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fCopvrlirht. 1B13. bv The Tribune Association. 1
y* LXXH..N* 24,185,
To-day. fnlr; to-morrow, rlniiil?..
warmer, probably .now; ?arlnble wind?.
One of the Syndicate Heads
Visits District Attorney's
Office and Offers to
Reveal AIL
Rental of Rooms in These Es?
tablishments Nets $1,200,000
Annually. Informer Declares
?Tammany Men and Po?
lice Officials Involved.
?j the r? nit of ;i hip tisht now on
.?nionp the members of tho -vire trust"
Btcr th?" division of some financial
profit?, ons of tlie "\ u ?> trust" heads
wont to th? Dlatrlcl Attorney's onVo
rssterday and offerod to reveal th?*
??hole ma I nation? of the syndicate.
.\* a consldsmtlon lie ask? d Immunitj
for himself snd a pardon for Philip
saga, on? ' ''1r ownora of tho Hotel
Uncohi wl ' waa convicted on Friday
vi ma;M lining a dlsordorly hous-o und
gsatenced to sis months on the island.
?jhr ' ? trust" head srns told that
nodi'Krr OOuM be made with him, hut
if hr gred to tell the ? >ry, and it
named I I he as Irnportsvnl as ho do?
llar?.?! it tu be, hi could rensonably ex
Bsrl consideration a! the hands of the
, ourt A?, for pardoning] Blau, ho wua
t,ii,i that n might not bo unlikely that
<?ome one In authority, if BlUU proved
ot prca* i ''';? service, would recom?
mend executive clemency.
t?v ' \ho trust'' member said several
Tamman? politicians, two lawyers, up?
aard ol <? dosen civilians and police?
m. n ol every rank and grade nil
profited by the traille in women in this
He maintained he and r.iau
louid pro ? where tho money went) and
that not only tho ordinary ?raft ?oi
iMors would be Involved, but high po?
ses officials and leading members of
Tanun? nj Hall
Proved He Meant Business.
To i'ic .- ho meant buslMgs tho
?isitor to the Diattict Attorney*g office
ggss th? names of twenty-one b?tela
that the "vice trust" controla In thla
?it?', and also figures allowing that from
ths rents! of rooma in their Illicit trade
Ml SI 'J?OjUD? a year ?as cleared.
He went luto details ngsinlliMj <h?
toiling how many reataumnts
gear Ibes? hot? is ?\. re feedem** for tho
iirotla la These !'< edera wen used
by tl ? ,,i .?? ? i bj ths Ilk gal
hotels a* hangouts, where they made
?cajos Two ?>f thee? "feedera"
?rar? owned bj the "vl?ce trust."
havi about ont thousand
aromen working for thorn In tbeaa
tWenty-OI said tho District
Attorney''? Informant. "These women
pa?- $15 .i week to ons of th?-- syndi?
cat? ? repr?sentatives. Kur thla she is
permit!' ? t ? keep ail she earns up to 1?)
s'etock si night, and after thai ans
inu.-t split, half and half, with her cm
The callei explained thai wbatevei
one? from their victims
th<y k< pi for themsalvns, unlatta the
mai. _ tel 'grot wise " in
the? rent of the polte? not ??tins called
?n. the girl was forced t? ?tivs 4<i i-or
cent of Um loot to : i m?anager, while
I <>ntinti?><| on third pa??-, fourth column.
This Morning's News
local. Page
lntu l>?.rough . 1
Triple Trag<ed) In Brooklyn. 1
Dissension tn Vies Tmst. l
gnnksi Get? Seven Years. l
g/likoi Talks -n Subway. 2
reli?es u Wills gelf for Ln'.>. 3
? ' ? ntral Tei minal ? rpon? ...... a
Waldo Call? Poli? i I |pe Loi. 3
Boj Seoul.- I :n?J Dead .v.!aii. 3
To-do? ? Q oundhog Daj. 3
Wilson Urges Income Tax Vote.4
i rap," gays Castro. 4
,-'1"; i Museum bj win... s
Mr,r' 8 ' Lo e Letters. a
lot | t Flees Buffragsttee.... g
Mraglsti . iiieg? Boya . ?
