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To-?U.a. |.r..i,;,l,|, MM?
In morrow, fair, nil h n,,?|,??..!? \tIiiiI?.
? =-=? ? " . " lm"f..,"., AVr / 1|.^ VT 1? Iltyaf XewTark..I*f?eyri?/??J ??*???
NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, ?JANUARY :!!). L91.3-16 PAGES. * * PRICK ON h < KN l k.si^t8q^t*? ~
Others Were Pushed by "Hired
Thugs" (Plainclothes Men),
Says English Suf?
Court Lets Mrs. Charter Out,
and She 11 Do It Again?
Men Garment Workers
Split on Question of
?aM Mrs. .1. K swing I on ?'h.ir
trr. suffragist, late of Bastaad, now of
N?. ;:t Wt st r?."?;h strasat, Sen York,
?oh. to be in Kncland to-day to :hr?,\\
? brick for liberty!"
A; that moment tli?' het\\'} hand ?>f
IMiiolni.iii William Stran.>, .?t the
WtAB) iTth -iri'et station, fell ',ip.?n M; ?.
?'barter's shoulder.
Your- lindar artest." he said
Kut it wasn't for making militant ob?
aervatlons abont th?? suffrage .?situation
in England that Mrs. ? harter was m
i-.s-fd. No, n ?sraa for picketing with
tbe striking girl garm-'nt workers
This was yesterday, and Mrs. Charter.
With MIm Sarah Parks (?n. ??f th.?
edirors of "The Womim Voter.' ?sras
doing ?picket duty outside the l??f:
building at No. 57 Waal -1st s!ie?t.
And she didn't utter li-r facUnga about
Lr-gland aloud; sin said that to h? r
?? if nut wh i sh<-- f'-lt 1'olkeman
Btraney'fl hand on her shoulder she
als?? fall r?h?- said aflerwBrd. as if
d lit.? t.? introduce English militant
m-Mru??!* in Ann-ri? a
Fi-ds Favor at Court.
Mis. ?Charter, Misa Parka and Dora
?Sishar, a mil ?trik. r. ?'?ETC taken t?> the
Wist 17th ?M?<t stati??n ? riatued frith
???.rderly ? tondu? t. ami lat? ? tran?
?eri??d to the Wst 90th stiee; Station.
Last nigh* th?? i? brought iii'i
Masristrate Herbext, ?u the ?Jefferson
Market ?'??un. ah Patrolmaa Btrane:
????i allege against tiaem ??;ts that
they hinl st.'|,-.a-.l up \.? the mil.? ?srho
arejra takinc tbe plaa ? ? >?i the itrikei
*??? said gills wa-;.- .???? .;,-_- ,?;i BUtOKlO
i ?ir? t?. ii? transported from lbs tat?"
'?? their lionifs. and \a?i sai?!: "DonM
.???k t?> work t"-ni'?iiov. -irl-!"
It didn't taU?- tin iiiaaistni?e la.ng t?>
dec?ale that this didn't ?Nsaatltuta ?
<?rd?*riy cemduct, .?lid i'.ir ?prleoncri
?ii?< hnvgi-ii. ?Several suffragists
? t tho d??or,of the Court t?? greet them,
including in-. Mary Haltob, les l< i
? _9tb Ktetm'?.'?. Wsti let foi the
Woman ?Suffrage part**.
I ??? ?-- t out ?> pick? ? t??-?- ' tin.
? ?? : . i ,? i ?ward. "L" causa ?a '? ? n
1 ""ticketed With th?- girls last Friday
*rht 1 ? ? ? ? ??? u;,si?"a':;?l?h tte.it
! ?aw one ?policeman I can cet
is i mabei .' haven't i? itou -strike a
Kir] In the fair with id? open hand lui
lolng nothing at all When I ?remon?*
to? be tet?, Tin ii<?; hei<> to * ? * ? l *r>
Saw Girls" Stiuck by "Thugs.*'
I hiv seen thoae glrli ??-.????'.
loved and Btrueh by hired thu<a-a?
sin cl-?th< ? men, doing the bidding ??f
ti "ir bosses, ?ho nianufy't'.iin-. 1 am
:? hack, than r" pick t ?o
morrow, and shall?f ?wmtlnue lo pi- k-?t
as long its the strike la-ts
?. ,i | ,|. -i ?, ?. it a on? that more
.., ilk? me ?'?? ' i"! doing pit*? t
7!, girl stiikers need us; ??ur
.?? . i ? ? them courage 1 do
? i . ? n on im< n ? ill volunte**".
?i , | . e ii i ?grateful wlien are
<:- ?. ?grateful "?'' yon would think
- ? i-? niiy (toll | them a ?gra al
I I I' a ;
Befotre ihe a*-*nl bo?me Mr-, Charte-r
turned to Ihe English situation long
'???lieh f> say thai ah? (-?.nsioered the
nUitant suffragists wer? fully Justified
' ?um. . <i on third BSSfS, foui?li ? o'umn.
This Morning s News
LOCAL r-aj.?
