. |th
st?. ? 11 ? -i aiding face and at m
step, I" i-??. Il) n - h? d the Ihi
and i t ougl I Ihe train lo ?? stop i le
, was i?, md ?? Ing prostrate on the
nd m ai 'in ? .in The Hietnan nat
l m . .?.. \V. K? nniston, "I the ? tonne ?
? I : for th? lu-.?n?. m -i il
dir town, who w.i - .i passenger, attend?
ed 'i ? .m red man. v. hen the engt?
n-. It ed n?- . otild ? i ?. t rein? mlx*r
ii.- got oui of tha ? .i... Th? ? ' ?Hi
- a delay of an inotlier en?
gin? ;>? i?.w tin train to Son ?
T : ? ;.. flghl ... Blaka .* Ith th
m i- bella .. i i?, ha ? pra -entrd .i
a i . - :..
Wardens Not Empowered to
Examine Parcels in Mails.
?'in igo .ii ?_'?. Thei ?- :- ?i i- ?
bllltj i ha i tho gi me
laws ?-i ?in.? rent sis ta - ma nol ??
, smooi i.:- .Whs bling the j
. dens la
that birds, flsh and an.mal.--. If nol
mor? pounds,
? - , i ?
me a ard? i ma ? Kamin? ai
1 shipments L
? the mailing ol a | ? ?
? I ? ? - - - - ? ..
, senda r, Sol nn unauthorlx? d
poi mitte? to l.h it or tin th ii
ni ai '.-? ? Sor are an;
. on ernlng <?'. ? i <-? ?pi? - m I an?
sa ? red b; postal emploi es.
Fortune Awaits Naughty, Ex- :
Reform School Boy.
H .
Washington, Jan, 20. Has anytaod*? i
neot v. am Smith William, or
"Bill," a* he maj be known by his n? i
lim?tes, iy heir to s big fortune In Eng* j
land, and ;< nation-wide search Is be* ?
jiii; mad? for him i>> ? ?. i:. Dama
Intendenl of the National Ti ain- I
m*,* S h-?'! for i??
"Bill" a as a ne ughty l>o? a'hen he :
aros known as "Willie." and waa -??"? ?
t?? ih<- reform school by his parents In
l**?Mi. --., thai i- whj Superintendent
I ?ai n.-ii is Interested.
Mr. Darnell bai sort of minimised i
the labor <>f the i ollce and otht ry hunt? ?
?m: Smith by adding that thli particu?
lar William Smith has an initial "O."
His appeal la as follows:
h. ,*??'. thei ?? aas ? ommll ted tu i In ?
then reloi n - ?ol ol the l ?Istrici ??i I ??>
lumtrla, now the national Train
foi Lu*..-. ?>t 11 ? : iii-n i i ? si?l. ht nt th.- i.. 11 a
..t n .? 1.1 -, a .1 Kail . on the -
... in. ???-. rlgibll .i me ol
Willi ' ' ? Smith, -.mi i?? be lawn In ling
land H is ,?? Hie <!. nlded Inti i ?
thin Individual now a man. t?. establlNh
ii- i!> ntli with the nuthoi tie? ol i lie
al??- ?? na i at as . arlv a ?? ? I
The hop? la expressed by Mr. Darnell
t'iat oil ih?- "Bill" Smiths ?>f thi land will '
ii?.? i all ..i one* and I hal thoei a do ?:?'
apply uii iv? a '? ?-??! Imale "t?" annd
-.?. i. '.. ,i i., i ?? ? ? n William and the sor?
New York Man Provides Aid for
Florida Trappe?*.
|U r, ,
Bs Un. Jan -?'? Tha Ufa ot James
fin?*, a Ploricls guida and trapper, be
t., ? n sn"i b) tha generosity ?,i 11 j !
