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y?- lAXII-V 24,180.
T?-?lii?. ;_\r; In-ninrr.m. ? ??ti
??r B?aw; ?ariadlr v.in?,?.
* * ?
III t il> or N-u Vork. "????-.rv CJt* ?ind llnl.okrs
210 ?jaras M
Eleven Arrested During Parade
After Meeting for Hurling
Missiles Through Lead
in:] Hotel Windows.
Further Incensed by Message
That Only Those Who Tear
Up Union Cards and Re
nrance Leaders Will
Be Taken Back.
? -'k' ? ?re road? i?> the po?
li,. WM day f : ? on th? ranlu of tlh
strikinit hotel waiters, when two thou
land ih? m >parad<ed up and down
?Brciadwa.v, Fourth. Fifth ami Six? h
. riotous fashion after an <*n
thm ?n.?.-s n? i-i ?n??-in r.i-v,?iit Hall.
In 01 I? ?n? ??i- i\-?? ?small i???i?-is w?tre
i - taka n back ? hile in all
tf?K- lar-rer hostterles thoit demands mel
??.nl: ,i flu? refusal and they were told
Ina ver* nlcel*
11 n.? it who had taka n their
? es.
? ii i?? f n ti'iT Inca us?- ti?? m,
..- - fr? ni one or iv." of ';:
. ? nt hotels, saj Ing tliat
i?"? men mlghl be taka n ?bach
flrsi t.-;ii -ii? their uni"ii
rei.n< ?? their leader?
i .. .i. ? l?i'? ih?- ni.-n ? ere ?being
b Ifisfl Bllsal eth Ourle?
?popular young w?om
i w ho toW them In tinging ta
? i stick l?y ill? m until tha lr
- i*n -, graj and
d tha -? ound. With ri ara "f ."?:
il, '!:? in. el Ing I'ti'k? up a'i?i the
!?,.?:? h oi the riotous (>???> thousand ?-?
I i
i '??"? n Sixth :?\ enue to the M? Alpin
a ::\. w h? r?- the* yelled M8 i
ii the window? Then they continu?ed
?n to the Martinique and ??> the Im
al where they threw stone? and
? wai ? un i ?tea. The r?-si mi r ha ?i t?
the H ?of brau Haus and then t?> ?Shan
a, ? .? i ? thera a ?aa in??r.? \ lolenc
.- h? i ?? torn more were ai reata d.
1Inn they went t.? il;?- Vi? filia and up
Fifth avenue t?? tin- Waldorf, where
they again ti'?t?'?l and hooted until tv<?
?mor? a-ere j?iai?-ii under arr?st. They
? ?ii\ :<l?-iJ. sotna ?going up Fifth av?
ind .-.?tue up Math. They h?-id
??.iniila: .l.-monstratidiis outsfile the new
t'anderbllti the Park Avenu?, the ?Bel?
n nt .- ? 11 ? ? the Knickerbocker, ?'here
? I dispersed i hem
Proprietors Ignore Demands.
Moat oi the hotel p?ropi-i?t??*rfl -???t no
irth.r In reading the typewritten de?
" - ??i id? Mt Ikars *h.iii th?
?i.?. which aaJd: "AH workera . ?i
? ? n <?n ?strike shall be rein
i In th? i?- imi,i? t poaltions." Tkt
\sage r? stauranl that took back
.-tiik?-is yesterday i ??< K. cm s
',, th? i? ?-i two days that restaurant
. . ? ??! .ii?.?nt nlnet) "trikers.
e that .Louis lafartln
? K CtOI 8 l?>-?l.?y.
Tha mi part 'i the a? I'-i n????ii iii.i
. i:: ai H.i,l? was '1- '? Ota ?i '??
?i attack tipo? the i" a spapa ra for
printing ihat the i?a< kix-n? ofth? -
- ??, ? r i ?... ..i the spa akei a in
v> ..i k. i - ..i the Woi l?i m. D,
? lolenl h ni?- ?i?-iiiiii?-i.'ii"i!.
Mb ? owevi r, 'i? voted hei time
toansuring the -inkers thai their ir-in
rom being l? -i
? ?... \. t. onsi i i ?? lah i?? as .
-ht told them, "thai as Jar aa th?
?irii ? m con? ei ned, th? y don'l core
?tib? i.i-'V?-i f-e1 their joba ba< k Their
??,h- ?. nol sufrlclently luxurious. The
test i . trlke stands to-day as it ?li?l
'?.ntitiii.-?! ?m (..?I'll? ]i?tie. ?i\lli ??limiii.
This Morning's News
local page
Jl a l . W -nt' '- Rlol ? 1
Give? i!?? 11. I
limits l le b a I'loi'-ssimial... 1
I ? ? ?Snd <;.?i :i?? m 8tiik?. 2
%?\ il-? i. ? . . i Bills l "hanga d. 3
' ' ? '? .;?.? ?i n man I. *
*t\tt .--...- Ambassador*! Hon . 5
Mir? lionoi ?Lesion Dinner. 5
Wa.i?- Telephons ?Kapert ?i?-r<-. 5
i fl ??? th ?Saved Ti list < <-tii|'aii> . , f>
?V?? . ?'omjsan* in'-??i"poi*ati 5
??'i"?,?;,: i-i,,?.-?,.? Rockefeller's Work s
i Pleads Sol Guilty. t>
"? ' Mu? i Bei ?ve Sentencs. 5
'?"l?l In lin,Is..n S "i??'-. ? c?