Olrl Hit '? ' I *o! i< a?. 1
?i .jury Ma; Call Mayor. i
s*a? Contracts Up To-day. i
?la .?r \\ i.ni.i 'UCk" ?StMTM I-:? in?? if.. ? l
h'llleos < -i-i t ?. - i ??- sobara] ? ?imosition a
Mu? i ? i \tt ? i s Suban?) i'?.<??. a
llsmlat"Aids Alimony ?'lui?. 3
81 riking Wait-us Hit i?y Kii?Ks. 3
freight ?Rates Killed ?'?<ni|???tition. . . . 4
' "iiniiei.ts ?m Wall Btxaat alaaaaga. ?. 5
I'.-.ottte Plumbing Teat Fraud. 5
'?'?vs UtgSB I'ederal Incorpoiatioii. . 6
' ??mi> Lawyera Hired for Fas. s
-'is starry vjKit?--?] convift. 7
*l?0,oou,0t?0 TVrniinal ??r??" Sunday. . .10
??lin-un*- ''asliift Su? T?-ii?i? 11.X*
?Mi--?, Taft's Friend Thrown fioin Horse 1
i.aus to Chaaaan Utrlng Sa,u-*ht. a
Murphy> ruiinatuni t<? Sul/ei. 3
Stiller QppeoSS SluggitiK. 3
iJamMerats ?Bach Taft. *
?Papai ?Legal Tandar. *
??? ? 11 v ? r K? -onomy" ?'ohih . . 5
"ne I?.?*.!. M.-.n. Hurt in Itiot. 6
BIN to Aid Hick lea Laits.X?
Wilson to Hush Anti-tnisi Hills. 6
>'?j"riaK?.tif. \\Hr in London. X
?ftalkun Alli??s I'ro? i?atlttats. 3
r S .Must SabatUS Moros. 3
Artt} und Navy. ?
N'ews for Women. 7
Editorial . ?
?O.'lety . S
Muai.? . B
Obituary . S
Theatrical . ?
St-oris .X0 and XX
filian?,?| ?m?I Markets. .. .Hi X8 and 13
?V-ather .X4
?Uliiriplng .xa
httA Estate .X4 and XB
Der Rosenkavalier" To Be
Performed at Covent Garden.
!Tlv Pabla ... The ") .?bun? '
London, Jan. 20. Th.* operg houg .
Covent Garden, ?has b?-<*n sold au! f-jr
the first prrf,.Mn.i,?-0 ,,j- -?*,?,. k,,..,..,
karalter" to-night. Tb.- performama
h expected1 i,, i-,,,,!, ;l generally high
level mu? tlio casi ^ in Include several
principals in th.* original producattaon at
Dresden two yeari up?1.
Assistant District Attorney
Says Brother Was Melancholy.
Bargen Dfcklnetm, twenty ?eight
years >->i?i. a brother ..f Aselstan! l?i*
tut .\tt..rn.-;- Howard Dlcklnaon, *.*..?,
killed by a fail from a wlndon m hla
npartmi-nt on the seventh floor ?if ib?.
apartment house at No. ?90 Waahlngtoti
?Square ?Saal last nisht shortly befara tt
o'clock. His bod) was found bj th<
janitor of tiir building m a courtyard
! ai the rear of tin* bons.-.
Whether the death was at ? m?? nial or
a suicide no ?"?no was ai?K- t<> any. As*
etatant i>istii.t Attorney Dkkinaon.
who uves at No. ir. roth avenue, ad?
mitted his brother liad Lteen suffering
I from melancholls for **mne time. Tbi
[dead man roomed on the same floor
[with another brother, ISdwtn Dlckln?
?son. who was not m hla rooms when
? Purgaos was killed His futiu-r. the
Re? ?Sdwln H. ?Dickinson, rector of the
'North Preebyterlan ? urch, at Buf?
falo, was Informed ..f in*- arm's death.
: The dead man was a ?graduata from
Tab* and ii ;-? ? I the ?ambition to be<*ome
a nuattcml compooer. His melancholia,
the Assistant Pistri? t Attorn-. Bald
was caiiaed by overwork in tin* |>'.irstiii
??i" his ambition. He was no! married.
Masher Gets Workhouse Sen?
tence on Girls Complaint.
Joseph Scharer, who sru.i in- waa it*
' Ironwoi ka1 ? mpk>* ed ; .? i ontractor
?at Columbia University, and llvei
!_?! Pulton a enue, The Bronx, ><??s -? n?
trni-.*.i to serve twent?* days in th?
?workhouae last night bj Magistrate
Preachl In the men's night ??.urt after
conviction for dlsorderlj conduct on the
? "ini'iaini ..f Miss Mabel Norton, "f No
; Tl'1 Baal 138th street, who sccused
I Scharer of annoying her slater Ruth,
thirteen >? srs old.
