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i+ iA\ii..N? 24.1SI. ^,a??^ars?T^ new-york, Saturday, February l, un.r?i?s pages.
ill> and Hobok??
l'T? I( 'F, OX R rVVT !n CHyof New | ork. Jer?eT r it, ,n,i r
Reduced Inspector Tells Alder?
men How Both Blocked His
Plans to Clean Up Dis?
trict He Commanded.
Declares Police Head Told Him
to Report He Could Get No
Evidci'ce Against Disorderly
Houses as Reply to Com?
plaints by Citizens.
CorQeHug O. Have??, the police in
spector a*ho was demoted and etrlpped
if his bad.-;?- of office by Commissioner
Waldo ?hen he told the Commissioner
:hat h;s Laatructlona not to raid d,s
i.rderly honaea had come dir*. I from
WeMo, took the att ml a* the aider-,
muni' ommlttee hearing yesterday ?
aai raitei ited the charge that resulted]
?ti his tUgmlsaal fron the for?a.
Without ambiguity Hayes descrihed l
Waldo's methods as a practical ignor- j
ing of the dl orderly house problem and i
treatment of the gambling houael
pioiiiin ? ? > lhat fell Juet short of !
?! could PUl the big Tenderloin s*am?
11 bouses compl?tai)' out <>f bual?
B*>ae,n Im -?????? etaply stationing a
uniformed pollceaaan on the sidewalks
it, front of liten, but the Commlnaloner
l.tld me. when I followed tint Osetbod,
lhat ?t was exactly arhal iha Mayor
didn't, want."
After Rmory R Buckaer had gone |
e aril - the ground eov- |
... j ; - . ? with the Commla
md do? umentary prooi leading
? Hayes had . orr-c-iy
,. ttitude toward dis
- dd:
?M doesn'l seem pooslble thai every!
roa saw i he i "ommlssloni r ha !
should spet k i" o ebo : gambling
i r.,1 not g word eboul dleordet ly i
"No Evidence" C-de-\
er, n, .. .... boas, repll? d the f? r- j
lor; 'II ?,; true."
declared Waldo save him a
definite ordet ? ' egard I."'
ii . dieai ?? ; hou? s, foi g ai
. ? -.. aha torn !? ? ? 'on.ro! w loner - of- j
? " I
\W n you ft - ch i 1 arnmunl? j
, Btto -? ?? ?ierlj h"-.??,
. Lgation and j
; -i a*itb the
tli it you i ouM get n
February, 1112, Hayi s
ind front I on hla nun
did "? ? lerly houee
to i
I*\ H -t.it. -
etc ei impli Mr. Buc t
; ? p'aint
bousx s in
? i ? D. E W alb
- ? ? ' il Bl Ftai ' la Hotel.
McKay toui him
? Ub I | I Is ' i as i .
McKaj Waldo I "1 ..trie r> d him
" lesv . lone The
pat}1 told him to s? <? the Commle
Bloner about It.
: rionei Waldo, ami he
takl m? to go and tall Mr. Walton to
? ageinal the piares. -,,
'UM be prosecuted In court.
k letter Has specific as to
ad-Jreves, ??:;d although Walton ad?
rr.itte.. h< did n- | have legal evidence,
became he had BOVOff baea inside the
r'aepc. complaineo ?if. big allegations
are startling.
"One of these ajeartment house??," it
?"?id. "is one of .i,e mogt notorious
placea in th<? city; some one ta it Is ?
dealing in the traffle ?n yunng glrU,
'?SIlsn-iJ ?|, ?lull page? ??e?,irt , e.|?,Mli
This ?Morning's Xews
Z.OCAL Pac* |
?**tr?*?v Conference? ?nd To?dey. I
*-a*-or arui Waldo Blamed by Have?... ||
'aatr.. ? .-a,*,, |,? a \Ve?k. |j
Wabb f fth we Home for Trade_ I
'?cam. .?. : ... sent to .IhII. 1]
tortor prtMlicta a Panic. 4?
hoot of i? Vogels round. g|
l-olane te, i.ia.e- I'ark Cow. 6.
u'?nt? s?,,:.,.: i,? \v|f?.'.. ?I
''? leOeser Left No ladtate. 81
Mi* i. i? Play?. Oood t airy. 7.
fritii s, heff DiToraee Novotiat. tj
Oiza??ni,ail |-,.te in lit. Kovt-n Home.. ?!
,''*'M|" :. . ai : for City College.II .