.. ced bj < "l'J Trick. 6
? '"i ? ? Hero Have? ?Six al I lia. -s
?inni Avenue M?3 Buy Bail Unt... ? 6
? ?km,. Men foi Bot lal Brtl. ?
??'l-y ?Est?t? i" Wife He ?Killed. 7
?Hayo, Klays i:?iit?.rs.16
Ku-h Hubway ?'??iitiacts.16
Drges si..!?- C?*rnti-ol <>i ?.-.?'haii,?? s, .. ? l
sii..it Weight In Meat,- Hulser Heara.. a
laaltor ?-?t?,!?- ?Mate Btamp?. a
?"??nit Revisionists Uninovod. I
D?clares Killptnos W<m*l i:<\<?)t. 4
? Howard ??ti ? '??ni ?ta. 4
'?"""l .vol ?n in I'.,lili.s. gaya Hin? s... s
?lame? b ii.ii.inuni.i. i n \ ?ut? >i i??,i?i ... 9
ghearn'a l'i?.? VVast? ?1. 7
?Pufrtak;-- Amendment ?Paaaea .??embl* 7
H'.ii.-i Warm Bulxer Atra?a.16
?ylvlfl Pankhursl Arr??t?d...i. i
Pra??- llr-|?-f;;it< | inlatoi'.. 3
-X r m > and Snry. 6
H?wfl for Woman. 7
Bdltorisl . 8
>foel?ty . ?
Maate . 9
Art ?UhlMtiams . ?
OWtuai. 9
Tawattii ??i . 9
?f-ott- .10 und 11
Uganda] and Maritata.U aad 13
Waath^i .H
?^blppini, .14
^??? Estate .14
Declare Profit for FioiUinP,
S! 70.000.000 Bond Eigne Will
Be Only 2\, ?0, Cent.
,"'" ??v'i,l~ ?.'"' ???? :?" I
' ' ' ' II ? Ma tropolttati ?'in'?? last night.
"' d '?'" ;' '??'?' attended i - Henrj p.
Davleawi, "n,.?.,,-,, \V. i .|lt ,, ,, , ,.
Morgan, .n.. al] .,i the nnn ol J. P.
A|,,; :"- ?v- Co., and * bich was latei
continued al the home of Mr. ?Davison,
>? No. 12 Weal Fiftj -flrei -?i,-?', i m i,, n
Charles \\. Karnham. ecretarj to
Public Ben Ice '?..inn.,??-,? ner w llliam
,:- w i:;<--'., was railed In, n letl >r waa
M,';'1' public i.? Mr, i.u ni,,im short I j
iftei i o'clock thia morning, ?> M ii
hat! been *.-m i?. the Publiai Service
Commission. The I ?It? i I ..: follows ;
Hon W ?: v. i .. i bairn in Pu' Il
service < omml*-?l< n
1 '? i ah Referring tu matten di
?nfera ica -. We are very gli
I n??' ? i ?tatema nt cone? mini oui
' -1 '?'?- with ii??. Ii terbor? ugh Itapi I
. 11 anal! . omn m)
? Over two > ears ago, a1 tha n quest ol
' the Inta i itorough ? iftnpany, with *?
" iflla mi conn? ? lion, u. i ml. ?
I took i.? ; -- -i in p|Mn bj a in. h ihc In?
nig h a '.i an:.ild s,.
t? i" in i*d In tl ti lion, equipment
apa . i ., i of n? w suba ayi I i I? i
' th? ::? neral tei m* fins I ? i*d u?
? i? ??? -. th? .it> : . | in i m .-. oroiif-li
1 'om .?, a-erc Infoi m? il thui
compan would ?? quit tac si m of up
! i""x '? -..t i *; -. oi \- i
? ?"-' *.*.< I- to I"- U8< '
;" - '?? ? t? ... appro*. i . .:.
ra t h ei
w?*i '?? "!-.,',:, ., iiimi igug? nol
i ihc piopeit) <>i i . cltj bul upon an
ting . ? ? .
? t*. o1 th? ? "..;, any. was ? ?
at la the practlc? with ? "i i- ol
.-imil. i chai act? ? to pro Id. a
'" i ? in. iii? ,-.?ii?is at oi efoi tha
?ti". ... tha .- ..* To .'ii- la ?
-, ?
it ii". i.? m\ Id? ?? ii?' ? om*
I pan} should not ba al la ? ?? | Ui*a
k? t .?t :? i"->\? r -
?n w ou Id ii? i?" *.v .i. fore? th?
I I .111-. I" PU} tl? |.l i. t "1 110. I,Ml WO .1.1
'H.I- of " ? x.. -,!.-..
ph< tuiuin i rom : :.pan]
Preferential Claim Reliance.
'I ?? al? t- i niiii- ? |U? ? '"t, o? pi I?
Ihi. sli king . no 11 Intel
? i. ?i i". laini i
from th? operation o ih ex*
vv.? > and el? ated bj stems, and
... ; ' a?
?;? .i -, Judgment, i",
precedents, i
anteed thl? result, .?.? u . II
? ? i?!?s-i'.--., nail} do no.
"'i" determina tii? question ?m pi
! :. i ? Inta i ,-'i " ?-?!' ? '.'.!*, ny '?
ml- h a*aa ob*? lously nee? asar} i"
ha? ? regard t?. i lien I o
i ondr ol Ilk? ?-".?.I . and to th?
. money fo ,,-....????