.Miss .\'.?rt.?:i teatiflad that hi i -
had ? omplalaed to tiei that for several
.ia>s ?Scharer h??ti smiled .?t her ??s ?she
- ?1 bhn ??!? ih?- ?street and had ai
T.ni|ii?^ii to apeak t.< !i?r. Bhe said thai
?she and her slatar wan ?passing tha
? ??m? r of I'nion avapue end 130th
street last sAght whan gcharer smiled
at ]''ith. Mm ask?-?! him wh\ Ii? It.'l't
annoying h.-r sister. i-'??i' answer, * ?
[testified, Sill.??., ?slapped bet In the
[face. r.itr?iliii.iii feTebberhernert, ??f
( * !?. Moi i i. ? ma '.'i im.. ??i ? ?? ted
? ?Sch?fer
gold teeth Their badge
Lumberjacks" To Be Known
by Gilt Crowned Ones.
. ...
Aahavlle, N. ?".. Jan. 28. -Lumbermen
. ??f the South? m Appalachian Mountain,
(known locally as "hlcka" and el ?
[where as inmb.-rja.Ks. have adopted
' the augg< stl? i? lhal the; hav th? lr
',;.. te? ii? ? apped a Iti ^ld sa s ma h
i io distinguish th? m from otha i m? n
? , i... lark nui, themael*? es to on? ano r.
The Idea spread trom here along t !?<*
m., m.?m chain through V/esI Virginia
. ;:n?j south to Georgia an.l ?b nti.*ts
have been busy ?providing s?>!ii crowns.
An AshevHk* dentist returned to-day
! rom a ?Smoky Mounti In tumba i ? amp
wher? he had one hundred customera.
i He ?li'i not .ni off ib" te? ti . i" i
Icrpaned ih.m with gold. In no ?case
\\ ,?s u ? rov.'ii need??I
Put Strong Boxes Where Police
Can See, Bronx Remedy.
?Because so many safes have been
cracked In The Brow latel? the ?police
are now quiet 1 endeavoring to have
the mervhanta pul tlielr strong boxes
out in the from port <>f the stores, urtth
I ?. light hung oi er tr..*in at night In
: tins way the safa ? ? ;<n be Men ?from the
: strea i.
i?:? troim? h hav? Hats >.f merchants
[With safea, and when s steel ehest <!<.. s
?not show lip from ihr street, a lk?U?
?tonnni or the captain steps around ?"*
next ?lay an?! asks the proprietor <>i the
atore to move the saf? Into rlew. in
j tins v.?i.. tin- ?.??i?. - ! <?i'" i" ?end lb? .?!'?
j tit iii. s now credited t?. two bands one
Ifunned of ?t?iib-.?*-. the oth< r of West?
! ? m petermen.
"One-Day Millionaire" Seeks
Site for His Own Statue.
|ii\ Telegraph teTbi Irlbaai I
?IfHkca Barm. Pens.! .'an 28, John J.
McDevltt. \?ii<? wont broke playing
"millionaire f??i ? day." haa petlt?Mn*-8d
ih.. city councils for s public sit? ?>n
which to '-i??! ami dedicate a monu
ni?*nt to hlmaehT. TM Mone?d?y million?
airo" ask? U?l ? public bits he .s?:t
aside f??r him and pr??mi.*os t?. have a
? caoetly moiumn'iit unveiled arlth a******ro?
print* ntjoTfises Ho adates Ihn! he
,aill pr?vida his own band and deliver
., speorh lliat will go down as a mas
Hi sesea.
M? Devin arranged some tlin.- ago for
the *>iirch?ist of tha monument, it has
taken all &!? ,1,r,<' ?***? to gath.-r
enough mono) ?to ?pay the eeulptor. Nom
that he lias the monay and la I? WAX
Um monunsent, lio wants a plaveo to
"uni it where ? will !??? s?-on and *ro
f?rred to m ?the statue ..f .-no .?f the
a candors of his timo.'_
Kih Bussen of Honda's Winmal Train.
??V V ? Kloil.la gfMdal." Ii:* i'""??- t
other Limited Trains Daily- 1218 U way.
Incensed at Being Ignored,
Grand Jury May Even Con?
sider an Indictment.
i ? ?
?Foreman of Special Panel Con
! fcrs with Whitman After Long
Taik with Secretary of
State?Action Against
Mayor Is Rumored.
Ti,?- extraordin?r* grand lury, ?which
I aas reliaeed on -,acatlon I** Ju-ti?
' Ooft a i- -, ?i;.. ago, '?? ?i! p-*obabl;
? come t ?gettier ?late this week in a ?ape?
' lal I ?--i?>ii to i-iiiisiil? r -?hat steps it
I should ?take againai Mayo* ? ;.a-i)??i ?n
i account ??f his IglXMing it? r? ??itniii ii
j<iaii.?ii for the dismissal of William .1
j Wright. I>? pul y ?'"iiiiiii- ? .??ii? 1 ol Coi
Th.?ma- ?? Wood, foreman 01 tlM
? lain! J'it> ? .ill? .1 ??ii I Natrt? t Attorn? ;.
w hitman ? sterdaj loll ?wing a half
hour ? on fer? n< 1 "? : ? ? ? >n the J ?1 -n lei
Attorney and Mitchell May, Be?*Tetary
<>r Stat?
it ?aras sa 'i the Be?Toit t.- of Bt*u?