Hat gv rtion al < "risle.13
State thing rorps 1'rged.13
Wllseg at ltotinii Tail'? Club.It
Melregaiot Month -? Secret Bride.18 i
?t?sarel i;...i Blamed for Cit. Qange..lt
?- ?''?'???* I: ii ? . " ',. Cetam Wllk-ox. 3
?"?'?nat* *V\i -i.,--..;. over Sirmle Term.. 4j
l't<-Kie>ait Mu? i -..i, .-(.lu?ate Porti.. 4
* erb*?? Charge? Pound Trivial. 6 1
**? s Uei. g
" ??:? Power Development? ?!
''"'""> Ask Caagraae toi Votes. 7
""? ?m K.?hei fnnfsoasa.*3
Delena, ? , s suni.ie..ia
Mem,,.-, i-s,. ,atapalta. a
>Vo)i>.? Trying t? Avert Wai. 3
"*>s War is Worse than Hell. 3
?aitieb Lend Campaign Bagua. 3
?Viatel ti? Home Pule. 3
""' ? loi U.irn'-ii. 7
>?<li'or.Hl _. g
? ?"?????y . g i
Obituary . g i
,;'""'' .N. ? ? ;.mi ' i in. .sin .10 and 11 j
Baare.'n mm i ? -.-e?^. ?. ;s..-.vs.11
L*001 lh. .13 an.I 13
?aani).? .uni n.. ,;.13 ,
Igther .13 :
PPlBg.13 j
brie I av.d MarkeU.is, 14 and 16 i
i Batata.l?
'Daughters of President-elt
Watch Work of Justice.
Mis?es Jeaeie and Kicanor Wils
I daughters ..? in,- President-elect. ;
i comnanied by Mrs J. Bordr n liar
?man. put In g glrenttoua tow noun I
ntght, Hi?- trail of their activities loi
I tag eariy in the evening r0 the Libe
i Theatre and them ?? to the woma
.nicht ?f.urt ?<t Sixth avenue ;?n?l 1?
street, where the two young women :
(on the beach beeide Magistrat.- Mur*
land watched the workings of pol
? i ..'ut fnattce at short range.
The] i'Mt the finishing tou?ch?**a to i
.adventure by bavlng their linger prii
j tak< n by Jt.iin Qin?van. the ntght coi
! ?expert, and ihr n making s tour of ;
I prison.
j The Aral cas? to bs tri- d iras ti al
jti rae gir? gaitnenl strlkera, on a chai
lof dleord?srly ?conduct. Perhaps it w
the presence o? his visitors e/hlcli k
a dash of mercy t.< the Justice, I
I Magtatrate Murphy dtecharged I
I young gartnenl workers after .. sha
I refarimand.
Cant Stop Looking. Says Ofl
cer Who Regains Sight.
Plttaburgh, Jan. 31.?Totall) blind I
four years, his caee Ki*>'i? up as hop
leas by apectallete, Captain D.
tTfeeoe, of the United states Enginee
tag t'orp?. wallred Into Mayor Mage?
office to-Ua.',- for the Aral tins In foi
yttars unaided and in p*0aeeaaloa "t" h
"I cnn'l stop looking ai thinga," ti
captain told thoac who surround? i bin
1 tun aeeing everything all ovr
again, bul it sereins like the first tun
Everything lntei*eets me thai i ca
?Captain Creee?t loal his alghl throug
an injury tafticjed by s negro he ha
fiifKbarged while stationed ai u
<autiin k?cke, ?>r. Um Panama ?'ana
four years ago. Tl?e n?gre threw
toolbox, atriklng tii?- captain on th
head Soon ?ui?r i ? became total!
Egyptian Noblemen Had Wive
Tickle Their Feei.
g T >.--.-' I te Uta t. it? ms i
Philadelphia, Jan. "'.l -it was com
mon for the Egyptian nobl?**or-en i
ancient times to live 110 ye:?rs. but i
Las remained until now fot the ras
secret ??f their longevity to be r? t rale
fTOftrSeol V,*. Max M?ller, of th
Unlvereity of Penneylvanla.
?Tofossor Mutier si.vs that papyrui
s? tints dleeovered along the Nile an?
htorogl phi, inja clptlons on the wall
? ?i dhmnbttra in the pyramids ahow thn
?.t v.-.s the ruatotn of the nohtemen a
Egypt's palmy days t" have their nu
in.rous wlv?*?s tickle their f< et and t?