? ti.- arg .??,,'. i- irai
lion thai ne mi ? musl ? fur*
?I I Mill . ? '
* perilled, the lmm< Hate comml
i ' finite, iir.-s|..-i ti\ ?? ..i
lal oi ??iii? i v. i ? srl
I'll.-ilt oiitu
tract I'nl? - thi likelll.I of a rea
. sons
1 ont, no groi p i ould . ? eei fo ,n.i t"
Ii ? take a conti acl "t thia slie and m
1 portar?a ?.
'. - ordinal) . vv. notifli -l tha Interhor*
ough ? '.-in?-.,i, v thai 8 ? ? d oui Imm? dt*
: .'t.- ,-s-.- lui?- a " Id .' > tha .s- u? ? i
I -??: ? ?- .- ?. basis t.? nel to
, . i | Further, thai ? ho'iid
' plan i" form - ? te tha
? b< n ?.-.? to " ir
. -? ? lates ? . "iii!'.-i .' ,- i ? i
eturi foi our original undertaking t'
bas. ?I?? bonds i"i " tori
ii . ml managing th -
foi in. ga neral servi
i ,,.'.-... ; loll I com
le It}.
i .-??it. tl" fact t ?... t at the lim?
...... .: ma
tram ? i urnos? - ? ? ?
i foi m ? - i indicate, fin which ?
? i . e ful amoun a It h ?
? .... -
.n. 'I'i'i- syndi? it
hall exerclt?? ou bi si
profil ?" Ii? ? ? t< i.t that the prie.
i |ii-ii-.-si .ii a : : h the laondi i sold ?
, .-..,: . - ata ' - ? ?- i K
..?.,; i bal th? ' tei >i ouali ? 'on ?
b to recel? ? on? -hall of ato ? o
tali ' d foi th? !'???
? Theie ? ah be tio qu? .?-i that the ? n
? tire financing: Is for accoui In
ron g I ? ?ompan ?
?ta fixed five cei I
Ii ... - irai a? i., ? ???hich oui '
ms '?? ? ht. oui Id?
? ?i, ' ?
? i.!??- ;?i which n ?
,.*!.. .. , ,. ? ? nd here or a ?
,. i .......... ? i ? ?
? I the '? ? ?!.- ol '!"? I.I -
? ? .? thai for ti?>- niv.-t.,i no
| i-i.ii can ?. iris i '" ! he -
? . illi- !-? ? m it ?
! Baby State's Messenger Miss?
ing and Her Choice for Presi?
dent May Not Be Recorded.
i,. ist Tha ? tl??> toral t .?t? of \i Izona
an I Its bearers Finder pleaAe send
..ii?-. i-, the offlc? ?'. iii" Vi? e-Preal?
.t.'.'.t ..f th? ITnited Bl ?
I Washington. Jan. -7 ?Senat i Di
?Representativa**! <.f the baby sta^e cf
lArlsona aenl bt*oaadcasl lo-nlfhl the
fotr-agottig notice when al s o'clock Hi
time limit had expired f-.i recaMvlng re?
turna from the national ele tlon las!
November ??nd Wilfred T. Webb, cus
Itodlan i?f three vatSa f-'f Waaodi?ow Wil?
son and Thoanas K Marshall, bad
! failed to appear In the < 'apltol.
Webb i',;is Las! [geard ftoom In St.
I Loula four or five daya ago, bat hla
Ifrienda ?"'.!?( get no arord .?f him from
? there to-nlgrhL
if the penalti for failure should ba
enforced Arlson would lose its vote In
I the Electoral College ami the official
Diessenger .\<>uiai tose hit mileage. The
[duplicate sel of Arisona'a ballots, aent
\:\ malla la on hand, and it la probable
'iii.it no penalty will be ^-i?r??i.-? ?i If
! v,. i.i? .ulives tomorrow,
! boxer~^eTa>Ter bout
i 'Chic" Rose Succumbs After
Blow in Final Round.
??'iii.-' Rose, >>i .\'?*v\ fork, .? srclter
v, miit boxer, waa taken t.. the Cum?
berland Btreel Hospital, Br oklyn,
nrhere in* >ii<ai early ihl morning, fol?
loWdng o fight with 'iri*-ii ja h ' Bmlth,
?f it.-iv Ridge, .?i the Ws 'li.it-i ?,i
Athletic fini? Within ?? ten -??oinis
of n?.- bel] i ngbif for tha llnal round
Bmlth gtruch Rose ..n the n..s.- and he
w- ni <i"W n fog* '!?.- count
l-'nf more than 11. ? i r an hour aevei
phyalclana who v-?-i-" spectators al ths
Ifaghl tria 'i i" >'< '? 'v' !?<?>? Realising
i ?. hi:; in-' v. ;<?? a ? foUS, ; -in,
lanee from lbs liuspltsl v.??s caliearL Dr.
tioharl imr:i?-?i htm t<? ths institution,
where he ?li.'ii sa boor, lata r. Thg Col*?
oner w?is notified, bul up to i?n ?arlj
i.r this mongln** no arrest hnd been
iiiiiii. m the aasc.
m m
Thorpe, the Ail-Around
Champion. Admits That He
Player, on Professional
Baseball Teams.
Viking- Ship and Bust of King
of Sweden. Won in Decath?
lon und Pentathlon at
Olympic Gph.cs. Must
Be Return ed.
Sac and Fox Juin? Who Startled the
World on Track, Field and
Gridiron tait Year .Ssy.-,
He Did Not Realize the
BUftak? He Made.
Jama a Thorp?, ha ?ro ? f the 11 v mplc
?-ram? a, nal loin ound chumpion
I and footb la a
?. if., onf?ssa ?i ??'. ?? ? ? !? -i !. Th?' m.i':
who helped pile m? tha pointa for the
United Si at? a al the Olj m] Ic garni -
In Bto? kholm, S ? ? da n, lai I July b)
'aim rig lha da ? athlon and i>? ntathlon
?i tta ??? < si? r.i.i In 8 i? n? i to fana?