[bore a nMaaage trota Qovenot Bu
i?> the -District Attorne? in reference to
th-' prasentmei whlefe the ?frand Jury
ii.? 1 dirai i?-?! to i??' forwarded ?" the
; ?.'"? ernor after 11 i?? ? am? appar?snl tha
Mayor ?ii?i not Intend la recognise it'?
ll ? ommendation
? Incensed at G*?>noi
PI u ?grand Jury, aftei spending two
[weeks In an Investigation ol c-ondl
tions In the Tombs foals thai Its i?
??ommendation ??i?nii<i !i?\? met with ??
Imara ?serio - receptioa ??> th?- Mayor
As .? ?matter of law, II was Bald laut
night by lawyers familiar with ?grand
? iur work thai an] pro ? dl .j; against
Mayor Oaynor ?baaed on bis refusal i>?
;,.? t upon the i? ? ommendatkin ?>i .?
; k" 'i"i lui .1- m Ihe preeeni Inab n ?
[would batre to Ix Inttiated bj tbe grand
jury which bad bees* thus ?iguared
Tha iiiiii??i sas itrong I 1 gi thai
I the l? mpei ??f th? - rand Jui ??
i Mayor iJaynor*" attll de 1 is mi? h that
additional pi.dings, based MM ipon
the < mdltion of the T?orabs bul - ?
on the 1? ' ? I'tt'ii ??i li - 1 port bj the
I Mayar, are In lmm??dlate iro?, ? I.
I Qotmrnav BttJser, Uirsugti bit ???'in???*!,
L Viiiuiiiu- Taylor, wrati to Mayor <;.?-.
: not ?? ?t?i.i;i ?? gardlng pr< tt nt
menl iii??i bj Justlca OofTs grand Jury,
in whi? h the managemi ni of ?th? T?ombi
vas ? iiti? | ? .1 and iii. dismissal ??t
Wright i-a ? "nun' ini. ?1 T?.? ?grand j 1.
I filed two presentments, Thi Brsl was
? -?m ;<> 1 ???v ? ? noi 1 'i v and M ?
: nor, Notl m bai pa na ?i Tha ? ond
m ? m '" ? lot ? mor Buis? 1 and Patria k
I A. W hitna . < ' tnml ilona. -?f tha 1 ?e
?. 111 m< i;i of Corre? lion.
Mayor Silent on Letter.
Ti. 1 matt? : is n fei red to 1 ou,"
I ?Governor s;i/?r ?r??? ??? Mayor Gay?
' nor, "with th.- igg? ition thai tots give
the same yooi eareful ?tonaldersllon
? . ? .1 i..k? - och action In the pt*ei
? ??11 ma-? dea m I ??? I '..'I'L.tn??!.- the
: ??t? 1? -t ol ti ? ? Itlseni and of the
'i'1 ? M.? ) ". made ?.mm? ai on the
i i? ti? r. i.-iv. 'ni 1:. Carroll, ? lerk of
I General ?Sa ?nions, who forwarded thai
' i?-? sent ma -m to the Oov?Brnor, receiv?*d
a letter . Igna ?i i?\ Mi Taylor Incloa?
' Ing a ? ?m>> of the latter a nl to th<- May?
?or, At th?- direction of Justice ??off
1 Mr. Carroll maide ?both letters pnbii?.
I In his letter i" Mr Carroll O?overnorj
1 siiIzt sa* s:
NAt present the ?Governor >~egards the
matter as ?>n>? r?.r attention an?! ???n
?ideration by ihe ?local authorities f
the ? * 11 > of New fork, and thai hs
,'. iii?ui<i not taBke direct ??? ;.n tha
matter until the i"?,ii BUlh?orit|?es bavs
passed i?i???ii the same, and then only
?in pbb? i' 's abaolutel) n?Bceaaar) t?>
[take executive action through lawful
' m? .m-, m t.i'i'i i?? i'i??iii??t?? th? general
j welfare <>f the ? it) ."
'I'Ik- <;??-.?!ii'?i has n?'i the ?powei ??>
?remov? Commtosloner Wright s It hough
the ?removal of tha ?Mayor ?Is ?within his
|ll l?\ in?? .
The grand Jur* In iis presentment
I i-alled Commissioner Wright an "in?
?? efficient publk aarvant." .?n<i ?-a i< 1 he
I had shown favoritiem to prisoners In
the Tomba; *<epeciall) to Charlen n.
Hj ?Je .-?'"i otliers Indict? ?1 after Uie ? ai
I negl% Trust C*Mnpany Inveatigatlon.
?Palm Beach Visitors' Boat
Sinks Far from Shore.
?II; T??>|-r:i|'li "> TSs Tril.nn? 1
??.lim Beach Jan. tl. ??COakmei A. Ai.