?l'ian M i-, alio? Dias.10
iMailgrai ..i Discussion at RisnukiiOaa
Cash .10
?^rrss? Two In Jerao] Siiu.itihr.16
T*o "W| -, giavors" Convicted.is
Men ?Miste?! . 4
antgle Tern BH1 Peases nennte. 7
Tai iff Makers . 7
i,r* H< ,,., .\iu^t ?".o to Court.... 1
':'' ?a? :? i; utor Racapes Jail. 7
lest Ponj Expr?s? lUder Dead.l?
?Vaeli i;. ; , on Wife t-< Aequll mm. .18
M tervention Hop? d I "or.... g
ljn| Alvei ?ton? Hying Pnii 4. a
'"lehtlnr Week r?n British i'ahinet.
l'ait 4. 2
??n Klav vu ?,. i?, London,
Pan 4 a
Redcoat I'arl 4. .. a
\n"< cai . . London Part 4. 2
''"'JM Boni Promise L'nkept,
Pari 4 . 3
x ??etat ? ?to ? Puture Told Pari 4.. 3
'?ady t?? i, i,, ?,,i writes Piny,
l'art 4. . . . 3
v,rhn<) i?.(., ?,, peril Pari 4. 3
K""" Bang!? In?I in l'ail- l'ait 4- 3
?U|"i?i n? Work in Wfgf Pari 4.... 3
fhaj Tru ? To Be Formad Pari 4_3
?s torial. g
*"??'?.g and 9
??'i'Hai ?.10
; "'" .11, 18, 13, 14 and 15
'eatber .lg
' '"'M' I.,I ;,.|(| ,?|i( .
l'ait 4_4, 5 gnd a
?*''"? and \a\> Pari 4. 8
,:??i i stats Part 4 .7, 8 and a
Connaughts Likely to Go from
This Port on Journey Home.
; ii\ IVIesjraph to Th< Trlbam '
Ottawa, Ont, Pah. I,?The following
bulletin was lamed to-night from Gov
ernmem Houae bj Major Worthlngton,
ihf? !>nkf of Connaught'a personal
physician, who came with their royal
hlghnesese from England:
The Durhesa of Conneughi waa
lowed up ?H ;, r-halr for one hour rastet
day for the rtrsl time. Conv^eerence Hf
ter so aevere an Illness i\iii necensarlls
h, slow and their royal hlffbnessea will
remain In Montreal until ??he la ati
? ii",i?fii to ir i ?m to i Hiaara.
it is Bald here that the duke and
d?chese win probablj return to Eng?
land via x?w fork, Instead of by the
Canadian route.
Expressman Interrupts Bee"
with Box of "Charity Begins
at Home" Material.
v. i. .:i.-i h to 1 ' i Trlbvrx I
N'e\\ Brunswick, N. .1 . Peb I. The
arrival of an expressman with .? bip
caae Interrupted a meeting of the
ladiea' sewing circle .it Bouth Amboy
yeaterday. Th? circle la not attached
tr? anj particular organisation, i>ut
holds gathering! ;it the homes of mem?
i" is Two iiinn'-r knives and ? lach
hammer arere broken before the lid of
the bos was started.
"Why, it is nothing but old clothes
there's John's trousers:" exclaimed one
of the members as the ?^ovcr was lifted,
The aggrieved husbands of the inrni
bers, who thought home work was
being neglected, had sent their articles
lof nothing which needed mending. On
each article was a neite explaining Just
I what repairs arete needed.
"My wife belongs to the sewing pir
? le. hm kindly note that I have been
holding tip my trousers with a null
during the last t<>w weeks, as my sue?
pondera ire out ol working order," one
noto read.
"Any attention to the lining of this j
co-it would be appreciated by a poor j
"I WOUld hate to he killed in this'
shirt, tor fear the undertaker would
m'??? h >w ragged it li '
These are a sample of the note? The
sewing circle may dissolve.
Suffragette Smashes Case Con?
taining Cfown Gems.
London, Ken. 1. ?Owing to th<- throats :
? f the militant suffiagette? to wreck
| md ruin public property until their de
laaauads have been, granted, the royal.
' Palaces of Kensington. Hampton Court. '
i Kew and Holy.ood have boon eloSSd tO
th. oublie until further notice. The of?
| flcial notification, however 14 sii.nt a?