? i:. 81 ?. tet'i ? ??; t!??? Atnat? 11
?tl 1 :?i??i lhal he I. ? ptai ?'?i pro?
: ...-? ball ?1 11 ''...-?? ?1 n Caro
? Una Leag " i'-''1 ' ind 1910.
Thii .?u!- an end ?" ih? ?i bl and un?
rti r.iy concerning hia standing, ainc?
charge?* ett re ?mi d? ;? - tsa ? 1 ago, and
.. -.? ?1? ? be .-.??? ?sait* i' .? b? ai Ing ? ?? .1
i trial, a bile .1 publi? apoioi to . 11 oa
! tlona waa mad? bj the Amatican 01>in?
? p ? . ?*(i nu 11 ? ???
Thoi ???- a ill no ? llar-ad ipon to
return all the | risa - : e haa s on In
?competing aa .. raglatered athleta in
, ?the Am..:. ! Alhi? ;.. 1 m? ?1. and,
metaphoi 1? all* apeaUng. tha ?laurel
area t h placed on hi? head b) th? King
??i Bw?d?n *-??. 1111 th? ????id-?. "You, sir.
arc ih?- greutesl h pileta In the work?,'
i>-?l i!??m li..- bros
Mutt Re'.irn Olympic Trophies.
Thsaj 11111. ii ? ??? ? i?ii ?rophlcs, the
\ king ?hip offered bj lha Cxai i?i Kits?
?i.? t?. ihe a 11.n? of u??- ?!? ? athlon .?i th?
i)i\iiii?i. gamos and 1 ? I
th.- k .i.?- of ?8? ?! 1. ol era ?i '?> him
.-..-it i>? the ?'. inn r ol the pa ntathla 1?.
ere ?U ai ound 1 urn ?
??? titlons, a ill be 1 ??.-1 i" thla ? ??? nti
and mual l*e shipped ?1 -???>., ?- -poaalbl?
i?> tha Ii i.? owners il, 'A ? 1 indei .?:
la ;. finish?? ? .?1 o Thw i
m ih? ?i? ? athlon, will i???- ? : ha ,
??? the \ Iking ihlp, b hile P.
1.. 1 ;,. ? N 11 . ?? n?? ii.-.i- bed aoc<*nd
.1? lh< I'.ilhal! il? . . tha
the King of H
,i????:? 1:1 ? d? mua ol Prln? elon, also
will ?profil through lb stripping m bun?
.?i from ii? greal athlei ? ',n ?
Indian ?- h?ooI ? ? hi Unii i? d ?? ?
ond i?? Thorp? n. ?i?' ail around chain?
idonahip al ? eltt? ?'?rfc laal ?September.
? ?n that i" ? aslon 'i urpa ? sta iliah? d ?1
world 1 1 ? ? "i ?i ? piling up 1 total ol
7.17?? points. Thla mark, too, mual be
wiped ?. 11" the booki and th? ia<"ord will
. 1 ? , ? 11 !?.? the pre* \ou - holder, Mai 1 In
Sheridan, a iti? 7,383 points.
Thc*-pe'i admlaaion will rock IN ath?
letic wmi'i 1?? itx foundation and the
?shock will ?be nona the lesa aevere aven
though Its tort. g.,- parti- ?brotad
i.> the di i elopm? nti ??i the ?lasl tew
?ja\ ?,. 'i ii? ettet i h in ?tie fai n aching
and through the Olympi? games aill
I involve ever* countrj when track and
Held athl? ii? ?s (?n Ive. it may lee? td
iriticismfl which will ?iiin>iii!i i?? shin
and may ?be 1? punslblc for Investiga?
I tlona m <?iii?i directtona which will stir
up much mudd) watar.
Thorpe's Letter of Admission.
Thorpe wrote h straightforward igt?
ter. throughout which one ma) ?easily
??.?t?.?? 1 ,1 note o? aadneau*, i?. made b
. ;. .m ?breasl <?i the whole raae and
?sparad bims?ilt nothing in writing a.s
I follows i'i"in Carlii le, Penn., under data
ui Januar* -'?:
When Hi Inti ? . wli If 1 t'lan ?
?Matin-* thai I bad played ?..i eball un ih?
VVInsion ?Halt-ni team was ?hown in?
1 old Mi .Varnei llial ii wau n> 1 lime ami,
u -,.I nul plaj ??i 1 ?... 1 1. .nu 1 tul
.,,, mu? .1 has ?be? 1 Mid in Un pap? ? -
sinn then llial 1 wen( to 11 ? .?; u .
: iii.rltl? - Ihli "i"11 !"1 ?,|"1 told ??.??in Jual
v.lia. then w?as In th? stork*?.
1 ? i.?.. .1 bam I-all al l:? ? I . ai?, ml an?l
;(l |?.,\,u? v lile, S. ? . ?I III? mu. ..i'
190D ,.n 1 181(1 i???? 1 m; ??.-.n nain. ? m
11,, h..i?i- i? i''?? I ?? rll wer? Bev?
eral i-olla -;? mon from 1 he r.? ? : 1. avlio .?, ? ,
. ai mu;: mon? S I" boll ??la\ Ins during
their ???cation? and wlui wen i?egard??d ut
? ,? . , ??..! II?
I ,r.| 1,..; pla* loi ' ? ?? iii??ii? ? tin ??< -v.?