? sh?><??<. ?? "?ateran of ihe Civil War and
,,n, of the w?solthleet ?man of Naalnrtlle,
i K Rumbough, ol Aahevllle, ?and
Charl<es B. Hlbbartli were forced to-day
i?, swim fitwn ?? ssbbK fishing boni thai
?ai k quickly, thtet-?-ni.nt?in of ?? mil?
j io shore,
The tin? o ran? bad the beach as?
hauatedi bul Issey had bean saan i?y
i \i,-?. H??li?ii I'm"' I '?.?ii-liis--, ..f Hew
ellyn ?Park? tmssMt Orange, S. .1. and
Mrs. Mai.i'l Kaisini ?>f I'hila.l.'lphia.
uh<> ?ware ?awtoring along the ocean
?front ain'iit five mil'*? north of Pnhm
Beeioh. The man arare ?taken Into Mrs.
! ttooA?eBB't ear ?ml broke all Bpeed
r?-?ords getting back t" thair n?tela,
where ? was found they a*srs sa?
j harnwd. _
The Southern Route
!Via ?SOUTHERN RAILWAY, connecting
? it Sew Orleans erith Sunset Rout? 10 in?
Pai-itl? ?'oast. Dining, ?Drawing, St..t
I room SI-, pine. Mtitl Observation <ar?.
N. Y. oiiice. M I'Tllb ave.-Advi.
Windows Smashed in White?
hall, Cockspiir St.. Regent
St. and Oxford St.?Mail
Boxes Attacked.
Crowd. Unsympathetic. Tries to j
Duck the Leaders in Tra?
falgar Square Fountain
and Cries "Frog
March Them.'"
i futile raid on
?iia-liii'- of tha
?London, Jan. ??ft The op? ning "t the
?suffragettes' guerilla ^;.r has not ait -
.?!?.?-. .1 an* n? w plan : campaign.
I.?!?-? i..(-lii's displa of militan? > took
Mi. familiar form
Pai llama ;?? und I
aindowa of the government offl? In
Whitehall and a numbei of It'esi End
ahops, '.? it the proceeding wen to a
large r\i?-M spotted bj a heav*< and
!?> relatent downi our ?>f ram.
Shortly ?ifi ; breaking a*indows 81
thi Treaaur** and th.- otha i government
ofhV es a menacing crowd some hun?
dreda strong ?gathered round .three i t?
fragettes outsMa tha .'!?? h ? : lha
Local Government I'...hi?i The aomen
tried i" teach Trafalgar ?Square, but
t..i sum' lime tn?-!i attempt waa frus?
There arare ? i i? ? >>f "Djjch them In
?.ii. fountain!" and **F**og?march tii? m!"
it seamed a'- tf they would be roughly
'.'ii.ii.il bul the* ?police escorted them
t?. safet] tii?* crowd following and.
!.m* decisive!*.
Mom of the shipping offl? es In ?''> k?
spur street bad ?taken the pre? sutlon to |
nn'i their ptategtaaa with honni? sal
soon i.*- darkness bit In. Tha? Ham- I
iSurg'Amerlcan company, however, did
i???i ??dopt this pre? an i ion, and at s 3C
i.'rl.?' k four worn? n stopped in front ?<f
the office and proa eeded \o |M??in?i the
windows with lengths Of iron piping.
?Before the*, could ht ?stopped the: had I
laroketi both of the windows
In '.'*? Shopping Cent??
The a-ornan tthto vtstted ??xford. He*
gani ? id other Btraeta m Hai shopping'
district, a hoi.* similar dntrmga? wav
done Later, p.??t boxa*? werr atti ked :
ititleo of li.pjid being poured Ihtol
in the outlying ?nstn? ts. toe 111^- :
i . ?i.? took ?steps to bring the causai
? the ?ni?ii? i.v damaging prop? I
. i -..:. ?? ?.tno'i ,?-*t r ar? I
? i. i tha vietnlt) ..f tha* Parliament I
building, bul aera ;,i!..'.*.o(i ..ut on ball
t. if?? i m rosa. Mom ?>f tin*
?police itation? had one m moca pris?
. - . i le? ?i " mi ?i? Btro)lnp prop*
'I ho demonstration in Whitehall wai
in.' 80 InrK? ?it- .??nif Of thOM pi? -
vioualy held the force <>f '?.Ho,, and ?i
drenching mln militating against any
i-;, t turnout The wildest excitement
prevailed however, and bneldea pro*
ti*cting i'ii?|.?*ii\ and irreming the
tromen t ii" ?engaged In ?rindo? smash?
Ing ??i ?refused to move on abara or?
dered, the police had the greatest ?iifii
. nit; in protecting tiio women fr?.in an
unrul) crowd of youtha, who gathered
and hustled every woman wearing tha
Biiffraglsl ? "loi i,
Twenty-ong Arr?ate.