' i i the cause of this action
The precautions thus taken were
shown t<> be fulty juetlfied u te*daj ?>
suffragette entered the Tower <>f Lon? '
?ion and smashed a glas- . a?, m the
' Jewel Honte with .? piece of iron hid
den in rae aloeve of her coat. She was j
' arrested.
And in New York, Too; but Up
in North Woods.
b> rnlecra I?.?
Watertown, N* T. Feb. 1 The Nov.
i York Central aill begin on Monda) t<.
! cut Ice at Old Forge and White Ladee
to supply tiif Icehouses along the Hud- j
?on and Mohawk riven. The company
will b<-i"iii the loading of 290 i ars ? day.
Bach car will carry thirty ton? of Ice, '
making 7,000 tons to h<- shipped out
dally. The lee is very <-i?ar and seven? i
teen inches thick, although not M thi.k ;
a- ? year ago.
The reason Riven by the railroad dl? ]
vision officials here for the barveetingl
of toe in the woods is that tin- weather
in central and .??o'iithfrii parts of the
state has not l.e.-n MVOTS enough to
cause any Ice to form. The si. Law*
Iranee and i'.ia<-k River Seide will be
Icut later by the New fork Central, and
! the houses along the Bt Lawrence di?
I ?.-ion tilled. 1'n in th?s? hi,uses are
supplied the care which carry milk
daily to New Voik.
Shows Youthful Pair Way to
Marriage Bureau in City Hall.
With his daughter and th<- man who
had eloped with her in tow, Jeremiah I
Hourian, of No. "7 Franklin street,
Boston, got to the Marriage License
Hurtan at <'ity Hail yesterday just be?
lfere it closed, thereby savin? Harry P.
while, an Instructor In Tllton Bernl
nary, an embarrassing Sunday. Harry
bad eloped with Mr. Hourtan'4 six? ?
teen-year-old daughter, Catherine^ who]
was a pupil i? the aemlnary. Thi?>? loft;
Boston last Wednesday. Mr. Hourian
followed them to this city and found]
them at No. 324 East S|>th street, where]
111? y were arrested.
When they were arraigned yesterday
before Magistrate Krotef, In the Har?
lem police court, Hourian refused to
prees the charge agalnat the youthful j
Instructor "hen be learned how much
white ?anted to marry Catherine.
whit- told the magistrate that be wag]
willing to marry her at once, Aft.i ..:..
talniiiK th< llcenae they said they would ;
be maii'Wd as soon .?s they coold Hud s
1 Newton, N. ?'?? i*?--' i?? Mumps proved
fatal lo-dej m Mrs Kleanoi Klpe Bmlth,
ninety-two yeare <?iii. Ban died eft? ?<
w..ks lUneea st tin home of her1 i.
William I'ln-' Smith. No T Maple avenue.
' ? ? 4 ? ?
Florida?Cuba?South, Sua Level Route.
Atlantic Coast Line. I trains dally. All
?if.r.1 ,|.i-lii<- IlKliieil Pullmans, superior
roadway ?nd service. I2it> u way. a,im.
Young Husband. Enraged at
Presence of Brothers-in
Law in Home. Starts
Fatal Quarrel.
Wounded Mother Throws Her?
self Across Bodv of Injured
Infant. Sees Father Fall
Dead at Her Feet in
Brooklyn Home.
Following a quarrel with hie wife,
Albert Willibalt, twent) ?seven ? i are
old, Bred two bullets from a revolver
at lor mid i,,,- iwo-months-old son ?a
thej laj in bed last night al th? ii
home, on the third Boor >.i No l Wl i >?
Kalb av .lin.. Brookrj n. snd th? n senl a
bullet into his own brain, falling dead
at Ids' W ife's fee!. Ml-, \\ il||l..,|t .,|,,|
her Infant wore rushed lo th? German
Ho pitul, v. here at a late hour IhsI
night ?i was Mid iheir i hanc? i oi n
, o\. i \ u eri i Hin.
The poltoi ?' w mibalt had ajuar?
relied a?? vers I llm? re ently a itii hie
wife because her Iwo grown brother!
had i,, en making their borne with
them in th? llttli four-room apartm? nl
Although the husband had expressed
his displeasure at the ides ol having
his wif... brothers live with them, no
bod) thought be had I? en goad? d to
trj murd? r.