In .11 ?? i" ""-i ? 11 ?'" hi?? me In
. , u live ?B bul 1.?us. 1
likeil 1?? [day bu 1 aa nol i ? 1 - >\ ?.-,
I to th" wa ? ' ?I ii"i
,, ;,!,/., 11 hi !;i? ? ?? v? l? n?, an 1 ll .?,..?:..?
.,., ,,,.. prof? lonal In ira ! ?n .
liiis-ti I la ,?in I 1. Ill ? ? ? 1 ..1 . 1 .
It v ,, ,1,1 ,..!?.' 1 . let
.1. Ic.fi it? . I ??'?- ?.?I '??
: ? ohl m; ?? ?. :,
1.1 si ool It mill '? ' ?
m ihe lall ??? ?'' ' appli? '! ' >r rr
?.,, 1 ; .??i ?i. I ? sine Ii nl,
1.1 in, .? 1?. ludl? ...'?? ? ?K |>al I in
..,,. ;., h, 1?; -? ?i i nd ?? ...-,.. sntead
i>, get on Ihe ? il- n ??? ??;"?? and take Hi ?
, 1,,, to gtockholm ' If ?I Mi v..?? m r
,. .-i. . * ?... * i .ition 1 ? rea la ring In
m, \mateur Athla tl? 1 nioi , afte 1 had
answered th? ijuestl ma and -iun.il it. and
1 i,??.v?? my card allowing m< i?? ???.n
?. m lha w.,.1? r 1 ? ? t and othi 1 ira? k
.? ? 1 -?
l r'.?v?i- ir.ilr/? ?i ? Ml ' ?? ? ?? hal a b |
,,,, i.,?., ! 1 iade b? k??? ilns .1 .? -.??1?.
: nil ball ; la) In?, and l ai.n v I
, :,, .. 't ii?., ? I ,,:'l 1 ?? parti; ? \? ??
. fact thai I v-.. almplj an Indian
.. ini?,.!-..\. and ?i?' not know all about
, li t, liles, in fact, 1 did nol l.n??vs lhal
1 ? .?- dolnx wrong, becaus*1 ' was doing
-?li?t 1 ?k,?? v? s???i.ii ?other coHeg? teen
I ?iiiliinird on trnin -iiigr, Hr?l lolumn.
General Gels Bail Bond for
$30.000. Then Turns His
Faithful Wife and Son
from D3or.
Widow of Genciul LOBfStrget
and ?Other Friends of Votera.i
Offer to Aid Him to Rt
pay Money Due to
New York State.
General I ? an K Bl '.? ?
rrested ? ? -?? rda sfterno : il hla
l-'ifii, .?venue Ii" >. BhetIII Mar?
b?rget Tha .-.- d omt
.. ? ?! ? ..n? going Ludios Bti... ?
v the Bheriff, who had pul
? ? .- Altai n- i : ?na1. ' a m ? ant
uiiti! i ?..m. i p. Hayi ? ounra : ??" ? ;? n?
era I kl? he i
, i for WO '''-t' which Ini
tlit appearana e of the g? ..,?
trial in ;a ' iv 1! . t 1 tha recovei of
.i >j.". it?'. . i?..? i >?--, In hi . I
v*.nil th? atau Mon mei I' >??? ?torn?
II?, - ?--i i ? i ?. ??f v' h'. ii he * man.
The "ai rest" a ? ? made and the bond
i irnlshed ? hila ( ienei al Bl? Met faith?
ful vv il?- ??i,?, ii Dfl ' ? !? I ' ?' 1 ii*_T
!.. go ;?' bis home for ?? i onfa rence
w Iii. Ii. it a gg ? apea :? ?I. vvi.nlil have
resulted In Mrs BickiVa again extrtcat
Ing the general i rom hit rinsna bal ;
troubles. H< r ai ? istana a wo? pred
' -.? ut?-.I upon h- r husband ?n mb ? inn
;?' mi.-.- Iii.s linns..I.,.. |? ? m .. i ?, ,.,,,,,
, y.-.n I-- VYllmerdini ;? . i reren? In
tl?.- Blckla ? home arai i i*ausa ol : he
??ftrangent nt of husband and wife.
? ; neral Bit kle had !" fon their
..in -.1 obtained the bond ? i ? ? r ? i ?j ? i
i ' ompan* Wh**n Mrs. Bl? kl? i h ml h? r
son arrived al th? Ioui the) i re ro
j ? um ii a dm 1st Ion.
denersl Bid lea and ?Sheriff ii. rbur
?_.. r i".;ii s???- to ii thai the formal **ar?
rest" waa properl* "set" and attend**d !
i?.v sil i he dramatic aecc laorics tha sit*
uatkMi '? manded from their i ulr? ?i
. i? w. The Bneriff went to the houn? '
at No. :.'?'! ?-'ntli uvt-nu? ... 'onipunietl
I bj ? :.-n? i..i Bit'klei ' sttorn? *. i he
: sii.-rii'i".*? counsel, bond clerk and iii
.int..m.n ? larburga r r ?!inue of re?
portera and photographer . Th? Bherlfl
made :? dramatla paua on : ho do? ratep
and sfter the rustomsr) demur yield?
, ?i i,, Hi,, "entreaties ' ? ; ihe pha tot
raphera and pot* d for .? pia I urc
General Amid His Ralii -.