I'a i?, ?.i N< \. N ?? k. ?'..? i i.i? ? sei -
Pins was Mi Pa !- guide through i-'ioi- j
.... ? ,i, i mps a '??I , ? i ? t* Boon ifl M ? I
Park relumed home last November Pin?
skull was na? un..i b) .? large .n
w i, i ? 11 fell on ?.mi ? a in-- houseboat
Mi r.ii?? brought ih? Injured man to
i Hopkins Hospital an?! engaged I"
William Hall t? a?'. * i'" pe foi n-- 'i two
dellout. ops ..'ums and saved the guide's
iji, Pine will i?? dismissed from ihe
hospital i?* si w*-eh,
Cm,i a ?*?? ? -I- -'Ko Mr. Pari ed Is
rlaltlmore and dall) visited his friend ol
ll.aspital. ii? also pi*ot Id? ?i f??i Pli
S ... . ml four cl Udra n at Miami.
?i..-, ? Hal? . m ? \a nneas of pur? s ! a? ? *a?m<
.ni., nn isAntedljuvlan.Lu li?sBros.N.Y
Sanitary Superintendent, with
Detectives, Swoops Down on
in Panic.
Fortj* Ounces of Heroin and
Morphine Seized in Room
in Seventh Avenue?
Woman Gives Valu?
able Information.
The TiIbnne'a if ent ? xpot ! of Ihe
promti loui ale of cocaine, morphine,
n and other habit-for-mlng <lr'iK-?
- i ? :' - da* mornlni in .< t eml
In iir Tend? i loin. In one plaee
i ? r ild? :-. " ha n*< re k d b) i?r ?Wal?
ler Hen el, sanitary superintendent of
tin city, . i.-'-'i i"i i.' ?mu. ? i .?r heroin
n.?! morphin? and .? larac quantil ?
..f hypodermic needles. These raldg
are l he tn-.-i ol ?? Bei le i Dr, Ht n el ?\ ill
? ond?? t
Big rron?i- wat? le 'i the raiders at
?? "ik. and m one ? .???-. wtten fourteen
plain? lothe men under I ?? u< Hi ?? s.i -
?-?.ni! ????M? .1. K.-.-i-.?n. of in ipector
i..ih??? laff, .-??.?>?i ? .i don n .?n iii'i
cheap restaurant? In Seventh avenue,
, n< ;ic .'oil street, ? he uniform' ?i police
ii ?i| I" ? ??ni" I" th? i: ; ? . n.- und 'h i "
th? ? ? " ? da, \? ho thouahi the ens?
| tornera In thi restauranta were i" in--*
? held up hy a bold ?gana >>(' hlgharay?
! men,
Bui even t he pre? r-nee of I he ml?
I formed men did no! alia? Ihe feeling*.
ol II.raine victima who were eat?
? m-, in the two restaurants, foi in th? Ir
| highly nervous condition they thouahi
i t. n? ?>-' i .mil ih? men with him
huld-up in? n. ,?n?i on? ol th? ?n Ihn i
,t roll of mon? Im hind ? ? aunt? r. ? >n<
of the plain? loi h? s men pk k? d II
and handed It ha? k t.. th? "dop? ft? i d,
Bai m*;:
Reassured hy Patrolman.
? No on? - Roina ;" ?tick :>ou up.
.1 keep qutel
Bui th Instead < i irins 'ul%
dope Bend o? tened thi m il??
and ,?i ti.? ?i .ii .?i.i> red m
the? t-egna '?? ;? .n something ? ? en
v ora than i" Ina rohbed. II w?aa n
i ..?.m. ?? 'i Mu . restaurants that ihe
i h.-'iiin .nui morphine wore discovere**?.
it u.i-^ utter ?'- o'clock in ihe n.-.i-ii
_? .? hen ' h< mida on I he in r* itau?
i :,ni -? m ?ic tu.ni?. and ?? Di Ben -??? ?
? mi ihe o?-!? ctlvea ru h- ?i i| the sti rs
.1 ' M.?. . Whu :? ?its
. -In 'I looms Ih ' .? . .
? ? :...:' ! .-. gun to ci
n, ?ii. monds! St. dlsmonds!"
? -? ?incii un.' h reih ? - 'i svli? n th?
police hos ? .1 ii'i I heli ? hi? ?his, and
mad? no ?? h?-n ?n.?
i, i letectiv? ? i' .?i . ?? n, n -
in- had m.??!' '?:?? n? ?i 'n? dooi
eadini to the .if ol on? >?! her i
lodgers, and ?.?. ho * knoa n aa th?