?'.rink one h?m<lr< .1 Jars ?>f br?W :? day
The profeaaof add! thai the Joyous sen?
sation ?>f havtaa itis feel tickled by i
!<?t of wives may hare been an tan
portant fa^?o?- ir, k*ngth?>nlng g nCrhlO
man's life. U<- falla la give speciflr
???-?-?dit i" th" contnimptlon of one hun?
du . tars of bet r s day, perfampa be?
t-ause ih?- ala* of .i?f' Egryptlan l**eer j.-u
la not announced, nor the proportion o<
froth m rani beer la lia c<mt?ante,
Sheriff Withdraws Armed
Guards from Pocantico Hills.
After having guard"! the big <r?tate
of John D. Rockefeller In Fanatice
I j ills ain?e ln.?t August the arm.-d <P p
uty oheriff? were reanoved from that
pla> e yesterday by Sheriff William J.
Doyle. It is bcld now that all danger
from the Italians has passed.
Following- an attempt to burn and
?lynamite the cottage of Krank Briggs.
Mupenntendent of the property, tin
Sheriff, in respon.se to a request fr?.m
Mr. Roekefil'.er. sent twenty in? n
?rmed with Wlri'hester shotguns to
f.revfml any further attempts on lif?" or
property. While the ni?,n were ?.n
??uard four Italians held Up and robbed
nine I'.o? kefc lli-r employes as they Pit
the place by g Utile used bypath. 'I'll?
landits goi away after they ha?i
stripped iliiir fellow . ?mnti vmon ?>f
everything of vain??.
Ml four of theae men were caught in
ti ?? ir LtanntS la .Mulberry Hen- ?several
woe'es tatet*, when thej thought they
w?-re aaf?' from arrest Three of them
pleaded guilty in White Plain? to high?
way robbery ntul the fourth man was
? ?irivicterl after g short trial. All of
tiiem were ??ent to Sing Sing prison for
l?mg terms by ' 'ounty Juttrge William
P. Platt.
Former Union Business Agent
Said To Be Victim of Plot.
Theeaal Conroy, forty-els rears aid, of
N?. 79 Court Place, Jrnreej City, la ?Ping
in the Jersey City Hoapltal as tit?-- rewult
.f ;. brawl in a ?at"" in the AaaemMy Hall,
ii ..i.. :. avenue, rfeoi F"lve Corners, late
last night. Ernest tvalldhaber, ninet?f?tn
years old, aras arreeted and charged w.t).
Tii?? BwaOOtlng? Hi aajrs in? shooting "-'us
?ion?- by ' Djmamtte Jim." wim succeeded
?a getting niiu. before ti.?- arriva] of fns
poHoe. Prom the story told by th<- pria*
oner, he, "Dynamit?- Jim" and "Hig
.Slim,' WhOtM right riani?M be d.?e> not
know, ware tot4 la Wew York ?aiii?! m
the night ami teta that if they l.?-at up
i'onroy lh<-. were le r?< ? Iva- t'A Tin?
three naea went t?. the ?at? last night
and the tight ioik"A?-?i th?-n wsatlag 'on- !
rey, la wMofe ths gara omt tired. ''Big
Ulm" alee ?Heaped.
i'?linn.' ?ras s Rsember <>i the Plumbers'
l'nioii. i? m?-? tir.g -f wblcii bs *???? ?i
tending, an<i fo*rn*?erlj ???? ths i?u:?"?t??.?-s
... i ut the Hii<I?"iii Count) BulMtag
Traates COaacU. Walldbaber gave hi? ad
?Ji-.-s-.t a? No. J1? Ilower.N, .Manhattan
\ pony gasta or angostura bitters
l?"!ore mealii Is a sj.lendi?! *?.nlc. A?i\t.
'After Month- on Ellis Islanc
Doughty Dictator of Ven?
ezuela Is Allowed
to Land.
Erstwhile Prisoner Holds Im?
promptu Reception in Court
? Accepts Invitation to
Northwestern Bo?
cfoty Dinner.
Clpi la no I '.?si : i is permil ted s s?
??rila? i eater Xew Torh deapite the
proteet of Henry 4. Wlee, United
States Attorney, that the efforts oi H
Department of Btat?. the Depai tm? ?
of ? ..iiii;i. n. .mil Labor ar;.l the i >?
pai imeni of Juattce wer? being
? ? ? i " ? . tdg? li"i! edmitti . tbi
formet Presiden) ..." Veneauela to HSUI)
bail, .uni after i surety .loan) had
furnished H General Caatro was at lib?
? i " to go mi II Frida]. w r? n ihe a rli
oi habeas i ?rpus obtained ?a I
a ill be aigued it, nmrt.