The youni husband and his wife,
who was but twenty-two yean "hi ha.)
hern married about < Ighteen months,
and seernr-ri very happy, the more >o
v hen til.- son. Albert, Jr., was born.
They were alone in th.- ap.trim, ni but
nicht when the tragedy occurred
Wife Refused to Drink.
Willibalt had be? n out m the atreet
and returned about '.' o'clock, allowing
tin effecte "f liquor n> wae In .? eurty
mood, and when his wife refused to
drink with him from a can "f he? r In
had brought in h? growled at bei and
finished the bei r himself.
Mis WIHIball SOOn after retired to
hrr bedroom, taking tin child with h r
in a few minutes the prattling of Its
mt.m: wa4 stilled m eloep and quiet
reigned in tin little Hat
At i?t. m .. ? i., h W iiihait. stagger?
ing as h.- eralked and mumhling to
btmaelf, went toward the donad i"?i
rOOtn door. In )\? riK'lIt han i BO
fingered a revolver Hi opened tin
?io..r without km? kmt and stumbled
into the room. Bhnosl falling ? ?? M
Wife's bOd
Tries to Save Baby.
Befor? Mrs Willibalt could ? * ? n
ni.ik? ?i ni'-.?? to pi"t' * er < luid the
enraged husband sent .? bulk I Into tin
ale? ping Infant'a head Befor? the
.-moke from the exploded cartridge had
drifted t., the ceiling Willibalt took aim
., espdnd tlm? Thi mother threw bor
seif aereas her child'a body and re?
ceived the second bullet In her in.nl.
Satisfied be had killed wife and child,
Willibalt placed the mussli of the
weapon i<> hie own bead snd pulled lb?
11 igg? i 'i in n hi fell to the door be?
eide the bed
in splth .-: the m i lousmv- ol b? r
woundi Mis Willibalt, when she new
her husband tail, leaped from the bed
and dashed toward the hall <i",,i bl.i
rtreamlng from the wounda of beraelf
and baby. She ran into thi outeidi
hall ami beat frantlcallj upon the door
,.f the apartments of it. d" Rogalea,
across the hallway. Rogalee took Mrs.
Willihalt and h>r NOUndOd infant .n
.-id- and hid thetn under tin bed, think?
ing Willibalt might follow t.. complet?
hi- work.
Rogatos then ran into the Willibalt
apartment and found the husband dead
on the Moor of the bedroom. He called
Patrolman Connelly, <.i the Hamburg
avenue station. Th. wife and bab*
wen placed in an ambulanc? and taken
to the Oermap Hospital, where ii was
decided that an Imm?diate operation
would be unpoaalble
Four Arrested in Easton, Penn.,
Trying to Sell Booty.
,; t, I? gtapfe is The Tribeee !
Kasten, Penn.. i'<h. L?Pour Brooklyn
young men arrested hers yesterday whU?
trying i" aell |eweb*y, fountain pens
cigarettes, i artrldge belt and other
;iiti,?,' ?ii ,i local pawn ehop bave ron
fesssd that they stols the goods from
!.. vis Busmsn'a store. Mo 111 Albany eve?
nue, Brooklyn. Quetas Vsndueer, >>? the I
Brooklyn Detective Bureau, to-daj ob?
tained a confession from the prisoners,
who are held awaiting requisition papera
Th. my thej are I '?? prge ii. L? ? lalre,
?lateen yeare oM, of No M Bt John's
Phot: John Donovan, eeventeen, "i \o.
I24S Pulton atreet; Cherlsa Breitb, aeven?
teen. 01 Ne IK1 PnrtOc atreet, and Wal?
la Bhelland. eighteen, of No, M Oreene
avenue, Brooklyn,
Tile dele. ti\ i S|,III I bet Sll the ! ,. . '
t-ona? from respected families. Smith, Bald
he, is a s.m of the hue Howden Smith.
v i,? \v,:> .un of two men held up in New
York in ?n BUtem? hih BOUM months .i ...
a,,.i robbed of HMN
Before robblag Busman the prlsonen
robbed the atiere ol a men named Cohen
? m Nestrand avenue. Brooklyn. Th?- boye
told the Beaton police they were en a
hike t,, Ohio
William '?' Klngsland, letter carrier al
the T'lTMoun postofflei. completed to
.,.,> hfa nft. .nth year In serriee. Kings
land has used on? bicycle on his route fee
twelve years, and in that time has trav
,11, ,1 &0M mil. f. or three tinn-s around
the earth. '
Who will be technically pul under airett for causing the cutting down of a tree in the street in front of
her home.