? '??? aine K Ini He was m .I, and '
i learcl fai ? ?i ??? ru cal a i ?ra? ? -'f
i he dni| i. a IJoli
I I Ugh ?1? '? I SOI ho I ? - l-l il\2. I ??'.
I :? i. . ! :n In- . 'i.iri.- I-? , ?I the low n
ut "d. ' -'?;?? i - :-':-.!?? ??'.'tit' - !
oun? ? - " morpl n< and ixteen
. unces ??i heroin.
Two empty -in cans, ahich M..si.? ? -
.-?in s.-Hii had bald .n? were foun :
m Hi.? im?m. < inly Ihre? nights .ik ?.
;i cording i?> ala -i? i son, h?; obtained
information n??>-n . ???' the twenty
ti?. ?? I,..- 8 ?mI'l". ? ?I i> the ' ? '??' .un ?;
King" to aell the ' u hit? stuff" to users I
of ii In 'ic Btreei thai a? verai pounds
of coca m?- were alwas k? pi in the tin
it i ? i??-ii?-.?-?I ii?? .n ui n*aa ? mptie I '
.m., i. ? ? ii. m ?i-- i he ? i-i- ?i i ? ? ? i.ini? i
i -i. i:, i-.-? i. i- ted the stairs.
Allege?- Seller Arrested.
One theory tor the failure ?>f the
raiders to And any ? ocalne a as .ni- ?
. Bn< ci hy I ?-etecth e Dai ??i Kuhn, H?
Ig ?,r ih? opinion iii??' in? cocaine hasl
?been In the house alnce tV?~dnes<lav,
for .?i.I mMnlajhl on Wedn? a?day he
.,? i. ited James < 'ourtenanj in the
hallwa) "i" No, i'?'?? ?Seventh avenu?.*,
after he aaw hint ?sell a ?package of I
, ... .nil?' l<> il IH?HI ill I'l'lllll I?! Oil?' of til?' '
restaurants, Kuhn found twent) pack-]
ages of cocaine, "t ''decks/' .i- the
.... -?i in?- "flends" ? ??ii i hem, In ? tourte?
nany'fl p-octets, and on ?Satuttlay, afte?
:i chemical analyaia had Batabllahed thoj
natura of Iba drtig, llnglatrata If'
Quade, In if??- W?est Bide .??in-i. h. Id '
Coiirtenan) in |1,*90U ball for trial.
Kuhn believes thai this Brresl
fi ight? n- ?i Hi-' ' tocatas Kin--" and
Dial hi th? n ?i? ? ??i-?! i?? keep Iha drugl
outside "? ih? hou??- where ha Uvas,
fearlna the tirnil would ~""i? ?land to'
him, I' i1-' M" ciiiii?' tinder ?Hie presen) j
law 'o have morphine or heroin In on? ? j
ik,.-session. *?? h< had no fear <?f bav-l
Im theae di ??fi around the i'icrms. s.
Three other places In the neiahtior-1
hood were Inter \isii.ii. bul i>r Benselj
and his i-iiHci*? foUnd neltber Iba nun
they :-">.^hl nor 'I"' d?TUga the) ^?-11 t ? ;
,1, "dope I.? .i?l.-'."
Dr. Benael, who feela rertaln he ran]
rid ti??' cits of ti"- v.-mhT of ih? habit?
fot-tntng drugs if h< enn ??i.ii.in tin
i-,... eaaai s sppropiiation troth the ?Btiard !
?,f i;siini.ii?', after ihe runt? went ;?? !
in?- ?Weal :'?7ih Btj-sel "-tattoo (?> inter?
view Mai ?Ctarki who bnd bean srrsat
ed jus' hefiori Iba r.?i?is bttntn by i>.
t.iti-,i BiiaWi otto of the i.iiiinig party.
Th?- a ein?in bad t morphin- ontfU m
her ??mi ?' pe*ikoge at uhit?* stuff, i.?
lleved t" be cocnlne. Bhe .nul !?r. Bati??
( ?iiillnuil on Hill? '?HE?-, ?i ill? roldinii.