*ri,: ? Indlsp nsabl? ; ortloii <>? Hi m..
i gramme d i ? ?? ?? of, Bhei ?i? Harbin g?
i tappa 'i on the front door Jual as i
; i', ? iiii.il i ???; n ' .-!.'? Ing" ?? crowd ?I
! un,i iii,n - ; loua i" raona "it ,i. u.i
? The door opened and i lew ml ;'?? i
negro na i?? snl sdmllted the Bha riff, hi
1. ounsel, bond cm 11> md one i? ? ? ?i ??-.
'??ii? > found i law ral Bleklea in hi
Tin gen? nil, ' lad In i I Ini b| ? i.
| suit, s;?t between in* crutches with bl
Ai.o.i'ii leg ranting on ?? hat go? k,
Acroaa th. ?.ai-k ??i .? 'hair n. ?i-1- i
hu? tattered ?m?i M.Ist?lned uniform,
amelle witii pmagervatlves, .,:ni proppod!
I up n? ?mother ? bah* arag .i !-.iw paint? :
i ..lin-un .i ?m mrewt -. .-? iiilr?i , ..iiiinn. ?
1 -;
Pennaylvanla Railroad Tour. Laeava*eN. v.
Jan. " liw Includee necesaan ?penne* for
Idaya Bp?pciul Pullman train. Hooking of
iir?, t?:! ?tu Av., x. y. a*., or ani ticket igt.
Count} Medical Society Defeats
His Second Expulsion.
Tin- Sew York Coui Medical Ba?
st a m?-- ting 4? .i'l.-iuv m
Medi? m.. after .1 .---,. 1. . - 1 ing from
I - evening until aftei I o'clock
it.?- taori b) ? vota ? : UM to l-V.i
1 . ed to gain expel ! >i. Ro
Kunitsa ? .i"in the bo let: A three? !
quarters vote waa ne esaary.
Or Kunltser waa expelled In 1910,
fnjl"?vna ShemOUSb th..i h?* eme guilty
Hi complicity, wii-ii m. ij. ul in-.-, r.n m
i.li.iii? Hospltsl, "i fal II Ing ths
:? ..ida --i that m*tltutlon t?. bear out
tha ? 1.urn thai Di la . \ Ewald had
1 ? 1 forma ?i .1 ran and dang? r? ua ?.?" ra -
ii"n. An-1 ths - ourta i- ?' sed to Inta 1
i-1 ? Di ?. User ti iii.-in
ii.-isiiM'. the st.?i. .\|. ?i?, .,1 ?Socta i\ ..i
? i .1 m vv vote i.ika n hj 1 h.mi
mil 1 ?i k until won
S;avs N. Y. Has 68 Theatres and
Only Four Successes?Dis
aster Within 6 Months.
. ?
!.. ? Jai UT -a. 11 W.? . the
\- r Toi k th? ;?" I si m mi ger a ho ?
non " i."t:'"'ii end vv ho wlla for ho
.?n Ba! urda n< .?-i. ? redid - within
1.? ii one of 1 ha 111 steel tha all la ?
1 mica America ha? ever known. Hol
added !
? i? xv ? ? 11141 r ? 'i bi 11 ? 1 Ige me II before
hall the theatri s on Broadway !
vv.-i.- turned Into automobile garages
where people will store their erara while
Ing the evening el the picture pal?
sees. The whole trouble ig thai there
are too many theatres in Men York
.ni?i n?. playa to i"" in them thai la,
no successes At tla present time there
are only four real au.ases In Neu*
v.,11, .uni there ere r?lxt) -? ighl tha a
1 iiiiv had t" go t" ?Parla t" arrange
a nil Plem Teber and ??> i*'r?m? h eol
!. ague .'?' hla to vv rite -. play. 1 ba 1
to go there beca us? then did nol et em
in he anj g.?.?.! material In Ami rica.
?n,. average American playngrigbl will
deal' vv nil the 1 onventlonaL They all
-ja/nnl to ta ?1 the sama old trlangul ir
i,,v e atorj of a hlch tha publl? La now
bo ii.-.!iiil] tired."
Mounted Policeman Wounds
Man Accused of Theft.
\ ? 1, .- .1 mil. . hose ?"?1 .1. r-?ni.
avrnue The Bronx, about midnight
: igbt, Mounted ?Poll? ? man Kear?
na . ..1 the Hlghbi Idga sti 1 km, itopped
.1 (lying automobile I bal had been
1,,1, n ?,--i. i.i.i- afternoon. During th-*
, ha ??? k? .n nej etnCttk d hla revolvei al
,.,, 1. ,1: 11res ??i the m ichln?.
'cii,. ... ? m.1. - m hla marl maiiship
wtu? the i??? an "i :"i" -i'-ok ihc auto?
,,.||e>, 1.n, one of the luigel - Bred at
11,,. 1 iree at ruck an .i| anl of th? 1 ar
m the neck end mother wen! through
the bal "I a man in In? automobile,
with hla empty revolver the poUcemsn
1, |, 1 ii the men In the ? or, ? goept the
, hau ff cur, v* ho escapedi to u< .?,? their
. ,1... until Mounted Poilcemsn Smith
. mi Bergi .??ii 1 'oigan, <>? thi? ii?kI?
luidge .Mti.'ii. sneer*, red hla whistle
The vv ? < ? ? 11.1 ? ?l n?i!" iras aent t<? ITord-?
bam HospH?Ja wh?w ?Dr. Abeam pro*
ni.iiti? .?>? hla condition not rartous, ?mti
tin- other four captured were locked
up j?, the Hlghbridge gtatten charged
wlili mr.im! Ii.n . ti.v.
Tin* ata?er <>f 11 ?.? - sutoaioliile ?a Dr! !