Former President of the Audu-(
bon National Convicted for
Misapplication of Funds.
Man Who Sold Bank Between
Drinks Takes Sentence
Calmly and Is Sent
to the Tombs.
D.ivid A. Sullivan, former r>re?i
dent Mechanics and Traders' Bsnk.
convicte.l January g. sentence, 2 to
4 yt*ri.
Broc R. Snear?. former president
Borough Bant;, convicted Januaiy
18- ?entence, 1 year.
William C. Damron, former head
of the Home Bank, convicted Janu?
ary 25; ?entence, 3 months.
liiii. ut s M.. formel pn ?Id? m of
tii?' Audubon Kational Bank arai con?
? i (? i .ii ?'i misapplication ol
id? bnnk'g funds ..ml .?" ntenced to
-? \ .-n j ?mi s" : i ? 11 >i lawnm* m in Atlant
l? Judgi Until, m the United Btnti -
Distticl Court Mili, i? forty*taroyears
old, |g mai iv .1 and ha? two children.
in pdaslng ? i.i' i. ?? Judge Hum ? ,
< ? riuin . in um itam I - of til? ? ??-' m ?
?i regrettable thnt Imprisonment in" t
i'?? un| OBI ii ..n Mill' bul n n i -< n?- ? -
gory m order that thi requirement ??
th.' Ian might be met. Hi ?aid Milla'?
wife and ? blldri ? were th* i bli ( auf?
f? n r.-.
Judgi Hunt'g severe criticism of h.
action prepared Milla for bia sentence,
a h Ich be iimk celsuly. a stny <>i ten
?m'- wng granted nnd the convicted
lank i went to tin' Tomba, it kg an.
Ilkel] Hi.?' an appeal uni .?? taken,
nod under th< moat favorable clrcum?
sian?'?.>. Mill- will have t.? genre ??
prison term of two years and fout
months bef?te be can be peroled.
'ill.' conviction wag considered re?
murkable for the reneon that tin- ?i
poaltors ?if t:.<- Audubon Kntkmnl Bank
?ii?! nut in-, anything through t?v Mills
irananction though thlg wng large!
<im t., th? timely Interference of the
national bank examlm n
Difcounted Worthless Notes.
Miii.- wng brought to trial on th?
charge thai be bod dhwouoted note?
eggreguttni x."ii?.i?h?, knowing ti..?i the
Signaturen on them were fictitious nod
thai they won abeotutel] wortbleaa,
'iin- pronaada from tins?' not?s w?'re
useij to buy ?.m tin- stock holdings ?if
..m. ,,{ th.' dlret tors of tin1 bank who
had objected to not?e prevloualj dig-j
. ?.un:, il i.' Mllll
ti.? jury dellberoted long than an]
hour. After explaining t?? them tin-1
dutiee of a bonk preatd ml nod point?
Ing out lh?' law. Judge Hunt gave th. :
case t" Hi.- twelve mem with th. re- ?
"If David B. Mllll hni been executorI
i?ir the eatate >'i an) one of you? gentle? |
men ?if tin- Jury, ami intrust? <i with'
funds for y?uir wife und your children, I
would yon conelder wot he bad stone
ins dit- ir he nnd applied s.mhmmi of
iba tumis m lus keeping t?? the db>
counting of notes such as were shown
to huvr ngured in the purcluws <>f Ins
Audubon NoMonol Bonk?"