SI L/I'.i? I ron I? I lu* liaDDv willi cither, ?vcre t'other dear charmer awav."
Note To Be Prepared by D
gates mi London Explains
Why Step Is Necessary.
One Dunge?- of Resumnti'in
War Is That Rumania Ma;
Advance Against Bul?
garia from Roar.
I.-.I,' . ? J - 27 Th? Balkan pi?
potentiari? ? ?? ho hav? reeelt ed
i,.?-.? en 111 ni theli i ? ? i ? '
ment*, ap| ??onimltt?
?!,.? *., draft ? note t?. ihe T n '
i,!?-iii-.i.t.-iii ,,n i? - explaining
? i ..ni'. 11 n. ? m ? non "? ' oni
??r. ?i bra i-' n off The draft ??
read] to-nlghl for : hi appi o? al of
mil delegation
Thl action ?it the allies I purl o
-.? i ? ,.i ?.?. ell - nn ider? ?i forms of pre
lire '? wliich the llalkan delegu
hope to obtain their objea i without
n mini th<
'I'ln- m.-? ting ' ? itei daj Is ted for
hour and s half, and ihe cout
followed rea eh ed earneel i on Idei
!i?.ii. Two distinct views were mai
mi. ton the Immediate ruptu
??f the negotiation: leading to s r
sumption <>f il.? war, i nd ti i other f
. orlng .i temj oi islni polla y, In ord
i,, avoid .ii- '? oegbla atepa The la! :
. .?.n .- triumphed ami a < ommlti
n*oa appointed, conaistlng ..i one mes
ber from each delegation, ai follow
Michael Madjoroff, Bulgarian Mini
ter m ?London; Professor Qeorgi?
Streit, Greek Minister lo Austrla?Hui
gary? ?'..nn1 Voynovlch, i*hlef ol Kit
Nicholas's CnMnet, representing Moi
tenegro, and Dr. M. R. \'.m?i?i?. Soi
i Ian Mini itei to Fran? a ? llh ii?>- a?
?tin..n ..f M. Polltuv of the Oreek del?
gution, owing to bis knowledge ?
Kren? h and his thorough sa qualntana
with Intornnl lonal law.
Thai ii is the potlc] of Hi? allies i
gain time is patent and does m.i de
coiv? an bod i The d?-i? goles ?i??> Ida
iii.it the adt intagea t?. be derived fron
the resumption of bootllltles would b
ir proportloi i?. the risks the) ran, ana
iii.it the*? would m.i lake thai st.-i? un
la ss aboolutoly f ? ??-? -.-? t t.. do so. It li
realised thnl even s partial r?verai
would have grave moral and materia
conosquencea, apart from the losa ol
Ihouoonds of m? n
in addition, Ihe fael i.*- nol overlooked
ti.at thon Ii danger of Rumania ad*
\aii.-ing fro m the rear on1 of Austria
Imposing ?.n s.Tvia ami Montenegro hoi
?conditions for remaining ikuu.iI. The
nniy disadvantage In delaying decisive
aa-tion is in hooping larga ai mies In?
actlve s?s??l ?.n s war footing far* s long
time, thus heavtlj laalng both the
unan, ?ai an . argrlenltural rcoourcos <>t
the lountrjis.
The. Constantinople corresponden!
i a?f "Th.- Dull) Teiegraph** learns tha?
'a contrai t has boon signed under
I '? 11?.?.I I
rj oui f tha
.., . . (Ufe* ?in
...i i ' . Metropolitan ?railways of ' '??
? '
nopla Jon 38 : '
ii.iiiiii.-i-. refused I ? | ? I
i ?? n Mil
. ha.- ! ? offered '?? Pi In? ?? Se
a hu i- xpected to ace? I I Haiti
? ? i ? - - prince, 11- - presl
? ? '.. .1,, .1 ?il s '
: .mu: ttea l il I '... ??!? aO
Lyndhir.?t Bridal Couple Hole
Reception After Services.
Mr laml Mrs y ni? .1
: rvlca ta rda ) m?
I , terian ? i. u
I m I ?anla I i;
preach tha sermon
I Aftei servie? tin
I M| i,.,. .