CharlM V. I'lif-rno, of itiv'ttmi?e Drltroj
;,n.i UM gtrset
"llikit.' the atyllih eye?jUss. Kiv?i.,i, pel
Torio Pebbles. Spencer's, ? Msldefl Unie j
- A?VI. I
Militant Suffragette Caugh
Trying to Throw Stone
Through Painting in the
Commons Building.
British Government Drops th?
Franchise Bill, and Call to
Arms of Forward
Woman Faction
Is Result.
By ?'able-<o '
?London, Jan. 28.?Tha ?Aral abat Ii
the ?suffragette campaign vrafl ?Bred la*
nlghl *ual aftei ll o'clock, when 9t
8teph?n'i Hall, adjoining Um Hou?? ??
? 'ommons, Waa almoal deserted
\ oung woman who ?had bean within Un
Parllameni building all th? evening ?t
? tnpted i?? throw a atona wrapped i?
.? handkerchief through tha ?glaaa whlcl
covers .1 large ?painting on tlM w?ti
?ill?- llall, hUt She V. a- tOO cXriU?! t.
?un ? ??ir.?ti\ and no damage waa done
She WHS at OHCC detained aliu i?i<?\,.
t?. i?t m i.-s Sylvia Pankhural
Simultaneous?*' with thi withdrawa
of tha franchise ?bill jreatardnj tha auf
fragettea declared war, There ?Si i?? bt
nsore deatruction ?n ?property and .
militant campaign 111.? t will ?:?>!? thae\
only of taking human luv. Thla was ,tu
noun? ?-?i bj Mia. ?Smmelin? ?Pankhural
amid tii?? delighted cheera of bet foi?
lower*! .a a meeting of the W<omen'i
>'??? ?ai ami Political ?Union laat night
?After referring u> the withdrawal nl
the fran? hi* biU and expreaaing th..
opinion thai the Parllatnentur* faro
waa played out, slu' said .-li?? was gum?
to iiv militant and that they could heli
her bj helping to ?make militunc* sue?
ceagfuL V'olunteera urtgt invited u.
give In their ?nantea and addreaeci-.
Thla mu? *-i m > was ?guerilla warfare
and mual be earrted out, 8>ha said, wit?.?
discretion. The) mual replace fore?
v. ii ii women*! wll .ui>? take the enemy
uQuwan a.
Rcp-rd for Human Life.
'i here we* ] u : "?? i thing they would
?regard, and that was human life; short
?>t thui Hi? > were warrant<-d In using
aii th in.Hiii.i.s uaed In war. A? in
the destruction ol property) what ?ii?i
men ?J?-? in time qf war. ii it wi ra nee?
i mi t?> ?act i" win tha vote they
v.? r ? ?going i" ?)?' na much ?thunage i>?
niii'i- people? |i"|.?i-iv ru they coukl.
a? Boon aa Un- people bjtd had enough
.?i i; they would chimar to the ?govern?
ment'to give women Ihe vote. Mill?
|ancy would ??<> on until they had a
:,-!??,. rum? ut m? ?asure
u i.-i ?i- ar thai there la n?>v. a much
greater question InvoJ ed bj the ainas
Ing ..?i r ? ??t ????iit.s ?of the laal i?m
da.-3 than the t r?.. ? I .??-rs ?if g ?govern?
ir.? ni. ami that is ?the safety of tin- put>
I?.-. How ?fiiii.'i the ?situation I.-- may
i?. judged t'.'ini tin- fad that the pone?
have received Inatrua Uona to Da eg
their guard ?againat vitriol and re?
i:> .? m ere* raw the l*a?deni of tin*
\\??unit's freedom League have man*.'
aged $*> nd?rtee crowds ?from ?iifr.-n-nt
i???'nis in Trnfalg ??- ?Square. Laat Right,
?before the : oll?t-e aemeessded upon them
< ?aitinucl ?,ii il'lnl page, llilrd ????luinii.
?'?it fruit?, ?Mile?. watar?h*ea ?triad? deli.
AU-, t.
Governor Tells Legislature Tim
Is Ripe to Step In and End
'"Flagrant Abuses"
and Schemes.
? .?
? If Commonwealth Fails lo Dc
I vise Remedies for Conditions,
He Spy??, It Can't Find
Fault if Federal Gov?
ernment Ads.
Etc Btifi PccouiiiiCi't's Prohibitia
??f?Td?pgatet?on of Fi'i'.cs Witlrtrot
Retard !o Pricgi uu) FjJm
SUteuenti in a&totrttM
niants of Sourit-l??.
Albai Jan. :'7 s,.-?t.- guf-ervlsioi
.?i??i regulation of the New York Bt< I
' Kxchang? and other Bto? k ?
era advo ated bj Govi r ior Bi Isa i i.. I
' message geni b) him <?> the i. - :
The time la ripe, In the ? '.?? ? rn? r'i
opinion, )"!? the atate to step In
"flagrant abuaei al t? m h? m? i :.
eleva r 11 mMnatkma to catch tb un
arary ; i": i?. mlsla ad the public." T?
, offci t thia he recomm nds the ?.-n.?^t
n.? nt ol t i roup ..i Lan b, at least 01
? of win? ;i ? hall i-ri'V iii ? it'i* risoit
! ?i penalty i'":' Ita v lolal [on. T1 ? las
? :.. . .' ern? r bb] .-. i bould applj to cer?
tain practlc? * which I ? be? i i boa ;
! t?. i-xist by the Pujo ? o-mmil tea ? ; tha
House of R n ? tber In?
? ? gators.