After ;. month of i onflnem? ni to s
wnali room in Kills Island, m Ith an Iron
oi and th? shnpleel furnishings, Gen
eral Caatro enjoyed i ?ont; ride pptou'n
m s taxi? ab ai d th- comforts of g
suite m ih? i!"i ! Bavoj. The i hange
m his gurroundingi and the strain of
the iin>. on which h? had started in
\'T\ ?ii hum.-.r. seesn?d to sap hie ener?
glea, and he arent lo bed elmoat Im?
mediately aftei retiring to ins apart?
Visits His Lawyer's Office.
Aa si an is the fonnalitlee In i oort
a ' re o\ i r the **< r,":ai .? i nl do* n i"
Wall street lo the ofll? --s of CTGorman,
Rattle ev Marahall, th? attorneys, who
lia?! been Instrumental in freeing btto.
Here be aas Introduced lo senator
ii'.. rman. shorn he told that ha ; i K .??? i
the country "f Waahlngton, Jeffera, n
and Uncoin, but a*as displeased aith
th? .?t?te eif affaira andar Prealdent
Taft Judge He.it aas Ihe greatest
judge n the a'orld ha mid, but Mr,
Wise's hoapltallty left much t" be d<
General Castro aas attired a nil hia
sua I great care. Mi-- email figure ap
peared even gfmrter In a light 'due
Prir.re- Albert Milt. A long white? silk.
muflier circled fre.m big D**?ck, deaglte
the springlike v. eatber, and ns he an?
t. r<-'i the courtpooin -it ?". o'emck his
face gtili ppre traces ?.f th" peevishness
to urhlcb hr pa\i venl on Eflls Island
yeatcrdaj morning.
Alfredo Torregraaa, Ihe general's
faithful "?"'trier,' carried his maeter*a
overcoat this despite the fad that hLi
master had lobt his tcmpei im the
morning at reading "f ins excluelon
anil had forced s newspaper over Al
?i do's head, G?9orge il poarirs. an
Immigration Inspector, and William
Peder, an interpreter, i icortod Ute for?
n ? i dicta ;"t on h Ii ; 'h to the Ped?
em! Building. Then h* was received
n. George Gordon Battle, H Bnowden
\], rsh "ii end Harold A. ?'? ntant hlg
counsel. Mr. Wl ?? and hia asaastant
John N Boyle, representad ti>" gov?
Wise Asks Delay in Vain.
Mr. Marshall Opened th? pro. ei dintr
by teiluip: Jodge Holt that be huh
ready to argue the u'rtt of habaaa ear?
pus obtained the nigiii before, '"it did
not know ehrthar the goverranent wn?.
ready, Mr. Wlee declared he would
like to argue the matter on Its merit?
inter. He had not been served aith
the writ until almost noon, he said, and
had therefore been unable to sctioatnl
hlmaelf arlth all Ihe documenta.
The arbole proceeding aras proma?
ni:r-. Mrrwise'said, as no official Infor
mai ion had bean received by Commla
sloner Williams from Waahlngton aa to
the d"< isi"n of Secretary Nagel All
tha; wae known aboul it wag hearaay,
ami thai afora he asked tiiai the caae
nu u\?r until to-day.
Mr. Marshall's motion that the - our'
admit General Ogotra to hail brooght
Mr. wi-e instantly to Ml Iwt He
eamaatly ?ipi??sed had far Caatro, and
as It v?:if only I question of hi? re
mairiing "n KIM? Island ?me more ii?rIh
h? thought the ball ejuaathMi should
also go over. He promised t.. do his
utmoet i" be read] tot Iba ease by ?
o'clock to-day?
.indue? tia.it decided, however, that
he would not sit on s Saturday after?
noon, and eald that the ?'ase properly
belonged on tha mr.tioii calendar for
next FYiday. Under Ummm t*drcvm?
atancea an application for ball v\a?i
?I'll rather argue tha wrll on ir h
mor Its to-morrow," eald -v't Wie*,
"than have tha prisoner' gat free en
ball pending -i bearing at a later dut.'.
He it nal seeking la eome bora par?
lnai,?'i:ll>. t>U! fOt ?' slioii period ?if
time, and to admit him to hail means
to accofAplteh exactly ?hat tha gov?
. rini-'iii seeks t>> prav? m.
The ?sfp ?as one where .m appHeatlao
lor ball was proper, Judge Holt suio. Mr
Mai ?a;1 oomplalned of the lead treatment
acoorded t" Mi Caatre on Bills island. ^
Denies Castro Has Suffered.
? I ?ant to take le*U* arlth Mr Marshal!