? opportunity I
. h ii.nl of m- ? ; |ng Mr,
. i.-: Mi - ? m ?? none of them
?i to ti.? wedding! After a
half hour |he bridal couple re?
fu i.? 'I to I. mlh' , -i
Tl ? a s h.' ?i to and from chur? h the
morning air being so balmy. .Mr. Bhep?
?i.i , .: greal walker and II w?s al his
?suggestion thai the> walked Instead of
automol. Mrs f
-, i ? .i dark blue broad? loth sun with
? .in a small hat to mat? h
: Outer Shell Big as Baseball ?
Ownrr Can't Empty Inner One.
I '? T? i i- ? , ? i,, |
i.-, don, I!onn . Jan. 28, ?J ? 1 ir?
ence Rlngham, of Quaker Hill, was
surprised >*? iterda) t.- find an egg the
aise of a baseball and only sllghtl)
. longata ?I in shape in one "i" the nesti
??i his henner* Mr, Blngham promptl)
! thought t?. bloa the egg and i i es?
! th. *ii- II
W?i? ri tha big sha II ! ad I.n emptied
, m hit!,m something rattled Inside. By
holding the sln-il against a strong llgl il
it M?i. found that an egg of ordin?r*
| sise was Inside, The pussle ttea is to
. mpt*. lin Inner s?mil .?!' its psrlshuble
1, ,,nn m m i?. |,i. sei i ? the ?-m loslty.
Many Clotheslines Save Little
Girl Who Topples Off Roof.
? ?loi h? slim -? broke tht fall of t? i<
-, ear-old Margaret Goodwin when she
fell from the r?.<>f of her imnm, al No
,,::t \\ ? i ..'I'll street, yesterday even
Iing to the rear yard, ti?>- stories. She
i -, .i?,, ii o i'.h abraatons on bjgt right
ifa/rlst i""i Wt ? "? ' ?
The khi WM i'ia m-: oa the root 9 nil
; her bn tboi . Alesander and Joltn,
I ?Ah? n she toppled over. She bounced
from clothesline to clothesline and
ini.iib to the stone ?lagglni m 11?> yard,
?She was unconscious when picked up
lii?, her mother. Sergeant Plsher, >.t
the WrmbI ?'?Tih street station, summoned
il?r. I'ix.'ii. of the New fork Hospital.
The physician revived the girl, and
? after i i loo? i samtnatlon declared thai
imt a bone eras broken. He ???! not
[think ii iiecensar) t<? lake the girl to
j the h?isi?ilal.
; ?'HMTON"
Vaudeville Actress Mas -Seer"'
Who Would Wed Her Put
Into Celi.
Much Myiterj in Arrest, but
There's Denial That Presi
Agent Inspired Action
of Stage Star.
top to thinl here?
ves s "i her dollar to
tiling her "a i hlld of the '
sun.' \ ? i ??-:????? ? ? iter, i
,,' Intelliga
t'Xpl t he a a i student ;
calll - h< r h i
rare mentioned It ao im?
'? .?i she s.m I'.iin the
?r s hlch he was to s.-m! her
"a r? idlng ?>. h?rr life." To-day sh.* I
flatterer" placa d In dur?
ance vile.
When ui -: Tangua) *?? ? ??'*.?-?i ihr
'?: ha r life, i' wot ai-,-..iii
? ?1 h> a letter si| \\ |||| im
.i Ti '???' .' saj Ing he had made s care?
nil sin?!' of tin* people nnd thai all
?inted to hor becoming his
. u-. Mb Tango ty took this ?- .?
i i? ?i ?I? ??? ed it to a number
of hei frl?
Sin? ?? -in- had boon re? ? ?ta Ing oil !
im1-- ni letten I rora the same man on ;
u . ,i.|.. is and topics ol the da? .
all declaring his love for hor and a.l.l- i
Ing that v.iih.iui her life was nol worth
lit Ing i it en then she paid no atten?
tion i" the m.m. singing I dont care"
?? |th h i ui nal seat,
The ? limas came last Frld ly s hen a
u an saed . Mr. Lroj d, In
?,, \h- ?va Tanguay, who an?
il the ' ?I'l'in um Tha otro, in
Brooklyn, laal areek, arrived. On the
env? ? ? ? tils Tanguay recognls**d the
handwriting, and although much per?
plexed at lim r.n i of being i ailed s
? Mrs." she opened the ? itor.