"The testimony ol Bom ol l
, of the
Huis? r rat) s, "lee?*? no d bt 1 ti..
minda "i m?
hangea Ii.-iv , i.? .n . ither .'.
unwilling ?" de*, laa m?
effectively ? radia ate tha ?
now the obt lo ig duty of the i
[beams to me, to devb remedies, If
the st;f- na glea ta to In duty
atrgte |hauM Hi I no fault 'f the
fi d< ral go> ? rnm< n . ? : i ? m?
New Laws Aake-4 Tcr.
Among ?; ? which R? ? i not
Sul/'-r v i tlld ha i ? ' ;.f :
A law to distinguish cle-r'. i.roprr
transaction of puf?haSO ? ?
I those that a, c ,-u ratsull of COWb
1 tions to -fise or dspresa irta'fk iliy -;'
price of aaeuritisa without renard to
tH?j?r tr-.'e va'ie o*- Ictit mats Bupoly
rtrt? ?otngn?,
A law to prohibit brokers fren :?il
ing backward and forward cmong
tberr?selve? *:lackr. of ? particular, '
i with intent to dsosive ci mislead out?
SIC?"?t j.
A law to prob i-*i i brokers trom 'eil
iii?j fo.* t"e?*" cv. n account ibc CSmO
stocks they hsvo b?en ordered t*- buy
far their customers at ths lime tha
custoiiic:-;-' arder? ere e acutsd.
,'? - ?rohibil no insolvent
brokers from conl * 'yy sed
seii iftsr '; - ?/ b?acoi sat?
A Isv it ? -? ?minal ?Renca
"to iesi e sny ratstamsnt or publish any
advertisemci. as to the valus ci gtty
stock or other aecurity, or ?-s to iba
financial canditian o? any corporation
or company issuing oi about to issue
stock ?r- se iritiss, where 3'iy ?-?? or.iise
or prediction contained in Buch tiat:
ment or advertiosmsnt ia known io be
false or to be not fairly iusti ?0*. by
existing coiic-itions "
Governor Bulzei
but lesv? o th? '. ? Lure for (le?
gion, change! In srn\
th?. -n: tm< ? I ol new 1 i ning
...,i. . th< s poihei atloi ol
, . :-,; .? I ''-? 'i'
which he id I
: of .-.ill tn. ru! b to i ."i'-- th in tl par
, the rclal lom between e:
and th<- ? "?i '??? . i ci I am
in bis ma . ? -i . in
?*n't Dest.-oy Exchanges.
i . ' ? ? ?
i uhoi i atol in eparablc In lui y to '
V> ?? i ?.???..??;? I'ondu? t'-?i
L-oniatitUlc .' ..-iu-\ i'?>r pi ??
nrtottna liidusi erclul
??.?i-i, - . \- . i prcvM.nl . ?ii .. i i i:t. ?i. how ?
ever, the) are beyond ihe regulative
in,!?,? i.. ..? anj administrativa depart?
i... i i ., ; t < ata ?
'i hat evil? i ? ????: ing n ???? diate : eraedy
I .-*.ist is beyond illsput? rh? e evlla are
??.?-illy ?iiia-oveeeaJ .-??-.,\ readil) Minted, l.'it
. : u be uppll? 'i .. ?Mi.- delita?
? .i ?'i-i ..i Ion and th* mo?t <i? II?
t cate adiuatm? m to ma 11 the aitual ???
..... i.. , ? t i he publia .?t large and
at tl?.- eumti time ii'.i ?i:-uni? economic
.nul Indu -i i i.ii condition*
1 it Ii dem? ted thai the rnemberg
i,i the ex? I'.-i rea .? ?? . war? <>f I brae ? ?:
? ?-in ii'ii. ?? ?. bul Ignore them, manifesting
? nurpri?lng ?malInVi-ence i<> the public
interest uno to the reputation ??! the es?
changea ? hlch la often besmirched )>^
n le i?.?.. ?m- .-'I...I b> nome of th.- <>tli
I rial thai ' i*smhling talnl la t>?":-. nt In
i atom?* of the tranearttonn a ?..->-? i.?n
thai confirm? the reneral opinion.
| Ii Nil ? i? ? -i? ?.stabil ihed il>..t tram ???
' u-.ti- ii? their nature ? -? utlall] I i ?it-.-ni*?
; win-h niuka? munipulationx p.? -ii.i.- ere
carried on without neiioua att*>iapta ?i
r? i ?um. ?'ii i??" pretence that they ara
?m form m coinpllauca with the legula?
I t lOtlS.
Ai?i^^s ni- the mechaalsnu and viola?
??t in i und . inn ?I'll i. ina ?pi.-.-, of?
trading un? treated leniently ln?4t<*ad of
I belna vlgoroUMl; condemned .ami fol
lowe?! i,\ .-iiii.i,-.'ti punishment.
The lent I mom before a committee of
?I..- House of Itepreaontativen further
1 ?ho? 'i?!: in ' as;-.- where members have
been punlahed for extreme viol?t lona ?>r
the rulea it alao Indicatea apilte i-le;irly
that the??' ?ir bul iiuil evaalona, undis?
closed because not Investigate?!
Governors Lex.
I?0V0HI..1- *>:ilz?*r poiiits out that many
?if tb<- evil practla-aSS aIV n?.t .Ii-si It,.-, ,|
until tb" laioks of membera who fail
are examined, but thi**, h?* decures, hin
a om,mr? ii will -offee s m i ?j atore for
".]? ?here. r Ucrrall -J. i.'on??i ?Jo.^

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