,,n his last assertion." n piled Mr. Wise
"Sir. Caatro has recorred tnora cooeldara?
,i,?. Kill? IhIkihI litan tin- iivi'i'aK?
sMen who rosees to iu?- oountry. This i?
?,e.i h n i'i.il action bj sonad government I
employe, er even by the board of saacts I
Inquiry, if there can be any ragl goyeru
m?ut aotkw thi? is it: The Departraant
of St.'te. the Department of i'oinm-ie
? iintiiiutd on ?front, page-, ?Ulh rolutna
Brooklyn Druggist
Brother Severely Casti
gated by Judge.
Case of David and Mir*
Rachlin Most Flag-ran
Ever Before Bar.
? Court Asserts.
In sent?ancrng David and Mlrha<
Ra< hlin two Brook > n profr m
, .iien. for ill? gall) s.-llinis
1 fount y Judge Ktemann, sittini
I Brooklyn rmterday, denounced
| apiread ?>f th. .. aine in?'..it and
i ti??-* two prleoners w?**re the arort*
fondera against the statut? v. in.- ?
i had ?. ni-- t.. his gttmtton.
1 >a\ id Rar hin <>. i ? i r. ?-1 ? r thres
dietmenta, two charging ill? rrni sal?
;."-.:: i and the othet pet Inry com
: ted while he wn* s arttneas bftfore
\ grand -i.r . 11?- a. a l.riw.klyn ?1
L-ist. He aas four i?r??tli?T.?-. twr
whom are >hyatctans ind two dem
H?^ ..?lilil?!, ?i dial ' ? 'ag "f l M au
during the lam tw-o yean?about ?-u
o.in.'.-i |aat ye;ir.
"ii i? nf the higtaoat In p
: . . ? ,i.- ..i in i .. m,, itm ? "
.l.i?le<- Nleinarn. "tl'nt th?> .-t..
ai luvt tin?, ilict.ii tragic .?? anfoi
to the fullest . \t? nt .ni?i thai this
I rihie evil be stamped ?."i bj the str
.-?? m of iin lay
"Therr . I ? Id la no iri ei Iscn
mi th? number of human ?i?tim*?, n
women and children whoae livea h
he? n ruined bj lb ? ten Ible cm i
"A ?.?ra--.,i ,,, .? t hy cittat ns ni
Intercede?! for tl ? s? two men and p
feael*)na1 mea i. ai -?? ?? tb ?* the pi
lahmen! ? ould ? nin thi m. Bui
verj fa* I I ha! thej wen edi ated
? i d ? ? t ?- trueted a1th diplomas
practise should h.-.>. Induced them
i.-. ?.in v.iti. n i ? ? ? ? irdinai j \
t ? . ? thr ?if .n.- be ? ' <?? n s.-nt
jail, and i i an Und no lu itlfl? ation
making distinction oi dlf!>rence la I
? tuse ??.' ti ? ??? ' efendanls
It Ippeara thai th?1 ?'re Ihe w>>
offenders ?gainst the statute yet to
'..?-. urIii be! re thb bar Th**re 11
never been i i 'i'?' hlaior) of this ".>
;i f.i??i n whlcb BO lane an nnmurit
o... .in?' 1ms hr-'-n illicitly sold and di
; ftaed if."
David Rnehlln was Mntea>?tad to ?.
year in Sin?? Ring and fined ll.nin'. 1
brother, Ml.-h.iel 1>. Rai'hlin, arho is
d?ntisl. VM sr-nl to the pi-nit? iitnr
for nix nioiithF. iri addition t?> heii
fined t|?Pt.
When tlie Dislri.-t Attorney of Kini
fJouaty, arouaed by Tin- Trlbune'a e
poanr?- of conditions ?lue (?i the sprer
nf ihe cocaine evil, began hi.s crusade
number of wholeaab drugglats ?h
eaiied bef?*?re th?- Brand Jury ?n.i ?j
amiMd as i" the amount "f .air
they dJepenwd of In the cotirae >>t bug
DjOOO. I' wn,H tIt'll Shown tti.it th.- lar;
?m llrnis in New York dis? on, ?l ?(f lea
than a doaen r?an ????< during the i et m
irr whr.'n Harhlln had gold ll*? oun?e:
A caraftil watch araa kepi >>f th
?tor?', ami S numl.er of young peopl
WOT? found living near by who Wet
?d?ii<t??i t?> the use <?f tin' drug, Th
arr?ala af the iiaehiin i?roth?rs foil
Wave Tears Off Skylight?Pas
sengers Sing "Rock of Ages."