The entire deputation of twenty?cm-*
woin?*n, which attempted to mako its
way into the Hoi mo of Commons to In?
terview a'hanccllair Lloyd OeOTgO, was
arrostod. Tho prteimera Included .Mr.-1.
l?riiiiinion?l and Bylvla Pankhurst. who
marched tr? front. ?Before starting on
ti" lr missi.iii. tho delegates listened I ?'
addreaaea bj Mrs. Bmmeline Pank?|
li'irst and other leada is.
Ufa, Pankhursi sat?! that ilio with.
tlraara] of the franchise bill, including
the Speaker's ruling, was ?i plot .i. -
.id'.! on long ago. and premier AsquUgj
v sa aw are of it. j
"The snawer to "us Ireacbery," she
declara d "Is mllltancj."
Bylvla l'ankinirst said that their in-]
tention w.-?.s t?? hold the Speaker in tho.
chair end leave Mr. a\aquith ?>n the
bench, and arlth this tii? ?deputation
started. The polios ?gave them sate
eaeort as tar as Um entrance of Purlin?
nunt, where an Inapector InformedI
them iitat the t'han.viior <>f the Kx-?
chequer would i??. unable to ??-a? titeml
until m ?ruing.
Mrs. Hrnninioiid retortadl "This fa
I'.infoolaiy. If you do not let ua ml
iii?r? win bo trouble.*' ?
Throw Thamaalvaa at Police.
.vt tiiat Um members of tin* disputa?
tion throw themselves at the ?police,
who stood six ?deep eerooa tho satrance,
and -t si ramhio occurred, in which Mrs.
I ?riiinnioiid and an<>th< r woman WOTi
either thrown or fell tu the ground.
Tin* pottos gave tin- women severo]
? liani'CH to withdraw ?ititetly, hut as
th?> rof'is'il all Were taken Into cua
Thi < row.I show.-) little BJ 'tupa thy for
the suffragists, whom they tried to
jaiBti?- us they won* being led to the
?station by the poll< e. Tin* anthOritlOB,
It is underst o?>d. contemplate r**-*-*a**ttng
tho leaders for Inciting their followers
to break the laws.
fhilstaht-l Pankhurst. who in often
IafOrrod to as th.- brains of th?- or?
ganiaatton, ft boHovod t.. i?, ?n lop
b.ti directing lha demonstrations. Nho
,-? known to hav?* left Paris, where s!i.?
had been living sinro a warrant for
her .?i I'?--t was issued at the time her
mother, Mrs. ?Bmmeline Pankfiurst, and
Cuntiniied ?in third pagr. ircoad i-olm
He Still Has Sand Enough to Do
It. He Tells Oneicla
On Other Topics He Is Milder,
Recalling Days of Boyhood
?Sulphn.r Tonic for All
the Family.
'i'l?. re 11'?* taro or throo '*feltonra bare
that "own naetj iMarapapeW" ?hom
Mayor ??a. nor would 'ik* '?' llc*k in tho
old BChoolbos faehlon. ?I leant, bees?
ire--.-.I thi!? ?I-sin* last night, while
i\ if ;.i?i,?, the gavel as tongtinaater at
Um annual dinner oi thi Botietj of the
S.?n? of ? >i.
Dt Parkhursl "gol hla" In a way. too,
a*ben the Mayor after mentioning
r*ome >.f ill. famlllea .-f ??tuica County,
?<;it<i that h area only doe to the* r'ark
hurat fatnil) >?f that aasetion i.? gsg
that the) ?rere in no araj related to
"Rabbi ?Parkhuret of New fork." a
friend ?if hi?
Mayor Geynor gave i'enl tohiadealra
for fiatlc (rombal after he had related
how he vkdted hla home ?county not
1?.in,* ?ago an?i had found thai tan .?id ac?
quaintance had been indicted after
licking an adveraan arho b.?d done 'bo
??amo to hlni when he was ?? btt ' lil?h"
aftor Hti excuralon u? itia. The
Mayor said bo wrote t?> tho Dtatrtcl .\t
torney pleading for lenleney for hin old
Trot?1'.*/, toilini*; tho prosorutor what th?*
? untom \KHft up tlwro when ho was a
t?oy. and r*etnarfclng thai in this uurht
n?.? man ahould be lei ?"it without pun?
tab ment
No Law Afterward.
Th' Ma) or I hen a en! on
urn thai v,a-? ti?.* custom when i Heed
up there When we wanted h battl?* we
m?|.i i- the fellow, ' Ba) Ho law* and I
will lieh vil : m ?? y Ik- was brav
enough tie Bald "So lau.'' .iii.l Hirn r.-.
i.i.i ? ?.ut. and we titled y riirtit. There
wu m? law afterward, i would like t?>
have that custom down hanre (Laughter
ami applause >
if we h???! it. there are two or three
fellow? down here (laughter ai .1 applau**ei
i'..! own naatv newapapera, and I afouW
Ilka to have it '".t v i'ii them on tiiat
heath I don't want to ?boaat, ?be?auae I
am growing "l.i. but I reell) think I could
.lo them ni?, too. iApplauae.1 They may
think thei ? in do m.* m? with their dirty
pena, bul i ti Ink I >-<>:i??i ?i?? thasm up th?
other eras
i think i have .nul enouah left in me*
and ii would no! ?require much, oitba-r, to
mil th.* truth.