Thi' transaction for whl'h Mills w.i
aantenoad yonterdny hail its Inception
early In 1011. Hoeing acquired an in
teretri in a mal min? will? h was not ?n
operation, Mills dlacountod two not. s
for .<^<>,<?NI .?uh in Hi? AodubOn Hank.
putthsg up as ?I'llatiral bonds of tin .
nun?'. >'omo of th?- directora, memberg
of too ituunlnlng hoard, objected :"!
th?.?? nut's, and tlxir ? halrnian told
Mr. Mills that the not?e must !??? tnken
out. a few days later Mills conceived
IhO s'h'in?' to "ogg lh'" hank" and toi
get tho trouMenome dlrectorg oui of I
tip- way. i
Ijavld NletO, a UWVOUtOg sal? sunn, I
I .iiiliiii|.'<l on IliiriJ |in?r. third I'oluma.
Judge Insists That Washington Society Leader
Who Ordered Tree Cut Down Shall
Answer for Her Offence.
'?"??n: Th. Tdbii? il'ir ( i |
Washington Feo. i.?Mrs John r
Henderson, prominent in society an
Wife of a 'nrni-r I'nlted BtOtgO Senate
from Missouri, muol nppcnr In polk
court to answer the charge of destroy
lni* pubih property, as ? result of th
cutting down of a sycomore tree Ii
front "Henderson Costle" In istl
sti' . ' Tui .-?lay.
\ ? ior Mrs. Henderson's ar
rf ? "?! rn.day. foUowtag tin
convict lot i m. two of her employes foi
cutting down th?* tree, and nom? s?an?a
tionai observations by Judge Piigh, wh<
fined th? men $2J each. Judge Pugl
charged that there had been di3?'rim
Inatton and that "the Offender WW
!. ?? ' to be punished.''
Mrs, Henderson, who held ?< lantern
while th?? two men felled tho tree, paid
their fines, submitting to the financial
derk g blank - beck .?nd signing it.
after h< had written in the $;o.
Judge Pugh wog tot satisfied with
the proceedings, ami criticised tho
District authorities for holding th?-? two
men responnlble.
This court i- entirely Impartial," tho
judge - ?i?1 a criminal statute has
i sen violated, it nukes no difference
t., me whether the ait was committed
by the highest or the lowest, th?' richest
? >r the i.rest Th..- offender nil have
t,. be punish? d
The Corporation Counsel, k. fi.
Thomas, who had suppressed one ? um
plaint ngnlnsl Mrs, Henderson, do*
.rlared that BUbSsejUentty it had been
I shown to him that there was ovldener
on " hi'ii to bam e prosecution of the
? v man, ae she bad admitted her pan
i In the removal of the tree, and he or
t dered e Ren warrant for her arrest,
; Mrs. Henderson erlll simply ho asked tt
lapnonr in police court, and sho will
then be technically under arrest.
"I thought the matter was settled by
! my appearance in police court thi?
j morning and paying the lines of .?'J?
1 each f, r my two employee, who did the
I actual cutt'nsr down of the tree." Mrs.
i Henderson explained this afternoon.
i "Of course, tf the -minorities want to
i go further with the matter and have
me in court again, why. all right, I will
have to ?o.
"I realize now that I did wrong in
! having the tree cut down and that 1
! should have obtained a permit to do so.
i for it ought to he well understood in
the District thuf people cannot eut down
tr, s whenever they have a mind to
do so.-'
Mr?. Henderson, who Is a Prohibition?
ist, gamed attention eome years ago
by dumping the .-mire contenta of her
husband'e Ans e Ine > "liar unto the put?
ter, smashing the bottles one at a time.
?the tush- requiring eeveral hours. She is
also i vegetarian. She gives elab?rate
dinners, and bar guoeta are freojuently
amasad as they cut into what appears
to be ? Jun y quail or S sucraient
pheasant t.> Rnd that II la e mere de?
ception, componed of cornreeal or some
other equal!) harmless- and nutritions
[ cereal.
Rockefeller's Grandson Appears
on Stage at Chicago Opera.
Chicago, Feh. 1. Fowler Met'ormick,
son of Harold BBCCormiek, Of Chicago,
ami granduoo of John D. Rockefeller,
appeared as a "sup.'' in tin- Chicago
Qrand Opera Company'e performance
ol "Conchita" yeaterday, It was made
known h'-re to-day.
foung McCormlch baa displayed
much interest in the opera company,
of whi h his lather is a dircetor. and
frequently was behind the s.-en.-s. in
"Conchita" an opera house scene is re?
produced on the stage. YOung McCOT
inick sat as one ?if the mimic audience.