[Iti Cable lo Tba mi.mu- i
Lop.ion. Feb. 1 During s terrlA?
pal?- between (Tape Town and 11? ?? ?m r
paaaetggefs tm the liner Nali*nf*?h!ri
gathered top.-iii'i wblte ??i.( then
eanii "Ko. k of Aries. ' In the t. <ai
lime th<- w?Mn?an and children arrft
>????;..iiinu attd th? vesri I ivih rollin?;
fearfully. \hout midnight a huge wave
tore olT the sk\liKht fro In* the su'oon
d?...r niul bags volume?* of water
threatened to dfOWB th? women and
?.hildren within.
There a era asany mhni*alooa se>
i -ni ?-s. On?- oltieer with g litlli? ??Irl
in hw ar.'in had to eliinl? the rigging
to ......id s smve whlcb thraattHMd to
a*aeh hlmaci^ and bis eimrga over?
An eid tj?->-. ?r-olil man war? 'limp
fri'in dock to cabin. s?-.i after ??.-a ?.. -
shipp-M, '.nt iii craw work???i like
lu.i-.s. Th? > hail only on-- btracutl
apiece from Tuesday evening mini
Th? apiu? ? letton of 'hf lemarkal.i?'
seimaiislii;. <?' the captain took the
form of an addreaa, which was? signed
by all the paaoengjara an ba?ad ami
preastntad ta t'"- ?aptain when the ?es- j
sei reeehed Hobart. I
i photosrasfca t.- si, n, n ,
'. Famous Fifth Avenue House.
Offered for Business. Over?
looks Oil King's Gardens.
Commercial Encroachment, Al?
ready North of the Vander
biltr?. Will Soon Adjoin
St. Thomas's Church.
i in rien ?.:..'.ntinr huahMM aficroach'
'menta In the Fifth avenue di5tri< t, iu?>t
non). of R2d street, in. w Bearard
Wei.i. inix decided to offer bla old
home, al N". ?'?**?? Fifth avenue, for
mm?*rclai r^rpoees. The- house la
i . ' t.?? h ol Hi Thomae' Chun h, si
Ibid street, and ocenplea a plol fronting
52.2 feet, ulth .1 depth of 122 feet. The
n'Ai 1 i,."-; tit.? right of ara, to en alley
extending to ?Ml ii itn et.
The '..i:' rental naked fee Ihe prop?
erty is .<?'-ii.iaa) net, the tenant pairing
taxes and nil other 1 bargee, Including
the real 'f tuck Improvements to the
premlaes an may 1? desired
This will I"? sail news fot Jolin P.
Rockefeller, who hai spent over
fMO.000 ir, the last ten monthH t<i prn
tee't his home' anel the new house of
his ?on in Mth street from business.
The rear windows ?<f ?r. Webb's hOUM
01arlOOk th" Karden of Mr Ito'kefeller.
the -farden lately nein*- surrounded by
a wall of Ki-eat width. The ?lesion of
th?' wall is most attractive
Opposite the- he use of I ?r. Webb is
N'o. 081, where stood until about a year
ago the home i.r ex-Governoi Laei f\
?m the Morl?n propcrtj is now a
twelve story mercantile budding, three
I Hours of ?>' hteb wer.- recently leased to
I i:, r. Dutton .?>? Co. At Nu r.77 is the
henn? of Cornelius Vnndarbllt, nhe is
having a larpe house ?re? ted for his
? v" ?i occupancy near th" "Id Lenox
I Library sit"
I ?r. Webb will lake? an apartment in
this 1 Ity He- spends so much tlm" upon
I his farm at Shelhouni", Vt., that it Is
said he nnda little need for a lur^e city
ho une.
Lawrence B. Bltrman, of Pan?e et
Kllttnan. said last night thnt Ids firm
had been naked to Und a tenant tor thy
\V, lib house
Farmer Asks for Suffragist's
Hand Right Out in Meeting.
I", , i.e...,.!, ... rtv Trttoajji
Danielson, ?'"tin., Jan. 31.??WolleDr.
Anna Shaw , prealdent of th?- National 1
(suffrage Society, aras speaking at a I
suffrage meeting in the opera house to- 1
day she received a proposal of mar- j
nage A well dressed farmer, who said I
that his name was John Fri.sble, arose]
during hor address and shouted: Tve |
teen ? widower for eighteen years. I
Will you marry me and muke me j
l)r. Shaw was ? ompletely abashed by
his ln'.erruptioii and was sp?>?'?-hleHs for!
saVeral seconda, one finally roogrvered !
her breath and a??>lf-poSSSeslon and an-!
sarsred h'm: I dont want a wedding1
rm;i. I want a sote." Friable left the j
hall and the mrotlgs; was continued.