The missive, she explained, wonl on
?t the man a, .-?is. ?I ii.-r I I
? ling money from Ulm, and urged
her to make u.I the 1100 which ?h?*
had owed him for s long tuna Then
.Miss Tanguay decided the Joke had
gone far enough and put the caos Into
the hands of bar lav*, yer. He naked the!
- -. it.-ni.-vs office i?, tnke a hand !
Shipvvnqht Is Locked Up.
ii.ii.? , \? m? is thirty-two years old,
a shipwright, ii\iii_i at No. 17.; Dyke?
nvgn str? ?.. Broolilyn, was loofcot) up at
1:15 i. look yeaterda) afternoon in the
Kllsabeth street police station, Tim.u
real was mope b) Dotodlvs ?Cdmimd
?..mil. attached t<> the Dlatrlot At?
tornoy's office, on -t wnrranl losuad by
Magistrate John J. Vleouhl, sitting In
tha Tombs i ourt
Lieutenant McCorolck, win? was <>*i
the dook ol tha timo Train--*?- was
brought m. could not bo soon last night
I oiiliin??*?! i?n ?-noiiil i?asr, ?..iniii rolumn.
I. W. W. Leaders Lose Enthusi?
asm After Executive Ses?
sion and Decide to
End Strike.
Near Riot at Meeting When Men
Arc Being- Urged ?? Return to
Work?Modified Demands
To Be Sttbmited
Tin* ]--;i??ci?, of ?the Tndnstrl-?! Wor?'
era of the IVorld ?said laarl night xhtnj
WOUld nink" ?l.'t.'iniiii? <) efforts; to <->n<l
th? limitera* atrlke ?to-day. Miss KHza,
in-ill Ourle** l-'lvnn. *.\-|io tins mor?* infln
i -n? <? with the strii?is than any other
oi their ?guiding ?-pints-, dectamd infor?
ma i i?.- that the strike ?would ba Bsttled
?.? Ithln for?v elajht 1.ra.
Patrick Quintan, another of th?? sfrik-*
leaders, announced aft? r ;? meeting; of
the executive ?committee of th.' indn
iri;d "tVorkera of ih? Weet? attt nit-ht.
that ?modified ?i"iin?iids would ba wa>
mitted to-day t.? ?ill th?* big hotel? In?
dividually, ?uni Hun iho men would 1*?v
Sd Vised \() return to -?.oik ;u til?- plfl
.??i?' ? ted.
In a\1 lik?illltood i'msc sp?cifie inten
tlons of the had? ra win mc?t with
-Kill opposition. \\ h'-n It was sii*i
i to the strikers at a sbbbb meet
Ing jreaterdaj that tbay would do w> n
to "?'? tkseh to their johs tin* waiters
Cii*\v thr?-;it(?nin?r. an?l ? niphati? ally *us?
? it. ?I that, leaderB or no \out_otB, they
would n?>t return. A further ?-lernen?.
of trouble traa th?- ,-ittitttdo taken hy
rnanaaera of many of the ?tares hotel--.
nii'i announced ndth posit iwne.ss that
th?v would nor rocc??*t!iz<- the union.
Strikers to Vete To-d^y.
Th*- situation bectuna m ?tteUcaatathat
the Industrial Workers' leaders ?and
union "iticials ?-1 ? ? 11 * -e\.r,il hours in
? ??? ir ?.. 'i !.'??? Snail? dei Uled ???
submit the question of ending the
. ,-?? .-? me. ting- of waiters to ba
held at Hi-.? I'M Hall to-d
r?'n ?tag ?ii-- ''? i nln-?? a i aptata of wall?
ers in the Rltx-Carleton was att.,'-k?'i
and .-- '?' i? . I ' ?i-i'ii by strike pi? ki
i ; l..?iel. iw u of whom n Bfa
tad, and all the ?employes in ? ton?
arone'B and the Hoffbrau Haus M-i
i ?and i:r??:oi. -., had Btr :? ..
i'?'"tu e u i; placa the employai ?lath?
ered and marched ta th-. .-? ?i
?iiiart. rs. at No. "_' W'.st .''?.!h street.