Marriage at Winsted Null Un?
der Connecticut Law.
[By TblaaispS t,. Tin- Trlbane i
Wlu t.d, Conn?, i-'eh. i.- The mar*
riage of Ptancia Newman RoUsy and
Mrs, -lent le Semille Wheeler, who Is
repilteil to he rich, whlll WSS SOh 111
nlsed al Mi', Wheeler*e old home in
Torrington, by the Rev. .J. Chauncoy
Unaley, rector of Trinity Church, on
Thuraday evening, is an ah.sornin^
topic in social circles. Tin- bride Is
also an aunt of the hriilegroom. which
makes the union void, according to the
provisions of chapter L'.'ii', SOCtlOS 4?34
of the general statutes of |Mt, which
leads .is fotlOWS;
"No man shall marry his ninther.
grandmother, daughter, granddaughter,
sister, aunt, ni? ce, stepmother or su-p
daughter. No woman shall marry ln-r
father, grandfather, son. ?rai?dson,
brother, uncle, nephew, stepfather or
stepson; and if any man or woman
shall marry within the degrees afore?
said, such In-, ? ,. shall he void."
The ConptS SSllsd to-dny for the Ber?
mudas on the Anadian, of tin- Koyal
Mail Une.
i Uj I'. I? grapfe lo Tie' Tilliune. |
Stamford, Conn., Pah, L?>Mra Mane
lir-iika, who Bays she is H? yean old. is
in exeelhut Ii.;,lth at h? r home here. Bbs
was born in Italy. ?
? ? ? '
Academy of Music, Hrookiyn, ??. i*. m.?
White House Cow to Return to
Stephenson Farm March 4.
Washington, Feh. I.?Pauline Wayne,
President Toft's famous Holstein row,
will follow htm into retirement on
' March I. The Preetdent to-day gave
her bock to Senator hUtec Stephenson.
of Wisconsin, who two years ago
j brought F'anline to the White House.
I Pauline hus not been in the boot of
f health for several months. President
TOft believes that if she is taken to
: senator Btephenoon'a farm again her
youthful Vigor will rcvi\e. The Sena?
tor was glad to get Pauline back into
the fold, lor she has supplied milk to
the family of the President for two
?years and will add dignity to the herd.
Arrested in Chicago for Wear?
ing Men's Clothes, Freed.
ChleOgOi Feh. l.'-Pr. Mary Walker,
'of WashinKton, suffragist and woman's
I rights agitator, was arrested hv a po
Ucesnoo bore beeoone rise was dregeod
, in men's clothing.
Pr. Walker has worn masculine at
! tire for many \?ars. At the police gtO?
' tlou she asJUbtted permission, said to be
\ from ths United stat?s Congress, for
j her to wear men's trousers. She ?01
? thi'ti alii.wed U> depart. No charge was ,
| , in. red against her.
?Ready to Eat When Received
Through Parcel Post.
I i.y Ttlagiau? Is ? . ? ?"r H un.-. I
Fred?Ti< ksburg. Penn , Feh. 1.?
POOkOd gtgOlWlWI hot in a glass jar and
protected b) sawdust in a boo; a
Chicken pot pie was received here \?s
terdoy bj parcel post.
Th?- potple had been mailed in Leb?
anon and wan delivered In ?OBS than
three hours, still hot enough to be ? n
joyed by its recipients.
IAffords quick tim?\ through sleeping an?!
? dining cars, convenient schedules, low
fans to all Important Southern cities and
Winter Resorts. N. Y. Office, .1)1 Fifth
Ave., SOT. sfth St.? AdVt. i
Road Recedes from Stand on
Listing Its Rolling Stock at
Highest Figure Under
Subway Contracts.
Public Service Board Expects
Now to Execute Dual System
Agreements by Tuesday or
Wednesday?Final Re?
vision Under Way.
Raving reached an agreement with
repr?sentatives of the board sf direc
tors and the bankers of tho Inter
borough Rapid Transit on open points
in the Stfbway contracts at a confer?
ence lasting until 130 o'clock yester
day morning, members of the public
Service Commission and the transit
conunlttoe <,f ths Board of ITsihnsls
took up In the afternoon ? routine final
revision of th?> elevated certificates.