I'.. 1 entrieareed. Knjovad? llglufi)l\?e?ak'a
Solf Inn 8eai)oard OHlee. 11S4 U'way.?
Ohio Town Divided on Raisin,
Potatoes in Cemetery.
9l T? I. srafS] to Tl 1 ribtaaa I
Untanvllle, Ohio. Jan. 31.?A .?tir ha
been cauaad among reefdenta of th!
village over a pro?j*?oaal to reduce th
high coat of living by raisin?? potatoe
in th" cemetery. Citizens are divide
into faction?* One side fa.\ors th
project; the other rtaas not.
The exponento of the idea Oe?;:-c the
ther?> is enough nnuaed land m th
?emeiity to produce at hit; ? rop. Thos
opposing the scheme sre ?-'hocked b>
the ?.'li^iieHtlon. .??a- insT ir would mea:
the d?aSacrt*tlon of hallowed land.
Laborer Hands Police $2-Bil
He Found in Street.
, A man honeei enough t<"> return aS'2
bill turn?.I up In New: Y.rk >e;-t?Tda:
and aattmlahed a police lieutenant Th.
mnn walked into the Weal 68th stree
station and threw the bill on thr tlegk
?what?- this?" asked Ueutanan
"W? II, l fourni it .,( nmaterdara uve
?ne ..?'i ?SSth street, and a polteemar
..i peal told mo you would know what
t?> .1?. wiili it. liaybe the man whf
dropped it is poor," replied 'he stran?
ger He later said lie was Willinrr
I'ooml's. g lnhcrcr, of No. -?"?<' Wooi
1-J.".d ,-tr.et
Judge Mistakes Reporters foi
Agents of Camorra.
The i'nmorr r "death aljrn" th.it ter?
rified on Thursday a **OUng woman wit?
ness in .? white slave" ease on trial In
the F?'deral r'oiirt created a nervous
tension vt-ster.lay in Judge Hand"?
?court that I'd to many fnise alarms at
to an Imminent outbreak of trlotence,
a\ special force of deputy marshals
and special agents of the Deportment
of Justice was strewn like g cordon
around ju.!>???. nmneal and the wit?
nesses for the proeecutlon, and so great
was the tension thai Judge Hand or?
dered thiee newepaper men. well known
to the marshals, out of the ? ourtro??m.
l.e.a ise Hi? y happened to enter to?
gether and produced the impression of
an umliie crowd.
Krank PUastO and Joseph Itibuffo,
trharged with violation of the "whit?'
slav?'" a? t. testified in their own behalt*,
denying all chMgrse, The ease win &?->
t?i the jury t??-day. to the great relief
Of all ' ?ui? ern.'il in It.
Filasto. who is ..ne of Sheriff Harbur
ger's special deputies*, was asked yea*
terday by the Sheriff to return his
badge and tli?- certificate tnajtlng him
a spnial deputy. Mr. Harburger said
Filasto bad l,,'*,f? nvomniended to him
by a man ?>n whose word he had every
reason to r?ly.
Bandit Holds Up Express Car
and Escapes with Cash.
(JhlcagO, Jan. H.??A bandit, ?lisxiiis'-d
by a han'lkerchlef tied over the lower
pOrl ?>f his face, robbed th?' safe of an
. gpresa car to-ni.;ht and escaped with a
ha? of currency, thought to contain sev?
eral thousand ?lollars. The car was at
ta> h??l to a spetlal express train on a
branch of the I'? nnsylvai.la liallroiid.
The robber, with a r.-volver, compelled
the aspe?os messenger to open the saf?-.
The conductor SSlaSd the thief as he was
ul out to leap from the car. but tire man
felled blni with a blow and escaped un
hurr. although the conductor tired two
shots at li i in.
The train Is ?mown a? the "Stock Yards ?
Special." It Is rrseil to carry money and
valuable pap?is between the I'nlon 8to< k
Yards and downtown banks
Academy of Music, Krooklyn, 'i P. M.?
Advt. ?
J. P. Morgan, Jr.. Heads De
gation from Banking Firm s
Midnight Conference at
Home of Willcox.
Opponent of Contracts in Pre
ent Form Surprises Other
Members of P. S. Board
by His Presence at
Final Discussion.
Chairman EjneotG Interborough W
0. K. Plan., ..d That Dual Sh a
tem Agreements Can Be For?
mally Executed by Tues?
day or Wednesday.