.Miss Fiynn, r Uta Brjrant
Hall meetina, ?aid t!:??1 what aha a-H'i
? dera aoualit w?ss atan I
ardizatl sum n i th? hot : work, ra,
"?Of i ourse, i ? annot bi ? " ally,"
ih? . lid, "but I think th it the Btrlk
Will b? ... :
Thla su iki i... - in ? n for the ?pur] oe ?
rethei all the
? mployea ?and d ?? ? ?> ??- Ith ?;.
... ?satousies. The next I ?
that a Btrike I w? ik- r ?
-gill be golidl) I their de?
?will "? Bha ill'll a?
plained tbi at -? ?*?
.... ........... i.
that the waiters i ie soon
again, a? ??? has
i?. ,i ? lina '??' '
iVI-inagers Won't Listen to Demands.
A i : !... u!? :?:. hol ? i of
i by th?
, : nom 's
y ? ??? th? n ?
\ anderbllt, ecboins the ?wntimenl
moai of iii" other hotel manar, is. d?
?.hii-ed thai t' ? ble t s t -.?
;h? r patrona and that they would t
no w:i\ listen to ?any demands 'nun
the union Manna? ' ?Boome"' of the.
McAlpin .-aid thai he wa* running hia
rig roon .-. although ha had
lost rtearly two hundred ?va I ra
Mansa? i Stew art ot the ?Valdoi I
the Btiiki i. id ' n< I made -i dant.M
At i:.ct. r*a n ?raa ?said that the wait?
era i ere s-'iii "out," but, with the cap?
tains sctina u aait< i-, the bell boj -
M omnibuses, and the ? hanil'cini.'in-.
?ii- iii.-n washera, the) were still ai?le
to serve.
At both the Kni? k? ri.-??k??r and tha
?St. ?Rasjia n waa announ ? d thai I
were expert? ncina no trouble. Man?
ager i:? ?fan of th? Knk-'ki rl.lur,
whose apeclal policemen were srrestad
I upon Commission?-*' Waldo's ord-er on
?Saturday night, had hia ?-p?. i.ii? ' back
aga n, b . in id? the hot? :. n? <ie
? tared n ?ill get at ? in hasis tluit lus
:..? n had ann.niiiced tn.ir determina -
lioii to ?roe Commission?*!1 vYaldo fur
false arreat Mr. llegan was sun hit?
:. ?? aaalnal the l'on.'ommlasio?i?er
Patrick Quintan? ??u?- ??i ?the Induatrtal
Workers "?' the World leaders, yanta?
day ????'-lai'ed Ihoi Mr. i:? ?-;-?n had pre,
? [pitated the Btrike "b) ins hasty and
iii advised sctions." Mr. Quintan said
that he was sorry that BO many other
b?tela had been drawn into tlu- ma<!
i thi evening the executive commit
tee Quintan, Misa ?fiynn nnd ?Carlo
';':? ? II of the In.lu-iri.l \\'..i k.-i ,
of ih?- World went i.ii" tenatott, ?!e
i ?taring thai tht y would continue ta aas
aion until thla m<>rning. Aatde faotu
iiis. n? -m t1'?' ?iiKstioiii- in detail, they
ided to draw ap a litt of modui?-?.
ti.'iii.-i!i',:s. which \\oni?i ba t ? ? i * t to ?tha
strikers at t?.-day's in.? tin-*;. It waa
?.?.ii? n th ? l.'iiilcis !i.n! 1?; en ?n ?SSSSBon
about iw>? hours that th?> two hun?Br*ed?
employes marched in from the U'Ptawn
Hoihr.ni House. VVhen they learned
thai th.? executive ?t-ommlttee was ?Us
CUBBlng the possibility of sendinK them
back to v.<?ris th.y pi'ot?-st.il with much
Vlgnr, BUd ??I'.-nly declared that they

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