The aomewhel ?rare role ? f toaat?
master seemed t>? ?be to tiio liking of
Mayor Qaynor, who i- prealdant of the
aocloty. Ho looii?*.) npajHi th.- oompara?
tlvel) nnall number of members ami
tin- many gueeta m in. ii.ni been Invited
to ttio rteacaalon, and falling lni?> ;? rara
Intacenl in???!, talked of tho early daya
of hi.*? youth m l ?in-id.? ?county. He
l ?un ver) i ?. ? i ? t ? *. Indeed to cior-t \?>u
all. H i* ven seldom i h-m ?. chance to
in- toaatmaater, i t?-11 you that (Laugh
tar. J I genairall) have tha other end <?r
it go l will tr) to be i.- ki>oi? a touMt
maater as i Know how. Prom what I
have sr.-n of loaatmaalera since I hav?*
been Mayor I do not remember a ??luirle
or.o t.? pattern after. (Laughter.) ,\? a
mi.- .'?ni ?fennel ?gel i wori in edgewlee
?with them Tin '. any everything. \r
matter whal your aubjeci la, and no
matter hoe well you t a .? ? \ ? - ?prepared It
they manage In toan way to *a> it i??>
foro yon gal i? > ban? o tu agy It.
i ar.? not folna M do that to-night I
am ffolng 'o .stb-K to m> own buatnaaa if
I can i bave a bar?! time to .in that.
and BOOM think I do not do it. And a
few think I do. of eouree, I think tha
f. ? aro right.
Tiio Mayor meritletied tho Btiwuna
and ereeka In which ha fiHhod and tiio
plsvcaa, and t.?i?i ??i Verona springs, and
how bis father once wont thero and
brought home a barrel ?>f sulphur wa
tatr that waa to cure all rnendien of
tho family of all ?the dlaOMOa they had
Continued on ?cvvud pm?r, fourth column.
Miss Bowers's Mount Dashes
Into Streetcar as Party
Rides in Washington.
I President's Daughter Quickly at
Her Side and Goes with Her
to Hospital?Injuries
Are Serious.
I From ?The Tribun? Bur.-j.ii 1
Washington J??n. '.'S.?Miss Martha
Bowers datlghtar of the late Solicitor
??General of the UnRad States. Lloyd w.
Bou/era, wiiii?- horsei-a? k riding with
Miss Holen Tart and two other com?
? | anions was seriousl?? injured and nar
jrowly BOCaped deeth in a runaway acci
d< nt late this afUrnoon.
] 'Ihe home which Miss Bowers was
Iriding became frlght?*ned and dashed
?into a streetcar at the junction of ltfth
and D streets. Its neck was broken
and it was instantly killed. Miss Bow
! its was thrown to the pavement Her
I right arm was fra?t tired and she re
??elved an "g?> Kiaip wound and In?
ternal Injuries.
Miss T.ifi nearly swooned when she
saw Miss Bowers lying on the pave?
ment h?-st?l<- the ?iead horse, but she re
? OVaarad her composure and accom?
panied the injured young woman to the
nfflr?- of Dr. A. H. Taylor, near the
vene of the accident, and later re?
turned to the White House in an auto
mohlle. She was able to assist at the
White House reception to-night.
Miss Bowers WM taken to Oarfleld
| Hospital, where th?? attending physl
< ?ans said her Injuries were not ncees
? sartty fatal.
The members of the riding parly in
??-ludert, besides Miss Taft and Miss
? Bowers, Miss Vln?'ent. a guest at the
?White House, and Passed Assistant
Surgeon a'ary T. Orayson. formerly an
'aid at the Whit?- House. With the ex?
ception of Robert Taft and "Tom"
1 Bowers, a brother of Mis? Borers, it
| was th?- Bams party that took a month's
i i ne through Yellowstone PHrk last
Miss Bowers is ro?-o-*nized as one of
the leading horsewomen of the younger
set of Washington. She was riding a
spirited horse to-day and could not
check it when the animal suddenly he
?ame frightened and ran down the
street at a mad gallop.
Those who witnessed the accident
say that Miss Bowers did not lose her
lu ad, but showed remarkable pluck in
trying to manage the horse. She was
rldlni- estr?es? ami pulled vigorously on
the reins to avert the collision with the
ear. The ?hOISe strn?'k the rear end
of the tat, and Miss Flowers was thrown
completely over the vestibule.
Dr. Taj let" WAS stainllng on the cor?
ner When 'he a.rident occurred anil
was among the first to reai-h Miss
Bofrera, She was calm, although In
Brent pain, and smiled faintly at tho
crowd which QUtekly surr??unded her.
.Miss Taft we.it t?> (Sarfleld Hospital
before coing to the White House, and
it t??ok considerable a'ffort by Dr. Gray
son to persuade her t<? leave. She In?
sisted on remaining with her frien-i.
but finally ?-onsented to go to the White
IB; Cuiji? to The Tribune.]