?"me ,,f the Lsrgjeat conferences ntd
has marked the last stages of tl
completion of th?- dual avbaray co
tracts was held |;,st Bight at the hoti
Of ?'hairman Willcox of the Pnhl
s.rvire. I'ommission, in East -loi
The conferees from the Publie Se
tice Commission and the transit cor
mit tee ,,f the Board ot fisttmata m
rcpreoentatlvca of the Interboroui
Rapid Transit Company and the ?Mo
l?an hanking house for a final discu
simi of the amendments made hv tl
commission and th?.- transit eommitt?
to the Intrrborough eontraet.
Th'' conference began Ht ?i::',o o'elof
and laatad until iftcr midnigh
although at 12 i.'cloek the t?rm ?
?'hairman Willcox expired. As Qgaj
ernor Sulzer baa not yet appointed h
successor, however, the chairman
authority aras undisputed.
Chairman Willcox said there ivesjl
be no Statement issued after the dellli
?rations, and that the conference wit
the inter borough people relative to th
cm-iany \J approval e.f the revise
forms Of Mi.' eintraft probably ?.?.mil
le continued to-day.
Botdd'S those who have attended th
'?(??nfeTi-neeas h' i"tof?ir??, there we re pr?g
ent last night i'ontroiw Prender*jg>gl
Si th l-'W and Mr. Malthie of the I?ub
lie Service Commission, who had beet
oppoaed to the forms of um t*antna?ri
and had not attended the meetings a
Mr. \v?;i. o\'s home,
Mr. Ma it in, stood alone in opposition
to the contracta esaotraj th?? party ?x
seventeea who \>.?r.- present Th<
others present erere: Chairman vVlllcon
Public Service Commlaetoit-era i.ustii
and William?, Borough Preaidents Mr?
Aneny, Miller and Croreirell, of the
transit commit;.'? of the Board of He
t?mate; Theodore P. Shonte, president
of the Interborough romraaay; v.. J.
Berntnd, dltecter ot that -ompany;
Richard ReW R ?jars, rouaael for the
Interbofoigb: .1. P. Moruan. ir.. and
Henry Davamn, of the Morgan firm.
wiii.h is to Rnance the s170.MNi.taat
..nids f.T tin- Int-rborough company;
Francis l.ynele Stetson, counsel for
.1 P, Motean Se Ou.. Leroy T. Harknesa.
.?oiins?'l for the Public Service Com
mlsslon, n"?' Trnvis Whitney, secretary
of the commission.
Monday is now set by the majority
memhers of the Puhlic Servie? i'om?
mission as the day on tvhtch the
amended contracts for the dual subway
system nul be finally approved, Chalr
man Wlllcon of th-; commission, said
last night the aimndments yet to be
discussed were? of minor importance.
He ridiculed the statement of Commis?
sioner Maltbif- that the changes made
in the Interborough contracts would
result in a saving to the city of many
millions of dollars.
After a short r?"?,uiir meeting yester?
day the ?ommission adjourned until
noon Monday, when the contracts are
exp??cted to he a| proved in open meet?
ing, as is resulted, before they are
turned over to the Hoard of Kstimato
and At.pun ?miment. It la likely that *
Sp?cial meeting of the Board of Esti?
mate' ami Apportionment will be called
Tuesday, an?! the contracts may be re?
turned to the commission for execu?
tion on that day. Those were the plan?
? atllned by ?'hairman Willcox and
lb rough President McAneny at the
end of the deliberations yesterday.
Neither was willing to fix a positive
time when th>? dual plans would be a
realisation. They admitted that some
pointa still at issue with the Inter
borough company might cause further
delay, though sneb a delay w?s hardly
expected, they said.
No Vital Questions.
?"There are three or four pending
questions to be settled with the Inter
borough company," Chairman Willcos
said last night, "but they are not re?
garded as vital and are not likely In
any way to upset th< negotiations.
The points at issue do not Involve any
large amounts of money. I know of
nothing on which to base any prophecy,
as was stiggeste.l in some of the papera
to-day, that the Interborough erill
make serious objections to the
Mr. Willcox took strong exception to
the deductions of Commissioner Malt?
hie that the amendments in the con?
tracts would net a saving of some MO,?
?KNi(NX) to the city. He declared the
recapture clause in the Interborough
contract, which had been stricken out,
and under which Mr. Maltbie and
others of the oppoajjijion contended thg
city would have h?ufig; guy twice for
the company's e^uiyt^grt. ^ .an added

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