Two further confessions by the In
terboroueh in the <ontraots com? to
light vestorday, although they were
not matters that developed out of the
recent arit.itioii. At first the Inter
horough emntad to list Us rolling stoelc
at th? top notch figure. The RrooHyn
Rapid Transit had alreadv promised tr.
pay deferred depreciation on It? rolling
slock. The constituent companies In?
terested In the dual system do not own
any power houses, rtnally th" Inter
borough agreed to pav deferred de?
preciation on both Its rollinar atock and
power houses.
The Interborouarh also promised to
pay an Increoaed rental Of one-rjuarter
of one per c?mt on th? last J5.O0O.10?
put by the dty Into the present sub?
way. The amount Involved Is only
about JiO/.oo ? y?ar. a trifle. It will
mahle, however, the etty to have ex?
empted from the deVit limit the ?S.oon,.
000 In bonds that have gone for Im?
provements In the present subway sine
January 1. lrn.o, being mostly tho
< hanging of stations and lengthening
of platform?.
Will Pay Mora Rsnta!.
Cnder the present contract the In
tf-rborough nays only enough to provide
?or the interest and ?inking fund on
the bonds. Under a constitutional
I amendment of 1909 no bonds issued for
! public Improvements afu-r the succeed?
ing January 1 may be exempted from
the debt limit unless the improvements
arc self-supporting to the extent not
only of earning interest and sinking
fund Chargea, but alas all nece.s3ary re?
pair and maintenance chargea. COUS*
missioner Maltbie pointed this out. and
.mer !'omc discussion th" Interborough
agreed to inTcafe its rental payment
enough to cover the legal requirem- nt
Counsel for the InUrborougl^ and
the commission and a representative of
the Corporation t'ounsel's office were
busy uptown yesterday over the fine
points "f phraseology in the contracta
to most the latest changes. It was
.] that the phrasing could he ac?
complished so that proofs of the docu
mente could he etndlsd by members of
the commission and the transit com?
mitted of the Board of Bstlmate 1st?
tin.- afternoon.
Still further work will have to bs
done on the certificates for third track?
ing and extending the elevated lines,
both of the Interborough and the
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company. Thi?
is of a purely formal character, how?
ever, and would have been done yester?
day afternoon except for the absence
of Leroy T. llarkness. of counsel for
the commission, at the meeting for
erhlpptng the subway contracts into
shape. It will have to be done to-mot
May Go Through Tuesday.
It is probable that the contract? and
certtfkatse, which it is desired to put
through at the same time with the con?
tracts, will not be presented to the
Public Service Commission for final
adoption bei ore Tuesday. On that point
Chairman WIUOOS did not wish to be
too d.rinui' 1: sf night. We had hoped
to be able t" put these things through
on Monday." he said, "hut there is a
goo?' deal of work to do yet. All 1 can
Bay is that are are pursuing this mutter
diligently, and ertll have It out of ths
?my : 11 the earliest possible moment."
Corporation Counsel Watson and ab
Blatant Corporation counsel Hahio. an
expert on transit matters, arc keeping
In touch with the contracts and are
full) informed as to every ?hange that
has been nude. It will be only a <iuca
ti.,ii Of a Cow hours for the Corporation
Counsel to give his approval to the <x>n
tracts. which is necessary before they
?an go before the Board of Kstimate for
adoption. It may be possible, there?
fore, for the contracts to bo approved
i.y tin- commission on Tuesday morning
or afternoon and by the Board of EstS>
mate on Tueedai afternoon or evening.
That would make it possible for tbe
contracts to bs signed on Wednesday.
Although the city officials do not sx
preee any anxiety over the possibility
that a commissioner to succeed Chair?
man Willcox will W confirmed by the
Senate before the contracts are signed,
they apparently do not wish to take
any chance.
Sulzer to Act Monday.
Word came from Albany yesterday
that Governor S'.iIz.t would in all prob?
ability send in an appointment on Mon?
day or Tuesday. "In that case we
would probably confirm the appoint?
ment on Wednesday night or Thurs?
day," said a Senator last night. He .

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