London. Jan. 1MJ.?Lord Alverstone,
Lord Chief Justice of Kngland, is lying
III at hi* house In Kensington. He had
If 111? - sleep yesterday, but was some?
wh?t better last night.
?Both Will Try to Delay Final
Approval of Subway Con?
tracts at Star Chamber
Session of P. S. Board.
Mass Meetings in The Bronx
and Queens To-night Will
Urge Prompt Execution
of Dual Subway Plan
for Rapid Transit.
The Public Servie Commission will.
| meet in cxecutne session lo-day to
i consider the re\ ise?! drafts of the con?
tracts for the dual subway system.
'Chairman Willcox snid lab?, night all
the objections .id amendments agreed
upon with the operating roaspanlsi
?would be taken up one l?y one and.
? voted upon. He hardly thought it pos
j sibje. he saiil. fur the commission to
ItolaS this werk t'i-day an' p.-.s? upon
j the contracts as a whole so that they
might be turned over to the Board of
Kstimate for approval by that body At
its regular meeting to-morrow, ?'m
| missioner Maltbie said ho would op
? pos.- any attempt to rush the contracts'
through without full discussion.
The contracts have to be voted upon
and pat-sed by the commission in open
meeting. Whether the commission will
reach the point to-day where it can de?
clare the meetim? open and take su? It
a?"tion will depend a good deal upon the
length of argument which the "opposi?
tion" commissioners, Maltbie ani
Cram, insist upon In renard to the pro?
posed amendments, tt was said. Com?
missioner Maltbie said yesterday he in?
tended to ask for more time to con?
sider tbe contracts. It will b? his
privilege and opportunity to indulge in
a lengthy discussion of the changes be?
fore they are \oted upon, if he so de?
sires, at to-day's meeting,
i Chairman Willcox and Commission?
ers Kustis and Williams are in accord
In voting for the adoption of the con?
tracts as now formulated. So far as
they are concerned matters might i?e
facilitated at to-day's meeting and the?
documents passed along to the Board ?
of Kstimate, but they ore hound la
listen to the suggestions and objections
of auy of tha commissioners who wish '
to make them.
Sharp Words from Maltbie.
?'hairmau Willcox and Commissioner
Maltbie exchanged a few pointed re- ;
marks on the situation yesterday in
the former's private office. The chair?
man did not admit afterward that their
words ran high, but he said Mr. Maltbie
thought the commission should have
more meetings to consider the con?
tracts. He said he had not been pr?s?
ent at some of the recent conferences
and did not know what all the proposed ,
changes were. It 1b understood that
the chairman corrected Mr. Maltbie to
the extent of declaring that he (Matt?
ble? had been at some of the con?
ferences when the contracts had be?M
gone oxer. At all events, Mr. Maltbie
was told, it was said, that he would
ha\e ample opportunity to offer any
suggestions he desired at. to-aiay'a
Commissioner Maltbie indicated, utter
his spirited talk with the chairman,
that if an attempt should be mads to
put through the contracta to-day ha
would oppose it.
"What I will light for,?* ha Bali, ?Is
a reasonable opportunity to see th?
things that are to be voted on. I don't
suppose that they will refuse such a
reasonable request. If the contracts sra
good the more they are examined the
better they will stand up. If they ara
bad the less they aro examined tha
easier it will he to pivsa them."'
Mr. Maltbie declared he had attended
every c-onfenmce on subways to which.
he had be-en Invited, but that for a
period of considerable? length ha had
not been at any conference, nor had ha
been invited, nor informed that such
conferences were? to be held. Ha had
chanced, he said, to attend an after?
11001-4 meeting at Chairman Wlllcox'a
home at which the points at issu? had
been discussed.
Calls Bond Pries Absurd.
The commissioner attacked certain
parts of tbe statement Issued by J. P.
Morgan ft Co. In regard to the financing
of the Interborough company bonds,
ami stated that it was absurd to in?
timate that the? new bonds of the In?
terborough, which are to be sold to tha
Morgan firm for |t)i per cent, will not
be Just as good a* the old subway
bonds of the company which are now
selling at lOtt*. This statement waa
printed in a late edition of The Tribuna
rorporatlon Counsel Wataon, Con?
troller Prendergast? Borough Pr???id?nt
McAneny and former Judge Morgan J,
O' Brien were callers at the Mayor's of?
fice yesterday. It was said they had
discussed subway matters with tha
Mayor. They declined to discuss tha
nature of their conference.
Mass meetings will be held to-night
in Queens and The Bronx, at which
the immediate slgnins of the contracta
for the dual subway system will ba
urged. Civic organisations of Tha
Bronx have arranged for a meeting at
?the North Side Board of Trade. It Is
"expected that William McCarroll, for?
mer Public Service Commissioner!
Public Service Commissioner Eustis,
former State Senator George M. 8.
Schulz and Congressman-elect Goulden
will speak. The Queens meeting will
be hcl?3 in Hettinger's Hall, on Bt-oad?t

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